Other Online Friends

Dances of Universal Peace - Southern States, Dance events and gatherings in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and the Southern region

Dances, Zikrs and Retreats with Darvesha Victoria MacDonald, Ruhaniat events and Dances of Universal Peace gatherings in New Mexico, Arizona, Montana, Canada, California and (in Spanish) in South America

Heartsong Retreat Center, Sufi gatherings and events in Arkansas; founded by Murshid Khabir Don Kitz

Khankah SAM / Mentorgarden, the first residential community of the Sufi Ruhaniat International located in the hills of the Bernal Heights neighborhood of San Francisco, formerly the home of Murshid Samuel L Lewis, now offering numerous events with Murshid Wali Ali and other leaders

Joe & Guin Miller Archive, a collection of audio, video and photos. Joe and Guin were leaders in the Theosophical Society and dear friends of Murshid SAM. They supported his 'kids' with loving, no-nonsense guidance after SAM's passing in 1971, particuarly with their weekly gatherings in Golden Gate Park.

PirShabda.org, the online home of Pir Shabda Kahn featuring music, photos, recorded talks, teaching schedule and more

Northeast Sufi Circle, Sufi events and Dances of Universal Peace gatherings in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont; site sponsored by SAMA, a center for spiritual inquiry and personal growth located in Cambridge MA, rooted in the heart stream of Hazrat Inayat Khan and Sufi Murshid Samuel Lewis

Prescott Peace Dances & Sufi Circle, promoting the principles of Universalist Sufism through the Dances of Universal Peace, meetings, classes, and retreats in north-central Arizona

Ruhaniat Europe, presenting the annual Sufi Summer School which celebrates the living tradition of Sufism, the path of the heart, through Dances of Universal Peace, Walking Meditation, Healing, Spiritual Music, Zikr (Remembrance), Art, Soulwork and Spiritual Psychology, and more

Self & Soul Center, a retreat center in Southern Oregon offering classes and retreats on spiritual psychology, SoulWork and Universal Sufism, under the direction of Sheikha Yahya Ail Nadler and Sheikh Raphael Rod Birney

Shining Heart Community, an active, vibrant Sufi community serving Kansas City MO and the surrounding region with Dances of Universal Peace, Sufi gatherings, and special events; sponsor of the Ozark Sufi Camp

Southwest Sufi Community, a gathering place located near Silver City NM for people committed to inclusive spiritual practice within the sacred manuscript of nature. It's a retreat center: Voice of the Turtle, offering space and atmosphere for individual and group retreats and events. It's a residential community, Khankah Noor Inayat. It's a nature preserve, land protected and cared for; our greatest teacher. It is also the shrine and final resting place of Pir Moineddin, whose vision it was to establish the SSC.