Ahmed, Moinuddin Correspondence


December 28, 1961


Dear Ghulam Ahmed:

As-salaam aleikhum. The Arabs use this saying and they mean peace. The word “salaam” means “peace” and the Arab word “Muslim” means peaceful one. A man who is peaceful is called a “Muslim” in Arabic. I don’t know about other languages and I meet people in all parts of the world who call themselves “Muslims” who are not peaceful at all. That is why the Arabs do not always accept some interpretations on the word “Muslim” or rather “Musselman” and there may be a vast, vast difference between a “Muslim” in the Arab sense and a “Musselman” in any sense.  Therefor I do not call myself a “Muslim” (excepting in Arab lands), but call myself an Inshallah-ist. I do nothing, nothing without asking for the blessing and permission of Allah.

I do not associate anything with Allah. I never pray: “We do not associate anything with Thee” and then start a stream of associations which are utterly confusing. In India there are at least six persons calling themselves “God” or God-incarnations. But outside of India I find so many people identifying spiritually with their own private wills, private opinions, private portions. So be it. To you be your religion and if your religion is concerned with your affairs and not with the sufferings, difficulties and trials of other people, that is your religion. It is not my religion. An Inshallahist does not pray for himself, he prays for others. An Inshallahist never compels, never insists, never demands. He patiently awaits the approval of Allah. An Inshallahist never skips the “Bismillah er-rahman er-rahim.” This has a wonderful meaning in Arabic. But when I see people break cues and push each other aside and are rude, I know they do not know the meaning of this “Bismillah er-rahman er-rahim” which is so wonderful in Arabic, or, if translated from the Arabic.

Mohammed, on whom be peace—and from whom be peace—insisted on the Bismillah. An Inshallahist without Bismillah cannot be.

Again the Inshallahist believes “Allaho Akbar” as these words are meant in Arabic. he does not see power and might in personalities. An Inshallahist will never associate with King Ibn Saud but many “Muslims” proclaim him as leader. To an Inshallahist, “Allaho Akbar” is truth and there is no real power or might in kings and potentates but I won’t argue the point.

Without the permission from Allah nothing can be done, agreements or non-agreements, statements or non-statements. The great Revealer said there should be no compulsion in religion but who cares about that! We want “Islam” and “we” are going to have “Islam” only a lot of people elsewhere won’t have this “Islam” and you cannot force your way into colleges and universities. In America Islamic teachings are mainly in the hands of Europeans and Zionists. This was told you before, but you don’t like it so you pay no attention. Indeed only one single university in all America wants to learn the true Islam; the rest accept these teachers.

Bowing to God and to Him alone and not to anybody or anything else I was lead to the city of Washington and there met Imam Hosny who is to me a true Imam. I am not a rich man, I am a poor man, but every dollar I have is in God’s service—not in your service, not in my service but in God’s service. Imam Hosny introduced me to his superior Imam Hoballah and the latter sent me on a long and complicated errand. I did this because Islam means surrender. The word “Islam” is an Arabic word and has no more to do with  Allah than any other word. There are far more important Sifar used in

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Ahmed, Shamseddin Correspondence

July 18th, 1966

772 Clementina St.

San Francisco 3, Calif.


My dear Shams-ud-din:

As-salaam aleikhum. One has been directed to write to you and hope you will share this with our good friend Haji Sarfraz. A copy will ultimately also reach Muhammad Sadiq who now occupies the Manzil Ayub at Abbottabad.

A Sufi is sent into a distant land and expected to work miracles, and only Allah can work the miracles and if it be not His pleasure, one should not try the karamat and if it be His Grace, then the karamat will follow but not along lines men can direct or think. And the greatest error of the times is to ascribe to something we call “Islam” what belongs to Allah alone. And I shall begin with “Allah” and “Bismillah.”

Some Pakistanis think this person is making innovations and he is, in a sense making “innovations,” and he is willing to accept the judgment of Allah if these innovations are not entirely within the spirit of Holy Qur’an and Hadith. One receives many missionary publications and mostly they are of no value and yet at the same time what they say about “kalama” one finds to be true. And recently also one received a magazine from a nearby university in which there was an article on “Islam and Science” in which certain basic foundations are laid. There is no dispute but foundations are not houses.

So in opening a class on “The Mysticism of Sound” one begins with Zikr and Kalama. The gracious Prophet said, “Allah is nearer than the neck vein.” (This seems to be disputed by some of your friends, who, like the Christians place Allah far away and do not accept that He is the Seer, the Knower no matter what they write.) So we begin with a concentration on the neck vein. And after the concentration on the neck vein, we have a short meditation on the heart. Then the head moves from the neck vein position to the heart position and we chant Allahu and we not only know where the neck vein is and the heart is, we make the sound “Allahu” which is preparatory to Kalama. This is an “innovation” which may not please all “Muslims” but which may please Allah, inshallah.

Then there is a talk on the sound “Allah” and how it is found in many places, not exactly as in Arabic, but close to it. One is not going to write here in detail because “Muslims” are not always open minded but the talk last week included one on the word “Allah” which has been used in the Hawaiian Islands and is not far from “Allah” and is still closer to the Aramaic form of “Allah.” So there is a great value in the sounds, and although the Hindus teach “sound God” they do not demonstrate it. The scientific people of the day want demonstrations, and inshallah, they will have the demonstrations. So instead to writing on “Islam and Science,” one gives the demonstration which becomes effective in the lives of mureeds.

Hazrat Ali has said, “Say ‘Allah’ and Allah thou shalt become” and there are other passages in Holy Writ. But today one hears so much about “Islam” from Pakistan and so much about “religion” in other lands but people do not say “God” here. The advantage of “Allah” over “God” comes (a) in the sound as above (b) that the sound was uttered by a Messenger of God.

There is now in this country more wealth, more misunderstanding and more internal drama. Also the slow rise in a form of Mahdiism. There have been many forms of Mahdiism and Hadith says first there would be many living Dajjals, which certainly has been true. But so far the conditions which are listed in Hadiths have not manifested. Now they are manifesting here with more agitation, uncertainty and even chaos.

A woman named Mrs. Dixon has made many successful prophecies and among them one that the Mahdi would manifest soon, that he has already been born in the Near East. I tell people, “That means he has been born a Muslim. Are you going to accept him?” Quite unexpectedly many say they would. However it is best to have trust in Allah and to seek the Peace within. If it be His Will to send a Guide, that is another matter but we all have the Guide in our inner understanding and Kashf.

If this reaches you at Abbottabad one hopes you are enjoying that beautiful country.

There is a large Asian art exhibit on and one notices the absence of Gandara Buddhas. It is some weeks since one has written on this subject and no answer. One is going to take this up also with the Consul General. There is still too much misunderstanding among cultures and too much discussion without bringing any better understanding.

One has soon to make another venture to reach the young here. If they want excitement that is one thing, but if they wish guidance that is another.

Love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



6th August, 1966

772 Clementina

San Francisco 3, Calif.


My dear beloved brother Shams-ud-din,

Receiving your letter of the 30th past. I have dropped all other matters to answer and wish you divine greetings. As-salaam-aleikhum.

I am sending a copy of this letter to my Brother in Hazrat Inayat Khan, Shamcher Beorse, who has declared himself Pir-o-Murshid. For although Hazrat Inayat Khan gave me many, many confidences, he did not name me as successor, and besides it is most important that the United States have a guardian Khalif.

Shamcher was born Bryn Beorse, a Norwegian, and has led one of the most fascinating and adventurous life you can imagine and all the time has had to bear a most grievous cross of personal and personality problems. He is a great engineer and economist and I have long felt he could be of service especially in Islamic countries which combine the spiritual and scientific outlook. But though this is so, nufs abides and this continuance of nufs has stood.

Now I am going to make this a long letter and it is based on this truth which cannot be emphasized too much, Nothing Exists But Allah, The Perfectly Compassionate, The Perfectly Merciful who guides this world, gives us our food, our medicines, our protections and when we reject them, with or without reason, then the punishment comes. But the food, the medicine, the blessing is always given first and it is time that a few Muslims accepted and respected, “Woe be unto you who hath gone astray after the guidance hath been given.”

The disputes with Naim were silly and it illustrates the activity of nufs. As soon as the fighting took place, this person called on the Consul-General of Pakistan and proclaimed friendship even though the politics were different. This person knew five or six solutions but the main solution is and was Nothing Exists but Allah, and He is the Most Wise. If a few Muslims stopped yelling “Islam! Islam!” and cried “Allah! Allah!” just to test, it might perform miracles. But they keep on crying “Islam” which is a derivative Arabic word, and not “Allah” which is a Universal term.

This subject is being discussed scientifically with one Sheikh Idries Shah of London. But it was also presented to this person by the Pathan Abdul Ghani, who is a friend of Muhammed Sadiq and to whom Allah, the Merciful, the Wise, has given certain jurisdiction in political matters. And it as because it is the Kashmir matter, one did not of Ahmed Murad to handle as faith and there is also order and wisdom that each one on the path of tasawwuf is given the ryazat by Allah and it is not his business, much less of anybody else, to go beyond the divine instructions.

In the case of Kashmir, Ahmed Murad had already been sent on a peace mission. Its failure is due in part to the absolute refusal of the United States to trust its own citizens. And it is more foolish because,

a. The Tashkent conference took place

b. This government is demanding in Vietnam what it refused in Kashmir, showing there are no principles involved, only nufs and nufs and more nufs.

California and India resemble each other in that they are not satisfied with Divine Guidance or wisdom, human or divine, they both demand an Incarnation and in both regions you find throngs of Avatars and Mahdis, all in competition, and all solving exactly nothing.

This person recently visited Ojai Valley, the residence of one J. Krishnamurti, who was self-selected to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. When he denied, it was only to be called most humble and modest and to increase his following. A very complex situation arose also that others have other candidates for the “Divine Incarnation”; they are all over the place and instead of wisdom or self-assurance everybody depends on everybody or somebody else. In India this is called “the cat theory.” But you can’t teach these people anything.

This person was sent for to visit a lady in Ojai who had a spiritual experience. But to have a spiritual experience is to offer [?] Krishnamurti and when I demanded she choose between Krishna and Ahmed Murad she chose Allah! And this is a sign that in the most difficult of places one may have to present the divine message of Sufism, of which Allah be praised.

The same refers to Elijah Mohammed. You may have heard there have been riots in this city. Before leaving, Ahmed Murad went into that district and there was a Negro arising the people against the whites and selling Elijah Mohammed’s paper. So I gave him the Greeting and showed him my card and he turned very [?] and I have no use, I contribute to them nonetheless. For although one does not accept any of the forms of Elijah, Mohammed is one of the few men who gives moral instructions to Negroes and makes them satisfied in some respects with life and with Allah. There are no Christian Negro respects I know of emphasizing morality. Only theology.

As your letter shows at every point the acceptance of Tauba, there is no need to make any personal corrections. Few today accept Tauba and of those who accept it intellectually, not always many accept it psychologically.

There is project in the United States going on called The Temple of Understanding, and the idea is to have a “House of Prayer for Allah Peoples.” This is posited in the Bible but when the Israelis returned they did not establish such an institution. It is noteworthy that three prime ministers or rather Presidents of Nations that accepted this undertaking, versus those of Pakistan, India and Israel. But one of the leaders in it is the Chief Imam of Washington Mosque.

Criticisms received from your fellow citizens are not only immoral but cowardly for these people would not dare call their own Leader wrong, but when some foreigner agrees with him, that person is wrong! Of the messenger of Allah.

My first teacher in Tasawwuf gave us instructions of the “sahib-i-dil” and “gentlemen of the pooch,” etc. And it is pretty hard for the Orthodox to accept that Allah is Allah and there is nobody or nothing like him and they cannot comprehend Uwais who knew the inner sides of the real Islam without any visible contact with the divine Messenger.

While the Orthodox talk about the virtues of Mohammed (on whom to be peace), one instructs people in the Sifat-I-Allah and enables them to comprehend to universality of these virtues and one also teachers that Allah created mankind in His-image. And while the Messenger taught that he was not unique, the Orthodox teach that he was unique.

For instance, there is the tradition of “The Shadowless Prophet” which is acceptable, but Jesus also went around in the Light; today and I have seen Sufis also manifest the light-body, and this enhances the teachings of Mohammed (on whom to peace) but weakens the position of the Orthodox.

The material from Ajmir gives one great hopes of working with that body of the Sufis with whom I have indelible ties anyhow, in ways that may make it possible for the Divine Message to spread in this part of the world. The all inclusive Heart encompasses so much which the dialectic mind and the ever-reparative nufs do not allow.

As one says, despite age, despite experience, inner and outer, one keeps the open ear. One does not forget at anytime the Bismillah, nor does one elide these sounds to reach some conclusion hardly connected therewith.

One has in his possession the work of Fabre D’Olivet on “The Hebrew Tongue Restored” which is one way of describing and explaining sounds, which is also the work in another direction of our good Sheikh Idries Shah.

With all love and blessings and hoping to hear from you some time,


Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



20th October, 1966


My dear Brother Shamsuddin

As-Salaam-aleikhum. Your letter of the 12th has been very encouraging. For years the marked defect in my nature (from my point of view) has been impatience. And I realized that it was impossible to fulfill the Sabri Bayat of our Pir-o- Murshid of Salarwalla without being cautious and considerate.

Besides, we have had a long war and it is disturbing the atmosphere and causing both psychic and physical difficulties. It has had the one good effect of making the few mureeds understand that Love is deep and unitive consideration of others and not an emotional sentiment which brings us a form of pleasure, though it may do that.

Recently a very long manuscript was sent by an Indian scientist who is mystic and he gave a dissertation on nufs-mutmaina. And in answering I wrote on nufs-salima, and it is on this point that one finds Sufism more preferable than some other teachings and that in the Capacity of Seal our Rassoul Mohammed was the most all inclusive of teachers. So one does not downgrade anybody but finds in the Tasawwuf methods (not answers but methods) which seem to be superior in this day and age.

Besides, Hikmat is so all inclusive. And besides being able to write to this man on the cooperation between mystical-scientists of all races, one is now taking a course on “The Philosophy of Religion” and one has been assigned the theme of “Mysticism and Pseudo-Mysticism.” One finds the teachings of all mystics quite assumable. And it is remarkable that no matter what theology they have assumed, in the end they come to the Unity (Tauhid). And if there is any controversy one will hold to this.

Besides, in discussions with the very top people in the religions would and I mean the whole world, one has been able to come to agreement, and I do not believe that anybody can refute Tasawwuf. But there is a theme in “The Whirling Ecstasy” concerning Shams-i-Tabriz, when he asked who was superior, Mohammed or Adnan Bisami, he fell into an ecstasy. This is a false question. If man can accomplish the fana the whole thing is clear but not in any dualistic sense.

Some of Inayat Khan’s disciples are arguing with me now and if send them his first lecture they will have to retract. One does not like to put anybody to shame. Besides although fire and opposition deprived me of most of his lessons for disciples, I do have a very compete compendium on Ryazat, and this helps one help others in all circumstances.

My Message for Pakistan has always been simple: Too much Islam and not enough Allah. If you have too much Allah you can use the Islam. So the Hadith have been carefully checked. Besides there is a strange school in English by this Sheikh Idries Shah, and he goes very much on sounds. So I have written him a paper on Allah-laha (Tibetan) and Aloha (Polynesian) to show the value of the sounds and some of our friends told me about Ila in the Vedas which is true.

Roughly speaking your experiences with Hazrat Inayat Khan are very closely paralleled with my own with Mecca Shereef—sometimes the parallels are astonishing. I am doing a number of things today which might shock the Orthodox. My new friend, Hassan Hashim of Sudan, says: “Religion is what comes when people do not follow their Prophet.” Thus the Jews are those who do not follow Moses, the Christians are those who do not follow Isa, and the Muslims are those who do not follow Mohammed. His explanations to me are lucid and inspiring.

There is one difference and it is a delicate one. When this person tries to perform tasawwuri Murshid with Hazrat Inayat Khan he has to slow down his walk and breath; when he performs tasawwuri Mohammed he has to perfect his walk and breath. In each case there is a kind of attunement, but one is the perfection of what you are have, and the other is the perfection of what you might before can be, inshallah.

You have plenty of room in the courtyard, or even on the roof, to concentrate a little on Hazrat Inayat Khan and imagine you are walking behind him, keeping up with his steps, rhythm and breath. When I am ready to leave here I shall try commentaries on his writings, or take a few with me for consideration en route. Sooner or later you will have as much as possible of his teachings with all their meanings.

Next, if you would send me your birthday I could have your horoscope cast. It is not necessary, but it is helpful in a few things, and then I could show you how to help others this way. The horoscope is for insight, not predictions.

As to Pir Dewwal Shereef and Baraka. You are right. But it may be the will of Allah that this person is to bring him the Baraka. This already happened at Murree, and is not something one wishes to speak about. Hazrat Inayat Khan tells a story of a man who pretended to be a saint and everywhere he went the boys would come and yell: “Hello saint! Come in, saint.” And such things and after a while he came to be a great saint.

In September a conference of the world’s faiths takes place where also Dr. Nasr should be in attendance. After that I should prepare to go east, stopping at Universities, particularly Chicago and Pittsburgh, to pick up details for the journeys. Then leave from New York to London to visit one or two friends and pick up further information at Kew Gardens east by ship or plane, does not matter. By that time I would know whether you may be a short jump to Sudan. There will be many people from all parts of the worlds.

It is my outlook to have Lahore a sort of semi-permanent headquarters from now on, unless Allah wills others, and only come to America occasionally, unless something unforeseen happens. But I should have to make trips to various parts of Asia—to Northwest Pakistan and Sikkim in the warm weather, and to parts of S.E Asia (unclear yet) in the cold. But invitations keep on pilling up, only there is no clear kashf.

There is in ‘pindi, and sometimes at Abbottabad one Ali Mastana, a developed spiritualist. Previously your Murshid saw clearly where he might go and where he might not and this man, a Khalandar, saw and explained. It was so, it was exactly so as if there were tremendous barriers where to go and where not to go. This vision of travel is complete with the giving up interests here for some time unless the termination of the legal battle warrants holding on to possessions or properties here. This would mean perennial visits to this region but not long stays. This is the Guidance-Vision. There is some faith because of the previous Guidance-Visions completely manifesting and this does not mean all is either right or wrong, favorable or unfavorable, but all is in accord with the Divine Will.

Receipt of the magazine “Anjuman” from East Pakistan has a statement from Kalvath Shan in Ceylon: “The seeker must be adopt a selfless attitude in his day to day dealings with those around him and live not for himself but for others. His mind should be stilled, emptied and totally detached from all disturbing thoughts, imagination and material involvements.” This also is the Sabri teaching of Pir Sufi Sahib Salarwala.

Now concerning the statements of Shehudllah (spelling not sure). Idols the self thought which occupy the mind and consciousness as above. Any interference with constant Fikr is, in the Sufic sense, shirk. One may be totally orthodox and yet guilty of shirk.

One is glad to get the correct address of Brigadier Ghulam. When visiting the place they all said that Khizri Ruhaniyat would be sufficient, but it has brought no answers.

This does not give ideas about scientific and technical accomplishments. One has an ever growing accumulation of human, if not divine wisdom. The question is largely how far the people of Pakistan will accept and how far otherwise; these accumulations may go to the World University in New Delhi. Already Prof. Durrani and A.A. Brohi of Karachi have made some movements in the latter direction and our good friend Shamsuddin Ahmed is looking in that direction.

People may claim to believe in Hadith. The Prophet said. “Poverty is my pride” but among most so called Muslims everything else is the pride. Besides “poverty” must be interpreted as above the non-accumulation of thoughts, feelings, emotions and vices. The man who is clear of these has a poverty of which he might be proud. It is the non-attachment, as the people from Kalvath Shah say.

Tonight I am to meet a Witch, which means originally “wise woman” who had knowledge of herbs and all kinds of things; also I have been invited to meet her again next week at a reception. Your situation may be communicated to her. Beyond this one can do no more now.

Now I am going to post and will write to S. Ahmed and his friend Naeem on technical accomplishments which, inshallah, may be most valuable to Pakistan, and if there is anything to add this will follow as soon as possible. But the next following days are already crowded.

Love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Chisti



 772 Clementina St.,

 San Francisco 94103, Calif.

 January 20, 1967


My dear Shams-ud-din:

Id-Mubarak. One must thank you for your greeting. But I hope I can convey to you how Muslims act here. There is a new Mosque, and it is not paid for and I went for holiday prayers. I told my friend, “I am going to the Mosque where they believe in the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of money.”

There was a beautiful service, followed by an inspiring prayer, followed immediately, without pause, by a passionate appeal for funds. Next to me was a friend, an Imam, but despite his knowledge, wisdom and high morals he was not and is not permitted to lead in prayers. He has committed an unforgivable sin; so have I. He was born in the Fijis and I was born in San Francisco, so no matter what we know or where we stand, we cannot lead; we are never called on to speak. But ignorant people who call themselves “Muslims” who place self above Allah would call this congregation “Muslims.” They were all born in the right place and being born in the right places makes one a “Muslim” as nothing else can.

I told the Imam when it was time for Zakat I should consult him. But Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful suddenly bestowed on me the means to pay Zakat and also to make a trip this year to England. So the Zakat, first installment, has gone to Ajmir. And if there is any question about it, the next night I went to a restaurant called “Taj” and immediately met two men from Lahore and the one said to me right off, “Are you acquainted with Data Ganj Baksh?” I knew, immediately, this was a confirmation from Allah.

Now, a Sufi does not have other beliefs than Muslims, he has other practices, or rather one, which is to listen to Allah. Ignorant Muslims say: Bismillah and they do not know what it means. SM is the root of the term Sama which is explained at length by the same Data Ganj Baksh (Al-Hujwiri) in “Kashf-Al-Mahjub” but ignorant Muslims go to shrines and pay respect to the persons, while Sufis absorb the Wisdom which by Grace of Allah manifested in and through those persons.

No attempt here will be made to convince anybody that we can listen to Allah, either directly or by Kashf. Only, one finds, when one does that success comes. Sooner or later and if we do not, if we insist on our own wills, and most of us do, life does not come out as we plan it and then we blame others. This blame is not so bad of itself, but it is an affirmation that some other Power exists then Allah. And the fact is that most Christians and Muslims are indeed largely Zindiqs, believing the forces of “good” and “evil,” and giving in to Iblis and denying Omnipotence to Allah. They may call Allah the “Omnipotent,” but this is not practiced.

It is a subtle matter and it is most important that Allah represents all the Sifat; they are all merged in Him, but when each is used separately, they are not all there. Saying “Islam” does not bring victory and I am not going to argue over it. Saying “Allah” has brought another complete revolution, or more than one in my age, which is three-score and ten.

During this time, one has had trouble from one’s Khadim, at Ajmir. There has been interference, both with mail and funds. It has been long and complicated and he is in difficulties, and I am in full sympathy with him. But I am almost afraid that if this gets too public, it could cause trouble between India and Pakistan. I have been unable, rather than slow, to follow this up. Indeed, I would not even be writing this excepting Allah asked me to drop even emergencies after you wrote, and this morning’s experience confirmed it.

One has had some of the finest interviews with Asia Foundation, and the doors are open when one returns from abroad, assuming one goes to England, for “How California Can Help Asia.” Indeed, this project is exceedingly clear and everything seems clear for the future, praise to Allah. Also, an old friend, the sin was I knew him since boyhood, who always opposed me has changed his tune and wishes to cooperate. He was very spiritual when a boy, but was turned from the path by a fine, but material-minded lady. This lady was a friend of Dr. Chandrasekhar, who is now in the Indian Cabinet and who also became a friend, and that made them angry! But in all these things, more people have turned against one for being accepted by Asians than for either one’s sins and shortcomings, or virtues, of which they may be jealous. From one end of Asia to the other one may make friends.

This has also been true of the Iranians here. I did receive an important communications from Prof. Nasr of Tehran University and although he was answered and all the doors are opened, I have not since heard from him or his friends. This can become an important international Sufi undertaking.

One also finds nothing to like in the Islamic Movements here. They are divided and will not admit it. They are very narrow excepting the Imams sent from UAR, who are very broad and have the right way to approach Americans. I am approaching Americans with Zikr and Kalama and they like it. I do not confuse them with Fikr. One does not overcome prejudices with complexities. One has to be patient and wait for opportunities to present themselves.

Now I have purposely confused them with the story of Sheikh A. Maudoudi. They have been praising him; and for awhile he was kept in prison. I do not know the circumstances and am too prejudiced for your President. I do not agree with the majority of Muslims, that worship and politics go together, at all. I can teach the Nizam also, but refuse to introduce any kind of politics. Besides, the young who come do not like politics at all. They want Allah; they don’t care about governments.

Everything happens, good and bad together, and one bows before the Will of Allah. One uses Holy Qur’an for Divination, but some day I hope also to use some writings of Hazrat Inayat Khan for that purpose.

Love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



772 Clementina St.

 San Francisco 3, Calif. 94103

 March 11, 1967


My dear Shams-ud-din

As-salaam aleikhum. The last few days have been so terrible, it is necessary to use both patience and foresight. If one says they are evil, they will become good; but if one “surrenders to Allah in adversity and praises Him in prosperity,” then one is practicing the divine surrender.

All problems follow so fast, right after each other, but the main problem is time and one seems like a drop in the ocean in time of storm. But it is necessary to hold faith. For while some very heart-rending things are happening, so, also, many things on the good side of the ledger of life. One is tired much more than in Lahore, but many of the things are compensation or even rewards.

On the sad side, another death; three in a row, and illness of friends. My brother, fully reconciled, has been ill all the time. We are entirely agreed on our Wills today, both as to provisions and possibilities. He realizes, inshallah, that I shall outlive him and, as matters stand then, should be in excellent economic circumstances. But pride demands success by oneself, without depending on any outside help.

Two entirely new legal threats have come without giving one time to think. One is already operating on a pre-Khankah basis. But neighbors, without thought, have threatened one with the police and the landlady has threatened eviction. This, of itself, is quite illegal, but when one is planning to leave the country, it may require an entire rearrangement of plans. Praise to Allah that my brother has now offered his commodious home for the storing of my possessions, although my critics do not know this. They think I shall be caught into making concessions.

A Vietnamese Buddhist Master has come to this city and, without warning, he notified this Sufi and has both granted him much time and expected it. One has known about Vietnam for a long, long time. One has manuscripts from close friends and one also has close friends who have lived both there and in neighboring lands. On top of that, Miss Julie Medlock, who has not severed her connection with Pakistan Times, still writes and sends one material which will never appear here. Though the people are sadly divided, they do not listen to Asians. They are for war or for peace but are united against learning from Asians.

Then one had one’s first newspaper interview. It also came as a surprise and one was unprepared for time. One does not know when it will be published at all. But the strangers found this person in full possession of Kashf and the demonstration of it. The unusual is much less welcome here, even if favorable, than the unfavorable usual. But it had the strange effect of causing a young woman who was present to ask for Bayat, and there are so many asking for Bayat.

There is also a test. One had a spiritual Brother type many papers on Sufism; and although one has the postal receipt, the papers have not arrived; and it is with difficulty that a tracer would be sent out.

My first mureed has just received a legacy and I have asked him to hold it in case we arrange to go abroad. Last week my second mureed lost his mother and there is every sign that he also will receive a legacy. In this case, his family long wished to visit both India and Pakistan. This letter will be mailed before he returns, but this seems to verify the visions of Saint Nizam-ud-din Auliya, as above.

Then there is the visit here of another man from Morocco, and he makes the same complaint of the Islamic community here; that in the name of Islam they do anything they wish. The Mosque here is more a playground than a center of devotion and they have refused all suggestions to get a place free. A Buddhist group built a very large church without it costing them anything; and now a Christian group, who are mystics, are also getting a large place without it costing them anything. The community supported both efforts.

But the Muslims, who have no idea what Bismillah means, are always asking for funds and will not accept either gifts or guidance. They have demanded a Mosque; and of the leaders, not one was in the previous Qur’anic study group. They all claim to know their religion and they know nothing but folk customs.

Years ago, there came to these rooms my dearest friend, who was not only a Buddhist, but a leading Buddhist at that, one of the very top. He came in, threw off his cloak, sat down and said,

“Samuel, we ain’t got it!”

I looked him straight in the face: “Phra, we have got it!”

This man died of a broken heart, trying to prevent the war which has broken out in Vietnam. He lived there. Tragedy has weighed heavily on me. Despite our seeming to belong to difference faiths, we were very close friends.

Now this person is teaching the leading Buddhists here and also the spiritual Christians. But this is happening: there is a book by one Sheikh Idries Shah, who lives in London, criticizing groups in the West who parade as Sufis. This book itself has been criticized, which is most unfortunate. For that means that the false, pretended Sufis, find their critic criticized and themselves not criticized. All these pseudo Sufis have money and social prestige.

The older son of Hazrat Inayat Khan goes around in weird clothes, which I have encountered nowhere, and tells of his wonderful father. This attracts all kinds of people to what is known as “Sufism.”

Then there is a local lady, known as a “Murshida,” who goes around teaching that one Meher Baba, a born Parsi, is Avatar, or incarnation. It is easy, for her social prestige is great, but she does not teach much tasawwuf.

Then there is a huge organization following a man called Gurdjieff. He actually visited many teachers in the Near East and was given Bayats. But he taught his own methods; no Love and little Allah, but strange forms of Ryazat, which delight the disciples. Only no spiritual awakening.

Then there is the recent revolution going on, wherein people take all kinds of vegetable products to experience false ahwal, and they become confused and so does everybody else.

My closest associate has a remarkable son, who has become a leader of youth and who is in revolt against his parents. He came to this house suddenly; he also disappeared suddenly. “I want Bayat.” “But why do you come to me?” “I have met those other “Sufis!”

While he has disappeared, now several other young people have come for Bayat and in the midst of hard work and also legal things, I have asked Allah and He seems to say that one must prepare for a Khankah here, to remain in these parts at least until Saadia Khawar returns to Pakistan; and to try to arrange a sort of group pilgrimage.

In all this, what is most outstanding is the manifestation of Blessings (Baraka,) both from the Daroods and Wazifas. My Christian friend here, the Rev. Blighton, has uncovered the secret without knowing the basis of it and both he and his chief disciples see this person in the Light. But they do not know the Nuri Mohammed, nor is it time.

Another thing that it seems Allah wishes, is to put aside some money, so that when your commentary on Hadith is complete, it be sent to the United States, either with Saadia Khawar or otherwise; and I seek enough funds to support one Pakistani student through university by having it translated into English. Of course, the litigation is only beginning. But my brother has asked for considerable sums, and we are supposed to share alike. And when I asked Allah what to do with such money He said to have your work translated, so that, inshallah, this is a goal and concentration.

This week, also, I have to prepare for Bayats, because other young people, disgusted with the lack of spiritual development from other sources, and finding in this person the source of much more Joy and Wisdom than elsewhere, are beginning to seek discipleship. So one must be prepared. This is so different from the reports of last year and one seems to be following the visit and blessings of the Saint from the Maghrib.

Love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



March 22, 1967

S. Ahmed,

Model Town, Lahore, West Pakistan


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. I was preparing to write to Pir-o-Murshid Sufi Barkat Ali on the eve of Pakistan Day when your letter of the 18th arrived. Now it is not to my delight to criticize anybody, but when you write about taking care of health, one must realize that a Sufi sees life from two points of view, his own and that of another.

About three weeks ago, when one was tired, a telephone call came from a wealthy widow, that she was selling her home and was offering me her large library, free, if I would pick it up. It has many valuable books in it. With a program already full, one began working at six in the morning and was through at 3. Then, one lay down, but the telephone rang and there was a representative of an influential magazine who wanted an interview on “Sufism.” This was my very first such interview and the man was leaving in the evening. What should one have done?

When my closest friend here was ill and sent me on an errand, only to find that two of our mutual close friends were ill. And, this time and since, my brother has been ill and apparently unable to leave the house. And then, a widow lady whom I knew very well suddenly died while preparing to return to California. This is only one aspect of life, just one.

It was with great difficulty that I have completed my research for the University of California; and I have been summoned now to a meeting of Sufis in London. This was prompted by Prof. Hossein Nasr of Tehran. Fortunately, my mother left enough funds to cover this, which was already planned. But, I have heard nothing since and my plans are to leave [?] been successful.

Then there was the family litigation. And with my brother ill, there might been a ruling which would deprive me of many thousands of dollars. I am glad to report that the prayers of my friends have been successful. My own income has increased substantially and there is every possibility I shall become a wealthy man when my brother dies, inshallah. We have become reconciled after years of estrangement.

 While this was going on, (all this and more, at once,) news came that my Zakat payment to Ajmir had been intercepted by an Indian government official. I then sent another check, registered, and have not heard. What is worse, my Brother in Ajmir has been in all kinds of difficulties and on top of that, he could not delay his daughter’s wedding. The date had been set. And when you place all of that on top of a seven day a week, 12 hour day schedule, one wonders where one can give.

All of this, and more, has cut down on my writings, even my correspondence.

Now, during this same period one has been discovered by the young people who have been called “Hippies.” They have discovered there are other stages of consciousness and become aware of them under the influence of chemicals and drugs. And now the world around is divided between those who have experiences in the unseen and those who are fighting such experiences, at all costs. Neither of these groups is in the slightest concerned with such experiences coming without Drugs, under the natural influences of pure devotion, or Ryazat. I have had to stand firm against the whole culture. Even the Muslims are against me. But, fortunately, they are divided.

During this period, the last few weeks, this house is overrun with young people. Three Bayats were given recently. Quite a few more people are preparing for Bayat and others for study; and one of my older mureeds is ill all the while, and another older mureed has had to face death and legal complications; all this going on at the same time, on a regular program.

So, my Brother, it is easy to say, but not always easy to follow. Indeed, I am now home awaiting a telephone call from a Vietnamese. This can be very important, and for that reason, I am using the time to type.

Tomorrow some of these young people are coming here to help in smaller matters.

In the meanwhile, I had given papers to be typed to a spiritual brother. He has disappeared. And although I have a Post Office receipt, I do not know where those papers are and so I cannot give the “official” papers to these young people, both new mureeds and applicants.

While the local Muslims reject me, (but not my money,) I have started the Zikr and the Kalama. When the Messenger of Allah was on earth, there was no complete Fikr. He even said that those who repeated Kalama would surely reach Paradise. But, if any Western man said that those who repeat Kalama would reach Paradise, all the so called “Muslims” would rise in wrath. I am letting them rise in wrath and I am teaching the Kalama and Zikr to the “Kaffir Feringhis.” I also tell tales from the Hadith and other records. And I know when I reach Washington, the Ulema will welcome me. I can tell from the literature I receive from them.

Then, I teach effective Meditation. The Meditative methods of most people are good for Americans whose minds are overactive. But they do not arouse the Kashf. During all this period, the Kashf has been active. But when I told a “Muslim” I depended on Kashf and shahud, he did not know what I was talking about. Allah is nearer then the neck vein, and also I use the neck vein in the Zikr movements.

During this period, also, another death and rebirth, so to speak. Sometimes, without having any rest at all, one is reinvigorated. I have met the new Consul General. He comes from East Pakistan, and today I extended greetings for the morrow.

Now we have to learn that only Allah exists. If you look at these trials, they look dramatic and horrible. If you look at the results, they look like magical story books. But the world is at it is. The dramatic and the horrible, the trials and blessings come together.

When I return from England, inshallah, I expect to devote myself to two things: (a) agricultural problems; (b) the training of mureeds.

With all love and blessing, Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti.



772 Clementina St.

San Francisco

14th May, 1967


Shams-ed-din Ahmed,

48-K Model Town

Lahore, Pakistan


Beloved One of Allah: As-salaam Aleikhum!

This is written by one arisen from a sick bed. There is no doubt that Divine Wisdom has acted as a deterrent to some fine plans which, especially if they had been successful, could well have work out this body. It was probably an attack of food poisoning that revealed a chronic illness of the kidneys; and as that was being cleaned up some very strange behavior on the part of one of the nurses provoked another malignancy, causing the entire lower digestive tract to be blocked. After several days of effort on the art of my physician, this has cleared, but one has had to evaluate time, effort, and purpose.

Fortunately money had been saved for a trip to Great Britain, now called off—and a re-evaluation of the interpretations of the respective will of my late parents leaves one in fairly comfortable financial circumstances. Added to this was the complete reconciliation with my brother and the amazing fact that he was in full accord with my plans, and if not always for noble reasons at least for harmonious ones. For he feared I might be in league with his enemies—which I certainly am not. And it is also notable that all the surrounding circumstances other than this have been totally favorable, praise to Allah.

Inshallah, I should be moving into what to all effects will be a Khankah and I am therefore asking your indulgence not to answer your very kind letters at this time to receive a report of present circumstances and outlooks.

It was certainly at Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan’s insistence that I stick to Murshida Martin. This was a pretty good trial for it was evidenced that one passed her in hal if not in makam and this resulted in being estranged alike from both friends and foes of this lady. The Cause of God is nothing but the Cause of God (Allah) and the efforts of any and all persons to proclaim themselves without the Divine Grace and the proper experiences in hal and makam have led, and will continue to lead to strange aftermaths.


[second page seems missing]



410 Precita Ave.,

San Francisco, Calif. 94110

24th February 1969


Shamseddin Ahmed

c/o S/L Sadiq Iqbal,

P.O. #450

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Beloved One of Allah:

As-Salaam aleikhum. I am always glad to hear from you and especially with the contents of your reports. One is today busy, every day, having had exactly a single day off since last November and not caring a bit, for there is so much to do, inwardly and outwardly. The health is wonderful and few of the signs of aging praise to Allah. The only thing one can account it for is the actualization of Ya Haya Wa-Khayyum and no nonsense about it. It is very, very real.

Your reports of Haj were most interesting. To me the Zemzen represents “the waters of life” referred to elsewhere. I had the blessing of having some given by the last Haji Baba Abdul Aziz at Havelian. This man cabled from aboard ship that I was to remain in Abbottabad until he came. It is like a mystery. Our meeting were like mysteries. And when I kept on urging major Sadiq and Miss Khawar Khan to call on him, when they were ready it was too late.

The incident your witnessed is typical of all humanity. This person is now acting in the merge rolls of spiritual guide, parent and grandparent. One takes on the pains and shortcomings. The whole emphasis on perfection. Jesus says: “Be ye perfect, as your Father in Heaven is Perfect.” And one tends to accept the Supreme Messenger of Allah (on whom be peace) in the roll of Insaan i-Kemal, as much or more than otherwise. For this can be the practical ideal. In this one finds the perfection in the manhood and not much to be gained by a devotional attitude toward “superman.”

Recently one Meher Baba left the world. He made all kinds of claims and he permitted any kind of action, moral of immoral, if done in his name. Just accept him you could break all the commandments and his disciples did. But they were able to seize the Sufi property and Sufi name and came out with a lot of pretenses. They grabbed all my writings and so confused that they think some of Hazrat Inayat Khan’s writings came from me and took some of mine as his! Their main contention, that one must have a living master on earth, is now broken. I wish some people know more a of Abu Bekr’s “Let those who worship Mohammed know that he is dead, but those who worship Allah, let them know He is ever-living, imperishable.”

The curing of disease is a most thankful report. One works hard to obviate this. By practices of breathing, mediation and reciting the Divine Names one keeps robust and protected against both Dajjals and Iblis. Only I have departed on a venture which may bring controversy, or otherwise.

The field of Dervish dancing has been extended. We repeat Allah and the Divine Names with proper movement. While the good orthodox will look askance, the young Americans repeat “Allah,” over and over again. They practice the Wazifas with appropriate movements and ingest into themselves the moral qualities of each and in this way their strength, their beauty, their courage, their kindness comes out. I have not yet explored all of Rahmat and feel like the saint who never learned Aliph. Only with a Teacher the young take courage, and become brave and strong. So today one has more loving followers than one ever dreamed of and slowly more and more take the Bayat, Alhamdulillah.

I am taking advantage of your being in Arabia to give you some of the latest news and also sending copy of this to my friend, F. Mawlawi Sahib, head of the Bureau of Arab information here. He is a descendent of Maulana Roum and we are very good friends.

One of my disciple, returning from England has gone into the business of acting as agent for Arabic clothing. This is most welcome to the disciples who are growing in number. But it also fits in with some of the under-current revolutions which never get into the press. We have already purchased a number of Iranian (and Pakistani and Pathan) items both for men and women. At the expensive level cloths, and at the lower levels of money, ceramics. Some of the clothes fit in for the Dervish dancing.

I am ready of given these dances for either the Pakistanis or Iranians late in March. We shall also have a festival at that time, the beginning of “Spring.”

Another item which may be of interest, I have been studying Archaeology for years with a Mrs. Decker Colonna. Her specialty has been Egypt. This Spring she gives a course on “Early Arabic Art.” Let me tell you a story:

After leaving Ajmir I contracted dysentery, the only time in my life. When I reached New Delhi Hazrat Inayat Khan appeared to me and said I should visit the UAR embassy. So I went and nobody was there (it was lunch hour) but one man. “What do you what?” “I am interested in Moineddin Ibn’l-Arabi and in Egyptian Art prior to the Mameluke dynasty.” He dropped his papers and stared at me in astonishment. “How did you find me? Why I am the world’s greatest authority on those two subjects.” The is how I became friend of the late Mohammed Hussein of the Faculty of Arts, Cairo, one of the most beautiful friendships of the life. The dysentery disappeared….

I also have a young Jewish woman disciple. She was expelled from Israel as a Pro-Arab. There are many of them, they want their faith but not the politics. They cannot have their faith. She tells me that the great Maimonides, one of the greatest of Jewish savants became a Muslim, too! These stories do not get out, but they can be of great importance in establishing, Inshallah, peace and understanding in this world.

I write little of Pakistan, and have made no reports to Baba Sahib. I do put into practice the teachings of Mian Mir.

I find the aphorisms in the Islamic magazines perfect, but no relation between be life-habits of the persons involved. Some sage once wrote; “Inspiration is the quality of the wise and quotation of the ignorant.” Quoting does not justify and even Holy Qur’an teaches that.

One does not know whether the repetition of Ya Wahabo or Ya Fattah will help. But it is curious that they work even with my “kafir-Feringhi” followers, and the outer circumstances change, sometimes like miracles. One is now also involved, it seems endlessly in legal matters but no bad news. Playboy, an important off-color magazine, has written me in the March issue as a “Sufi.” But at least they recognize there are Sufis. Most of our culture does not and I am fighting and will continue. I am barred from the East-West conference in Hawaii. Out of twelve on the executive committee, five Jews. Only one each of the great religions otherwise and No Muslims! This is our (?) “East-West” conference.

Love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



This is a post-script dealing mostly with Sufism and no copy to the Arab information Bureau.

The Indian teaching in the United States have been mostly through individuals, and some of these individuals have no backgrounds at all. They use the methods of actors and orators and often are quite successful in building up followings. With Sufism it is different, it is either in the hands of non-Sufis or of legal organizations usually corporation, None of these recognize the others and none of them really accept Al-Ghazzali’s “Sufism is based upon experience and no premises.” They all have their premises.

The universities follow, more or less, Dr. Arberry, an English Arabist. I personally resent his translation of Holy Qur’an, very beautiful English, no doubt. And on this point I differ from those that deny the authenticity of Hadith. I shall not go so far to say that without Hadith Qur’an is not clear, but the Grand Man, The Insaan-i-Kemal, is understood best by accepting Hadith even so-called “weak ones.”

The corporations have money and following but no prestige. One group had accepted Meher Baba. Another is just a corporation with legal sanctioning, derived from the incorporation of Hazrat Inayat Khan’s office force to ensure the publication of books. But “democratic” processes they have elected at Will “Pirs,” etc. with no regard to spiritual enlightenment of even initiation. They have even changed his esoteric constitution and have radically altered his “Confessions,” omitting sections and introducing others. This is fine for the ignorant but they practically deny the existence of higher levels of consciousness and direct functions there form.

Opposed to them is one Idries Shah, son of Ikbal Ali Shah. He has made Sufism into his own private property. Of course his presence irks the followers of Arberry, etc. But there is no deep love, no Allah, no Divine Names, etc. Only mysteriousness.

Against him in turn is a remarkable group of European Savants, all of whom have been initiated into tasawwuf, including one F. Schuon, Titus Burkhardt, etc. They publish a magazine “Studies in comparative Religion.” They work with and under Dr. Seyyed Hussein of the University of Tehran who is a friend of Khawar and I believe of A.A. Siddiqui. It is in this group I see much hope.

But I have allied myself with Pir Vilayat Khan, the elder son of Hazrat Inayat Khan because he works with the humanity which may be most important. He presents Sufism as a progressive and progressing Science. And there is a new Age of sorts. The term “Hippie” has to be used in derision but there are now multitudes of those with heart-outlooks. And many of the young Americans tend therein.

In April there will be a seminar on “Mystical experience” and this time, Inshallah, it seems I shall not be shut out. There has been too much of that, but gradually one’s tentacles spread, so to speak. So the outlook at the moment is very good. It is yet difficult with the lack of secretarial help and so many inspirations but in time, Inshallah, my teachings on walking and dancing maybe ready either for the mureeds or the general public.

All love and Blessings,




410 Precita Ave.,

San Francisco, Calif.

19th April 1969


S. Ahmed Sahib,

c/o “Co-Opera” Bookshop,

70, The Mall, Lahore,

West Pakistan


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. Your letter of the 4th is being answered and at some length with carbons going to several persons. One has not the time to carry out by one’s ego-self all the projects and opportunities and if Muslims will not accept say: Allah and leave them to their devices, this person will continue to say “Allah” and there is every evidence that Allah approves though “Muslims” (so- called) may not.

In either correcting or directing some disciples one had them begin variously portions of Kashf Al Majub, not that one insist this or any book be followed, but to give them individually and collectively direction and this seems to have been entirely successful, praise to Allah and I have more than ample evidence that Allah approves of lots of things human beings, Muslim and non-Muslims alike do not approve and also that he disapproves of many things that Muslims and non-Muslims alike (but differing from each other) approve. And the lesson of Al-Hujwiri about Riza has failed for just as in his time and before and since the majority of so-called “Muslims” approve of their ego-selves and do not follow the standard of having their Riza in Allah. Only now one has become quite successful in presetting Allah and more to my follow kafir-feringhis. So if you came here you would be finding my disciples and friends repeating Allah but “good-Muslims” have no time for that, just for advocating, advocating but not doing five prayers a day and making dogmas out of the pillars which never was the teaching of the last Messenger (on whom be peace.)

I do not accept the news of our press and am not surprised of your reports. Politics has invaded everything and there is hardly a so-called “Islamic” publication that has any time for “Allah,” but they do publish some fine Hadith and saying of saints, of which I thoroughly and absolutely approve. The Christian publications are little different with no time for “God” but also no time for fine quotations. In this “Muslims” are ahead of “Christians,” but in observation, no! That is why the young are seeking and seeking.

This morning one attends a seminar on “The Mystical Experience” and Sufism is on the agenda. Not that one will succeed. There are two kinds of “Islamics” in this country: (a) intellectualism by non-American, non-Muslims who have charge of giving degrees in “Asian” philosophies hardly found in Asia; (b) Mosque people who spend all their time praising themselves and those of whom they approve and neither keeping up with culture of that time nor of the past.

Against this are the fine lectures by Americans who have been won to Mohammed but not to “Islam” for they will not indulge in politics, national or international. Contrary to your bigots—and you have a lot of them—they do like the Islamic prayers; indeed they prefer them to their traditional ones but they do not want to go to the Mosque and learn the politics, they want Allah and Mohammed, and they can’t have them!

Indeed the internal peacefulness which is at the very care of Din is absent. Few have this peacefulness and the fact, the hard, hard fact that this person has the baraka is becoming evident, despite both these classes of “Muslim” above, the professors and the Mosque-organizers.

Verily With Difficulty Cometh Ease. We have been close friends for some time and I tell you there is another way to approach holy Qur’an and Hadith and that is to got rid of Nufs. Besides that there is Kashf, and Kashf, not some blind editorial word called “Islam” is the way to the solution of problems. Or as the Hadith says, visions are from Allah and dreams from Iblis. I won’t go into that.

One has had the visions of the cosmic dances and then one tried Dervish Dances. These are compilations of movements from several tariks, mostly of the New East and when your countrymen stop this nonsense of Pan-Islam and actually accept what their spiritual brothers do and don’t try to lead, just to join them, you will see something else, Inshallah. In fact this movement has grown so much that they are in demand and while you do not hear the “Muslims” doing it a greater and greater number of young Americans are respecting Allah! Allah! Allah!

I do not teach them everything. Mohammed the messenger differs from “Muslims” because he said that those who repeat Kalama shall not suffer from Naar and most “Muslims” are demanding a whole lot of things, in the name of Qur’an and Hadith, which do not appear in Qur’an and Hadith. And in the Arab lands they are having social and political changes of quite different orders which are solving many real problems of real persons. I am neither sociologists nor politician and am concerned with heart-basics.

When I presented by dance in which the people repeat; Ya Mohammed Abdullah! Ya Mohammed Abdallah! Mohammed Rassoul-Lillah! Ya Mohammed Abdallah! the response was eager and instantaneous. And the campaign of “Joy without Drugs” has been successful. Or as written earlier to understand “The Cave” one must have the Cave experiences, of coming before utterly strange people by perseverance in Allah not in “Islamics” there is greater and greater response.

But the other night the place was so-packed we could neither walk nor dance so one began choral singing:

La Illaha Il Allahu (three times)

Mohammed Rassoul-Lillah (twice)

with about 80 “unbelievers” present, and the joy and report was overwhelming, and as Hazrat Inayat Khan said, “Heart speaks to heart and soul to soul.” And it is kafir-feringhis who want to repeat Allah while others are busy in politics. And I tell you, Brother and friend, it is a manifestation: “In that day will the Sun rise in the West and all men seeing, believe.” For the Sun of Truth is rising and my disciples and now others repeating Ya Hayy! Ya Hakk and the baraka is manifest and the blessings and the joy more and more every week, praise to Allah.

Indeed one has had to take some of our Indian brethren to task because they are praising everything and everybody but Allah and without any effect all, the same problem, the same miseries.

It is not only necessary, it is coming that one will be given halls for one’s work at no costs with rising collections and larger audience. This may be a new way to present Sufism, which is based on God-realization.

To an entirely different group of people, many of them older in years one’s Azan was most effective. For one can sing to Allah and with Allah and not think of ego-self. This is in the course in “Early Arabic Art.” It is necessary to write a paper therein too. One has plenty of materials. And here one also differs from “Muslims” who are so full of self-praise and without knowledge.

In this class the next lesson is concerning the Khalifs Al Rashidin. One has no right impose on others (but many so-called “Muslim” do just that) but the khalif Omar has been my ideal in so many things. And I have already brought to class some Arabic clothing and will wear a fine Moorish robe later on. We are encouraging interest in all kinds of clothing but mostly Persian and Arabic. As Miss Khawar may be here later we are keeping the doors open but all is being prepared. The campaign to import Arabic clothing commercially has not yet succeeded but I am urging an interest in Pakistani clothing and have already taken the first steps. On the point I an American, that is a doer, a pragmatist.

(So far as Pakistani foods are concerned that has been essay for me. But our next big feast outside will be at the Khyber Pass Restaurant in a neighboring city.)

Allah has also seen fit to increase remuneration from all directions. Financially I am now “at ease” but must organize and also keep in mind the possibilities of travels again. I await Pir Vilayat, son of Hazrat Inayat Khan. There are some serious things going on whether he will obtain a large parcel of land not far from the Khankah. These people refused to come to our free lectures but now they pay and they have to pay, for Americans do not learn unless they put out money.

Despite the years, the health is excellent and the practice of the Divine presence (Akhlak Allah) is most beneficial.

No doubt something will be accomplished today when one must speak for tasawwuf, but I wish to get this off as more and more doors are open.

With all love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



410 Precita Ave.,

San Francisco, Calif. 94110

10th May, 1969


Shams-ed-din Ahmed

c/o “Co-Opera”

70, The Mall,

Lahore, Pakistan


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. The work done with the young increase all the times. My old acquaintances do not accept the world in which they live and there is now a “Generation Gap” in which it is often said that older people do not comprehend the younger. Nonsense. This is nothing but nufs. Millions go to visit Data Ganj Baksh but hardly a handful know about his teaching on nufs and practically nobody recognize that Nufsaniat is the equivalent of Samsara. But everybody wants their own ego and millions of repetitions of La Illaha El Il Allah do not change this.

I do not remember his name but one of your sons became a very good friend and Inshallah, when it is possible to return to Pakistan I could keep him very busy. My outward circumstances are changing all the time and few older people want to recognize it; the inner circumstances are also changing all the time and fortunately many young people recognize it.

In 1962 I visited the tomb of Amir Khusrau with Pir-o-Murshid Hasan Sani Nizami and one of his brothers. The spirit of the saint appeared to me and gave me the same robe which had been offered by Khawja Khizr and Moin-ed-din Chisti. He said: “I appoint you as successors to Mohammed Iqbal in the school of Jalal-ud-din Rumi.” When I came back to Pakistan Sufi Sahib gave that robe and I have it. And all the famous and infamous people, all the authorities who preach without identification with their own words cannot stop what is the Divine Will. It is in operation all the time and one is now seriously considering also giving up sleep.

The other day President Zukair Hossein died and I had to listen to dualistic and hypocritical important people speak about him. But the time has come, the hypocritical and important people are being found out and very gradually the name and prowess of Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti is wending its way into the universities exactly in accordance with the blessings of Hazrat Inayat Khan. His disciples and followers refused to accept; even the man who was present has refused to accept because they do not understand nufs.

A billion repetitions of “No partner hath He” and still humankind make itself equal or superior. This person has refused adamantly to attend a “peace conference” of the local Muslims. There is no Peace but in Allah. Doctrines, dogmas, assertions are not peace and the state of Nufs-Selima is practically unknown.

The attendance at my groups increases. Last Sunday one had 150 and the daily attendance grows, the number of meeting grows and one has to visit the universities more and more and more, and no help. My chief secretaries are now engaged in their own pursuits and Allah is manifesting more and more and more. Everybody has suggestions; it is laughable. If there is one thing I do not need it is suggestions, as you will see:

It is my mission before Allah to do in this part of the world what Moin-ed-din Chisti did in India. I do wear his robe though the physical counterpart came from Sufi Sahib. Today dances are pouring through me as poetry did before. The poetry was rejected but the story is coming out. People who go around proclaiming Love, Humanity, Democracy differ only in that they use these words. It is not necessary to depend on them. The rich and the famous who might have helped, on them there is no need to reliance, in Allah only is reliance.

Every time a group comes Allah bestows a blessing. The other night one had the disciples get up and do another dance—these dances are always coming. It is based on nothing but Bismillah Er-Rahman Er-Rahim. It is real, it is effective. It is based on knowledge of psychic and mystical law which pretenders and proclaimers do not know. These dances are pouring out of one. Soon the poetry will be recognized. There is a seminar on poetry writing soon as effected by Oriental Philosophy. I shall without question bring “Saladin,” the greatest of my efforts so far.

The story of “ Saladin ,” the outer story is a shame. The person to whom it was dedicated refused to look at it. He is rich, famous and very, very lonely. He gets all his books published, he gets audiences everywhere, but they are audiences, they are not parts of himself and he has deserted Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan for his own fame and glory and he will go down in history unless he comes to the gate of Tauba. I know all about his private life and have kept quiet and probably will continue to keep quiet but it is disgusting how so many pretended devotees defy Allah Knows All Things. They act as if otherwise. And I personally defy all so-called Muslims who do not accept:

“Act as if in the presence of Allah and remember, if you do not see Him, verily He sees you.”

I do not even have free nights. Last night was taken up by two long interviews. The disciple, oldest from point of Bayat was here. He is going through two crucifixions. He is marvelous physically, mentally, morally and spiritually strong. He has already had the Khalif’s Ryazat and next I shall arrange to have a robe made for him. I wished to institute him publicly in the presence of Pir Vilayat Khan but do not know Vilayat’s itinerary.

The people at Geneva and in Holland do not accept the Invocation of Hazrat Inayat Khan: “Toward the One, The Perfection of Love, Harmony and Beauty, The Only Being, United With All the Illuminated Souls Who Form the Embodiment of the Master the Spirit of Guidance.” I understand they are instigating legal proceedings against both Vilayat and myself. Yesterday one of my disciples, given Bayat by Vilayat, told me that Pir Vilayat knew exactly what was coming and he has taken all the legal precautions. We are preparing to send a caravan to him for mountain climbing. (Murshid’s “mountain climbing” is different—through makamat and ahwal).

A whole hour was spent last night with a young lady getting material on “Alternates to Drugs in bringing Joy to the Young.” She took down huge portions of my personal history and all her questions were easily answered. They are no problems. There is just the refusal of important people to listen. Allah and Listening solve all problems, all, but important people cannot listen. This is nufs; it deadens their senses and mind. They cannot listen and so the world is disturbed.

Now I must tell you about the work of Abdal. I was initiated in the path by Ghaus-i-Azam and served him and through him, Allah and “All the illuminated souls who form the embodiment of the Master, the Spirit of Guidance.” It is a terrible undertaking and line of work. But one was recognized immediately in UAR which is a long story.

Now in Hadith there is a prediction: “In that day will the Sun rise in the West, and all men seeing, will believe.” The long interview last night coming after the blessings of more and more walks and dances based on the basic teaching of Islam, of Qur’an and Hadith, makes one recognize what one has always known. Akbar, the Khalif designate as above has long been trained in Tasawwuri Mohammed, the most difficult and deepest though simple of all practices. It is Jili’s Insaan-i-Kemal in action and practice and no nonsense.

While this is going on the Vietnam complex. I have a chair once occupied by Robert Clifton (Phra Sumangalo), my dearest and best friend for thirty-five years. He came into my rooms: “Samuel, we do not have it!” Without batting an eye, “Robert, we do have it!” This a top Buddhist. This, one of the organizers of the World Buddhist Federation! Only some of the top Buddhists recognize more and I can tell you stories of the very top Buddhists, only it would fill Muslims with pride and ego, excepting Sidi Al-Alawi who preaches Khatimal Mursaleen and recognizes all the prophets of all faiths and all religions, ending and terminating in Mecca Shereef.

This theme is to be completed in Rassoul Gita which will live on after me and the generations of the future will look askance on the people of the day. But I am also teaching The Gospel of St. Thomas, the real words from Jesus Christ, more authentic than the Christian Bible and it repeats over and over again that the servants of God will be shunned and persecuted and no one know it better than this person. People can malign, imprison, beat but they do not take away the Divine Spirit.

There is a growing concern with the breakdown of all “moral” standards. We will teach the Adab but now with dance movements and the repetitions of the Sifat-i-Allah with the proper movements and postures. But the ease with which people, I mean the young repeat not only Allah but Mohammed Rassoul Lillah puts so-called “Muslims” to shame. I have enough time with the Bismillah, Takbir and the Sifat-i-Allah to last more than a lifetime and in the young mureeds the light of Love and Compassion and of each of the Sifat shines and so no special moral or other admonitions are needed. The Sifat prove themselves by effecting changes in character and action. The light of my young friends and followers is becoming more and more manifest.

There is a corporation in Geneva and there is another one in San Francisco called “Sufism Re-Oriented.” The last accepted Meher Baba who is gone and all of his predictions fell for naught. But too many human beings “forgive” every so called “saint” for every sort of transgression and expect the little people to obey all the “traffic laws” of the universe, whereas Allah expects the proper behavior from the important people and forgives the little ones.

The true transmission is non-verbal. How many know Um-Khitab? The new dance, Bismillah will live on and on and on. There are others. The Dervish dancing has been reported and published in The Oracle, a local paper. More is to come. As I have no secretaries now, just one helper, I cannot look after details.

All love and blessings,




410 Precita Ave.,

San Francisco, Calif.

S. Ahmed           

6th June, 1969


c/o Co-Opera

70, The Mall,

Lahore West Pakistan


Beloved One of Allah;

As-salaam aleikhum. Returning from the Khankah I found yours of 29th May and am pleased to answer it immediately. Am sending a copy to the new Consul General whom I do not know. I wish permission to copy some materials from the latest papers for a term paper on Pakistan for the Universities here, You may read about the turmoil going on at both San Francisco State which is in San Francisco and the University of California which is about nine miles from here. Actually these turmoils involve very few students. As soon as somebody wants to start trouble he notifies the police, the radio, the newspapers and television and pretty soon he is on the air and the world knows about him. But of the studying, research and achievements not even the students themselves know. It is not that I am “’against” for there is certainly much in our society to be corrected. But there are also some good things.

Besides now with the Grace of Allah, to Whom be all praise, the doors are opening and the time has arrived that not only one has no few days but not even a free evening. Sufi Sam as I am known here, has been invited to a seminar or conference “The Frontiers of Science” to be held tomorrow night. One has classes Mondays Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

The Sunday night class has been discontinued and instead we are meeting at the Khankah for a long dance session. This will no doubt disturb a lot of so- called “Sunnis.” If a person calls himself a Sunni he self-exempts himself from following what is actually in Qur’an and Hadith. Personally I think the spirit of Islam is more important than the form. The Hadith (and no “good-Muslim” has to study them) says: “In that day will the Sun rise in the West and all men seeing, will believe.” This person ignored by Mosques both in your land and this is getting a lot of “kafir-feringhis” reciting and chanting. And with joy. When you can got a hundred “non-believers” chanting Mohammedar Rassoul-Lillah it no doubt causes joy in heaven, but not among the so-called missionaries who do not missionary many people.

Hazrat Inayat Khan said, “Heart calls to heart” and “soul to soul.” The effort to introduce Dervish dancing has been overwhelming. I think I told you some time back we tried out using the Names of God; there were only a few of us. Nine opted for Allah! one for Ram, and none for God. Realizing that these were all Americans of Christian or Jewish backgrounds, that eight have been news, but the way in which it was done is too unorthodox to satisfy. So we follow the Qur’an; “Say Allah and leave them to their devices.” One realizes that “good-Muslims” do not have to do that. They have so many more important things than saying: Allah. And then one is also called a “fanatic.”

Two weeks ago I began explaining; “There are just three religions: Jewish, Christian and Fanaticism and I am proud to say I accept the latter.” This was an entirely different group and the remarks were met with laughter. And it is this group and not the “good-Muslims” that are interested in my lectures on Rumi. And I must laugh when you mention a cousin of George Bernard Shaw has adapted Islam. Why even my teachers, one by one are accepting that Mohammed was a Prophet or a Messenger and none of them are Muslims. And far from being hated and despised, it is only the ignorant missionaries who are gaining no converts who say Mohammed and Islam are despised in this land. The young want God, with or without religion.

A copy of toy work in Dervish Darning was sent to Ajmir. The recipient has been working on the Big Five of Chisti-Sufisms. He is strongly in favor of both music and dancing being used. This has been very encouraging. We had been using:

La Illaha El Allahu (three times)

Mohammedar Rassoul Lillah (twice)

La Mohammed Abdulla (twice)

Mohammedar Rassoul Lillah

La Mohammed Abdullah

Now we have both music and dance on Allah Er-Rahman Er-Rahim. Than one tried singing (low) Subhan Allah; (medium) Alhamdulillah; (loud and slow) Allaho Akbar. It is amazing how the young Americans have taken to these and other efforts. I am not going to say more here.

Everything written here may be shared. I shall try to see that you get some of the published material on the Dervish Dances. But I am at my wit’s end, always busy. I am very glad you have seem Ghulam Mustafa whom I know and may write him and send some material, too. Yes, I know about Bibijan coming here. Miss Khawar has been at Cornell University and wanted help to get her a place here. Today one has a following of about a hundred people, most with a spiritual and psychological problems and one has no free time and has not been able to make this understood. One has had so many requests about getting places to life.

I am glad you realize that my heart is still in Lahore. Since 1922 I have been studying and studying Kashf Al-Mahjub and I guess Moin-ed-din Chisti and Al Hujwiri (Data Sahib) have been the greatest influences in my life but now it is also Jelal-ud-din Rumi. When we had a big dinner for my disciple Fatima at the Afghan Restaurant, he called all of us out and gave names to those who still carried their ancestral ones. He called one Jelal-ed-din which pleased us all. And now also I am ready for another lecture an Al Rumi and Masnavi shortly.

I am so glad to be remembered by Baba, Haji, Qatari and Shafiq. It is most welcome to know that Allauddin Siddiqui now is Vice Chancellor. He has been one of my best friends of this whole life.

Please be sure to tell the Nawab the fist of this letter. Someday, Inshallah, I shall write my major opus which will be called Rassoul Gita, and will be an Islamic rejoinder to Bhagavad Gita. Oh, it is in me. But first “Saladin” must become known. This month a seminar on poetry writing as influenced by Asian studies will open and it is my intention to bring this out and also to the class on Rumi but not right away.

Praise to Allah the health is good and years do not weigh on me, only the amount of work. My chief secretaries now have outside jobs and there has been an almost miraculous change for the better. The effects will not come out immediately but they will come, Inshallah.

All love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



To Shams-ed-din Ahmed

2nd July, 1969


Beloved One of Allah: As-salaam Aleikhum!

It is with great joy that one answers your letter of 25th June. There is no question that Allah alone exists and it is tearful and pitiful that many, especially many calling themselves “Sufis” in the West today ignore Allah entirely. So to them as to the Muslins one says, “No, I am not a Muslim. No, I am not a Sufi, I am an Inshallah-ist!” Hazrat Inayat Khan warned about being used in people’s games and that is exactly what is happening and there is no acceptance of Saluk or Adab. Just words and claims, and the most marvelous reports one can give.

The Oracle of Inayat Khan said, “Sleep is restful but awakening is interesting.” I know that my last bastion would have to go and not only seven days in a week but hardly any sleep nor does one need it when one lives in Allah, the Eternally Awakened.

On top of the very full program came a procession. There is an Indian friend of Hazrat Inayat Khan here and he has tried to reach me but we have not been successful yet. Then Khawar came. It was magnificent. She was here only a few hours. We cooked all kinds of curries and then she put the young ladies in Pakistani clothes and never in my life have I seen anything so beautiful. It went over big, tremendous. We later took her to the Khankah and she watched our Dervish dances (sometimes joining) and sang with us in what are companions to Khawwals. I laughingly asked her if I would be permitted to go to Ajmir! Well we are on excellent terms with Ajmir and I hope, inshallah, with Nizam-ed-din Auliya.

Khawar stayed only a few hours and had to go to Los Angeles, 450 miles away, but will be here later. I understand Bibijan will be coming soon, as soon as the wedding ceremonies are over. But this is a new day, alhamdu-lillah!

Monday I called at the Pakistani consulate. The new receptionist is also a friend of Dr. Alauddin Siddiqui. We are in agreement that the Mosque is doing nothing. They had a meeting asking why the attendance and funds are low. When we wanted the Khankah we prayed Allah and the money came immediately without our doing anything. Someday people will accept Allah and forget all else. Then I phoned Asia Foundation and wrote to a former employer who is president of the Board of Regents of Asia Foundation in regard to a Pakistani fashion show. I shall keep you informed. The enthusiasm is very high.

I did not ask Khawar what she thought about Fazal, she who has known many Sufi Pirs. But Monday also wrote to Pir Salarwala a most encouraging letter. For things are so different, and the young are coming in ever greater numbers as Allah has shown me. Consequently I am not concerned or disturbed by other “Sufi” groups who will get the old people, if anybody, and not many of them. They also say: “Toward the One, The Perfection of Love, Harmony and Beauty, The Only Being, United With All the Illuminated Souls, Who Form the Embodiment of the Master, The Spirit of Guidance, but to them it is an invocation and to some of us it is Reality, not “a” Reality but Reality.

I am therefore making many copies of this letter which will be sent to many places.

This letter, inshallah, may well become historical. When I began study there was just one book (and no class papers). It was called “A Sufi Message of Spiritual Liberty” and from it one quotes:

“The Sufic method of realization, the study of Shariat, Tarikat, Hakikat and Marifat, also the practice of Zikr, Fikr, Kasab, Shagal and Amal, is claimed to be the easiest, shortest, and most interesting for spiritual accomplishment.”

When I went to hear Fazal last night the door of “love, harmony and beauty” was closed and a big (physically) man tried to bar the way. But he called Fazal and Fazal began—this is also “love, harmony and beauty” to accuse me. At his uncle’s meeting and at his own I never said a word but facts are unimportant to nufsians. Anyhow I went in and it was hard not to weep. The travesty, nothing at all in the slightest resembling the above or any of his sainted grandfather’s teaching.

It is fortunate they did not bar me. There were several of my old friends in the audience and one disciple of Hazrat Inayat Khan at least. What touched her were my disciples, beautiful young women, and more than beautiful. For while there was an intellectual and often quire erroneous discussion going on Jasmine asked, if after all, Sufism was not the religion of love. Fazal said that that question was better than both the speeches. It was. I told my Sister that this was one of the least of my disciples, that I had many, many more and more more advanced. This is something that corporation and church people cannot understand, the lifting of the Veils by Grace. It is totally foreign to them.

When we got home I was happy to find that Jasmine had passed the gate of Tauba. She did not know that. She just went through a complete change and turnabout. But she and Parisa and Zeynab who were there, all young, beautiful and accomplished young women, all have their inner eyes opened already. They could hardly hear the words, for they saw the lights (or absence) and the colors and the radiance (or absence) in the speakers and knew all about them. And when Fazal and his people get this letter they will be shocked. But that will only be the beginning for La Illaha El Il Allah and “these two things cannot exist together, nufs and Allah.” But then these pitiable speakers never knew Hazrat Inayat Khan and while Fazal has been to Pakistan, he does not know (until he gets this letter) what the real Sufis, and of course, Dr. Alauddin Siddiqui think of him. And how he can dream of being a leader in “One single brotherhood in the Fatherhood of God” by even condoning condemnation of an accepted Sufi is so ludicrous. And flesh and blood most certainly do not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.

Now Khawar has told me that Prof. Seyyed Hossein Nasr is at Harvard University and at the moment also I have some excellent contacts at both Harvard, and its immediate neighbor, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one of the highest ranking institutions in the whole world. Prof. Nasr is accepted as the top intellectual instructor on Sufism but he has a certainly mystical insight as well as experience. The possibility of his coming here or the introduction to him of Pir Vilayat Khan will compel, sooner or later the placing of facts openly and the end of all spurious claims and claimants.

Tonight I expect to wear my Dervish (Khizr) robe as well as that of murshid. There will be the institution of two Khalifs who have had the mystical insight and development and show such prowess. They are also accepted. Now I am completing the 60-100 stage of disciples.

Last night the speaker well said that knowledge of the past is power, of the present wisdom and of the future peace. But there is such a difference between a speech and cosmic actualization. In all things one “sees” as well as intuits (Kashf), but there is no sense of trying to enforce this on nufsian claimants. They do not, cannot, and would not understand. There is nothing in my life that has not been fore-visioned and today there are so many young people who have pierced veils and are looking for a “guru.” I do not know how I can now handle all these persons and so actually welcome any kind of “Sufi” here and especially any Fazal that wishes to lead the old (and often wealthy) people.

Khawar saw and others are seeing Love and Harmony and Beauty and when we sing, Ishk Allah, Mahbood Lillah (against a background of “Allah”) it is marvelous. The hearts are opening. There is a new type of humanity here.

So in a few moments Vilayat arrives. And I glance further in “A Sufi Message of Spiritual Liberty”: “Sufism contains all branches of mysticism, such as psychology, occultism, spiritualism, clairvoyance, clairaudience, intuition, inspiration….” This was definitely attacked last night by Fazal and his co-speaker! Imagine! And Hazrat Inayat Khan taught a certain kind of Occultism, but the papers have been either hidden or destroyed! Which does not stop the keen and we are here going to teach Irfan, Malikat, Waliyyat, Mushahida, Mujahida and all applications of the afore-mentioned Zikr, Fikr, Kasab, Shagal and Amal. We are already giving out the Wazifas and Kalama at many levels and the Akhlak Allah. And we are restoring all mysteries, and having them in a single general movement, and no nonsense.

When the least of the disciples already see, how about the advanced ones? How do you think this person feels who has already gone through Miraj and “Cave”? All the predictions of Hazrat Inayat Khan concerning his person are coming true, alhamdulillah and this is a new age when Insight (Kashf) not words will avail and prevail. And when Khawar heard our songs in praise of Mohammed, it was just as at the Afghan Restaurant. More is coming and one is totally hopeful, at least.

The next rumor is about people visiting your land. This is coming, inshallah.

This letter is for anybody and everybody and we may even publish it, or something like it.

All love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



410 Precita Ave.,

San Francisco, Calif.

July 28, 1969


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum: I have just received yours of the 21st and am answering it immediately. If things have happened rapidly in my life they are happening still more rapidly now. However, praise to Allah, the fortunate far out-dominates the unfortunate. I must get ready to leave as soon as possible to visit the state of New Mexico. They want to learn about Sufism. I must also return as soon as possible to this vicinity because many young people wish to learn about Sufism—which is to say, they want to know more about Allah—Ya Hayy, Ya Hakk.

While this had been going on I have received another writing assignment for the Khankah. Saturday I completed my most profound work—a commentary on “Initiation and Discipleship.” Encouragement has come indirectly by some of our studies of the commentaries on Hadith by Baba Sahib which Khawar has been giving us. It will be wonderful if we could have more of this in English. It will once and for all the speculations of unbelievers about the relationship between Mohammed, on whom be Peace, and Tasawwuf, the science of the Being and Presence of Allah.

True, because of its universality, there have been found parallels with other faiths. Early in life I was taught that the most profound sciences were known to the Hebrew prophets. In recent studies it appears—and I am not too sure of it—that Prince Dara Shikoh wrote on the similarities and differences of some of these profound practices. I have read about them in books concerning Indian holy men; I have met them in men concerning Islamic-Sufi devotees. I do not agree that Allah has failed to send messengers to all people. I see Mohammed as the finality and seal over actual personages, not over concepts, not over theories. In my poem “Saladin” the inspiration came from Mohammed himself in a function as Sad-guru. I have yet to meet an Indian holy man who has denied me this knowledge, excepting the fakes of whom there are plenty.

My work with the young is increasing. Some of the ideas and methods are being copied. I have the assignment to have 50,000 American repeat Allah, and I shall not stop no matter what those calling themselves Muslims say. I cannot teach Shariah and I cannot stop saying Allah. Holy Qur’an tells us to say Allah. Besides this it words; believe me it works.

One has to take death with apparent unconcern. During the Pakistani dinner that we had last week, I had two close friends presumably dying, and yet the dinner had to be carried on as a most joyful occasion which otherwise it was. I have determined not to go to the convention of Muslims in this land. Their subject is Jihad. I am all for Jihad, but I cannot be concerned with the internal politics or even the external polities of land far away. I have to praise Allah, for both my physical and mental health and vigor are excellent for a man of any age, let alone one in his seventies.

I am glad to know about Saints who were illiterate. The conferences on so-called Asian philosophy held within the domain of the United States are confined only to the most literate and this has generally meant those of European or English University education. I have met so many Saints, real Saints, who did not seem concerned with reading and writing, or external knowledge.

There are many signs that we may be able to augment or restore the exoteric sciences. There are many other signs for I have been invited, after completing the assignments mentioned above, to visit certain places in the Eastern part of the United States. Sometimes I feel my career is only beginning and sometimes I feel just like that. I shall have more pictures made of me. Pir Sahib Salarwala was most pleased with the one sent him. If anything I have been careless about externals, but if anything for the first time in my life, I have been admired therefor.

This is a rushed letter. I feel I am going on more great adventures, inshallah. I feel that the purposes of my return to my country are being fulfilled, alhamdulillah. When I am permitted to return to Pakistan, I hope to bring messages of love and Joy and to convey Love and Joy without interfering with habits or customs.

All love and blessing,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



410 Precita Ave.

Sept. 8, 1969

S. Ahmed


c/o Co-Opera

The Mall

Lahore, Pakistan


Beloved One of Allah:

As-Salaam-Aleikhum! One reads with much satisfaction your letter of 3rd September. And this letter is being sent in duplicate to you to use extra copy as you will and also a copy is going to your embassy here. One is still discompassionate about politics. Americans do things.

Yesterday we performed Dervish Dances in public and not only our people but a lot in the audience were chanting Allah, Allah, Allah when we left the arena. I do not think a single missionary coming to this country under any auspices, has ever accomplished that. Not only that, we are scheduled to have a big program in this city tomorrow night for the Dervish Dances. This will be preceded by a Pakistani fashion show given by my beloved god-daughter Miss Saadia Khawar Khan. Regardless of all politicians, Tablighis, etc. etc. we shall continue teaching Kalama to the American public and differing from many who call themselves Muslims I definitely do not believe that there is any power or might in the cosmos save Allah, to whom be all praise. I also believe when so-called Muslims stop their self-praise and praise Allah that would have not so much to complain about. And we have now a whole choral group chanting, “Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, Allaho Akbar.”

It is also quite untrue that there is much criticism of Mohammed Rassoul-lillah, on whom be peace. I have yet to meet a single young person who has come to my meetings on any occasion to hesitate in chanting praise to Mohammed. What Americans object to is the lack of sincerity in religion of Muslims, so called, and failure to accept in actuality the wonderful moral teachings of Hadiths. To some extent this acceptance of Mohammed is due to the growing protest in this country against what passes for culture. When I read Hadiths, which are seldom read in the mosques here, there is almost universal acceptance; in addition to that Saadia Khawar has been giving special lessons on Hadiths both to the mureeds and the general public. And when Muslims start teaching Hadiths and accept that Allah loves his creation more than a mother loves her offspring, we shall see a different and a better world, inshallah. Naturally we have been interested in the wedding. Saadia Khawar will be leaving here this Thursday after I depart presumably for the Northwest. The whole outlook is different: responses to my meetings, putting into practice the teachings, and all those things which belong to a true spiritual life, are slowly but surely becoming elements in the culture of America.

Naturally I am sorry that your benefactor is passing away. But I am also taking it as a sign to study Afghani. I have been sympathetically inclined, but have not read him. I am also, inshallah, planning either to attend or send a representative to the next Conference of World Religions. There is a great deal of difference between the actual teachings of Hadiths and the assumptions that every type of behavior pattern by every type of so-called Muslim is automatically noble. The Prophet of God said “Oppose oppression, whether by a Muslim or by a non-Muslim.” He did not say, “We condone oppression by Muslims.” I believe this teaching, given to the world, will help fulfill many predictions.

Please send me the address of Haji Sarfraz. I have not heard from Major Sadiq who is supposed to be in Abbottabad. Saadia Khawar and I often discuss either another visit to Pakistan, inshallah, or sending one or more disciples. I which to show her especially the last part of your letter, dealing with the writings of Prof. Durrani at Peshawar. I have often asked for his books. Today, alhamdulillah! I am in a much more favorable financial position, and not only have a growing flock of mureeds but letters, inquiries, and visits, covering a larger territory.

A group of us here are most interested in a local professor who is giving classes in Islamic Art. It started as Arabic Art, but the superiors, despite a certain apathy in your land about this country, instructed her to change from Arabic Art to Islamic Art. This Autumn we shall be mostly concerned with Persian culture, but also its effects on the sub-continent. Again, it is not Muslims who show much interest, but some of us whether we are called Muslims or not, who have deep love for Khatimal Mursaleen are cooperating fully, socially, financially and otherwise in this undertaking. Indeed most of my intellectual efforts outside my personal work are in this direction. And I am ready to throw the Hadiths, the actual Hadiths, at both Muslim and non-Muslim who will dare to dissent publicly or privately from such a stand. This confused world is not going to gain while each of us places his private code above divine revelation, or what is next to it. Even now, we are considering a number of purchases from Ashraf. There are disciples here to whom I have never spoken a word about either Mohammed or Sifat-i-Allah who have had the most marvelous awakenings from studying Arnold’s Pearls of Faith. And when the religious people accept the teachings of nufs either as taught by Hujwiri (Data Sahib) or otherwise we are going to see a new world, inshallah.

With all love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



December 21, 1969

S. Ahmed The Mall

Lahore, Pakistan


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam-Aleikhum! Inshallah, this may be a most important letter. One hopes it is an encouraging one. There is such a gap today between surrender to Allah and what passes as “Islam” that it would seem impossible to bridge this gap. There is a conference of Islamic nations now going on in Morocco. One of the most important books to me, and I mean to me, is An Islamic Saint of the Twentieth Century concerning a great Pir-o-Murshid of the Alawi School which has its centers, influence and affluence in the Margreb. It was my good fortune to meet the successor of this great Pir-o-Murshid and the “Islam” and Baraka is quite out of line with everything going on today; in fact it transcends. His Islam has nothing to do with egocentricities and manmade or man-derived outlooks. But he left his Baraka here and his predictions which have come true.

Along the same line has been the course “The Influence of Arabic Civilization in the Mediterranean” just completed. There were practically no “Muslims” in these classes, excepting one other American at night. The “Muslims” of the day are concerned with politics and join the Christians in praying “Our will be done in heaven as it is in earth.” So long as this Iblis prayer continues we are going to have confusion on earth; we are going to have nothing but confusion.

I agree with the Messenger of Allah, on whom be peace, “The words of Allah can abrogate my words, but my words cannot abrogate the words of Allah.” This is of course not practiced in Islam. Anything can be abrogate that proper “Muslims” want done, and that is why instead of turning to Allah, the real Allah, they spend time in passing endless useless resolutions, and I don’t know to whom. For all these resolutions presume that there is some power other than Allah. And when man presumes there is some power other than Allah he is supporting Iblis no matter what he says. When the great World War was at its worst this person beseeched Allah to open his eyes. Everything happened as was seen, and this gave the direct experience into the prowess of Ghaus-i-Azam and the spiritual hierarchy which exists. Nor do I dare challenge that Allah always has his representative on earth. I am not one of those who pays lip service to Holy Scriptures and finds every reason or unreason to abrogate them when it so pleases him.

Therefore I personally accept all teachings of scriptures not contradicted by Holy Qur’an. I do not accept that Qur’an was the only sacred book. Holy Qur’an does not say it is the only sacred book. But bigots have made it “the only sacred book” and by so doing have taken away its value.

I have in mind here certain phrases of the Hebrew Bible which I use at Christmas such as, “Every Valley shall be exalted, and every mountain laid law, etc.” And, “Comfort ye may people.” These phrases from the Hebraic Isaiah etc., belong to umm khatib as much as do Holy Qur’an and much of the Hadiths. The Messenger himself said, although he has been contradicted by multitudes of Muslims, that he was not different from human kind, and that we must not judge prophets and messengers which has been done and is being done through the ages. But if we go deep, and a few do go deep, when we reach Mushahida we will know the truth ourselves. Multitudes seem verbally attached to Shahud without direct experience, and those who have direct experiences are constantly being challenged by the worthy and unworthy. This means in practice we accept other than Allah, and this other than Allah is mostly our own nufs.

It may shock a number of so-called “good-Muslims” to find that our choral master here is teaching Christian hymns against a backdrop of Kalama. Why a “good-Muslim” does not even have to say any Kalama; he just has to require that others do it. We accept Isa and Musa, not verbally but actually. We believe that the Prophet of Mecca come to complete their work. We find in practice that the people of the synagogue do not use the Name of God that Moses used, nor do the people of the Church use the name of God that Isa did. Therefore we consider it our first duty to get Americans to say Allah, and before Allah but not before the Islamic communities, the young Americans are saying Allah. Recently to my amazement as I was crossing a square in front of this house a group of young children came to me, surround me, and chanted Allah, Allah, Allah. Whence this inspiration? And we have little infants here whose first words are not the usual mama or papa but Allah. These just might be signs, inshallah, of “In that day, the sun will rise in the West, and all men seeing will believe.”

I have two world projects, and I mean world projects, in front of me at this moment. The first is a gathering of all faiths scheduled for Istanbul, Turkey next spring. I hope to bring, inshallah, a message of spirituality and universality based on direct experience and wisdom. At least it would appear that I must attend. My finances are in somewhat better shape today. I have also been assured of help if necessary from Saadia Khawar (I have just learned that Auntie Bibijan is now with her at Ithaca, NY). Also a letter has been received from Pir Vilayat Khan, the oldest son of the late Hazrat Inayat Khan, assuring me that his finances are in excellent shape. I have known for a long time from outer sources that this would be, but now I am glad to report they are.

Pir Vilayat has had a long, complicated and arduous history into which we need not go. Since he has documented his appointment by the Grand Pirs of the Chisti Order, there seems to be no reason whatsoever not to given full and absolute co-operation. Indeed, since our working together, we both seem to have made considerable progress. Evincing that the will of Allah is not only real but comes into manifestation. Nor do I believe it can be otherwise.

The other is writing of Rassoul Gita which inshallah may become an immortal poem, an Islamic parallel to the Indian Bhagavad Gita. This is a seemingly daring project. Previous poems, to each religion, have been rejected by that religion. This is also true of Saladin, written under the inspiration of fana-fi-Rassoul. This poem will someday stand. It is the religionists, the hypocrites, who are going to disappear, not the truths which come with every breath from the living god.

This poem has in essence two portions, the reaffirmations of Kalama and Shahud; and the denunciation of the Dajjals. India and California (but much more of the United States) seem to agree that problems are solved? By the manifestation of some egotistical superman who will solve all problems, especially if you give him everything. Even the greatest of Sages do not seem to have done much to clarify the perplexities of India. But Americans tend to go even further.

In a few days, inshallah, we may have a gathering at local San Francisco State college, a well-known institutions full of complexities and newsworthy happenings. However, there they do have a form of free speech, really free speech, which few can comprehend. Every point of view, and I mean every point of view, is given its opportunity. The young Americans, whatever be their faults, are very firm for democracy, tolerance, and free speech. Of course they do not control the media of exchange so you can never read about this; you will never read about it. But this does give one an insight into the conflicting Dajjals and the spreading confusion.

To me most of these Dajjals resemble Nietzsche’s “superman”. In Nietzsche mankind was supposed to be sacrificed for superman. Indeed, such characters as Hitler and Stalin seem to act that way, but they never claimed to be divine. The Dajjals claim to be divine. It is not so much that their claims are false, but their directions are totally bound up in nufs and not in Allah.

We have a book here The Shadowless Prophet of Islam. Not only from legends and traditions, but from my own experiences, both Isa and Mohammed seem to have operated as if they were Sun in human form, not Allah in human form but the Sun in human form. The Sun gives, the Sun blesses, the Sun does not depend on human kind, the Sun does not depend on earth, the Sun does not depend.

Above I mentioned our studies in Arabic civilization (ignored by so-called “Islamic communities”). In this course we had to study the art of Islamic Spain (Andalusia). Although I have not visited this land, I was just as much impressed, if not overwhelmed as in visiting Taj, or the great Mosques of Cairo. There is a vast difference between subjective ego satisfaction and a rejoicing in human accomplishments based on divine guidance and inspiration. So I have re-read the American Washington Irving and his writings.

I was much impressed by the history of Tarik (from whom we get the word Gibraltar). This man was not only eminently victorious, he treated with kindness and consideration all his fallen enemies—no rancor, no envy, no accumulations of wealth, but he followed in the footsteps of Mohammed and Omar. For this he was removed by his jealous superior Musa. In the end the Khalifs at Damascus removed Musa and rewarded Tarik. It is the grand drama ignored by the egocentrics.

Islam was victorious when it adhered to Allah, the Qur’an, and Hadiths—not to the words but to the practices. It would seem today that religion has no particular objection to rancor, envy, malice, self-accumulation, etc. That is why religions is failing; that is why jihads are useless; that is why it is going to require something more than empty words to bring peace and justice to this world.

At this writing I am awaiting a very strange character, a disciple of Sufism who became a citizen of Israel when the land was occupied by the invading Israelis. He is a friends of a disciple of Jewish birth who was expelled from Israel for befriending Arabs. I have always held, and will continue to hold, there is a brotherhood of heart Sahib-i-dil beyond all difference and distinctions. It becomes a time for demonstration and test. But is also becomes a time to resume the writing of Rassoul Gita, as above which inshallah, shall be my contribution to the world’s cultures, become it known soon or in the distant future. Therefore I bear no ill-will, no malice, and continue to operate in Kashf and shahud, and will do, so stand I alone, or stand I in the midst of, or stand I ahead of the rising generations of quite different types of Americans—leaderless at the moment but seeking the truth within and without.

My greetings to you, to your family, to Haji Safraz and his family and disciples; to Sufis Barkat Ali, to Dr. Alauddin Siddiqui, to Major Sadiq, to all our friends, and to all Muslims be they followers of Allah or of their own misguiding egos.

Love and Blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



Feb. 22, 1970

Mr. S. Ahmed

c/o Co-Opera

The Mall

Lahore, Pakistan


Beloved One of Allah;

As-salaam-aleikhum! It is easy no doubt to have a greeting. It is also important to take that greeting and make it the basis of life. One is departing from many methods of the past in an age also when the telephone, the motor car, the aeroplane, and other mechanical devices are being substituted for human endeavor. In all this there is no change of man’s relation to Allah. Mohammed, on whom be peace, said that if a person recited Kalama he would surely not go to hell. In general, one finds oneself in a most peculiar relation with many Muslims who demand what the messenger of Allah did not demands and who have substituted a multitude of legalisms for the divine Rahmat.

Last week we were performing a dance based on the Bismillah and a man came and was enjoying it. I discovered he was an Arab from Jerusalem. There was also present a lady disciple who had lived in Jerusalem, but left that land because she also loved the Arabs. She loves the Arabs; she loves the Israelis; she loves what Allah loves and whom Allah loves, and she will not accept that Allah loves some and not others. We had a beautiful short conference. Inshallah, we way have more of such meetings. You will not read about them in the press. What is done to stir is published; what is done to pacify is not published. Now I am preparing to go to Geneva, not Istanbul where the leaders of the world’s religions will convene. One does not yet know what one will say or do, but one is prepared to serve Allah, to look into the hearts of human beings, and to do more.

The immediate problem here has been one of health, not illness on my part but on the part of several near and dear to me at this hour. My brother has been released from the hospital and is home but very weak. My oldest and best spiritual friends now are suffering from ailments which come naturally with age, and which also they realize come with age. Of course we are making a science of the Names of Allah, and using them. All sciences are not necessarily of the outer world.

I am most interested in Fazal Shah of Mian Mir. I have received to myself the greatest wisdom teachings at that Dirgah from almost anywhere. It is hard to explain and perhaps unnecessary. Next to the Divine Names, the practice of certain forms of tasawwuri have been most effective. It is hard; it is strange; it is new, that souls born in a distant land should be so behaving that the Hadith: “In that day the sun will rise in the West, and all men seeing will believe” may be manifesting in unpredictable manners, but manifesting because it is Allah’s will, not because it satisfies human beings. In addition to the sacred phrases there are certain forms of refined breathing which we use, most healthful.

I have an advantage here of receiving mail from many lauds. From India, it is usually Ajmir, but one also hears from Australia, and from many parts of the United States, all showing signs of spiritual upsurges.

When one returned to this country, his mission was to convince 50,000 Americans to repeat Allah. This did not satisfy many orthodox who expect much more, expect from others what they have not accomplished themselves. This still goes on, and it may always go on. But now there are two signs that this goal is within one’s grasp. The first is the mission originally for Istanbul, now for Geneva, Switzerland, where one will meet the ecclesiastical leaders of all faiths. What one succeeds in doing is in Allah’s hands.

The next is no doubt more exciting. Preliminary offers have been made to film the Dervish dancing. While the cure for the ills of the world everywhere seems to be, “O Allah, make the other people behave,” the Sufi begins with his self, with his small ego. Now it seems to please Allah that people recite His Name, and His praise. It may not always please others; but it seems to please Allah. At this writing the possibilities of filming Dervish dances and presenting the praise of Allah to the multitudes is indeed far more propitious and auspicious than one could surmise. Evidently Allah wishes what people who propose to speak in His name, do not always wish. So at this writing one not only has a most crowded schedule, also the opportunities are here.

I personally believe that if Mohammed had appeared to peoples other than the Arabs, the Qur’an might have been different. He himself said that to every people was a Book. He distinctly said that Holy Qur’an was given in Arabic so that the people in ignorance could understand. A book which does not open to divine consciousness, has to be examined with great care. The simple fact is that this writing, more and more young people are coming to this Murshid so to speak, requiring more and more attention, more and more time, more and more effort, more and more consideration. And despite one’s age the simple fact is that the Daroods offered by Sahib Salarwala work. They are operative. They manifest. They give life and rest and hope, and bring Divine guidance at every step of the way in every aspect of life. I am therefore sending also a copy of this to Pir Sahib and to Khawar.

With all love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



March 13, 1970

Mr. Shams-ed-din Ahmed

c/o Co-Opera

The Mall

Lahore, Pakistan


Beloved One of Allah:

As-Salaam-Aleikhum! One rejoices in your letter of 5th March. It is something which is going to be read to others. One has at this time a growing following. The hundred disciples vouchsafed only three years book by Allah Himself are a reality. Every individual is a reality. Every individual is repeating the word Allah. Every one of them is chanting Mohammedar Rassoul Lillah. One was told this would be, that this would be part of one’s life mission, and it is. For the soul of man belongs to Allah, and when rightly approached, every soul is drawn to Allah—not necessarily drawn in the way the mullahs and imams wish but in the way Allah would, and evidently He does so will.

One feels you are entirely right on every point. Now one has the opportunity to communicate this to the world; one has the duty to communicate it to the world; and if Allah so wills, one soon will be communicating it to the world. I am not talking in symbols or in fanciful terms, but in actualities.

A very strong letter has been written to the American Friends of the Middle East who engage in pious sentiments while political enemies are murdering each other, often in the name of religion. The Bible says, “The earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof.” No doubt there are reasons for property occupation. No doubt there are reasons for a thousand and one things in this world. Centuries have not stopped man from disobeying “Thou Shalt Not Kill.”

I have a disciple named Hasan who wishes now to publish “Saladin” along with its Hebraic predecessor, “The Day of the Lord Cometh.” One has felt this Divine inspiration so many times—in poetry, prose, in the daily life, in human relations, and in all things. You are entirely correct, in my opinion, about this nation. Jesus has said, what matter if you gain the whole world and lose your own soul. Hatred, dissatisfaction, confusion everywhere. At this writing even this city is in turmoil. Last week a letter was received from a friend in India depicting conditions much worse than even a hostile Pakistani press has reported. On the other hand, vision is still vouchsafed, Kashf is still active. All the foreboding of a few years back have some to objective manifestation, almost without exception.

Now one’s brother appears to be dying. We were enemies for years; it was useless. But as our estate was under legal examination it seems that this very time Allah may be intervening, and if this proves so, it could mean, inshallah, that one becomes comparatively a wealthy can, and will be able to travel anywhere that Allah wills on the surface of the earth. But this can only be accomplished by careful attention to the matters at hand, with full trust and hope in Allah, and not in pious sentiments or empty wishes.

I shall make note here to the secretary that in case Nawab appears in this vicinity he shall be given every consideration. We usually have an empty room at the Khankah. In my absence there will probably be at least two empty rooms. And when I am in San Francisco, also I can make provision at this house. I may also drop a note to the Consulate here.

On my return here, inshallah, I shall make every effort to put Tarikat on a sound footing. The young Americans about whom you may be hearing very little, are a different breed from those of the past. For this very reason they are treated with utmost hostility by the press, and most public agencies. But they have within them a spirit of devotion absent among their predecessors, and it is most unfortunate that Islamic missionaries verbalizing that the name of Mohammed is excoriated and the principles of Islam loathed, are entirely wrong. Only I am not an Imam. I am not a teacher of Shariah. And my duty has been to get Americans to repeat Allah, and keep on repeating Allah, and then determine whether they would also say Mohammedar Rassoul-Lillah. This has been done, this is being done and there is every sign that this will be increasingly done; more and more and more. So one is not afraid of Iblis; one is not afraid of any and all the powers of evil. One is not afraid at all.

With Love and Thanks, and blessings to yourself your family and friends,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



May 23, 1970

Shems-ed-din Ahmed

c/o Co-Opera

70 the Mall

Lahore, Pakistan


Beloved One of Allah: As-salaam-aleikhum!

Thank you for your letter of the 15th of May. Please present my salaams to Haji Safraz. I wish him to be informed of an event which if it transpires may be of greatest interest and even importance.

When the psychedelic conference met in San Francisco a number of years back I stated that there were words in Sanskrit which covered most of their presumably unusual experiences. The panel consisted mostly of university professors who had turned against what are known here as the Establishment. Although they ridiculed me, one by one they went to India, and came back very enthusiastic for Indian philosophies. They came back enthusiastic, but now after a few years, they have not had the spiritual development they expected. The most active and important of them, one Richard Alpert, who has been going around as a sort of Guru, calling himself Baba Ram Dass, is now preparing to leave for South America. There is a report that a Naqshibandi Pir-o-Murshid is active in these parts. Richard Alpert has already left to me, from his point of view, the directing of American youth in spiritual affairs. He dial most ask me; he simply is withdrawing, and according to rumors expects to become a mureed in Sufism, Naqshibandi order. If this is so, it should draw us even closer together. Actually, I believe that all things are in the hands of Allah, although sometimes it would appear Allah does not operate the way certain personalities say. I am still convinced that we should surrender to Allah in times of adversity and praise Him in times of prosperity. But adversity or prosperity we should always be looking for His Guidance.

Alhamdu-Lillah! I have been successful in getting quite a few Americans to accept this point of view.

I have already written Sufi Sahib at Salarwala, and believe I have sent you a copy. I am writing more regularly to Prof. Nasr in Tehran. Strictly speaking, a Sufi is one who is aware of Divine Guidance, be it in the form of Noor, Kashf, Shahud, or otherwise. I must differ from certain types of people who call themselves Muslims who would restrict the Divine Grace. There can be no restrictions on Allah.

We are now preparing for two events which may greatly affect the youth of America. In a few days I shall be leaving to take over o spiritual directions of Lama Foundation in the northern part of New Mexico. Here a whole group, a spiritual colony, has asked me to present the Sufi teachings, and it is quite possible many of them, inshallah, will seek Bayat. Some of my own mureeds are joining me, and I must especially mention one Bill Mathieu. Without any instructions from me, he has presented out of his own inspirations the most marvelous kawwals. They are not only most inspiring to me, they have inspired many disciples, and songs of triumph issue from the hearts of the young. We started out with a few; we are now many.

Sunday we are having a farewell festival of sorts which is also the birthday of one of my Naqibs. From the attendance at the meetings there should be a large turnout. It is really marvelous how young people are accepting and responding to the Divine call. And I am quite indifferent today whether this is accepted or not by human kind. In any event more and more Americans, and also some in Europe, are beginning to respond to signs of Divine Guidance, both in the Murshid and in themselves.

While this has been going on, Pir Vilayat Khan, the eldest son of Hazrat Inayat Khan, has not only been promoting his own work, but there is certainly a quantitative response. He hopes to make this response qualitative also.

And while this has been going on, there are signs of at least interest on the part of television stations in this land. If this progresses further, I shall write to Ansar Nasri in Karachi. It would certainly interest him, and it could even result in Pakistanis paying further attention to my efforts. I am asking for nothing now, but one can see the signs both from heaven and from earth.

Yes, there is turmoil and confusion. Too many people expect too much from others, and are unwilling to make sacrifices themselves. This past week we were successful in getting a Rabbi to give us an interview. There has been some question with the Arabs and Israelis yelling at each other, and saying they would be willing to sit down and talk, that it is a bluff on both sides. We have not may been successful in at least having this Rabbi open the doors, but we are now awaiting the arrival of an Arab Muslim who is a Citizen of Israel to ascertain what he thinks might be done next. There is such a vast difference between operative surrender, and the attitude of closed minds and hearts.

I think I have told you the story of how we found a copy of Hadiths (Mishkat). I am turning this material over to Khalif Moineddin who may use it as be chooses during my absence.

I already have a new basis for the study of this work which may not be popular at first, but which I this will be effective:

Rassoul Mohammed (on whom be peace) said, “The words of Allah may abrogate my words, but my words can never abrogate the words, of Allah.” In practice too many Muslims do not accept any words of Allah excepting those in Holy Qur’an, and in this they have in effect made even Qur’an unholy. For instance the Christian Bible says, “We have the mind of Christ.” And it is with the mind of Christ, so to speak, I intend to study and evaluate the sacred Hadiths. This will take one beyond all analysis, all deductions, into a universe of holiness and integration. This will not negate a single Hadith, but will examine them from a supreme point of view. To me this would be a great adventure. It might even lead to a different consideration that could develop greater unity and understanding in the world. From your letter I take it you would approve of such practices.

All love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



Box 444, San Cristobal

N.M. 87564

June 8, 1970


S. Ahmed

care Co-Opera

To: the Mall

Lahore Pakistan (West)


Beloved One of Allah:

Asalaam aleikhum! Some time ago when I began producing dervish dances a Syrian said to me, “Muslims will not approve of what you are doing;” I replied “It is not a question of whether Muslims will approve of what I am doing; it is a question of whether Allah approves of what I am doing.” It is certain that from that time there has been progress, successful progress, in every aspect of my life.

Imam Al-Ghazali has said, “Tasawwuf is based on experiences not on premises.” But there are so many books and I have met so many people that limit tasawwuf to certain premises, to certain outlooks, etc. In his time the mullahs permitted alcohol to Emperor Salim Jahangir, but a little person is supposed to adhere to very fine points based often on custom. I differed from the Pakistani press when they said, “Islam can solve all problems.” I say, “Allah can solve all problems,” and it is remarkable that at this time I am not only feeling internal peace but am experiencing external peace. Pir Sufi Sahib Salarwala gave me one Darood practice for peace and peacefulness. The directive received at the Dirgah Mian Mir was Peace Is Power. And I left Pakistan with a commission from Allah Himself to get 50,000 Americans to repeat the word “Allah.” And I can almost say in the name of Allah that this is what Allah wants, inshallah, and no Tablighi has accomplished anything like it.

No, I have not yet gotten 50,000 Americans to repeat “Allah.” But now I have many 100’s of them doing so and once this is done they also repeat Mohammedar Rassoul Lillah. I am not concerned with any critic whatsoever. If the critics are right, let them demonstrate it. Before Allah I am demonstrating and shall continue to do so.

I am using the Sifat-i-Allah to success in raising the consciousness of 100’s of young Americans. Once they come under this influence drugs and alcohol and filthy language are no longer a part of their behavior pattern. This is deed and it is even possible, inshallah, for such deeds to be on television. I am not sure at this writing but there are possibilities, inshallah. Therefore I have absolute trust in Allah despite the turmoil, the crass emotionalism, even the terror that is going on, will not prevail in the end.

At Geneva Dr. Nasr successfully opposed the Dajjals. Dajjalism is very popular in America as it is also in India. People believe they can be absolved from sins by bathing in rivers, climbing mountains, or devoting themselves entirely to some man who has a good staff of advertising agents. The spiritual and moral teachings of the great religions are laid aside for the phrase, “spiritual and moral betterment” which results in nothing.

Tomorrow, inshallah, I shall be introducing the name of Allah into two cities in this state of New Mexico. I remain here until the end of the month. Almost as Jesus Christ saw the people as sheep without a leader, I am now having the young beseech me to visit them. Yesterday there was an actual pilgrimage to me, the second in my life. The first took place in Lahore of some dervishes at Sufiabad coming to visit me. Kashf and Shahud are to me utter realities in function, beyond the scope of law and logic.

When I return to San Francisco I have the task of relating the moral teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan (Saluk) to the Mishkat. This may not only be a tremendous task but one which is going to be accepted, inshallah, by the young of the world today. At times it would seem, “In that day will the sun rise in the West and all men seeing believe.” So many of my own disciples have had visions either of Rassoul Lillah or Ghaus-i-Azam that it is difficult to realize that this has not happened in the Western world before and one does not know whether it happens often in the world of Islam.

The so-called Sufi Movement at Geneva was nothing but a corporation that has expelled Pir Vilayat Khan. It is all grossly legal and devoid not only of spirituality but of intellectual prowess. Pir Vilayat is to say the least a remarkably educated man. He is in California now while I am in New Mexico, but evidentially intends to go to either Pakistan or India for further Sufi training.

Yesterday there was a so-called Holy Man’s Jamboree in San Francisco. Pir Vilayat was to have introduced and represented Sufism. It is too early to have had a report on this, and if I do not write now to you I man not see my way clear for a long time.

One has to teach; to offer moral and psychological counsel, to present the spiritual dances, to work, to attend to his private affairs and a number of other things. Along with me is disciple Wm. Mathieu who has also been receiving from inspiration the most wonderful type of Qawwals which are greeted with joy by the members of his choral groups. They are a wonderful contribution to my spiritual dancing, but more Islamic and less universal than some of my work. I am being astounded today by the prowess of my disciples and also by the number of fine young spiritual Americans who are looking for a guru.

I realize the shortcomings of political groups, of so-called economists and sociologists. They are adepts at confusion and imbeciles at solutions. I still agree heartily with the words as they are translated from A Thousand and One Nights, “There is no power nor might save in Allah.” I not only find the term Allah most supreme, but I notice so many young people reaching the same conclusion, not only under my influence but even without it.

Love and Blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



July 7, 1970

410 Precita Ave,

San Francisco, Ca. 94110


Shams-ed-din Ahmed

c/o Co-Opera

70 The Wall

Lahore, Pakistan


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam-aleikhum! I have before me your letter of 26th June and have written to the consular section of the Embassy of Pakistan in Washington. Later on I hope to be in Washington, Inshallah.

The life is so full that without Divine help and guidance one can do practically nothing. I am not talking in symbols. I have returned from Now Mexico and there are at least 500 young people in that state chanting Allah. The reception here was quite good and the attendance at meetings continues to increase, alhamdulillah!

The other persons in this house have also just returned from the State of Arizona where they had established a camp, presided over by Pir Vilayat Khan, the oldest son and perhaps the real successor to Hazrat Inayat Khan, Everything is moving and at such a rate that a parson of my age could not possibly handle his affairs if it were not for Divine grace.

I have four tremendous undertakings at least: A. The harmonization of the moral teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan and the Hadiths. B. A deep philosophical explanation of the Christian First Epistle to the Corinthians in such a way that it will present both a reconciliation of the presumably different teachings of East and West, and at the same time clarify all the confusion presumably by participation in psychedelic “drugs.” C. The spiritual instruction for an ever-growing number of young Americas covering an ever-expanding latitude. D. The seeking of peace in Palestine on some basis that will provide practical means for surrender to the Will of Allah in everyday life.

Of course there is more. The difference between the Sufi and others is that others are always talking to God-Allah while the Sufi is listening. The very ability to listen and thus sometimes to receive gives one an extremely optimistic outlook in an age of almost universal pessimism.

At no time has my devotion to the holy teachings flagged. When Pir Vilayat visited this house in my absence he remarked “I feel in this house the overwhelming presence of my father; it is wonderful to see his work being carried out by his own mureeds.”

The association with Pir Vilayat and the need of the times makes it incumbent to give to the world, or at least to mureeds, a number of inner sciences for which many souls seem to be ready. Or, as last night I told some critics, the essential difference between a Sufi and others is that the Sufi practices Akhlak Allah which in a sense is the supreme of all devotional attitudes.

There was the review in the New York Times on Sufism, chiefly devoted to the writer Idries Shah, whom I distrust and whom the reviewer distrusted even more; and to a work dealing directly and indirectly with Ghaus-i-Azam and the Kadaria School. Sooner or later it is going to be necessary for the Western world, and especially America, to accepts few realities, and in this I see great hope.

My love and blessings to all, and excuse be for being so busy I cannot write more at this time.

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



7th July Afternoon


My dear Shamseddin:

As-salaam aleikhum. Although it seems just a few hours since having written you, on receiving your letter of the 1st I felt it proper to answer it at once. I am in a strange position—my health is firm, my finances are in excellent shape, more and more people are coming to meetings and in one direction things look beautiful. But excepting for one faithful secretary and another disciple, now a Naqib, there is far less help than ever. The chief Khalif is ill and where I thought some of the responsibilities could be released, one has to wait until an esoteric council can be summoned, i.e. a Jamiat.

A lot of time was “lost” today in a strange way. What is happening in Israel is horrible and wonderful. One has received stories before of the terror that has been established in an almost totally irreligious State but the stories told this morning show—and this was predicted in my poetry, that “Nazism” would be established in many places on earth after Hitler. The question is how far a benign and beneficent Allah will permit it.

Sunday one added the “Rose Dance” based on aspects of Zikr and dedicated to Ghaus-i-Azam. There are more such dances and rituals in the inside. And also one finds more books on Sufism appearing in the market, mostly from West Africa, i.e. the Maghreb. This is surely a sign. Then my faithful secretary here quoted from Hadith on “the sun rising in the West” and perhaps this is what is happening through this person.

I am awaiting a letter from Khawar who is having problems of her own. I do not know how long she will remain in this land. She is my Khalifa for Pakistan and has my full confidence. And tonight, which is presumably a free night, both a Jewish mystical teacher and a Korean Buddhist Master arrive and both have sent for this person!

Now there is little understanding of the spiritual hierarchy, of the work of the abdals and ansars and awliya, but this world has never gone without guidance, no matter now terrible it may seem. Before all the “awful” things there is the Rahmat of Allah. And if we go deeply into ourselves we shall find the true Islam.

The difficulty is that so long as there is ill-will we feed the enemy. Jesus (Isa) has said, “Love ye your enemies.” I find that the enemies compel you to remove what the Hindus call “samskaras,” impressions which clog the mind and keep the nufs in turmoil. But they also compel one to seek by every means possible one’s own purification. Hazrat Inayat Khan has written on this and his work has been published. When books are real qualitatively and intellectually, there is no spirit of devotion and then no wisdom arises.

Nufs-i-salima is a state of absolute peace within. One obtains it in a sense at the Dargah Mian Mir and I urge you to go there as often as possible for prayers and meditations. We have no places in this land but now it is part of my work to see that there are such places, centers for baraka and Selim.

It is very difficult to get letters. I have not heard from others in Pakistan and Leopold Asad also never replied to mail from me. But it is possible, Inshallah, that I may have to establish legally a branch of the Islamiya Ruhaniyat Society and this may also be taken up next week, inshallah. I am not worried, certainly not qualitatively, only quantitatively and this may be changed this week. The doors are opening and opening fast, and I urge you be of good courage. One sees help, help from both within and without.

Love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



July 24, 1970

Mr. Shems-ed-din Ahmed

c/o The Mall, The Co-Opera

Lahore, West Pakistan


Beloved One of Allah:

As-Salaam-Aleikhum! All praise is due to Allah, but I have failed in convincing most Muslims of this. They prefer self-praise and arrogance, and difficulties. I have at the Khankah, Mishkat, which I am using in connection with commentaries on Hazrat Inayat Khan’s moral teachings. But I find the teachings, and evidently the practices of this work so far from the actual habits and customs of many Muslims as to make an almost unbridgeable gap. What Mohammed said about peace and blessings, is not the custom of Islam at all. I have no intention of trying to reform egocentrics. But I look upon the world, and agree with the Messenger of God, and not with most Muslims, that there is no power nor might save in Allah, and that if things go wrong we can actually look to Allah. I have no time to write a commentary on the Hadiths or Mishkat.

Where there is a plague of influenza in the world it is possible that a certain cure can be found and applied. When there is malnutrition, another cure may be found and applied. It is different with venereal disease, it is different with tuberculosis. It is different with every ailment.

I not only believe profoundly that Allah has sent Messengers into the world to cure people of various ailments, but I believe these Messengers differed because they had to face different ailments, and not because of differences among than. Mohammed said that every people had had their Messengers. If Allah is Rahm, this must be so. And if one looks at the history of humanity he will probably find it is so. The Messenger may have said: “Seek wisdom even unto China,” but try it, just try it!

Pakistan is entirely wrong in regarding the Near East conflict as a religious one. There are lots of synagogue Jews who do not accept the conflict. Indeed in this district there are Jews raising funds for the Palestinians, and it is certain that many so-called Muslims are doing nothing more than spreading emotionalisms which help nobody. Indeed we are having pictures taken of Israelis and former Palestinians together. Editorials are not going to stop devils. Actions might.

But even the most enthusiastic or interested or bigoted do not take into consideration that actions consume time and energy. You don’t overthrow devils by hatreds and editorials.

It is not so long since we put on the Rose Dance, dedicated to Abdul Kadiri Jilani, Ghaus-i-Azam. It is based on four derivatives from Zikr. It is put on as a dance pageant, which will shock a lot of Muslims. The fact that we are using Kalama and Zikr in our everyday life is helping to transform an ever larger number of Americans including a few of totally Jewish extraction, and quite a few of partially Jewish extraction.

Our next venture will be Lily Dances which has three petals. The phrases are all derived from Kalama or Wazifas. When I presented it last night to about 20 disciples, it had tremendous effect. I believe Allah is going to make it possible to have a number of dances and pageants derived from the sacred phrases of Islam, and I am not the least concerned with the reactions of any people, especially ignorant ones.

The meetings I have attended and those I have addressed, today are crowded. I have not had a single day off since my return from New Mexico. My chief Khalif has been incessantly ill. One of my secretaries has now a good paying job. It is quite a story. A wealthy publisher was looking for Sufis. One of my local disciples discovered him. He gave the land for Pir Vilayat’s successful summer camp. The outcome has been a very great increase in my local audiences in the number of mureeds under direct tutelage and the number of others seeking Bayat.

Within a few days Pir Vilayat Khan and Paul Reps, both disciples of Hazrat Inayat Khan, and well-known, left this country and declared the United States was under my spiritual tutelage, not theirs. At the very same time one well known Dr. Richard Alpert, who is being called Baba Ram Dass, told his numerous following that he was going back to India and they should look to me.

At the same time the pictures originally taken of my Dervish Dancing efforts have spread all over this huge country, and not only spread but have been successful in obtaining financial backing, quite independently of other efforts. These are only a few of present-day undertakings.

At last yesterday disciples expressed themselves and accepted the responsibility of helping Murshid, instead of relying upon him for everything. This change in direction and directives is tremendously encouraging. It is very difficult to explain to others that one has to administer to about 100 disciples today, that audiences are growing, and that calls for one’s services are increasing from many directions. In the single case of Mr. Walter Bowart, this request was substantiated by financial offers. In most instances, the requests come, and one is supposed to supply money, time, and effort. This is impossible. But this is much better than the earlier Cave career. With Allah’s help, we do. We just don’t talk, we do. And we believe, that with Allah’s help, we can do, and do a great deal.

I am sending a copy of your letter to Khawar, who is now planning, inshallah to return to Pakistan late in September. At this writing I do not know what I shall do, being so overwhelmed. My name is in the paper today, and I had to clear it. All sorts of Indian holy men come to this country often mixed up with psychedelics, called drugs, and the pursuit of fame in the name of God of course. Besides all this I have considerable number of personal problems and very little time for them. Our efforts in planting—the Garden of Allah, the Garden of Inayat, and this house—have proven to be very successful Alhamdulillah! So have many other things. The rest of your letter, especially concerning Mr. Engineer and Prof. Durrani, may be answered later.

Love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



410 Precita Ave.,

San Francisco, Calif. 94110

1st August, 1970


Shamseddin Ahmed       

c/o Co-Opera

The Mall,

Lahore, West Pakistan


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. There is a very high state in tasawwuf wherein one develops nufs-i-Salima and is able to spread the blessings of peace and the peace of blessings (Baraka). This person has just had his second day off for the whole year. Everybody keeps saying one should rest and the same persons ask one to do something for themselves or others. In the teachings of Data Sahib (Kashf-al-Mahjub) it is distinctly said one should have utter reliance and faith in Allah. One does not expect others to follow this standard and ideal. One is doing just that. One practices Akhlak Allah, and praise to Allah is sometimes successful but the very last people who would admit that are the local “good-Muslims” who admit nothing but their own self-praise.

They are passing resolutions of hatred against Israel, utterly futile because they have neither prestige nor votes. We are working for Islamic cultures. We attended the concert on Nubian music. We are planning to join in with a vast Arabic archaeological expedition next year. And we have accomplished what it is doubtful any other group on earth has done—we have succeeded in getting former Israelis (and lots of them Jews and part-Jews) to repeat Kalama, and not only La Illaha El Il Allah but Mohammedar Rassoul Lillah. “Good-Muslims,” of whom we are not a number, praise themselves and pass resolutions of hatred and ignorance. We do, and before Allah we are sometimes successful.

Last week our choral group, some 18, went to the Afghan restaurant in the city of Oakland. They serve excellent meals, they have a wonderful decor, as it is called, and we sang and sang our praises of Allah, our praises of His Sifat and our praises of Mohammed (on whom be peace). The “good-Muslims” will have nothing to do with this or with us. Now they are hating the Jews, they are hating all Jews regardless. They quote from Mohammed on the Jews of Hedjaz but they ignore the policy of Omar at Jerusalem which, to me, ought to be the policy of the day. But since “good-Muslims” do not study Omar or literature or Salah-ud-din, or anything, we do our praises of Allah and our beautiful hymn, Alhamdu Lillah, is elevating, inspiring, and won the good-will of all the non-Muslims at the Khaibar Pass Restaurant. Besides many of the staff come from Sufi families, and it was one of the grandest nights of my life.

And now even Israeli are sending for me, to try to build up peace with understanding. It would appear I shall be helped most also by Arabs who are citizens of Israel, not by choice but by circumstances.

Now the news is out that a truce may be signed. But as the Jewish religion teaches that God made man in His Image, and as Mohammed taught that Allah loves His creation more than a mother loves her offspring, I shall work incessantly for Din, not a word without contents, but with full contents.

I have now a direct following of about a hundred, but from what I hear hundreds and hundreds of young Americans are now chanting “Alhamdu Lillah” and also the three Wazifas and little children are chanting “Allah” before saying the customary “mama” and “papa.” So we are not with the “good-Muslims,” we are following we believe the Will-of-Allah.

In studying Mishkat I find many differences between Mohammed and the customs which are deduced from various aspects of Shariah. Mohammed was not a very “good-Muslim.” He said that his words could never abrogate the words of Allah but that the words of Allah could abrogate his words. But a “good-Muslim” will not let any other “good-Muslim’s” words be abrogated at all. It is a question whether “good-Muslims” or Christians have gone the furthest in abrogating the Sermon on the Mount of Jesus (Isa). And the result can be seen in the political and social events. This person can see No Power Nor Might Save In Allah, absolutely and unqualifiedly.

The young Americans, called “Hippies” without distinction, are sowing a magnificent cosmic outlook. Above it was mentioned that even Israelis as well as other Jews have been attracted. Now there is a vast campaign going on for Indian teachings, all kinds of them. And one thing that is noticeable is the great differences between them. The groups called “Buddhist” have nothing to do with each other at all, they are not even on speaking terms. The groups influenced by Indian teachings are on bad terms with each other. We preserve the teachings of Christ that Allah is Love and we should love one another. We do not teach “incarnation.” But now more and more people believe that God incarnates and they are so divided with a different man, from Bahaullah through Meher Baba and on and on and substitute the belief in a “good-man” for moral law and human consideration.

Our work in music and dancing goes on. We received another notice from Ajmir. It is impossible to carry on duties and accept the invitations to travel, especially as one must use one’s own funds. Allah, to whom be all praise, has seen to it that Murad has a good income. Not only that, the incomes of many of the closest disciples have gone up. So we are going to organize legally. The instructions from Pir Dewwal Shereef and Pir Vilayat Khan are almost the same. And the movement has grown so much that on Thursday night there are four different classes in tasawwuf, different grades.

Hazrat Inayat Khan left the most marvelous and complete systems of Ryazat I have even encountered. It is most difficult to deal with them even literally. We have to teach Murakkabah before tasawwur, and then Mushahida and the deeper spiritual sciences. So many devout people oppose this. So man does not serve Allah. If man served Allah he could help restore the proper social, psychological, moral and material equilibrium. But we do do the Akhlak Allah, and this separates us from the “good-Muslims” who are concerned with their own nufs, not with Allah.

I feel so happy with the greetings of Haji Safraz and from Sian Fazal Shah. Mian Mir is, to me, even more than Ajmir and Nizam-ed-din Auliya, my spiritual home. But now I have no idea of my geographical future and am not looking ahead. Three classes today and interviews and errands between. One can only praise Allah that the physical and mental health is so good.

At last the San Francisco office is properly organized—with a wonderful secretary and wonderful assistants and associates. The Garden of Allah is also an excellent place for classes of all sorts and the Khankah is becoming a bee-hive of activity, praise to Allah.

My Message to Muslims is simple: There Is No Power Nor Might Save In Allah, and To Him All Praise (Alhamdu-lillah).

Love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



Aug. 11, 1970

Mr. Shamseddin Ahmed

c/o Co-Opera, 70 the Mall

Lahore, West Pakistan


Beloved One Of Allah:


At this writing I am in utter state of confusion but all for good reason, indeed sometime very good reasons. The films which we began with watching “Dances of Universal Peace” and especially the Dervish Dances, have taken on major aspects, But before I could grasp their growth, the news came that Pir Vilayat Khan intends visiting Ajmer, Teheran, to film more spiritual activities. If there is any success it means the spreading of the spiritual teachings of Tasawwuf and an and to legends, all kinds of legends.

When certain Muslims (Pakistanis, not Arabs) said that my dancing would offend Muslims, I said, it was not a question of pleasing Muslims but of pleasing Allah. Evidently Allah is satisfied. My own finances are in better shape. The Sufi Order is improving both in membership and moneys. The efforts to raise funds to go to Ajmir have been successful right after I wrote to the Khadims we could not both support them and obtain funds for travel.

The hardest thing in life is concerning many people who beg me to take it easy and themselves consume time and energy. Two of my chief secretaries now have good outside jobs. Both in connection with the endeavors to spread the Message of God, either because of Pir Vilayat of myself, or both. And while this is going on, one is becoming recognized by Universities etc. The day of Arburys and German super authorities on Asian cultures is drawing to a close, praise be to Allah.

All our efforts in the past weeks have been successful. Those dealing with food problems; trying to bring Israelis and Arabs together in prayer, love, and devotion; in lecturing on the mystical values of religions; and in getting Americans to say Allah and even to accept Mohammedar Rassoul Lillah. In fact the last thing we discussed last night was a visit to the Pakistani Consulate in connection with our various endeavors in music and dancing. We are now becoming so strong that we cannot be ignored. And we are very different from the Mosque worshippers because we study. In fact, as I write, it becomes very clear that we must visit Data Ganj Baksh. And I am begging you, and I know you will do it, to show this letter to Mr. Engineer, Haji Safraz, and others. Things are happening so fast that I am totally bewildered, but not a single one of them is unfavorable.

My next effort will be to raise funds to visit the Eastern states. It means a new secretary, a young woman who has a motor car in New York, and this should enable us, inshallah, to contact Miss Khawar Khan, although in this respect and in most others, all the burdens are on me personally. But maybe Allah wishes it so.

I now have more classes than ever. All those which have not fixed attendances are growing. Invitations are increasing. This house is now stabilized. But I cannot tell you nor do I wish to look, as to where this personality must be geographically. Almost every conclusion is followed by another door opening. I believe we are going to have new approaches to world peace, etc.

It is unfortunate that the press of the world all use derision. All young people with new outlooks in this land are called “hippies.” Some use psychedelic drugs. Many chant “Hare Krishna.” Many, although few actually, resort to sexual anarchy. I have not heard whether the new wealthy publisher mureed has returned but he will publish everything we are doing, and the Dervish Dances are spreading like wild-fire among the young which means they also will be called “hippies” and false inferences will be made and accepted.

It is too bad that Asian newspapers accept the criticisms made of American youth. The young are seekers. The psychedelic drugs open awareness to aspects of life which our culture has denied and derided. I do not expect fairness from the press, but with Allah’s help we are getting more and more people to repeat His praise, and I mean His praise and not inferred praises of egos. All the current religions are marked by inferred praise of devotees, and this is what is destroying tradition. We demand praise to Allah; we give our praise to Allah. We feel our praise to Allah. We demonstrate our praise to Allah, and this is winning youth, Allah be praised, and not us, and not inferences. Nor have we any doubt on this subject.

I must therefore take up with each individual here who is going abroad the need of contacting you, physically if possible, and also to visit both Dargah Data Ganj Baksh and other Holy places in your vicinity, etc. But this is not easy, because I have to work all the time now, without any break, and with far less assistance than is immediately available, due to the cause above that secretaries and mureeds are getting good paid outside jobs.

I shall hold this letter up a little while to contact my goddaughters’ husband. My goddaughter Nancy is also a very good friend of her sister Khawar.

Love and Blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti 



Aug. 14, 1970

Shams-ed-din Ahmed

The Mall, Lahore,

West Pakistan


Beloved One of Allah:


Many thanks for your letter of 10th August. It comes at a very happy time. In fact, blessings at this moment are so many I am dizzy. But events of the time are of such a nature that we must keep you informed. Letters have not been received from your countrymen. I wonder if they realize what is happening. No doubt on the surface there are affairs and events which seem far from perfect, but we find, we believe there is no power nor might save in Allah, and though there may be temporary setbacks in the end truth and justice always prevail.

When I was in Egypt the representative of the United Nations told me my plan was the best one he had ever heard. It was accepted by Israelis, Egyptians, and Saudi Arabians. It was rejected by practically all Christian groups and by all American official organizations. Now Gunnar has come into the headlines. He has come into the headlines when we have already brought Israelis and Muslims together. We are having Muslims chant the Shemah of the Jewish religion and all sorts of Jews accept the Kalama. And I tell you before Allah, that those Muslims are liars who say that the young people of the west are opposed to Rassoul-Lillah. In fact, I differ from the local Islamic community, at least the Pakistani part, for being anti-Jewish. We are anti-Israel, and we are anti-war, and we are anti-racial differentiations.

In my “Saladin,” and privately, I have regarded he policy which Khalif Omar established in the Holy Land as basic for all times. I am expecting with Allah’s help we may re-establish something along that line. In fact we have gone much further, about which I may let you know later.

Now disciples of Pir Vilayat and myself are preparing to attend URS in Ajmer. Some are going to Iran first, and then to New Delhi where all will meet together. My god-son also hopes to come to Pakistan after URS. I can give him a number of important introductions. We believe our spiritual dancing, and especially our Dervish Dancing, will in the end go far to establishing peace, love, and harmony on earth. Therefore I wish to keep you informed.

I am also hoping to get money to be able to visit the Eastern states and see Khawar, inshallah. All seems part of a tremendous program. This keeps me busy all the time. More and more young people are receiving Bayat. More and more young people are candidates for Bayat. More and more young people are recognizing Allah and His Messengers and especially Mecca Sharif.

 Love and Blessings,

 Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



Nov. 20, 1970

Mr. Shemseddin Ahmed

The Mall

Lahore, W. Pakistan


Beloved One of Allah:

As-Salaam-Aleikhum! Your very gracious letter of the 14th November arrived this morning. We have been considering what we might do for the sufferers in E. Pakistan. Financially, and in some other respects, we are better off than we have ever been, praise to Allah. We cannot demand respect for Kashf, but it seems our choral group has been doing excellent word and have been planning both to record on tapes and phonograph records their accomplishments. They have been most successful in building up Western types of music, both traditional and new age, based on Wazifas and Sifat-i-Allah. These have been most inspiring, and equally inspiring are the common inspirations and forms of insight between Ala-din the choral leader and our Murshid Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti. So we are going this morning to the consulate to discuss this.

We are also going to consider making longees. Mary of our women are most interested in sewing and in the handling of fabrics. It may be easy enough to send old American clothing, but if we can do this, we can also add the Baraka.

Next week is not only American Thanksgiving, but we expect to have back with us our Khalif, Moineddin Jablonski, who has been in the hospital a long time. His illness and absence have made our work extremely difficult. It is a curious thing that no matter how much we do so called “good” people expect more. So we are devoting all our attention to Allah and not trying to win the good will of anybody.

Last night we celebrated the birthday of one of our beautiful young women disciples whose name is Shirin. Instead of our usual classes Murshid read from Futuh Al-Ghaib of Hazrat Shaikh Muhyiddin Abdul Qadir Jilani. We have now the basic materials here from the founders of the great Sufi Orders. Contrary to what a great many bigoted people in Pakistan believe, there are Jewish publishers in this land who are both cooperating with Ashraf, and also restoring writings by great Sufi Saints which have gone out of print. When we read and study these works we feel ashamed that so far few people have risen in Islam to present these marvelous majestic works to the world. Then Hindu missionaries or American emotionalists are successful in gaining converts to various schools of Indian teaching. This angers both Muslims and Christians, but nobody is doing anything about it, i.e., excepting our young American people here, who are not exactly orthodox. Then they are blamed for their heterodoxy and nobody stops the emotionalists of Christianity and Hinduism.

Personally we think Futuh Al-Ghaib a most wonderful book and we are realizing that Abdul Qadir Jilani was the greatest of all members of the hierarchy, let alone the Saints.

Murshid dictated the above for me to you. One just wants to share with you the love and blessing which we feel penetrating our beings here and the world thru the Grace of Allah. All my love to Saadia and Ata and family whom Murshid has suggested should get a carbon of this.

Wali Ali



Dec. 7, 1970

Mr. Shemseddin Ahmed

c/o Co-Opera,

Lahore, West Pakistan


Beloved One of Allah:

As-Salaam-Aleikhum! and Eid Mubarak!

Thank you for your letter of 30th November. We have just some back from the office of Pakistan air lines. We already have bundles of longees, which our young women here have made. We had already scheduled a Dervish Bazaar for 20th December, and then added that funds would be used to help the sufferers of Bast Pakistan. We do not get much information here. My young cousin has gone to New York and I have asked him to call entry friend Mr. Chaudhuri at the Consulate. We are in a somewhat better financial condition than in the past, and are very hopeful that we might be helpful.

I understand the difficulties of your political complex. Mahatma Gandhi made such impressions on the rest of the world, and Pakistan has not had any international heroes. On the other hand, the more I read and study Al-Ghazzali and Abdul Qadir Jilani, the more I see what can be done if people would stop worshipping their own egos, and really sought refuge in Allah. But would-be leaders are so often self seekers.

The stories are here that the East Pakistanis now want their own country. I have found both the Bast Pakistanis and Kashmiris not particularly skilled in statecraft; sometimes not knowing what they wanted. I am not particularly concerned with politics, but I am concerned with human welfare on any and all levels. Perhaps this tragedy to Bengal may awaken some hearts; I certainly hope so. In any event we are fully committed to doing everything we can for Allah’s children. I am so busy. I had two theoretical nights off during the meek, and no days. One of these nights is now spent lecturing at the University of California on Sufism. The other will be given over to disciples of Hinduism that want to learn about Sufism. So the doors are wide open, and we intend to use all opportunities. But I had to tell my disciples very clearly that I was not in the entertainment business, that I am over-worked and that all the goodwill without help can be useless. I think they understand this and the forthcoming Bazaar will show, inshallah.

Friday also I will have a private meeting with my choral master. He has made great headway with his musical group, and this headway also includes a much better financial outlook. We have discussed having records made, which could be sold for the benefit of the sufferers of Bast Pakistan. In general, we have not reached the Islamic communities, but we certainly have reached the staffs at Pakistani House in New York and San Francisco.

The possibilities of increased teaching of Tasawwuf very great indeed, Alhamdulillah! But have had to write some very strong letters to Islamic publications. They are spending lots of money in this country in what they call the defense of Islam. This really means the defense of their egos. Last week I spoke —and this will annoy a lot of people—on Christ versus Christianity and Mohammed versus Islam. One cannot compel, and the refusal of Muslims to act as if in the Presence of Allah, as the Messenger taught, is one of the grievances of the day. Too much of religion, and this applies to all faiths, is nothing but ego-defending. I don’t know what is gained by this. Every ego defends itself; few submit to Allah. We hope we are submitting. And in this we see endless possibilities.

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



The Garden of Inayat

910 Railroad Ave.,

Novato, Calif. 94947

9th December, 1970


Shams-ed-din Ahmed

Co-Opera, the Mall,

Lahore, West Pakistan


Beloved in of Allah:

As-Salaam aleikhum. On has returned to the Khankah very tired and very eluted. The health is very good and age is not disturbing. But there is no spare time and not enough help. One theoretically has two free nights, but works seven days. Last night we went to the University of California and presented the Dervish Dances. The previous week one spoke on Sufism.

It is surprising and wonderful what has been happening. Two persons had been successful in keening this person off the university. They were deadly enemies of each other. One, pretending to be a Sufi, has been supporting the Dajjal, Meher Baba. The other has successful in helping reorganize the Mosque in San Francisco. They never would permit me to speak. They followed this non-Muslim until he failed them. But no repentance, no reconsideration and no culture.

One does not know who is responsible but here one finds a complete “Al- Hadis” in English, another copy of holy Qur’an by A. Yusuf Ali; both “Ali the Superman” and “Maxims of Ali”; more Khawaja Gharib Nawaz” and Al-Ghazzali, Jami, etc. We are not recognized by the official “Muslims” and do not care.

We have taken the suffering of the people of East Pakistan very seriously (the elections not so). Secretary Wali Ali has been much moved by the writings of Ghaus-i-Azam and we both agree that if Muslims were to spread his teachings and those of Al-Ghazzali it would modify the emotional influences both of Gandhi and the Indians here. We respect Gandhi but his non-violence is not enough. I personally have never accepted “God and non-violence” because I reject all “God and….”

The first rejection came from my studies and knowledge of pure logic. Infinites cannot have “And.” Both Muslims and Hindus falter in this. There is no “and” in infinity and spiritual awakening. One has been in “hal,” let us say much, but really fana, the ego being effaced and something very strong emanates from the personality.

Friday one has been sent for to present Dervish Dances to followers of a group influenced by Hindu esotericism. There is no question but the young want esotericism. The esoteric sciences can be revived and it is my work to do this. There has not been the slightest objection to Mohammed. But the substitution of the term “Muslim” to people whom he did not call “Muslims” and the by-passing of those whom he called “Muslims” brings up some very nice points which theologians avoid. Abraham, Moses, David and Jesus did not do certain Sunna or Sharia practices. I am not against Sharia but I am against saying that is the only way to ultimate spiritual development. All things are in Allah’s hands, not man’s. Surrender to God means in the end freedom. Methods may be used on the way but more than one method has been used in the past. It is this narrowness which turns man against man.

At the same time there is Rahmat which I personally hold as superior to anything else. I am glad to differ but one wonders what happens to those ignorant people who excuse themselves by saying others are not Muslims because they do not behave exactly as is written or traditioned. Allah is to me closer than the neck-vein and that means that and nothing but that. And it seems that this one has Guidance in everything, alhamdulillah!

It has been exceedingly difficult for a person who finds in the published Hadis teachings so totally different from those of so-called “Islamic Communities” that there is no reconciliation. The people of the Mosque in San Francisco—and some elsewhere—say that as this one was not born a “Muslim” he could possibly not know what they know (and Prime Ministers to the opposite not with—standing).

I now have three different short versions of Hadis and they all seem to agree and to differ from the common (?) nufs and Islamic outlooks (so-called). For example before me:

“It is better to teach knowledge one hour in the night, than to pray the whole night.”

But I shall not quote further. Finding fault does not introduce constructive measures.

The audiences in Sausalito which is just north of San Francisco, are gradually growing. And here is every sign of increase, inshallah. But today to my surprise there is a large item in the press, for the first time I can recollect, with pictures of two of my most faithfully disciples and also with this person teaching a group of young women. There are several mistakes but they do mention we are trying to raise funds for peace in the near East and for the East Pakistanis.

They do mention belly dancers and tarot which to my knowledge are not part of the program of the benefit and certainly not part of anything this person is trying to do. One did mention more of the spiritual hierarchy last night and also of the differences between the Sufi hierarchy and the today “popular” proclamations of this state. I say against both Muslims and non-Muslims alike that the most fundamental principal is Rahmat and Allah has compassion for his creation and keep on emphasizing that and demonstrating that. This is the primary teaching in the spiritual walks and dances.

I am now teaching a Universal Islam through walks and dances—not through theology. They help to demonstrate Mohammed as Khatimal Mursaleen. One can have the experience though in a rather simple way. It does not deny or exclude anybody or any faith; it shows that Mohammed was sent to the world to complete and perfect and every one can prove that by himself and it works, before Allah it works.

For diversion I have been reading Memories of Babar. This version came from “The book house,” Urdu Bazar, Box 734, Lahore. This work was originally published in 1909. I have always been a great lover of the Moghuls and cannot tell why; something very strong within the consciousness and I have always been life goes along fine with Al Ghazzali’s Counsel for Kings.

Now with the newspapers at long last mentioning our work—though the article is full of misprints—we can do something. We are not at war with the Indian influences here. We let them go ahead but we have moral teachings which they do not have and human consideration and beyond that the operations of Islam and Rahmat and no nonsense and this is being felt more and more and more.

One would appreciate it if you could investigate and let us know if this book house is still functioning. On the whole we are in a somewhat better financial position, but we will not bow to beggars. Today we need money to promote a real peace plan in the Near East and to send things to East Pakistan. We already have longees and P.I.A. has been more cooperative.

Last night I had the largest group of young Americans chanting “La Illaha Il Allahu” (Three times) Mohammedar Rassoul-Lillah (twice). This was done with strangers in the city of Berkeley the night before. I have no time for orthodoxy, I have nothing but time for Kalama and Zikr tonight go ahead with the “science” of Zikr which is both practical and effective, actually and no nonsense.

And gradually we introduce the Akhlak Allah and this is also effective and beneficial. In a word there is no bad sense but the good thing piling up beyond capacity. The Khalif is now getting better. If he cannot work I shall have him studying the Hadith and the esoteric sciences and inshallah we are going to give them to the world regardless of priests and Rabbis and Imams and all the Orthodox who divide humanity.

We have on our program the presentation of spiritual Islam to top Israelis. Many of them do not believe in their own religious traditions. Ben Gurion practices Yoga and is more or less Buddhist! and when I relate my anecdotes there is nothing but applause and appreciation and from more and more of the young.

This is, one hopes, an encouragement, an encouragement in most trying times. This land has not been gracious to Asians and in particular to Muslims but Muslims fail to see the points of view of others and resent and react, quite contrary to the great teachings. There is nothing more wonderful than the Chisti-Sabri-Kadri silsila and the Baraka of Khwaja Khizr. This may become known soon, inshallah, making one a most controversial person. But the question is, how effective.

Love and Blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti


cc- Saadia Khawar Khan

cc- Alauddin A. Siddiqui



Dec. 14, 1970

Shamseddin Ahmed




Beloved One of Allah:

As-Salaam Aleikhum! Your very fine reports of the 9th and 10th of December have reached here at a time when I am exceedingly overworked, and the hardest hazard is not the work but the constant drumming in my ears that one should relax, without any help coming, which could make relaxation possible. Words are so easy, so easy. We are very happy to get the news about Saadia and Ata. We have even had some applications recently from persons once students at Cornell University where they are enrolled. In fact, one of the hazards at the moment is the growing number of applicants. Khalif Moineddin is slowly recovering and Khalif Akbar has been so effected by the recent classes which he has attended that he realizes he must help more to lighten extremely heavy load on his Murshid’s shoulders. Rather sarcastically, this person has been saying he is too much concerned with the tragedies of East Pakistan to have any time or qualification for humility and compassion, words so often uttered by hypocritical people. At the same times, there is every sign, inshallah, of greater growth in our efforts, and even rewards therefrom.

We are enclosing copy of a document which came from Ceylon. One finds oneself in an entire agreement with this teacher, and we hope to have it published in Sufis Speak. There is no doubt in my mind that some serious mistakes were made at the time of partition. I had such different outlooks, alike from the Gandhians and Muslim League, that it was impossible to find expression. People simply do not listen to the unimportant, no matter if it results in untold tragedies. We seem to prefer the tragedies and we are getting them. And as my outlook is so totally different, alike from the people of the East and the West, there is hardly any sense in expressing it. The world is going to suffer, especially because Muslims and Christians, who verbalize surrender, do not know to surrender, and they mislead themselves and others on this. I am always concerned with humanity and I am sure Allah loves His creation more than a parent loves the children. But although we pretend to have reverence for God’s Apostle and pretend to believe in his revelations, it is not always demonstrated. Every moment of the time is taken up. Sunday we have a Bazaar, originally planned to promote our peace efforts, but now also concerned with helping the suffering people of East Pakistan. Whatever the faults of Americans be as a nation, we are much more compassionate than some who verbalize compassion but do not demonstrate it. And as I have more disciples today, there is now a multitude of young people working day and night. Indeed this number has become so great, that we are now not always ignored by the press and channels of communication, and we are hearing that there will be more offers to take film of our work. All these reports are very favorable, but they also at this moment add to the quantity of work needed to carry an. We are therefore hoping if we cannot get financial support that we will have more workers so badly needed by us.

In addition to the enclosure from Ceylon, one mast report that we are advancing rapidly in what might be called the science of Zikr. One has been most successful in using methods proposed by Mohammed himself, for the benefit of humanity. True, in the course of time these methods have been obscured by all sorts of institutions and orthodoxies which have covered them from man’s sight.

We are so delighted with the reports on Saadia and Ata, and especially what you say of our very good friend Uncle Mustafa. But I have no time to write him. We are regarding you as our representative, and therefore leaving it in your hands what you may be telling to others.

I haven’t the slightest doubt that the world is moving very rapidly toward real spirituality; even as the Apostle said, “In that day will the Sun rise in the West, and all men seeing will believe.”

The program after the Bazaar will be divided between our Christ, not Christmas, celebration and several birthdays. I have been daring to lecture on “Christ versus Christianity and Mohammed versus Islam.” It is almost as easy—and I challenge all the pretending Tablighis—to get people to say “Mohammedar Rassoul Lillah” as it is to get them to say, “Allah.” We do not demand that they wash in a certain way, or sit in a certain way at meals, or eat in a certain way, or even separate the sexes. The so-called Five Pillars of Islam have become five hundred thousand, and Allah has been lost. Perhaps the greatest blessing in my life was that I never met an Imam until I was over 50.

It is noteworthy that without any suggestions f am me, or any influence, one disciple after another has been charmed by the writings which have come into our hands recently concerning the lives, teachings, and missions, of Abdul Kadiri Gilani, Moin-ed-din Chisti, and Shahabuddin Ibn Omar Sohrawardi; and of course Al-Ghazzali.

But these are only the outer circumstances. The spiritual practices, the Akhlak Allah attitude, and other deeper factors in life, are becoming inward and outwardly effective. This is now being understood at the Pakistan Houses in New York and here we see a different “Islamic state” from that devised by politicians. To us a spiritual revolution is needed, not necessarily a material one. But we also see a new age coming materially and effectively, and praise to Allah, to our benefit.

Love and Blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti

Ali, Barkat Correspondence



My Dearest Friend Sufi Sahib,

Islamu Alaikum….

Today I am celebrating a Historical function in memory of Majidded Sahib the greatest scholar of Islam; during the course of ceremony I get your message which pleases me very much indeed. I was overjoyed to read it. Many friends who really love you were present and all felt as you were actually here especially you friend Majzoob.

A few if not none surrender, all the rest survive which is the main cause of spiritual failure. If one surrenders he survives and none surrender until and unless he surrenders. I am very lucky God (The great and best Merciful) has forced me to surrender in full and also thanks that you too and many others as well surrender and submit.

I am introducing to you a very shining “Star” who is at present very intimately studying Humanity Science and Religion in U.K. His address is as below:

Mr. Mohammad Ilyas

5 Lancaster Place

Blackburn Lancashire England

I hope you would write him too. He may be employed and where he is Sufi, a young worked for God, and his Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him). He will convey you and your God’s message in full Insha Allah. Ask any thing you will get a reply and I am sure that you will get object asked for as well. I have suggested a local medicine for Miss Khawar and hope it would be a hopeful addition to your holy prayers. Last month I visited Data Sahib thence to Miss Khawar. I sat in Bhalla House where you oftenly used to sit whilst in Lahore. Mr. Sukhere met me in Lahore; he was doing well in all respects. Shamush was happy and both wishing you good luck. Having prays which we always do here are as follows. If you do this in U.S.A I hope it would be a success.


Re Ism Azam (Please carry on).

(Ya Haleemo Ya Kareem-U-Shfe) here say sick man’s name….


Please read this Ism Azam only seven times. (i.e. Ya Haleemo Kareem-U-Shfe…. Name of any sick man). I am your own and always wishing you every good thing success from God. I afraid. I am not hearing anything from Major Sadiq since man months.

Wish Best Wishes Your Own Cheerio,

Barkat Ali




June 14, 1961


My Blessed Pir-O-Murshid:

There are times when one has unusual experiences and these are tests, no doubt, of one’s spiritual and personal ability. Jesus said: “Let us not into temptation” and I do not know whether what I am facing is temptation or not. I have met a Khalandar and I see him almost every day, even several times a day. He is Al-Faqir Zuhl faqir Ali Shah Nastan and he claims to have many followers including the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. He is planning to go to America and no doubt he will go to America. He wishes, or is guided, to bring the message of spiritualism to my country and to other countries. He has given me many evidences of his powers and what he calls “kashf” but what he calls “kashf” is not the same as what I call “kashf.” Which does not mean that I am right and he is wrong. Only his kashf seems to be concerned with seeing and an ability to escape from the body, to function in “heavens,” to meet saints, and to have grand faculties.

All this is excellent but to me it is not Tauhid. When I was in Japan I was taken to the Third Secretary at the Pakistani Embassy. “Why do you bring this man here. It is an insult. It is an insult to him and an insult to me. You do not know this man. Only the Ambassador is fit to talk to him and then only maybe.” This was rather a surprise because my host, James Otoichi Kinoshita, had already accompanied me to many sacred and holy places in Japan where foreigners do not go.

On the last day I was in Japan I had tea at noon with the Ambassador of Pakistan. He told me the story of Farid, how Farid practiced austerities and even made a flock of birds die and become re-born to fly away. He came to the house of a lady and demanded food. She was very slow. Finally he grew impatient and seemed to threaten her. She said to him: “Do not treat me as a flock of birds that you can cause to die and be reborn.” This amazed him and he asked her the story which she gave him. It is a well-known story.

Now I am receiving instruction from the Khalandar and he believes he is one of the most powerful men in the world, and maybe he is one of the most powerful men in the world. He knows much about sacred phrases, he undoubtedly goes into heavens and he may have miraculous faculties. Maybe he is one of the few who has them and maybe many have them. He says he has 38,000 followers and they will help him to travel. I have no follower. I am going over the globe a second time. I have crossed the United States many times. I crossed the United States without having 50 rupees at any time and yet lived in fine homes and hotels as well as in poor places. I had nobody but Allah and He showed me. This was a different kind of kashf.

The Khalandar asked me to ask Mohammed where he belonged in the assemblage. I am only in the rear rank of the assemblage. I have not been allowed to see many there, only Isa (Jesus). But I told him I could not ask Mohammed because I had already asked Allah. He did not seem to realize that if I could ask Allah this might be higher than asking Mohammed.

I told him he was greater than I in all but one thing—I could be a greater pupil than he. I could learn from him, I could listen to him but he could not listen and learn from me and although in Rubuyyat and kashf and shuyukhuyat he was far above me, I was a greater mureed. This rather surprised him.

In some things I cannot agree with him. He places Ali above everybody and then far above the saints, Abdul Kadiri Gilani. I have only had two visits from Ali in my life and have never seen him. I am not concerned with persons, I am concerned with duties. I cannot believe that Haqiqat and Marifat are stages that the human mind can fathom. I have not often been in assemblages under Mohammed. I have been in one assemblage under Mohammed as Abdullah. In this assemblage are many persons and I am only in a rear rank. I have seen him many many times clearing and cleaning a great Mosque. He does not use any magic; he does not use any power. He uses love and humility and I cannot compare the love and humility of anybody to that love and humility. It is as if everybody were a baby and he had to look after everybody and with love and sweetness.

He is not exactly assisted by Jesus. Jesus washes the feet and looks after the shoes of the devotees that come to this Mosque and does other very simple things. I have seen this many times. Mohammed says this is his work as Abdallah. It is not his work as Rassoul-lillah.

I have seen him in two other assemblages too and they may be called—although this is not exactly correct, the assemblages of the Nabis and the assemblages of the Rassouls or Pagambars or Avatars. The assemblages of the Nabis are all of men mentioned in Holy Qur’an. The other Assemblage consists of some not mentioned in Qur’an. These are described in my poem “Saladin.” In “Saladin” I was shown a Meraj, not exactly as it appears in the record but he told me he wished to reconcile Qur’an with Bible and I had to write it that way. Also in the highest assemblage he made me write what I have not believed and I do not think many Muslims believe.

“Saladin” has long been finished but extra copies were given to Ansar Nasri and Quadrullah Shahab to be translated into Urdu and published. I have an extra copy which you may read.

But now I am receiving another poem called “Rassoul Gita.” It is to be, inshallah, the Islamic answer to “Bhagavat Gita.” It is a very deep poem and it requires me to be in stages and states of receptivity. I have to listen, not see, and to feel and feel more in the heart. There are many things given to me which I have either not believed or not known.

The poem is divided into two parts:

La Ellaha which deals with fana, the Kingdom of the Cipher and the Conquest of India—meaning every sort of “other” worship.

El Il Allah deals with baqa, the Kingdom of the One (Tauhid), the Conquest of Pakistan and the Resurrection of Pakistan.

It is based on Nimaz and then on. My interpretation of Kalama has caused some dismay and opposition but I do what God wishes. Anybody who has studied the sciences, inner and outer, knows there are certain principles found, not certain personalities. The whole poem is based on principles. It is also based on fana-fi-Rassoul.

People here are unhappy, uncertain and do not have enough food. I have been sent here as a servant of Mohammed, Abdullah and he wants me to follow him as Abdullah. People call him “Rassoul-lillah” and go contrary to Hadith where he says he did not want a lot of titles like the Christians gave Jesus. If one says that Mohammed has all power, is the greatest of the great and then is concerned with Kashmir, he is a liar. I have seen greater problems than Kashmir settled. And in the poem Mohammed says the problem is Kashmir versus Kashf-mir. If this country insists on Kashmir it will go down and if it insists on Kashf-mir it will go up.

People here are concerned with Kashmir and Mohammed is concerned with Islam. People use the word “Islam” and they know nothing about submission; they only know insistence and insistence is the enemy of submission. Besides there is no peace and though I have met quite a few who know more and believe better it is fortunate when they understand by their behavior, nufs-mutmaina.

The explanations of nufs in UAR are more complete than here and they give seven stages, four in manifestation and two beyond and the last is not nufs but comes in fana-i-baqa. There is another stage between lauwama and mutmaina wherein the imagination is active and this is the usual stage of the artists and creative scientists. Anyhow I am preparing my lectures on “Islamic Philosophy and Modern Science.” Evidently this is right because some Murshids are coming here—not only to Abbottabad but very close to my residences, who are scientists. This will facilitate the reconciliation of Islamic philosophy and modern knowledge.

I have run into some opposition to Tauhid especially from some who say if Ifnu’l-Arabi was correct than Ahmed Ghulam Kadian was correct. This is nonsense. I have read the Ahmadiyya literature on nufs which is very good but very, very incomplete. I am not interested in such discussions and human logic cannot be applied to spiritual knowledge. This is one of my sub-topics in “Islamic Philosophy and Modern Logics.” The modern logics know much better than the traditional logics which Al-Ghazzali had to overthrow. They do not fit into the spiritual realm.

“Rassoul Gita” is being written in the hope that it will help spread the Messages of Mohammed through the world. The divines can take care of Rassoul-lillah and they will succeed or not in so far as they follow the will of Allah and not their own wills. But I have to show Mustapha, Ahmed and Abdullah and this involves a lot of things people here cannot accept.

There is an Australian here. He gave up lucrative work and does nothing but keep the chief Mosque clean. This is acceptance of Abdullah. No talk accepts Abdullah, you do not teach, you do not command anybody and you have to learn love and reverence. This is not easy.

When I left the Khalandar yesterday convinced of his great power, a flock of little boys followed me. I danced for them and finally bought each one a sweet. I have been showing little boys games. I am nearly 65 but when I function Abdullah I do not feel any age. Indeed I was surprised in looking into the mirror the other day that I am looking younger. This has happened before. I have died before death and my vigor and looks is the best answer I have to that dehvil-shereef or whatever he is called at ‘pindi. This to me is a real demonstration of the Baraka of Khidr. Also my poetry. The success of my poetry ends his claims and his false school forever because they demonstrate nothing, only claim. I claim nothing, only demonstrate, inshallah.

I have asked the Khalandar to answer me two questions:

Why is there starvation in West Pakistan?

Why is there unhappiness in West Pakistan?

He claims Abdul Kadiri-Gilani is the greatest of the great. I claim nothing. He knows Mushahida and disclaims Murakkabah. I try to practice Murakkabah in the way you showed me in the writings of Abdul Kadiri-Gilani. I keep on succeeding even when I have no faculty for success.

I have met three Chisti Murshids. One does not seem to have any power at all. But all of them had love, plenty of love. You should see the way they cherish their mureeds. They belong to each other. It was the Pir-O-Murshid of Ansar Nasri who gave me the “push” which started “Rassoul Gita” and it is you who have given me the push to continue it. Whether I gain faculties or insight is a matter of secondary importance.

The great questions here outside my ego are those of starvation and unhappiness here (and maybe elsewhere) and the need of having the real teachings of Mohammed broadcast. By “real” teachings I mean that even a few lessons from Holy Qur’an or Hadith be explained and exemplified, not by metaphysics or even spiritualism, but right here. Jesus prayed: “Thy will be done on earth as it is in the heavens.”

It is no use claiming Islam can solve all problems when the problems remain. But if even one problem can be faced and removed that is something. Claims are to me noises, and sometimes dangerous noises. I have seen prayer work miracles and I have seen multitudes pray and nothing happens.

Today I have to meet the Khalandar again. He sees in all three worlds, so to speak. I have not even got good sight in this world. But seeing in all worlds and functioning with full mind and full heart are different.

There are those places in this universe above assemblages, even above faculties, which are the well-springs of all blessings. I may be just sipping through one little straw from these well-springs but if I sip truly then I may be fulfilling the purpose of my life. It is exceedingly difficult to be compelled or impelled to take teachings about Mohammed from others and have these different from and often contrary to Hadith. I am not concerned with titles, I am concerned with functions.

I am today to learn about Abdullah and Ahmed. Those who proclaim Mohammedar-Rassoul lillah let them prove it by radiating love, peace, justice, tranquility and every sort of healing. I am still in the stage of learning. I was never told I should be or become a Murshid. I even like my spiritual duties and do not seek any others until it is so ordered by Pir-O-Murshid or Rassoul or Allah. I have seen no such signs but now I am not seeing any signs excepting what is communicated here.

I received no word about coming to Lahore and think this may be because of the heat. It reached 100 degrees hers but excepting for the numbers of visitors I receive and so cannot rest, the heat has not bothered me. Then we have had more rain and so moderate weather than usual.

As you instructed me to learn about Khalandars, I accept. I shall even receive powers if Allah wills. But my interpretation of kashf is so different and my attitude toward Murakkabah and ryazat so different.

I knew the private secretary of Prime Minister Mosadegh. He is now home in his native village, drawing water and taking it to the people on the hills. This is ryazat, this is Abdullah. This does solve some problems.


Ahmed Murad Chisti





My dearest Chishti,

A salam o Alaikum

What a joy to remember you this morning.

I hope you would have reached your destination safely and might be enjoying well.

Sakhura came here yesterday. He was asking your address—I gave him. He would be very glad to write to you.

Salams from Khan Khahah the Majzoob I am your,

Barkat Ali



Dist. Lyallpur

W. Pakistan




20 September [year?]


My dearest Soofi Sahib.

Aslamo Alaikum,

I got your letter yesterday which gave me very much pleasure in deed. I am afraid I am not writing you regularly. This is due to my ever rising tide of work. I am wholly devoted to
Hadis-E-Rasool-i-Ilah, which keeps me busy always with no break and no rest and no holiday. I indeed oftenly keep you in my mind and hope you know it. I am being advised and to communicate this very sacred teaching of Islam. I hope this would answer innumerable if not all the questions and queries. It will assist you a lot throughout. This I hope would guide you in all aspects of life. I cannot find suitable English words to translate this holy verse.

Recite These Four Daroods Fourteen Times Daily


Allah-Humma Salle Ala Badrittamame

(Means fullnight moon)


Allah-Humma Salle Ala Nooruzzullame

(Noor for All sorts of darkness worldly and spiritually)


Allah Humma Salle Ala Miftahe Darassalame

(Opener of all Peace paths and means of universal peace.)


Allah Humma Salle Ala Shafiefi Jamiilaname

(Representative to God for humanity’s forgiveness)


Please recite these 4 darood sharif facing Mecca with Madina’s Tasawwar.

Major Sadiq visited me other. He is sick in hospital and very likely to be recommended to stay in Lahore and unlikely to be posted anywhere. Anyway he was feeling all right. Miss Khawar is also doing well. May God bless her.

Apologize for misprints etc. owing to poor condition of the typewriter. With best wishes from me my friends. Everybody here love you my dear—

I would like to hear early on working of these Daroods—Very Sacred Service Indeed.)

I wish you every good thing for you—

Barkat Ali



Salarwala Lyallpur

W. Pakistan

2 Nov 1962


My dear Sufi Ahmad Murad Chisti, Aslam-o-Alaikum

What a joy to remember you this morning. I was spiritually busy or else I would have replied you earlier. I hope you would be kind enough to forgive me. It is no exaggeration to say that I have never met a man to touch you.

Your devotion to Islam is very highly appreciated here. The message of our Pir-o-Murshid Sufi Inayat Khan Chisti is of course a real message of Islam.

Love to humanity, unconditional and unrestricted love to humanity irrespective of black and white. Your love to humanity is the real worship of God. If you love humanity means your love God. Very few Sufis know this.

People here always talk about your love, your familiarity. I very earnestly pray to God our heavenly father to bring you back.

Major Sadiq is still Kohat and cannot forecast when he is likely to be back in Lahore. He will be back when God wishes him to be back.

I conveyed your salaams to Sukhera. He met me the other day and was feeling quite happy. He requested me to convey his salaams to you in my this post.

I would be glad enough to preach this Ism-Azam (the greatest name of God, the great i.e

Ya Hayyo-Ya Qayyoom—111 times to 300 times daily

Ya Zul Jalal-e-Walikram—111 times to 300 times daily

These two names are the greatest names of Allah and may be recited at any time preferably before bed.

Your faith and efforts will bring fruit no doubt. We do not sometimes care for any delay, may it be long. May God enlighten your Mind-Qalb-Rooh-Nufs so that you can find the real paths of peace in this world.

Sufi Sahib I have prayed to my God—may God enlighten your Qalb-Nufs-Rooh—Ameen.

My friends here are very humbly submitting their salaams, love and good-will to you and your friends.

Today is Friday and I am not going to mosque for prayers. With best wishes from us all—Cheerio

I am,

yours very sincerely,

Barkat Ali




District-Lyallpur, West Pakistan


[Ed—This is likely a part of a letter]




I am asking my Sheikh to frame a historical Qadrin Sanad for you with connected things. I also request Pir-o-Murshid Sufi Inayat Khan Rahmattullah Ilah to accept and confirm this Nisbat with additions etc.

I myself am wholly devoted in revising Nisab Tariqat—i.e. revision of existing syllabus of all Holy Kalmat Sharif and to rearrange them in chronological order and in such a way that over seventy percentage of all may be recited daily.

Major Sadiq in in Kohat. We do not and never criticize Nature and follow all with no ifs and buts. No man can understand Nature. Best men are those who do not criticize and do not sit idle. Idleness is a sort of death. I am really very happy to find and feel these things in you.

This is an Amal for you this would increase your Kashf


Sit facing Mecca and Recite




On Heart—Wa-Rooh


You can start from ten with daily weekly or monthly increments until you reach a higher standard.

This Amal will itself guide you and you would see and meet any Rooh you need or like.

It is nor Maghrab sunset and I wish you Cheerio,

I am yours

Barkat Ali



(handwritten notes)

Your letter of 1st was received on 5th—the day of Eid. Proceeded to Salarwala by 1.30 train on 6th reaching there at 14:30. Baba Sahib went through your letter and the excerpts and sent for a type machine. Started typing out straight and this is the valued document.

Please acknowledge direct to Salarwala. I will write again after further study and the showing-around of your letter. Yours ever, S.A. 7.5.63



17th November, 1963


Beloved Pir-O-Murshid:

It is with all Praise to Allah that greetings are sent. For your Mureed has now completed copy of such of the teachings for Murshid’s that came from Pir-O-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan and are in his hands in the regular order. The teachings out of the regular order will take some time to compile for they come also from many notes left by Hazrat Inayat Khan, and also from “Irfan” which was the source of inspiration for Major Sadiq and from the teachings of Waris of Lucknow and from other inner and outer sources.

These teachings have never been followed by anybody. They are connected with other writings which are presumed to be known and with experiences also which are presumed to be known. Originally the constitution of the Sufi Order called for twelve grades based on Initiation and this was shown by the progress in Zikr. But then it was changed to accord with hal and makam by methods other than Zikr.

These were divided between some left in San Francisco with the late Murshid Rabia Ada Martin and those left in Europe. Each of these were in turn divided and the divisions continued so that the whole body of literature not only did not come into one hand but each secreted what papers he had.

In the West the teachings left with Rabia Martin were in part lost because secreted away; in part destroyed in a fire and in part left in several hands. In the European groups, also some papers were destroyed in the war and the rest divided into four places which have not been on mutual terms. And although the lesser teachings have been and are being published in England, the amount of writings left by Hazrat Inayat Khan are voluminous. And when even with those that have come to these hands, plus other materials, also this is a voluminous body of teachings to be shown to humanity.

It is doubtful whether any mureeds of Hazrat Inayat Khan were able to sustain fana-fi-Sheikh and tasawwur. This reached such a state that the Secretary of the Sufi Order in one place denounced these very teachings and experiences and his denunciations were accepted by at least two of the gentlemen—maybe more, who have toured some parts of the world as Pir-O-Murshid, or Shaikh-ul-Mashaikh. And of these one perversely and egotistically (nufs) transgressed the personal instructions left him by Hazrat Inayat Khan who had been his cousin and friend, but who had never ordained him as a spiritual teacher.

The result has been everywhere confusion, division and an almost unanimous agreement not to adopt any of the actual methods used by him such as Kashf, Murakkabah, mysticism, etc. into which one need not go.

Now from the very beginning I was selected to go on the path which may be call abdal, although it is not necessarily abdal, but Americans insisted I wished to be a Murshid. Neither Allah nor Rassoul-lillah nor Hazrat Inayat Khan has ever said that I ought to be a Murshid. And it as only in Lahore, that I was challenged by little old Abdul Latif, who is to be the Voice of Allah in the most unlikely form.

The inner experiences of Abdul Latif were followed almost exactly by those of Khalifa Khawar Khan, both in principle and detail and need not be repeated. But the “silent teacher” which is affirmed toward the end of these papers came first in Calcutta at the tomb of Dadajan and then in Ajmir at the cell of Bakhtiar Khaki and then most of all on each visit to the Dirgah Nizam-ed-din Auliya and highest of all at the ruins of the Khankah Nizam-ud-din Auliya (1956) and now at many places in Pakistan but chiefly around Lahore.

The instruction left by Hazrat Inayat Khan was never to teach what one does not know. But in addition to confirming on me the path of “Abdul,” he also wanted me to go before the intellectuals. This was barred by practically everybody and made studying harder. Only today while still rejected by the clergy, the metaphysical people, the press there has been a greater and greater receptivity by the intellectuals. This has been for some time from the natural scientists, but now since the latest Darood instructions from the social scientists and from intellectuals generally—there is a new day. Only it is amusing now to see one accepted where there is indifference and not accepted where there is interest. Allah knows best and this is exactly what Hazrat Inayat Khan wanted from the beginning and all of the above splinter groups rejected—to what end one does not know. For there have never been any claims to Murshidship or leadership in the West. And if one manifests openly or secretly it will be in spite of man and because of Allah, to Whom be all Praise. For never once has Allah inspired or prompted contrary to the sayings and writings of anybody from Rassoul-lillah to the least servant of his teachings.

Pakistan. There comes regular correspondence from and with Major Sadiq, Khalifa Saadia Khawar and Shams-ed-din Ahmed, and this keeps the hearts and minds together. Only at this end the voluminous writing keeps one busy, plus the need to mingle with humanity and perform proper duties.

England. Mohammed Ilyas not only writes regularly but he has brought me into contact with a friend who happens to be a Khalif of the Kadiri Orders and the letter, of which copy was sent to you, has not yet been acknowledged but Ilyas keeps on writing. It would seem that the Divine Message must find roots in all parts of the world.

Sufism in Europe. When the followers of Hazrat Inayat Khan failed to follow his teachings and while the French were exploiting the peoples of North Africa, representatives of the Dervish Orders sent missionaries to France and Switzerland and made many converts even wrong prominent people. So now the tasawwuf in Europe prospers but through other schools. Someday, Inshallah, as a Mureed of the Rifa’i’ and Shadhili Orders one may be able to proceed in those directions also. In other words, the quantity of needed effort is the same as always, but the qualities today are all bright, shining, cheerful and ominous.

Garden of Inayat: In 1926 Hazrat Inayat Khan told me he had only about three faithful mureeds. This was not believed. When under his guidance (Tasawwuri Murshid) the “Garden of Inayat” was conceived and written; it was universally rejected and finally a fire destroyed the Khankah, Kaaba Allah in a near-by town. (Inshallah, I shall take Major Sadiq to the place when he comes.)

The Garden of Allah. Now under the tutelage, so to speak, of Data Sahib, the Madzub and your good self, the same principles have been ended and there is a plan to cover the whole earth from Delhi to the Atlantic Ocean. And strange to say, or allamdu lillah, nobody has rejected this and every person talked to at all levels think it wonderful. Only the quantitative preparatory work is huge. And were it not that it integrated all the personal efforts in every direction, spiritual, scientific and aesthetic, it would not be held. But now one is now so much in Tasawwuri Murshid as Akhlak Allah and one cannot let go. Or if one were to make a pun out of it, one is both an abdal and abdallah although the Arabic derivation of these two words is very different indeed despite their seeming; outward resemblance.

There may be a paper soon on “The Garden of Allah” for “Pakistan Review” and if so, a carbon will be sent to Shamseddin Ahmed. One has been asked for programs covering two portions of Pakistan but “The Garden of Allah” provides for both though it covers a much larger portion of the world.

Major Sadiq’s visit will harmonize thoroughly and absolutely with “The Garden of Allah” and his own plans for his place will, Inshallah, become an example and model.

Recently there have been some lectures on Humza and it is remarkable that not only the methods of Humza are not pursued in other parts of Pakistan, they are hardly known. This is the example of the difference between Ilm and something called “Islam” which has no meaning whatsoever. The guidance is always there and is seldom followed and people remain unhappy. Therefore examples will be needed most.

Bismillah. These teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan throw considerable light on these opening words of Invocation which are taken so much for granted. One can, of course, write endlessly on the Invocation or Kalama or Zikr and some of this will be done, forthwith, Inshallah.

Further News. Appointments have been made to discuss “The Garden of Allah” within the month and Inshallah, sometimes will come thereof and therefrom.

As-salaam aleikhum. My love and blessings to everyone,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



My dear Sufi Sahib,


Your letter of the 17th November [1963—Ed] breathes of the spirit that Allah placed in Adam so that man can know Him. Praise be to Allah that you are proving His existence by deeds and not mere words; and not only by deeds, but by experiences. A Sufi is he who tries to manifest the qualities which reached their perfection in our Holy Prophet. He succeeds best who surrenders the most—surrenders body, mind and soul. Hard it is to bring the body under the sway of the mind, and make both subservient to the spirit. But our tarikat calls for it, and you have achieved it —alhamdu lillah. By the power of Zikr all these three act as one because they all have the same single aim—to sing only the praises of Allah. Whether you walk, or talk, or pray, you are perpetually worshipping Him. And are we not born only to worship Him?

You live in a difficult land at a difficult time—so strong and yet powerless—so wealthy and yet so friendless—so advanced and yet ignorant. In such hard soil you are sowing divine seeds, and in some cases, a harvest is being already reaped. Inshallah the Light that was flashed on in Arabia more than 13 centuries ago will prevail in the New World also, and Sufis like you are in the vanguard of this momentous struggle. Can any battle compare with this tussle? With the sacrifices so gladly made, the loneliness self-imposed, love countering hate, the Kalama triumphant when presented with faith and inspiration. The greatest jihad is the battle for souls, and only a chosen few can wage and win it.

At Salarwala here, the Will of Allah rules, and my constant prayer is that all those who come within its orbit should receive the Baraka—that invisible shield of protection that Allah bestows when His lieutenants beseech Him. This proud world thinks that name and form and mind is all that exists, and that all progress is solely a product of the intellect. Little do they know that it is the ceaseless chanting of Allah’s Kalams every minute of every day by purified souls that causes the Creator to nourish His creation. When this spiritual symphony ceases, the Day of Judgment will have dawned. Intellect will then avail them naught, and those who worshipped at its shrine will be aghast.

This body knows little rest, but with the heart resigned to His Will, and the nufs rendered ineffective by Zikr, no tiredness is felt. Eighteen years of effort have culminated in the completion of the “Tarthib Sharif,” a compilation and commentary on the Hadith. It will run into 1100 pages, and will be distributed free. Printing has begun in Lahore and copies should be out after two months. Thus will be fulfilled the task entrusted by Sabri Sahib of Kalyar Sharif.

I write to you with joy and abundance of good-will. The details you have given are a precious record of mystic achievement. The experiences are valid and conform to the highest tradition of our glorious heritage—it is the life blood of Sufi realization, unseen but vital, subtle but real, spiritual and everlasting. Its fragrance takes one to Him and through Him we are linked in this happy bond. On this note I end with love and every good thought.




15th Feb. 1964


Beloved Pir-O-Murshid;

As-salaam aleikhum, Preparing for Bayat to be given to Shems-ed-din Ahmed of Lahore, there are some more pages of “The Way of Illumination” of Hazrat Inayat Khan. It is probable also that some of those lessons will be sent to my God-son in Rawalpindi who is a very close associate of Major Sadiq and now spiritual stepbrother also to Begum Sadiq so there is a close relationship all around. But still waiting for my definite words from Major Sadiq who seems to be moving from place to place too rapidly to write. And although there is peacefulness within, there is not exact assurance of outer behavior.

But I am also writing because of two “miracles” which took place recently. On the first occasion a notable was speaking on education in Asia and I challenged him that neither universities nor the State (Foreign Affairs) Department answered inquiries of any sort. He said, “You have been writing to the wrong people. “Who are the right people?” He had to seek an answer and a man sitting in front of me gave me his card and inshallah, I shall content him next week both in regard to Miss Khawar’s coming and the University of Islamabad.

Then on another day I took Khalifs Khawar’s book on Urdu to the University of California. The office clerk said, “I am sorry, Professor Gompertz who must decide the matter is on sabbatical leave and we don’t know whether he will be in for three months at least.” Then the door opened and Prof. Gompertz came in and I gave him Khalifa’s book and we are to see each other Monday after which appointment and the appointment mentioned above I shall write in full to Khalifa.

This shows how much we work, or must work with inshallah and that there is always the divine guidance.

After going to post I got to a book stare to pick up a work on I’bn Sina for Khalifa. It contains a good deal on Miraj and in a sense Miraj is the central theme of my personal (Is there such a thing?) Islam. People celebrate Eid festivals and talk about the “Grand Night” but it is apart from their lives. Rassoul-lillah said, “I am a man like you,” and the bible says that Adam was created in the Divine Image, and as you have with you Madzub Sahib you have an example of a man who lives perpetually in the “Grand Night.”

The book, The Sufis recently published has much to say about Khwaja Khizr and Data Sahib and this will be of great value to me personally. I do not know what will come out of the meeting on Arab culture to take place soon. There is an awkward situation because both Muslim and non-Muslims place the glory of Din in the past, and do not see that Allah is operating every moment, every breath. Our Zikrs are too much of history, too little of Allah.


Sufi Ahmed Murad-Chisti



772 Clementina St.,

San Francisco 3, Calif.

March 1, 1965


Beloved Pir-O-Murshid:

As-salaam-aleikhum. One writes not knowing whether one is reporting or seeking advice. One writes because there is a sort of “psychic” climax which may or may not be important. One writes knowing the extreme difference which may be between actual surrender to Al-Hayy and something private called “Islam” which may or may not have meaning.

When a mureed is put on spiritual practices, especially the Daroods which you so graciously presented, there are bound to be effects without one knowing whether these effects are the direct results of one’s devotion or the effects of Grace which do not necessarily depend upon fervor or ardor Contrariwise, if the repetition of Wazifas or Daroods does not change the personality, the circumstances, the inner and outer life of a person, then there is either something wrong with ryazat or the devotee.

It is now some time since my return from Pakistan and the total fruit of effort in relations between that country and the personal self have not been very much. True, money and time have been spent even to the limits of one’s capacity. But the major persons in your country for whom apparently these efforts were put forth have either failed to appreciate what was being attempted, or have failed in their own private lives.

If they have failed in their private lives they are very foolish, for Allah is not a man, does not mentalize as men do, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. There is a word kham which has its psychological effect and cannot be measured. But to hide the head does not mean that thoughts are hidden or efforts are hidden. Failure is man’s reaction to something and such failures may mean nothing in the worlds beyond—Malakut, Djabrut, Lahut. In turn one feels ashamed that people who consider themselves “Muslims” are looking at human reactions, human opinions and human failures or successes.

Part II of “Saladin” is just finished retyping. This is a tremendous effort on the part of one who has little sleep or rest ever excepting to proceed with the next step. But “Saladin” though concerned with Islam, Allah and Mohammed is not particularly concerned with Pakistan.

Now suddenly or gradually personality relations with large segments of this earth have changed.* When one is on the path of the Auliya, life may go in one of several directions. One direction is to be more concerned than ever with religion, its edifices, its rituals, its teaching. Another is to be concerned with an area as if Allah has entrusted you with the guardianship of an area. Another may be to become mast. Another is to pioneer in awakening mankind where man has been asleep, and this has to do with the evolution of the whole race. Or one may be sent out with a particular message, a sort of Rassoul without being in anyway a Nabi. And others.

This person has been entrusted with two general duties in life, one concerned with the sciences and food production; the other with the awakening of hearts. Both of these will come to a climax this year in California, especially in Southern California.

There will be a scientific gathering in July and this will bring to a head all the materials for “Project: The Garden of Allah” but [?] geographical applications may change which is the subject for [?]. And in September one will be on the panel at another gathering in which the audience will be scientists but the speakers will be those versed in the great religions. It is then one must come forward as a champion of tasawwuf.

The personality relations in many parts of the world changing, the prospects for peace or otherwise in two distinct parts of the Orient have come to this person’s attention. Whether anything will result of a personal nature one does not know. One of these is non-Islamic (in the general sense). In the other instance Pakistan and Japan have been asked to intervene between Indonesia and Malaysia.

But it is in the Islamic parts of the world with which there is now concern. In the last communication mention was made of a Sufi movement in Ceylon which is trying to reach other parts of the world. Evidently the leaders are educated, certainly more educated than the “missionaries” from Pakistan who make practically no converts—one exception to be mentioned below. Their publications are in excellent English, take notice of the culture of the day, realize that one can reach the educated by appealing to the higher side of man’s nature and their printed forms are the best I have seen from any section of Asia. Now my notice has been called to their efforts in Pakistan itself and here there is a peculiar situation:

Many Pakistanis take the wrongful dualistic attitude that “Muslims” are right and non-Muslims wrong in any situation. Wicked Muslims are defended and not so wicked non-Muslims are accused. The Muslims may break all the commandments of Qur’an and Hadith and they will be defended.

But now come some Muslims who are not provincial, who have the world outlook and these same ignorant Pakistanis dare not criticize them because they are always “praising” Muslims—they don’t praise Allah so much. And thus they are caught because the universal Ceylonese and other Muslims increase both the heart and head.

The coming into my life of Hassan Hashim from Sudan has totally changed the feelings of being a sort of exile. True, almost every group which “logically” should have welcomed me has done everything but listen. But now one does not care, and as one does not care, there is growing attention from truth-seekers of various kinds.

Hashim has discovered that this person is not only versed in many sciences and branches of culture more than the average man, but also in many branches of Islamics. But most of all this person knows about the Mahdi and dervishes of his land who have been very important in history a while back and are now coming out again.

This is the first person he has met who knows these things. Also who is acquainted with the Swahili Islamic culture of Africa which your countrymen largely ignore. This has led to very serious consideration of visiting several parts of Africa. Hashim knows nearly all the lands of northern and central Africa.

But now he is urging me to go to Nigeria. His father established a large school at Kano in inland Nigeria and became the teacher of many prominent men who are playing large parts in the affairs of that new country. He also has told me about the devotion and wisdom of the men of Tarikat there and what is more important, that is one place where instructions in Tarikat are in English. For many of the men who speak otherwise Arabic, Berber, Hausa, Fulani, Mandingo, etc. converse in English and English is the language of all the schools of higher education including the religious ones.

Lagos is the capital of Nigeria and its chief imam is a very close friend of mine who once lived in San Francisco and with whom I stayed from time to time in ‘pindi. He has been most successful in winning converts to Islam but not in any of the manners set forth by various schools of Tablighi found in both East and West Pakistan. These people have the zeal to convert themselves and no outward appeal that would convince others. But my Imam friend is entirely outward and successful, and has an excellent knowledge of English.

All of this seems new were it not for the fact that my first Pir-O-Murshid wished the spiritual teachings to be brought to all lands and he has his writings in English. Whether anything will come of this is, of course, uncertain. The calling of those conferences in July (on science) and September (on tasawwuf) make it foolish to look ahead.

Today I receive little from Pakistan other than from Shamseddin Ahmed of Lahore. How one can help persons or a country without literary courtesy is very difficult. My personal will has been to visit Thailand, India and Pakistan, and possibly visit Ceylon but the personal will should not determine one’s future.

Inwardly, while recopying “Saladin” at last there has come a sign as to the literary form of my memoirs and an inner assurance that this is right. But this will take some more time and the publishers have to be satisfied. One can only work with faith and assurance, and prayer.

Hashim has come to some conclusions about this person which one does not like to repeat, but they are in harmony with what you have sent. One does not like to measure oneself. It is very hard to get any audience here; or rather one gets most favorable responses where one does not seek commendation—from business men and scientists; and one gets little response from metaphysical and religious persons who are too self-centered. Perhaps this is as Allah wills. But now one no longer feels lonely. It has been this person’s prayer to meet somebody from Sudan. The prayer has been granted, alhamdu lillah, and granted in a very simple, easy, and beautiful way.

Love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad-Chisti

* The whole story brings out the meaning of the Sabri School.



26th April, 1966


Dear Pir-o-Murshid Sufi Sahib:

As-salaam aleikhum. Greeting to your good self, to Madzou Sahib and all the brethren. Praise to Allah who has seen it fit to lift some of the burdens from this person and now to open the door so that inquires into Truth now come to his doors.

The main obstacle to leaving this land is a legal family problem involving considerable funds. It would seem proper to have such matters settled before leaving, unless either there will be a legal delay or some unforeseen factor. The plans have been to settle and then leave for Pakistan and other places, either as Allah sees fit or as advice may come.

In the last month there have been signs that this person may function to spread the Divine Message and also to answer the problem of people who are spiritually starving. By Divine Grace, a young man who came for advice has since been most successful in all his undertaking and gives present to Sufi Ahmed Murad.

The result has been a slow but growing number of inquires. The young people of America are seeking a religion based on experiences as Hazrat Al-Ghazzali taught. They are not finding the deep experience on deep wisdom from other sources.

One dare not argue that one religion is better than another, but one can easily point out that deep experience is more valid than anything else. There is also an acceptance of Human Brotherhood, which is not taught by other faiths, or if taught not practiced. Our young people are quite free from prejudice but equally caught in uncertainties. If a person has had the experience of Hal and Makam, this sooner or later impresses young inquires. This is a scientific age and just as experience is requisite for and in and outer sciences, so it is felt than experience is requisite for and in the inner sciences. [is requisite for and in the outer sciences, so it is felt that experience is requisite for and in the inner sciences?]

The subject of Pakistan has come up in several classes and when it was discovered that this person adopted Sir Richard Burton as model, first the teachers, then the students began to pay respect and one of the first things the spiritual Islam needs here is respect. If society does not give it, the universities do, more and more.

Today one went on an errand for the University of Tehran and found that the new Consul-General of Iran is the son of Arif and he was very happy to meet an American versed in tasawwuf . In addition to that one may report that the new Poet Laureate of this State (California) has been a student of Sufi poetry and especially admires Hafiz and Amir Khusrau.

Two months ago, a young man in difficulties came to Sufi Ahmed Murad and presented his problems to him. Weeks passed by and the man reported that he had found clothing but sudden success in all directions. One uses such occasions to implant the seeds of prayer, devotion and spiritually, and this is also one of the few occasions in which an American has trusted Sufi Ahmed Murad.

In the city of Los Angeles one has met his goddaughter after 27 years, and found she has grown very spiritually. She was taken to the home of one Miss Ruth St. Denis who originally brought Hazrat Inayat Khan to this country and is regarded as one of the most spiritual of Americans. She has asked Sufi Ahmed Murad to join her poetry group.

Immediately after, a very serious proposal was made to open a new school for spiritual training. The parties involved in Los Angeles was [as?] well as young people here have found that although there are many schools and cults and teachers, there is very little evidence of spiritual statement. People are heart hungry and God hungry.

Relatives of Hazrat Inayat Khan have been here and come here. While one may affirm with Isa that flesh and blood do not inherit the kingdom of Allah, it is also true that in some instances there have been families whose representatives have shown every sign of high spiritually. Indeed there is a descendent of Maulana Roum in this city who is one’s closest friend.

This person has found the Divine light underlying all the phenomena which our scientists are studying, which affirms the last wishes of Hazrat Inayat Khan; to bring the knowledge of East and West together. One cannot completion [?] anybody the practices of Zikr and Akhlak Allah, but one has to face constantly movements which call themselves “Sufi” which teach other than constant Zikr, Akhlak Allah and Hikmat. One has to extend a sort of distant compassion which may manifest (to them) otherwise. It is awkward, but no doubt necessary to see “Sufism” in the west in forms of personality philosophies and organizations, and “Islam” which confuse the meanings of Islam, Selim, etc. But the young want honesty, integrity and sincerity and this one hopes to convey whether he draws people to this orbit or not.

The day will come, inshallah, when the inner sciences are taken as seriously as the outer sciences and when that comes, reports may be different. So it remains open when and why this one will return to Pakistan, and when and why other steps are taken.

The Pakistani leaders here express nothing but the most profound reference [reverence?] and respect for this person, bearing in mind he is an American and as such does not always agree (without necessarily differing) on some of the problems of the day.

Love and blessing,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



772 Clementina St.

San Francisco 3, Calif.

13th July, 1966


Dear Pir-o-Murshid Sufi Sahib:

As salaam aleikhum. This is a different greeting because today one feels there may come some changes in the outer as well as in the inner life. In the writings Hazrat Inayat Khan taught about the soul being between Joy and Peace and it is notable that at the moment, whether one turns in the one direction or another, there has been the beginning of a movement, mostly of young people, to come to this place. And it is notable that they all come much earlier than the appointed hour and run up the stairs but walk down slowly at the end. There has not been this in the life of this person before.

It started very simply when a man came here with a problem and presented it and disappeared. After a long time he telephoned and said that one had saved his life and also he has suddenly began to earn much more money. So he began sending others here and for this there will be the explanations of “Joy” and “Peace.”

This is a great, prosperous and strong Nation filled with unhappiness and dissatisfaction. And to meet this dissatisfaction people not only go to the religious meetings but they now go to other groups which are not in accord with traditional religions. Some of those are called “cults” and some are philosophical but particularly here in California, but spreading in this country, the seeker looks for a sort of personal Messiah. There are all kinds of them and the situation in California resembles India more than anywhere else. Only one does not find any people who have deep experiences excepting last week this one met a Christian mystic about whom a story may be told below.

Joy. The search for joy takes two directions: one the seeking of a person who may lead to Joy and the other the search for a drug. And people go to persons and cultures which give them false types of ryazat and instead of finding joy they often become unbalanced mentally and there is more of that. And when one questions these people about their disciplines, one finds no sound basis for them, or else they are copied from spiritual and mystical methods but only up to a point.

When it comes to Drugs you have some parallels in hashish and [?] about which one does not know much. And here are three types:

These which come from Asia.

These used by the natives both in North and South America.

Those manufactured chemically.

Scientists have been investigating and it is notable that the natives both of North and South America say: “You people speak about Christ, we speak to him.” So the Christian missionaries are not always so successful, and sometimes instead the “white” people are converted to the “natives’” religion. They take the vegetables offered and experience what they have not experienced before. In other words, they enter into hal, or even wujud.

And some chemists have discovered products which give the same effects and are easily made and the young are taking them, and thus experience “God” at their own levels of understanding.

In the year 1945 this person was asked to perform some errands for the brotherhood in Hyderabad, Deccan. To get credentials he was examined by the cultural diplomat of the then undivided India. The subject was “Ibnu l-‘Arabi” and when this person submitted as answer: “The Identity of Ibnu ’l-’Arabi and Sankara” the attaché embraced him. But when he tried to bring this matter up before certain of the innumerable European professors of Asian philosophies, he was so strongly rebuked that the matter has been dormant. Although in reading your own remarks on the subject one is very much assured.

Therefore as courtesy or report one is advising that although one will report on his own experiences in fana and hal because our university requires necessary liberal references, one wishes, and inshallah will quote your good self, and occasionally others who are in this world; and only a minimum of the writings of Hazrat Inayat Khan.

Inasmuch as one met Hazrat Inayat Khan in the world of universal spirit before one met him in the flesh, it established a relationship in the eternity. And the rejection of this by those who took Bayat has produced some curious situations. But as one is going to be criticized anyhow one is not afraid of the Malamati disciplines. One is going to write at some length and will send a copy to our good sister, Miss Saadia Khwaja Khan who is before Allah, “my” Khalifa.

It must be added that one’s own reception in Hyderabad, Deccan, was in marked contrast to any and all receptions in the Western world, or by Westerners. But instead of reacting one realizes that sooner or later the Hadith: “And in that day the sun will rise in the West and all men seeing, will believe.” One will not compromise with nufs, either his own or that of others.

Recently a leading scientist of India wrote a long paper with the goal of uniting scientists and mystics. He claimed nufs-mutmaina, and he was right. But in answering one presented nufs-salima, for in that is Strength of upsize only knew it. And now another colleague has written on “Cosmic Humanism” and this will further open the door to the presentation of the “Living God” and “The Meaning of God in Human Experience.” So one tires of rejections from little people who reject each other anyhow, and will place before the world, inshallah, mystical and love experience which happened, telling where they happened, how than happened, but not necessarily “why” they happened.

For the intellectual cannot accept the teachings of Kashf-al-Mahjub and the explanation, very simple, that makam is the result of human endeavor; and hal cometh by Grace. So Grace is beyond intellection.

And now on my 70th birthday I can attribute the strength, the energy, and even the prowess retained as the result of Grace, and the blessings received from Khwaja Khizr in 1923. And these experienced blessings were accepted in full by Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan but generally rejected by those who claim some sort of “Sufic” knowledge from him.

On March 21, 1925 at exactly noon, in the broad daylight, following a ritual imparted by the aforesaid Khwaja Khizr, I saw with these physical eyes many of great Messengers of Allah, and then double (the others came singly) Mecca Shereef Grand Being.

In 1927, Hazrat Inayat Khan left this world. In celebration thereof in Khilvat, in 1930 he appeared to this one and also before the physical eyes, sat with him in meditation and showed him the fana which does not need any more the physical eyes or ego mind. At that time one had with him ‘Awarif al-Ma’arif learned this teaching, but years later all one’s books and records were destroyed in a fire. In the fire these things are destroyed, in the “ether” they are not destroyed and people who demand physical things will not accept them anyhow.

In 1946 in Khilvat came a humorous complex: the loss of a book (very significant) and the disappearance of Hazrat Inayat Khan and the appearance of the Seal of the Prophets, the reality of which took final form in the poem, “Saladin” which our good friend Miss Saadia Khawar has read.

This must not be such an autobiographical report. It is now, alhamdulillah, that one has found an American teacher in contrast to Europeans, who is willing to accept mystical reports on the same bases as the receipt, or rejection, of scientific reports. And it is time for a mystic who has had the mystical experiences to speak out.

Our subject last week was S. Augustine and this person can vouchsafe the Crucifixion experience in a manner very similar to those reported by Christian mystics, plus a Resume Resurrection experience which, added to the restore through Khwaja Khizr further increase or preserve or restore the vitality in personality. But one holds that those people who accept only the experiences of the distant past and will not examine, much less accept, the experiences of the present are themselves guilty of fraud, egotism and obscurantism.

There was once a lady here who calls herself a Sufi teacher and who has denounced this person no end, and being socially acceptable has succeeded. But in the higher realms we were tested and she went as far as she could. But when it came to fana-fi-Adam, a form of effacement in the whole of humanity, she dropped back to individuality and this person was able to absorb her but the other was not true. And this illustrates other people.

It was also my privilege, after visiting Agra, to have been received at Ajmir in a miraculous manner, and to have seen the workshop where the artisans were trained for either duties at Agra, themselves being required not only to work with marble, but to work with the awakened heart, so that they were in hal as much as could be convenient while doing physical tasks.



21st December, 1966

Beloved Pir-o-Murshid:

As-salaam aleikhum. This letter is written in not only the most pleasant circumstances since one’s return in 1962 but under some of the most pleasant circumstances in the whole life. The first time one heard of the Messenger of God was in a folk maxim here. “If the mountain cannot come to Mohammad, then Mohammad must come to the mountain.” But with Sufi Ahmed Murad, it has been that the mountain came to Mohammad, so to speak.

I do not remember whether I told all the circumstances of the coming of Sidi Abusalem Al-Alawi of Marrakesh, Morocco, but it will bear repeating so all can be known. Last month this person came for a single night and one was asked to bring credentials. But by the Kashf of Allah to whom all praise, one took the picture of the Pir-o-Murshid of the Saint and his followers, and there was instant recognition.

One asked if he knew a former companion, one Ted Reindollar and to one’s surprise this man, now dead, lived in his zawouia (Khan Agha). Then one performed one’s own Zikr, Ya Mohammed Abdullah, and afterwards the saint said that Sufi Ahmed Murad had all the Baraka necessary to give the divine teachings to the world, something Americans do not want; they always want a strange person or a person with strange teachings.

But it is evident that the Saint bestowed Baraka too in this one. For the next day one began giving an instruction in Christian mysticism to a group of young men and class is doing very well, with increased inner and outer light on all there, and there is more joy and love than one has even had in one’s own city.

Then one received back from one’s teacher at the university a paper on which he said, “Too bad. What can I say? I have to give you an A” (highest mark). The paper was on “True Mysticism versus Pseudo-mysticism.” This was written hurriedly and two imperfect copies were made, one purportedly for Khalifa Khawar Khan. But circumstances have been better, alhamdulillah, so my present companion, one William Hathaway, is going to make some suitable copies and one will go to Khalifa and one to each of two universities.

This immediately brings up the question of “innovations.” For without progress even tasawwuf becomes stilted, as we say. Yet an innovation may be questioned, so I place two innovations before you.

a) fana-fi-Wali. This is a stage between fana-fi-Sheikh and fana-fi-Rassoul, wherein one is under guidance of a Wali or a saint of earlier times. This fana and its correspondence tasawwur would be completed either with Hazrat Ali or Ghaus-i-Azam. It is clearly beyond fana-fi-Sheikh or clearly below fana-fi­-Rassoul. The details may be sent later. It certainly covers the visits to Nizam-ed­ Din Auliya and to a lesser degree Ajmir, and in Pakistan to Data Sahib and Mian Mir (other saints may or may not be included).

b) Ya Mohammed Abdullah. This is the Zikr of social revolution. It comes from the Divine Messenger himself in explaining the words of Isa, “I am the first and the last.” I am very, very happy over your work on Hadith for it has been made to clear that the Holy One of Mecca worked hard all his life and only used servants where absolutely necessary and never scolded them. But it also comes with a realization which will be referred to below.

Secret of Permanent Happiness. This is a book just received from Ajmir and it shows the conniving of Iblis. It was sent by a Mr. W.D. Begg of Amir and says, “Who has written for the first time biographies of several great Sufis saints of India in English.” As it was this Mr. Begg who urged me to buy this book and as the Khadim at Ajmir also recommended it, it was amazing to find a book so built around nufs being recommended. It is a duty to reply in full, notify the Khadim, and also my good friend Pir-o-Murad Hasan Sani at Nizam-ed-Din in New Delhi. But I am even more concerned because Khalifa Khawar has been engaged in writing about the great Chisti saints. A copy of the letter will also be sent to our good friend, Shams-ed-Din.

False Sufis. One is now receiving young people who have been misled by false versions of Sufism. This was due to a man named Gurdjieff, born in the Caucasus Mountains, who studied under several Pirs and wrote books, winning a huge following and changing the teachings as he saw fit. In both Gurdjieff and the above book there is practically no mention of Allah, and if Rassoul-Lillah is inferred, it is done symbolically and not direct.

The disciples of these false Sufis are all misled; most of them have taken psychedelic drugs and are in confusion. A close but increasing number now come to these doors, and they find there are numerous spiritual sciences but which they know nothing.

In reading “The Teachers of Gurdjieff,” one finds a marked degree of difference between the teachings given to him and the teachings given out by him. And his teachers generally agree that he could not hold the Baraka.

Now with increase of age, due to Divine Grace, this person seems to be both holding and transmitting more Baraka and his state at the moment is exceedingly encouraging. No doubt Allah does not wish one to spend time and energy with older people who are thoroughly either self-centered or self-satisfied. Mostly if they find a person called “spiritual,” they want to teach him, each wants to make the teacher his or her disciple. This is an American pattern.

Now my letter to Ranjeet Mal Mehta of Ajmir will begin.

I am the offal of the Ajmir Shereef. The sputum of Nizam-ed-Din Auliya. Sweat…. The sweat of hard working Rassoul–Lillah. And the menstruation of Goddess Kali. The companionships of Madzubs is my delight.

And the welcome of the Masts alone pleases me. There is no secret of permanent happiness. For without Ishvara-Allah there is no Sat-Chit-Ananda. Fool who would dictate to the Auliya, who in the name of the Rishis deigns to teach the Rishis. Your very absence from Happiness [?] the need of Happiness. I would give you the kingdoms of words and maxims. And hold to the Super Empire of Silence, but Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate bids me write. And I ask no repentance for my sins. For doing the assigned work of the One-All-Only causes one to sacrifice even happiness for happiness.

Every letter one must write, “Act as if in the presence of Allah and remember, if you do not see him, verily He sees you.”


The Six Interviews with Hazrat Inayat Khan.

These will now be written. The substance of these interviews has been rejected by nearly all who stem from him. They begin with the report on the visitation from Khwaja Khizr. The above poetry, the truth of such occurrences and the “karma” of refusal on the part of those who think they are mureeds but who do not work in the service of Allah is most unfortunate.

But this is written because in his first days in the West, Hazrat Inayat Khan paid particular homage to the Hadith. His family and his early associates throughout all these teachings and although I do not know where there are copies on record, they are in the heart and these foolish, self-misled people do not know the secret of the “ether” or the “sphere,” which is also called Akasha.

My chief Sheikh in Cairo, Abusalem Amria, gave his whole life to the Hadith and was exceedingly versed. And while I do not feel the absence of such people, this Sufi Love is of a different order which people here do not understand.

Very gradually Kalama and Zikr and Fikr are imparted. These are successful because everybody who comes to these doors today is ill.

With all love and blessings,






My Dearest Sufi Sahib


What a joy to remember you after a good long period. Last Idulfitter I was permitted to write a love letter with Id greetings. Also to include yourself in Qadri Nisbat. I was dictated a very good message for you. Luckily not unluckily it was lost, or mislaid somewhere.

At this state of life (manzil) this is no difference between a jungle and a palace or king and a slave. Also indeed no difference in Far and Near. This long silence is also based on some Hikmat.

I was to explain to you a few things, namely greatness of God our heavenly father. Everybody say that God is Great but nobody believes in him at all. We love objects not God, similarly we I am given to understand, pray purposes not God. There are a few men in the whole world who really love God and who really worships him. People just say they love and worship God but really nobody loves and or worships God. God is everything great and kindest of all. If anybody really loves him—how he would not love him.

I love people and hope this would be the cause of my love for or to God someday. I very firmly hold that with God’s blessing you love him and he loves you. I pray and believe your mission would be a certain success. May you shine with Islam and your Tabligh may be universal.

Ya Hayyo—Ya Qayyoom-o-Ya Zul Jalal-i-Wal Ikram is the Isam-i-Azam. I hope you would continue this regularly daily.

I am requesting my Pir-i-Faiz Makhdoom Sabar Sahib Piran Kallar Sharif—for so many things for your future—Sabar Sahib is not only my Peer-i-Faiz but a very kind father. I can ask him anything and everything at every time irrespective of time and day. Normally one cannot dare to repeat a thing or a request when once decided but I with his gracious can ask repeat and repeat the same object from Dargarh Sharif Sabar Sahib undoubtedly is my holy father and is as kind to me as anybody—I am requesting my holy father for so many things for you and I feel certain all I have requested have been accepted.

This is being felt and told frequently that your holy preaching will surely be a success and your leading factor is love humanity and spread love amongst humanity. This love someday will please your God. Love creature of God and God will love you in turn. This is what I am being told during the course of this typing. Also I beg apologies for this misprinting, wrong spellings for I am writing and typing this after about 21 years.

I have also prayed for a life-mate. I and my friend Majzoob are feeling well and oftenly remember you, your life and manners and devotion.

My dear Sufi Sahib I have tried to disclose so many points and cannot say anymore except a goodwill message salaams from all of my friends here and all who know and love you. With best wishes, from me, from Sabar Sahib

I am, yours intimate….



[to Barkat Ali, undated]


This person met recently a Christian mystic who has had the same social rejections. But he has a meeting place and he wants this one to lecture at his place on Peace and the world religions which, inshallah, may be done.

Now Hazrat Inayat Khan taught that Peace in the world depended on the acceptance of the Hierarchy (Kutub, Ghaus, Auliya, etc.) He left a whole ceremony for this purpose but the meaning was not accepted and the practices (Mujahida, Mushahida) are hardly known at all. So instead of having peace we have turmoil.

Last week this one performed for the first time the tawajjeh of Khalif Usman, and gave the feeling of Peace to all. No doubt superficially or otherwise it is like some forms of Darshan in India but the way this person has seen Darshan, it has often been a ceremony but when this person had the tawajjeh of Hazrat Inayat Khan, (he had it in two ways) it was transforming. This also is harmony with the Darood practices.

It is only now for the first time in San Francisco that  help has been offered and one has to consider a similar offer in Hollywood when one can go there. In one sense, one has not been prepared to be a Murshid on a large scale. One inherited, so to speak, a Buzurg training from Murshida of working when there are so few spiritual people in a vast country. And one is always aware that Divine Grace is beyond all personal and personality efforts.

Love. This is the final of these three subjects. In the purer sense there is little of that here. We have passion, we have infatuation, we have much good will and Americans are by nature always kindly toward children. But having heard and met so many of our leaders, there is little deep understanding. Only now there is a change and one is unable even to lay down a program for himself because of both the needs of others and their seeking.

You will appreciate, dear Murshid, that one is always busy and now for the first time Alhamdulillah, there may be some help of a nature badly needed, for a spiritual brother is moving here who can be entrusted with typing and so help prepare lessons. And the amount of lesson material that has come, come from all nations, is very great and unorganized, and if published, the meanings remain unknown. So one is satisfied and Allah has given the strength and courage to continue at an age when my companions have become feeble and worn out. And here again is the testimony that one’s spiritual practices, Wazifas and Daroods are effective, they are operative through the person and preserve, increase and encourage his vitality.

With love and blessing to all,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti





My dear Sufi Sahib,

The preaching of Islam depends on the inherent virtues of truthfulness (honesty) and piety and whatever one might say about this latter virtue, it is intrinsically a gift of God and cannot be acquired.

Greatness or glory and the working of miracles is born of piety and unless God endows a person with this virtue, he cannot work in the ways of God and whosoever does so, he is selected by God for this noble work but piety is an essential condition.

I pray that God might grant you and your friends and myself the requisite capability and piety to preach His religion.

I humbly present my mind and soul and all that I possess and ask for His help in granting them (mind and soul) harmony and balance and the light to work in His ways.

The greatest preacher of India, Hazrat Khawja Gharib Nawaz of Ajmir was the elect of God and he entered India alone and converted that country to Islam.

Nowadays many preachers go forth of their own accord ostensibly to preach but in reality for mundane glory and honor and therefore they fail in their mission and come back discomfited, whereas, if they had gone out at God’s behests, they would have met with success.

Whatever may be my attainments, I present myself to God to be used in His way and this Urge in itself emanates only from His and you should believe likewise.

The first great religion of the world is Islam. May God employ us all in the service of His religion and also all of you and my children—sons and daughters, so that the whole of this caravan marches in His ways and expires in His service till our dead bodies also start treading the path of righteousness in His ways.

This world was considered so valueless and wretched by the great prophet of Islam, how can I like it. People are all so taken in by mundane things but they have no lure for me.

Wherever we emerged, we killed all our desires and burnt the very shop of our being and entered nothingness with the result that we issued a coinage of our own wherever we went and even if I have to go to China, I will go like this. All that is needed in this wise is an experienced “Guide,” who can show the way and who has trod it himself and has seen its intricacies and whose experience in this line has become a law unto himself. If you ever get such a man who has drunk of this Cup or fortunately you stumble on him, then enter his fold and stick to him for he is like a crane, which is a bird in Asia and which lays eggs in the hills in summer and migrates to the plains in winter yet it concentrates on the eggs which it has laid in the far off mountains and it hatches them in his mind and the young ones appear and if it forgets a particular egg, it rots and becomes useless. Your Shamsuddin Ahmed must become a disciple (do his Bayat). He is a very pious Mussalmen.

The men of God on His earth issue His Commandments under His orders and all God’s creation is always anxious to hear their Commands. People are always ready to obey them and none can ever do them any harm or stand in their way, so much that even the angels become their helpers and spread their wings in their way for their tread. My dear man, those who issue God’s orders are absolutely unafraid, they are never overawed or terrified by anything. The great Hazrat Ganj Shakar of Pak Pattan set a wonderful example of a missionary e.g. he was a saint of very few words. He just appeared before his audience from his cell, cast a glance over them and affected a complete change in all of them for the better and the unbelievers learnt religion by his mere look. You might consult me about this problem some other time.

To work out things in a miraculous manner is a “must” in case of a religious preacher or a missionary and he can work out wonderful things, whenever he has any need for them, His very talk, as a matter of fact his tongue itself is capable of performing miracles for all that he says is the order of God Himself and will never go waste. His utterance is the word of God and it is like an arrow shot from the bow which must hit the target and his planning in this respect is likened to Fate itself, which can never go awry.

The religion of Islam, its culture and social manners, and customs as a matter of fact everything connected with it is universally acceptable because it preaches equality and is based on simplicity, which is the very nature of man. Simplicity is an asset and gorgeousness, a curse and many so called big Persons will like to relinquish a life of Pomp and Show and adopt simplicity; only they have not got the courage to give it up because it has become the very breath of life for them and it is a hallmark of their Society, however much they might dislike it.

The Qur’an is such a permanent code of life that it is applicable to men, women and children of all ages and climes and religion of the world and it will remain so till Resurrection and no other book can make such a claim. The Islamic Culture is the best in the world and it is mainly so because its pivot is “Nature” and its highest water mark consists in its canons of morality and its code of living together and one main argument for Islam being the only true religion, can be gauged from the fact that it accepts all the old religious as emanating from God.

Ever since the Qur’an has descended from above, all other heavenly books have become secondary in position. It seems as if God has collected them all and stored them away in His treasure as no original Copy of any one of them is now available. And then the question arises “are these books the same in their text as they were originally revealed to the Prophets, Jesus, Moses and David and called the New and old Testaments including the Psalms of David. Yet it is a fact that not a single infinitesimal change can be affected in the Qur’an nor would a second Qur’an ever descend from above.

That the great Prophet of Islam was the last and the greatest of the prophets is proved by the fact that many saints of Islam (friends of God) have appeared amongst his followers, who performed miracles like the Prophets of old and their deeds and reminiscences are talked about by all good peoples till the Judgment Day. Can any religion produce a man who has lain on fire, has kept standing for 12 years or has been skinned alive, has brought the dead back to life again etc, etc. It is the torchbearer, of this religion alone whose stories abound in books and deeds of this type adorn numberless pages, quite unlike the great followers of other religions.

If we are good for nothing, it does not mean that Islam is nothing, Islam continues the same but we are worthless, May God wake us up and open our eyes to the real perspective. Amen.





Dear Sufi Sahib,

As-salam-Aleikum, O’Rahmatullah o Barakatuhu.

I hope you have received my previous letter. I am head and heart engrossed in writing the Hadiths of our most beloved and Holy Prophet Mohammed (Peace and blessings of Allah be on him) and didn’t get any time to answer all your letters. Otherwise I would have replied each and every letter of yours. Please forgive me for not answering all your letters.

Your ideas about Preaching (Tableegh) Islam in America are excellent and praise-worthy, Alhamdulillah. Allah blesses your efforts and fulfils your hopes.

As I wrote to you before that for propagating Islam one neither needs Kashf, nor Karamat and the like. The servants and preachers of Islam need only one thing and that is that they should be righteous and pious and true. Their Nufs should be pure of all internal and external evils. As long as the preachers don’t possess these gifts they ca n never be successful in their goals. For preaching Islam just verbalism in the form of Philosophy and the like are not sufficient. For bringing out and explaining the truths of Islam, righteousness and sincerity is needed. Truthfulness and sincerity are collective adjectives for many good qualities.

Islam always required examples and Tableeghs failed till examples were given.

Islam in every age and to every nation presents its own examples. The greatest example is stirring my mind right now and I am over and over reminded of this great ample, and that is to walk on blazing fire if you or anybody else ever need or are asked to walk on blazing fire to prove the truth of Islam. You may freely present me on your behalf to take the Examination, and by Allah, in whose hands is my very life, I am ever ready to walk on blazing fire for the sake of the truth of Islam.

I have nothing more in hand. In this connection I have seen many aspects and scenes, one scene which I witnessed with my own eyes is that when that youth (self came into the field, he left and gave away all that he possessed. He brought nothing with him. After giving away each and every thing and having abandoned all wishes to possess them again, he entered a new field of life.

The world chased this youth. I still remember its remarks and it always echoes in my ears. “Oh wretched creature you just stop here. Neither I’ll let you come in and nor I’ll let you return. You just keep standing here with hands folded. I’ll pull your face-wise.”

After this the youth got absorbed in his mission to the extent that even silence and peace itself failed to match its absorption in his work.

More next time

Sufi Barkat Ali Salarwala


Pir-o-Murshid, Note: Sufi Barkat Ali wrote to you a letter in Urdu and asked translate it for you. The above is the translation of the letter by him for you. Khawar. [Ed—hand-written letter]



772 Clementina St.

San Francisco 3, Calif.

January 30, 1967


My dear Pir-o-Murshid, Sufi Sahib:

All Praise is to Allah, who clarifies the paths in life when it is to Universal Wisdom and human benefit to do so. And while we may not see into the future in time, we often can see into the Wisdom which is outside of time.

In 1956, just before leaving India, one took respects to Pir-o-Murshid Hasan Sani Nizami and he brought me to the ruins of the Khankah Nizam-ud-din Auliya, with hopes that the place might be restored. He showed me a staircase: “That is where the Saint performed Shagal.” There, I climbed the staircase and also performed the Shagal.

The Saint immediately appeared and told me I would return to that place (The Khankah, not the Dargah) three times more; once with three people, then with a large entourage and finally alone, before I left this world. I would now seem to prepare to bring three people to that place, inshallah, and there are a number of different factors operating.

The most evident are the streams of good will coming since the visit of Sidi Abusalam from Marrakech. Most outstanding is the complete reversal of my own flesh-and-blood brother’s attitude, who is now fighting for me as he has been against me previously and trying to make it up in every way. Our father left a considerable fortune, or rather, what he left is now a considerable fortune. We are both getting on in years and he does not give himself a long time, and yet we are not benefiting from it.

So, it is going to be necessary to resort to legal procedure unless the trustees fulfill the terms of the will. In the past, by playing us off against each other, they denied us all petitions for relief. But now we have joined forces and any sort of compromise would enable one to travel freely.

In the meanwhile Khalifa Saadia Khawar is preparing to come to the United States. If one’s Kashf is correct, one is to go ahead with plans to visit England this summer and then return in time to help her reach her destination in the State of Oklahoma. It will be rather easy to do this, although this is a very large country. Still, Oklahoma is about half-way between New York or Washington and California.

Another thing which seems to be in accord with the will of Allah and that is, to prepare for some success in the above and then make some rupee dollar arrangement with Khawar. And this, too, seems clear in the spirit, the only uncertain thing being the date of settlement.

Then there are events in the lives of the two oldest mureeds from the standpoint of Bayat.

When the fighting took place between India and Pakistan over Kashmir I asked Allah. Sufis have practices such as Murakkabah and Mushahida and Mujahida; and Akhlak Allah and they know Allah is closer than the neck-vein; and they often possess Kashf. And Allah said that whomsoever would win Kashmir would have the worst famine. So I did not please my Islamic friends and they said I was into politics. But fortunately, you have a Consul-General here from Pakistan who listened (“Muslims” don’t have to listen to anybody,) and the prediction came true; that India won Kashmir and famine and the end is not yet. And this is called “being in politics,” to listen to Allah instead of to man or one’s own nufs.

When the Saint was here, he let me speak. “Muslims” here have never let me speak, but the saint let me speak. He was explaining the five grades of Nufs and even the translator would not explain in English. So this person explained and the Saint and his entourage thanked him.

In Cairo, one was a guest of honor at Mosque and Shrine; and in Pakistan, one spoke to 100,000 people in audiences and met an equal number, otherwise. That is possible in the lands of Islam, but it is not possible here. All they wish to share here is money, not wisdom. This is called “Islam” here; I am a brother when money is wanted. I am not a brother, otherwise. So have sent my first Zakat payment to Ajmir and now will probably sent the next to Nizam-ud-din Auliya, but save some money for Lahore.

That audience had already heard a Sufi, a Sufi whom they respect as a Sufi! A Sufi who has been showing them how to actualize the God (Allah,) and who has made for them realities of what they consider theology. A Sufi can explain nufs and ruh and such terms when others cannot and also help them to awaken in their hearts.

Now, they sometimes come to these rooms. So many are coming and now Allah says not to give any money to any Mosque here, but to save it for a Khankah where people can learn the realities beyond religious forms, when they can learn the “secrets of self,” not in poetry, but in their own lives. Even for today, one expects an ever-growing number of young people. They have tried religion, they have tried LSD, they have tried Yoga and they do not find God. They come here and they find the joy, the Realities beyond forms. Their questions are answered, be they personal or hypothetic or philosophical. The questions are answered because Allah is the answer to every question.

One has to type over one’s paper on “Real Mysticism versus Pseudo-Mysticism,” which has been accepted by the universities, but not by the public. This is based on the experiences of fana-fi-Sheikh, fana-fi-Rassoul and fana-fi-Lillah and also on something that will not be read of in books, fana-fi-Pir.

This person holds, with Al-Ghazzali, that Tasawwuf consists of experiences, not syllogisms. It consists of the recognition of the Living God. We use the neck-vein in our repetitions of Zikr to make us realize the nearness of the neck-vein and then of Allah. This is experience.

One has not been prepared for the young coming, but now knows one must teach the young and let those who are fixed in their ideas go on. “Praise Allah and leave them to their devices.”

One can teach all forms of Tasawwuf, because one has been trained in all forms of Tasawwuf; and recognized from East Pakistan through North Africa and also locally and abroad by the Indonesians. But their kind of Brotherhood is not the kind of “Brotherhood” we have in America, where so many cities have Mosques and leaders who do not recognize each other. I am now a member of the Canadian American Islamic Students organization and recognize the Imams, not because I recognize the Imams, but because Brotherhood requires recognizing the Imams.

I teach, “There is no Power save in Allah.” Not only is it taught, it is demonstrated. There are all sorts of ways of demonstrating it.

I study those things which the Messenger of God (on whom be Peace) wanted, wisdom as far as China; early cultures, to find what kind of Messenger and Message they had and all the things suggested by Hadith. I do not accept wastrels and bounders, just because they happen to be

You were right in “Rab Alamin,” but it is used even now to call all people “Beloved Ones of Allah.” I challenge any and all of your colleagues to lecture on Sajda. They would not dare. People in Sajda know the nothingness of ego and they can be fed and comforted. But I have no time for sermons; but to help the young who come to these doors. One is coming shortly so I must close.

Love and blessing,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti (Samuel L. Lewis)



Salarwala, Lyallpur, West Pakistan

28 Jamadiulawwal

1387 Hijri

Sept. 3, 1967



My dear Sufi Sahib.


I am very joy full to acknowledge receipt of a copy of letter to my daughter Khawar for which I am thankful to you. Please read these few lines with a peace of mind and try to understand it.

The only path of peace to reach Allah, and the only mean to please Allah is to obey and follow Dos and Don’ts of Islam or else nobody on earth can claim to be Believer or Beloved of Allah, at all.

Allah loves those who love Rassoul-ullah. How one can claim this Love until he wholly surrenders himself to Rassoul-ullah. We (all) human beings are helpless in all respects and cannot understand any mystery Hikmat of Allah: and have no other way but to obey and follow Islamic principles in full with no exception and no “if” and “but’. From day of creation to today all Sufis conveyed the Message of Allah to People and delivered to them through his Holy Messengers (Rassouls).

Allahs message is always full in all respects and is never subject to alterations in any form.

This is all I know and preach about Allah and Islam. Our knowledge is very limited and cannot dare to alter any Islamic Doctrine in any form.

We have no other way but to surrender ourselves to Allah and Rassoul-ullah and cannot even guess any variation or difference in Allah and Islam.

Please for Allah’s sake reset your mind according to these lines and regard them as lines of honors of Islam. We preach Islam in all corners of the world and to every human being and cannot separate Islam from Allah, in any science or form. Ya Hayyo Ya Qayyoom. Islam demand equality in Zahar and Battan both. May I please emphasize to wear beard and be punctual to Namaz and seek and search peace in Islam.

Iblis misled and misleads Sufis in all ages of Sufi-ism and nobody can consider himself safe from Iblis at any time. It is as difficult to understand Iblis as Allah, and Islam is the only fort where one can shelter and defend himself from Iblis.

Please read these few lines with Love and do not criticize, I pray may Allah, Rahmah, Rahim, Hayyi, Qayyoom, Zul Jalale Wal Ikram, bless you and keep you safe and sound from Iblis and show you his righteous path and also apologize for any literal error or mistake if any, Ya hayyo ya qayyoom.

My best wishes and blessings to your followers and friends also please pray for me and my friends.

with best love and blessings I am,

yours well-wisher,

Barkat Ali



410 Precita Ave.

March 31, 1969


Pir Barkat Ali

Salarwala, Lyallpur District

West Pakistan


Dear Sufi Sahib:

As-salaam-aleikhum. There has been no particular time to step to write. At the moment there is a courtesy to send a letter to Shamseddin Ahmed who is now on his way back to Pakistan from Saudi Arabia and Hajj.

One does not know what the supreme practices of a devotee should be. There is an almost constant Zikr, the practice of Akhlak Allah, and the conscious realization of the noble Daroods which by grace of Allah you assigned to me. The shortest report would be to say one is in much better financial circumstances, one has a large and growing following, and the health is remarkable due entirely to the grace of Allah to Whom be all praise. This is not empty devotion. It is almost two years since one was on his back in a hospital. The Voice of Allah manifested with grace and direction and what was communicated at that time has come into manifestation.

Sometimes one has felt like Allah’s Messenger in The Cave. This is not only a very different land, but a land of great wealth and still greater confusion. It is almost as described in certain Hadiths. Everybody expects others to accomplish what they internally wish. I have no doubt that Allah wishes humankind to become more aware of His Presence. There have been new discussions on “God is Dead.” One of my closest associates, also born in California, has written “God is Dead.
Allah is very much alive.”

It has been necessary to find out how to communicate with my fellow Americans. They do not accept any more the religious institutions. To reach the hearts of the young it has been found profitable to use both traditional and new methods. The new methods, of course, will be condemned as innovation. One is very well aware of that. The question is, “Can we get mankind to accept that Allah is closer then the neck-vein.” In giving Zikr instructions, for example, one tells the devotees to become aware of the neck-vein. It is very successful. One now has many Americans repeating Kalama and Zikr.

The great innovation that this person has introduced are the Dervish Dances. They are compilations of the Mevlevi, Rifa’i and Bedawi practices. Having been a guest of these various dervishes at times, before Allah, there is no reason not to use these methods. However, one practiced Walking for over three years before starting in this direction. The walks were derived partly from Naqshibandi practices and partly from the instructions of Hazrat Inayat Khan on tasawwuri. To this should be added some traditional practices on a word which can easily be misunderstood. It was originally spelled hagg in Hebrew and hajj in Arabic, and included walking, both in a straight line and circumambulation. This is always done along with the repetition of some sacred practice.

The number of Americans in this region now repeating Allah is growing. The next step is to get some acceptance of Mohammed in any capacity. It may surprise you to be told that the life and wisdom of Khatimal Mursaleen is hardly ever discussed in Mosques in this land. It may also surprise you that one’s last two instructors at the University of California have come out fully for the divine teachings, Holy Qur’an, and Islam in general. How they reached such conclusions I do not know; that they have reached such conclusions I can report. And in one class two disciples have been registered to learn about the spiritual traditions of the Mediterranean area and we were more than agreeable surprised to be told in a classroom in a University that the culmination of spiritual mysteries was in Mohammed and not Jesus!

It is now nearly half a century since my first studies in Kashf-Al Mahjub. In this important work the subjects of intoxication and sobriety were discussed. In those days the divine wisdom was chiefly for older people. Intoxication was considered legitimate for the young, but as a means, not as a goal. We now have a whole generation of young Americans who resort to wajud or sukr. This is the trend of the times. In 1965 one spoke on “Joy Without Drugs.” While it was not very successful then, the very thought is in the atmosphere. No doubt the soul seeks joy while nufs seizes on any method without regard to an ultimate goal. Millions of young Americans are giving up traditions; they are as lost sheep. Traditional religions do not meet them. And it is rather surprising to find how easy it is, how willing they are to repeat the names of Allah, to join in devotion, and to follow methods new to them but heretofore buried in our culture.

Whatever its merits, Islamics is not taught in this country by Muslims but by scholars. These scholars are seldom devotees. Unfortunately most of the Muslim who come here discard rationality so their work is not effective. However, when one practices Akhlak Allah, things to happen. Nor can we cast aside the faculty and facets of Kashf. I do teach certain traditions found in the Bible such as that Allah created mankind in His Image and that humankind is perfectable. As there is no standard nor example before me, the methods are valuable in the sense that they are effective.

As many Americans are now repeating Wazifas; as many Americans are accepting disciplines handed down by Sufis, it is also remarkable to find that many Americans accept the prowess of Mohammed and sometimes merely because older people have looked askance at Islamics. This very prejudicial rejection of Islam has made it welcome to many of the young who are seeking excuses to go contrary to traditions. This of itself is negative. Among many groups of Negroes it is used for political and selfish purposes. But among the whites and some Negroes it is used as a means towards joy and wisdom.

One has written poetry of a presumable lofty nature. Up until recently it was always rejected, but now there are a number of favorable circumstances which may change the whole picture. The next question was if spirituality can be presented through poetry why can’t it also be presented through dances and ceremonies. The other day this person gave what he calls his own Zikr which runs

“Ya Mohammad Abdul La”

“Ya Mohammad Abdul La”

“Muhammedar Rassoul Allah”

“Ya Mohammad Abdul La”

This is based on Hadiths. It has been repeated in joy and love knowing that it belongs to the classification of fana-fi-Rassoul rather than fana-fi-lillah! It also came at the time when the professors above referred to came out wholeheartedly in a direction not previously encountered in this land. Sometimes one does not know oneself why one says or does things.

Our blessed daughter, Miss Saadia Khawar Khan, is now in this country. She hopes, inshallah, to be here in the late spring. This is easy. We have now a Khankah in a city 30 miles to the North. Several of us met at one time to consider the possibilities of a Khankah. We did not have to meet a second time; we now have the Khankah, alhamdu lillah. We wish others could learn also how to practice the Divine Presence and accept the Divine Will. The place is by no means completed. All kinds of things have been happening, too long to relate here, but mostly very wonderful things.

When Daughter Khalifa is here we shall discuss both a further visit by this person or the possibility inshallah of taking a small group. You must understand that Americans have not had Islamic traditions, there is no operative Imam here, we have no relation to politics of any kind, and that God-seeking is becoming an order of the day in an ever-growing number of young people. There is always a question as to how far what one is doing pleases Allah or otherwise. The Messenger himself said that those who die repeating Kalama will surely not go to hell. I am satisfied in view of the multiple confusions of the day that we are both being guided and being guided on a Right Path. One has not written as regularly as one might. One still has before one the long instructions of one’s first Pir-O-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan. The pursuit of these duties has gives one vitality and inner assurance; perhaps calmness and peace. Certainly a growing acceptance by an ever larger number of young people. One cannot repeat too often that the Darood comes into both inner and outer manifestation and that one is learning many things both traditional and eternal which one hopes will be in accord with the Divine Will.

All love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



410 Precita Ave.,

San Francisco, Calf

July 1, 1969


Sufi Barkat Ali, Salarwala

Lyallpur District, West Pakistan


Beloved Pir-O-Murshid:

As-salaam aleikhum. One sends you greetings of love and also lets you know that Khawar has been here for a few hours. She has gone to the city of Los Angeles for some weeks. We are sending our housekeeper, Zeynab, to stay with her a while and show her around.

She showed the lady mem-sahibs her clothing and dressed them for a while. They all loved her person and admired the clothing. We then took her to the Khankah which is thirty miles north and performed Dervish dancing and chanting for her. We were all very happy.

Yesterday one visited the Consulate to prepare for an affair when she returns.

You will find enclosed a picture of this person cut out from a local publication. I am sorry I have no proper ones here but will back this up with Mansur, one of my secretaries, who is also a photographer.

This year it has pleased Allah to increase my following. We are very unorthodox as we spend much time chanting and dancing to phrases from the Zikr or Wazifas or what would be regarded as Khawals, excepting they are either English or Arabic sacred phrase. There has been no difficulty about Mohammed (on whom be peace.) Why we even have many people of Jewish backgrounds chanting Mohammedar Rassoul Lillah, or Ya Mohammed Abdullah!

At the present moment there is a strange complex over the affairs of the descendents of Hazrat Inayat Khan with various claimants to spiritual leadership, as if man could decide such things. We have just gotten over the strange “Sufism Reoriented” based on the Parsi Meher Baba who claimed to be Avatar (whatever that means). No kindness, no consideration, no heart but just words and surface matters. There are so many ways of chanting Ya Illaha El Il Allah, etc.; they are all successful in awakening the hearts of the young people here, very slowly but more and more all the time.

Also financial matters are well in hand and my sick brother has agreed that should he predecease me the moneys will be used to bring young people to Pakistan, Ajmir and Nizam-ed-din Auliya.

With all love and blessings to the Brethren,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti




SEP 9 69











Sept. 23, 1969

San Francisco, Calif. 94110


Sufi Barkat Ali Salarwala,          

West Pakistan


Beloved Pir-O-Murshid;

As-salaam aleikhum. The cablegram of September 9 reached here just after Secretary Mansur Johnson and I went on a vacation. We had no special address or way in which to be reached. And on return there were so many pressing matters. But the vacation brought much needed rest, praise to Allah.

Now on the matter of Khawar’s marriage, this person has no views. He is trying to keep his mind clear, realizing that he might even benefit materially and otherwise from such an event. The only belief one has is that Saadia be permitted to complete her schooling, and, inshallah, obtain the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (or some variant) for which she has been working so hard.

There are some side issues but these would not affect any marriage. It has become clear that this person must attend the next parliament of the world’s religions. There is an effort being made to establish The Temple of Understanding in Washington, in this land, where as the Bible teaches, “My house shall be a house of prayer for all peoples.” The earlier conventions were inconclusive and there is to be another gathering, scheduled for Turkey, early next year, but details are not yet forthcoming.

This was the last thing discussed with Khawar who left shortly after we did. By Kashf one sees and feels what maybe done. The Dervish dances have been most successful. On our last night together Khawar had a display of Pakistani costumes and this person lead about 150 (maybe more) young people in reciting “Allah,” something that has perhaps never been done in this land before. And the program of Dervish dances is making considerable headway.

On the legal side we are now tied up with the Chistis of Ajmir but this also can be varied if necessary. Slowly but definitely the number of mureeds has been increasing and one always has more business to attend to than one can handle—and the problems which arise in the lives of young people, which are many and often quite complicated.

Khawar gave lessons on Hadith and one is amazed to find, with all the books on tasawwuf, the lack of recognition that the inner sciences are all derived from Hadith. This was the original teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan also, but his original teachings have been suppressed and there have been some changes in the reissuing of his earlier works. And with all this material available, neither Muslims nor non-Muslims have made proper use of it.

My own belief is that every Messenger of Allah is a Universal Man and an Insaan-i-kemal, but the evidence is internal based on the Hadith themselves and not on any personality reaction to them. Over-praise of Mohammed (on whom be peace), has been just as misleading as neglect of sources readily available. Here we utter all-out praise to Allah which does not stop us from mentioning Mohammed in our dances and chants. Only never on an equal footing.

Ya Haya Wa—Khayyum. There is no nonsense in this. In a few days there will be the celebration of my being 73 years old and the body has changed very little in vitality, vigor or health. The mind, on the contrary, continues to grow and to enter into states of consciousness much more universal than personal. And this is also being presented to disciples and others in teachings, exercises and Baraka.

Today the class on Islamic Art begins. Last spring it was Arabic art and this term it will be the direct and indirect influences of these arts. One has been studying the latest works on Persian literature and runs into some very impressive translations. One also has a work on Junaid, also very impressive.

There are now a number of movements in the West calling themselves “Sufi.” Three are mere corporations building up personalities with hints of secret esoteric practices, very, very secret, although not one of them that I have heard of which cannot be found in books—such as the one on Persian Literature alluded to and l’Awarufu-Maarif and others. But without the Baraka all the practices are of little avail.

We also practice tasawwur which reaches its highest aspect (so far discovered) in Tasawwuri Mohammed. This is the Perfect Walk and leads also to Perfect Behavior.

With all love aid blessings,



21st April 1970


My dear Sufi Sahib,

I wonder if you remember your visits to my place in Lahore once with Mr. Shamsuddin Ahmed and another time with the Army officer who has healing powers. I somehow cannot recollect his name right now, although I know him very well. Ever since my arrival in United States I have been looking forward to meeting you. I will be reaching San Francisco on 4th May, inshallah, and leave for New Year on 7th morning. I will be staying in some hotel. Please let me have your telephone number so that I may be able to contact you on my arrival there. Kindly write to me at the following address:

I.A. Khan c/o Mr. John Barker

University of Southern California.

IPAC. Los Angeles.


A few days ago I received a letter from Salarwala. I have written to Baba seeking guidance from him and requested him to reply to me at your address.

I will be in Los Angeles from 29th April upto 4th May. 2nd and 3rd of May being Saturday and Sunday I will not be able to collect letters from Mr. Barker on those days. I will, therefore, request you to kindly drop me a line at your earliest convenience.


Yours sincerely,

Iftikhar Ahmed Adani



May 18, 1970

Sufi Barkat Ali

Salarwala, Lyallpur District

West Pakistan


Dear Sufi Sahib: As-salaam-aleikhum!!

With the end of this month a sort of cycle ends that one’s activities will not be confined any longer to this immediate geographical area. Sooner or later it was pointed out by so many seers, especially in Pakistan, that one would be working on a grand scale. I do not believe this would be possible if Allah did not vouchsafe it. Many things happened, and perhaps will happen which may be in accord with the will of Allah, but not always necessarily in accord with the desires and hopes of others. It is easy to say “Act as if in the presence of Allah, and remember though you do not see Him, verily He sees you.” Or “Surrender to Allah, in times of adversity, and praise Him in times of prosperity.” The words are one thing, the practices something else.

We have worked for years under adverse conditions, all sorts of adverse conditions, and now there are tremendous changes: 1. we have been successful in getting a number of Americans to repeat Allah; further than that we have been able to get a number to repeat Kalama. We do not have any opposition about repeating formula. This has displeased many Muslim. These Muslims have not been successful in reaching people in the Western world. Indeed they have not been successful. Their failures would indicate another power in this universe—you can call this power Iblis, you can call it technology, you can call it anything, but such words, such proposals, such attitudes, such ideas, suggest that there is another power other than Allah. This we refuse to accept. We refuse to accept it in theory; we refuse to accept it in practice. The pre-eminence of Allah is supreme, and if it displeases human beings that this person teaches Irfan without teaching Holy Qur’an, then it displeases them. As I tell everybody, it is not a question of pleasing Muslims, it is a question of pleasing Allah. 2. Our trust in Allah has brought us a form of prosperity, a growing form of prosperity at a time when there is a presumable recession in this land. We are not facing that recession. We are receiving Divine Guidance all the time. We are following in the footsteps of that Divine Guidance. We are benefiting in and from all aspects of life. This is not any theory. It is what is going on. And we see no break in it. 3. The Dervish Dances which were instituted here are slowing drawing more people. They are drawing more people. They are bringing more people to repeat the term Allah. Incidentally, quite incidentally, very incidentally, these young people also repeat phrases concerning Mohamed, on Whom be peace. I am not going to analyze these phrases. The approaches may be new, they may not be new. Several disciples claim to have had manifestations from Ghaus-i-Azam. I believe these were real manifestations. The whole of life in all aspects support that it is so. The luster of the eyes, the tenor of the voices, the beauty of personality, and all such signs manifest Divine Favor. 4. One will know shortly what one’s increase will be in his monthly financial receipts. This is increasing. It is constantly increasing. It is increasing from the family estate, from one’s own endeavors, and from all sources. These to me are examples of the Divine favor, of the Divine grace.

When we arrived in the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts, the first thing this person saw was his own picture on the wall. The next thing one saw was a copy of Mishakat. This to me also was a sign of the favor of Allah, of the Divine grace. We are therefore preparing to study Hadiths, but we are going to make this study with fresh minds, with minds, attitudes, and ardour, in accord with the spirit of the day, in accord with what is going on with, among, and amid the present day living humanity. Problems are not being solved. Empty formulas do not solve problems. Surrender to the Living Allah always will solve problems. There is no change in that. All the young people come here repeat “Ya Hayy, Ya Haqq.” They not only repeat it, they are drawing the vitality out of the universe. They are drawing vigor, they are drawing holiness, and they are drawing joy. One is no longer concerned over the reactions of others. If there are any two men in history to whom we look, or rather who may be looking on us, they are Ghaus-I-Azam and Moin-ud-din Chisti. But we are living these things, not theorizing. And if Allah wills, if Allah wills, we shall continue to operate thus. We may be happy, we may be fortunate, but certainly things are happening.

One’s appearance before the leading divines of the world has brought one considerable good will from those who were strangers. This rise of good will can mean much greater good will on the whole earth, Inshallah.

Today for the first time, for the first time Sufi Sahib, a Rabbi has consented to grant an interview. It seems that wars are preferred to cordiality and good will. Everybody has a lot of empty words which cannot be demonstrated. Just words. I believe we are demonstrating the existence of the Living Allah. I believe it.

There was an Islamic magazine received sometime back in which a Persian sage was quoted, “Adventure is the sign of the wise, and quotation of the ignorant.” I believe it. Indeed I can almost insist on it, and will gladly face the Day of Judgment with such an attitude.

Secretary Mansur and I took two little brochures with us on our trip. One was a small edition of Hadiths. The other was a copy of the Tao Te Ching. Mecca Sherif may have said, “Seek wisdom, even unto China,” but woe to the Muslims who does it; he will he accused all over of heresy. This means that although the word “Islam” is used it does not mean submission to anything, it comes to mean conformity, and maybe it should, but what is gained? We have sought wisdom from. China to the extent that many local Chinese are pleased with us, who are not pleased with others. This is also in my poem “Saladin.”

Now there are movements on earth to promote this poetry, both poetry written and poetry not written. When I visited the tomb of Amir Khusrau in company with Hasan Sani Nizami, the spirit of the poet appeared to me. He bestowed a robe on me and said, “I appoint you as successor to
Mohamed Iqbal in the school of Jelal-ud-din Rumi.” It was you yourself that had this robe waiting when I returned; the same robe; the same robe of Baraka; the same robe of investiture; the same robe of divine favor.

Whatever is going on in the world, whatever disturbances there are, here we are feeling the Divine Grace; here we are filled with hope, and re-echo in praise. This is going on constantly. Finally, not long ago a daughter was born to Khalif Moineddin and his wife Fatima. This child is not yet speaking. But this child is already repeating La Illaha El Il Allah; all day long this child is doing just that. I think this is enough Sufi Sahib, to indicate that whatever we may be doing, it may have the good will of Allah. It is certainly in accord with the life (and death) of Hafiz-i-Shirazi.

Love and Blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



September 10, 1970

Sufi Barkat Ali


Lyallpur District

West Pakistan


Beloved Pir-O-Murshid,

As-salaamileakhum. This person was sent to the United States to bring a message of Allah with directives and inspirations from at least six Pirs and Walis of Tasawwuf. Many of the things he has done will not be approved no doubt by man. Although Salat distinctly says that Allah is the judge of the universe ignorant multitudes consider themselves capable of fulfilling this capacity while differing from each other in all other respects.

There is now a Naqshibandi teacher in South America who is attracting numbers of people who speak English or Spanish. He Is not teaching Shariat. He is not even teaching Holy Qur’an. He is meeting the Western people with a book they  accept called “The Thousand and One Nights.” This has been very badly translated into English by several respected scholars and also in an unexpurgated form by the late Sir Richard Burton who was also at one time at least a Kadiri Talib. The Sheikh is using this version.

He is using this version because it teaches over and over again “there is no power, no might, save in Allah.” Nor does this person believe there is any power or might save in Allah. That Sheikh and this person believe Allah created everybody and that He loves his creation more than a mother loves her offspring. He also accepts many items in the Hadith which are repugnant to very many bigoted and ignorant so-called Muslims, although in their bigotry and ignorance they are still better than the bigoted and ignorant of other faiths or no faith.

Evidently Allah is approving of this person. More and more people are coming. The dances with which Allah has inspired him have resulted in Pakistani saying “Muslims will not approve of it.” Thus the Pakistanis. This person responded. The question is not whether Muslims will respond to them, but whether Allah will approve of them. It Is certain that the Arabs, Iranians and Indonesians do approve and the young Americans who are called hippies also approve.

It is an awkward world when so-called Muslims accept what is written in publications which themselves are financed by the liquor industry. It is the liquor industry who are fighting the so-called hippies and consumers of marijuana, etc. Yet all those in power all over the world without investigating are accepting the reports of these liars and scoundrels.

 The most beautiful report at the present time comes from a number of disciples who have what this person calls Divine Vision. Those who have seen illuminated crescents alone are very large in number. The invitations to lecture on spiritual Islam increase and increase and increase and this at a time when one's chief khalif has long been confined to a hospital, when the housekeeper in a hospital, and two of the three chief secretaries have very well paying jobs and are helping their Murshid financially and otherwise. The first replacement secretary is also ill.

The other secretary is accomplishing wonders. This person was commissioned by heaven itself years ago to bring peace to the Near East. Only one man, a Mr. Gunnar Jarring approved except for one's own colleagues. We travelled together and he thought the plan was wonderful. At that tine the Israelis, Saudians and Egyptians accepted it, and of course all the U.N. officials, but the Americans turned it down, especially the religious and peace organizations, so-called. But this person did not win.

Allah has relieved his financial worries and this year he was received by the great ones of the world, and highly respected. Chief among these was Dr. Seyyed Hussein of Teheran, whom you probably know. Now many religious leaders of all faiths are cooperating. We have been successful. Allamdo lilah in promoting joint Israeli-Christian-Arab dinners. It is only the Pakistanis who stay away. The Arabs are wonderful. This is the work of the other secretary Wali Ali.

Now reports come from Jerusalem of joint Sufi-Jewish meetings attended by disciple Phillip Davenport who published the article on Spiritual Brotherhood of which you have seen a portion. Godson Ralph Silver has become converted to the spiritual side of Islam. So have many other people of Jewish ancestry but not Jewish religion.. Even the infants around us are chanting "Allah" and Arabic sacred phrases. Years ago one wrote that the little child Nathan Johnson aid a Sahjda the first time he met this person. One feels in all things the approval of Allah and His approval.

During all trials the help has been wonderful. Now one is receiving financial support. Now one is reaching larger audiences and universities. Ninety-percent of our work is on La Illaha El Il Allah and the rest on Rahmat Muhammad and the sifat-i-Allah. Or as one says following. Sheikh Al Hujwari (Data Ganj Buksh) “The true Riza is for Allah and not for man.”

Love and Blessings

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



Sufi Barkat Ali

Salarwala, Lyallpur District

West Pakistan

October 29, 1970


Beloved Murshid:

As-salaam aleikhum. Praise be to Allah who makes it possible to extend his own will into manifestation through the agencies of mankind. No doubt this is not in accord with many who believe that if we just sit by and do nothing, the will of Allah will be made manifest. But how about those Muslims who hold to such a point of view with regard to the affairs of the Near East? Are the affairs in the Near East working out in accord with the will of Allah, or is there some other will operating in the universe? If there is such a will, what is the effectiveness of Allah ho Akbar?

Last night some of us went to Dacca Restaurant in this city and began our chants. When we started this work, some Muslims came and said, “Muslims will not approve of what you are doing.” This person answered, “It is not a question of whether Muslims approve, it is a question of whether Allah approves.” People of the Jewish faith have substituted Adonai for Jehovah and Muslims repeat Islam instead of Allah. No doubt followers of Mahdoudi will adhere strictly to Islam-ism, but we are adhering (inshallah) to Allah-ism. We can call Allah-ism Islam or otherwise. For instance, this person differs from the Muslims and will continue to differ, for he says, “Mohammed from whom be peace,” and not Mohammed on whom be peace.” That is a state of consciousness and his wisdom or lack of it. But so far he has not found it to fail in a single instance.

Christians pray, “Thy will be done on earth,” but the majority of both Muslims and Christians seem to have replaced the will of Allah with their own private will. Mohammed, from whom be peace, said: “My words can never abrogate the words of Allah, but the words of Allah can abrogate my words.” This person has stopped arguing with so-called Muslims because whatever one says, the “good” Muslims will say weak Hadith. As every Hadith at every level has come from some Muslim of greater or lesser inspiration, and as the oppositions and criticisms come from men of nufs, this person has become very stubborn and the stubbornness has increased because of recent successes in every direction. Alhamdulillah. A good Muslim does not have to say Alhamdulillah; this person and his followers always do that.

At least five Pirs of Sufism gave the same predictions to this person that he would return to the United States and ultimately convert fifty thousand people. No Imam, no Tablighi has come anywhere near that. On the day before leaving San Francisco, one directed a dance in a large park with a thousand young people chanting Allah. This has never occurred before. One had to wait years and years, re-experiencing The Cave. And now one is out of the cave. The Chrysalis has become a butterfly. One is becoming welcome more and more and more. The late Hazrat Inayat Khan, who gave the original bayat, commissioned this person to reconcile science, intellectualism, and mysticism. None of his followers accepted these instructions or appointments. Each one wanted to have his own appointments and privileges confirmed and approved of, but they did not act as the great Founder of the Sohrawardi movement said: “Consideration consists of extending consideration to others and never expecting consideration from others.” Now everything is moving on a grand scale beyond one’s capacity but not beyond one’s receptivity to divine grace and kashf.

We have already sent out a team of technicians who have been most successful in filming and recording the endeavors of the Sufis of Iran and at Ajmer. They were given every sort of help by our good friend, Dr. Seyyed Hossein Nasr. The films are now being properly processed by my former secretary Mansur, who is exceedingly busy in his own vocation, and with some success, praise to Allah. These films should be ready next year, inshallah, and they will place Sufism on the proper standing as against the true or false teachings of other faiths.

This person has also been successful due to the operation of the grace of Allah, and not from his own personal efforts, in winning the good will of a rather wealthy man who is also a publisher. This man was looking for Sufis, and by an almost miraculous event, ran into one Philip Davenport, one of my mureeds who seems destined to follow the same sort of career. This man whose name is Walter Bowart wishes to publish the writings and biography of Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti. While in England he dared to invade the office of Idries Shah, the man who is giving to the world all sorts of literature labeled as Sufism. He challenged this man in his private office and demanded to know why he did not recognize actual Sufis working in the world of 1970 C.E. The news is that Idries Shah has surrendered. We hope so.

In the meanwhile, our endeavors to promote peace in the Near East by joint Israeli-Arab-dinners and other activities has been very successful, Alhamdulillah, to the point that we are getting some recognition from the radio stations and others. In the meanwhile, the aforesaid Philip Davenport was last heard of in India, and he may be going soon to Pakistan. We have given him an introduction to Ansar Nasri of Radio Pakistan and Dr. Alauddin Siddiqui at Lahore. He has already met Khalifa Khawar, who is now home, and you may be hearing from either or both of them.

Yesterday we were graced with over an hour’s interview from one of the top officials of the Columbia Broadcasting Company. They are interested in filming the meditations of Pir Vilayat Khan and the dances of Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti. These dances are spreading so rapidly that it has become beyond my personal capacity to handle the matters. This situation is also aggravated because no matter how much one does, others keep on expecting more. But then, look at the Near East! Look at Vietnam! Look at the emotional problems so prevalent especially in India and the United States. All we get is words or false personalities misleading the public.

One was able to present to the broadcasting representative a whole series of very solid facts which the press and publications have chosen to ignore. Today this very situation has increased one’s popularity, because when one tells the young people his experiences have been rejected, that alone gains popularity and very quickly. So we are planning to return to San Francisco around November 9, inshallah.

In the meanwhile our efforts toward peace on a spiritual basis have made considerable progress, and people of types who refused us interviews previously are now opening their doors.

It was Allah, and not mankind, who directed this person to teach spiritual dancing. And it is Allah and not mankind which has brought the success. Why, we even have a class at the University of California at Berkeley. This is in extreme contrast to the situation of previous years where, due to the machinations of Europeans and Englishmen, this person’s very presence was barred, when Dr. Nasr asked why, this person named the culprits—non-American, non-Muslim “experts.”

Praise to Allah, that day is over. One is being received with more and more consideration from and by the universities and the public. As a result, the instruction which seem so impossible to get fifty thousand Americans to say Allah is coming very close. This releases this person from having to remain in this land or any place; but the need of helping Americans is so great and never more than at this time that one feels for the cause of Allah one should remain here.

Our good friend, Mr. Chaudhuri, of the Pakistani consulate here has discussed many of these matters. He is concerned over the rise of Indian influences. Yes, multitudes of young Americans are giving Hindu chants. This person has no objection to Hindu chants, but does not see any wonders arising therefrom. Centuries ago, Buddha challenged such methods, and Isa (Jesus) also warned the people of his time not to indulge in vain repetitions. But there are so many strange events going on that one prefers to follow Mohammed (from whom be peace) and “say Allah and leave them to their devices.”’

Behind all this is that strength which comes in practicing the Daroods, which you felt were fundamental for this person’s higher development. Pragmatically, this has been so. These Daroods have been most effective, and this brings up the central theme of one’s own life: how far to present those inner sciences which belong to tasawwuf and beyond to a type of humanity which, for practical purposes, is new to the world.

One is not here facing Arab nomads whose main occupation is fighting each other. One is facing very well educated and often noble but misled young people who are seeking for wisdom and enlightenment. If some methods succeeded, that would not matter. It seems everybody has words for other people. I personally reject and deplore the abrogation of teachings of Mohammed, from whom be peace, by self-centered authorities on a religion given to the world without any formal body of clerics. Allah loves his creation more than a mother loves her children. One means and practices just that. Mohammed placed both knowledge and wisdom on a very high level. It is possible to bring this out into the open. One has, of course, very copies of Hadiths, only small sections and Mishkat. But there is another method, and a method which Sufis call fana-fi-Rassoul. This is embodied in the poem called Saladin, rejected of course by the “good” people of Islam just as its predecessors by the “good” peoples of other faiths. But the strength is there. And one also has the elements of a majestic poem, “Rassoul Gita” written from the standpoint of fana-fi-lillah.

In the meanwhile, there is too much to do. One seldom has any rest, and often during the hours of so-called sleep constant visions which become dances. And these dances are spreading, bringing multitudes of young to repeat the divine names. Opening the doors so one can now teach Zikrs in ways they were never taught before to promote moral and psychic upliftments for the benefit of mankind. There is, of course, much much more, and this is just a single person, keeping in a stage of permanent Zikr. With all love and blessings to my Pir-o-Murshid Sufi Barkat Ali from his devoted mureed Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti.



The Garden of Inayat

910 Railroad Ave.

Novato, Calif.

19th November, 1970


Most Honored and Loved Sufi Sahib:

As-salaam aleikum.

Say: “If the ocean were ink (wherewith to write out) the words of my Lord, sooner would the ocean be exhausted than would the words of my Lord, even if we added another ocean like it, for its aid.”

—Sura XVIII, 109, Yusuf Ali.

Recently a letter was written to our good friend, Dr. Seyyed Hossein Nasr of Tehran, and now circumstances necessitate a sequel. Despite Imam Al-Ghazzali that Sufism is based on experiences and not an premises, there are so many books purporting to be on tasawwuf and not based on human experiences, and sometimes very much on premises that one has, in a certain sense, to declare war. But just as one had to experience, let us say, outwardly, so many of the vicissitudes of The Cave, so now one is fighting a sort of Jihad. But it is very difficult to verbalize because especially in the Western world, but not entirely so, there are a great many “experts” and authorities accepted by scholars to the degree that even if the “experts” and authorities were to concede, their followers would not. But one has no time to reply to the people of nufs no matter how learned, or even wise.

One has before him at this writing Yusuf Ali’s The Holy Qur’an and Maxims of Ali and the Awarifu-l-Ma’Arif and “Futuh Al-Ghaib”—the materials on and of Moineddin Chisti are at my San Francisco office. One no longer is concerned with the rejection of mystics by the intellectuals because alhamdu lillah we have a publisher who is anxious to get out all the Sufic materials he can have and he has begged this person to write. Besides, inshallah, next month one shall be calling on him in person.

One hardly see the need to write commentaries on Holy Qur’an, because a commentary on the above and also on “Nur” could keep one busy all the time. There are so many ignorant bigoted orthodox who say that Holy Qur’an has one meaning when in the Hadith one reads: “Holy Qur’an was sent down in seven dialects and each has an inner and outer meaning.” Nor is one going to waste time with bigots who yell “weak hadith!” whenever you quote what they do not like. For this person believes that the weakest Hadith has more authenticity than the utterances of the people of nufsaniat.

The publisher in Arizona has asked for everything from this person and one will probably begin with “Six Interviews with Hazrat Inayat Khan.” These interviews are based on the direct experiences in 1925 in turn with Khidr, the Prophets-in-Chain, Mohammed and Elijah, the last bestowing for the first time that robe which one had from your hands and which one is wearing at this time. This is a New Age and now a mystic may speak and write despite all the presumably learned scholars who have never had veils lifted.

For a long time one only had The Sufi Message of Spiritual Liberty of Hazrat Inayat Khan; and Kashf-i-Mahjub. But after the death of Inayat Khan his nominal successor, Murshida Rabia Martin sent this person into Khilvat with Awarifu-l-Ma’Arif. It would be unfair to write a report before that of the Six Interviews is completed.

When the veils are lifted by Divine Grace there is an insight which often operates as perfect. Long experience has corroborated that. A few weeks ago one was directed, so to speak, to give public lectures on “initiation” in San Francisco and on the spiritual hierarchy in Marin County which is to the north of San Francisco. The audiences are large and growing. The responses are beautiful. There is not a cloud on the horizon at this time, alhamdu lillah.

While one has been ready to lecture on the spiritual hierarchy from the viewpoint of Hearst Inayat Khan, the arrival of Futuh Al-Ghaib made one realize that the directive of kashf was correct. Only to me the work of Hazrat Inayat Khan is perfected so far as literary forms are concerned in these writings of the greatest of his predecessors Hazrat Ali, Ghaus-I-Azam, the Grand Sheikh Suhrawardi and Moineddin Chisti.

The great difficulty of the day is of a totally different order. One is constantly being taken up into hal. Sometime ago one gave a rose dance which seemed to be in honor of Abdul Qadir Gilani. The participants are in four circles each chanting a phase of Zikr. It had a grand effect upon both the participants and audiences and will be continued Inshallah. But today one perfected a different kind of rose dance for a small group of women who illustrate the opening of the rosebud and chant “Allah Hu.” These chants and dances are attracting more and more young people.

Due to the long illness of the chief khalif the work done on Thursday nights has been interrupted and one has been directed, so to speak, to Futuh al-Ghaib. Coming upon the Seventy-Eighth Discourse one has found such perfect teaching that it is time to give it to the world and stop all this nonsense of ignorant people and bigots. But this stopping will be done strictly in accord with Ghaus-i-Azam himself using the moral instructions.

Monday night as if Divinely directed one put into practice what one has written about before the use of the Sifat-I-Allah either in Wazifa or simple form to correct moral and psychic aberrations. This is not theory. Four or more persons felt that they had had a correction of their own ills and sins without any sermons without any other directive. It was like a miracle. One has long felt this should be done.

Everybody is hearing about the hippy revolution in America. Some people are hearing about the rise of the Hare Krishna movement. But we believe we shall be able to have these directives known to the world. For alhamdu lillah a disciple who is a professor at the University of California has not only introduced our work for credit but has arranged two evenings for this person in the near future.

It is very difficult to keep a perfect balance after one has been spurned by so many and find now that Allah, so to speak, is coming to his help both in the literature now available and in the actual lifting of the veils covering the consciousness.

One has long held before him the Hadith “in that day shall the sun rise in the West and all men seeing, believe.” Beloved Pir-o-Murshid, you may realize that in addition to having to face orthodoxies one also has to face the new “Hare Krishna” and other movements. These seem to touch the inner consciousness of the young and undoubtedly elevate them. But one does not know a single case of spiritual awakening through such methods.

The great Buddha in his time challenged a number of methods of Indian people because they did not work. Jesus Christ also warned against “vain repetitions as do the heathen.” But one cannot directly cope with ignorant emotional people. Besides wisdom must be something more than a blind word to be hurled as a directive. To me wisdom without Rahmat is useless. One has to learn to be gentle and kind but never to the extent of abandoning wisdom. One does not go forth merely to make friends like a politician. One must go forth hoping to awaken the souls of humanity. And one finds that if one is sincere and determinative results follow.

One now has a large number of disciples; a fair number of applicants; invitations to visit many parts of the United States; requests for articles; and the expansion of Dervish dancing on a scale which at the moment is beyond his ability. For this work alone requires time, need to put the dances into literary forms, and many other aspects. It is not for fun; it is not for pleasure; it is to raise the devotional spirit of the young. Fortunately many of the young are most interested in this approach and this in turn means one has to be busy all the time.

Praise to Allah one has excellent help. One is in fine mental condition and one hopes he is devoting himself along the lines of spiritual instruction especially at the moment as laid down by Hazrat Inayat Khan and Abdul Qadir Gilani and all the Sufis in chain.

Love and Blessing,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



Dec. 23, 1970

Sufi Barkat Ali


Lyallpur District, West Pakistan


Beloved Pir-O-Murshid:

As-salaam-aleikhum! It is very necessary to make some reports. One did not write sooner because one has been overworked and had problems on the material plane, nearly all of which were given as tests for the personality. Arising out of these problems has been a nervous disorder which put one under the doctor’s care, but if people are foolish to react about this? If one were to summarize everything it would be the pursuit and, inshallah, the fulfillment of the Chisti-Kadiri-Sabri Order.

One does not know where to begin. Some very wise disciples have secured the best works available in English of the founders of the Chisti, Kadiri, and Sohrawardi Orders. At least two disciples and this person were reading Futuh al-Ghaib when the disaster struck East Pakistan. We all felt independently that an attitude which could be called Kadiri-Sabri was the best. But that has not stopped us from sewing longees which may soon be sent to East Pakistan, inshallah.

In their Murshid’s absence a number of disciples planned a Dervish Bazaar. This was originally to help promote peace in the Near East, but has changed in order to raise funds and get other assistance for the unfortunate humanity of East Pakistan. Evidently Allah was with us, for the first time the news-papers and radio stations took some interest in our work.

There is a young woman disciple here named Basira. She saw the Bazaar attended by hundreds and hundreds of people—and this proved to be so. Then she was blessed by the appearance to her of the Apostle of Mecca, from whom be peace, giving his blessing, and this proved to be so. Indeed a vice-consul from Pakistan attended the affair.

We had mostly Near East food, Dervish Dancing and Choral singing. These chorales are based chiefly on Wazifas. They have attracted so much attention that money has been allotted for tapes and phonograph records. And we all agree these should be put on the market to help the poor people of Bengal.

In the meanwhile this person who seems to have an ear attuned to the Divine Voice, completed his writings on Fana-fi-Sheikh. Hs asked Allah, “Why not more?” and Allah said, “Enough.” Now my chief disciple, Wali Ali, has just reported a beautiful manifestation to his of Ghaus-i-Azam, and this brought the message, in accord with the above, that this person would be known to the brethren of the future for his literary work on Fana-fi-Pir, which will come in between in a sense, Fana-fi-Sheikh, and Fana-fi-Rassoul. (In the meanwhile, the commentary work on Kashf, based on the writings of Hazrat Inayat Khan, has been completed. Work on Mushahida keeps one busy from time to time.)

We are now getting hundreds and hundreds of Americans to say Allah, and when you get 300 “unbelievers” to join in singing “La illaha el allahu, Mohammeda Rassoul Lillah,” this is something no tablighi group has ever accomplished. Muslims have said to me, “Muslims will not approve.” I said to them, and I say again, “It is not whether Muslims approve, it is whether Allah approves.”

Other than the disturbance alluded to in the first paragraph, the health and strength are not being recognized. We are also working on “Six Interviews With Hazrat Inayat Khan” which grew out of the original Khizr experience, which Hazrat Inayat Khan accepted and his followers almost unanimously rejected (excepting Mr. Paul Reps, a fairly well-known writer).

One is now being received by the Universities and at least two professors are going over my poetry. In the month of January, perhaps late in the month, one expects, inshallah, to visit the state of Arizona, both to present spiritual teachings and to have my manuscripts examined for probable publication. Regardless of what Muslims, so-called, think, Holy Qur’an teaches that the Divine Light is neither of the East nor the West. Allah has made all people, and there is even the possibility of our reaching some of the top Zionists. One cannot convince ignorant Muslims that Zionists are not religious synagogue Jews. Some have no religion at all, and many are accepting Indian teachings! But we stick to La Illaha el il Allah.

The number of disciples is growing. The attendance at meetings is growing. The Christian year, coming to a close, has brought love, blessing and work. Maybe this is as Allah wishes. All our activities are expanding.

It was noticeable at the Bazaar there were also represented Jewish people of mystical outlook; three different esoteric Buddhist groups; the chief subordinate of the most successful Yoga teacher in this country, and many seekers of maw kinds.

All love and blessing,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



Jan. 2, 1971


Praise be to Allah!

This has been a glorious exit, and one which will go down in history, a sign of all the beauty, truth and goodness in the universe.

One has been truly saved from the jaws of death and adversity, and may live on indefinitely as God wills. It is the sign of all symbol and goodness, and the establishment of God’s Message in the Western world forever, praise be to Allah!

For I am the first one born in the West to have received the Divine Message, and believe to have representatives in all the purity and goodness of which Allah is capable and which will now be presumed done forever….

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti

Allmond, Peg Correspondence

Cairo, UAR

December 12, 1960


Peg Allmond

470 23rd Ave.

San Francisco 21, Calif.


My Dear Peg:

I have been in this far-away land for over three months and will probably be here two months more. I hope this finds you well and I assume that you may be interested in some of the contents herein.

Primarily I came to this country with a number of missions. Most of these missions were snubbed in the United States, where I could hardly get an interview. But my experiences in Oriental countries had been so totally different one could not help wondering whether the Arabs would greet me as had the Japanese, Thai, Burmese, Pakistanis and Indians, or greet me as the Americans, or as the Europeans who not only snub but sneer.

I can only say here briefly that I entered this country as a VIP, my treatment here has been as a VIP but my “success” has been far out of line with any portion of my earlier career. For not only have all my proposals been accepted by Egyptians or Arabs but the government has commended me and the whole force of the American Embassy is behind me. Not only that, but at this writing the San Rafael Independent and Chet Huntley have asked for news. I have known Chet at two different periods in Hollywood, the first when he was a nobody, the second when he was becoming somebody, and now, of course, when he is tops. I have also had articles in the daily press, in Arabic.

While I keep a diary, I send letters chiefly to those periods who are particularly concerned with events of the day. Only one of these (Audley Nichols of San Rafael) is in “the profession,” but a few letters receive letters mostly as personal friends.

Cairo is a wonderful city to me for two quite different orders of reasons. The one, of course, has been the gratification of the treatment received at all levels. At times this is hard to take, and I will not write further on it here. Only it becomes a question as to what degree of “fame” is achieved here, which may be effective when I return. I have no intention to bother with other persons for it would seem I am “growing” in effectiveness and that is important to me and may also be a deciding factor in where I live afterwards.

The second series of reasons why Cairo is wonderful is that you find it a series of cities of all periods from 960 to 1960 both inclusive. It is very hard to get an over-all and it is not necessary to got an over-all as Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, London or Tokyo. In a few respects it resembles Nara, Japan, in that the life of earlier ages with arts, architecture and what not are preserved. But it also includes the arts, architecture and lives of intermediary periods. So that when one walks about, which I do a good deal, one enters into different centuries, so to speak. This type of adventure is far from exhausted.

The most interesting part of the city, outside my profession, is the Khan-i-Khalili Bazaar. There all kinds of folk arts are preserved. I have sent and may send a few things to Gump’s and to the Rudolph Schaeffer School of Design. I have also sent essences of perfumes to the Favermam Drug Co. on Larkin & Turk. I am unable to do more as all moneys for all purposes come out of my own pocket (and actually I am accomplishing what some rather vociferous corporations are crying for money for and not doing at all).

The bazaar regions are of two types. In the one type you see the segregated professors as cloth merchants, goldsmiths, silversmiths, leather workers, ironworkers, etc. occupying whole streets or even districts. In the other arrangement, there is more general merchandising. I ran into both of them today.

I am in need of shoes. There are at least four types of footwear here: modern shoes, mosque shoes, folk-shoes and slippers or sandals, which do not have leather bottoms. As Pakistan has both better heavy shoes and folk shoes than this country, I want to get the mosque shoe type. This can be slipped on and off easily and as the mosques represent the best type of historical edifices, everybody visits some of them whether one is a Muslim or not. Besides, this type is, in a sense, unique. Also they are very cheap compared to the others.

Most mosque-type shoes are for men, but I have seen them in all sizes and very cheap, too, from our point of view. But it is the folk-type which caught my eye today. You do not see them in the stores that are scattered about in this district or in the rather extended “down-town” shopping sections which are not too far away. They have their own type of inlay and coloring, and I have not examined them closely. What I did do is to price them and I got out of buying for two quite legitimate reasons! I did not have with me either your address or that of certain female cousins to whom I may send some. I also have some foot outlines, but will have to look to see which lady friends these are from, outside the cousins.

Last week I went down to the bazaar section to buy but not only am I temporarily up on my limit of money but even more so on my time and more on my time than money. So it may be several weeks before I do anything. Besides none of the stores or bazaar-shops had all the types I would select.

As the prices run roughly from about $1 to $2.50, a packet of four or five pairs may be sent under the $10 limit. I do not know at the moment how or what to select, but my present intention is to someday send a package to you. Roughly speaking I should like one pair for permanent display, one pair (provided they fit) for Leonora Martin and one pair for your good self. This, of course, is indeterminate. I have not at the moment compared the foot outlines which I have—which seem typically American—with the sizes of the ladies’ shoes seen in the bazaars, and I am, course, writing some time ahead of any shipment.

Both from the folk-art and general art point of view I think these shoes may be interesting, although they may not come up to expectations of other shoes.

I have also done my first sampling of Arab clothing for myself, which again, is part of folk-art effort. The man’s gowns may be picturesque, they make good lounging robes, but hardly are adopted to dancing.

I am now glad I did not bring my record player here. This country is not ready for folk dancing, yet. You have to take it on faith that I have met thousands of people and I find that the serious young are more interested in having dancing introduced than the mass. I have received a letter from one Bette Reeve of Mill Valley whose mother was my first dancing partner, that there is a move to introduce folk dancing as a counter-effort to subversive espionage. I am all in favor of it, but you can’t do it en masse here through any YMCA. This would attract a limited clientele.

The Whirling Dervishes here are of a low order, other dervishes, whom we entirely ignore, are great in number and contain very high-class members, including large segments of the leading scientists and apprentices in engineering and scientific research. TV is just beginning but I could easily get any folk dance team on TV as I stand “in” there. I met the TV director in Cleveland and it is I who am holding back from a studio visit.

I have seen several dervish ceremonies. They have unusual forms of singing, none of which I have ever heard recorded and I am inclined to believe there is a strong Christian influence utterly ignored by book-writers. They also have movements in their ceremonies which are like letters of a dance alphabet and sometimes movements without moving from place. The few Negroes I have been I have seen among them are the most skillful in this and also in the singing, but I think some of the dark-skinned are Sudanese and not true Negroes. I do know that I can tape-record all kinds of things others are not permitted or do not care to see.

Yet it is among the younger of these types that I have found the most cordiality. Recently I did see a large group of un-chaperoned young people trying to have their own folk-dancing in a park. There were no elders around. They may have been Christians for this seems to me unusual for Muslims. But there are plenty of Christians, too, here—I mean among the Egyptians.

For my part the best type of dancing to start off with would be the line and circle dances found from Yugoslavia to this region. There is also some interest in “Latin-American” dancing.

Before Squares could be introduced the shyness of body-touching would have to be overcome, plus the suitable arrangements of calls. Of course our calls themselves are a sort of lingua franca. This subject I shall look into again in Lahore, Pakistan, where there had been a beginning when I was there four years ago.

The folk-dance shoes will also support the kolo-horo type and there is now some infiltration of Syrian influence. The Syrians, though Muslims, do have some folk dances but I have not visited that region and it does not look as if I can with limited finances and tremendous numbers of projects to keep me busy all the time.

Not only that but it looks as if, before the week ends, I shall be drawn into some other matters, extending my lines, so to speak, but so far successfully.

I have sent a copy of this to Kraemer’s, so they can read a little of what is going on—which is very little as to the full report of my full time.




P.S. I am now writing Leonard on the perils of fame. Fortunately being a dar-veeeesh, they don’t bakshish me so much, but they come after “baraka” which is a rather complex subject, which we translated as “blessings” but the latter word does not connote much. For “baraka” includes magnetism, the supposition of healing or other powers and what not. The shaking of hands is a much greater favor than the bestowal of money; other gifts, however, are welcome. At the present moment I am both mingling with the hoi polloi (something which is not done) and also with the top bananas (something which is known by the European “Orientalists” that I can’t possibly do).




January 17, 1961


My dear Peggy:

At last they are off. It was not easy. I hope the package will get across the seas safely. Anyhow it is insured. I have sent three pairs of slippers, three pairs of shoes and. I got them so that each pair would be distinct in color and size, to give you an idea of what they make here. I have also purchased a cheap pair of shoes for myself and am getting another pair made to order, but they are not picturesque.

The Khan-i-Khalili Bazaar district is one of the most delightful in Cairo. You get old smells and sounds and sights but not dirt. It is much more advanced than “Old Cairo” but it is still the centre of folk-art activity, all kinds. I have asked the merchants to include cards and information with the package.

I do not have much time to watch the craftsmen and there is still a long way to go to organize them and to preserve or advance skills of another day. There is also a gap between the traditional and modern, and though it is being filled, this is not true in all lines.

I have selected these shoes without any idea of measurement and also without any idea of disposition. Roughly speaking I hope one pair fits you and I hope one pair fits Leonora Martin, but I don’t know how she can contact you. The others you can exhibit or sell. As I have purchased these at my own risk, this is not business. But if you do sell them, the cost price landed in San Francisco for the sandals is about $1.25 and for the shoes about $4.00. Guide yourself as you will. If you still have them when I return I am willing to take them off your hands, but somehow or other you may have use for them, if for none other than exhibition purposes.

I love leave Cairo on February 16, Port Said on February 20th for Pakistan. My first address there will be c/o Consulate, U.S.A., Karachi. The shoes and indeed all the gifts I purchased from that country arrived safely in the U.S. And I am liable to send you others from there—beaded and such. But you must have that pair I brought to your place and you can judge the value and lasting quality better than I can. The cheapest pair of Pakistani shoes I bought for myself has stood up remarkable well.

I shall have been in this country about 5 1/2 months and I expect to stay at least an equal time in both Pakistan and India, though I do not know how much will be in traveling or how much in one place. My life here is full of adventures, mostly recorded; and on the whole very much better than I had expected, even though at times I seem to have set quite a high mark. Well, whatever those marks, on the whole they have been achieved, though that is another story.

I shall go to the bazaars once more to purchase some things for myself, including, no doubt, an Arab costume. There is also another bazaar nearby where I can use Diner’s Credit Card. I have been using this for meals and had some most enjoyable meals in this part of the world. They have plain cooking in this pension, fancier in the hotels, but not worth the difference. I do not know how many types of clothing I shall collect, but some will be used by me on the trip.

The and above is a different matter. I have included some silver purchases. They are to go to my friend Seth (Silver) Wood, Trade Fair, Sausalito. There are two small pieces, and one larger one. One of the small ones is for Wilma Young, and the two others for Seth.

Buying things is relatively easy here. Shipping is both difficult and expensive, so I am compelled to fill in the niches in my luggage with purchases and some of these will be carried all the way around, and it is a long way to get home, Beside, if, as, and when I get to Penang, Malaya, I know I am going to receive more things. I am assuming I can hold out. My exploits are reported to different person but I have to put them in my diary and can’t write everybody. I have adventures every day.

Of a different nature. The first American I met here was Paul Keim of Berkeley and he has been very helpful—in technical and scientific adventures. He has a tall, white haired secretary, who knows how to be a receptionist and then some. Today I learned she teaches Latin-American dances; as I have to see her anyhow I am going to sound her out in this and related subjects.

Another reason is that two days ago I heard square dance call in Arabic! I was walking through the streets “down town” and was amazed. I have not seen much in that line yet and the traditional public dances have a long way to go. There are also undeveloped dervish dances which, if developed, would be without partners. At the moment I see much more opportunity for kolos than for partner-dances, but one does not know how fast changes may take place here. Certainly music is developing at a fast rate.

I have to see the Director of TV here who is a good friend of mine and I may sound him out. Satchmo Armstrong is expected here any day but will not remain and doubt whether his visit heard will have any effect on the Egyptians. Worse, I expect to read wide-spread and useless news from the States which will be very misleading.

Of course I have all sorts of materials for books and have been off the beaten path, but the unusual is not always welcome and there is plenty of the unusual here.

I hope this you well. No answer is necessary. If you do sell the shoes and make a profit, may be a door will be opened, but that is too far away. I can only guess at their reception. I am, however, sincerely and seriously interested in markets for Pakistani shoes in the States.


Samuel L. Lewis

Address February 26-March 10

U.S. Consulate, Karachi, Pakistan

Then K-482, Old Kunj St.

c/o Abdul Rahman, Abbottabad, Hazara, West Pakistan



Lewis Visits Franciscan Fathers


On Monday, January 23, Sam Lewis, wandering Mariner, called at the church of the Assumption of Our Lady which is the headquarters of the Franciscan Fathers in Cairo, UAR. As one who was born within a few yards of the Mission Dolores in San Francisco, Sam has always had a warm affection for this Order, which he shares with many people of this region.

The meeting with the Fathers was both pleasant and informative. They must speak at least English, French and Latin to enter this monastery; and generally know German, Greek and sometimes Italian or Spanish. They must be conversant with Arabic and Coptic before they leave.

The monks are engaged in research, literary, archaeological and liturgy. Much attention is paid to the part that Mother Mary plays in church services, theology and in Christian life generally. This requires a study into the whole field of Coptic religion and culture. Studies are made in early Christianity, its literature and its institutions.

The tradition is that St. Mark established Christianity in Egypt and in a certain manner he is the patron saint of the region. But the Holy Family is said to have stopped in a place just adjacent to old Cairo where there is a little shrine.

The Franciscan Fathers came here in the early days of their order and have a continuous history since the thirteenth century. They are thus the oldest Christian institution here other than those groups which were developed in Egypt; i.e. the Copts. During this time some Copts and other Oriental Christians have acceded to Rome, maintaining their language in the Church Service and sometime a few of their earlier customs but adhering to the theology of the Roman Catholic Church.

The Church of the Assumption of our Lady operates for the benefit of the Fathers and Brothers and they do not operate any school other than for their specialized studies. The Dominican Fathers specialize in the relation of Christianity to Islam which visit may be forthcoming.

Lewis also passed two synagogues in this region. Ones was in the European manner and was closed. The other was a Sephardic synagogue. This was established when the Jewish people were exiled from Spain and sought refuge here. It has been in continuous operation. The prayer book and the architecture are of the universal Sephardic pattern—though this is not well known to those who are not specialists.

San Lewis reports from Cairo that all his principal missions have, in a sense, come to fulfillment and he is writing out lengthy reports with the hope that they may assist in promoting relations between the United States and the Arabic world. So far all his efforts have been encouraged by both the UAR government and the Agricultural and State Departments of the United States.

The selection of Adlai Stevenson as delegate to the UN is with general approval abroad. This man is one of the most popular Americans in all Asia. Sam says: “I was never for Stevenson for President. I always granted him to be our delegate to the UN and think he is in the post for which he is most suited.”

On Sunday, January 22nd Sam attended a football (soccer) game between Cairo and Alexandria. The Cairo team won. “The passing of these players was excellent. No one on the winning team tried to be a hero. There were few long runs, there was excellent passing and coordination, much like that of some of our better basket-ball teams. The stadium, the audience and the behavior was about the same as one meets with anywhere. Lewis thinks that UAR needs more sports, but not necessarily better players; they have them.

American Council on the Middle East Correspondence

American Council on the Middle East

P. O. Box 19227

Washington, D. C. 20036

December 11, 1969


Mr. Samuel L. Lewis

410 Precita Avenue

San Francisco, California 41190


Dear Mr. Lewis:

Please accept my sincere thanks for your illuminating letter of December 7. I assure you that I am glad to learn of your efforts for peace and understanding.

The American Council on the Middle East is dedicated to peace between the Arabs and the Jews in the Middle East. But we believe that real and lasting peace must be preceded by a just settlement of the issues that brought about war between them. Peace, imposed by force of arms is not real peace and would not last.

As you stated, there must be clear and sincere understanding between persons and nations, in order to achieve peace and cooperation. Peace must come from the heart.

I hope that you agree with these views and that you will support us.


Frank C. Sakran

Executive Secretary



December 14, 1969

American Council on the Middle East

P. O. Box 19227

Washington, D.C. 20036


Beloved Ones of God:

This follows your letter of December 11. There is no outward reason for not joining American Council on the Middle East, but I find in general that organizations purporting to work in an international field seem to proclaim that all wisdom directed to the solution of problems and situations is centered in their own board of directors, and that even “God” has nothing to do with the solution of problems. The fallacy here is that the problems have not been solved, indeed have been augmented. Nor do I see any sign that wisdom belongs to any group, caste, race, or nation. And I see few signs among those who verbally or otherwise dissent to these words that in actuality practice acceptance thereof.

In 1928 I submitted a peace program to the World Church Peace Council that proposed the internationalization or a-politicalization both of Jerusalem and all sacred cities. But our culture is such that although we may provide for the lamb and lion lying down together, we are adamant in rejecting the possibility of a little child leading them, or an unknown presenting any program. So we have the problems, and we are going to continue to have the problems until we adapt peace with universal will, not “good” will, for I personally reject all dualisms and will not compromise that the sun and rain are for the just and unjust.

I not only have taught in churches, synagogues, and mosques, which is an accomplishment few people seem to have, I can worship in churches, synagogues and mosques without being ostentatious about it. I am, to begin with, a teacher in Sufism, that grand mystical philosophy which is precluded from this culture. And I think one of the very first things we ought to work with is the right of Arabs and Muslims to offer their culture in our institutions. We have done nothing of the kind. A generation back, and even more recently, I personally was barred from several institutions of learning in this land by Englishmen and Europeans proclaimed as “masters” of Islamic culture. This is nonsense. If I had been barred by a Muslim it would not have been nonsense. Therefore I do not know what you mean by “just settlement” until some form of justice provides for instructions in Arab culture in this land on a basis fairly comparable to instructions in European and Jewish cultures.

The group of Sufis hers has just celebrated Chanukah and will celebrate Christmas, as well as Ramadan. I hope, inshallah, to be able to go to a conference of all faiths, under the auspices of The Temple of Understanding next year. I hope to be able to present three names before that august assemblage, i.e., Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent Emperor Akbar, and Prince Dara Shikoh. Their exclusion from our culture is a defect for which I see no excuse. But we do not accept such of the Sermon on the Mount, nor do we accept the closing chapters of the Book of the Prophet Malachi which terminates the Hebrew Scriptures.

Boccaccio has given us the story of the Three Rings. The German Lessing has almost immortalized this in his Nathan the Wise. I myself have written a Hebraic, Christian, and Islamic epic (3 of them) covering this general topic. Money which I would have liked to share with so-called “peace” organizations is being withheld so that I can publish these epics. We have a lot of nonsense such as “the family that prays together stays together”; I call this blatant, arrogant braggadocio unless it is also extended to mean “the world that prays together stays together.” I do not propose the termination of any religion or any group, but only harmonious relationships.

I do not propose anything without carrying it into action. This Sufi group has celebrated Chanukah with the Jews, and we are proposing to celebrate Christ’s birthday minus Santa Clausism with Christians. But our next venture is the possibilities, inshallah, of having a Sufi teacher as a guest who has remained in Palestine during all the turmoil, as a citizen of Israel. There is a far cry between proposals and actualities, and what has irked me and I ask no forgiveness for it, has been the rejection of actualities by those who are proposing. Yours is not the only organization presumably working in this field. The common policy seems to be both other extant groups and all proposals from unimportant persons. Jesus Christ has said, “In the hour ye think least, the Son of Man cometh.” The Bible also teaches, “The stone that is rejected is become the cornerstone.”

We work unorganized. We work unorganized because organizations seem to be interested only in: a. the promotion of their own prowess to the neglect of the prowess of all others. b. the collection of monies from the outside world to promote their programs. We are seeking no outside help. We rely on God-Allah who to us is actuality—not a thought, not an ideal, not an epiphenomenon but Actuality. We work, pray, and live with Muslims, Christians, and Hebrews, and without ostentation. A number of us are of mixed races and bloods.

The whole tenor and trend of the New Age is toward real brotherhood, not subjective poppycock from nature persons called “brotherhoods.” Brotherhood consists of extending the hand of fraternity to the non-brother, not in proclaiming a subjective philosophy. Of course I am ready to share with those who can accept us as being their brothers, and if you can consider our ideas, and our ideals and accomplishments as in accord with your own endeavors we shall be only too glad to send you the proper financial disbursements to this common and.

With love and blessings in the name of Allah-God and all His Prophets and Messengers, the founders of all religions.


Samuel L. Lewis

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



American Council on the Middle East

P. O. Box 19227

Washington, D. C. 20036

December 27, 1969


Mr. Samuel L. Lewis

410 Precita Avenue

San Francisco, California 41190


Dear Mr. Lewis:

Thank you for your letter of December 14.

Let me assure you that we are working for peace, real and lasting peace in the Middle East. Let me also say that up to now we have not advanced nor developed any specific peace program. And to be honest with you, I confess I do not know yet what kind of peace proposals have a chance of acceptance by the parties, nor what sort of proposals would bring about lasting peace.

If you have any ideas on the subject, please let us have them. We will welcome any suggestions on this subject.

I personally have had great respect for the Sufis and their philosophy. But while I have studied the philosophies of many schools I have deemed it inadvisable to identify myself officially with any particular ones. I prefer to keep my mind open for new ideas.

I think you and I have similar philosophies in many fields.

I do hope that we can count on your support and the support of your followers.



Frank C. Sakran

Executive Secretary



December 30, 1969

Executive Secretary

Mr. Frank C. Sakran

American Council on the Middle East

P. O. Box 19227

Washington, D.C. 20036


Dear Sir,

One must acknowledge your very fair letter of December 27, and inshallah, we may be working closely with you. It is many many years since this person started on a career, a most lamentable career, of working for peace through religion. One studied the religions of the world. One studied the food problems of many Asian countries. One came up with proposals which have neither been refuted nor accepted. So long as there is noblesse oblige, so long as ideas are not important but the expressions of persons are important, we can hardly solve problems. Here one gave as a Christmas message, over and over again, “Every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain laid low.” Religion and tradition simply do not accept this, and so we have wars, and will continue to have wars, and all our expressions of humanity or even humanism become vanities. It is a pity.

I am preparing to attend a convocation of the religions of the world under the auspices of The Temple of Understanding. My program for Jerusalem, etc., offered in 1928 has never been accepted, never been refuted. So it has been withdrawn with the hopes that conflicting opinion will sooner or later have to seek some other approach.

Last night two men came here who refused to call themselves “Muslims” anymore on the ground that any “Islam” based on hatred of anybody, rather than love for Allah, is futile. I think this is a marvelous step in the right direction.

Potential cooperation with your organization depends largely on a forthcoming event: an Arab, who is a citizen of Israel and an actual or putative Sufi is expected shortly. We hope to learn from him both ideas and proposals that can diminish hatreds and provide solutions—not suitable solutions but solutions; we believe any solution would be a suitable solution. Our program requires the adaptation of practical methods. We believe there should be, indeed there must be, neutral recognition of various religions and holy places. We see in desert reclamation infinite potentialities for the solution of many of the problems of the day. We practice the brotherhood of man, without verbal nonsense. We welcome all peoples. We have a mass of materials both on the religions of the world, and the potentialities of development of the Near East. We believe there is a God; we believe as Qur’an teaches that He always has his vice-gerents on earth. We do not accept the outworn method of pious appeals. We consider the resolutions passed by both Muslims and Israelis vanity and useless. Although any actual suggestion is controversial, when the Greeks and Turks fought some 140 years ago, the great powers took it upon themselves to bring peace by intervention. We believe this may be necessary now. We intend to work for actualities, and not pious hypocritical useless emotional appeals.

We shall write later, either after this Arab from Palestine comes, or if he fails o come. But we must insist that groups who pretend to be interested in peace in the Near East begin by demanding serious studies of Arabic culture in this land, and not the use of prominent characterized dis-interested intellectuals. With Zionists having an access to our universities (no objection), we should have “equal time” given to other parties.


Samuel L. Lewis

American Friends of the Middle East Correspondence

58 Harriet St.

San Francisco 3, Calif.

[likely March 1964]


American Friends of the Middle East

323 Geary St.

San Francisco 3, Calif.


Dear Friends:

In view of two separate articles in today’s paper certain views are recorded that they may be sent on to the home office without prejudice.

The first of these is a report that Nasser is arming with the ultimate view of warring against Israel. Other factors aside the danger here is that it may terminate the existing UN organization unless something is done. And with the peculiar experience of always being able to communicate with UN officials and unable to do so with Americans involved, I feel now at any cost to put some pointers on the table.

Religion and Peace. I was at one time connected with the defunct Carnegie Group, “World Peace through Religion” and whatever the approach may have been, it was exemplified by the meeting between Christians and Muslims some years back in Beirut. In a vague way also it was instituted by the late Secretary of State, Mr. Dulles, at the UN conferences here in San Francisco in 1955.

The idea of having Hebrews, Christians and Muslims sit down together or pray together, or “come let us reason, together with the Lord may or may not be feasible. There is now be instituted a scientific group for the study of religion. This might involve theology and mysticism but one is more concerned whether it might become a modus operandi to place cards on the table and promote, at least indirectly some form of brotherhood and understanding. At the present time Judaism and Christianity are taught objectively and Asian faiths subjectively in the United States—a situation which is paralleled by the statement above that one can actually communicate with Israelis, and Arabs (though separately) and UN officials, but not usually with the bodies who tend to regard all Asians as things rather that human beings, unconsciously.

Water. I certainly cannot ask AFME to express any opinion on my private philosophy that the solution of California’s water problems will establish a precedent for the solution of water problems elsewhere. But there is in today’s paper a proposal, “How to Irrigate The Continent.”

SE Asia. This point is introduced because during the long turmoil in SE Asia and especially in Vietnam, no attention has been paid to the real religions of the real people in this area. The Chinese are able to infiltrate and say we have come to destroy the native and national religions and we either ignore the charge and respond by producing names and books by people who have never worshipped with the nationals.

This is motioned because yesterday at the World Affairs Council luncheon, the speaker, a highly place Pentagon officer who has been stationed in Saigon affirmed that one of our great weaknesses is our hauteur toward the local faiths. And it is no answer to anything to have “famous” Englishmen and Canadians lecture on “Islam” or book writers lecture on “Buddhism.” We have refused to accept hints that Asian nationals are very sensitive on this point.

Society for the Scientific Study of Religion. The A.A.A.S., the chief scientific organization in this country has announced the recent formation of such a body. It is very strange that the United States which formulated a program at the Columbia Exposition in 1893 of having each religion of the world presented by its own devotees, after establishing this formula, has gone in entirely different directions. And whatever moral or political arguments are presented, actually it has lead to our own undoing in one Asian land after another that we do not give credence to the actual beliefs or superstitions of these people, we do not take them seriously.

I must also call to you attention that the Ford Foundation, which works on the premise of the reality of the religions of Asia, is doing more for human rehabilitation, for peaceful coexistence between Asia and the United States, and even for some form of individualistic capitalistic society that any other group.

My own personal premises based on the life of Sir Richard Burton have been of great advantage to me personally; so far they have been of no use to my country. In military strategy when one tactic fails another is tried; but in diplomatic circles the methods re too often been retarded as more important than the goal itself.


Samuel L. Lewis



 772 Clementina St.,

 San Francisco 3, Calif.

 January 5, 1965


My Dear Admiral Felt:

a. Following the letter written recently I have also now written to Edward Lansdale, copy enclosed. It gives some aspects of a life dedicated to “God and country” but on bases not usually followed. One can only say that what has been done has been done, and efforts have, almost without exception been approved in Asia and by Asians here.

b. After years and years of effort, and rejection, on radio station (KPFA) has expressed its willingness for me to submit a paper on “The Buddhism of Vietnam” or papers on a larger cycle covering the religions either of the Far East, or of entire Asia. This will be done gladly.

They were rather surprised with credentials. These credentials have already been accepted at Claremont College, but have been invariable rejected by all those American institutions which have relied on Europeans or Englishmen for data on “Asia.”

c. Attention is also called to “Living Buddhism in Asia” translation of a conference of Japanese. Whatever else be said this represents the actual views of actual Orientals during this age. We may like or not like what they have said and written. But this and not the metaphysical speculations which have crowded the air and book stalls misrepresenting Oriental views should be made known to the American public.

In this no apology for these Buddhism’s are needed nor any criticism. In scientific research and in true military intelligence efforts it is requisite to charter out the territory involved and not personal feelings about that territory. Unfortunately politics and diplomacy are prone to accept personal interpretations of facts rather than the facts themselves.

d. Beginning January 29 some plays will be presented at the Buddha Universal Church, 720 Washington St. this city, involving “Amitabba” and thus facets of real “Mahayana” Buddhism of which the American public has been kept in ignorance by those in control of channels of publicity and communication. I hope it may be possible for you to attend such sessions or performances and also to make a tour of the building. This church has a lot of basic Chinese manuscripts not always available in English and also the charms and amulets sent from the Vietnam “Roshi” met in Thailand.


Samuel L. Lewis



 772 Clementina St.

 San Francisco 3, Calif.

 March 7, 1965


American Friends of the Middle East

323 Geary St.

San Francisco 2, Calif.


Dear Admiral and Friends

This letter is being sent in duplicate for your sharing with Terry Duce, the Washington office or anybody else. The immediate impetus is the radio announcement that Ben Bella is proposing a conference between Israel and the Arab States. Now I wish to call you attention to a few items:

1. My peace plan for Southeast Asia is being published in Thailand. I knew it would get no hearing here. It is impossible. Anything can pass as religion in the United States, including the beatnik church in North Beach, the Elijah Mohammedanites, etc. And abroad the communists have used even Christian missionary movements as their centers—names, dates, facts, persons; not conjectures.

The result is that here we have a lot of so-called “Buddhist: movements, 90% of whose members never studied an Buddhist literature at all. The Korean Master, See, will return shortly from Columbia University where he has been trying to correct the joyful acceptance by Americans of all kinds of charlatans and pretenders as conveyers of Asian cultures.

As we are dedicated to Aristotelian and Hegelian dualism, let me say that my peace proposal has no relation whatever and whatsoever to any group in the United States which thinks that peace means the withdrawal against them, etc. It is like finding a center of gravity on a straight line instead of in a three or four dimensional space. It leaves us the choice of death war and graveyard peace. It leaves us the Buddhist proposals are nothing like either. Besides I have found that the way to make peace with Chinese is not like the Quaker-Jain method of non-resistance. All the God-men of India fought wars and fought them successfully and some day we shall study Mohammed, inshallah.

2. As I told you before I had a peace plan for Palestine accepted by the UN officials, by the Israelis I met, by Arabs of UAR and Saudi Arabia, but unanimously rejected by the State Department, the Carnegie “Peace” Movement, etc., etc., in which we shall not go here.

My contact and talks with Hashim Nashim have let me into a lot of real history which has never been news, and which, if it got into the hands of your colleagues would enable them to work discretely, honestly and most objectively on the problems of the Near East. I mentioned the Southwest Asia imbroglio to indicate objective contacts with persons, events, etc. rejected always a priori by the State Department and press, but not by Army Intelligence, who at least grant interviews.

Now there are three tremendous things which Hashim is trying to take up, only the first of which I have had time to try to work on:

a. A sane overall Nile Development program, like a “Missouri-Valley” modification of a “Colorado River” plan applied to that part of the world. The minor would be on the future of the water resources of UAR, especially because of the potential withdrawal of the West Germans.

Our terrible dialectical press has over evaluated the work of the Russians and far under evaluated the work of the Germans in UAR and, in effect some of our so-called most “reactionary” press has been thus dealing out real communist propagandas. Outside of the space-physics and military research Russia is far, far behind a very large number of nations, into which we need not go.

What is needed is more pro-American approaches here and below.

b. A completely objective picture of both the Arabians and Jewish cultures, all levels, all divisions, inside and outside of both religions and politics, to point out the machinations as well as the achievements of each side. My own “peace plan” here is based on salt water conversion, but with the Ben Bella and Hashim, there are many other ways to bring about better understanding.

However I feel positive that any meetings at any level must be with spiritual consideration each of the other; a much more sober evaluation of religion than is possible to get from the Foreign Office or press; and from the pragmatic standpoint the inclusive of enough representatives of petroleum and engineering firms. There is no need for the pragmatic business forces and the spiritual people not to cooperate fully.

c. The natural resources of African which can be developed through and with protected investments. This is very vital at the moment because Hashim has already been engaged in getting Gold where white people would not readily have access. The sober, proper consideration of this might mean the solution of many problems in one organization. These are things I may also probe through the Chambers of Commerce and industrial forces.

I am still convinced that we can only have peace and understanding through (a) love and mutual consideration; (b) commerce in all its aspects. Political philosophies mean nothing to me and I confess a weakness in abhorring them all.


Samuel L. Lewis


P.S. This may be fragmentary and sketchy, but I hope it will lead to your meeting Hashim, etc. with or without my presence.



 772 Clementina St.

 San Francisco 3, Calif.

 June 27, 1967


American Friends of the Middle East, Inc.

1607 New Hampshire Ave., NW

Washington, D.C.


Dear Friends:

I have your Special Issue No. 1, 1967 before me and have also written to my own Congressman, Phillip Burton, copy enclosed.

Ever since the world adopted that hollow, noisy, “peace with justice” we have had to face more and more political warfare, in which commitments are made to words, not to people. And so long

As we have the verbal and not the human commitments I see no way out of the present complexes.

Ever since meeting the late Dr. Henry Atkinson in 1928 I have worked on peace both for the world and for the Near East in particular. And it is only recently that His Holiness, Pope Paul, has come out for exactly the same program submitted by me personally in 1930 from which I have had no reason to move.

We live simultaneously in two worlds, one of hard facts and the other of abstracted opinions and these opinions are evaluated according to the personality who originates them. If there is any question of sight or foresight I am having Ellen who is your local secretary copy two epic poems written by me respectively in 1941 and 1942, one from the Jewish point of view and another from the Christian point of view covering both the territory involved and proposed “solutions.” These poems were rejected, respectively by the Synagogue and Church which does not mar their validity one bit. Later there came a larger epic from the Islamic point of view. But anybody who knows all these three points of view—suggested previously by Sir Richard Burton and others, finds himself in an unenviable position.

I have details which might solve each and every problem of the area and I am willing at any time to submit to you both the program originally given to the World Church Peace Union and the one on which I worked while abroad. In general Asian peoples accepted it, and so did and do UN officials. But with Americans it seems to depend entirely on the two cultures—the fact people being in entire accord; the opinion people being divided and largely either unconcerned or disconcerned.

As written before I have inherited, in a sense, a mental legacy from the late Terry Duce to work on desert reclamation as a means of harmonizing Israelis and Arabs, but I also have the background—not inconsiderable in the respective religions. At least Mrs. Hollister of the “Temple of Understanding” and her colleagues investigated and found them not wanting. Generally they are not investigated and found wanting. This is our “realism.”

I have found Ambassador either an extremely uninformed person or an uninforming one. The world is today divided between the less equal and more equal and it just happens that the less equal have more votes in the UN.

I am in entirely accord with your views as I think I have always been. But it is time to get away from palliatives and establish some sort of program. I was sent on a peace feeler mission from Pakistan to India and was utterly berated by our foreign offices. India and Pakistan called in Kosygin.

 I met so many UN officials and with them one could confer and talk and be equal. This is not yet possible between an American citizen and his foreign office.


Samuel L. Lewis



 410 Precita Ave.

San Francisco, Calif. 94110

October 24, 1968


American Friends of the Middle East,

1605 New Hampshire Ave. NW

Washington, D.C. 20009


My dear Friends:

?????? Starting ?????? Over in the Mid East ?????

I am today enclosing what is to me a measly fifteen dollars as dues. I can afford more, and I can’t. I can’t because the average American, joining a “big” organization is a phantom to sign checks, otherwise he does not exist.

The Hebrew Bible ends: “and he shall turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.” But rather than accept the existence of a real Living, Loving, Compassionate God, we prefer the curse and we are getting the curse and we shall continue to get the curse because the fathers will not children do not like it one bit.

In 1930 my plan for bringing about peace through religion was accepted by the World Church Peace Union under the late Dr. Henry Atkinson was one of the most promising. At his request I studied all the real religions of the real world and have spoken from the platforms of each of the real religions of the real world and, of course, worshipped with the devotees of even more sects, schools and cults. This country prefers an out and out atheist, even if he be a communist. Read the papers. “Blessed are the Peace Maker” ends in the pulpit.

One can count on the fingers of one had the number of clerics that have been willing even to listen to reports of accomplishments in this field. Of fine—that is all of our beautiful clerics that would even listen, three are Quakers (Friends) and one an outcast. The rest almost unanimously believe in a “Golden Rule”—one way street. My original plan accepted the historicity of the great Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and Padisha Akbar of the Moguls, names we have to by-pass (along with the communists) because their very existence upsets certain power structures which the young now flee. Facts of the world are not important if they interfere with conclusions, programs and crusades.

I am not going into past history but on one point—being sent on a peace feeler between Pakistan and India, one got nothing but rebuffs from Americans. The Pakistanis and Indians called in Kosygin and they are going to call in more Kosygins until we get out of our ivory towers “realisms” to accept facts and humanity.

Fortunately there is not only a God, both in Heaven and on Earth, there is a splendid American tradition which may be coupled with the names of Emerson and others, totally apart from all the dualistic, subjective Hegelianism’s which the power structures of both this land and its enemies accept..

Fortunately the “truths” of the Bible are not abrogated by power structures. Jesus Christ has said, “In the hour ye think least of the Son of Man cometh.” There is a European legend that he came as a Goose girl and there is the hard American fact that now the Divine Blessings comes to an American housewife connected with no power structure of the purely subjective “left,” “center,” and “right” (which belongs to an outworn space matrix). It is Mrs. Dickermann Hollister whose “The Temple of Understanding” is attracting worldwide attention (outside the American Press which has plenty of space for Negro and other gangsters).

Mrs. Hollister and her colleagues presenting to the world in no uncertain fashion: My house shall be a house of prayers for all peoples, has accepted the hard research of this person and the historicity of Emperors Suleiman and Akbar.

My own program has been and will be: “Eat, pray and dance with everybody.” The only trouble is that this program works.

Having lived with real Dervishes in the real (and thus anti-realistic) world, I began showing these dances, repeating the Name of God. Very gradually the number of people, mostly young of course, joining increases. But the real Living God Who loves all humanity and thus all religions, has inspired this spiritual one of the late Miss Ruth St. Denis with prayers and rituals of all faiths and the young. God bless them, accept this. These dances are dedicated in a sense of Mrs. Hollister ant the late Mahatma Gandhi.

These dervish dances are based on actual dances and actual ceremonies of existents schools of Sufis, most not recognized by the “only in America” professors of Islamics. They are also “innovations.” So to recite Allah in other than traditional methods puts one outside the pales—man’s pales.

When the Hebrew Chassid, Rabbi Schlomo came here, he rushed to this unrecognized Sufi and we embraced. But his dance, through alluring, has not yet been too effective and it has, of course, brought down the thunder from the synagogue pulpits. These people, like all clergy must have their separatisms in a day when the young want to join with each other in brotherhood beyond caste, creed and sex, and all divisions which their elders insist on upholding.

As Sufism is based on Love and that “God is Love” in effective practice, not in theoretical theological terms—we are now able to bring the young together using the Names of God, first in the Islamic Dervish style and then in the real Yogi and other styles. So we have the terrible situation of refugees from Palestine coming to a Sufi teacher and joining. They join in repeating ALLAH which is nothing but a variation of the Name of God found in the Hebrew Testament and many times, and also with a slight, very slight change of vowel pronunciation the Name of God in Aramaic, the language spoken by Jesus Christ who, did not succeed in getting the “Christian” world to pronounce the Name referred to in Hallowed Be Thy Name.

This person has long given up trying to reach “realists” with their selective subjective dialectics (anti Marxist, of course but still dialectics) and found it is so easy and simple to bring the young together in effective Love and in the acceptance of a God Who is Life and quite untouched by institutions human or quasi divine, which remain institutions of separations and separativeness.

And today one finds a number of former Zionist enthusiasts, some of whom have lived in Palestine; and a large number of young of mixed Jewish ancestry finding a home and solace in repeating the Names of God in Joy and Love and in all the attributes with which each religion endows the Deity while denying the other faiths do.

I used to say sarcastically that we needed some Jewish Othellos and Islamic Shylocks. Now I have from pretty good sources that many formerly most enthusiastic Zionists are beginning to realize they have been cat’s paws of power structures.

As a person I am no longer trying to reach organizations and institutions; and as a person I am reaching the young, teaching them spiritual ways to Joy and Love without drugs and beyond drugs; drawing together those of former different faiths and presenting them a God quite outside of establishments of any kind.

One looks in vain for any acknowledgements from those seeking funds (money seems more powerful than “Allah”) and all one wants is human recognition and two way streets. Free speech means more than demanding one be heard while being unwilling to listen.

Of course as the writer holds that Mohammed was Khatimal Mursaleen he can be accused of bias. I believe in all faiths, in all religions. I believe that Mohammed completed the work of the founders of all faiths and that he was a Buddha who lived in the midst of humanity and carried on all very human affairs without forgetting God (Allah) one minute. I did not impose this but you may be surprised, my friends, that the “outcast” young are accepting it more and more. They are finding what they sought in Dancing for God (Allah) as the psalmists say, but few do.

Despite the strong terms here, one wishes you all success in real efforts toward real peace in the real world. All this one has ever sought, and almost never gotten, was a verbal recognition that he too might be working toward the same goal. The easiest way to open up the check book would be the common recognition of hearts.

God bless you,

Samuel L. Lewis

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



 410 Precita Ave.

 San Francisco

 July 7, 1969


American Friends of the Middle East

1605 New Hampshire Ave.,

Washington, D.C. 20009


Dear Friends:

I am finding that there is one program on which nearly all contending groups in this country agree, that is that not only is one’s own particular program superior to all other particular programs, but that success must come through certain individuals and that if it does not come through a particular group of individuals, it either will not come or should not come.

This particularly American psychology appears in Hawthorne’s “The Great Stone Face” and is very evident in California above all where there has been a constant parade of “Great Stone Face” movements with the same psychology constantly reappearing.

I see nothing gained that when a program is proffered, the success of that program must come from the efforts of certain individuals, else it must not come at all. And the possibilities of either religion or psychology being based on the experience of God rather than on any theologies or doctrines has not been too welcomed. But now it is being welcomed and especially among the young. An when the acceptance of the living God, as against a series of beliefs which are often contending ones, becomes factual it is called “generation gap” and made into any series of confusion divisions. Whereas the “gap” comes simply between those who have doctrines or theories and those who have experiences.

When an unknown (but “only in America”) succeeds in getting Israelis and Christians and Muslims to dance together, he is automatically dangerous to all Americans who persist in “The Great Stone Face” tradition. The fact that this is done in the halls of a Christian Theological Seminary is going to make it really, real historical. And some day, my friends, I hope you will recognize that “in the hour ye think least, the Son of Man cometh.”

I believe you are sincere in wishing to bring peace and understanding in the Near East. I believe your ideals and programs are excellent but all over this country one finds a man’s financial contributions are welcomed, but little else—this is almost characteristic excepting among scientific circles.

I can easily send you pictures, already published, of the young people dancing phases of “Dances of Universal Peace,” both with my own person and without my person. But it seems now that some of my disciples have been most successful in teaching these dances to others and now an effort is being made, and before God-Allah it will succeed, in bringing these “Dances of Universal Peace” to the East Coast.

Yes there is a generation gap. It is a gap also between the young who accept a God-reality and their elders who have various dogmas, doctrines, religions (with considerable sprinklings of self-praise).

My own financial affairs are improving and I would like to join with others who are working toward the same or similar goals. But I am doing and others are theorizing. The United Nations (which I admire) is not God. God is God, and when even Jews join in the La Illaha El Il Allah and when this is join in the halls of a Christian Theological Seminary, it is a new age, and the generation gap is between those who join each other in prayer, in dancing and in eating, and those who keep separate and cry because problems are not solved.

I hope you will give this some consideration.


Samuel L. Lewis

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



 410 Precita Ave.,

 San Francisco, Calif.

 July 14, 1969


Helen D. Bruner,

Director of Public Relations


1605 New Hampshire Ave., N.W.


Dear Friend:

I agree with you thoroughly. “A” pat on the back” for a job well done is nice to receive….” I agree with you thoroughly.

While you are asking for new attitudes, new approaches, etc. and never acknowledging letters of any kind, this person has, via the use of Dervish dances, had Israeli Jews, American non-Israeli Jews, Christians or part-Jewish blood, Muslims and Hindus join with many others in a Christian Seminary doing these and other dances.

We would like an occasional “pat on the back.” It might even loosen our checkbook. There is, so far as I know, no one way streets in God. I enjoy your work, but never once during the years of membership has one received even the slightest “pat on the back.”

Now the Israelis and their neighbors are more than patting each other on the back, and I am going now to teach Christian mysticism at a Seminary; then return to teach here on Sufism; and then in the morning to meet a great Swami; and in the afternoon to teach Sufi poetry to Hippies.

God-Allah may appreciate this. When human beings can I shall certainly show this with money. One could equally petition you to send funds here but we depend on God alone. We are glad to share our dollars; we should occasionally like just a teeny-wheeny “pat on the back.”


Samuel L. Lewis


P.S. Contribution will be put aside. Where the heart is there is the treasure also.



 410 Precita Ave.,

 Sept. 22, 1969


Erich W. Bethmann

Director of Research

American Friends of the Middle East, Inc.

1605 New Hampshire Ave., N.W.

Washington D.C. 20009


My dear Mr. Bethmann:

I have before me your letter of Sept. 18. To show my good will I am enclosing a check for $25. I can assure you that I am quite capable of sending more, but we live in a nation so ensconced in aphorisms we cannot see realities. In fact this morning I wrote a letter to Mr. Finley Dunne Jr. (Peter) of the Temple of Understanding, which is being enclosed. Anti-theism is no cure for atheism. The “God” who is one of a million of thoughts which pass through our ego-minds may have some reality, but is certainly more than emasculated. Loving quotations we repeat ad nauseum, “Peace on Earth thru Men of Good Will” meaning peace on earth thru men of importance. If they are not important we won’t listen to them.

In my letter to Mr. Dunne I refer to the World Church Peace Union. My plan was one of 16 accepted by them in 1929. The other 15 were from important persons. Instead of listening or even considering as a nation in the non-sciences we look to name and form, and in the sciences we look to experience, knowledge, and ability. So we have as Lord Snow says two cultures. In order to reach the moon, we used honesty, integrity, knowledge and skill, but in public affairs and in foreign affairs we look merely to fame, or very occasionally to the prestige of money—not to knowledge, integrity, experience, and skill.

While I was in Egypt I worked out a program by which the Arabs and I mean the Arabs and not some editorial so-labeled, conceded they would recognize Israel on these terms. Then I ran into a blank wall of our own foreign office, and the important peace societies. I was sent to India on a peace-feeler mission from Pakistan and was soundly berated by our foreign office for even attempting it, so in the end Pakistan called in Kosygin. And today we are still afraid that the Arabs and Israelis might call in Kosygin. And our foreign policy in the Near East is motivated by this one motive—we must not let them call Kosygin.

Why does the President of the United States have to turn to the UN? Plenty of Americans have lived in Vietnam and elsewhere in South East Asia (including myself).The state department never answers our letters. My program for the Near East included the vast desert reclamation project which would have absorbed all our unemployment and all those released from military duty. At least the late Perry Duce considered it feasible, but I am not an important person. There are doubtless many unimportant persons in this world. It is the young, not the old, who will accept the scriptures, “In the hour ye think least the son of man cometh.” And we repeat ad nauseum, “Blessed are the peace makers” but we will have none of them.

This is the only nation in the world that is called upon and recognized non-American non-Muslims as “experts” on Islam. Why we had here in San Francisco a Zionist, the late Dr. Michael Zarchin, as on of the chief lecturers on Islamics, and compared to several very famous non-Americans non-Muslim professors he was the soul of honesty and integrity. But I have never seen any protest against non-American non-Muslims teaching Islamics, and I have met innumerable retired Peace Corps Volunteers who were horrified between the difference of classroom instructions and examinations and what they found to be actually true.



September 1969

M. P. Evenson

32 Cove Road,

Belvedere 94920


My dear Admiral:

I have tried to get you by phone and no answer. The life is very full and one feels rested after a compulsory vacation. We visited much of northwestern United States which, to me, stands up with any part of the world.

I have written a very strong letter to AFME. They wanted, and perhaps deserve contributions, but they have failed, until the last instance, ever to answer or recognize either communications or suggestions. They write editorials but try to do what the editorials say! I am, and they have until this instance, never recognized it, so instead of sending a hundred dollars which I felt I could afford, twenty-five ($25.00) was sent.

Perhaps this is better for this money will now be used for a trip by my secretary, Mansur Otis Johnson and myself to Istanbul next spring. This will be to attend the conference of the  Temple of Understanding, and one will now go in person instead of sending delegates.

One has been prepared by a long life to meet with representatives of the world’s living faiths, some of whom are good friends, others acquaintances; and having worshiped with all but the Zoroastrians, one has a certain strong background and I am not going to permit anymore any, and I mean any, non-American, non-Asian “expert” to stand in my way and my light.

AFME has sent a courteous letter without recognizing what I am specifically doing. An even stronger letter to the Muslim Students Association brought back a surprisingly favorable reply. I am interested in “Allah.” I am not interested in the internal or external politics of Eritrea, Chad and unknown lands where Muslims are presumingly “persecuted.” Mohammed said to oppose oppression whether to or by Muslims. As the Muslims ignore the oppressions they do, the whole thing becomes a farce. I am happy to say my criticism met the approval of the majority of delegates.

My meeting last night was again a success: to have Israelis, anti-Israeli and part Jewish Jews, Christian, Muslims and Hindu or Dharma-worshipping people dance together in a Christian seminary is an accomplishment. I doubt if anybody else has succeeded in doing that. But no, only “important” people may make suggestions, even if they are frivolous or fail. An I am enough of a Pragmatist and absolutely and anti-Dialectician, to flinch one inch in this regard.

Just before my vacation my God-daughter put on Pakistani fashion show and I lead at least one hundred and fifty young Americans in dervish-dances. And tomorrow I am to go both to a grammar school and college to present, according to the age and mentality, the Dervish dances and Sufi philosophy.

My secretary, Otis Johnson, is a close friend of Professor Huston Smith of M.I.T. He also works closely with the Temple of Understanding.

Having had at least two miserable experiences—one in the Mideast and one in Pakistan-India where ideas were turned down because the person proposing them was unimportant, I am ready to make a lot of noise. A Nation which has geniuses to reach the moon does not need to turn elsewhere for “solutions” to international problems. Or as one leading diplomat has said: “How can you trust a Nation which does not trust its own citizens.”

I have been very, very successful in campaigns to introduce Asian-Asian and American-American philosophies into our university curricula and will continue. I have a great love for the Oriental sages and a parallel love for our New England Transcendentalists and a number geniuses connected at some time or other with Columbia University, including some now there whom you know.

My audiences are growing both in number of meetings and attendance. The world can not continue half free, half dialectic.


Samuel L. Lewis

My work in the instruction of Dervish Dances is not one of a number of projects. It is an active operation. It is attracting more and more people of diverse backgrounds, and we are not making stupid hypocrisy of “love ye one another.” It is an actuality. But it is also based on the sublime truth that Allah Is, and although we are probably in agreement about not wanting to indulge in theological differences, we ought to be willing to face the fact that the synagogue does not use the name of God offered by Moses, etcetera; or for that matter the sublime teachings of much of Jewish literature. Or that Jesus himself must have said Allah or something pretty close to that in sound. So when we use Allah we are on safe as well as sublime ground.

I have never felt very good since the editorial sometime back of calling for a clean slate and doing nothing more. I believe, along with Mohammed, act as if in the presence of Allah, and remember, if you do not see Him, verily He sees you. With all our protests, with all our vast appropriations we are more afraid of the possibility of an all loving, all wise God than we are of the dialectical subjectivisms of the various schools of Marxists. And it is a great mistake to assume that the young in revolt are, excepting for very small numbers, connected with any new left or any kind of communist party.

The powers that be hush-hush at every opportunity any mention of the American-American Emerson, or Whitman, or Thoreau. 90% of the protesting people I have met including not only all the young but some of the mature, want Emerson and Whitman and Thoreau, etc.,etc.,etc. Pseudo wars occupy all our attention and consume much of our money. Nothing is easier than teaching Christian mysticism to the young, or even lecturing on Oriental Philosophy to the young. But about the only paper that admits of this actuality is one controlled by my own disciples.

The last words of the old Testament, the concluding paragraphs of the book of the Prophet Malachi offer one of several keynotes.

I believe I shall be permitted to speak when the Temple of Understanding has its next convocations. I shall mention the careers and accomplishments of Emperors Suleiman the Magnificent and Padisha Akbar. I know enough of the leaders of the objective world to be able to accomplish this end. The world cannot remain half free half dialectic. We need more reality and less “realism,” I have complete agreement and utmost faith with the purposes of American Friends of the Middle East. But I am also an American-American imbued with pragmatic philosophies and accomplishments, and believe that words, slogans, aphorisms, etc., are empty void and useless, or as the neglected American poet Edna St Vincent Millay said: “The world stands out on every side, No wider than the heart is wide.”

Faithfully and Sincerely,

Samuel L. Lewis

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



 910 Railroad Ave.,

 Novato, Calif.

 November 14, 1969


M. P. Evenson

32 Cove Road,

Belvedere, Calif. 94920


My dear Admiral Evenson:

I am reversing a usual procedure by writing to you and sending copy to AFME. Several attempts to reach you by phone have resulted in no answer. Besides events, and perhaps a train of rather successful events would make a telephonic conversation either too long or too inconclusive.

The other day when I read that the Rabbis of the Reformed Jewish synagogues were protesting the war in Vietnam I said, “Now is the time to get the World Buddhist Federation to protest against the wars in the Near East.” This is not sarcasm at all and the way my affairs are progression it might well be that this will be done and perhaps aid in terminating an enormous amount of unconscious hypocrisy both on our own parts and that of others.

So far as Vietnam is concerned I am waiting for the manuscript or publication of my friend, General Edward Lansdale. Also for my own private meeting to listen to my Vietnamese friends—they exist, you know—to tell us something of their country and what they want. Besides we have already discussed this subject.

But so far as peace in the Near East is concerned I feel it is part of my life’s purpose. I was once sent on a peace feeler mission from Pakistan to India and was excoriated by our foreign office. So these countries called in Kosygin and they met in Tashkent. I still believe this is possible. Our very ignorant experts, advisers and commentators ignore that Russia was the very first power to recognize Israel in line with the real Marxist Lenin teachings, or rather the teachings of Karl Marx and N. Lenin. Also that real communist exists on a large scale in Israel. Our misleaders want it both ways.

The other night the impossible happened. The impossible is always happening: a group of Jewish Chassid’s and disciples in Islamic Sufism met and sang together and showed every sign of love for each other. Not only that, we plan to meet again. And this sort of “inconceivable” “unthinkable” and “impossible” event is going to be repeated and on a much larger scale soon, inshallah.

While all the war mongers and the know everything commentators are offering their subjective “realisms” as factual, there is a growing “love ye on another,” not only among the American youth, Hippies and non-Hippies, but within the halls of ivy. You know 300 young, not all students, caused world news, cause world news with some property damage is incited, and 5000 students chanting is not mentioned at all. And today we have the most wonderful classes both from the University of California and San Francisco State, in subject matter, response and effectiveness, and, of course, not news. I don’t know where the Vice President stands on this, but us “peasants” have no chance at all with know it alls like Alsop & Co. There is no use even trying.

The classes lead by Sra. Becker-Colonna on the two campuses are planning a joint meeting later on, and the chief speaker will be a man from Mecca, whose family has long been there. We shall at least be permitted to offer Sufi (Dervish) dances and chants. And the young will respect and accept what their elders do not, and sometimes cannot, objectively.

When I told my friend, Rudolph Schaeffer who head a famous art school of this, he showed me what they are doing there with Iranian Art. Human beings who do not accept commentators are getting closer together and will, inshallah.

The Dervish dances and the whole program of “Dances of Universal Peace” are making great headway. At the moment I am also compelled to teach others how to teach. My own place is packed and while there have been exhibitions (rather successful) there is not the full communication when the number of participants is large. In any case the doors are open for an ever growing acceptance of this aspect of Peach through the Arts.

The immediate denouement is a conference of the World’s religion scheduled for Istanbul, Turkey, next spring. I am no longer prevented by lack of funds. Besides my God-daughter from Pakistan has proffered any financial help if necessary. We are not going around begging, we are doing.

I am waiting for information from The Temple of Understanding to determine the dates of going to the East Coast, to New York or Washington or both.

The meetings with the Chassid Rabbi Schlomo have been duplicated by meetings with spiritual leaders of other faiths, totally out of line with the subjective conclusions of non-devotee writers and agitators. My whole program is full, teaching and learning. And our next crusade will be “Jesus Christ, yes! Santa Claus, no!” And we are going to do, rather than agitate.


Samuel L. Lewis



Nov. 16, 1969

American Friends of the Middle East

1607 New Hampshire Ave.

Washington, D.C. 20009


Dear friends:

The events of the past week prompt this letter. Most details will be found in the enclosures herewith. We shall continue to work for peace with understanding, in or out of politics.

I do not know whether to agree with Vice President Agnew or not anent commentators. But there is no question to find a horrible species of utterly self-centered, self-appointed authorities on all subjects given so many opportunities in press and radio to inform occasionally and misinform more than occasionally concerning events and lands they do not visit.

I have in mind in particular the horrible editorials of Mr. Joseph Alsop, but this sort of thing has become horribly typical of a large section of American Culture.

We are here planning a Christmas “Jesus Christ not Santa Claus” and a joint Hanukah celebration With the local Chassid’s.


Samuel L. Lewis



Jan. 19, 1970

American Friends of the Middle East

1605 New Hampshire Ave.

Washington, D.C. 20009


My dear friends:

I am enclosing a copy of a letter written to one the most important men of this region, who incidentally had at one time been an employer. I am today in a position to do things, not because of knowledge or virtue, but simply because my financial situation is constantly improving.

It may not be a virtue that one is heard simply because he is independent financially. But one certainly can use this independence to impel a more real—not a more realistic—picture of the world as it is in order to affect a better world for the morrow. I am not going into the past here, but will perpetually protest one of your former editorials which verbalized a new approach which might affect peace in the Near East, and left it there, verbalized.

It is remarkable how so many organizations in this country make grand emotional appeals, sometimes quite justified, but still we remain in the world of hazy emotions, and slight effectiveness.

Tomorrow morning I am breakfasting with a Palestinian Arab who is a citizen of Israel. He has some plans for real peace in the real Near East, affecting the real people thereof, and I am going to listen to him, and do more. I certainly protest against the common custom of all groups in this land, no matter what their presumable political and social philosophy, of listening only to those views which are palatable to them and ignoring facts and ignoring the humanity involved unless some special interest promoted. We have had no peace there from and I don’t think we will ever get any peace there from; but until we learn to listen to human beings we can and must expect more Biafras.

At the present time there are certainly rival or parallel organizations in the same general field, and I am at a loss where to place either my loyalties or money. But I am not at a loss as to my future policy, that I am going to get out of every one-way-street of groups which appeal for money from others, and do not readily accept ideas, while failing to achieve the goals which are in virtual form, but often only in verbal form, their stated objectives. I should much rather work with some organizations, and I hope you are willing to accept the report which I may be sending in on conversations with this newly arrived Israeli Arab.

If you want to know more of my views, you have them on file. I may be in Washington this spring, in connection with the affairs of the  Temple of Understanding.

I am particularly annoyed by the fact that not a single organization has accepted the idea of having Arabic culture presented in our universities thru Arabs, Islamic culture thru Muslims.


Samuel L. Lewis


P.S. I am keeping Admiral Evenson informed.



910 Railroad Ave.

Novato, Calif. 94947

January 21, 1970


M.P. Evenson

32 Cove Road

Belvedere 94920


My Dear Admiral Evenson:

Although I spoke to Mrs. Evenson yesterday, I think it would be practicable to make a complete report on the events of the day. At times I feel like a resurrected Charlie Brown. It is over 40 years since the late Henry Atkinson of the World Church Peace Union said to me in San Francisco, “Mr. Lewis, I have been around the world three times, I have seen every king, prime minister and diplomat, and you are the first person to have brought me what I wanted.” I then largely at his behest studied all the religions of the world, have prayed with people of all faiths, and have met human beings of many levels into which I do not intend to go now. I have even had Arabs of many lands, Israelis, and every single U.N. official I have ever met approve of my approach. The late James Terry Duce was well aware of what I was doing and also approved of it. As you know, I had to resign from the World Affairs Council, the World Federalists, and every other group interested in world affairs, because I found that as soon as one became a member, one was denied the floor’ if you were a non-member and came from a long distance, you could speak.

But this is a different age, and the doors of the universities are opening a little more rapidly than I can adjust to the new and very favorable circumstances. I find that practically all politicians and sociologists live in a dualistic world of only partial reality which they call “realism,” and they are motivated far more by fear than facts and sometimes by hatred. In every part of the world there is the dictum, “Old men argue while the young men die.”

My original idea was to bring peace between the Israelis and Arabs so that the communists could not infilter. But today I see terrible pressures even by editors like Hearst supporting a form of communism far more revolutionary than that introduced in Russia. This is one of the reasons I cannot fathom the minds of so-called social scientists.

One of my closest friends, Mr. Shamcher B. Beorse, of Keyport, Washington, is publishing a book in which he gives “Samuel L. Lewis” nearly a whole chapter. Mr. Beorse has had by far the most adventurous life of anybody I know; has been very close to several Secretary Generals of the U.N. and has had access to Presidents of the United States and Prime Ministers of diverse lands. The appearance of his book on the market may cause some eyes to flicker: who is this Samuel L. Lewis or rather “Sam as he calls me?

For years, I have proposed bringing together the spiritual leaders of the Jews and Muslims. Without exception this idea was looked upon favorably, but practically every single Jew, Israelis or not, has said, “But I have never met any spiritual leader of the Arabs or Muslims;” while every Arab I have met has said: “I have never met any spiritual leader of the Jews, but I would like to.”

But how the heck can you do anything about this in a country whose “experts” on Asia have been for the most part Englishmen or Europeans, not Americans or Asians? The friends of Lord Gibb at Harvard, Professor Schnider and Professor Von Breunbaum at Southern California, the Professors at the University of Hawaii etc. etc. have seen to it that both Arabs and Sufis are excluded from conferences on religions of the world etc. etc. etc. The only exceptions have been at the Center for Religious Studies at Harvard where a Dr. Nasr, a Persian not an Arab, has been a guest, and at one or two institutions where Persians not Arabs have been invited to speak on Sufism and Islamic culture. In fact almost the only honest representative of Islamic culture until recently was the late Dr. Zarchin of San Francisco, who was the Islamic representative.

As you know, I have long worked on such problems as those of water resources, desert reclamation etc etc. I have been in touch with Sen. H. Baker of Tennessee and others etc etc etc. With all this and other approaches based on the hard facts of actual research and human experience, my meeting with Azam, the Arab Sufi, who is a citizen of Israel, was instantaneous and automatic. No shilly-shally or diplomatic niceties—instant recognition on both sides.

Azam has gone to Texas to complete his semester there. He will return in June, and his enrollment at San Francisco City College for the fall semester has already been accepted. I have therefore written to Dr. Lloyd Luckman, who has been chief dean of this institution and who has been interested in international affairs and sometimes interested in the solution of problems. Dr. Luckman himself is very close to at least one of two rabbis more adept at accepting peace awards than in granting interviews or doing anything.

Still it is possible and I have vague hopes that some rabbi or ex-rabbi, inshallah, will grant some kind of an interview with some kind of a person offering some sort of an integrative outlook.

But before anyone has any idea that this is primarily an anti-Israel communication, one must say that many members and leaders of Islamic communities are even worse. They are operating under the impression that if they only hate hard enough they will get some kind of victory. And Azam has concluded, having lived with many real Arabs, with many real Muslims, with many real Jews, with many real Israelis, that the present position of the anti-Israeli intransigence is even worse than that of the bigots of Israel.

There are too many unnecessary obstacles. One is the absolutely diabolical phrase, “Peace with justice.” Even Hitler accepted those words. I have gone through the agonies of the horrible Kellogg-Briand pact, and the international newspaper campaign, “Peace with justice.” These insidious slogans end in Biafra’s, and unless we do something more than coin misleading phrases, we may well have a Biafra in Palestine, and then weep hypocritical tears afterward.

I have used the work ‘integral’ above. My use of this term and words of the same sorts came originally from mathematical studies with Leibniz and Newton, and the continuation of such studies in calculus and mathematical philosophy and NOT from any racial or sociological approaches. I do no wish to denigrate the latter, but I=find in practice the use of a common word does not mean a common philosophy. In mathematics as in revelation, there are not high nor low, nor jew nor barbarian nor greek.

Azam has proposed a meeting in June. He wishes to call together several Arabs who are not anti-Israel, and a few other persons, the first of whom would be you, and this could include anyone who has views similar to your own and the late Terry Duce. I am also sending a copy of this to AFME, in case they have a representative either living in or near this region who could be present at the time.

I am disturbed with AFME for two quite opposite reasons. In the first place there seem to be today several rival or parallel organizations. They all seem to agree in their emotional appeals and in rejecting ideas.

But a reconciliation with my brother may, inshallah, place me into what to me is an awkward but to nearly everybody would be a delightful position of having far more money than I need or could ordinarily use. I certainly am not going to start another organization. The only outlet I can think of at the moment is that of the Department of Near East Languages at Berkeley; or, if I had to travel to either Pittsburgh or Columbia Universities or even (?) to certain groups at Harvard University, not under the thumbs of non-Americans non-Muslims.

The effort to spread the Sufi teachings locally through music dance and otherwise are now uniformly successful and moving at a slow but very steady rate bringing more and more young people into my sphere; and with this an almost equally steady infiltration into universities and classrooms. These universities and classrooms, almost without exception, rely on facts and human experiences, and not the prowess of named personalities and their opinions. In other words, young America, not the press, not even certain leading political forces today presents an amalgamation of New England transcendentalism and University of Columbia pragmatism. This is far more anti-Marxist and anti-Hegelian than the philosophies emanating from the noise-makers and literary leaders. No doubt this is very ‘dangerous’ to such groups, but I think in the end we can have a very sound American American approach.

Saturday I am attending the celebration of Indian Independence Day. The young students behind this affair have already published a letter in which my theme was presented: That Europeans never believed a nation of slave owners with irreconcilable Protestants and Catholics could ever be successfully established. The philistines were wrong then, and I believe they are wrong now.

I am very hopeful and optimistic. I cannot enforce on you or anybody either a belief in the existence of a God or in a living deity who is, as Mohammed proclaimed, as Compassion, All Mercy, All Power, All Wisdom.


Samuel L. Lewis



Feb. 17, 1970

American Friends of the Middle East

1605 New Hampshire

Washington, D.C.


Dear Friends:

I have been sometimes working on the idea of bringing together certain Arabs who have lived in Israel or are still citizens of Israel: certain disaffected Israelis’ perhaps some non-Zionist Jews and some people who are not diabolically intoxicated by the word “justice” and who also believe that Christians should have a say in the future of Palestine. In other words, I have the temerity and audacity to stand for a program perhaps originally offered to the world by Boccaccio and then beautifully dramatized by Lessing in his “Nathan the Wise.”

I am not going into the stupid past wherein people were delighted to be misled by beguiling words such as the Kellogg-Briand Pact, the Roerich Museum Pact, and still to me more damnable “peace with justice” which even a Hitler could approve.

Evidently “God” is not entirely opposed to such an approach. For the other day I found a new neighbor who is also another Arab citizen of Israel. And on the same day a full page article in the local newspaper showing how a salt water conversion plant in Mexico was being utilized in desert reclamation, the same being almost in detail what I have been working on for years and in which your late Terry Duce was most interested.

I am not going over the stupid past when people sitting behind desks would refuse interviews. You will find enclosed a letter to the  Temple of Understanding in which Dr. Richard Alpert, now functioning as Baba Ram Dass, is mentioned. When we turn away from “The Great God Brown” meaning the meta-encyclopedical commentators whose words are regarded as revelations and meet the humanity it is very different.

No doubt many Hippies come from the “middle class” whatever that means or does not mean. It is certain that they and their parents have ample funds for all kinds of enterprises, and they are beginning to use these funds constructively. Although I am very skeptical about tear-jerking pressure salesmen, I do not believe God created a humanity to be rejected by Him either in the herenow or hereafter. I not only believe that all Gods chillin got wings, but they also have brains, heart, and money.

I am still an unorganized person with an increasingly large following of young people who trust this person. I have preserved all my diaries over a number of years and have collected material covering desert reclamation and the potential reconciliation of hostile groups, but not by diplomacy or dialectics, both of which are in vogue, both of which fail, and both of which are regarded as semi-divine even by those who are most enimical to each other otherwise.

I have never asked for anything but consideration. I have appreciated your efforts, though I am disturbed by appeals from competitive groups. Many times you have asked for new ideas and new approaches. I am no longer going to ask you to change your attitudes, but I must ask you to accept reports on accomplishments. I am hoping to go to Geneva and then later to Washington after a conference with the directors of the  Temple of Understanding.


Samuel Lewis


P.S. Admiral Evenson has been informed about the above; he approves.



March 13,1970

American Friends of the Middle East, Inc.

1605 New Hampshire Ave., NW

Washington, D.C. 2009


Dear Friends:

A few brochures have just arrived and I am going to comment on them. At the present time I am passing thru a series of transitions, all of which may improve my financial and social positions. It is most unfortunate that prestige alone is important today, and so long as prestige remains important we are going to have more wars. France selling planes to Libya was wrong, our providing Jordan with munitions was not wrong. In the absence of standards we can only expect confusion and anarchy, and we are going to have continued confusion and anarchy, so long as prestige is regarded in practice as superior to moral principles.

I am interested in the report from Cairo, UAR. But I cannot continue and I will not continue to one-way-street communication. And it is very strange that elsewhere, other than in AFME, there has been serious consideration of the proposal that we need more Arabic culture from Arabs in this land; and occasionally Islamic culture from Muslims.

I am read now to go to a peace conference of the religions of the world at Geneva. It is high time that we get rid of oratory and resolutions and prestige. If we continue to be attached to these three very doubtful methods, we may as well look fort the worst. Fortunately this small voice is going to be heard there. This small voice may not carry out whatever is proposed here, but at least it will be heard. We can only look for misery in the world that pretends to be religious and absolutely will not permit valleys to be exalted, hills to be laid low, or crooked places straightened. And regardless of any politics involved, so long as this country does not permit in actuality, freedom for Arabic and other Asian cultures, we might as well be reconciled to “A Connecticut Yankee at King Arthur’s Court” wars.

I not only reject, I resent, the address of Secretary Rogers, which you have sent out. It is dishonest to the extreme. Early in the last century when Greece and Turkey were involved, the great nations sent their fleets, and at least a cessation of hostilities occurred. The pious sentiments of people in power, whether it be a Secretary General U Thant or a Secretary Rogers, show how far off our leaders are from understanding the nature of peace.

Fortunately today, youth not only thinks otherwise, youth is expressing itself. On my return from Geneva, I hope to arrange a meeting between young people, Israelis and Palestinian Arabs who are on good terms with each other. But I also hope to have present at such a meeting at least on representative of at least one important Christian group. I deplore, I more than deplore, the failure of AFME to consider any serious proposals from any person without prestige, and I am no longer fooling. Rabbis and Imams, and politicos in high office simply will not meet with each other, and the young, God bless them, will meet with each other. The parents damn such meetings, such rapprochements, and I feel you are on the side of the parents rather than being on the side of the young.

The young, not the old guffers who control the world, know all about Boccaccio’s story of The Rings. The young, and not the old guffers, know all about Lessing’s Nathan the Wise. The young, and not the old guffers, want to associate with each other, and although perhaps without power, today they have Voice.

Years ago I proposed plans for Palestine so there could be understanding between the various races and religions there. I felt this would prevent the Russians from getting a foothold. Alas, no prestige. In our scientific culture knowledge prevails; in the non-scientific part of society, prestige avails. And while one may not agree with the Vice President, I feel the most dangerous force in the land is the power given to scoundrels, operating as commentators on matters of which they have hardly the slightest knowledge. All they can do is stir up trouble, and that is exactly what they are doing. It is going to take a counter force to stop them. But I believe and I mean believe, in an omnipotent, omniscient God of righteousness, not words but actualities. And before a conference of the leading ecclesiasts and holy men of the world, I am going to present a case which will be heard, inshallah, for real recognition of human beings by human beings, and no more crap, and I call it crap, from men in high places with very unpious sentiments, increasing confusion.

Being a Dervish—which I regret you have never accepted—I am not wed to the accumulation of monies, and at this writing am being faced with the bizarre possibilities of incomes coming from several sources at a time when I have a good income. I am therefore seriously considering doing everything possible for the department of Near East Studies at the University of California, where they are practicing, some of the principles and deals of which I approve. It proves to me that what is true, that what is noble, that what is right, is not a monopoly, but is in the atmosphere, and will commend itself to an persons who are motivated by high ideals and not by power or prestige.

On March 21, I am demonstrating “Dances of Universal Peace.” It is partly open to the public, where they will see people of Jewish birth and ancestry, even of Israeli backgrounds, people who are part Jewish, people of entire Christian backgrounds, joining in Islamic praise to Allah. This is the first step. This is a step which almost anybody, unlike a Secretary Rogers, unlike an Alsop, can understand. The Dervish Dances will be followed by those inspire by Indian teachings. In the fall I hope to resuscitate spiritual Christian dances. Youths of various backgrounds will join together while the prestige symbol people will keep on arguing that it cannot be done. Before God, before Allah, before Brahm, it is being done.

We have no choice today but to practice religion or destroy it. There are no alternatives. But even I expect to demonstrate rather than argue, in love, devotion and humility before the assembled ecclesiastical leaders of the world.

Theodore Roosevelt, whom I consider a magnificent president stood out against hyphenism and was also successful in terminating the Russo-Japanese war. I have no right to demand that others venerate him, but I think it is high time to get out of the tyranny of words, and into the world of useful accomplishments. I have no right to demand that the world accept the Boccaccio, Lessing outlook, but I am willing to die for it, and I mean just that. God Bless you.

Samuel L. Lewis



May 1, 1970

Mid-East Magazine

Middle East House

1605 New Hampshire Ave., N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20009


Dear Friends;

I have just received your excellent April issue. It is very fine, it is very wonderful, but with a tremendousbut.”

I have just returned from a gathering of all the real religions of the real world about which their will be some remarks below. The sad, tremendous, and diabolic fact is that as a nation we worship the great God UP-AP. We make claims to be devotees of God-Jehovah-Allah, but it is simply not true. We worship UP-AP. We do not agree with Christ concerning the scribes and pharisees, a lot of actually agree with the pharisees and scribes concerning Christ.

Well I have lived in Egypt, I was interest in soil and water and peace. I gathered then and have now, a lot of objective facts. But were they received? It is a tragedy, but it is not a dire tragedy, because the young today believe in honesty and objectivity and sincerity. Their elders simply do not. This has nothing whatsoever to do with Capitalism versus Communism. It has to do with subjectivism realism versus objective reality. Here we in general are on the Communist side today. We want subjective realism instead of objective reality.

Our press and the important people have long looked upon Aswan as a fait accompli. Great accomplishments by American engineers abroad are by-passed by UP-AP and company. Potential achievements of the Communists are inflated and made far more newsworthy than they should be, whether factual or not.

When I was in Egypt the whole problem of water was place before me. Nasser’s government had been astute enough not to throw all their eggs in on basket. The Qattara Depression project and the American achievements were not considered newsworthy by the great God Brown UP-AP. Woe unto the simple peasant who thought otherwise. He did not have a chance. But now at least Qattara is being mentioned and I hope someday we shall have much better public records of the actual achievements of our American engineers on all fronts and in all countries, UP-AP or no UP-AP. You have taken some very great steps forward as evince by this April issue.

Now I have returned from Geneva where my secretary Mansur and I were the only ones capable of communication with the actual representatives of the real religions of the real world. We could and did sit down with all of them. We could and did offer and receive good will from all of them, from those who a not on speaking terms with each other. Fourteen different prayers were given in the great cathedral of Geneva, home of Calvinism!

In the committee meetings one of the Lebanese asked that the Communists be invited to further gatherings. If the Communists were invited you can be sure the great God Brown UP-AP would have been there with scads of reporters and cameramen. Yes there were reporters and cameramen—from the European press.

Shortly after our arrival at the Intercontinental Hotel, Father Masson, the personal emissary of His Holiness Pop Paul, entered. We not only greeted him, but presented our plan for Palestine, which he cordially received. Later on we presented the same to various other representatives of the Roman Catholic Church. We were also embraced by the Metropolitan of Orthodox Church. But the next two days were marked by the most profound and I believe sincere apologies, from the various delegations believing in the Judeo-Christian ethic whatever that means. Rabbis and Protestant ministers simply do not acknowledge mail, although just before leaving here we did receive an apology from the local Episcopalian Bishop.

Toward the end of the conference one went around proclaiming himself as an incarnation of Lessing’s “Nathan the Wise.” One has been functioning and one will continue to function before God-Jehovah-Allah regardless of all the scribes and pharisees, whomsoever, whatsoever. And at the end of the conference one received nothing but good will from Jews and Protestants, as well as from the Roman Catholics. One became quite indifferent whether any establishments accepted the personality or not.

Immediately after the conference one went to London. There was a cable awaiting, that one’s brother had died, and this will leave one in a most enviable financial position continuing in the work of bringing together representatives of different faiths. Now there is not need whatsoever to ask even for recognition from prominent persons and organizations.

We are planning locally, gatherings where displace Palestinians, Arabs who are citizens of Israel, former Israelis, some who are still Israelis, non-Israeli Jews, half Jews, and representatives of both the Catholic and Protestant aspects of Christianity. We are planning such meetings and programs with benefit from anybody accepting real humanity. The open for us to arrange for us to have human beings meet with human beings without any more emotional nonsense from the press or any foreign office.

You can be assured that this approach well received at Geneva has been most enthusiastically received by the young wherever we have met the young. I tell you my friends that religion will either have to accept religion or go. It is time to recognize the possibility of the Diving truth that, “Every valley shall be exalted and every hill laid low.”

I am next about to establish a Palestinian Peace Scholarship for the Department of Near East Languages at the University of California. I am now beholden to nobody nor do I feel ashamed either. The young people who have no voice in the press today—a small fringe of ultra-radicals yes, but the mass no. The young today want peace and brotherhood and they really want them. And I believe before the living God-Allah-Jehovah that we are going to have better understanding really.

The great blights are neither communism nor oratory from establishments. The great blights are the extreme emotional nonsense which began with the Kellogg-Briand Pact and has continued with the horrible non-entity as Secretary General of the UN saying, “What the world needs is a moral and spiritual revolution.” What he seems to mean is the peasant and youth reforms and also supply the funds for the same nonsense; and we are not gong to have it.

What we need today is to rise above the blight and confusion of words. What we need today is to get people to meet, whether at inns or dance halls or religious structures. I am exceedingly thankful that it has been Americans who called together the convocation at Geneva. I am exceedingly thankful that the young of this country and many whom I have met abroad believe that there should be amity between the religions of the world. I believe human beings can meet with human beings at all levels.

As I have said many times I believe that AFME has undertaken excellent projects. But I also believe there are others on God’s earth who are working toward the same or similar goals. And I thank God that I am now free socially and economically to devote myself toward such ends. My dance of Universal peace, are being acclaimed by the young everywhere. Efforts to reconcile religious differences are being accepted by the young everywhere. There is a school summer school awaiting me where once can present the spiritual aspects of all religions and impel if not compel greater mutual understanding and respect to rise above artificial or real differences and perhaps achieve greatly desired goals. This is come to me from others. From the young who are longing for peace and understanding and are dissatisfied with the emotional emptiness of their elders by age. I hope you can understand these endeavors. I believe love and understanding can easily stop the destruction of our government and society, and I am willing to cooperate to this end with all those who evince respect and brotherhood on any and all levels.


Samuel L. Lewis



410 Precita Ave.

San Francisco, Ca.

July 8, 1970


Mrs. Helen D. Bruner

Director of Public Relations


1605 New Hampshire Ave.

Washington, D.C. 20009


My dear Mrs. Bruner:

After an absence of some weeks I have come upon your letter requesting payment to support AFME. “The beginning of the year I was struck by the words from Handel’s “Messiah,” “Every valley shall be exalted and every hill laid low.” I do not believe, before Lord God Almighty, I do not believe, that peace and good will can be achieved only thru important persons. I have, thank God, received a number of apologies from person in high, sometimes very high places, who accept the “Judaea-Christian ethic” which includes never answering letters which have annoying information, no matter how important that information may be.

Current issue of Coronet has remarks by 10 political leaders on how to prevent another Vietnam. Nonsense! We do not prevent crime by ignoring all eye witnesses, and selecting a dozen great people to act as jurors. We depend on eye witnesses, but not so in international matters. There only “experts” prevail, and if you are not somebody then you are nobody, and we compensate by over abuse of the word democracy.

My whole life has been concerned with peace in the Near East. I worked almost 40 years gratis for the World Church Peace Union, and after Dr. Henry Atkinson died they thru out those reports. But I enabled just the same to go to Geneva to a conference of leaders of all living faiths, and when, in the last days, I jokingly said I was an incarnation of Lessing’s Nathan the Wise, nobody dared to laugh.

I have never wished to work alone. By a series of rather dramatic facts I have now a very ample income for a bachelor. I am expecting to set aside a thousand dollars ($1000) before the end of the year for a peace scholarship, department of Near East Languages, the University of California. I am not only very well acquainted with all the religions involved, but have either studied desert reclamation, water problems, history, etc., or I know professors and departments of my alma mater, the University of California, who have this requisite knowledge. Therefore, before the Almighty God of Truth and Justice, and having no heirs, I intend to work with the University. And although at this writing I may not be able to have too definite a pledge, I can assure you there are a number of people, some quite well to do, who may support these efforts, and the signs are at this writing that the amount of contribution to the University may be inshallah, considerable great than any sum I alone might be able to proffer.

Yesterday, before looking at my files, I phoned Admiral Evenson saying that the usual policy of most groups in the international fields was to cry for money but never never never accept any accomplishments or knowledge from “peasants.” We prefer Vietnams. And at this writing there is a possibility of my autobiography being published which must reveal the shams of so many in international affairs.

While you may deride—and there is no sign that this may not continue—my semi-humorous claims to be an incarnation of Nathan the Wise, in the last 48 hours I have listened to, indeed I have had to listen to, the atrocities perpetrated on peoples of “Jewish” ancestry who do not accept 100% the militarism which has been substituted for freedom and humanity in the so-called Holy Land.

I am no longer asking for courtesy or consideration from any powerful or even not-so-powerful group. I now have among my friends several Rabbis of and from Jerusalem. But I am not interested in power structures. I wish to help humanity and work for peace—not my leadership believe me, but accomplishment. When a person’s bank account is recognized and he is not, there is nothing noble in one’s crusades.

I do not want any apologies. I may be coming to Washington within a period of months. I may even be speaking from the pulpit of top level organizations. A number of years ago I worked out a peace plan for the near East which was accepted by the UN (especially) and by representatives of Israel, UAR, and Saudi Arabia, but not a single American organization official or unofficial. And now I have to listen to the sad tales of both Jewish and Islamic refugees whose sin is that they do not hate each other that they even wish to fulfill the prophecies of the book of Malachi. It is for them I hope to work and also with Universities and groups that show universal respect.

Now if you wish to treat me as a human being, my membership will be renewed but not otherwise.


Samuel L. Lewis



July 21, 1970

(Garden of Inayat)


My dear Admiral:

You will excuse me if I am a little tired. Great events both in San Francisco and elsewhere involve me, events which may become part of history which certainly do not appear in the newspapers. And it is very hard for me to suppress either my temper or lack of emotional balance.

Years ago there was a rabbi in San Francisco who was removed because he had the wrong political outlooks. Personally I believe that the rabbi should have taught religion but he told me he could not have retained his position at all if he had done that. Indeed the present state of some religions makes the contents of Upton Sinclair’s “The Profits of Religion” look like a description of ideals. And it is a question whether war, murder, race hatred, etc., etc. does not entirely dominate the policies of some groups.

I went to the bank today. In the bank I could talk. No newspaper has accepted anything from me and it is so long since the State Department answered any letter! But it looks as if I may be entering Washington from the top down! That is what happened to my friend, Robert Clifton. After trying in vain to tell people about Vietnam it was discovered that he was a third cousin of a noted Senator. All the doors opened. Instead of then informing the elite, he gave up his United States citizenship on the spot and died a broken hearted man, and it is costing us billions of dollars. We like it that way, or do we?

Forced with a choice of devoting my knowledge and resources to peace in SE Asia or peace in the Near East, partly on account of General Lansdale and others, I have now put all my eggs in one basket and it is going to be a race because a more than Zola-like “J’Accuse,” and just somebody opening doors for me. But they will—in Washington! The cards are now stacked—in my favor.

After all terrible scolding I got for attempting to make peace between Pakistan and India resulted in the Tashkent Conference, and our absolute refusal to have cultural exchange with any Asian nations excepting Israel, and so far as it my be concerned Russia (of all lands), in Asia, it shows we are mad.

But there is a God of justice and I don’t care for all the Hearst’s and Alsop’s or wire pullers. Once I broke up a meeting on Vietnam by circulating a picture of Her Serene Highness, Princess Poon Diskul, and his Holiness, Pop Paul. Now we are getting ready first to have a picture of a beautiful Arab girl from Algeria and a beautiful ex-Israeli girl, and that is only the beginning! And if this is not accepted locally—which would be amazing, we have a publisher! And we have plans, for peace actual peace and not a farce noise sound peace which is a total travesty.

Last week I had to attend a meeting at the House of Love and Prayer on Arguelle Boulevard. Absolutely packed, by young “fanatics” who really believe there is a God, and go on from there showing that God has marvelous qualities just as the prayer books hold. It was marvelous and I laughingly said, “I never saw so many goyim in one place!”

The next morning I ran into the same thing in my first lecture to a group, young of course, on Christian mysticism. All these “fanatics” really believe there is a God. We prefer Marx whom we can understand—and attack.

Then my last week’s dance classes were the largest I have ever had and I have to start more. The press and State Department, of course, just want anti-communists. We will not study the Oriental philosophy of Orientals. And contrast my welcome at the Royal Asiatic Society to the unwelcomes offered in San Francisco.

But this is not a sad story, not at all. It is a Zola-esque story. What is holding up my personal appropriation of a thousand dollars for a peace scholarship at U.C. is not the lack of money, but the opportunities at my door which may make it possible to raise far more without bellyaching, alligator crying before the public. The young want peace and understanding and the powerful want to sic them on each other. This leaves only the communists to try to bring the “workers and students” together, a very easy task which we simply will not touch!

I was the only outsider when Papa Tara Singh and Prime Minister Nehru met and the Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs were all over the place embracing each other. Not a paper in the world showed that!

Believe me, I have a history which all the young people thoroughly enjoy, base on facts, knowledge and contacts and it looks as if it my be published within a year. The aftermath of Geneva is marvelous in my private life. But after all the opinions of the big man who was not there are far more important than the eye witnessing of the little people who were. Or maybe it will be the other way around.

All other factors considered, I still believe our system of jurisprudence vastly superior to most. Why can’t we adopt it in other aspects of life? I an no longer worried. I have not been a mouse trap inventor; but at least 200 young people sought me in the midst of the woods when I was in New Mexico. And now! I don’t know whether it will be a grand melodrama or a ridiculous farce comedy. But my next content, for once, is local—Bishop Myers. I already have the Catholics in tow, but the Jews and Protestants! One no longer cares, and one no longer pleas and one feels that if God is with him nothing else matters.


Samuel L. Lewis



27 West 71st St.,

New York, N.Y.

c/o Lonnie Less

October 11, 1970


My dear Admiral Evenson:

This letter is not written with much joy although these is not a single negative note. It illustrates much of what is called (or miscalled) “the generation gap.” In my language it marks the differentiation between “realism” and Reality.

The effortists of all dominate powers to judge people by their relations to what some Frenchmen thought or sat after their Revolution is to me both stupid and misleading. And I have found, and in particular at Columbia University (where I have already talked) both professors and students against this totally subjective classification—but this dominates the country . . .yet.

I am really writing to AFME but they seem to be in accord with the “Judeo-Christian” ethic of not answering letters unless they come from “important” persons. It is ironical that since our appearance as unknowns at the  Temple of Understanding conference in Geneva both my former secretary, Mansur Otis Johnson (friend of Huston Smith) have had series of successes in all our undertakings. And in some strange ways these two undertakings have crisscrossed here in New York.

He is particularly concerned with the films and recordings of spiritual ceremonies, dance and personalities, and chiefly of those of the Sufis whose very existence is practically denied in our culture. There are far, far more disciples in Sufism than there are Jews, however defined, and now also there are people of Jewish birth who are disciples of Sufism, who are taking the lead in both the projects of real Asian-American cultural exchange and real efforts to bring real peace in the Holy Land through Human beings, rather than through ideologies and subjective “realisms.”

When the secretary of the Near East Studies came to work the other day she was amazed to find former Ambassador Badeau and this person just concluding a most cordial session. Indeed my colleagues in California have already gone ahead and made considerable progress along the lines proposed by him. This may delay a re-meeting because so many things are going on and quite favorable.

I cannot compel people to accept God-Allah but He seems to be looking with favor on our efforts. The success at Geneva was followed immediately by my brother’s death and a goodly income which can be and is devoted to world peace. But the responses of the young in various sectors are promoting this. Older people may shun “Dances of Universal Peace” but they are attracting the young and especially those working for good-will among human beings.

One has had a nice letter from the secretary of Gunnar Jarring but follows this up slowly. One has seen in turn our old friend, Mohammed Mehni, an important Rabbi and an important Jesuit leader and speaks at a Methodist church Tuesday night. So much for that.

The rival efforts of several “universal,” “world” and “integrative” groups, all claiming to unite humanity, all ignoring the others and all champions at exclusions has cause some other Hindus and Americans (who are apparently well healed) to start a real effort toward universal spirituality and they have invited this Sufi leader. But it happens that the leaders at Columbia University to promote meetings between Israelis and Arabs are also Hindus and this has been of considerable help in launching.

The news from California is marvelous. The Oakland Tribune and American Broadcasting Co. are behind the efforts of my young friends and their “Hallelujah of the Three Rings.” I can assure you that the Jesuit, Rabbi and Arab referred to above have always taken seriously my “Nathan the Wise” efforts and this Boccaccio-Lessing tradition is now going ahead. It was all right when Jews were being persecuted, and the young think it is still alright.

I therefore hope to call on certain magazines and publications although at the moment time is short. We have to go to Boston this week but will return later in the month.

We would have been glad to work with AFME or any of its rival or parallel groups. But they do not answer letters, They have not joined their religious affiliates in apologizing and so we have now our own fund raising campaigns and so far they have been surprisingly successful praise to Allah and God.

One is so busy we have little time to go to New York’s unparalleled restaurants save on rare occasions. I do not wish to interfere with Republican politics but they once had a President who not only won many battles but who is even better known for his motto: “Let Us Have Peace


Samuel L. Lewis

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti


P.S. I have already started my own “Peace Scholarship” at the Department of Near East Languages on the Berkeley Campus and hope it can be augmented.

American Society for Eastern Art Correspondence

American Society for Eastern Arts

August 10, 1963


Mr. Samuel L. Lewis

1088 Fulton Street

San Francisco 17, California


Dear Mr. Lewis:

Thank you for your kind letter of July 25 offering us what I believe to be your cautious assistance in case we meet certain requirements and have recognition from others interested in the Asian field.

I trust that our credentials will be satisfactory to you. We are entering into cordial and cooperative relationships with the Society for Asian Arts, the Japan Society and other relevant people and groups in the San Francisco area, and in the New York area we have already established the most cordial relationships with the Asian Society and the Society for Asian Music.

I am interested in the hints and suggestions contained in your letter and wonder if I might call on you in the near future in order to explore with you in person whether or not some of the doors you mentioned might be opened. We do expect to be around a long time in spite of the fact that others have come and gone in this exotic but demanding field.

Sincerely yours,

Robert R. Schultz

Executive Director



American Society for Eastern Arts

September 23, 1963


Samuel L. Lewis

American Representative,

En-gaku-ji Rinzai Zen Temple

1088 Fulton Street

San Francisco 17, California


Dear Mr. Lewis:

Please forgive me for being so slow in answering your letter of August 12. I have been very busy and was forced to go out of town twice in the last month for appointments in Seattle and Los Angeles.

I am of course interested in the people you mention and the contacts you have mentioned in your letter, which might be important to the growth and development of the American Society for Eastern Arts. I wonder if it would be convenient for you to meet with me so that we might talk over further possibilities of cooperation. I have time this week, but unfortunately, next week I am leaving again for Hawaii. If you can give me a call I would very much appreciate it.

Sincerely yours,

Robert R. Schultz

Executive Director



American Society for Eastern Arts

September 30, 1964


Mr. Samuel L. Lewis

772 Clementina Street

San Francisco 3, California


Dear Mr. Lewis:

Thank you for your check dated September 18 in the amount of ten dollars ($10.00) which enrolls you as a regular member in the American Society for Eastern Arts. We are delighted to have you with us.

On October 22 we will present Mr. Kimio Eto, koto, and Mr. Tadao Nomura, shakuhachi, in a concert of Japanese music at the San Francisco Museum of Art. We look forward to having you with us at this time, and will shortly mail you an announcement of the event.

We are planning now for an extended period with Balasaraswati and Ali Akbar Khan and company in the Spring and Summer of 1965, and will keep you informed as our plans and projects materialize.

We would be delighted to have you drop in to visit us at 1654 University Avenue in Berkeley at any time.

Sincerely yours,

Robert R. Schultz

Executive Director



American Society for Eastern Arts

January 3, 1966


Mr. Samuel L. Lewis

American Representative

En-gaku-ji Rinzai Zen Temple

58 Harriet Street

San Francisco 3, California


Dear Mr. Lewis:

The year of 1965 has been a busy and fulfilling experience for ASEA. We are looking forward to having an even more rewarding year in 1966, but we cannot hope to accomplish as much without the support of our members.

It has come to our attention that you have let payment of your membership ($10.00) become overdue. With our heavy schedule of events which have been planned for this year, we would like to continue sending our program announcements and quarterly Newsletter.

Again, thank you for your generous support of our past programs and we sincerely hope you will continue as a member of ASEA.

Sincerely yours,

Robert R. Schultz

Executive Director



American Society for Eastern Arts

February 3, 1966


Samuel L. Lewis

772 Clementina Street

San Francisco, California 94103


Dear Mr. Lewis:

Thank you for your check in the amount of ten dollars ($10.00), received on January 19, 1966, renewing your membership in the American Society for Eastern Arts.

You will find enclosed your new membership card for the year ending October 1, 1966, entitling you to a discount rate for our performances, use of the library, admission to members-only events, and other benefits.

Through our quarterly Newsletter and program announcements we shall continue to keep you informed as our plans unfold and projects materialize.

We greatly appreciate your continued support of ASEA and sincerely hope that you will enjoy our future schedule of events and programs.

Sincerely yours,

Robert R. Schultz

Executive Director



American Society for Eastern Arts

February 21, 1966


Mr. Samuel L. Lewis

772 Clementina Street

San Francisco, California 94103


Dear Mr. Lewis:

Thank you kindly for your membership renewal and your letter of February 8th, noting your several visits and interests.

Would you be so kind as to give us the full name and address of the Professor Davidson you mention, who has brought back a large collection from India. It’s possible that we might contact him to see what his plans might be, since, as you say, they are a little uncertain. Also, we would appreciate your introducing us in the same way to Mrs. Vocha Fiske-White; we don’t at the moment foresee a use for a Japanese collection, but it might be of some interest to us later.

I appreciate very much your allusions to the roses and thorns: you throw the roses and others will throw the thorns most assuredly,

Sincerely yours,

Robert R. Schultz

Executive Director



American Society for Eastern Arts

October 24, 1966


Samuel L. Lewis

772 Clementina Street

San Francisco 3, California


Dear Mr. Lewis:

Thank you very much for your check in the amount of $20.00, received October 24th, renewing your membership in the American Society for Eastern Arts.

Enclosed is your membership card for the year ending 10-24-67, entitling you to a discount rate for our performances, use of the library, admission to members-only events, and other benefits.

Yes, you are certainly welcome to attend the reception following the November 4th recital. It is not necessary to purchase a ticket, since the concert is free to members.

We appreciate your continued support of ASEA, and sincerely hope that you will be able to attend more of our future events and programs.

Sincerely yours,

Robert R. Schultz

Executive Director



American Society for Eastern Arts

November 10, 1966


Mr. Samuel Lewis

772 Clementina Street

San Francisco 3, California


Dear Mr. Lewis:

Thank you very kindly for your long letter of November 5th. We appreciate such expressions and your warm tribute to our work. Good luck and long life to you. We wish you well in your many endeavors.

Sincerely yours,

Robert R. Schultz

Executive Director



American Society for Eastern Arts

April 7, 1967


Mr. Samuel L. Lewis

772 Clementina Street

San Francisco, California


Dear Mr. Lewis:

Many thanks for your most recent letter of March 30th advising us further of your good fortune and plans. I would be delighted to see you again before you set off on your new journey and discuss your plans and prospects in person. I should tell you, however, that we have moved in the meantime and are now physically located at 1940 Bonita St. in Berkeley, which is just four blocks up the line from our previous location. We have the same telephone number and post office box.

I hope to see you then, and if by chance we miss connections, Bon Voyage.

Sincerely yours,

Robert R. Schultz

Executive Director


American Society for Eastern Arts

May 31, 1967


Mr. Samuel L. Lewis

772 Clementina Street

San Francisco, California


Dear Mr. Lewis:

Thank you very kindly for stopping in and leaving us your gift in the amount of $50.00 to add to our scholarship fund with the specific request that it be directed toward the student application of David Gauder. As I indicated to you, we are most happy to accept this gift in his behalf subject, of course, to the stipulation which applies to every student, that he is accepted subject to the approval of the artist. We are very happy to welcome Mr. Gauder as a student in this regard. Thank you very much again for your gift to the Society in his behalf, which is, I may add, tax deductible.

We will look forward to meeting you again and wish you well on your journeys and in your ventures.

Sincerely yours,

Robert R. Schultz

Executive Director



American Society for Eastern Arts

August 16, 1967


Mr. Samuel Lewis

410 Precita Avenue

San Francisco, California 94110


Dear Mr. Lewis:

Thank you for your letter of August 3rd. I am sorry to hear that you had more difficulty, including illness and lack of help for getting your projects arranged. I have passed on your concern for help to David Gauder, whom you have helped in his program here at the school. I am not sure, of course, that he was aware of your need, but I do know this—that our program has been so intensified and so time consuming that it’s possible he has not been able to pry himself loose in order to do those things which he otherwise might like to do. I am not trying to make excuses for him, since of course his relationship to you is purely one between you and him, but I do know that any student at this school who takes the work at all seriously has been extraordinarily busy during the past two months.

Again, we appreciate your contribution to the school and any further contributions you may make to the cause of teaching Eastern music to Western students will be deeply appreciated and I am sure, as you are aware, is of tremendous importance in the overall picture of understanding and culture exchange.

Sincerely yours,

Robert R. Schultz

Executive Director



American Society for Eastern Arts

July 30, 1968


Mr. Samuel Lewis

410 Precita Avenue

San Francisco, California 94110


Dear Mr. Lewis:

Thank you very much for your contribution in the amount of $20 in memory of Ruth St. Denis. It is a very kind gesture and one which we’re certain she would have appreciated.

Enclosed herewith is your ASEA membership card for the year, starting August 1, 1968. We hope you will be able to take advantage of the many benefits to which your membership entitles you.

Through our Newsletters, which are published five times a year, and through our program announcements we will keep you informed as our plans and projects materialize.

Sincerely yours,

Wallace Thompson

Executive Director



Sept. 30, 1969

410 Precita Ave.


American Society for Eastern Arts

405 Sansome St.

San Francisco 94111


My dear friends:

I am both interested and enthusiastic about your programs and efforts. My whole life has been more or less centered on the attunement of East and West through music and the arts. I am now teaching to growing numbers of the young Dervish and Mantric dances. And my disciples are working out chorales drawn alike from the religious of Islam, India, and the West, making great headway.

Partly connected with this and partly otherwise, I am being scheduled to participate in a Parliament of the world’s religious scheduled to meet at Istanbul at the end of March next year. This will be under the auspices of The Temple of Understanding whose headquarters is in Washington, D.C. I am therefore asking for a moratorium as to contributions until my return. At this writing there does not seem to be any particular problem about the availability of funds, but for our protection. I am being conservative, the word “our” is used because I shall have with us disciples who will be able to perform and also assist others in performing Dervish and Mantric dances—even chants drawn from the sacred phrases of various religious.

You may continue to send your programs here and they will be read to my disciples and friends. The number of these is increasing constantly. Along with that a very large number of young people of this region have become interested in real Asian cultures. They have no concern with personality dialectics offered in the previous generation as Asian culture. Most of them are interested especially in music and dance, and in time this may bring both audiences and membership to your organization.

I think you will understand this, and I hope to see you at least once before I leave this country.

Recently my god-daughter had a very successful display of Pakistan costumary here, showing another aspect of our work. She is now at Cornell Univ.

Assuring you of my continued interest in your work,


Samuel L. Lewis



American Society for Eastern Arts

15 December, 1969


Mr. Samuel L. Lewis

410 Precita Avenue

San Francisco, California 94110


Dear Mr. Lewis:

Thank you very much for your payment in the amount of $15.00, renewing you as a regular member of the American Society for Eastern Arts.

Enclosed is your membership card, which is valid for one year, expiring on the date shown. Your card entitles you to discount rates for ASEA-sponsored concerts and performances, discounts on books and records offered to ASEA members, use of the ASEA library, admission to members-only events, and other benefits.

Through our Newsletters, which are published six times a year, and through our program announcements we will keep you informed as our plans and projects materialize.




410 Precita Ave.

San Francisco, Calif.

December 20, 1969


Wallace Thompson,

Executive Director,

American Society for Eastern Arts

405 Sansome St.


San Francisco 94111

My dear Mr. Thompson:

I wish to thank you for your letter of 15th December. Some sixteen (16) of the disciples of the Sufi Order here attended the recital of the Indonesian dancers. We are dedicated to bringing East and West together through music and from every point of view it was most enjoyable, to say the least.

Indonesia is, of all lands in the world, closest to following the program we are concerned with. As Sufis we carry on the spiritual mission of Mohammed, but it is an all-inclusive program recognizing all religions. And you may be surprised to learn that in addition to the Zikr and Kalama of Islam we also recite the Ram Nam of India, so from a vary view we more than enjoyed the dramatization of the Ramayana.

(Incidentally I have read and studied this work in its entirety and my interpretations were accepted by the saints of India after being rejected, of course, by the “experts” of an earlier generation.)

We also had the pleasure of seeing Tandy, one of our spiritual sisters, acting as a manager for this troupe.

The Sufi Message was introduced into the West in 1910 jointly by Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan and the late Miss Ruth St. Denis, both of whom I have had the blessings of having studied under. There is how a biography of Miss Ruth on the market and if you have not it in your library, I shall be glad to donate it.

My own work of spiritual teachings through dancing and singing is now prospering slowly but definitely. We hope to have “Dances of Universal Peace” based on the themes of all faiths. It is now dedicated to The Temple of Understanding in Washington, being snubbed by a number of so-called “universal” or “world” movements. The real world movements must be heart-inclusive.

We feel that the American Society for Easter Arts is working absolutely and thoroughly in this direction and pray that God bless you and help you to prosper. As was told Hazrat Inayat Khan by his own sacred teacher: By the Power of Thy Music Unite East and West.

Love and blessings,

Samuel L. Lewis

(Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti)



July 6, 1970

American Society for Eastern Arts

405 Sansome St.

San Francisco 94111


My dear Miss Louie:

I have just returned to San Francisco after a five weeks absence. This period has also been marked by deaths and accompanying legal and financial complications. However, I am today in a much better financial position than ever before, praise to God.

It may be necessary to delay payment as much as two weeks, not more, but at that time I hope also to add a contribution to help in your excellent work.

My enforced extended absence produced two items which will certainly be of mutual interest, and which I hope to discuss with Mr. Scripps or some other member of your board:

My immediate colleagues are now taking pictures on the theme of “Dances of Universal Peace.” The themes and productions are the results of several extensive conferences with the late Ruth St. Denis and are now gaining wide attention among the youths in several scattered portions of the United States.

These themes will reach a climax, we hope before the end of the year, when the technicians will go to Ajmer in India to film and record Sufi ceremonies and music which do not seem to be on record. We shall also keep our good friend Dr. Robert Garfias of the University of Washington acquainted with the programs, and of course your good selves.

While down in New Mexico I encountered a troupe of actors having what I should call a spiritual workshop. At the present time their efforts are centered on restoring Greek dramas, Moliere, and their own creative undertakings. But their long range plans include the production of “passion plays” drawn feat the Mahabharata and Ramayana. They told me they expect to send an agent or team to this city in the Spring of 1971. I as presuming this will be of interest to you and will gladly act as is liaison person if you so wish.

You will understand my whole life has been dedicated to bringing East and West closer together through the arts, and I hope this slight delay will not inconvenience you.


Samuel L. Lewis

Anandashram Correspondence



Courage! victory is thine,

The lord is thy friend and aid.

He hath held thee by His hand,

His grace lights on thee,

He is thy prop—trust Him

And thou art saved.

So faint not—fear not.


                            —Swami Ramdas




Universal Prayer

O Lord of the universe, O Creator,    

Protector and Destroyer of the worlds,         

I come in all humility to Thy holy feet

And surrender myself entirely to Thee.

Deign to bless me ever with Thy remembrance.        

O merciful divine Master, give me strength, purity and peace.         

Thou art seated in the hearts of all;   

Thou art all purity, all goodness and all love;

Thou art a veritable ocean of peace and bliss;

Thou art the lover of Thy devotees, refuge of the helpless,  

Redeemer and Saviour of those who resign themselves to Thee       

Make me dedicate my life to Thee and to Thy service,          

By Thy grace, may peace and joy always dwell in my heart, 

Thou art mother, master, friend and all to me.


Accept me as Thy child and servant

Grant me power to love Thee with all my heart,

Let whatever I do be a fitting offering at Thy holy feet.

Make me pure in thought, word and deed

I lay my mind at Thy feet; fill it always purity with Thy remembrance

Let Thy glorious light illumine my heart.

O sustainer of the worlds, O kind and compassionate Lord, God of Gods,

Give me the divine vision so that I may behold Thee in all, as all

Make me ever feel Thy constant fellowship.

May my life be guided and controlled by Thee.

Thy presence be ever with me, in me and everywhere around me.

I beg of Thee, I prostrate before Thee,

Hearken to this heartfelt prayer of mine,

And make me Thine and Thine only forever and ever!


                                        —Swami Ramdas




P.O. Anandashram

Via Kanhangad, S. Rly.


15th July, 1955


Beloved Friend,

It is joy to read your loving letter [?] inst. You have told in it a lot of news and other [?] do not matter, even Pronoun. What is needed is a complete elimination of the individual sense. All the forces of our being shall merge in the universal Spirit or Consciousness. God is all in all. Call Him any way you like.

Ramdas is very happy to know that the younger students liked Ramdas when he was in their midst. They are so  earnest, good and loving. Really Ramdas spent a delightful time in San Francisco.

Don’t you know that you are He? If you do not know then know it here and now. If you know, ever revel in the bliss of the Immortal.

Yours is a fine poem. You have the talent for writing poetry. You are steeped in Indian lore. Year thoughts are high and your heart is aglow with faith and love.

Ramdas remembers you. You saw him at the Academy of Asian Studies. Americans are so refreshingly frank, enthusiastic, active and kindly in nature. May God bless them.

Hearty love and blessings to you all.

Ever your Self,





Anandashram Post,

Via Kanhangad, S. India.

1st September 1955


Beloved Friend,

Ramdas had duly received your loving letter of the 24th July. You are a great student of Hindu scriptures and you are having contacts with persons of spiritual experience. As such you are flowing along the current of Divine peace, love and joy. You are a great force for disseminating a message of Divine peace and harmony by your illuminating writings and compositions.

Smile is a reality. Cat is a myth. The eternal smile is revealed itself through the cat. While the former is real and permanent the latter is unreal and transitory. Truth alone is.

All Love and Grace to you.

Ever your Self,





Anandashram P.O.


South India,

Oct. 7, 1957


Beloved Sam,

It was with great pleasure that I received your loving letter of the 20th September. We had also duly received your poem a few months ago. Papa also went through your letter and was happy to note what you write.

It is interesting to read what you write about your family affair. God brings about things at the right time. He knows what we need and at what time. If we leave things to Him we always remain happy and cheerful. Your next visit to India will also materialize if he wills that you should come here.

It is very encouraging to note that there is a growing demand for and response to lectures on Oriental philosophy. Of course, there is no wonder in it as people cannot find peace unless and until they turn back from the enjoyment of the pleasures of the senses, and seek the Real. Any amount of material prosperity is not going to give us real peace and happiness. Those who have known this truth by experience turn towards God.

We expect the Hamiltons here shortly. I am sure both of them will enjoy their stay in India and will gather good experience.

All goes well here as usual. We are deeply grateful to you for your love offering of Rs. 100/- sent by draft.

Papa sends his hearty love to you. Also love and regards from Satchidananda.




Anandashram P.O.


South India,

April 12, 1958


Beloved Ram,     

Your letter of March 20 came to us some days ago with your cheque for Rs. 100/- in time for Swami Ramdas’ birthday. I could not reply you earlier as we were all busy with the birthday functions which were attended by a large number of friends from various places.

The books required by you (complete set) are sent to you by separate parcel and your love offering is accepted with great joy.

It is interesting to note what you write about the things Indian that are confused with spirituality and how people are after such things. People have perhaps to knock here and there and get a good lot of hits and injuries before they can really turn to God the absolute existence, consciousness and bliss.

We have heard about Dr. Bose who has lived with Mahatma Gandhi for a long time.

Our friends Mr. and Mrs. Hamiltons are here. Perhaps you too are getting communications from them in regard to their experiences of stay with us in the ashram.

Swami Ramdas is not keeping very good health though he looks all right. He has weakness and gets exhausted by any little exertion. All care is being taken to see that he gets complete rest and regains his normal health.

Love and regards.

Ever your Self,





Anandashram P.O.


South India,

16th October, 1958


Beloved Ram,

We have your loving letter of the 16th September. Kindly excuse the delay in replying the same. We had duly received your previous communications also. It is very interesting to read about your experiences regarding the appearance of Jesus Christ before you.

Swami Ramdas accepts with joy your love offering of Rs. 50/- sent along with your letter. Here the ashram activities are going on as usual. Many friends are coming and going.

Swami Ramdas is all right in his health now and is fully engaged in looking after the spiritual need of the many devotees who come here and who are spread all over. That love he possesses is the type of love we have to crave for and attain. That comes only after we realize our oneness with everything, i.e. after we realize that “I” and “we” do not exist and that God alone is. After this experience, love simply flows without any restraint whatsoever.

Deepest love and pranams to you and all our friends there.

Ever your Self,





Anandashram P.O.


South India,

18th January, 1962


Beloved Ram,

We got your long and loving letter of the 9th instant only yesterday. We are glad to know that you are planning to come to Anandashram.

Swami Ramdas’ health has not been very good in these days. He is having some liver trouble and is advised to take complete rest.

You may plan your visit as to be here by the 3rd week of February as there are a large number of visitors at present and we have an acute shortage of accommodation. Kindly write to again when you are coming here.

Swami Ramdas sends you his hearty love and blessings.

Ever your Self,





Anandashram P.O.


South India,

17th December, 1962


Beloved Ram,

We got your loving letters of the 2nd November and 5th December. Papa has also seen them. I was away from the Ashram for a few days and returned only on the 15th instant.

I therefore could not reply you earlier.

Your work there must be very interesting, more so as it is prompted by God Himself. We note what you write about your new books. They must also be very interesting. You may by all means use the introduction written by Ramabai C.T. about Mataji. We read your article on Mataji.

All goes well here. Papa and Mataji are in fairly good health. They both send their hearty love and blessings to you.

Ever your Self,





Anandashram P.O.


South India

11th September, 1963


Beloved Ram,

We have been receiving all your letters all full of news about your activities.

We thought you had come to know about the passing of our beloved Papa away from this manifested world into the Eternal. This happened on the 25th July after a sudden heart attack in the evening at about 7 o’clock.

Glad that your work is going or well. God’s work God makes us do. Love and regards.





Anandashram P.O.


South India

27th September, 1963


Beloved Ram,

We got your loving letter of the 17th, 19th and 21st September the last one enclosing a draft for 25 dollars. We are sending you by separate cover a few Photographs which you may make use of for your new book.

All is going on well here and we are glad to know that your work is going on fine.

Mataji’s health is not very good. She prays that Pujya Papa’s blessings may ever be upon you.



772 Clementina St.

San Francisco 94103


May 7th, 1964


Dear Ram:

In peace, love and reverence. Papa has written so many amusing stories about Ram that one asks for pardon if one also writes an amusing outline. The whole life has been dedicated to hoping to bring spiritual wisdom to the United Sates from Asia and to bring social amelioration to your country and your continent through the application of modern knowledge to crop production that people might have more food, and water. And a few days ago a climax was reached that Sam has now been recognized by the scientists who want him to add his knowledge to the store of scientific accumulation and the people of Asia have been recognizing him more and more as a spiritual teacher. This strange document of a long life illustrates on one level that to man does belong action and to God, the fruits of action. And there could be a conclusion of irony that this is so, but it is not entirely so and irony actually is a stage curtain over something much more important.

The philosophy of the West today is that there are two classes of people–those who know because of experience and those who have opinions. But this has been so since the time of the Greeks. And the History of the world, written by the Scribes and Pharisees is the story of those rejected by Jesus Christ carrying his banner-and they still do.

A couple of months ago Sam attended a Church service, which turned out to be amusing. Christians were listening to a Korean minister and his troubles. The struggle between the Christians and Buddhists has given rise to a growing sect of people who have had mystical experience and they accept Jesus Christ because they have sand experienced him. Thus the Christians missionaries, attacking Buddhism and folk-religion found that they were losing ground to masses of common people who claim that Jesus has manifested to them. They have no defense and, of course, the American people and the world are kept in ignorance of those who have the Divine Grace and Divine experience.

The Subject was “Evangelism versus Mysticism” and in a spirit of humor Sam told the speaker, “That was wonderful. I am a mystic.” But this was no victory. The minister-who had lectured for evangelism against mysticism told Sam, “So am I.” So it will seem that in this new age Ram is going to be victorious against the Scribes and Pharisees, the pretenders and intellectuals who have been misguiding humanity until the age of education permits man to become free. A freedom, a mysticism at an early time would not avail. This a new age.

The scientists reach certain conclusion because of their valid knowledge through experience, individual and general. There is no doubt that the next stages in science must depend on the growth of the Vijnana and Prajna outlooks. These are unknown to the American people. With one notable acceptation, the Vedanta teacher in general sticks to mamas and ahankara and do not enlighten their followers. They give a broad, Universal Outlook, but it is not on the plane of Vedanta. In some places, however, elements of compassion and wisdom are added but not the experience of enlightenment. So one gets the Aldous Huxleyian outlook, very broad, very tolerant, but quite devoid of heart-wisdom; in other words, no Bhakti.

The essential difference between Sufism and Hindu mysticism is that the Hindus who been divided into rather exclusive Bhakti, Jnana and Karma methods; while the Sufis, also divided, have varying degrees of each. But in practice all Sufis are expected to have considerable karma-Yoga and today one meets them in all sorts of places, from humble peasants right up to the Vice-President of India. This last is kept from the American public by all the people who talk on India—the newspapermen, the metaphysical people and the wandering holy men. Each would lose, in a sense, some effectiveness, if it becomes common knowledge that a mystic of one type is President, and of another type is Vice-President of India, and the only difference Sam knows is that the Vice-President has more Karma-Yoga and the President more Jnana-Yoga. But it is real Yoga, not the misuse of this term by Scribes and Pharisees.

Sam’s return from the Orient has on neither occasion awakened any acceptance. It is only that he has been warned and guided spiritually not to retreat. And as one develops in the areas of Prajna and Ananda one cannot retreat. Even Sam’s most severe critics recognize more Ananda in him than in themselves.

There have been series of appearances of Zen Masters in this city and it is very amusing that Sam has been excluded from every symposium on Zen by others and been most welcome at every gathering of real Zen monks and Zen Masters. But there appeared in this city a Zen monk who had neither a title nor any college degree. He spoke on his experiences and the need to communicate and commune his joy. His lecture and discussion failed, there was no understanding. Then Sam rose and said, “This persons teaching from real Zen Masters and this person’s experiences have been exactly the same, down to every detail. The only difference between us is that his Masters are ascribed to the Rinzai School and the speaker to the Soto school, otherwise absolute agreement.” The Chair immediately declared the discussion at an end, that the speaker had proven his point.

This does not mean that there will not be a continuance of the substitution of intellectual derivatives fen Zen experience or Yoga experience or Sufi experience, or practical recognition of Ram in, through, with and around everybody. Only the day of keeping the public and the schools in ignorance is really a night and that night is going.

From this point on it is impossible to tell the story. Sam’s goddaughter has won contest after contest, prize after prize in many parts of Asia and she ascribed it to him. He is now being accepted slowly but definitely as a spiritual guide in more and more places—excepting at home, of course. And this is a difficulty because he has to do everything himself.

But while this has been going on his closest associate has been successful in every commercial venture; this is growing and growing, promising Sam the complete release from all financial burdens, and though this is an anticipation, one must accept it. To recently he has had to be all kinds of what the world (not he) would call difficulties.

On top of that there is a long story of a man evidently closely connected in the aeonic Karma who was a disciple of a disciple of Sam’s first teacher and now accepts him. This man is acting as the agent for the facing of the real problem of real Asia, such as salinity, acidity, improvements in agriculture and soil reforms. While the governments of the world and the United Nations advertise their successes there are more and more pleas for the amelioration of starvation but nothing to build up self-reliance. The results is that off the record Sam and a Sufi brother of the West have been called on and are being called on more and more in their private lives. Because the Sufi (like the Sadhu) must be in a content state of surrender and the operation of Prajna is most necessary at all times.

Sam has found out that there is no such thing as teaching. Jesus has said, “When two are gathered in my name, there I am in their midst.” These people do not know the Name and Sam has been initiated into the Name (not a very good term). In this, the self is automatically affected, there is union of teacher and pupil in Ram, with Ram, through Ram, and the wisdom comes out of the mouth without going through the mind at all. It is all heart, but includes more mind than the depths of mind. Suzuki has given a most warped picture of Zen, and a still more confused picture of Indian Metaphysics, setting up Vijnana (which he does not know) against Prajna (which he does not know). Even in Kamakura Sam was told he was two grades beyond the professor in Zen attainment, which, of course, the Scribes and Pharisees will not accept. (Sam has some pictures, which caused the Japanese to Accept.)

Suddenly things began to changes here also all over. For the first time a professor at the University of California in Berkeley Sam’s travels, personal contacts and experiences-all of which have heretofore been rejected. He was a complete report. Before this could be given, Prof. Von Grünebaum of the University of California in Los Angeles came and spoke on “The relations between Greek and Arabic culture” and to one’s amazement he came out fully for mysticism. He was against mysticism and mystics before but as there are many mystics now all over the world hiding behind other functions he could not refuse facts-he might even have met Vice-President Hussein. This changed everything.

But it also increased the subjects to be discussed with one Dr. Farber of the University of California in San Francisco. Only Dr. Farber could not see Sam; he was busy organizing a great food conference. To this conference came the leading scientists from all over America. And it seems by divine grace that they spoke almost entirely on subjects with which Sam was acquainted and not with others.

One day Dr. Farber came to Sam, tapped him on the shoulder and said, “There’s your problem.” Sam looked him in the eye and said, “No, there’s your problem. Here’s your answer” (pointing to himself). The things that happened after that were “exciting” and even more pleasurable. Sam has to cross this country continually until the money due him comes and then revaluate his whole life. But those who know understated that Ram is the Being, both the Guide and guided, and that there is vast universe between the devotee who prays to be guided; the professor who lectures on these things, and the realized soul. Things now happen too fast, and the wheel-of-life turns.

Love and blessings,

S. A. M.

Samuel L Lewis

Sufi Ahmed Murad-Chisti




10th March 1967


Beloved Ram,

After a long time we got your long and loving letter of 23rd February. It definitely contains a lot of news. Ram is keeping you very busy and He gets so many things done for Him through you. Blessed are those who are the chosen instruments of God. As you rightly say, it is always difficult for people to understand a real instrument of God, because everyone sees his own reflection in him; but it does not matter. We have to go our own way as prompted by God within.

Here our humble work is going on as usual. Mother was not well for some time, but she is all right now. She accepts with joy your love offering of $20/- sent by cheque. We are arranging to send you a set of our books which you will get perhaps after a couple of months.

With deepest love and regards,

Ever your Self,





10th August 1967


Beloved Ram,

We have received with joy your three letters full of interesting news about your activities over there. You are indeed a wonderful Ram, rather, a blessed Ram. The supreme lord whom we call Ram is making you do so many things to fulfill, of course, His will.

Very glad to know that you are reading Papa’s books and also giving them to friends for reading. Papa’s way of teaching is very simple. He doesn’t go into complicated philosophical discussions using very long and difficult words. He has tried to make the most difficult subject easily understandable to all.

The experience of Jim you have mentioned is really inspiring. Jim must have been deeply meditating on Beloved Papa.

We are having our usual activities here. Though Papa has disappeared from our physical midst, He is still with us so intensely that the devotees who come here feel His presence and happily spend some days with us. Papa taught us never to cling on to his personal form. He was all for the Impersonal—the One who is seated in our hearts, who is everywhere, who has became everything and who transcends everything—the Purushothama.

When we are fully immersed in the Name, our true being is awakened from within and we realise we are the birthless and deathless Eternal Existence. We only live in this body, use it as a vehicle and instrument to carry out the supreme will. Therefore there is no wonder you felt you are ageless.

The very fact that the inexhaustible source of love and joy has opened up in your heart is itself sufficient. You don’t have to put any effort to make others know what you have or to make them taste it. You blossom like the fragrant rose and those who come near you are intoxicated with that fragrance. The rose does not strive to infuse the fragrance into others. Its very existence is sufficient. So also the very existence of a God-realised person is sufficient to radiate peace and joy in that area.

Deepest love to you and all others there.

Ever your Self,





26th January 1968


Beloved Friend,

We got your loving letter of the 18th instant. We were very glad to know that you have been very busy with God’s work. He is bringing to you earnest aspirants who like Pujya Papa’s books also. It is interesting to hear about two ladies who have fallen in love with mother Krishnabai.

Kindly let us know what all books you require. Because you have not sent any list we are unable decide what you require. Please write to us soon.

Talks of those persons who live, move and have their beings in God, alone can inspire the hearers. Many talk but few are benefited. God realisation is not a joke. It is the rarest thing in the world. Blessed indeed are those who realise God and enjoy His eternal bliss.

With love.

Ever your Self,




410 Precita Ave

San Francisco, Calif.

2nd February, 1968



c/o Anandashram

Cannanore District,

South India


Beloved Ram,

Your letter of the 26th has been received in love and joy. One must begin by saying there are more than two ladies now who are in love with Mother Krishnabai. One was here today and has asked for our book list so she can purchase them. But it is possible we shall get together and have a big Ramdas library.

It is very curious that one should be trained as a Sufi and when one practices certain Sufi disciplines, especially the one known as Tasawwuri, it is Ramdas who manifests as Teacher. Not only that Sam is becoming more and more like Ramdas, becoming also Papa and Lover and it is all Grace, nothing but Grace. It is utterly beyond him. Sam feels like a playwright who has to participate in his own dramas playing roles which seem foreign to his nature.

It is very hard to get older people to accept honesty and it is very hard to be other than honest with the young. Sam was initiated into the Esoteric Buddhism in Japan and all the older people refused to accept it. His task was to purify the Dharma. We have a class in “Buddhism” at the university and not a single student in the class knew what the Triratna was. This comes from attending services at so-called “Buddhist” establishments. And Sam is going to tell the class his story of his initiation which was to reserve the Dharma in all forms.

Next Sam offers Lord Buddha’s Yoga, and we have practices in Love, Joy, and Peace. The other night Sam showed his disciples the Peace and two had samadhic experiences. Two others have had these last week. And we have stories of mergence in Jesus Christ., Sri Ramakrishna and papa Ramdas. This will horrify some people who have strange intellectual views of a Sufism of which they know nothing. Mohammed taught, “We make no distinctions or differences between the” but religions and cultists make these distinctions and differences.

Sam has colleagues, men like himself, who have been to Asia and undergone disciplines with Asian masters and come back and been rejected by society. We have joined together and also both together and apart are drawing so many young people. These young people want Truth and God and not personalities or lectures and especially sermons. We give them yoga and others give lectures on Yoga. We give many kinds of Yoga, some from Sufis, some from other sources.

It also seems that the universities accept reports from Sam which the narrow cults and study groups would not look at. All, of them want money for research and nothing else and the research is based on personality. So Sam got out what may be called his Zen stick and began getting a number of apologies. All these people had to do to get money was to be honest but so many seek fame and power. And this day is going, going fast.

Next there is the matter of Sri Aurobindo. Sam is ready to write for one class “Sri Aurobindo and Plato.” The universities encourage what the cults and private groups ignore.

Anyhow, next Sunday, God willing, Sam will be speaking on “Sri Aurobindo and His Predecessors.” This will be in two parts. One will have to do with Darshan, an actual method of Yoga which Sri Aurobindo used. Sam never had it from him but had it from Dilip Koomar Roy. Sam also had the Darshan of many Buddhist masters and also in a varied form from Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan. It was this glance which is keeping Sam going, in his seventies and younger and younger all the time. And it becomes so funny that the people who will not listen to Sam and call him a liar have to fact this strange vitality. And the young regard it as a sign of Grace of God.

Sam’s family of beautiful men and women is growing. His place is filled to capacity and although he now lectures five times a week, he will have to prepare to lecture in nearby places. The ability to give the Love, Joy, and Peace from Lord Buddha wins hearts. The young want Heart, the want Love, the want Peace and they do not want lectures.

But there are some Sufis gradually coming here and each time it happens it is like a whole army coming to one’s aid. And what does Sufism teach: Nothing Exists but God, and God Is Love. Now we also teach through walking and breathing and meditation and concentration.

Finally the RamNam. These young people take it like honey. Sam thinks they are reincarnation Indians and they act like it. We chant in Sanskrit on Sundays and Arabic on Thursdays. And you may be getting more letters from the beloved young people who are part of a new kind of family—and they all love one another and not a word has been said about this!

Love and Blessings,


26th March 1968


Beloved Ram,

According to your letter of 19th February we have dispatched the following books in three packets:

World Is God................................. 1

Gita Sandesh.................................. 4

The Divine Life Vol.II ................... 4

Guru’s Grace................................ 10

Silver Jubilee Souvenir of

Mother Krishnabai’s Renunciation. 2

Homage To Mother Krishnabai.... 25

Thus Speaks Ramdas ................... 20

The Pathless Path ........................ 10

A Devotee’s Diary Vol. I to V. …… 1     

We trust you will receive the books in good condition and your friends and devotees will enjoy reading the books. We have made our own selection of the books. If you like to have any more or any other books, please write to us. We had also received your cheque for $25 sent along with your letter.

All well here. Mother Krishnabai is well and the ashram activities are going on as usual. Mother prays for Beloved Papa’s blessings on you and all the other friends there for eternal happiness.

Ever your Self,





April 23, 1968


Beloved Ram,

We got your loving letter of April 6 enclosing a cheque for $25. The books for Mrs. Sitara Dolphin have been dispatched. We are glad that many young men and women are coming to you to hear more and more of what you say about God, Divine Love and Papa and Mataji. You are doing God’s work and as such He will see to it that fit instruments are brought to you and that is His business.

Recently Mr. Paul Reps came in contact with the Ashram. Since then he has been writing to us and asking for more and more books which we have sent him. It is very good to hear that he is also doing great work.

All well here. With deepest love and best wishes,

Ever your Self,







6th May, 1968


Beloved Ram,

We got your loving letter of April 26 with your cheque for $10.

Yogacharya Mildred Hamilton is in India now. She visited us last December for a week and is now touring different places in North India. She has met many saints and yogis during her tours in India during the last two months. Her address in India is c/o Dr. Pravinder Singh, 15A Aurangzeb Road, New Delhi. She expects to be in India for a few months more.

We are glad Mr. Paul Reps will be with you shortly. It is good that many young men and women are anxious to hear about God and lead a divine life. May those who have seen the Light show it to others who are groping in darkness!

All goes well here. With deepest love to you all. Please convey our best love to Mr. Paul Reps when you meet him.

Ever your Self,




14th June 1968


Beloved Ram,

We have your loving letter of the 7th of June with a cheque for $10 which we gratefully accept.

We hope you have received all the books sent from here. It takes a long time for the books to reach here.

It is interesting to read your description about your meeting the Swami. What is inside is not always seen outside. One may appear to be very grave and reserved, but at the same time he may be very humble and loving. In this case, by your love and RamNam you brought out the real nature of the Swamiji. God’s game is really wonderful.

After all, the world itself is a big tamasha. In it so many tamashas as you have mentioned are going on. May the newly wedded couple be blessed with a long, harmonious wedded life, peace and prosperity, and may they walk on the spiritual path hand in hand. Both of them are really blessed that they are guided by you and Dr. Chaudhuri.

With Love and Best Wishes,

Ever your Self,



P.S. We got also your loving letter with a copy of your addresses to Pondicherry.




12 July 1968


Dear Brother,

It is nearly a month since the receipt of your long, loving, descriptive and interesting letters of the 12th and 19th June, which we have been unable to acknowledge so far, owing to various unavoidable reasons. You will pardon us for the same. Your letter of the 19th June contains a cheque for $10.00 being your love-offering which we accept with great joy. We have also received your last letter of the 1st instant.

We here in Anandashram are mostly engaged in the constant repetition of RamNam (Lord’s Name), meditation, service of the poor and to the extent possible, following the tenets of our most revered Papa (Swami Ramdas), viz Universal Love and Service.

Love & Pranams to you, Ram!

Ever yours in Him

For Anandashram

Mr. Sadanand S.Nagarkatti




24th July 1968

Dear Brother,

Your loving letter of the 17th instant together with your contribution of $10/- has been received here yesterday with grateful thanks.
The mahasamadhi Day of Beloved Papa is on the 25th inst., the fifth anniversary. The usual programme of meditation twice a day in the Homa Mandir of Beloved, Papa’s mahasamadhi, besides the usual RamNam repetition in the Ashram Bhajan Mandir, goes on fine.
Glad you are all keeping fine, in His remembrance and in the blissful spiritual atmosphere all around !

Loving Pranams.

Ever yours in Him.

For Anandashram

Mr. Sadanand S.Nagarkatti



San Francisco, Calif.

18th August 18, 1968




South India


Dear Ram:           Om! Shri Ram, Jai Ram, Jai, Jai Ram!

One always enjoys “The Vision” but this letter will be more in reports of the inspirations and impetus that comes from and with it. So there will be a long report and a small enclosure. It began with a meeting with a clairvoyant and ended with a meeting with a clairvoyant.

Two weeks back on Monday morning a convocation was called by a very, very wealthy and powerful man of this region. He is known as a politician, a successful business man and a “high liver.” Underneath he is an advanced initiate and hides this. He goes around to spiritual and metaphysical places and they treat him in their usual manner practically of them and churches too full of self-respect disregard St. Paul’s “Show kindness to strangers for many have thereby entertained angels unawares.” This has been his career.

He called a spiritual meeting and in the end gave very determined instructions to Sam’s disciple Sheyla, to get ready to go to India. He was very adamant and first Sheyla and now another disciple, Dara, is being prepared. They will aim first at The Temple of Understanding which will hold sessions at Darjeeling. The leaders of this movement have shown Sam utmost respect both for his learning and spiritual center. But the churches, the “Universal people,” the metaphysical people have not. Even those which pretend to accept the Temple have not. And it became a source of unfortunate amusement to find all these people crying for funds, money, dollars and turning away the very people that can bring them money by their bastard “humility,” which means they have no ears and having no ears, evidence they have no hearts. The country is full of them.

Besides everybody cries for money and few for action. This man has demanded action and Sam’s job is to see he cooperated with The Universal Meditation Center which is a Universal Meditation Center and not some self-organized group of people who use names. The idea came from Paul Reps and was immediately supported by a Sufi and a number of Buddhists from a number of Asian countries. It has nothing to do with the intellectual or ecclesiastical movements which adopt high names and cannot fulfill them.

It is only that Sufis are not dualistic and do not play around with words like Advaita and remain dualistic. It is Sam’s job to invite any and all and build up a universal which is universal in the sight of Ram and not in public estimation or bank accounts. It must be all-inclusive. And there is a cartoon in this land, “And then the fun began.”

Sheyla and Dara are getting ready for India. They are both deeply in love with Mother Krishnabai. Sam has assigned to Sheyla the working title, “Spritual women in the World of Today.” They are first stop at Madras where Indian Air Lines enters your country with a letter of introduction to Br. Radhakrishnan who always answers Sam’s letters, with whom there is deep understanding.

The visit to Pondicherry will depend on timing but they should visit there and even the
Radhe-Soamis before returning home. For they are connected with a growing movement in this land for communal living based on spiritual, not on political premises. This movement is growing very, very rapidly and is, on the whole un-lead.

This world is filled with people who claim to believe either in the moral order or karma and don’t. It is unfortunate. They have often cut themselves off from the very funds they seek. And the same came true in the visit of Dr. Huston Smith. This man is regarded as America’s greatest authority on Asian faiths and philosophies. Twice when self-important people turned down papers from Sam he accepted them. He is connected with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one of the most advanced groups in the whole world. But Ram is full of humor, as Papa Ramdas used to say. Sam’s esoteric secretary was the star pupil of Dr. Huston Smith! And we are planning a luncheon to which we are inviting Dr. Haridas Chaudhuri if this can be arranged. It is time to stop a lot of promotional nonsense about bringing East and West together, including the wealthy and intellectual and excluding the wise and awakened!

Huston Smith is regarded as the supreme authority both by all those who are taking psychedelic drugs or involved in forms of psychiatry which lean toward the Orient. In the class he told Sam that Sam would be given an “A.” and Sam also brought him poetry rejected by the very “nice” East-West people whom I shall not name. They all believe in “moral order” and Karma and do that. But all of them fit in Ram’s Scheme, only not as leaders.

During that time something funny happened. One of Sam’s disciples wrote about his return from the East Coast. He is preparing to go to India and Pakistan if it can be arranged. After Sam reported this to the heads of the department he wanted to visit some Indian instructors who are friends of either disciples he found them in the office of one Prof. C. Naim. Naim said, “Who is this man?” “Don’t you know the Sufi?” Naim scratched his head, “of course I know the Sufi!”

When the “great” professors of Oriental studies were here and some very technical questions were asked about Indian literature and philosophy and nobody could answer they did something that never occurs in “East-West” circles, they opened the floor to anybody. A little man got up and answered the top experts in this land. His answers were accepted and that is now he met Prof. C. Naim who was then stationed at Chicago, So Sam is planning a real “East-West” gathering and will also invite Dr. Chaudhuri.

In the meanwhile Sam is presenting spiritual, not intellectual, methods we had used the Sufi Tawajjeh but only for disciples. Now he does the Darshan, following a real, real universal method, not intellectual. In one of the prayers of Hazrat Inayat Ham Khan, Sam’s first Sufi teacher it says:

”Allow us to recognize Thee in all thy holy names and forms; Let us know Thee as Rama, as Krishna, as Shiva, as Buddha       As Moses, as Jesus, as Mohammed.”

Now Allah(Ram) speaks to Sam and told him to perform first what is called tasawwuri, a Sufi expression meaning outward attunement and effacement. But Sam must have satisfied Allah(Ram) for the next told him to perform Darshan. And one reports in a spirit equally scientific and devotional:

Ram brings courage, fortitude, nobility, faith, honesty, one-pointedness and is very effective for and with men.

Sri Krishna is the most difficult for Sam. It make him fall in love with all the women and they with him. And Sam has around him some of the most beautiful young women he has ever seen. And when he did this he felt ashamed but Allah(Ram) said to him: “For others it may be wrong but for you it is not wrong for in you there is no lust.” And then Sam could realize that Sri Krishna could appear and dance with man Gopis.

Sam’s best balance was the Darshan or Jesus which brings all love and tenderness for everybody and is something like the Buddhas Avalokita. Actually this would be his favorite but one serves Ram, not himself.

The Darshan of Shiva is like the Sufic Akhlak Allah, that God is in, around, through everybody and everything. That of Moses is fitness, concentration, much of what the Indians include in Artha Sastra. And that of Mohammed is the total integration of all before him, and to Sam is that of Maitreya Buddha. But the “”highest” is he Darshan of Buddha. This is “active peace.” No movement here and Sam has had his picture so taken and it may be published soon.

During this same period Sam has had no less than six interviews–not even time or sleep! And eating! His stories and articles may soon be published. A complete turn of the wheel-of-life, in everything. For “The stone that was rejected his made the cornerstone” was revealed to Sam when he was very young. And now all the people that have been rejected by the self-proud are coming to him in greater numbers all the time.

The period ending Friday night was marked by the first attempt to bring Buddhists together. This was tried over thirty years ago by Dwight Goddard, compiler of the “Bible of Buddhism.” It resulted in all the very ego-centric people who call themselves “Buddhists” rejecting Goddard! And, of course, each other. But although Sam is a close friend of Her Serene Highness Princess Poon Diskul, President of the World Buddhist Federation, each of the Buddhist “leaders” of whom there are many reject this and most of them reject each other.

Sam has tried the Jhanas of Lord Buddha and they work. As was stated things are done in an equally scientific and devotional spirit. The Jhanas work, the young increase their capacity for and their conscious realization of joy, love, peace, devotion. Of course this is done with Guru. It is not accomplished without Guru. The empty words remain. With Guru it is done.

With all love and blessing and apologies for the egocentricity of these reports (Sam has never asked for forgiveness for his sins: he only prays for and relies on a just punishment).

Om Sri Ram Jai Ram, Jai, Jai Ram,





28 August 1968


Mr. Samuel L. Lewis,

San Francisco.


Dear Brother,

We acknowledge with grateful thanks your love-offering of $10/- (cheque) sent

along with your letter of the 18th instant. We read the contents of your above letter with great interest. May all be well with everybody and may love and peace reign supreme in the universe, is the prayer of:

Yours in Him,

Yours in Him,


Sadanand B. Nagarkatti

(for Managing Trustee)



October 1968


Cannanore District


South India


Dear Ram:

It was with great delight that one received the list of books now on their way. With the establishment of the Sufi Khankah to the north of here, and with the slowly but steady growing number of adherents and followers, this matter can only be fully pursued after disciples Sheyla and Dara visit you.

There is much satisfaction today to find the growing acceptance of the heart outlook. While Sam accepts the teachings of Sri Aurobindo, he also accepts the general Indian cosmic psychology such as is found in the Brihadarankya Upanisad and Gita in particular. He also founds (Brahm) in all people. There is some confusion between the mere verbal acceptance of this and applying it in life.

Sam finds it easy to demonstrate that there is great joy in the contact of human bodies; this pales into insignificance before the contact of the subtle bodies. This subtle body, non-physical contact is being demonstrated in the Dervish dances here. In turn this is paled when there is the living contact between the hearts as is now being performed by Sam in Darshan, and in another form in the Krishna dances. In performing these Sri Krishna dances Sam seems to disappear entirely in the personality of the Lord-this is one aspect. The other aspect is as the Sufi’s teach: The lover is a vain thing, the beloved is all in all. These transformatory experiences are being accepted by those that dance with Sam and even more so by those that are attending Darshan.

In the Darshan we move from the subtle to the higher realms-this is one aspect. In the spiritual dances the blessings of the higher realms manifest in part through the guru and in part through the dances, rituals, and pageants. These are all based on the actual scriptures or ceremonies of the great religions. They are certainly not dependent on personality and even less so on intellectual prowess which has been wrongly substituted for true Yoga.

While this is going on more and more disciples have seen the mergence of Sam in and with Papa. This in turn has made it possible to present much more mystical and esoteric teachings, i.e., methods, to the young both disciples and non- disciples. We have obliterated nearly all dualistic sermons, oratory, verbal emotionalism., which have certainly not transmuted human egos. Love is Love. Light does not depend on its casting powerful shadows.

It may be necessary soon to send more money so as to have literature at least both in San Francisco and Novato. However, some of Sam’s disciples are about ready to go into the book business and the matters may be turned over to them.

Sam is most fortunate in having around him a group of vigorous and active and beautiful devotees who are his associates and helpers. They all join in sending their greetings especially Srimati Krishnabai.


Love and Blessings,



P.S. Mr. Paul Reps will be here shortly. We hope to have good audiences here.




12 October 1968


Beloved Brother,

Your loving letter of the 28th September has been received here on the 7th instant. With it, the list of Books of Beloved Papa, sent, has been received as under:

                                                                                        Price of each copy

The Divine Life Vol.2 -                            4 copies                       Rs. 2-50

Guru’s Grace                                           1 copy                         Rs. 2-50

Gita Sandesh                                           4 copies                       Rs. 2-50

A Devotee’s Diary                                  6    “

Thus Speaks Ramdas                               5    “                          Rs. 0-75

Krishna Bai (out of stock)

Glimpses of Divine Vision                      1    “

Ramdas Speaks Vols. I, II, III (2), IV(2), V(2), IX(2) X

The Pathless Path                                    4 copies                       Rs. 1-00

Letters of Swami Ramdas Vol l - 4 copies & Vol. II 3 copies,

In Quest of God (out of stock)

Homage to Mother Krishna Bai              2 copies                       Rs. 0-25

The Sayings of Ramdas                           1 copy                         Rs. 1-00

Call of the Devotee                                 1    “                           Rs 1-50

God-Experience (out of stock)

The Vision***                                           2 copies
The available Books will be sent to you, as required, by Sea Mail at the earliest possible date.

We have received in the past your love-offerings which we have promptly acknowledged. The “small contribution” mentioned in the opening para of your letter, is not received here which is just for your kind information, along with your letter under reply.

When Mrs. Sheyla McKendrick and Mr. Robert Rowell come to India, they are quite welcome to the Ashram which belongs to all.

Pujya Mataji sends to you all loving devotees there Pujya Papa’s blessings for eternal happiness.

Love & Pranams.

Yours in His service,


Mr. Sadanand B. Nagarkatti


*** Do you require the book “In the Vision of God” or “The Vision” monthly magazine?

Please enlighten. Thanks.



18th October, 1968

The Manager, Anandashram

Anandashram, P. O.

Cannanore District,

Kerala, South India


Dear Ram,

The July issue of “The Vision” has arrived and Sam reads with some sadness of Shri Swami Satchidananda ill-health. Sam does not regard himself as different from Swamiji; we share “secrets” which belong to the world above duality. As long as man dwells in the duality and is deceived by the verbal expressions against duality the destiny of man will remain unfulfilled.

Sam is delighted that you have used the quotation from Sri Aurobindo. This great Sage has left a compendium of divine wisdom and already he is being substituted for God and people worship him and quote him but shunt their own higher selves in his name. The result is that the young people here admire Sri Aurobindo but are rejecting the projects in his name, especially in India. These are all being built on emotional dualism and the rejection of real holy men who were achievers and the substitutions of prominence for deviate inspiration.

Unlike the followers of Sri Aurobindo—and of course these people reject it, most unfortunately, Sam has been often “Merged in Sri Krishna.” So he is sending either here or in a separate envelope copy of The Rejected Avatar. This is the day of its release. It is to be reviewed and then put on the stands. The idea of a Sufi writing about Sri Krishna will cause much abhorrence but the truth is that the Sufi can respect Lords Buddha, Christ and Shiva and Rama, but the followers of Shiva and Rama and Sri Krishna and Christ and Buddha either do not or cannot show the same respect to Lord Mohammed and restrict Ram to certain names and forms. Therefore Sam prefers to be known as a Sufi without any diminution of spiritual effacement, or devotion. For a Sufi sees God-Ram and worships God-Ram in all names and forms while others mostly just say it, say it and do not demonstrate it.

Sunday night Sam gave Darshan to about 50 people, only two or three over 30 years of age. This is a communication of unity in the Supreme and not any dualistic ceremony of “I am different from you.” It is difficult for San to report on it. Sam had with him Fatima and Mansur and they do not choose to report. There are forms of love, spontaneous especially which come from the depths of the heart. It is this Heart-Vision and Heart-Unity which will draw the peoples of the world together, is drawing the peoples of the world together now. Older people want to lead; younger people want to join each other.

Sam is continuing the joint heritage from Hazrat Inayat Khan and Ruth St. Denis. Disciple Fatima has drawn a marvelous picture of Sri Krishna and the Gopis. She has Sam’s spirit through and through. Her concentration is on Mataji Krishnabai; this is real spiritual practice. Sunday we open our “The Garden of Inayat” in the town of Novato some 30 miles to the north. Hazrat Inayat Khan told Sam how to raise the funds; when we operate in the name of Ram, Ram comes to us. We had no campaign, no anything. We have the place. There is a vast difference between verbal adherence and actuality.

Today is Sam’s birthday, and tonight and Sunday celebrations and in between the dancing class. Sam continues with the Dervish dancing and Ram has given him the Hari Krishna dance and the RamNam dance. There is no need to tall the young people, “God is Love.” It is being demonstrated and as Moineddin Chisti gave the love-religion through the Music, now Sam is giving the love-religion through the dance, It is most effective.

This week Ram gave Sam the Lord’s Prayer with movements; a Buddhist mandala ceremony in the swastika-eight fold path formation using Sanskrit and Pali formulas. Also the Rama dance to bring strength, courage and manhood by a real Yoga effort, not mere physical exercises and postures, but a real energizing of the subtle and causal bodies and no nonsense, and no philosophy.

Then the Krishna-Gopi dance. This was for a disciple of Sam named Krishna Das who is compelled to be away. Both the Krishna and Rama dances require Darshan also. The first effort to put on the dance produced a phenomenon totally unexpected—the manifestation of love from so many young and beautiful women. Sam never had anything like it. Krishna dances with all the Gopis until he meets Radha and then pays no more attention; so then a number of men equal to the number of Gopis join and we end in what might be called a follow the leader dance, a combination of Indian and European movements. We may give this tonight; we shall on Sunday when the Khankah (Sufi Ashram) is opened.

All of these dances require the incessant repetition either of the Divine Names (mostly) or the Divine Attributes, nothing else. These Names are repeated over and over during the dancing. The same is true of the “Opening of the House” and “Birthday Dance” that we repeat over and over the Divine Name while dancing.

These are dedicated to Mrs. Judith Hollister who is now heading the convocation of the real leaders of the real religions of the real world in Darjeeling. It may be necessary to present than in the city of Washington later when these people return.

Actually Sam has had a break-down—all work, work, work and no help. Some people have the idea if they only pray help will come so Sam got a lot of prayers, a lot of letters, a lot of people coming for spiritual help and a number of requests for his manuscripts, all spiritual, from himself and others. Two secretaries were engaged in moving and another in marriage and the choices of prayers, good-wishes went on and on and on but no help. Finally a notice was given that Sam was closing his place. Then Ram stepped in:

Yesterday a long-distance call and a man wants to have Sam work with him on both the scientific and spiritual problems which this man also sees as One. No more dualisms passing as Advaita (we have a lot of them). But the Union of Sufism, Kegon Buddhism and Sankara with Love. Sam does not know what it means. He refuses to look beyond Sunday. It will be a new world with great venture and adventure. The young want Love, their elders give them words, words of encouragement no doubt but still words!

Om Sri Ram! Jai Ram! Jai, Jai Ram!

Samuel L. Lewis

Sufi Ahmed Murad-Chisti Sam




24 October 1968


Beloved Brother Sam,

Your long, very long and loving letters are wonderful indeed! Your experiences too are equally wonderful. The book, “The Rejected Avatar” has been received with joy.

Your love-offering of $10/- has also been received here.

We have arranged to send you the Ashram publications by Sea Mail, as desired. Trust you will receive them in order. Please do acknowledge.

All goes blissfully well here in His remembrance.

Pujya Mataji sends one and all of you Pujya Papa’s blessings for eternal happiness.

Love & Pranams.

Yours in His Service,

Mr. Sadanand B. Nagarkatti



The Garden of Inayat

910 Railroad Avenue Novato,

Calif. 94947

November 7, 1968





South India


Dear Ram:

The practice of the presence of God is so different from the dualistic, emotional and intellectual aspects of life that it has caused a vast generation gap here. Older people are satisfied with words or with the emotions and favorable samskaras suggested by them. Sufis say, “heart speaks to heart and soul to soul.” This is entirely different from the dualism called Advaita. Dualistic advaita is on one hand a source of confusion, and, on the other hand, such utter nonsense, it cannot affect the New Age culture arising here.

Sam’s vision includes an ever-increasing number of dances and rituals. These are utterly unreal to older people who will not participate, and just as utterly real to the young who participate or observe. The young people differing from their elders accept that when Sri Krishna is on their side victory is theirs. Their elders still hanker after money power, fame etc, but mostly without being aware of it. There is far more ignorance than evil; perhaps there is only ignorance and no evil at all.

Within two weeks Sam hopes to choreograph these new dances and rituals. Last night Sam instituted the Sun dance and the Moon dance. The forces and factors involved make one feel that there is something like the restoration of Vedic and Mystery dances. So far the high point comes when Sam is merged into Sri Krishna. The difficulty is not in the merging but in the control of the ecstatic state.

Prema may be delightful. It does not always help one’s fellow man. The mergence of Sufism and Indian culture, which is Sam’s dharma, is now taking effect here. It has the virtue of being all inclusive, without using the term “all-inclusive.”

In discussing these new developments with the housemother here, Fatima, Sam said, “I do not like to talk to you. I am your senior by many years in age. I am your spiritual teacher. But when I look into your eyes, I see nothing but “Mother Krishnabai. Then I feel terrifically small.” Fatima replied, “but I am Mother Krishnabai!”

Sam may have to ask you a favor. His disciples Sheyla and Dara are traveling in India. They report they have not too much money. Sam wishes them to visit Anandashram. While we believe they can cover their expenses there, if not, please let us know and we shall send the proper funds for their sojourn.

Some of the items in “The Rejected Avatar” come out of Sam’s life. Older people accept the words karma and golden rule, but they do not behave other than has the generality. Now the young people are very different: to them the word love means love, compassion means compassion, generosity means generosity, words of themselves have no meaning.

Dare and Sheyla report the resemblance between the hippy communities, American and non-American, with Indian customs and traditions. This confirms Sam’s belief. It is almost impossible to convince seniors that the soul has no age, and that those of young bodies may be far more advanced than they are. They seem unable to accept this even when willing.

The repetitions of the names of God, mostly Arabic or Sanskrit are the basis of all the new dances coming through Sam. In fact, you cannot do them without remitting the divine names. The result on the emotions is revolutionary. It is almost awkward for a person formerly rejected almost everywhere to today being accepted in almost exact counter-balance to the former relocations. It is said love will find a way. The Divine Love is all ways. It is manifesting here and now. Sam’s Darshans have been so successful, it is possible that they will in time revolutionize culture itself, inshallah as Muslims say.

The Garden of Inayat must become a model to the new age. There are now 6 permanent and 3 part-time sojourners. In a sense we are more than a happy family, because we are becoming a family in the sight of Ram, in the repetition of Ram (or Allah) and in the knowledge of Ram (or Allah). Of the last 15 people Sam has interviewed, every single one of them has expressed willingness to accept the reality of God, apart from religions, cults, philosophies, institutions, dogmas and all persons whomsoever who wish to divide, or to divide, humanity. We do not have “universal-religion.” We are having a universalism which includes everything-Vijnanavada

We must thank God for the airmail which brings us so close in time. Love and Blessings,




17th November, 1968


Beloved Brother,

Your loving letters of the 19th September, of the 28th September enclosing a cheque for $10/-, of the 19th and 31st of October and the last of the 7th instant have all been received. We offer our heartfelt thanks for your love offering of $10/-. In the midst of our daily activities which cover up a pretty long time of the day, I am sorry, I have not been able to write to you touching all the elaborate points you have mentioned in your long loving letters. You will pardon me for the same.

RamNam keeps us blissfully engaged. With our united Love and Pranams.

Yours in His Service,

Mr. Sadanand B. Nagarkatti




19th Nov. 1968



As per your kind instructions in your letter of 28th Sept: last, we have the pleasure to advise having completed the dispatch of the following books under two separate Regd. packets, by Surface Mail. Trust they will reach you intact at an early date.

Out of the books ordered for by you, the following are out of stock: i.e. “Glimpses of Divine Vision”; “Index of Contents of Ramdas Speaks”; “In quest of God” & “God Experience.”

For packing adjustment, we have added one more copy of “Thus speaks Ramdas.”

Name of book      No. of copies in Pkt: I          Pkt II         Total          Price


Guru’s Grace                                         1                                           Rs 2-50

In the Vision of God)

Part I & II two copies each)                  4                                              10-00

Letters of Swami Ramdas

                                           Vol: I       4                                          10-00

                   “                     Vol: II        3                                          7-50

Gita Sandesh                                         4                                              10-00

The Pathless Path                                  4                                                4-00

Sayings of Ramdas                                1                                                1-00

Call of the Devotee                               1                                                1-50

A Devotee’s Diary: Vol: 1 to V     2(sets)          4 sets        6 sets        30-00

The Divine Life: Vol: II                         4                                              10-00

Ramdas Speaks (Vol: 1 & 2 together)    1                                                2-50

            “                Other volumes                               9        copies      11-25

Thus speaks Ramdas                                               6              “            4-50

Homage to Mother Krishnabai                                2              “            0-50

Add: Packing, postage & Regn. on two packets                                   41-75

Total…                                                                                          Rs 147-00

All’s well here by Divine Grace. With hearty love and greetings and prayers for Divine blessings of peace and plenty to you all there.

Ever yours in the Divine:


 P.S. Trust you have duly received by now our Air Mail letter dated 17th inst: acknowledging your previous letters and the remittance of Dol: 10/-



November 19, 1968




South India


Dear Ram;

Sam is here sending you his monthly contribution. He does not know how far this goes at Anandashram. He is concerned over the whereabouts and financial status of two of his disciples now in India, Mrs. Sheyla McKendrick and Mr. Robert Dara Rowell. He has written that it they are in difficulties, they may proceed to Anandashram and would receive help in an emergency from him through you.

The great obvious thing is that God is love, but this love includes intelligence, wisdom, mercy, compassion and joy to say the least. There is a vast difference, a tremendously vast difference, between verbal “God is love” “God is intelligence” and the pursuit or attainment of these verbalisms in the objective daily life. Sam has been writing and also receiving very cordial letters from Auroville, Sri Aurobindo Ashram. In this land there are persons and organizations full of praise for Sri Aurobindo, his efforts, his successes and the work of his disciples and followers. Words, plenty! Sam has no intention of trying to convince anybody that God alone exists. After writing yesterday to Auroville, Sam returned to San Francisco and was given hints of actual methods by which tractors and other equipment can be sent to ashrams in India. There is a vast difference between verbal praise and actual accomplishments; between platform orations and the devout pursuit of real karma yoga, where yoga means life in God and not mere physiological or mental gyrations, so popular among certain peoples.

The difference between verbal karma yoga or purna yoga and the actualities could have been witnessed at the work party put on at the Sufi Khankah “The Garden of Inayat,” now officially opened in the city of Novato, some 30 miles to the north of here. Disciples and friends came, worked in joy without supervision, without homilies or sermons and in living brotherhood, such as Sam has not seen in his already long life in this land. Long work hours were followed by dervish and yoga dances, which awakened and strengthened joy and love among the participants. We are putting the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad into practice and actualization among living devotees, nearly all quite young, but many far more spiritually advanced than more or less famous sermonizers and intellectuals much better known.

It may be amusing, but it is certainly important, that Sam’s closest Christian colleague now calls his institution “Church of the Children.” He has reported more samadhic and illuminatory experiences than all of the groups in this vicinity proclaiming God-realization, samadhi, satori, etc, combined. Sam does not believe that there is any change in the teachings of the Bible in general and Jesus Christ in particular that wisdom may come from and through the young. He has no time to try and convince that the subjectivities of older people do not fulfill the actual teachings of the real scriptures of the world.

The Coming Race predicted by Bulwar Lytton, H.G. Wells and Sri Aurobindo is here. These advanced soils are manifesting intelligence, love, and brotherhood. No doubt they need a guru or many gurus. Sam is now instructing through the sciences of Breath, Dance (nirtya yoga), Art (yantra yoga etc.), and other means which the living God is manifesting to and through him. The lessons of “The Rejected Avatar” are being fulfilled in objectivity. Holy Qur’an teaches that Allah is closer than the neck vein. So are Rama, Krishna, Shiva, Buddha and all the actual Avatars of India (Bharata) and non-India. These methods are completed by Darshans and these Darshans have become very effective in awakening the hearts of devotees young in body, but not so young otherwise.

As the American philosopher Everson predicted, the world would beat a path to the household of any great inventor, though he lived in the midst of the woods. This week Sam is preparing to greet the Vietnamese, Dr. Thich Thien An, an advanced real Buddhist, with a knowledge of profound Buddhism hardly known in the western world. And then, our good friend Mr. Paul Reps.

Arrangements are also being made for a party to greet Lama Anagarika Govinda, who may be somewhere in this vicinity. Sam does not know how far this is a heart-man. If the meeting is delayed, Sam will demonstrate some real Vajrayana pageants. These are to demonstrate the realities of Prajna, Alaya-Vijnana, and Akasha. No doubt, it is very fine to have intellectuals and podium lecturers talk on these things. But they belong to the inner beings of all humanity, they are manifestable. The Kingdom of God Is Within.

Sam has then to prepare to meet the Sufi Vilayat Khan. Despite the very large number of actual devotees, real practicing Sufism has been almost entirely excluded from American culture. By the very laws of karma and moral rectitude, this is bringing about a great reaction among the young, who eagerly greet whatsoever has been rejected by their elders (vide: “The Rejected Avatar”).

This series of hosting visitors will without question come to a climax next year. Sam has already met Swami Swahananda who will be in charge of the Ramakrishna Vedanta Temple here. That is, if you want to call it a meeting. As the Sufi Hazrat Inayat Khan said, “Heart speaks to heart and soul to soul.” We are therefore copying some of Sam’s more profound poetry and also sections of his diary (rejected by Vedantists, so-called, in other parts of the country).

These are all preliminary to the coming here of Swami Ranganathananda, Maharaj whose very name and personality make it difficult for Sam to continue without entering an ecstasy. The meeting of East and West will become more than delightful maxim, sweet sermons or substances less delight. Sam hopes to bring large audiences to hear Swamiji.

There is also going on, underground at present, efforts to bring the teachings and poetry of the great Sufi Jelal-ud-din Rumi to the public. All these things and more are going on. There is no time for boredom. There is time to praise God, and there is a growing realization of His Reality among the young. Papa and Mataji are with us, very much with us.

All Love and Blessings,

Samuel L. Lewis




5 December 1968


Beloved Ram,

Your long and loving letters are a delight to read. The latest ones are of the 19th Nov. and 24th Nov. With the former, you have been kind enough to send us $10/- as your love-offering which we expect with great joy.

Everything goes on blissfully well in His remembrance.

Looking forward with interest, to receiving your letters and with all of our united Love & “Pranams” to you and all all all all all there,

Yours in His Service,


Mr. Sadanand B. Nagarkatti



410 Precita Ave.,

San Francisco, Calif.

December 18, 1968


Sadanand S. Nagarkatti 


P. O. Anandashram,

Cannanore District

South India


Dear Ram:

We are always trying to be one in love and Pranams, and we are not restricted by these words. We seek rather to work in the realities behind these words.

Some people guessed that “The Rejected Avatar” was the blessing Sri Krishna gave to Sam because he, Sam, was not permitted to present his mystical and spiritual philosophy and knowledge to others. All these wanted was money. All say that Sri Krishna was selected by Arjuna over all else and thus Kurukshetra was one. But all over this land, all they want is the money and they do not want anything else. And every time Sam is rejected by man, Ram manifests, to so speak, sand the young who have not the demerit of frozen ears, some and find the experience of Joy.

Since the manifestation of the RamNam in dance form has come the Ram-Sita-Ram. It is very much alive, it is very real, it brings joy to the young and we no longer care whether the older ahankara-manas people accept or not. For there are signs that through the Dance Sam may become an instrument of Ram in bringing the young to repeat mantrams in joy—which is exactly what is happening more and more.

Mr. Paul Reps was skeptical and now he is the most enthusiastic. Unlike others he did not ask Sam for money, he asked to see the dances and was immediately converted. Others just want the money and do not accept the dances. But this is a New Age; the young accept the spiritual realities and have a love also for Sri Krishna which is very great.

The disciples in India did not follow their projected paths but one has returned and wishes to go back. There is more and more communion between the young of your country and this. And now also the Indian students are organizing and they will accept from Sam the spiritual contributions and are not just seeking the money. It is funny and unfortunate.

Isn’t it wonderful to have been permitted to live a long time end find oneself in the midst of a multitude who evaluate Love and Bliss and Sri Krishna and do not care about the money at all?

Love and Blessings,





24th December, 1968


Beloved Brother,

Your loving letter of the 18th instant enclosing cheque for $25/- has been placed before Mataji. She accepts your love offering with joy. 27th being the Sanyas Day of Beloved Papa, we are expecting to have a good Satsang here, as many devotees are expected to come here during this week. Pray to the Lord for all the best and eternal happiness to you.

Love and Pranams.

Yours in His Service,

Mr. Sadanand B. Nagarkatti



410 Precita Ave.,

San Francisco, Calif.

February 12, 1969



Kanhangad Post Office,


South India


Dear Ram:

This is really a funny letter and it is written very early in the morning, long before daylight. Many copies are being made and some of the recipients are going to be shocked because it looks as if Sam has to go to law to bring a law- suit. And people will be shocked, but they will not help Sam in the way he wants it. It is fortunate that in Sam’s private Kurukshetra with Sri Krishna on his side battles are won. And there are many people who glub-glub Prajna but most reject it. Only to practice what is into guidance is always a pause of shock to good people who are still attacked to their egos.

Sam has not had a day off this year and he does not know when he will have one. There are so many problems of so many people and the Mystical Experience when God said to Sam! “I make you spiritual teacher of the Hippies” is fast manifesting, and it is as Sam has been telling everybody, “Sam’s campaign to be a Pied Piper has failed miserably, only the young show up.” And they do every week more. Only Sam has practically no help and the more he succeeds the more suggestions he gets, not help but suggestions. So this is a very funny letter.

Playboy, a very well known off color magazine has written about Sam and they say some things which are entirely untrue. They have written about him without his consent and they call him a “Sufi, which is all right. But the article has to do with the cults of California and the Sufis are not a California “cult.” The American people are ignorant of Sufism although the poetry of Rumi and Hafiz is getting more popular. The Persian (Iranian) Consulate accepts Sam but if he tried to lecture on Sufi Poetry it would be rejected. It is all very very funny.

Sam is now reading his Christ poetry—to the young, of course. Their elders always rejected it but mostly the churches and poets rejected it. Also those who presumably are interested in predictions. This poetry was written from a high state of consciousness and every single prediction in it came true. Some came true almost immediately and some it took a few years, but everything in it came true. And the class on Christian-mysticism which is private is growing in attendance every week. And now Sam is giving practices in Breathing and Meditation which are effective; under the Guru they are effective but the important people deny Sam is a Guru and as he does not want to be their Guru be does not care.

Sam holds classes every single day and now in many places. The most important one is in the Height-Ashbury District. Sam appeared before the Hippies and found not a few had spiritual experiences. They have been turned down. Sam knows this for this is a long career with many associates who foresaw this day and now all but Gavin Arthur and one or two others are dead. But what we saw is now come to pass which provokes all the people who claim to be interested in predictions and prophecies. They cannot accept that the part-of-God can permeate the mind of man and they will not accept Prajna and Vijnana—but the young do and more and more all the time.

The only good thing in Sam’s life is that three out of four people who make appointments don’t show up. If they did the whole of life would be taken with consultations and classes. But this is a sign.

Sam’s work with the dances is progressing, more and mere dances, more and more interest. And now we shall have a whole group based on Om Sri Ram! Jai Ram! Jai Jai Ram! Sam sees this with the Inner Vision. Last week for the first time he presented the Dervish dances and then Hari Krishna! One of the disciples suggested a few changes and Sam said, “Yes, we need the symbols.” So two went out and got cymbals! But this was a good suggestion.

Then Sam had a surprise visit from a Jewish Sunday school class. He felt he could explain Sufism to him (unlike their elders they listened) but he did not know whether he could explain Judaism so he told them he lived some of the Chassids who are Jewish mystics. They are so concerned with politics, so little with God. And now a Christian seminary is sending for Sam. It is wonderful that there is an awakening toward the reality of the God-Experience.

So many go around claiming God-experience and when they ask fine, he always says: “Never mind their claims. Show me their disciples.” And we hear stories of the rise and fall of this great personality and that but never a sign of any great disciple. So many churches and so many cults but only the young experience God, so we shall have a new age in which the God-people may be separate, in a certain sense from the Church people. This is coming, inshallah.

So Sam is ready for the Kurukshetra in the law-courts and this will shock the good people. They avoid Kurukshetra. Out twice in the last year Sam was flooded with bills he could not pay and in each case in exactly ten days money came. Only now Sam feels his has Sri Krishna with him. He is going to compel the Americans by strange ways to accept the possibility of the God-experience and even more of the Love-experience—not thoughts, not emotions and not even Prema but the All- Embracing Love of Christ am Krishna, of Mohammed and Buddha as an actuality.

Well all this looks like bombast, but in the midst a disciple of Sam, twenty- five hundred miles away long distance in the middle of the days; “SAM ! Om Sri Ram! Jai Ram! Jai Jai Ram!  I have had ‘IT’ the illumination!”

This is worth all the criticisms and suggestions and comments and enables Sam to again resume his program of seven, days, 12 hours a day. His of assistant is away, ill, but the Inspiration is here, praise to Allah-God-Ram.

Love and Pranams,




410 Precita Ave.,

San Francisco, Calif.

11th March, 1969



Kanhangad P.O.

Cannanore District,

South India


Dear Ram:

It is with great joy that one has received another packet of books. But it is also in greatly changed circumstances. These books are definitely in demand. The whole world is outwardly changing. One does not expect others to adhere to any moral standard, one expects oneself but now there is a whole generation of young people here in America, totally different from those of the past. Sam has “reasons” to believe many are re- innovated personalities who have lived before in Indian bodies. There is too much evidence of it.

Ever since the visit of Swami Ranganathananda Maharaj hare, witnessed by university professors, there has been great change of attitude. The professors, seeing the communications of speech and silence now open their doors to Sam. He is no longer pushed away and we can and do discuss the realities of Indian history and Indian philosophy and the related subjects. There is a growing acceptance of spiritual realities and of the unimportance of “self-important” persons who previously occupied the platforms, the roster, the pulpits.

Last week Sam spoke in the now famous Haight-Ashbury District and the audience was very attentive. There were no self-important people there but there was a division between those who had theories and those who practiced the mantrams. This is leading toward two immediate goals; the sacred dancing and the Darshan. But for both of these some acceptance of Mantrams is needed first. And the young who have practiced Mantra- Yoga are so much more full of life. Only they need to learn there are many kinds of mantrams and the best ones are those given with the Grace of Guru.

It is on this point the intellectuals tall short. They are giving teachings without Grace of Guru. They become popular, they attract attention and after a while they become less popular and do not attract attention. But now one sees all over notices of Gurus and their mantras and this is becoming more and more a popular institution. It is only among the intellectuals who used to do all the speaking, all the talking, all the explanations that this is not so.

Paul Reps will be here shortly and he is attracting far more persons—not more public attention—but actual persons. It is not necessary to name the popular lecturers of the past. Many were not even referred to in an article in Playboy magazine (March 1969) in which Sam was mentioned. The writer did find that Sam was attracting the young. And like Paul Reps he is being called on to visit more and more educational institutions where the real spiritual philosophies are opened to the world, almost universally with techniques, techniques of meditation, techniques of breathing, techniques of silence. And now they are seeking Love, not some philosophy but manifestation so Sam has been saying that his efforts to become a Pied Piper have failed, only the young show up and every single week of this year more than the previous weeds. One does not know what to say.

 Sam now has a whole compendium of Dervish dances and they are being accepted everywhere but in the circles verbally devoted to “East-West” culture, everywhere else welcomed. And now we have added both the Ram-Sita dance and the RamNam dances. The Ram dance itself was part of the dances derived from the prayer, Salaat of the late Hazrat Inayat Khan, the Sufi. There are now walks for Rama, Krishna, the Bodhisattva, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed. And dances for Rama, Krishna and Mohammed, and ceremonials for Buddha and Jesus. These are all the heritage of the late Miss Ruth St. Denis.

But we are also resurrecting the whole mystery and original folk dances and have in mind the combination of RamNam dances and Maypole dances and hope to have a Maypole. But we are also planning to combine this with Wesak, in honor of Lord Buddha and even more so because Sam’s real-Zen real-Roshi will be here in May. We have a big place thirty miles north of here with much room.

We are planning a spring party soon and Sam is planning to cook curry for perhaps a hundred or more people. The attendance is growing and growing. And now the professors instead of turning Sam away accept first his physical history—which all the “important” people of a few years back refused to listen to, and more. This is a new age, an age of honesty, objectivity and devotion.

We are also having several women disciples preparing to be mothers and we have given them the Kwan Yin and Saint Mary walks. We are not talking about Bodhisattva, we are demonstrating that everyone is Bodhisattva. And now the heads of the Rinzai Zen School and the Korean Zen and the Vietnamese Chan are accepting this. It is very true and it is only the old school intellectuals that do not.

This means that sooner or later we shall have a real Universal School of real Universal Meditation and more, which will be all-inclusive and not particularly selective. Besides now both Sam’s dervish stories and Zen stories, stories of real life, meeting real persons in this age are being prepared for publication.

The career of Sam as Guru (also Murshid and Roshi) is peculiar in that it will be the first of such in history. And yet the principle is that Nothing Exists but God. This God-reality is becoming the Reality of the young. We are leaving to others to give the lectures, the intellectual things, the hard philosophies…. We are leading the young, in a sense. Bat the young are also leading Sam. Even in the dance field, Sam has some Yoga disciples and what they are accomplishing is amazing, they draw from the Akasha which is something the manas-ahankara people cannot do.

Even at this writing it seems there will be an improvement in Sam’s financial affairs and in the next communication there should be an enclosure, inshallah.

With all Love and Blessings,



410 Precita Ave.

San Francisco, Ca. 914110

April 14, 1969




South India


Dear Ram;

Love and Blessings to everybody. It is something like a story to find that outwardly affairs are changing very rapidly. You may have heard about the so-called war between science and religion. So today it is very amusing that in the universities one can discuss God and his existence, in the churches this is seldom done, and in the so- called cults which are so prevalent here, it is never done.

There are so many new movements in this land; all kinds of them; they are nearly all based on ego-leadership and dividing mankind even when verbally proclaiming brotherhood. It has become very funny. The young people and more and more and more of them want to be together. There is every sign that they will be together.

Sam’s main work now tends more and more to music and dancing. The young find a joy in repeating the names of God than the older people ever dreamed of.

Both in the university and the class in Christian Mysticism we are studying the Gospel of Saint Thomas. This proclaims the majesty of male over female. One of my young lady students questioned this so last night we presented materiel on Mataji. You can tell Mataji that Sam considers her the greatest of saints but will not be her bhakta both because she does not want any bhaktas and because she is Papa’s bhakta. We went over this point last night in both extreme reverence and extreme humor, the way I am sure Papa would have liked it.

We are always chanting the names of God here—in our public meeting on Sunday in Sanskrit, in our public meeting on Monday in Arabic, and in either or both during the week by ourselves. It has been easy enough to allure, charm, and awaken young people but to our surprise we are now attracting men in their 30’s and find some of them are also allured, charmed, and awakened.

We are planning a May festival here and Sam has worked out a number of dances based on RamNam (we also have a very large number now of Dervish Dances). It has been suggested that the RamNam chanting both that which accompanies the dances and that which we do in connection with our studies and meditations be tape recorded. It also brings up the question of sending these tape records to Anandashram. The big problem involved is that of writing up the dance prescriptions and formulae. There is simply not enough secretarial help.

We have received another consignment of books and we are also enclosing a check for $25 at this time.

This brings up another subject. Two of Sam’s disciples went to India but did not fulfill his requests. Now another young disciple has been won over to the idea of going to India to study spiritual dancing. We understand that this would involve a visit to the general Travancore-Cochin area but do not know yet. It is our hope that than she can visit Anandashram. This matter may take several months to settle but you wish you to be informed ahead of time.

Sam has now both more followers and more money. He does not like to be involved in financial matters and is constantly involved in financial matters. Still he realizes that God has released him from poverty and that others are in great need. He therefore considers it a duty, even a privilege to make contributions as if nothing belonged to him anyhow. There is one thing we must absolutely agree with you on and that is the effectiveness of the RamNam. The life proves this and so does the love prove it, and so gradually our Americans being attracted because as a great Sufi has said, “Heart speaks to heart and soul to soul.”

Our love and blessings and always.




Garden of Inayat

23rd April, 1969


Dear Ram,

With all the verbalizations about God very few seem to make Him a reality, and yet all the great saints and sages say that God is the Only Reality. One sometimes despairs of convincing certain types of intellectual people that this is true but now there is another kind of humanity manifesting here which may well be the types that Sir Aurobindo predicted, but when followers of Sri Aurobindo do not accept, sometimes cannot accept, so great is the desire for leadership among some types and they cannot see that “leader is he who is leader of himself.”

Last week ended a mystical experience and this was different from former seminars. In former seminars only intellectuals and professors were permitted to speak and their ideas and opinions were given serious consideration. This time the leader who is also a professor of philosophy, began with insistence on the reality of mystical experience and he stuck to it.

The reason is that in the end he not only accepted Sam’s history but wants more. And this was followed almost immediately by Sam meeting a new type of professor of Indian culture, Americans who have studied in India under Indians and not Europeans and Englishmen and their pupils. These last do not know the mystical experience and have had the audacity to make themselves the authorities on it.

Then follows a negative and a positive achievement. The negative achievement is that more and more universities are refusing to accept mere intellectuality as a sign of any knowledge of Asian cultures especially those dealing with mysticism and spiritual achievement. It is something one has longed for for years and now it is being attained, praise to God. No more dialecticians and self-important professors.

The other is that tow universities will accept the writings of Papa Ramdas. Sam is very glad that we have kept on asking for and getting the literature and now we can give some of the extra copies.

It is noteworthy that 150 students of the University of California went to India because of Meher Baba. Now this man is gone and whatever his claims were and are, it looks like a ship without helmsman and rudder. But what is important is that this as a sign of hunger on the part of youth for spiritual attainment and no more lectures and monologues. It is a wonderful sign.

Sam does not know how many weeks have passed this year but the total attendance at his lectures and meetings have increased every single week. The house in Marin County has been filled to overflowing and also his house, but in both districts, San Francisco and Marin a seminary, that is a religious school, has offered the facilities free. Even the orthodox realize that religion cannot be maintained without the God-reality.

Sam’s work is with the dance and now a new sort of chant derived from Sufi sources. One no longer cares that the intellectuals have turned their backs on the existence of Sufis; Sufis could equally turn their backs on the existence of intellectuals but they realize that God is in everything and everyone, is everything and everyone, actually, not in theory.

We have been doing RamNam dances and on May 4 we are giving a form of folk-dance based on RamNam around the May pole. It will be a combination of May pole dancing and Wesak celebration and we are also making arrangements for the proper Pujas. We expect more people than we have ever had for it is not only the young but now professors and older serious people who want realities and not mere lectures.

Paul Reps has published a brochure on “back-breathing.” Sam has been using a sort of “Kundalini” approach but with reverence. And Sunday night he said, “People say Sat Chit Ananda with serious faces. If you are going to say ‘Ananda,’ let your face light up with joy.” Why, Ram, it is not only the young who constituted nearly the entire audience but now there were older people who attend light up, and the recitation and dancing and walks of RamNam have brought such joy and light to people, one is sure that this is making Papa happy. It has become so real and is in contrast to the sombre letters of a few years back.

For there is no question that the world seeks God or Ram and the young lovingly say “Ram” and more people are repeating RamNam all over than could be anticipated.

This week we accept to join the Hindu students in their activities. The doors are opening, all over are they opening, and the Joy is manifesting.

Om Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram!




410 Precita Ave.

San Francisco, Calif.

6th May, 1969




Cannanore District, South India


Dear Ram:

It is almost seven years since Sam returned to this country and while he had two visits to Asia and was received with utmost cordiality by sovereign and holy man alike the “leaders” in this land refused to take him seriously. The wheel-of-the-law turns and karma has no special respect for those who lecture on it. They are no different, to karma, than anybody else.

Yesterday we had a short commemoration of your late President Dr. Zukar Hussain. This man and Sam were really like “two peas in a pod” but the now passing “leaders” refused to accept this at all. And now we are seeing a New Age in which no man can retain leadership unless he fulfills the Sufi dictum, “leader is he who is leader of himself; ruler is he who is ruler of himself.” And one has the fantastic situation that “leaders” refused to accept Sam’s visits to holy men and holy places and now equally they cannot realize that young Americans wish to learn more about holy men and holy places and so they are coming to Sam more and more and more.

And now the universities, seeing that the young are coming to Sam and finding what the local Indian cultural attach says: “Mr. Lewis knows more about India than any other Americans,” this is a New age, a reel New Age in all respects.

The Oracle has now been published, one hopes to see that copies get into your hands. The articles are written by Sam’s friends and disciples and at least one by himself, and more is coming. And now young editors are approaching Sam and young people, so he will have to make some journeys as soon as the programs are cleared. In the meanwhile his chief secretary is carrying on and successfully carrying on.

This secretary, Mansur Johnson, was a star pupil and friend of Dr. Huston Smith of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is regarded as the leading American authority on Asia and its cultures and wisdom. He is not a product of English and European universities and he has sat at the feet of Indian gurus and Japanese Roshis and not at the feet of important university professors. He himself is an important university professor of the very highest intellectual institution, perhaps, in the whole world.

Sunday we constructed a Maypole. May Day used to be of importance in Western culture. It was for the young. The communists made it their day and to fight the communists the politicians made it their day, for their tiny offspring. But we are trying of restore folk-lore and its cognitives, and we were successful.

We combined May Day and Wesak and we began with a special dance of Sam to RamNam using the Maypole. It was the very effective beginning of a very effective day. We had 150 people, practically all young, the oldest being those in charge of Buddhist puja.

It is almost impossible to convince the intellectuals of Prajna, Vijnana and Ananda. They stick to ahankara and manes. But the Prajna is very operative. The Buddhists asked if he could do a
Nembutsu which is a Japanese mantra. “You are just in time” for Ram has just Sam a folk-dance to the salutation of the Buddha of Infinite Light and they joined in and now it will be shown all around. We did one after another, although on this occasion we only did one Dervish dance.

At the commemoration Sea met a Swami, friend and disciple of the great Swami Maharaj Ranganathananda. “What are you doing?” “I am teaching Dervish and Mantric and Bhakti and Yoga dances.” “I wish I had the time to see you.” But both Swamiji and Sam are very busy. And now within one year as Ram had shown Sam his close following has jumped from 60 to a hundred—it was foreseen and it comes. And this is the limit that Sam can do until he organizes.

Sam did not wish to organize, but all the people who proclaim cultural integration and world outlooks have refused to accept him seriously; and now in turn the universities do not accept them seriously. In the last communication Sam mentioned about placing the Ramdas literature in two local universities, but doors are open more and more. And not only people but money—which is the great virtue here. Besides, after Sam gave some very serious admonitions to his closest disciples they have advanced not only spiritually but even financially, and when there is financial betterment then others wait to share. And Sam would like to share but he cannot share money with those who will not accept either his intellectual or spiritual achievements and people would rather deny them even if they lose money for manas and ahankara are mamas and ahankara and Prajna, Vijnana and Ananda are different and that is what the young want.

So many doors, new doors opening and so many young coming, and no intention on Sam’s part. But it is time for Indian leaders to accept Tam Tvat Asi and that Brahm is in human beings as well as in wild elephants and cows and monkeys.

Efforts will be made now to organize a Music and Dance department with emphasis also on Walks. The Buddhists were amazed at our Avalokitesvara and Kwan Yin walks. They are full of love and devotion, Bhakti walks. This is a New Age, beloved ones.


Samuel L. Lewis



18th May, 1969

410 Precita Ave.

San Francisco, Calif.





South India


Dear Ram:

Sam sends his greetings and wishes to say that today all is very well. The whole of life turns and whereas in previous years there was pessimism, at least from the outer standpoint everything has changed.

For “reasons” known to Ram—logic does not explain it, every single week this year so far has shown a total audience-increase. Recently Sam has been asked to join a class at a local college which is studying “Mystical Experience,” not the traditional “American” view of comments on it, but the experience itself. And this week the talk before the “Hippie” audience was not only very well attended, but received with all seriousness.

Next week one will begin reading some Sufi poetry because these young people like poetry, only one will go into the depths. This is based on
“Let my heart become Thy lute, Beloved,
And my body Thy flute-of-reed.”
The young people are so different—they are objective and heart-seekers. Their elders are subjective and power-seekers. And whatever else be said, there are always young and more coming.

There is another fact and factor that they are all seeking a “Loving Father.” Whatever Christianity has done, it has emphasized “Loving father” but there are not many “Loving Fathers” and apparently from the present scene even less loving mothers. Sam has three God-children because they did not have loving mothers and loving fathers. And now he has what he calls “ersatz grandchildren.”

One is preparing to come to South India to study the spiritual dancing and I shall keep you informed on this. Sam has only one secretary now when he needs many but Ram is seeing to it that these men have paying positions, to support their families and also the spiritual needs of the time. These needs are growing but most fortunately also the response is growing.

Sam has two happy homes and two families, outside the growing number of disciples and general audiences. We have mourned the death of President Hussain. As Sam told the Consul here, “That man was My Self in another body.”

Love and Blessings,

Samuel L. Lewis




23rd May, 1969


Beloved Ram,

We have duly received your loving letter of April 14 enclosing a cheque for $25 as your love offering which we accept with joy. Glad you have received the books.

When you are talking about singing God’s name and dancing, I thought of writing to you that Beloved papa’s grandson Premanand is now in Hollywood. He is with his wife there and has taken on a job. His address is: Sri P. Trikkanand, 1850 N. Cherokee Ave Apt. 11, Hollywood, Calif. 28.

He will be very happy to meet you and you and your friends can hear him sing devotional Indian songs. We are glad that you are always chanting God’s Name in public meetings. It should be like Krishna’s flute attracting the Gopis. People should become mad of God by hearing His Name sung. The ecstasy they feel on hearing the name will prompt them to take the name themselves and enjoy divine bliss. Good that you are getting younger men taking part in these programmes. Let us make every heart a church or temple.

Noted that one of your disciples will be visiting India and may come here also. We are very happy to meet him here.

With deepest love and best wishes,

Ever your Self,





15th June, 1969


Beloved Ram,

We got your loving letters of the 18th and 27th May. We are glad to know that Beloved Papa’s books are more in demand. When you are sending cheques with your letters please also write what books you exactly require from here. If the names are mentioned and also the number of copies required we won’t have to churn our mind which to send and which not to send.

We note that your youngest disciple, Deborah Devia Cherney will be visiting us some time that is whenever she visits New Delhi. She is welcome.

We had a letter from Shri Premanand yesterday in which he writes that he had heard from you and that you would be meeting him soon.

All well here.

Deepest Love and Best Wishes.

Ever your Self,




The Garden of Inayat

910 Railroad Ave.

Novato, Calif. 94947

End of June, 1969



Kanhangad, Cannanore

South India


Dear Ram: Om Sri Ram, Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram!

Sam had planned to write on his return to San Francisco about the wonderful visits we had with Premanand. After our first visit Premanand asked Sam if he had had a good time and Sam replied, “No, an astounding time.” It was not the first occasion and when man lives for God and not for himself this often happens.

Sam’s associate Moineddin stayed also at Premanand’s in Hollywood and Moineddin was so moved he asked if we could chant the RamNam here in Novato. We started it this morning and the singing came out so beautifully that Sam felt he should write at once. The quality and characteristics of the voices was inspiring and compelling. And Sam believes we are moving in the direction of brotherhood through universal love and not through any doctrines even the seemingly all compelling ones.

There were four of us, two young women disciples, Moineddin and Sam. The girls slept in a different part of Los Angeles but it seems that each of them had marvelous contacts. Halley has been studying with Alla Raka, the percussion player for Ravi Shankar. We spent one evening there both listening and doing our own chanting. It seems everywhere outside of the cultural circles we are admitted and permitted both to listen and to illustrate, and everywhere there is mutual cordiality.

The household at Hollywood suggested we visit the Ashram at La Crescenta which is now called Ananda Ashram (or Anandashram). Sam has not found such a place of love, joy and please in this country. The whole atmosphere is holy and marvelous. But the Mother is away so we have decided to send representatives south more often to Hollywood, to La Crescenta and to wherever else it may be proper to do so. And we stand in pretty substantial agreement that music is going to bring the peoples of the world together and doctrines will divide them, continue to divide them as they have always been.

Of course the highest form of music comes in the Mantra Yoga. We are using all kinds of mantrams today and from all religions, too. We are not the “universal religion” of various individuals who think they have something to give to the world and who ignore Kabir and Akbar. This characteristic of the old day is departing. The young people know better and will not follow emotional appeals without substance. Love ignores nobody; doctrines divide.

Professional “universal religionists” omit Mohammed and the whole course of Sufism. They ignore the existence of the All-Pervading Deity and think they are beyond moral laws. And the young are turning to truth while their elders adhere to the empty noise-word “Truth.” And it is this change of the young, all over, which is so marvelous.

Sam is now admitting children into the RamNam but not into Sufism. Our last performance was entirely successful. Perhaps it is God telling Sam, not Sam trying to “teach” about God. But one thing is certain—this method is raising the capacity for real Joy and once there is an experience in Ananda, there is a turning away from psychedelics and artificial stimulants.

There are various representatives of Sufis coming here now. Sooner or later the obscurantists will have to admit the existence of Sufis and their part in the world’s history, including the career of the late President Hussein.

There is now a strong movement toward the establishment of communes. Without the “guru” they seldom succeed. Even important people have tried to establish communes without a guru, even wealth has poured into them, but unless the Lord buildeth the house, they labor in vain who build.

The whole world is coming closer together through love and music.

All Love and Blessings,




11th August 1969


Dear Ram,

Sam is high in the Rocky Mountains and had no intention to write but a miracle occurred here. Sam brought no reading material but some Hadith of Mohammed and a little “Thus Speaks Ramdas.” He thought it was one he read before but he was mistaken.

A lady here was ill so Sam thought he would read to her. Her name is Joy. Sam opened the book and began reading “All is thyself” by Mother Krishnabai. It had to do with Joy and in a few hours the lady was healed and is now very happy.

This place is called Lama, and the original name of this place was given by Native Americans. The Lama Foundation is made of young Americans who want to lead a spiritual life. There are now lots of young Americans who wish to lead a spiritual life. They wanted a Guru but all the Indian Gurus in this land have been mutually exclusive. Even when they say they are integrative this is not so. They just want to “integrate” other people’s money and in this way they have lots both money and following.

The Americans wish to be universal. The only other “Guru” who has been here is also an American. He is a very famous, highly intellectual former professor of Harvard University but now is called … Ram Dass. He is coming back in October.

They meditate and chant. Sam taught them first dervish dances, then the RamNam dances and next real Yoga dances. These dances have been offered to many but they have refused them. Many famous groups have refused these dances. They all call themselves “universal” and all they want is other people’s money. Many of these young Americans are far better devotees than some Hindus.

Yesterday we held Darshan and gave vegetables grown here as Prasad. Some people were given the RamNam, but each wants to follow his own religion and many are ignorant even of their faith. But that is all right, they are looking God-ward.

Last night a delegation of rich Americans passed this way. They had been to India. They thought they were followers of Meher Baba. Meher Baba said you had to have a living teacher in the flesh; this was his teaching. Then he left the world and they became confused.

They then went to Pondicherry and were very disappointed. They say these people are not universal at all. They are strongly for the United Nations and Believe in Santa Claus. The young Americans want God. So they have returned here and gotten a lot of money together and purchased land. They think they can do better than the Sri Aurobindo people. They want real God and real Yoga and they include the Chinese and Sufis which the Sri Aurobindo people do not.

As they have the land and money and intelligence, the idea is to establish ashrams and send for Gurus. They are very sincere. They may call again next Sunday when there are many visitors. The Sri Aurobindo people in this land tried to establish an Ashram and they all made themselves Gurus but they did not get enough money and still less disciples.

These Americans chant beautifully, mostly of Buddhist sources but there are no real Buddhists among them. Sam has taught them the First Jhana of Lord Buddha and the walks of Avalokitesvara and Quan Yin. They are very eager.

This whole state of New Mexico once held high spiritual civilizations. The atmosphere is very pure. The population is divided between American natives, Spanish speaking people and “Anglos,” none in the majority.

Really they practice Hatha Yoga here, but with heartfelt devotion which is wonderful. Now Sam has to reconsider the whole scene for with the dreams of the Sri Aurobindo movements and the passing of Meher Baba there is a need for the awakening of man and Sam finds the Mantrams most effective and most enjoyed.

Love and Blessings,



410 Precita Ave.

San Francisco, Calif.

August 26, 1969




Cannanore District

South India


Dear Ram:

One hopes things are well. Sam is in a state of bewilderment. He is longing to take a vacation of some sort. He seldom gets any time off. More people come to him and more send to him to come. And he has just returned from the State of New Mexico. He therefore encloses a check for twenty Five ($25.00) Dollars. This is not an offering; it is to ask you to send some literature, any literature to

Lama Foundation, Box 444,

San Cristobal,

New Mexico, 87564

This is high up in the Rocky Mountains, the properties ranging from 7,000 to 10,000 feet above sea level. Sam at first was dizzy but after awhile he showed the people a mountain-climbing breathing practice. This will be taught officially next year. Sam will soon be 73 but his body and mind are usually full of vigor, and between sleeping times also he is very active.

There are two types of communes arising, one of those who seek spiritual teachers and are very Sattvic in all respects but with a degree of Rajas needed for Karma Yoga. The other type is definitely Tamasic and need not concern us.

Sam has been asked to come as a spiritual teacher next year and will need your literature then, but if it gets here in three months or more that will be quite satisfactory. Both Dervish and Yoga dances were taught with total satisfaction. There is a RamNam dance for children, too, very attractive. It will be very funny for Americans to be coming to Asia and offering spiritual dances, but that is very probable, Inshallah.

Later on Sam will take up the California matters which are also proceeding with vigor. It is only the great claimant groups (who ignore each other, of course) who disdain barn but not his money! It really very drole, to say the least.

Love and Blessings,




Sept. 9, 1969





Dear Ram:

The copy of “The Vision” for this last month has just been received. Sam has been working all the time every day and badly needing a vacation had decided to stop all writing. But on receiving this copy of Vision he immediately became fully resuscitated. Nevertheless he expects to leave this region tomorrow.

There are some valid reasons for writing. In the first place it can be substantiated and it is going to be substantiated more and more that reciting the name of God is a most effective pragmatic way of healing human and superhuman ills. One cannot help commending both The Vision and the quotation from Mahatma Gandhi that you have put on your back cover. There is of course a vast difference between slogans and actions. As you enter San Francisco there is a quotation from one of the putative holy men of your land, “Happiness consists in making other people happy.” This has never prevented the slogan-people from attacking and deriding the works and characters of others. Even stooping to very low acts. This behavior itself is a sign of stupidity and ignorance. It has led to rivals coming to this land with the same claims, claims not substantiated by manifestations of love and compassion. The young people, tired of slogans and verbalisms, are seeking the God of direct experience more and more and more and more. They are chanting God’s name publicly and privately and reaping the reward from such chanting.

Although Sam functions as a Sufi teacher and also has passed all tests in Zen Buddhism given by Japanese, Koreans, and Vietnamese, it is only recently that Western educated, or shall we say mis-educated, intellectuals, have even granted a possibility of this being so. But in the last months so many Indian teachers representing different schools of Indian wisdom have come to Sam asking for a real integrative culture of East and West and as there has been so much embracing in public, the young people of this day and age are satisfied and more than satisfied that there is an “Allahabad” where Ganges and Yamuna join. That the time has come for superaction. So Sam is making the first steps to go to other lands to present the realities of Divine vision and the operation of love-culture, in a way adopted to the hearts of the day.

Spurned by the “elite” Sam has now successfully presented his spiritual dances to the public and will be given an opportunity again on a much larger scale within the next few hours. This is partly in protest to the recent horrible demonstrations of the “elite” combining Oriental Philosophy with cocktail imbibitions. I don’t think you can stop that but it is not very pleasant to see the name of Ramdas dragged into the filth by well known intellectuals seeking public favor along with the drinking of cocktails, etc. But it also means that the young will turn their backs on every such incidence of vile behavior on the part of those who ought to know better. So Sam will on his return make every effort to join will all the leaders of the various schools of Asian wisdom in this vicinity to establish a real school of integrated culture based on the real efforts of real men of the real past who have been called saints in various places. And Sam thinks with the growing demonstrations of devotion and serious search on the part of young Americans that we shall soon be seeing real Asian cultures presented to the Americans based on love, devotion, morality, and honesty.

Sam is very interested in an editorial “To seek a better India” coming from the students of the University of California. The two problems of India that Sam is most interested in are those of spirituality and food production.

These may even be phases of the same problem. Sam has just sent some money to Darshana International, a publication of your land. He is particularly delighted in the article on Dr. Radhakrishnan who has posited Prajna, that insight which belongs to all of us but is not always applied to problems, personal and impersonal. But it is very interesting that more and more Americans are contributing to this publication; more and more Americans have been affected by the wisdom of your land, wisdoms coming perhaps more often from Saints than from philosophers. So it may be we are going to see the real integration of the real Asia and the real America, within a short time.

But Sam’s plans may take him next to the conference of the religions of the world, and he is going to present the standpoint of universal love and universal joy along with Prajna, with or without the intermediation of dialectic cultures which are not necessary inherent of divine wisdom. The young people of America are looking more and more to super-human experiences, whether it be manifested directly to them or through some Saint of your country of other lands. But Sam’s music, dancing, and chanting are all applications of the spiritual awakenings which follow repetition of the divine name, and are neither necessarily or not necessarily associated with any intellectual efforts. We thought you would be glad to know this, because this summarized some of the events of the day which do not get into the newspapers or any channels of publication. Chanting the names of God stands on its own merit. The fulfillment of divine wisdom stands on its own merit. Experiences of Love and joy stand on their own merit. And I believe sooner or later the world will not only believe it, but accept and practice it.

This is a sort of greeting coming from one who should be a tired old man working as he is continually seven days a week, but who is constantly being resuscitated repeating the divine name.


Love and blessings,

Samuel Lewis SAM



October 3, 1969


Dear Ram;

Sometimes Sam thinks it is important to make a report. He is sending also a copy of this to one of the leading movements in India which is very well known but has made, Sam thinks, a grievous mistake in placing Santa Claus high on the list of saints. We have just celebrated a Mahatma Gandhi centennial. Sam has studied and reveres the same scriptures. One might conclude that others also would study and revere these scriptures but the tendency has been to go more and more into personalism and personalities and not see Ram in everybody.

Sam was recently in the State of New Mexico where spiritual revolutions are taking place. Meher Baba has left the world and when Sam returned he found that two other men were claiming to be “Avatars,” and in all these cases they expect the rest of the world to accept them but they do not accept. And while Sam would like to join and help he is slow to accept those who are not at least his equal in accepting others. They want to lead, not accept others.

Sam remembers a meeting with a Khalandar. He claimed to be superior in everything. Sam said, “Yes in all but one thing.” The Khalandar repeated his claims and Sam had the same answer. The Khalandar asked what it was in which Sam claims to be superior and Sam said, I am a better pupil than you are.” The Khalandar apologized, but one finds that the claimants will not even admit that.

Now something is going on. Next week all the holy men of the region have been asked to come together. It never happened before. When such a convocation was called Sam would ask, “Who is on the committee who will not let me speak?” He never had any answer but now Sam has been consulted. There are a lot of young spiritual seekers. Besides there are a lot of Indians of various out-looks, mostly compounded Bhaktis. Sam himself will speak on “Bhakti.” But this is taking place.

And this afternoon Sam is acting as consultant at a local university which has invited all the real and presumable holy men to speak. It is open. There is no rejection of anybody and this is most marvelous because the various claimants also are adepts in rejecting, often each other. But the young will have nothing of it. The young are open in heart and zealous.

One of Sam’s old friends has returned to this region and gone to the various meetings. He is not a young man and has been all over the world and said he never saw such glows on the faces as he has found here. Sam gives full independence to the inner spirit of everybody and encourages them in their relations to and response to Ram, actually—no manas, no ahankara.

There is one young man who is still on probation and he is a wonderful choral director. We shall do the Sufi Zikrs and the RamNam but he has put together a most ecstatic Ram-Sita which was chanted while we did the dances Sam has offered. It was very difficult; one wanted to go into ecstasy so Sam had to stop listening. You can understand why so many young people say: “They are not Sri Aurobindo’s people; we are Sri Aurobindo’s people.” No discursive minds, greater and greater love and tolerance and ecstasy and wonder and joy, especially joy. Older people cannot appreciate this; it is, my friends, a New Age.

In addition to that Sam is going to be given the opportunity to present “Dances of Universal Peace” at a world gathering. They come right out of the ethers. They are based on the spiritual teachings and rituals of the great faiths. They are reaching more and more young people so we do not care if their elders by age do not accept them. They come from the heart of God, so to speak, and from the akasha.

Sam has in his life, worshipped with man, and it is always a puzzle why those who have not so worshipped expect others to come to them. We worship and pray with all faiths and actually accept the scriptures. Sam is giving lessons on all scriptures and on all levels, because that is so.

There is an amusing story going around that Sam went to the Orient, sat at the feet of the teachers of all faiths and then deserted them, and while the story was going around Sam received a cable from his Sufi Pir and an air-mail letter from his Zen Roshi. And of course, correspondence has continued.

Soon it will be Sam’s birthday again and a great tamasha. The discovery that the young both want love above all else and respond in love is most wonderful. There is a singer named Donovan and he is very famous. He is regarded as the leader of the New Age. And he has astounded all the authorities by coming out against drugs and for Jesus Christ. And the response was marvelous because the young really accept that God is Love; their elders talk and talk and talk and it is obvious they do not really believe. But the young believe. You can see it in their faces and hear it in their voices.

Also in addition to inviting Sam to speak the universities are looking over his poetry beginning with “The Rejected Avatar” concerning Sri Krishna, and the cosmic poetry inspired by Mohammed. The older people talk and then reject, but in this New Age there is heart-acceptance and heart-manifestation. It is most wonderful.

Love and blessings,

Samuel L. Lewis



October 20, 1969


Kanhangad Post Office


South India


Dear Ram:

Om Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram!

Sam has just had a birthday signifying he has been now 73 years in jagat. It was certainly the most marvelous of occasions. After 50 years enmity one received a greeting from one’s brother; this proved to be an excellent augury. Yesterday a party was given for Sam and about 100 young people came. One ham never seen such manifestation of love and along with it glorification of God Who was praised mostly as Allah but also as Rama and Krishna.

The chorals, all in praise of Allah, were of such a nature that everybody was deeply moved. Don’t let anybody say that there is anything sweeter than singing the name of God in praise. The way these young people resounded! The way the other young people are responding in this vicinity led by personalities who are in many senses my colleagues! The day of abstruse dialectical metaphysics parading as Asian wisdom is over. Asian wisdom is in the Name (Nam).

It is no longer necessary even to lecture that love, joy and peace manifest through the recital of divine Name. Early in the celebration some friends gave Sam a memento of Sri Krishna and immediately he went into a Sri Krishna chant. People tell me it was very beautiful and moving. But the time is past when intellectual sermons will be taken for Asian wisdom. This week one of the leading universities is having Sam speak on Sufic mysticism. This will kill forever the pretenses of those who try to introduce mysticism and spirituality by by-passing actualities.

The way matters stand there will soon be institutions for the valid study of various forms of spiritual development, In fact this is going on in colleges and universities on the one hand and in public places on the other. It was not news when a few years ago my friend Allen Ginsberg led 3000 university students in Sanskrit chants. It was world news when a much smaller number took part in riots. But I assure you, beloved ones, that the souls who have been Indians, now incarnating as Americana, may well became the leaders of the future world.

The gift enclosed was previously a sacrifice; it is now an easy matter. The refusal on the part of those trying to convince the public that they are working for peace and understanding and accomplishing nothing, simply means that monies they would like to have had go to actual purposes. You may accept this as a gift, sending literature or not as you please. After a while we shall establish both a Sufi repository and a Papa Ramdas repository; and whatever else Ram directs.

Love and blessing,



Nov. 24, 1969


Kanhangad Post Office


South India


Dear Ram:

Om Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram!

Sam did not return to the United States with any grandiose schemes, but if we are to take visions and dreams seriously, he may have to play an important or dramatic role in the world. It is certain that everything is pointing to his attendance at a parliament of the world’s religions under the auspices of The Temple Of Understanding. It is equally certain that all his efforts at accumulating outer knowledge or inner wisdom will be coming to the surface soon, Ram willing.

In 1956 Sam discussed with Swami Maharaj Sachitanand at least one of his former lives and the significance of the cosmic memories for the missions at this age. Whether it was fanciful, objective or subjective, all indications point to its significance.

There is a small check ($25) enclosed. We say “small” because the needs are very great. We are simply unable to retain the literature from Anandashram. It is given away, bestowed or otherwise, and we wish to have as many copies of everything available. Therefore one is going to ask you send us a putative bill, so we can gauge how much more money to send you for various usages.

There is a saying in the Bible which appeared before Sam all his life, “The stone which is rejected has become the cornerstone.” It is certain that although the total number of followers, friends, and adherents is still small, it is slowly, surely and steadily increasing. Not only that, but within a period of a few days Sam met or was greeted by a Hebrew mystical teacher, a Vietnamese “Zen” Master, a teacher of Indian sacred dances, and a new Zen Buddhist Roshi who has just come to San Francisco. Once when a brilliant writer of the last century, E. G. Browne, went to a tomb in Iran the custodian said to him, “Among the Gnostics, there is no differentiations of sects.” But Sam has found, when he meets these spiritual representatives of any faith whatsoever, there is no differentiation of personality. It is tat twam asi. There is no sense of meeting “somebody else,” and this is true regardless of the person or faith involved.

Now Sam’s whole life has been centered upon either the restoration of Fatehpur Sikri or the establishment of a similar institution in some land other than India. The nearest to this comes in the undertaking of The Temple of Understanding. It is surprising that even such a person as the late Meher Baba whose disciples seem to condemn everybody else as if God the Creator were wicked, went on record in this particular instance. Nor should it be surprising to you that all Sam’s recent efforts in the direction of spiritual awakening through music, dance, and related spiritual sciences have been meeting with success internally and externally. So much has this been so that out of the blue, so to speak, Srimati Ishvani has promised to come to this house to instruct us in mudras.

A few years ago the Hebraic Rabbi Schlomo from Jerusalem came to this house and a so-called Sufi teacher (Sam) and he embraced in warm love and mutual reverence. Sam went to many of his meetings. He was trying to teach young people love and reverence thru the dance, but they did not join very much in either love or reverence. Sam said to Schlomo “You know I have plagiarized your work.” Schlomo said to Sam, “That is all right, I myself plagiarized it from Baal Sham Tov (a great Jewish mystic of the 17th century).”

In any event, Sam seems to have become somewhat successful in inculcating the spirit of love and reverence in a growing number of young people. The difference between us and others is that we use sacred phrases from various religions; that we use arm and other movements of psychic and metaphysical import as if from various religions. So there is before us tremendous areas of dancing, with all kinds of movements, symbols and meanings that we hope to give to the world as Ram wills.

It is therefore not surprising that an Indian dancing teacher wishes to join in the efforts to revive the memories, the institutions, and the aftermaths of the work of the great emperor Akbar and his associate Abu Fazl and Tanzen.

In a previous report Sam told about the resonance which takes place in singing the RamNam using the head as a dome. Now the resonance has become more complete, using and vibrating the whole body, demonstrating what is taught, is taught but not studied, in the Christian Bible, “The human body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.”

Now the theory of Sufi Zikr is that this should happen when we recite the Name of Allah in certain fashion. It is happening exactly the same. The difference at this moment is that while it happens to Sam with the RamNam or Zikr it also happens to certain disciples in one or the other, and sometimes more significantly in them than in Sam. This must be taken as evidence of the spiritual progress or the innate spiritual aptitude in young Americans who are now in revolt against their traditional institutions endways of life.

It is also very significant that in the University classes which Sam attends, the contents, the subject-matters, and the open consideration is at a much higher level than one found anywhere in previous generations in churches, temples, cults, or educational institutions anywhere in the United States or Europe. No doubt it is a pity that people who claim to represent Hinduism simply will not accept that Atman is Brahman or the Buddha’s teaching “I see now all sentient beings have perfect wisdom and enlightenment, but do not know it; I must go and instruct them.”

Attached hereto is a copy of an article about the Bodhisattva written by my secretary and disciple. To Sam it is most significant, and speaks for the new age.

With Love and Blessings,

(SAM) Samuel L. Lewis



14th December, 1969


Dear Ram:

Om! Sri Ram, Jai Ram! Jai Ram!

It is over forty year ago since Sam met a noted Baha’i in debate and asked what difference would it be to have 400 contending religions and 400 contending universal brotherhoods! Now it is coming, largely more and more “universal brotherhoods” of all kinds obtain followers, and also dividing mankind as did the sectarian religions. Everybody wants to lead and the leaders will not listen!

Now one sees so many “Internal” and “World movements” and they do not call upon man to universality, to God, to Mukti, to Moksha! Each calls for its own leadership. But it is a different world and the young Americans do not want any more the manas-ahankara “Yoga” which has all kinds of names. And it is funny that one gets appeals from all these people for money and gets letters from leading Americans philosophers called one Ram, or saying “Hare Krishna! And these misguiding Indians cannot see that the world is going to universality and without their leadership!

We had a discussion about buying more and more of Papa’s books and marketing them. One of the disciples is very serious about it. And also found two of Papa’s books on the market which we have bought. In fact Sam wishes to pay more attention to swami Ramdas for he finds exactly the same leadership and teaching in his lessons that one finds in the highest esotericism which is kept from the people.

The Philosophy classes are recognizing this and more and more for the heart and soul of man want Truth and not ego leadership and complexities called “Yoga” which lead nowhere; and the hiding of sacred scriptures and writing more and more and more books which are only confusing. So what is going on at the college campuses of this country is wonderful, really wonderful.

Last night Sam presented the RamNam Square dance (or quadrilled). It is very difficult, for one enters a state of ecstasy or ananda while trying to teach it and the young people took to it “like mad.” You could hardly believe it, singing and chanting RamNam! And full of delight and bliss.

Sam hears that his dances are now spreading like wild-fire. He has no monopoly, no copyright and if Ram wishes this it will come and not all men’s organizations, not all the closed “Yoga” groups in the world can stop it, for heart calls to heart and soul to soul and we are celebrating December 25 without Santa Claus but for with Jesus Christ. And the whole of life is being affected in it. And the young are realizing this; the capacity for pain and joy are the same capacity and they will not settle for less, for the atman cannot settle for less.

And this is the reporting from a very busy person who sends all love and joy and greetings.
Samuel L Lewis



January 4, 1970





Dear Ram:

Sam wishes to send you all heart-felt greetings for this coming New Year. A year which has started out full of promise.

Sam had 80 guests in this hose for Christmas, all young people. Their ideas, their inspirations, their talents were used. Especially interesting were the new type of chants where they have integrated the musics and sacred phrases of different religions, blending them together in a most inspiring manner. I think there were two people about 40 years of age, all the rest young. And no one is standing in the way of these young people who praise God and nowhere more than in chants and in songs.

Our New Years evening party had a somewhat larger attendance owing to the cooperation from some Vajrayana Buddhists. There ceremonies were so inspiring. These are based on the cosmic Hinduism, which the various representatives of Indian dharma do not present to the American public, either because they do not know it, or do not care to present it. We had true integration and no nonsense.

Sam had Christmas cards from Vietnamese, Koreans, Indians, Ceylonese, and Islamic lands. Perhaps best of all was the retraction from Mr. Patel, one of the leaders in the Sri Aurobindo movement. These people have rejected everything coming from Sam but his money. In turn they have had to face that karma which they cannot ignore. This group was excluded from the convocations of holy men, and from considerations in the class studies of our colleges and universities. It may be unfortunate, or it may be just, but young America wants real Love and real Yoga. And you see signs of this all over, excepting around those exclusivists who verbalize themselves as “internationalists.”

The young people here also sang from Handel’s “Messiah,” and Sam’s theme for Christmas was “Every valley shall be exalted and every hill laid low.” One has no intention to try to convince anybody of the truth of this, but one feels sorrowful about very efficient persons who do not accept real cosmic truth, and consciously or unconsciously demand leadership.

Everything points to a more dramatic year. One sees so many signs of real love and real brotherhood and more and more and more and more. These people, who have often been called “hippies,” are now becoming serious self-sufficient and even successful. But they will not accept anymore the egotism and exploitations of the past. They have the human, human, and humanitarian outlooks, and demonstrate—one repeats demonstrate—the totality that Atman is Brahm.

One is also receiving visitors who have become chelas of an American who is now known as Swami Ramdas. We think this is wonderful. This Swami was a very well known American professor who surrendered all his university credentials, his teaching, his mad desire to lead, and has become a beloved American Guru. His very back-ground has produced serious consideration of his methods, and without abolishing arty educational or scholastic merits, demonstrate that these are little or nothing in the life of the spirit, which is the true life of man.

At the moment the chief undertaking before Sam is to present his program at the conference of the world’s religions which is being summoned this spring. Sam has had a program for over 40 years. It has been rejected by all and sundry; it sometimes makes one repeat the words of the Bibles “The stone which is rejected is become the cornerstone.” Too many people presume and dare to presume that in the elevation of their own egos lays the solution to world problems. Sam is also aware of that, but the chief difference is that he is constantly practicing mantra yoga devotions. Our work in mantra yoga, our work in cosmic dancing, is being built up, and we are succeeding with our song and dance where the verbalists, the intellectuals, the mere exhortators fail. In this sense our praise is towards God, or Ram.

On New Year’s evening end since, more and more RamNam dances have come through Sam’s outer consciousness like a flood. That together with the Sufi Zikr is the contribution we are offering the world in the name of Truth, Peace, and Humanity.

With all love and blessings,

Samuel L. Lewis



Jan. 5, 1970

Swami Satchidananda

The Vision


Kanhangad P. O.


South India


Beloved Ram;

Om Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram!

Through Papa’s Grace we feel His presence with us here in San Francisco so much. Every Sunday our Murshid Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti (Sam Lewis) reads from Papa’s works or tells stories about him, and the holy Ram Mantra is always being sung. Life is truly a Blessing when God reveals His Ananda, his laughter, to the devotee.

I am enclosing for your enjoyment two prayers given by the Sufi Pir-O-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan. If you should wish to publish these in the vision please feel free to do so.

Victory, always victory to Ram.


Wali Ali



410 Precita Ave.,

San Francisco, Calif.

18th January, 1970



Kanhangad Post Office,


South India


Dear Ram:

Om! Sri Ram! Jai Ram! Jai Jai Ram! A Sufi passing this way some days ago said to Sam: “You have not only started the year right, you have started the decade right.” This Sufi, returning, found himself in an auditorium with the largest group of people, nearly all young and all adept at chanting mantrams and eager to learn the spiritual dances Sam is now teaching. It is very simple but it is almost impossible to impress older people that the longing of the soul is for God (Ram) and nothing else. The young people, like Arjuna, want Sri Krishna and not all the wealth and prestige of the world touches them at all. Sam is now trapped, not by anything negative, but the calls and demands of those who want to learn the spiritual teachings by their own experiences and not from books or transmissions via lectures.

Sam had just been reading of the Sufi saint, Shah Latif of Sind and the short talk was: “God is not your jailer, He is your Lover.” The young appreciate that, and the visiting Sufi talked on the New Age and what it means. It is curious that following Huxley and Sri Aurobindo a lot of older people are trying to organize without any of the deep understanding of Vijnanavada which comes through the awaking of consciousness and the transcendence of ego-self.

We are having more and more Dervish dances, Mantric dances, Yoga dances and increase in joy with balance—not blind ecstasy, but the joy which opens and expands the inner consciousness. And also there was another Sufi who comes from Palestine and wants to work to bring about world peace, or at least Near East Peace through real spiritual understanding.

Also today a man came representing Dr. Alpert who is called Swami Ram Dass in the United States. There is already a sort of legend that this Ram Dass and Sam are the leaders of the New Age. It is the young who want us and more and more. But there is a difference that Sam is also on demand at the universities where this Swami Ram Dass is a retired professor from Harvard University and has had his fill of mere intellectuals.

One aspect of this is coming next week in the Indian Independence Day celebration. Not only has Sam been invited but the principal speakers are his friends. And he will be permitted to tell the audience about his interviews with great Indians, stories which have been barred by the private institutions but are now being welcomed at the universities.

No doubt another change may take place when the religious leaders of the world meet under the auspices of the Temple of Understanding. The young do not want any more separatism and their elders are all crying not for spiritual freedom but for leadership. In fact Sam has burst out roaring at some of Papa’s sayings which are read every morning. They are so true, they may not appear to be funny but again they are filled with joy. Sam does not believe there is any truth without complete joy—call it “Ananda” or anything else.

Anyhow this is written in Joy and Love and to let you know that real Love, real Joy and real Truth are now coming more and more into the objective consciousness of mankind in many parts of the world.

    Samuel L. Lewis



910 Railroad Ave.

Novato, Calif. 94947

January 28, 1970


Dear Ram:

Om Sri Ram Jai Jai Ram!

This is a strange and one hopes pleasant interlude. Imagine going into an old church and hearing hundreds upon hundreds of young people chanting RamNam. This happened last night in San Francisco. While the churches are complaining of non-attendance and there are many disputes about the existence of God, the young people are doing their thing—chanting together, singing together, even dancing to other, more and more and more.

All the people, older institutions, are complaining. They are going to complain themselves out of existence. The older people want institutions and power; the younger people want to commune with each other and with the Spirit of the universe.

The speaker for the evening was the former doctor Richard Alpert, now known as Baba Ram Das. He has known wealth. He has reached the highest grades of intellectual prowess in our most complex culture. He has tried psychedelics. He has drunk from the cups of sin to their upmost, but he has done more; a famous actress once wrote a book, “Why not “Try God?”

Dr. Albert has tried God. He is known as Baba Ram Das. He has gone through many stages and stations of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita and has totally rejected the manas-ahankara interpretations of philosophers well known and not so well known to delve into cosmic experience and empty himself to be a Voice of Ram.

Sam has believed that America just might produce some of the spiritual leaders of the future. He is wondering whether his former future is now not the present. Before the evening was over the old church was literally crowded to the rafters. As we were chanting RamNam Sam has no idea how many were turned away. He has attended so many gatherings of thousands of yours Americans. They are heart hungry and soul starved, but they are finding the cosmic substance and sustenance which rids them from hunger and starvation.

In this talk Baba Ram Dass spoke from an apparently light vein of humor and criticism, but he indicated that he intended to speak next constructively, to offer remedies that were being offered to the world. San feels rather strange, because Baba Ram Dass seems to have criticized almost everything and everybody, but when he offered at least six ways out, he mentioned Sam. One must face the great possibilities as is said in the Hebrew bible, “The stone which is rejected has become the corner stone.”

Sam thinks this is most interesting coming so soon after the Indian Independence Day celebration. There is much more, lots more. With already one book to print mentioning Sam at the highest level and Baba Ram Dass planning another with the same outlook, one realizes the thin line between self- proclamation and self-effacement, and the indifference one can have to either and both.

Love and Blessings,




910 Railroad Ave.

Novato, Calif. 9494

February 4, 1970



Kanhangad P.O.



Dear Ram:

The month of February started here with the most beautiful weather—like springtime. We have had an unusually wet winter, but practically no frost. This seems to reflect the general condition of and on all planes. A constantly growing audience of young people comes to Sam’s various meetings, while the total number is small; it is always increasing week to week.

Not only that, there is a new type of teacher of oriental philosophy here. With the exception of an occasional Indian, all of them are Americans; usually Americans who have lived in the Orient and every single one of them has either been under spiritual guidance or lived with the common people and not in tourist hotels. This means today a slow but over increasing interchange on all planes. This means today the gradual subsidence of dualistic intellectuals who offered opinions, their own private opinions, as “oriental philosophy.

Last night, in order to get proper seats to hear Baba Ram Dass we arrived nearly an hour ahead of time, but not too soon. We listened to and joined in the repetition of sacred mantrams. Where before one might meet even a hundred or two hundred old people listening to lectures, today not only hundreds but even thousands of young people are gathering for holy chants. This was particularly true of the RamNam although there were many other sacred chants.

Papa was right; the mantram, especially one from a spiritual guru, offers the most satisfaction, especially for beginners. There is no doubt that the “coming race people” are more spiritual advanced than their predecessors. No doubt Sri Aurobindo as well as H.G. Wells, Aldous Huxley and others predicted the coming race, but these young people simply will not follow the leadership of the manas-ahankara oldsters who want to be their leaders.

There is one humorous, not to say ridiculous, aspect to it. There are so many churches, legal groups etc. crying for financial assistance. There are also so many detractors of the young. They do not see that by their very attitudes they are repelling the young. And the simple fact is that many of these young come from wealthy families or themselves are now obtaining substantial livelihoods. In his last report Sam said he never saw so many greenbacks, that is American paper money. This time he did not even look. There was not only an overflow audience, but all the annex rooms in the huge church structure where the meeting was held had microphones in them. Nobody knows how many thousands of people there were, and we are not particularly interested how great the collection was.

One of the greatest failures of Sam has been the impossibility of communicating to the manas-ahankara people of the reality of prajna. They simply will not have it. They will not have it despite Dr. Radhakrishnan, Dr. Daisetz Suzuki, and others. This becomes all the more evident when a man like Baba Ram Dass relying on prajna has total success. So I guess it is time to close a book and turn the pages away from the many manas-ahankara people who have so little respect for each other anyhow.

The talk of Baba Ram Dass was a sort of compilation of Patanjali yoga, and Sana Tana dharma. Both Baba Ram Dass and an organization is the eastern part of the United States are seeking to compile various spiritual practices in use today. It is very very funny indeed. Sam wrote you before that he returned to this country with the later lesser Upanishads. He tried in vain to give them away, but the manas-ahankara people considered their loss of face more important than their obtaining sacred literature. Now there is a new age, a new generation, and Sam is able to proffer this literature and other sacred writings to the new age reader.

The same thing is going on in Zen Buddhism. Sam has a great compilation of very original teachings which the publishers have refuted, which the academics have refused, but which the universities are now welcoming. In this connection Sam remembers the greatest lecture ever given by the late Zen monk Nyogen Senzaki. It consisted of sweetly two words: “Buddha Hridaya.” Sam is now going to present this to those who are willing to accept it, because in one of the mantrams Baba Ram Dass gave last night from Indian sacred literature is emphasized Hridaya.

Next Sunday Sam will start the study of the Taittiriya Upanishad. It is time to make people aware of the five sheaths—not to give lectures on the subject but to promote a conscious awakening. The audiences are now ready. Inayat Khan said, “It is the mureeds who make the murshid.” There is no such thing in this sense as a guru or spiritual teacher. When the innate propensities of an audience grow and grow, it impels and compels a person to awaken to the highest in himself, which is to say God speaking through him. Without the audience he may not have it. Satsang is not a one way street, it is a communal endeavor.

One can go on and on, and Baba Ram Dass will again speak next week. The youth of America are calling for spiritual methods and spiritual teachers and not homilies, sermons, aphorisms, jumbles of words. It may be, inshallah, that in a short time we shall have multitudes of awakened Americans. And one can see this particularly in the infants who really demonstrate the predictions of the late Sri Aurobindo and refute the efforts of his followers or all those who substitute manas-ahankara for moksha.

Love and Blessings,

Samuel L. Lewis



910 Railroad Ave.

Novato, Calif. 94947

March 11, 1970




Dear Ram:

Sam was influenced to maintain a diary after reading the works of Thomas Jefferson, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Papa Ramdas. But in retrospect it must be said that the more one considers it, there is no diary; there is only the fulfillment of the divine life in and through what would appear to be an ego-personality which is nothing but a mode of God Himself expressing Himself outwardly. And daily Sam seams to find that there is really nothing else but this divine life, and this in turn, so far as he is concerned, gives much greater value to Papa’s works, especially the earlier ones.

No doubt there is a time for all things. And now, instead of lapsing into the presumable securities of old age, Sam’s life is becoming more and more public. It has even become public enough to warrant an apology from one of the leading divines of the region. No doubt it requires considerable patience when one’s theme is, so to speak, “The stone that is rejected is become the cornerstone.” One cannot understand why persons who preach morality and love and brotherhood are among the forefront of those who purposely neglect.

One of the great folk stories of Europe is called “The Goose Girl.” Everybody is awaiting a deliverer who is supposed to be a princess. On the day of liberation, when the gates of the Great City are opened, nobody enters but a country Goose Girl who brought her flock every day at dawn anyhow. After much drama, too late of course, it was discovered that the Goose Girl was really the princess who had been kidnapped when an infant.

Sam’s theme which may now be presented to a conference of great spiritual teachers and ecclesiasts is not going to be “Love Ye one another.” Sam is amused by the number of people in audiences who interrupt saying, “Why don’t you preach and teach more love?” not aware that rude interruptions are self-evident demonstrations of the lack of love and the dominance of dualistic outlook. So Sam will present instead “Respect Ye one another.”

This is very difficult, for Sam has as his ko-an, so to speak, the first words of Mandel’s Messiah “Every valley shall be exalted and every hill laid low; the crooked places made straight.” But how is a little valley going to express itself amid a throng of mountains who because of their very nature are unable to bow before each other. Nevertheless, this will be the theme. And as the time approaches, the presence of Divine Grace becomes more and more evident, both in the daily consciousness and during sleep at night.

The Krishna Theme. This is long and elaborate. The first step is to distribute or sell more copies of Sam’s “The Rejected Avatar.” But it is becoming evident to more and more persons that although Sri Krishna is the theme, he himself has been rejected. Now it is very easy to convince anybody who is not an “Orientalist” that there is such a thing as counter karma, and the great danger of the moment is the overwhelming willingness by the young to accept everything Sam says; and when it is true or they believe it is true, to go all the way. And it is chiefly among people who claim a “moral outlook” that the rejections prevail—all other doors are open. But even this is coming to an end for Sam has just received a beautiful letter of apology from one of the leading divines in San Francisco.

Sam has also received from Dr. Milton Singer an autographed copy of his latest book on Sri Krishna, and this man is perhaps the top Sanskrit scholar in the United States. But yesterday, one of Sam’s secretaries discovered a sacred Sanskrit book on Sri Krishna in a second hand book store. It had been placed on the market by the now presumably defunct American Academy of Asian Studies who had hosted Papa when he was in this region. But this institution was adamantly dedicated to one theme: personality leadership. The resulting karma was melodramatic and awkward. Only today the universities themselves are open and, as reported before, Sam has already put some of Papa’s works in the University of California and certainly doors are open all over.

Tonight we shall give the last rehearsals of one of Sam’s ras lila dances. The technique is simple. The steps are easy. But without extreme devotion it is utterly impossible to perform. The same perhaps pertains to the Hare Krishna etc. dance which has already been photographed.

This brings one to the most dramatic element of the present life. Three years ago when Sam was flat on his back in the hospital there was a divine visitation with words and visions. All the words, all the visions have now manifested. But the door did not close, and the next steps in life are evident.

Last Thursday in this house and Monday night at the San Francisco home, Sam gave his farewell addresses to privacy and tranquility. There is no time now when interviews are not sought, when office work is not done, and when there are other aspects of both spiritual and material business. For the next 5 days in a row at least, there will be cameras and sound equipment recording the spiritual dances, the sacred lessons, and the daily life of a man who was marked for spiritual leadership by so many holy men and egotistically rejected in previous years with a single exception-these all being a priori rejections.

Actually the whole thing is funny. The whole thing is ridiculous. For instance, the Sri Aurobindo people have been pushing the poem “Savitri” on Sam. But they were the foremost to reject his poetry and not only reject it, sharply criticize Sam’s efforts. Sam has asked one of his own disciples to compare Savitri with one of his epics. The man said: “They are the same kind of poems, but yours is clearer and more profound.”

It is certain that in Sam’s cosmic realizations, as verbalized in his poetry, we come to the fulfillment and perfection of “Every valley shall be exalted and every hill laid low.” To find galaxies in an atom; and all the super-galaxies and constellations and universes together forming a small portion of divine reality seems to be beyond the conscious scope of most of the people today who toy with the word Yoga.

Sam is taking with him, as probably was written before, a brochure of Vice-President Geary. It is not only as Walt Whitman said, “In all men I see myself,” but it is all a teaching of the Real Religion which is behind all of the particular religions that everything is reflected in everything. The Gita, the Upanishads, the Prajnana Paramita Sutra, the Johanni books of the Bible, and the actual sacred traditions of the Jews support this same theme, this universal theme.

In “The Rejected Avatar”:

“The strong say yes to God The weak say no to man.”

This habit is so ridiculous that the young are laughing today at all the pretenders and dualists who offer their private formulae as solutions to problems of the day. They do not understand that their individual separations are the basis not only of these problems but of the existence of problems in any form.

One cannot go much beyond this because Sam’s theme is going to be “Keep a soft tongue and loud, very loud ears” (e.g. as the Tibetan Saint Milarepa).

No doubt efforts will be made to report further from either Switzerland or England late this month or early next.

With all love and blessings,

Samuel Lewis



March 22, 1970


Kanhangad P.O.


South India


Dear Ram;

Package of books has been received from Anandashram, Gita Sandesh. It is particularly welcome at this hour. Sam is now already to go to the conference of the real religious leaders of this plane; he does not know what be is going to say or do other than keeping the mind clear and clean so that, God-willing, the Divine Voice may be speaking to and through him.

There are certainly two lessons in life impressed upon Sam this week; one is the vibratory activity of all the cells of the physical body and along with them of the finer bodice when the RamNam is sung or chanted. The day has gone when audiences are impressed by lofty emotions apart from direct experience. The young want direct experience; they are getting the direct experience; they love the direct experience. They mount the ladder of Ananda, which in a certain sense is the same as Jacob’s ladder in the Hebrew Bible. There is no time for talking; there is time for realization. There is always time for realization. Yesterday Sam presented a Spring Festival for the young. It was also the birthday of Gavin Arthur, who was always a warm admirer of Papa. It was very different; there were 200 to 250 people there, practically all young. They joined in the dances and chants. They love to recite RamNam and Hare Krishna and Sufi sacred phrases. It is a totally different world; it is a totally new world.

Some of the young women surprised Sam with a Sita dance. When they completed, Sam put on a Ram ceremonial; then they all joined together in a Ram-Sita performance. This was not India. This is the America of today, a very different America. This will also go down on record, because there were television cameras and sound equipment and all technical paraphernalia.

The height of the amillah came when Sam performed Ras-Lila. One cannot describe this because in it there is no sense of being. There is sense of emergence. One becomes the instrument of God, so to speak. This is what the young people want. This is what they expect. This is what they respect. My friends, it is a New Age. It is an age of warm delight in the Divine Presence. Now Sam is getting ready to attending the conference of the great religions of the world, but he has already abandoned the fruits of action; he has not abandoned action, be has abandoned fruits of action. There is some hope for the world when it accepts the evidence of spirituality, not only as presented by let us say a Guru, but when it is reflected in the awakening of hearts, in the brilliancy of faces, in the manifest joy and delight.

Although this was a long day, we had the dancing class at night. Everybody came. We introduced some new Shiva dances. And in the next few days everything will be done to get these dances in order that they may be used in the future.

The second lesson Sam has learned is that of and from pain. To him, this means the wiping out of samskaras. It is in no sense an evil. The wiping out of samskaras helps free the spirit, helps one to appreciate joy.

This may be the last letter before our departure for abroad. If we have been over bearing we shall soon learn this. But if we are life-bearers, we may also soon learn this.

Sam is now getting apologies from those who would never let him present his points of view, or perhaps his knowledge. Too many efforts are being made to promote verbal “world outlooks” by the suppression of knowledge, by the suppression of facts, by the suppression of history. This will no longer do. The young are intelligent and alert and innately so honest that it is very difficult for older persons to conceive their attitude.

A series of speakers on television have shown that the harm done by alcohol is 40 times as great as all problems, moral, legal and otherwise, due to partaking of psychedelics. San never used psychedelics because he felt the superiority of the mantras to begin with—not the philosophy of the mantram, but its recitation. That is what young America wants; that is what young America is getting. It is a New Age my friends, it is a period of hope and joy and love.

All love and blessings,

Samuel L. Lewis



May 3, 1970

The Vision



South India


Dear Ram;

Volume 38, no. 3 copy of the Vision is here. This is a new day. This is a day when it is become extremely easy to communicate its content to an ever growing number of young people. One does not convince the elders that God made mankind in His image. One does not try to convince the young people; they accept it already. The young people who accept cosmic truth are no longer interested in the empty words of their seniors by age but not otherwise.

Sam returned to his native city, met by a large crowd of loving young people. They made such tamasha that it disturbed or surprised the airport. It would seem that there will be more of such disturbances and surprises. These will have to be accepted as facts of a life which seniors have declined to examine. Or as the Sufi Inayat Khan taught: “Heart speaks to heart, and soul to soul.”

The homecoming was followed by a very large public greeting, and this in turn yesterday by a combination of a May Festival and marriage ceremony.

We also have another RamNam Dance. The young people are full of love and joy. This reflects in their faces, in their auras, in their glow. There is more joy in the voices of Sam’s friends and followers, chanting the Names of God, then in all the sermons in the world. It is God speaking to God through God to meet God, or as you say Ram, it does not matter. Actually we say Ram a good deal, a great deal, with joy, with love, with grandeur, with devotion.

Sam already has a Summer School awaiting him of young people in another part of the country. And a much larger convocation in the Eastern states because Baba Ram Dass (the young American to whom others were looking for leadership is leaving the country). He is going to South America to study with a Sufi. All this has helped Sam. All this and very much more about which one does not wish to write, excepting to say in a few words that with the help of Ram we hope to accomplish what others are talks about. We do not have to go out and beg and cry. And someday better known people who proclaim the beliefs in karma will discover it is very true. This is a long story also, but it has shadows.

This is a long story also, and one does not feel happy about it. But the news has come in today’s paper that the efforts of Auroville have produced no fruit, quite the contrary. It is very sad no doubt. It is very unfortunate that some people cannot accept that God-Ram alone is great, and no self-proclamations really mean anything. There is an argument in an English publication on the relative merits of Shankara and Ramanaja. Sam believes Atma and Brahm are the same, and this goes for everybody. It is those who have failed to be convinced of this who are failing, while those who accept and are aware of it succeed more and more. And why not. Sam believes this is a day for the whole of humanity and not just for privileged ones. And today the world is beating a pathway to his doors, as he forefelt. Now it is coming true. Everything is coming true.

Love and Blessings,




May 14, 1970


Dear Ram:

A little event this morning prompts this letter. While we were singing RamNam it seemed that the depth and vitality not only impregnated the cells and tubes of the body, but even the hairs. Sam not only has a full beard today—many little children now call him Santa Claus—but it seems that the hairs of the beard stood on end and danced while we were chanting RamNam. While we perform a ritual so to speak it would seem that we rush to our chanting not because it is a duty or discipline, but because it is a source of great delight, a delight which becomes actual experience.

Sam attended another Wesak celebration Sunday. It seems here that Wesak has become a compounding of ritual and ceremony that have little or nothing to do with Lord Buddha. It has been made into a hyperbolic ritual with very vague meanings in to a presumable super-magic for which and from which there is no evidence. Many non-Buddhists have seized this word to proclaim all sorts of things which have no evidence in facts and are empty in fancy.

Now the various Buddhists who are extremely badly split have moved in the same direction. Sam sees only one dharma, one dharma, call it sanatana dharma, call it arya dharma or otherwise, or not at all. His holding to this point is also illustrated in his poetry. All his poems were rejected by presumable world leaders. Then his own friends had “The Rejected Avatar” published. Now this is in demand.

Returning from a conference of the real leaders of the real religions, Sam has learned that his efforts have been appreciated. He stood in competition with no one, and he showed his appreciation of all. This stands in mark contrast to the leaders of all the rival schools of so-called dharma who are treating each other with contempt. The almost total absence of ananda is so evident. To Sam the dharma without ananda is noise, nothing but noise, but that is what the young people hold and proclaim.

Sam has a summer school all waiting for him: enrollment, funds, freedom to teach real systems of real yoga, and real Sufi esoterics along with spiritual dancing. The young wish this; the young grab. The young know intuitively what Ramdas has been saying. It requires no effort at all; it is simple and easy. While people of mature ages seem to spurn us, that very situation is an additional factor in the continued drawing and increase of audiences of and from the young people. Love is love and there is no substitute for it. Joy is joy and there is no substitute for it. Peace is peace and there is no substitute.

This letter is being written before Sam received official news about an increase in his monthly allotment, coming at a time: when the world, that is the world of young people, is beginning to recognize him. But it is not personality recognition, it is dharma recognition, it is the presentation of Sufism which declares God Alone Exists—when the gods arrive the half gods go.

Love and Blessings,



910 Railroad Ave.

Novato, Calif. 94947

May 27, 1970





Dear Ram;

There is something remarkable that goes on in life. It is like a story; it is like a super-story. Sam has been saying, you can convince almost anybody about what is going on unless he calls himself a realist, then it becomes hopeless. Sam is about to leave here to conduct a summer school in the State of New Mexico. It was not particularly his idea. Sam has written previously about the Professor now known as Baba Ram Das. He is a man from a very wealthy family. He is also a man who has a degree of Doctor of Philosophy at Harvard University. But he is also a man who has only spiritual values: wealth, fame, acclaim, all those things which Christ condemned he shuns, and all those things which Christ evaluated he loves. So there is nothing else to do but go into other parts of this country and teach what scriptures acclaim and religion has shunned and is just awakening to the simple but hard reality of karma.

Everything is so different today, everything. There is soon to be another, what is called, Holy Men’s Jamboree in this region. Sam will be far away, but it is his disciples who are taking the lead in and for this project. It is his disciples who are doing things. It is his disciples who are gradually finding their maturity and finding also the avenues for full expression of inner potentialities and faculties—you will please pardon not sending details; they would take too long.

What the leaders in this country and one suspects the leaders in other countries and one further suspects that all those who are concerned with leadership and not with humanity fear most is a real moral and spiritual revolution. And what they are totally unable to stop is such a real moral and spiritual revolution. For it is not only Sam’s disciples, but their friends and schoolmates and others of the same age that have the universal and spiritual outlooks. The sociologists and politicians fail to grasp what we may call the soul of man, and there is no question but that the spirit of Walt Whitman which manifested in this land is now coming into prominence along with that of Emerson and Thoreau. This is the America which you do not read about in the press, which you do not hear about on radio and television and which is beginning to manifest itself in the real non-violence of Mahatma Gandhi and not in the dramatic nonviolence which has brought so much attention and accomplished very little.

All of Sam’s meetings have shown a slow but steady increase. The same is true of the meetings of his colleagues and disciples. We have not reached the news point, but what can you expect of the channels of communication which fail to mention the gatherings of all the world’s faiths at Geneva which Sam recently attended? There seems to be a great fear of real religion.

There was a story by Hans Christian Anderson in the last century called “the Emperor’s New Clothes.” With pretense some conniving tailors made it appear that the cloth was so refined as to make it invisible. When the day came to display it, everybody remarked on its wonders. Only a little child said, “Why he has nothing on at all.” The young of today are like that little child. And now also the stock market which reflects the real economy of this country is demonstrating that, when all money is used for weapons of war, there is no wealth behind it.

There was an amusing incident recently in San Francisco. There is a female cat in this house there. It was advertised that he had kittens to give away. When the young people heard than Sam had kittens to give away, they flocked to his house, they telephoned his house. It was dramatically humorous to find that many young people have learned about Sam and have admiration for him, but you never see his name in the paper and it is most difficult to get an interview with people of importance.

Nevertheless, for the first time a Jewish rabbi gave him an interview. If you read the papers you will read that Muslims and Israelis alike are howling they would be willing to sit down at the table and discuss peacefully with the other party. But such events never take place, only the challenges. But after what happened in Geneva, it is becoming evident that religions that do not have a living God are hopeless. They mean nothing. The young simply will not attend their services. The young simply will not take them seriously, so the young are attacked and accused or sometimes defended but never permitted to speak for themselves.

Shortly-after Sam leaves there will be another Holy Man’s Jamboree. It is being called by the young. Before any newspaper men will show up—realists never pay any attention—the police may show up, And If the police show up there may be some news, otherwise, no; things are not done that way. Someday we hope to convince some disciple of Sri Aurobindo that the cosmic evolution about which he wrote so much is really going on, is really going on with evolved race. Of course Bulwer Lytton and H.G. Wells also predicted that, and someday we hope to convince some people who see only extreme good or only extreme evil in and from India that God is everywhere and truth is everywhere.

There was another interesting episode: One of Sam’s disciples who is a very adventurous type travels all over. He goes out into the deserts and wildernesses and mingles with every kind of person. He fears nobody. Once he was robbed and he told San, “I was out on the desert and my tent was robbed and what do you think they stole? My whole collection of Swami Ramdas’ books; I had a whole collection and they were all stolen. Wasn’t that wonderful? “We had a hardy laugh and hope you can join in it.

When Sam returns it will be necessary to organize very carefully. This is something new. At Geneva he was approached by a stranger, “You have a wonderful message and I admire your personality, are you properly organized? Well, I hope  to come to San Francisco as soon as possible. The world needs universal teachings and the divine spirit above all else. That was a stranger’s conclusion. It shows God is in everybody and someday we hope to convince some of the people who think they are devotees of Indian wisdom that this is actually so. We are not troubled about others.

The key-note of life is found in the sayings of Papa Ramdas, that the ananda of the jnanana and of the Bhakti are the same. We are demonstrating it here on a great scale. But life is demonstrating it on a greater scale, much greater, among the evolved youth of this day and place. They really evaluate love and joy and peace about which their elders talk so much and do so little. So we are going to emphasize more and more love and joy and peace and also present the techniques given to the world so many times by great spiritual teachers, ignored so much by institutions utilizing the names of the same spiritual teachers. In this we do not have to blame anybody. We shall simply demonstrate, and more and more and more. So on return we shall take up what might be called the business aspects of this letter and try to build up a library consummate with its contents knowing full well that it is not a library but the growth of human hearts that will produce a better world. With all love and blessing,
Samuel L. Lewis


[Ed—Included is a note from Moineddin Jablonski on August 14,1971:

I just found this letter sealed in an envelope ready to send to India, but apparently misplaced by Murshid or someone at the time, as it was under some papers in the back of the desk drawer.]



June 11, 1970



South India


Dear Ram:

There is on episode in the life of Jesus Christ that he was taken to an exceedingly high mountain. Lama Foundation is near the summit of the tallest mountain in the United States outside the State of Colorado. The peaks of those States are well known but this one seems to have been a holy mountain since most ancient times.

It seems that Sam must follow the career of Paul Brunton—he did in India and Egypt and now instead of the Himalayas the Rockies. And Sam sees now he must speak in behalf of a Universal God Who is not jailed in any system of mountains. A great Sufi saint said: “Allah is your Lover, not your Jailer” and Sam says that man, too must not jail his God, which so many want to do. It is useless but people want to try. Sam does not know why, how can the Creator be confined to places? much less single places.

In fact Sam has some doubt whether he even wants to visit Arunachala. He was himself a chela of Paul Brunton when the latter was a chela of Maharshi. But Sam’s work is in Karma Yoga, and also so as Swami Ranganathananda Maharaj said, in Bhakti and Jhanas. It is not in the “tyranny of words” which so limits and confines mankind. Now we have God-else “Yoga” which is certainly not egoless “Yoga.” The churches are being pulled down to set up narrow organizations all claiming to lead the world, and they are based on egotism not on any Supreme Being. Just words.

“The Vision” was sent here but, dear ones, you cannot send “The Vision” to Sam without Sam having a Vision, so to speak, and this Vision is to write a commentary on St. Paul’s “First Epistle of the Corinthians” which may be done, Ram willing, when he returns to the lowlands.

There is a vast spreading of Yoga in the land. First there is Godless Yoga. It has various names and methods and is very prominent in publications. The prevailing culture wants that. It is innocuous. It does not bring God or Mukti. Sometimes it brings wealth, fame, and it certainly does not harm. But it tends to accent egotism and is so limited.

Sam has been writing for years: “When the Gods arrive the half-gods go.” Now there are some real systems of Yoga being introduced. They are making all kinds of claims. They are often exotic and complicated. They are always presented in an obtuse fashion, so that nothing is clear. But Sam welcomes them as they do posit God and Mukti and human experience and do not limit salvation to some private legal organization which proclaims it will save the world—there are so many of these! They deny each other and they deny historicity and they shun the Sufis!

Well last Sunday there was a Holy Men’s Jamboree in San Francisco and crowds of young people came. Sam has not the news yet but has been told it was most successful. As it was organized by Sufis and at least one Sufi spoke it has to be by-passed by all who claim to have world brotherhood and world leadership and world this and world that—and will take anybody to help in their Kurukshetra but Sri Krishna! But this way is gone. The youth who represent the new age will not have that. They want realities, not words or claims.

On the same Sunday, 7th June, Sam was honored by a pilgrimage to this place—nearly all young people. The only other time a pilgrimage was made to Sam was by Sufis who are ignored by all the “world” groups. The theme of the Sufis is God Is Love. So Ram has directed Sam to write a commentary on the First Epistle of the Corinthians beginning with the Love-theme and then going on to the three bodies mentioned in that holy book but ignored by cult and religion alike. It is time to restore the Sanatana Dharma.

This was a mission given also to Sam on another holy mountain, in Japan. Sam may still have some pictures. The world legal groups refused to accept his reports and of course, ignore his pictures. They always lecture on the need for moral and spiritual reform, a point on which they are joined by politicians and gangsters as well as saints. They all verbalize “moral and spiritual reform.” But Sam is directed to emphasize Love.

Well Tuesday Sam visited two cities in this State of New Mexico and was greeted by delegations of young people. They want God, they want Love, they want experience and they do not want to become figureheads in some milking operation known as “world brotherhood” or “world union” or “world-anything.” The soul longs for Salvation and the mind offers billions of alternatives—which are not wrong in themselves but useless.

So Sam realizes his time is coming and maybe soon. The whole universe speaks to him and sometimes through him. The young are coming to him and he to them. The three-body psychology is being introduced, but based on Love and Love and Love and Compassion and Mercy, which are so much more powerful than legal love or political love and sentimental love. And it would appear that with Sri Krishna with him Kurukshetra will be won. Anyhow the young believe Sri Krishna is with Sam and they accept his dances while the claimants to world brotherhood” and “world undon” and “world this” and “world that”…. I leave it to you. As Mohammed said: “Say Allah and leave them to their devices.

We now have many songs and cues on RamNam, many and more coming. Love and blessings,

Samuel L. Lewis



410 Precita Ave.,

San Francisco, Calif. 94110

21st June, 1970



Kanhangad P.O.


South India


Dear Ram:

Om! Sri Ram! Jai Ram! Jai, Jai Ram!

There is something strange going on in life and although Sam has seen it all in the spirit before, when it happens it is just as strange as if there were no forebodings.

Sam is becoming wealthy by a very strange process. He has never tried to accumulate money and does not believe that wealth is significant. Before his brother died we discussed what would happen and it is happening. So many people want money for Yoga research and mystical research and occult research. And when Sam writes he has some materials they always reject the materials but want his money anyhow and they keep on asking for the money, but never, never accept his spiritual reports, no matter what the evidence.

Sam has discovered there are two kinds of movements today, the one kind in which the spiritual teacher or Guru acts like the sun and gives and gives and gives, and asks nothing. The other kind is like the Superman of Nietzsche—they want money, obeisance, servitude, even slavery and they always treat other peoples as lesser beings. And we find both of these in the world and especially in California and India.

While the true Guru blesses and gives and heals and soothes, the other type advertises their virtues, only their virtues and never accepts the virtues of others, only their money! And they name certain persons whom they consider vastly superior and expect the world to bow before those people and if anything goes wrong they say that it is because the world has not accepted their special Holy Man. There are so many; they come and go and stress emotionalism. If you mention “God” or “Ram” to them, they wince. They talk about the divine life, the spiritual life, the holy life, and it is very, very restricted—just to them and their colleagues and some they select at random.

Now the Upanishads has the way to determine spirituality and this was also taught to Sam by some very real Masters. And now Sam is communicating it to the young, more and more. The whole upper portion of the Rio Grande Valley in the Southwestern part of the United States is filled with new types of communes and mostly they have a spiritual basis, all over. Multitudes. To San they are the New Age, they are the traces predicted by Sri Aurobindo and Bulwer Lytton and H.G. Wells. They have real Yoga, real devotion and not endless philosophy about and about. They are worshippers, they are devotees they are real Karma-Yogins with touches of real Bhakti.

Last night there was a dramatic group visiting Lama where this is written and they presented a play, “The False Guru.” For one hour beforehand Sam put on Sufi (dervish) dances. Then after the play some of the devotees began the RamNam dances. And somebody called out, “What have we to do with a false Guru when we have a true Guru in our midst.” And all the people, mostly young called on Sam and he presented a series of RamNam dances in which hundreds participated. And when it was all over the dramatic leader who played the part of the false guru came to Sam, knelt at his feet and invited him to visit them. This may have been coming, it was seen and foreseen.

The letter will be written before the day’s program where and when hundreds of young people from all over the upper parts of the Rio Grande will be coming to Sam. And then Tuesday and Wednesday Sam will be visiting them and presenting the spiritual dances. The older people do not want them and besides they belong to a passing evolution. The world is advancing, humanity is advancing and with all the bad news, “I come. I go. When Dharma decays I come.”

Today there is also another Holy Men’s Jamboree, as they are called, in another part of the Rio Grande Valley. It is so different now. And before Sam leaves this State (New Mexico) he will be given a special send off. And the same will be true about his return to California.

Now also Sam is receiving the most wonderful letters from so many distant places. They realize sincerity if not wisdom. Sam is still a believer in “La Illaha El Il Allah”, there is no deity but Allah, although this is interpreted in the Bhal manner:

“Allah, Shiva, and God-nam, Ram-Sita, Ram-Sita-Ram”

And those who are substituted men’s names (and sometimes women’s names, and only arousing emotions and thinking they have reached the Goal, would pass away as they always have. Love alone is eternal and emotions are passing.

This coming week Sam will teach the Maha Mudra, to help people attain peacefulness and spread that peacefulness with wisdom through the world. Sam knew this was coming. He has to give up the “lonely” life which was forced on him for a life of some social consideration, also in a sense forced on him. But we surrender to God. We do not say or pray, “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” we seek that this be the way of life for all.

Om! Sri Ram! Jai Ram! Jai Jai Ram!

Love and Blessings,

Samuel L. Levis S. A. M.



July 4, 1970



Editor of The Vision



Dear Ram:

Om Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram! This is the most difficult letter Sam has ever tried to write. Every word, every thought, even every feeling, is a shadow, but it is a shadow of Divine Light.

Sam has just returned from his almost private ashram in the Rocky Mountains. Although he was there chiefly as a Sufi and mantric teacher and devotee, he also imparted the whole gamut of Buddhist meditations from the first Jhana to the highest Maha Mudra. This may have been almost the first such effort since the days of the ancient Taxila and Nalanda. Sam is not the least concerned with the personality-rejections of these efforts. The fact is that more and more young people are accepting what he is offering and the days of the a priori rejections by the intellectuals, sophists, and metaphysicians, is over.

Years ago Her Serene Highness Princess Poon Diskul, now president of the World Buddhist Federation, told Sam he was piling up a mountain of good merit. Sam said he was not interested in merit. Her Serene Highness said this would increase the merit. But today seems to be the beginning of a harvest of long efforts and perhaps in all sincerity.

The last days in New Mexico were so dramatic that one can only outline them. A. The demand for more copies of “The Vision” and works of Papa Ramdas. This came spontaneously to Sam from others. B. The extreme unsolicited cooperation from the American known as Baba Ram Das, unqualified cooperation, leaving Sam partly stunned and astounded and partly joyously compelled to enter the doors opened by and from this man’s efforts. C. The increase in the new spiritual dances coming through Sam so to speak and also in the growth of audiences and participants far beyond his present capacities, but manifesting in front of him all the time, showing the New Age in all its hopeful expectations. D. The unexpected surprise meeting by Sam of a dramatic group living in the center of the Stat of New Mexico, planning to dramatize the Ramayana and Mahabharata in ways comparable to the Christian efforts related to the Passion Play of Lord Jesus Christ. I think it was already reported that when they presented a drama called “The False Guru” someone in the audience yelled, “Why should we be concerned with a false guru when we have a true Guru in our midst?” The reaction was sudden and astounding and soon Sam was leading hundreds in Ramnam dances as he has led other hundreds in other parts of the State of New Mexico in both Ramnam and Dervish dances.

The local news from other sources and the distant news from other sources is in the same expansive vein. It would appear that there may be harvest autumns in one’s private life, but as the Bible teaches, one is reserving the fruits of these actions to God, and as the Gita teaches one is reserving and dedicating the fruits of actions to Sri Krishna.

The last dramatic episode in New Mexico was a spontaneous call for a Hare Krishna Dance which was immediately done; Sam leading about 200 young people in this and they want more. This is a New Age and one thinks this is enough to report in a single letter.

Love and Blessing,

Samuel L. Lewis



10th July


Dear Ram:           Om Sri Ram! Jai Ram! Jai Ram Ram!

Sam is now visiting the Garden of Inayat which was intended to be the Sufi spiritual headquarters. But now the movement is spreading very rapidly. There are so many who claim to be leaders, to be representing world movements, to be Sadgurus, Avatars, Maharshis and when they have finished the young people find there is no change in the world, in themselves or in the suffering of humanity. Added to this is the hard but simple fact that most older people simply will not interview Sam, and this is making him a hero. Perhaps they are right, but to claim to be moral and act this way only impresses the young that their seniors by age are hypocrites.

When Sam was high in the Rocky Mountains, in the woods, many came long distances to see him. Now that he is back among his fellows people come but not so long distances only more of them. There is no substitute for Love and the use of these sacred phrases in devotion is now becoming more and more a habit—among the young. Meetings continue to grow in size and Sam is now being approached by serious older people who are convinced that he really believes in the Divine Presence, and they want to learn more.

The world is now filled with groups that verbally claim to be universal and do not recognize each other at all. They all verbally cover the earth and make tremendous claims. The other day Sam telephoned a new group (there are so many of them) that claimed to represent the whole of humanity, “What is your particular faith?” Sam asked, “What!” They repeated it and Sam repeated it. He said, “I thought I was telephoning the “Whole of Earth” society and they ask me for my particular faith. I guess I have the wrong number.”

They apologized. But it is not often so. Those who claim to represent everybody do not usually apologize. In fact all they do is seek money for some particular project. Indeed one group is seeking funds for scientific research in  Yoga. You can be sure that this is not a group of scientists. They know better. When scientists assert or affirm they are honest and impersonal. But when others seek funds for Yoga—-what is that? Everybody wants everybody on their side but Sri Krishna at Kurukshetra.

Sam has demonstrated the Sri Krishna dances and the so-called Krishna devotees keep away. So Sam is now going into serious writing to demonstrate the difference between high emotionalism and spirituality. Besides, the Ananda of the emotionalists is limited.

Sam is constantly amazed by new people coming to him. He is overworked but accepts that as part of his dharma. The real New Age people are devotees, not emotionalists and even infants are chanting the names of God—it is like a miracle. It is only the fund-seekers who each have some private “world organization” that do not change the praise of God, only the praise of themselves. And each apart from all the others.

Sam returned with plenty of work to do and two emergencies; a Korean Zen Master was coming to San Francisco and had to see Sam; also a Jewish Chassid mystic was coming to San Francisco and had to see Sam. Fortunately Sam had a free night—a very rare occurrence. He went first to the Buddhist meeting and was treated as a Bodhisattva. He had just returned from Lama Foundation where he taught all kinds of Buddhistic-Buddhist meditations from the original Jhana to the highest Maha Mudra. But Buddhist groups accepted that and we all came to agreement (it is only the “universal” people who do not accept).

Then he went to the Jewish mystics and was also received by them as a great spiritual man. It is very sad because one of them has had the prophet-Christ experience in the unseen and then in the seen—the same drama which goes on forever. But both Sam and the Rabbi know what to do. While the politicians are spending billions of dollars to kill innocent people, the holy men suffer as they always have. Only some of us really want to do something, not just collect money and power for ourselves, under the guise of a “New Age.”

So in meetings we spend more time singing and chanting the Divine Names and do not enter into other matters. This not only consumes all the time but is winning more and more hearts, covering more territory and spreading and spreading until Sam is dizzy.

Hazrat Inayat Khan said: “Heart speaks to heart and soul to soul.” Sri Krishna condemned ahankara-manas and all the ahankara-manas people are spending much money—seeking more money—and losing all over. But the young are rising, rising in love, in faith, in sincerity, in wisdom and toward real peace.

Love and Blessings,



410 Precita Ave.,

San Francisco, Calif.

20th July, 1970



Kanhangad Post Office

Cannanore District,


South India


Dear Ram:

Om! Sri Ram! Jai Ram! Jai, Jai Ram!

Sam is enclosing his monthly contribution but is in an utter state of bewilderment. There is nothing wrong, nothing wrong at all. For instance by series of circumstances Sam’s income has gone up until it has reached a maximum from family sources. Sam’s father did little for him and apologized on his deathbed. Then his brother fought him and when Sam fought back they become friends and the brother died which benefited Sam financially.

Sam has been wondering about his “enemies” and reading the commentary of Swami Ranganathananda on this subject, on the ISA UP. He realized that all people are his benefactors, those who help him possibility and those who help him by putting the obstacle in the way which help awake on the faculties needed for perfection. This is not philosophy; this is to Sam, the reality.

Of course people who place obstacles have to face their karmas and do.

A few years ago some rather emotional young people said they were summoning the spiritual leaders from all the world. When Sam asked who was on the Board of Directors that would bar his attendance they became very confused. But when Sam returned from New Mexico he received two urgent letters from a Korean Zen Master and from a Jewish mystic from Jerusalem, and five different summonses to go to Colorado to a so-called “Holy Men’s Jamboree (tamasha).” It seems that leaders of all kinds leave it to Sam.

On top of that the Sufi Vilayat Khan, the well known Paul Reps, the man who calls himself “Baba Ram Das” and others notified Sam they considered him the spiritual leader in the whole of the United States. And while this has been going on the audiences increase and more and more young people are coming to the dance classes where they must repeat the sacred phrases and do. And when one tells you that this is all additional to the former programs, you might understand the bewilderment.

There is a massive “Hare Krishna” campaign also going on in the United States among the young while Billy Graham is trying to build up emotional Christianity among others. Both campaigns are emotional but both have to do with Deity. Only when Sam does the “Hare Krishna” dance he has no sense of self at all. It seems that God is dancing through and with his body and sometimes he can do steps that are impossible in his conscious moods.

Sam has been reading in “The Vision.” While he himself is repeating the Divine Name constantly he is not so sure that this is “the only way.” He does not condemn the Tantric and occult and other means, nor the Swamis and self-styled “holy men” because some of them may really be holy men.

He does notice so many proclaimed men coming and going and leaving not realized disciples in their place; and there are others who do not so self- proclaim, who leaving self-realized souls to carry on their work. But the important thing of the moment is the very definite chances in the mass- consciousness, not only among the young but now more and more among the elder Sam is meeting.

Sam has been shown by vision and warning that he would rise in the social strata. Saturday night he went to a Jewish mystical gathering. The place was packed, maybe ten older people among the mass of young and perhaps only half of them of Jewish ancestry. The rabbi spoke only on the Divine Name and spiritual realization.

Then Saturday morning Sam gave the first of his new talks on mystical Christianity, teaching about the three bodies from the Christian point or view, using only the Christian scriptures but pointing out that very few religionists teach all of their Scriptures. This is being recorded and may be published. But so many things are happening in the expansive field, even in the financial field because more audiences, larger ones and more opportunities placed by God there is only bewilderment, the repetition of the Divine Name and praise to God.

Om Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram!

Love and Blessings,



July 27, 1970


Kanhangad P.O.


South India


Dear Ram:

Om Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram!

Sam is very tired, gloriously tired. He has had to increase the number of his classes. He has to face slowly but definitely growing attendance at all meetings. He is gaining more disciples. As was last reported, famous people like Paul Reps and Baba Ram Dass are boosting him. And then their friends are boosting him. The “Dances of Universal Peace” are spreading like wild fire. The gatherings presided over by real or fanciful holy men are spreading. Real Yoga practices are being given to an increasing number of young Americans. Even Jean Dixon, the purported national seeress, has predicted there would be much of this, and there is. And the first that young Americans are chanting Holy Names is bound to have some effect, though the last places this will be reported will be in and by the press and radio-television.

But Sam has been impelled to write now because his alumnus, the University of California, has become aware of the trend. In previous letters Sam wrote that 300 people giving a radical demonstration or damaging property was world news, not only local news, but world news. But 5000 chanting mantras wasn’t news at all. Now the University authorities have become aware that the seal for change may be spiritual and psychological rather than political and sociological.

The only people not involved are those who claim to have world-outlooks, to be of integrative approaches, and to be all-inclusive. They actually are so exclusive that they are not recognized by the University, and certainly are not by the international assembly of religious leaders. While Sam is not happy about it, it seems you can do nothing with people whose desire to lead is so great they have no room for the Divine or for Moksha.

Sam has been collecting funds for peace, and was about to give a scholarship to the Dept. of Near East Languages at this University of California. His original intention was to do this to help bring Israeli and Arabs to become reconciled to each other as human beings. At the human level, these endeavors have been quite successful, but apparently the political leaders recognize it and they may bring about further understanding.

As the Dept. of Near East Languages include all of Asia from Suez to the Bay of Bengal, he may obtain the good will of this department also to and for better understanding among the peoples of India, that is Hindus and Muslims. It is noteworthy that the so-called world groups are doing nothing of this kind, nor are the great “peace” organizations. But there are a great many most intelligent young people in the world today, and with divine help we believe we can do something about this.

One of the main reasons for writing this is that Sam is constantly reading Papa’s writings. He cannot help seeing in actuality the beneficial results that come from repetitions of the Divine Name. This is so evident, and to an ever growing number of young people, that it may become part of the history of Western culture. One is sorry of course that a great many enthusiastic Indians and also Western people under Indian influence have refused to recognize the historicity of Emperor Akbar. They do not seem to understand Karma and moral laws. Their emotional pressures avail them nought.

On the other hand, if you tell older Americans that the repetition of the Divine Name will bring salvation, they will applaud, while the younger Americans will do. It is become very easy to get more and more young Americans to chant Holy Mantras. It is not only very easy it is very effective, and perhaps one can also say, very glorious. To Sam it is the New Age, a marvelous New Age, an Age of marvels, and Age of wonders, an Age of beauty, and an Age of effectiveness. No wonder Sam is very tired, but the rest of life is become exceedingly beautiful and exceedingly effective.

Love and Blessings.

Om Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram.


Samuel L. Lewis

P.S. The material and financial outlooks here are exceedingly propitious. We may have to organize. We would have been willing to join others on the condition that they accept our historical and spiritual background. We have failed in this but otherwise not a failure in sight. The repetition of the Divine Name is the most glorious of all human undertakings.



7th August, 1970


Kanhangad P.O.

South India


Dear Ram;

Om! Sri Ram! Jai Ram! Jai Jai Ram!

Papa never told Sam he had once been a professor of nineteenth century English literature but he seemed to know all about it. And now Sam is discovering that those who stand in the way are nothing but a pack of cards as Alice discovered at the end of “The Wonderland.” Sam wishes it were not that way. He is an intense believer in human brotherhood. Today he finds the greatest obstacle to human brother from among those who verbally proclaim it, do not recognize each other and least of all recognize “Sams” and unimportant people. They will accept money and praise but never ideas nor facts.

Sam has noticed that the repetition of the divine names produces exactly the effects that Papa taught. We are repeating Divine Names, more and more. Only we use many of them, at least in public. And while others are advocating “Yogas,” especially new kinds of Yoga (?) Sam has found that the repetitions of the Divine Names not only effect great “changes” in character and personality, but also increases in joy, beauty, love and material benefits! We are not seeking the latter; They Are Seeking Us!

Yesterday we had to visit a legal friend to organize. We have never wished to organize. But we are most unwelcome to those groups who verbalize themselves as “integral,” “universal,” “world,” etc. They do not recognize each other, they are mutual competitors; they proclaim personalities or political institutions and anyone who claims satori or samadhi is immediately downgraded by them as a pretender and braggard.

But such is the effect of repeating the Divine Name and the now almost immediate increase in Ananda, that it is drawing more and more people and demands. We cannot fill them. Two secretaries have been withdrawn to good paid jobs, both indirectly in connection with our work. ALL the “universal,” “world,” “integral” groups rejected our Dances of Universal Peace, excepting The Temple of Understanding in Washington, District of Columbia. And while they, the so-called “world” and “universal” and “integral groups were rejecting, the calls were so great our technicians have been overworked, travelling all over the United States, and even abroad! It is the little people, the young, the “Hippies” who recite the Divine Name and the “integral,” “world” and “universal” people who function otherwise. Yoga without God is dead; indeed it never was.

Now the universities are beginning to discover Sam. They want to find out about real mysticism. They have not found out much about cults and they are not pleased with the rival “universal,” “integral” and “world” movements proclaiming themselves or some great personality, and disregarding or ignoring history and hard facts. This means that Sam alone represent Emperor Akbar and Prince Dara Shiko—who are either ignored or derided by the world,” “integral” and “universal” movements. The universities are discovering that, and they are seeking Sam, and more and more. So we have to organize legally. We cannot join any one of the them because they will accept our money but not our knowledge and never our wisdom nor that of others nor actual Mukti, just words.

In the meanwhile the Garden of Inayat and the Garden of Allah are blooming and attracting the attention of gardeners and markets but not of the above groups. The knowledge of science sad soils, coupled with loving plants has the most marvelous result. And the young of America are eating less and less meat and more and more vegetables and milk products. This is part of the New Age pattern, but the New Race is not recognize by the “big” people who want to lead, only lead and never recognize anybody else.!

Last Saturday Sam gave his first talk on The Three Bodies found in the Christian scriptures. Sam was in trouble before with the “great experts” on Oriental (???) Philosophies by pointing out that the pronoun “I” is not found in the Hebrew Scriptures excepting when referring to God. The “important” people all resented that. Now not only are the young coming but some clergymen who wanted to test Sam became excited and exalted. We are tape recording but have not enough clerical help at the moment. There Is Only One Truth and it is found in all Scriptures.

The “new” universal, “integral” and “world” groups are also calling the young Hippies and deriding them. For the young have far more love and insight. Psychedelics awaken their consciousness to the subtle world. It is a real awakening; they rise above the material. The “universal,” “integral” and “world” people all reject the Gita’s teaching to transcend manas and ahankara. They proclaim manas and ahankara. But the atman knows otherwise. So the trend is toward The Rejected Avatar, so to speak. And more and more and more.

Fortunately the repeaters of the Divine Names are also prospering. We have a printing establishment here. Our colleagues are growing in this direction. And one of our disciples is very wealthy and in the publishing business. This is going to be very hard on those who reject: “When the gods arrive, the half-gods go.” But this is as it is.

The “universals, “integral” and “world” groups all agree in by-passing Akbar, Dara Shikoh, and naturally, Mohammed. The latter said, in times of distress and confusion: “Say Allah and leave them to their devices.” But you can’t convince “Muslims” either any more than the “universal,” “integral” and “world” people. So we are repeating the Divine Names.

And when we do new dances manifest, new blessings manifest. When Sam lived in the midst of the woods, like Emerson’s hero people came there. Now he is in “civilization” and they come more and more.

We are getting Jews to repeat the Islamic Kalama; we are getting Muslims to repeat the Shema; we are getting both to chant the RamNam with joy. This is enough to upset everybody, and thus the world goes on. The teachings of the Upanishads of the ever increasing of Ananda manifest. Sam is becoming a folk hero. He did not want it that way.

As he wrote one editor; “One’s greatest process was his being invited a guest of honor to the Imperial Palace Grounds in Tokyo and getting a free dinner from Americans. But to that must be added the thirty-three rejections of his paper on Vietnamese Buddhism.” Now this is making him more and more of a hero and the same time being asked to write more and more for purification and preparing to take long instant grips in the United States.

The soul wants more than manas and ahankara. Om! Sri Ram, Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram!

Love and Blessings,



August 10, 1970


Kanhangad P.O.


South India


Dear Ram:

Om Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram! If you want to know what is going on in Sam’s life just get out “The Sayings of Ramdas” and apply them to the physical world. Things are happening so rapidly that we cannot have a proper diary. We are very short in secretarial help at a time when there is expansive development in all aspects of life.

Sam has been telling people that hearing is often the key to spirituality. It may be something more than this, for one thing is certain, that our constant repetitions of sacred phrases, either the RamNam or the Sufi Zikr, is resulting in constant new manifestations of dances, too rapidly to be recorded. We are also in the midst of legal organization, made necessary by our growth. It would seem that everybody is accepting our work excepting those groups which have the words “world” or “universal” or “integral” etc. in their titles. As written recently too, the universities are calling on us.

In addition to the dance work, we are expanding very rapidly in our musical undertakings and in the filming of spiritual activities here in America. We are sure you are not misled by the one-sided reports of those called “hippies.” Many young people are finding much higher emotional and psychic experiences in saying or chanting Divine Names than in partaking either questionable or not questionable psychedelics.

Sam knows he would be asked soon about disciples visiting Anandashram. Two very good disciples are now planning to attend a Sufi Urs at Ajmir, and they have asked Sam about visiting Anandashram. They may be coming as devotees, or they may be coming as technicians to film your activities. But it is wrong to impose or suggest unless you feel it is absolutely right to have the undertakings of Anandashram recorded on tape or film. It would also be very wrong to have a letter written to you with short notice.

It is neither Sam’s wish nor to the contrary. And the disciples would also accept any decision you may have on this matter. It is very certain that the spiritual teachings are now finding resting places in this land. This is particularly true of the young and in much larger numbers than you may be reading about from any sources.

Two of Sam’s closest associates just visited this place and our complaints, if you want to call on that, are that blessings and opportunities are coming as fast as we can assimilate them at a time when blessings and inspirations are coming at a pace faster than we can assimilate them.

Love and Blessings,



14th August, 1970


Kanhangad P.O.



Dear Ram:

Om! Sri Ram! Jay Ram! Jay Jay Ram!

There is no spare time in Sam’s life and the affairs have become so dramatic that one does not wish to read anything but sacred tests. It is not devotion, it is the way life is. Thus last Monday afternoon five hours were spent with appointments, usually sudden ones, for people are coming longer distances to see Sam and in their opinion, to seek God. Older people will not accept this and when some come-which is seldom, they are amazed.

At the same time Sam lat lost two sectaries. Our work is prospering now, praise to God. There is a new diet and natural food stores are prospering and many of Sam’s disciples are getting goodly paid jobs. And in turn these stores are advertising what Sam is doing.

Then our efforts in the field of mystical explanations of religions, beginning with Christianity, have been successful. Our Wednesday night meetings, held in a seminary-auditorium and now packed. and God, so to speak, is giving Sam new dances all the time, especially Sufi and RamNam dances and the young not only love them but are having the effects in greater joy, even ecstasy, and psychic and moral education.

The only people who will not accept this are the various “world” and “integral” and “federal” groups who are also in competition and trying to introduce God-less Yoga. And when the real Yogins come, and they are coming, they attract far more. So what is called the “underground press” has been giving Sam plenty of publicity.

This in turn has led a group of disciples to become professionals in taking films of spiritual movements. They have already traveled far and wide and their next project is to film Sufis whose very existence our cultures have denied; or else they have been downgraded by many who clam “universality.” But the efforts to raise money have been successful. All the pretended “universal” people cannot efface the history of Akbar.

Sam had to take harsh measures with his local god-daughter’s husband and now he is Sam’s best help. He has come to realize that God-experience is either real or effective and more and more people are drawn to it and that the only universality there is an all-inclusive one. So it is very ready to read Papa Ram Das’s works and also to get people to repeat the RamNam. Thus between Sufism and RamNam Sam is busy all the time.

The other day Sam again met the famous Alan Watts who has now become a seeker. Sam supposes the main difference is that Sam who is older had much more vitality. This is a grace. It is very difficult to convince intellectuals about Grace but the young see it and are satisfied.

But now the universities are sending for Sam to speak on those aspects or Oriental wisdom which are excluded or barred by those who pretend to be universal.

The disciples of Sam are young, handsome, intellectual and depend on Prajna. They are working to bring Jew and Muslim, Israeli and Arab together. While everybody else emphasis war and differences, they are going ahead and so far been surprisingly successful. They wish to work with and for the Temple of Understanding.

Another group is preparing to come to Asia. Sam has written about this before. They wish first to photo and record the “non-existing” Sufis and Dervishes. Then come to India and Sam has suggested the Shivananda Ashram and also Saint Rehenad Tyabji in New Delhi. But some want to come south and especially visit Anandashram. They may be writing to you in person, but their schedule is not clear. This is partly because they do not know which holy places will welcome them.

After Sam visits the universities in California he will have to go to the eastern seaboard. There is a growing interest in things spiritual, cosmic and divine and unlike many of the “Yoga” movements in this country, Sam has the mystical or cosmic outlook.

But Sam also emphasizes that all great prophets taught almost the same thing and the emphasis on the three-body constitution of man and the utilization first of Love and then Joy and Peace as comic attributes and functions are succeeding. It is a new age with the evolved souls so predicted. Only they will not accept the leadership of the older dualistic manas-ahankara people.

Love and blessings,



August 19, 1970


Kanhangad Port Office


South India


Dear Ram;

Om Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram. Sam is at this time bewildered. He is bewildered with wonder. He is reading all about Papa and the life as a Sannyyasin. All the time he is reading he is getting more good news. More disciples, more applicants, and even more money. Indeed it seems as if a divine Ram is helping in all plans for his traveling again.

The first reason for writing now is that Ralph Silver, the husband of Sam’s goddaughter, whom Sam also calls god-son, obtained his visa today for India. Sam has been writing many letters, especially to Bombay. The young people around Sam have all become, what Papa would say, incarnations of Ram. They are full of life, of light, of luster, of inspiration, and of success on many planes. Every day brings new external blessing at least, and Sam is in a very funny position that, with so many disciples and aspirants working and with his own mission expanding in so many directions, he has not enough help. Only it makes him laugh rather than cry.

Sam has also been visiting the Department of Asian Studies at the University of California. He is now being received almost as if he were a great holy man—this from the universities, not from the churches, and not always from the “spiritual movements.” Yet it is also evident that many Indian movements, which call themselves “spiritual,” and do not recognize each other, recognize Sam. It is almost complicated, glorious, and funny.

We have also been to the Indian consulate here because the disciples have many plans to promote real cultural exchange. There are a number of Indian movements here which claim universality and spirituality and each has chosen to exclude certain aspects of Indian culture! The consulate new understands that Sam’s India is absolutely all-inclusive, inclusive in history, inclusive in geography, inclusive in anthropology, inclusive in accepting all cults, all acharyas, all darshans, and not merely using words but meaning. This in turn is reacting to Sam’s benefit. His schedule is overcrowded, and especially where young people are concerned-more and more and more.

A lot of time is spent with disciple Phillip Davenport. He especially wishes to visit Kanhangad later on. We hope that you can make accommodations for him.

There is another matter. Sam was given three hundred rupees by the Princess in Hyderabad to make certain purchases, and he found it was impossible. Nor was he able to return the money. He is now able to do so, or rather to send fifty dollars to you for which check is enclosed. Sam has lost the Princess’ address. He is very sorry because of carelessness on his part, on the one hand, and rulings from the Indian government on the other. Besides that, Sam is back on his old schedule of about ten hours work a day, seven in the week. Only now he feels Ram is with him in everything. This becomes also evident the more Sam reads of Papa’s life-that we are unable to determine what is right or wrong; that Ram is always doing it for us, and, if nothing else, it brings much elation and happiness and wonder.

At this writing we are arranging for teams of technicians to go to the Orient for various purposes. At this writing we are arranging dinners for Jews, Christians, and Moslems, Arabs, Palestinians, and Israelis-to sit down together. We have already gotten Jews to repeat the Kalama and Muslims to repeat the Shema. Without divine help this might be impossible, but it is going on. We ourselves cannot understand why it is going on or why we are succeeding where those regarded as great have not succeeded, but we have utter faith in the Divine Being.

You would be amazed and delighted the way many young people are acting today in this land. You would be delighted with the aspects of our new dances, taking into consideration the Divine Names, always the Divine Names. It is marvelous how one young person after another has come to San and said, “I do not need to take acid or marijuana anymore. I get more joy and exhalation from your spiritual dances.” It only means, however, that we have to present these spiritual dances ourselves, because Indian groups, even those verbalizing themselves as universal, reject each other, I guess this does not matter. It is most wonderful that the hundreds are passing into thousands of young Americans constantly chanting divine terms. Only those saying Hare Krishna get public attention, but even this is something. The early hippies used pornographic and scatological terms. The present hippies at least say, “Here Krishna.” Isn’t that wonderful? No wonder the life is so full of constructive excitement.

Love and blessings,

Samuel L. Lewis



Sept. 1, 1970


Kanhangad P.O.


South India


Dear Ram:

On Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram!

This may be the last of reports made by a seemingly loquacious Sam. Last week Sam went to a woman’s dancing class and began with a concentration on Divine Saraswati and also ended with the same concentration. Only in the second effort both the effacement and the Vision were more complete. But the visions did not stop. In a week, full of events, such as described in the letter to Mr. F. Clive-Ross, the visions kept on coming. There were three classes of them, RamNam Dances, Ram-Sita Dances, and Dervish Dances. They have been coming so fast there is neither time nor persons to record them. Speeches can be recorded on tape and they are being so done.

It would seem there is a real revolution going on. Sam seems to think he has a RamNam dance or a Sufi dance which can cure many of the ills and complaints of mankind. These absolutely follow the traditions already given us about the value of Divine Names. You should therefore not be surprised that Sam is attracting more and more young people who want to be students. They are finding more and more joy in chanting the Divine Names and attributes, whether in Arabic or in the languages of India. In fact today the only people who do not recognize or accede to what is going on are those who verbalize themselves as leaders in world movements. There are so many of these, and it is pitiable because they do not recognize each other.

But the “coming race” of Bulwer Lytton is exactly the same as the “new humanity” of Sri Aurobindo. They are such much more advanced, lovable, and intelligent than their elders who want to be leaders not lovers. There is no use philosophizing about love being the leader, because it is so, it is being demonstrated.

With this latter Sam is not going into a new dimension, new vision, new activities. His visions show many incarnations, so to speak, of Ram in his very midst. He is completing the reading of Volume I “In the Vision of God.” We need and want further copies of this and also other parts. When he is not reading this he is reading writings about Sri Krishna. He has had full cooperation of the University of Chicago. This also helps in the efforts in the Dance work. It is stupendous and astounding. It is also elevating and keeps the consciousness at very high levels.

But Sam is finding many young people now reading the writings of Papa Ramdas, and about Sri Krishna, and Sufi poetry on a very large scale. And with the other events, as described in the letter to F. Clive-Ross, you may be able to learn the trends of the day.

It is probable that disciple Phillip Davenport will be contacting you soon. Everything is moving graciously, gratefully, and beautifully-moving toward what might be the manifestation of Divine Will without compulsion and without pretension under those who have not yet had the Divine Vision. There is no substitute for that which belongs to God. One believes this will soon be manifesting, with or without the leadership of yours with love and blessing.




410 Precita Ave.

San Francisco, Calif.

8th September, 1970



Kanhangad Post Offices,


South India


Dear Ram:

Om! Sri Ram! Jai Ram! Jai, Jai Ram!

Sam has been so busy he thought he would not have to write any more but Ram has ruled otherwise. Another sleepless night after Sam spoke on the dangers of accepting Sanskaras. And it as not that kind of night at all—the whole night nothing but visions and pictures of new dances, all based on the Sufi Zikr and RamNam, and this after so many others have come, and Sam does not even have a dance secretary. Indeed the task was to show the danger of reacting until one had the complete picture.

Sam’s chief associate is slowly recovering. His former secretary is earning so much he is contributing largely to the work here. The replacement has been ill but there is a new secretary because the replacement may become a teacher. Our work so growing, young people coming and others spreading the divine message all over the country. Sam means the divine message, not their leadership. The karma of those who proclaim self-leadership is evident.

They all proclaim universality and limit leadership to Englishmen, Hindus and Americans! They reject the great Akbar, the Sufi Emperor who did so much for the dance. Sam has read the
Ain-i-Akbari and Akbar Nam and Dabistan as well as the whole of the Mahabharata and Ramayana and self-leadership people all reject this. Once, no three times Sam tried to get the self-leadership people to accept a paper on the relation of the Jewish to the Hindu mysticism. He had discussed this with Paul Brunton. The self-leadership people all derided it and the University of California offered him a PhD degree for the same thing and the time has come. The self-leadership people have
conveyed a congress for scientific yoga. This ?congress? is meeting now in three different parts of India that Sam knows of, maybe more, and each ignores the others.

In the meanwhile there is an underground effort to promote God is Love among the young people of this country with Yoga and also Sam’s dances. They do not praise you for your money and ignore your heart and mind-just the opposite. And so the New Age race is rising and will not accept the leadership of the self-proclaimers with their God-less, love-less “Yoga.”

So some real Yogins, self-realized men have come to San Francisco and are going to have a celebration. They are so different from the self-leadership people. They do not want Sam’s money, only his love and cooperation and dances, and this will win for Sam’s disciples are now moving and some may be in India. It is a real new age with God-leadership, met self-proclaiming pseudo-leadership.

Why even the local representation of the United Nations have shown interest in the place for the Near East-which none of the self-proclaimers would even look at and our joint Jewish-Christian-Muslim dinners have been surprisingly successful. The soul recognized the soul and as the Love in man begins to express itself we rise above differentiation.

Sam is now beginning also to give out the RamNam in addition to the Sufi teachings. It has become most effective. We were called on to dance at a public festival yesterday, just the Sufi and RamNam dances and were surprised at the public response. A strange women approached and without permission took over the microphone and chanted—loudly—the RamNam! You don’t hear about these things in the press.

Slowly but steadily our audiences increase and now some slightly older people also. But in the dances mostly the young and even the younger. Many of the children of the district are reciting the Divine Names—it is like a miracle.

The RamNam and Sufi dances follow particular principles but not patterns. They also involve what would be called “occult” principles, and the new dances for women are all in circles excepting those dedicated to the divine Shiva which are in a Swastika formation. Then there is another type of Krishna dance. Sam has now completed volume I of “In the Vision of God.” He does not have other volumes of this. We give these books away and are happy to do so, for we want more and more people to know about Papa.

But Sam has now completed reading all the Sri Krishna literature available. We have an intense Ras Lila and a lighter one but Sam has seen “Sri Krishna introduces Rukmini to the Gopis, and another “Sri Krishna and his wives.” He has been holding back but Ram wants it so Sam will do as Ram wants. All the young people now leave Sam but the men and women; it is so different from previous times.

The importance of the Om Nama Shivaya and Ram Sita dances have not been lost but there is only so much time. Sam is nearly through his lectures on “The Three Body Teaching of St Paul.” This also the “important” people would not consider but it is a New Age and the truth common to all religious is offered not as the empty noise-ward “Truth” but with actualities and this we hope may be published. This is to entirely different young peoples of this area. Then Sam will no doubt go to the East Coast of the United States.

Then there is another thing. Sam reading Papa how he lived such a stringent, self-sacrificing life and now Sam has some comforts. But Ram says that he wants Sam whose body is in the mid seventies, to live that way. He lives in the midst of society, the cities, mankind and noises and “pollution.” He lives in a country where sex, semi-nude women and especially heavy drinking is prominent. And where everything is blamed but heavy alcohol for the ills of the times.

But Ram is great and wise and patient.


P.S. All one’s visions, all one’s forebodings are coming into manifestation. It is a wonderful world.

    Love and Blessings,

    Samuel L. Lewis




9th September, 1970


Beloved Ram,

We have received your letters dated August 10, 14, 16, 26 and 27. We have also received two cheques for 25 dollars and 50 dollars respectively sent by you.

You say that you had borrowed Rs. 300 from the Princess of Hyderabad. We cannot understand whom you refer to. Do you, by any chance, mean Rani Lalita Devi of Hyderabad who had accompanied Beloved Papa on his world tour? If so, please let us know. We do not know of any other princess of Hyderabad.

You seem to be having a very interesting time with a large number of following, all interested in the holy Ram Mantram. We hear from other sources how you are making people take RamNam more and more. God’s ways are mysterious. You had mentioned about the visit of some friends who are interested in shooting films. Just today, we have a letter from Mr. Philip R. Davenport. We are writing to him that he and his party are welcome here and may shoot any number of films they like.

The only thing is, Mataji doesn’t like herself to be photographed. So, they may not be able to take her pictures at all. This takes away all the interest in any film on the Ashram activities and so we wonder if the friends will care to visit us at all.

All goes well here. RamNam Japa is going on almost nonstop in the Bhajan Hall and the Samadhi Mandir. Mataji’s health is fairly good.

With Love and Best Wishes,

Ever your Self,




September 15, 1970


Kanhangad P.O.


South India


Dear Ram;

Om Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram! Please excuse Sam, who is going through many inner and outer transformations at the same time. He has resigned himself to the abandonment of sleep. Every night is like a continuous stage performance of spiritual dances. Nearly all of them are based on the RamNam or Sufi Zikr. An attempt will be made to have some of them copied or recorded in some form. It is almost like looking into the worlds of the apsaras and gandharvas. Only sacred phrases are sung, nearly always the RamNam or Sufi Zikr.

We had a ceremony last night in which 16 more young people became disciples of Sam, and also put on the first spiritual dance based on the Jewish religion. It was most effective.

Yes, it was Rani Lalita Devi of Hyderabad who gave Sam rupees. He found it impossible to make any arrangement for purchase of a watch or anything of the kind for India, and it is impossible now for him to travel—that is for Sam’s body to travel. One is in the state of consciousness with no particular identity with the ego-self, and yet certainly not in the folds of Divine consciousness. It is very active and conscious Lila. It is easy so to speak to get into a Krishna- consciousness, with two remarkably different aspects of activity consciously operating at the same times:

More and more beautiful young women taking part in dances; but always and only, sacred dances.

Success in two world undertakings toward establishing peace in the Near East, and also real cultural exchange between Asia and America.

Any of these activities by themselves should be all-absorbing. But they are only a small part of Sam’s life. There is a Sufi teaching called Zavaliat, in which, if a devotee lives long on earth he will reap the rewards or receive the punishment for earlier endeavors. It seems now the harvest is going in every direction. Besides this, Sam is being invited to join several spiritually realized Yogis who happen to be in the United States—not those who are being advertised, but those who have reached Divine awareness.

Phillip Davenport is a very faithful disciple. At this moment however, Sam must confess he is also receiving more faithful disciples. It is overwhelming. Contrasted with the past it is astounding. In a sense Sam has no more home or family and seems like a man possessed of everything and nothing, nothing except the continual repetition of the sacred phrases of and from God-Allah-Brahm.

All love, reverence and blessings to Satchidananda and everybody else,




September 24, 1970




South India


Dear Ram:

Om Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram! This is the most difficult letter Sam has ever been called on to write. Philosophy may be noble, words may be beautiful, but when series of events prove the teachings, one hardly knows what to say or write.

It is most difficult to convince manas-ahankara people of anything. They want leadership. And at this writing nobody is rejecting Sam but those groups which claim to be world organizations or adherents of universal religion. Outside of that and them, the whole world, the whole objective world is beginning to recognize the Divine reality, and to operate this reality in the everyday life in ordinary and extra-ordinary ventures.

Sam does not know where to begin. When he was ill a few years back the Voice of God came to him and said, “I make you spiritual leader of the Hippies.” More recently the Divine Voice appeared and declared Sam was a nataraj. It is only the intellectual, self-centered persons and groups who declare themselves to be world organizations and leaders, who are not accepting this. It is a pity because some of them are very fine persons and some of the movements have very high ideals, but they have rejected that Atman is Brahm, and they have put politicians and politics above Yoga and spiritual attainment. The natural karmic result follows. They themselves are being rejected.

Since the Divine diksha, Sam has had hardly any sleep. He closes his eyes and there is a Divine Dance. So many Divine Dances all the time. Yesterday we joined in a celebration of the Autumnal Equinox, and Sam taught 1000 young people his new RamNam for five persons. It just spread like wild fire, even more than the other dances. This is a New Age, and the manifestation of souls in American bodies who in previous lives were Indians is making a mark on the culture. Even the Universities are accepting Sam, and more and more and more. He is leaving shortly to be a guest of two of the most prominent Universities in the United States.

Dear ones, the youth of America accepts God is Love, and does not accept verbalisms on this subject. Sam was cooperating with Yogi Bhajan, who offered techniques and practices, but all variations of Love Yoga—techniques, operations, manifestations, experiences—not lectures, not emotional harangues, not verbalisms. And today 1000s of young Americans are accepting Yoga Systems which are Yoga, and not emotional harangues without human or divine experience. It is a whole New Age, just as Sri Aurobindo predicted. But it is not an age of leadership by the disciples of Sri Aurobindo or any putative “Avatar,” when the disciples have not had the Divine Awakening.

While the press and the important people are discussing World War, Sam’s disciples have been most successful in putting on joint Arab-Israeli-Christian dinners, all based on love, all exceedingly successful, all drawing more and more attention. Even the hardened newspapers are accepting. It is only those groups who verbalize themselves as being universal that have refused. And that day is over.

Everything is coming out wonderfully. It is not only our joint Israeli-Arab dinners. It is the reports of our cultural exchange missions to Asia. These have been successful far beyond their dreams. They have had the most wonderful welcomes. We do not know if disciple Phillip Davenport has this news either. Sam has long said, “Unless the Lord buildeth a house, they labor in vain who build.” Both Rabbis and Arabs are accepting Sufi Love, Love in operation not in theory. The attendance at all our meetings is increasing. The young are hungry for love and peace. Really they are hungry for God. All our Dances are based on repetitions of the Divine Name. The young, first by 10s, then by 100s, now by 1000s, are accepting this. It is becoming a reality and part of the American culture. Even the University of California has established a course in which RamNam or Zikr are parts of the requirements. All this within a very short period.

There is no question but that Americans will be ordering Papa Ramdas’ literature on a much larger scale soon. Sam is leaving in a few hours for the East Coast, and when he returns there will probably be a new organization and method. It is no longer in his hands.

Sam has been entering a stage of consciousness in which the ego is all gone. When he dances as Sri Krishna his body is capable of movements transcendental to those of its age and what would be called normal behavior. So long as the Krishna-consciousness is dominant, this is happening, and more and more and more, and more people are being attracted and the Divine Love through the personality is becoming more evident. So many new dances based on RamNam or the Sufi sacred phrases, and a few around Sri Krishna. The ego has nothing to say.

There has also been a miraculous healing. It cannot be explained, but it has happened, and others like it. Even the animals, especially the dogs, have been clustering around Sam lately. He used to say, “The Divine approval will be in evidence when animals and infants show their approval. This is what is happening. One does not know why, but there it its.

While this is going on, Sam’s choral director has produced so many hymns based on RamNam, which have utterly enchanted the young. Real ecstasy as such has never been evidenced in America before, and on a large scale too.

Our harvest crops have been most wonderful and every evidence of the expansion of “The Garden of Inayat” and “The Garden of Allah.” Even Mr. Alan Watts, who once tried to debate with Papa, has come to recognize the reality of events over the importance of opinions base on ego-reactions to these events.

There is no doubt much more with the same tendency, and so with utmost love, and thanks to God-Allah-Ram, Sam is leaving for the East Coast with all love and blessings,




Samuel L. Lewis

c/o L. Less 27 W. 71 Street

New York, New York




Dear Ram:

Om Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram. It is wonderful how Ram works. Sam brought a secretary to New York City and found also several of his disciples here. Our main concern was to promote peace through mutual love and respect in the Near East. It is a remarkable story. Sam once had as traveling companion Mr. Gunnar Jarring of the United Nations, who said he thought Sam’s plan was the best he had ever heard. The time had come to act.

The first actions were taken by Sam’s disciples who have put on joint Israel-Arab-Christian dinners. They eat together. They worship together. They dance together. Even the newspapers and some radio and television people have had to admit this has been effective.

The day before Sam left San Francisco, he led a thousand young people first in Dervish dances and then in RamNam dances. It was a joint affair with an Indian Spiritual teacher name Yogi Bhajan. At first Sam came to N.Y. to do this, but also went ahead with his peace program. In the meanwhile, he met an Indian named Mr. Karmakar, who had almost the same program. The Indian invited Sam and his associates to attend a Durga festival. Thus he has met many Indians and may be called upon to lecture to them.

Now there are a number of so-called international yoga congresses going on in India. They quite ignore each other, but each presumes to be leading all the spiritual people of the world! In the meanwhile, the yogi teachers and swamis in this country have decided to establish their own international spiritual movement, certainly not manas-ahankara. Certainly not emotional campaigns with stress on ego-personality. Certainly mutual recognition of spiritual attainment. This is the only basis for establishing love and brotherhood. We are going to have two convocations, one in California and the other in NY. Sam has been invited to each, but hopes to attend the one in N.Y.

We have already been quite successful in introducing the RamNam dances here and in other matters. We have been invited to New England also and hope to go soon. This place is right across the street from the Vedanta Center, and Sam has received also a cordial welcome from them. Everything indicates an international alliance between the real spiritual leaders and teachers apart from emotionalism and modern pressure advertising. These means do not delude the young; they do not even reach the young anymore. It is so obvious that many of our young people are advanced souls who lived in India in previous lives.

The universities are also opening their doors. It is a new age. Even a considerable number of older people in the region are aware. We do not know if we can reach those persons and groups who have been trying to establish their own personality leadership instead of Divine leadership. They have many graces and virtues, but one of them is not that they lack in recognizing the graces and virtues of others, and this destroys all claim to universality. Atman is Brahman. Jesus said: “Ye are gods.” A sermon is not necessary. Truth is now coming to the surface. Om Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram.

Love and Blessings,

Samuel L. Lewis






Beloved Ram,

Your loving letters of 19th October and 9th November have been received.

The conflict between the two opposite forces has been going on from time immemorial. In olden days we called such fights as the fights between Devas and Asuras. Later periods they have been given different names. Whatever may be the names they are the two opposite forces, one working towards peace, harmony and the highest attainment, and the other for discord and confusion. Blessed indeed are those who are instruments of the Lord to help those striving for the attainment of the Supreme goal and eternal happiness. Blessed are also those who are striving to establish peace and harmony in the world. Whatever work the Lord gives us, or for whatever mission He makes us His instruments, let us only be conscious always that we are only such humble instruments in His hands to do His work, to fulfill His plans.

We have received your love offering of $ 25. We are indeed grateful to you for the same.

We are glad that Mr. Samuel Weiser of New York is interested in selling Ashram publications. You might be able to advise him what books he should order more. On hearing from him we shall send him the books and let him know the terms etc.

Our friend Sri Davenport, who came to visit us alone stayed with us only for a short time. We hope he has returned to the States and has met you. He has taken with, him a few books. We trust you will guide us as to what books we should send you in large numbers. Mother Krishnabai’s autobiography entitled “Gurus Grace” is just out. This is indeed an ever inspiring book. If the American mothers would appreciate the way of approach of Mother Krishnabai, you may introduce this book there. However kindly write to us what books we should send you.

It is very interesting to hear of the great success of your meeting with young and old men in different parts of the States. May the Lord inspire more and more of His forms to aspire more and more intensely to realise their true Being, Himself.

We are writing your secretary Sitara Kessler with a copy of our book list.

Love and best wishes.

Ever your Self.




Nov. 24, 1970



South India


Dear Satchidananda Beloved Ram,

One has received with love and delight your letter of 15th November. We recognize the warfare between the devas and asuras. Hazrat Inayat Khan, my first spiritual teacher, said, “Good aids good, while evil fights evil,” So it is in this world, that people working for peace, and good, and harmony, help each other, while the forces against peace, and good, and harmony are most belligerent toward each other.

But this is a new day and age. Samuel believes that a great many of the young people have lived before in Indian bodies. Many of them will not eat meat. Hardly any of them will touch beef at all. And there is something very deep that causes this, and we do not waste time in explanations.

We are turning your letter over to disciple Mark Watson who will be both in charge of our library and the ordering of books. It is almost a mistake to assume that Samuel is doing anything to spread the reading, with or without the sale, of Papa Ramdas’ works. It is the age itself. Yesterday Samuel was surprised to hear that his direction of 1000 young people in Dervish Dances before he went to the East has been filmed and televised. It is ridiculously easy to get very many American young men and women to repeat Divine Names. They want that; they do that. Samuel may read the books of Papa Ramdas, or the lectures, but it is like reading to multiplicities of himself. There is almost unanimity in accepting that repeating the Divine Name helps to raise one above difficulties. And there are so many at RamNam Dances coming through him! The other night we had a party, and a RamNam for three was inspired through him. We of course have dances with partners and dances in groups, no partners. The RamNam for five people is the most popular of all dances. We have a very good one for seven or more; another for nine or twelve, and very soon there will be a small class of six people. We have two RamNam Dances for six people and they have become very popular, although one has to be careful about leftovers. But it was shown Sam the other night when he put on a RamNam for six what to do with the extra people; it was all very clear.

Square dancing is popular in America and quadrilles in other Western lands. We now have a Dervish Dance for 8; a RamNam for 8; and Om Namo Shivaya for 8. It is very funny. The young Americans take to them like we say a baby takes to candy, while older people in various organizations derived from Indian sources ignore them entirely. But the young are full of joy and the elders only have self- satisfaction. So Sam sometimes lectures on the increase of Ananda according to the Upanishads. And the deva-souls take to these teachings quickly, while the manas-ahankara people are often stunned or stupefied.

We shall certainly want copies of Mother Krishnabai’s “Guru’s Grace.” As soon as we find how much it costs we will buy copies accordingly. We will also take up the matter of distribution. They will be wanted in many places and we may contact Mr. Samuel Weiser, because we have neither time nor inclination to go into commercial enterprises. Then there is another door opening, and that is to the Universities. Sam has no spare time whatsoever, and even less dull time. There is something very wonderful happening every minute. Sri Davenport is in Paris, and will rest before coming home. He is very tired. But we shall await him with joy and gratitude.

In a certain sense one has had forevision. The reality of Prajna may not be proved by argument, but life itself demonstrates it. Yes, my dear brother, the lord inspires one more and more and more. Secretary Sitara in New York and secretary Wall Ali here are not only feeling it by sharing in the blessing.

We are going to have a joyful Thanksgiving. Chief associate Moineddin is at last being released from the hospital. It has been a trying time to work without one’s two chief associates. We have been quite successful in our efforts to promote peace in Palestine, and now we are faced with the tragedies of East Pakistan. But according to all spiritual teachings, composure and peacefulness of heart are the best aids, and during this period we have been most fortunate in our material and financial undertakings, praise to Ram!

Love and Blessings,



Dec. 6, 1970



Dear Ram;

Om Sri Sam Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram!

This is like a report. This is science and this is devotion. This is Bhakti Yoga and this may be Puma Yoga. We are not trying any experiments, but we are finding out in fact that Joy is increased among the young whether they chant the Sufi Zikr or the RamNam. Each is working, and not working despite or because. They work because they work. And more and more young people are appreciating, and even experiencing what they do not gain by listening to the most pleasurable, kindly, or informed lecturers.

The most delicate element in teaching Dance classes is that although Sam comes as teacher, as Guru, as Murshid, whenever he takes those roles the ears become opened and very loud, and sometimes the Inner Voice becomes so loud that the conducting becomes difficult or even has to stop entirely.

We now have RamNam for 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or more, 9 or 12, and for all kinds of groups. The RamNam for 6 came very suddenly and proved to be the  most successful in raising the Ananda appreciation both internally and externally at the same time. Now in America the sexes dance together. Sam is taking all the elements he knows of in Western dancing and amalgamating them with the Names of God and praise of God. It is both devotion and science, because although the motif is toward Holiness, it seems to bring out at the same time Joy, elation, beautiful art forms, and wonderful responses. These responses do not come from the folk dances of the West or rather of Southeast Europe and the Near East. Something always happens when one performs the same movements with the praise of God or the Names of God. Sam cannot explain this but Papa said this over and over again, and this is exactly what works.

On 20th December we are going to have a Bazaar. It is hoped money will be raised to promote our peace program (which is ping on very well), to help Sam, and also to raise funds and clothing for the unfortunate people of East Pakistan. This is attracting sudden attention which we have never had before.

Now there are in India five different competing groups Sam knows of, and maybe many more, all claiming universal brotherhood and world leadership. All ignoring the others. But they also ignore many groups which may be spiritual and are certainly left out. Most of the groups which have been left out seem to Sam to be more spiritual than the over-organized ones. One of these groups is interested in modern versions of Kundalini Yoga. They offer discipline, practices, and methods. They do not inflate personalities.

Apparently the largest one of these at the moment is that led by one Yogi Bhajan. It is attracting many Americans. It does not have the publicity given to the Hare Krishna movement. It does not have the dramatics and exotic behaviors (for which there seem to be no scriptural background). It is at the same time sober and Bhakti. We have been working in more or less close accord.

They have invited Sam to a new ashram, which is not far from his spiritual home. They invited San to bring his Dances, his Dervish Dances. When he said he would like to bring some disciples to do the dancing, they invited them also for dinner next Friday night 11th December. This will give us a great opportunity to present the RamNam for 6, as well as the Dervish Dances. We see here the union of spiritual forces.

On the other side, we hear nothing but dissensions arising from the ranks of all kinds of pretenders. Yes, it is the old dove vs. asura warfare; only Sam understands now how to act toward the asuras. One does not fight them; they fight each other. Then one can help with their wounds brought by one group on another.

Another thing Sam has learnt is what Papa says about the Guru. One loses all self-consciousness. One loses all sense of individual being. If one feels anything it is like being a foghorn or a Tibetan trumpet or a device from Sound coming from the unseen to the seen. One cannot explain one’s states, but one knows the Divine Wisdom is going through one. Perhaps this is why the term “logos” is used in the Christian religion, which means alike, “word,” “reason,” and “discourse.” One becomes like a sound machine through which the universe is speaking, and it also has marvelous effects on the audience.

Last week also Sam spoke at the University of California. Sam was long kept out of the universities by a strange institution found hardly anywhere else, that is the European professor of Asian culture. Papa met lot of these men in this land. They are gradually disappearing, either because of age or replacements. The new American professors of Asian philosophies seem to realize that many young people today are advanced souls in young bodies, and even that many have lived before in Indian bodies. It is almost funny that when Sam gets up before groups of young Americans in certain planes he acts as if he were addressing young Hindus! And it works, it works marvelously.

Love and Blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti


P.S. Have just learned that Sri Davenport will return in just a few hours.



Written at Novato, Calif.

12th December, 1970



Kanhangad P.O.



Dear Ram;

Om! Sri Ram! Jai Ram! Jai, Jai Ram!

Sri Davenport has returned. He is so much like another “Sam” that one’s acceptance of his reports look almost egocentrical. He has confirmed everything that Sam has said publicly and privately. Most important, perhaps, has been his splendid admiration of Krishnabai.

Years ago when Sam was living in New York City there was a great institution headed by one Nicholas Roerich, an artist and archaeologist who later proclaimed himself a Buddhist and prospered, and a Master whereupon he lost everything. Greatest among his creations was a drawing of “The Mother of Irfan” based on what he saw in Central Asia-probably Mongolia. It was very effective, but disappeared. Now after many years some of his drawings have been recovered and copied. Sam purchased a few of them and the young people everywhere went wild. They all seem to confirm Sam’s feeling that this is one of the most outstanding spiritual paintings of all times. It also helps in concentration and devotion when the subject is “World Mother.”

There are now some radical and even outstanding changes going on. The best are in the directions of integration, actual integration, not the verbal integration of people who are repeating the same mistakes as Roerich above. Very selective persons are proclaiming themselves “world leaders,” so many of them that none can possibly succeed. And at the same time there are new types of movements originating from India which are attracting the young and money. So we see more and more ashrams, and some of them are splendid.

Sam has not only no days off but no nights off. Last night he was invited to a new Ashram not far from his Novato home, in the city of San Rafael. In the midst of a day when people are talking about communities and communes and when the spiritual ones are succeeding and the egocentric ones failing, the establishment of a fine spiritual commune in his vicinity is itself a wonder.

The leader is one Yoga Bhajan and he teaches real Yoga, not the gymnastic physical
“Asanavada” which passes for “Yoga” in America. The young are drawn to him and while they also exercise physically they have methods which certainly control the Pranamayakosh and they are great devotees in mantras. Yogi and Sam had cooperated before and the Yogi is going back to India so Sam was invited to teach spiritual dancing.

It began very slowly but after an hour there was so much enthusiasms. One cannot convince the manas-ahankara people that there is something beyond their egocentric thoughts. Now it is being demonstrated. The manas-ahankara people in competition with each other, are losing the young. The young, deep in Vijnanavada and deeper in Anandavada, are increasing in numbers, effectiveness and wealth and this last is ultimately going to disturb the Asuras who want to organize, and lead, especially lead. So they fail. They all proclaim verbal humility and hardly refer to a Supreme Deity. But it is the “God” who is sound, as both Bible and Upanishads proclaim and who is nearer than the neck-vein as Mohammed declared. The young are responding to this rapidly and at a rate which is like a favorable whirlwind. Sam has had several interviews at the University of California lately, all better and better and some day the young— who are not “humble” will accept the hard but simple fact that Sam has actually met so many saints and holy man whom he can name and place and the young accept that; their elders disdain. It is actually humorous today. The Asuras compete with each other; the Devas mutually cooperate.

On Sunday, 20th December, there will be a bazaar in the town of Sausalito just north of San Francisco. It is primarily to promote our real peace efforts among real people. We are seeking to draw Israelis, Arabs and Christians together. Now the newspapers gave us publicity, something which never occurred before. And at this writing Sam is so dizzy because of opportunities and invitations.

Everything is happening almost exactly as Sam saw in vision some years ago when he was in the hospital. In these days when almost anybody (?) can write on mysticism excepting the mystic himself, it is especially wonderful to find that one’s supposed dreams, visions and hearings should come out almost exactly, the difference being between symbology and material manifestation; that is all. The publicity says Sam has over a hundred disciples today. The total audience each week is at least double that and growing. And this at a time when the real spiritual leaders coming from India (and perhaps from elsewhere) are also drawing more and more followers. The young are were advanced souls anyhow and they do not like pretense.

It seems almost redundant to report that the soul behaves exactly as Papa says and that so many have joys of different kinds innervating sacred phrases. This is very real, very true and so simple it is not always easy to appreciate.

As soon as the bazaar is over we start our Christmas celebration. We have a wonderful choral group who chant sacred phrases but often in modern styles and although they invariably begin with RamNam or the Islamic Kalama and Zikr they have become universal, not in the advertised sense, but in the Gandhian sense—no pretense, the actual acceptance of traditions and heaving them into integrated harmonies.

Much the same is going on with dances. Sam has three dancing glasses and three specialized ones. Two of the latter are for women only and one for men only. The men’s dancing class is based on real universal religion and we learn from Rama, Krishna, Shiva, Buddha, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed and practice. We draw the “virtues” and “blessings” from the universe. You can see the changes in the light manifestation and in be character and behavior. It keeps Sam busy all the time and now a few are beginning to appreciate that.

The prediction that the Dharma would be established in America and the teachings of Mohammed that the Divine Light is neither of the East nor West is coming to manifestation. There is a growing acceptance of actual Upanishadic teaching of the relation of spiritual development to Ananda-capacity. This is spreading. The old days of lecturing and self-leaderships are over. We have no mutual competitive or ego-proclamations. Ram is in everybody, and even in a sense, is everybody and we learn to treat each other that way.

We shall ask Sri Davenport to write about his trip. His verbal reports are so in conformance with Sam’s views there can hardly be mentioned. But that seems to be the tendency of the age. And we are going to celebrate a Christmas based on Christ’s “Sermon on the Mount” and not on theologies, ceremonies or rituals.

Om! Sri Ram! Jai Ram! Jai!, Jai Ram!

Love and Blessings,



Dec. 21, 1970


Kanhangad P.O.


South India


Dear Ram;

Om Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram!

When Sam was in Kanhangad in 1956 he had a private session with Satchidananda the nature of which was not conveyed to Papa or anybody. Now we have had the manifestation of the truth behind that meeting. There are many people in this world and there seem to be more coming who proclaims universal brotherhood, the acceptance of all faiths, and a basic spirituality as the fundamental upon which these and other dreams and ideals are based.

When we go to the real depths behind any and every religion we come to the same truths. So it is that when Sam reads in Papa’s works, or in the writings of Hazrat Inayat Khan, his first spiritual teacher, or in those of Abdul Kadir Jilani, one of the greatest of all Sufis and Saints, one comes to exactly the same teaching, and if you wish the same Truth or Truths.

There is now the rise of a number of groups all claiming spirituality and universality. They may roughly be divided into three types: a. the Universal groups, which claim their own leadership, their own personality and ignore rival organizations. b. A number of entirely efforts which claim to be claiming an effort to unite the rivals of type a. c. The actual spiritual groups which are founded on the spiritual awakening of a great personality or streams of consciousness. The last type seen to be continuing along the lines posited in the Upanishads, of streams of teachers and pupils.

It is noteworthy and perhaps very important that the last types, though connected with various religions, all affirm in some way the teachings of Jesus Christ and disregard the theologies about Jesus Christ. It is near the Christmas season. The real Christmas, to Sam, is the awakening of the Christ-consciousness in mankind. To him, this comes unconsciously as Love and consciously as God-Ram. To affect this in practical operations one should consciously be functioning, even according to the Sufi Hazrat Inayat Khan, on or above the levels of Vijnanavada and Anandavada.

It must now be reported objectively that the day of asuras and obscurantists claiming and dominating is over. Practicing that God is Love and that all peoples are His people„ the disciples of Sam proposed a Bazaar to bring together the followers of the apparently opposing sects, religions, and factions, all claiming the Near East or the Holy Land in some way. The real integrative outlook justifies them all. The real Ananda outlook brings them all together in Love, Wisdom and Devotion. The passing asuras have been using the words. They have not demonstrated leadership and they depend on others to help them out. The real devotees depend upon Ram Who is all that devotees claim. We have just had the demonstration. And now for the first time, praise to God-Ram, the press and radio and television are recognizing the realities and accomplishments of the truly wise above those of the well-meaning but excluding groups who seek to have removed Ram in favor of some special persons or boards of directors.

Outwardly Sam’s work is through “Dances of Universal Peace.” Those were rejected by a number of the rival groups claiming world leadership. They have not been rejected by young, and they are attracting more and more attention. But along with that has been the choral group singing hymns and themes drawn from the real religions of the past, but integrated according to the contemporary types of music, which are becoming universal and international.

Yesterday a folk bazaar was put on by Sam’s disciples. He had very little to do with it personally. It was nearly all done by the disciples, who are devotees. As one came into the door where admissions were paid, one would have heard the chanting of RamNam, which went on incessantly day and night. The Bazaar itself had been called partly to raise funds to promote peace in the Near East based on a blending of spiritual affirmations and desert reclamation. Both of these are based on Sam’s researches in the inner and outer world and life. The overall was rather Persian, perhaps most fitting because it was called a Dervish Bazaar. We had hoped and are still hoping there will be profits which can be used to help the people of East Pakistan.

One of the great teachings of Jesus Christ has been, “Feed my lambs.” Sam is hoping to have five days celebration of Christmas in different towns in this vicinity blending together the outer and inner interpretations of this phrase.

From two quite different points of view the Bazaar was a success. Despite inclement weather everything happened exactly as was shown to a disciple who has proven to be a remarkable and blessed Seeress. There were tremendous crowds of young people (despite the bad weather). Financially the undertaking was more than a success. But the greatest success was the love and brotherhood evinced and demonstrated at every level, telling the world we can have a spiritual brotherhood of man operative now in a world which is becoming more and more aware of its fullness and unity. And that this world is because of God and not because of some recent claimant to a private special revelation which makes him or her the particular recipient and channel for Divine Wisdom.

We were amazed to receive full cooperation from Jewish mystics, one school of Zen Buddhists, two schools of esoteric Mahayana Buddhists, the most successful real Yoga school practicing the Yoga of the union with God, and others, as well as the directly concerned Christian, Jewish, and Islamic peoples. It seems that what God had revealed to Sam in previous years was coming into full manifestation, not because or despite anything but Dharma itself. This brings out into the open the conversation between Sam and Swami Satchidananda of 1956.

Sam is now writing “Six interviews with Hazrat Inayat Khan.” The reason behind these interviews was the manifestation to him of Khwaja Khizr, the putative guardian Saint of the whole of humanity, according to Sufi traditions. Khwaja Khizr offered Sam the choice of poetry or music. Both of these have now come into manifestation though hitherto rejected, and especially rejected by rival schools and personalities all claiming to represent the Universe through their egos or organizations. There is a side issue hare. Khwaja Khizr is also reputed to convey and confer longevity and vitality. Even those persons who reject—and they have every right to reject—Sam’s spiritual claims, cannot deny that his body and mind are both quite persistent and vigorous.

This is not put forth as any ego claim other than as an outer manifestation of what is written in the akasha and Alaya. Ram-God may choose anything and even everything as vehicles. The school of Sufis to which Sam now belongs insists on patience and sobriety, and at the same time he is teaching Joy, Love, and Veneration, and apparently successfully. On this point it is a practice of the Gita that man’s duty into work, and the fruits of these efforts belong to Sri Krishna.

The refusal of practically all the rival so-called Universal and new age groups to recognize the career of the great Mogul Emperor Akbar, who was a Sufi, places in Sam’s hands a tremendous heritage, and the blessings of this heritage, ignored by all the rival, proclaiming or self-proclaiming persons, groups, and organizations makes Sam feel as his first teacher Hazrat Inayat Khan taught, “The Universal brotherhood will form of itself.”

When Sam was asked recently about a crusading American who uses psychedelic drugs Sam said, “I love him.” The inquirer then pointed out all that person’s shortcomings. Sam repeated, “I love him, I love him, I love him.” It just happened that the hall was filled with the disciples of this man which Sam had not known. The point here, and it is in Sam’s paper on St. Paul, that without love all faculties, abilities, and efforts are in vain.

It is curious and wonderful to find newspaper representatives forced to admit that there is another kind of love far above and beyond biological expressions, which not only can be demonstrated, but can be demonstrated artistically, socially, and financially, to the benefit and enjoyment of everybody. The Divine Spirit dose not manifest as any thought-form still less as an orthodoxy. We have done it, or it has been done through us, by Ram Himself.

The multitudes have asked for further Bazaars. It is the turning point of life. By Prajna it has been seen and known. Fortunately there are enough groups based on Prajna. Fortunately, Prajna always wins, and egos rise and fall—this being the history of the world.

Love and Blessings, and Christmas greetings. Om Sri Ram Jai Jai Ram!

Samuel L. Lewis

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti

Aquarian Arcane College Correspondence

January 30, 1970


Box 23, Post Office,

Bondi Beach, N.S.W. 2026 Australia


Dear Sirs:

I have before me some material which leaves one considerably non-pulsed. In a debate with a Bahrain leader over 140 years ago I asked him, “What difference would it make if we had 700 competing sects of diverse religions, or 700 groups each proclaiming in its own fashion, universal brotherhood?” The old movements are certainly in decadence. Now the new ones are springing up all over, sometimes with relative disregard, sometimes with absolute disregard, of each other; and sometimes with disregard of spiritual movements.

By “spiritual” here I do not mean anything symbolic or fantastic, but actual. That is to say, in the actual Upanishads we have lines of teachers and disciples recorded. Something of the same kind has occurred with both Patriarchal Zen and Hierarchal Sufism. In the West all sorts of personalities have become self-famous by writing on Zen with some claim to adherence. In the West also a number of persons have become well known by writing on Sufism, or using this word, without their becoming adherents. While the Zen situation is fairly well known, the actual Sufi brotherhoods, or Dervish communities, have continued for centuries and often with considerable vitality.

I began my studies early in life in higher mathematics, and Oriental mysticism (not learned from noted or unnoted scholars from Oxford, Heidelberg, Uppsala, or Nevernever Land). I noted many parallels between the Integration and Infinity of Mathematics and that of the teachings of spiritual philosophy. Time brought it about so that while I did not become famous by writing science fiction labeled “At the Feet of the Masters,” I have actually sat at the feet of Masters, and at their sides.

I do not know how you got my name. And it is certainly unworthy of my philosophy to disregard your existence, or your prowess. But today I find a very large number of so-called universal groups that seem to consider it quite proper definitely to deny the prowess of those not connected with themselves, and sometimes their very existence. I find well-established personalities like Christopher Bill proclaiming universal brotherhood with themselves as big-brother, who have all the accouterments and background for their own teachings, excepting on one point: that is to recognize that God made many peoples, many besides us-Aryans, who may have been liberated from the cycles of birth and death etc.,

Today I am not so concerned with the relative and absolute refusal of so-called universal groups to recognize this ego-personality. I am concerned that they refuse to recognize history, the prowess of great Sufis like Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and Akbar of India; or the spiritual connections even of the late Dr. Zukair Hussein, who was President of India. I have never been reconciled to the exclusive-inclusive groups. But I do welcome inclusive-inclusive groups.

It is noteworthy to me that you have not adopted the general formula: “With your money and our brains we can save the world.” You do not seem to be following the general glamour and clamour of your money and our potentialities. This is a good recommendation.

The spiritual realization of God-consciousness brings with it more than expansion. It brings with it, love, compassion, mercy, harmonization, and consideration. It brings with it the central worthiness of others.

I believe that the Kingdom of Heaven is within. I believe with Jesus Christ that “Ye are Gods.” I do not believe in forcing my beliefs upon others. But when love is radiated, when joy is radiated, when calmness is radiated, they attract.

A Sufi teacher passing this way told about “the whirling of the spheres” practiced by the Mevlevi Dervishes. Two years later he saw us demonstrate these whirls, not only the whirls of the seven planets, but also actively that of Uranus and potentially of Neptune. We are demonstrating this publicly and privately. The result is that a few people are beginning to recognize it. Or as I said to a multitude of young folks, “Let us dance together instead of marching together.” So now I am facing the problem of recognition. In any event as a man, I have visited in many lands and been welcomed by the real masters, the real saints, the real holy men of existing structures.

In view of this, the only world government I seem to understand is that of Hierarchy. I think it is unfair to write too much from a dualistic standpoint. The world is crying for love, for consideration, and much more. What do you want from me? I should appreciate an answer.


Samuel L. Lewis



Feb. 13, 1970

Mr. R. L. Adamson

Aquarian Arcane College

Box 16, Post Office,

Liverpool, N.S.W. 2170



Beloved One of God:

Your CONTACT bulletin and your letter of the ninth (2170) are very much appreciated. I am also delighted that Surendra Mohan Gose has recommended me. I wish that other people connected directly or indirectly with the late Sri Aurobindo were so open. They have not left me in any dilemma. I have seen the karma of all the great ones, real or pretended, who in practice overlook history, overlook humanity, and in the last analysis are struck with words, words, words.

Having had years of training in actual Karma Yoga, by which I mean hard work, very hard work in the spirit of reverence, all day long, and more than all day long, I did learn some things which I do not find are generally accepted: that others are also working very hard, working day and night in what each feel is dedication to the Divine Spirit but these people are never accepted by others. Even those who proclaim the loudest about brotherhood and universality are adepts in ignoring the work of others of the beloved children of God.

Yes, I had wished to dedicate my “Dances of Universal Peace” to the Aurobindo movement. His Excellency Surendra Mohan Gose not only accepted them, but more. But others in the Aurobindo movement snubbed them. They even went so far as to write in derogatory terms of their own colleagues, and I have this writing in my files. These dances are going on, and they are now dedicated to The Temple of Understanding whose headquarters are in Washington, District of Columbia.

I am planning inshallah to attend an international conference of the religious and spiritual leaders of the world next month, inshallah. I am on excellent terms with many of the leaders of various religions and have done something which I find very few people in the world have done: worship in humility and I mean worship in humility in synagogues, churches, temples, shrines, mosques, and all sorts of holy edifices. I have felt myself at home each and all. I have felt myself in complete harmony and union with the devotees of each and all. About the only result of this is to be considered an egoist, a braggart, and a bombast even by those who proclaim “world union” etc. I am still under some agreement with Socrates, “Only God is Great.”

It is remarkable how many, both persons and organizations, claiming universality and seeking memberships and/ or funds, refuse to accept the historicity of the great Mogul Emperor Akbar. I am not going into details on this subject here. For over 40 years I have been caught in all sorts of movements and efforts verbally dedicated to universality, verbally so dedicated.

Today I am in an awkward position which may even become an enviable one. In the highlands of the state of New Mexico in the Southwestern part of this country, I met many young people, followers of Meher Baba, the Bhaktivedanta movement, Yoga Movements which taught the Yoga of union with God and not Madison Avenue hogwash, etc. They have decided to establish their own Shangri-las because they claim they have the money, the aptitudes and the holiness. I was non-committal at the time, but now I have been sent for to become the Guru of that part of this country. At least later on I hope to go there and function, believing that with God’s help something may be accomplished.

The term Master has been applied and mis-applied. There are two forms of Zen Buddhism in operation:

    a: One based on persons and institutions.

    b: the other based on the personal experiences of Samadhi which is sometimes, but not always, connoted by the Japanese term Satori.

    The Zen of spiritual experience is also found in Viet Nam and Korea, and among the Chinese disciples of Venerable Hsu Yuan and Venerable Tai Hsu (I have sat before the latter). Their Zen is one of cosmic attunement and attainment, not of ritual, not of important names, not of books, but of Being.

The term Master is used among Sufis (the Hebrew word is Rabbi and there are corresponding Arabic terms) to one also who has passed thru experiences of cosmic union and attunement. Such persons often go around in the most humble guise. Adulation, popularity, and social prowess mean nothing to them. In other words, I personally find a great deal of difference between those people who have experienced Universality in actual ‘expansion of consciousness’ merging into and with the All.

Years ago I studied with a Zen teacher who neither regarded himself as a Master, nor permitted others to so regard him. His name was Sokei-an Sasaki. After six months with him, I found I could understand all the scriptures of the world, and no one, and I mean no one, anywhere on earth has disproved this, though I do not go out seeking laurels there for. But he showed me (and others) how to tell the spiritual grades of everybody up to one’s own status.

This is also presented in the Upanishads and in some works on Mahayana Buddhism not particularly studied. According to Indian cosmic metaphysics, there are innumerable grades of evolution with all sorts of outlooks which we might verbalize as mineral, vegetable, animal, asura, manusha, human…, and so on until one becomes The Grand Man.

Thus God-consciousness can be conceived either as the consciousness of the fullness terminating our perfectibility; or it can be regarded as all the varieties of grades and form from the most hardened material to and thru the most sublime of sublime.

In all the mystical schools I have had training in, one is not regarded as a Teacher until he himself has one or more pupils who have experienced spiritual awakening.

Today there has been considerable success in raising the capacity of more and more young people to higher consciousness of bliss and exaltation. I do not want to set this up as a standard for others. The late Meher Baba has said, “I did not come to teach, but to awaken.” I think this is a very good statement, whether he exemplified it or not, whether his disciples manifest it or not.

I also have a Korean Master, and I am proud to call him Master. He has especially initiated me in the Avatamsaka or Kegon School of Buddhism which teaches that the Universal Light is reflected from everything and everybody, to everything and everybody, thru everything and everybody. Philosophically, and above all mystically, this is not so different from the more profound aspects of Sufi and Indian meta-philosophies.

There is a great deal of difference between meeting actual human beings and discoursing or dialectizing about those we have not met. I have also met many whom I regard living Saints among Christian monks and nuns. One can tell this by the Light that emanates from their eyes and by the feelings that come from their hearts. Having met many such people, I am not always too enthusiastic about those who seem merely to intellectualize on the subject.

With the Sufis in particular, love is regarded as most important, Love that is living, communicable and sharable. As the Bible teaches us, although it is not part of religion at all, how can we love the God whom we have not seen, when we do not love our fellowman who we have seen. Therefore my work is to elevate this love-consciousness, and apparently there is now some acceptance of this in the lives of a growing number of young people. It is therefore with a considerable spirit of optimism that I expect to go to Geneva to commingle with religious and spiritual leaders of all faiths. And I can assure you, beloved one of God, that I do accept their spirituality and their leadership, and their inner accomplishment whether they took a similar or dissimilar path to their present day attainment. My immediate objective is to help promote a spirit of good will between these people, some of whom who are to me advanced souls and some of whom are to themselves advanced souls. It does not matter. I feel that if they can respect each other—not accept but respect—the world will be much closer to a maturity.

We do accept different degrees of doctorates—bachelor, Master, etc.— in the intellectual sphere. I think this is absolutely right. I also believe that people who are truly humble will accept it when they meet persons who are proclaimed by themselves or others as being advanced. I see no humility, quite the opposite, in denigrating the titles and positions of others. To me, showing such respect is one of the highest forms of humility.

My Sufi teacher said, “leader is he who is leader of himself; ruler is he who is ruler of himself.” But I am not yet ready to hurl epithets, maxims, slogans. Anyone can do that. My hope is to raise the consciousness of human beings in love, bliss and joy. God bless you.

Samuel L. Lewis

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti


PO Box 23

Bondi Beach

NSW 2026 Australia



Mr. Samuel Lewis

(Sufi Ahmed Murad-Chisti)

401 Precita Avenue

San Francisco, California.


My dear Brother,

Thank you very much for your communication of Feb. 13th which we have perused with interest. There is no doubt you have not wasted much time in acquiring Spiritual understanding through the many contacts you have been able to make as the years rolled by. I am sorry to hear that some (in India) snubbed your efforts, and others wrote in derogatory terms of their own colleagues, the letters of which you have in your own files. In our “Contact” B 12 Bulletin you will find a summing up of our intention to establish a Universal Movement to counter this unfortunate tendency of so many well-meaning people who, nevertheless, belittle or hamper the efforts of others to create a better understanding amongst men.

Our Movement is intended to arouse everywhere the interest in man in the fundamental Law of Good, and carry out research and discover the pure gold amongst the dross of evil and error. To successfully carry out this project we need the help of the most advanced because it requires an entirely new orientation of the habits of thinking. From the moment this “idea” penetrated our minds we have found the new process of thinking most rewarding. Look for the Good, the Beautiful, the True has become our slogan, and we find that the effort of searching for the Philosopher’s Stone, which is Good, has also caused a remarkable transmutation in our lives. This, as you will see, goes hand in hand with your idea of recognizing, for instance, the wonderful works of the great Mogul Emperor Akbar, and also many other historical figures who have left a legacy of Goodwill for posterity.

It would be foolish to say that there is no evil or error, but these two are only temporary conditions in Life’s project towards Good, and our task is to help in this project to stimulate the efforts of the evolving Life towards its goal. Your letter makes me believe that you have a wonderful opportunity to help us in this project in a positive way. As Guru to a group of young people in New Mexico you will be able to stimulate the followers of Meher Baba in the principle idea of arousing the God within, which, of course, indirectly means a stimulation of the Universal Principle upholding the Law for Good.

An interesting development out of this project is the realisation of the difference between Criticism and Analysis—the former has a tendency to destroy, but the latter increases the ability, to understand and so renew or make better the “not so good.” This realisation further points to a new concept of behavior—it helps us to avoid needless waste of time and mental energy. What we have done in the past and whom we have met in the past, be he “idiot” or “Master” is not important except the importance of the degree of realisation, but everything belongs to the past and time cannot be recalled. Even what we do at present is not important because the very next moment the present has become the past. The only thing really important is our intention and decision what to do, because that decision causes the events of the future become either not good enough or Good.

We trust you will realize then the tremendous importance of this project and why we need the help of the most advanced, and this undoubtedly is the reason why Sri Surendra Mohan Ghose asked us to make “Contact” with you and, through you, make “Contact” with the youth of the section of the Country under your tutelage.

We send you our warmest good wishes, and may the blessing of the Most High be ever with you.

Yours sincerely,

R. T. Adamson



March 28, 1970

Mr. R. T. Adamson

P. O. Box 23 Bondi Beach

N.S.W. 2026 Australia


Dear Ram:

Wish to thank you for the materials you have sent dated March 17. I am not the least disturbed by any sort of rejections, especially of prominent persons. But I am concerned that so many people who wish to organize and lead others refuse in practice to accept the principles of karma or utilize moral laws. It would be very foolish to repeat the same mistakes as were made by the VIPs who once organized and controlled the Roerich Museum and its appurtenances. We all make mistakes, but to me it is folly to keep on repeating the same mistakes over and over.

I have not been able to get over the effects of the first words of Handel’s Messiah, quoted from the Bible, “Every valley shall be exalted, every hill laid low, and the crooked places made straight.” There are today growing numbers of groups claiming to be organizing world movements, generally confined to an elite, a different elite for each organization.

One is not annoyed by any rejections. If one’s personality is rejected, one has to learn to take it, but if the rejecters refuse to recognize historical characters, and acclaim themselves, something is wrong somewhere. The local leaders of World Union have refused to recognize the historicity and accomplishments of Emperor Akbar, Prince Dara Shikoh, and the late President Zukair Hussein. All of these men were Sufis, and the rejection of historical personalities has been accompanied by the rejection of certain approaches to spiritual awakening. When any approach to spiritual awakening is rejected, it usually fellows that the cosmic potentialities of man are rejected, and when the cosmic potentialities of man are rejected these are replaced by human frailties.

Not so long ago these very persons wore involved with a Prof. Zitko of the state of Arizona and had a closed corporation which they presented as being destined to lead the world. They selected and rejected upon ad random personality acceptances and rejections. There was no principle involved, only personality. After this manifestation of stupidity, and equally the manifestations of important persons rejecting and defying the above Biblical quotations, one cannot see what is gained by joining these persons in an inferior capacity to repeat the same kind of mistakes.

I agree entirely with your principles. We apply alchemical teachings here. Nothing like the complex obtuse drivel of the late Karl Jung, but principles and teachings in accord with ancient and not so ancient wisdom. These principles are operative. They lead to the transformation of human personality, behavior, and above all, radiance. This radiance is manifested.

On account of the necessity of my departure almost immediately to attend a conference of the World’s religions at Geneva, Switzerland, and this letter itself may on account of the shortness of my time, exhibit weaknesses therefor.

Love and Blessings,

Samuel L. Lewis



P.O. Box 23

Bondi Beach N. S. W. 2026


10th August 1970


Mr. Samuel Lewis          

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti

410 Precita Avenue

San Francisco, California.


Dear Friend,

Received your letter this morning dated 24th July, many thanks. I am always very pleased to receive letters of a somewhat controversial nature because it helps us to see where we have fallen short in the work we are doing. Our original intention to avoid the general use of “personalities” seems to be well founded. So long as we deal with principles and attributes Contact is good, but when personalities are introduced friction seems to result over and over again. You have noticed that most of our articles are anonymous; to a thirsty man the contents of a cup or a glass or a cracked vessel, so long as it is pure and refreshing, is the only important thing—why label it ? Judging by your letters, I know you also are in search of that clear cool water refreshing to parched lips, but bitter experience in the past may have caused you to hesitate before you accept the vessel.

You ask: “One does not understand why one should accept (or not accept) a seventeen year old girl at all, and if so, why she should be Indian?” My brother, the world of man is thirsting, the surface of this fair planet has been wantonly scorched through the fires of selfishness and greed, the terrible events of this century cause man to cry out for relief, and when that relief is offered by a. visionary young girl, does it matter what color or shape the vessel is ?

You are quite right that grand ideas, unless they are put into action, seem time wasting dreams, but you hint at prowess in occultism or mysticism and I take it that you are well versed in both branches of the esoteric sciences. To materialize the “Ideas” relating to world improvement requires the projection of the “Ideas” into the minds of the people in such a way that the New Idea slowly becomes realized and accepted.

You will agree that this is a simple occult truism, but should we query the source from whence the “Ideas” emanate when such ideas are obviously sound? Kahlil Gibran, (no doubt well known by you) writes in his wonderful book “The Prophet” about “Children”:

“Your children are not your children.

They are the sons and daughters of Life’s

longing for itself…

You may give them your love but not your thoughts,

For they have their own thoughts…

For their souls dwell in the house of to-morrow…

You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make

them like you.

For Life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.”

Certainly, my dear brother, the Children of Islam are as dear to us as the children of any other faith, but because man clings so desperately to his own personality or individual image he only moves slowly towards a fuller realisation of the best way to serve Allah through man. Man, after all, is an instrument to be self-perfected, to be used in that wonderful project of Allah, the Supreme, and although little man, in his own conceit, may think that the world was made for him, the fact remains and becomes clearer every day that the Purpose of Universal Cosmic Manifestation is far more purposeful than Man’s idea of his own importance.

It is our belief that the “Idea” of “World Union” is more practical than hatred, wars and conflicts which have kept man separate, and consequently must have retarded and interfered with the Universal Project of “Good.”

Projecting this Image into the minds of our fellow men in several different ways by young ones and older ones seems a practical Occult method, and if this effort can be augmented with self improvement and prowess in the self expression of Good we shall move towards a more harmonious togetherness. For one thing we can be sure Allah it Allah, and God is Good, and whatsoever Good we see in our fellow men we know for sure that it is the God Principle in Man, and, this to us, is the only thing worth repeating, and really the only thing worthy to take notice of. If we see or hear something Good from a youngster, be he brown, yellow, black or white, let us repeat it and tell the world how beautiful the young ones are, and if we find some wise or helpful ideas or thoughts growing out of the minds of some old fossils let us make “Contact” and communicate with the world of Man and we are sure that slowly those “New” and better ideas will take shape and grow into perfect flowers fit for the Garden of Allah.

You hint in your letter that we ignore the ideas of a multitude of other young people and I am afraid that you are therein mistaken. We welcome new and fresh ideas of young people no matter where they come from, Arabs, Israelites, Hindustanis, Pakistanis, Indians, Negroes, Eskimos, etc. etc. Dear Brother, please help us, if you are able, to make “Contact” with them and we will broadcast their whispers from the Mountain tops.

May the blessing of Allah abide with you.

In the service of our fellowmen,

R. T. Adamson



Aug. 17, 1970

Mr. R. L. Adamson

Contact, The Aquarian Arcane Collage

P. O. Box 23

Bondi Beach N.S.W. 2026 Australia


Beloved One of God:

This is acknowledging your letter of 10th of August. I do not know of any moral law of any faith or non-faith that says that A. must accept B., but B, doesn’t have to accept A. This has been going on interminably, and is particularly to be found in intellectual and pseudo-intellectual groups, that claim world outlooks. These claims are to be found mostly in England, the United States and India. So many verbalizing that they have world outlooks. So many verbalizing the universal consciousness. So many begging for money and recognition, but themselves not giving, not giving at all. So far as they are concerned, to receive is more blessed than to give.

Universal consciousness can be discussed from two points of view: historically and metaphysically. I do not know of one world organization that has accepted the historicity of Emperor Akbar of India. But I have met many people who do; many writers who do; and many speakers who have mentioned Emperor Akbar. To me these are the real sages who have not only knowledge but also consideration of their audiences. I am on vary bad terms with the various so-called “world” organizations, excepting The Temple of Understanding in the city of Washington which is seeking “My house shall be a house of prayer for all peoples.” This institution is at the present time gaining the good-will of a lot of young people. They sent their very youngest representative on a world tour. There is no nonsense of editors and writers and organizers pall-parroting words that have no referents in the objective world. They are sending their youngest representative and she is being received, God be praised.

The other aspect may be called metaphysical. I think I am the only person on earth who has been validated as a Murshid by Sufis, as a Guru by Indians, and as a Roshi by Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Koreans. One has not always wished to proclaim oneself, but it is tiresome to receive entreaties from personalities and groups that proclaim universality, spirituality, and cosmic outlook, and themselves are champions at rejecting others, and also at rejecting each other.

Early in life I was professionally a secretary of a woman who translated the whole of the Sepher-ha-Zohar. I learned by actual study of actual Jewish scriptures and from actual initiated Kabbalists that we may regard the world as having four aspects: “physical, subtle, spiritual, and Divine.” Basically this is not different from the cosmic metaphysics of other religions. It was symbolized by the word Pardes, i.e. paradise, meaning in a sense that paradise belonged to those who had experienced all states of consciousness.

Last stages depended upon your actual experience and not on any writing, commentaries, or Verbalisms. But actuality, there are many people in this world who have had such actual experiences. They believe in common that the Kingdom of God is within Man, and it has been my wonderful experience, not only to have contacted real spiritual leaders, not claimants, of all faiths, but to have had a common embrace physically as well as super-physically. But I am not demanding anybody accept. At the same time I refuse henceforth to take any rejections from any person or group which claims universality.

One of the great founders of one of the great Sufi Orders, not particularly acceptable to Idres Shah, said, “Consideration consists of exhibiting consideration and never expecting consideration.” This house is always open and only drunks and obviously mad people are barred.

While others are talking about “the new age” and The Aquarian Age and the Me-Leadership Age, my young disciples, and I mean young and I mean disciples, have already arranged two dinners, one of mystical Jews for Arabs, and the other of Arabs for both Jews and non-Jewis. Facts. Accomplishments. But not news.

While this is going on, another group of my young disciples are preparing to go to the Orient to film and record the activities of the actual mystics. They have no connection with any of the “great” writers on mysticism excepting Prof. Syed Hussein Nazr of Iran, who also may be a mystic although he is a greatly esteemed writer on mysticism, one of the few writers on mysticism whom real mystics accept.

While this is going on two other groups of young people have joined to listen to my lectures on “The Three Body Constitution of Man” as is found in the writings of St. Paul. Even such a famous man as Dr. Huston Smith did not realize that the three-body teaching of Christianity might be the same as the three-body teaching of Hinduism, which might be the same as the three-body teaching of the Hebrew religion, etc., etc., etc., etc.

When we study the three-body constitution we find that all experiences of the young, especially psychedelic experiences, fall into the universe of cosmic metaphysics.

Oh, I think that Kahlil Gibran is marvelous, but I don’t see what he has got to do with any kind of government; world government or otherwise. I do not know what the word Good means. Here we demonstrate and I mean demonstrate, Love and Joy and Peace. While this is basically a Sufi Center, I use the teachings and methods of Lord Buddha, most of which have been discarded by so- called Buddhists. I am not concerned with their failings. I am concerned that the teachings and methods of Lord Buddha are operative, are pragmatically demonstrable. I think this is most wonderful.

We are demonstrating, not verbalizing, dances of universal peace. These dances awaken our higher consciousness. The young are coming to my meetings and experiencing a steady increase in the conscious realization of Ananda, exactly in accord with the basic teachings of Indian Sanatana Dharma. To us, truth is real, not verbal.

I am certainly not asking you or anybody to accept me as your spiritual teacher. I am on actual excellent terms with several spiritual teachers of this area. Most of them do not even accept the work of each other. That is all right. My next endeavor is to reach the University and to establish peace scholarships into which Arabs, Israelis, and Palestinians may unite.

Evidently God-Allah-Brahm favors some of our endeavors, for we have been most successful recently in all projects: more and more disciples are getting good paying jobs. More and more of our articles are being accepted by a publisher. Also doors are opening all over for those who wish to learn and who have thrown out their “humility” for curiosity. I have lived in many lands. I have associated with many peoples. I do not object to anybody’s ideas. Nor do I expect any more the commendations from others.

We practice meditation. We practice spiritual concentration. We practice listening to Cod. We practice Akhlak Allah—that is, making the Pressing of God real, not symbolic. Our work in the New Age Foods has been marvelously rewarding both in growing and marketing. God-Allah-Brahm seems to be blessing those who listen to Him.

We differ from those who think that the United Nations is in some way a Divine institution. Man himself is The Divine institution.

I have met many God-realized souls. I have met only one publisher who has accepted this as a fact. His name is Clive-Ross and his address will be put down below. But we now have our own publisher who believes that it is only proper, even if occasionally, mystics be allowed to contribute to the knowledge of actual mysticism.

Love and Blessings,

Samuel. L. Lewis

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti

cc:           Mr. F. Clive-Ross

                Tomorrow Publications Ltd.

                Pates Manor Hatton Road

                Bedfont, Middlesex,




P.O. Box 23

Bondi Beach

N.S.W. 2026 Australia.



Respected Murshid,

Please forgive my ignorance in failing to address you correctly, and it seems stupid on my part to salute “the only person on earth who has been validated as a Murshid, a Guru and a Roshi” as just “dear Friend.” The copy of the letter to you from Mr. D. Begg enclosed with your letter gave me a clearer insight into the wonderful work you are engaged in and I am most grateful that you consider our efforts worthy of your valuable time to communicate so speedily and at length.

In some respects your letters have puzzled me, you have been constantly attacking various groups, “intellectual and pseudo-intellectual,” who are claiming world outlooks, etc., and while at first we did not think you were referring to “Contact” your last letter has left this issue in doubt. Maybe we failed to express our ideas (which we think are mostly on a par with you) clearly enough to gain your approval.

You, with your wonderful insight into human nature and who knows so well the value of co-operation, do you not agree that co-operation with India is just as important as the activities you are engaged in bringing Jews and Arabs and non-Jews together? What is your opinion of an idea suggested by one of the members of our group to stop criticizing and drawing attention to the weaknesses of others? Instead we should proclaim the good points, because after all the weaknesses and failures of the individual are the responsibilities of the “individual” and until recognized by the “individual” as such must continue to affect the rest of society. We have proof that prohibition does not solve the evil of alcoholism, and we think that the drug problem can only be solved by self-realisation of the “individual.” When we help to make the individual strong through encouraging any good qualities present, we enhance the chance to bring out the desire of self-respect, a fundamental necessity to overcome weaknesses.

Another thing puzzling in your last letter is your comment “I do not know what the word Good means.” Oh yes, your remark is very much to the point and it is quite true that none of us know the real meaning of Good, because there is always room for improvement, but is it not also true that the whole idea of Creation is based on the principle of “Good” as expressed in “Genesis”, Chapt. 1, verse 4, “And God saw the light, that it was good”, and if we emphasize the idea of “ Good,” will we not be helping to make this a better world to live in ? Thank you, your comment gave me a much better understanding of this basic principle.

Although you say that you do not expect the commendations of others, the work you are engaged in is difficult enough and an acknowledgement of understanding often helps to greater understanding, for instance your comment on disciples getting good paying jobs and throwing out their “humility” for “curiosity” applies (as I see it) to so many of us who have long used that term “humility” for an excuse to sit back and do nothing, making the excuse of “non-worthiness” an apology for plain idleness, whereas “curiosity” is the driving urge to “be” and through knowledge, achieve what we believed was impossible.

How well you say: “Man himself is The Divine Institution.”

Originally you asked to be put on our mailing list for “Contact,” we shall be pleased to hear from you if you wish us to continue to send you further bulletins.

With grateful thanks for your valuable communications,

May the blessings of the Lord of Light follow you through the years to come.

Love in Service,

R.T. Adamson


Sept. 1, 1970

Mr. R. T. Adamson

P. O. Box 23

Bondi Beach N.S.W. 2026 Australia


Beloved One of God:

One appreciates your letter of August 26th. If you have ever studied the Bhagavad-Gita Gita you will know that Arjuna made a plea very much like yours and Sri Krishna said to him, “Fight O Arjuna.” Jesus Christ also has given us some memorable sermons against the authorities of his time. And later Mohammed against the authorities of his time. If people were so sweet and wonderful as you seem to think, I should think, what is your organization for?

A number of years ago, traveling in Egypt, in a train compartment, my companion was a Swedish gentleman, a representative of the UN. Unlike other people, he listened to me, and I mean listened, and said I had the most complete and sensible plan for the Near East he had ever encountered. His name was Gunnar Jarring. You read about him in the papers today. Well, I got a lot of Jews and Arabs to agree. Period. I was turned down by every peace and religious organization you can think of, and some you can’t think of.

Attending a real peace conference of the real religions of the world at Geneva, it was notable that the high and mighty Sir Zafrullah Khan, before whom all the respectable bow, when challenged, said he had nothing to offer. He had given plenty of oratory and charm, but it does not seem that oratory and charm act contrary to what a great French Prime Minister said, “War and peace are two things too serious to entrust to diplomats and generals.”

Having that strange idea, especially strange in a democracy, that human beings can meet with other human beings without expert bosses, and can become friends with each other without the advice of super-annulated mentalities, one can only report complete success in getting the young to dine, dance, and pray together, and especially to pray together. And I mean pray, and not meta-physical lectures about prayer.

In the meanwhile the group that started with my “Dances of Universal Peace” have gone abroad and we have had nothing but cooperation on the highest levels, and I mean the highest levels, and not oratory and bombastic pretense. There are a lot of leaders in the world today who, when they use the word Love they mean love and when they use the word Peace they mean peace. I do not know what the English word “good” means. I know what the Hebraic Tob means, which is found in the Bible. I know exactly what it means. One thing it does not mean is self-satisfaction. It might mean God-satisfaction; it does not mean self-satisfaction.

Temporarily I am holding off giving full cooperation as I think you should have. But my few secretaries are not only involved in world movements and enterprises, but are succeeding. Succeeding where governments, the literary superman and even many religious leaders, have failed. God may be speaking through them and with then. I think so; they think so. Tob, meaning God-satisfaction, good, meaning human-satisfaction???

Love and Blessings,

Samuel L. Lewis



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Mr. Samuel L. Lewis                  

Dear friend,

Your letter of the 30th, Jan. ‘70 to hand. In reply, (first) we posted you our “Contact” at the request of Surendra Mohan Ghose, M.P. New Delhi, India. (Second) We assume, although you write that our (we quote) “material leaves you considerably non-plussed,” your interesting reply gives some indication that our “Contact” has been effective. It has never been our intention to give you the idea that we have a formula how to save the world but rather by searching for intelligent “Contacts,” and we mean by that, those who are prepared and co-operate and work out together a formula that will lead to a solving of the problems of a intellectually growing Humanity, we try to assist in preparing the foundations for the Aquarian Age.

Historians have amassed an enormous amount of evidence of greatness of individuals in all walks of life, but it is obvious that the amount collected is probably much less than the total of real human greatness, perhaps similar to the visible part of the iceberg floating in the water, and after all that which is visible is only a very small part of the infinite ocean of Life. We recognize and salute all who have contributed to Truth and Beauty, be they Sufi or Zen, Muslim or Buddhist, Hindu or Zoroastrian, Christian or Agnostic, etc., because if they could only know, all are undivided segments of the One Life.

Somehow the term “Master” is of little significance to us; after all is it not a relative title and indicates more a form of salutation and not a degree of achievement? In our group no one claims any degree of perfection, and we believe any true “Master of the Wisdom” recognizes his own relative un-importance in the Unlimited, Universal Project of Life.

The writer of this letter, with other members of the group have realized the importance of linking isolated units of Humanity who have achieved a nature of God-consciousness. We have accepted the idea that underneath the apparent, chaotic rushing towards individual goals is a super-conscious movement towards A Divine Goal, and the first fundamental principle of that Goal is “Good”. These units linking together will make “Contact”, and unitedly project the Idea in the minds of the masses that the aim of the Divine must be “Good”, and all personal endeavors must be directed towards that Goal of “Good”.

You conclude your letter to us with the question: “what do you want from me?” We do not want anything from you. No, that is not quite true, we do want from you goodwill and co-operation, and in turn we offer you an opportunity to realize a tremendous purpose of Life and a chance to join with us to proclaim to the World of Humanity the factual Truth that the World can only successfully be governed by individuals who have accepted the First Universal Principle of Creation Which Is Good.

We will appreciate further Contact with you, in sincere friendship,

R.T Adamson


PS. under separate cover we are sending you

Contact” 12 and would appreciate your comment.

Arasteh, Reza Correspondence

410 Precita Ave.,

San Francisco, Calif.

February 28, 1968


Reza Arasteh,

7905 Custer Goad,

Bethesda, Md. 20014


Beloved One of Allah;

As salaam aleikhum. I have finished your work on Rumi and have written to a colleague in Lahore, asking him to call on Ashraf. I have lived in Lahore on sundry occasions and purchased heavily but now need more and more books.

The great thing here has been the sudden rise in the interest in my own work. Last year I was stricken for the first time and heard the Divine Voice tell to I was to stay in San Francisco to lead the young. There was nothing but the Divine Voice; nothing else. But now it is happening and the young are having the direct experiences of Love, Joy and Peace. No doctrines and no nonsense, realities. And so it will be very easy now to introduce first your “Rumi” and then your other works.

Spoke to my book-dealings and he has promised to put in a whole stock. For this is the center of the “Hippies” and they are seeking such a program. They are coming here more and more or to my lectures elsewhere more and note.

While this is going on one meets your countrymen and they all seem to favor what might be called a “Progressive Islam.” At the present moment it can be said without contradiction that the Mosque is greater than the Qur’an and the Qur’an is greater than Allah, a situation worsened by the behavior patterns of so-called believers.

Here we demonstrate that Allah is closer than the jugular vein. The “New Islam” is practicing what al-Ghazzali taught: “Tasawwuf Consists of Experiences, Not Premises.” “Old Muslims” are not only preemies, they are and demanding and compelling, compelling, compelling, a certain super-ritual, and if you do not follow this to the smallest iota, you are not a “believer.”

Here we have the disciples chant the “names of God” and one does not even have to translate the terms. They pick the meanings out of the sphere! So no moral injections have to be offered and no special psychological admonitions. For wherever we turn we see the Face of Allah, and this is very “bad Islamics.”

On March 16-17 there is going to be a seminar on “The Living God” which is a counter-movement to an earlier on “God is dead.” A close friend has said, “God is dead, Allah is very much alive.’


Samuel L. Lewis

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



Samuel L. Lewis

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti

Reverend He Kwang

410 Precita Avenue

San Francisco, Calif. 94110

February 13, 1968


Prof. A. Reza Arasteh

7905 Center Road,

Bethesda, Md. 20014


Beloved One of Allah:

As-Salaam Aleikhum. It is with great joy one has received Rumi the Persian which will be read and passed on. Also more copies will be purchased and also it shall be recommended to my friends abroad. I am on very good terms with Ashraf press, too.

There is nothing more horrifying to metaphysical egocentrics than have mystics come out openly on the same bases as scientists do and relate their experiences. Legends, rather successfully too, have arisen, that if man knows he keeps silent. And this has lead to a wholesale acceptance of all sorts of persons who are welcomed socially and sometimes also intellectually and if a man shows any sign to any contrary he is ipse facto excluded. If we did that in the sciences, we should be in the Dark Ages. There is no reason or justice before Allah that silence must be kept to please other than Allah. And when Allah speaks if man obeys he is immediately accused. And until recently barred absolutely, but no longer, alhamdu lillah. This is a New Age and I shall certainly order Final Integration in the Adult Personality.

Although this may or may not be pertinent I am a colleague of Dr. Hossein Nasr of Tehran University who has been officially selected by the Sufi Orders to lead in the re-presentation of Sufis knowledge to the Western world. He has already been to Harvard University but as accepted as personality. So long as a person is accepted qua re personality without any sign of Divine favor or wisdom, we shall remain station but that day is over.

Saturday I told the story of my first Pir-o-Murshid’s Tawajjeh, the glance which has been the life or my life and said, “There are two persons in this audience who knew we before, and they can testify whether one has (or has not) more vitality, élan and mental and physical ability than before.” In the sciences this would be regarded as evidence; in metaphysics it is recorded (by the egocentrics, or course) as egocentricism.

You will see above two titles. Even now one has been accepted by one Zen or Chan Master or Roshi and has plenty or credentials, ignored by the traditions. But who cares? When I was at Kamakura in Japan my guide said, “You are already two grades in Zen above Daisetz Suzuki,” And when we get out of egocentricities and accept testimonials, it will be a better world. Anyhow I am now teaching “Instance Zen—let the poseurs recoil!

I am able to teach “Instance Zen” because I know: Kashf-Prajna, and one keeps on emphasizing the words of Al-Ghazali: “Sufism is based on experiences and not promises.” And the future generations will examine and re-examine the efforts of scholars and metaphysicians to hide. Indeed Prof. Nasr’s colleagues have a sort of alliance with British and European professors who have gone on the path (tarikat) and been rejected by the traditional—and Iranian-language scholars who know nothing about the inner life. As Jesus said, “In an instance all will be changed.” But religionists and metaphysicians cannot accept that and the New age people, the young will have nothing else.

I presented the theme, “Joy without Drugs” to the Psychology Conference here some time back. The egocentric people in charge had to look to Prof. Huston Smith of MIT because they had nowhere else to look. Metapsychics and metaphysics can take us just so far. But now one is thoroughly successful in leading the young on the pathway of “Joy without Drugs” because one has the inner and other knowledge of all the religions of the world. One has met saints and masters of all faiths and all have greeted one as either equal, or better, as the same.

As one Sufi put it, “Perception is the role of the wise and quotation of the ignorant,” It is easy to quote, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” In these rooms, this is a teaching which does not have to be taught, as “heart speaks to heart and soul to soul.” And it is the marvelous spiritual progress of one’s two goddaughter, one in Pakistan and one here which shall remain as living testimonials against all egocentric metaphysicians and experience and not on premises.”

In 1931 one came upon “Lives of the Adepts,” a French translation of Efleki. It was most difficult. One had already had nearly all the same experiences and nobody to talk to. Indeed every effort to get this knowledge down to an impersonal and objective level. And you will find not only Efleki but other materials in the White Memorial Collection, Cleveland Public Library.

You can imagine how astounded on has been to be admitted immediately into one Zen temple after another on a small scale; and to be welcomed by Pirs, Sheikhs, Madzubs and other Sufis on a large scale as an equal as the same.

When one returned from his second journey in 1962 a friend gave a copy of “The Whirling Ecstasy” which concerns Shams-i-Tabriz. It was bootlegged published in English in Mexico, limited edition. I can have this copied and sent to you. I asked the person, “How did you know? How do you know whether I am, or not Shams-i-Tabriz?” This, of course, is metaphorical. But to dare to be like that was to be rejected and rejected before. Not now, my friend, not now! Allaho Akbar.

One is somewhat of an imp. In a revisit to the tomb of another Shams-i-Tabriz at Multan in Pakistan one was with Americans whom one dearly loves to shock, especially when they rejected one’s credentials. (One has some colleagues who do the same, there is no other recourse.) There was a Saint there. “Why are you here? “I came to teach you.” “What?” “Ishk, Ilm, Shahud.” All right, teach.” (It is easy to teach in Asia, but until recently not a chance! Why, one is not even permitted to attend conferences if one is discovered beforehand!) I have the pictures of this Saint and myself, but no evidence can touch metaphysical egocentrics.

But it is this Ishk which the American young need and it is going to work havoc even with psycho-analysts and psychiatrists to find there is an easy, simple method by which the soul of man is aroused and can come to “sanity.” Anyhow one who has had the strangest experiences with Musts and Madzubs (impossible, of course, according to our metaphysical egocentrics) these young people are very easy. And heart seeks Ishk and soul is soul.

One of my colleagues (rejected and ejected) hosted Sidi Al-Alawi some time back. This colleague announced himself as a Mevlevi disciple. The audience asked the Saint to establish a Khankah here. “No, it is not necessary.” “Why not? “You have somebody in this audience who has the Baraka.” I am thankful to say nobody accepted this but the crypto-Mevlevi. So I do not have the older, metaphysical people but the young, the alive, the God-seekers and more and more every week. This Mevlevi is also a Buddhist Master!

Then one thing more: As one was visiting the tomb of Amir Khusrau at the Nizam-ud-din Auliya in New Delhi in company with Pir-o-Murshid Hasan Sani Nizami, the poet appeared—open daylight Mushahida—put a robe around one and said: “I appoint you successor to Mohammed Iqbal in the school of Jelal-ud-din Rumi.” When I reached Pakistan that same robe was ready and is now with me. And as to cosmic poetry, it is already written and some day, inshallah, shall be published.

In the class room now a mystic is permitted to speak and accepted. And the metaphysical people are hard put to task with their quotations. Indeed just as one was rejected before without reason one is accepted today with very little reason. Balance is an element of Nature.

I have a good deal of Rumi Literature from Arberry and other sources. Arberry and his friends never answer letters, which is just as well. We are in opposite camps.

The mission given to me was to bring scholastics and mystics together. The followers of my first Pir-o-Murshid are divided into two factions, or what is more characteristic, two legal entities both with claims. I do not know what legal entities have to do with God-Realization, or as you have put it, “Final Integration.” Thus there is no room for Grace.

I am here going lightly over your other books. You may have some suggestions and they will be welcomed.

I guess I am the first person in history to have been validated as Master or Teacher in Zen, Sufism and Yoga. But I also have backgrounds, intellectual and mystical in the other faiths, including even Confucianism.

All of these are secondary to Iskh, Ilm, Shahud. I have the complete Ryazat or esotericism of Hazrat Inayat Khan plus a good collation of Ryazat from other sources. These are meant for the world, not for rival, confliction legal corporations which pose as “Sufis.” Later on it may be necessary to write on Shahud (Mushahida) for the Western world.

One is open to any sort of comments of suggestions.

Love and blessings.

Sufi Ahmed Murad-Chisti