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  • Groundbreaking book, Physicians of the Heart, now in German as well as English
  • Pir Hidayat Inayat-Khan's final address to the Federation of the Sufi Message, 2016
  • Recorded talks from Pir Shabda
  • Music by the women of the Sufi Choir
  • "Sacrament: Food as Spiritual Gift", a talk by Murshida Darvesha
  • Dances of Universal Peace in Colombia
  • Online Sufi classes
  • Why donate to SRI?
  • Writings of Swami Papa Ramdass
  • The Complete Works of Hazrat Inayat Khan
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Two recently posted Sufi videos

"LOVE'S CARAVAN: SUFISM IN THE WEST", an excellent short film with Llewellyn Vaughn-Lee exploring some of Sufism's central themes -- and among other Sufi teachers Pir Shabda leading dances and talking about this form. Another fascinating historic video taken at the 1972 Chamonix Sufi camp led by Pir Vilayat: "DERVISHES OF THE NEW AGE".

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News of the Ruhaniat, Winter 2018

Welcome all, to the new, mobile-friendly version of our web site. Try it on your phone or tablet. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Toward the One, the Perfection of Love, Harmony and Beauty, the only Being
United with all the illuminated souls, who form the embodiment of the Master, the Spirit of Guidance


View the new video collage from the August 2017 blessing ceremony, at the beautiful newly-built Dargah of Murshid Samuel Lewis, who brought Sufism and the Dances of Universal Peace to so many dancers and devotees.


Announcing: The new Murshid SAM Archive is now available online.

  • A digital archive of nearly every piece of writing from this American spiritual master and guide.
  • New organization of the documents and media to make the archive more accessible.
  • Enhanced search capabilities.
  • Papers now easy to read on any platform, any device.
  • Tip: visit the "Where to Start" page under "About".


NEW video class series with Murshid Wali Ali: Becoming the Stillness between Breaths

♥ A new, two year online cherag training course with Sheikha Azima Lila will be starting in January 2018.If you or a murid or friend is interested in ordination as a cherag, or is perhaps already ordained and wanting to deepen in attunement and knowledge of the world's spiritual traditions, please visit this link to read more.

♥ PILGRIMAGE TO INDIA WITH PIR SHABDA AND MURSHIDA LEILAH, February 2018: Flyer and information here

The dargah♥ Murshid SAM's newly-built dargah in New Mexico: read about the Dedication and Celebration Retreat on Pir Shabda's blog. We have more information and photos about the project here. And find out how YOU can help.

We continue to be inspired and energized by the life and legacy of Murshid Samuel L. Lewis (1896 - 1971), the Zen master and Sufi Murshid who founded the Ruhaniat and the Dances of Universal Peace. Though a San Franciscan, he was guided to be buried in the beautiful mountains of New Mexico; and visitors to his burial site continue to connect with his living presence there. In deep respect to Murshid SAM and the spiritual traditions which he represented we are currently completing a shrine structure for pilgrimages and retreats, in Sufi terms a Dargah, around his grave.

The Dargah Project has been made possible by a magnificent flow of donations and pledges (almost $800,000 to date). As well, a number of kind and generous friends have extended interest-free 'bridge' loans to ensure that construction timelines remain intact, avoiding costly delays, while the rest of the required donations are being raised. Although the completed Dargah will soon be realized, we still need a further $200,000 in donations to cover all the construction costs and repay lenders. Click here to participate.

♥ About Murshid SAM♥ About the Murshid SAM Dargah Project♥ About Pir Shabda


♥ A Dance of Universal Peace, a memorial sculpture, Native Americans, Irish people, Ancestors, Nature-Spirit, and a humble ceremony. How do these all come together? Please enjoy two new eco-spirituality articles on our Ziraat site ...

From Experienced Farmer (Ziraat leader) Hakima Betty Lou Chaika: "An Earth-Based Ceremony in Ireland". See it in the menus under "Practices and Ceremony"; also recently added, "Visiting Ojibwe Family and Ancestors" under Green Living and Social Activism. We have added a new Ziraat category, "News", for posting descriptions and announcements about timely Ziraat events. In that section there is currently a new article by Arjuna from Australia: "Reflections on the Bulwalwanga Ran Festival."

♥ NEW BOOK BY SHEIKHA AZIMA LILA: A Journey from Love to Love "This collection is rich with echoes of the imagery and sound of the long and beautiful tradition of Sufi love poetry."

♥ NEW UPDATE FROM THE HOPE PROJECT, INDIA Click or tap here, and thank you for your ongoing support of this blessed work with the poorest of the poor in New Delhi

♥ POET TAMAM KAHN'S recent book has been named an award-winning finalist for the prestigious International Book Awards.

Fatima's Touch: Poems and Stories of the Prophet's Daughter. From the author of Untold: A History of the Wives of Prophet Muhammad comes Fatima's story in narrative and poetry, rarely told in the English language, revealing here her loving connection with her father, Prophet Muhammad, and bringing forward this important woman, known and loved in the Islamic world. To order a copy at a reduced rate, or to read launch notes from the author, please click here.


Murshid Wali Ali Meyer has done an incredible job of putting together various practices, texts, and videos into a beautiful program called “God is Breath”. This two year study program involves forming a "prayer wheel" group of seven mureeds and one facilitator who all make a commitment to perform these practices on a daily basis and then to meet once a month over the Internet to support each other in the deepening of their practice. Cflick or tap here ind out more or contact tne registrar, Omar M'sai at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(Wali Ali's teaching schedule is here. By the way, you may wish to visit the Ruhaniat Video Channel for more Sufi teachings and inspirations.)

♥ ZIRAAT (SPIRITUAL ECOLOGY) -- A new section in our web site!

One of the key concentrations of the Ruhaniat is called Ziraat. Its mission is to consciously recognize the natural world as our teacher and our responsibility. Our beautiful and inspiring new Ziraat page (link here) contains writings from SRI Ziraat leaders (known as "Gardeners") about Practices & Ceremony; Green Living & Social Activism Resources; The Spiritual Gift of Food (gift, not product); Ecospirituality, The Qur'an and Deep Ecology; and The Living Earth, Nature, and the More Than Human World. Huge gratitude to all involved!


Flyer for support of the SAM Biography projectWith a timeline of several years in the future, a dedicated team is supporting Murshid Wali Ali in creating a complete biography of Murshid Samuel Lewis, his spiritual guide and teacher. Murshid SAM, born in the West, was recognized in the East as a representative of the ancient Sufi lineages, and was the beloved teacher of many seekers and initiates in the late 60's. His life, and living presence are honored all over the world. His influence can be felt today in the work of the Ruhaniat and the Dances of Universal Peace, and a comprehensive biography is eagerly awaited. Read a monthly blog entry and progress report -- a voyage of discovery and insight.

[From the Full-moon February entry:] "Our lineage of Sufism very much embraced these particular Zen Buddhist teachings from the outset of their manifestation in America. Hazrat Inayat Khan and Nyogen Senzaki immediately came into oneness together after their initial meeting. Nyogen Senzaki and Sokei-an were from the same school and were among the first Zen teachers in America, students in the lineage of Soyen Shaku who first presented Buddhism in 1893 at the World Fair in Chicago where Vivekananda first presented Hinduism.

"In researching the material now available, [I] became quite impressed with Sokei-an's realization and his clear way of presenting the teachings. It has inspired me to begin a year-long class on Monday nights at the Mentorgarten in San Francisco. It is a Dharma Night class in which we focus on Sokei-an Sasaki's teachings and legacy, and show its harmonization with the path of Sufism given us by Murshid Samuel Lewis."

RECORDED CLASSES AVAILABLE! "These classes are being filmed and recorded. Ali Charles, who was our film-maker and editor of previous longterm classes, is editing this material for people to access. The classes are being offered for a suggested donation of $10 for each of the weekly classes, and available a month at a time. The January 2017 classes are now available for a suggested donation of $30. No one will be excluded for lack of funds. If you wish access to these classes, or have any questions, please send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." (ALSO COMING SOON VIA LIVE STREAMING!)


"There is tremendous enrichment of being that continues to come from our work on Murshid Sam's biography. Our wish is to have this work continue to be a source of great benefit to all.

"Love and Blessings, Wali Ali"

(About Murshid Wali Ali)



Ever since Murshid SAM asked composer Allaudin Mathieu to form a choir among his mureeds, a new kind of east-west choral musical blend has been enriching and inspiring the various Sufi communities. Now available online, the recorded music of The New Sufi Choir, for all to listen and enjoy. Also you may want to visit the original Sufi Choir (and the photo archive from the 70's here), the international Inayati Quartet and also the Humboldt Sufi Choir, among others.


Visit our growing collection of bite-sized audio excerpts from cassette recordings, of the unpredictable and profound teachings of Murshid Samuel L Lewis, Sufi Ahmed Chisti (1896-1971), original leader and founder of the Ruhaniat. Based on his lifetime of inclusive spiritual study and practice, these inspiring yet down-to-earth mini-lessons will challenge the mind and possibly make way for an opening of the heart.


♥ From Colombia, from the Ecoaldea (Eco-village) Atlantida, comes this nicely done two-minute introductory video on the Dances of Universal Peace in South America, Bajo la Luz del Uno (In the Light of the One). Titles are in Spanish but the message is universal.

Learn more about Sufi outreach in Colombia that is uplifting, inspiring, and demonstrates how the Dances and Walks can be extended into global communities to affect social change, environmental justice and spiritual living. Visit Also visit our SRI World-wide page for Latin America.


You are invited to nourish your practice and connect with your Sufi community: new events for 2017 and beyond have been added to the Ruhaniat Calendar -- in California, Germany, New Mexico, Maui, North Carolina, Oregon, Florida, the Netherlands and more. See the wide spectrum of beautiful opportunities  in the Ruhaniat Calendar. (Note: if you are saving the date for the next California Sufi Sesshin: this popular retreat will occur Feb 13th-20th 2018.)


For individuals who wish to pursue the Sufi path of spiritual growth, the esoteric school of the Sufi Ruhaniat International, directed by Murshid Wali Ali Meyer, offers many online classes (some for all and some limited to initiated Mureeds) at little or no cost. Among these are recorded sessions of teachings from the Dharma traditions, Githa papers of Hazrat Pir-O-Murshid Inayat Khan with commentary by Murshid Samuel Lewis, and two series of classes to teach and enrich Wazifah practice — coordinated with the important book Physicians of the Heart. Also from the Esoteric School, the 2013 'God is Breath' series in high-quality video recordings, with the option of real-time study group participation.

Visit this link and scroll down to view a comprehensive listing. In addition, Pir Shabda Kahn offers an abundance of recorded teachng talks. For video recordings of numerous Sufi talks as well as Dances of Universal Peace, check out the SRI video channel. And check out the 'Locations' tab (above) to look for opportunities to experience Sufi teachings from this lineage in your local area.




Known as murshids and murshidas, these dedicated women and men work with and support the Pir in overseeing the substantive inner work of our lineage. In addition, together with Pir Shabda and local SRI leaders, they offer many public Sufi events such as retreats and camps during the year, bringing the transmission of our lineage to seekers and devotees far and wide. Visit our Murshids' Circle page to view their bios and online schedules and much more.


2015 Murshids Circle 1
2015 Murshids Circle 2
2015 Murshids Circle 1
2015 Murshids Circle 2


(About the Murshid SAM Dargah Project)        (Visit Pir Shabda's home page)


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