The Murshid Samuel Lewis Media Archive

Murshid Samuel Lewis died on Janunary 15, 1971, in a period where audio and video recording was just beginning for the average person.  In addition, while many people were shooting "snapshot" photos, higher-quality images of Murshid Samuel Lewis and his work were captured by only a few people around him that had the needed skills and equipment at the time.  Through good fortune, many of Murshid Sam’s talks and teachings were recorded, sometimes by crude means. After digitizing and indexing we continue to work on refining the audio quality. We find these expressions filled with blessings. They contain a great range of teachings, and they offer a direct access to Murshid Sam’s vital energy.

For the audio recordings, the transfer to digital medium and indexing was done by a team of Abraham Sussman, Zahir Roman Orest, and Hallaj Jim Steele. We express our deep thanks and appreciation.