Misc Photos From Previous Website




Here is where we could place a caption which would be indexed and searchable via the archive search.

This is an example of a photo which is of suitably low resolution for the web, but for which we have a higher resolution available for download and possibly printing.  The image itself can be a hyperlink to the high resolution image and/or we can include an explicit link like this:  here is a higher resolution version of this photo.








Murshid Samuel Lewis and Paul Reps.

This is an example of a an image that is fine for viewing on the web, but is such a low resolution that if someone were to download it and print, it would either be very small or very grainy.  link could be provided here to to the appropiate site to purchase a copy of this image.  The image itself (above) could also be hyperlinked to that location




 Murshid Samuel Lewis and a Palmist circa 19??

Here is an example where an HTML trick is being used to prevent easy download of the image (even the low resolution one for the web).  Try to download and save the image below to see how this works.