Who Crucified Jesus?


Who really crucified Jesus Christ?
It was not the Romans,
Nor they were concerned with political enemies;
It was not King Herod
Who refused every sort of responsibility;
Nor was it the Sanhedrin
Who worshipped the Sabbath even more than they worshipped God.

Who really crucified Jesus Christ?
Perhaps he did it himself—
His beloved disciples had all fled;
Even the timid John was not so near.
The time had come,
And when the time had come
He arose from the seeming dead to deliver his Message,
But the disciple Judas had blamed himself and suicided,
And Thomas doubting thinking it would not possibly be,
So he summoned all of them to an upper room—
Ye grand believers—what is this “upper room?”
And there in the state of unifying ecstasy,
They entered into the vastness of the Is,
For the first time beholding Jesus Christ.

Jesus crucified himself
That God might live in him.
It was the ignorance that passed away.
It was the absolute which came to appearance.
This history, how false its records are.
This mystery, how true its statements are.

But instead of the upper room, the church;
Instead of manifestation, blind belief;
Instead of gnosis, verbal theology—
Must we begin it all, all over again?

Let the clerics beware of hell,
Let me sing of the upper room,
And the uppermost of the upper rooms.
The lift of which is in my song,
The lift of which is in my music,
Ah, that upper room?
What was the crucifixion?