Mass, Fred Correspondence

April 8, 1962

Lahore, Pakistan,

Fred J. Mass

1245 Fifteenth Ave.,

San Francisco 22, Calif.


Dear Fred:

You have perhaps never heard of me and if you have it does not matter whether you believe or not. I am a born San Francisco whose ancestors had the audacity to come to California during the Gold Rush and I can even remember a little of the city 56 years ago when it got a series of shocks. May be this is what made me mad.

As I told the political attaché here, “Of course I am mad. But I am mad the same way this year, last year and next year. Of course you are sane, but you were sane one way yesterday, a different way today, another way tomorrow and I predict you will be sane still a different say next week.” He capitulated. This confirms your contention that Americans are “mad and silly.” I think you and I are mad without being silly.

I have learned about you from one Julie Medlock who is a friend of John Spiers. Julie was accused of being mad and I was accused of having the same form of “insanity” which has become a grand compliment. She says I look and act like John. But I have you fellows beaten all over the lot for I have a guru (Swami Ramdas), and a Roshi (Sogen Asahina) and have passed the state in Sufism of having a Pir and now have a leading saint (Barkat Ali) for Preceptor. This makes me exceedingly mad. No self respecting school in California would listen to a man speak on Zen or Yoga or Sufism who has such backgrounds and experiences.

Having been rejected all over the lot I have an exceedingly stiff neck. In Japan I went to the Tourist Bureau—though I must confess a great sin—it was their invitation. I told them that America was full of people who wanted to see Japan and they were not interested in Luxury hotels, night-clubs, Christian churches and over-priced geisha girls. I even shocked them by proving that the richest Americans who came to Japan wanted to learn about Japan and left without spending any money. This was a loss of face. We have one zillion soldiers, civil servants, advisers and technicians who go to Japan and whose national anthem is:

God bless our protocol, that’s what we love,

Stand beside her and guide her,

Till we get the job next above.

They don’t care a hoop or a whoop about Buddhism, art, sleeping on the floor or chopstickology, etc. The Japanese Tourist Bureau woke up and complied. My complaints have not been in vain.

But this is South Asia where Jackie made on error: she forget to bring a rocking chair such as her husband (Top Banana) used and present it to officials in this part of the world.

Now my stiff neck has caused me to yell and help, “When I want to Agra I was domiciled in the home of some people who say they are part of a huge hospitality system which provides free room and board to Americans. This system is known to the Embassy but to the Tourist Bureaus, hush-hush. You know the protocol—foreigners have to travel in uncomfortable “first class carriages” and it is unthinkable, inconceivable and impossible that they could possible like the rapid, efficient and cheap busses which permit one to see scenery and mingle with the natives. You see if we mingle the press can no longer yell at us for not mingling.

As I am planning to promote Tourism, in my second trip to India I lived in one luxury hotel, two second class hotels, some third class hotels, some off-class hotels; ashrams; private homes first, second and third class. Did not go to railway stations but confess to sleeping overnight in the office of the Indian air-lines. Verboten, of course, but dood it.

I stayed over time at Agra private homes, two of them). Visited Taj day, dusk and moonlight (saw it previously at dawn). Met exactly three tourists. Oh yes, I met innumerable Canadians, Englishmen and Americans. I have changed the song, “Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noon-day sun” to “Dogs and Mad Englishmen go out in the noon-day sun.” The “bums”—not only Englishman, Canadians and Americans, but the gals of all ages of each country were there in profusion. The number of foreigners were ten times the number of “tourists.” Boy, did I pour it on the Tourist Bureau when I got back to Jan Path in Delhi.

We want cultural exchange. We want intermingling but he Tourism is interested only in the intermingling of dollars and rupees. They never heard of Woolworth and they don’t knew anything about chain stores. They can’t conceive that a thousand dimes is ten times $10. They can see only the dollars. So I am slowly planning to have lots and oodles of “bums” come to the Orient and they will have to swear never to go into luxury hotels where they pay high prices for European meals and can with difficulty got either American or Indian fare.

The best meal I had in Bombay at a luxury restaurant cost 2 Rupees. The restaurant is connected with a huge swimming pool and has the atmosphere where you could not get the same service for $2 in America. But is it mentioned in the tourist guides? No, in Bombay you have to pay for awful non-vegetarian world, the prices of which run from 4 to 10 times the meatless meals which were had and enjoyed. This is Bombay where natch the prices are higher.

Well I may caravan and go to Dharamsala and bring peace between India and the US.

The chief difference between us, of course, is that my neck has stiffened during the years. The executioner’s axe can only fall off blunted and I am willing to face anybody. And don’t bother, I know Brother Sjer Siph on Market St. very well and also the Indian officials. Alas, I am also a friend of the Chief of Protocol in New Delhi but I also know from whom to takes orders and I also know from whom that guy takes orders. Yes, J. Nehru is a Yogi, and a much better one than some others I might name. But I know whom he consults—strictly off the record, it can’t be. If you want an introduction to the “Master” you get, but I must warm you this is inconceivable, impossible, unthinkable, absolute nonsense and she owns a house near Delhi Gate and no respectable Americans visit her; and of course no USIA underling, nevaire.

Anyhow I came home to bring the spirituality without any spirituality and for free. The real Masters (if you want to call them that) are willing to share and went demand largesse, although no doubt you can’t keep rich widows from their pleasures.

As to Universal Religion. Well I do represent the World Congress of Faiths and have lectured on every religion and most scriptures and am bringing some scriptures back which are utterly unknown (not secret but unknown). I walked again through Fatehpur Sikri where Akbar made the first attempt at Universal Religion—then I went “mad” and danced at the tomb of his Pir, St. Selim Chisti—which made me a saint, which is also unthinkable, impossible, inconceivable and absolute nonsense. But think of the fun.


S. A. M.

Samuel L. Lewis

Sufi Ahmed Murad-Chisti


772 Clementina St.,

San Francisco 3 Calif.

Masson, Father Correspondence

May 24, 1970

The Most Rev. Joseph Masson, S.J.

Professor of Religions

Universal Gregorian

Piazza de la Pillota

Rome, Italy


Dear Father Masson:

It was perhaps in answer to a prayer that I met you at Geneva prior to the convocation under the auspices of The Temple of Understanding. I have not prayed much; I do not pray much; but I hardly know of a prayer that has not been answered, granted. To me, prayer is not so much petitioning God for favors, as for seeking the proper opportunities to make “Thy Will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” I also differ vastly from the majority of vocable persons in that I neither expect or demand virtues from others which I may not be possessing myself.

While one had this letter as intent for a long time, I was told that yesterday His Holiness Pope Paul was addressing humankind in some effort to promote peace in this troubled world. I have been out of step for a long long time--ever since the—to me—diabolical Kellogg-Briand Pact was emotionally forced on the world and then (as I expected) the same powers, the same groups that emotionally forced it began rousing humanity, man against man, with or without justification. We have been sought in holocausts of emotions. The warning of Christ against the scribes and the Pharisees has had little effect, nor has St. Augustine’s efforts against Manicheanism produced encouraging results. Too many people of this world are still Manicheans although on the surface they may soon to follow other religions. But I feel now the zest for unity and harmony make it possible to rouse humanity to its own spiritual responsibility and destination.

Many years ago I met one Dr. Henry Atkinson who was executive secretary of the World Church Peace Union. I was an unknown and very much downtrodden young man. Dr. Atkinson said I was the first person he had ever met that had a proper universal attitude toward the problems he was facing and the goals he was seeking.

It was nearly thirty years before I was financially able to test my person and background. It was a terrific countershock to find myself accepted and honored by all Asians, an absolute counterpoise to the situation locally. I have been to Asia twice and met Saints of all races and religions. True, I was honored in Japan as I do not think a private citizen has been in all history. My countrymen absolutely refused all reports, but I am not complaining. Nor did I find Saints confined to devotees of Buddhism, Hinduism, or Islam. I even wrote somewhat mockingly that I have found Saints amid various Orders of Christian Monks, some not always known for the kind of good works they were doing. Evidently they had accepted Lord Jesus Christ and not “Christianity” for they have gone on and done wonders without advertising.

I was able to reach Dr. Atkinson on his death bed with “mission accomplished.” But not a single one of his co-workers or successors would receive any report. It was necessary to keep silent, and then throw the whole effect of honest research, and perhaps knowledge into the efforts for The Temple of Understanding, a joint undertaking approved by your Holiness.

I have been all my life totally against any and all persecutions. I am not a sociologist, and cannot even comprehend the points of view of various dialecticians, existentialists, and other modern movements. This may be a fault, and if so, I confess it.

But I am not troubled by any frustrations or barriers. I am troubled because irrational maturity is compelled to face irrational youth. The young are seeking leaders, and when I tell them that honest research and ability to commingle with all races, and pray with all peoples, has been a priori rejected by various persons of importance or self-importance and institutions of importance or self-importance, they wish to use such facts and factors as excuses for irrationalities on their own part, for destruction rather than construction. Or, to ennoble it, by calling their efforts “Children’s Crusades,” which they well may be.

Years ago when the persecution of Jews was over-dramatized, I fell under the influence of Boccaccic’s story of the Three Kings which was later dramatized as “Nathan the Wise” by the German Leasing. I say here, over-dramatized, for in the study of history one finds many peoples who had to suffer equally, or more or less, than our Jewish brethren. I have been unable to accept the God who created only certain peoples.

From childhood I have never accepted the control of the Holy Land by a single group, be it the Turks or the British or the Israelis or the Arabs, or anyone else. The Temple of Understanding seems to be bringing into objectivity “My House shall be a House of Prayer for all peoples.” In the same universal sense I believe that Palestine or the Holy Land, should be a sanctuary for the devotees of all faiths. This would not only bring about, let us say, God’s justice, but would obviate future crusades. Therefore, I am very serious in wishing to see sanctuaries entirely in the hands, first of the older Christian organizations and then in the hands of other groups, Christian, Jewish, and Islamic. This in principle, for to enforce one’s ideas without taking into consideration all points of view, could become tyrannical.

I think my strongest objection to modern Zionism has been the total neglect of starting out with a sanctuary. It is in the books of Moses. It is in the books of the Prophets of Israel. It is in later writings and efforts of Zerubabbel after the Babylonian captivity. Even during world war I there wars certain visions in this direction, but politicians and emotionalists soon came into control.

Therefore I should like to see greater consideration to the sanctification of all holy places in the Near East, whether under the auspices of the United Nations or any other group. I cannot compel any teaching on anybody. I believe with the Lord Jesus Christ that, “Whatsoever ye do to the least of these My creatures, ye do it unto Me.”

I understand that the late Father Thomas Morton was on the way to see me when he died. Perhaps there are others like him in this world. I do not see how we can bring about peace by following what Arnold Toynbee says is the American religion, “First was the devil, and then we had to create God to fight the devil.” Rather, I accept what was in the beginning was Love and Light, and I believe it is possible to restore this to the world, and to humanity.

I am ready to support the sins of this letter by any action. Sooner or later the soul of man is going to express itself. There are too many signs prevalent among the dramas of the day in this land which indicate that this day is coming, and I hope it can come without adding to the confusion and drama of the moment.

Hoping I have expressed my good will properly, and that we can do something, really do something to bring about peace and stability.


Samuel L. Lewis

McGhee, Norman Correspondence

Samuel L. Lewis

c/o Consulate USA

Bank Square, Lahore, Pakistan


My dear Norman:

[?] go to Abbottabad to get ore samples or analyses to bring back therefore and also to report to investors, Chamber of Commerce, etc. If you are not otherwise engaged I want you in. Then back to Rawalpindi for any finalities. Have no idea as to how long this will take and have instructed the consulate to hold my mail unless I am kept at Abbottabad, in which case they will forward some there. I am leaving my typewriter behind; and when I depart will leave it here anyhow.

We have at least found projects, any one of which may succeed: Texas enterprise representation here; my agricultural research and its result; the major’s spiritual healing and Sufism; project for Ambassadors-at-large covering also tourism and representation of Pakistan abroad. Besides this I have my writing and while I feel confident of turning out good books will have to seek markets. Dorothy Blackhurst always told me she could locate publishers but unfortunately all she and David seem to be doing is getting ill. I have written to Bob Slice, for I could use him. You see I may have to incorporate especially for my lecture work on the Orient, etc. and will need a sort of financial secretary. He would remain fixed.

Barkat Ali encouraged our rental or purchasing of a car which might be a station wagon. This might not come until we succeed in getting money. The Major has been a very successful spiritual healer and yesterday he was given instruction on Cancer, with emphasis thereon. I have written a letter to Rudy Olson, 166 Geary St. in this regards. I feel confident we may come and this mission would succeed financially. We have agreed that any increment would necessarily to a driver and station wagon or??? I have told him about you (i.e. the Major).

My next confident is John Betts at 772 Clementina who may have to act as my factotum and guardian of my things even when I get some sort of home. This is all premature but if we get going I am overlooking nothing. I realize that this is all conjecture but after my flying trip though India and what happened and my spiritual and social elevation since my return plus a continual line of excellent conferences with every kind of American technician, etc. I am feeling quite optimistic.

At the worst we might prepare you for India when we leave. I have written Joe di Angeli, a jeweler friend of mine on Columbus Ave, placing an order for Rani Devi, a disciple of Swami Ramdas, whom I think visited the Academy with the Swami. I may have referred to this before. What I did not tell Joe was the possibility of building up an import silverware business, a matter I may discuss with you—not him—when I first return. We are also considering having the Major market his own rugs.

Now the grapevine at lunch is this: Nehru is said to have Throat Cancer and I stated above the Major has been given the faculty of healing Cancer spiritually. We hope to discuss this at ‘pindi and even offer the Major’s services free on condition we get diplomatic visas for short visits. One cannot foretell, but this could be IT, or nothing might happen. It does mean our uncertainties for a while as to time and place: However I still want mail to the American Consulate and I have left instructions how to forward same if I remain away long.

Outside of this I am tired. Too much is expected of me; I am given little consideration for answering my mail or packing; now I not only have to pack for ‘pindi but also for the possibility of the Major moving during my absence.

But I have yet to meet anybody who says I hall not see the President and I even dreamed it now. This means a “wait,” unless, of course, we get some news from Texas. We want to coordinate these things: Now I have to write guessing letters add three days because I can even send out a tracer! The Consulate is also closed.

All predictions by seers is that I shall return in July, not May, but will gain everything I want. This looks fine but you can’t eat paper. I can still steer on my own, but with the opportunities coming up I can’t manage. So I am praying, but the predictions are so overwhelming—both for the Major and myself—it is going to prove either that mysticism and occultism are right and substantial or there is a mightily big spoof: So hold on. If the mail catches me I’ll write more, but otherwise you have to hold one for two weeks. I am reading Suspense mysteries. That is fine—but in real life!

Tomorrow is a feast and holiday which I am supposed to celebrate provided I get transportation. If everything here is clear I have failed to communicate rightly. But if the intuitions and not wishes are working, there are a lot of silver linings; let’s hope so.

Sufi Ahmed Murad Samuel L. Lewis

P.S. I am getting famous and popular all over, but you can’t live on that.



First page missing—ED (Sep 1, 1964?)

There are very few Americans who have had the real training and disciplines of the Asian philosophies. And those who have not cannot fathom the alterations in mental outlooks and mental habits. Now the universities are absolving themselves from the bunk put out at the American Academy of Asian Studies. No doubt that was needed for a start. But Europeans are few and far between who understand Japan or India or Islam. And now for the first time we are getting Hindus to present Hindu culture without bringing in a lot of hog-wash about Kant or Hegel or Schelling, or even Spinoza.

The mind-training one gets in Asiatics transforms the mind and sometimes the body. It not only renovates and rejuvenates, it quickens and to degrees the person who has not gone under the processes cannot understand.

The amount of bunk put out on science in certain countries by literary persons is tremendous. But instead of further diatribes I am busy doing something. The ability comes neither from money nor college degrees, but from perceptions common to Sufis, Yogis, and Zennists who have had disciplinary training regardless of whether they ever read books or attended class lectures.

Where Karl Marx took poverty and Buddha suffering, on smaller scales I am facing the problems of spray poisons (my minor) and famine (my major project). The problem of spray poisons has been faced socially and analytically. It has not been faced scientifically and synthetically. I am going to Dr. Chaudhuri’s tonight to a dinner for Judith Tyberg. They rave about the philosophy of integration and are as adept in actual integration of your next-door neighbor. The integrative mind (the race problem is but a tiny facet) sees in an overall picture and has a medicine chest at his disposal. This will have to be worked out in the laboratory for sprays.

As to the famine in India, etc. I have now gone to all the agencies dealing with it, and all the groups concerned and find not a single critical opposition. This is mostly because of the inability to function integrationally. No one has yet been successful in handling the sudden monsoons, any more than any one has been successful in harnessing the rivers of China. China happens to have the very worst rivers in the world—the Yellow (Hoang-Ho) and Yang-tse. Our social philosophers either ignore the fact that previous regimes could not handle them; or they come out with subjectivities which are nullified be the next flood.

Engineers, not sociologists, know the limits of their craft. The Yang-tse is the only large river in the world that has a gorge halfway down instead of at the source, or where flood waters would do no harm. The Indians invented the tank (it is a Sanskrit word) but have not gone ahead.

Sociologists overlook the harm done by the goat, rodents and insects. Whole civilizations have gone down because of these, but one is not going to waste time on it. Time is consumed on remedies and I am not one of those who admire Vinoba Bhave who has gotten huge acreages for peasants—of deserts.

Now to show you how integrational approaches operate. All dialecticians have assumed a successful construction of the Assouan Dam with resulting prosperity to UAR and loss of face to the US for not performing this work. This is nothing but superficial, editorial dialectics based on well-wishing or bad-wishing and has nothing to do with objective facts with what we call the “real world.”

Landau also called me down for mentioning the names of those explorers who had recovered ancient cases. Americans have long since made two surveys of these cases, and helped recover a lot of formerly used agricultural lands. The so-called “anti-communist” but nonetheless dialectical press and the pro-communists alike keep this covered.

The Germans have been undertaking one of the greatest recovery engineering projects in the history of the world, also kept from the public view by both “leftists” and “rightists” and their removal from UAR is going to set that country back. It is a bland and blind assumption of all dialecticians that there is a superabundance of engineering and mechanical skill, which is nothing but wishful thinking. This country has wasted billions of dollars in foreign aid because there is not enough skilled labor to operate constructions. When Shelley was congressman I got a proposal to him to send our unemployed skilled labor abroad but the AFL-CIO opposed it. After Lim Lee reads this I can re-propose it. There is no need to spend millions on job retraining when this skilled labor we have is needed all over the world.

Finally the Great American achievements, which I shall skip to get to the next point. Hassan Hashim laid before me not only his experiences but also his projects to develop Sudan. They fit in so exactly with the plans discussed in Cairo with the head of the Farm Delegation (since removed and we think framed), that I went over to the University of California to learn that a team of UC men had already been to Sudan, completed the survey exactly where Hashim and I independently thought there should be a dam and irrigation projects, etc. Not only that this plan would obviate the wasting of millions of dollars being collected, almost fraudulently collected for the Abu Simbel recovery.

I am not going into the history or geology of this country because our spokesmen and “experts” know too little. If you think I have been frustrated, balked, etc. you should meet some engineers. I have been treated with silken gloves compared to them.

The State Department has by now squashed more surveys and known accumulated knowledge that we can surmise. It is not only the Sudan survey, it covers the world survey on salinity and the world survey on basing foreign aid on aptitudes. And if a small person like myself already has had direct access to such things, how about those who have been in better positions?

I am taking Hashim to the campus Tuesday and we shall telephone you before returning to the city for we shall be on the campus late. This comes to the next project, his plan roughly, to which I most heartily concur:

1. We should go ahead at once and construct the needed dam or dams in Sudan, employing at least 90% Americans of Negro stock. All skilled workers should be Americans (Negroes) or nationals (Sudanese). As there may not be as many Negro engineers available, some Whites might be used but not more than 10% of the total. This should assure on the one hand a successful engineering project—much easier than Assouan or Hoover Dam, but produce Afro-American friendships far more than all our meetings, parades, protests and conferences.

2. We should immediately stop fund collecting for Abu Simbel, and publicize our program in so far as it may win accord both with our own people and foreigners.

3. It would compel UAR to desist from its imperialistic efforts in Africa which are just as imperialistic as anybody else’s and bring out a “Black Africa” below the Sudan. The more skilled people of African origins or descent, the more we shall come into the motherhood of Humanity, mutual recognition and concord and stresses upon achievements rather than policies.

4. The supporting of these Dam constructions by agricultural and other secondary efforts is drawn from “California Desert Agriculture” which lays down programs which could be successfully adapted in Sudan. We can atop the Chinese and Russians easily by such methods, but we cannot stop them by propaganda.

This is quite incomplete, but points in the direction of the World University, a real Multiversity, and joint operations between Nations and peoples without a lot of flimflam and comments.

There is still the missing note from Ghana which has not been received. There is lots of double-crossing going on. In calling Nasser an “imperialist” note should be taken that Ghana has Israeli experts and is keeping out representatives of all the larger powers of whatsoever approach. If I can get reports from Julie Medlock and link them with Hashim’s, they will cover a very large portion of the earth-outside of Europe and South America.

No conclusion is made here other than the compilation of facts and reports. If anything is wrong it will show up in events, not in so-called “logical” confutations. The University of California, in all its branches, has collected a lot of material ignored by the power-structure. The removal of Strong was necessary. All the Chinese are now being roused to support the Free-Speech movement because the administration has subtly or openly been racially minded—remember my first report—why jump CORE and leave the Trotskyites alone?

This year I know of three conferences on the world religions, none of which will be dominated by American newsmen and European diplomats. There is always a first time … to be continued,


Samuel L. Lewis



First page missing—ED (November 1964?)

Now this comes after the meeting in your house with the disciple of Richard Robinson. Like most people she is satisfied with verbal and social niceties and not with the real solution of real problems. But I can’t blame a college student who has to pass and who, if she brings in unwelcome material, no matter now true, has to face hazards in the social sciences; but always a degree in the natural sciences which work on objective honesty and integrity.

The other day at the World Affairs Council the chair turned on the expert and told him to his face he did not know what he was talking about, and introduced a State Department courier. This was entirely out of order and entirely played into my hands. In the first place it is time for some Americans on occasions to listen to some men who have lived in foreign lands and even done that terrible “treasonous” act of turning native. If you become a traitor that is understandable and you will be front page publicity and if you come back to the United State after turning traitor you have a life reward and won’t have to bother about anything. But if you try to make friends with Africans and Asians by becoming one of them, you are out. But the chair refused to be counted out; he had lived among the people and the “expert” of course could not, or he would not have become an “expert.”

This also gave me the opportunity to be closeted with the courier who confirmed my attitude on every point. Asia Foundation is strongly for this policy of sitting down with Asians and discussing things; so are scientists; but the press, the “experts” and the State Department are not, and the confusion is growing. Not even the Buddhists here have had any talks on the actual religious of Vietnam and Cambodia. Who cares about humanity; we just want “peace,” whatever that means.

Anyhow this has resulted in more and more welcomes from Chinese about whom you don’t hear much. And the other night I talked on “Buddhist Masters I have met here”, covering 1920-1940. If the American Academy had been a real institution they would have let me submit a paper—not one of them would. They did not grant such material and I have found the same reflected elsewhere. But I had a larger audience than expected and present were the representative of the Dalai Lama and the Korean Master, who is a real master. And I gave out some Dharma Transmission material which is not secret, and never became secret until the “experts,” especially the English and German ones, took over. As they gave and give college degrees, that is all that matters. Power is more important than truth and men die in swamps because power is more important than truths. Only I don’t know whether it is Allah or Karma that brought the floods to S.E. Asia and I expect more. Until we make peace with our neighbor, we can’t have peace and we will not make peace with our neighbors.

This trip is in anticipation of the UN meeting her next year when all the “experts” will try to corner the UN delegates. That happened in 1955 when one of the biggest men in the UN spent all his spare time with me and the “experts” were wondering where he was. I expect more of it. There is hardly a country of Asia of which I have not good historical and other knowledge and this disconcerts “experts.” You can go right up to CIA. My accumulation of information does not fit in with State Department philosophy—and I don’t know what State Department philosophy is. You can understand my hostess last night saying that State Department Philosophy used to mean returns on investments of the Dulles family but now we don’t know whose investments are involved—at least we did before.

This is not sarcasm. This is the terrible factual-truth. And it is awful to see everybody run to cover when I ask, “How is it that this person was permitted to visit the ashes of Lord Buddha in Japan and nobody else? to be a guest of honor at the Imperials Gardens and nobody else?”

Now I am coming out with some most uncomfortable anecdotes. The greatest Zen Master was Hui-neng or Eno about whom everybody tales and on whom the Fungs have given us an admirable translation. Hui-neng was a wood-cutter; he never entered the meditation hall, yet submitted a Gatha which the Master accepted at once and thus he received the patriarchal-transmission of Zen.

I also was a wood-cutter and had an experience and submitted a Gatha to Soto Zen Master Ishida of Fihiji Temple years ago. He accepted my Gatha. But what chance has a wood-cutter or a flunky? No more then than now, no more now than then. The hypocrites who praise Kabir, the cobbler, would never permit Kabit to come into their midst and the proof is simple—it happens to me, and to other “me’s.” Wood-cutters and cobblers don’t belong to the elect—until after they are dead a long time, then everybody rushes to their tombs and weeps.

The spiritual transmissions of all peoples are cosmic, impersonal, definite transforming experiences, and more real than anything else. But they throw one out of step with society, especially with prelates, and disturb the church-systems by which small groups are corralled apart from other groups, and there is no humanity or brotherhood. And so some adopt “humanity” and “brotherhood” as slogans, but only as slogans. The greatest Buddhists I know within fifty miles have all disappeared from society and would welcome Denny Bufano a thousand times before welcoming a properly robed prelate.

Swami Ramdas left society to “rely on God.” He never missed a meal and was praising God until he realized that people were feeding him on account of his robe. So he took off his robe and never after dressed other then the same way as the common people with whom he lived. When he came to the Academy he had the normal dress of the people of North Kerala State. He never dressed as a swami, or a sadhu or pundit.

China will come into the UN. It will have to come in. The Chinese are wrong in everything, in my opinion, but one—and that is the most important. They will sit down with you. They may insult you, they may flatter you, they may attack you, they may feed or bribe you, but at least they will sit down with you. We Can’t! and we don’t know we can’t but we can’t. The rejection of proposition 14 is not a reflection on our people, it is an unveiling of them, we have substituted the slogan, the aphorism for the truth. “All men are created equal” and “One Nation under God with liberty and justice for all.” No nation has such slogans, they are perfect—in words. And the perfection in words is substituted for the perfection in truth, in spiritual realization.

This week I shall have to run the gauntlet with VIPs and it is being done with complete indifference. The death by heart-failure of so many of my closest associates has impelled or compelled me to adopt another attitude which does not bring for popularity but does bring vitality, energy and devotion.

Early in life I was initiated on the path of brotherhood and as a devotee of brotherhood I have met, I guess, more people than most men outside of politics. But I have been met on all sorts of levels. Gavin, after speaking on human brotherhood, rudely brushed aside my own career of working with share-croppers (Negroes) one day and seeing diplomats a few days later, both as equals. It is only recently that some humanitarians have gone into the South and work and live as equals with “peasants.” But there was a reward in it—they had the most beautiful voices. And someday real talent scouts are going to go through the South and bring in people which would make the Ed Sullivan show look like a bunch of amateurs. And before that at one time I was a semi-professional critic who helped start some of our most famous names in the music world on their careers—whereupon they disowned even knowing me!

The last few days I have had a few invitations to let out some of the history of the past: I have kept diaries and today discovered a man to whom I can safely leave records. He has lived in Southeast Asia and knows what it is about from both ends—having lived with the people and then snubbed when he returned. It is this question which I am going to pose before the VIPs. So we shall see.

Happy Thanksgiving,




June 15


My dear Thea:

This is written from the home of life-long friends who now live in northwestern Pennsylvania. I shall remain in this general district for a while and if timing is right, will miss the Republican National Convention and crowds of people with whom I do not wish to associate. Indeed if I did come it could probably be only to join some protest group and I am too busy today involved in constructive offers to unite with merely negative movements.

It has been necessary to walk out on a lot of people and this has been my fortune. There is no use in being a Stephen Foster or a Van Gogh. Instead I have stuck like my namesake, Morse, who persisted and finally won out on all sides. I walked out on a lot of people and was in danger of becoming anti-social or a misogynist when three women—two of whom you know—came to rescue. A long time after, at the beginning of May “then the fun began.” It began, perhaps, with the first whole visit I have been permitted with my fairy god-mother, Miss Ruth St. Denis—whose various secretaries and press agents would not let me keep or even make appointments with her and yet I have more liberties in her apartment than in yours! You see it was Miss St. Denis who first brought Sufi Inayat khan to this country and I have been in a sense, “eternally” in debt to her. Furthermore I have done exactly what she wanted without visible communication something that our pseudo-mental telepathists cannot understand. They have no idea of a universe of heart vastly superior to men’s ego minds, and capable, in a sense, of performing “miracles.”

I won’t say what happened in June. It was the complete reversal of all my earlier externalities and shows beyond question the operations of karma—not the ego-exempt stuff that you were taught at the Academy but the real law of real cause and real effect from which only “bodhisattvas” are exempt. This covers so many things I won’t write and won’t talk.

Hawthorne wrote The Great Stone Face which is the real American epic, that whenever there are problems we are going to be “saved” by Glamour-Puss. We have never been saved by Glamour-Puss and probably never shall be but this is so written in the face of popular America that as a Nation we shall have to pay a terrible price. If you look at those Americans who have won Noble Prizes in peace or science, you won’t find a single Puss among them and some of them have been martyred and socially ostracized but this pattern will continue although the coming generations show less of it.

Anyhow during the month of May so many doors opened that I am glad to be with friends awhile to get a focus and clear picture as well as to continue some of my former efforts before starting on new ventures.

Today the door which I wanted open in Washington is open wide and it looks as if I can push it further. My theme, “How California Can Help Asia”, slightly modified by “How America Can Help Asia” is being considered seriously now in this country.

This is nothing to what is going on now in both wings of Pakistan where, however, I am something of a glamour-puss myself having the “right” ingredients. This is something we do not wish to understand. But while the “resolution” was going on two independent events happened in connection with the University of California—the reversal of one “expert” in regard to Sufism and the replacement of a European professor of Oriental Philosophy by an American who immediately opened the door for me when the evidence was overwhelming and it is overwhelming covering too many things.

During this period I had to celebrate and among other things with Bill Hathaway and Connie Luick. And thus I learned about the Coffee place on Polk near Jackson, which looks so much like Yvonne’s dream that I was amazed. For I have an independent dream to host some UN delegates next year with a grand coffee reception and God-willing this may be done. I am not sure but that I shall be crossing the country again later on but not with my own money. For there seem to be lots of pots of gold on the horizon and I am waiting for instructions and also for transference of funds.

One of the main series of events will include the spiritual healing mission of Major Sadiq. I am not going to press this any more for a most amusing series of events took plane. I have five projects covering five different subjects which are connected for the most part in geographies but not always in subject-matter and those have all led to one single office connected with the upper echelons of the University of California.

In the meanwhile I have been spending some time at the Baptiste studio and one result is today I can kneel and weed, plant and transplant with no pains, creaks or cramps in those bones and muscles which disturb every gardener and farmer. One does not try to find any fountain-of-youth but the scientists and occultists are coming to similar conclusions; only they do not demonstrate.

Gavin progressed my horoscope and while I cannot decipher it all—he did mostly a long range and not an annual forecast—it looks good. I am no longer lonely or have to be but have to make every moment count—which does not bar parties and celebrations put only bars useless waste of time.

I wish I could make you see a way to health and joy—you have had opportunities and ignored them. Too many people have lost spontaneity and this is a cause for sadness. I guess I run around close to preaching but I had to see people cooped up and suffering from pains and inhibitions.





The Pukhtunistan Times

Puck is working for his Ph.D. He has found a thesis and is beginning his research on the Papaluks.

For centuries, ever since it was decided that anybody could rule Egypt who was not born here, the country was under the Mamaluks. You can find their ruins, their historical monuments and their remains all over.

Puck has had several experiences with the Mamaluks. Generally just when he came along the llamas would have trouble with their veils or hoods. Somehow or other they would just slip off when he came in view. Not that he was looking, and of course the good ladies never look, nor the bad either. But maybe Puck emits an odor due to his bad temper and/or temperament which gives out a warning signal. Anyhow it has not mattered much, whether in Lahore or Allahabad or Allahisgood or Cairo, the llamas knew he was coming and that as always just the moment when they adjusted their veils, hoodahs, covers or what not.

It is true that when Pack was in certain places he prayed that they put the veils back on. Indeed he confesses to having written it. It is a lot of fun looking at forbidden fruit; it is still more fun having forbidden fruit look at you.

By the time he got to Karachi he was bashed. He wanted to see Syed Abdul Mayhem and you can be sure Syed Abdul Mayhem was not in and Mrs. Abdul invited him for tea pronto and there he was sitting in a Muslim home with a beautiful woman who spoke still more beautiful English. And there was the former Ambassador to the US. Puck never did get to see him. Puck has a pile of letters from him apologizing he had just been called elsewhere. But his wife was not called elsewhere. In fact she was not called, in fact she did the calling herself. And Puck has never refused an invitation from an Ambassador’s wife and there he was sitting in an almost palatial home with a women who had more dignity that the princesses Puck has met (who never had any dignity thank God and Subhan Allah), having tea and food and listening to the most intelligent conversation with a most beautiful woman who beat Park Ave and Dior at the same time and Muslim women are not supposed to have any rights.

Well this might go on forever. American men could not revolt against their wives but they could against their hats and did. The Mamaluks decided to put the veil-makers out of business. Of course they compromised. It would never do to admit they did not like to play hide-and-seek; in fact they play modified forms of it now. And between us in serious top-level conversation with men, or more particularly holy men and most particularly men who are called “holy men” but don’t confess to it, they don’t believe in veils at all but they believe in hide-and-seek, very, very much.

But now with the veils off the Mamaluk business has lost its amour and history has been written, so Puck is going into the Papaluk side. He can assure you it is just as honest, sincere, noble, spiritual, foolish, asinine, crazy and double-talking as the Mamaluk, only nobody else ever thought of doing the research.

P. Puck



106 Ethel Ave

Mill Valley, CA

June 15, 1958


My dear Norman:

I am writing you in pretty strict confidence. The carbon enclosed is that of a letter to my chief (but not only) contact in the State Department. This is by arrangement.

Now I wish to tell you that I did not and could not take part in the Watts-Woods-Gainsborough imbroglio because I am primarily an American and my Asian studies have been and will continue to be oriented toward promoting good-will for the United States in foreign parts. I do not believe any of these gentlemen, and some others who have been teaching at the Academy have any such interest or understanding.

For instance, the last part of the letter to Mr. Seamans includes reference to a book on the history of Siberia. I do not know too much about the history of Siberia but the criticism contained should show any unbiased person that I have some background. These backgrounds are as large as the backgrounds in philosophy, arts and “spiritual disciplines” and cover as many years study and training.

Thirty-five years ago a charlatan came to San Francisco and lectured on Central Asia and I came away thoroughly convinced that I knew too little of the Geography and History of Central Asia, indeed of all Asia. I took no pains to discuss this with the audiences which included many of my close friends of the time … in fact only once did I come out of my shell.

In 1940 I was compelled to speak publicly at a great reception in the home of Mrs. Holbrook on Filbert St. The place was packed with VIP and wealthy personages and I was rather reticent. But my mentor, one John D. Barry, now long since gone, was there and I had to speak to defend his honor. I found that only one person there knew anything of the history of Asia. He was a retired army general and he backed me to the hilt. I have not been so fortunate since so I talk around what I know rather than tell.

But even if a man mastered all knowledge, he could not be at all places at once. Therefore it is important, I feel, to have the “right” type of people serve America in distant parts. It is interesting to find the State Department selecting two representatives to champion America who would not be permitted much liberty in some parts of the Onion. The chief attack on both of them was not what went on in the States, but what went on in South Africa.

Actually even partly educated people in India, of all ages, know for more about world politics than one finds elsewhere; and they do not know much about the history of India. I was actually able to disarm some critics by my knowledge of this subject, and even more to forestall them. I believe that if you ever go to the Orient you could make some fine counter-attacks, or “blitz-krieg” attacks which would win you audiences.

My next lecture will be given on June 28, not June 21, at 240 Sixth Ave. The subject will be “Sufism, Vedanta, Yoga and Zen.” It will be based more on experience than is usual with public lecturers. I am in a rather optimistic mood because now, after 30 years, the European Sufis will listen to me; and in a much shorter time the actual American Buddhists have asked me for the knowledge that was communicated to me by actual abbots of actual living Buddhist faiths. A little encouragement goes a long way.

I do not at the moment intend to include anything on Esoteric Buddhism as it is a little more deep and profound that even the material to be presented above. This is mentioned only because I find occasional “Esoteric Buddhists” who have no authority for their pronouncement soother than that people like complexities and confusions. Even Shingon looks like that at first, but in the end it has the marvelous merit of being entirely reconcilable to almost every phase of human knowledge—even to Jung who has given us a rather lop-sided picture of one of its facets as being the whole.

This lecture will be in the home of Mrs. W. Hoeffner who is one of the oldest of my friends (in both sense of the term) and who has considerable knowledge on Reincarnation which I am sure she will be glad to share. So hope I can see you there and then. 8 o’clock unless we make some other earlier arrangement.




Probably will be at academy on Saturday morning June 28



106 Ethel Ave.

Mill Valley, Calif.

June 15, 1958


Harry W. Seamans,

Liaison Officer

Public Service Section,

Department of State,

Washington, D.C.


My Dear Mr. Seamans:

Ordinarily it might not be in place for a citizen to write to his government, or its officials, in a matter of book revive—which this communication essentially is but some recent events have caused me not only to wonder but to sit back half in dismay.

I have hesitated to make any strong criticism of the policies of the State Department and I doubt if I shall now. But it seems to me that there is something missing either in the Intelligence Service, or in the information or lack of proper briefing has already caused some rather dramatic events.

I refer here especially to the reception the Vice-President of the United States received in certain Latin-American countries where both the Government and the people are presumed to be “friendly.” I believe they are friendly and I agree entirely with Mr. Nixon that the hostilities shown against him were started by relatively few people.

My own experiences and my contacts sometimes with VIPs of foreign lands have led me to conclude that there are in many sorts of the world nuclei of highly trained specialist who know both how to arouse mobs, and to direct large masses of disturbed people as they will, and thus often against the Unites States. For reasons which I have never been able to fathom the government, the State Department and the Intelligence Services seem to rely upon dignity and morale, if not moral standards as part of their equipment. There is certainly no objection on my part, but when the continuance of such attitudes, or policies, leads to attempts on the body and even life of a high official of the American Government, some sort of protest may be in order.

Years ago when I was doing my first political writing and was especially keen upon exposing Fascism, I came upon the other type of subversives who proclaimed: Fascism Is Capitalism Plus Murder.” I wryly told my collaborator: “These people leave cut the Capitalism.” Of course some violent or untoward act will no doubt cause a world reaction, but for the moment I should prefer to see the life, limp and body of our high officials safe.

An American In India was written by Saunders Redding in 1954. He was a cultured American of African ancestry, and therefor of dark skin. He was, from the apparent standpoint of the officials in power, thoroughly briefed. But this briefing I protest was highly unrealistic. So long as we continue to adopt the qausi-Marxian doctrine that the world is and must be divided into two camps and utilize quasi-Marxian psychologies in our techniques, we fail to align with us hundreds of millions people of this world who are even more anti-Marxian than we are, but who do not think in our terms.

Mr. Redding was wells briefed on how to meet presumable communist anti-American efforts. But his briefing did not include what Ambassador Mehta has told us ever and over again: send to India Americans versed in Emerson, Whitman and Thoreau. He ran into unexpected opposition and criticism which he was not able to meet. I quote from page 262:

“You have not considered the communication of those vicious writers whose obscene books are in our stalls. You have not considered the immoral moving pictures which are shown in the cinemas! Why? Why do the Americans send us such vulgar and worthless books and pictures to us? He stood defiant, challenging and dramatic.”

I think I have already reported that there were too many signs of Russian or subversive moneys invested in the sale and promotion of cheap American literature, and even in the cinema houses of India and Pakistan. The vast majority of Asians whom I contacted believe that the vast majority of Americans are immoral. And I meet all kinds of people whom neither Mr. Redding nor Mr. Carl Rowan—of whom more below, contacted.

The fact is that there are two distinct anti-American movements in the Orient which we are constantly confusing. (1) Is a relatively small number of communist organizers who, when it comes down to fine points, know nothing of Karl Marx and who are totally anti-Marx but not anti-Marxist. It is forgotten that Marx declared he was not a Marxist and he had a very dim view of “champions of the proletariat” who never did any hand work.

(2) People who either have inferiority complexes or wish to defend their religions and traditions and seek compensation. They find this in what they consider are the loose manners of the American Public. They have little direct information but what information they have comes mostly from American sources (cheap Publications), and very slightly from left-wing groups of doubtful veracity and authenticity.

None of this helped Mr. Redding very much and he seems to have returned to America a rather stunned individual.

Carl T. Rowan, of the University of Minnesota, went later and was briefed in much the same manner. But Mr. Rowan was already known in certain parts, was more informed and much more quick witted. Nevertheless he was also oriented in the same two-way matrix or thinking, born in Russia and flourishing in the United States, which overlooks the basic fact that India is still basically a “Ricardo” Nation, and the people who produce to not comprehend the foreign ideologies of many sorts, which are presented to them.

There is no criticism of Mr. Rowan’s conclusions. There is criticism of the continued outlook in much of our press, trying to foist a choice upon people who have long dwelt in political darkness, which is foreign to their ways of life.

Cradle of Conquerors: Siberia. This is Library of Congress catalog card Number 50-8407. By Erwin Lessner.

I am mentioning this book here because the great authority for anti-Americanism in India has been K.M. Panikkar. Mr. Panikkar has written books which I have adjudged to be full of lies (and I use that wore unashamedly), and information of doubtful validity. But as I had no access to a good book on the history of Russia in Asia, I have not previously been able to point out his shortcoming.

Mr. Lessner shorts that the expansion of Russia toward the east was accomplished in a manner at which even the Spanish and Portuguese would blush. I have never read anything like it excepting in the stories of the great pirates of the Spanish Main.

Unfortunately the vast majority of American students have been psychologized into believing that the world has mostly been peaceful and even prosperity—for which there is not an iota of evidence. Nowhere has “Man’s Inhumanity to Man” been more marked than in the history of Siberia and nowhere does one find a multitude of factual evidence to show that, even if the Americans are “Immoral”; they are not and have never been as immoral as Mr. Panikkar, and his coworkers.

Up to and including the period of the Crimean far, I would say that Mr. Lessner’s book should be a must for all who go into India, or into any Bandung country and have to meet criticism of any kind whatsoever.

I regret that Mr. Lessner has not been a careful scholar in that part of the history of Siberia for which ready material is available. He seems to have completely overlooked the  advance of General Kaufman into Central Asia, and the need for this advancement from any angle. And there is no reference at all to Yacub Bey (curcum 1872). I must state these weaknesses because it would give an intelligent Panikarrite (if such one exists) a chance to meet such criticism from an American.

I have refrained from taking any part in political campaigns and would like to consider myself an American, first, and then a partisan. But when I see what I call unnecessary failures and dramas and went to do something about it, where can I turn?

I faced all kinds of groups in India and my first public address ended by applies to the crowd not to mob my chief interrogator! After that it became easier and easier. Indians and Asians in general do not expect Americans to be acquainted with their history, religion, philosophy and ideals.

In closing I wish to recommend a young American, also of African ancestry, who may be preparing to go to the Orient some day and who has been studying the history, religion, philosophies and ideals of Asians for some time. Such a representative or agent of this country could render invaluable service, I think.


Samuel L. Lewis



106 Ethel Ave.,

Mill Valley, Calif.

June 18, 1958


My dear Norman:

I am enclosing copy of a letter to one Carl T. Rowan, a gentleman who obtained some fame before he was sent to the Orient. I think he tried to be fair but there was no way in which he could be fair. For he was conditioned, as most Americans are, to “think” in two-way logistics, and therefore the world must be divided between the “right” and “wrong.” Or at best between the black and white with room for the grays but not for the reds or blues or greens or yellows.

I think I have hit the nail on the head in this letter in that I have concluded that Americans without Vedantic background or some-thing similar simply cannot fathom the “weird” operations of the Asian minds, whereas there is nothing to it.

I don’t know how much you have learned of Vedanta, either theoretical or operative. I will not confute the Advaita however it is presented although my own orientation has always been toward the Sankara view. Even Aurobindo offers much more hope than due the traditionalists of any portion of the European or American worlds. But there are motivations and operations which seem to me to be much “higher” and definitely more effective.

I am sending you this not to win any arguments but in the hope that it may give you ideas that will enable you to hold jobs effectively. The extreme ease with which I got into high places either in the government offices or temples or shrines or ashrams stands in marked contrast to the efforts of some people.

I am sending a copy of this to the Indian government, and may write also to Vice-President Radhakrishnan.

I am also learning more about different kinds of Orientalists in this area. Unfortunately the “personnel” situation is no better elsewhere than at the Academy and I think if this continues so the United States will continue to fail. Professor Moore made an ass of himself at UNESCO, and there were a lot of well placed “Orientalists” who did not even attend his sessions and if they had it would only have been to debunk him, not because he can be debunked but because they make a habit of doing it.

It is most unfortunate that promotions are made by grades and not by districts of specialization so that a Czech was placed at the head of the Japanese section in one department I know—he had the sense to resign; and at another place a specialist on China has control of the Indian affairs and I mean control.





772 Clementina St.,

San Francisco 3, Calif.

December 16, 1959


My deer Norman:

I do not know whether you have heard, but I shall be leaving this part of the world shortly. I go down to Hollywood now for two weeks and will be back at the latest early in January. I do not know whether I shall be seeing Jim or not. My Santa Barbara chum will be visiting his mother shortly and his home is only a few blocks from Jim’s.

I am therefore asking that you please return to me as soon as possible the books you have borrowed from me. It is not necessary that I be here.

You may do me one favor, if you will. I shall be staying in Cleveland quite a while and I understand you have some folks there. Can you give me an introduction? For your information, the social group I shall be staying with is quite mixed racially.

I may be lecturing and doing research work in Cleveland. Doors are opening rapidly for me even here in San Francisco now, perhaps for the first time in my life. I am making excellent contacts, of all kinds. And also getting more introductions for a lengthy journey abroad.

One thing I do not wish is going away parties. Anybody that can buy an extra bottle or get me a present can do much better by contributing to charity abroad. It is very hard to understand the great poverty I have seen and what I expect to see further of in other lands.

Wish you and everybody at East-West House, or whatever it is, Merry Christmas.




772 Clementina St.

San Francisco 3, Calif.

January 15, 1960


Dear Norman:

I am enclosing copy of a letter to Gavin. When I returned from my trip I was invited to certain affairs and then taken to task. It has taken three years to break down these criticisms, which became easy as I broke them down one by one: the glamorist who wanted his ideas accepted and did not want any facts; the philosopher who did not want to hear anything detrimental to his ideas; the poseur who wanted to lead and was afraid of being exposed, etc. All of this shows insecurity.

Now I am no longer concerned with opinions as my kind of people are coming to the top, and perhaps all over.

My trip out of town the other day was to a lady who has been in the Orient and who knows rather intimately many of the teachers who have been at the Academy. She has been especially disenchanted with the Aurobindo Ashram which may be 90% racket and 10% ashram. They don’t even hold Haridas in high regard there—which may turn out to be lucky for him.

She has become in India a disciple of the teacher of a friend of mine and in Japan of Mrs. Sasaki, if she was not already that before she left. She was very well received, much better received than some people of esteem or self- esteem who occupy platforms.

I don’t know how much you have heard of Claude and Breck. She met them and told me a great deal. There is a vast difference between Zen and something called “Zen” by people who have not studied it or been disciplined in it. Last Sunday’s Chronicle had a review of three books, two by Chinese and one by Japanese, concluding that we Americans could not take up Zen as we were unconditioned for it. But the fact is that both Mrs. Sasaki has passed the tests and there is a valid Zendo on Bust St.

The experience of facing the unknown and untested is good for both Claude and Breck. But as Zen is a part of Buddhism—the “authorities” to the contrary notwithstanding, it requires a non-ego or anti-ego outlook which is hard for most of us. If they can but get a glimpse of these things it will be wonderful for them and they will grow. Anyhow they are learning that what they “thought” has little to do with “facts” or “truths.’




January 12, 1960


My dear Gavin:

My experiences today confirm my reasons for not wishing any parting celebration. I have made a trip around the world and have struck high places, perhaps higher than any American civilian before. I came back and was not received even with courtesies by people you know—and by over-courtesy from at least one person you do not know. The events of the past two weeks have made me conclude that when there is lack of courtesy there is lack of security. The man who is stable, who has knowledge, whose feet are on the ground has nothing to lose by giving his ear to others. The person who refuses interviews is insecure, he has weaknesses which he wants to hide and the very process of the hiding reveals his weaknesses. For if he opened himself up then he would not be suspected; but as soon as he closes his ears and mind you can be pretty sure that he has not much within.

The one man who receive me with over-courtesy was Richard Park of Cal. You may have heard about him from June Spaulding. Park was not well received by the public, he did not draw audiences, he did not get any messages over—here. But since my return he has been accepted by the UN committees dealing with village problems of the Orient, and by the Fulbright committees on Foreign Relations dealing with Pacific problems. His rise has led to a number of his friends and pupils being seated in positions on the UC Campus and I have found that their points of view coincide very closely with my own—though his would place them alongside of at least six people whom you admire who have never permitted me to express myself, or if so, given summary rejections.

A real Whitman would not overlook anybody. A pseudo-intellectual must overlook as many people as he can. The rise of name-brand names, is no different in advertising and Oriental studies. We have the same gimmicks—charm, adjectives, suavity, civility, finesse. None of these indicate wisdom, not even knowledge.

There is one man at Cal. who is even more “undiplomatic” than I am and he was the one who, coming out of nowhere, was invited to secret Cabinet meeting in foreign lands. He has no suavity, no saccharinity and what is more, no double talk. We call double-talk “diplomacy” and you cannot point out a single event in the last 20 years or more where a single victory has been gained by a single nation in the use of this suavity, this finesse, this saccharinity. And what people call “diplomatic” is nothing but verbal cheating. The verbal cheats are, of course, headed by your unfriend Nixon, but Gavin, you yourself like the same mannerisms in others, which is your right, but which is not part of my life. Therefore no celebration.

Imagine going up to the Academy and saying “I am a Yogi.” Why, they don’t exactly throw you out, but try it. I have and with one exception, a shutout. They are all fine men (none Americans) who have all the “diplomatic talent.” Well twice today this subject came up at “hard boiled Cal,” and the profs. (God bless them) wanted to hear more. The idea of an American Yogi, an American Sufi allured them and they want to see me again.

I have found that the very persons who would not let me express my views themselves have no standing, either on the Cal. Campus, or in the Orient or in Washington. They are loved by the metaphysical people; they are loved by the audiences they charm, without informing. They have remarkable ability to mislead, not because they have any intention of misleading, but they have lost the faculty of following, of listening. A pseudo-Hindu, putting on a costume and calling himself “Swami Bullshitananda” will be highly received by some of your friends. This is history. A true representative of Asian holy men, dressed to appear not-different—because true holy men are never clowns or outlandish, have no chance.

Fortunately today I ran into one Hindu after another and especially in the presence of profs. I had allies—although I did not need them. In particular one young man who came to this country because he had been hired as guide for the UCLA students in India and had seen them go through the third degree over there turned on me and he found I had the right answers on every point. I never once went into opinion; I always went into experience, and fact.

So I prepare to leave here knowing that when I return I shall be welcomed by a new regime which wants experience and fact and no baloney—no matter how sugarcoated. So I have one or more institutions teaching Asiatics, based on knowledge, sincerity, information and not on charm, décors, grace and “diplomacy.”

I was rather surprised also to receive a gift from a Prime Minister—you can guess. I am also getting ready to greet a real Zen Master.

On the other hand I see no reason to restrain from communicating to anybody that does not believe that communication is a one-way street. There is little difference to me from Billy Graham who shouts and the non-Billy un-Graham who croons—both have paralyzed ears and perhaps paralyzed hearts, too. But there is no cause to be “against” them. Only people who insist on having one-way traffic cause opposition because they are opposed to their own inner beings.

Senzaki used to say: “When you see with your ear and hear with your eye, you have probably it.” I don’t know one detractor who has learned to “see with the ear,” and I don’t know one from whom I want any more than their opening up give-and-take, speak-and-listen, and actually “golden rule” without mentioning it. I don’t think you can name a single detractor, not only men but of anybody that can fill these simple principles.

Therefore no farewell celebrations. Therefore only hope.


Samuel L. Lewis



March 9, 1960


Dear Norman:

This is being written on the typewriter of Mrs. Katherine Peck which shows how small the world is. I do not know how well you are acquainted but she has been a disciple in Sufism for a long time and was a friend of the late Fatha Engle who was a fellow student of mine in very early days.

We were together all day yesterday and she has graciously loaned me this machine until my new one arrives. She tells me that K. has quit her jobs and has evidently not paid her phone bill because it is temporarily disconnected. So I’ll have to write. But evidently some of your friends know some of my few acquaintances here for the grape-vine has been at work.

I visited the Library yesterday with my proposal to catalogue Asian Books and will probably start before the week is over. Now that I have a machine, too, I am going over my work on Zen. I visited the Zendo in Los Angeles though Soen Nakagawa was not there at the time. The work of the late Nyogen Senzaki will continue and I am inclined to believe, will continue with him. There seems to be an increasing interest in Zen for I have inquiries now from Columbus and also from Gloucester, Mass. I don’t know how long I shall remain here.

I have letters to visit Wooster—the Agricultural Experimental Station, and Michigan U. and will probably make these before I go to Columbus, where I should prefer the advent of Spring weather as my contacts are chiefly botanists and horticulturists.

I notice that the steamship line on which I expect travel, the Khedevial, has an office here so I shall visit them shortly. Am at a Motel on Euclid above 30th but will continue to use my friends, the Harrises for mail, until I am sure about my staying here. Mrs. Peck took me to her home which is lovely but this place has the advantage of easy access to Down Town; and outside talks on Oriental philosophy, my main job is to catalogue the White Library; and to continue my writing.

I do not know what your intentions are concerning the Orient so do not know how much I can help. It may be hard for you to realize that Academy is very small potatoes. If I mention names it will look like a personal matter. If names are not mentioned it is hard to estimate or evaluate why Asians don’t take much stock in them. As private philosophers this is one thing; as for getting jobs for graduates it is another and it is the last with which I am concerned. My visit to Michigan U. Will be concerned with that.

In January I received my appointment as official representative of the Sufi Brotherhoods of India and Pakistan. Nobodies will continue to ignore such appointments and the Brotherhoods, of course, are quite unaware of the nobodies. I also have my written credentials from at least two Zen Roshis and these are recognized. Even Dr. Kato confided that I had proven to him my position in Zen; and Mrs. Fernandez, one of Senzaki’s old disciples, prodded me on this, too.

He used to challenge the Christian ministers to debate, being now an anti-missionary and he argued with everybody and everything in sight and then left for the Orient.

The moral of this story is that when you want a “good” school in Oriental “philosophy,” select a European émigré. He was the first and since his time we have had endless troupe of Europeans “explaining” Asia to us.

The history is different: He ultimately did become a real esoteric Buddhist and a prophet. All his prophecies came true and he also died a wise man whom nobody believed. He became a male Cassandra.

The quest on is why do Americans follow such people.

The case of the Unyogi. He was a friend of youth who graduated from Cal. and could not get a job because he was a Hindu. Another friend met him and said “How’s the Yogi today.” “I am not a Yogi.” “Well, Yogi, how are you doing?” “I am not a Yogi and I am not doing, I cannot get a job.” “Good-bye, Yogi, think it over.”

So the Hindu thought it over. Opened a center. In three months a rich widow was financing him. In six months he had a large following. In one year he eloped to New York with his beautiful blonde secretary leaving the rich widow behind. When I last saw him in New York he had a large following.

I have undergone a lot of “Sufi Yoga” at times and this has given me unusual hidden strength. I have demonstrated it occasionally more at not getting tired than in performing feats. One I was asked to help three men move a piano and it was done to our mutual surprise (loaded on a truck). The owner told me his troubles. He was a Dr. X, a great pianist from Vienna but he could not get either pupils or concerts. What to do?

“You are a doctor? You come from Vienna? You are a psychologist!”  “But I am not a Psychologist, I am a musician.” “Yes, and you are starving. This is California. You come from Vienna, you are a Doctor. You must be a Psychologist.” As in the case of the Unyogi, the Doctor is no longer starving.

So I am going to add a lot of anecdotes to my manuscript. And this will keep me from delving into the not so private life of Norman McGhee Jr.




March 11, 1960


Dear Norman:

This is not what I came to Cleveland for or is it? My dearest friend here is one Mrs. Paul Harris (Viola) who lived in San Francisco 1920-3. We were fellow students in Sufism. She came here to be married and we have carried on a very desultory correspondence but have from the very beginning been close friends and allies.

She introduced me to Mrs. Catherine Peck with whom I spent at least one whole day and in whose company I have been when not working or researching.

Catherine introduced me to Ruth Lavender in whose house I was yesterday and today I go to Mrs. Nicholas’ place. Tomorrow I am going to meet one Mr. Norman McGhee. Say, who started this? It is not in my plan-book or itinerary but here it is.

Kathleen seems to have disappeared though I wrote her a letter with a stamped return envelope in it. And I understand … no, I am not writing your biography and even less am I a private eye or a public one.

I suppose I’ll stick around Ohio for at least six weeks and then trapayze to Washington. I have a lot of ideas which will go into my writings. This is Mrs. Peck’s machine. I purchased a new one which has not yet arrived.

I sent out several reports on Arabian literature and am thinking of some follows-up. But I am now reminded of early anecdotes.

The Case of the Angry Hungarian. Nobody knew his exact name but if you find the old Literary Digest he was called “Trebisch-Lincoln.” He is supposed to have been born a Jew and from his emotional nature I am inclined to agree. Anyhow he became a Baptist missionary and came to this country of another faith but still a missionary. Then he got tired of being a Christian and found the faith too superficial. So he became a Buddhist but there was never a Buddhist like him. Instead of threatening you with hell he threatened you with further incarnations. He liked meditating but he liked arguing more.

He stormed into Senzaki’s—I do not remember whether it was the Mentorgarten or Zendo. There were about 70 people each meeting. He just took over and then he took out. He pretended to be both Hinayana and Mahayana and as Hinayana never ate after noon. Then he broke with Senzaki and started his own school. When the members were arguing I found him in a corner eating! So I stayed with Senzaki-san while nearly all the faithful “Aryans” went out with Trebisch-Lincoln who called himself “Dr. Ruh.”

The Californianian (as against the Californian) always belongs to a New Age. He may have a new religion which will invariably be wound up with metaphysics or the Orient and sometimes with both. He chafes at traditions, or at least with the tradition of traditions. He got rid of the hats for men. He elected strange men for Governor who are not understood elsewhere and also nearly elected more strange men like Upton Sinclair. You find some of the best writers and poets among them, but more the zest for new ventures in the arts. So we have Schoenberg, Stravinsky and a host of French composers in our midst, whose capital was Santa Barbara and whose social leader was Leopold Stokowski, etc.

The children of the New Age hold to no racial outlooks. They accept reincarnation and many believe they adhered to other strains in other lives. USC grudgingly had dark men on their team and never gave them credit; UCLA welcomed them and gave them even too much credit, winning ball games but not always placing their heroes on professional teams. Stanford answered with Armenians. Everything rigid broke down or is breaking down. A good San Franciscan knows how to use chopsticks. The opposition to Chinese in San Mateo County came from outsiders; the same with the opposition to the dark-skinned in Marin.

You come out to San Francisco and you are more Californianian than an Yvonne who is almost a hill-billy Californian. You belonged and she did not. So I am not too anxious to see you live in Cleveland. The dark people are not so different from elsewhere, but the pale-faces are and I might find it difficult to adjust with the type of European backgrounds of many of the whites. This is the State of Lausche and Lasalle and the Tafts.

Your father wants you in his business. I think it would be good for you to learn it not only because ultimately you might be having a fine income, but because he is willing you start a branch in SF or in many places. We talked somewhat about investment opportunities. You may or may not be surprised that I have taken the card of an SF investment firm with me to represent them in other parts of the world, wherever opportunities are. I know a lot about opportunities aboard and even in parts of California. It is only I am not a Jupiterian; or at least not a Taurus person.

From the business point of view and also because it would make him happy you may be able to assent. But I cannot see you living in Cleveland long. I can’t see you fit here, I don’t think you want to; and I can see you fit equally in the San Francisco and Los Angeles regions and equally in parts of Africa and Asian.

As I said in the beginning advice can be the activity of the failure, the ignorant, the stupid and not necessarily the effort of the wise. I only admit to one fault on your part, which is lack of anchorage. But the details I leave up to you and the rest of your career up to you. Frankly too must change might disturb you and it would certainly disturb me so far as you are concerned. I think you have your own dreams and visions and they may be as pregnant as any anybody else may have concerning you.

Kathleen Woods has flit into the unknown.





March 13, 1960


My dear Norman:

Any fool can give advice. Anybody, especially the failure, knows exactly why the other fellow has not succeeded or knows what measures he may take to succeed. This is often true when the first party does not want success so much as satisfaction or happiness. These are not quantitative.

I have met your father. Naturally we have had a long talk end we are to meet again. He is both successful and busy. I should imagine that he has very strong Jupiterian influences in his horoscope. I believe it is Jupiter rather than Taurus that may be contributing to his ways, for his body is not Jupiterian and his mind is very much so. If you ever had his horoscope cast I believe this world be born out. It may be that Jupiter is his Ruler.

The Jupiterian sees an ever expanding universe. He is not concerned with small things. He is not even concerned with large things that are static. He must be dynamic. He might even be nervous and your “successful” father, with his unJupiterian body could readily belong to the ulcer-prone careerists who must keep going, and even more when they are successful than when they are not.

I did not “psych” your father. On the weak side he is, or appears to be a lonely man. He would like to love you. He almost looks and acts unanimal-like even more than un-spiritual-like. But his visions are marvelous and they attract me more than any of the above facets which must not be called faults.

I suppose the first near line of difference between us came from an innate spirit of Californiana. The positively worst bit of gossip that I heard about me stemming from the AAAS studies was that I was not a Californian and was only pretending to be. This is utterly stupid and only a sense of humor prevents me from being angry about it. Like so many critical persons they do not take the other fellow’s past into account, not even his failures. I had plenty of them but nearly all of them, as well as some early successes were wrapped up in Californiana. I am eligible to the Joseph Henry Jackson prize in literature. He, and the late Charles Caldwell Dobie knew about my early efforts and were most encouraging and both died without fulfilling their years, robbing me of two of my best patrons in an age when I had few friends and many opponents.

But they knew about my writings and researches into Californiana—one book and a number of articles. I did all the research and a collaborator typed and synthesized. Innumerable interviews and almost as innumerable journeys here and there brought me into touch with certain classes which belong to the State, whether citizens or immigrants. Without going into full details, you definitely belong.

There may be some truth about your father’s health. The same program continues. I was with the Reeses Sunday. He used to live on East Boulevard but they are now in the SE part of town. We became very friendly and they even offered to have me stay with them. On account of location this is inadvisable, but that is the only reason. I like them but as I surmised, my time is being more and more taken up. He referred to your father’s questionable health, saying he knows him very well.

There are some things I must add to my book “East meets West” and that is the implication that “North Meets South.” I can only do that sketchily. My objections to parts of Africa are due to one simply fact and facto and that alone—very few white people could stand the climate of parts of West Africa. Nonetheless I expect to go to the Nigerian Embassy in Washington.

I did run into another Cal. man the other day who has just come back from Libya and I expect to see him tonight.

At this moment I see a strange object in the sky—a warm, rounded figure, radiating light and heat. It seems to have an antipathy to snow. I could not even take a long walk before breakfast today but may later.

Finally I want to note something here—that is, there are not too many emotional adults in this world. We grow or rather age with our bodies, and minds; but stability does not come and I would not say it is a “must” either. Stability alone is not adulthood for I can name some very stable persons whom you would say they belong to the stable with the other asses. Maturity involves dynamic stability or equilibrium and fore-sight. Gee, I hate sermons but guess I throw a few around.





March 25, 1960


My dear Norman:

After getting a strange go-bye at the Greyhound Station, I began trying the Cooper Travel Agency next door to your father and they have arranged my trips to Ann Arbor and Central Ohio (Wooster and Columbus). I go to Ann Arbor Monday after the forthcoming Institute on China and India.

So far I have been most fortunate in meeting the “right” persons for me. I understand that one Indian professor Saha wants to meet me. The other night the chief speaker, purportedly representing India, was one Prof. B. S. Gilani. After the question period I asked: “Didn’t you come originally from Iraq?” “Yes.” “Do you belong to The Family?” The answer was “yes” and I have met his cousin, who now languishes in prison.

Back of this Norman, is something that I have not been able to impress on thick-headed professors, or maybe it was my own fault, but I know far more about Asia than almost anybody around and am not in the least impressed today by negative reactions. I am not only getting positive reactions fast but go to Ann Arbor to meet Prof. Richard Park who was so long in Berkeley and who has been from the start a close friend and ally.

I have been able, inhibited, to prove by talks and instructions, what I was not permitted to present in San Francisco, either in lecture halls or schools or to anything and anybody excepting to Magana Baptiste, and by indirection to Walt. But here they ask what one knows.

After my talk last Sunday the men who arranged Alan Watts’ lectures here say t hey want to have me give a talk on actual mystical disciplines—which can do and may do if date can be arranged. And it is certain that I have been able to size up the White Library—which will be done favorably, but I know the faults. I have also been able to meet a real American Imam here and will see him soon again. All of this helps.

I dropped in to see your father yesterday. Actually or by pretense, he referred to a bad heart and does not think he is going to remain here long. He wants you to come here very badly. I still feel wrong to interfere or over-suggest. I do think you can learn about the investment business and the more I see of the world the more opportunities. I am only afraid of a gimmick to keep you here; I did not say so. Yes, you can and maybe do belong in the investment business but I can’t see you remaining in Cleveland any more than I can see myself not going to Asia. It is the same “eye” that sees these things…. Of course I see endless opportunities in many places but that is something for you to decide. I am already indirectly tied up with a company in San Francisco which restricts its operations to backward parts of Asia (in the financial sense).

Now if you wish to go to India or Pakistan later even I can get you good introductions and contacts. Indeed if you went to India you would be doing me a favor, actually. My pal in that land, Mr. P. M. Kabali of Bombay, is looking for American capital, and he has fingers on everything. He is both a leading aviator and engineer and I can only repeat his first words to me: “I am a Bhakti and a Brahma and wish to be your guide.” He is a very noble spiritual character and combines India 2000 B.C. and 2000 A.D. without leaving off the 4,000 years between.

I also see many opportunities in Pakistan but I am sure you would be fine with Kabali and this would satisfy all your spiritual urges as well. Of course if you went to India and got stuck I can even tell you what to do and you would not be stuck.

I am only representing financiers by verbal agreement; that is I have permission to represent them to get agents, not to deal for them on any basis but to make linkages. Then if I succeed we can settle this when I am home. On the other hand, once you are trained by your father and wish to take geographical steps I feel it would be proper to suggest other introductions to you.

Received a nice letter from Mrs. Gale Darling who is coming home. She is a good friend of Spiegelberg.

Sent the Rudolph Schaeffer School copies of Oriental exhibits in the Museum.

Showed your letter to Mrs. Peck who was glad to read it and sends her regards. She leaves Sunday and will be gone during April so I may not see her again. But the possibility of my coming this way in the future have gone up and up.

I’ll now look up Karamu House: Virginia is in Iowa and nobody knows when she will be back.

Finally I am happy you see your karma. You at me, I feel like a Punjabi and have been stuck in a Jewish (mostly) body. The rest of me feels like a Japanese and my smallness increases that, too. This makes integration natural. I have given a talk on the use of the X-ray, ultra-microscope, blood-tests and what not to show the folly of anthropomorphizing a lot of stuff that won’t hold up. It is only the ego-eye-of-ugliness that makes all sorts of divisions and distinctions. I even prefer money-mad people. Of course as I have known the Chinese from infancy, racial barriers weren’t there until forced from outside and then they did not stick. St. Paul had an awful time trying to get Jew, Greek and barbarian together. The first Mosque was largely built by an American: the first call-to-prayer by a Negro—that should have put the Arabs in their place, but unfortunately did not.

Anyhow am feeling fine despite the unusual weather—the hottest and coldest on record the same week; and wet most of the time. Best regards and wishes.




March 31, 1960


My dear Norman:

Today I received a flock of mail. I have written to Jim as I found a thriving School for Asian Studies at Ann Arbor. The undergraduate level corresponds to what the Academy has been trying. At the graduate level you do your own research, unsupervised and it has to be original—that is the only requirement. There is plenty of room for that.

There are also a lot of Asians at Ann Arbor (Michigan U). Many are exchange students and a few are exchange professors. I met a lot of them through the International House. I have some literature around but want to keep it. However, you can write to Michigan U if you are interested. Only this would bring you too near home.

No, I would rather not have your father see my mail. A Sufi is one who is trained to see from several points of view. I do not know whether your father is transparent. The fact is that the mystic learns to “see” through all sorts of people and sometimes rather quickly. The eyes, the walk, the gestures, the speech, all tell him something. This is very different from the intellectual view of a mystic philosophy. You only see the outside.

The Academy has had an unfortunate history. You get men there who are not Americans and often not Asians either and they are accepted on their personalities, not on their validity. Then in my case they deny that I am a Californian or know anything. Well I knew there was plenty of money for Islamic studies at Ann Arbor and I did not go there to meet students either. I learned that moneys that should and could have gone to San Francisco have gone to Cedar Rapids and Washington. You can thank those good dear Asians, Alan Watts and Rom Landau.

Sometimes I wish you were in Cleveland and saw me work at the Library or can explain Ibn Khaldun’s “Muqaddimah” which I am reading. In the case of Sufism, you simply cannot look the books up either by catalogue or country. You will find very few books on “Sufism” in the files and I can show you anywhere from 4 to 10 times as many books about Sufism or by Sufis in the stacks and prove it.

The conference in India and Asia was a marvel. All the speakers on China had been there. All the speakers on India were either Hindus or American, Really, it can happen here! Nobody got by because the audience liked him; nobody got by who did not have valid information. Yes, it can happen here. Anyhow I am getting nice letters from the World Affairs Council in SF.

I think we have come to an understanding. You would please your father to learn the investment business and to assure yourself of income. But outside of all other considerations I am positive even here you would do much better elsewhere. I see all sorts of possibilities in California anyhow.

I get letters from Jim Pike regularly, evidencing that he is lonely. But it is very hard to help someone who will not appreciate his own virtues.

Mrs. Peck evinced some antagonism to Pak Subuh. I don’t know much about this movement but it is of some concern that so many of Alan’s former devotees went over to it. Why? In what way does it help? As far as I could see—and I could be way off—Alan never gave any disciplines, exercises or things to do and these were really wanted. Locke has fine potentialities but after running along with Gary Snyder, he and a lot of other folks made this jump into “nowhere.” Or maybe into somewhere.

Socially Sufism offers prospects not in Zen for it does not stimulate retreats so readily and it does stress brotherhood, so that all peoples can come together regardless of any external differences. Of course I am great on propaganda-blarney, but I can hold my own, given a chance. And more so lately because every time one meets a real spiritual teacher it is was if “something new were added.”

I guess I’ll have to try to reach K. by letter—and not depend too much on the grapevine; and will send more news whenever my fingers ache—although you can see I am not yet too adjusted to this machine.

Earn while you learn.

Samuel L. Lewis



April 24, 1960


My dear Norman:

I am about to leave Cleveland for Washington. My stay here has been both edifying and strange. The strangeness has taken forms which may interest you—at least in part they concern yourself and I shall mention these first, though they may seem delicate.

Your father has moved to Euclid & 106th Sts. This is near the corner where I transfer to go to the Lavenders. Ruth Lavender is the Secretary-Treasurer of the small group of students of Sufism: I also had to transfer often at 55th and Woodland. As I was completing my external affairs on East Boulevard yesterday I thought I would walk through the Park—the weather at last was fine—and saw your father’s new office, quite modern and in a better location.

From all I can here he is prospering fine but more and more wants to teach you the business. He is coming to LA and wants to see you there—indeed I guess you are going. In the meanwhile I am hearing mare from India and have had to take over a small deal myself. Ordinarily I don’t like to do that but the closeness of ties is one thing and indirectly it involves much more.

I am hoping, or wishing—and this is not wisdom but it might be—that you might learn from your father and apply the knowledge and the investments in parts of Asia to universal satisfaction. True within a few hours I shall be closeted with the State Department and it may throw more light or a different light upon what I am saying. But I also realize the “iron fist” which none of us wants and a gold prison is not much better than an iron one too. I don’t think your father can hold you here and I certainly don’t want to see you here. I want you either in California or Asia. (That’s a mighty big spot, son.)

My other affairs here came out to some satisfaction. I have a good picture of the library. I have interested several persons in Sufism and also met some college students who come from Sufi families. Seeds are sown in several parts of this State to mutual satisfaction:

My scientific ventures were most successful although in a strange way perhaps more esoteric than the Sufi ones. I happened upon the men with the most information and incidentally the most zest along the very lines with which I hope to promote better American-Asian relations. Indeed if there is anything blueprinted for me in the ethers, that is it and I am getting both more confident and more assured here:

All of this seems to point to an unusually long journey, but with no assurance or certainty. I have lots of heavy business in Washington, New York and Boston, before leaving.

My next address will be

c/o E. W Hathaway

350 E: 76th,

New York 21, N.Y.

I have not heard from either Dr. Baker or Gavin for some time and “fear” in both instances but for different reasons.







My dear Norman:

I have your letter of the 5th and note your meeting with your father is coming off as he scheduled. I am glad you are going to Cleveland to pick up the loose ends of business. But my coming to New York gave me another look on life. I find there has been a natural integration here through time-processes and perhaps with side-kicks from the Puerto Ricans who seem to push others into mutual understanding.

Perhaps you have met Elsa Gidlow—I am sure you have—and you may also know Isabel Quallo. My host, Bill Hathaway, Elsa and Isabel all have in common that they were born in Hull, England. I walked into the Quallo residence and made myself at home, rather to the consternation George, the son, who had never heard of me—and then I am a pale-face, too! But before the night was over I think we established a healthy relationship. Isabel and I have an almost brother-sister feeling which is deep and real and we should be seeing much of each other.

Edward Jones is the darkest person I know, but outside of his skin he looks and acts and is shaped like a combination of a Caucasian and a Senzaki. He also seems to feel his incarnation is for a purpose. I have not offered much spiritual help here; I do not want to start a movement but I have not found one I should wish to strengthen. The Ramakrishna Society is not prosperous and some of the metaphysical ones are.

Heard a lecture on Yoga and Zen Sunday night wherein the speaker, an Indian, took some strong swipes at Alan Watts. This is now a habit and I may meet other such people tomorrow night at the Zen Institute. But Isabel is friendly to Alan and was surprised that David, Locke & Co. should be running off to Subud. Or maybe they have reformed??

Gavin should go to France. He does not consult his intuitions, or advice or even his horoscope—which last is almost unforgivable. I have heard from Dr. Baker. Often I write my Puck letters, but what is said in jest often comes to be true. My first application resulted in a free courtesy visa. I stand in far, far better with cultural attachés and even foreign governments than people around San Francisco chose to accept.

I did spend one night with a Pakistani going over papers on Oriental philosophy written by “brand names” from Canada and Great Britain, who are so famous they can make all kinds of mistakes and nobody can answer them. No wonder Asian lands do not love us.

The World Trade Fair is on and I see more and more opportunities if you care to go to certain lands. I think there are many wide open areas and the more I see, the more opportunities appear. I ran unexpectedly into Mohammed Ali Mirdad who has a home at 1553A Pine St. You may know him. He is in charge of the Indian section.

My travel agent arrives tomorrow and he will fix a date for my departure.

Good luck,




June 23, 1960


Dear Norman:

I am writing without knowing whether you are in San Francisco or Cleveland. If you are in Cleveland part of this letter may be ignored.

I have not had a simple time getting arrangements to sail. I visited some cousins and the next thing I am back to work. They are professional flower growers. I do make trips, chiefly to Boston but sometimes to New York and may even go to Banger, Maine.

My life is also complicated by the Japanese situation. My old campaign, “Asia versus phant-Asia” is beginning to bear fruit. Generally speaking I get the approval of Asians, no matter what country; but it is hard to convince certain classes of Americans about this.

One great exception is in this region and especially among graduates from Harvard, of whom I meet a great many. They are interested in facts, facts and more facts, personalities and implications are of little importance. So we come to understandings very quickly.

Now I am writing asking for a favor—but only if you are in San Francisco. Amy, daughter of my cousin Joseph Matz, of Brookline, is coming to San Francisco. She may (or may not) be there when this letter reaches you, wherever you are. Presuming you would be in Cleveland, I did not give her a note to you, or to the East-West House.

She is a college girl, apparently very intelligent, broad and of a world outlook. We came to a quick understanding—but I found this common to all of my younger relatives with one notable exception. She is interested in psychology, cha-cha, Japanese and Chinese meals, modern art and Zen. I have given her an introduction to Della Goertz and if you are still in SF will you kindly telephone Della if you would like to meet Amy.

In the past my relatives have been many broad and universal and Adolph, with whom I am now staying, only went with integrated groups and that was years ago. Amy is so thoroughly modern in everything I could sense.

I must say that she, and others, felt confused by Alan Watts. The last book of his that I look through has no real beginning and end and is not historically correct. Just a hodge-podge of things he has thrown together. Instead I would like her to go to the Zendo and also meet Kato.

I received a nice letter today from Congressman Inouye who is anxious to establish a real Academy of real Oriental Studies in Hawaii.


Samuel Lewis



Morland House

16, Sharia Kemal ed din Salah

Kasr el Doubara

Cairo, UAR

October 3, 1960


My dear Norman:

I should like to entitle this epistle, “This is it” but I understand that the sage of Mill Valley has taken out a copyright on that title. Exactly what it means I don’t know and as we do not have TV here and would not get “Divorce Court” anyhow, we shall have not further reference to that person or title excepting with the best of poisonous good will. For I am delightfully sorry to tell you that among those living and otherwise one Rom Landau and one Alan Watts certainly do not stand in well with the Foreign Service. And a good deal of this letter will be pointed against the continued use of Europeans as “authorities.” On Asian subjects, and here Islamic in particular. Of course if you want to get your degree it is one thing but you have already gone through the agonies of appealing to the State Department, which grand portion of the American Government does not seem to grant that all men were created free and equal to perjure themselves and others and have stubbornly refused to believe that some Europeans who write excellent books about the Orient of Islam necessarily know what they are talking about.

It is just a month since I arrived here under circumstances which no professor of the AAA Studies could possible admit, only the American and UAR governments deciding between themselves quite different from Prof. Hugo Von Plotz of Heidelberg, Leyden and Cambridge what my credentials are and either I was able to fool them—but I can’t fool the professor—or else they have a very distorted view about Islamic knowledge.

As it was Labor Day I hied me to Al-Azhar University where I go occasionally and have made an offensive and defensive alliance with a colored boy from New York. The part that is offensive is that what we have agreed on is quite out of line with Prof. Hugo Von Plotz. Besides you meet queer kinds of dark faced fellows at Al Azhar, the man from Senegal being particularly kind and particularly cultured acting like he had a flock of PhDs. And quite capable of communicating with you on all kinds of subjects which would be over the heads of Dixielanders and would be particularly disturbing to Hugo Von Plotz.

The Americans who sojourn in this pension (glorified boarding house with French pronunciation) have found that both Al Azhar and the Americans here uphold the dignity of Duncan McDonald whom Von Plotz rejects utterly and absolutely; and one finds out soon that MacDonald is recognized all over and Von Plotz and Arberry not at all.

On top of that there is a dim view that if you got your credentials in Islamics from any California University you did not get your credentials and you really did not get your Islamics. Pacific and UC are particularly black-listed but the AAAS particularly under the aegis of A.W. was so far off the beam that mere attendance is liable to make you suspect. For the instruction of phant-Asian nonsense out of the minds of the various Von Plotzes who taught these hardly results in the establishment of any real relations. Jim Pike made various peregrinations and escaped, though I know not what. And Claude may have learned something through I know not what either.

After visiting Al-Azhar, Labor Day being over, I went to the American Embassy and American University here. I got introductions fast and furious and they still come fast and furious. The plans worked out by and with Harry Nelson of City College have not only been accepted, they work and this curious person has been as rapidly received into places where he could not possible go as he was Japan and everywhere else, Von Plotz notwithstanding.

I do not intend here to relate about my scientific experiences. They began essentially at the graduate level and now I am meeting the top scientists here as I did in Japan and India and furiously busy in the exchange of information.

My one difference at the American U was my objection to Von Plots-X teaching that Islam felt because the Sufis eschewed politics. Of course as the great Moguls and the greatest Sultans were Sufis, we have to teach history as Von Plotz does or you won’t get your degree. Having met Sufis in so many high places in India and in so many foreign services in Washington I am, perhaps, the greatest deluded American, but it is these delusions that get you places, mon friend, my ami.

Well one day I was at the Vegetable Experimental Station where I can’t go and the head, one Fouad Rizk said: “I have a great treat in store for you, you are to meet a member of Tarik, he has heard all about you.” So I met M.R. Billah and it was pre-love at first supersight and it has been ever since. By the second time we met we were talking crazily about mystics and states and stations which Von Plotz insisted went out of style years ago and then I quoted Billah’s grand sheikh and soon was reporting which seems to indicate that I may be meeting members of the Rifa’i of Whirling Dervish Order. This, probably later in the month.

Then I have been it the National Research Centre where I can’t go and meet the top scientists and those crazy people are all interested in the deeper aspects of Islamic mysticism. Of course every lawyer and merchant will tell you these went out of style centuries ago and no thinking man pays any attention to them.

The other day I met a beautiful girl. I often meet what I call beautiful girls. The chemistry that they study is confined strictly to the test tube and not to the face or hair. If you had been in my place you would either have been converted to Islam or joined the faculty at once. She brought me a Coke—which is almost the national drink but I dote on their tea and Turkish Coffee, so she said I was a funny American. I said: “You are so right and I am going to prove it.” “How?”

“In the first place I have another name, Ahmed Murad.” She almost dropped the coke bottles. I did not let her recover. “Then I am darveeeeeeeesh.” She almost dropped herself, but I let her recover. “Then, over at Al-Azhar they said I was madzub spiritual mad, and I told them they were right I was madzub.” The professors who never heard of Von Plotz Stopped talking about Wheat proteins and Monosaccharide equilibria and all that scientific jargon which is nonsense to Von Plotz and we discussed Sufism but I told them that I was following the Prophet in order to see that people had full stomachs. This does not give me a PhD. in Islamics but keeps me on the verge of becoming a Saint. The Sufi saint is not like a Christian or Buddhist who must be 100% virtuous; he just has to be 100% alive.

Now I found in a short time that two very great scientific problems have been solved at the research Center and I shall be writing to the US about it. The pro Israeli people don’t like that for they hold that God made the Jews—or was it Jehovas—and the devil created Nasser (they have forgiven Hitler). I haven’t even started but I have also communicated that the Americans have solved some scientific problems and I let them know how and why. This give me free coffee—at least, every time I call on an American or Arab and as the coffee at this pension is week, in the a.m. I grab all the interviews I can and do I scrounge coffee.

As I don’t drink cokes I have another pause to refresh, or disturb. I am near a Mosque. It has a loud speaker. The Imam loud speakers or even cans his sermons for everybody without hearing distance. Then the band begins to play and it is as calm and peaceful as any portion of bedlam.

The political situation is different today. There are nations in Africa which are adopting the same policy as South Africa, only in reverse. This is naughty-naughty. “Britons, never, nahver, nevaire shall be slaves” but watch out or they will lose the vote. I myself am against everybody, and I mean everybody. There were Nations in Africa, just as much as anywhere. The Frahnnsh and the British and Belgiums went in and busted them. Instead of restoring those Nations everybody wants to continue along the lines of the colonialists while damning colonialism. So instead of there being a proper culture Nation-like Dahomey might presumably be, races and cultures are divided according to the provinces the Europeans established and groups are compelled to divide on one side and become aligned with comparative strangers in the other. I refer to the M’Sai in Uganda and Kenya. But that is the trouble in the Congo. These people had different historical backgrounds and are being forced together, and separated from French Congo, etc. Why? What we call self determination is within limits. Africa should be divided, in my opinion, by cultures, languages, traditions and not by bound areas established by European imperialists. So I don’t agree with anybody.

That is a speech. I make one every day here and the fools around here listen. Of course Von Plotz never comes to Egypt. He is too great on authority on the Near East to bother.

I wrote Jim Pike today. I also sent him an old ragged 5 piaster piece and a Turkish coin. He will get more but I can only enclose a little at a time. He gave me a lot of news.

If you see Donna you can tell her I still love her and to prove it I am getting further and further away. And if you see Cathy Marshall tell her I only quit dreaming about her because in the Near East we have different kinds of dreams. This may make her curious, or furious or spurious.

Well Ved is gone and it was his own fault. He was just as subjective as any Von Plotz whom he could not accept. He also talked about a dream world and never respected people or movements. We have to learn about real Asia. I am going to see the Indian Cultural attaché tomorrow and we will talk the real thing. I am also acting as liaison between the Indian and the American cultural attaches.

I am also studying modern American philosophy to introduce it to the Orient. Can do. I have a bunch of universities on my agenda.

I went to the Pakistani Consulate for a Visa. I was given a long questionnaire. I filled it, I overfilled it. The clerk challenged my answers. I walked out and wrote a letter to the Consul General in SF sending a copy to the Pakistani Ambassador. The next morning I got an emergency call from the American embassy. I went over to the Pakistani Embassy. The clerk stood at attention, gave me my passport book with Visa and then saluted and stood at attention until I left the building. Ah, you don’t know Ahmed Murad Chisti, Whose existence Von Plotz denies and of course European professors cannot be wrong. Actually I did not know whether to break into a fury or burst out laughing. Only Egyptian without negro blood don’t laugh and the African’s with thick lips do.

Her I met a Tigre.” He is a man, not an animal. His name is Hasan and comes from Ethiopia. He has the real Semitic features and does not look a bit like a Jew or Negro and even less like an Armenian. He has the same Semitic features you find in books on Anthropology and nowhere else.

Yesterday Julie took me out. She is a Baltic and married to an Arab. We went to the bazaars but our contact was not in. We walked down the gold Bazaar where you can get genuine absolutely pure gold of 24-K, 18-K and 14-K, especially that last. I did not see anything I wanted excepting some little Kurans in gold and thought of Florie Leonard. £10E. No. We started to walk out. £2E. An Egyptian pound is about $2.20. Wow, down to 20% of the first price without even an effort to bargain. These people aren’t Syrians.

Oh yes, I pulled a terrible stunt in Beirut for which I am gloriously shamed. When the ship landed a flock of men came on board. Were they customs were police inspectors? Guides? Give up? They were barbers.

They came into every meeting, knocked on every door and made themselves nuisances all over the place. Finally one man insisted on knowing why I had no time for a haircut. “I am Ahmed Murad, derveeeeesh.” His jaws dropped. He dropped is tools. He dropped his kit. His knees saged. “I am Ahmed Murad, derveeesh. Come, I give you free hair cut.”

The folks came back from Baalbek that night. “Oh, you had a haircut. Now much? “Nothing.” After a while the Chief Engineer came in. “Oh, you had a haircut, how much?” Nothing. For Free.” Then the Chiefs assistant came in. “Oh, you had a haircut. How Much? “Are you kidding. Nothing.” Ahmed Murad, changed back to Sam Lewis became a hero and was given a hero greeting when he left the ship and got in as a VIP.

Prof. Plotz will never believe it but they did not go through my bags and met down to one bottle and one carton of smokes. Yes, I got in and that is one of the mysteries that go on. But Allah is great only most people don’t believe in Allah or don’t believe enough.

There is a Sufi working at the Hotel Semiramis next door and he has nominated me for saint ship. This is a little tough but he wins the arguments because he is the only one who can speak well in both Arabic and English and maybe he fudges in translating but I get the benefit of it.

Wednesday we walked all over Cairo visiting one historical Mosque after another. My fantastic ears heard Sufi chanting but I have such an occult power that my guide also heard and told people. This is a fine way to repudiate Von Plotz who says it cannot be. There just ain’t any more Sufis of dervishes and if there are you cannot meet them. He didn’t.

Finally the dollar. I went to the chamber of Commerce but politics so dominated the talk that I think one can do better in India than here. I don’t wish that way. This country is full one can do better in India than here. I don’t wish to get into political fights where a victory means absolutely nothing. Besides I have such intelligent intellectual discussions on science and Sufism. That is enough.

I may be here a while yet. This is about the 20th letter for one day. And my mail expense is going to be in the neighborhood $3.00 for postage. This is my record. I have not even started my work in art and other doors are opening too. I have not reported to the American Friends of the Middle East, either. I may after concluding business at the information Bureau.

Dear Gavin took a nose-dive, and news concerning Dr. Baker is not clear. Despite the bravado here I am really working on a lofty level of intellect and love. “Hoping you are the same.”



P.S. After writing. Interviews here show substantial support for campaign to remove European intermediation in teaching of Islamic and Asian cultures.



October 17, 1960


My dear Norman:

I am about the lower the boom. It must be done in an intelligible and intelligent matter. I have never taken up the problem of your appealing to the State Department but I already have the answer. We have just acknowledged a number of African Nations. Now I wonder if we are going to start classes in presenting their culture and for this purpose look around for graduates of Uppsala and Heidelberg and Leyden and Oxford, and finding displaced Europeans give their jobs. “Only in America” is this done. There is a glamour to Uppsala and Heidelberg and Leyden and Oxford, but I have still to meet a single Oriental who will admit it. Stubborn fellows these Asians. They simply will not agree that this Uppsala and Heidelberg and Leyden and Oxford have the best Orientalists. They have their own ideas. Indeed I have just been to the Indian information office and could give you the names of some Europeans admired in India but I have same doubts as to whether you have heard of many of them.

No doubt any American can go to Uppsala and Heidelberg and Leyden and Oxford and get a PhD in some Oriental subject. They can even go to Yale and Honolulu which pose the top American “authorities” on India preaching and teaching what never was heard in India in its many thousands of years of culture. Well the State Department and Central Intelligence, darn it, agree with the Asian Neutralists and not with our “allies” and if you have gone to Uppsala or Heidelberg or Leyden or Oxford, of if you have had teachers from these places even with PhDs in Asian subjects the State Department does not recognize them. It is as Prof. Chatterji put it: “Why, if you Americans wish to insult, it, why don’t you do it yourselves instead of inviting Europeans to do it for you.

The AAAS is not even on the black list, it is not on any lists. Whatever persons who have gone there and offered degrees and whatever degrees are confirmed by other schools or institutions may be all right. But it is time that we have a few more schools that teach Asian-Asian subjects and not phant-Asian subjects.

Thursday I expect to go to the American University here and put a stingaroo in their hands. I just read their “text-book” on the Dervishes. It was written in Cairo. Period. Did the writer go around to see if there are any Dervishes? There was no need to. He just got out a lost book written by “brand-names” who went to Oxford and Leyden & Co. and copied from them and from a few others. That’s it so of course there are no Dervishes and those that are are fakers and nobody ever heard of them, and they are having a big parliament and I have been to Al-Azhar and they are going to bring me to meet them after I mail this.

This is typically-typical and “Only in America” can you find this excepting that the Russians have far outclassed us in stupidity requiring all engineers to qualify in Marxist-Leninism even if they don’t do too well in Math and Mechanics! There is no school in Central California which stands well in the good graces of the Stands Department although I think San Jose State is sincere but they have only a small staff.

The news is coming in too thick and fast for me to keep up. My University of California connections have gotten me in good graces and I have long and pleasant tales. The other day the Federal Government sent two agricultural experts to look me up and they are reporting me to the one man I am hoping to advertise, namely Dr. Fireman who was in charge of the saline laboratories in Riverside. This is a long and complicated series of pleasant stories.

Then the man who as Consul-General Hussein in San Francisco will be here shortly as Ambassador. I have just been to see the Cultural Attaché. This pension is the meeting place of the Japanese and Indians and strange people these, they welcome me whole heartedly, as do the Arabs. And so whether the ghost of the Academy cares or not, I may do something when I return. My immediate plans are to establish a branch of the World Congress of Faiths, but it is possible that the Foreign Service may wish me to do other things.

For I am prepared and preparing to introduce American philosophy and poetry into other countries, and on a high level. I have now the support of several universities and important (to me) men in the U.S. After all I have studied a long, long time and may have collected some knowledge, if not wisdom.

I was for years interested in schools for Asian studies. I still am. But in the United States graduate studies mean individual effort and research, not just listening to an authoritative teacher insisting that the philosophy he is propounding is not dogmatic, when as he presents it, it is nothing else. None of the Asian philosophies are dogmatic but some men who present them are—or rather within the United States, the great majority of so-called teachers are and the great majority are neither Asian-born nor American-born and don’t think this isn’t know where it should be known.

A good deal of the vote to recognize China was a protest against some American methods. I am hoping to present the UAR side of the picture. This side may have faults, but it has never been presented and I am so amazed by the progress here that I cannot point to anything among excepting in the political field which is outside my domain anyhow. Science, art, culture, social progress are tremendous considering the time and the handicaps; I should better say stupendous. Which does not mean that other Nations are not, or cannot do the same. I simply do not know about them and haven’t time to investigate.


Oct. 18. It is my birthday and I am going on a trip to Suez. I do not know what I shall learn but I understand it is will be my first introduction to industrial Egypt. So far I have only pamphlets and statistics.

My accomplishments here have been restricted by one thing and one thing, alone—the heat. It began to cool off at the end of September but October got hot again.

Every day I have adventures and sometimes they are startling—excepting, of course, when it is too hot. Yesterday morning I visited Al-Azhar, the historical university and showed them the book on “Sufism” published by the American University. The upshot was that they promised to introduce me to the real Sufis here. There are more Sufis on earth than all the Mystics of all other schools combined and multiplied by ten, and we simply ignore then. Rom Landau is not the only “authority” who denies their existence. The worst is Grünebaum of Chicago, but they being big men are listened to. I ran into Sufis all over the place when I was in Pakistan and India. Just before I left SF I was called into the Indonesian Consulate for an official farewell—the whole staff were Sufis. When I visited the Sudanese Embassy in Washington I asked the information clerk—a beautiful blonde, of course, if she knew about the dervishes. She never heard of them. She asked her superior and he answered: “How do you know I am not one?” This gave her a shock.

I got the same answer here from the American “authority” at the University and I got quite another answer from the top scientists who, of course as everybody knows(!) are anti-mystical. Only they aren’t and this is a big story by itself. But yesterday the office manager at Al-Azhar said I had given proof of my knowledge of Sufism and he himself will introduce me tomorrow, October 19.

I left Al-Azhar to go to the Indian Information Office and there they gave me a special (I found out later) card to the opening of their Art Exhibit which takes place tomorrow night. This hotel is the rendezvous of the Japanese and Indians and the Indians are inviting me to their land and I don’t know how I can make it all. But I am studying Indian philosophy very carefully now and have learned of schools which have never presented their case in the U.S. I am also studying their reaction to Western philosophy. Their great weakness, as I suspected, is that they do not know too much about our real great thinkers—I don’t mean the advertised brands. You probably have heard and maybe much about Santyana, but I doubt whether you know too much about Charles Pierce.

Their view on Semantics is short and tierce. “We have been teaching that for 2,000 years.” But try and convince Hayakawa. That man turned down absolutely both my papers on science or rather actual scientific research by a quasi-semantic method; and my papers on the relation of semantics to Indian teachings without even glancing at them. Wrong author. This “wrong author” stuff is for the pretenders, the egotists. You know the story of the Greek scientist, and the Physics Dept. at Berkeley—how they pigeon-holed his correspondence and the next thing he got a top-level job from the federal Government. There has been too much of that nonsense.

Only those non-sense mongers don’t realize (or maybe they do) how insecure they are. A secure scientist is one of the finest men talk to but I guess so is a secure person anywhere. It is the insecure who reject and especially a priori.

I visited the bazaars here largely to try and buy something for Dr. Baker and also some art goods for Rudolph Schaeffer. I found that if one buys gold you have travel importing into the US and if you buy pure silver you have a tough time getting it out of UAR. So the present for Dr. Baker will have to be shipped from Pakistan. The other things will be shipped later for I do not intend to disgorge until I am about ready to leave here.

When I return I hope to cooperate to have real institutions in the United States engaged in cultural exchange; and if they go into metaphysics, mysticism or anything beyond materialism, have it on a universal and not personal basis. Neither science nor mysticism is a person and the strange thing in California—you don’t find it at all in Massachusetts—is that we tie ourselves to some personality and think we have found wisdom. The surest proof is that by tying ourselves to somebody it is a proof we have not found ourselves.

The Indian Art Exhibit will be of contemporary paintings. I have already seen a joint contemporary UAR—U.S. exhibit, very good, very encouraging.

I met Dr. Chandrasekhar here recently. He is the top demographer who speaks on family planning and population control. He was most happy to learn I had been in his Berkeley audience.

Actually I doubt very much whether I shall return with blood-and-thunder. On the one hand I have too much information and even, perhaps, a greater accumulation of Asian esotericism than most people; and by reaction, a thundering herd of humor. By “esotericism” I mean not so much secret stuff as valid disciplinary teaching which has been kept away from the general public by a mass of metaphysicians and uninformed instructors who, because they were not admitted inside the door deny the existence of doors.

Perhaps Claude and Breck have returned. I don’t know how much “wisdom” they have inquired. But it is so easy to communicate Zen, the real Zen with the Japanese; and equally I am finding it quite easy to communicate a la Sufi with the Arabs here. And as for the Indians, there is nothing to it. But also I have my American philosophers—Keyser, Pierce, Reiser, Sorokin, to present; and more when I return. I am living in a new world, or rather the new world, brave or not; I am 64 today, but don’t feel any age.

A few weeks ago the young desk clerk here offered to walk “me around” Cairo. We would walk. We did. At 2:30 we rested. At 3:30 he was famished. At 5 I was still going. The secret? It is something very simple but not believed; I gave up trying to make people believe but I have not given up using it. The price? Like all very, very, veddy esoteric things it is free, and that makes it more esoteric because what you get for free you don’t value!





November 19, 1960


May dear Norman:

I do not often hear from San Francisco so it will be only on unusual occasions that I write, although, darn it, the unusual happens everyday. Yesterday I went to the famous Khan-i-Khalili bazaar and got it as you can read by the attached.

During the week I met one Prof. Dubois, a colored chap who has matriculated in the New York universities but also went to Oberlin for music. He looks like one of those grand geniuses who are appearing more and more. He is going to teach Sociology here and during his vacations study the Sociology of the black races.

I told him about the West Americans, especially from the Senegal and near-by who are blue-black and have all the refinement of the French without the decadence. There is no use in denying that sometimes the “imperialists” did confer benefits. I have not seen any of the signs of decadence in those visitors who come here but I have seen some who are undereducated and pretend—this you have in the South too.

We agreed that one should not lump African peoples and that untold harm has come from this misconception. Here there is total integration—I mean it covers everything. The chief difference is that people with darker skins and thicker lips laugh more, and more heartily, but otherwise it is hard to see differences—and they are ignored anyhow.

My experiences here are so totally different from what my ill-wishes foreboded that there is no relation at all. Indeed I may go so far as to carry on open war-fare against some people whose credentials have no foundation in the US, but who are highly esteemed, who indirectly are causes of riots and outbreaks elsewhere. It looks innocent enough-when you are up close, but don’t think that men—let us say like Landau—are not known elsewhere and the continued use of such types in the US results only in resentment against the US.

There is a review of a book by Koestler who has soporifically examined a few Zennists and Yogis. He has gone up against all those phonies whom Spiegelberg is praising and debunked them. But I don’t think either he or Spiegelberg has really sat down and chatted with Dr. Radhakrishnan or the great Swamis, or even—as man to man with Swami Ramdas. And as for t he Sufis—50,000,000 of us—maybe more.

I attended the first reception of Ambassador Husain from India the other day. He used to be in SF. I was the only one there who knew him. What a time! I was introduced as a Sufi; wham! I had more people talking to me—one whole delegation there, all Sufis from the Ambassador to the lowest clerk. I talked to all the Indian and Indonesian—women. The other women were not interesting and besides they went away their boyfriends—the whiskey server, the gin server, the cocktail server.





Cairo, U.A.R

January 18, 1961


My dear Jack:

I have received an astrological Christmas Card from Gavin but cannot figure it out and the moment I do not intend. There is no question I am “in.” I realize thoroughly some of the reactions to some of my mail, that some people will accuse me of braggadocio and what not and that I am in over my head.

The fact is I am in where nobody goes, where God knows how much money is collected in the U.S. and never gets here. Today I got my top interview in the Embassy and the diplomat agreed that with the exception of the American Friends of the Middle East (A.F.M.E) Y.M.C.A. and CAME practically nobody is doing anything. I even pointed out certain groups that were collecting and for themselves—a racket if there ever was one. He agreed that it would be valuable if I reported to the Income Tax Intelligence and I certainly shall.

I leave here on February 16th and arrived in Karachi on the 26th. My mail from Feb. 15 (this end) and March 5th should be c/o Consulate, U.S.A., Karachi, Pakistan. After that c/o Abdul Rahman, K-482, Old Kunj St., Abbottabad Hazara Dist., N.W. Pakistan.

I am having a tremendous number of adventures all thrown at me at the same time with Dervishes, Muslims, university professors, the U.S. Embassy and what not. I can’t keep up with it so am not giving you all details. Besides I have to make a literary break-down sending my horticultural notes to one person (Harry Nelson, City College), my scientific notes to John Wingate or whosoever may be interested or concerned, my Islamic notes to Mrs. F. Leonard 765 Sutter St., my political notes to World Affairs Council on Powell St., my over-all notes to A.F.M.E., 323 Geary St., my special notes to Rudy Olsen, 166 Geary St.

I have had no bank returns for some time. I have plenty of money and all the funds I have asked for have arrived. I have also asked for funds for Pakistan but the arrival of my Diners Club material means that I can charge to the Bank of Italy for hotels and what not in Pakistan which may cost more but will be a relief. Sometimes the credit between charges and bill is a great relief.

Anyhow I sent money aforehand to the Diners Club and told them why and they were very appreciative. My middle name is not “Adventure.” It is my first name. I am pretty sure I shall be traveling all year arriving at Penang about the beginning of 1962. I hope to be home by June next year. But anything can happen and usually does. The important thing is now that the political attaché here has accepted everything. And to hell with the fund-collections and European professors of “Orientialism.” And this means even going to court. I am not fooling.

My two worst enemies were Rom Landau and Mrs. Ivy Duce, bitter enemies of each other. Mrs. Duce tried to destroy me. I mean actually, yet step by step I have cultivated the friendship of her husband’s best friends who have been my best boosters. And Terry Duce is here now! I have grape-vined to him. I get and use the grape-vine. But I hesitate to write much because whatever I say may be regarded as exaggeration.

I think I have had my own.

The first friend I gained here was Paul Keim of Berkeley. He has a beautiful secretary named Katie. I often call on Katie. Today it was about dancing and the introducing of Cha-Cha (the dance, not the bird) on TV. Real serious because the TV manager is a friend of mine and now I must see him, again no nonsense.

Well I told Katie I could not stay because a beautiful Egyptian woman wanted to give me a newspaper review. It was true. I got it.

Everything I do here is news. Now I have been meeting or will meet Sufi Sheikhs. Ulema, the Chargé d’Affaire of Iraq, possibly President Nasser, the chief lay Muslims and this in addition to all kinds of scientists and what now. I am busily busy.

I cannot make out my Income Tax without the report of the Wells Fargo Bank. If they send any papers to Clementina St., please open. The financial report on my earnings should be air-mailed, but the long stock-report in a big envelope should be filled.

With the Diners Club Card I can now get along in many places without worrying too much over the forwarding of funds and if I fall a little short have meeting the Income Tax, I can make this up with the credit so I won’t have to pay my hotel bills right off. Indeed at this writing there is not a cloud in sight, the complete over-reversal of previous years. The whole question is how well and how much I can handle what is in front of me.

I still have the Indonesian and Saudi Embassies to visit and to resume my work at the National Research Center. And I have to write for the Soybean Foundation one group which is willing to sponsor me, praise Allah! The only thing is the uncertainly of my return to the States. My friends in Southern California have recovered their property and may need me—and even you, when I return. I can’t give details because I don’t have them. Never was the world so bright; the only thing is my ability to hold relations together.

You can grape-vine or show this to Gavin. I don’t care. He will be realizing step by step his foolishness in turning on me and when he finds out what the real diplomatic boys think, it may shock him. Behind all the nonsense the really real diplomats don’t act like the parlor-cocktailers think. Some work is being done. It is a grand and glorious thing now to see the U.S. Government as concerned as the UAR is. The Agricultural Department was easy—they see things as they are. And to find more and more in the State Dept so is really wonderful.

I bet I missed a lot of news and even my own affairs but I can’t think any more.




Dear Norman: Not only everything I have tried has turned out successful but a lot of other things too. It is too late to turn back and the top men in the Embassy are giving me every consideration and then some. I have had to overcome obstacles, internal and external but think this has been done. I believe I shall be heard when I get back to California but if not, I might go to Ohio. I have plenty to do in both States and not maybe, either.



February 16, 1961


My dear Norman:

I am in Port Said. Claude helped me with my bags this morning. Did you hear? Last week I was talking to a friend in the American University and a man passed right in front of me: “Claude!” He “did not hear. “Claude!” He turned around and we fell in each others’ arms. You can yell here in the street and as for men embracing, it attracts less attention than a horse. Anyhow we saw something of each other. We left going around the opposite ways and here we meet. Just like that. We had a few meals together and we did walk around the bazaars a good deal. He was able to see me with the dervishes who work in some of the bazaars on metals, chiefly silver, copy and iron.

We went through the Muski and Khan-i-Khalili bazaars which are the most picturesque part of Cairo. There many old folk arts have been preserved, many techniques inherited, perhaps from Bagdad and Damascus, and a few all the way from ancient times. There are a few things which go back indefinitely, but, of course, most culture is Islamic, in all directions.

I don’t want to write too much here on my adventures, or escapades. First, it would be showing off. Second, I can’t charge so much for my lectures if I say everything excepting I can get wound up and go on and on.

Claude is aware that I have been accepted by the Dervishes. In fact they gave me my farewell tea. I always get farewell teas, by the inhabitants of whatever country I visit and they are usually most cordial. Up to now the “professors” did not believe me, but the “professors” had better look out, and I am not kidding or doodling. There was an attack yesterday on the USIS library and I guess parts of the embassy. I long predicted it.

About an hour before I finally broke down the opposition or the inertia about having more Arabs teach us about Near East Culture. We always preferred. Von Plotz who is a compendium of several European mis-fits, at least one of whom you know and one did not dare ever say anything against Von Plotz because in the first place you would not get your degree, and in the second place “we did not want to offend the Asians.” But old as I am I have still to find many or almost any European who is admired by the Asian Asians in regard to Asiatic culture.

Sometimes it may be due to jealousy, more likely it is due to the fact that we are so sentimental about displaced Europeans that we give them jobs with good pay and the Arabs would like to have some of those jobs—and I don’t blame them, I have been running back and forth between Arabic and American society and the pieces don’t fit.

I don’t know how many courses you have had on something called “Islam.” Think nothing of it. The facts and the courses don’t fit. Islam is exceedingly complex and from certain points of view all the lies about it are true, just as the lies about all religions may be true—and still utterly unimportant. I have found three basic forms of Islam which decidedly over-lap but I doubt whether any professors in the Bay Area teach much that would fit any of them.

Anyhow the Arabs like what I do and now the Americans too so there are only the newspaper men and some professors but they are well placed. However I don’t want to talk about these things, I wait to talk about “us,” meaning you and not me.

I have been approached by A. M. Attia; P. O. Box 236, Cairo asking me about the possibilities of American investments in the UAR. I don’t know what your father would think. He felt kindly toward Africa and offhand the best opportunities seem to be on the other side. But I am not in West Africa and other than a few reports on Nigeria and Liberia, I know nothing. Politics so dominate the scenes that one finds little about agriculture or economics.

There is no question but that the UAR is a growing industrial country and there are on the face of it great opportunities here. These opportunities are, however, limited, because there does not seem to be a clear cut picture of what foreign passions and foreign corporations can do in the way of investing; I don’t know what assurance they have. The Belgian situation is very complex and just as

unclear as it is complex. Neither do I know what the government is offering to investors I do know that they want most of the people employed here to be locals. On one of the ventures which Mr. Attic has in mind: all the employed here would be locals—fop management would not be so considered. The other venture is not quite so clear but I shall tell you about that first.

Mr. Attia thinks there is a great future in Soy Beans. He has traveled all over the Orient and coming from a neutralist country this has been possible. He has seen plenty and believes in the future of this crop. This year, I understand, Russia and China failed to come to expectations with the result that the American Beans boosted high. Soy Beans don’t grow too well here at present on account of a pest, but efforts are being made to control the pest.

What Mr. Attic has in mind; however, is not so much the growing as the marketing and processing of this legume. The Japanese have all kinds of food products from Soy which are not usually found elsewhere. Clifton Clinton tried to emulate them without much success. But I believe that today one can derive plastics from them at low costs.

I also believe there is a great future in Soy Beans but I am neither urging up to be interested or not. I think Attia has in mind a considerable building of an import and export concern which could ship the beans, or their bi-products, from the centers of production to the market. Anyhow if you are ever interested I have given you his address. I think this may be the first of several opportunities where you might run back and forth between East and West and still gather in sheckles.

The other thing he has in mind is to get the products of the bazaars on the American market. There is a dollar shortage here and it will remain until some of the leaders face realities. They are so concerned with methods or niceties, they fail to examine the things they have here which will sell elsewhere. I have with me in my bags, for example, perfumes, hand cymbals, scarabs, and three types of silver work—one with Arabic letters, one with Egyptian figurines and the other plain art. The former I intend to leave in Pakistan but that is not certain, the second is destined at the moment for Mrs. Margaret Lee, No. 9 Chinatown Lane—Chingwah’s wife or ex wife and partner; the third for Gumps. I may ship them later on when I have the chance. I think they are all excellent work.

I have already sent some things to the Rudolph Schaeffer School at Utah & Mariposa St. and only hope they have gone forward and can arrive without trouble. The things for the School, however, are large objects, copper and wood and brass. There are not only these types of things here but many more. The day Claude and I walked around we even found a large number of very valuable Oriental pieces for which I should like to save my money.

I am off hand dreaming of a separate trip to this region, taking in a trunk of gifts and taking out a trunk of “trinkets,” gifts or museum pieces or merchantable goods. This is a long way off but many of my dreams come true. Actually all my projects here succeeded in the main, two-minor ones being sidetracked and the others going over too big for me to handle. I left on excellent terms with hundreds of folks, including the whole American Embassy staff; I may come back with fire and thunder or with meekness and mildness but I shall come back with communicable knowledge to replace the dross that is peddled by all kinds of people who get by because they can get by.

Right or wrong I shall no longer be timid.

Claude leaves for Damascus but does not expect to be in S.F. for a long time and I don’t expect to be for a longer time. My presumable address is

c/o Abdul Rahman; K-482 Old Kunj St.,

Abbottabad, Hazara Dist., West Pakistan.

Pardon me if I seem to want to have you get rich and me get wise, but this is also a cover up.


P.S. Just before mailing met two Beatnik like boys; guess wherefrom? Anyhow I expect to give them introductions to India, etc.

Faithfully, Sam


2273 California Street

San Francisco 15, Calif.

March 25, 1961


Dear Sam,

I have been reading with great interest all your letters and have even been passing them on for relevant friends to read and return. I am particularly interested in your exploits now that you are in Pakistan because as you know, my Major interest is India.

As a matter of fact, I am presently giving serious consideration to enlisting in Kennedy’s recently established Peace Corps providing I can get a teaching position in India. I would also be interested in having your opinion of how this Peace Corps idea is being accepted by other than Americans over there where you are. If at the same time you could perhaps suggest how I might come upon a working or teaching position over there I certainly would appreciate it. The Peace Corps has not yet printed up formal applications but my name is in for one as soon as they are printed. Also I have applied for the American Friends Service Committee project called “VISA” which is attempting to do just about the same thing that the Peace Corps is with the exception that the individual has to provide as much of his own expenses as possible. That always seems to be the hitch—particularly so since I am no longer employed.

As you know I was selling cars for Van Etta motors but as of January 31st things (meaning sales) got so bad than fully half of the sales force was let go and we have not been recalled yet. Which is really all right though because I was getting thoroughly fed up with the whole mess. It would have been nice, though, to have cleaned up my debts with a little left over before quitting.

With regard to my possible interest in a commercial venture like the import export business, I must in all sincerity admit to you that the very idea of business leaves me very cold indeed. For many years now I have been trying to kid myself to the idea that I like business and making money, but unfortunately, perhaps, I do not. If I could get a position teaching over there in conjunction with some manual labor at a subsistence salary that would be enough for me. Then I would have an opportunity to do some serious contemplation or the like and begin to discover myself. With regard to Dad, I will pass along the suggestion but I frankly doubt if he is in a position to do much about investing in the UAR or the soy bean crop. But I’ll leave it up to him to decide finally.

Your chance meetings with Claude must have been enjoyable indeed. He wrote me from Egypt to the effect that he would be returning in the fall and also told a bit about his many experiences. Evidently, one can make it some way or another if he just will but of course, it helps to have a little help also.

I haven’t seen Gavin lately but I understand he is now chauffeuring a wealthy woman in Sausalito in return for his board and lodgings and a little spending money. In the recent issue of Holiday devoted entirely to San Francisco, he, along with Roger Summers, had a full page spread. I’ll try and send you a copy if I can find one; they are completely sold out here in SF. Much to your surprise and pleasure (?) not a word that I could see about the Academy etc..

I ran into Pierre Grimes the other day who said to give you his regards the next time I wrote. Continued success in your projects and by all means, keep up that flow of meaty letters. (Inshallah)

Yours truly,




Evening April 1, 1961


My dear Norman: I have met one Prof. Barker in Lahore. Prof. Connaught here in Abbottabad. The first graduate from Berkeley, the second from Stanford. They have both had run-ins with the teachers who were at the Academy, especially a Landau. They praise the Fulbright scholarships because they are open only to Americans, not to European misfits who give out private opinions instead of facts. But the Fulbright scholar must pay his way to the job. The new Peace Corps they say is not valid because it is for people who are too young, without experience. They also say that knowing a language beforehand is a limit because you can learn much more rapidly with and from the people and you need other credentials and experience to get along with Asians, which they say is most important. Anyhow I have written Senator Engle and will follow up.

Here you find a lot of jeeps and what I call “Plymouthive civilization.” There are mostly American cars; in the big cities mostly European but I guess they can’t take the hills as well.

I am suggesting a negative about investing in Egypt or indeed any part of Africa but Nigeria and Liberia. The people are too unsettled and there are no firm laws or customs guaranteeing private investment. Here I have already found a lot and have written to Conlon & Associates, 310 Clay St. They have already made a survey of parts of Asia. I believe there is much mineral wealth here. And against the “authorities” I have personally seen a good deal of the wealth of the Moghuls. I am at times tired of the need to correct so many “authorities” on what is not true. We have not been objective about the Orient and we have had to face mobs more recently in Cairo where I saw it personally; and in Rangoon where it was coming to us—but that is another story. We are always being “shocked” and retreating—just now in Laos. Sometimes we may learn to do two things: (a) take the lead; (b) get our facts straight.

I am glad to know Gavin has improved himself. I have had to write strong letters. He always took the pat of my critics. Well those sad phony Europeans have made a few other enemies as above and in general the State Department of USIA does not like them. I went over this concerning your personal credentials.

I have already spoken to “saints” here and have met all kinds of Sufism, and inshallah shall continue. I ran into Dervishes unexpectedly in Luxor, Alexandria, Port Said, Aden and Karachi. It is the same old, but true story. I spoke on Sufism to Saints—something never done before. I am lined up to lecture on “Islamic philosophy and modern Science.” I have already an exceedingly full program. Another of those non-existing Sufis who holds a high place in the government. I met another yesterday heading the movement for Basic Democracy. Mrs. Selim Khan, widow of the first consul-general from Pakistan to S.F. lives here and we had an enjoyable day. In a few days Abdul Sattar comes here from S.F. to remain three months. I have already been entertained by his family.

In Karachi, my old contract, M.A. Cheema, has been promoted to Joint Secretary of Food & Agriculture. I have written to Lyallpur where the agriculture experimental station is. I am lined up for all kinds of things for all kinds of people. My host in Mensehra, the next town north, was the “Pooh Bah” there, master of all trades and I mean just that. He is a close friend of Lady Ravensdale, head of “The World Congress of Faiths” which I hope to establish in S.F so people can study the real regions as they exist today.

Pierre ought to come to one of my lectures, especially the one of “Sufism and Modern Logic.” I could not give it in California but I could around Cleveland and Boston and of course, here and Indian and Malay will be easy.

I think I wrote you I had seen part of the Moghul treasure. I have looked further into mineral resources and folk-arts. I am meeting everybody I can and should. Perhaps another great spiritual teacher without a couple of days despite Epoops Landau, Von Grünebaum and Koestler whom Jung says is perfect whom Spiegelberg say is perfect and all Spiegle’s perennial or annual “messiahs” have been attacked by Koestler which makes who what: Landau has abolished the Sufis, Watts Buddha, and Koestler vice-president Radhakrishnan who is scheduled to be president. Is he a Zombie or a man? Better consult the Epoops.

It is spring here and very beautiful, flowers everywhere and know I am in it for adventure. Have already been a principle speaker on the problem of Islam in America. Now I shall get backing, inshallah. Besides which I have a few cards up my sleeve which the Epoops have never heard of. Wait until I get home. And that is not all.

Pleasant dreams.



P.S. All Americans so far have turned down my poetry, mostly by refusing to read it. Here they want it and had. What to do? I am just one man and there are only 24 hours in the day.




April 12, 1961


Dear Norman:

This is the temporary Capital and you can see from the contents of this letter why I have sent it air-mail. So far as life is concerned the battles are all over. I have just had another newspaper interview and I think the reporter had his “eyes knocked out.”

I have been mostly the guest of Ansar Nasri and Q.U. Shahab; the first is the director of Radio Pakistan here, the Second Secretary to President Ayub Khan. Despite all your professors in California these men are disciples in Sufism. The woods are full of them, I meet them all over. I don’t know whether there are more than in UAR but I meet them and shall continue to meet them.

Naturally Secretary Shahab objects to his being called non-existent by non-American, non-Muslims who are “our” authorities on Islam and the Near East. He is particularly opposed to the No. I non-American, non-Muslim who also collects Federal funds as an authority. Who makes these men authorities? I fought like hell in UAR on this point and this time it came from the most official sources. As Chaudhuri’s teacher asked: Why do you Americans not only lie about us, but you have to employ Europeans to do it for you? You not only like, you insult us too. If you are going to lie, why don’t you do it yourself?”

This is not a laughing matter; it is not a personal matter.

Tomorrow morning I am scheduled to meet President Ayub Khan, his request; I am going to write some outlines on the relation of Islamic Philosophy and Modern Science. By “Islamic Philosophy” I do not mean Greek philosophy in Islam as taught by the EPOOPS, European Professors of Oriental Philosophy, not one of whom is recognized in Asian Asia. My bellyaching is ended. I go to battle with the press, with the authorities, with everybody.

There is going to be Islamic Culture in America; and along with that I hope all Asian culture so we can deal with people and learn what it is all about. I was asked what drew me here and I said: “gentlemen, I believed I am a reincarnated Moghul.” Now that would never do in a class on “Islam” at the University of California, or Stanford or Pacific or Von Grünebaum in L.A. or the Champion Cantwell Smith. No such thing is possible in their “Islam.” But, I was talking with Pakistanis and not one dissented. How come?

The President wishes to see my agricultural material, my scientific material, the basis of my Islamic philosophy and perhaps my poetry. Secretary Shahab and his friends went gah-gah over my poetry and I learned today that he is the top literary man in all Pakistan. But, Norman I am in Asian-Asia. I visited the palatial grounds in Japan and Thailand, something no other simple citizen has ever had the privilege of, and today I was in the “White House” grounds here. At the moment everything looks excellent, only I am besieged by requests to write and need of making reports. I shall return to S.F. with recognition or leave. But I have here comrades in arms who have had to face those same Epoops, not only those you know but may you may not know on the campuses of the University of California. The Departments of South Asian Studies follow Harvard and are objective; the Near East Studies are a compromise between Zionism and “Heidelbergism.” None of these men are recognized in Asia; why can’t we let Asia speak for itself.

I am inclined to believe the American authorities will agree. They are facing Muslims, and here Asians, not books on shelves. My report on Pukhtunistan turned out to be pretty correct but nobody was there before me and reported in “The Manchester Guardian.” I don’t want any more Laos and I don’t want any more Burmese mobbing American libraries. But when have we permitted the Burmese to speak for themselves? Can’t we realize U Nu is a great philosophy in himself, and he has a right to believe in an historical Buddha. Well Landau abolished the Sufis and Watts the Buddha-or did they? How about karma? How about it?

I don’t know Urdu-yet. But I can eat rice and curries and pray in mosques. I also seem to talk intelligently on many subjects but that may be because these people are unlearned. It times I have to stop writing because of too many assignments. I think I have all kinds of opportunities. My god-children in New York—Dorothy and Ric, Bob and Adeline, are cooperating fully with and for me. I am having so many objective experiences I am sure somebody will be accepting my writings before long. I shall not be back within a year.

I have to keep a map before me all the time. I was in the village of “Khaki” yesterday from which this word comes. I have an appointment tomorrow, the first to look into mineral ores here. This is a beautiful country, a sort of mixture of the coast Range and San Bernardino Mts. Further north a little more like Colorado. I can see the western spur of the Himalayas. Beyond that is the Indus and where the Himalayas, Hindu Kush and Karakorum meet. This place is multilingual—Urdu, Punjabi, English and Pushtu and boy, how they mix their tongues. They have not enough sports although there are plenty of grounds and equipment here. The kids play. The young adults would like to learn dancing and I am putting out feelers. I could start classes and get rich because I am already well known but I wish to concentrate on agricultural and spiritual problems. I found this aerogram and fortunately one can get them here. But no enclosures. I send small coins (which are being changed) to Jim Pike. Stamps are also being changed.

Me, I don’t change so much, or if so, I become both wise and foolish together—it’s a lot of fun.





May 12, 1961

Lahore, Pakistan


Dear Norman:

This is for Claude and for anybody that wants shocking news. I am in. Every one of my projects is succeeding. Some weeks back I was in the capitol, met Secretary Shahab and had the blessed President Ayub over the phone. They added two projects, one on Culture and one on Pakistani Culture.

Despite all your European experts this country is full of [?] and they don’t like to be called non-existent. That damned ghost has gone to the U.S. and pulled our legs good. We won’t take him [?] so he gives us our sown medicine. The whole of Indonesia is [?] Sufis and all the top diplomats I have met, and I have met plenty of spiritual brethren.

I have met all kinds of holy men and despite the experts, more come to see me than I have gone to meet. This involves saints, sages and seers and of course from the seers one gets glimpses of the [?]. I am living in the home of one Major Muhammad Sadiq, a spiritual healer; we have the same teacher. He has the healing faculty. People who go to Lourdes and not been cured come here. We are very seriously considering a joint campaign in the U.S. to introduce Sufism with demonstrations. Sufism is essentially based on love and not phenomena; the phenomena is all an outcome of love. But this involves a sort of metaphysics that has never been taught in the U.S.A.

In S.F. I was an s.o.b.; here I am “Sob,” or “Sufi Sob (Sahib) and am honored all around. Tomorrow I give my first talk at the University, this trip. More will no doubt follow. I spoke to maybe two thousand in a Mosque last Friday and to two assemblages of Sufis ad I visited another assemblage last night.

This even is to be a gala occasion. All kinds of celebrity big wigs are coming. And tomorrow night a multimillionaire is giving a special dinner. I have no doubt that there will be a well-healed campaign ultimately for the Major and myself. I should lily to see the faces on Landau, Watts, Spiegelberg and Chaudhuri when this gets under way, not to mention the Near Departments of the universities—so-called. They are going to have to face the facts of life, especially in this cold-war when our press which might as well be communistically subsidized continues to regard us as non-existent or else calls us “fanatics.” All the profs at the Academy excepting Satchia refused to face papers on the Moghuls, and this material must be brought to the U.S. and more.

I have to prepare for a totally different social and intellectual life: I am not the least concerned with Beatnik-Zen. In fact indirectly I am indebted to them, for the protest against that utter-nonsense has resulted in an invitation to me from Malaya where it looks at this writing that I might be a guest of the Prime Minister. This at a time when I am totally occupied with many projects.

I cannot be concerned with reactions in S.F. or even in the whole country. Americans do not know what Sufis are, what they do, how they are organized, and much worse, who they are. They have no uniforms and whatever the prevailing, opinion is as to how they dress and act, they are liable to dress and act just the opposite. They are not under rules, protocols or conventions, they make these things, they don’t follow them.

I am also finding out where the wealth of this land is, actual and potential, and likely as not first hand. I don’t know what this all means.

On account of the heat and the great social pressure I am anxious to get back to Abbottabad. There I should be able to confer with Abdul Sattar, transferred from S.F.

Norman, I hope you can appreciate there is such a thing as karma; it is not glorified nonsense offered by some metaphysician or upstart, but a law of this universe; as we sow, we reap and this is particularly true of the people who lecture on Karma. They get it most of all, sooner or later.

I don’t know when I shall be able to write again—after the next two evenings my social and intellectual programs will be full.






May 14, I teenk (1961?)


Dear Norman:

I spent some time with my friends, the Knauths of Lombard St. San Francisco while in Abbottabad, and I ran into Felix three times In Rawalpindi. Why? Customs and frustration. He Wants to go mountain climbing and has been caught in red tape. I am not mountain climbing but I feel like I was caught in a high base camp and could neither return nor reach the summit.

I am writing first because after laying down careful instructions about my mail it was sent to a bungalow where I was not, and where the people do not read English and I am not even sure who sent it, but all my instructions were ignored. Then I returned to Lahore, found the house completely locked and it was only with some difficulty I could get into my bed room although the people knew when I was coming and how. Now I am compelled to seek a tracer on my mail which can’t be done right off because there is a national holiday on and I don’t know who mailed it anyhow.

At Abbottabad I did secure some valuable mineral ores. Some of them have been OK’d by the American geologists but not reported by the press, and one other. I am bringing for assay and evaluation with the hopes it may have economic value. I am also trying to arrange to get in a line of carpets.

Major Sadiq informed me he had no word from Texas although he has signed the contract to be their representative here. We have been very fortunate in lining up Shaokat Ayub Khan the elder son of the President, but here too, there is a road block because he was shortly afterwards elected to Parliament by a big vote and has been celebrating his victory rather than attending to business. He is in partnership representing several European cars.

My horticultural and soil reports have been accepted by top officials and I know what to do but they have not given me a letter which I am asking for. Neither did I contact the President or Secretary Shahab. I got the run-around and then a “No” and I was told the “no” did not mean “no” because Shaokat said “yes:” This is what happened—quit reading fiction please.

I was taken to a most important Sufi, Pir Dewwal Shereef. He at once offered everything to me and I am to be his representative in America. He wants me to introduce Sufi with spiritual philosophy and healing. He has his organization and headquarters in Rawalpindi. He has also been most successful in collecting funds for Islamabad University and I have already written Berkeley for reciprocal relations. This is a story by itself.

He is also the Pir of none other than Ayub Khan and visited him twice last week. He refuses the refusal, sent me back to Lahore and told me to arrange another visit both to him and the President. He will take care of things, inshallah. This comes as a grand reaction against all Landau’s spoofing. I don’t know what people can say when I return to represent the same Sufi teacher as President Ayub has. But what we are concerned with is the official recognition of either Major, Sadiq or myself or birth.

Meanwhile the Major has extended leave and we are moving, so he is away. I hope to see him tomorrow and will inquire about my mail. But without word from Texas or confirmations at Rawalpindi we are both stuck. The appointment of me grape-vined around and now the whole host of Sufis is pulling for me all over.

Besides I have seen both Dewwal Shereef and the Major perform some miracles—the Pir causing the dumb to speak and the Major the blind to see. The question is when shall we get the money and recognition promised us.

To make this more opaque, the Khalandar crossed my path twice recently. Unfortunately he is now immersed in politics and I could get nothing more out of him. He did make some predictions for me and they seem to be coming out exactly excepting that he said I would be seeing Ayub last week—this did not come.

God moves Himself in mysterious ways His wonders and His unwonders to perform. After using all the official channels to trace my missing mail I went into the USIA office and they had it and it was also a mystery as to how they got it and why, but they did. So it showed up.

I am living near Shalimar Gardens where we had to move and have few comforts or privacy. People want help and if you give it to them then somebody else wants it. So this is Frustrationstan and I could write forever on that. Every American here knows it, too.

These pressures counterbalance with the best inspirations of my life—and in the heat. I wanna go home and can’t. And if you have any problem not money or health the folks simply cannot understand it at all.

I have written Della about Alan—a long, complex letter. I would like to psycho-analyze him and put him on the right path. I think I would shock him if I told him how much I knew about his past. But I do not believe in foul punches. He can be retrieved.

Well Major Sadiq heals Cancer and Blindness—you would think the authorities would subsidize him to come to America and tell about certain aspects of this land…. I am successful, too much so, in talking to college students; I do not want the success. I want out and want to help you out.




May 29, 1961


My dear Norman:

Guaranteed to keep you in suspense! And in 1100 weather. I saw Barkat Ali again and told him one does not mind good news, one does not mind bad news, one does not mind in the least having bad things foretold and having bad things happen, but the constant series of good “fortune” accompanied either by an impasse or by bad events that was over-trying. Without going into details he made some small promotions, all of which came true!

Major Sadiq would be home at 8 o’clock that night unexpectedly.

I was gaining in “healing powers”—whatever they are, it has worked out that way.

Major Sadiq healed an authentic case of Cancer, last stages too.

The next morning he went off first to Rawalpindi to see Pir Dewwal Shereef and then Shaokat, son of Ayub. I have not heard from either. But he brought me a request that I do two things for the Pir in regard to the Islamabad University. I have already done them. I don’t know what Rom Landau & Co. are going to say about an University, financed by Sufis, and President Ayub is one of the Chief disciples of one of them; and there is a good chance he will get an honorary degree. Asia Foundation and American Friends of the Middle East, not being staffed but former Europeans, have accepted the facts. I don’t know what to offer our former brethren will think:

Now I am on call either to go to Kohat or Rawalpindi on short notice to follow the above. Barkat Ali gave me two weeks and guessed rightly it was the heat even more than the suspense. I can fail—wherein I shall be no worse off. Maybe even better. But if there is success we should need one to four persons.

I have written an editor giving him hell because he says Pakistani spirituality was his country’s export. I asked him since when was he an editorial on export? And what the revenue on words? This is frustration land where everybody knows him and nobody does anything and millionaires cry because there is no money available, and no one would dare to prospect the mountains for wealth. I am living near a technical college and I wanted to visit it and find out what the students learn. Alas, strike—it is closed. Besides how can you expect a student with a pedigree to put on dungarees and have them soiled with oil!

On the brighter side I not only spent yesterday with a most brilliant beautiful woman, Khawar Khan, who is slated to be my chief disciple, but also with her beautiful and brilliant chum. This looks very loving and lovely and perhaps is. She now has ownership (she is not poor, Norman, old chap), of the property that was Gandhi’s here and we are planning a big celebration to open it for my spiritual work here. While this is dramatically a minor facet of my work, it will establish the seed for my future ventures here—the spiritual half—when I return. The scientific half is already established. And the poetry gets its final review, presumable, next week.

Now I am going to ask you a favor. My last dancing partner Leonora and I were and still are good friends, excepting for slight deafness on her part. I don’t think there was ever any difference and I would like the Major to come and help clear that. She lost all her men friends in a short period by death, excepting me who was far away, and on account of my Asian propinquities there was no romance. She then married a “Mulatto” and has since been involved in some social melees. Now being far away and otherwise involved I may seem to be apathetic. So I wish you would sometime go to “Launderesse” on Webster St. Just below Shutter. Her husband’s name is Max Ponti. If you introduce yourself, this will do me a world of good. It is all right to write endearing letters, but a few hard facts would serve better. Actually I may even join Martin Luther King’s movement when I return. I see no reason why not and you can tell them this too. Only my “work” ostensibly is in Asia.

There I shall try the spiritual healing with my best friends who are fundamentally psychiatrists. I may visit the Fungs in S.F. but more probably later. If there is anything in this healing I shall have to function (will prearrange organization with my attorneys), this is not what I have expected but I am still keeping you in mind.

Yesterday I met a young man with a strange looking personality (he came from Boston) but familiar accent. He told me he is a San Franciscan but has been living in Mill Valley. Like all of us he has learned the universality of frustration and inhibition.

Despite the heat I carry on—April 1960 with hardly a break in warm weather—no wonder I wish to return. Then I have about three books to write. Hildreth (of Mill Valley) asked me about Alan Watts, but I don’t like to discuss the man. Between his conflict with the church and his last divorce, any philosophical differences between us would be lost. This is unfair. Alan is a lot soul in a psychological, not a spiritual sense. The “Alan Watts” of Pakistan, one Parviz, went to Murree when I was there, called on Pir Dewwal Shereef and in two hours (before my eyes) was transformed into any entirely different kind of person. Such things are possible. We do not know the real depths of real Asian philosophy and excepting the roving Paul Brunton; hardly any Europeans or English do, or can.

Wish I had more determinate news,




 June 11, 1961

Abbottabad, Hazara,

West Pakistan


My dear Norman:

The other day I started to write a letter to one Roy Abrahamson, an early student of the Academy and later of the Ashram—he is now away. He has given me some news of reactions on my reports which are very interesting to me. I have a large body of critics and I rather rejoice in this body of critics for they have one thing in common: “Never let him present his case.” This is good stuff if you can get away with it. It is particularly a habit of those who lecture on the “law of karma.” All my life I have heard people lecture on karma, developed a superiority complex and fallen into the worst body traps imaginable. Think nothing of it.

In this country also I have critics and also I criticize and this has brought me into contact with:

Alfaqir Zulafaqir Ali Shah Nastan, Retired Tahsildar,

House Ho. 4509A, Anandpura, Gawalmandi,

Rawalpindi, West Pakistan

He is a Khalandar. Now “everybody” knows there are no such things as Khalandars. He says he has 38,000 followers, but they are in Asia and don’t count although one of them is Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and I have met him. This type of things is, of course, very annoying to the European Professors of Oriental Philosophy but we will forget the European Professors and stick to some facts.

My own spiritual teacher said I would go on the path of Khalandar, even though the Arabian Nights are history. My visit to Lahore brought me in touch with everybody who is anybody and anybody who is everybody and I had a feast every night—there were no European professors of Oriental philosophy there and I don’t think they would been invited to any of them anyhow. This same sort of notoriety followed me here where the Superintendent of Police is a friend of my spiritual brothers and himself is a spiritual man—as are most of the big men in this country anyhow.

I think he got tired giving me tea and dinner and he took me to some friends and there I met the Khalandar Ali Shah Nastan, as above. Allah is not only great and good, but it happens that the Khalandar lives just about a block away so I have seen him often.

He is the most complete clairvoyant I have ever met. He has read a good deal of my past life—perhaps a little of the future also and given ample objective proofs of his statements. Last night I met Max Hill, a “bum” like Claude, and in the same way as I met Claude in Cairo. He was also a disciple of Paul Brunton, and seeking. When he left today he was satisfied. For the time being his search was ended. He had met Alfaqir Zulafaqir Ali Shah Nastan.

Despite all our Zionist and European experts on “Islam” the Khalandar knows a lot about living Sufism and living Sufis—that is one thing. He has also “penetrated into the sphere.” I don’t want to go into that. One reason is that he is planning, inshallah, to come to America and explain things himself. He feels we need the spiritual sciences and spiritualism. He is not seeking money; he has 38,000 followers including that Chief Justice, who is not exactly poor either. Also the head of PIA (Pakistan International Airways) is a friend of him and there will be free transportation. In other words he is planning to come to America to serve God, enlighten Americans and demonstrate spirituality; not to collect baksheesh. This may be rather new to us.

The way is clear for the Khalandar to come to California but the time is not yet set. Presuming he might land in New York first I have written to Bob Slice. But the destination is ultimately California and much of the State. This involves travel. I have already written to my very good friend, Rudy Olsen, 166 Geary St. in this regard and also in regard to getting hotel reservations.

But today the Khalandar informed me that he would probably need the following:

1. A suitable car, 2. driver          , 3. An organizer, 4. A publicity man.

I told him I had just the person and one who was interested in spiritualism and spirituality besides. He wanted to know about you so I have therefore enclosed his address in full.

If it were possible to devote some time and effort to these projects, he said it might be well for you to come to Pakistan. In that case he would see that you are provided with a plane-ticket, at least. But I feel he would rather discuss some things with you so I have given you the address. Besides this there must be some interest and excitement in “spiritual astrology.” I have always felt that both the science as it is presented is quite incomplete, and the persons involved not completely disciplined either.

I wrote Gavin from Lahore five years ago about native Astrologies but received no response. I got a little in New York where there are rival Astrological magazines and I think Clancy publications would be interested. But I am more concerned with you personally. I am certainly not suggesting that you go overboard on any Pakistani project or any spiritual adventure. I am merely pointing out to what is. Furthermore in all conversations—including those at which Max Hill was present, the whole emphasis was on giving, bestowing, nothing was asked.

This is in complete support of the real spiritual outlook: that one depends actually on God—not just the words—and receiving from God can distribute to man, and on all planes.

Without pushing anything I hope you will be interested enough to make an enquiry direct, but I feel positive there is something more than what is conveyed in this letter. There are too many straws in the wind here about introducing spiritualism, Sufism, etc. into the United States and there are too many powerful and wealthy persons concerned. (I shall mail either in the same or under separate cover other details in this regard.) Here I am concerned mostly with this projected visit of the Khalandar, the wants and needs he has of a practical nature and of having him meet interested and trust worthy people.

There is no bad news now, only a jamming up of good news—too much. I receive too many visitors and they all demand I drink tea, always with sugar, often with milk. In 100° weather with little exercise, this is rather trying. Otherwise no bad news and lots of good implied, if not expressed.





July 4, 1961


My dear Norman:

Salute to Flag. Attention: Hup. From that point you can be sure? Of anything? My Abbottabad-San Francisco colleague, Felix Knauth should be back in September and we may lecture on “Frustrationstan.” If I say it is bad it will reverse and if I say it is good it will reverse and “The Comedy of Terrors” is not over with me being the stage.

Major Sadiq. I am leaving for Rawalpindi trying to locate him. His constant changes of movement are due to a combination of army and legal matters. You are not a good Muslim if you don’t have at least two law-suits on. This family has just three and the retainer is kept busy all the time.

They are closing? The house making it necessary for me to leave and I am seizing the opportunities for farewell elsewhere and for an important (to my host) visit.

Roving Envoy. My ideas have been turned down & cold? I have heard of no less than three persons planning to some to the S.F. area alone and I shall meet more, no doubt, scheduled to come to America: All former ideas are? And the only thing you can count on are uncertainties possibilities, plausibilities and frustration.

It is fairly definite that the heads of Islamabad U are coming and the oil promises of the Major and the Khalandar seem to be back on the track.

Auguries. These have come out so exact that I shall have a report for Prof. Rhine. They are unanimous for my success after I return and lots more. I hate to write these things down. I can’t even say I shall not have additional sources of revenue.

Dream Boat. Miss Khawar Khan is young, beautiful, rich, talented, successful and spiritual. She should be married and one reason I am off is to try to find her a prospective husband. But yesterday she put before me a plan to come to America, to try for a PhD at either Stanford or California. Half seriously, half-jokingly I told her that this was what I wanted and if the marital plans did not come through here I was going to kidnap her myself and introduce her to you and others.

Seriously though. She is an orphan. Her father never looked after her and her mother’s kin are divided—full of advice, empty of action: Now I am not only her spiritual teacher but socially almost her father. I am storing my luggage in her home and may even live there a while. This used to be Gandhi’s home in Lahore.

My Own Quarters. I have written also to Jack Betts at Clementina St. and Steadman Thompson who is taken over the Baker residence on Delta. For a while I may have to be traveling especially to Hollywood. This is complicated too, that my mother is dying and may or may not be when I return. I can’t get out that easily and am scheduled temporarily to arrive late on August 2nd.

My Own Future. I am very optimistic between the Islamabad U and Sufism. I am going to write two books; at least one against Koestler and the other: “How California Can Help Asia.” If anybody gives me a grant for that, you get the grant, I’ll need you; so pray.

Lectures. I have so many I don’t know where to begin or end: American Friends of the Middle East, World Affairs Council, certain branches of the University of California, Fritzy Armstrong, Walt Baptiste and possibly service clubs. I have pretty well cased the Orient. I have the whole Foreign Service with me. The new cultural attaché is not only with me in my projects but is sore against the European professors who got the jobs he was seeking in American Universities (Orientalia). My old story over again, complicated by contemporary “Tellerism.”

If you ever have the chance, please drop in at the Curry Bowland; tell the Lees that I am winding up my affairs and hope to be back soon. But there is still some question as to whether I shall be bringing back Uranium, Diamonds or Fool’s Gold. It is certain that Uncle Louis kept a lot of real honest Orientalia from being presented at his school.

I am meeting the right people and when I return I shall open to for the “right people” more than perhaps you know. I think I am an expert. All the scientists from the USA agree, but not the cultural people & press representatives. They either regard me as a near-god or totally ignore me. That is right, perhaps. Of course I have the pictures. I met a band of wandering dervishes and showed them my picture. One demanded it; I said no. His face dropped but his comrades caught on. I insisted on autographing it. Everybody was happy—excepting the people who insist there are no Sufis. 50,000,000 of us, but this can’t be. No wonder we can’t win any cold war. We do everything in Asia but ᾀ?meet the people.” But that’s me. Wait and see.

Sufi Ahmed Murad-Chisti

Samuel L. Lewis.



2273 California

San Francisco 15

July 19, 1961


Dear Sam,

I’m fascinated as usual by your recent experiences, particularly so since everything seems to be working out so well for you. Let’s hope it continues.

I’ve been thinking over your offer (?) to come to Pakistan in the employ of your friend, the Khalandar. I wonder though, what sort of an arrangement could be possible with him? I’m interested, as you know, in astrology and am quite experienced in being involved in some project that attempts to spread understanding and promote well-being in these troubled times. I have not heard from the Peace Corps yet (I imagine it’s because there is no project in India to date) and the more I learn of it, the more I’m convinced it’s some sort of political football the State Department is using. I’d really like to go to Cuba and see for myself what is happening. Our invasion of Cuba this spring really showed me what we’re like.

With regard to your friend, if you think I could be of some service to both him and myself I am very willing to fly there to talk with him. At your suggestion I am writing him today. As a clairvoyant he should have no trouble discerning my worth and perhaps I can also judge him a little.

Just got a letter from Claude who is in Bristol. He expects to be back in this country by fall. He refers warmly to the relationship called marriage. That being the case, he may be slightly delayed.

Incidentally, what happened to your romance? I was of the opinion you were going to be married when you got over there?

Gia-fu is inquiring about a teaching position in Japan this fall so everything is on the move. Right now he is at Hidden Villa Camp in Los Altos.

Gavin looks better than I’ve ever seen him. He lives with a wealthy (?) woman (and cultured too) on Clayton Street. I’ll mention what you said to him about astrology and see what he says.

Drop me a line soon and let me know what your friend has in mind. I want to make a move soon.

Yours truly,




Rawalpindi, July 21, 1961?


My dear Norman,

“A comedy of errors,” I arrived in this city to run into Selim [?] of S.F. who is supposed to be in [?] and said “Brother, move over.” It is a question as to which is most unbelievable: the implied and occult which gives us “miracles” or the “why we don’t behave like human beings.” I have been in Pashtun country (Pashtunistan) where I am not only not supposed to have gone but its human behavior is exactly as I have been describing it plus it fits into more of our [?].

Major Sadiq. I had some [?] news in the last mail. He is always somewhere else. All majors from its quarters are in the [?] He has not seen any of the big boys and they are all away. The [?] is everywhere else and all my life’s hopes have been laid aside into the indefinite.

Mark Hamid. This is worse. A business associate sold out his retail outlet, pocketed the money and disappeared. I looked in vain for him and then a strange thing happened: smack into his secretary in this big city! Anything can happen and this man who was all set to set us up is compelled now to go to court and finally [?] part Major Sadiq has only the law send on.

The Khalandar. Ditto. Also has business partners sold him out or flattened. This leaves us holding the bag. Now let us see what is in the bag:

Prof Jaffar, head of Antiquities Peshawar after looking for him in vain I found him and we had a lovely hour ending on “The Universality of Spiritual Experience and What It Means in Art.” This is something refused by Uncle Louis and all European professors of Orientalia. It is time to include Koester and Newman.

Prof Durrani is in the US and I shall try to locate him via the Consulate in SF and Embassy in Washington.

Salinity and Soil Erosion. I think I have the answers on some of them to these problems. Taking them up with the Embassy in Karachi.

Other problems. A lot, lot more. Now I am self-confident. But I am wondering who will take one in house. I must see:

A. Chamber of Commerce, Pine St. James Tulsa

B.            Conlon & Associates Investors, Clay St.

C.            California Ave and also City Hall

D. State [?] Bureaus, Ferry Bldg.

E.            Academy of Sciences, G.G. Park

F. American Friends of the Middle East and Asia Foundation

G.            World Affairs Council, Powell St.

H. Consulates of India, Pakistan, Iran and Egypt.

This is only the beginning.

My writings. Accepted here. I don’t know what it means. Go to Lahore Tuesday. Also to see my dear [?]

[?] and hope to get outside help and I need you terribly but I haven’t much money at the moment. I also know I shall get writing assignments. There are articles here about insanity in Hollywood. I have something. I am going there and going after money myself. You hold on.

I doubt now if I can get back before August 4. I shall have to notify Jack Betts and Steadman Thompson. It has become a universal “Do it yourself.” I now have the complete good-will of the staffs both American and Pakistani foreign affairs offices in Pakistan. The monsoons have come and the heat has abated. But I still have to face oodles of red tape.

There is one thing omitted here and it is stronger and more important that anything and everything else: Universal Love and Brotherhood.

God bless you., Sam



July 27, 1961


My dear Norman:

I read your letter to the Khalandar who keeps going back and forth between Rawalpindi and here. He is liquidating his business assets so he could get cash and has some more high-powered people behind him. What this means in dollars I do not know but he will naturally answer you directly; or else dictate a letter through me after he goes home. His female relatives live here and his sister’s husband works at some distant place.

All my affairs are prospering excepting my romance went the same ironical way as all others. Engaged or not, something happens just when I am ready to walk up the aisle. This one was no different but I have been successful socially in just those places where I thought we would be functioning together. I have lately received a nice letter from president Ayub’s press secretary; and another one came today from the Joint Director, Radio Pakistan.

I have made my first visit to Peshawar and am loaded with invitations to speak at Universities (Islamic Philosophy and Modern Science) as well as continue my scientific endeavors. All Pakistanis have accepted everything and I have done what they thought is right. All Americans here not in government service have become my friends and we are unanimous about the “Peace Corps.” It is based on the assumption that they, our fellow Americans have failed. But there is my old dictum; “Our authorities on Asia are American newsmen and European professors and never, never must they be European newsmen and American professors.” So we shall see the work of professors belittled or bypassed and mama’s darlings with high IQs sent into villages where the people may not speak Urdu and where there is no sanitation or utensils and plenty of bugs and heat. Besides they will demand religion and what we learn from a hodge-podge of Canadians, English, Germans and Polish Zionists—there never was and there never will be—a constipated fly; or what they call “Islam.”

Every president has his “realism”-strictly private vintage and any resemblance to facts is coincidental. I ran into Sufi after Sufi at Peshawar also, mostly among the big profs and again among the police officials. Tonight one of the men who knows criticized Nicholson who was the teacher of Arberry who is the sponsor of Rom-Rum. This is “unheard” of in the West, but some of these men who Arabic and Persian, too, besides being Muslims (or they think they are).

It is very certain that you meet all the qualifications that the Khalandar wants—public relations, interest in Oriental teachings, occultism, etc. As a clairvoyant he has given me a series of pictures, but many of these have been substantiated or confirmed by others. I did not ask for details about you, but this will come. Personally I feel you are right, whether you come to Pakistan or we meet you in California.

I have now written to Rudy Olsen, 166 Geary; Fritzi Armstrong; Bessy Fuller Turner; and the Baptistes. Thus the grapevine will get to Gavin anyhow. Your report is much more optimistic about him than some others; I hope it is so.

I heard about Claude through my friend, Jack Austin, the Chief British real Zen instructor. I have had another letter from Satya Agrawal whom I am to join in October. He has asked for Bill Swartley’s address. “Uncle Louis” might know.

Besides the Khalandar my own spiritual brother, Major Sadiq wants to come to America and offer his spiritual healing and work for the Sufi spiritual brotherhood. I have met so many holy men—this is Shangri-La and no nonsense—it is the district where the Vedas were first recorded. There is almost a unanimous sentiment that the spiritual teachings of Orient will soon be presented in a valid fashion to the American people.

Dorothy is now a mother. They are not doing well and my affairs are so much better I need a good America representative. I know they have failed to appreciate my social and intellectual as well as spirituals advances. Abdul Sattar, long Consul-General in S.F. is here too. I start my day at 6 A.M. It is now 9:15.

If Gia-fur gets to Japan I should like to know so I might see him; also give him some introductions.

All the seers, saints and Sufis seem predicting wonderful things for me and I don’t get any bad news, but strange to say this does not bring elation. It also comes when I am getting wonderful poetic inspirations and it is a fair chance I shall be famous for this before leaving Pakistan. Most of my poetry is mystical, deep and a sort of blending of Sufis and Vedic cultures and knowledges which I do have despite any, all and sundry European professors of Oriental cultures, East is East and West is West and someday I’ll tell you about the girls here. I am rereading the Arabian Nights and it certainly means much more now.

Well, we’ll pull for you. I keep Jim acquainted with my correspondence with Satya but have not heard from him. If you do no hear from the Khalandar soon, you will be hearing from me.




August 1, 1961


Dear Rudy:

This letter is full of surprises. The Khalandar has put a strong business proposition to me to travel with him, all expenses paid, via PIA. I told him I could not join him before either Penang or Singapore and he has agreed—tentative date about March 1962.

He has already arranged a lecture tour for me in a district I do not know, but I think it is toward Baluchistan. Then I return to Abbottabad, check out and lecture in the Peshawar region.

Mail arriving after August 25 should be c/o consulate, U.S.A. Peshawar; and after September 10 c/o Major Sadiq, 2 Elgin Road, Lahore. I should be in New Delhi the first week of October.   Have written the Indian Tourist Bureau inquiring whether I can enter by rail from Hyderabad Sind. If no, I shall have to book passage from Karachi to Bombay by ship. I shall advise as soon as possible an answer to this inquiry. I did enjoy my last sea voyage.

Then should be on land in India and arrive in Colombo. Passage from there to Calcutta—Dacca, etc. will depend upon my luggage. Must try and get some freight forwarder to unload some of the stuff from Bombay, etc.

After the two lecture tours must follow up at Lahore, then complete Pakistan work.

Khalandar has outlined another big travel trip and says PIA will take care of expenses but first we should be in California, both parts, for some time. I have told Ivy Duce that the Sufi-Sufis are now going to have something to say about Sufism. Not only is the Khalandar’s money raising campaign successful, but I have not even started with my two big trumps—the heads of the Pakistani government and the big-wigs I met at Lahore. Everything looks very propitious. But the turn of events from constant frustration to constants success does not sit too easily psychically.

I understand there is a growing movement in S.F. to welcome the Khalandar for his spiritual astrology. But I wish to keep both spiritualism and spirituality for the forefront and must keep you informed. The old night from one-way cultural movements and of our accepting European professors of oriental philosophy or also charlatan “Swamis” is over; and it is hard to realize. I am writing now at great length to Washington; have some congressmen with me and I think “ins” in the state Department. My forecasts were success after October. Apparently there are two quite different influences of, or co-existent with planets-annual and annular; and great cycle—that of Saturn being 28 years etc. Apparently these Saturnian influences are now leaving me for the rest of my life, inshallah.

If you have time will you either lend this to Norman McGhee, East-West house, 2273 California; or if you find the number in the phone book, let him know. We expect to have Norman and also an Urduist with us. That financial goal is large and ample for several persons even without collections in California. I am also letting more and more friends and acquaintances know of plans. I am both eager and tired and with some very big programs in front of me. Everything that Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan said to me and for me and for the world is coming true and I doubt whether anything or anybody can stop. I also have met too many holy men here. The whole of life is becoming justified and justifiable regardless of all and sundries. Objective honesty will always win in the end and I think of my name sake, Samuel Morse, who did not give up and finally made all grades.

I am also trying to get book consignments to Walt Baptiste and others. The Khalandar has his special healing in addition to the astrology and spirituality. We are in for it.

I have a strong feeling of good receptions by the American Friends of the Middle East and World Affairs Council; maybe even by Asian Foundation. But I am going to demand time on the air and also for an objective presentation of Sufism at the universities. I am putting pressure on the State Department. There are fifty million and maybe more or us and what appears in most books and by all European lecturers is the nearest nonsense.

At the other extreme folk-Islam is something which most Muslims ignore and equally men who want to write “best sellers.” We do not know the beliefs of the “common herd” and so have no hold on them. At this, too, I overplay cards here. Again there are great vaccua into which nobody goes; or else, if Americans, they are ignored by the press and so-called “Central Intelligence.”


Samuel L. Lewis

Sufi Ahmed Murad


P.S. I am now waiting for a mineral report on this region. The mountains are full of wealth and nobody doing anything—yet. This country needs some capital but it needs more home initiative and work.




August 23, 1961


My dear Norman:

I don’t know or care how things are among the Potomac but with Sam Lewis alias Ahmed Murad and a lot of other things, everything has been coming along wonderful since I have seen you. The only matters not exactly perfect are related to the health of aged relatives, which is just normal.

I do not know how many people I have met but everybody has been cordial and cooperative if not downright enthusiastic. Called at UCLA, Scripps Institute in La Jolla, UC Riverside, the Salinity Laboratory, various Chambers of Commerce, and newspapers and have full cooperation along the line with requests that I submit articles. If this goes through I may be “made.” Have phoned the former Mayor of L.A., but not the present one—and this was also on the + side. I guess I must have something and all the more because everybody is looking either for “solutions” or “messiahs” and in some matters I fill the bill.

I have had one letter from my chum in Santa Barbara. He lives near Jim and will be gone until the end of the week. But I ought to go to S.B. Saturday because then I can spend Sunday with Jim so I’ll let him know today by mail (at least). I have to stop at Salinas on my way but think I can accomplish everything coming into S.F. at night and going then to Clementina St. just for the evening.

I am enclosing a check for Forty Two Dollars ($42.50) Fifty Cents. The extra money is for another garbage can for Loren and if this be not enough will add. I also assume the obligation to pay extra for garbage (I have always done that).

When I return I should appreciate if you and some of the boys at East West House can help me move—they will be paid. If for any reason this is refused, then we have a feast at the Curry Bowl, but at the moment I am in pretty good financial position. The only problem is an international complication, but my net assets at the moment are high. This is apart from any other affair.

Yvonne and Della have talked about a reception for me and Thea and Yvonne have separately asked if I can bring Jim up. I presume this would limit it to a weekend but I’ll see Jim and can guarantee his fare—at least. Besides any friendship involved I have considerable business at Santa Barbara and so will be occupied during the day while Jim is at work. Otherwise I have oodles of diary reports from the above visits. I both took notes and was given a lot of literature, informative and technical, which I have not yet read.

My first book is presumably, “How California Can Help Asia.” My second one will be “The Lotus and the Universe,” a refutation of “The Lotus and the Robot.” Then I have some scientific research writing and all this apart from diary and lectures. Tomorrow I shall try the World Affairs Council in L.A. and may go on to Whitter. This means Pasadena on Saturday and then exit. Will have to write again—also to Jack Betts, about my arrival. I think Jack will help me move.






October 22, 1961


My Dear Norman:

This is my diary. It is late at night. I have had to remain in Lahore. The Indian foreign office, not knowing whether to grant me a 3-month or 6-month visa has equivocated by granting neither and I am stuck while bureaucrats bureaucrat. This has knocked my schedule sky-high but it is also showing signs of knocking my pocket-book sky-high. For there is one thing very certain about these non-existing Sufis. They certainly have it in the pocket-book as well as in the heart.

Today I reap my karma about phant-Asia versus real Asia. I am, of course, assuming that the people who are going to fête me and promise what I am going to write about are real. Let us start with accepting their bank-accounts as real. Charles Moore and Louis Gainsborough, of course, deny that there are Sufis but would be quite willing to receive some of their largess.

The Khalandar. In this country a man fights for his sister, not for his wife. When partition took place and the Indians left here (the other side did the same) some Louis the Bimp got hold of properties, sold them right and left, and then left and right, collected and opted for the opposite side with plenty of plenty. This put the Khalandar’s sister in a fix because she has been living in a house also sold to somebody else, and on the same day, so nobody knows who has the property and Brother has been in court going to bat.

My conclusion is that I shall probably return to Pakistan after India and Malaya and return via Karachi and New York unless there is some break. I have so written to the Stices.

Major Sadiq is in more or less of the same fix and in the same general district. He is my host and brother Sufi. He owns plenty of plenty. I have been to one of his farms and there is a palace on it. He showed me the palace and told me its history. It is now managed by one of his brothers. He has also introduced me to the head of the new Agricultural Development Corporation and may be transferred therein. We are trying to get the President’s promise and blessing to send him to America. As the Major has been in Rawalpindi he may even have called on Ayub. If so this will be added before being mailed.

Malik Abdul Hamid Khan has plenty of plenty, far more than the others. He and the Major are my hosts. He told me he has no family any more but one son who is now well heeled. We have invited the American Legation, the A. Friends of the Middle East, Asia Foundation and the ICA to a tea Sunday to discuss real two-way cultural exchange. I do not know how many will come. The Malik will provide the food. The Malik will provide everything but ideas. The Americans may offer ideas. This is not done you know but we doo’d it.

Mass Meetings. Between the Major and the Malik I have had two mass meetings, one of 20,000 disciples in (non-existent) Sufism. The other 10,000 of Shias and Sunnis. Meanwhile I am invited to Sufi gatherings and to colleges.

Boy, you should have been with me today. Nothing but lovelies, a whole college of them and I the speaker and only one other man there. And did I get an ovation. The girls were much more intelligent than the boys whom I have addressed. And I was in wonderful form. With the abating of the heat my health has reached perfection. Besides I have had with me the unamalgamated association of saints, Sufis, sadhus, seers and sages some of whom did not go to college and none of whom went to universities in Europe, England or Canada. How come! Anyhow they psyched me for this month and it is coming out exactly.

But when the Malik put his stuff to me the other day—my birthday too—I nearly fell over. He has offered so much in the financial way, but gives two years to work out the program. So Sunday we meet and discuss. Already President Ayub has given his ideas; we now need his blessing.

Dr. Robert Blum was injured here when he was going to Ayub to get ideas. Anyhow tomorrow I meet Mr. Metz at Asia Foundation and place before him my idea for apprentices in certain industries. The legation backs me up. Everybody backs me up now. No Uncle Louies, no Landaus, no Spiegelbergs, just Americans and Pakistanis and they are with me to a man, and woman. And we ought to meet some conclusion on Sunday.

Anyhow, so far as you are concerned I shall look in all directions Mr. Kibbee, the USIA director here is also of African descent and is the only USIA man I can positively recommend. Instead of filling the people up with Bach, Beethoven, Brahms and Tennessee Williams he gives them folk songs and square dancing. He actually mingles! He does not sit in an ivory tower and use microphones. It is almost impossible to believe. He really wants to win the cold war.

Next week I have been informed will be my investiture as a Sufi Murshid. This is going hard on my erstwhile personal enemies in the S.F. Bay area. This had a long history. I entered the Sufi center (which could not be) and found it occupied by commies. Why not? Under our European professors who give us the degrees these people don’t exist or are knaves and fools. What better place for a hide-out; and for plotting against the Peace Corps. Well, Lewises rush in where fools and angels alike fear to tread. They attacked me; the non-existent Sufis gave me a feast; they attacked me some more; the non-existing Sufis gave me a party; the attacks continued and the non-existing Sufis gave me a mass-meeting. And so on.

Now with the accumulation of popularity, fame and éclat, this possibility of financial support comes up. Well the unamalgamated society of Sufis, sadhus, saints, sages and seers have long predicted it and given me their blessings. I cannot walk anywhere without being greeted. Rom Landau may talk about Baraka but he has never been here and he would not believe if he saw; he would say it is a put-up job. Well I’ll do the praying and we shall see. But if there is an overflow $$ as well as an overflow audience, I know Barkis is willing, meaning you. Just sit tight; this is still a prayer and not a promise, but the Ides of October have been excellent.

And 65 or not, give me another college of lovelies. Won’t you join me?




October 23, 1961


Dear Norman:

Early morning. Major Sadiq is back from Rawalpindi. He came in last night and told me all his affairs terminated successfully. They kept him very busy but he did meet a friend of President Ayub and was told that the President is anxious to meet him.

What was more surprising and I guess edifying is the news that my name and fame is growing in this country. It is very hard to contrast the welcome I get at universities and the even greater welcome I have had at the hands of social and commercial leaders and in another sense, from man of all ranks.

I got along at the Academy until one night six of us went to hear Ambassador Mehta of India at the Palace Hotel. I think the group included Alan, Sophie, Lotus, Kaufman and two others, but am not sure. There were a lot of big shots there, including Justices of the Supreme Court and Supervisors.

Mrs. Lucretia Del Valle Grady came and selected one person out of the audience of 300 to introduce to the Ambassador. It was he, or rather it. When I returned to the table I got it. End of near beautiful friendships. You would have thought I had committed a big crime.

I think any intelligent person could have asked how come and how can I get on the band wagon. Of course “there are no Sufis” and nobody bothered to look into Mrs. Grady’s backgrounds. Her ancestors were among the original California-Californians coming in before history was written. (The Del Valles). Her husband played a very big role in both industry and international politics and has been Ambassador to at least Greece, Iran and the sub-continent. They were very, very close friends of Hasan Nizami the biggest Sufi leader in India. I hope to see his family soon.

If Alan or Uncle Louis had ever paid the slightest attention to facts they could have built that Academy. But no, they had to have their cake, even if it got stale without eating.

I do not know of course, whether the meeting tomorrow will lead to any such institution. I want to talk it out with Mr. Metz of Asia Foundation today. It is certain that when I have no money I am full of ideas and when I shall have it, inshallah, I shall be open to ideas. I only hope I am not leading you down any blind alley but I can assure you no spirituality or spirituality or spiritualism without sound material backing, and this seems now to be coming first.

The Rose season hare is about to begin again.




2 Elgin Road

New Delhi, Lahore

November 2, 1961


My dear Urmila:

Thank you very much for your wire. I knew something is wrong. Actually everything is mixed up. I felt there must be illness but I have asked Bank of America and also the Embassy to intercede because I can cannot tell the condition of my finances.

You see the Indian Government, uncertain of what kind of visa to give one, has equivocated. I met the High Commissioner and he promised me every sort of cooperation. That was three months ago! I had an awful time tracing where my passport was and fortunately have the complete cooperation of the Embassies in Karachi and New Delhi, plus the Consulate here due to extraneous circumstances.

While receiving no mail, no money and no passport, I stepped into a communist cell. That started things. You can readily understand that when those great Orientalists (!), Uncle Louis, Rom Landau, Alan Watts, not to say Fred Spiegelberg deny the existence of the Sufis, that naturally made their Khankahs the best places to hide out. Actually the U.S. if full of Uncle Louis’s and Rom Landaus, and your experiences are typical, not rare.

Well I stepped into one and then this fun began. I have long passed the 50,000 mark in my audiences. I am greeted everywhere but when the commies sabotaged the meeting being held in my honor it was time for the American authorities to really wake up. After all, I was an incident and accident. What they are hunting for is the Peace Corps.

Actually I am in excellent health, I have not been in financial difficulties—only I can’t balance the books without my papers and am getting every kind of material help from Sufis and Sufis and Sufis of whom Uncle Louis, Rom Landau and those boys on the Berkeley campus never heard.

Perhaps there is even more sympathy for Satya on my part. The mail may contain news as to whether my own mother is dying. Please send anything on to me at the above address. I shall wire when I am ready to come and have temporarily reserved rooms at the Hotel Airlines where I have spent many happy hours.

Samuel L. Lewis


Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



Lahore, West Pakistan

November 10, 1961

To Norman McGhee

Copy to Jack Betts


My friends:

For God’s sake and my own please do something for me. Emergency and how. The Consulate here is closed now for three days which means I can do nothing in Lahore. For weeks I have been under surveillance by the communists. Taking advantage of that nonsense taught by Rom Landau plus a bunch of Zionists and Europeans that there are no Sufis, the communists have successfully penetrated them here and held me up to derision.

On the one side this has meant immerse popularity and success in everything I have tried and more than I have tried. Local papers please don’t copy, these things are all unusual. It is not only E. Phillips Oppenheim, it is Talbot Mundy and anything like Talbot Mundy is impossible though he warned of communist infiltration in esoteric circles. But Lowell Thomas said no and that is that.

I have had, I think, but am not sure, exactly one letter in this house where I live. I got three letters, all misdirected. No other mail. I do not know where my passport is, I do not know where my mail is, I do not know where my money is. Fortunately the non-existent (go to Cal., Stanford, Pacific, UCLA, they are nonexistent) Sufis include rich and powerful men and I am not in financial need though my postage bill is enormous. My postage runs up to five times the daily wage of the laborer.

Passport. I long ago applied for a Visa to India. I have heard nothing, but the other day I accidentally found a letter misdirected to the American Friends of the Middle East; Unfortunately I had given them a scathing for not answering my mail. They could at least have expended courtesies.

Trap That Shut. Just before that I had asked the Library at USIA headquarters to send me a fictitious letter to see if my mail was being watched. So far no letter.

Mail to Friends in India: S. Agrawal. I don’t know where Satya is. I got a wire but no mail from Urmila—why the wire, why no mail? No answers and if the mail or money has been forwarded I don’t know what has happened;

Mail to Embassy in India: I began early in September to write to Fulbright, than to Engle. By-the beginning of October I had written to Jack Shelley, Congress Inouye, twice to Bowles, three times to Murrow, ditto Satevepost, twice to Newsweek, etc. Nothing; I have also written twice to Bank of America to send me checks on to both addresses above. Bye-bye blackbird.

I am writing separately to the Bank of America. I don’t know what to do; I can get cash here from American Express but I have no idea of my balance and am afraid to just write out checks. But having financial support I am not in this kind of need.

In any case I would appreciate, Norman if you could do the following:

a. Telephone Trust Department Wells Fargo and tell them I have not signed their deposit slips because I have not received anything. Also tell them I have notified Ellis & Levy because I have been compelled to add to my will—my papers here go to Robert Stice now in New York. You can have my files, Norman, if I never get back. I Am Serious.

My own attorney, John Rockwell, in San Rafael has been notified. I have also written my friends, Harry Nelson to try to get something to the Examiner but God knows when the American press ever listens. We lost Tibet, Laos, Viet Minh, Vietnam and now Afghanistan is much in the stew bemuse the press does not recognize reports from civilians.

I had to report all I could to the Consulate because Mrs. Kennedy is coming and a top commie is on the “welcoming committee.” Fortunately the non-existing Sufis have been busy. The non-existing Sufi police tipped me off, the non-existing Sufi police also sent me a message through non-existing dervish who is in the house; they are watching those who are watching me. One guy was arrested yesterday; the chief spokesman is now on the police list to be picked up, but the top bananas are “untouchable” movie magnates buddy-buddy with Eric the “Red” Johnston and the Mayer family. This stuff was all reported before, by the ABC team years ago, and briefed to me, not by me, 1956—no takers. Who supports nobodies against “untouchable” movie-magnates!

Jack, please visit the Bank of America at 9th & Market and ask them for my balance and air-mail it to me c/o American Consulate, Bank Square Lahore (put in bill for cumshaw whatever you want because I don’t owe nobody from nothing provided I can find the Rupees they sent me to India.)

The Embassy at New Delhi swears they have no mail for me. I Don’t Believe It.

Also please call either or both of you, to San Francisco and find out

Has he received any mail from me?

b. Has he answered any?

This is at least my fourth run-in with communists—American press puhleeze don’t copy. But I have sent to Newsweek and at least my mail gets out—I teenk.

Well I asked for drama and I have it and more than I can take: I have been successful in all ventures, but in addition to my own affairs I am frightened about the Peace Corps and so is everybody else. How in God’s name can a bunch of Europeans, Canadians, Zionists and Englishmen teach anybody about the “Islam” of Pakistan? There is, to begin with, more caste stuff than India ever heard of. The chief exercise is, rising from your seat and sitting again, and you gotta do it, because everybody salaams and when you get to the tops—and damn it, I am at the tops, you, are like a general that is compelled, absolutely, to return all salutes and this never comes by companies or corps, but everyone individually. And I can’t go out without handshake and blessings. All that nonsense about “Ah Yaint, a saint” is true here, Ripley.

Oh we got it at Pearl Harbor, of that there is no doubt,

And afterwards we watched and watched, we kept on watching out—

The Chinese they were different, but at a steady gait,

Then began to filter in a bit, and penetrate and infiltrate;

The Russians learned the lesson—they learned by a mistake,

If mixing in with people helped, they would not have to make

A great world war, for they could win, and winning was a cinch—

Take up this infiltration and progress inch by inch.

The Americans could watch and wail, but they had protocol—

They could beat their enemies in war, but could not climb that wall—

That wall that is insurmountable, the wall must not be scaled—

Now tell me, gentle brothers, just wherein have we failed?


Sheikh Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti or just




November 27, 1961


My dear John:

The name on the envelope is, of course, not my name and is used only to test the mails. There is more than enough tampering with my mail. The Embassy at Karachi purposely sent a letter to me at my address—not received—and copy in the official pouch received. Another letter was sent to the consulate, not official, and all it said was that the contents of a certain letter were noted. Nothing more. I have not received a single letter from an Indian source other than one top official on another subject. Nor an answer to any of the 15 letters sent abroad on the main subject. But later letters using the Consulate as address were promptly answered. So I have not the slightest idea from official of nonofficial sources whether my reports have been accepted or appeared on public or private or otherwise.

This has had the beneficent effect of compelling the Embassies to recognize my existence. Indeed one can go further. Thanksgiving Day was shared with a number of Americans. There were $100,000 per annum technicians in the room, all representatives of operative organizations connected in some way with Foreign Aid. But when the subject of the history and art and folklore of the region came up, whom do you suppose they turned to? There they are USIA and OIC and Ford & Rockefeller and God knows what, doing their work and presumably doing it well and knowing so little of the backgrounds of Pakistan. It was both a feather in my cap and a cause for tears. And if the senior technicians know no more than they know, how about the Peace Corps?

Once an idea takes hold emotionally in our country, little can be done. I saw how the UN was pushed over. Now we are paying for the UN army in the Congo and Russia has sent its agents to the three conflicting groups and is making friends and we are just supporting the UN army and not making friends. The same is with the Peace Corps and others—to gain the will of the people through commentators and editorials is not going to win any cold war. The enemy are infiltrating and they annexed more territory last week and there is nothing to stop then. I got in every country by knowing the religion, history, folk-lore, etc. But who has recognized it?

My friend in Malaya may be dying. He has been my chief mentor. He knows and he has been the victim of knowing and inability to communicate and it has literally broken him. He has lived in every country in Eastern and Southeastern Asia, known most of the languages and most of the top people—and so far as the Dulles spionagists are concerned he does not exist. This is “Central Intelligence.”

The other day I was compelled to write nine letters at the suggestion of the consulate. I received one answer, but it was not oh joy and it was not an answer. I have a friend who is a Khalandar who has “Second sight.” He described minutely what is going on and said he had no letter from me. Fortunately Prof. Rhine of Duke has consented to meet him, if and when he comes to the U.S., but with this evident tampering of the mails, any step in any direction is most difficult.

The Alternative is to come home and here again second sight, if there is such a thing, is playing its part: The Sufi seers are unanimous that my friend, Major Sadiq, will get a position with the New Agricultural Development Corporation and we shall be together in American and other countries, perhaps even traveling together.

Now I made three serious mistakes at Karachi: (a) The cultural attaché refused point blank to give me time; (b) the mail departure sent my letters back (c) the agricultural section refused to answer my mail. These mistakes “on my part” were unforgiveable and I have reported to both Senators. Now my paper on Agriculture in Pakistan has been accepted for publication both in Urdu and English and fortunately the Agricultural men of the OIC have accepted my tentative reports. I have written much more technical material to my friend Harry Nelson, Greenhouse, City College, S.F. and to Giannini Hall, Berkeley. I am mind also to revisit some of the officials here and with this possibility with Major Sadiq the doors are opening wide. The most important decision will come up this week. For that reason I am not moving.

“They say” I shall go to India after all but having no mail nor notification of any kind I was compelled to report to the Postmaster General. My erstwhile enemies reported that I was a spy, also an American intelligence man and it evidently infiltrated, or was given to people in the postal and other departments. Nothing else can explain the mix-ups.

There is mother serious point, too. Who are the experts on Islam and Asia? I finally received—for the first time—a letter from an Orientalist. They all ignore me and are big shots in our colleges and universities and are not graduates of American schools either. This man, a Canadian, is our top No. I man on Islam; the No. 2 man is Briton, the No. 3 man is a German and the next ten are mostly Zionists. He asked me to pint out factual errors and I went to town. I have even sent a copy to the top officials of Pakistan. The man’s opinions may be excellent—I am not concerned with them—but his facts and sometimes his statements have no objective validity at all. Too many professors speak of “Muslims” as Hitler spoke of “Jews,” the term being merely the verbalization of some intentional emotion with no objective validity.

That is why I hope to come home and write “Lots of Lotuses” in answer to Koestler’s The Lotus and the Robot—which is based on superficial observation and strong dialectical evaluation.

In this dilemma I have gone so far as to write Ellis & Levy, if they are anything for me to send it to you. The last letters concerning my mother was that she may not last long. I do not know what effect this will have on my return but certainly now even if she dies. I should be back before any will comes to probate.

Occasionally also I have given your address for mail, but mostly not so. I have been under terrific strains due to uncertainties, but am gaining more and more popularity and “fame” here and assurance if I return I shall be well looked after. In any case I would like a home and preferably in Marin, even Fairfax. I feel I have something to give, something to write. The main alternative might be Berkeley to go back to college, or S.F. if a part-time job is offered. But I wish now to write even more than to use my green thumbs.

I still have some scores to pay off. The expulsion from an American college through the animosity of a European without being permitted to state my case or present my credentials must come out into the open. And between you and me I am going to clear up the forceful expulsion from Fairfax, though I think this can be done peacefully. In certain ways I am no longer the person I have been and integrity must be part of my life. More important is that America and Asia cannot get together excepting by America and Asia getting together. The investors were here this week—the usual, rhetoric, oratory, emotionalisms and few facts, few concern developments. One does not know what is gained from such things. Now it is late and besides I must purchase a new ribbon.




November 27, 1961


My dear Norman:

I am in a most strange position not even able to call it a predicament; the bases of which were seen when I was in Abbottabad and saw the Khalandar daily. I did receive a letter from him, not in answer to my own, in which he opened up more thoroughly on myself, but not on himself. And at the moment it would appear that we must meet in person either in Lahore or Rawalpindi. Meanwhile Prof. Rhine has expressed his willingness to meet him or any other Sufi “occultist.”

There is nothing definite to show that I may not have ultimately in the U.S. the full cooperation of the Khalandar, Malik and Major. In the case of the first two there should be independent funds and in the case of the latter governmental funds. If all their plans go through I simply shall not be able to handle the programs myself, and I must find some persons whom I can trust to help out, they being paid of course.

Therefore I have kept in touch with Bob Stice on the East Coast and yourself. Bob’s last letter was adverse to my coming to the U.S. via New York and my meeting with the saint yesterday was positively in the affirmative of my coming to the U.S. by Japan. This may mean, or compel a stopping off in Honolulu. For Sugar research I welcome this, but for Comparative religions, there is going to be a fierce outbreak.

I have written, at his request, a confutation of Prof. Cantwell Smith’s subjectivities and I am going, inshallah to do the same with Lahore, Von Grünebaum and a lot of other people who are misinforming us all over the place. It is awkward, terrible and delightful to have to explain to all the technical and cultural “experts” about the history and art of this region when they are sent out here presuming to know these subject matters themselves. But most fortunately there are two marvelous combinations of circumstances.

Mr. Kibble is, like yourself, a mixture of white and black, and he is one step ahead of you in having married a Brahmin girl. Not only that, but, she is the secretary of the top Agricultural technician here, while one is the chief cultural attaché which is delightful and puts all eggs in one basket, and than some. For practical purposes he is you here.

The Saint did the rest with regard to Major Sadiq and if the predictions he—and all the other saints, living here or elsewhere, have given, Major Sadiq will soon be transferred and promoted and we shall combine the Agricultural and spiritual missions.

After visiting the Saint I called on my friend the Malik who insists he is going to liquidate his holdings and come to the U.S. At the moment I know of no better person than yourself, Bob Stice being No. 2, to act as guide for him. But there is a strange side to it. If you ever see Donna tell her I have found Jupiter. She will know what this means, and by golly I never saw such a Jupiterian Jupiter…. Incidentally the only people who haven’t psyched me thoroughly are the astrologers and I think it is because they can’t know Uranus and Neptune as some westerners know them.

The investors are still here and I may write to Conlo Co. This door is still open. I can give information but will not draw conclusions. This, of course, is an experiment. You can write my own name on the envelope if, as and when you answer, addressing it to Lahore unless otherwise notified.




December 12, 1961

Copy of letter to my friend Myra Kingsley


My dear Myra:

In your last letter you asked if you could do me a favor and in a sense you can do me a favor.

I have not seen the star-gazer who read my palm and disappeared saying I was impossible. In one of Marie Corelli’s stories the same incident occurred. I admit I am impossible, but with that different meaning. Neither have I heard from the Khalandar but then I don’t usually hear from nobody no how and the mystery of what happens to my mail is something I have given up worrying about it and am turning to better things.

I don’t know what the stars say for me. Both the Munshi here and the Khalandar promised me a better December. Well there is just one way in which December has become better.

A lady has walled into my life. Now don’t jump. In the first place she rather resembles a person I know who has the initials M.K. This of itself is nothing—all important people today must have the initial K. or they aren’t important. Of course like Nkrumah it may be a complex but it has to be. The K.K.K. are gone but K&K&K rule things, the stars and Allah willing. So when this lady resembled M.K. was itself satisfactory.

I have not gone into details but she was born on the cusp of Aquarius and Pisces, is 53 years of age, from port Townsend, Washington.

She sooner or later appeared in S.F. worked on the Chronicle and her private enemies are the same as my private enemies, right off. Anybody that was ever associated with one “Uncle Louis” Gainsborough is on her black list though she did not know that the sundry entourage of that worthy are not on speaking terms with each other. But she did come to Asia and stayed at the Aurobindo ashram.

Now in my private eternal war against protocol I have, of course, my own special protocol against European professors of Orientalia and American newspaper men. She obviously could not be a European Professor of Orientalia; indeed she loathes European Professors of Oriental Philosophy, so you can guess her profession. Just like that. Only I did not have to eat crow. She is on a one woman rampage against her fourth estate Brethren.

It seems she suggested to the cultural attaches here that they should bring the American experts on Islam together with the Pakistanis, Worthy idea. Then I performed the most scurvy trick of my whole life—no exceptions. I impelled one of the USIA staff to look up the authorities on Sufism in their own library. He found three—non American, non-Muslims, of course. They agreed, nearly, on the spelling. That is all they agreed on and I think this is one of the dirtiest and best ways of exposing these phonies. I did not stop there. I took two Sufis to the lady. One is Major Sadiq, my host, who has third eye vision and that intrigued her. The other was the Malik, my Jupiter-Jupiter who wants to get rid of his encumbrances and take his lakhs of rupees, make them into dolls and come to the U.S. Any resemblance between the Major and Malik and what either of the three authorities say is wrong on Sufian is not, and of course they don’t agree with each other. This is a low, sneaking way of upsetting the apple-cart. You know what “we scientists” say: When ze facts disagree wiz ze zeory bad for ze facts.

I think MK would descent on account of Jupiter’s Jupiterian accumulations. Anyhow the lady now has my poetry, my prose and my humor. She also psyched me all right, but the next night I showed her the difference between my Uranian and Neptunian personalities; vive la difference.

All of which points to a kind of Merry Xmas and what is coming. Her position and that of one other person in my confidence is, where is the money coming from; and mine is, where am I going to spend what I have. Anyhow I am now doing research in dinetics and getting praise for  my favorite food, at last.

This would indicate I have Venus trine. I remember the Khalandar telling me that after December I might be into Venusian complexities. But I don’t wish to jump, for there are possibilities of partnerships, collaboration, etc. and there is something big going on not only inside of me but outside. Within 48 hours I should be having conferences and am guest of honor at a shindig on the 15th. For my old friends will not, for the most part, seriously consider that I am a sort of saint or holy man here and that I give lectures only to those in the top-most rank, all of whom have recognized me. This is compelling Amaricans to sit up and take notice. As I told one, “Sure I am crazy, but I have the same madness every day, while the other people are same one way yesterday, the second today, the third tomorrow and next week another king of sanity. If that is sanity I prefer to be mad.”

Actually I met a spiritual mad-man yesterday. He wanted money and in two seconds boy did he land back to sanity. Only protocol forbade this and I was not able to do what he and I both wanted, in the presence of witnesses.

It is very hard on me with no clear picture of where to proceed and every human effort in every single direction thwarted. It should be in my chart and today I am blaming Uranus but don’t know. And all the while the Sufis, saints, sages, sadhus and seers cheering me no end. “I wanna go home.”

Marry Xmas and Happy New Year.




February 15, 1962



My dear Norman:

I hope this finds your feeling well. I am, for the most part, but between warm weather and successes there is little time to rest. I leave early in the morning for Cochin and then the Anandashram for what may be a relaxing period. I hope to go further into my Indian sadhana and tapas as has already been achieved in Sufism.

Regardless of S.F. I am now regarded as an important person in both Sufism and soil-and-food problems. The work started with Satya Agrawal has progressed by leaps and bounds. I do not get turned down either in seeking appointments or in getting ideas over. This year so far, nobody: Pakistani, American or Indian has turned down a single item. And my experiences are a vast combination of Paul Brunton, Talbot Mundy and TCM.

But I am writing on another matter. On my last trip here I became friends with Ali Mirza and I looked him up immediately when I reached Bombay. He has three daughters and one son all of whom he wishes to send abroad for higher education. I omit here reference to the second daughter who wishes to go ahead with musical training and to go to London therefore.

Hidayat is the boy, but the second in the family. He is just finishing the second year of college and wishes to come to the US for his degrees in Mechanical Engineering. At the moment the list has been restricted to two, Case and UC Berkeley, and that is why I am writing.

Now if he goes to Case we have mutual friends and I believe they would be glad to assist him as to housing and other matters. But you may have some suggestions. If he goes to UC, we shall try the International House. Richard Park is now in India and returns in June to establish a branch of Asia Foundation which assists in such matters. Here because the boy is also interested in writing and public speaking Asia Foundation would be a natural. Meanwhile USIS is helping in what it can.

There appears to be no financial embarrassment or complication. The father, being a railway official, has travel concessions, some of which hold in the US also and he may come after the boy. Also, and perhaps with him the oldest girl. While the three younger ones are “conservative” in their outlooks—pleasures, music, etc., the older is of the new generation. I do not think she will come to SF but if she does she will fit in. She wants to train for teaching and social science and I have suggested Columbia first, then Michigan, although with no finality. But I mention this because the father might just want his family closer together.

The younger girl definitely has her heart set on S.F. She wants to be a ballerina and that is one of her best bets. But she also wants to do some Art study and again those could easily be combined in S.F. I keep the interest not only because they are friends but I may be “coming home” although at the moment I don’t know exactly where “home” is.

Although I am going south I shall probably not look up Ragavan. After all when I write Nehru or Radhakrishnan I got prompt answers and it was very easy for me to call on Radhakrishnan and Bannerji (who is now chief of protocol). But the “Academy teachers”—my god, excepting one or two, they can’t associate with humanity.

At Poona I visited Dilip Koomar Roy twice. He has a nice ashram and a good reputation today. The “mother” over in Pondicherry could not take Indira Devi who did something unforgivable—developed faculties the Mother does not have and cannot give! I don’t want to go into it, but all this stuff is both laughable and tragic.

The Silent Meher Baba is having a successor trained. He is going into the “silence” soon. He has prepared—collected funds and followers, a beautiful young girl attendant and a mass meeting to set off the event. This is spirituality. Baba himself has changed his headquarters and I ran into a man from S.F. in Poona: “Sam, my God, what are you doing here?” The Baba-ites are very anti-Academy, especially Watts and Landau. But then everybody is against who hasn’t and most haven’t. And if one has, the hasn’ts turn against him en masse.

That is why I have accepted at least one home in Asia. Why fight? I know what can be accomplished and am prepared to do it. I have met more saints, sages, soothsayers, Sufis, sadhus and sannyasins than I guess any other American. So what? So one becomes objective, factual, honest, no pretense and finally the scientists accept him. Now the Foreign Service and Ripley, even a couple of editors! But I have a pile of documents and oodles to do, so won’t say more.

If you have any suggestions write to me; if you have been away or have not, don’t bother so much.





Lahore, April 8, 1962


Dear Friends:

This letter is really for Norman McGhee and should be forwarded to him whenever possible. If Claude is around please have him read it.

The news is fast and furious. In a few days I hope to be visiting Rawalpindi with my friend and host, Major Sadiq. We have at least three big projects which will bring us to California, presumably in the next two months. The nature of these projects may not concern you, although at least one will—but our present plans are these:

If anything (not everything but anything) goes right, we will fly to San Francisco which maybe our temporary headquarters. We plan to rent or purchase a car and will need a driver. I have recommended Norman for many reasons and some of them have been contained in the correspondence between us. While our main trips will be between California and Texas we shall sooner or later have to go east, in particular to Cleveland. So we are going to stress every means possible to have enough funds for those two purposes—a car and driver.

Of course I know other persons who will make good or even better drivers but we simply cannot take them into confidence on our projects. Even if we have as many as four or five projects so far as Norman is concerned there will not only be no secrecy but he will be “in.” He has both backgrounds and sympathy as well as abilities. My next best “man” as a matter of fact is one Robert Stice who has gone to New York. There is one objection to him—he can’t fit into a small car, if we decided on a small car! But even in the matter of choice of cars, Norman has his experience and he would have our trust.

Trip to the Orient. If we are at all successful I might remain in the U.S. and Norman might get an opportunity to come to Asia on at least one of at least three bases. We should rather our projects materialize. All the burden is on us, not on anybody in S.F. True, I have one or two other fellows in whom I have confidence and trust but I do not know enough of their skills.

India. Even if Norman reneges or refuses and wants to go to India I have a big open door for him—he would have to pay his way no doubt but I can help him if he is willing to help some others. Purchases of things would be made in San Francisco by me. One of these would lead to top level people in Bombay. The other to top level people in Hyderabad.

Claude may remember the Princess who accompanied Swami Ramdas. Well she gave me money for purchases and if Norman (or somebody else) wishes to go to India, he could carry these things. The purpose of this would be to help the person get proper introductions. Although the Princess and other people we met are disciples of Swami Ramdas, if the voyageur wished to go to other Ashrams or follow other Swamis, this could be done.

In this connection I am also enclosing copy of letter to a San Franciscan whom you may know.

East-West Relations. Among other things we are bringing sorer real spirituality and spiritualism. My own position among the Sufis is very, very high today. I also have some material on the relation between Zen and Hinduism which has never been given out. My visits to ruins have convinced me that Zen was the central theme in Buddhistic practice long before Bodhidharma. I have plenty of objective evidence for that. (Some of you may have met by “Brother” Paul Reps who is functioning around S.F.)

Norman is concerned with a run-in with Prof. Cantwell-Smith. I am all out against subjectivists, no matter how well placed. I have met so many thousands of Sufis, some in the topmost ranks and their existence is denied by this sort of professor. It is a joke and one for which we are paying dear. The Muslims of India are almost solid behind Krishna Menon and are anti- U.S. Why not? We deny their existence—it is as simple as that!

Well I don’t bellyache, I just want to reach Norman man and strike him with opportunities.

Samuel Lewis


4120 Geary Blvd

San Francisco 18

California USA

April 18, 1962


Dear Sam,

Just returned from Mexico last week thoroughly convinced that my former plan to live in Cuba for a few years have been frustrated. I’m not quite sure why I was not granted a visa but after 5 months wait in Mexico I was told I had been refused. During the interim we took a jaunt (hitch-hiked) to Yucatan, Quintana Roo, British Honduras, Guatemala, Chiapas and Oaxaca. Needless to say, the situation all throughout Mexico and Central America is explosive. In Guatemala an actual revolt was in process with the streets of the capital city filled with burp gun carrying soldiers and tear gas etc, etc. As I read in the paper it appeared that Mexico may be next. If not now it won’t be long.

In any event I have no definite plans for the future (Peace Corps???) and am very interested in your arrangements with major Sadiq and the US tour with a chance of visiting India. My funds are almost depleted at the present but if you know the right people that is no insurmountable difficulty. So please let me know what chances your plans have for fulfillment so I won’t go and commit myself to another project.

Best of luck in everything,




July 26, 1962


My dear Norman,

Yesterday was a hot and eventful day. I expected forebodings which were not believed I was held up again by the [?] office and finally the new Consul who has been ill went to bat for me so I try again this morning. Those bastards held me up when I wanted to go to India; just red tape and bureaucracy.

Much more pleasant was my meeting Mr Levy the Execution Officer. Although I have met almost everybody about the staff this was the first meeting with him. As he was an educated New York mulatto I talked at length about you. Then I received your letter of the 19th; the intention is always right and I have some tips about the Peace Corps. [?] the above, the solution “father was right.”

I have two or three more tips for my “How California Can Help Asia” and an introduction to Guy Atkinson who did much of the emergency construction work in Pakistan.  Talked to an editor who may be interested in my writings; also to another research scientist; after that two meetings with local writers who are interested in my efforts and more date the last two hours.

Spent a whole afternoon with Khawar and see her again tomorrow. We are very close and this definitely establishes a relation I would like to hold to certain young women, for instance many of whom you know; details will help.

Psychological matters. These are just the things I am needing to face. In fact my ticket will include a trip to Hollywood and San Diego. My uncle and aunt live between the two and there is an SOS to see them. My best friends in Hollywood are practicing psychologists and I am sorry I could never get them and Blanche together. I feel strong enough to face the problems of the day. If you feel weaknesses about yourself I feel they are practical rather than egocentric. Even the [?] outlet to express yourself. You are much better fitted than many I have met at Foreign [?]. Not only has the Satevepost complained that there are jobs begging but also the office [?] came around the Consulate yesterday.

I am glad that you took up the problem of Laura. So much talent in our country goes to waste and I know there are few good practical technical librarians.

You have relived me at least in part about a place to stay. Jack Bills hs not been successful. I have not heard from Steadman Thompson who now occupies the Dakar Delta St house. I shall probably land “light” sending most of my stuff by freight and then not stay too long. But I shall acquaint you with my conferences in SF and for that matter you may come along. After that it looks like a rest in SF—three [?] self –possessed, self-assured and confident. And I know a [?] insight more about this part of the world that I have been permitted to talk about.  I was the “expert” until certainly prominent citizens died and then some e.g. the McMahon and Durrel brs. Not the Chinese and Indians are now fighting and both are right according to premises. But no country sticks to the same principles in all situations.

I should arrive about midnight August 4-5 at the airport in San Mateo Co. I don’t know how long it will take to get through customs, etc. Am Express is arranging to give me Travelers Cheques and I should have sufficient cash until I call my bank, etc.




June 28


My dear Norman:

Life is anything but what we like to think it is and one part of me feels like a heal—and the other part is a heel or will be. We shall see. I did not see the President and all efforts to have Major Sadiq given an appointment have ¿failed?—because nothing is final here. The National Assembly is meeting and many delegates have criticized the government strongly on just the points for which I wished a conference. There is a terrible glamour here in, behalf of something called “Islam” which has no relation whatever to Mohammed and Qur’an and covers every type of human selfishness.

I was sent for by the Pir of Dewwal Shereef, the Murshid of the President and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. What happened there upon is almost impossible to communicate. Oh there was nothing complicated about it. The whole scientific side has been reported and the political side has been given to the Foreign Service. But you never read the story of “The Goose Girl” which was made into a play by Humperdinck—it is not produced any more. The wrong person certainly could not be….

But this wrong person has already been appointed as field representative of the projected Islamabad University and so far every step has been successful. Dr. Kirk of Princeton is the cultural attaché here and we are certainly “brothers under the skin” in so far as non-American, non-Asian Professors of Oriental subjects are concerned and then some. We had a complete understanding. This work is not so much out of my hands as beyond me—I am only a single person. The American Friends of the Middle East may take over.

Along with this I have been confirmed as the Chief Sufi Teacher for the United State of America—and along with that been conferred as a healer. I have tried nine times to heal people and have been successful nine times. But now I have not only been given increased knowledge as to Sufi and spiritual healing but the whole door of Deaf-therapy has been opened to me and this will require some research. I am ready both here and there.

Along with this my future was told by Pir Dewwal Shereef exactly the same as Pir Barkat Ali exactly the same as Munshi Bashir exactly the same as Shah Sahib exactly the same as the Sufis at the tomb of Data Ganj Baksh exactly the same as the Khalandar exactly the same as the Sikh in Delhi, etc. I am going to write this to Prof. Joseph Rhine at Duke before the dates of events. Anyhow—and this is all conjecture, without exception they say I shall become famous, rich and successful and also married. I am not counting on such fortune but if it comes I may have to take you and Bob Stice under my wing directly without depending on anybody else.

It is certain that the Khalandar has gone off into politics. On the other hand my host for the moment, Malik Hamid is still determined to liquidate and come to the US, and if he will unbend—and he may have to, a door will open. Then Pir Dewwal Shereef and his treasurer, S. Noon, are planning to come to America. They have money and have been successful in raising money. He (the Pir) is a great spiritual healer, etc. and will need services after arrival.

Next the story of Major Sadiq is so complicated, so full of pathos, success—and frustration that I cannot say anything. He has been stationed at Kohat unwillingly and is most not there. There has been an invasion by Pathans who come for his spiritual healing on such a grand scale the General of his sector wants to remove him. And the Pir of Dewwal Shereef also wants him to come to America for his healing; and he, the Major, wishes to come to put through a very large commercial deal. However he was in an auto accident (only the car, not the riders) and so he missed me at both Lahore and Rawalpindi and his wife has been elsewhere, the house is locked up with my possessions and communication bizarre to say the last, i.e. Snafu.

I am booking to return from Karachi tentatively on August 20; I am writing to both you and John Betts at 772 Clementina asking for assistance in finding a temporary place. If I can got an apartment I shall pay rent and leave my things there; otherwise will leave things with Betts and after a short visit to Marin (my attorneys go to Well Norman, you can see from this my life is mysterious and not yet clear. Every time I think I may hit the jack pot, I get a snag and every time I think I have overshot, something unexpected, often new, turns up. No doubt at the moment it looks like personal success, but that is not what I wanted or aimed at. But the growing optimism of all the saints, seers, soothsayers, Sufis, psychics and such makes me hesitate to make any conclusion. The great point here is the almost unanimous agreement between and among them; people who have no visible means of common contact.

This does not help you and at times I feel like a bloated ass.

Miss Khawar Khan is 26, beautiful; very successful and very rich. She is supposed to get married and her family thinks I am standing in the way. The only thing I have said: If you don’t get married I‘ll:

a. Act as go-between myself

b. Take you to Peshawar where I know a list of fine outstanding engineers with a spiritual background.

c. If these fail, a Passport, Visa and East-West House. In any case I’ll win.

I take her to Sufi Barkat Ali Thursday—then Friday to Rawalpindi, then to Pir Dewwal Shereef, Murshid of the President and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Oh, I forgot, there are no important Sufis today! Not even




June 11, 1962


To the Honorable Hugh Betts and Jack Wine, with a carbon for Norman McGhee:

There comes a time in the lives of all us when… Anyhow a special messenger came summoning Plentypetentiary Puck and we to come to Murree the summer capitals I leave on Friday. What this will lead to I don’t know for I can turn out to be anything from healer to a conquering hero.

Last Friday I called on Sufi Barkat Ali and told him what was happening to me, to wit:

I am not crazy with the heat. Instead I am thriving on it. It is over 100 now. Everybody is weltering. The only difference is that they now have an excuse for doing nothing and the rest of the time they get along without any excuse.

I seem to have put the calendar in reverse, as you are aware. I may also have put the Khalandar in reverse, but all his four minor predictions have come true.

One of these is that I have some kind of magnetic healing power. I had been successful in seven cases out of seven. So Sufi Sahib said: “I have a fever. Time’s aswatin.” And in five minutes jumped up off his cot feeling well.

I have had to spend a lot of time with my beautiful disciple, Miss Khawar Khan whom I take to Barkat Ali next Thursday and this should complete my business here for the while. She has also been ill and says I have removed pains from her. The upshot is that I wish to call on some physicians, probably Drs. Fung, and submit to a glandular or other check to ascertain if there is any scientific basis.

The other day I called on my friend, the Munshi, and he said he was expecting me. He told me that I have a Venus in mid-heaven in very favorable position all around, that things would improve for me, that I should leave here toward the end of July and arrive in California here I come the first week of August.

Again I got verifications for that night a messenger came from ‘pindi summoning me to Murree, the summer capital. The immediate destination is Pir Barkat Ali. All my efforts on his behalf have been successful so far. I thought he had put himself out on a limb on this healing stuff.

Now the question is where is my pal the Major; when is he going to get out of his miseries? And is he going to get the recognition and financial backing that the seers foretold? I should be pretty skeptical but new the things foretold me are coming true so much I may even become credulous.

I have had little news and know nothing of family mattes except a rumor, I realize also that the strange experiences may cause others to say I am “tetched” (you know this is true but not in the sense they mean.) Incidentally:

Puck: why is it that we call horses by Arabic names and you Pakistanis call them by English names?

Quetta Guy: That is no problem. You look at the horse’s heads, mouth, etc., so you give them Arabic names. We look at their rear ends, which explains. This ought to be clear.

Another reason for not rushing home is that SF is way out in front. Have you some rabbit’s foot? The Munshi has promised me a good-luck charm. I believe in the recesses of my luggage there are now a lot of good-luck charms. We shall have to vacuum my bags when I return and then go into “scientific testing.”

I may connect with the Major Saturday. He has two homes and is near neither of them. If I say the balloon is bust, it may come out different. But the seers say I am going to accomplish one or two things near miracles before I leave. We shall see. I am a miracle myself and can’t explain.

I am suffering from this interminable hot weather but I have become immune and physically, though not physically; my health is fine. There are a lot more things here in my repressed Shangri-la Report. I don’t know what you can do for me and I don’t know what I can do for you but I want to see you as soon as possible even to have you come to the airport. Although I am temporarily in debt, it is my own money only involved. Theoretically two groups should be doing something for me before I leave. The first man who promised to help me is now three months behind because he got into politics (Malik Hamid) . As I said in the beginning ¿everything? is?

And on the more serious side I am now regarded as one of the Sufi teachers and unanimously as their chief delegate to the U.S. Anything can happen. If I wanted to pun I should say: “you pray for me and you can prey on me.” After all I have no home or family only … hurry up … somebodies say cupid is a coming and at my age?




September 15, 1962


My dear Haridas:

I am answering your note of the 14th and may deliver this in person. The answer is given in order to save time. The attendance is in part an answer to your question of plans. These plans are slowly forming. I have not been able to contact the American Academy and am not going to take any University of California courses. It is true I am toying with some more work at the Rudolph Schaeffer School, but this is in connection with the fourth book I have in mind, which is outside the subject-matter of our immediate communication.

I have in mind at the moment two books. The first is “The Lotus and the Universe” which starts out by being-anti-Koestler. It proceeds on to Indian fundamentals. It is about time that an American writes a book on philosophy growing out of spiritual experiences. The stores are full of books on “Zen” by people who know nothing about Zen; and the cultural institutions are full of non- Indians “explaining” philosophies which did not reach India in the 19th century.

When I entered your country I told the Customs men: “Ask me all the questions you want. I have all the answers.” “All the answers.” “Yes.” “Such as?” “Tat twam asi.” “He does know all the answers, let him though.” He told me he was the disciple of Swami Malaraj Ranganathananda, the secretary of the Ramakrishna Order between whom and myself there is a deep love of a nature which cannot be understood by dualistic people.

I immediately got in touch with Bannerji and Dr. Radhakrishnan who were not at that time granting interviews. I want to say here that I have been an errand boy for Mrs. Grady, widow of our Ambassador, for years. We do not have to see each other to communicate and I know exactly what to do. Both Bannerji and the President know this but I am not going to waste time with either Americans or Europeans who “teach” something called “Indian Philosophy” of which they have not the slightest inkling.

Satya Agrawal lives at D-17, Lajat Negar III, New Delhi 14, one of the three new vast areas being opened up toward the Kutb Minar and airfields. You would not know the city. I saw very little of Satya and from the dualistic point of view he was very rude. But from the Advaita point of view he turned me over to his friend Mithal and here was a soul with whom and toward whom telepathic, sympathetic and higher forms of communications and communion were operative. I never had to ask him where to take me—this also happened at Agra and Hyderabad, to say the very least. I was taken to more places in India without either wishing or thinking—spontaneously—which is something neither our European nor American mentors of “Oriental philosophy” can possibly fathom. The same is true of my meeting with President Radhakrishnan. It was completely and absolutely Advaita, and so nearly all my Sufi experiences.

How California Can Help Asia. This is largely a scientific book. I am not going to discuss the contents. My methods of obtaining material are a combination of Vijnana and Prajna (which the Sufis call kashf). Again I am not going to discuss this.

The integrational motif is only one of several levels in Indian psychology but it is much higher than any used by any pale faces anywhere. Above that is something else, much vaster universes—which we shall have to consider.

I caught Jim Pike on a personal question and he had to recognize a faculty of which most students of Asian philosophies have only words. Thea has not only gotten rapid answers to two questions (answers by action) but mere thought has brought instantaneous relief.

I am considering visiting Donna. I spoke to Isabel today asking if she wanted to go—I don’t want to go alone. If you can drive use OK, otherwise Greyhound. I think it is time to open Donna up to the real spirituality. Alan gave lectures and Subud gave openings and stopped there. We take refuge in words.

Both by Sufi Pirs told me I would be received with a grand welcome (which has been true) and that my enemies would be getting on my bed wagon. This last is astonishingly true and very hard to adjust to. But it must be faced. We don’t know the Oriental mysticisms and we live in worlds of narrowness even when we think we are broad.

I have ordered a TV set from your friend. Florie told me about channel 9 and I think that is enough. I’ll know this week whether I can plunk out fifty bucks in one piece or two—it won’t be more.

There is lots more here than meets the eye. However you are a subject of such analysis. As people don’t integrate they don’t see the whole of you. I am going to take analysis (not you) by the horns and whack it. We build nothing by tearing apart.

As to the future of society, I am not concerned excepting that I am willing to accept others. One of my closet friends is all heated up over the nuclear experiments. Actually I see only one side—which is his. The same is true in other matters. I would like to differ from Jeffers who saw the world had no place to go but down. But how many will ex and—not “look up”—looking up, whatever that is, never healed a heart.




September 16, 1962


My dear Norman:

The red ribbon is used to save wear-and-tear and I am going into the matter of more ribbons, etc. Monday.

I am enclosing copy of letter to Haridas Chaudhuri in hopes that you may get a glimmer of my present outlook. It is not only East vs. West, and Capitalism versus Communism—it is even more (to me) Aristotle versus Hegel, neither of whom in my mind is able to explain the world as it is.

From here the story splits into the external or scientific venture and the internal or occult venture. Neither the Greeks nor Germans can understand a Ramakrishna or Dr. Radhakrishnan, not to say a Sufi or Swami Ramdas. After all in the last century the Philistines had reached some conclusions absolutely and today these absolutes are gone and gone forever. But the methods used in Physics are not yet used in Anthropology or Universal Psychology.

The logics of the past are entirely disproved. They do not explain and they are all based on egocentricity. So I find a world of explanations today which fit neither the facts I have accumulated about nature (science) nor about the self (mysticism). The scientists, being non-egocentric, are so easy to get along with though one may have to go deep. The metaphysical people, including practically all the “gentlemen” of the press, politicians, and most social philosophers explain away rather than explain.

The scientists whom I have met recently know exactly what is wrong with Russia—they are making supremely serious errors in soil treatment and planting. This has nothing whatever to do with land-ownership, mechanization or farm economics. Trees do not respond to dialectics.

I can make one single criticism of our social order and let it go at that: Why isn’t Univac used to balance the budget, pay off the national debt and in general solve financial problems? The “East” is way off base on scientific matters and the “West” is way off base on finance matters.

The rise of Nkrumah is that of a man who is off base in neither but he errs in making himself a Messiah at a time the world is so full of Messiahs that his claim will be disputed all over, though he has far more acumen that most or all the others. What we fail here to understand are the (a) full import of integration; (b) universal harmonization.

The first may be accomplished by the working of the human mind, the second not so. All the students of Oriental Philosophies fail to get an inkling into direct perception and use it. There is nothing “hidden” but the way to uncover is so unusual to all the Western minds that we are stuck. I heard some Negroes shouting at the white race—perhaps followers of Elijah Mohammed. Now the more “we” have condemned Russia the more we have become dialecticians; and the more this sort of thing is done the further we are from “integration.”

Stick a Cucumber in a Melon Patch and see what happens. We narrow integration. We don’t even accept it biologically. But it is all over all the Mathematical sciences and techniques, all levels. The most rabid Southerner, in building a bridge, utilized an integrational formula he will not apply to racial problems; and the most acute Russian or American engineer will not generally apply the integrational pattern, which he must use in engineering, to other matters.

For example the Department of South Asian Studies gave me the name of one Prof. Sophir who has long lived in India and teaches about its Geography. I failed to find him in either Berkeley or Sacramento but when I returned found some brochures (1962) latest reports on the soils of India. Yesterday stuck in San Rafael I found one Prof. Schoonover whom I have been chasing all over the world and he gave me a copy of his very recent findings on the soils of India.

I shall be glad to discuss the contents, but here I mention the methods because it is one thing to admire Sri Aurobindo for his “over mind” and “supermind” and it is another thing to function in and with them.

The Lotus and the Universe. The first chapter will be on the Matrix of Indian Psychology. Sri Aurobindo takes a lot of things for granted without explanation and nobody has examined these points. However I find it is pretty necessary to take these things for granted also. Otherwise he is not functioning “overmind” and “supermind” at all.

My theme shall probably be:

Raksha                destruction

Asura                  analysis (Gr. ana + lusis)

Manusha                        description, report                  Mind

Gandharva         Vijnana, integration                Over-mind

Deva                   Ananda, bliss unification.        Super-mind

After explaining the next chanter will be “Vedantic Christianist” and it has a bunch of hidden treasures and I think some shockers. After all I can explain the whole of the New Testament through the Indian matrices, the above and that from two or three Upanishads, without evening winking an eye.

The first shapers of “The Lotus and the Universe” will be “Aurobindic” and the next ones will be “Pure Advaita” and then Sufic. Of course after—and only after I explain the Indian matrices, shall I tackle Zen. As I have been initiated into Zen—no claptrap and no books—I know that Zen is based on Buddhism is based on Indian Psychology, and how and when and I am not the least concerned with Western objections.

The West is divided into two schools of (un) thought which may be called Aristotelian and Hegelian. The first is lost in words and the second in fantasy. Modern Science is based on the differential integrational approach which is easily and automatically reconcilable with Indian matrices, so much so that nobody—certainly not Koestler—has disproved Huxley.

Now on the personal side. My relations with Papa Ramdas were both direct and indirect. The indirect concerns Paul Brunton, Rama Maharshi and Upasni Maharaj. My relations with Swami Maharaj Ranganathananda reached another height which I would prefer to tell in person—because it overlaps the Sufi adventures.

My Sufi adventures were not only absolute and complete but their aftermath has been just as absolute and complete. I stand today perhaps the most universal Sufi in history—though it may take years to come out—linking three separate areas of the world. The story of Egypt, India and Pakistan, or rather the stories are so long and diverse, far more than Paul Brunton, Yeats-Brown and L. Adams Beck combined.

The first sign to open up this work was given in a recent experience in Sacramento which followed predictions to details and the same took place today. This refers to my private life, for the moment.

I met about 6,000 people in Egypt; 80,000 in Pakistan; but in India was usually a member of audiences before Swamis and Pundits. These Swamis and Pundits are attracting huge audiences. They must be considered outside the realm of all the self-styled “holy people” such as Shivananda, Mayamayee, “Maharshi” (who was here), Meher Baba, etc. These Swamis and Pundits address peoples of all races and mostly cultured folks. It is the college graduates who are studying Gita seriously and on a scale which we can hardly realize here. Whatever may have been said of on Indian Renaissance it is quite different today. The Gita is being studied by Sufis and intellectuals (I mean non-Indians) on such a vast scale that even seeing is not believing.

Koestler and the metaphysical Katherine Mayos cannot grasp India. Sure it is full of faults—or rather Indians are full of faults. India is in the hands of people who recognize the Vijnana and Prajna levels.

I write this so we can take it from there.





Sept. 22, 1962


Dear Norman:

I might have stolen the audience last night but although generally I have the answers, I do not have to questions. And if a point had been pressed: “What is your program?” I could have been caught. But people are not astute and don’t ask such a thing.

Kashmir is a sore point on this planet—everybody has their sore point. A friend of mine went there and returned saying that all the people cared about was bread and God and not about politics. He has able to do this because he had “the secret password” which is not a password at all, but the key to human hearts. One of the girls said I was like a newspaper man; sure I can give reports but I have the keys to peoples” hearts and would not stir if I did not.

How do you think I turned a hostile audience into a mad anti-communist mob? Nobody has ever asked me but the life I saved happened to be my own. So someday I may write my memories. They will show among other things, that it is useless to know the future. People do not understand, you will be shunned, and when the climax comes everybody is so busy “hating” the enemy that there is no time for you.

The biggest difference I have with the speaker is when he throws out the old by-line: “They know how to solve their problems.” Humbug—a cover for a four-letter word. What are the problems? And when they are solved is there any more happiness?

The people of Islam have to have clothes or else. The people of South India and the Pacific Islanders who are not Christians do not. The question of clothing is subjective although the economist-babblers insist that food, clothing and shelter are the three big things. But the natives of our south-west and the Egyptians (historically) are hot particularly interested in shelter. Shelter from what? Economic status would not be changed by a fur coat.

The problem to be “solved” in Iraq is Kuwait; and in Pakistan is Kashmir; and in the Near East, Palestine; and all Germans would like to push the Poles back. I broke with the Marxists because I say:

According to Karl Marx man has no loins;

According to Freud man has no stomach.

When I was young all the extreme left-wingers were free-lovers and today the communists are the most respectable, but not respected people on earth. How come? What is a “problem?” “What is a solution?’

The speaker hit the nail on the head three times but he did not want that approach. One was when you asked about the Leopard Society. On the other hand I am not going to be convinced that you have to have Pan-Africanism any more than I have been convinced about Pan-Islam or Pan-America. Instead of “solving” problems it creates new difficulties. People aren’t going to have more bread or money by parades of this kind.

With tremendous effort on my part I have practically gotten a contact on two situations:

All the great mystics and esotericists of the world.

The best soil scientists.

I don’t want to talk too much about the first until you are willing to have me open up. You asked about the Leopard Society. You may have asked about Yogis. But there are more Sufi Dervishes than all the esotericists of all the other schools and types multiplied all over; they have individually more prestige and power, but they are pulling their pinches because the world accepts God only as a nebulous thought, a mechanical cosmic-control that is more by human lips, and not as Reality.

The next is the matter of soil problems. The whole earth is denuded. And I wish to continue this and your African situation by showing you the programs of the whole Affairs Council, etc.

Emotions solve nothing.

The Failure of Russia: This has come from two or three sources, not one of which is economic or psychological, and therefore not news:

The weather was unusually cold in much of Siberia, causing crop failures. (Note: S.F. also has had unusually cold heather—whose fault is it?)

The soils of Ukraine along with those of Iowa are the best in the temperate climates. We made botches by adopting the Iowa program elsewhere and the Russians made botches by adopting the Ukraine program elsewhere.

What Has Stopped Fighting:

The Locusts in West Asia.

The Cotton Moth in the Near East.

So our papers are full of stuff on Cancer and Infantile Paralysis, etc. Then we stop the bugs by spraying and begin to get diseases from poisons and start campaigns elsewhere.

The Failure of China:

Same old story—sudden droughts, sudden floods, unexpected changes in climate.

You can have all the social revolutions in the world and run from extreme Fascism to extreme Robotism and these things go on. “Science” is today too concerned with conquering(?) “space,” etc. and has become extremely non-humanistic.

At this point Nkrumah comes in and at this point everybody including the Nkrumah-ites ignore Nkrumah because:

He is of the wrong race and place

He is putting 2100 in 1962.

When you combine these it is impossible. It is all right for the Russians to accept as facts the harvests of 1975; for the Egyptians to accept as facts the deductions from the completion of Assouan Dam; for everybody to accept Aldous Huxley seriously with science-fiction. But here comes a strange man with science-non-fiction, and I mean just that, and zooie! or zowie!

So I give you two choices—which you can ignore because I have no right to push you:

Come and investigate the real mysteries of the real God.

b. Get in contact with the groups around Nkrumah.


P.S. I was sent into America from one of the top Sufis of the world. My spiritual brother was sent to Accra on a similar mission.

Stop and consider. There’s more here than meets the eyes.




Sept. 26, 1962


My dear Norman:

The other day I wrote the letter attached in reflection on the meeting last week. I told Sam I have no time for reflection or action on any local matters, and I was not even directly interested in African affairs because they are beyond my capacity. But I am tied up, doubly, behind the scenes with Nkrumah and if he represented the Ghana leader it was in accord with my present policy to cooperate.

Now few people here understand that I am dealing with big problems. The problems are too big for them to comprehend and besides this they deny to me as an individual capacity therefore. This becomes silly because everywhere I have become the companion of the top scientists dealing with food problems in almost every aspect and I am not concerned with public reactions.

When I saw 600,000 homeless in Karachi I went almost mad (or maybe it was becoming sane)—what to do! The events leading to mass hysteria and migrations still go on and will go on, undisturbed by any and all political philosophies of whomsoever. An editorial never saved anybody’s life and editorials have led to wars and massacres.

I mention this because unfortunately Isabel stole from me the one thing I do not have—time. Metaphysical people in general cannot envision mass suffering and mostly they don’t care anyhow. The stuff going out as “Zen” by a lot of comfortable—call them bourgeois if you want—has nothing to do with the Buddha’s great concern with mass poverty, illness and want. He even deserted his wife and family and came up at least with an answer. More important than the answer was his concern. Few are actually concerned with mass suffering. Engels was and Marxists are not, etc.

The spiritual measure of a man is his horizon—how far do his sympathies extend. Nothing else. Spiritual awakening and suffering are the two things that enlarge us.

The other side is that I am doubly tied up with Nkrumah. Nobody here really knows about the Sufis. It is ridiculous. I have the same spiritual teacher as Ayub and I have just written to the new Vice-President of India who is also a disciple in Sufism. We represent God-in-action. Most people either deny the existence of God (and why not, I see nothing wrong here?) or else they make of Him everything else—a policeman, grandfather, boogaboo, Justice of the Supreme Court, scales operator, etc. There is no serious consideration of God in and with His actual attributes. These attributes manifest in human operations.

One of my Sufi colleagues went to Accra. At the same time my closest American colleague sent all his stuff there. This binds me because I do not work separately although here it does. Naturally European professors of “Oriental” philosophy know nothing of American professors of American philosophy—and none of them know of the Sufis.



P.S. Some of your Nigerian contacts may know of the Sufis (dervishes). They may even belong.



February 16, 1963


My dear Norman:

People who make mistakes are human; people who repeat them are fools. There was only one person in that category last night and he, on the surface, was the most hones and sincere. But honesty and sincerity do not win causes. We have to deal with humans as they are and the psychological assumption at the same time that policemen are sadists and the “public” is noble is self-defeating. Sometime it may be—and it certainly was in Mississippi that the public are sadists and the police not so much so.

I particular recommend your reading the chapters on the Utopians. Gavin was a small potato in it—when it came to the firing line—I mean getting out and doing. The greatest saint in it was one Hugh MacBeth about whom I can tell you a little and if you go south and even find John Anson Ford he can tell you a lot. It is a worthy story.

From the standpoint of “points of order” and also practicality I think that some people do not realize the simple meaning of C.O.R.E. and in that simple meaning you have a grand opportunity. Let others worry about this school or that. In the end this will be determined by pressure group voting rather than principles.

Of course I may be wrong, but there was the tendency for the meeting to go into two opposite directions. The paper that you read should have been discussed. It was by-passed. That is where the “humanitarians” and humanity part. The “humanitarians,” working on noble principles ignore the actual opinions of actual people. It is to me utterly ridiculous that a man of African descent should have the gall to praise the civilization of the Greeks above all. It is obscurantic. It is based on the supposition that the culture that turns out the most artisans and architects in a single direction are the highest people on earth.

Today we have added the E.Q. or Empathy Quotient to psychological tests and there is no particular relation between the I.Q. and E. Q. Americans always rank high on I.Q. and generally low in E.Q. Now suppose one were to come up with H.Q.-Happiness Quotient. That would bring a different story.

I am very much opposed to making Africans into Greeks or Europeans or Americans, or Americans, or any kind of “whites” for two reasons:

a. The whole environment is opposed to that.

b. By the time it is accomplished if it could be, the “rest of us” will probably have abandoned our culture for something else. And it would be a matter of insanity to see Africa as a “new Europe” in an age when Europe itself was either destroyed or had become a “new Atlantis.”

The Chinese are different. If you get the honors and communications that Paul Fung gets from Red China you would be in the hoosegow. But because it is “religion” he is safe. I have seen Japanese spies operating as Buddhist priests and Russian paid spies operating as Islamic pilgrims and nobody touched them. Why not? Do you think the Chinese community is pro-Red? Do you think it is anti-Red? The most obvious fact is that the Chinese community is the Chinese community and this automatically makes them oppose our Cuba police because when it comes to patriotism they have a closed front.

In other words, the whole thing is simple: We have taught here, my country right or wrong—may she be right—but my country right or wrong. This has converted most of the world and we are not going to unconverted them

I am not concerned whether Castro has the majority of people behind him. I am concerned that we are interfering in the politics of other Nations. If anything is accomplished at this Central American session of Presidents, we are both in the doghouse. I don’t think we’ll be there.




April 1963


Dear Norman:

It is my conclusion that the greatest opposition to integration lays among mature widows and divorcees. I ran into this years ago when I first learned about theosophy and they taught brotherhood on the one hand and root-races on the other, which made it impossible even for “God” to unite humanity.

I do not know a single male at the moment who is much against integration but easily half the women whose paths I cross. Of course at my age, there are many more women coeval than men and they may be nice to me, etc. But also they make me exceedingly uncomfortable with their attitudes. I guess a psychologist would say they have a repugnance to bedding with dark-skinned men and they carry out that into other fields.

Many of our elections are determined by these mature, sedate and even comfortable ladies. The DAR is, of course, an extreme group but I think if you went out to the club women here in general, you would find a lot of that. These women beat Stevenson and are now against Rockefeller. They are our real conservative,.

But they are safe. Nobody boycotts them. Nobody parades against them and indeed even their churches are seldom touched. I don’t know if this suggests anything, but parades and strikes and boycotts never phase them, and mostly do not touch them at all.

They have in common that they are unhappy, and mostly they are secure and I guess all the poodle owners are unanimous against CORE. Personally I think some church demonstrations would do more good than store demonstrations, and putting the Protestant ministers on the spot will, perhaps, be more effective than pressure on “big business.” Anyhow the above is my experience.




May 2, 1963


My dear Norman:

As you hinted you might like a letter, it might as well be done for there is something serious in the answer if not in the semi-request.

In 1915 I met Prof. Cassius Keyser and became his disciple in mathematical philosophy. This led to an understanding of integration. I later re-studied integral calculus and asked myself, “Can’t this be applied to philosophy and psychology as well as to mathematics?”

In the course of years Keyser did this with philosophy and in part with religion. But the internationalist movements in psychology are very feeble indeed. The Hindus teach four states of consciousness which we may call waking, dreaming, sleeping and transcendent. I call the dream state the One-Eye consciousness, and the transcendent Three-Eye consciousness.

In Grimm’s Fairy Tales One-Eye and Three-Eyes are made into villains. But the fact is that in many parts of the world peoples are One-Eye, or sometimes One-Eye and Three-Eye together. From the standpoint of the spiritual integration—which not even Aurobindo completed, there is no reason to accept waking as more important than dream, or working as more important than rest.

The application of universal integration to particular problems leads to some curious situations and one of them is this:

The Negro people in the United States excepting in “backward” areas have come to accept almost in toto the waking-dialectic-Aristotelian pseudo-logic complex or matrix which passes as “Western Civilization.” From the standpoint of chemistry or from a pure anthology, there is nothing to indicate that this W.C. is superior, or not, to alternatives. Spangler in The Decline of the West pointed this out.

But the internationalists in America are running into the danger of being mere anti-analytical-Western Civilization people than real internationalists. The Africans who belong to a number of cultures, each with its own rationale, have many psychological approaches and matrixes, sometimes different from each other but all contrary to W.C.

There is no question that so far as he goes Elijah Mohammed is right, but actually he does not go far at all. He ignores in toto the Mongols, Malayans and the mixed Americans, all of whom have their cultures and psychological rationales.

Dr. Oliver Reiser discovered an integration which first would overcome the differences between the Russians and Americans (both white and dialecticians), then between them and the integrated Americans (of several types) and finally of the integration of this complex integration with the Asian peoples. And this is mentioned because the leader in it is Nkrumah, and in it are Russell, Lillienthal, Pauling and Radhakrishnan to mention no others.

This is only an introduction.




May 1963


Dear Norman,

Despite a satisfactory interview with chancellor Strong Friday, and even more cordial sessions on the Berkeley campus, the continual struggle goes on inside between the “prophetic” side and the philosophical side. The philosophical side is based on upholding certain principles which man wants to see in operation and the “prophetic” side is to use the senses and not the mind. But these senses immediately operate with instinct and intuition; they do not operate by themselves.

I am still apathetic about Cuba and more ignorant than apathetic. This apathy has two causes:

My mind cannot concentrate on Asia and anything else.

I see no universal program anywhere but just multi-varied forms of opportunism. Perhaps opportunism will win out but I am not quite reconciled to it.

The point of view I am trying to present is not that Kennedy is right or that Castro is right, but that Asians by and large object to our interfering in the internal affairs of other countries. We have established corrupt Christian governments over Buddhist peasants in Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam. Asians see us trying to establish a corrupt Christian government in Cuba, the only difference being that the masses there are also Christians of sorts.

The Peace Corps is regarded as an Intelligence Agency and not as an economic or educational agency. This may be argued but the impact on the masses abroad is that it is an Intelligence Agency, and that it may be used as imperialists used to use missionaries.

The tremendous censorship we have, broken only by Lederer, hides from us, let us say, the events in Burma and Indonesia. When we sent the Peace Corps to Burma they immediately expelled all private American agencies, some of which have done excellent work. I can’t say that any government agency of ours has done excellent work because AID, the best one, has had its efforts dead-ended.

There was complete agreement between Asians contacts and Americans who have been in Asia—there is no heart-communication. I am now showing a few of my pictures showing me where no Americans have been or gone, and I don’t know any languages. Suppose I were to ask you—and it would be better to ask yourself—what things move you to change your mind? Never mind anything else, just what things move you to change your mind? Well, 90% of our Americans, moved by factors A, B, and C, go abroad with the assumption that Hindus, Thais, Laotians and Malays are moved by logic, honesty, facts and forceful suasion and they are “shocked” when they find that Hindus, Thais, Laotians and Malays are moved by factors A, B, and C, the same as they are. Thus we put up dead end calls all over.

Eric Hoffer seems to lean toward a Pan-Europe, which is his right. I don’t think Americans should to too determinant in what happens to Europe. But I challenge him and anybody to prove that the sub-citizens of any of our Southern States are not equal to or even superior, let us say, to a majority of the inhabitants of the Balkan countries and maybe others. If he wants to think that being a European is superior and to indulge in mental genocide, I for one, as an American, protest. I object to these Europeans downgrading any of our people.

I object to second and third generation Americans hounding tenth and fifteenth generation Americans because they don’t like their skin or something. If this is genius, if this be philosophy, do not be surprised if this land is constantly losing good-will abroad.


Samuel L. Lewis




1088 Fulton, St.,

San Francisco 17, Calif.

August 1, 1963


Radio Station KQED,

Channel 9,

San Francisco 5, Calif.


Dear Sirs:

Your station has enough interesting programs to warrant watching these as often as possible. It is also proper that unusual viewpoints be presented although being unusual itself should not be confused with being educational and sometimes unusual programs are anything but educational.

One deplores without resenting the appearance of Eric Hoffer on your station last night. One can be assured that you are going to have more listeners too to this series and they will not always be enamored with some of the remarks. Geniuses who have been persecuted are signaling lacking in sympathy and empathy toward other victim; of other persecutions and this speaker is certainly among those.

It may be no virtue on my part but I am one of millions of Americans who want to ban the bomb and we both resent and appall the attention paid to certain European exiles who are seeking to compensate for their failures and failings by trying to dictate what our national policy should be in this direction. The vast majority of scientists, and I myself am a scientist, do not want Dr. Teller or anybody like him to tell us—they should thank God we give them an asylum and show a little humility.

We have had a great World War and one of the elements leading toward it was that some Europeans with dictatorial tendencies were telling themselves and the world that certain types of Americans were sub-standard humans although these Americans have contributed much to many branches of cultures. And I for one object to European exiles telling American audiences that other types of Americans are substandard humans.

For example next year there will be Olympic Games in Tokyo and some of the Americans whom Eric Hoffer does not believe have reached the modicum of evolution, whatever that is—are going to win prizes in world competitions. The Schmeling fiasco ought to have ended that but evidently Eric Hoffer is not interested in sports or in the sporting attitude.

I must confess after a long study of histories that the people that were downgraded have never been guilty of racial homicide on a large scale and certainly not mentally.

Now Russia and America are planning to pool their resources (?) to reach the moon and let their own people down. It might me wonder whether I should not revive one of my Puckisms: “Get rid of K and K and K.K.K.”) You don’t have to take this seriously but after all I have seen the Washington skulls and have lived in the South.

It would be a cinch to write articles and have them published abroad. I am too concerned with something else at the moment.

The money spent for Israel could replenish the South and the money spent in S. E. Asia could renovate Washington and the money throw away elsewhere could solve all our difficulties but things aren’t done that way. The show must go on. One wonders!



Congressman Powell and you differ, but I don’t trust C.P. too much. And the morning headlines are not very enthralling. Clemenceau said: “War and peace are things too serious to entrust to diplomats and generals” but whom else do we entrust them to?



September 21, 1963


Dear Norman:

I am very glad to see you back. I am now at 58 Harriet ST., downstairs from where I used to live, having three rooms of my own (there is a spare davenport—I haven’t bed clothes yet but if a friend does not supply these will order some more. Only there are a lot of extra expenses.

I hope you understand I am concerned with about four movements all based on Integration. It is not the use of the word “integration” as, let us say, Haridas Chaudhuri employs it—although I think that is a good word anyhow.

It is a forty years since my first spiritual teacher counseled me to work for the brotherhood of man, beyond race, caste, creed, religion, anything. Lots of people have taken these things verbally, but when one has a restless spirit he wants the realities, not the words. We also have a prayer: “Raise us above the differences and distinctions which divine men.” The Sufi teachings—which aren’t studied here at all—explain why there are differences, what causes them and how to overcome them Again this is easy verbally.

I once made enemies by declaring a President of the United States a murderer, and still today do not see this otherwise. In the Chinese canon, in theory, the head of the State was supposed to look after everybody and was responsible for the irresponsible loss of life and property of his people.

When the now Senator Seltonstall was Governor of Massachusetts there were some anti-Semitic outbreaks with loss of life. Bishop Bromley Oxham (a near saint) wrote the Governor: “You are responsible for the murder of these Jewish victims; I accuse you of being the murderer.” The Governor replied: “You are entirely right. I am calling out the National Guard and if another Jew is hurt I shall consider myself the culprit until the real criminals are apprehended and punished.”

We don’t hear much of these stories today. They would be incomprehensible in some sections anyhow. When Grant was President he insisted that the Negroes have rights. This is all forgotten, put away.

The other day I was telling a friend (whose name is “White” of all things) of the waste in foreign aid. He said, “I am against all foreign aid to any country whatsoever until every last Negro in this country has a vote and a job. It is not only hypocrisy, it is a terrible drain on our economy to have billions of dollars to throw away elsewhere and let our own citizens live without jobs and homes.” We agreed that we would both vote for the man that came out on this issue.

Vietnam is kept in the public eye to keep our attention from Guiana, Zanzibar, Somaliland and Sudan where we are stacking the cards against ourselves. I am particularly concerned with Guiana because there is a weak side to Hindus, that some of them are more anti-“black” than we are. Only there they are leftists (?) and here the KKK are rightists (?) which is awkward

Then there is British Columbia. I bet you don’t even know what happened there. Well history is not news and I am going out now to find for myself. No, they have not put in a Castro but what happened is just as much, or more against our accepted pseudo-principles. So the papers did not even mention here—“freedom of the press.”

I have to see that beautiful young woman on the campus before I can report more to you about her.




October 10, 1963


Dear Norman:

I have your new address and it may be that I’ll look you up—no assurance, when I come to Berkeley next week.

I have three errands. One you may not like. KPFA persistently has refused to give me an interview after a blanket rejection of a paper submitted five years ago on “The Religion of Vietnam.” It was returned without even being glanced at. Now everybody is weeping crocodile tears over the poor Buddhists, who are also being persecuted in mainland China and who, from even the Buddhist point of view, do contain all kinds of persons who can get in—just like here.

The next is because some of us had some objective experiences in S.E. Asia which did not accord with Dulles & Dulles and we are deciding to dedicate our notes and memoirs to either the University of California or some other institution which is willing to examine some excellent source material which the State Department has refused to admit existed at all. This is not a pretty picture. Now Senator Lodge has stepped from “realism” into reality. Can somebody tell anybody what a S. E. Asian Buddhist believes in? I can tell you, you not only did not learn that at the academy you would not learn it in the universities either.

The next you will like. Up at Mendocino a very beautiful young woman gave lessons in Basic Dancing and from that I have worked out a complete methodology not only for the instruction of the physical body but for overtones in education and religion. This may not be hard because my god-daughter has asked for it. She may, or may not, be coming this year but my companion expects to come. By a strange and wonderful series of events he and his wife are now living with the goddaughter in Lahore.

It is almost impossible to describe this plan to anybody who studied Oriental philosophy with Europeans. But it is not difficult to explain it to people interested in art, dancing and even gymnastics who have not.

Very apathetic over local politics. Would probably vote for Moore because I don t see any life in the “white” candidates excepting one whom I used to know years ago! But then I knew Mancuso and he seems to have as much life as a pall-bearer.

In the same mail I got a letter aimed at you. I did not answer because you cannot convince an introvert. But I am sorry you did not read “Glory Roads” because CORE has almost the same virtues and same weaknesses as the moribund Utopian Society. The interest in petty matters disturbs me because they will go on anyhow and overlooking your own grand plans is exactly what the Utopians failed in. They landed down in local neighborhoods. The world went on.



October 25, 1963


My dear Norman:

Yesterday visited Lorraine because I may be able to get her a small part-time job. It is uncertain on both sides. One upshot is that I may write to the realty company about the forwarding of mail. Hugo says his own has not been received.

Lorraine told me she may go to Iowa late next month and stay over the New Year, that her relatives want her to remain but she would rather be here or Seattle.

She tells me you are not satisfied with CORE. Remember I showed you “Glory Roads” which you did not read. Luther Whiteman and I made a number of predictions, and I think all of them came true. This made us neither popular nor rich, but the same principles operate.

CORE is so much like the Utopian Society which started with a grand fanfare and ended up in tiny political and personal matters and ran itself into the ground without its enemies doing anything.

Besides this there is a great chasm between the sober thinking representatives of African nations and the emotional, uncontrolled methods used by their co-racists here. It is the American habit, both black and white, to want to lead others, to show them and not to learn.

The awarding of the Peace Prize to Linus Pauling prompted me to write a letter that he has been cooperating with Nkrumah in a real effort to ban-the-bomb, etc. He is willing to follow an African and even some of your erstwhile colleagues are not—only verbally.

Last week also I saw a picture on African folk-arts. At the moment the “peasants” there are so far ahead of us in certain things that we cannot catch up in a generation. Next week I may or not be involved in a debate over foreign “aid.”   By this time I have met a lot of other Americans who have been or lived abroad. Our doghouse is getting large, roomy and noisy and someday we may break out and not just over Mme. Nhu either.

I was held up on my last visit to the campus too long to try to see you. Run over occasionally but never sure, pretty busy here. I have no phone.



Isabel has been bothering Lorraine to get at me. Wotta person.



McGhee (Norman)

1508 Spruce Berkeley 9

Dec. 4, 1963


Dear Sam,

Just a quick note to let you know I’m still alive. As you probably know it is much quieter here in Berkeley—which suits me just fine. I am attempting to devote a little more energy to the inner side of life now and let the outer go for itself for a while if possible in an attempt to figure out my next best move. In this regard I have now seriously resumed my study of Astrology. In addition to studying on my own I also attend Gavin’s class at his place at 7:30 every Wednesday night. The trouble with that is, of course, is that Gavin rambles so and there is very little order to his teachings.

I’ve been having a little trouble finding the right books to study since the ones in the library are always out. No doubt I’ll come by your place some day in an effort to borrow whatever ones you have. Surprisingly enough, Gavin does not have very many, having sold them when times got rough.

By the way, in the event you’re in need of any more blankets in the presence of winter in SF, please let me know. I also have extra dishes, silverware, pots and pans, sheets, etc.

Lorraine has fled to Iowa for six weeks. Is Isabelle still pursuing you? It’s so wonderfully quiet over here that I’m completely out of touch with all the old s intrigues. But would be glad to get some started over here. Where is that beautiful young girl on the campus?

By the way I still want to read “Glory Roads” so I’ll borrow it again if it’s all right with you. Now I have peace and quiet and can settle down and get something done.

I enjoy all you letters very much although I have been most derelict in answering them. In case anything comes up my phone number is Th 8-6390.




December 6, 1963


Dear Norman:

I went to the Indian Consulate to show them a pacer on “Kennedy and Gandhi” and they liked it and told me where to mail it. Indians do not react to me the same as Americans and Europeans. If I show the latter anything on India, it is 100% nix, and if Americans it depends on their profession and I can tell from the profession how they will react on Oriental matters. But your latter requires a long answer, so here goes:

Some time ago in quick succession I received letters from any closest companion, Major Sadiq, and from my god-daughter, Miss Khawar Khan, each telling me of plans to come to this country, and for some rather practical reasons, I relate to the stories to you. The Major may even come very soon, but he did not tell me how, except I am sure he will fly by Pakistan Airlines, but this will bring him only to Tokyo or London, and I don’t know which. He has to go to Texas and I do not know whether this will be before or after his California visit for obvious reason connected with the flight.

He wants to visit all parts or California covering a very thorough agricultural program. This means in addition what I know (horticulture), animal husbandry. I am coming to Berkeley to get the best means of touring the State and so far as I can see the best way would be to hire or rent a car.

Major Sadiq may be coming on this own account, or because of the Sufis or for the government, and in each case the amount of money at his disposal would be different. But if we take the bus—the train and air are out, we should have not only money to pay the car rental (not very much), but for a driver. I got in touch with my pal, Bill Hathaway, but he is now working at a fixed spot and cannot move, for a month’s hire would not be enough to warrant a change. Bill has always been interested in Sufism.

I cannot make an offer at the moment because the financial requests were indefinite but I know we should cover nearly all the non-mountainous parts of California. While this has been going on all my projects have integrated—“How California Can Help Asia,” “A Program for Pakistan” and finally “Project: The Garden of Allah.” I am to go into conference on the latter Tuesday and so far have been getting the best encouragement of my life. It is a very big project which first the American Friends of the Middle East will consider and then sponsor to Ford Foundation for funds. This means I should visit Berkeley Monday, going to two buildings to meet representatives of and in Agriculture.

The letter from Khawar indicates she would be coming after the next semester and as she wants to get a PhD in Islamics I have recommended either the Middle East Institute Washington or UCLA. She has films of the holy cities (Mecca and Medina) and there is already a sponsor for their showing plus a big conference in March. I am not worried about shutting her over, and that is not an immediate project anyhow.

But in her last letter she said also that the Major and she along with leading Sufis were planning to raise moneys to help me. I but in an enormous amount of time copying for them and working out two complete plans for the teaching of Sufism anywhere, and even the mail costs (nearly all by air) are a very heavy burden.

In any event I shall telephone if I come over Monday. As the Major is traveling in Pakistan too, I cannot write and this idea or a car and driver is my own. I would like your reactions. I have one other pal in mind who is also interested in horticulture but as he is deaf I don’t trust his driving, and felt if he Major has the funds and you were willing, you could at least tour the State, earn a few pennies and learn some things.

I also mention this because not only is Sufism a closed book here, but a good deal of the occult wisdom fits in nicely with and explains Astrology. I have no books but there is a lady here, a widow, whom I have known for years whose husband was the only occult Astrologer I have ever met, who was advanced in both directions and she may have books.

Gavin assumes—and I think entirely wrongly—that the hypothetical teachings of Jung are either wisdom or science. His animus-anima are entirely wrong and he has contradicted almost everything he says in his Astrology in his “The Cycle of Sex.” For there he has sex related to hours, and in Astrology should be on one plane connected with Venue aspects, and on another with Uranus and on another with Neptune who are not polar opposites (from the occult point of view.) Uranus and Neptune are easily explained by anybody with real knowledge of either Sufism or the cosmic metaphysics underlying both Hinduism and Buddhism. I can assure you this is practically unknown to any and all Europeans, not matter who or what. It is not learned in the schools and it is only now that a few Europeans are becoming humble enough to learn from the real wise of the real Asia, and most of them are Scandinavians, not Germans, Frenchmen or Englishmen.

When President Kennedy was assassinated I immediately went to Gavin with a testimonial and he took this to a TV station where he was on a program. But while we both foresaw the event our reactions were different. I am reading the Arabian Nights which I do perennially and Jack and Jacqueline seem to be a prince and princess half out of these tales and half out of Grimm. I liked them but this has nothing to do with the functions as chief executive of a great Nation.

What appalled me was the evidence that Americans do not really believe in God. A Wise God knows exactly what can and should happen, and we are always putting the effrontery of man over the Divine Wisdom. I can show you something in Qur’an which illustrates the point.

While there are some differences in the assassinations of Kennedy and Gandhi the chief differences are in the after effect. India has taken hold of itself spiritually and practically and it only does this after a tragedy. The attack by the Chinese actually benefited India and hurt China. But the notable thing about Fritzi was that she explained every aspect on the charts of Jack, Jacqueline, LBJ and Uncle Sam, coolly, dispassionately and one can almost say scientifically.

This Friday Della is giving a party but on the 15th I may be at Fritzi’s again. Anyhow if I can see you Monday will give whatever more dope I can.

Did visit Lorraine once. I am also trying to get her a part time job which will be ready in January, just enough extra pay not to change her social status. Have not seen Isabelle and have even kept away from East-West House. I think she did enough damage there but don’t want to say anything so keep away. See Claude occasionally.

Will discuss the household things when I see you. Also should bring “Glory Roads.” So I’ll place your letter in the book and keep it on hand.

The reaction on the race problem is double and therefore not solid. I personally have little use for some of the places being boycotted. The news today is that Congressman Smith is giving in a little. There is no question but that if something is not done and done soon we are going to get more UN setbacks. We do not seem to grasp that democracy is democracy and that when you give people votes they might vote against all tyrannies including your own.

Recently when I challenged a speaker with the question, “What is the Foreign Policy of the United States” he slumped into his chair. No matter what he would say would contradict something he has already said.

That’s enough schmoose. Body in fine shape, but tongue still too strong,





December 11, 1963


My dear Norman:

I enjoyed the other day very much. Yesterday called on Fritzi Armstrong. She suggests that you come to her Friday meetings, after the first of the year, which are devoted to Astrology and cost a dollar only. If you wish private instruction it will cost considerably more and she is circumspect enough not to encourage this until you are reasonably sure. This Friday Renee Taylor speaks and the following one the Christmas Party. I expect to attend both functions, and Gavin will be at the second. I am going to speak on Christlike people I have met abroad.

On Sunday at 12:23 A.M. a boy was born to the Walt Baptistes. Could you figure this one for me? Birth place S.F.

Yesterday also I was at a luncheon, filled with business men of what we call a conservative type. And never does the line between the dialecticians (whom I loathe) and the pragmatics stand out so clearer. Or as I have humorously stated, the world line up will be between America and Russia on one side and France and China on the other.

It was quite obvious that De Gaulle is going to use us to the hilt, we paying for his armies and he paying for his produce and underselling us. At the moment the ECM Nations are wealthy, there is no unemployment in many European lands and they are all trading with the communist nations on a big scale.

All these business men and industrialists want to trade with Russia. They all favor the wheat sale on any basis. They are not adverse to trading with Cuba. They do not like to lose money by our subsidizing dictators who only run off with the money afterwards anyhow, leaving them holding the sack. Therefore for most practical reasons they are far, far more against the South American dictator than they are against Castro and they are all hamstrung.

The press, and perhaps the army, but certainly the press, have emotionalized the country to be against certain nations and rulers on no basis whatsoever. If you want to preserve certain institutions you protect them and if you want to protect Wall St. you protect investments. But investments are not protected by spending money for dictators and the financiers lose more than anybody else. Remember that Khrushchev said, he could talk to American capitalists but not to American labor-organization people.

Another thing is that the Chronicle has a long article on Castro today. If you and I go to Cuba we are traitors and if a newspaperman goes he is a patriot; the same was true with Russia and Nixon, Nixon was a patriot and Pauling was???

The fact is, Norman, we are living in a dream-world not made better by using what is called “realism.” One of my predictions for World War II came by watching the differentiations in trading between different Nations upsetting balances of power, increasing goods on some markets and diminishing it on others and not reading any editorials or much news. I proved my points both in arguments and events. But I have withdrawn since from all peregrinations into economics as such.

The World Market complex is nothing but surrealism. These manufacturers are very pessimistic. They see the ECM nations grabbing all our markets, tariffing against our goods and we help them further by refusing to sell to certain countries we label as subversive. Russia never ever tried to steal our markets even when most blatant. Now we are financing, no dictators, but our business rivals. Hallelujah.

Germany is now trying, what she did not try before, to control the world through markets and not through armies or politics. Both our political parties are tied in with the Hearstian anti-communist dialectics. So is the AFL, so may be the military. It is the “left” which is joining the “right” to break up our system. “Maybe it ought to be broken up, but things aren’t working like on paper. Peoples starve abroad and we are not allowed to sell them our foods. ???this is enlightenment?? But I don’t know who’s.

The way things are today you may find Wall St. Journal way to the “let” of even the most liberal press. I want unrestricted travel and trade.

Cordially, I hope,




December 19, 1963


My dear Norman:

Last night was spent one Ed Hunt, an old crony, who still works part time at the Yellow Cab Co.

He has an idea for the training of artiste and artisans. He has found there are some very, very intelligent and gifted Negroes working as cab-drivers, but their ways are blocked in those fields in which he has been both a teacher, and at one time an expert.

He believes he can train a small selected group to be successful in fields from which they have been barred. So I am writing to you immediately to see if you can arrange to call on him. I might go with you for the introduction but then it would be between you.

My alternative concerns the Negroes at the Rudolph Schaeffer School, but they are less mature and would not yet be able to hold down the career type of jobs which he has in mind.





January 3, 1964


My dear Norman:

I should be visiting the campus next week both on regular business and on another matter which may interest or even excite you. It is one of those things which makes truth stranger and stronger than fiction.

I have received a very beautiful letter from my God-daughter, who has expressed a desire to continue her studies in California. She wishes to get a PhD in Islamics. I had written to UCLA and they gave me a very businesslike cold answer; and to the School for Middle East Studies in Washington who gave me a very cordial and warm answer. There were many reasons why I thought this would be best but we need not go into that.

The third alternative, going to McGill was also aborted because Dr. Cantwell Smith is going to Harvard and I do not favor Harvard in this direction.

However Khawar has written that she distinctly wants two things, either one or both:

a. To be near me

b. To have the best weather because of her health.

These things point unerringly to the Berkeley campus and if that be the will-of-Allah I shall therefore make the proper inquiries.

Sufism is, of course, totally unknown here and what is the worse, the professionals want to learn it from one of their kind, which is impossible. The greatest intellectual Sufis I know, and there are quite a few, either function as scientists or legalists and never go around “teaching” their subject. If they are teachers they always practice humility in spiritual matters.

This was evident in Egypt where PhDs used to congregate in the Sufi centers to learn, and very humbly, from those who had advanced beyond them in spiritual matters. If is even more striking in Pakistan where the most important PhDs in Philosophy are either the most humble or the most sycophantic before the Murshids.

The story here gets very complex and also very beautiful. What I am doing here is becoming of supreme importance over the water in both the scientific and mystical fields. Fortunately the scientists respond as quickly as the nonscientists do not which seems to be part of our culture. Inasmuch as the most beautiful letter from Khawar came in the same mail as a most delightful one came from a man in England, there may be some truth, and when the people in the western world are willing to learn—which at present they are not—you can see a new and better universe.

There is no doubt but this year is going to see this country get its comeuppance. It is notable that all occultists agree about the death of President Kennedy. He was Siegfried and the world was picturing him as Parsifal (or Galahad) which he certainly was not. And this is the sin of America—we want Christ dressed as Apollo—something which was actually done onetime in art.

Soon I may be arranging a date for my friend Eugene Wagner, who has lived in Cambodia and Thailand, to meet people at the World Affairs Council. I have checked his story with everybody I can meet from S. E. Asia, and the sum-total seems to be this:

There will be another Bandung conference. The press, professors and State Department unanimously agreed the last one was a failure; the only dissenter I know was a business man who lived in Indonesia. The trip of Chou En Lai has been the most outstanding success in diplomatic history. The Chinese have reversed many of their policies. They are now tolerating religion.

So far as the Buddhist countries are concerned it is a cinch. We did have a Buddhist in S. E. Asia (Dr. Kurt Leydecker) and while he was there, no trouble. But the establishment could not stand for that and he was recalled. We don’t associate with “Gooks” and the Chinese do and it is as simple as that. One by one we have been invited out and while the State Department and Press hail our achievements we get kicked out by “ingrates.”

Now Chou En Lai has been equally successful even to get the Sultan of Morocco to visit his country. This means that you are going to see another Bandung and everybody telling what they really think of our “Foreign Aid,” the Peace Corps, American education, etc., and it won’t be what we read.

Somebody has offered to put up money for what might become an Ugly American Society. The core would be Americans who have lived in Asia and Asians. They could associate without need for diplomats, journalists or Europeans to introduce them to each other. They could speak their minds. What is holding it up is the Pakistani affairs such as the possible visit to Khawar and others who are planning to come here. I can’t handle both.

The defeat of America by Russia at the Olympic Games will help. The noncommunist diatribes we are going to get will help more. It may be a vapid dream to hope for reality versus “realism.”

I may see Fritzi soon again about lectures, etc.





1508 Spruce

Berkeley 9, CA

Jan. 14, 1964


Dear Sam,

What happened? I was looking forward to your visit and further information about the possibility of your goddaughter visiting here. Or maybe you did come and I was out. I have been bounceing around a bit lately.

I’ve decided to go back to school and get an elementary teaching credential. I’ll be starting at the Dominican College in San Rafael on Jan 27th.

If you’re looking for work I think Barbara may be able to throw some your way. You’ll just have to get a telephone—it’s hard to communicate otherwise.

Hope to see you soon,




January 15, 1964


Dear Norman:

Every time I get a clear slate either another letter comes from Pakistan or a friend of mine lands in the hospital. It seems that Fritzi’s statements about Uranian influences have certain come true. Anyhow I saw her a moment today. She expects to start a class on Astrology Wednesdays at 11 A.M. continuing till 1:30, coffee, etc. served. She asked me if I would join and I said it looks like yes, so I am informing you.

I have been studying the walk from a gymnastic, occult and mystical points of view, and have pretty well delineated the planetary movements. I did this years ago with the Voice. I shall keep this for the class. I do not wish to lecture on it.

My companion, Major Sadiq, the spiritual healer, has now not only recovered from his injuries but has had all his inoculations. But I do not know which way he is coming or when or whether he is bringing mem-sahib.

At the moment I am pretty strong for Sukarno. You can bet his story never goes to the public. At the last public debate a man who lived in Indonesia demolished all the opposition; but it is rare to have an American who has lived in Asia speak on Asia. This whole country lives on newspaper falsehoods and the State Department swallows them. And while I see no wisdom in the CIA the reason it is subject to attack is singly that it does not base its policies on newspaper pressures.

I have put some cards on the table on Indonesia. Not only that I know what the CIA does not know and I don’t think wants to know what is going on in the Buddhist would. We have pan-a-mania, or just Pan (all) mania.

Talking about Indonesia. There is a restaurant, not far from East-West House. I may have reported before. I took my friend, Betty Reeve of Mill Valley but want to go again and order other foods. Trying to get to Berkeley Monday. Have several important engagements next week. At least I have the knowledge of Asia no matter how much I am turned down, but I think this is a new day.

So long until,




January 29, 1964


Dear Norman:

You can bet that everybody asks this busy person a favor or an errand and I am resigned to that. My colleague, the Major, in Pakistan asks me to get ready for some events but gives no time and I have to operate as his secretary here. The Islamabad University is functioning the same and they do not have a secretariat in our sense.

Went to the Universal Church Sunday—nice meeting with the Fung’s. But my purpose was to give my friend Gary Barbara’s phone. Gary lives in Marin County and I can positively vouch for him.

Friday heard Fritzi prognosticate. She sees plenty of fog but no war. I have been to the Indonesian Consulate and gotten their Pancha Sila or Five Principles. This is something we ignore entirely and while I am not too sure whether I favor Indonesia against Malaysia, I do against any and all the big powers of whomsoever.

This Nation calls for God and humanity to begin with, and this is something we can verbalize but can’t understand. The U.S. is positively 100% on the principle that and in a few days it will be other than that. Well, we are on the ways to more shocks and the amount of apathy for the coming election is surprising. I don’t mean among the noisy whom we label “left wing” but among thinking people who are not usually associated with politics.

The Egyptian Consul-General is going away and I am to see him after his return. Gave him another piece of my epic poem. The big Arabic affair is on March 7th.

Now you will be going to school but if I come to Berkeley may stick around next time till late in the p.m. Only I am going to school now myself, as much as I can.





1508 Spruce

Berkeley 9,

Jan. 30, 1964


Dear Sam,

I am in San Rafael MWF from morning till 6:0 pm. Tuesdays and Thursdays I’ll be here most of the day. But anytime you’re over here, feel free to come by and make yourself at home. The door is always unlocked.

Thanks for giving Gary Barbara’s number. She does need someone to do some work over there now. I think she is planning to see your lady friend in San Rafael sometime soon.

And let me know more about the Arabic affair on March 7th.





January 31, 1964


My dear Norman:

Thanks for your schedule. The best time for me to visit the Campus is on Tuesday but on alternate Tuesdays I have to be in the city at noon for World Affairs Council lunches (this means next week). So it is possible that I may come on the alternate week to the campus.

The Arab Conference takes place on March 7, Saturday all day cost $85.00 including Omar Khayaum luncheon (actually dinner). There will be three big lectures and perhaps discussion afterwards. I am seeing Prof. Bertrand, one of the speakers on the 11th because he taught at the American University at Beirut which was also Khawar’s Alma mater.

One lecture is on culture, one on philosophy and one on art. I don’t know the rest of the program. It is probable that Florie Leonard is working with Nadja, the hostess group in this respect.

Tonight I shall hear Jacob Furring on Tibet along with his musical program. He once gave this at the Academy.

I shall have other occasions to go to the campus so may take advantage of your offer to visit your place if not yourself. Two projects which will require my calling at the library. Leila Chandra, who works there is the daughter of an old friend. Her father was a Hindu revolutionary.

Will be helping at the Chinese New Year Festival at the Universal Church (Fung’s). Just got a notice in the mail

Guessed the Cleveland story before I read details. You should be able to read between the lines.





February 4, 1964


My dear Norman:

It seems to be written in the book of life that I am to be kept busy all the time. As soon as the picture become clear, then another avalanche, only I seem to be able to weather these storms.

On Friday four books on Sufism arrived. Three were by Hazrat Inayat Khan, my first teacher. The other is a collaboration between sheikh Idries who lives in London and the celebrated Robert Graves. I am taking this book next week to see Prof. Bertrand of S. F. State. Graves is too big a person to be shoved off by any Rom Landau and when the Arabs meet on March 7, he is going to get it if he starts anything, funny or not.

There is a lot of material in these books, besides.

Then I received an unexpected and long letter from my god daughter, Khawar. She says she is coming here only if I remain. Now I have no plans to leave but a lot of Pakistanis are pressuring me, and even two homes have been built for me. But I should refer to remain here at least until after the UN meetings in 1965.

It is to me fortunate that De Gaulle should come out for reality versus “realism” which I have been harping about for some time. I don’t say he is right but we have no policy at all and the State Department’s dictum that our “policy” should be established by “consultation with allies,” is the biggest big of nonsense and humbug. In nothing does humanity count; the human being is not even a pawn in our battle against real or imaginary enemies, the enemy of the day being the “ally” of the morrow.

There are two problems for Khawar. The one is financial, her obtaining a job. I am asking that she get her credentials here for the discussions would be academic but within two weeks I have to get a clear picture if not an opportunity for her.

The big problem is sex. There are three distinct cultures in the Islamic world, each claiming to be true Islam. One is in the Arabic world which was very reactionary until Nasser came along and now reforms are going on all sides. Another is that of Ayub, very conservative and caught in the tyranny of words. They have adopted all the American gimmicks—you know, humanity which excludes human beings; democracy which does not bestow any rights. And women made very unequal.

The third is Soekarno which is open, liberal, democratic; moral and spiritual and therefore to us very dangerous indeed. (Just read the reports on Africa—one day it is communist, another day they are savages, another day drug victims—I guest tomorrow it will be Martians.)

In South Asia there is no traffic between the sexes and even touching may be regarded as immorality by the ignorant mullahs who control the more ignorant masses. Purdah is usually the custom and some papers do not like even modern dress—although they have failed to stop the young.

On the other hand we have no standard here. The Burton-Taylor situation is known all over the world and the Chinese are taking full advantage of it. If American wishes to “save” Pakistan from communism, the Chinese wish to save Pakistan from the disintegration of the family encouraged by “America.”

The behavior between boys and girls which we may regard as normal and natural is “unthinkable” in some parts of the world and I mean unthinkable—we cannot realize it. The shock of readjustment is going to be great and it will require considerable finesse.

I should be in Berkeley next Tuesday, the 11th unless something else comes up, for the complex of “missions” is growing. Am now putting in spare time at the Buddha Church (Fungs) on Washington St.; for much of the rest of the month. “No time for surgeons.”





58 Harris St.

February 11, 1964


Art Hope,

San Francisco Chronicle



You may now sleep in peace. I have found the American national anthem. It will be played at both the Republican and Demarcation conventions and there will be at least a premier here in 1968 when the UN or its successors or assigns meet here. The them is:

Whatever You Can Do We Can Do Better.

The music and most of the words are already known so there will be no problem here.

The Off-Beetles. We are a group of mature, ripened and aged Entomologists and it is time that we be heard. But instead of appealing to the squealers we are looking for PhDs, The D standing for “dowager.”

Our method is simple. We pick up a record and huddle, just as on the football field. Then we go to our drums, tambourines, triangles, cymbals, etc. and accompany, but do not play the record. That would spoil it. The public is no more in on the secret than the quarterback allows them in.

We concentrate on an imaginary dancer and follow her footsteps. It’s all in the mind. We are building up a repertoire, such as;

The Emperor’s New Clothes

The meeting of Goldwater and Khrushchev

Lady Godiva’s Beard

Disarmament And The Bridesmaids

The Silent Editor

Our final number is “Ecstasy.” We don’t even use instruments but just concentrate and stare at the imaginary dancer until one of us starts applauding. We all join in and that is that.

We are afraid to advertise, not with all the dowagers and the spring rush coming on.

P. Puck



February 12, 1964


Dear Norman:

This is Lincoln’s birthday and the only soliloquy I have is to say that the people who praise Lincoln dare not quote him any more than the people who praise Christ dare quote Him. The world is going haphazardly toward dialects or insanity, which mean the same thing. Dialectics supposes that the minds of some men are capable of grasping the whole picture of the world and the minds of others are not. This was denied by Marx himself and Marx himself broke with the Marxists during his later years. He was entirely against self-praise or making himself a hero to be worshiped. The whole world today is looking for super maniac instead of superman heroes.

Today’s paper finds Drew Pearson saying that Nkrumah is the most in popular man in Africa and that is just as sane as calling Kennedy a communist. But this is the way human minds are un-working and a misstatement by a newspaper man, any newspaper man is taken as truth. Christ fought the Scribes and Pharisees and those clever scoundrels got out placards with the signs, “Galilean thou has conquered” and everybody applauded, but who has conquered what I don’t know.

If you study—and we don’t study, we just nod—Indian philosophy—we would find that the universe is composed of Purusha and Prakriti, And if we got this down to simple terms which no Till Eugelspiegel German can give you, it would mean man and soil, or in economic terms, labor and land. It is that simple and everybody is studying One Truth because there is only one Truth.

Now it happens that Sam is studying the Prakriti and not the Purusha. He is neither psychologist nor economist. I have before me The Care of the Earth by one Russell Lord and it shows (and even Herbert Spenser pointed that) there is a constant movement toward disintegration of land values, values here meaning potentiality for growing plants.

In 1958 I predicted a big Russian famine, and once before and also it came. It had nothing to do with occultism, but just plain deduction from the transference of chemical fertilizers. The earth needs food, the earth is alive and the world today is divided between the organic and inorganic methods. The Russians, British and Americans all use the inorganic, lead by the Shell Oil Company and while we have crops, they do not have the vitamins and minerals and seeming wheat stock-piling also benefits neither the eater nor the earth.

There is another war going on in S.E. Asia and it will never get in the paper (and your precious KPFA absolutely refused me interviews)—between the organic and inorganic schools of agriculture. Between the French, Americans and Russians the natives had no choice. And they found that the F-Am methods are the Famine methods and the Russians use the same.

The farmers are sometimes Chinese and the Chinese use organic methods and have for ages. These revitalize and regenerate the soil. Russia today is stuck and stuck bad and the whole country of Kazakhstan has become a dust bowl. And in the Chinese-Russian [?]—and this won’t get into the press, is this complete different agricultural approach.

The organic gardeners of S.E. Asia are completed and compelled by us and not by communist propaganda to rely on the Chinese to keep their farms and fields from being disorganized. The Indonesians hate solved this by tank-farming—which is also successful and won’t get into the papers. I shall stop here without going further, but sooner or later more and more countries will turn against us if they have not already because there are enough deserts. Since the Mexican revolution of 1910 which freed the slaves, the lands have become totally devitalized and all political groups whatever and whomsoever are pushing the country downhill, each in its own manner.

Now to go back to Purusha and Prakrit. We either accept God or don’t. There are two classes of people who don’t accept the Living God—the atheists and the anti-theists. The anti-theists are dialecticians who make God one of the many, many thoughts which congregate in the cranium. Some have called this “God” the noblest creation of man. It has nothing to do with anything—it is neither the God of Scriptures nor of truth. It is the scribe-God of the Scriptures and the Madison Avenue God of the day. You can pray to this God forever and ever and ever. During the war I prayed three times and the prayers were answered. So I asked the Living God, the Mahapurusha: “Why is it that my prayers are answered and the Pope and fifty million followers pray and there is no answer.” The answer came, “They pray to God, you pray with God.”

The Academy began and continued with people who were afraid of the very philosophies that they pretended to teach, Agrawal excepted, and of course, Judith Tyberg was removed. But this is the same all over the western world. We are “relativists,” which means we substitute words for realities.

If one went deep—and we avoid going deep like the plague—we could find certain basic, ineffable principles operating ever and always. In another age when a Jefferson or even a Paine was more active, these things would be discussed, and Emerson came along and carried them to their logical unfoldment. But logic is not enough, and it never has been enough. We can even experience the atom today but we do not experience God or peace and we can’t unless we change.

Peace has existed in this world in two places only: in the kingdom of Japan and in the anarchy of the Eskimos, nowhere else. But nobody has written on this because it would soil the show. In Japan you had policed peace and in Eskimo-lands you had peace because there was no police. Neither of these people accepted the man-created thought “God” which is a dialectic, metaphysical deus ex machina.

Now I have found this God both in experience and in human beings. There is nothing in common among these human beings expecting an intensity either of love and compassion or peace or both. They have no particular religion and they have many religions. They all have foresight and insight. They not only breathe peace and peacefulness, they can in a certain sense “see” into the future.

They are even found in certain governments. India I know and Indonesia and Sudan and perhaps Thailand I suspect. There is no common religion, excepting none are Christians. But in the next tier, those near peace, you find the Scandinavians who are Christians by tradition but rapidly becoming universal.

My own dictum is that Peace-is-Power.  This cannot be proved by syllogism or logic excepting in mechanics where it becomes obvious. But it can be proven by experience of which Zen is one, one among many examples.

When one has this Peace he becomes master of time if not of events.

If I wish to increase the food supply of the world I dare not add to the turmoil. So my picture of Cuba is simple—I am against all foreign aid to them excepting sending in soil chemists and technical advisers, and leaving them alone from this point on. There would be, of course, a period of austerity.

By organs gardening the Thai people have gone from a three-crop a year program to a five-crop a year program in conditions not so favorable as the ecology of Cuba. But I doubt very much whether politicians and dialecticians will permit this. Cuba, free or otherwise, is in danger of adopting the same program as did Mexico and denude itself. That is their problem. If they adopt organic gardening we are doomed.





February 22, 1964


My dear Norman:

You may not have thought it but by your bringing Marilyn to my rooms you have done me a favor. In my “private” life there has been a complex over the natural difference and confusion between identity-love and intensity-love. I am not going into any philosophy here but it is probably that intensity-love comes up with Venus aspects and some identity-love with Uranus aspects.

Considerable confusion has been caused by our dualistic interpretations of Asian wisdom. Asian wisdom (which is the perfume but not the popular views) stresses identity thought. But though some of your teachers expressed this in the classroom they did not exhibit it in their lives. So we cannot comprehend the identity-love when we meet or experience it.

Now Marilyn is of a different type and unless I prove to be mightily mistaken she falls into the identity-love groups, appreciates identity-love, comprehends identity-love, exhibits identity-love and desires identity-love. This can cause her to be misunderstood and this is harder because the identity-love people often have the greatest sympathy and comprehension.

I have been talking and arguing identity-love and it is not a subject regularly arguable. It means there are lines of communication cut. Edna St. Vincent Millay fell in her attempts to bridge these two kinds of love. Whitman seems only to have comprehended identity-love although history makes it appear that he had or wanted the other.

Teddi Schleicher, 26 4 Lake St., Altadena, is another case of identity-love found in California. On Sundays she goes to the La Crescenta Vedanta Ashram but she will not go to the Hollywood center where all the famous people congregate because she is a meditative type. If I brought Teddi up here and introduced her around there would be misunderstandings but now that there is a Marilyn there will be less.

This will also give you a slight glimpse of Saadia Khawar, my god-daughter. The chief difference is that I think Saadia is a saint, at least in embryo, though she would deny it and regard it even as an insult to “real saints.” But I write this to help you realize that there are spiritual types; and then next we may be able to check these people in and with horoscopes.

Now a Sufi is supposed to love everybody but more than that he is supposed to have wisdom. If you have an identity-love type and an intensity-love person wants to marry the other (regardless of sex). You can’t go into philosophy and metaphysics and point out differences—this is of itself a great sin. What do you do?

This is where spiritual people make use of Astrology. The differences come out in the charts and you interpret the chart and they may understand it. In some Asian countries you can prevent the marriage if you see the incongruities in the charts. Gavin and I both saw this when Joel was first engaged and we suffered terribly knowing he would run off to a horrible marriage. Which is exactly what happened. Then he married Alan’s daughter and that looks very good.

So as there is Divine Love in everybody but in different degrees and different phenomena, the best thing is to examine the kinds of love and light which have been impressed on the personality and which are revealed in the charts. I hope you can understand this. It will enable us to work together easily in this field.





March 9, 1964


Dear Norman:

Yesterday was the anniversary or the opening of the Buddha Universal Church and a film was shown of the building with a lot of remarks that “San Francisco Knows How” and “only in American” could they have been such a cooperative undertaking with people of all races and faiths joining it. The fact is that just three Americans did much hard hand work and one is a Vedanta’s, one a Buddhist and the other myself. There were two or three Negro Christians around at times but I don’t recall any white Christians excepting some engineers, steel men and riggers who came on special occasions and they were not necessarily Christians.

At once the question rises if “San Francisco Knows How” and “only in America” this could be done, why isn’t Grace Cathedral finished? etc.? It does not occur to the filmmakers or to the press that Chinese think vertically and Americans think horizontally. Americans analyze and form endless sects and schisms, and Chinese synthesize and form “togetherness movement.” This is certainly their history.

“Brain-washing” has nothing to do with communism. “Brain-washing” is the effort to have Americans think synthetically instead of analytically. You see the “Black Muslims” breaking up, we all break up. Every man is a king to himself and the surrender of something we call “independence” and “freedom” is regarded as a tragedy. Jesus Chris to may have said, “I am the vine and ye are the branches thereof” but this is not, most certainly not Christianity.

I have concluded that Westerns “think” horizontally, Hindus circularly, Malayans spirally, and Chinese vertically and all have their methodology.

The Hitler argument was that Jews could not be scientists and so they were not permitted to train as scientists. Well, America adopted aptitude attests tests and they use them at City College. There are just two training schools for hotel-workers in the country, San Francisco and Buffalo, and if you go to CCSF you will find a lot of colored students studying in the course for hotel workers and, probably doing all right. “Hotel-work” is proper (?) for them, and “sciences is not.” So they go and study the hotel arts and sciences. This would not be in the papers, of course, facts never are.

If there were any logic—and there is not—there would be 50% students in the hotels, of “black” races and this has nothing to do with minorities. It has to do with aptitudes. At one hotel I go to in Hollywood everybody is a Negro excepting at the front desk and I never saw anybody say anything one way or another.

If we are going to accept the “aptitude” approach which keeps the colored boys out of the building trades and engineering and sciences where are we going to put them? To me the hotel business in all its facets is “logical” (I won’t say “just”—but logical under these premises.)

Now in the next few days I am going to take up some matters of world peace. I attended the so-called conference on Arab culture, which is the same humbug or having some professors come out as expert, no speeches from the audience and questions dodged. So millions of people suffer because Americans have a methodology based, not on knowledge, certainly not wisdom, and thus announce “policies.”

This is one thing I am being compelled to tackle.

What I am not able to tackle is why there is no unemployment in any industrial nation in Europe, and whether these nations are “capitalist,” “socialist,” or “communist” is of no consequence. Portugal, Spain and I think Greece do have unemployment, and of course all the Americans, but not the Europeans regardless of the system. It would be some question to ask any and all candidates why “only in America” there is so much unemployment. Why?

I saw Gary and asked him to phone Barbara. To be sure I took the matter up twice. He said he would do this as soon as he went home.

Claude was also at the Church.

Finishing the paper not only am I apathetic but one can understand why with all the commentators and politicians there the people of New Hampshire simply don’t care; there is nothing to care about.




April 11, 1964


My dear Norman:

Some time ago I moved back into the “Symphony Under the Stars” rooms at 772 Clementina St. Most of the ceiling is still intact as Gavin left it. I have seen him only once and he is getting older. On the other hand I met one of my old school teachers and she remarked on my age: “Well, I have been to Shangi-la.” So I go on and nobody accepts my philosophy but they wonder that I am not growing particularly older and yet that is my philosophy.

The other day I met some of the New School Dancers and we had a wonderful time with mutual understanding. It is as difficult to explain that understanding. It is as difficult to explain that understanding in our conventional terms as it is to translate Zuni or Chinese. But even Jim Pike is beginning to think there is something there.

In a sense I have gotten into politics. Senator Fulbright’s new stand caused me to lay cards on the table for Congressman Burton and he accepted everything. This included several technical matters. Problems are easy to solve but we in the US are solemnly dedicated to personas, no matter what we say and an idea depends on the source rather than the content. The result is that I have a continuous series of episodes of either up-ending speakers or joining in up-ending speakers, but nothing constructive.

I now have a letter from William Vogt who has been fighting our land wastage. He is coming here soon and wishes to see me. I also have the book of Jonathan Garst. He and his brother hosted Khrushchev. By agreement we were not to meet but go to different parts of the world. I know, from the contents of his book, that I have accomplished what he wished—which is not what governments and administrators wish.

I don’t know of a single foreign aid plan excepting by Ford Foundation—and slightly in another direction by Asia Foundation and Fulbright that can or will accomplish anything important. I do not wish to go into details here, but everything is piecemeal.

The other day was walking on Jones St. and saw some African drums. I did not like to discuss my flairs when I found it was Rockefeller Head Quarters. There is a big segment of colored people out for this candidate. But I found that their leader came from Ghana and not only that, was the hostess and companion to Julie Medlock, my female alter ago.

What I do not understand is that a representative of Nkrumah would be doing working for Rockefeller—I simply do not understand. Nkrumah may be off base but he has programs; Rockefeller has just negations.

Outside of being for Burton I have little interest in politics but cannot by-pass your report on the Kennedies and therefore am against Salinger without being sure of where I shall turn.

What our politicians cannot even “conceive” is reality, and I mean plain, simple reality without metaphysics. The Social Credit Party entirely dominates Western Canada and the Labour Party will soon be dominating Great Britain and we talk about “our allies” which is a pure “realistic” abstraction, utterly fantastic and yet taken as “realty” by our press, radio and politicians.

Nor can we conceive that the Chinese think we are psychotic and what we call “brain-washing” is nothing but their (fruitless) efforts to make us think as they do. The reciprocal is also true. We are pretty thoroughly brain-washed outside the sciences, and even there we are. I know Chinese doctors who heal Cancer, but do you think I can report here and give references, even though this has nothing whatsoever to do with communism?

My phone is Hemlock 1-7419, until we get (brain-washed) into the numbers racket. This even goes for Barbara.

Now the niece of my closest companion is also planning to come to the US. I did not wish this because with my god-daughter, Khawar, coming, this is enough. But she outsmarted me and allied for a Fulbright Grant so the matter is outside my hands. The great wonder is how these very spiritual young women will adopt themselves here. The whole universe in which they move is totally different.

They cannot understand why races do not mix without qualification and on the other hand they could not understand why classes should mix without qualification. Everybody has to learn.

Still two nights a week at art school, two nights at Baptist’s gymnasiums dance classes and one night with Fritzi, one night generally home and one night generally with Della, but always subject to change.

Have some big errands in Berkeley but don’t know when I can make it.





772 Clementina St.,

San Francisco 3, Calif.

April 22, 1964


Dear Norman:

Hope this finds you well. I am writing at this time because the chances are 10 to 1 I shall be visiting Cleveland, perhaps at the end of next month and am wondering whether we should get together on this, or any other point.

I was on the campus today and come again Monday but for the next few weeks have little time. There are conferences about May 1, 7 and 17 which will keep me busy. But Art school classes will be over soon and this relieves me a little. Or if you want to come to dinner with me, advise—this can also be in Berkeley.

Gradually I am hitting higher spots, being in contact with more and more persons of prestige or even fame. My main reason for going to Cleveland—or rather Pittsburgh and Western Penn. has to do with fertilizer experiments and scientific problems; also for Sufism.

But I am beginning to explore the possibility of hosting some UN delegations here next year. If I go to Washington or New York will go into more detail, but here I am ahead of the story.

Today met one Stanley Davis who is a professional singer, recommended by one of my pals. He is a higher intelligent person and I dislike this “racial” factor in the arts and professions which causes labels, but at the same time we agree that the music of North and North Central Africa needs some study. I have a hunch other things will bring us together.

The paper talk on Zanzibar is nonsense. I have been for Swahili culture for some time. The Swahilies wish to get together—it is as simple as that and these people don’t give a hoot for any imperialists, Russian, American, Chinese or British—their want to be themselves and to get together. Or as I told Stanley—I have two plans for the Near East, accepted by Israelis, Arabs and the UN but you betcha nixed by the United States, Great Britain and Bishop Pike and his co-workers. Indeed I may be able soon to take some steps forward here.

The food conference will take more attention but I am not optimistic. Henry Luce is the keynote speaker—in other words more editorials, more aphorisms, more sermons and more nonsense. The same is true of the latest World Bank reports I have read—they have a lot to do with the mentality of the commission, nothing to do with the human beings who inhabit the regions surveyed. It could be worse. Actually my campus ventures were very good indeed.





May 28, 1964


Dear Norman:

Today one Emily Hahn spoke at the World Affairs Council. Her scheduled subject was China but she talked on Africa instead. The meeting was not overcrowded, but they turned hundreds away. If possible I’ll come over Tuesday, Visit KPFA, the campus and you, but will telephone first.

Well, Norman, the “Woim has toined” and everything looks bright. Have had more good news this month than in a number of years combined. It seems that there has been recognition on the campus in many departments and a call for reports and projects and experiences. Everything that the AAAS would not even let me submit has been asked for.

In addition I have been invited to go to New York and bring all my diaries and manuscripts. But while this was going on my pal appeared and asked me not to go until he returns. So I expect to get as far as Pittsburgh that is all and go on later.

Then I got recognition from some editors both at home and abroad, and I love to wait until funds arrive so I can get help. Gavin progressed my horoscope and on the whole it is good, but I have not seen him.

Catherine Peck has been invalided and I won’t go to Cleveland until certain matters are cleared.

Everything in and from Pakistan is also prospering. I leave Thursday morning, June 4th.





June 15, 1964


Dear Norman:

I have been here over a week now, spending a good deal of time in truck and flower gardening, and some orchard work. My friends have retired and own two places—their ancestral estate, and this 24 acres which they are not trying to develop.

This has been farm country—mostly dairy and Christmas trees and has been prosperous. It is adjacent to the original petroleum section which has been even more prosperous although to see the Pennzoil offices and plants you would be amazed—they have so much to spend on advertising and so little to give their employees suitable working quarters.

The land is hilly and to me very beautiful—forests, meadows, nurseries and farms with large sections being set aside for picnic and resort areas. The younger generations go to the cities, leaving a lot of places uninhabited and I think property here is cheaper than anywhere else I have been, considering the advantages. The disadvantage is, unless one uses wood, the winter costs of keeping warm are high. Even oil is costly in this section considering the amount that has to be consumed.

So a transformation is going on turning from an industrial to a resort district and this is hurting some places. Actually nature made this section more fit for manufacturing, as are Youngstown and Pittsburgh, but the trend of the times probably means that industry will continue to look south and west. There is certainly plenty of water here but on the other hand detergent and other wastes are going onto rivers and great lakes. There should be proper sewage disposal and I think they are behind here.

There is very little interest in politics. Johnson is mildly favored. The anti-Catholic feeling is great and certainly extends to everybody near Kennedy. But nobody cares for Goldwater. Scranton has few enemies but the question is whether he has friends. People are against rather than for which seems to have become our norm in politics. They are for the civil rights bill rather than for integration. There was no objection to a radical bill, more radical than the one passed for what they want here is to get the dispute over. Moderation here means anti-conservatism rather than pro-liberalism.

I have written two letters to Cleveland. One to Mrs. Lavender who lives on East Boulevard and whose late husband was a friend of your father. The other to a Mrs. Ada Gibbons on the west side. Both will provide me with quarters. I have to go to Pittsburgh and Wooster Ohio, some time and am writing letters to arrange travel schedule.

The grapevine is that Virginia has not made good in life. I have not written Mrs. Peck because she is invalided. She went to Japan with Alan Watts and came back somewhat disturbed.

Most of my mail is not being forwarded, but the last days before departure brought more favorable news—some things which will not be straightened out until my return. I had planned to stay away until the end of July and want to miss the Republican convention. It is not that there may be disturbances that I wish to avoid—it is the kind of people who will be delegates who have to verbalize platforms and determine policies.

One thing, however, is reflected in the press here and that is a recognition that on the whole the intelligence of America has gone up somewhat and any political venture that does not take this into consideration is doomed. Even conservative folks here are more anti-McCarthy than anti-progressivism and I think favor H. Humphrey for Vice-President. But there is little attention to foreign affairs—these people are “Americans” rather than American.

My whole health is up and the exercises learned at the Walt Baptists studio enable the body to do garden and farm work without pain or fatigue. I have done a lot of kneeling, planting and replanting and not a twinge even.

I am being called on to determine some rather important procedures in Pakistan which will also affect other lands, and am going to be slow, for my attention is to food problems rather than policies, education or social welfare.

The choice between Murphy and Salinger—or Luella Persons and Hedda Hopper is certainly a “boon” (??) to democracy.





June 30, 1964


Dear Norman:

I leave Cleveland tomorrow for Pittsburgh; to return here, then go to Wooster, then return, to go to Meadville, Pennsylvania, then return here to go west.

Had a brief talk with your father who may want to see me later. The best I can do is telephone as I am not sure of my residence or address. He has very friendly and said you would be coming here in August.

Every person who has any color is liable to create legends and then the name is attached to the legends. God is forgiving but society is not. Although Buddha taught that all conformations are transitory and subjects constant change and although Korzybski taught non-identity of so-called “self” with so-called “self,” your pseudo history is “worse” than mine. Play a dramatic role and society wants to recast you in that role always.

I did not have a chance to have a good talk with Mrs. Peck. Spoke at her house Sunday to about a dozen people. It was tape-recorded and seems to have gone over big.

In the afternoon had a most fortunate encounter with a former Pakistani, and that may set the seed for future visits. In any case should be visiting the International House near Western Reserve when I return.

The shadow stories about Virginia are tragic. This is, for me, a sour note. The world is always sitting on judgment and on top of that there is no standard from which to judge. To analyze is to condemn. I am sick of it.

My visit to Pittsburgh concerns Integration on a far vaster scope than is being considered publicly. We are all analysts and our selfishness is defended by calling it “individualism”—which is a fiction. The political philosophy of the day is that every is everybody and we have to “do good.” The Zen philosophy is that every is everybody and there is no “else” and “love your neighbor as yourself” is automatic, not a maxim, not a program.

Individualism in science has become specialism and it is becoming more and more difficult for scientists to cooperate. The first role of “Project Prometheus” is to stimulate this cooperation and recognition between and among scientists.

Linus Pauling went “far out” and extended this cooperative and integrative effort to the nth degree. He took part in the Accra Assembly. So at Pittsburgh, at the outset, I should be learning:

Project Prometheus among scientists

The Accra Assembly and its aftermath

The whereabouts of Julie Medlock.

But I must warn these are all part of a big world view.

No one at the Academy dared go all the way with any Asian philosophy because to go all the way would inset some precious superstition to which the individual was attached. Dr. Radhakrishnan is President of India and is free from superstition; he is concerned not only with the three above matters, but has gone all the way in the directions in which my Pittsburgh host, Dr. Reiser, is moving. This also includes mysticism and religion—in other words, world understanding.

No doubt we are ahead of the age but we think we are moving in a direction in which the world is moving. This is certainly borne out by sacred scriptures—most of which were carefully preserved from class studies.

Temporary hubbub and turmoil are only privacies, not pretruths.

In Detroit there is de facto racial segregation. Here, although I seem to want in districts almost entirely populated by “negroes” there is also class distinction. In Detroit the rich and poor are pushed together making a most ugly city. When the “mansions” and “huts” are separated, neither looks so mean. On the whole this city seems “quieter” than most places.

The political situation shows madness. I have found nowhere any Goldwater sentiment and the less the sentiment there more and more space is given to him. Newspapers will have an editorial against him and then give columns to communicators of whom one has never heard, trying to rouse a public to a “tight race.” Actually it looks like a push over—

To me it all depends on the Vice Presidential candidates. But this does not mean we are going to “solve” anything, only avoid worse situations. The success of Labor in Great Britain makes all this noise and turmoil nonsense. It is the Americans who live in dream worlds and insist they are realists. I enjoy more and more my absence from previous campaigns.

Will be back late in July and will try to see you before you come to Cleveland. I have more work on the campus.





July 14, 1964


My dear Norman:

I spent two hours this morning with your father. It was very cordial and long drawn out, for he asked me as many questions or more on work affairs as about you. He is satisfied I am an “integrationist” but actually I am on many fronts. The projects concerning which I visited Pittsburgh begin with iteration on an international field in the sciences, and then perhaps in the arts and literature. And they end with a similar effort in philosophy and religion. Outside of the race problems we are often more provincial than we realize. Fen some of the “good” among us who think they are broad stop at a certain point. Anyhow he was satisfied and kept on feeding me questions, some suite tough.

He is uncertain now as to whether you are coming and exactly when for evidently you are in Summer School. He was very satisfied with my reports but came to the same conclusions from your letters. He realizes you have, or have had, many sides and satisfaction cannot come by arguing, correcting or advising. But I assured him that each side of you had matured and there was really nothing to worry over.

I think both of us favor CORE over HAACP. I am not much for racialism, any kind; and so far as America is concerned, at least the America of the future, whether near at hand or far away, it must bring people together, especially those semi-intellectuals who constitute CORE. He is wondering what will take place when we have legal integration and democracy and thought that then NAACP will have fulfilled its purpose. But I told him that CORE’s missions were really vast and deep and could not be satisfied with legal or social adjustments when there are moral and quasi-economic problems.

He is great on trying to prove “Negroes” have gland aptitudes and I am equally great in trying to prove racists have not. I don’t know whether he was convinced of my arguments that Asians cannot be mechanized quickly, that they are not yet machinists and that they will not become so from protocol or newspaper reports. The southern racists argue from the superiority of their Northern brethren. It is certain where I lived by and large they were neither mechanically nor intellectually advanced. They simply could not understand certain things. I don’t believe our Senators Sorghum would understand a lot of things they take for granted and strut because a purported fellow-racist developed them. This is nonsense, but it works.

There is some anti-negro feeling in this city because of the Hough Ave. delinquencies. I have been in those areas and never noticed anything, but somehow or other people leave me alone. Yet they must occur and then multitudes are blamed. But when I carried the questions further these people had the game attitude toward several minorities, exempting always the Nordic types.

Whatever your father thinks on politics it is reflected all over. Practically every type of intellectual is firmly anti-Goldwater, and regard him as a product of another era. Almost the same attitude comes to the State of Arizona which seems to be in the union but not of it.

I have moved about a good deal and never heard such unanimity. I have thought it might be like Pres. Monroe who faced little opposition and then none. Only I hope that no Kennedy is nominated for Vice-president. This would rouse a lot of hostilities, quite a lot of different groups would renege.

Everybody says Scranton started too late but there is more ill-will against Eisenhower than against Goldwater. When he was President a neutralist in world affairs was either a coward or a scalawag and now he has come out as being neutral—even despite his son and Milton. It means he is going to lose face and if he campaigns for Goldwater he is going to get a heart attack. He does not realize what the American people think or want. I guess he did not learn much at Columbia.

The death of Thorez and the rise of British Labour may mean a fairly solid European bloc mediating between us and communist China, with Russia: adopting whatever it wants to. It is not a question to me or right or wrong, it is simply that this is the way things are. The failure of newspapers to report facts merely makes it worse.

I hope to have a Ghana report waiting when I return but am not sure. We talked a little on African development and I have some ideas.

Your father showed me your office and I am sure he wants you with him next summer. But he is very satisfied that you will make good as a teacher. For the moment I am hoping you will select your own goals. Outside of food problems I am not too sure of mine, so I can’t suggest overmuch. So far as foreign policy is concerned I am not so much pro- or anti-Castro as anti-diplomats all around. I even question tact as a virtue of much worth. And the way politics tend here there is not too much to say for democracy, our kind.

The Norwegians have their own Peace Corps which is being welcomed in Africa on a grand scale to help with agricultural education a job we should be doing instead of deflecting against dialecticians.

Expect to be back by the 23rd and have several errands on the Berkeley campus.




August 18, 1964


Dear Norman:

I have been in Berkeley several times and missed you by phone. But I also missed you because everything in life is changing.

A life dedicated to Asian studies and not to private speculation about peoples with whom one has not associated, is sooner or later to come the attention of those peoples. This is the law of Karma. Today there is hardly a country which has either not called on me for cooperation or which I have not called upon. Indeed if I do not get financial assistance soon from Pakistan you might find me going elsewhere.

I have a pack of stuff in my files, but I’ll stick to one. KPFA, under Mrs. Thompson turned back my stuff without looking at it; or three times she broke our engagement. This is in regard to Vietnam. With regard to Islam it is just as bad, only in the case of Islam Rom Landau was a road-block and in the case of Vietnam, Alan Watts was.

I am liable to soon throw a bomb and it will affect the election, too. I can name the villain of the place in no uncertain terms and support my contention with other living witnesses and some materials from my files. Of course so far in foreign affairs the opinions of the big man who has not been there is more important than the knowledge of the little men who have.

I met recently a Dr. Roberts who is colored, and wants to go to Pakistan. This is fine but there is a misapprehension. I have just completed a book on the Sahara and it seems wherever the white race has gone it has done the Nazi trick on the black, and the caste system is everywhere and not just in India. My whole life has been dedicated to the Brotherhood of Man. Nobody has practiced it; the nearest among the “Aryans” being in Scandinavia.

I am surprised, but I am not “in” at the failure to stress in the recent meet, the Russians beat the American palefaces almost every times and were themselves defeated by the dark skinned almost every time. I think CORE should pay attention to the Olympic try-outs. On the war-front, in the fox-holes there may or may not be atheists but everyone is equal—to die for his country; or in the Olympics—to strive for his country.

I must try to be in Berkeley again often, but if I am part of delegations, will not be able to contact you.




August 19, 1964


My dear Norman:

I enjoyed meeting you yesterday and may call as soon as possible but you do not seem to know what my jobs are. When I saw six hundred thousand (600,000) absolute homeless people I one place (Karachi) I went almost mad and said to the Sectary or the Minis of Agriculture: “What can we do to put these displaced people on these empty lands?”

In a sense nothing else matters, to me. I have therefor devoted myself to food problems. This leaves me on bad terms with practically every social philosopher and sociologist and newsmen and most political leaders. And on the other hand everybody who is concerned with food is for me.

The present plans we have are all disjoint. Many of them fail. I have gone over—and won’t argue—all the chief engineering problems of Asia from one end to the other. Social philosophers do not understand engineering problems and make serious mistakes and will continue to make serious mistakes. Or when an achievement is accomplished that does not fit in with their preconceptions they act as if it did not exist.

I have seen three almost successful social experiments, none of which fit in with any 19th century matrix and name-calling does not give any ideas about them. So attempts to have them published have been rejected but this will not always be. You can bet your bottom dime that Goldwater and the Trotskyites will join in condemning them, through they are existing functional groups. And a lot of “liberals” will pooh-pooh them, too, so I have found it best to confine reports to engineers and agriculturists. For our opinions do not determine the happiness of others and opinion people have always and will continue to push their thoughts over the actions of others.

Prof. Adams came out boldly for Sufism being experience and this experience transforms man, his character, his outlook, his visions. It is not necessarily a different change from that produced by Vedanta or Zen.

One thing that happens—and it is the least important of any—is “seeing” beyond coming time-space. In 1917 I was asked what I thought of the “Russian Revolution: “If it fails it will last 50 years, if it success it will last 200 years.” “You’re a communist.” But later when I said, “ I don’t like flat lands,” then “You’re a fascist.”

Some of my poetry escaped a holocaust of 1949 when 25 years research was destroyed. In it I predicted variously the horrible defeat of Japan, the destruction of Hitler, the forming of the UN and its divisions into three camps, etc. This method of foresight was “revealed” by Sokei An Sasaki who preferred to abandon it and I have also chosen to abandon it. All I know is that there is not going to be any Third World War despite our diplomats, politicians and press. It is not in “the sphere.”

I am not interested in governments and very little in polity. I am thoroughly against communism but if it came I would simply put on work clothes, live in a commune and go back to hoeing unless the commissars wanted me to do soil work (at any level) or crop work, any level. I don’t fear or hate anything or anyone. It is simply that I have seen the scientific (not the political) solutions of lots of problems.

Even Harlem—and I have lived there a little and been there several times, is far above and beyond a good section of the world. I am opposed to these “African Groups” but would be for their going to Africa an any capacity whatsoever and doing anything. But would they accept Nkrumah? Or even Kennyatta? I saw the latter last night on TV and am far more interested in him than in China. This is because that part of the world is ecologically dear to my heart and not because of racial sympathies. Superficially there is more here in Kenya than in Pakistan and this is why I am interested in Pakistan, which needs the doctor. Besides being actually a leader in the Sufi brotherhoods I shall be received and accepted.

I have lived in the South and worked alongside of share-croppers (Negroes) and for that reason I am sympathetic to the people who go to Mississippi. I worked with a lot of colored men here, as an equal. Sufis are against agitation for the sake of agitation and are also against exploitation. The present society lauds “excitement” and there is a lot of confusion between about four different movements called “the Negro problem.”

I am an absolute Integrationalist which does not mean I am opposed to communities, only they must be voluntary and not legal.

Theoretically I am against your school ideas, but practically I am for them. We enforce the same principles in the army that will be fighting in Vietnam, and in the athletes who go to Japan. If we can bring one Hindu 10,000 miles to go to school, than we can bring 100 Negroes 10 miles. After two or three generations of your ideas, we might go back to neighboring schools. In any case I hate segregation. I don’t like all—anything schools excepting for religious purposes.

The accepted religion does not bring any moral or psychological discipline. By “moral” I mean self-control, not a bunch of negatives.

My teacher taught that until man made peace with himself he could not have peace with the world.

My apathy with present politics is enhanced by satisfaction with art and science, artists and scientists. I don’t mean the upper levels here, but the lower levels. It has always been that “the stone that was rejected has become the cornerstone.”

My main difference with the politicians is that I have a program, they have not. My main difference with many of the Negro leaders is that they do not seem to have programs. I do not [?] their opportunism, that is art of human behavior. As you teach school and accept responsibilities over human beings you will change.

Abroad I found practically no difference between the behavior of Negro and Caucasian official, excepting that at the low levels some Negroes are better able to enter the local society. I think, but I do not know that such groups as the Peace Corps are fairly integrated; if not they ought to be. But outside my own fields I should prefer to follow, and outside of mysticism and horticulture my opinions are not very important.




August 20, 1964


My dear Norman:

My first spiritual teacher, Hazrat Inayat Khan, taught that racial mixtures would benefit humanity biologically, in the first place. There is also an occult tradition that a new race would appear and how a new race could appear by any traditional practices such as “Aryanism” or “Jewish Purity” or continuance of caste, has been a mystery to me. In Hawaii and in Brazil we find essentially new races appearing, the term “race” here being a biological and not a social one.

This thing goes on all the time in the laboratory and I have seen wonders. But it is no use talking about these wonders because emotional people and those immersed in social problems do not understand scientific principles. This is pretty much the same no matter what their social views are.

I any case perhaps from my teacher or perhaps from sentimentalism I am for those very things in CORE for which they have been criticized and I am not always for some things which are considered as “normal.” When I learned the International it ended, “The International Party shall be the human race,” and I have been opposed to nearly all communist movements because their international party has not been, and even now shows no signs of becoming the human race. Of course neither do other groups tend in that direction but at least they don’t have slogans of this kind. They have each their own kind of nonsense slogan.

I did not hear all the debate on KPFA. It differed from the one on Pest problems which I attended in having too many speakers and not enough resolution as to what they were seeking. Offhand I cannot and do not sympathize with those who proclaim “Africa” and then go off and loot; or with anti-white groups, because I am opposed to any movement of race against race on any basis.

The problem of the slums and especially Harlem is not a race problem. It is a combination of the worst aspects of absentee landlordism. I have lived in Harlem and I have seen it go through several racial phases but always the same social vice. Today indicates outbreaks between Puerto Ricans and “Negroes.” When I was last in New York, they were allies.

There is a danger of racial fascism, I don’t care what race. I am all for those who go down to Mississippi on any basis. But the KPFA conference was overlooked by some of the panel—they were able to speak their pieces fully, it went out on the air, and there were both seen and unseen audiences.

Some of the reasons for listening are not pleasant. I am totally bored by what goes on on most stations. The commentators have all wound themselves up in self-importance. I am writing a paper on South Vietnam. It will be objected to by all groups which are interested in objectives and not in facts. I told a young woman recently: “Remember that Europeans are human beings, Asians are thought- forms.” “I have learned that already.”  And I do know that most Asians are thought-forms, especially Vietnamese, Kashmiris and Tamils.

To me the KPFA panel combined some of the best brain-hearts anywhere with down-right commissariats. Lenin studied for years and years in order to lead a revolution and he killed as few people as possible in order to preserve the social order he wished to take over. Castro killed capitalists, or conspirators, no doubt, but I have not heard of any large scale looting there. I don’t know much about Cuba, so my conclusions don’t count. I was in the first Chinese revolutionary movement until Chiang took it over. There was an edict against looting. Property owners were dispossessed but no property was destroyed. Unfortunately this revelation was betrayed before it got far.

Non-violence without a study of Indian philosophy is a truism, not a truth. If one has not a back ground into all Indian metaphysics, and he piece-meal picks sectors, there will be trouble. Sri Aurobindo was a far greater seer than Gandhi, though this means courting unpopularity. It is the Americans who have made Bhave a saint. He has expropriated huge deserts from landlords.

The problems of Philadelphia, Harlem and Mississippi are all different. I suspect you don’t like Elijah Mohammed because he has not said a word on social justice. American Empires have failed because of lack of social justice.

But I have to work on Vietnam about which I know something. We are going to have a lot of Vietnam because throughout America, black and white, “liberal” and “conservative” we do not grant actually the right to exotic peoples to think in terms we have not conceived. The rot in S.E. Asia is due to our blind faith in folk-heroes. The substitution for Robert Kennedy for John Foster Dulles, in a sense, is that of Beelzebub for Mephistopheles. But so long as we are, as a nation, stuck to hero-worship, it does not make much difference.

KPFA refused, absolute, under Miss Thompson to even glance at my papers on Vietnam. But then so did everybody else. My pal Robert Clifton died of a broken heart over his total failure to report and have anything accepted by anyone. He has a lot of friends who are my corroborators.

Between one group of people who will not permit honest criticisms or objections and another group who will not consider social justice, I have no choice. There are many ways out but Americans are totally unable to understand them. We would not permit the President or Vice-President of India to partake in our forums—I don’t car which point of view or station or anything. It is only now that these views have at long last been presented at Berkeley. The American Academy would have none of them, but then, nobody else would either.


Even this communication is a luxury. The easiest places to establish utopias are islands with sufficient rainfall. This has been true of Bali. It can be true of Formosa (Taiwan), Ceylon and Cuba. So soon as these words are mentioned than there are a lot of semantic reactions. Nobody sees the geography, or the aptitudes or the people or their customs; everybody sees the government and society. At least I do not predicate a Utopia for Haiti and Santo Domingo because the moral levels are too low. (This has nothing to do with race, but a long history of corruption and exploitation.)

Sociologists do not know what plants to sow for deserts, for over-moist places, nor how to increase supplies of food elements which can be grown in situ. They are too busy organizing and reorganizing. The Peace Corps is all “right” if you want to cure measles for abolishing the spots one by one. Neither North nor South Vietnam has today stability. The forces at work on the negative side are very different—non-democracy in the south, floods in the north—not reported, of course.

But every flood in India is reported and that makes it possible to work there, to see what can be done, to hazard solutions based on our scientific knowledge of the day.

I am writing up three utopias I have seen—they are real, they are growing, they are prospering. They are nothing like “capitalism” or “socialism” or “statism.” They all extend into new dimensions, all are writers of our so-called “left,” “right” and “center” each of whom is trying to foist its brand of dialectics on the world.

Include me out, Norman, I am too concerned with human sufferings to be involved with subjective thoughts.

This has nothing to do with you personally. It is an overall soliloquy against thoughts or pseudo-thoughts expressed by whomsoever. Someone said. “If you are not a socialist at 15 you have not heart; if you are a socialist at 50 you have no head.” But when you get into the international world these words no longer have any meaning.





September 4, 1964


My dear Norman:

I am sorry I could not contact you this week. I have listened to a number of KPFA programs and my conclusion is that most Americans live too comfortable lives to understand the problems and sufferings, or even the ways of lives of others. And if I criticize KPFA, remember that the programs are sometimes interesting enough and communicative enough to listen new. Of course the international newscasts are value and among the best things on the air from my point of view.

All my present outlooks are closely related to C.P. Snow’s “The two cultures,” one which he calls scientific and the other literary; one which leans on facts and personal activity, the other on abstractions and value-judgments.

I rejected Marxist philosophy because it was based too much on subjective dialectics, and all the personality insistence does not make a thought or idea factual. This has resulted in complete rejection of almost every sort of materialistic philosophy. Thoughts in people’s brains are not material or materialistic though they may be so-called. And Karl Marx who had some heart and some mind denied he was a “Marxist.” He believed in a dynamic, evolutionary outlook and questioned whether even a single accretion to human knowledge belonged to an individual.

Thus personally Karl Marx came very close to the Buddhist logicians who denied the existence of things, and saw the dynamism of movements. Consequently what is called “Marxist-Leninism” is verbally bunk and can’t by anything but bunk.

This has nothing to do with the establishment of societies different from our own. There are numerous societies which are subjectively labeled as “capitalistic” “communistic, “socialistic” and when one describes them one finds that one has to renege somewhere or other on his own definitions.

Karl Marx started out with the theme of the abolition of poverty just as Buddha started with the theme of the abolition of sorrow. Each reach conclusions by subjecting himself to austerities and each gave the world plausible solutions but to different problems. In each case while the originator denied and denounced priest craft, under another name the priest craft took over. Instead of the priests disappearing, the number increased in the Buddhist lands. Instead of the state withering away it has become more and more powerful and a lot of nonsense excuses are offered by power-hungry individuals.

The more I listen to sociologists and social philosophers of any school the more I am unable to understand what they are talking about. It is noticeable that after proclaiming democracy, humanity, etc. it is almost impossible to get an interview, let alone make a criticism.

Although at the moment all the doors are opening, I cannot predict my own future. My closest Sufi colleague who is also clairvoyant (at a very high degree) says he will be here at the end of October. He is engaged in spiritual healing and is coming on both an agricultural and healing mission.

When I return to Pakistan I shall institute a new system of education, beginning with children. Here I won’t even waste time talking. It is only that a Sufi collects a lot of wisdom and has to carry it around. I knew the Late Nyogen Senzaki from 1920 to 1957. Two weeks ago for the first time I was able to find somebody who would take any of his teaching from me. What was gained by so-called professors of Asian Philosophies to refuse even a single living incident is beyond me.

My worst two enemies in effect were Rom Landau and a person I shall not name. But they hated each other so-much that they even greeted me when the other was around: Both claimed leadership on matters where I am considered a top expert—abroad, only abroad, and they administered coups to each other.

When I return to Pakistan also I shall be functioning in that world concerned with the experiencing and sharing of happiness. Only the Zen Buddhists (the real ones) have any idea of that here. Claude and Della are now both assiduous in their study of real Zen.

Love and Blessings,



Norman: This may give you some idea of the world in which I live which is too stupendous for most people. That is why I cannot extend it. You may have seen misery but the greatest I have seen by far was in Calcutta (next to worst) and Karachi—600,000 homeless in one place. Problems are solved not by emotions, politics or even rash economic measures without taking into consideration the nature of the earth. Bhave, who takes deserts away from the rich and gives them to the poor is a saint here. Unless one knows how to use the land ownership is nonsense. The Arabs had that solved for centuries but the combined pressures of dialectic socialism and dialectic capitalism have ended that and all other near Edens. Ramdas was not only a spiritual teacher but he has re-established a near- perfect economy. I have seen such places, and you find Goldwater, the C.P., the Birch people and the Marxists-Leninists joining together and easily influencing the “moderates.”



September 18, 1964


My dear Yvonne:

Incidents this week prompt a letter if only to communicate news. I am not one to lecture on “The East and West” perhaps because I may know a good deal more of both the East and West than most people. But there is one thing that stands out: If a person claims to have psychological knowledge he is welcomed in the East and snubbed in the West; and if he claims to have scientific knowledge he is snubbed in the East and welcomed in the West.

There is very little difference between two men in the Orient insisting they were insulted because I had some knowledge of how to do with salinity and several women here who, crying over their affairs, seem to be looking for and longing for help. In bot

h cases one gets a “How dare you.”

But now I have had a letter from Asst. Secretary of Agricultural George Mehren that he is coming here and wants to see me. He is in entire accord with my plans and researches. And one after another the citadels of unconcern have been stormed, including at last a willingness on the part of a Social Scientists even to see me.

And I can return to Asia at any time because my god-daughter has become totally successful, wealthy and famous and wants me with her.

This stands in sharp contrast to incidents here, the last of which is the news that Donna Ex-Pervier has pulled up stakes and gone to Texas. It is strange and almost like a perversion that one can get neither the ear nor the heart here on personal matters and here one can be besieged, especially if one be a Sufi.

You can understand why here one goes more and more into food problems and is more concerned about 50,000,000 Hindus near starvation than about local politics. And if you think that these 50,000,000 Hindus are all of one’s efforts, that is why my life has become almost secret.

Between the effuse and warm welcome of the scientists on the Berkeley campus and the absolute non-welcome of the social philosophers, there has been one battle after another and one victory after another in the Oriental departments. Whereas the Academy, excepting Satya Agrawal and very little Haridas Chaudhuri, neither wit, wisdom, logic nor knowledge were of any use. And it got tiresome to be teaching professors in the Orient and have the pupils or their pupils giving me the boot.

Within a few days a Sufi colleague became appointed to the chair of Islamic Philosophy in the American University of Beirut; the disciple of a close friend came to Berkeley and smashed a lot of “experts”; and Indians (in Berkeley Indians not Germans and Englishmen teach their own philosophy and culture) welcomed me all over the place.

At the moment I am not able to help others. I feel like a man who has climbed the Himalayas and reached the top without food, something like the ending of the Mahabharata, a book “experts” don’t even have to read.

I am going to be on the UC Berkeley campus Monday:

Agricultural Departments. I have yet to meet a single scientist, any field who did not grant an interview either on the spot or at a fixed date. My life-theme, “How California Can Help Asia” integrates many points heard by speakers this evening but in a much larger field. Prof. Mehren, now Assistant Secretary of Agriculture, is coming out here shortly and hopes to see me, approving the general text of proposals. I have been there and I know what I am writing and talking about.

Asian Department. There has been a strange institution in the United States and “only in America” which has previously left the bulk of teaching in the hands of Britons and Europeans. Americans were downgraded and Asians often not even considered. Now some institutions have staffs composed of a few Americans and many Asians and now the Berkeley campus has come around to this point of view. I have addressed more study bodies than Speaker Unruh who was selected by the National Government as an “expert” on university education in Asia, yet being a horticulturalist and not a pedagogic, have hesitated even to mention it. But the truth is that a two months visit abroad makes one an “expert,” a two years visit makes one an “outcast.” I can prove this easily within walking distance of your station headquarters.

Social Science Department. Interviews, appointments, letters, all ignored. It was only after long struggles and appeals over their heads that a single professor in the humanities (????) was willing even to consider and appointment.

How in God’s name, or the devils, are we going to make friends with Asians or any beings? I approve your stand on the Negro question, but I want all human beings to be given full consideration and not in talkie-talk but in everything.

I am to return to Asian in a few years to do a “Tolstoi,” but also to lecture them on subjects to which we have closed, unfortunately, our ears, eyes, and minds. In 1936 I was the “expert” on Asian problems; when the late John D. Barry died, I was displaced immediately and thoroughly by unfortunate émigrés from Europe. When I returned recently everybody asked me … about Cuba! Who is right, China or India? My friends, there was no India to 1945 and I am an anti-communist. The question itself is a false question. The history of China is factual whether we like it or not; the history of “India” is a convenience and I love India.

A copy of this to my god-son, Norman McGhee. I would like to be a volunteer reporter for you when I go away again. I have been in many places where our Crown Princes (You can choose your party) have never been invited.




September 19, 1964

772 Clementina St.

San Francisco 3, Calif.


Radio Station KPFA

Berkeley, Calif.


Dear Sirs:

I have just listened to your proposal to have new casts early in the morning which is fine for me; indeed 7:30-8:00 A.M. is about the best time.

Then I listened to the reasons, etc. and your plans for volunteer news reporters. And here is an unfortunate story, or rather series of stories.

For years I tried to reach your Station under former broadcast and program management. I got so far as getting three appointment dates all broken after I took the trouble to come to Berkeley. On top of that this was preceded by a priori rejection of materials.

Now what did these materials consist of:

The actual history if the origin of the trouble in what we now call “Vietnam” by an eye-witness who lived in every country in Southeast Asia and who became, ipse facto, persona non grata to those strange bed-fellows, the late John Foster Dulles and the famous U.C. fiction professor, Eugene Burdick.

Then I tried to get a hearing for Islamic mysticism as part of supposed Asian religion broadcasts. Refused a priori. Now I am one of the top authorities in this field of the whole world, a colleague of mine is now in charge of these studies in the famous American University at Beirut, Lebanon.

I tried in vain to get news before a number of American newspapers, broadcasting stations, etc. and my list of goose-eggs is tremendous. I give three instances:

I warned in vain of impending plots against the American Embassy in Cairo UAR. The warnings went unheeded, I witnessed the attack in persona and nobody accepted anything.

I was in North Bombay during the Krishna Menon election and the main facts and factors went unreported here.

I was in Kerala State during the last election and saw the communists in action, know the factors and factions there.

Nobody would print anything, and we haven’t a friend in all Asia. And I have met in person, I guess half a million Asians from prime Ministers to peasants, both definitely included.



Sept. 19, 1964


Dear Norman:

This week has seen a radical change in potentialities. I have never believed that the Asian mind was a figment or a series of figments in the imagination of non-Asians—any more than I could object to Sinclair Lewis book—I don’t remember the name on “Blood Royal.”

Nor do I consider spiritual attainment apart from the feeding of stomachs. Each “grand” occasion in the life of Jesus preceded or followed feedings, and his apocalyptic words, “Feed my sheep” should in my mind be accepted variously so that the whole life is dedicated to Asian stomachs and American hearts.

This last week I “struck oil” on all fronts. I go into no details.

Donna Pervier has pulled up stakes and gone to Texas, I presume to her family. It is characteristic that in the Orient, in Pakistan in particular, any attempt to help them in scientific agriculture is regarded as an insult and any attempt to help them in psychological or sexual matters is regarded as most noble; here it is exactly the opposite. No young woman here would listen to this old bachelor and no woman there would not. And the agriculturalists have sometimes there acted exactly the same as women in distress behave here.

That is why I have stood my ground for better or worse.

As a disciple in the real philosophies of the real Orient I see no hope until the ground itself is regenerated, revivified, and enriched, which is not done by any dialectical system be that of the anti-Marxist so-called “Marxist-Leninists,” or the anti-Christ so-called Christians, or the Anti-God social order in which we live. They all agree that when humans want bread they give stones, each its own kind.

The future societies—and I have seen them—will transcend the present ones similarly to the present day chemistry transcends that of a hundred years back. But the “truth” will always be what Jesus said, “I am the vine and years the branches thereof.”




1508 Spruce

Berkeley 9

Sept. 23, 1964


Dear Sam,

I’m glad to hear things are going so well for you. My the good fortune continue.

As you know I am now teaching the sixth grade at Ross and consequently and unfortunately won’t be here to greet you on your trips to Berkeley unless they are o the weekend. I don’t even have a chance to talk to the KPFA  people about your letter until the weekend and then most of them aren’t there. They called this week, presumably about your letter but I haven’t has a chance to talk to them as yet. Have they called you yet? I will try to call them during the day but it is difficult to do so.

Hope to get to meet your Sufi friend when he comes in October.

All the best till we meet again.




September 30, 1964


Dear Norman:

There is one thing which makes me sympathize with militant groups and that is, that only in my militancy I have succeeded at all. Americans who think they are following Gandhi accept the non-violence which is the Jain approach and reject they satyagraha which was the soul of Ghandiism. Or putting it in the words of Dr. Pandey who is now in charge of Indian culture on the Berkeley campus, a lot of non-violence is nothing but cowardice.

One after another of the bastions I have been attacking has fallen. I am now a sort of off-the-record adviser to professors on subjects where I was not permitted to submit a paper at any level to any of the instructors at the American Academy excepting Sayta Agrawal. My theme, “The Integration of the Ancient and Modern in the Solution of India’s Problems” is much in line with several world movements and I am now in the forefront of the battle for Internationalism versus Differentiation in every direction.

That is why I am opposed to all groups and philosophies operating in the “Western world” from dialectical communism to dialectical anti-clockism. I have seen problems solved by both scientific and social measures, but not in terms of the past, any more than we can explain radio-activity and atomic fusion and fission in terms of the past.

An agent of “Mohammad Speaks” came here and the last copy left me disgusted. The “white race” is the enemy! Nowhere, that the landlord, the capitalist, the exploiter, the machine, the government is the enemy! They want a stage so their bourgeois can exploit their Negroes and they want to be subsidized for that. CORE is the only group that fits into the Internationalism as above presented though it occupies only a narrow field thereof. I don’t know who wrote “The International” but it used to end, “The International Party shall be the human race.”

The complete trend in my direction or the complete harmonization of my direction with the present trends means that both among the agriculturists and Asians, everything I have stood for is receiving recognition or opportunity. There will be a world meeting of religions in Southern California, and not all your Landaus, Spiegelbergs and Watts can keep me out. And a report from one of my colleagues in Washington concerning the logical internationalism for which I have been battling has received the blessing of Lord Russell. We were doubtful of him because all the rest of us accept the spiritual existence.

On the face of it two things are evident:

a. That no one can point to a single disciple of a single “Great Stone Face” California spiritual (?) teacher who has had the spiritual liberation, at least in any of the forms, and there are many forms, presented in the magazine.

b. That as a nation we haven’t a single friend in Asia and we can’t and don’t discuss Asian philosophies—inter pares—as we discuss European and Jewish Philosophies.

Tonight I am meeting with a personal emissary of the Dalai Lama. His Holiness has also contributed to the aforesaid magazine with his thesis of a number of paths of development coming from Lord Buddha (and therefor other paths not coming from the Buddha). He also has had to face the bastions of the Genus Homo Californicus spiritualias, where the external personality means everything and the internal is shamed.

Yes, there is every sort of answer to the problems presented by Mr. Ross, and he and everybody else could have them. But so long as “We Californians” wish our preceptors to look like Galahads (whether they act that way or not), we are not going to find them, even in our midst.

The credentials of this person, long rejected and rejected almost entirely a priori, have recently been examined and being examined accepted by one institution after another. They are just as valid, just as much based on experience and transferable experience as those of any instructor in any of our real sciences, such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology.

But even the emissary from Nepal is having difficulties. He does not look nor act the way “we” insist a lama should look and act, and people are constantly telling him, not listening to him.

My friends, there is every answer to every problem at our door, be it in the field of food, population or spiritual attainment. But we can’t choose our preceptors in the later any more than in the former and get anywhere.

In September, 1965 the real teachers of real Oriental mysticisms are going to be given the floor, even before bachelors and masters and PhDs. That will be a wonderful day. The whole problem of this world is the division between the question people and the answer people all over. The question people and the right answerer more than the right answer. And there we stand.

I am hoping soon to be permitted to tell a few people about such things the Krishna Mohan and Kerala elections—I was there. If one can’t do that, can one try to present answers to more profound questions? Oh, the answers are here all right, and free.


Samuel Lewis



October 1, 1964

Radio Station KPFA

Berkeley, Calif.


Dear Sirs:

Last night I heard a wonderful program your station (you have a lot of interesting programs but this one was most wonderful). It took place between 7 and 7:30 and I was preparing to go out. I think the speaker’s was David Ross.

What interested me was the format and more than the format. He makes a verbal appeal that man should look within, that man has much more to explore than what we call the outer space. And he is wondering about the quest and the answers. And then one wonders if this is a sincere appeal or a repetition of innumerable facades made to gain name and fame.

In 1963 my check was returned, I did not have “credential” to attend the Asilomar conference on Asia. This is perfectly true: I am neither a PhD in Social Science, nor a British diplomat nor an American newsman, so I haven’t “credentials.” But Prof. Pandey, now on the staff on the Berkeley campus has concluded, rightly or wrongly, that I probably know more about India than any living person. This is such an atrocious claim that nobody gives interviews, excepting, of course, the personnel at the Consulate in San Francisco and about everybody in India from the top to the bottom and vice-versa. And you can continue it in other Asian countries.

I took Dr. Pandey to dinner and at dinner he told me he was a devotee of the late Ramana Maharshi who is one of those rare persons who could answer questions or enable you to answer your own questions. I became at one time the disciple of Paul Brunton when he has the disciple of Ramana Maharshi and that ipse factor immunized me against being accepted. I did not have the “credentials” above including no degree from any European universities in Orientation.

We have discussed very serious many problems associated with Indian literature and Indian spiritual philosophies. And just before hearing the talk as above I received, like a miracle, two books from the disciples of the aforesaid Ramana Maharshi.

There is nothing secret about the publications. Indeed they come out strongly for the validity of many methods and schools of spiritual development and attainment and not just he “nice” programs of delightful looking presentable human beings, especially those persons honored in California, but not else her.

This immediately presents a difficulty. For the publication goes further, names and criticizes our “heroes” or half-gods who have been made the interpreters of Asian wisdoms, mostly of those in which they have not participated at all.



772 Clementina St.,

San Francisco 3, Calif.

October 14, 1964


Dear Norman:

I may or may not contact you by phone Friday night. I am going to see my friend, Harriet Allison.

I had a wonderful time on the campus and a bad time. The bad time was expected and fortunately I was warned before hand and you will understand the situation. The campus outbreak was, and I am sure you suspected it, a revolt against a super-government. If the university were operated on a civil service basis, professors would be promoted on their own campus in their departments as a result or seniority, or successful research.

But the university is growing and expanding and therefor this static system would not suffice, and indeed it does not suffice. And because it does not suffice and there are new departments, the inner circle can draft whomsoever they want to fill special scholarship and grant and endowment posts regardless, and if I used the word “fink” it might not be far wrong. And I can assure you that before I came to the “fink” department I was tipped off in full and I am fighting back.

Professors, some of them quite conservative, fully realize that they are trapped by the system. Some who have done most marvelous work are neither heard of by the public nor by the “finks,” and I may even take this up with Congressman Burton, and ultimately with Governor Brown.

My own feeling is that for the safety of the nation as well as for the psychological release betterment of individuals there should be far more, not less, interest shown and demonstrated than now.

I have also broken with many of my close friends. Norman, there are only two aspects of my left that matter—one is for humanity which I am doing through the food research, and the other is the inner spiritual life—which is quite different from the “cosmic consciousnesses for the bourgeoisie” which is taught at the American Academy of Asian Studies and the Vedanta Temple. I am far more devoted than others realize and now I am getting full cooperation and encouragement. There is even a feeling that within a few years we may no longer have food surpluses in the U.S. But I am one among those who are prepared already for this eventually.

Now coming to the occult. I knew in 1910 that the world War was coming; in 1924 of the Great Depression but especially in 1926; and in 1936 about the date of the War but Sokei An Sasaki showed me this in 1931. There is no substitute for this which is vision and not wishing or willing. I cannot predict, of course, that his present form of society will persist, only that I personally feel no terror. I felt terror before. But these statements are only made in the hopes that others may wish to learn how to “see” in manners much deeper than those commonly accepted. Yet I am not in favor of propagandizing anybody toward “my” from of university. I think everybody should be as free as possible in his beliefs and ideas.




October 17, 1964


My dear Norman:

This fat is in the fire. On other occasions when I came to the Berkeley campus I found myself a sort of hero for insisting that departments other than those devoted to nuclear Physics and space research should be given some consideration. For UC, one of the greatest institutions on earth, is also known as the “War-mongering university” in many parts of the world. It has undoubtedly done more for agriculture than any other institution but you would never know this from public relations.

I left the letter from Dr. Radhakrishnan with the South Asian profs. Then went to the USDA, Forestry Division, a few blocks east. Now, Norman, I don’t expect super-human reactions, I expect human reactions. But when he found my mission, Mr. Gleason there cancelled his other appointments until the inquiry was handled. He saw at once what I am trying to do and gave full cooperation. This happens more often than getting dates.

I can tell you the whole story of Prof. Soddy. He did an enormous amount of research in chemical transmutations and thus became one of the fathers of nuclear physics. His work was so successful that Andrew Carnegie gave $10,000,000 to Glasgow U where he was researching. The money was to be used “for scientific research.”

When the regents got it, they marked off $9,000,000 for social sciences, and $1,000,000 for physical sciences, and they divided the latter so much that Soddy could get a small grant. $7,000,000 was allocated to a research project on how to fight socialism! Soddy was furious, and began investigating. He ran up again the Bank of England. One of the greatest scientists of this or any other age he died a broken and disheartened man.

Now it looks as if under the guise of getting money for “research” the tops have selected schools that run “research departments” and it is there where I am stuck and stuck hard. But with today’s paper and a big headline that Senator McActeer intends to investigate, I have sent final letter to the Chancellor, the department of “International Studies” and to congressman Burton, waiting a few days for the next move.

There is no question that the recent squall was a protest against this same hidden government. The University of California is a publicly endorsed institution and belongs no more to the President than to the low student or tax-payer. As no property damage was involved in these other outbreaks, and as no complaints came to or though the campus police, you know darn well there is hidden government and it is this some hidden government which has prevented me from having an interview (I don’t mind the boot) and now senator McAteer is investigating. If I get into public fight I have nothing to lose anyhow.



PS. Great Britain has voted for the Welfare State, Scandinavia is for the Welfare State, Goldwater wishes and alliance with the Welfare States. Is you or is you ain’t?



October 29


Dear Norman:

This is a dull day outside but “inside” not at all. The reactions on the forty coming election reveal that we are being held in quite low regard abroad. The recent victories in five countries of N.W. Europe by these favoring Welfare States may belong to reality but hardly to American “Realism.”

China is going to walk into the UN because all the Nations which are not as equal as others will vote that way, even those that hate and fear China.

Got a letter from Jim Pike saying that Chris Lovjieff is now in S.F. but failed to reach him by phone. Mary Beth was in Santa Barbara but now in Big Sur to see Dick Price.

Am invited to give a lecture on Buddhism which will be a sort or tongue-in-cheek affair. Buddha was interested in human suffering and accepted reincarnation. Most of our Veddy comfortable “Buddhists” care nothing of human suffering and don’t accept reincarnation or morality or anything. And the Cambodians don’t like us one bit.

Fortunately for me this is a “rotten borough” and I am too embroiled in Asian matters but if prop. 14 passes I may be compelled to re-orient some affairs. The same is true in Pakistan where the landlords and privileged are trotting out Miss Jinnah to restore their privileges.

After the election we may gradually have to face the food and water problems which are real and pressing and which politicians the world over are avoiding.

Having a battle on the UC campus against the hidden government, and can’t tell how it will come out. What connection it has with the present disturbance is unclear but it may come out. It is a peculiar thing in America that generally colleges are “hot-beds” of liberalism and college towns hotbeds of reaction.




772 Clementina St.,

San Francisco 3, Calif.

October 29, 1964


Radio Station KPFA,

Berkeley, Calif.

In re: India’s Food Problems


Dear Friends:

I have been enjoying your morning broadcasts very much because they are about as objective as it is possible to get news.

But this morning certain reports were broadcast about contemporary policies of the Indian Central Government to meet the emergencies of the day. While one cannot protest against facts, there is the danger of accepting—and most icons accept—that Hindus are blind followers of a “fate” which we confuse with their law of karma.

A number of years ago one Paul Brunton, in his “Search in Secret India” reported about the Radhosoamis who had established a society with an additional dimension. Such efforts are rejected alike by all analytics and all dialecticians of any outlook whatsoever. They insist—as the opposition candidate for Presidency insists—that we must have an either-or choice.

This either-or choice is almost “unthinkable” to Indians but no one in this country has give heed to the opinions of India’s greatest economists. From our dialectical “far right” to our dialectical “far left,” our Koestlerian commissars spurn all Yogis which point of view is not only incomprehensible to them, it is inconceivable.

Since the rise of the Radhosoamis there have been several new establishments combining elements of India’s traditional non-dualism with an international social order which harmonizes and combines people of different outlooks and different aptitudes.

I have lived in Kerala State where I saw such a society, “solve” all the problems of the day—land reclamation, food supply, housing and poverty. The methodology fits in with our traditional schemes as much as radio-activity fitted in with Daltonian chemistry; and the society solves contemporary problems much as nuclear physics solves (or does not) problems of the previous century.

Unfortunately politicians and newsmen are the same the world over and it takes some time and effort to influence what Snow calls “the other culture.”

I don’t know if there is any relation between the rejection of the above by certain departments of the University of California and the present fracas, but some of the staff involved stand 100% against even receiving a report on the above, much less considering it. But they are no different from the general social outlook. The unlike is to be disregarded or opposed even when it solves our most pressing problems. Somewhere in India you can find the solution to all of India’s problems.


Samuel L. Lewis



November 5, 1964


My dear Norman:

Now that the election is out of the way we might get down to real business. Our differences are geographical rather than psychological, but I am mindful that my mind cannot comprehend and apprehend both racial and agricultural problems and be successful in achievement. I am faced with what some would consider “real” problems, chiefly of water and food, and sooner or later the whole world, regardless of the various social philosophies, will have to face the food and population problems. I am not going to waste time arguing these points, as this would be time and effort away from accomplishments.

Besides the food and water problems, the whole drama of my “Real Asia versus Phant-Asia” is coming to a climax. The refusal of the staff of the so-called Institute of International Studies to give me even an interview is morally and psychologically no different from the same procedure of the private American Academy of Asian Studies and University of the Pacific. But the University of California is a public institution and I am a life-time alumnus. And any action on my part would compel the laying of cards on the table. A defeat would not deter me in the least, for this battle of “Real Asia versus Phant-Asia” has taken on actually an almost comic opera phase.

Buddhist World. This is the most important. The radio stations have never permitted any actual presentation of the views of the Vietnamese or Cambodians. Protests have been sent in vain to KPFA, KQED, the press and everybody I know. If any American who had lived in these countries or any national thereof had ever been permitted to speak it would not have mattered. The world Affairs Council once went so far as to include one Vietnamese—on a panel—where most of the time was taken up by other speakers.

Now I have just received an appointment from the world Buddhist Federation to represent them here, to act for them in bringing out news and accumulating data—i.e. rather a press agent than a legal or religious representative. But by whole history in the Far East was long accepted in S.E. Asia though almost unanimously rejected here. And so long as all the local Buddhist groups act in opposition and rivalry to each other, it does not matter. I find Buddhists know their religion even less than Christians.

Chinese World. The repercussions here have been greater and more favorable. I am not going to detail it because this association—let us call it—depends on dynamic activity not on theoretical philosophy. I do not know if I can fulfill the invitations or eat the dinners that have been offered but this week I hope, at least, to take part in the Birthday of Bodhidharama celebrations in Chinatown. I have rather surprised some Chinese with a knowledge of Buddhism which all your English, German and Beatnik leaders knew nothing about.

Indian World. I hosted the head of the Indian Farm Delegation who visited here a short while. I took him to the Consulate and there he ran into first a fellow-countrymen and then two men who belonged to the same sub caste. The result was a tea and a conference.

This conference brought out clearly what everybody in Asia knows and nobody here. I won’t go into detail but my old witticism that “the experts on Asia are American newspaper men and European professors” still holds. While we are publishing news about famine, not only man present represents a district where there has been a famine or food difficulty recently. And they all agreed that the American habit of snubbing my on-the-spot report on the Krishnamenon and Kerala elections was characteristic of this country.

Combine these three with the report below and you will see how and why China is going to get into the U.N. China will come into the U.N. as an Asian nation and if it holds out against Russia it will be accepted as the champion of Asia. China has already entered into cultural exchange with three American countries and more are on the way. Where do we have real cultural exchanges in the Asian and African worlds? Only in Europe and South America.

Pakistan. By the will of Allah I ran plumb into the representative of the “Pakistan Times” who is staying in San Francisco. The refusal on the part of those subsidized professors in the Institute of International Relations and certain connected Asian (?) Studies on the campus at Berkeley can become news at any time. I know of at least one paper which would not only publish the snub but would start an anti-American riot and attack on the USIS headquarters. This has happened already (remember the Robert Kennedy incidents which I related). I know and I have seen and I have warned—useless. But now the ego-self is involved.

The building of the University of Islamabad is about to begin. The President of Pakistan is on the Board of Regents.

UCLA I am about to go south to bring my materials to UCLA whereupon, unless advised otherwise, I shall write to the Regents of U.C. and to the Governor calling attention that not even the simplest courtesy has been granted to a representative of a foreign university. It is only that the legislature may be investigating them. Under the cover of getting funds for “research” and sharing it with the scientific departments, some of these men are simply subsidized professors, beholden to nobody, under no audit but with a veto power. The scuttle-butt is that they actually represent a foreign power. I would not care, if they would extend courtesies. In the case of Rom Landau one of our diplomats was furious that we hired a European as an expert on Asia and permitted him to attack our foreign policy. At times one may ask, “what foreign policy.” I am pro-American, not anti-this or anti-that which seems to be the order of the day.


Samuel Lewis



November 14, 1964


My dear Norman:

I don’t know how much this letter will influence you but at least it will explain why I am being impelled, rather than compelled, to move about. People talk about “Peace,” which means they do not want to be bothered. The so-called “peace movements” are composed for the most part of those who do not realize that life is full of dangers and what they are opposing is life, not war. Very few are willing to look life in the face.

I do not know how much my private complexities are mixed up with the fracas on the campus. A letter just received makes matters more dramatic if not important. In previous years after the dictatorial head of Asian Studies cold-shouldered me I found out in my absence he was thrown out of this job—too many cold-shouldering.

Some people, very few, listened to my talks on my first trip to the Orient. My second trip was greater and grander in every respect but also filled with dander and intrigue. The ambivalence in the relations between Russia and the United States, the “Tilsit” powers, causes people who want to have ideas and policies and ignore facts, to change their grounds constantly. And there is nothing more awkward than to have a mass of facts for one runs into the “experts” who are always evaluating and changing their values too. This will be until facts and humanity are given more consideration and if there are any things that are not given consideration, it is facts and humanity.

The other day I had a most happy meeting with the head of the Indian Farm Delegation. What happened from that point on is almost impossible to relate for the incidents are about 100% contrary to both what was taught at the Academy (excepting by Satya Agrawal) and what one reads in the press. So long as we, as a country, rely on dispatches from UP and AP agents, often under the influence of alcohol, and never acquainted with the vast complex known as India, we are not going to help in matters of simple importance. There is nothing more frustrating than to do anything of value over which people cry, such as trying to help in case of famine, flood or drought. I have been through it again, only antagonizing the tear-jerkers. And likewise those organizations which made rather successful appeals for public funds and must have famines, floods and droughts in order to squeeze out money from the public and pay their blonde secretaries—and this is no sarcasm; it is one of the terrible tragedies of the age.

But every time there is a rebuff there is a counter-activity by the laws of karma which are not studied at all, certainly not by the theosophists, Vedantists, most Buddhists, and those who hypnotize themselves into believing they believe in karma. For after finding at last one professor who wants my stories and facts I have been officially appointed as representative of the World Buddhist Federation, and behind this are series of dramas that affect multitudes and show the sham of most religious groups who are out to “save souls,” not to help suffering humanity—the change of religion does not affect this basic evil at all. Nobody dares to take on the ko-an of Lord Buddha to face poverty, disease and aging.

Anyhow with another set of credentials I am leaving shortly for Hollywood on multiple errands all of which have to do with promoting real peace and real understanding in a real world, beyond the miasma of the tyranny of words and human dis-consideration.

I play a game down there often fighting with them but Viktor knows I am acting. Actually I should say that a visit there for you is a “must” and I hope you can make the trip some time during vacation. In any event I expect either to come and see you Sunday or to telephone for an appointment as soon as vacation begins—at the moment I don’t know which it will be.

Anyhow I bought your Christmas present, so to speak. There are some Ethiopians there and they have set up an African shelf. It is the best collection of Africana I have seen, though small. I only regret I had just gone all out for Thanksgiving and was short. So bought only two books, both dealing with African histories and cultures. They are not very good but at least they are.

One deals with the Hamitic-Haussa peoples about whom I have studied previously. The other with the Swahilias about whom I have not studied. But both soft-pedal the Zulus and Bantus, so the story is not complete.

We do not realize—indeed we ignore, that “white” supremacy came only with the rise of mechanics and science, which is so recent that even at 1500, there was nothing to show any European supremacy excepting in art and gunnery. But I did not read these books to evaluate, only to enjoy the almost fiction-like histories of peoples of whom I know too little. I wish to place both in your hands, one for you to keep, and the other “ambivalent,” to keep or give to one of the groups of friends interested.

I do find these people unable to understand heart communication. They want intellectual appreciation and this involves me in polities. I am too deep in Asia and at the moment in SE Asia to get mixed up in Africa, or Congo. After all it has been Princess Poon who has asked me to go ahead, and my Asian commitments are not only deep and involved, they are succeeding.

Yesterday Thea showed up at Fung’s church. I was very glad to see her. She realizes now that I am functioning and today even more so. As I have hinted, I have yet to give you the low-down on Oriental politics in SF. None of the successive regimes at the Academy ever contacted the real powers that be here, and I don’t mention their names. Real Taoism is not verbal.


Samuel Lewis



November 30, 1964


My dear Norman:

I have returned from a most successful trip to Los Angeles. It has taken years but it is now becoming evident that when a person spends years studying Asia and Asians he knows something about Asia and Asians. Just before leaving I was fortunate to have meetings with two Ambassadors, and they gave me the keys to the next step. One of these was Roger Hilsman and he told me what to do next. Fortunately I already either know the key men or who the key men are.

Arriving at UCLA I was sent ultimately to the Dean of Studies. Without looking up he said, “Do you know Princess Poon Diskul?” “Who do you think sent me here?” Well, Norman, by the time we were through I had the keys to much of South Vietnam and know also what to do next.

There are going to be some big sessions here on both Vietnam and China but I don’t think I shall attend. Too many of the “experts” have refused to grant me any appointment. Then this happened Saturday:

Sri Surendra Ghose, Deputy Leader of the Congress Party in the Indian Parliament spoke at Haridas Chaudhuri’s Ashram. When the question period started I arose and he answered: “Why you are the man I came to San Francisco to meet.” That was a whale for some of those people to swallow including a few you know, too. It was true, but I am tired trying to convince people about these things.

Most fortunate for me—or was it karma?—Sri Ghose has been stopping with Morse and Dorothy Erskine. I have known Morse for some thirty years. But Dorothy’s mother, Sara Bara Field, was the leader of the young people of my time when I held views and acted more or less in accordance with some of the activists on and off the campus. Of course the radicals of one day are the conservatives of the next, but that is not exactly true either. Remembering my past I therefore do not condemn those who are close to the deep end. It is not that my world is different; it is that it is much larger.

Not only was I successful in everything at UCLA, etc., etc.—and everything else, but I walked down to Westwood Village to the Village Book Store and my friend, Viktor.

You must meet Viktor. I met him originally because of his spiritual and cosmic outlooks. But his bookstore is the meeting place for the real nationals of the real Asia and the real Africa.

I am taking a course in college where we are going to be marked in party by dirty hands and finger nails and we have accepted the challenge. I am not the only older person there. This will enable me to go abroad and do lots more than the Peace Corps. But fortunately both the agricultural departments of the State of California and that of Washington have given me the green light. And locally there is encouragement from all Asian groups. India has a pseudo-famine and this gives one the opportunity.

You can understand how obstinate I feel that when all the big networks refused first Phra Sumangalo and then myself any kind of interview on the S.E. Asian complex, the announcer today could not place a single country! This is the type of man who has the power to say “no,” or as I have said, our foreign policy is very simple: the opinions of the big man who has not been there always outweigh the opinions of the little man who has.

I did not like a lot of the features of some of the KPFA speakers who came out for a black man’s party, a situation made more ridiculous in what I would vote for almost any new face on the scene if he were running for U.S. senator. I love puns, wisecracks and humor, but to have to choose between two men who are adepts in these things in a serious election is utterly ridiculous.

Fortunately for me KPFA gives the approval to my Congressman (Burton) and fortunately also this man and I see eye-to-eye on a tremendous area. There are some things in local politics which are never expressed and if I told you it would be better to keep silent and watch.

I left the socialists because their whole stress was on the factory system when the majority of people, the vast majority were either on the land or wished to be on the land. Of course I also read Marx and Engels, especially the latter which makes it impossible for me to associate with those who insist that all goodness comes from the “working class” when Engels was a capitalist. But I am opposed to all classes and love Robert Burns’ “A man is a man for a’ that.”

If I ever get any clearance in time will try to see you.


Samuel Lewis



December 13, 1964


Dear Norman:

I could not and would not attend the debate yesterday. All of the speakers were “right” but analytical approaches and arguments have nothing to do with Chinese points of view. The Chinese are imperialists, have been imperialists, will be imperialists. They believe in cosmic evolution and think they are at the top of the heap.

Personally I have no worry about them, for, age apart, I would be just as happy or unhappy sweeping streets or weeding fields as in any other society.

I am concerned that both Americans and mainland Chinese have their very separate but very definite “mind-purging” which each justifies, and to some extent are justified on their own grounds.

In looking over the reports; not one of the speakers seems to have imbibed the Chinese psychology. “We” are not the arbiters of this universe. Unconsciously, among nations both China (always) and the United States (now) act in this way. We can destroy China but we cannot destroy Chinese psychology. The Chinese cannot destroy us but they can destroy our “psychology” because we haven’t any.

I supported India against China but the logic was on the Chinese side. The “law and order” was on the Chinese side. The Chinese have never had any intention of crossing the Himalayas, but they do claim all trans-Himalayan territories. Neither Russia nor America nor China nor Great Britain have ever recognized the right or self-determination to the Turki people.

Even your most radical African colleagues ignore the same rights to the peoples of Central Asia. There is no human consideration. A bunch of self-opinioned socially select people argue over the fate of millions with whom they have little contact or association. This is wrong in the first place.

I once wrote that “God and Rand-McNally are as interested in the boundaries and people of Afghanistan as those in Italy.” I object to God and Rand-McNally being over-ruled by anybody. To debate such matters is to deny the existence of God no matter how often we go to church. The Chinese may be imperialist, warmongers and what not, but they are. From that point, Norman, I take my cue from Chinese with whom I associate and far more than anybody you ever met going to any school of “Asian” studies. And tomorrow night I am being presented socially by real Chinese who have and are not given any say whatsoever on the questions debated yesterday. We white-race people of so-called “left,ᾀ? “center” and “right” had better get off all our cultural imperialisms.




772 Clementina St., San Francisco Calif.

December 13, 1964


Edward P. Morgan,

American Broadcasting Co.,

New York, N.Y.


Dear Mr. Morgan

In re: The People of Vietnam.

This is supposed to be the season of peace, good-will to men. There is nothing more horrible in the minds of those who have not heavy military equipment then the shibboleths and aphorisms with which we are trying to engulf the world. As we do not mingle with the humanity we have no idea of the horrible narcotic impressions we have given nationals of many lands with the continual bombardment of bombastic phrases which have neither substance nor vitality.

For years one listened to “Justice to the Jew” (never Justice from the Jew); now we struggle to determine whether peoples who had African ancestry belong to those of whom we have aphorized: “All men are created (?) free and equal.” At least we have come to the point of discussing the subject, with the possibility of some non-Americans coming to the conclusion that there is a difference between humanity and mankind, and that we Americans belong to mankind, no doubt but we do not belong to humanity, and humane-ness.

Your profession, of course, is the worst in this respect for your colleagues, no matter how famous, do not mingle with the masses. The cub, in reporting on a fire, may get close to the scene. The foreign correspondence is” above reproach” and is accepted with the same alacrity and faith that the catholic devotee accepts the dictum of the priest. Once the AP or UP reports, that is it and ranks are closed all the way from Fulton Lewis Jr. to Drew Pearson in standing against any factual material by those who have been on the scene.

Not once since the trouble started in S.E. Asia has any publication of note nor any radio station small or large, given any attention to the viewpoint of the Vietnamese, the Cambodian, the Laotian. What is the religion? What is the social ideal? Want do they want?

Our completely one-way traffic USIS is not only in danger of being demolished; it ought to be demolished. What right have we to barge into our neighbors’ homes, demand they read our literature and pay not the slightest attention to what they have, what they know, what they wish to preserve.

Our “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” has long been supplanted by “life, liberty and pursuit of security.” The Southeast Asians are given no choice—if the mainland Chinese win they lose their liberty and if we win they lose their “pursuit of happiness.”

It is awkward and awful that a citizen who has lived and loved the masses—a realist, not an aphorism—has his ideas accepted seriously by the most potent forces in Asia, and cannot get even an interview excepting from those very persons which the fourth estate, the commentators, the editors deride: the Army Intelligence and top brass.

A number of years ago I saw a letter signed by one Dwight D. Eisenhower, President of the United States, in regard to bombing of Buddhist temples. “A forgery”—was the unanimous reaction of the Embassy. How could a simple, unknown have accepted to that which they have not and had not seen?

The terrible, lopsided reports of your colleagues on the faiths of S.E. Asia only prompts one to ask, “Must we continue to spend and spend money and lives to deprive people of the “might to pursue happiness.”

This is our policy. Even Roger Hilsman privately reported to me that this part of your policy was wrong. We have to recognize the humanity, what they are, what they believe, what they want. Who among us cares?

Back to the old shibboleth, the aphorism, “Peace on earth, good-will to man.” What men?

During the Hitler period we struggle to prove Jews were humans. We have not even bothered to consider whether Vietnamese, Laotians and Cambodians are men. The Siamese (Thai) are an exception. They gave us a species of cat.

For God’s sake, look at Christ for a moment and not at the AP-UP reports.


Samuel L. Lewis



December 15, 1964


My dear Haridas:

One purposely enclosed copy of a letter to my colleague, Christopher Hills. He has been all over India, including a stay at Aurobindo Ashram, and has now succeeded in bringing together the three movements I knew of which claimed to be working for cosmic harmony through integrative processes. This ability alone merits some attention. But I do not see how this can be proclaimed until we rise above personalities and personalisms. And this is being done, not because we have movements for the “brotherhood of man” but despite these movements. There is nothing valuable gained by pretense at brotherhood. And the dismal failure of the Baha’is is evidence of it. Their “Universal Temple” in Illinois began as a ruin and remains as a ruin and not a temple.

It is not pleasant to remind you who were born in India of the importance of the juncture of rivers establishing a holy place, as at Allahabad. There are two and just two geographical environments for holy places into which I do not intend to go now. But so long as Allahabads are merely the scenes of physical movement and not of psychic and spiritual movements, we shall remain a divided world despite all rhetoric to the contrary.

As indicated in the letter to Mr. Hills, I made the decision in life to accept Sri Krishna and not the wealth, the prowess, the force, the fame of the world. And when I return to your country, and even before, not only will “The Dance of Universal Peace” be performed, but also the Flute-of-Krishna.

There is no intention here to warn your colleagues. The so-called “American Academy of Asian Studies” not only denied my spiritual attainments, but even that I was a Californian. This lie is having its natural Karma, for the roots are deep here and my “How California Can help Asia” is elsewhere receiving nothing but encouragement and accord.

What is more I have met the man who has been chief of intelligence who knows all the religious and spiritual movements of the Far East, but all the groups in this country that claim to be teaching Oriental religion and philosophies at all levels. Nobody is going to graduate from any “American Academy of Asia Studies” and get any State Department position, and may even have difficulty with the Peace Corps until and unless a human position is reached. One does not know what has been gained by denying a person his birthright and certainly the karma of it is operative. It has been a shame that you do not recognize even the ordinary working of ordinary karma.

There is nothing more needed than Vijnanavada but one thing and Vijnanavada is undoubtedly the next step. That difficulty on the campus of the University of California is nothing but an outcome of those straggling for personality—leadership and those struggling for “truth” leadership and I can assure you that truth will always win.

That which is beyond Vijnanavada is Ananda and Prajna into which one need not go here. Karma operates and the wise man is indifferent to praise, blame and fame. Soon the wheel will turn and this person will be on top. It is most unfortunate that even the so-called “Maharshi” is welcomed and the living Kabirs are rejected. You could rise, rise with the stream of truth, if you only would.






December 15, 1964


My Dear Norman:

Enclosed is a copy of letter to Haridas Chaudhuri. Integration is the order of the day. I have seen it coming even before birth in the supreme order of things. Racial integration is but one phase. I got out of “left-wing” movements because “L’ International” ends, in English: “The International Party shall be the human race.” It is not the human race and every party, every power is against that. Previously I said, “Ethnocide is wrong—if Jews are the victims.” It is not so wrong if somebody else is and therefore I am against all parties in the Congo and Vietnam and elsewhere which are permitting, on any basis, the slaughter of human beings. And everybody is pointing to everybody else.

I am definitely for the rescue mission in Congo and against the United State not for its Congo action but for its Mississippi on action. Theodore Roosevelt said, “Pardakis alive or Rassuli dead” and got a kidnapped American out of Morocco. I am for the army rescuing our citizens everywhere which mans everywhere. And for all efforts on the part of anybody to rescue human beings. My objection to Castro is his very anti-Marxian killing of his enemies.

Marxism is today so far from Karl Marx, just as far as Christianity is from Jesus Christ. Marx was a humanitarian above and with all else. He wished to destroy capitalism and power structures but never people; he wished to compel people to be reborn.

For the moment it seems that a large section of the world welcomes Martin Luther King and his non-violence and I am thoroughly for nearly all the non violent methods used by everybody. Even if I do not agree with their ends I agree with their means. The means being used today are to me right and wonderful, only one cannot carry the load I am carrying: food human problems in Vietnam, etc.

I was busy Saturday and have publicly and privately attacked any debate on China at any level which excluded the Chinese and include the Luces. I understand that your friend Felix Greene gave the Luces what they deserve. I love Lucy and Luci, but the Luces belong in the same class of my private Untouchables, as it us say, Chiang Kai Shek who utterly destroyed the Sun Yat Sen Movement. Even now I am fighting to get Asians on panels discussing Asia and Africans on panels discussing Africa.

At least one or two colleges in the South have now accepted this and thus me, and I am going to be on the panel of a real conference of the real religions of the real world next year Watts, Landaus and Spiegelbergs better not apply.

Sunday night I met Willie Brown and Senator McAteer publicly and my “nephew” Kermit Scott. I am leaving things to him and will try to see him as soon as possible. Then I’ll telephone for an appointment.

This campus fracas is, to me, on the first level the struggle of human beings against aphorisms, shibboleths, etc. on the next level it is the struggle of our Declaration of Independence against Toryism. I am not going to defend its leaders but certainly am not going to offend them. It is their age, their struggle, their rights.

After seeing Kermit, Willie Brown and McAteer I’ll know my next step. But today I have been accepted behind the scenes and we shall see. The efforts to build up the brotherhood of man (reality—not aphorism) and to feed the peoples of the world will go on. The blockage is in the hands of power-hungry people who are against progress of any sort. Even our Chamber of Commerce people recognize some communication with the Chinese—they are living beings. And this is not the first or second instance of meetings on world problems where one of the Luces has not been invited—they of all people. Who got them in? Please forgive me my gripes. I’ll certainly forgive you yours.





772 Clementina St.,

San Francisco 3, Calif.

December 23, 1964


Stephen H. Fritchman,

First Unitarian Church,

2936 West 8th St.,

Los Angles, Calif. 90005


Dear Dr. Fritchman:

When our good friend Harold Priebe introduced us on November 22, the day the John F. Kennedy Memorial Service was being held, half in jest, half in earnest the writer suggested the point of view of the Vietnamese and Cambodians and you took him up earnestly. This has happened so seldom that one was almost aghast. One goes to one brotherhood celebration after another: we have accepted the Emperor of Japan as a world figure at the Olympic games; we are giving turkeys to the unfortunate Americans of African ancestry in Mississippi; we have elected very integrated congressman from Hawaii, but we are fighting a war over people whom we have not actually admitted into the human race.

Once at one meeting there was a single representative from Vietnam. He was not permitted to say much in the company of experts. The visitor has been rebuffed so many times in trying to get Asian speakers before conferences on Asia. Recently we had one at Berkeley on should we recognize mainland China, but we have not recognized the Chinese. Despite their numbers and power here in San Francisco, I cannot recall any Chinese of any outlook on panels concerning China or Asia—but I have known of tax-payer’s money used to important various European diplomats to tell us about Asia. With this background one has rather dim feelings about the future of N.E. Asia.

Of course I believe in an Order of righteousness. Right after making the appointment with Brother Harold, a letter was received from the World Federation of Buddhists accepting my report. One cannot interest radio stations, magazines, newspapers, anybody—we are fighting a war because the opinions of the big men who were not there almost always outweighs the experience of the little men who were.

In a short while Nicol Smith may speak here. He wrote “Burma Road.” He then went to Tibet and warned and was socially ostracized—something which is perennial in his life anyhow. Some Brand Names went to Tibet, lulled us, and the Chinese mixed in. the same in Vietnam, the same in Laos, the same anywhere and everywhere. This is our psychological if not our political foreign policy.

We can compromise on having peace or good-will to men, but we cannot compromise on our shibboleths and aphorisms. We have to have them. We have Snow’s two cultures, and we are adamant—in the one culture the almost absolute honesty of the somewhat discredited Moral Rearmament Movement; in the other culture the absolute rejection of the came absolute honesty.

After these few minutes that Sunday morning, “the fun began.” In astonishingly rapid order—the top men in charge of Intelligence in the two areas affected, the chief of naval operations, combined with meeting men of Ambassadorial level. Communion and communication were easy, as in the science.

Then a request to appear on a panel at Claremont College next September when the great problems of the world’s real great religions will be discussed on a very serious level.

In other times I used to come periodically to Hollywood and speak for Rev. Boland Stewart, mostly on the faiths of Asia or the actual methodologies of these faiths. Many of the popular speakers have been embraced by the public without having any roots in real Asia and have been called “fiction writers” by the men now selected by the State Department to do the writing for our universities.

It is very difficult to explain the religion(s) of Vietnam to these who have had false interests, followed brand names, and done no study. The theme could be very well simplified—but not taken too literally—the religion of Vietnam is vastly superior to the Christianity being introduced; the clergy of Vietnam are often vastly interior in moral behavior to the Christian clergy. This of course, is a truism, not a truth. So there can be no prejudice introduced, one hopes.

If you are interested I shall be glad either

To submit a paper which can be read by study or other groups.

To come to Los Angles to speak. As a rule I pay my own expenses other than meals, because there is always personal business to carry on.

There is no need to answer quickly due both to the season and the impossibility of coming until after January.

Assuring you that I enjoyed the Kennedy Memorial Service and was delighted at the size of the attendance,


Samuel Lewis



December 23, 1964


My dear Norman:

This is to express appreciation of the evening and to continue some matters which are still in abeyance. For instance there is enclosed copy of a letter to the First Unitarian Church in Los Angeles. This is the first man I have met who has not been in S.F. Asia who showed open interest in the peoples and movements of that region.

It has been awkward to find oneself totally opposed to one culture and on terms of delicacy with the opposing culture, but recently I have been meeting a growing number of rejected hermits whom society has chosen to ignore—those who have lived with Asians, communed and communicated with them.

Shortly I am to meet Dr. Chaudhuri. The worst lie put out by the Academy was that I was not born here but was moving under false credentials. Recently my last living school teacher rose in wrath at some of these statements, not because what I have said was correct but she knew that the lies about my personality were lies and there are now reactions. Or as I have said about Woodrow Wilson, too many people are so concerned with “humanity” they have no time for actual men, woman and children.

The remarks made about having the experiences equivalent to those of psychedelic potions (they are not necessarily “drugs”) have been borne out by two events. I mention first the second. I left hurriedly and boarded a local rather than express train so as not to wait in the rain. A moment later a young girl named Janet got on. I was too excited in a sense, to ask for her address but she wants to meet me soon anyhow so I’ll get it.

Janet is a true student of “Truth.” I think she went to the Academy in its later days. She has never been satisfied with the personalisms and personalities who have portioned out facets of so-called “Oriental Wisdom” which are so disjunctive that one cannot make head or tail. The objective is to look starry-eyed at the leader or teacher, to glare at other teachers and leaders, and hypnotize yourself or let yourself be hypnotized into believing you are somewhere near the threshold of transcendence. It is the same as the usual superficial religious “conversion” which does not convert, or transform.

She would have none of these things. She wanted evidence, within or without and has never been satisfied with words, be they soporific, admonitional, charming or empty platitudes. (e.g. the Pope and Peace.) I was able to communicate to her in a few moments on the bus what I have not been able to communicate for years even to and with people who think they know the know the inside of this personality.

It is very refreshing to meet even a single real truth-seeker, who is opened, who has ears, who has an open mind and heart; and she will be guided because she is both guiltless and strange.

The other item was, of course, that after saying one could have the psychedelic experiences without drugs or anything, the three examples were offered in music and accepted. It is very seldom that people even give one a chance. Their words remain in a different order from their experiences and this is madness.

Behind that music are two powerful universes—and I mean universes, that of the power itself as expressed in form, and in this instance music; and that of the Silence which is the All-Power.

This is mentioned because the opposing powers of the world are all limited. Sometime I may bring the fragments of my diaries which were saved from the fire of 1949 which destroyed most of my writings and research. I had to begin life all over in 1950 when I was well on in years but it has worked.

I was able to tell Janet in a few minutes a little more about Sokei An, things almost impossible to present to anybody that has been influenced one way or other by Alan Watts, whether for or against him, because they are pulled to lower levels. The real levels indicated in the real teachings of real Buddhism’s are beyond the ordinary, but are not no sensible Mondos either. They are just as plain as other things but not in the same categories. You cannot express Fluxions by Arithmetic or Einsteinian mathematics by Fluxions.

The heart-language at the same time transcends in power, in purity, in clarity, in wisdom. My part in the World War belongs to the realm of legends. But two men believed me and one is Edward Lansdale, now chief of Intelligence in Vietnam.

The simplest teachings of the Orient and in particular of India, posit three bodies—physical, subtle and causal. It is one thing to posit, another to function. Hitler was able to reach the subtle but was destroyed from the causal. The world beyond that is non-dualistic and destroys everything or nothing and even simultaneously.

This truth is in my poem “The Rejected Avatar” concerning the childhood of Lord Krishna. Krishna means “darky” or even “niggerbaby.” Of course the world and the Jagaon-Hindus won’t accept that: This is my only epic of social revolt as against pure mysticism but it is also my favorite and I have promised to copy it for your friend.

The poem is actually a little beyond the music offered. We cannot and do not see that the great forces operating in this world are not great at all. Mao has no power in this world excepting that given to him karmically by his enemies. As most of his enemies are so rotten, this endows him with advantages he would not have in an honest world. Nothing China has done has excited me in the least (this from Chinese sources only), but instead of destroying him by truth, we have the “Free Europe” and “Free Asia” movements which have substituted life, liberty and the pursuit of property for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

It is easy to foresee when you see, and everybody who does not like what you see attacks you. I was chased out of one group because I said there would not be a social revolution in India by 1958, at least not a communist one. And the communists will not succeed in India on account of Sri Aurobindo and others. Haridas Chaudhuri is silent about the social and political views of Aurobindo; Alan Watts was afraid of them.

At my last public debate I said: “All the views expressed by opposing persons here are refuted in the single personality of Dr. Radhakrishnan.” The President of India is the only person on earth who has not only been welcomed in every country but at the highest levels, Pakistan alone excepted and only partially so.

India is not going to persist either on Russian terms, or American, or Chinese. Marxists do not read Marx and Leninists omit so much of Lenin. When he was compelled to choose between killing and freeing his captured enemies he cried and broadcast to the world: “Nothing in life has brought so much pain to my soul as this compulsion but there is no choice.” There was none then. It was a little like Congo. Karl Marx loved humanity and he was appalled by poverty. He never sought power in governments; he did not believe much in them. He wanted labor to control industry and industry thus to control government. He died half angry and half brokenhearted, even when his so-called followers were increasing in numbers.

Now everybody wants power and that power is not power. You cannot stop the arguments and you can neither stop the disintegration of those who make them. When they are gone other power-hungry people will do the same. The Arabs who cry against American imperialism have made the Negroes in Sudan second-class citizens. They are crying against our intervention in Congo but Bella is not protesting against the slaughter of Negroes by his fellow-Arabs in Sudan. There never should have been a Sudan. There has been little self-determination in Africa. Read those books and see the historical determinism. The White and Black races alike have disputed determinism for their own ends. Both split races, make artificial boundaries, maintain turmoil and ignore the populace. Leaders are afraid of criticism and opposition. Sudan protests against South Africa and gets away with it.

After reading those books you will see why I want a Hausa nation and a Fulani Nation and a Swahili Empire and a Zulu Empire and a complete change of boundaries, etc. Everything now is artificial. But my personal work is Asia, not Africa.

Don’t over praise those books. We have not heard too much of Mali (which was great), Dahomey (which was “exciting”), the Zulu empires etc. The best thing you did was that article on the dances. Havelock Ellis said you could judge people by their dances. I agree. Therefore I would withhold final judgment until I saw more dances, even joined in them. All God’s chillum not only got wings, they have feet.

Love and Blessings,




Hope you can get a KPFA appointment for me.



December 31, 1964


My dear Norman:

This is a summation of a year which has ended on a high note and I knew it would whenever a woman would step forward and defend me in public regardless. There were two such occasions when my last living schoolteacher arose in wrath at a public meeting and read my critic out of the room. There is such a vast area between those who accept persons because they admire them, and the passing out of valid information. Even Gavin admitted that this one had on encyclopedic mind.

Actually it was based on something more, which came up in the last visit that one could go through the experiences of LSD without drugs and this was demonstrated, and may be demonstrated on a larger scale tonight, because usually I am more “open” on New Years’ Eve.

The second woman to approve was my own sister and for the first time in my life I received a loving greeting card from her and my brother-in-law which has take a whole life-time, but with this accomplished and the above, one can look with more assurance to the future.

Africa. Some time ago, meeting a State Department official I said, “Disregard my card and credentials and imagine you are meeting Mr. Emerson Whitman.” He did and we got things through very quickly. Which is to say that when one has a cosmic point of view it is easy to go into particulars.

You may admire that book on the history of West Africa, etc. Actually I have known much more of that region and did report to a colonel in GII during the war who was the superior of General Lansdale, now in charge of Intelligence in Vietnam. He would back up any statement made here. But the history of West Africa is still to be written, and I find very few impassionate, unemotional, objective persons covering the future of Africa on any basis. The election in Nigeria and the war in Congo are the results of an agreement to disagree, without taking the public into consideration, the pushing down of solutions as from above by any and all, and the concentration on looking for villains rather than saving humanity. No one looks for villains now in California Northwest; we are trying to save people.

The book on East Africa contained a lot of unknown material for me but I have long and uselessly argued for a Swahili culture and country as well as for a Hausa-land, a Fulani-land, etc. None of the contenders wants anything like that excepting, perhaps, Kenyatta, and I don’t know enough about him.

As to Sudan, I have not seen a single report I could accept, and the history of the Mahdi movement is kept from us. We want our Landaus and Europeans to tell us about a dream-world they call “Africa” and one regrets that even the so-called “African” movements in this country go on regardless of histories, cultures, or anything. One set of dreams is set up against another and we believe we are working for “peace” and “freedom” whereas we are not.

Berkeley Campus. Last night I was given a brochure suggesting a Hyde Park on the Campus. How can I get stirred up if one cannot even have 1775 privileges? Far From seeing subversion all one can observe is the clamping the lid on some very simple, elementary principles set forth in the Declaration of Independence and Preamble to the Constitution. As for effective radicalism on the Berkeley campus—if it ever got out of the professors themselves I have still to see it. The radical emotionalism of the young yes, but “leftism’?—of course I am not for leftism because I think cosmically, and emotions are not thoughts. I guess Salvio is the only one who knows about 14th St., New York, let alone the Village.

Vietnam. I have been howling and yowling for years. The Academy rejected all proposals I have made, and then the press, the radio stations—including your precious KPFA. But truth is truth and the only difference between Sam Lewis and others is that this person had no job to lose. Now for the first time I have been permitted even to submit a paper. But if I write to the Embassy there, my communication will be accepted not because it is basically true—and it is—but because I know personally the parties involved. This is a disgusting way of getting things done.

I have again gotten a most favorable report from Princess Poon’s assistance, but expect to be in Thailand by the end of next year unless something other and big intervenes. I have whole sections of the Orient behind me in encouraging my writing. Have written to Frank Church, etc.

At the moment neither the American groups nor the anti-American dialecticians have anything to offer that is final.

Chaudhuri. After years of effort we have met, but as with Dilip Koomer Roy before him, it was not as equals. It was as his superior, and perhaps in the wisdom of the Orient I am his superior. Certainly as stated with respect to LSD when one has had the experiences there is no difficulty, and for the first time after years and years of study I was permitted to give an instruction on the Upanishads in this country—it was very easy.

When I met Chaudhuri’s teacher I challenged him to a debate and he surrendered unconditionally, something your Spiegelbergs, your Watts, your Woods and your Landaus would never admit, and it does not matter.

India. Received two greeting cards, one from the head of the Indian Farm Bureau and one from President Radhakrishnan. My next “target” is the Vice-President who is a Sufi. Indeed in my last public row I challenged anybody to support their contentions in view of the President and Vice-President of India who are living persons not explicable by any current psychology.

As far as rounding up communists. The Indians are the last people in this world who will accept what is called “communisms” here and they have real communistic institutions which I am sure that Karl Marx would accept and most “Marxists” disapprove, because Marx was a quasi-scientific philosopher and Marxists are theologians spending more time looking for heretics than for considering humanity.

We cannot explain India by Western nor Chinese thought, and we don’t want the Indian view of things. I was forced out of one study group once by an alliance between conservatives and dialectical materialists and they proved to be 100% wrong, which does nobody any good. At least I have lived in parts of Kerala, which is more than most reporters have, and have trampled over the country-side, etc. Once I was almost read out of a meeting for merely making such a statement. When facts disagree with dreams, to hell with the facts.

The doors are opening for all kinds of things when I return. Fortunately as one meets more rejected Americans, some of whom have played vital functions in world affairs, one becomes more and more assured. I hope to hear Nicol Smith then he comes here shortly. He was the first victim.

Program: I have not moved one inch from my program to “eat, dance and pray with peoples.” Havelock Ellis’” The Dance of Life and G. Goerer’s African Dances formed the basis of my program and as people are not acquainted with these works, communications is difficult. The last visit to yours house brought one closer to this. I have no intention of evaluating or devaluating Jazz because this assumes a norm whereby to measure it and to me, this is nonsense. Years ago I spent some time in studying first the physics and then the metaphysics of Sound. The world was not ready, and now my research work has long since been destroyed (fire of 1949).

Universal Outlook is very hard from the standpoint of mind, very easy from the standpoint of heart. The nearest mental efforts have come from the Greeks, Germans, and Indians. These have in common their derivation from great minds who had mostly economic security and so lost touch with humanity. That is why I have so little consideration for dialectics, any and all kinds.

Much of the universal philosophy came from men who stepped outside of society, saints or not, but usually recluses. This is true even today. My great Sufi teacher is a peasant, something like Tolstoy but beyond Tolstoy does not even write books which will bring him moneys. He has only two considerations: God and humanity. He did not begin that way; he was aide-de-camp to Field Marshal Auchinchek when the war ended. He gave up everything but his spirituality.

The same was true of Nyogen Senzaki here. One cannot accumulate and be universal, excepting in rare instances. When Akbar was Emperor of India, he got off his throne whenever a dervish a appeared. We can’t do that, each of us tends to have a leadership complex—not wrong in itself, but caught with rivalries and oppositions.

The man downstairs here is a retired Mate, and also once was an IWW. He has seen the world and become recognized to it. On the whole our outlooks agree both from geographical and “metaphysical” experiences. Heaven does not consist of collecting name, fame, power, weather or comfort—which does not mean these are wrong but that they should be secondary.

Socialism. Outside the two Americas the great majority of nations are already more, rather than tending, in this direction. Our editors are boasting of the new president of Italy who has views which are excellent in this country for cultural forums and nowhere else. The election in Chile has brought in—a new group of civil servants. In 1910 we were aroused by a book called “Barbarous Mexico”—two generations have passed and the peasants do not yet own their farms—no question of expropriation—this is a vast country. All the revolutions did was to take away the great church holdings.

The mate who has visited all Italy reports some things which we do not want to hear: (a) that poverty is more widespread than we like to suppose; (b) that the mechanical standard of living is higher or becoming higher in the Arab and even in parts of non-Arab Africa than in Italy, Spain, Greece.

Food & Soil Problems. The Mate and I agreed it was better to concentrate on food problems. We have in the world for practical purposes here four cultures: American, Russian, Chinese and Indian.

The American and Russian cultures were alike built on similar rich soils of Iowa and Ukraine, and the agricultural philosophies were based on these particular rich soils rather than a universal outlook survey. This has lead both to the denuding of the wealthy ground and to false adaptations of similar programs elsewhere. And it hall the advances in Ecology, whenever these discoveries are against “public policy” they are laid aside. The degradation of soil values in the Dakotas, etc. and the floods in N.W. California both arise from this source, but it is also the reason why Khrushchev met his doom. I don’t know whether the new administration has corrected it yet.

The Chinese have the night-soil program which is on the whole much better but “not progressive.” But the Chinese until the last five years have had no tree planting program and there is too often an uncalled for optimism that mere tree-planting is going to produce an Eden. This program will prevent further wastage and deterioration but it is not enough.

As the Chinese do not permit full-fledged criticism they are not going to programs merely by optimistic Greene reports. It only means that from 20 to 50 years hence they will be safe from the same mistakes which plague America and Russia (Belgium and Holland have solved these problems; being small they could be “reality-istic” rather than “realistic”).

India is quite different. Its enemy is the waste dung-usage, and they know it. India has all the answers but does not practice them. The real revolt in India is and is going to be the young versus the old and not ideologies. It is something like a huge Berkeley campus. All the answers to all the problems are there but and establishment wishes to lead rather than to instruct.

The reforms in Indian agriculture are so huge and vast we cannot conceive them, especially because we have such cock-eyed ideas of India anyhow. Indians are both conservatives and socialistically inclined, and in their philosophies it is easy. For the ideologies can be symbolized by geometric or mineralogical symbols. But the Indians only by organic symbols—trees especially. You cannot make a tree “think” like a triangle or vice-versa.

Conclusion: There is no “conclusion” or solution in a dynamic, organic world, but when we come to the centers of our own being we find something which enables us to perceive and become wise and hold ourselves together. If we can hold ourselves together we can hold others together. We love the words “wise” and “wisdom” but as I said to a pioneer in integration (long passed from the scene): “The Americans think they fear Stalin; whom they really fear is Gandhi.” He had been fighting a losing battle up to that time, he “reversed his field” and became successful. But I don’t say: “Go thou and do likewise” because this would demand your accepting Martin Luther King, and you must remain dynamic.

Happy New Year and hoping to have an interview with KPFA Sometime,



1508 Spruce

Berkeley 9

Jan. 2, 1965


Dear Sam,


Have been trying to reach you by phone all week but no one ever answers. I’ve arranged an interview for you with Al Partridge, general manager of KPFA—which, if you’re willing, will be broadcast over the air. All you have to do is call: TH8—6767 and set up a time with him. Use my name and he’ll remember.

Your letter is much appreciated. Will comment on it when I see you.

Happy New Year, etc.




January 5, 1965


Dear Norman:

Thank you. I have been able to speak to Scott Kietch and he wants me to submit two papers on “The Religion of Southeast Asia” with the possibility of further series. In fact he seemed more anxious for me to “tell all” than I was to speak, for the years have shown so many rejections by everybody whomsoever, whatsoever.

I told him I only wanted to submit papers which would accord with the Station’s policies. But the broadcast this morning opened right into my hands, for it contained items that the Buddhists of the regions involved were definitely anti-communist, and they are.

I have just received back a little booklet in which the Buddhists of Japan have expressed their views on living problems. The best was one by my own Roshi, Asahina. Buddhism very definitely is against acquisitive societies. Both capitalism and socialism are acquisitive in different ways. But socialisms offer better means for distribution, though not for production. Therefore he favors amalgamations. These have already been accomplished in India, but again we are kept in ignorance.

I must call to your attention that attacks on personality and views have alike been repudiated by facts. The Indian government has seized communists, legally or illegally. I knew ultimately they would not only be for philosophical reasons but I have been behind the scenes.

I do not know which day I shall be in Berkeley but already practically every night this week is taken up. May telephone Saturday but even this is problematical at the moment.

It is only the Universities in this country which provide room for humanity. Nowhere else do people of all races mingle—and this has left room for a huge area of hypocrisy and tyrannies of words. I am keeping today’s paper because of Myerson’s speeches. But no matter what he has said already the reporters and editorial writers have twisted it outside of all semblance.

I have been with reporters at high level conferences and am yet to meet any that can take two and two is four without them “interpreting” it. I wish Jefferson were compulsory reading. The more talk about “humanities” the less for Jefferson. Any young American who behaves in the slightest like his forebears is taken to task all over. Anybody that wants a “Boston Tea Party” is read out of society.

Now I have talked about ESP and the ability to enter into states of consciousness without drugs. On New Years I was permitted to go a step further, first in Della Goertz’ house (neither Della nor Claude were in the room however), and then in another house. This is mentioned because these are steps toward a universal consciousness which has all Power and whose nature is kept hidden from man.

There is only one political issue in this universal consciousness and that is Human Brotherhood. But there is another issue, and that is human evolution, that the whole of humanity is evolving. But it is not enough to say it is evolving like the theosophists, nor to teach it is evolving like the Aurobindo people; we must observe it. And from the spiritual and occult point of view it is so obvious that the young people of today are beyond those who reached adulthood before the war.

They are capable, efficient and self-reliant in ways their immediate forebears were not. Therefore they are more trustworthy, and they certainly should not be restrained by the “antediluvians” which regard as every and any type of self-expression as a social revolution. As I say, we should be compelled to read Jefferson. If anything, the protestants represent tradition and the administration and press mis-represent the Hegelian outlook which arose in Europe only after our independence and glorified the State.

It is remarkable how those who want to limit the State from interfering with business call in the State to enforce “law and order” when neither person nor property has been injured. Some of my contacts are out to favor a Hyde Park on the Campus. Do you realize, Norman, that means only to progress to 1910!

Another item is the proposal to adopt for the Negroes in Mississippi some of the institutions that have been established in Israel. This will be the real meat. This will be a real challenge, and I believe it will succeed. Once the Negroes have cooperative communities it will compel the whole community to respect and even imitate. This is the best suggestion I have heard, better than the vote.

Again thanking you for your cooperation,


Samuel Lewis



772 Clementina St.,

San Francisco 3, Calif.

January 7, 1965


Assemblyman John L. Burton,

State Capital

Sacramento, Calif.


In re: Investigation of the University of California; The Universal Versus the Provincial

References: Lim Lee, Kermit Scott.


Dear Assemblyman Burton:

With some bills introduced into the legislative hopper authorizing investigation in campus activities, you will have some splendid opportunities to extend yourself and express what may be deep in your heart.

These recent events have had some undoubtable merits. President Kerr has recognized that there is a new generation of students who do not think in the same manner as their predecessors. How could they? They have been exposed to two factors which seem understressed in controversies:

a. The World War and the extension of television into world-wide outlooks produces a generation which will have world-wide and not provincial outlooks. Even if “free speech” were suppressed, the continuance of radio programs at whatever level and at all levels produces nothing less than this same universal outlook.

b. The invitation of students from all parts of the world produces a social atmosphere which naturally manifests the brotherhood of man at the top levels and it is impossible to prevent this.

From these, and also from the spiritual point of view, movements like CORE and FSM are not signs of radicalism at all. They have nothing to do with that European dialectical import of dividing us into “left,” “center,” “middle of the road,” “right” and humbug nonsense which has displaced the traditional Americanism from the Boston Tea Party to Wilson’s fourteen points and Roosevelt’s “Four Freedoms.” The young people will not, and cannot be strait-jacketed by our superficial collection of shibboleths, aphorisms, egocentric propaganda, and double-double talk.

With so many foreign students on the campus, any interference with free speech immediately upsets the work of USIA abroad. It has been bad enough that so many USIA libraries have been mobbed. I can assure you that more will be mobbed. Place me before a hearing committee under oath and some of your nineteenth century minded colleagues will have red faces. We are not living in a world of dreamy thoughts; we are living a world of flesh and blood human beings and “all God’s chillun got wings” despite the defeat of Proposition 14.

What do you suppose foments so many nations to want us to get out of Congo? They don’t want Proposition 14 and they don’t want interferences with free speech. As soon as a single measure is considered seriously by the legislature, the anti-Americans will unload their propaganda, and successfully and step by step we shall be edged out of other countries besides Vietnam and Indonesia.

In pursuit of my private projects connected with “How California Can Help Asia” I had business to cross the campus many times. So long as the doors were opened it was surprising and comfortable how so few students were attracted to the Trotskyite and semi-Marxist camps. One cannot stop our editors, commentators and dialecticians from calling CORE and FSM “leftist.” They are in the very center of the sure movement toward universal outlook which is in harmony with the UN outlook and the position of the day. They are the most real of the most realistic.

True, I had some private objections to the Administration. When it comes to economy, how are you going to have economy when the Chancellor was permitted to spend public funds to import Englishmen and Europeans to address a seminar on “Asia” held in Asimolar in 1963? The writer tried in vain to get a local Chinese on the panel; not a chance. We have about ten Asian consulates here and not one represented at the conference on “Asia.” No protest either from the “economy bloc.”

The same was true more recently in a conference on “China.” Where were the local Chinese? No protests from the “economy bloc.”

The writer has for some time favored the grill system of organization wherein professors teaching any subject restricted to an area would have to confer occasionally with other professors working in the same common area. UCLA produced a fine book on “Thailand” but the writer was unaware that problems of that area had been solved by teams from other campuses. President Kerr is beginning to realize this.

There has been the most wonderful research performed by professors on all campuses, held from public view. “Viewpoints,” the organ of the American Friends of the Middle East, has recently had an article on the wonderful development in adobe huts which will benefit the world; you never saw it in the local press or even in the UC Publications. The same is true of so much work, all over.

The professors who have done and are doing wonderful research have no chance without publicity. There is always money for space and nuclear research. Even salt-water conversion has been down-graded; and when it comes to problems of reclaiming saline, marshy and brackish soils, no one speaks up. So the professors protest and will protest against unequal emphasis, of their own work not getting recognition and of administrations working on and for policies rather than on and for accomplishments. Naturally the Academic Senate also wishes full freedom.

So if there be an investigation, please see to it that all these protesting or griping geniuses have their say. Your colleagues of limited outlook will soon want to call a halt. And why is it that UCLA and other campuses did not have the drama that Berkeley has. You can bring this out; you can stand for the universal brotherhood, the universal opportunity and the Declaration of Independence. On ne passe pas.


Samuel L. Lewis



January 12, 1965

Mr. Samuel Lewis

772 Clementina Street

San Francisco 3, California


Dear Mr. Lewis:

I would like to thank you very much for receiving a copy of your letter to Assemblyman John L. Burton. Your analysis of the investigation of the University of California was equal of any comprehensive report on the matter that I have seen in print. In the past I have always found you to have thoughts beyond the superficial and beyond the typical newspaper headlines.

I hope that from time to time you will continue to expose more people to the great wisdom and understanding that you possess.

I am looking forward to talking to you again about not only the “Free Speech Movement” but other matters as well.


Kermit J. Scott

Project Director

Job Development & Employment



cc: Assemblyman John L. Burton



January 13, 1965


My dear Norman:

In all the time you spent at the American Academy of Asian Studies you did not receive what may be called the essence of all wisdom, that this Universe has two aspects—one of motility and the other of a universe seemingly beyond change.

In the different courses different words were used; the professors of one area did not always comprehend or even care to comprehend what was taught elsewhere and so some of the most precious but easily available elements of divine, or human wisdom were withheld. Nor have I, as a person been able to communicate at all, mostly being rejected—which does not detract from either the verbal or the super verbal wisdom.

One of the things most stressed, especially by the Soto Zen Master I met (who was the Roshi of Dr. Kato) was about these two universes and the same was offered in public lectures by Master Seo now at Columbia University. Once one grasps the reality of these, one knows that in the Mighty Universe beyond turmoil, beyond change, beyond differentiations and differences and parties and views one obtains Peace with everlasting life, by which I mean life itself.

The Drs. Fung have given us their translation of “The Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch” which stresses Prajna. Alan Watts had not the slightest idea of what Prajna was and is and so could not communicate it. But I can assure you, Norman, after meditating on this subject I went to the wrong building in the University of California, ran immediately into the greatest authority in the whole world on the subject which was the center of my concentration and obtained in five minutes what I had expected to do in two hours.

This sort of “miraculous” thing has happened over and over and over. It is only now that with the copy of the Fung version of “The Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch” this happened so swiftly. It was followed by finally a successful and most satisfactory interview at the Institute of International Relations, which I had had to threaten because it has taken two and one half years what ordinary courtesy has brought elsewhere in a few minutes.

And although it may be said that the concentration was on “Prajna,” this is a discursive, analytical way of looking at it. For this Universe-of-Infinite-Peace is, and one can draw on it; while I am mentioning an experience, it is also to call attention to the production of dramas on this Wisdom which will be given at the Buddha Universal Church beginning on Friday the 29th which are a “must” for me. If you could understand this “real” or super-world beyond the turmoil a lot of things would clear up including ability to look into the future, in a certain sense.

It will be necessary to telephone KPFA again, after my manuscript has been reviewed. One is satisfied to get that far. We do not comprehend the Chinese and/or Indian viewpoints; how can we understand Indo-China? Thanks for your hospitality.

Samuel Lewis




January 17, 1965


My dear Norman:

I wish to thank you for your hospitality for it saved me considerable time and also brought “good luck.” This was in regard to my scientific mission. And it is a comment on all the contemporary cultures that scientists can meet and agreeing or not agreeing will be friendly. In this particular instance, following an inner faculty, I ran into the right man, and conducted two hours work in five minutes. As students of the American Academy were so led astray as to man’s finer forces sometimes simple things cannot be conveyed.

This is also in line with the paper left at KPFA. To describe the points of view of the people of S.E. Asia in our terms is almost impossible and certainly has been ineffective. Negative arguments prove nothing; events go on despite arguments. Marxists and imperialists alike are afraid of the points of view of Oswald Spangler and these points of view have been exemplified again and yet again.

I do not protest against the atrocities in Africa (by whomever or whomsoever) because the world has not condemned atrocities, only atrocities by inimical parties. And again you find the social philosophers and diplomats, unlike scientists, unable to come together, to agree. I once saw several attacked some Chinese leaders, thereby gaining their immortal friendship! It is behind the scenes in what I am doing because both the attacks and cooperation have been on Chinese, not American bases.

Green has left me cold. I listened only to the Chinese side when in UAR and he contradicted even points of Chinese propaganda to prove his argument. In 1958 I was thrown out of a discussion group because of insisting that India would not have a social revolution. Instead the Indians have thrown out the communists. We do not know the Indians and people who do not mix with peasants make statements largely untrue. Peasants all over the world wish to own land and have enough to eat. Non-peasants make all kinds of arguments each from his own point of view. The peasants are not consulted, and neither are the people of Vietnam (nor Kashmir, etc.) consulted. Ideas are more important than flesh-and-blood, and so I am in dissent with all the cultures and hope that Africa will succumb neither to Europe, America, Russia, China or even Nasser and Bella.

My spiritual teacher predicted that in the coming ages people of the black race would become spiritual leaders, or else the saints would appear among them. But what is needed is composure, ability to relax, be at peace inwardly. Other than that I have no advice—everybody offers advice.

All social philosophers of almost every school fail to stem the tide of denudation of living matter from soils. Social changes have not effect [on?] the ground and led to Khrushchev’s overthrow. I do not want you to agree with anything said here, now; but keep it and look at it in the future.

After two and a half years the Institute of International Studies agreed to look over my notes. They are going to be in for it. I have met perhaps more Asians than most people, and am only taken seriously by other Americans who have met lots of Asians; all of us are in the doghouse. But I won’t give it. When I return to the Orient my “Dance of Universal Peace” will be performed, and perhaps, too the chanting of which you have just gotten a taste. Will write or phone when I can come to Berkeley again, even to KPFA.




January 31, 1965


My dear Norman:

The other day I was in Berkeley and finally visited KPFA. Both Keitch and the program director were unavailable and I had a short but cordial visit with one Burton White. I think we agreed on everything, because to begin with I granted the station’s right to censor and amend anything presented.

The week also showed—and there is always a first time—an article appearing in C. S. Monitor and a letter in Cosmopolitan. One does not exult because it may be wise to permit or even encourage most mobbings of USIS libraries. For our publications certainly are not humanity-minded, and it is easy to enrage a mob after dire things are said about them in even one of our publications.

No doubt this week I shall be a hero at certain Asian consulates—they exist you know, despite their practical non-recognition by all but one or two groups. For example I heard Ambassador Sprouse who has returned from Cambodia. “Everybody” was there excepting, of course, the commentators, the newsmen, the radio and TV “experts” whom Sprouse belittled from beginning to end.

What is “worse” when he got through he made of Norodom Sihanouk a great national hero and even a folk-lore hero.

Actually the same is reflected in the Chinese being expelled and I wish everybody was expelled from Africa so that Africans would at least sit down with each other without a lot of “expert” advice.

At the Sprouse meeting I contacted an “Ugly American” who has lived in Nigeria and who gave what I consider the main difficulty in Africa—despite the heavy rains in some places, the soils are so denuded of organic matter that it is going to take some time to restore them. There is more hope among the nomads who do not need so much water, and whose methods are not so detrimental, but they do not occupy the best soil.

The main situation I ran into was on the Berkeley campus. Distributing my article which praises the work done by certain professors, attention has to be called that new ideas are shunned by so-called capitalist and communist alike, each of whom is trying to exploit the new nations, calling them “undeveloped” and trying to make them think and operate in a dialectical manner, Marxist or anti-Marxists, instead of follow their own devices. Great successes are shunned alike in the reports in capitalistic and communist countries, and by the social scientists whenever they can get by. Many, many problems have been solved, but the solutions must not be news. India will, within a few years, probably be the third nation in scientific endeavor, following only the United States and Great Britain—but I am not going to waste time trying to proWill let you know when I come to Berkeley again,


Hugo Calderon was here yesterday. He has lost track of Lorraine.



January 31, 1965

Burton White,

c/o KPFA

Berkeley, Calif.


Dear Sir:

I am enclosing the revised copy of the paper on “The Religion of South Vietnam” which is a duplicate of the one left with Mr. Scott Keitch. I do not evaluate it but am enclosing it for an additional reason:

Last night was the first public appearance of Master Yen Pei, a Chinese Buddhist Abbot. There are several notable things:

1. Most of the things passed off as “Buddhism” here have no authorization in historical or ecclesiastical institutions. They are very welcome because it permits non-Buddhists to have a field day pointing to the defects of “Buddhism.”

2. As the Chinese and some of their neighbors think in terms of the matrix presented here and not in any of the dialectical terms pushed on an ignorant public by the Chinese and American governments alike, the most significant reasons for this Master coming here remain inexplicable and are as simple as they are inexplicable.

Far from Bret Harte I have found the ways of the Chinese neither heathen nor dark nor mysterious but simply not explicable or conformable to the so-called ways of thought which we have inherited from the Greeks and Germans and which we do not recognize as having inherited from them.

As we compelled the Chinese people to choose between two monsters and as we confirmed the voiding of popular elections on the mainland, the peasants accepted the opposition and threw out the despots. This does not exonerate the despots but certainly gives our government and people no platform whatsoever.

It is easy to understand Chinese, their politics, culture and regions, etc. from the matrix presented in this paper. My welcome is constant evidence of it and I am going to be with them on the forthcoming New Year. But I do not wish to controvert here opposing ideas as to what should be our policy toward the governments of the Chinese. I am interested in the people and not in some figure of speech called “the people.” What they do is their affair, not mine.

Last week, to my surprise, both the Christian Science Monitor and Cosmopolitan published my letters, both arising from a hope, pretty slim, of stopping further destruction of USIS libraries. It is also noteworthy Cambodia ridded itself of the USIS and “Peace Corps” and invited “Asia Foundation” to increase their operations. Again it is a matter of people against government…. Will telephone at my own leisure.


Samuel L. Lewis



February 6, 1965


My dear Norman:

A week ago I wrote a letter enclosed, which I have not been able to mail.

It is not only Chinese New Year but I have been so drawn into a maelstrom of Asian affairs that the whole life is lopsided and topsy-turvy.

There are forces and persons to whom we give no consideration, who are either both anti-capitalistic and anti-communistic, or who are quite unconcerned with either or both, but whose names and ideas are excluded from the press and any ideas or thoughts they may have are never presented on platforms.

One of the most obvious is the whole position of the actual people of Vietnam. They don’t want us, they don’t want the communists, they want their Buddhism and their peace and they can’t have it.

There are two large Asian movements which are also given no consideration here. One is lead by Princess Poon and on the whole it wishes to preserve the past, something neither the imperialists behind the Iron curtain or on this side wish. Which does not stop them from having meetings, undertaking certain policies, and even exert a force.

In 1936 we had a lot of conferences here in which it was insisted that we must choose between Fascism and Communism. No other choice was permitted and the whole went right on despite all the orations and it is going to go on now despite all the orations and editorials, etc.

The most powerful group is the one to which I am allied for both political and spiritual reasons. One of the greatest joys of my life was to find that the political leader who was head of the viewpoint I was advocating was also a great spiritual leader. If he had been approached at any time either the American Academy of Asian Studies or something like that would thrive. There is indeed an American Asian Friendship League, but it has not allied itself with this leader or group.

Nobody at the Academy ever let me give out my personal experiences or tell my personal contacts. And I do not know how to explain Chinese psychologies in our terms. Alan Watts told me I did not understand Taoism and two Taoist leaders told me I understood it better than most Americans. I do not know how to verbalize the present underground, which does not prevent me from acting, in the least. This explains why I am slow in following up KPFA.




February 14, 1965

772 Clementina St.,

San Francisco 3, Calif.


Hon. Phillip Burton,

House Office Building,

Washington 25, D. C.


Dear Congressman Burton:

You will find enclosed copy of some correspondence in regard to Southeast Asia. The only difference between the various administrations in regard to foreign policy is that they put in different leaders while continuing the policy of distrusting their own citizens, and while distrusting Americans blindly assuming that they can win the trust of non-Americans, an utterly vapid, useless and inane attitude, strengthened rather than weakened by the worse psychology of substituting slogans, mottoes and shibboleths for realities.

While the State Department and all its echelons blindly ignore letters, the writer’s own plan has been accepted by the World Buddhist Federation, will be published and broadcast and Asian peoples will begin wondering on an increasingly larger scale why the American government continues to send out unsympathetic and ignorant people to their lands, when and where friendships could be established.

This is almost a sort of challenge because of the actions and attitudes of your brother, Assemblyman John who, if he gets into difficulties can receive such support that for the protection of the country, his attackers will be silenced.

There is no use calling nonsense “realism” which does not make it one whit closer to reality than anything else. In 1961 I was the only American present at a gathering of foreign service people in Asia who knew the history of the hinterland and the same seems to hold true for many parts—a situation worsened because as soon as our representatives jump from the fiction of “The Ugly American” to mingling with the people and learning their customs, language, religion and anything else, they are dismissed and sent home scattered and not in contact with each other.

This is the only country in the world that takes its Fourth Estate seriously and derides or ignores those Americans who have lived, worked and associated with nationals of other lands.

This is only skimming the surface. If Thailand accepts the French proposals we are sunk. You cannot settle the world affairs by:

a. Shibboleths, slogans, policies antagonistic to the philosophies of Washington, Jefferson, Monroe, J. Q. Adams, W. Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt and Emerson—which is what we are doing.

b. We cannot solve any problems by substituting might for right.


Samuel L. Lewis



February 23, 1965

772 Clementina St.,

San Francisco 3, Calif.


Radio station KPFA

Shattuck Ave.,

Berkeley 4, Calif.


My dear Friends:

In re: Vietnam and Assemblyman Burton

Our comedy-tragedy goes on. The second-class human beings whichever way you look at them, the Buddhists of Vietnam want out. They lose whichever power dominates. They have no chance, they are condemned to limbo.

It is over seven years since the first efforts to have an interview with any radio station or with the press—other than having articles rejected. In the past few months my suggestions and reports have all been accepted by the World Buddhist Federation and now my peace plan is going to be published.

Copy of this plan was sent to Dr. Malalasekera, at present High Commissioner of Ceylon to London. He was once on the UN and was narrowly defeated in an effort to become President. He was beaten because he criticized the United States. He claimed—and he was entirely right—that our Foreign Office does not trust its own citizens. I not only have proofs in my files, I have living colleagues in this vicinity—all “Ugly Americans” get the some treatment, excepting we are slightly appreciated by Asia Foundation.

Dr Malalasekera attacked us on two grounds, very solid grounds, very scientific grounds, and we got mad. The Foreign Office still does not trust its citizens.

I don’t know what the Legislature can do because I have written U Thant also. I sent U Thant credentials and also had a copy of this letter for Dr. Malalasekera. Any American who believes in the Americanism of Jefferson, Monroe and Emerson—well, do I have to tell you?

Now I am opening the door for John Burton. Fortunately I have the ear of his brother, the Congressman, so I am sending JB a copy. And if I am hauled up to the legislature they are going to get a bombshell, for I shall challenge Senator Hugh Burns.

I have been very successful all over Asia, with Asians. This meant (no sarcasm, actualities) being ignored by the Embassies and USIA officials (one exception). It meant being followed by communists. I have unwittingly gotten into communist nests. I came within an inch of being a John Birch, no nonsense and I don’t want it again, but I can’t help it.

When I returned I felt very patriotic. I wrote all the details and sent them to leading magazines, the press, to the American Legion (at least two chapters) and to the John Birch Society. All of them either rejected or ignored. The John Birch people thanked me but said they were anxious to uproot the communists in Washington and could not cover foreign lands. This is typical, and it is exactly what the real communists want—go after ghosts and ignore human beings.

This is mentioned because if I am to be grilled in defending John Burton I already have the counter-grill. My program begins by wishing to make friends with Asian peoples. I know their cultures, their histories, their religions, all over. I keep on getting more honors from them and more being ignored here, although I did take advantage of the fracas on the Berkeley campus to compel my being accepted as a human being (again, not sarcasm, fact; have evidence and proof.)

We do not study the cultures of Asians; we are not interested in their ideas. We are 100% for these two:

a. Like Athens we must control the Delian League against these wicked Chinese… so we can’t have equal partners.

b. We must not change the script of “A Connecticut Yankee at King Arthur’s Court.” It was written by an American.

Well I am for Buddha, Christ, Emerson, and if this is treason, make the most of it.


Samuel L. Lewis



February 23, 1965


My dear Norman:

I have been trying to get you because Hashim and now his colleague, Mohammed, have information and ideas which should interest your father, and possibly yourself, and I have not wished to do anything without consulting you.

Today I heard Dr. Brandt of Stanford speak on Agricultural problems and he also went over into the investment field. So I am preparing to take my friends to meet him. They have lots of information, especially for opportunities. Fortunately I can talk to and with Dr. Brandt.

My friend Harriet has been injured and is confined to her rooms—just got a phone call tonight. She was with me when we studied under Dr. Kirby and later she studied with him in Honolulu, too. His existence was ignored by Alan and Uncle Louis. Kirby was the teacher of Dr. Malalasekera.

I would rather tell than write the story behind the story. I have complete harmony with the real leaders of our Chinese community, know pretty well what they want and am constantly getting for them. We don’t understand the Chinese or the Buddhist psychology and we don’t understand our citizens who do.

Hope to hear from you soon,




February 28, 1965


My dear Norman:

I simply have not the time to try to get in touch with you. I have tried again and again and reserved time for this but we don’t seem to get together.

The Vietnam complex is now out in the open but it is going to be a shock to everybody to have a situation when those of us who have lived, worked and have contacts in the area involved are permitted to speak. One cannot help noting how a little while back a defrocked English clergyman was accepted blindly and absolutely as the interpreter of “Asian” cultures—no recourse. Now you must not even mention his name, but this brings no information about Asian cultures.

The extreme incident in my life was that of the psychiatrist saying I had a rejection complex. Then after meeting the real masters of the real Orient and seeing them by-passed by the public and she apologized. I do not know what makes Americans run after a motley crowd of Englishmen, Europeans and poseurs and think they are learning anything about the Orient.

The private lives of Elizabeth Taylor and Marlin Brando counteract any propaganda we put out on morality. Asians are afraid we have come to destroy their customs, morals and religions and there is not an iota of evidence to the contrary. Even my published article about further mobbing of USIA libraries has only resulted in further mobbing of USIA libraries and ultimately to the dismantling of this organization outside of Latin American.

Every nation has the same foreign policy—self-praise and keep the public in ignorance.

Now African problems have been presented to me and more and more. Having our “phant-Asia” we have a lot of sentimentalists dreaming about an “Africa” which is nothing but the subjective creation of semi-imperialistic minds and has nothing to do with geography or humanity. True the Africans want our colored and not our white people but for their Africa, not ours.

I have refrained from broaching any subject but I cannot keep my friends waiting as some more doors have opened. I do not wish to write directly to your father, but the opportunities look so good, that he would never forgive me if I kept “secret” from him what is communicated to me. I beg for the last time that you contact me.


Sam L. Lewis



March 4, 1965

772 Clementina St.,

San Francisco 3, Calif.


Radio Station KPFA

Berkeley, Calif.


My dear friends:

When Dr. Malalasekera visited here—by-passed by all the press, radio and everybody who is so busy propagandizing for the future of S.E. Asia, a news gatherer approached this person and wanted some material. But a flashlight shining on muddy waters does not clarify the waters and the statements made to him, copy enclosed, are not very informative because as a Nation we Americans are too concerned with policies and opinions and neglect basic events.

On one side are those who have substituted UP-AP, etc. for “God,” or for the methods used by scientists. On the other side are those who applaud Felix Green but are just as unconcerned with actual events as those to whom they are expressing hostility. (I agree with this hostility because the uninformed pacifists do not harm human beings, but they are no more informed and often do not wish to be informed any more than the scions of murder alias war alias anti-aggression.)

Tonight a friend of mine who has lived and worked in S.E. Asia is making a modest proposal to do something public to recognize S.E. Asians as human beings. We hope to have enough Chinese and Japanese present to interest a few people, but know from the beginning that the most vocative Americans, any and all camps, just do not seem to be able to sit down and listen to Asians. Even severe anti-communists listen sooner to an “antagonistic” subversive than to human beings who otherwise would be on “our side,” whatever that means.

Even William Winter was never able to propose anything for his good guys versus bad guys. We are not advocating “Asia for Asians” but we want some Asians to tell us what they believe and what they want.

We agree (and we can be wrong) that about fifty years from now the Western world will investigate what really has been happening in Southeast Asia and why. Personal and documentary evidence at the moment so interferes with the euphoria of “experts” it must be pigeon-holed.

One waits in patience for the public presentation by anybody of the actual views of actual persons whose fields and towns serve as battlefields for modern Romans and Carthaginians.


Samuel L. Lewis



March 7, 1965


My dear Norman:

The talks with my friend, Hassan Hashim of Khartoum, Sudan, put me in part in the position I was thrust into in Lahore when the investors came there. Pakistan is almost entirely in the hands of a combination of men with feudalistic and early capitalistic outlooks, without any sense of social democracy, and with convictions at the top that success comes by the exploitation of “masses” by the privileged few. But like the feudal state, and unlike the capitalistic state, the leaders are privileged and do not have to have qualifications. They want to start with heavy industry, then light industry, then folk industry, then natural resources.

My report began with natural resources, then folk industry and gradually up and that is what we see for Africa. Africa is composed of the littoral, mostly inhabited by “white” peoples; the deserts, mostly the same; the savannahs mostly of mixed races, and the rainy sectors, mostly of “Negroes.” But the ethnic analysis has a supreme fault that it implies skills or lack of them, and this does not follow. For it would seem—from very cursory examination, that some “black” peoples as in Uganda and Kenya, are certainly more advanced than the “white” peoples of Africa or even than very large sections of Europeans. If we look at them from the standpoint of skills, abilities and education, we shall have to change our approach radically and get rid of a lot of dead-wood words which have no meaning either in the hands of “God” or investing capitalists.

Hashim has lived and worked in Saudi Arabia—a little in Kuwait and Iraq; Nigeria, Sudan (of course), Uganda, Kenya, Chad, Equatoria with inroads to Mali, Congo and other lands. For our present purposes we might as well agree with the Afro-American groups who see the continent or sections rather than the particular artificial nations that have arisen.

A very practical reason for this is that Hashim believes that the more of our people of African descent we send, the easier it will be to open these people to rapid development and still easier to stop Mao. We are simply crazy if we think (and I know you do not) that our White-American ­Protestants, and our press, can or will stop Mao in Africa. Indeed they are the ones helping him for he can go forth and successfully endeavor to save the nationals from American imperialism.

On January 25th the Christian Science Monitor published my warnings about USIS libraries—which did not affect history in the least for the Foreign Office accepts no suggestions from the people; and especially with the new “Bandung” conference unless we really try humanitarian friendship, we, the White Americans, are going to throw the whole world into a dither.

There are here three complete stories which overlap.

a. A Nile program which will go mostly into engineering and agriculture
and which we may take up on the campus. This is more in my field but Hashim says these ideas will go in Nigeria, wants me to go there, and I have already sent out feelers.

b. A development of natural resources program which reveals vast stocks especially of Diamonds and Gold not yet touched. The Gold problem is one of the moment and the proper handling of it will not only stop China but will assure America of prosperity on the lines it has been advocating.

c. A commercial-investment undertaking which would integrate the above into some larger ventures. This comes out of Hashim’s actual life and knowledge of the resources and needs of each and all these countries.

I have heard from one source that there is capital available looking for new markets and I have a sort of preliminary agreement but do not wish to take it until we clear. For outside the personal elements, and your father will be interested, Hashim feels that practically all engagements with the nationals of Africa should be from amid our own “colored” people, not just some Uncle Toms with the Peace Corps or USIA, or all through, generally, in every field, and that the white man, especially the White Protestant should stay out of the way. This would not prevent him from investing and earning, but he should not be the front, indeed he will be an “affront.”

As a digression. I am not opposed to sending soldiers to Vietnam but I am opposed to sending soldiers anywhere out of the country when we cannot guarantee American citizens full rights. These Alabama incidents are keeping our whole country back, especially the investment markets. If we should send our army into Alabama and Mississippi it would change the opinions of masses everywhere else. And this would be the best protection against expropriation by Syria, Indonesia or any other land.

The present world situation would be eased by us if we could add to our stock of Gold and of this Hashim knows much. He also knows where there are good markets for textiles especially and from this point we could take it on.

It is slightly delicate for me because my “Project the Garden of Allah” not only covers parts of Africa but he says it would particularly cover Nigeria and he could like to set up offices in the Uganda-Kenya area, mostly “colored” people, and in Nigeria where my own connections could be used. It is too early and I have not wished to put myself on, nor deal myself out. I do see tremendous possibilities and these should be taken up with Hashim and then with your father. For Hashim has connections all over, excepting with a few lands on the West Coast. I am again trying to find my friend who was Secretary to the Ghana assembly to cover this sector.

I feel these should all be matters of investment and not of any government pressures. I see no good from the USIA and “Peace Corps” which assume patronizing approaches. And there are no signs that the aptitudes of the Kenya-Uganda region are not only higher than many in Europe but even of sectors of the United States. This would assure returns from regions which depend also on skilled labor.

Of course this is only a sketch, my statements may have loopholes, the vision may not be too clear, and there may be wishing. But anyhow it is a first step and we might go from there. Anything above can be used as you pleased, modified as you please, etc.


Samuel L. Lewis



March 7, 1965


My dear Norman:

This is at least my 16th letter of the day and I am writing in what looks like almost Napoleonic fervor. I do not know whether you knew Princess Poon Diskul who was one of the early teachers at the Academy, and it is certain she was almost shoved out of the picture by Watts and Uncle Louis. Neither of them considered either her family or her spiritual connections, nor the fact that this is part of the intense reaction against the United States in the Orient, for Americans seem almost unable to meet people of other races as equals.

Our “cold war” is a mass of idealism, propaganda and delusion. In any event the Princess and her associates have accepted my “peace” proposals which are not dialectical plans to be applauded by some safe and unsafe committee in Sweden to make one world-famous while millions continue in danger of warfare and tribulation.

The immediate aftermath was the visit of Dr. Malalasekera here, overlooked by the press and State Department, as usual, and who is perhaps one of the most gifted men in the world to intervene but who will hardly be acceptable to us. In the meanwhile Princess Poon has caused Mao Tse Tung to lose face—the details of which are kept from the press because “we” want to beat China in an Occidental way—which seems to mean force and bloodshed and not by wiles.

In the meanwhile some of the really peaceful Nations are meeting and Ben Bella is coming out as a sort of real peace-hero. This is going to upset almost every warlike nation—China and US, India and Pakistan, the Arab world and Israeli, and Congo and its neighbors. If he accomplishes anything we lose face for in front of the world we have our “Brotherhood of Christians and Jews” (for blondes only) and we are kidding nobody.

I have seen President Johnson’s horoscope and it has every sign that if he works for peace he will go as one of the great men of history; but if he permits the Secretary of War—I don’t mean the present office-holder but any Secretary of War, to dominate him he is going into tragedy, personal but not necessarily national tragedy.

In view of this the need to pay some attention to commercial and agricultural enterprises and get away from all these military efforts which win nothing. For while I see a battlefield victory over China it will destroy neither China nor even the leaders, for they do not lose face by being beaten on the field; they lose face only when somebody pulls a trick on them as Princess Poon just did.

If we beat China she might agree to any terms whatsoever because she has done that before and always came out on top. I am not going into Chinese metaphysics here but have not seen a single sign that Mao is not every bit Chinese, far, far more than the Formosans or the former administration, and he has in him the inheritance of thousands of years of culture. So I am writing another letter on Africa which you can either send on or copy from in writing to your father.


Samuel L. Lewis



772 Clementina St.,

San Francisco 24, Calif.

March 14, 1965


Radio Station KPFA,

2207 Shattuck Ave.,

Berkeley 4, Calif.


Dear Sirs:

I was very glad to hear Alfred Partridge speak for funds. I think I have some money ready. It is going to be frozen for one purpose:

The Solution of the Problems of Vietnam

There is a far cry from Felix Green’s accusation “we are an uninformed Nation” to having any information. A lot of us are merely masochists disguised as humanitarians; we like it that way.

For eight years now I have been trying to get an interview with Radio Station KPFA over Vietnam. I have letters on file of warnings of communist infiltrations covering years, the source of which was denied any interview by State Department or Press. After meeting one of the spiritual leaders of the Vietnamese, and then traveling back a long, long way I have tried, and in vain, to get any interviews with anybody. And I do not stand alone having as colleagues a growing number of real, flesh-and blood “Ugly Americans.”

We are given the choice between “Doves” and “Hawks” in Vietnam. The Vietnamese are given no choice at all. We, equally with “our enemies,” wish to make them puppets.

I have said again and again and again: all you have to do to get a check is to grant an interview on this matter. I am not going to wait much longer, for I have found an organization in New York interested in the Vietnamese people. It is not what I want for you entertain me and they do not.

I have fought a hard and losing battle for years to have relations between Asians and Americans confined to Asians and Americans. Even last year the late and not at all lamented ex-Chancellor Strong held a conference on “Asia” (any resemblance to objective Asia being merely coincidental), in which he refused point blank to have a Chinese speaker, or even with a single exception an Asian on the program. Public moneys were spent to import British and European “experts.” This was followed this year by a conference on “China”, a la ancient British method, “Dogs and Chinese not allowed.”

But by this time the rather influential and affluential Chinese community here in San Francisco has found of “my martyrdom” and I have found they were no more successful either. We have shut off this community. If station KPFA were to permit a Vietnamese report or point of view, it might open some of the purse-strings and heart-strings of this community.

In addition to finding an organization interested more in the Vietnamese than in our “expert’s” opinions about Vietnam, there is now a world university started which wishes to integrate the cultures of all peoples and they have also appealed to me. What is going on physically in Selma still goes on mentally and spiritually within too many of us. We do not see the humanity even with lots of lectures on “humanitarianism.”

My “Peace Plan” for Southeast Asia has already been published in Thailand and I know it will be accepted in Burma, Cambodia, India and Ceylon, at least. For the rest one does not care. There are more views than “Doves” and “Hawks.” In my single meeting with the Vietnamese it resulted in mutual embraces.

I have since met other “Ugly Americans” who have been to S.E. Asia, and to Vietnam. We are all neglected, we don’t count. The “left” and “right” argue, or murder, the people of S.E. Asia are not even mental figureheads.

I understand that there will be a lecture this spring on “The Cultures of Vietnam.” This part of the world has civilization after civilization—strings of them. But we love our “experts” more than we love people. I am about to save my money for people and not experts, there have been enough of them.


Samuel L. Lewis



March 14, 1965

772 Clementina St.,

San Francisco 3, Calif.


 Norman McGhee Jr.,

1508 Spruce St.,

Berkeley 9, Calif.


My dear Norman:

I am addressing you formally because carbons are being made of this for Kermit and Lim Lee, partly because of their closeness to the Burtons and partly for reasons that are, I hope, more or less self-explanatory. I wish you would keep this letter, especially if you disagree with parts of it because in a year or two, checking back, you will find how objectively true it may be.

There is no intention here to try to convert you to Lord Snow’s philosophy that we have two cultures, the scientific and the humanist. These are nothing but the extension of the ancient Greek teaching of the differences between the ignorant, the believers and the knower, the believers being half way between the ignorant and learned. Today our scientific culture depends upon accumulated knowledge, personal and impersonal; our non-scientific culture depends far more on personalities and personalisms which need not be cumulative. There is also a difference here, a fundamental difference between analysis and integration. And if you look deeply you will find, whatever shortcomings there be, that I am a radical Integrationalist on all subjects, all fields, not limited to a branch of politics, philosophy or anything else.

At no time, excepting with Satya Agrawal, was I permitted to bring out from a long accumulation of knowledge—fact gathering, historical study, actual disciplines in actual Asian “esotericisms” anything at all but superficialities. As long as we remain superficial we shall be divided, have leaders which harangue against other leaders and have turmoil and dissension. Hitler merely carried the “Leadership” complex to its most unlogical undoing. Christ may have said, “Whatever ye do to the least of these my creatures ye do it also unto me” which is most fundamental in Hindu philosophy, contemporary chemical analyses in a multitude of directions, and at least light-behavior patterns, 1965 doctrines.

Yesterday I went to the Asian-American Friendship League, a “nice” social organization where people who have been to Asia, or Asians, are permitted to speak—this is one step ahead of the Academy which has “experts.” After the meeting there are the usual post-mortems and bull sessions in which the speakers are torn to bits, only the pleasure of their having been there being kept.

It did not take long because I obtained the reputation of being tactless, undiplomatic and even dogmatic, and before Allah and Satan alike I wish people to be informed and don’t give two cents for their opinions whether it agrees with mine or not. The meeting yesterday ended as so many others have—Americans rushing away feeling that this person would never get along with Asians and the Chinese gathering around me and having a most wonderful post-mortem.

One of those who remained is a Chinese professor. A few days after Alan Watts told me I had failed to grasp the essence of Taoism and I assented, this professor came to me and said I was one of the few Americans who grasped the Tao. All the Chinese present accepted my explanation which is non-verbal but easily demonstrable. The fact is that I was initiated long ago by a local Chinese sage who is in a sense influential, affluent and totally self-effacing. You never saw him at the Academy and I did get one letter from him trouncing the whole place.

Outside the subject matter, which need not detain us, there were two other topics at the table. I came out strongly with an attack on Chancellor Strong and my ineffective efforts to have a Chinese speaker at the conferences on Asia and on China. Very fortunately there was a fellow-victim, a woman doctor who was also trounced for trying to have a Chinese speaker at these conferences. Neither Luce’s lies nor his critics’ answers give us information.

The next point was the agreement by all Chinese that we are brain-washed. We are not only in the Chinese sense but in the cosmic sense. Here again I can illustrate this quickly in Chinese terms but know no way to translate it into dialectical, dualistic English. And as we are stuck also with personality-worship, either blindly or openly, we do not know we are brain-washed. It is that in the sciences this doesn’t go, and therefore the scientists of all nations are coming together. Here the subject divides.

I begin with the World University. Two separate communications were received from this World University, which is an attempt to integrate all knowledge. I did spade work in Cairo but “no one wants to hear it” because it interferes with all sorts of private misconceptions. We do not like to hear that Belgium is ahead of Russia in all sciences outside of Physics; nor that India is not only ahead of China in all sciences but is ahead of Russia in most and ahead of all Europe in quite a few. After this spade work in Cairo I saw for myself what is being achieved in India. This knowledge is most unwelcome to two dialectical groups fighting each other:

a. Those who uphold the “Judeo-Christian” ethic.

b. Those who believe China will defeat India and perhaps conquer her.

The World University has already placed in my hands a fertilizer problem and behind the war in S.E. Asia there has long been a struggle between two diametrically opposed schools of Agricultural Philosophy. Roughly speaking, but only roughly speaking, these correspond to our “conservationists” and “exploiters.” This is a technical matter totally incomprehensible to any and all dialecticians who are not prone to rigorous thinking or detail scientific experiments.

The next aspect of the World University is that there are several trustees known to me, from all parts of the world. There are two Sufi colleagues among them and as a culture we have given no opportunity anywhere for the Sufis. Landau had me blacklisted and it is only slower, but very surely I am coming back into graces. For the Sufis automatically come out for integrational processes and are against all analytical and dividing methods whosoever, howsoever.



April 5, 1965

772 Clementina St.

San Francisco 3, Calif.


My dear Norman:

At no time was this person given any consideration at the so-called American Academy of Asian Studies excepting by Satya Agrawal. Most of the other teachers, excepting Binken, either made claims or permitted claims to be made which offered college degrees without a warranty of the corresponding increase of knowledge and wisdom. I left in 1960 in disgust and practically nobody excepting my fellow “Ugly Americans” have paid any attention. But all of us Ugly Americans have gone through the same mill. One wonders if we should blame the State Department and press when practically all society rejects us. Only we are growing in numbers, strength and mutual cooperation.

The merest survey would show that Watts, Spiegelberg, Landau, and Chaudhuri are in no streams of American culture and of these only Chaudhuri in any stream of Asian culture and far, far less than he suggests or permits to be suggested. He does not stand high at the Aurobindo Ashram and I doubt whether he would accept their social, not to say socialistic program though it is much more than that. And he has not aligned himself with the Orientalists who are rising in revolt.

The Orientalists are almost unanimous against the State Department‘s program on Vietnam. There is no reason why they should give it any respect because they are not given any respect by it. The latest protests on Vietnam are much more and they resemble the FSM more than the peace movements.

This person has always said the real fight will be between the professor and the commentator. This is only part of the picture. The removal of the influence of European professors, the press and the State Department—which is as persona non grata to the cultural streams as they are to it, brings out new pictures, and places this social outcaste in an entirely different position.

There is one thing in common between the spiritual movements of Asia and that is the acceptance of the universal mind and the faculties of human beings in being able to function in and with it. Some of your mentors affirmed it and some did not. Which does not stop its operation. The first step has been the accumulation of real Buddhist Masters here, so far pretty much ignored by the public. We are taking our first step on the second Sunday in May where we celebrate the Birthday of Lord Buddha at the Daibutsu in Golden Gate Park. This is an effort toward friendship with Asians and a feeler toward the Vietnamese people themselves. These people are largely Buddhists but their Buddhism is not taught here at all and is reflected only in part by some Japanese groups. Fortunately the Korean Master comes closer and we hope some people will be curious in learning from him. It will be something to learn from a real Master, and to ascertain not only what Buddhism really is, but to become aware of the universal mind.

Saturday the Arabs met and I brought the copy of “Project: The Sahara Desert.” This was first mentioned by my female counterpart, in a sense, who lives in Ghana. But by the universal mind function I picked it up in Burlingame and we are going ahead. This was the first big break.

The next big break came concerning the University of Cairo. They have a man at Sacramento State and I shall go there with my epic poetry. It is at his request. So I left the Arabs Saturday feeling that the day had been fine but I expected trouble Saturday night because the Asian conference was in part under Scalapino and Lipset of UC. Well, it never happened. Going to the South Asian section, the chairman walks in: “Hello Dick!” “Hello Sam!” Like that. Then the head of the steering committee reported. It was Richard Robinson of Wisconsin, chief disciple of my lifelong friend, Robert Clifton, and most bitter enemy of Alan Watts. This man wishes to be the leader of American Buddhism and he will get full support of us Ugly Americans who have been unable to get response but we are coming out more and more. I can assure you that Robinson’s Buddhism is very little like anything in America, but very much like a lot of Buddhism in Asia. He is now accepted by the universities and intelligentsia and this is a big, big break.

But I had with me the report from the World Buddhist Federation and Princess Poon. There is complete mutual understanding and my next report will also be accepted I know intuitively just as the earlier ones were. I don’t know whether you were at the Academy when Dr. Malalasekera was, but his departure resulted in a bitter anti-American feeling. Watts and Spiegelberg aroused antagonism all over the Orient, and now it is coming out. But they never got into our university system, something I told you when the matter of getting State Department connections came upThen I met an agent from Tuttle who wants my manuscripts. There has been as much encouragement from the Asian Masters as they were criticism from the European professors and the whole thing in my life now is the ability to type.

There was a lot more favorable, completely reversing the events of previous years, demonstrating the laws of karma. So I’ll skip to the last event. I was sent, and it seemed to be by mistake, to the group on South Asian poetry. The Indian supported Indian mysticism and the Muslim supported Sufi mysticism. During the question period one of the top Orientalists asked a technical question concerning mysticism and art-forms. Nobody on the panel could answer. The question was thrown before the audience. When I spoke, the “solution” was accepted and this by the top flight men, Indians and Americans alike. Not only that, but the panel then threw questions at this person as the expert. This was not before any public, or undergraduates and certainly not before European professors or the press; these were the top men connected with Asian studies all over the country and some outside too. It was the first time in this country that this person has been permitted to talk publicly on what he knows and it was accepted and lots more. Details will be omitted. When we meet with other peoples as brothers as equals the world problems can be solved. I have long said goodbye to the metaphysicians and phonies. Frank Catalina was in the audience. There was no time to talk as some of the professors wanted to see me. He has had Watts and Spiegelberg speak for him so I won’t waste time with San Jose State. Nor does it matter. Soon we shall have the World University, integrating human knowledge and friendships. Nobody is going to be left out who has anything to contribute. One wonders what is gained by saying “No.” The only difference between this person and his colleagues is that he has no job to lose.

To be continued,




April 5, 1965

772 Clementina St.

San Francisco 4, Calif.


My dear Norman:

Late at night I am writing you two or more letters, making carbons for different purposes. Some time has been spent recently with Sudanese, and I feel more comfortable with these people than any other group excepting Hindus. There is a sort of spiritual affinity and understanding. We met one of the Cultural Attachés who could not stay. He is preparing for the coming of a new Ambassador. This Ambassador will no doubt be in S.F. in June and I should like to help at a catered dinner something like that one last week. Personally I should like to put up a pledge and then have others contribute something. The details can be worked out.

This and some other matters have increased interests in part of Africa. But anything said in this letter is not, as we say, ex cathedra, as another letter may be. I agree with the Prime Minister, who said we did not kick the whites out to bring in the yellows. I am afraid of outside industrialism and reject a lot of stuff by anybody and everybody excepting from the Africans themselves. Nor does the fact that I am organically connected with Ghana mean I am necessarily in agreement with many of Nkrumah’s policies. The last words from him indicate a retreat from dictatorship to spirituality. But we understand the dictatorship more than the spirituality. I have not seen the same spirituality, from any of the other American leaders, but it is not so obvious in Asian lands and in Europe only occasionally from Scandinavia.

Anyhow I used this (not being always the model-saint; because I don’t believe any saints are models) to attract some American girls and left it there to receive suggestions from your good self or Kermit or anybody. I don’t know if they have been left out like their brothers have, but again there have been some religious elements in the social complex.

Watching the events of the day I learned that Booker Washington wanted Negroes to work with their hands and Dubois opposed him and said they should work with their brains. Here I differ—I think they should work with their aptitudes—and this makes me more concerned with the Jack London Square strike than with Selma. Selma seems too obvious, and the Oakland strike so insidious (I don’t know whether this is right, it is only my reflection). If people cannot get jobs when their aptitudes are high I see no peace or rest in the world.

There was a broadcast tonight that the infiltration of Negroes does not lower the prices of property. Sometimes it lowers the continuum of increases that go on continually, sometimes it is the opposite, but the general effect is social, not economic. And the legend is used by real estate agents to work both ways.

One can only say concerning the Jack London Square strike that people who do so well catering for our railroads show superiority, not equality and I have a hunch if I were to visit the hotel sections at City Colleges the gradings would bear this out.

In any case we are going to face an infiltration of a large sector of African diplomats this June and we might as well be ready. Remember, the first survey agent has already been here. Even if people remain hypocrites this Jack London Square and other items should be cleared before summer, or else.

Now I have the material for “Project: The Sahara Desert.” The way in which this came will be discussed in another letter. It means also that Hashim and I will go together to the University of California with something substantial. It has also excited the Egyptian consulate and others. It is big and it fits in perfectly with my other projects like gloves.

I have been too excited over it to make a cool evaluation to go into any letter written to your father. But this will come in time.

My whole program is booked solidly all the time. The interview with KPFA came off well but I received an official report from Thailand the next day. I also went to Divisadero St. and gave a contribution.





772 Clementina St.

San Francisco 3, Calif.

April 11, 1965


Hon. Phillip Burton,

House Office Building,

Washington 23, D.C.


Dear Congressman Burton:

Reality Versus “Realism” in SE Asia, continued.

Yesterday Dr. George Noronha of the S.F. College for Women on Lone Mountain spoke at the American-Asian Friendship on why Americans are not liked in Asia. There was a very large meeting and the writer agreed with the speaker on every point.

It is a significant thing when a presumable Asian Roman Catholic takes almost exactly the same stand as a Krishna Menon. He is as well aware as the writer is that the TV and magazine publicity to our Cleopatrian pseudo-morals has turned much of Asia against both Christianity and American social mores. This is censored by our “free press” to a degree hardly conceivable, but the censorship is just as alive and active as anything in Russia or Spain.

This morning’s Chronicle states that the Vietnamese Buddhists are misunderstood in America. How can it be otherwise when we have self-selected a lot of socially satisfactory persons as the spokesmen for the faiths of Asian peasants with whom there is neither communion nor communication. We have no relation with Asian peasants excepting to “teach” them something. We simply have to “teach” them and change their standards of living, and presumably their morals, whether they wish or not.

It was only a week since the real American Orientalists (who do not invite the “experts” on Asia heard over TV, Radio, and in the press), have come out pretty uniformly for anti-Hawk programs whether these are in conformance with the “Doves” or not. The real American Orientalists who mingle with real Asians and the Asians in our midst alike have no sympathy with the “Mcblundie” programs. We can’t be on both sides of the Declaration of Independence and Wilson’s Fourteen Points and at the moment we are adamantly attached to both sides. As the conservative Dr. Noronha stated, nobody in Asia will welcome South Africa as an “ally” under no circumstances or considerations.

As to the Mekong development. The press comments are based on the blind assumption that if we put up enough money Norodom will welcome us. Of course we have to overlook the “Ugly Americans” here, especially those who have lived in Cambodia. We are doing the best we can by overlooking the press and coming out for the pilgrimage to the Buddha in Golden Gate Park on May 9, something positive instead of something negative.

I think I have reported that the Asians and American Orientalists have selected Dr. Richard Robinson as their spokesman for Buddhism. His outlook is far, far from the travesty defamations passed out as “Buddhism” in the press and on the radio and TV (especially the local stations). Until the Government passes from “realism” to accepting the reality of this man and his efforts, anything we claim we want to do for Asia, Southeast or otherwise, can have no sincerity and will not be accepted in Asia as having any sincerity.

According to Dr. Noronha, and to which I assent, if we were to adopt the “Dove” program, China, not we, would lose face. We would get the applause of practically all Asia, and a good deal of Africa. What we call “strength” is weakness in the eyes of God. We are stamping on the teachings of Jesus Christ (and Buddha) at every step. We are spitting on the images of Jefferson, Emerson and Abraham Lincoln. We are disregarding humanity.

This person, long accepted in Asia, now finds himself in full accord with the leading American Orientalists. He is still not in accord with British and German “Orientalists,” and with the press or our so-called diplomats.

This is written largely because the UN is to have some kind of meeting in this city soon. You should and I think you will be here. You might meet some of the diplomats and other representatives of real Asian-African lands and some of us stand ready to cooperate.

As before, please accept any of the above insofar as it conforms to your efforts and discard or disregard the rest.


Samuel L. Lewis



April 11, 1965

772 Clementina St.

San Francisco 3, Calif.


My dear Mr. Radenzel:

Why “We” Are Losing in The Real Asia and the Real Africa.

1. On page 1A today there is an article “A Visit to the Fighting Yemenis” in which it says: “The intensely devout Moselm (an obvious misprint, or is it obvious?) Zeidis.” What makes them “devout” and not fanatic. When we like them they are “devout” and when we don’t like them they are “fanatic” and Asians and Africans just love that kind of comment.

Page 13: “Peking’s Program to Woo Its National Minorities to Communism.”

Page 11: “The 1965 Brotherhood Award of the National Conference of Christians and Jews will go to Walter Hass.” This is a very worthy reward so far as the individual is concerned, but what about the reactions of real Asians and real Africans (there are such persons, you know).

Yesterday a real Asian, Dr. George F. Noronha spoke at the Asian-American Friendship on “Causes of Misunderstanding between Americans and Asian Peoples.” From his credentials, as he is attached to Roman Catholic universities, he seems definitely on the conservative side, but just as definitely he let it be known that the real peoples of Asia would not fight against Russia and all, and if they had to fight between Russia and the United States, and had no other choice, they would choose Russia.

If you put the pieces of the above items together you may be seeing the Chinese sending out Islamic representatives to parts of Africa and Asia. What counter-balance have we?

We are calling the Zeidis “devout” and their opponents, the orthodox Sunnis “fanatics.” Yet if we study the Hadith of Mohammed, we can easily see that the Sunnis, and in particular those of UAR and Algeria are patterning their societies as close as possible to the actual life, behavior patterns, and writings of Mohammed whom they regard as the Messenger of God. The Zeidis do this verbally, the far-outnumbering cultured Arabs do this institutionally. “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” are ideals of the majority of Arabs, the Zeidis and Wahabis, being distinct exceptions, with their social slavery of womankind, and their almost equal social slavery of the working masses (call it by any other names).

We, of course, with our “brotherhood” limited to Christians and Jews, what have we to say to Buddhists? to Hindus? to Muslims? Dr. Noronha brought this out clearly.

How are we going to win the “fanatic” Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists to our side or even to neutrality? Well, some of us Ugly Americans are trying. And if you or your colleagues ever show the least interest in “How California Can Help Asia” you would get out of your dream world of “realism” into that marvelous unending panorama of reality. And I can assure you the UAR representatives here are farther ahead of you in this. We are planning practical things, not editorials.


Samuel L. Lewis



April 11, 1965

772 Clementina St.

San Francisco 3, Calif.


My dear Norman:

I hope you can make something out of this copy of letter to Ed Radenzel of the Chronicle. The only way to stop the troubles today is some sort of cooperation with those groups we insist on are our enemies.

When I was in India I challenged the teachers to point out a single event since World War II, not answers in the folk-writings of India. No answer. Your precious AAAS, whether on Broadway or Duboce would have nothing of it.

While “I” oppose communism politically already through integration, both my scientific and spiritual colleagues are harmonizing with them, but on a higher level which is almost impossible for these classes to understand:

a. European professors of Orientalia

b. Metaphysical people who are accepted as “authorities” on Asia

c. Newspaper men.

And it is almost impossible for the new people not to understand. I must call to your attention, since you are studying Astrology, of the rise of the Aquarians. They are totally different, easy to understand, easy to be understood by and work on real premises, not on the pseudo-logics of the past, or conclusions without premises.

In my poetry I see the world as a war between atheists and anti-theists. But even the conservative Prof. Noronha questioned whether the Chinese, Buddhists or even Russians are strictly speaking atheists. At the moment the press and more and more politicians are assuming to roles of “god” and the counter-karma is going to be terrible. Gavin sees this in the horoscope. But I do not mean to say that the United States will not beat the communists. However it will not be this United States.

The organizer of the Asian-American Friendship lost his audience to the speaker. He is pro Chiang Kai-shek. In general the larger the audience the more anti-Chiang it is. The speaker said that if we would stop fighting, the Chinese, not we, would lose face. I know this is true. And if Mao sends some Muslims to Africa, bye-bye blackbird. This is beginning to come out in the universities—more later, I mean during 1965. We are going to have peace through integration and brotherhood and not by aphorisms therefor.




April 18, 1965

772 Clementina St.

San Francisco 3, Calif.


Dr. Paul Fung,

Buddha Universal Church,

720 Washington St.

San Francisco 11, Calif.


My dear Paul:

I greet you in the name of the Buddha, the Dharma, the Sangha, and enclose copy of letter sent to Thailand.

One has to meet the world and local situations with dispassion and compassion. The local situations, which have increased in persistence through the years, has been the very separative attitude of groups calling themselves “Buddhist” and their companionate neglect of Buddhist literature. One does not complain so much as one seeing the natural karma of this behavior pattern, particularly found in America, and all over America.

There is a faculty and function called “Prajna” which enables man to see his way clear through all difficulties and you will see that the first difficulty cleared here has come in the restoration of the earlier pilgrimage to the statue of Lord Buddha in Golden Gate Park. One presumes that you have received a notice and invitation to join. Many groups will join, at first unwillingly and from the dispassionate point of view one has to become very indifferent to the slights to the real Lord Buddha by Buddhist groups (so-called).

The heretical nonsense taught at the American Academy that “Buddha spoke no word” has given rise to innumerable, non-communicative groups or sanghas agreeing in this and substituting their own ego-thoughts for the perennial wisdom. There is no need to argue over it for our universities have had the perspicacity to see through it and to emphasize real study in real dharma which is not under the aegis of Dr. Richard Robinson.

The other aspect of it is in the operation of karma. Any person who has studied the real dharma would know that the United States is in karmic difficulties for its intrusion into Asian lands and the present series of wind-storms, floods and other calamities will continue. For a cosmic disturbance does not necessarily break out on one’s doorstep any more than a cable must be received in the locale of its sender.

The bifurcation in the interpretation of the word “Peace” makes peace of either kind impossible. The advent of real Dharma Masters in our midst has resulted much more in effecting studies in universities than in metaphysical or church circles and the appearance of some of these Masters—who do not necessarily look like Masters—in Golden Gate Park on May 9 will demonstrate only that they exist and are here.

We have successfully put pressure on one single teacher here to give instructions in the Sutras. Your Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch has already been used as a study text, alas by others and not by yourself. Indeed copies of your translation will be taken by this person to many parts but this in itself will react because of the lack of suitable studies in it here.

The Masters and this person have in common, studying directly or indirectly with the late great Master Tai Hsu. The American Academy, so called, would never let this person speak of this or of his position in the dharma, which is now accepted in all parts of the Asian world and by the Dharma Masters here. This of itself means little because one does not aspire to leadership. Indeed by the end of the year it is probable that this person will leave the country again having many invitations to visit many parts of Asia, including one from the Buddhist Headquarters in Thailand.

There is still a small debt unpaid—tickets to be returned—due partly to the long lingering illness and finally death of my mother, who will be buried tomorrow. Her history illustrates the ineffability and innumerability of the law of karma; and by this law, when one sees clearly and knows that Samma Dhrishthi means, the whole life is clear, from the present on into the future.

It is with some regret that one may be seeing others teach the Diamond Sutra and Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch. A hungry world seeks food; now it is coming from other sources, but it is bound to come. Our Wesak Day celebration is the first manifestation and demonstration of pure Sangha activity in the sense that Lord Buddha taught.





April 18, 1965


My dear Norman:

On the Aquarian Age.

The other day I told Norman that we were in the Aquarian Age and he gave some arguments. The point is that he does not know, and in general metaphysical people do not know what is going on. The papers are filled with half-truths. These are not 100% lies because they refer to actual events though they distort them. But this is universally true and to know what is going on one would have to see from all points of view, or else accept the reports of eye-witnesses.

The little event in the Civic Center yesterday is exemplary of Pisceans versus Aquarians. It has nothing to do with left-center-right-nonsense, humbug. True, there were those who call themselves Marxists, and I am not going to try to convince them that Marx said he was not a Marxist. Marx was almost a Buddhist in that he believed activities were the results of groups, not of individuals and there is no doubt that we are coming into an age of group-activity. This can be seen in the rise of synthetic chemistry, the new science of ecology and in general the laws being unfolded in embryology and genetics. But this group activity is alike very contrary both to what is going on in China as well as in the Western nations excepting Scandinavia and Yugoslavia. Even these countries are not aware of the new group-movements in UAR, India and to some extent Algeria.

To me it is noticeable in the looks of infatuated lovers. In the age just passing lovers had eyes only for each other and what is called love tended to make them narrow, more self-centered and careless about others. The true love of the past could be proven by real lovers becoming more considerate. But the Aquarians have added another dimension, just as predicted. When I see the new lovers, they are looking ahead, as well as at each other. They have a new “space” venture. It involves a social consciousness but this is neither in the Chinese or capitalistic sense because their sight determines their philosophy, not their philosophy their sight.

One may not be able to prove an argument but in every effort to get personality reaction the patterns proved themselves. Most of the so-called “Doves” had little to offer but opposition to Washington or even praise for the Viet Cong. The countermovement which used name-calling contained about the most nondescript persons I have ever witnessed in a public place. At least the fascists of an earlier day dressed well. While calling the “Doves” wastrels, they did not even have clean signs—there was not a clean thing about them.

To be an occultist one has to be as impersonal as in science. What disturbs me is not the wrong we are doing in Vietnam as the wrong we are doing ourselves by the karmic operations. If somebody really looked into occultism or the depths of Buddhism, there is an absolute connection between Vietnam, the tornadoes and the Mississippi.

I think I have written about Paul Harvey who saw divine retribution when floods plagued China. Sure, and it is the same retribution which comes here. China learned a little that she cannot be imperialistic and carry on—she did not change but became circumspect; we do not change but do not become circumspect. And it is to me silly to talk about the advances in China when I hardly know a nation in the world, excepting Spain which is not advancing, though in different degrees. People who wish cannot see.

I have failed to convince KPFA that the way to raise money is to take humanity into consideration. There is plenty of money in the hands of liberal Orientals who have been offended by Alan Watts, Greene and others. Why Englishmen? Why not themselves? If KPFA would send for some representative of some socially minded groups the money would follow.

Then there is the rise of one or two groups, which may be identical: Aquarians and Ugly Americans. We now carry on all over the world, but differ from the cooperatives in that we function in another dimension through another dimension. We both commune and communicate. The death of my mother frees me a little this week so I may attend a session on Africa on the campus Wednesday—not yet sure. But so far as answers are concerned, they are already here. The World Affairs Council is discussing the population explosion; “we” are facing the food problems.

I have already been offered free passage, jobs and homes in the Orient, but things are looking up here in all directions. The peoples of Asia, outside of China, fear Chinese imperialism and wish their religions and traditions—some of these are pretty awful but the people want them. Today America and China are cooperating into compelling industrialization, trousers, cities and hard work. God deliver Africa from both.





April 20, 1965

772 Clementina St.

San Francisco 3, Calif.



2207 Shattuck Ave.,

Berkeley 4, Calif.

Attention Malcolm W. Roemer


My dear Mr. Roemer:

I have your letter of the 15th and it should be borne in mind that the purpose of this correspondence has been to make suggestions which should help you raise funds. I must again call to your attention that I live in a Congressional District represented by Phillip Burton and an Assembly District represented by John Burton; that they received funds and help from persons and groups which have not been “tapped” by you and I merely wished to point out that this person successfully “tapped” those groups, although in another part of the State.

On May 8 there will be an Asian-American Friendship fund raising dinner in which artists from Japan, China, Philippines, Indonesia and India will take part. Two of those communities are opulent, two not important here and one moderately so, but those people are not treated as Europeans are treated.

I am entirely in accord with your remarks about policy but I am not entirely in accord with the methods used in persecuting these policies and one reason I am not directly in accord is that consciously or unconsciously you have offended peoples who might be with you.

I again call to your attention the Friends of Asian Arts who have been more than successful because they are open to free association with Asian peoples, Asians take part in the programs on Asia and they have been over-subscribed. Not only that they are going to take full advantage of this person’s Asian contacts to build their programs up further. And this is in contrast to several other groups, purportedly operating in the field of Asiatica which have not taken the actual Asians into their hearts and confidences and have failed miserably to attract funds or the public.

Even with all that is going on in SE Asia while your time is open to all views it is not open to all peoples to express those views. In this you are no different from the rest of us, and again this is only important that a lot of other forums (e.g. the University of California) do not depend on public support and can afford to have others, besides Asians, express themselves on Asian matters.

I do not know any occasion when any agency whatsoever in this State has called in Chinese speakers (of any view) on European politics or Pan-American affairs. I have the example of my own career that we got money even from the Japanese and their full support because we opened ourselves to them and with them, rather than at them.

The majority of people in this region who overwhelmingly objected to the views of the
Knowland family have not felt free yet to contribute financially to your support, and I have failed to convince you, that by opening up time to Asians, and to others who may share your views, you could attract money.

In my private life, as matters stand, the least I am expecting is free Passage to Asia where, within a short time I may meet no less than five Prime Ministers, or persons of equal importance—that is an easy matter. It is not an easy matter to communicate this effectively to radio and press. What is more, Asians know this. Even now one of my colleagues is getting articles published in Burma and Thailand—perhaps also in other lands in that region but I do not get the publications thereof, who has found it impossible to penetrate through any section of the Fourth Estate. These editors of faraway lands are going to ask me questions when I arrive—perhaps early next year, and they are going to be embarrassing to Americans of all views and ranks.

We “Ugly Americans” are now meeting each other in force as we discover each other. We are not all poor but we do mingle as equal with Asians and decidedly as unequals with our own countrymen. One is very sympathetic with the Japanese and Chinese who are irked in having to listen to all sorts of Caucasians speak on their cultures and their destinies. Everybody who has not been to Vietnam has the air or print open, and those who have commingled with the natives, with one or two exceptions are also just “Ugly Americans.”

In addition to going to Asia, I may run into parts of Africa and will certainly help host some Prime Ministers and Ambassadors this summer. And there are still too many gaps between real Africans and Afro-American friendship groups.


Samuel L. Lewis



Will have to spend a lot of time in Berkeley this week, partly on food problems and partly on Sahara Desert problems, etc. If I remain late will call, but cannot tell. Hashim had to break his date this p.m. but not this a.m.

My mother has died and also I have been promised free ticket to Pakistan. This will take me to Cairo and then I may run down to Khartoum. It may take a while to probate the estate and my brother has been full of tricks but I think he has overstepped himself. But this and other signs look to a promising future.

The only thing accomplished by the profs at the American Academy has been to get themselves ultimately in back graces.



Monday April 26, 1965


Dear Norman:

A number of months ago the commentator Paul Harvey, after a terrible tragedy in China, said that this was the punishment of God upon a people who had transgressed the laws of nature. Now this person has been trained in an occultism of which the western world has had hardly an inkling until the last few months. And in the “next plane” the disturbance which we have caused in SE Asia reacts upon us and will continue to react upon us.

Just before this storm there was a broadcast by the Asst. Secretary of State which from the occult view was one of the most horrible which ever came from an American and by the laws of cause and effect was bound to re-act upon us.

I cannot, of course, impel or compel any study of real Oriental occultism on this culture and equally I cannot help “seeing” a lot. Khrushchev was partly right in saying that God is the only neutralist. The Bible says God is no respecter of persons. The Divine Outlook is totally ignored here but “my” plan based on it has already been accepted in SE Asia.

The situation is complicated or relieved by a claim today that Soviet scientists have discovered some super-beings. To me all earthly “powers” are not powers at all but some have the good sense to work with the laws of the cosmos and some have not.

Yesterday, for the first time I know, somebody was permitted to speak on Sufism. It was neither KPFA nor KQED. The Sufis are coming out of hiding. “We” will probably control Africa. At least “we” are making tremendous headway.

One can neither impose on the world the cosmic outlook of the Sufis nor of the “Wise Men of the Far East” several of whom are in our midst, right here now, and, of course by [?]  of those who are more pleasant than [?] real mysticisms of [?] made known. This has already happened at Columbia and I presume at Chicago and UCLA.

This Cosmic Order which is based on absolute justice plus compassion works slowly but it is now working a little more rapidly. The first outer evidence of this will be seen in the celebration of Lord Buddha’s birthday in G.G. Park on May 9. This is but an outer symbol. When the Ambassador from Sudan comes you will see something else again.





May 2, 1965

772 Clementina St.

San Francisco 3, Calif.


Morris W. Hirsch,

Department of Mathematics,

University of California,

Berkeley 4, Calif.

In re: Vietnam Rally


Dear Professor Hirsch:

As local news gatherer for the World Buddhist Federation, I am very much interested in your proposed May 21 gathering. There is no question that the methods now being used by the United States Government in Southeast Asia, and elsewhere are quite contrary to:

The shibboleths, aphorisms and maxims we constantly repeat

The basic principles of foreign policy associated with great names and names not so great, at least until 1900, and sometimes, after that date.

I am wondering whether it is possible to meet you before that time, but I am going to lay some cards on the table, which very cards almost remove one from the opposing camps, camps of people who have not lived and worked in Southeast Asia, and who despite and regardless of their very different points of view, have shown little evidence of regarding Asians, particularly Southeast Asians as human beings, the same way as we regard Europeans as human beings.

Since 1947 I was made acquainted with the affairs and events in the region involved by one Robert Clifton, also known as Phra Sumangalo. Unfortunately the first letters sent were destroyed in a fire some time ago but during the period since three of his associates have moved to San Francisco. Clifton himself worked in every country of SE Asia, was well known to king and prime minister and to all the leading Buddhists of all schools. But two visits to this country did not get him a single meeting with any member of the Foreign Service, nor with the press (excepting Mrs. Meyer in Washington), nor with the radio-TV, until it was discovered he was a third cousin of Senator Fulbright by marriage. Then all the doors opened to him but instead of accepting the welcomes he gave up his citizenship and vowed never to return. He died of a broken heart—being a relative of a Senator was to make all the difference in this land of “justice, humanity and democracy.”

His last companion, the Buddhist Rev. J. Eugene Wagner, has traveled on foot through Cambodia and Laos and taught English, like the famous “Anna” to the royal family in Thailand—which has not guaranteed a single interview. But to show our friendship with the Vietnamese humanity we have succeeded in programming a pilgrimage to the statue of Lord Buddha on his birthday (Wesak Day), in Golden Gate Park on next Sunday, May 9. We are doing this as much as a gesture to the human beings who live in SE Asia as a ceremonial of a particular faith.

My own “The Religions of Vietnam” has been perpetually rejected by press, editors and radio-TV stations. Indeed at least one of the publicly supported stations has recalled a charlatan to speak on “The Wisdom of the Far East” which further inflames the human beings of Asia, but does not concern us one bit.

I have with some difficulty succeeded in having memoirs accepted by your Institute of International Relations. And most fortunately the “Buddhism” which has been accepted on the campus is totally different from the radio-TV-popular circuses which delight the public but which have no relation to the faiths of human beings. Fortunately, too, the universities have combined in a Summer Session, at Wisconsin U. this year which will present, for the first time, real studies in real Buddhism under very qualified instructors.

This person received a terrible beating trying to get a Chinese speaker on the seminar on “Asia” held under the auspices of the “late” and unlamented Chancellor Strong. He did not invite even one of the ten Consuls-General of Asian countries to take part in the proceedings but used public moneys to import European diplomats and newsmen to tell us about “Asia.” Only the Chinese protested, even “integrationist” did not bother. As to the big gathering on “China” early this year, that was a terrible insult to all Asians, to have to chose between a British communist and an exceedingly untruthful American publisher—Chinese no more welcome than in the Hong Kongs a few years back.

Even now, after two world wars, we play Wagner and R. Strauss music in orchestras which have no less than three instruments originally invented in that part of the world we call “Vietnam” without giving any credit to those people—we give credit to the Germans against whom we fought, but not to the Asian cultures. And how many people even know what “Vietnam” means?

As matters stand I shall be released from having to remain in this part of the world before the year is out. This will give one opportunity to meet a great many world leaders who may have the final say of “peace” and “war” in many parts of Asia.

My own proposals have already been accepted by the World Buddhist Conference and by Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, President of India. I want peace through friendship, through humanity. But instead of the “Mekong River Project” I am hoping to interest President C. Kerr in achievements already accomplished by representatives of other UC campuses in actual Southeast Asia.

By worshipping with these people, by listening to them, by helping them with their problems from their points of view we can establish a better world. But by positive and energetic shibboleths and aphorisms we accomplish nothing. My attendance at the gathering depends on whether you will have on your panel a Vietnamese and Cambodian, not on fine speeches from even the most pleasant persons who do not speak for the humanity of the region.


Samuel L. Lewis



May 2, 1965

772 Clementina St.

San Francisco 3, Calif.


My dear Norman:

The world moves and the law of karma also. I expect more internal catastrophes so long as our foreign office decides it knows better than “God” as to what should be done with the world.

I am enclosing a letter which is almost a threat—that I shall not associate with the protesters on Vietnam until they have at least one Vietnamese and one Cambodian on their panels. I am sick and tired of verbal protestations for people we have never met and with whom we do not associate.

Before I go away I hope to see Phillip Burton and even his brother and also Kermit and lay down some facts particularly about persons whom I know and who have a good deal to say about the future of Asia. The World Buddhist Federation was dominated by Princess Poon Diskul, President Radhakrishnan, and the Dalai Lama. We have ignored them on Vietnam.

I am going to lay down names and associations, unless John Burton is arrested or arraigned before I leave—in which case some information will be made public showing the great gap between reality and “realism.” I no longer try to get acquainted with people here excepting the scientists. All conferences on matters of food, soils and desert reclamation have been successful. These people go by the facts and not by personality reactions.

This world is not going to follow either the one groups of imperialists who do not deny the name; or the other group which thinks it may hide its imperialism by calling the first group imperialist. It was not news, but it was fact that the fighting between India and Pakistan was delayed for years because of the locusts. Something of this kind will arise in Africa. The Chinese are totally unable to deal with the actual problems of the African people (I don’t mean the governments).

Successful social experiments are kept from public attention alike by the conservatives and communists. Anything that succeeds which does not fit in with their private dialectics is not published—but it happens and is happening more and more. And if I don’t get my next annals published at least I shall record them for posterity. And I am meeting more and more fellow Ugly Americans who know about a real “Brave New World.” On the whole the FSM fits in far more with the “Brave New World” than either of the dominant existing societies.





May 5, 1965

San Francisco 3, Calif.


Al Partridge,

c/o KPFA

Berkeley 4, Calif.


My dear Mr. Partridge:

A number of things have happened since our meeting. One of these has been the failure to impress your colleagues of a method used by some of us in Los Angeles to elect a minority candidate. We won because we gave free play to all these minorities, letting them run their own affairs and they brought us funds, more than we needed. But this is exactly where not only KPFA, but the present Peace for Vietnam and other crusading causes have failed.

My friend who has lived in Cambodia and Laos and who is a Buddhist monk and therefore persona non grata with both “Hawks” and “Doves” and I conspired; we have been entirely successful in reaching portions of the Japanese and Chinese communities to express friendship for the peoples of SE Asia. We are doing this through cooperative celebration of Lord Buddha’s Birthday (Wesak Day) but we are doing this symbolically as a gesture of friendship to and with the actual human beings who live in Southeast Asia, especially that mélange of cultures and humanity whom we call Vietnamese, who have no previous historical background, a point we do not care to examine.

Anyhow this was done both as a gesture of friendship and to demonstrate you can raise funds by mingling with human beings and not even bring up brotherhood. In other words we have almost out-CORED CORE, the one group which will have an endless future because it is not working within human limitations.

Spent some time with Prof. Hirsh about the next protest meeting on Vietnam. He needs financial help but when I spoke about having a Cambodian and Vietnamese on the platform that was another matter. He was stuck.

Even now in face of all the troubles in the world the radio and TV stations insist on calling in an Englishman of doubtful background (KPFA definitely included) as the expert on the Wisdom of the East, therefore and thereby excluding all financial assistance from the very groups who have supported Assemblymen Brown and Burton.

Now I am awaiting another possible legacy and have been recalled to South Asia, expenses paid and as many jobs as I wish. Also President Dr. Radhakrishnan of India has written he is fully in accord with “my” proposals for SE Asia. One is not going to waste time trying to convince Americans when one can work with Asians. We can sit down with Germans of all points of view, even with Russians, but we are unable to understand Orientals. I hope to influence Prof. Hirsh through his knowledge of mathematics.

Last month the professors of Asian subjects, Americans, sat down with Asians as equals and discussed a number of problems and also a number of solutions to problems. As a human being with limited financial resources (though increasing) and with access to a number of persons influential, affluential and otherwise I have promised full support to this real integration of American and Asian thought and therefore cannot and will not contribute to those who exclude Asians from debates, conferences and panels on Asia.

I explained to Prof. Hirsh my defeat from the late Chancellor Strong who refused to admit Chinese to the conferences on “Asia” and “China” under his auspices. If he had so treated the Jews you would have heard it all over the world.

This Saturday is the annual dinner of the American Asian Friendship League. We manage to get along without British diplomats and professors and “experts,” or State Department officials, or any newsmen whatsoever. We do not even have time to talk about “brotherhood.”

When I leave this country I shall be meeting in person those who will have the final say about the solutions of many Oriental countries and problems. They have in common severe animosity against that Englishman whom KPFA and other stations have adopted as spokesman for “Oriental Wisdom.”

Peace is wonderful. I wish I could have somebody with me when I meet these arbiters or Dr. Radhakrishnan.





I told Prof. Hirsh about the protests against our 1812 war with England and also about Abe Lincoln against paying the Mexican War debts. Even historians don’t seem to know much history.

As a Muslim I don’t believe there is any God but Allah and refused to accept any oath of allegiance to the Bird-watchers in the White House. Have watched, almost with glee the “defection” of Indonesia and Cambodia and Pakistan and Burma are close.

Even sedate City College here is stirring now and I am going there this morning. The college students are the hope of the country. Why is it that the Hyde Park of Britain, 1900, is regarded as “revolutionary” here? I haven’t seen much radicalism anywhere.



May 11, 1965

San Francisco 3, Calif.


Hon. Phillip Burton,

House Office Building,

Washington, D. C.


Dear Congressman Burton:

I am writing this both as a report and prospectus. Notice has been received of the first hearing on a family estate. As soon as the matter is settled I shall be leaving this country and partly for a long time. Of course at the moment I do not know whether there will be a court case and delay, or an early departure—which would mean toward the end of the year. In any case I wish as long an appointment as possible especially if I have knowledge or am embarking on missions which would be of interest and benefit to you. For instance in 1956 I was entrusted on a mission to stimulate the anti-communists among the world Buddhists, a mission that was of no interest to any Americans excepting the local Asia Foundation and still is not. Most of the strife about Asia is between the more or less “realist” Hawks and the almost totally hyperbolic Doves who have no roots at all in the countries which they discuss.

A recent event on the campus of the University of California is very illustrative. After I pleaded—in vain—it is always in vain, to have a Vietnamese or Cambodian on the platform during the forthcoming rally on what a lot of very noble, ideal and even spiritually minded people think is “Vietnam,” a single Dominican crossing the campus was immediately hailed, given a “soap box” and there was a spontaneous rally. The Dominican was a real person and like all good Aryans, and we are still good Aryans though we are equalizing with “Blacks,” we can see injustice where injustice exists (among us, the believers in the “Brotherhood of Jews and Christians”).

Since then two other events have occurred in San Francisco, one in your district, one on public property. The first was the annual Asian-American Friendship Saturday at which 150 attended, there being no more room. There were no newsmen or diplomats haranguing on “how to get along with Asians,” the Americans and Asians just mingled and got along with each other and I know of no social event in my life that was more satisfactory.

It contrasted extremely with the 1967 UNESCO fiasco in which we had to listen to the speeches of newsmen, diplomats (usually European) and British professors telling us how to get along with Asians. More time was given to the Korean than to the single Hindu, and that Hindu was not even permitted to answer questions.

And there would be no Vietnam, nor being asked to depart from Cambodia or anything else if Americans were allowed to mingle with Asians without any newsmen or diplomats around. I have been “converted” to absolute travel, not only in Cuba, which is still a symbol of good Aryanism and “Brotherhood of Christians and Jews” but anywhere and everywhere under God’s earth, this “God” having the same name as our “God” but being more universal.

Then on Sunday we celebrated “Buddha’s Birthday” at the large Statue in the Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park. It was an overwhelming success reinforced by the excellent weather. This Garden was started after our Midwinter Fair of 1894 and in my earlier years we used to celebrate the birthday of Buddha there (just as we used to go to Mission Dolores each year, etc. as part of San Francisciana). With the use of the Buddhist churches by Japanese spies, and then the war it was discontinued.

Then came the era of the “experts”—we still have them, popular men with excellent social appeal who lecture on the religions of Asia, and are accepted as representing such. This is still going on. So now we have two completely different “Asian cultures”:

a. The press, the radio, the TV whose motives are excitement and popular response, having brand names get up and shout on what are known as Asian religions, Asian wisdoms, etc. which are excellent, hyperbolic, metaphysical, nice and entertaining. They have nothing to do with anything on this earth, “God’s” or otherwise.

b. The Universities which are getting down to valid, instructive studies and whose ideas on Asian religions and on “Vietnam” have little or no relation to the conflicting views of “Hawks” and “Doves” but are pretty close to reality.

There is another group whom I call “Ugly Americans” who have lived at some time in South or Southeast Asia. We are meeting each other more and more and the speakers and leaders in the Asian-American Friendship Dinner belong to this group. We are also infiltrating universities not directly concerned with group b. but of course, in alignment with them.

Rejected entirely by Hawks and largely by Doves, my friend, Rev. Eugene Wagner and I decided to restore the Buddha Ceremony. Wagner was the secretary-companion of the late Rev. Robert Clifton who gave me a running history of “Vietnam” until there was too much fighting. He was accepted all over Southeast Asia and rejected almost totally here. So are the rest of us.

The appearance in San Francisco this year of “Masters” of all sorts of Buddhist schools was sudden and almost unexpected. One from North China, one from North Central China, one from East China and now Singapore, one from Korea and one Kalmuck representing real Tibetan Buddhism. All joined forces with us.

Also for the first time in history the Chinese “Buddhist Congregations of America” and the Japanese “Buddhist Churches of America” joined in, and if it was not a “little child” that led them, it was us “Ugly Americans.” So we had in the Tea Garden a large and most surprisingly successful “Buddha’s Birthday (Wesak)” celebration, with all Asians of all types and groups joining together.

This, of course, has as yet had no effect on the popular press, radio and TV who select nice Englishmen and other Aryans to tell us all about the Orient and wonder why they don’t get the response of the Asian-Asians.

Now I have been recalled to Asia by the Asian-Asians and it is not a very pretty story I am to tell that we Americans, while battling for or against integration with our own minorities, have as yet no such battle regarding the, shall I say, “Yellow Race” although this covers a little more than that. Our dissident groups fight each other without too much regard of real humanity. Hawks are murderers and Doves are hyperbolic metaphysicians. We do not even know what “Vietnam” means.

In the meanwhile there will be a new Japanese Section in San Francisco and I hope you get my point that when you speak here you will speak on the Japanese culture and not on some metaphorical, metaphysical idealism of any Englishmen or German purporting to be “Asian Culture.” At least the former Mayor of Oakland knew better than that—he mingled with Japanese.

Then I am going to visit San Francisco City College and check on the growing number of “Ugly Americans” now teaching there. One is an Anthropologist and this is typical. Send an Anthropologist and a “Social Scientist” to a country—and they will agree—on geography. Our Anthropologists live and mingle with people and become one of them. Our “Social Scientists” guinea-pig them. This is true of all views, all schools. The rise of communism has led to the rise of Dialectics, and those people who claim to be “Marxist-Leninists” are excellent Dialecticians and very poor followers of either Marx or Lenin. Their critics are Dialecticians for this enables them to establish philosophies without recourse to facts and human beings. Opinions are all that matter and the more presentable the opinion-maker, the more acceptable and that is why Nations are fighting each other and why there are internal difficulties.

I wish to call to your attention that one of my final destinations in Asia is the World University in New Delhi which will integrate the culture of the world. The scientists of all Nations will gather, confer, collect knowledge and seek answers to problems. It is a companionate effort to the Ghana Assembly— some of the same people being in both. As God is God of all people and not just of “Brotherhood of Jews and Christians,” so the scientists are meeting and conferring. You are going to see a facsimile soon from the University of California based on the same principles. Knowledge is knowledge if it is not also power, and the people of knowledge will confer and harmonize while the people of opinion will confer and combat.

We just had this recently when a man of tremendous opinion, Dr. Teller, fought with a man of tremendous information, Dr. Carl Brandt of Stanford. Dr. Teller, a physicist and cosmologist, gave himself the right to speak with authority on problems of food and demography. Dr. Brandt has given himself no such right to speak on Atomic sciences. But as we now are, any popular metaphysician can get before the public. This has caused the calling of a congress of scientific writers to see that there is system and order in the popularizing of science news which is not possible under the present set-up, although there are some instances of real popularization, rather small before the tremendous press-releases in the name of the sciences.

Before the public could react on your vote on moneys for the Army, the President contradicted the whole past policy of this country in the Dominican Republic—at least to the degree of a tremendous reaction against him among all sorts of people. So you need not worry about your district. I find quite conservative citizens enerved by this latest move and this will react in your favor.

And finally it must be noticed, despite all our “realists” that the majority of people outside of communist Russia and China are now under socialist governments of some sort. When you add together the number of noses under these socialist governments we find that they are more than the number of noses under non-socialist governments and if Germany goes that way it will be even more.

As the word “socialism” has all sorts of meanings, it is hard to be semantic but it is impossible to be honest and “realistic” both. The withdrawal of Roger Hillsman from the government does not interfere with the probability of the world acting just as he declared it would act and that we must act. When you combine De Gaulle with the “socialists” and others, we are getting to be in a very woeful minority. Even Spain trades with Cuba.

As I shall be seeing some of the most important key people on earth when I travel—and without any difficulty whatsoever—I think we should meet some time before I leave the country. In any event I shall keep Lim informed of anything of importance. This will begin, I assure you, as soon as I reach London and long before I get even to the Near East. I am also making very careful measures that my memoirs will be in a proper place for the use of future historians. This has already been proposed to, not by me.

The above dinner party and the successful Tea Garden ceremony are only outer symbols. I have my tentacles all over the world today and also with a very large number of “Ugly Americans” here. And with all of his bravado, Prof. Burdick is keeping away from the Doves, letting his true colors out.

One thing more—lest one forget—I am still working for a joint American-Mexican Agricultural experimental station for the mouth of the Colorado River. I shall work to plant California crops in the Orient and in return gather as much material—it is actually available right here in San Francisco, for Coconut and perhaps Mango growing in this State or in Mexico immediately adjacent thereto.


Samuel L. Lewis



May 12, 1965


Dear Norman:

I am enclosing a report to Congressman Burton. And since writing it, have been closeted with three more Chinese with the same general feeling—that despite all the “integration” hullaballoo, we have not come to include all humanity. The exclusion of Chinese from debates or conferences on Asia is a long-time policy here. It was exaggerated by the American Academy of Asian Studies which you attended by a combination of subtle racism with personalism and metaphysics rather than sound facts. Even now hardly anybody knows anything about the “real” Vietnam.

The prospect of Alan Watts going around “teaching” about the wisdom of the Orient was not confined to this area. The long list of professional lecturers on “Confucianism,” “Taoism,” and “Buddhism” has infuriated the very powerful local Chinese community. This is what KPFA (and others) cannot understand and by this have cut themselves off from a most prolific source of revenue.

The most superficial review of last elections shows that the Chinese in this city are overwhelmingly against Knowledge and Chiang Kai-shek. When the Chinese Consul-General was introduced at the dinner the other night he received little applause and I noticed this came almost entirely from lackeys. The most of both Chinese and non-Chinese present paid no attention to him.

And even now with all the hubbub on the Orient, we do not welcome the Orientals in fact as we say in speech. Before the recent events a life-time friend told me she had done everything she could for the Chinese and had failed to win their friendship. I report I had done everything I could with the Chinese and it was otherwise. Indeed I had two most friendly conferences with them yesterday about future plans.

There has certainly been a sop to my ego in the report this morning on the Free Speech Movement. When a friend of mine (whom you know) asked me about it, if it was wrong, I said: “Yes, too conservative!” There is nothing “radical” in demanding a Hyde Park and other than being emotional (just as I was) I haven’t seen a single fault in Mario Salvio. Also I notice that “liberal” Scalapino is 100% for freedom—freedom to speak for the administration in the Vietnam situation.

The fact stands out that the students of the day are so far beyond their elders, which means they are more than beyond—beyond the press, they simply cannot be grasped by them. I am still for “The international party shall be the human race” and for as much free trade and free travel as can be attained and maintained.

With the first court hearing coming up next week I do not know my future immediacy—whether complete freedom or a court trial.

Had to write Dr. Brandt of Stanford who was attacked by Dr. Teller, a wholly emotional and to me, a vastly overrated man. We just had a case in which one Dr. Rachel Carson, writing on scientific problems of which she knew too little, upsetting a lot of apple carts. There was only one fault—the control of pseudo-research by big industrialists, it was they and not the so-called “poisons” that were and are to blame. It has taken years to recover the harm done, but not so many as the years to recover the harm done by pseudo-Orientalists.

Teller would be the last man to attack the industrialists for anything wrong in food problem research. But actually it is the social scientists more than the industrialists, who are to blame. They live and describe private worlds. An anthropologist can describe India or Pakistan, no social scientist of any school has so far.

Everything is happening to Johnson as I saw in the horoscope Gavin gave me. I am all for the “Great Society.” I am all for all kinds of “Great Society.” I think every nation should have its own “Great Society” in its own way. I may have to write another letter about Ghana. Our censorship is very simple, nothing like that of Russia or Spain—they print lies, we don’t print news.

When I reach Chicago I hope to see my old friend, Rabbi Weinstein. He used to ask: “Why is it that Americans are all 100% for socialism in Israel and 100% against socialism here?” But the future societies I see will not necessarily be “socialism,” but a fourth dimensional moving, dynamic effort on the part of people to solve problems by effort, not by formula.

Although I have been in Berkeley often and must be again, it has been necessary to return to the city by night. And after all the above is my private portion. As I must be in court I cannot attend the Vietnam protests—and would not anyhow until they include Orientals on the platform. I am not for 50% integration, I am for absolute integration. As Emerson said, “There are no weeds in a botanist’s garden.”



He is one of my dearest and oldest friends and lives in Mill Valley. I introduced you once at a party in Mary Beth’s.


Friday morning May 14, 1965


Dear John:

This is written in the hope that I may not be too “prophetic.” A number of years ago we visited a party going on in the hills back of Mill Valley and I said, “These are all my children. I sowed plenty of wild oats and did not tell. That included … I pointed out a man: of obvious African ancestry. I have always considered him my god-son and although we do not agree on lots of things, one needs healthful influences and both brakes and accelerators to control his car on the highway of life. There are far more harmonies, of course. I was writing him a letter last night (copy enclosed) and stopped to listen to William P. Morgan, speaker for the AFL-CIO. It is impossible to say one was amazed or disappointed. He spoke with authority, of course, not only on Free Speech but on the Berkeley events and on the forthcoming Vietnam protest.

Now this man has prided himself as being extremely anti Joe McCarthy and it sounded as if the shade of that departed maniac had written the paper. To say it was terrible was not enough. It was historically a Daniel Webster on March 7. It was a betrayal of everything he ever has claimed to stand for and it was obvious from the tone of his voice it had been put into his hands with an “or else.”

I have seen this over and over again. We have it on Saturday afternoon in a program called “Probe” where the speaker began by attacking the “establishment” and now is busy attacking all other establishments.

With the coming of the UN have we are going to meet socially people with totally different outlooks. Far from this world being all black and all white—a point on which we and the Chinese seem to agree—there are a lot of colors. I am connected with two or three universal movements. These are not analytically universal, they are integrationally universal. All of them stem from or with Bertrand Russell, Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan or Mahatma Gandhi, or allied with them in some ways.

I see Gavin every now and then and we are appalled at the President following exactly what is in his horoscope—he had two choices and he has taken one of these almost inexorably. Like the Tareyton smokers, he would rather fight than switch. Toynbee has been so right—poor God needs help and counseling but then this has been the history of the world anyhow.

Powerful forces are now going after all FSMs. Play “Egmont” Overture and Symphony #3. They weren’t written for nothing.




May 20, 1965


My dear Norman:

I was surprised to receive a letter from a colleague today strongly criticizing the President. This man is in some of the most conservative professions, but he has reached the point that if we are to have peace we might have to have a complete social revolution. He is totally anti-communist, but very pro-Gandhi and he said what I have been thinking, about the sanity of the President and his entourage.

People here do not realize that I covered the same ground as one of the Sulzbergers and Arnold Toynbee, who says the American foreign policy is very clear: In the beginning was the Devil and he controlled everything until the United States came along and created “God” to fight the devil.

It is impossible to reconcile any social views and scientific views. The latter are based on what happened, and the former on who was there and what it means.

I have asked permission to speak on Vietnam at City College. This will be an informatory talk only. I have refrained as not being enrolled but should be back at Summer School.

There is a “Free Speech” movement on that campus. In one respect it is not like Berkeley, as there has been racial integration almost to perfection. But despite almost compulsory study of “humanities” it has been either non-committal or conservative. It is certain that the foreign students almost to a man have backed up this effort since our landing on Santo Domingo. Our action there has roused them, and they are in the peculiar position of liking Americans and despising our government. But they can’t yell against the government so they are supporting “free speech” movements. In this sense they are becoming more “radical” than those on the Berkeley campus.

Tuesday heard three Peace Corps returnees. They all suffered from frustration and are bitter because their superiors accept no criticisms or suggestions. And they were totally misinformed or wrongly briefed.

Monday I go to S.F. State to see one Lewis Webb. He does not know Dr. Hugh Baker, but I want to have him meet me either in Dr. Baker’s or Dr. Lewis’ office. I am not going to conclude this letter. Instead I am writing to Edward P. Morgan and enclosing answer. Have to go south on the 28th both on family matters and several projects. May contract you before leaving or not,



The other night met again an old friend, a real teacher of Islam who was also rejected by the “establishment” but has gradually come up. He was sent for by the son of Elijah Mohammed and taught him the true Islam which resulted in the defecting of that man. There was no time to ask him about Malcolm, Etc.



May 21, 1965

772 Clementina St.

San Francisco 3, Calif.


William P. Morgan,

American Broadcasting Co., Washington, D. C.

In re: Free Speech Movements


Dear Mr. Morgan:

I am totally and absolutely so ashamed of your remarks that no effort will be made to refute your total swallowing and wallowing in subjective dialectics without the slightest examination into facts.

I am amazed that you who have been or have posed as a liberal do not grant the right of youth to think. I am chagrined, although you have the right to so express yourself, that you have attacked the viewpoints of Patrick Henry, the Boston Tea Party, the New England Transcendentalist, Walt Whitman and Jesus Christ.

The Lord knew what he as about in condemning the Scribes and Pharisees and the world has not changed, excepting that now a new generation has come which has accepted the shibboleths, the maxims, the double-talk, the mottoes of the elders and wants to see them objectively demonstrated, which no older generation ever wants.

I have had first access to events in Vietnam and events on the Berkeley campus.

It is a pity to see all the old opponents of Senator McCarthy closing ranks and accepting his position when there is evidence that youth really wants freedom, humanity, democracy and special privileges to none. “I pledge allegiance to the flat” but I’ll be damned if I accept what the pledge says—this is the almost unanimous view of the press and State Department.

One only hopes that some of the UN delegates will investigate and learn what your colleagues absolutely refuse to look at.

Before you face your Maker, you had better examine your criticisms of Joe Mc and your attitude now.


Samuel L. Lewis



May 24, 1965

772 Clementina St.

San Francisco 3, Calif.


My dear Norman:

My interest in the Free Speech Movement comes in part because I was an unwitting witness of events, such as the suppression of CORE and the lies that found their way to the press. This whole history, resulting in the exoneration of the students, shows how unreliable nearly all reports are and that we are crushed between sets of lies. Most of the speakers have seen that between the lies of the Chinese and the lies of the Americans there is nothing in the air but war.

I had to go to San Francisco State today. It is a joke. Every one of the so-called demands has been active on that campus for years. When I was there we nearly staged a demonstration demanding absolute integration or else. But the professors joined the students and there was no President, the active one having gone to the American University of Beirut.

I am not going to whitewash the Free Speech Movement or its leaders but I have still to find a single solid criticism of them. Indeed as I have told others, their demands are actually very little but over-exaggerated.

As to the Vietnam protest that is something else. I still see an incomplete attitude toward Orientals as there was formerly toward Negroes. Much as I admire and even love Mailer, Thomas and Lord Russell, I never forget the fighting is in Vietnam and I lost my best friend because he died of a broken heart trying to inform us of what was happening. And my own wild experiences are not taken seriously, nor are those of a number of people I know.

I visited S.F. State because a returnee failed in his efforts for the Peace Corps, he goes to that institution and in another department is a professor with all the answers. The Peace Corps is a combination of wonderful ideals and not so wonderful brothers-in-law and the brothers-in-law dominate from the reports of the returnees. All ended in frustration. I find even humanitarians sometimes cannot stomach humanity.

I was trained early in life to accept non-Euclidean geometry. I was trained early in life to accept other moral standards than those of Christians and Jews. I object to communism, socialism and capitalism not because these systems are wrong but because their advocates are not open minded in a world which is growing and expanded mentally and spiritually as well as materially and economically. The speech that Johnson gave that many applauded shows we have no sympathy for Jesus Christ and his ideals, none whatever. We believe in money and material and not in hearts—that is, on top.

The great thing I see is not agreement but the spiritual evolution. Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine are not dead. They have come back to be crucified but they can’t change.

I have two Indian luncheons this week and then go south. I may throw some questions at the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India when he speaks Thursday noon at the World Affairs Council. But even if I were to differ from you when the shown-down comes I will die for the right of people to speak for their ideals.

My picture has been in the Chinese papers. When I reach Pakistan I shall be reviewed and if I speak out at all there will be an American demonstration. This is something people here cannot understand. And even if I differ from Felix Greene I think he is honest and I don’t think any of the important speakers on others sides are honest—Scalapino, Burdick Lodge, etc. worst of all addled Adlai.

I want to see you before the UN and give you some dope behind all the American Academy. Who was behind Alan Watts and why? It is some story.

The truth will out when the Afro-Asian Nations meet. Now the story is that Ghana is bankrupt, just as Indonesia is bankrupt, etc., etc. And we shall go right on, living. Why our closest ally, Turkey, is making a treaty with Russia.

Spain trades with Cuba. And in September I shall face the music at Claremont College—which I hope to visit soon.




May 26, 1965

772 Clementina St.

San Francisco 3, Calif.


Friendship Universal,

Box 990, C.P.O.,

New York, N. Y. 10001


Beloved Ones of God:

It is always with joy that one reads of efforts toward universal peace, but one wonders whether it is possible for an American to begin with the Universal Peace, and let his efforts and inspirations derive from the experience of Peace itself. The late Mahatma Gandhi gave us Satyagraha and non-resistance. Americans have accepted non-resistance which the Jains, but only the Quakers among Christians accept, but they have not perceived the Satyagraha which was the source of his strength and the source of the strength of all who believe man can only make peace with the world when he has made peace with himself.

Our university professors, well ahead of the rest of the community, are having a summer school at Wisconsin University with considerable emphasis on Gandhi and also types of Buddhism which are followed in the various parts of Asia—not the fictional “Buddhism” which prevail in America, accepted the leadership of various socially acceptable persons who have no traffic either with each other or with the Buddhisms of the living people of Asia.

Our Doves and Hawks contend. We have a gigantic conference on “China” early this year wherein Doves and Hawks vied with each other, attacking each other with zest—no Chinese were permitted on the platform. And now we have innumerable sits-in and debates on something called “Vietnam” but the Tonkinese, Annamese, Cochin-Chinese and their neighbors are given no more opportunity than were the Chinese before them.

Christ may be in all—we think we believe, but then a non-Aryan, nay a black Nkrumah calls the Ghana Assembly for Peace, where are we? Even Lord Russell and Dr. Radhakrishnan joined in these efforts.

The sciences of the mind have advanced and the technologies of the world have advanced here but the sciences of the heart are unknown; the greatest of us would not be the servant and the lion and lamb may lie down together but we shall not let a little child lead them. And until we do, whether the little Child is Nkrumah or anybody else, we should look at this heart and at the hearts and through the hearts of all and not just editorialize without doing.

The efforts of Prof. Reiser of Pittsburgh and others have lead to the World University at Delhi, spawned no doubt by the late Sri Aurobindo Ghose whose followers have their own Universal Brotherhood working for peace. So one wonders what will be.

We used to have vying faiths; the vying brotherhoods(!); now are we to have vying peace movements? I hope not.

We shall no doubt have peace when Americans see the wonders in the hearts of peoples of foreign lands and of “exotic races.” We have not examined the contributions of the Vietnamese to universal culture. We do not study the poetry of the Persians and we cannot build a Taj.

The prayer of all faiths will be given next month when the UN meets here—ostensibly for peace, but they will be prayers for peace, not prayers from Peace. So long as Peace and the soul are two, we cannot have peace, we can only have sentiment.

If we Americans want peace we must disband our “Brotherhood of Christians and Jews” and our “Great Books of the Western World.” We must appreciate what every race and group and religion has contributed to universal culture by more than just saying it—we must learn to have the heart appreciation.

This person leaves the country at the end of the year to perform “Dance of Universal Peace” in India, where they will appreciate and understand that to have peace we must have heart-humility before the religions and scriptures which the late Mahatma Gandhi accepted. We cannot have half of Gandhi. We shall have to learn the Satyagraha, and perhaps the hard way.

Please keep on what you’re doing and then join the peace movements of other places and other lands and do not overpraise yourselves; this is fine for self-satisfaction. In God we live and move and have our being.

God bless you,

Samuel L. Lewis



May 26, 1965

772 Clementina St.

San Francisco 3, Calif.


My Dear Norman:

Much of my life is spent running from one campus to another. I am about ready to visit at least UC Riverside, UC Los Angeles and Claremont. At Claremont I shall be permitted to deliver papers absolutely barred at the American Academy here who would take my money but never permit me to advance knowledges which are well known and well accepted elsewhere. There persons who stood in my way stood even more in the ways of the most informed Asians who have ever visited this country, in particular Dr. Malalasekera who may be here soon and who almost has the balance of power in the world’s affairs.

I don’t know how I got on the mailing list of “Friendship Universal.” In the first stage of life I saw too many hostile religions. Then came the period of “brotherhoods” each with its special exclusions. Now we have “universal” peace and brotherhood groups all filled with leadership complexes.

If one notes closely the Orientals have been excluded from the conference on Asia, the conference on China and now the Dove-Hawk debates on SE Asia. And in a similar way my relationship with “Friendship Universal” depends almost entirely on their attitude toward the Ghana Assembly. My conclusion, after meditation, is that this country can never have peace until it will play a lesser role in peace movements and commend the peace efforts of others. “We” have a leadership complex, not as obvious as those of Germans and Jews but nonetheless it is there.

Today I go to a dinner for the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India. I shall carry some credentials which he will recognize and which the Consul-General of India has long since recognized, but locally one does not ask for much. If a colleague arrives it will be easier, but he is in the same boat being the representative of Vinobe Bhave in these parts.

Tomorrow I go to S. F. State. They never had any Free Speech Movement there because they have free speech and integration and all the things which are being put in the front page and what not. If you knew anything but S.F. State you would know that I was not pulling any stunt in half suspecting that Salvio might be too conservative.

The big joke is that while the Legislature and HUAC are combing Berkeley, there are lots of students at State who are far to the “left” of Salvio and there lots of students at State who are absolutely anti-communist but will fight to the death for the right of revolutionaries to speak their piece. It was pretty liberal when I was there and they tell me they have had some successful revolutions since, and no publicity.

As for UCLA, there are too many “Ugly Americans” on the staff and too many students from SE Asia and too many courses on SE Asia, so you don’t see Scalapinos and Burdicks facing Marxists—the debates are open mostly to Americans who have lived and worked in that area and to the nationals thereof.

As to Claremont, they are calling for a conference on the world’s Faiths and what more I shall find out. No more Watts, Spiegelbergs and Landaus; no more Moores and English “Orientalists” but the direct word out of the direct mouths. The head Buddhist has been kicked out of his own country, according to today’s report from Saigon. But neither Dove nor Hawk, KPFA nor KQED, nor KCBS wants any Buddhists even if Vietnamese nor Cambodians nor anybody.

To me this all means inherent Aryanism no matter how soft. I don’t believe we can have peace until the United States learns to follow, and we don’t know how to follow. That is why I seem almost committed to Nkrumah and I am committed to Dr. Radhakrishnan.

Two Jews living in England began the war against poverty over a century ago. Neither belonged to the Jewish community. One, Disraeli became Prime Minister of England. The other, Karl Marx, became a sort of minor Jesus Christ, his name is used but his person and writings are ignored. There is no withering away of the State, there is no withering away of the individual, quite the contrary. And Marx’ terrible empathy has been forgotten in a melee of commissar and other complexes which solve nothing.

Norman, we are going into a new dimension—it is as clear as that and as it cannot be described in traditional terms and as I am not its messiah, I am willing to follow.

Will contact you on return before the UN meets.

P.S. Just read an article on Haiti stating conditions are indescribable. We will do nothing of course. There will ultimately be a communist revolution, prompted by Castro or not. Then we shall step in. The show must go on.




June 5, 1965

772 Clementina St.

San Francisco 3, Calif.



2207 Shattuck Ave,

Berkeley 4, Calif.

Attention: Doris Sloan


Dear Sirs:

Thank you for your letter of the 1st. Ordinarily the matter might have rested but I have been fortunate enough to have met the men who are heading the so-called “Mekong River Development Plan” just as in previous years I was informed of events in Vietnam long before the fighting took place.

My views are these: The Reports of the In-Situ Direct Experience Are of Little Concern in the Class of Ideologies Which Follow.

As you can see by the copy of letter enclosed, opinions matter to us. I have just completed a second visit to the campuses of the University of California where there is a big hiatus between those who want to get into the news and those who write the histories. The “experts” at Berkeley are not only anathema to those of opposing views but also to the majority of their colleagues with whom they do not associate.

As long as the opinions of our Profs Burdicks dominate over eye-witness accounts, we shall see trouble in this world. I have protested and will protest again against the exclusion of Chinese from conferences on Asia and China and the exclusion of Vietnamese from consideration of that part of the world. Fortunately many professors in American universities are now replying to this person who has protested and will continue to protest against eye-witness people being excluded and “experts” being included in so many public forums and debates. This could not happen in the scientific culture; nothing else seems to happen in the popular media.

Some time back I attended a KPFA forum on “Silent Spring.” Your station conduct was excellent but the inclusion of so many “experts” not only dimmed debate but makes the events following it esoteric when they should be better known to the world. A professional spray operator has no chance between PhDs. in sociological, economics and hosts of other subjects.


Samuel L. Lewis



June 5, 1965

772 Clementina St.

San Francisco 3, Calif.


Edward P. Morgan and the News,

American Broadcasting Co.,

1124 Connecticut Ave., N.W.

Washington, D. C. 20036

Attention: Pat Patterson


Dear Sirs:

Returning home from a trip to Southern California the writer found your note of 25th May and two charming broadcastings by Mr. Morgan. I think he is fair-minded, objective as possible and humanitarian but still a member of what Lord Snow calls “the other culture.”

The real struggle is not between the dialecticians of whatsoever view who are keen in their interpretations and the scientists and their allies who are most eager to record facts and carefully study them with or without interpretations. And in the midst of the controversies now going on and especially on Southeast Asia, this person has not only been kept informed by friends who have been there (including a short visit by himself) he is constantly meeting fellow Ugly Americans who are pushed aside while conflicting interpretations argue over things of which they have no direct knowledge.

For years this writer was informed first by the late Robert Clifton who lived all over Southeast Asia. The Universities have now accepted the leadership of Prof. Richard Robinson of Wisconsin U. in the studies of the religions and cultures of the Orient. He was the chief friend-disciple of the aforesaid Clifton.

At the opposite end the writer has just been closeted with the men who are to head the Mekong Development Survey, agriculturalists and engineers of the University of California with whom Messrs. Scalapino, Burdick and the members of Snow’s “the other culture” will have no traffic.

Given a problem of any portion of Asia outside the Iron Curtain, the writer cannot only propose a “solution” but even point out the proper personnel therefore—hard, dedicated professors and research workers. The President is now calling on them. The writer has had years of experience not only in being rejected, but in finding sources of “Ugly Americans” who have objective answers, first hand knowledge of places and events and have long given up trying to reach the public through press and radio. This Is Our Problem.

This is not a reflection on Mr. Morgan’s excellent broadcasts or his general philosophy excepting on this point.


Samuel L. Lewis



June 6, 1965


My dear Norman:

Have returned from a trip to Southern California. The first was in regard to family matters and a big law-suit is looming. From childhood my folks preferred my brother in everything and although I did share in my father’s estate to a point in other matters I was always excluded in about everything. But my brother who has hardly done an honest day’s work in his life, fabricated my mother’s will disinheriting me and we are going to court.

Asia affairs have prospered in every direction. Today we have at least two foreign policies, or perhaps three: one is shared with the press, one with the military and the last, about which you hear little, is trying to work with Asians themselves. I have now met a lot of my fellow “Ugly Americans.”

Dr. Malalasekera is coming who has in his hands almost the balance of power for the whole world. Phony Buddhism is on its way out, but one does not know what the next step will be. Soon the UN and “prayers of all religions” which will be a big show but which will not bring peace. We don’t know anything about peace.

Same Negro problem in Sudan as here which makes me feel disgusted. I can only hope that Kenyatta and others will prevail and prevent Africa from being a battleground between the UN and China. This will make the deliverance of South Africa and Rhodesia impossible.

Have met many more “Ugly Americans” and some more Asians as well as two Sufis at UCR.





June 13, 1965

772 Clementina

San Francisco 3, Calif.


My dear Norman:

There is something like vanity and egotism in this letter but it may be wisdom and insight. Possessed of an aeonic memory and sensing certain avenues of events which bear resemblance to spiritual clairvoyance but not psychic clairvoyance, one is caught between streams of rejection here and streams of acceptance abroad. But this is not a sad letter at all—step by step one comes into contact with other rejected “Ugly Americans,” or as I also call them “Lafcadio Hearns.” We are all over the place and I am going to let you in not on secrets—they are not secrets at all, but those shut-out by two opposing camps of dialecticians who insist that everybody must be in one or the other of these camps. Roughly speaking this throws everybody into pro-Chinese or pro-American groups, but also leaves a big loophole for the Gandhians and others with whom I am at least potentially allied.

Within a year I should be out of the country but before then my manuscripts, and especially autobiographical manuscripts will be given some consideration. I begin with the Chronicle’s leading article on present day China with which I heartily agree. To me China looks like Dante’s Purgatorio and the former China like the Inferno and all my experience and contacts corroborates this. Actually I see too much of the world either as Infernos or Purgatories. The earlier “Paradises” have certainly been besmirched—e.g. Bali and Burma; the coming Paradises belong to the not-news in which both groups of dialecticians as all groups of dialecticians are silent. What I have seen in Egypt and India are seeds of new cultures but others have found them elsewhere.

As matters stand I shall have two big dramas to live through this year which are presented before one goes to recent events: L.A. family lawsuit which must come out in the open. And while the cards, in a certain sense, are not in my hands, the table is and the more things are aired the better it is going to be for me. My attorney has already contacted a “Sam Benedict” type of attorney and one may even presume that underground “my” legend is going around and I know my brother has a very bad reputation. The question is where the law stands and a victory will place considerable funds in my hands over what I now have, may have through writing and will have, as Muslims say, inshallah. And because there is a possibility of some kind of fame at an early or later date, in one sense I am writing you as a god-son with your full right to object to my political conclusions but not that right to object to my spiritual and mystical experiences. Anyhow I am fairly sure that you will accord to many of the latter and as one of my social philosophy points is that there is both dynamic and static “truth.” My static truth is based on my experiences and logics; my dynamic truth is based on the thesis that other people have at least as valid experiences and that there is a divine spark always in the young and that the only way to esteem the young is to give them full rein.

Thus Mario Salvio has constantly attacked those persons and those policies which have kept not only myself but many, many others repressed. And it is the type represented by Scalapino and Burdick who represent to me much greater dangers than the vociferous pseudo-Marxists or semi-Hitlerians in our midst.

The other event will be my appearance on the panel of a conclave on the World’s Religions to take place this September at Claremont College. This will be once and for all my opportunity to expose such institutions as the so-called “American Academy of Asian Studies” and a lot of other efforts on the same line where Imperialism ran rampant and is running rampant in offering as Asian religions the subjective metaphysics of Englishmen and Europeans which have nothing whatsoever to do with Asians and Asian cultures.

I shall not repeat my struggle with Strong but the fight against Scalapino, Lipset and Burdick is not over and I may have to, in the name of either peace or justice appear before the Legislature or other body to testify. The last news was their refusal to see me on the grounds I did not have written credentials but now I have the written credentials from the University of Islamabad and I don’t think that will matter much but I can work both underground and overground.

I remained out of the Dove versus Hawk fight because neither side would call in Vietnamese. Or for that matter Chinese and when the Doves call in Alan Watts and will not accept the point of view of the Vietnamese Buddhists all I see is a struggle between two groups of subjective dialecticians which have no high regard for humanity.

I have no use for the pseudo-Marxists. Karl Marx was not only moved by poverty, he associated with Friedrich Engels who wrote a stirring diatribe on the condition of the British working classes between 1840 and 1850. So far as I know the conditions among them in Germany did not even reach that height until recently. The Marxists-Leninists are followers neither of Marx nor Lenin. Lenin said in the struggle between liberal democracies against autocracies one should support the liberal democracies. But today both the Americans and Chinese support out and out autocracies without any regard to the conditions of working men and peasants. Therefore I am working on food problems and them alone and cannot and will not be mixed up in dualistic anti-spiritual politics and policies which will only divide and hamper the world. But I have no intention to brandish the sword against the pseudo-Marxists because there is considerable respect for Engels, and a sort of superman-view of Karl Marx even though I differ from him sharply. With all his faults he was a humanitarian though he sharply opposed the pseudo-ethics which riles Salvio. And rightly so.

The American Academy, and perhaps to some extent Asia Foundation, were efforts on the part of the banking community (the most conservative socially) to carry on campaigns by various means. But Asia Foundation mingled with Asians and Uncle Louis & Co have stuck pretty close to phonyism. We have hardly anybody that knows much about any Asian religion, but we also have a totally different “Ugly American” point of view which is invading and conquering our campuses.

I’ll complete the Academy view first. Bringing in sundry Englishmen and Europeans is and has been a common practice. It still goes on. Asians are not permitted to speak for themselves. At the one end we have pulled some stunts such as the restoration of the Buddha pilgrimage.

The last thing before my recent trip south was to introduce a sad Peace Corps returnee to an Ugly American professor in order to prevent further frustration nonsense which is an absolute. We have to stick to our frustration programs which means a lot of shekels under the guise of “fighting communism” when it is often nothing but glamor and pocket books. Or as Toynbee says, the American foreign policy is based on the existence of the devil. And to fight the devil you appropriate lots of lots and there is little sign of change here. The question is who is going to get that lots.

Princess Poon and Dr. Malalasekera left this city very antipathetic to our society. Your report on the Kennedies is nothing but another stone corroborating our predilection for handsome fronts, whether you read it in the original form of “The Great Stone Face” by Nathaniel Hawthorne or through all our despicable Madison Ave mores. The handsome man has it and Lafcadio had to give up his citizenship to become famous.

With this year everything began to change. As soon as I reached UCLA I found tremendous antipathy to Strong and his cohorts. There were men who have lived and worked in SE Asia, associated with Asians and been rejected on the UC Campus. Today There Is Not a Problem of All Asia in Which I Cannot Point Out the Research To Correct It and the Men Who Could Do the Correcting on Some Campus of the University of California.

And it is no good that President Johnson or somebody close to him knows about this and Clark Kerr does not seem to be in the least concerned. When I mentioned the grill-organization which I favor I found every single scientist in favor of it but all said that the social scientists on the Berkeley campus would never accept it. Indeed the other campuses are pretty firm against the stooges who have taken the opposition in both the Free Speech and Vietnam protests. However there are a lot of strong anti-communists, and this is because they have been abroad, lived with and mingled with Asians.

The outcome was that I met a considerable number of scientists who have lived and worked in Asia, become interested in Asian cultures and faiths and who are working on the same or parallel lines in the programs to increase food supplies. As a rule they are not social scientists at all, and the most rabid are equally anti-communists and anti-Scalapino & Co. Anyhow somebody in Washington has discovered them, somebody in Berkeley and the press choose not.

Received a reply from ABC regarding my protest to Edward Morgan and he was “shocked” at my snap-judgment. You will remember my protest against the CORE arrest before the outbreaks, and my unwitting happening upon events. But I have been working on Asian problems for years and years and this is called “snap judgment.” And in the same mail a regret for my autobiography from an editor.

Also letters from sundry campuses in regard to my Asian researches.

Now the news from Pakistan is the opposite. As above I have received written credentials from the University of Islamabad. And everything from my god-daughter gets better and better. She seems to be becoming wealthier and more famous and her letters are all a person could hope to get. A few letters from Sufis would make your pseudo-Orientalists ashamed.

In fact I happened upon two more of my non-existing Sufi brotherhoods when visiting the University of Cal at Riverside and there is a lot more than this. We have superficial attitudes toward LSD, peyote, etc., but we will not examine the facets of cosmic consciousness taught by Sufis and Vedantists. So the Ugly Americans are coming to the rescue. I met them all over the Riverside and UCLA campuses and now got my first hooks into Santa Barbara.

Jim Pike now refuses to answer letters after everything predicted came true. Thea, through Gavin, has sent for my help. I have refused. People should go to those they venerate when they want help. I have to meet people off beat. A picture at the Asia American Friendship luncheon yesterday did it. But if you have a nice public presentation you don’t need credentials and you can be a fraud. And if you are an Ugly American you haven’t a chance—till now.

I do not know what role I shall play at the Religion Gathering at the Cow Palace. So long as we have prayers for peace we are not going to have peace. We will pray and admire ourselves and think we are most wonderful and that “God” is going to reward us and the wars will continue until we accept the universal-humanitarian point of view.

I am gathering materials for a poetry reading at Taj when I next go. These will include Whitman and Burns’ “A man’s a man for a’ that.” A biologist would regard all this segregation-integration fighting as moronic. If you want better plants you cross-breed. My spiritual teacher taught that. Personally I am losing patience and also with the so-called revolutionaries who forget the last line of “The International,” “The International Party shall be the human race.” When I lived in the South the colored war heroes had no political rights and the rejected 4-H whites controlled everything, and still do in some places.

Though I know far more of SE Asia than the Caribbean, I think the Haiti venture far worse. We have rejected all our American heritage and no one reads President Monroe. If the only way to stop Castro is by arms, you will understand why I call this country “anti-theistic.” Of course we are getting in Vietnam exactly what the Mongols got—no lesson learned. But a Nation which adopts policies fully opposite to those of its Founding Fathers has little to be proud of.

My final note—and you can agree or disagree is that I firmly believe In God We Live and Move and Have Our Being. My meeting with Sufis at Riverside corroborates this and in general the receptions from distant places. I wish you to keep these things in mind. This letter, of course, is emotional and subject to all the weaknesses of an emotional appeal. Hope to see you some time during your vacation.




June 19, 1965

772 Clementina St.

San Francisco 3, Calif.


My dear Norman:

The Triumph of the Ugly American

This will not be in the press, it will not be on the radio, but it will be in the pages of history. In fact the history writing by Ugly Americans on the UCLA campus has been ignored by Scalapino, Burdick & Co, and the more recent selections of Ugly Americans from several campuses to go to Vietnam has been ignored, is being ignored, will be ignored not only by Scalapino and Burdick but all Doves and Hawks who would rather cut each other’s throats than give the slightest attention to the living and unfortunately dying people of Vietnam. Don’t think that racial prejudice is limited to certain directions.

The rather just decisions as to UC “freedom” has come either because or in spite of real investigations on the campuses. The exclusion of Asians and UC professors from the conferences on “Asia” and “China” did not disturb the Doves and Hawks who love debates between Felix Greenes and Luces and would like to limit debates to such. Our foreign policy forced a choice between Chiang and Mao following the rejection by both sides of a plebiscite which was held, and the majority was squeezed out. Majorities are still squeezed out; people do not count in debates unless they are “our people.” We are concerned with ideas and ideologies and not facts, even if it means the social murder of millions.

I have met the men who have long since gone to start the Mekong River survey. They are dedicated men. They have lived with Asians unlike Burdick & Co. They have worked with, not merely observed like Greene & Co. They have studied the real religions of real Asia which do not bear the slightest resemblance to the “Eastern Wisdom” of affable Englishmen and others which have been palmed off on us as representing Asian cultures. Few Englishmen and Europeans know any Asian cultures but we like their personalities. Why permit facts, even a multitude of facts, to interfere with personalisms. We applaud the degrading of Stalin and continue on with our acceptance of personalisms and personalities. We have faith in somebody and that solves all problems, it is merely the question as to the persons in whom we are to have the faith.

There is not a real problem of real Asia which has not found solution on the campuses of the University of California considered as a Multiversity. Give me the problem and I can point the solution and the persons involved. No dialectician, no social scientist of whatever view wants that. He wants something which will involve his personality, his leadership, his particular metaphysical social philosophy.

There are people in Washington who know what is going on on the various campuses. There are people in Berkeley who do not wish to know. The morning report on the aftermath of the Free Speech Movement shows in general whatever is true, whatever is right is bound to win out. My own view of the lack of real radicalism on the campus is based on personal observation and is directly opposite to the views of Senator Burns.

As all us Ugly Americans have been snubbed by the dialecticians of all groups we welcomed the martyrdom of M. Salvio. He saved our necks. I have met all kinds of people from top deans to lowly students interested in Asian cultures, in Asian ventures, all levels, all subjects and even the most conservative are strong for Salvio because Scalapino, Burdick & Co would not recognize them. Now Washington has recognized them. I got a direct report from and of Indonesia, and a fore-report of plans for all of SE Asia. This was easy because of roots there. All of us who have roots there recognized and communed and communicated. We have all met Princess Poon Diskul who was shoved out of the American Academy here. She had to see her religion defiled. When Judaism is defiled we are in arms, but when Buddhism is defiled we come out for “freedom of religion.” It has been defiled and travestied and the next thing the folklore, the customs, and the peoples themselves are defiled and travestied.

We have to reject Felix Greene not because he is wrong but because the thesis which justifies Greene is limited only to him. Others of us who have lived and worked in other parts of Asia are rejected almost as much by Greene’s admirers as by his enemies—or at least Burdick & Scalapino recognize the existence of Greene.

But this is over. Sooner or later somebody will be interested in the real events of real Vietnam—and neighboring states. Sometime some people will report what the Vietnamese think and want. This cannot be done by newspaper men, they are conditioned otherwise. It can hardly be done by social scientists.

I had the satisfaction of a long interest with a graduate who is now preparing for the Peace Corps. He is the first one who accepted my suggestions and found himself moving from Ugly American to Ugly American who finally introduced him to the Nepali who has prepared him for a career in that country. This, to me, is the only way to act, and it has not been done much. Too many returnees have been long on social dialectics and short on human communications.

We are going to have some more travesties here in the name of “Peace” which will not interfere with hostilities at all. I am not going to suggest positive programs. They have already been instituted in New Delhi on a larger scale than in Washington. As I have said, given any problem of real Asia I can now point out the solution and the personnel who would be involved.

The only person coming here I am interested in is Dr. Malalasekera who also teaches Buddhism which does not resemble radio-TV versions in anything. He believes in spiritual transformations and spiritual deliverance. That was Buddha’s teaching and will remain as such whether all the people we admire teach otherwise and we applaud them. Norman, the show must go on but I am not in it. My credentials have now arrived in writing, and I shall be busy at Summer Schools— indeed after mailing this anything can happen, for there is a meeting on the problems of Pakistan this afternoon.


Samuel L. Lewis

S. A. M.



June 20, 1965


My dear Norman:

After writing the letter below the news came that there is a revolution in Algeria. The newspapers are so terrible and terrifying that they report it is a struggle between the Russian- and Chinese-led communists there and another report says it is an outgrowth of Islamic determinism, these reports being in conflict.

There is no question that the Algerians are Muslims but they are not necessarily anything like the “Muslims” described in universities by Englishmen and their pupils. Neither are they necessarily like the Muslims we meet. It is certain that most Muslims here are bourgeois-minded more than religious minded. And in Algeria the peasants have probably had much more of a religious than any class-conscious orientation.

This is proven by the reports from UAR that the great obstacle in the reforms of Prime Minister Nasser has been the reactionary intransigence of the peasantry. As we consider our thoughts about people as more important than the people themselves we cannot know what is going on, we can only know our thoughts of what is going on.

Men like Senator Burns are so indoctrinated with their own idea of blindness to what they call “communism” they have no idea about real communism. Today’s reports in the paper confirm my remarks, that the FSM was too conservative. To believe in free speech, free thought and free travel does not mean a man is a revolutionary at all.

Are we going to send troops to Algeria?




June 21, 1965


Dear Arthur Hoppe:

I have committed an unpardonable sin, one against the holy ghost-writers: I Have Interviewed a Vietnamese Buddhist Leader.

Now for aeons I have been trying to get a paper or a radio program concerning the Buddhist of Vietnam and my collection of goose-eggs is so large I nearly had to get a special room just for them.

It seems that some of us Ugly Americans went to meet a leader of a Japanese Buddhist sect (Nichirens) who was coming here. Some of us had already met him in Japan. But as above his Buddhism has so little relation to “Buddhism” of the “only in America” varieties that this added to my goose-egg collection along with my friends, the Ugly Americans.

We learned—and this is going to hurt everybody but “only in America” that the Nichirens are a Buddhistic school which teaches some kind of Buddhism, is not a political party, does not wish to be a political party and eschews politics no end. Of course this won’t be accepted here.

Anyhow I immediately phoned the City Desk at the Chronicle, gave the name of the Vietnamese Buddhist leader, and told where he could be reached and mentioned your name. I don’t suggest too long an interview, it will destroy our “only in America” composures about Vietnamese, and should disturb the Fairy Tales of Doves and Hawks whose controversies must go on.




Dear Norman:

This for your KPFA friends who have nice views but accept AP-UP reports. It ought to be evident now, with the total difference between the official and newspaper views of the FSM movements that the press is never honest. But this dishonesty of the press is recognized here and then denied abroad when and where we accept their reports as if they were based on first-hand observations. I consider this subject closed, but I do not consider closed the continuance of rejecting eye-witnesses for important news media and commentators.



San Francisco 3, Calif.

June 24, 1965


My dear Della:

I did not mean to be rude yesterday but there is a terrible barrier between us. In the real Buddhism one develops the faculty of Prajna and I am not going to explain Prajna because you have gone from one teacher to another and still do not seem to know much about it. When the War started I went to Mr. Shibata who has the Daibutsu on Fillmore St. and said: “I regret this very much.” “Why?” “Because your country is going to get one of the worst beatings in history; it will be lucky if it is not destroyed entirely.” “I don’t think so.”

Well, my dear, I know only too well that the vast majority of my American friends would have agreed with Shibata and considered it rude on my part to have made such a remark. History has borne me out and history bore me out within a few minutes after I left the cafeteria. For Sir Zafrullah Khan came, addressed us and concluded his remarks by saying: “This class ought to be proud for you have in your midst a very celebrated man who represents Islamabad University.”

Now Sir Zafrullah may have been right and he may have been wrong and this was totally unexpected excepting that Prajna was operating. When Prajna operates there is no self, no non-self, but a universal wisdom in which we live and move and have our being.

This faculty has been very active for last week this one met another Vietnamese Buddhist (whom we all ignore entirely during this horrible situation) and before that the men who have gone down there to make the Mekong River survey. And these men are also totally different from those we find lecturing to the public.

It has been amazing to find all around “Ugly Americans” who have lived in Asia, worked with Asians, understand Asians and are loved by Asians but can’t make a dent in our consciousness. We talk of war and peace but we are not going to have peace until we have some sort of human identity, some great feeling of simpatico and empatico, and a recognition of something even deeper and more fundamental than “the brotherhood of man.” I am not going to push this further. Soon I hope to follow my fellow “Ugly Americans.” Too often the stone which is rejected becomes the corner stone. When we recognize Christ in the least we recognize Christ. Oratory, brand names, over-emphasized little events, de-emphasized great events and we remain in turmoil. The New Age and new outlook is upon us. My professors have gone much further in regard to China, or foreign policy, etc. and I have already told you the FSM was conservative excepting in its attack on our double-think, double-talk, and schizophrenia. Peace is not a word or words, peace can only come with far-vision and Creative Listening.




June 26, 1965


My dear Norman:

As soon as I get a clear new schedule I may be appearing in Berkeley and this may be especially true of week-ends.

We have just completed a court on Pakistan and during a severe dispute between the students therefrom I arose as an authority on Islam and they all accepted it and made peace with each other. Their leader, one Aslam Shah, not only lives near you but is a member of the Chisti Order of Dervishes with which I also am connected.

We had in our class one Tarik Mohammed who is a social revolutionary but more pragmatic than dialectic. He was successful in winning a discussion in regard to China. Sir Zafrullah Khan also appeared but the night before at the meeting of the Federalists he came out strongly for recognition of China (please note “China,” not necessarily “red” China). There was no opposition and in class while there was opposition it was all based on newspaper dialectics, just poll-parroting the press.

Tarik and I did not agree on agriculture. I am not an economist or social scientist and therefore did not oppose his programs but he without knowing much about agriculture opposed mine. Only when he got into a fierce and endless debate with Aslam Shah I arose and criticized what is called “Islam” today which has little relation to the real and early Islam. I told him (Aslam) I was not only a spiritual leader but intended to go back to Pakistan and work with my hands and did not care what happened to me socially. But I was following the Prophet and his companions who also worked with their hands and I challenged him to point out anything in Islam—in the Qur’an or Hadith which encouraged parasitism of any form. He was compelled to give in to save face and then Tarik recognized what I am really trying to do so we had a most happy ending.

San Francisco State is not Berkeley. The instructors live in 1965, or even 1970—i.e. they lead their students. They based their conclusions on facts and not subjective beliefs. It was the most wonderful time I have ever had although in previous years I noticed the freedom on this campus which is “freedom” and not a word to be used to prove something.

Pakistan has still to discover humanism and humanitarianism but it is worth trying. It is to be noticed that the “bourgeois” Federalists are far more in accord with Russia and China than the “laboring” AFL-CIO.





June 30, 1965

San Francisco 3, Calif.


My dear Norman:

Today I ran into Della Goertz. I am very fond of her, but she has never once permitted me to tell of my experiences, material or spiritual on my last very dramatic visit to parts of Asia. Now the drama goes on, as you can see right off.

I am not interested in China. I am utterly repelled by the American Dictation, McGeorge Bundy who from the spiritual point of view cuts a horrible figure. Sufis can read people’s mouth-sounds and their eyes and so can see more of the Subtle Body which is taught by all religions and studied by none. I am not going into any theory about the Subtle and Causal Bodies. I know their realities and can tell from the sound where it is placed in the mouth and the kind of luster or lack-luster from the eyes.

This man is self-obsessed and I greatly fear as to what will happen to him on the Day of Judgment. We can stop communism tomorrow by calling for scientific conclaves and food conferences and all sorts of cultural efforts. But this would shut out the diplomats and editors, and that is what they are most afraid of. I have not seen any Chinese propaganda which moved me in the least but I have heard a lot of anti-Chinese propaganda which is so disgusting that there is no other way to move.

As we believe whom we wish to believe and don’t care about facts we cannot have peace or food-prosperity. Scientists are quite willing to cooperate with Russians and even Chinese in fighting locusts, plant diseases and even floods. The New World University at Delhi is open to all Nations—the Chinese will stay out but not because they are excluded.

We did have a discussion on the Himalayan boundaries and my view that both sides were entirely right, according to the documents one accepts was upheld. At the moment it seems that the Chinese want to “save face” rather than territory but we do not understand that. On the other hand they are thoroughly anti-Marxist in their allying themselves with reactionary nations and not with liberal democracies—a point wherein they severely differ from Lenin who said that whenever a liberal democracy fought a feudal or dictatorial State he would preserve at least benevolent neutrality or go even further. This is gone, Marx is gone. Lenin is gone but that does not mean that the new is no good; that must be tried out.




Look! The President has sent for Morse-re Morse!

July 17, 1965

772 Clementina St.

San Francisco 3, Calif.


My dear Norman:

This is largely a report on Vietnam, although I am not the least bit optimistic about it. Nor am I sure that the points will go over. For the Western world has been influenced almost entirely by two thinkers: Aristotle and Hegel, and practically all persons of importance in this country with the exception of Justice Douglas, and perhaps Senator Gruening, are so under this influence they do not see different, because they cannot see different. We are broken up into “leftists” and “rightists” and we think the whole world is so divided and leave no provision for alternatives.

Besides we have our “experts” on the Orient who are often as not Occidentals, Occidentals who have no Asian roots; or else men who have sold out. And I am more concerned with their spiritual self-betrayal than their social betrayal.

I had the experience of Alan Watts telling me I do not understand Taoism and I am positive I do not understand Taoism Occidentalis at all. It has nothing to do with Chinese psychology; it is besides, derivative and not direct. You can see the same thing that Martin Luther King has adopted the negative side of Gandhi. Krishna said, “Therefore fight, O Arjuna” but your nice English and German teachers of “Oriental Philosophy” have established a whole gap between Western concepts and Asian realities. This person has been a guest in the royal palaces of Japan and Thailand and the Presidential Mansions of India and Pakistan, but his influence over Americans is almost zero, and it has become a matter of indifference plus….

This plus appears in the last article in “Reader’s Digest” for July where a Seeress has predicated a great spiritual revolution which will end warring sects. Scientists are today beginning to examine theologies objectively, but I do not know how to communicate this either to the Orthodox or to those Americans who think they learned something Oriental from Englishmen and Europeans. The Peace Corps returnees only corroborate that. I can teach and have taught several Oriental teachings to Orientals.

The Taoism taught at the American Academy is negative at best. Once I was initiated into the Chinese “Occultism” by a quite famous local leader whose name remains almost unknown in certain circles. He was positively anathema to the so-called American Academy of Asian Studies and what he showed me was the same Truth which underlies all faiths, all mysticisms, all wisdoms. But he is not a negative man, if anything he is too positively positive and I bet 100 to 1 if he got into Alan’s classes he would flunk absolutely.

This makes it exceedingly difficult to present my own point of view on Vietnam. To begin with it is not an individualistic point of view but a “stream” point of view. It is not thought up apart from the thinking of certain types of colleagues and streams of traditions, but it is felt independently. Only there is such a thing as “right feeling” or universal feeling which also you did not learn at the Academy.

Whether we lean on Aristotle or on Marx + Hegel, we are unprepared to appreciate the hearts and minds of Asians. All of us, no matter what our outlooks refuse to accept the changes going on in India. They do not fit into our traditional ways, they do not follow Marxists concepts and although they are, and they occur, you do not see them in the papers. All my reports were rejected by all publications of all views and yet this is exactly what is being taught today by the American professors of Orientalia.

So today we have two entirely different approaches which Lord Snow has called “scientific” and “literary,” which are in effect, objective and subjective and so we have the cultures of the universities and the cultures of the press; and, of course, general confusion.

The whole background of the events in Vietnam were made known to me years ago. It has the same appearance of the farce compulsion of the Chinese to choose between Mao and Chiang, in which the majority of people voted differently, but no matter how “we” may differ from Mao we have selected the same background he has of compulsory choice between Mao and Chiang, no other alternatives permitted.

But there is a difference between compelling the Chinese to choose between Mao and Chiang and compelling the non-Chinese Vietnamese to choose between Mao and Chiang. The Chinese did not wish either Mao or Chiang and we compelled them to choose. We are also doing the same thing in Vietnam following exactly the last chapters of “A Connecticut Yankee at King Arthur’s Court.” In fact we are far closer to Karl Marx whom we claim to detest than Mao is. But people do not study Karl Marx. So called Marxists will not accept that “every economic order has the seeds of its own destruction.” Marx would never have stood for the bloodshed in Cuba or China, and he came out for the withering away of the State and instead you have more Statism.

But the main point is our failure to accept Asian wisdom. It is real, it is absolute, it is positive and it is ignored. The Chinese wisdom into which I was initiated but never permitted to speak at the Academy or socially since the War, has in it outlooks and elements of which we are aware. I was the “expert” before the War, and since then it is useless and don’t claim to be any expert, only I listened to Chinese teach me.

When we develop universal feeling, on any level, it is not necessary to use words or even thoughts. And that is what we, as a culture, cannot appreciate. The slightest sign, and sometimes no sign at all, and you know what to do, how to act. The Far East has not produced discursive philosophers, but if you study the researches of Lee, who won the Nobel Prize, you will find he operated from the psychology of the universal Chinese wisdom—Yin and Yang in this instance, of which there are many facets, to which we, as a culture, are not opened.

The speaker at the World Affairs Council tipped his hand off to me before the meeting by a very few words. He is one of those superficial “Confucianists,” devoid of feeling, favorable toward “squeeze,” perhaps corruption which he would not regard as corruption and devoid of any humanism or humanitarianism. But following our bent, he was full of righteous negatives. We have to stop this menace and that menace, exactly as Mao says, exactly as Hearst says, and we select our own menaces. There is one fact that dominates all others today, the increase of population far beyond the increase in food supply, following Malthus, and very few are doing anything. Mao simply liquidated the landlords, but also he liquidated the taverns, corruption and professional prostitution and I presume the opium pipe. He has voided the negatives but not established the positive.

I know a lot of positive ways by which crops have been increased and not by the formulae of economists. These have come by operations of agriculturalists. The same thing is happening now as happened in California during the depression, that all sorts of social experiments were kept out of the press by socialists and conservatives alike. Some of them have now been assimilated into the social order, some have disappeared.

But in the Orient, the censor. It may be a communist, it may be a capitalist, but we have the censor. The ideas that men should have their own vine and fig tree are reprehensible to Mao and Chiang alike. The people are given no other alternative but Mao or Chiang or war and they don’t want Mao or Chiang or war.

It has been hinted to me that there is a positive spiritual solution which can go with social change. This is what Sun Yat Sen wished. I see no other alternative now. It is only that the pressure of Asian nations is going to compel, sooner or later, the rival Imperialisms of the present regime in China and the whole stream of our subjective-culture here to listen. We have taken the highway to destruction. The predictions are we shall lose. What I am more concerned [with] is that we have refused as a culture the whole spiritual tradition behind every faith and that is exactly what I was taught by the Chinese Sage, the enemy of those teachers with whom you have studied. There is a totally different outlook and I think it will win.


Samuel L. Lewis


P.S. I have telephoned my friend Betty and she will either write or phone, but if I do not hear by Saturday, will phone her myself, in regard to a Real Estate agent for you. As I shall be in Berkeley every afternoon I shall not be able to go to Marin in person.



July 29, 1965


Dear Norman:

Betty Reeve phoned recently giving me the name of Horace Kagwin, real estate agent, 206 E. Blithedale, Mill Valley, phone not copied down right but I think 383-8513.

The poets’ gatherings were quite successful. But they are interested in what they call a “psychic” revolution and their social revolution is against the mores and not against the property systems. Allen Ginsberg had some trouble in the various communist countries. He feels the loss of liberty. The communists, like ourselves, would say the Beatniks are concerned with license, not with liberty.

I did not find much concern with the sufferings of mankind due to war or poverty or injustice. They recognized injustice all right but from different angles. They are always against the police.

What neither they nor their critics realize is that the Asians are afraid of us because we come not only with arms but with moral outlooks totally different from their own. Most Asians believe in family, most Beatniks do not and the press plays lightly with what many Asians consider sacred.

I have copied one of my prophecies [“On the Closing of the Zen School in San Francisco”—see “The Book of Cosmic Prophecy”—Ed]. The world is always crying for someone to foresee and then crying at those who do foresee. After a number of years I gave up looking into the future. Even Mme. Garrett does not look too kindly on those who have unusual faculties. And Americans are hardly at the threshold of the psychic and higher sciences. We are too personal. The scientists go by evidence, the non-scientists by personalisms and personalities.

I was initiated into the “Chinese Mysteries” years ago. People do not believe it—excepting the Chinese, of course. Now I have been ordained as a Buddhist Master and the credentials are large. My Zen credentials were not respected. Where I differ from you Norman and differ profoundly is that I do not believe Americans or Europeans have any part of Oriental cultures excepting where they have been recognized by Asians themselves. We in America have considered a lot of people as “experts” on Zen, Oriental philosophy etc., who have no part of Asian wisdom. The Buddhists are meeting soon to decide what is really Buddhism and they have long rejected some well known Occidentals who are regarded as “experts” on Asia, including KPFA and KQED whose authorities on “Asia” have no standing in Asian communities.

There is even a grapevine that I should be called in on the Vietnam situation. I would prefer to keep quiet. The Asians have been honoring or confiding in me all along. And today I have to face another European expert on Asian culture who is admired but “only in America” and England. The Asians will have nothing to do with him. So it goes.




July 31, 1965


My dear Norman:

Last night I got sick so am writing rather than phoning. The illness seems to be psychic more than physical causing some trouble in the throat making speech difficult but I am staying home and taking care of it.

Just at this hour my “god-daughters” unloaded and this was expected. Saadia’s problems in Pakistan are quantitative and the future looks very bright. Betty’s are qualitative and she is worried stiff.

During the course of conversation she brought up the possibility of renting their home and living in the City which was what I hoped might be done and you obtain the place. She also liked the idea of setting up a telescope. There is both a large porch and ample garden space which could be used and I am half reserving next Friday and Saturday in case we should go there. But I have to be in the city Friday night.

It is not a very large house but it can be added on—e.g. the porch as above. Upstairs there are two bedrooms and bath. Downstairs a living room with dining alcove and kitchen. Betty is concerned about the furniture whether you could like that replaced, etc.

There is a garage which is used as a store-room. There is a large garden, a small inner garden and a smaller garden. None of these is in too tip-top condition and can be rearranged for anything you would want. I’ll leave it from there.

I see that President Johnson is absolute 100% dedicated to two totally different policies which bear no relation to each other. I have felt this ever since the Briand-Kellogg pact of years ago, and it is also in my prophetic poetry. This poetry foretold the world would be divided into three camps, and it is. Nobody loves the Vietnamese people, that is why I am not too concerned with peace rallies.

Was on the campus Thursday to hear one Prof. Bernard Lewis and will meet him as soon as it can be arranged. Very little activity. One does not wish to flirt with giving up citizenship—besides I am getting ready for my family law-suit. I think I’ll have all the cards. Looks very good at the moment and my brother is in for a series of shocks.

What the world needs is a team of super-psychiatrists. There is a difference between reactionaryism, fascism and out and out psychosis and I think we are in the last camp.




August 8, 1965

San Francisco 3, Calif.


My dear Norman:

I have just returned from Asilomar, half “kidnapped” by Della Goertz to a Buddhist conference. Incidentally it was the best one I have ever attended.

Imagine yourself in an audience which believes that the people of our status quo are not only insane, but unsane and almost hopeless. The question is how to adjust in this half “mad, mad, world.”

To begin with we have our “educationable” radio and TV stations advertising an Englishman as spokesman for Oriental Wisdom. He may be a nice, presentable man but nobody present was able to distinguish why this person should be spokesman for the “Orient.” What Orient? What are we talking about?

To make it worse the real Orientals feel not slighted, but left out. They feel more adamant in propagandizing Buddhism and worked their religious and metaphysical program out with amalgamation with present psychoanalytical methods. There was no optimism, yet, that they are going to convince the press and radio that they have some good spokesmen for Oriental psychology who know lots more than the nice-sounding Englishman.

But no campaign is in sight. They find themselves in a land which had a civil war, three amendments to the Constitution, numerous outbreaks and still Negroes cannot register and vote. The backbone of the audience was what would be regarded as conservative middle class people. But they find themselves so far to the “left” of the left on race questions that they doubt the sanity even of some rather rabid internationalists. To them the subject is not one for debate, it is one for law enforcement and we are hesitating, in the minds of the majority, to enforce laws against crime. Being for “law and order,” there was not so much bewilderment but a determination to campaign against the prevailing religions in order that the brotherhood of man be established and hog-wash be ended.

While our “educational” radio and TV stations call on this Englishman to “inform” us about the Orient, one of the speakers had made his own direct research into the Buddhisms of Vietnam. He came up with a lot of answers which have nothing whatever to do with the “educational-radio” Buddhism and still less with the Buddhism of what we called “Madison Avenue.”

The logical deduction—and it worked, was that the whole assembly was very much anti-Madison Avenue all the way through and looked so much more “radical” than a lot of our “leftists” and “liberals” that one might imagine himself, at times, to be in the midst of a super-revolutionary group.

There was no protest when South Africa was equated to Goldwaterism. There was some discussion whether it was worthwhile taking part in crusades in the South, for there was almost a loathing against any and all forms of segregation whatsoever, whomsoever, wheresoever. And again there was little sympathy for those who want Americans to pull out of Vietnam, the sympathy being entirely for the Vietnamese people themselves although there were degrees extending in effect, as far as you wish to go.

So far as Buddhist teachings are concerned, there is such a reversal from all the stuff taught at the Academy—real Buddhist views being presented by real Buddhists and real relations being established with real people of real Asia, all the way. My own views were presented and expressed by Dr. Richard Robinson who has long since been selected by the universities—not by the press, TV and radio or the Madison Avenue people, as the chief mention in Buddhism. The universities and the majority of Buddhist devotees have taken steps in realities which are outside the ken of our “realists.”

Goldwater was the devil and Johnson is a sick man needing psychiatric treatment. And remember, Norman, this was an audience with very few firebrands—we had one or two, but conservative people who insisted on free speech and free expression.

I also telephoned my own friend, Norman Duxbury, hero and victim of a thousand causes. I may visit him some time with my version of the Free Speech and other movements. These young people are, in effect, his spiritual grandchildren although I guess the majority never heard of him.

Being away I missed two phone calls from Mill Valley—will follow this up as soon as possible.





772 Clementina St.,

San Francisco 3, Calif.

July 2, 1966


Hon. Vance Hartke

United States Senate

Washington, DC 20510


Dear Senator Hartke,

We once had a President of the United States. He was elected twice by overwhelming votes and it was even suggested he try again. You don’t hear about him anymore. He is best known for his maxim, Let us have lunch. Sometimes that is why you don’t hear about him anymore. We just pass Kellogg-Briand pacts and then send out armed forces.

One of the Salzburgers, Arnold Toynbee and the writer loved in the same place within a short period. This was in NW Pakistan. To the State Department and the Foreign Service the former two were men and the writer does not exist; to the Pakistanis I am far more alive and important than the two famous men—which can easily be supported by evidence but that would send us far afield.

When he was in the UN, the Hon. Dr. G. Malalasekera, Ambassador from Ceylon told that august body that they should be careful in trusting a Nation which did not trust its own citizens. He was referring to friends of mine who in turn warned about Japan and communist China. Our Foreign Service might, under certain circumstances, head a Toynbee but it did not heed the men Dr. Malalasekera knew and this includes also the “rape of Tibet” which could easily have been prevented.

In the last two weeks I have independently sent out two letters seeking Peace, not by leaning backward in a real or imaginary rocking chair like the President of the United States but by sending first to an American lady who was long secretary to the Ghana Assembly and now to a mutual friend to give him the opportunity to present it himself to Dr, Malalasekera. We all had in common the man who first warned of the Vietnamese complex and later died of a broken heart trying to prevent hostilities. I have written my congressman, Hon. Phillip Burton, that whenever he wants sworn deposition he can have them.

Recently I have taken the first step toward lecturing on “The Buddhism of Vietnam” at my expense and a few days later I was suddenly asked if I knew anything about the subject. So I am going to the University of California in Berkeley to follow up the matter and if given the chance will bring out some objective material shunned alike by “realists” and dialecticians. And certainly at either of the putative talks I shall have with me in person or documents corroborating witnesses. So our system of Justice runs in one direction and our foreign policy in another.

My position is strengthened by a recent publication of “Reality-ism vs. Realism” in the “World Federalist.”

My position differs from that of the “Doves” in that I have been granted a long conference with the heads of the Mekong River Survey. I also had as my hostess in Thailand none other than Princess Poon Diskul of the Royal Family who later became President of the World Buddhist Federation. The Foreign Service refused to recognize this or anything else accomplished by this person, and as my memoirs are written and published you will be finding nothing but a character out of “Sarkhan.”

Indeed if the lectures go through I shall begin by reading Shylocks’s famous speech substituting a “Vietnamese” for a “Jew.”

I am glad to fill out the questionnaire but feel that the great questions of the day are those of food and population.

Question 9 cannot be answered. I have seen foreign aid at work. I have seen it wasted to support power-structures and I have seen it utilized to elevate standards of living but one thing I have not seen, there is no way for a citizen of this suppositious democratic America to report at all, favorably or unfavorably. “Science,” the organ of the American Association for the advancement of Science thought differently. An eye-witness is an eye-witness and an American is an American. One reason you find so many professors who are scientists protesting is because in our foreign policy an eye-witness is not an eye-witness and an American is only an American if he falls into the class of “acceptable by diplomacy” or fourth estate.

There is a revolution going on on our campuses. Students may cheat in examinations but they cannot lie to their laboratory notebooks. And they see diplomats lying to their laboratory notebooks, misinforming and misleading to no purpose whatsoever, and innocent women and children dying. Add to that the greater the extent of genocide the greater the emotional tear-jerking campaigns on the air.

I can be questioned because I believe there is a living God who is witness to the mass murder of His innocents and all the Herods and Caiaphas of the present moment are not affecting what He sees and knows. As I have written in “Realty-ism vs. Realism,” we must not consult the UN or “Sarkhans” or nationals of the lands involved.

It is notable that the Catholic Church which presumably would be missionary has shown at every point a solicitation for the poor Buddhist innocents of Vietnam totally lacking in the foreign policy of either party. And this person who has been a guest where neither Vice-President was even invited will keep on protesting until he is heard, or his colleagues who have lived in pre-turmoil SE Asia are recognized as human beings.


Samuel L. Lewis



July 2, 1996


Dear Norman:

It was not my intention to write you after our conversation but today I learned that Virginia is the Virginia and there is no doubt that karma is karma and if we have stories out of Algernon Blackwood we have stories out of Algernon Blackwood.

A short while back Gina Ceminara spoke at Gavin’s. We paid to hear a lecture on “Reincarnation.” We heard a long personal squabble between Gavin and Lloyd Morain (there is karma there too). Finally I got up and spoke on “Reincarnation” which was very rude. I would have been glad if somebody else spoke on reincarnation. But there is a legend that scientists are not interested and the fact is that scientists are not interested in buncombe and most of our metaphysical people are peddling buncombe and fiction and will continue to do so.

And it has been the scientists and not the metaphysical people or psychic researchers who are interested in experience and evidence. The others just want to talk about it.

More serious have been my relations with Buddhism and this is also connected with karma and reincarnation. Here again the sages and top holy men take one course and the metaphysical people and “experts” take another. The latter will recognize anything but experience and evidence. Only now the scientists, who are supposed to be anti-religious, have recognized Philip Kapleau and the metaphysical people and “experts” have not shown much enthusiasm.

Anyhow Roshi Yasutani who guided Kapleau will be here shortly, in Mill Valley, too, and I shall see you get a notice, if you are interested or not. It is not that one is setting up Yasutani against “experts,” it is that the New Age people want experience and evidence and not authoritative exhortations which we love and pretend we are learning something about Oriental wisdom or cosmic fulfillment.

And I understand Ruth Fuller Sasaki may be coming later on, too.

My class pal, Bill Hathaway, is coming and we may make the rounds. You met him once or twice in Mill Valley at parties. First I am going to show him my human side by introducing him to various lonely ladies. They are mature in age. One of them has a beautiful daughter who is an awful problem but is you are interested we can “slum” in San Rafael. Not that I can pull her out of the mess but again there is some strange karma. Her grandfather’s names was Samuel L. Lewis, we had the same mutual friends and even loved in the same buildings and it was years before our mutual acquaintances became aware of the fact. Not only that, but the widow, Mrs. Samuel L. Lewis, and I had almost the same views on the same subjects and I was one of the few men at the funeral!

I am not in favor of playing tootsies and footsies with Zen Buddhism. It is a nice game, no doubt. During the depression there was a great campaign against playing the Nazi role of anti-Semitism. But is has been followed by making jokes against Zen. I challenged one of the physicians at the Psychedelic Conference when he said most of the drug victims were “Zen Buddhist.” All right, we can play that game and gain the hatred of Asians. We do with Buddhism and especially Zen exactly what we objected to others doing with Judaism.

On the other side I had a psychiatrists give me tests as laid down in “The Tiger’s Cave” which is a translation of real Buddhistic works by on Leggett. The psychiatrist found all the clinical tests were verified. But I am not going to try to prove the validity of the Nirmanakaya Body to those who make light of the Scriptures.

It is not only making light of Scriptures it is that we now have genocide, that terrible game of wiping out any race, a crime if it be Jews, not a crime if it be Africans or Vietnamese. After 30 rejections there are two possibilities of my lecturing on Vietnamese Buddhism. When Vietnamese have visited this city I have stolen them from their “expert” hosts and remain one of the few men who have been embraced by one of their enlightened monks. I don’t want to go into this but when Grandmaster Seo was here and looked over everybody he decided this one knew more real Buddhism than anybody else. He might know more real Buddhism but he is not an “expert,” and does not go around putting on high parties in the name of a great religion and close his eyes to mass murder in the name of I don’t know what.

It may interest you to learn that I was asked, if I spoke in Berkeley, would I be willing to share the program with our mutual friend of the left. “Not a bit, I will share the program with anybody that has lived with the Vietnamese and respected them and been respected by them.”

Now I have built up a small African library which I shall give you o condition. The condition is simply that I don’t need them next semester. If I need them you may borrow, but if I don’t need them you may keep. I offered them to Kermit but he did not avail. It is a wonderful thing to have, and it makes one solid in his defense of the Hindu-Buddhist Cosmic Psychology which is totally unknown here.

I learned this by Dharma-transmission from Sokei-an. Of course it could not be so I was never permitted at the Academy to present any direct knowledge of any direct experience. At the University it is now exactly the opposite; one is urged always to present his actual knowledge and his actual direct experience. We prefer genocide and I am not kidding about that.

I was introduced to this subject by my senior collaborator, long since dead.

My colleague, who was secretary of the Ghana Assembly, left that country when Nkrumah was overthrown. That man made the serious mistake of accumulating wealth at other’s expense. Most of our Marxists never dare do what Karl did—sacrifice his social position and standard for his ideals and live as an equal among the poor and down-trodden.

Now I am making some efforts toward negotiations knowing many key-figures. The “experts” refused to let me read letters from Dr Radhakrishnan. All right, one just lets the karma continue. I find no spiritual principles in politics. Marxists are not like Marx and he excluded them. He wanted to eradicate poverty; that was his aim. I have seen poverty eradicated. Fortunately in classes on Anthropology you are permitted to say what you can’t in social? studies? Which are usually promulgations of theories, and you must conform. But in Anthropology you report what is and not necessarily what you think about it. One has found many berths among scientists.

Well, you may be finding berths among the scientists yourself so there can be no complaint. I have no fixed program excepting classes on Monday and Friday nights. There is a growing thread of young people here, of the unhappy. And one is permitted to present his own direct knowledge of esoteric astrology which neither Gavin nor Fritzi would permit. And they ate better than others. Only one can use it clinically and it works.

Added to that one instructs in a lot of Asian sciences which have been made esoteric and secret. Maybe better so. I guess I must know about thirty such sciences. Let those who deny, deny; that is their pleasure. But let those who want to learn, learn and they will find their freedom.

In closing I notice an add on “Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali.” Here we do not present Aphorisms, we present methods, formula, Upaya, if you will, and always actualities. The Mentorgarten originally organized by the direct disciples of Shaku Soyen is in operation again and will continue until it is feasible to do otherwise. The pictures of Shaku Soyen and Nyogen Senzaki form the “altar.”





772 Clementina St.

San Francisco 3, Calif.

July 5, 1966


My dear Norman:

Very recent events prompt one to write, again. For there are now two independent efforts to have me speak on “The Buddhism of Vietnam,” in Berkeley and both of these efforts arose from quite different associations, roughly speaking with LSD. The young are unhappy and I see more and more happiness around and last night, for the first time, I was able to speak forthright on my Shangri-La experience in South India. Not that one cares any more, for the American teaching from the so-called “left” to the so-called “right,” both inclusive is: the opinions of the big man are more important than the experience of the little man. You just select a different set of “big men.”

Two persons in the history of the world set out to destroy unhappiness. One was Lord Buddha but as the popular belief is “Lord Buddha never said a word,” instead of finding out what he taught we have Vietnam and the popular leaders (rather misleaders) who alike refuse to examine the real teachings of the real Lord Buddha are indirectly responsible for it.

The other name had a strange name mantra-wise. It was Karl Marx. He had a name and he taught the law of karma in a social and economic way which his so-called followers do not any more than the so-called followers of Jesus Christ do not accept love. I am not here going into this point, for Karl Marx said, “I am not a Marxist.” He never sought power, he never sought authority, he never sought dogmatic leadership over others and his whole life was dedicated to the ending of poverty.

Today poverty is ended in the sense as he saw it, but no Marxists study Engels inquiries into the condition of the British working class just as few Buddhists study Lord Buddha.

I am not proving anything but one, that unhappy people ignore the methods which would avoid unhappiness and I am now fighting unhappiness like the missionaries fight sin. My visit to San Rafael brought a case of misery very similar to that of Yvonne Engle and I am sending Yvonne a copy of this. And this was followed immediately by very bad news from Los Angeles and very pressing news here. For instance my old dancing partner is here—you met her daughter, I am not sure if you met her, confined to a wheel chair. I am up working at 6 in the morning, as now.

Because the opinions of the big man are far more important than the experiences of the little man we have the war in Vietnam and my colleague and I discussed the total inability of eye-witnesses to get warnings over. Both Robert and I failed utterly in getting any warnings though, in my case it was mostly USIA mobbings and in his case it was Vietnam.

Now two independent moves are being made about my speaking on Vietnam. And in each case it is possible I shall see Brother Scheer. But the backgrounds are more interesting than the foregrounds.

Mr. Big Man said I could not possibly know Allen Ginsberg and the crowd laughed at me. Then Allen shows up and embraces me. This got into the Berkeley Gazette. This is the common thing that happens all the time. The world is full of Allen Ginsbergs who embrace me and is full of Mr. Big Men who say this is impossible and exactly the same thing happened when I met the spiritual leader of the Vietnamese which could not be because Mr. Big Man said it could not be and I am tired of this. And my fellow Sarkhanites are tired of it. We all know that all of us little men who have lived with Asians and loved them and been loved by them are always smothered by Mr. Big Man.

It began at the so-called American Academy for Asian Studies and it continues now but because the young people do not respect their elders and the elders respect Mr. Big Man whomsoever he is, at least the young are open.

I was at a mass poetry meeting led by Allen Ginsberg and he called out loud for the appearance of Lord Maitreya. That was last year. I am not Lord Maitreya but I have had the Bodhisattvic initiation which Mr. Big Man says is impossible and everybody accepts Mr. Big Man and proof is impossible, not permitted. But when the cards are otherwise and if I had gotten up and said I was Lord Maitreya, or if I do it now the mob would accept because now Allen Ginsberg would say yes.

But my Bodhisattvic Path is that of Fudo, which is one of cleansing and purifying. I refuse to accept that Lord Buddha never said a word. I refuse to accept that by breaking all the principles that Lord Buddha announced we can find happiness but I am scientific enough to be open about it. Only it seems that the young are not only further and further from Joy, all the power structures, from “left” to “right” in and out of politics and those power structures which are neither do not want Spontaneous Joy and this Nation under God—way, way, way, under—is united against the kind of Joy vouchsafed by Jesus and will not have the kind of Joy vouchsafed by Krishna, only Allen would support the kind of Joy vouchsafed by Krishna.

Last night I asked my friends to ask the young in Berkeley what they would think of a Pied Piper or a Peter Pan. I can deliver the former which all the Mr. Men of all the American Academies and all the non-Academies for so-called “Asian Studies” would reject, excepting those that contacting Robert Clifton, Phra Sumangalo. They knew him, his honesty, his sincerity, his devotion, and they know we are fighting a war because Mr. Littleman must not be heeded. He gets in the way of all the Big Men of all camps, viva power, viva fame, viva fortune.

Now we are going to have two comedy-battles. The one will take place, no doubt, in Marin County. Roshi Yasutani is coming and will teach real Zen—there is such a thing, you know. Then Mama Roshi may come and she is very austere and you like Mr. Bright face who teaches exactly the opposite on all things. How this can be may be peculiar. So we shall sit on the side lines.

When Nyogen Senzaki died he left a legacy and the essence of this has come to this person despite all the rejections by all the Mr. Bright faces and all the Very Unswamis. And in his last days Senzaki-san spoke against the unfortunate puritanicalism which crept into Orthodox Zen. At the other extreme you have the “eat, drink, and sleep with Mary” and when it comes to Compassion, there is little Compassion Zen or Compassionate Buddhism and genocide is all right if you don’t slaughter Jews. And between these two extremes, both passing as “Zen,” I can see the carnage and have presented plans for ending the carnage which can’t be because one belongs to the Little men and not to the Big men and this is a democracy, whatever that means.

So we have the problem of carnage in Vietnam and the problem of unhappiness here and the constant refusals of all those who prate love and brotherhood and democracy to grant interviews. So the young come up and ask about joy and ask about peace and they might even accept an old man whose chief virtue here is that he has been rejected by everybody they detest. And maybe some of them will want to learn some real teachings of the real Buddha, especially if it leads to more joy and less unhappiness. Only for me the way to Joy did not come that way, thought, it did come out of India.

I have two Indian gimmicks and the next stop will no doubt come next month if I am permitted to attend the conference on Sri Aurobindo. Aurobindo is no different from Christ or Marx. He taught and a power structure comes along and grabs the reins and sets up Puritanism instead of Joy and everybody pays obeisance to those who speak in the name of, and the world goes on its very unmerry way.

I do not know how close you are to Scheer but both the Berkeley trends are in that direction and I am more interested in the Berkeley possibilities than the Marin ones, only you live in Marin and may be drawn into the family comedy over “What is Zen?” and I hope to demonstrate—to the little people, the Big Ones won’t listen—of the possibilities of Joy, Peace and Compassion.

Anyhow I have a Senator interested—he is not from California of course. And I have sent one letter but and am ready for another which will give a jolt. After 30 rejections I see no need to fight. The Doves are no different from the Hawks excepting they oppose genocide but they don’t love Asians. Eves your KPFA doesn’t love Asians, and I do.

I know what Asians want, and if I don’t know what the young want; the door is open. Allen Ginsberg has introduced Mantra Yoga and I did not learn my Mantra Yoga from any Spiegelberg, Watts, Chaudhuri, Uncle Louie or Scalapino. Allen Ginsberg has already started the Mantra Yoga and I have three forms of it—being no “expert’—and also the Yoga of Silence, Mauna Yoga, and I am beginning to touch it.

And all those “experts” who always say the little fellow can’t have it may face the karma which they lecture on and ignore and it is ironic. Buddha gave us the law of cause and effect and he also pointed the way to Joy. Sri Krishna gave the Joy; anybody can have it. This is awful on all power structures all directions.

That is why I want the Africans to have Africa. I have reread “Africa Dances.” It is not enough, of course, but it is possible to experience the Joy. Only why not here?

As the “experts” do not have the occult sciences and as God, despite his being buried deep, deep in the dungeon, can and does communicate to His lovers and devotees, sooner or later all the apple-carts will be upset. Just wait until I can go to Hollywood again. But now I have Berkeley—which I want; and Marin Co. which I must witness.

And my autobiographies which will ultimately come out despite all the Bigmen.

I have written to several of the leaders of the LSD movement. It is growing because the “efflux of the soul is happiness (Whitman). No doubt one has to go through all kinds of rejections, and these harden one, but as I write to Art Hoppe: “If you can’t lick ‘em laugh at ‘em.”

Read O’Reill’s “Lazarus Laughs.”





July 7, 1966

Jimgrim Pike

209 West Valerie,

Santa Barbara


Dear Jim:

I address thee thusly because some carbons are being made for your sundry friends here, who can, if they wish, write to you and whom I am sure would welcome you in these parts.

Nobody owes anything for apologies. There are two parts to this communication:

If ye can’t lick ‘em laugh at ‘em

The opinions of the big man are always more important than the experiences of the little man.

So I shall begin with the very biggest big man who rejected this person. Yesterday I named him in a confidential conversation and said, “He is the one responsible for this turmoil in Vietnam.” “I know it for I was his confidential secretary when the event you describe took place. So we go on our merry ways being rejected because our experiences are contrary to the Beliefs of Mr. Big and Mr. Wanna Be Big and “Experts & Co.”

Last year the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion was formed. I spent two hours on this subject: “Who is the egotist, the one who makes claims or the one who denies claims.” The unanimous opinion of the scientists who wish and who are studying religion is that the ones who deny others are the egotistic, they are the Inquisitians who for torture the Galilees; they are the ones who stand in the way of human progress.

On the campus today I said, “You know the first 20 men I met after my return from Asia were all scientists and they accepted every report. Then I tried to reason a “social scientist’—he would not even give an interview. The “social scientist” is one of our big “experts” on the Orient. He says so himself but the last times he tried to speak on the campus he got booed and booed. The students don’t seem to agree with him. The State Department does. So we kill—no, we ethnocide women and children. No, we don’t ethnocide them, that applies to Jews only. Since the Vietnamese are not Jews we do to them what the Germans did but it is not ethnocide because they are not Jews.

I am sitting in the chair once occupied by my dearest friend and we discussed our inability to stop a war in Vietnam. Of course we could not. We have a lot of “experts,” experts on all sorts of Oriental things and none of them have any following or respect in Asia. In fact today some of my best friends are those who have been to Asia, studying Asiatic and mingling with Asians and apparently knowing a lot about Asians.

Dick Baker is a big shot in the University Extension and on account of him I have been studying Japanese Culture and LSD. The Japanese culture was not much like that taught at the Academy. The class was full of little people, most of them having been to Japan. And I did some dastardly, dirty, scoundrelly tricks.

The teacher announced that we would discuss Alan Watts the next week. When she came to class there was a large article on Phillip Kapleau on her desk. She looked at it and put the Watts’ book away and said we would discuss Watts the next week. The next week there was a copy of “Cat’s Yawn” on her desk. She put the Watts book away and borrowed “Cat’s Yawn.” We never did discuss Watts.

Of course this was not the American Academy or Society. A lot of people in the class had been to Japan and respected real Zen and some of them are slightly puritanical. They don’t admit that “Buddha never said a word” and they don’t like Musical-bed-with-Alcohol Zen. The subject of Alan never came up and everybody borrowed “Cat’s Yawn” of Sokei-An Senzaki.

Those disciples of Sasaki-san are the same kind of fools as the Zen Masters. It was easy to glib, to con them into accepting this person as a satori-wallah. But the “goode” social people will have none of that. I don’t have the proper clothes, I don’t have the proper decor and I don’t make love to all the ladies.

At the LSD conference one physician said that most of the victims called themselves “Zen Buddhists.” I asked, “Wasn’t Salinger a psychotic and confined to a hospital? In what way are the followers of Salinger and Kerouac Zen Buddhists? Why don’t you look into real Zen? And why do you blame LSD for the mental breakdowns of these men and their followers?” (This made me a hero with the LSD people.)

Actually it was worse. I said, “Allen Ginsberg told me he had more Joy without drugs than with them.” The chair said, “I just spoke to Alan and he did not say anything of the kind.” The audience laughed at me. The day after Allen showed up and seeing me in the distance shouted: “SAM” and rushed over and embraced me to the discountenance of the audience. They went to him and asked if he said he found more joy without drugs than with them. He said, “Yes” and he kept on repeating “Yes.” This made me a hero with picture in the Berkeley paper. But remember, Jim, the opinions of the big man are always more important that the experiences of the little man, exception of course, in the sciences.

Yes, I know the Word laws and my “Joy” which I was parading around the LSD conference came from Papa Ramdas. People seem to forget that when Alan Watts met Ramdas he did not last five minutes. And every time I got into an argument out came, “Where’s your Joy?” I couldn’t out argue everybody but I could out joy them and did.

On the last meeting I joined Allen Ginsberg in shouting mantrams and sacred songs—as I have done before. And then began writing to the various professors. This is a great democracy where the opinions of the big men are always more important than experiences of the small.

Today I began studying Buddhist logic. That stuff denies this. It makes everybody equal or unequal.

Well, a few of the people who have tried LSD and Gurdjieff are coming here. I spoke on “The Ten Stages of Consciousness” as taught to me by Sokei-An. Timothy Leary and his associates know five stages. They stop there. Sokei An taught me ten stages. Alan Watts says “No” so it must be “no.” But now the First Zen Institute accepts that maybe, perhaps, possibly I did study with Sokei-An. (You don’t get any school credit for it. After that I could explain any Scripture— verboten at the American Academy of course and verboten by all universities where Germans and Englishmen teach “Oriental Philosophy”—but not in Asian Asia where the people are dupes and listen to wild little men.

The next thing is to observe the unhappiness of everybody. It is increasing. But a few people believe and I have even placed some Ramdas literature in their hands and also proceed with Sufi teachings. By this time I am ignoring the social nonsense of “experts” and don’t give a hoop or whoop for any rejections. Three interpositions among the elite have been enough and if people wish to go to popular lecturers for what they think is Oriental Philosophy well and good. But where is their Joy? Where their Insight? Where their Wisdom? What is there is unhappiness, and, of course marital infidelity. I am not concerned with marital infidelity, I am concerned with unhappiness, with the possibility of Joy, and all around one meets more and more dissatisfaction, uncertainty. So I am teaching. And it is notable that the boys who have accepted me always run upstairs. And the hours spent teaching are increasing and increasing.

All the “Yogi” egotists who are so popular have not all told had a single disciple who has reached IT.

Thea is still in uncertainty. She ought to be in AA but won’t. The awkward thing is that she does not see the suffering around her, either the war in Vietnam or the burdens in my private life—my uncle who is in a tragic position; my “elder sister” in Hollywood who seems to have accidents all the time and relies on me; my long-time dancing partner who is here end I have the privilege of taking her out—in a wheel chair and more and more of this sort of thing right in front of one.

That is why I always hint of “Sciences vs. Buddhist,” for scientists accept what other scientist accomplish and “Buddhists” reject what other “Buddhists” accomplish. Lord Buddha—who never said a word because the “experts” say so, was much concerned over human suffering. I read the complete Tipitaka long before there was any academy end that is why I studied with Alan W. to learn Mahayana scriptures. I have been put to tests over and over again on Mahayana. Of course I satisfied all the Roshis—Zen, Kegon Shingon, but not our “experts,” no, sirree, excepting Prof. Rickie Robinson whom I may make my heir at law. This is a long, terrible and tragic history because the opinions of the Big man are always more important than the experiences of tee little men. Read “Sarkhan,” very biographical and autobiographical.

I ran into a variation of the Thea-Yvonne complex when last in San Rafael, and while this is not necessarily another burden, it is what one meets. And so while one can delude himself into believing there was an historical Buddha and he evidently gave us some wonderful formulae on sukha vs. dukha, or “happiness” vs. “misery,” it is just possible a few people will believe that. Or, as Dr. Malalasekera said, “We all can work out our salvation with diligence.”

My early history will be in the first autobiographical sketch and there will be more. I don’t care anymore about egocentric rejecters. You can have them. Sooner or later they will have those experiences which will cause them to seek enlightenment.

I spoke for Sri Aurobindo at the Psychedelic Conference and was widely applauded. I met so many people who want Sri Aurobindo and don’t want Dr. Chaudhuri and said so over and over. I wrote Haridas and said it was too bad we cannot apply Sri Aurobindo’s teachings because we have put his personality there.

My own experiences were duplicated over and over by a very wealthy lady in Hollywood and I am to see her on my next trip. I don’t know what Jim got at Pondicherry but if he got Enlightenment, than my humiliating apologies.

I am preparing for some talks on “Buddhism of Vietnam.” This was refused 30 times and I may have to finance it myself. I “busted” one meeting of “experts” by bringing in a picture of Her Serene Highness, Princess Poon Diskul with His Holiness, Pope Paul. That stumped the “experts.” They quit then and there. But they will go on. We lost Tibet because the opinions of Mr. Big were accepted over the experiences of Mr. Little; this is our foreign policy.

Have you read Jean Dixon? Gavin’s efficiency is probably higher, and if he did not reject my person I could fill him up. But last meeting, speaker Gina Ceminara on “Reincarnation” became a battle royal between Gavin and Lloyd Morain and it had nothing to do with “reincarnation.” I got up and told Gavin that the scientists accepted and he and his friends rejected the efforts to present memories of former lives and so long as they did that they could not blame the scientists. The cults want money and power, not knowledge.

So far as your work is concerned you should learn to meditate. Real Zen—which popular varieties do not resemble in the least—opens the Prajna (insight) faculty and enables us to proceed in life. Everybody praises the Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch here but few study it. It would spoil the show. But at the same time it would open up the Insight to and in ever one. And this would integrate the personality.

Now all this is negative and introductory. The basic mission is to help people here in that part of existence which has not yet been integrated into our culture. There are tremendous areas of Asian cultures which have remained foreign to us, some of them being in a sense “esoteric” and some not but in each case foreign.

Paul Brunton offered the way-of-breath, the way-of-light, the way-of-heart. He was rejected in person but his books are accepted and this is a grave error. Man is real; books are mostly the reflection of his mind. Thus the sciences of breath, of heart, of light remain largely hidden or unknown. Not even Patanjali Yoga is properly taught and I know over a dozen Yoga systems. Sufism is unknown and I know many systems, etc. So even if there are years to come, the past validates some effort to get known knowledge and to those who are unhappy, unsatisfied, and feel incomplete.

The teaching involves real Esoteric Astrology—the use of techniques to overcome deficiencies obvious from the horoscope. The simplest ways are from heart, from walking, posture, etc. This I now offer and am not a bit interested in all and sundry negations. If people know let them teach and demonstrate. So one finds it easier with strangers. They do not put a lot of egocentric barriers in the way.

Even if it be but curiosity, yet the sciences of, Breathing, Heart Awakening and Attainment of Light-Consciousness are presented. This is different from what others do. There are four (or more) mutually antagonistic Yoga schools here. In this place which is Nyogen Senzaki’s Mentorgarten” restored, there is no “guru.” One becomes teacher by being positive pole; without the negative pole there is no cell, there is no battery, there is no electricity. Magnetism can be developed on many planes, and is. And every time I go to the Berkeley campus my diaries increase in value because the men and women there examined what you have done, what you are. And the most obvious, outside the scientific is realms (where there is never any egocentric difficulty), is that this corpus manages to continue with vigor, with magnetism, with brilliance. And this is a result of awakening all sorts of levels end values which are asleep in others.

The doors are open on Monday night. Friday night is for Sufi disciples and Bill Lee joined this group. There it is much more intense and in a way personal, but not by dualistic methods. The Master of breath never has to lecture, find fault, or call anybody into account. “By their breaths shall ye know them.”

In the Sufi school one can teach the sciences of heart along with those of breath. These are not understood here but they came out verbally at the psychedelic Conference. Social people and people who want sex-without-sex, or even sex-with-sax will vote for a popular spiritual teacher. But those who study the sciences and culture in universities take those who have the knowledge. This is what I am doing and hope to continue to do, and this does not depend on any university degree or any social evaluation or only “expertism” not based on heart-empathy, heart-sympathy, heart-union and heart-communion When we awaken ourselves in ourselves external problems fall into place. The real Kurukshetra is within.





August 28, 1966


Dear Norman:

I am enclosing copy of letter to Haridas Chaudhuri.

Yesterday my friend Bill had a full insight to the parts that Love and Insight play in one’s life. He remembers Donna quite well and kept asking some questions and then I remembered you (I have a lot of old-old friends in San Rafael). So I phoned.

There is always a question in my mind about Integration. I have never accepted partial integration in any direction. As one lives longer one finds too many American Americans whose ancestries may have been different but that has nothing to do with them.

I mean this on all levels. For instance I saw a bright Negro, very dark, who has a natural ability to attract white girls. I am always reminded of Sri Krishna who was dark and attracted white girls and it took many, many centuries before his spiritual eminence was recognized for this very reason. (We do not study Indian history and literature as they should so we do not know.)

While the war is between “Hawks” and “Doves,” neither leaves any room for the “Owls” and “Magpies,” the divisions among Asians. I am about to write Washington based both on personal history. And contacts with persons who have played leading roles in S.E. Asia. This may be my last effort here excepting for the Institute for Democratic Studies in Santa Barbara. Doves and Hawks alike are concerned with opinions and not human beings.

Doves and Hawks were both satisfied at the exclusion of Asians from conferences on “Asia” and Chinese from conferences on “China.” Scheer’s book is utterly subjective. It has nothing to do with peasants and working classes, only the iniquities of power blocs.

As we do not study Buddhism we have no idea of certain faculties which are beyond our sensual and intellectual prowess and cannot conceive that simple peasants who have not been besmirched by technical education can read the “ethers” and we cannot make any plans which these simple people cannot and do not know. So it does not matter what policy we pursue, the peasants will know it. We cannot conceive, much less practice and accept the fundamental teachings of Lord Buddha that we possess enlightenment and therefore certain faculties. And I have no intention now to try to convince anybody excepting those in key positions. Someday, no doubt we will study the real Asian wisdoms and discover how dumb we are.





772 Clementina St.,

San Francisco 3, Calif.

August 29, 1966


My dear Haridas:

Thank you for your letter of the 19th. I have returned so as to be at the next session of the Tuesday class. Judith was away the day I called and Leland is on vacation. I was always jumping around between Hollywood, Santa Barbara and Ojai.

The main thing learned at Santa Barbara is that we are now having real cultural exchange and you will find copy of latter on this subject. Very fine things are developing on the campuses of the University of California (all six) which never got into the press.

I have now to make some reports also for the Institute for Democratic Studies and am also, perhaps this morning, writing a letter to President Johnson with peace proposals. My whole life and karma are the same—being an eye-witness or knowing the principal actors has never been accepted, is not accepted now. But no rejections stop the flow of life and this country has become ridiculous in the eyes of the world.* As Dr. Malalasekera said: “How can you trust a nation that does not trust its own citizens?”

*This is not a subjective reflection or samskara. It is based on one of the world surveys of the Institute and the report is now in my possession.

The Temple of Understanding has been sending more and more cordial responses. All of these arise from the same karma, that the little man who was there counts for nothing before the opinions of big people. My experiences at New Delhi and Fatehpur Sikri have been strongly substantiated by the previous experiences of the dancer Ted Shawn and other non-political envoys.

They openly accept my presentations of Emperor Akbar and Prince Dara Shikoh—which all of the so-called principles of the so-called American Academy of Asian Studies rejected (a priori excepting Ernest Wood), and so a lot of other institutions. But karma is karma and self-excusing does not absolve from karma.

Now my next project—and that is why I mention this—is to go the leaders of the Temple to respect, if not accept, Sri Aurobindo. You know, Haridas, there has been a bit of revolutionary in me and you probably know that all kinds of revolutionaries have accepted Aurobindo.

During the recent LSD conference the vast majority rejected the social revolution for a spiritual revolution and 300-400 Americans joined in singing Indian spiritual songs and mantrams! And it is this transcendent revolution and none of your dialectical ones that attracts me.

My next step will be to try to reach President Johnson with a Peace Proposal. Our good friend, Dr. Radhakrishnan long ago accepted my reports.

The history of Dilip Koomar Roy is an example of the transcendent transformation of a person who was near us. My visit to Poona was full of delights at all levels (including running into San Franciscans). I was told he had become a saint but one visit was convincing. He illustrates Prema Yoga and no nonsense about it.

Actually this has helped me with my own spiritual music which is a blending, so to speak, of Sufism, Bhakti and Vedic elements. As the person is in a state of selflessness I have no way of making a literary report. Indirectly I reported to this Akbar Khan, the musician, who performs in this region. I heard him once at Bombay but have no time for this sort of entertainment.

This is the age of Integration and there is no question about it. But it is also a time of suffering to many of my friends in all directions and that affects the social life.

Yes, it would be easy to write up either my visit to Koomar Roy or on Integral Philosophy and Integral Yoga. As hinted above I was about ready to do that anyhow for the Temple of Understanding.




P.S. Princess Poon has come out in no uncertain terms against the American drivel which passes for “Buddhism.” There is more to that than meets the eye. I have had two reports from Americans who went to Thailand and complained that those people were not following Buddha. You can guess where they got their starts.



September 7, 1966

Norman McGhee Jr.,

229 Courtright,

San Rafael, Calif.


My dear Norman:

There is nothing more terrible than the slaughter of innocent women and there is something almost equal terrible in the extreme callousness in this country about it. Instead of empathy and sympathy we play games. Even the most “radical” of the internationalists won’t go so far as to include the whole race of flesh-and-blood human beings; we play games.

The news comes from Thailand of two visiting Americans attacking the local Buddhism as having departed from the “true teachings.” This was easy for them; they have wonderful instructions in “Playboy Buddhism” which is prevalent here. When they met the real thing they reacted severely.

Now there are many people who are extremely indignant that we might have a playboy for Governor and so express themselves. They are against Playboyism—in politics. But when it comes to religion and especially the religions of the Orient, they are all for Playboyism. The same people—against Playboyism in the political and economic realm, which affects them— are for Playboyism in the religious and philosophical realms of other people.

So the people of Vietnam have before them the bizarre choices of Protestantism, Catholicism and Playboyism and of these three they fear Playboyism most.

So Princess Poon Diskul who happens to be the President of the World Buddhist Federation has come out in no uncertain terms against “Farangi Playboyism” masquerading as the wisdom-of-the-East and the word has gone forth to boycott the coming elections, not as you will no doubt conclude, because these people are for or against communism—most of them would not care less—but because they fear our Playboyism as much as our Christian missionaries.

Therefore I caution you not to be elated at any small vote. It will not only be a protest against imperialism—which you loathe; but also against “Farangi Playboyism” about which we seem to have quite different ideas.

On September 22nd one speaks again on “Vietnamese Buddhism” (which is far from “Playboyism”) and will be quite different to the size of the audience. The purpose of the lecture is to get funds for the poor Vietnamese orphans. Who cares! We want our “Playboyism” and never mind the poor orphans.

This will be a combined effort of us “Sarkhanians” who follow the script of Burdick and not of Mark Twain (“A Connecticut Yankee at King Arthur’s Court”) and although all of us abandoned Christianity we are more concerned with “suffer ye little children” than with Playboyism, whether in politics or religion.

This term “Sarkhanian” is purposely introduced. You did not know I have a sort of “twin-soul,” a woman, a thorough “Sarkhanian” who has been all over and, being an American, is thoroughly rejected by the press, by the State Department and all dialecticians of any camp.

But is just happens that J. is the biographer of Lord Russell, that she is living with Lord Russell now, that she has really been all over (but not different from the local “Sarkhanians”); only Lord Russell believes her, Lord Russell accepts her, Lord Russell will present facts, facts, facts and still more facts and all the different points of view off all different Americans—especially those who have not been there—and going to hit up against stark realities.

It is not enough to oppose LBJ—he will get the upset of his career when he hits walls of facts. It is that he is going to be thrown over by facts, by data, and not by subjectivisms of any kind.

I am not playing games. Unlike my comfortable friends and all Playboys in politics and religion, I had to live among 600,000 war refugees in a single place and could not get out. My head indubitable got soft, but the heart grew a little.





September 7, 1966


My dear Mr. Hopkins:

One hopes this finds you better today and that when one comes to Santa Barbara again one might bring out some information which may aid in promoting the ideals of the Center.

One had long planned to speak again on September 22 on “Vietnamese Buddhism” and so far as one is concerned this may be a “Swan-Song” with total indifference. The last lecture was followed by a receipt of the World Buddhist News Bulletin in which our good friend, Princess Poon Diskul came out in no uncertain terms against the “Playboyism “ which masquerades as the “Wisdom of the East” on radio, TV and press and which is just what anti-Buddhists want. Indeed a good portion of my talk was just to read, without comment, passages from Buddhist scriptures, most of which were totally unknown by an audience, at least half of whom are under some delusion that they know some “Buddhism.”

This might not be important but the declaration of Lord Russell throws a different light on everything. His biographer is, perhaps, the closest colleague I have in the world, with a lot of intrigue thrown in; contacts with the real powers which control the real world and about whom I hope to inform Linus Pauling—naming names, telling functions, etc.

There is, of course, the fact that real Buddhist posits Prajna; by Prajna simple peasants (who are quite ineligible for degrees in “Oriental Philosophy’) can pick up from the atmosphere all our thoughts, all our schemes, as naturally as TV stations pick up programs. It is this innate wisdom in man which will make man free—far beyond the efforts of Leary & Co., bringing the very freedom which all power structures whomsoever whatsoever fear. And though we may proclaim, “Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth will make you free,” too many are afraid of such freedom.

I have written at length to both Dr. Malalasekera and President Radhakrishnan. In the latter case there are other elements and factors involved. Fortunately, although the locals reject this, one has received and is receiving more cordial letters and at least off the record I have become the literary and literatures adviser for Judith Hollister’s “Temple of Understanding.” Will advise when I can come to Santa Barbara again.

If Lord Russell and Princess Poon join forces….


Samuel L. Lewis



The Sarkhanian Scoop

This is our first issue. As we are uncertain of our arithmetic, but not of our facts, we can’t tell how many issues we shall have.

Uncensored Prevision of Lord Russell vs. LBJ

Lordy-Lordy:     Mr. President, are you aware that on Jan. 1, 1955 Princes Ook, Pook and Look of Laos got to gather to formulate a civil war, from which I tape:

OOK:      Why should be fight?

POOK:    We should not.

LOOK:    Why not?

OOK:      Who will pay for it?

POOK:    The Americans.

LOOK:    But we have no communists.

OOK:      We have, I declare allegiance to Karl Marx.

POOK:    Let’s go.


LBJ:        I know nothing about it.

OIL R:     But you sent money and arms.

LBJ:        Yes, to prevent an invasion.

BIG BRAIN:       What invasion?

LBJ:        Any invasion?

THE MATH WHIZ:       Who ever crossed the mountains before? And how could they lug cannons?

LBJ:        The communists are not nit-wits.

RUSS:      So you fomented a civil war?

LBJ:        With the best of intentions.

THE PHILOSOPHER:    What section of Nietzsche are you quoting?


If you think this is nonsense, wait and see.

Then there is my fellow Sarkhanian who works across the street. He never met Lord Russell. He tells me the Americans brought Foreign Aid for the “starving Cambodians.”

They called on the King, Prime Minister, Chief of State, Heir apparent, Heir dis-apparent, Heir anti-parent and general Poo-Bah of Cambodia.

Sihanouk,            What have you brought me?

AID:                   Eight Cadillacs.

Sihanouk:            Eight Cadillacs for my starving people?

AID:                   Yes.

Sihanouk:            Fine. Now where are the roads? And where are the chauffeurs?


Sihanouk kicked out AID and all our editors accused him of being a communist sympathizer.

Watch for the next issue of “the Sarkhanian scoop.” Everything based on history; nothing on press reports.



772 Clementina St.

San Francisco 3, Calif.

September 13, 1966


My dear Norman: The Holy Embrace of Women.

 While thoroughly autobiographical this is an example of the vast difference between Reality and “Realism,” a distinction, fortunately, which does not belong to the Sciences. Scientists do not preach democracy and scientists do not have to say, “Whatsoever ye do to the least of these, My creatures, ye do it also unto Me. On the contrary, an enormous number of adjuncts have come to the sciences just this way—they do not happen in the non-sciences such as religion, metaphysics, social studies, etc., etc. yet. It is only when a plague carrier comes we realize it.

The withdrawal of Bishop Pike from the scene will, I believe, belong to the same category as the farewell addresses of various New England celebrities, such as Theodore Parker and Ralph Waldo Emerson and is very much in the background as one writes. Indeed a copy of this is going to the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions in Santa Barbara. For one has already crossed the Rubicon of trying to reach the American people, but there is nothing, absolutely nothing to reach the whole of humanity.

In the first scene you are concerned. Years ago there was a Sufi picture called “The Thief of Baghdad.” As a country we are grossly ignorant of the largest mystical movement in the world which embraces millions of real people, but we turn instead to presentable savants, usually from Great Britain, otherwise from the continent and thus are accredited with knowledges we do not know. And the peculiar thing about it is that Sufism is concerned with the Divine Experience—limited largely in this country to rear row Catholic Sisters or wild-eyed people who belong nowhere. God is not permitted to select His representatives???

The theme of “The Thief of Baghdad” came when a thief went to a Sufi: “I love a Princess.” “Make of thyself a Prince.” Well this person has made of himself a Prince—at least he was a guest of honor at the Imperial Grounds in Tokyo and Baghdad where Vice Presidents and top commentators are seldom admitted. But this has been a brother-sister love. When her Serene Highness, Princess Poon Diskul last came to San Francisco she literally shoved the VIPs out of the way to greet this “yardbird.” (Very literal, too. I acted as a “yardbird” in the building of the Buddha Universal Church.)

When history is written about Vietnam I shall be in it indirectly. It was easy to reach our official historian, it has been easy to reach the director of the Mekong River project, it has been easy to reach the Buddhists; of all schools, and some day somebody will look into my drawers and find the picture of my “war hero,” Edward Lansdale, who was directly concerned with the manifestation of that faculty which God has given to man (“Let Thy Light shine before men”) but which we seek instead of manifest.

But Princess Poon is not one of the women referred to above and our relations are aeonic although this will not be accepted in this culture particularly by the dabblers in reincarnation.

The first of these embraces came from an Englishwoman. It grew out of a mission, one from the late Henry Atkinson of the World Church Peace Union, and its quondam appendage, “Society for World Peace Through Religion.” In 1928 an incident took place here in San Francisco which led to his urging me to study all the Asian religions—which I have done despite your Watts, your Spiegelbergs, Your Landaus and all the versions of “American Academy of Asian Studies” and the loud effects of Prof. Northrup and Moore who could not address a high-school audience in real Asia. In 1957 I was able to read this man on his death bed, “Mission accomplished.” Before God it has been accomplished; before man—one hopes.

When I reached London late in 1956 and told of my mission I was embraced in public by Lady Ravensdale, President of the World Congress of Faiths, which I joined at its very inception. While you are running around enjoying sex-liquor-LSD “Oriental philosophy” I have not only studied but associated with the top Oriental philosophers. This does not go here, nothing else goes there.

Lady Ravensdale embraced me twice for very simple reasons; everywhere else I got rejected excepting by the real American teachers of real Oriental philosophies. And last December one received the worst calling down of his life for not speaking when the scientists met. Why should I speak? We have our “experts,” we have our liquor-sex-LSD “Oriental philosophies,” and infants die by the millions in Asia, infants whose sin is that they were born of another faith. (Who cares, let’s have another drink, and another “trip.”)

I have told you about my god-daughter, Khawar Khan. Most of this letter will be concerned with Julie Medlock but she will be the final piece. I refused Julie’s request to attend a conference on International Philosophy. Three direct run-ins with real communists (nothing like Hearst or Alsops, etc.); I have refused to go out on a limb. So Khawar went to the international gathering, read my paper and won first prize. Naturally I am respected … in the Orient. This story can wait.

Then there is Rehana Tyabji. She is impossible, for she comes from a highly placed Islamic family—very famous and important, and she is a Krishna devotee. Everybody in our foreign service says this is impossible so they keep away (true). Julie sent me there and we embraced. We embraced again when I left.

Rehana also is impossible because she acts as Oracle for India. The Jewish prayer books (never read by Jews) called for the Oracle and I could say a lot more and this would bring up some mighty problems. Anyhow she functions and her teacher also was the guru of the late Pundit Nehru who did not have any Pundit because our newsmen say so and that is that. But I met him.

He was giving a lecture on the Bhagavad Gita when I entered. He was speaking in Hindi. He turned to me and said, “You continue in English.” I did. This would shock all our “experts” in Oriental philosophy especially of the liquor-sex-LSD schools. If you know Mildred or Gail, they also know and can vouchsafe for Rehana but you must know, Norman, that so far as Asia is concerned the opinions of the big people who were not there are more important than the eye-testimonies of little people who were.

There is a God of Justice, Mercy, Omniscience and Omnipotence Who often manifests to little people. I have met a multitude of such persons, all ineligible to speak at our conferences. When Robert Clifton died, Julie Medlock entered my life.

I met Robert here in 1928 and the rejection of this man by our VIPs is the basic cause of the trouble in Vietnam and it will go on and on. When you accept sex-liquor-LSD Oriental Philosophy you are doing the same thing. Robert lived in every country in S.E. Asia and died of a broken heart because we refused to listen to him. He is already famous, elsewhere.

Julie also had lived all over S.E. Asia. Her story was corroborated when we send a team to Cambodia, and Julie’s story in turn has been corroborated by my fellow-Sarkhanians. What matter? We have “prosperity” and armies continue to assassinate infants born of the wrong faith.

I am not going to tell you Julie’s stories. She has been the biographer of so many men I have held in high esteem including my closest associate of the moment (Oliver Reiser of Pittsburgh).

You know I keep what one calls the sex side of life covered. Yet at soon as Julie and I met alone we embraced. It was not that kind of embrace. It covered all aspects of personality which can be explained by Oriental metaphysics or by sections of the Epistle (I) to the Corinthians. But we do not believe in any three bodies and we do not study them and they don’t belong to our “realism” but they belong very much to God’s Creation, however you look at it.

It is unnecessary to say more about Julie here. She is living with Bertrand Russell. Lord Bertie wants to have a world judiciary on LBJ. The door is open. We can reach Julie and she will give the acts to Lord Bertie and all the noises of all the “realists” in the world will only make it worse. In a court of law, at least sometimes eye witnesses are permitted, and all the big noises of big men mean nothing.

Even Brother Scheer has never worshipped with the Vietnamese. I have but in this “democracy” Sam Lewis does not count, nor my fellow-Sarkhanians. In fact we are joining to present my speech on “Vietnamese Buddhism” on September 22nd at 46 Waverly Place. I do not expect to have in my audience any of the sex-liquor-LSD “Orientalists.”

With all your ideals, you have never lived with Asian peasants. I have. I have lived with the people all over, I have eaten with the people, I have prayed with the people. “Burma Surgeon” stinks; all over Asia I have met devoted and dedicated Christians, many of whom have done more, sacrificed more and no publicity. People who lived with peasants don’t count. This is universal.

There is nothing wrong with “Burma Surgeon.” It is that our whole culture is on the side of the Scribes and Pharisees, very much so. I have hardly met an undedicated Christian missionary, at least not among the Americans. There are some among the Americans who limit their Christianity to their own sect and exclude others, but I have not met them. Holiness is not based on having publicity and biographers. It is not based on hailing the Peace Corps and ignoring AID or the University exchanges.

All these people more or less mingle with nationals.

There are some women I have not met to embrace. One was Edna St. Vincent Millay’s “Renascence” which proves that God does not only manifest in Asians these days.

If Robert Clifton died and Julie Medlock took his place in my life, then Henry Atkinson died and Judith Hollister took his place. I have not met Judith. We don’t have to meet. And her colleagues are now requesting that all our American Academies, and all our European professors of Oriental Philosophy in California and Massachusetts would never hear of—materiel which will enable all people of all faiths to meet under one roof. I am looking forward to the “Temple of Understanding.”

Sleep is a luxury today. One has seen so much poverty, so much exploitation, so much enforced suffering. Every time you take a drink or LSD from our “experts” in Oriental Philosophy, remember those dying children in Vietnam—we cannot have our cake and it too.

One no longer cares what the reaction will be at my public lecture. My memoirs are becoming valuable.

In a class in Anthropology the teacher gave a long story of how field workers became acquainted with the peasants in part, of India. It took him six weeks. “How long do you think it took me?” How long?” Five minutes.” “Who taught you?”

There is nothing magic in it. But the persons whom I learned from are never mentioned. They did the unpardonable; they left the prevailing religion for an Asian faith and so their names were wiped out. But this is equally true of devoted Christians who belong to a particular aspect of their religion; their names are even more wiped out. We cannot present “democracy” and make such distinctions.

I am hoping some Americans will listen to this representative of other Americans and many, many Asians. Lord Russell will go into court with documents, and we cannot abolish the documents with rhetoric. What is the population of South Vietnam that we can prove what percentage really voted?





772 Clementina St.

June 26, 1967


Dear Norman:

About ready to move from here I found an old address. I never see you around anymore but if you are around you do not see me, for evidently we move in different circles.

The failure of your generation to understand even the simplest principles of karma do not detract from the karma, but from the generation. Your generation had a token revolt and the next one has an active revolt. And among those in revolt there is a much more serious consideration of karma. Even now you find young people on Haight St. who know more of Oriental philosophies than some of your mentors and their contemporaries.

Drama, both as tragedy and comedy came—the first serious illness accompanied by success in two litigations. While I am in the apartment once occupied by Gavin the landlady here is very such of an “agin’er.” She is against Negroes on a block occupied by quite a few of them. She is against foreigners and against even more the Hippies and now she has gone to be against almost everybody, to the point that a tragedy is imminent. You can’t pay your bills with such an attitude and fair housing or not, she would rather lose money than take it from objectionable persons, and the taxes are due.

But although she wanted me out the Estate wanted it still more. My brother wanted more money and he would not get it until and unless I did. He gave threat of blackmail by having pictures taken of these rooms. But before it got out the trustees released funds which may keep me in good shape even to the point of now having a part-time secretary.

I have withdrawn from all Vietnam activity because of racial prejudice. I have found most Doves are as anti-Yellow as many whites are anti-Negro. Associating on rare occasions with Vietnamese when they visit, one finds oneself very lonely indeed. We do not care what Vietnamese think or want, the communists and Americans alike are set to liquidate them, each with a power-propaganda. The majority of people are Buddhists, but not “our kind of Buddhist” so they must go.

I have already made the first steps toward a Will and may dedicate my manuscripts to the University of California at Los Angeles. They contact documents of inestimable value when the world gets off its emotional high horse and down to facts. We do not want facts, we want interpretations. And when interpretations cause death to peoples with whom we do not mingle we are not the least concerned. On this point the United State, China and Russia are all in agreement.

I turned in illness from the frying pan of Vietnam to the fire of the Near East. Having given years of study to the latter, I am out. An “expert” does not have to know very much, just lecture. Having sat down with Zionists and Arabs and UN officials and discussed almost every phrase of the present imbroglio I am the last man wanted at the moment. But I met an old friend at UCLA (who is becoming thus my legatee) who had the same experience in Vietnam—the press, the foreign office, the peace groups, all shun him and utterly.

There is one peace group here that indulges in the luxury of everybody talking and everybody listening. When the scientists met they also adopted this procedure. Non-scientists do not. They lean on personalities and “expertism.”

Actually or symbolically my new residence will be referred to as Sarkhan House. It will follow the matrices of “Sarkhan” and “The Ugly American” and present to the young Islamic and Buddhist cultures which are not being given out. And some of the young are interested. As they are against power structures of all kinds they are willing to listen and learn. And in turn many of them are already far deeper into the Yogas, the real Yogas, than “experts” of previous generations.

I expect to take part in two conferences in August, one of the semanticists and one with Dr. Chaudhuri. I am hoping we can get to realities. I have fighting for years on reality versus realism. We are winning all the arguments before the UN and losing the votes. There are a lot of “less equal” Nations and they are showing their teeth.

I am even contributing to the study of African culture at UCS (Santa Barbara) and hope to continue, but my mail drag is the Society for Eastern Arts in Berkeley whither I go shortly—with my new part time secretary who is helping me in all things.

If I get an answer from you will get an invitation to house-warming. I am now too old to fool any more with dilettantes whom our society accepts as “experts.” The savants and the holy men of foreign lands accept and respect me and gradually this is seeping into the universities. If all goes right I shall take an entourage to India in 1969 to the Gandhi centennial. There will be no American, British and European “experts” to stop me there. I have been on platforms before and shall again.

It is unfair to say that you are in the stars (Astronomy) while I am down on earth (Food problems); this is hitting in the wrong place. Astronomy may have effects on mind and heart which I do not know; I have never studied it.





410 Precita Ave.,

San Francisco 94110

July 18, 1967


Dear Norman:

Appreciate your invitation but no parties. Still under the doctor’s care, and after all, though I do not look like it, in my seventies!

At present eat very little meat, bread and excepting for occasional wine no alcohol.

Generally go to bed “early.” Sam still on physical rehabilitation.

This house is at south end of Mission, one block beyond Army. Very nice location opposite park. Planning two house warming parties next month, to be catered by some Pakistanis.

Have to attend two seminars early next month: Semantics, down town; Sri Aurobindo on Fulton St.

Have open house on Sunday nights generally with program on Buddhism or Indian te Ching—quite different from what you will get elsewhere. Thursday night Sufism. Expect either this week or next to have a Colored man who was converted to Islam while on Peace Corps job in Africa.

Have many libraries, but all my astrological books apart. Don’t want them. Will probably sell them at a very reasonable price, partly to get rid of them.

Have an immense Zen inheritance, all kinds of manuscripts and plan to send some to Tuttle soon. He is interested. Always in “trouble,” never a dull moment. Now to Optometrist, just broke glasses. Thanks for invitation,




July 22, 1967


My dear Norman:

I am not going to try to convince anybody there is a Law of Justice in the universe.

You will find copy of a letter just written which gives some news.

I never did get any response from KPFA any different from anybody else. After some 33 rejections on a paper on “Vietnamese Buddhism” a real Vietnamese Buddhist came to this City and would not let me introduce him around. I have stopped writing on this subject because he has done it so much better. But there is hardly a group here that has paid the slightest attention to the Vietnamese Buddhists, who, after all, comprise the majority of the people of that unhappy land.

Having ourselves joined the ranks of those who uphold injustice we cannot and will not have it in this country. We simply do not believe in universal justice.

On the one hand I have been plagued with medical expenses—this week my last pair of glasses broke. On the other hand I am getting a much larger allotment from parental estates than I ever expected; an increased excellent response from Asian personalities on Asian matters; and a gradually increasing audience of the young.

I am preparing some house parties. The first one will be modesty largely because of the increased expenses of the moment. When these expenses are met there will be larger and larger ones, I hope.

Last night I said, “What this country needs is not Black Power but Black Wisdom. There has been a lot of it in the universe but it is not recognized. There is some in the Lowie Museum in Berkeley and there was plenty last night. I tried to unload my American library on Kermit and he never bothered. So I have given it to the Department of Anthropology, University of California, Santa Barbara.

We need some African restaurants too, with African food here, etc.




410 Precita Ave.

San Francisco, Calif.

 July 23, 1967


Art Hoppe,

S. F. Chronicle

San Francisco 19, Calif.


It Happened But It Cawn’t Be News

Dear Art:

Last night I went to Harding Theatre and saw one of the most remarkable performances of my life. The first remarkable thing about it was that the performance and for that matter the audience was so integrated, including some mixed marriages. While the basis was African and Caribbean dances, they gave their own modern choreography and “inventions.”

I should say from an intellectual point of view and from an esthetic point of view it is the best thing since Katherine Dunham but had more African materiel. The idea of black and white people sitting together, not to say the rest of it, is not, of course news, Smustn’t.

What we need, Art, is a little less “Black Power” and a little more “Black Wisdom.” Last night exemplified it and I should say that if God were in the audience he would classify it alongside of Grand Opera and Ballet and equal to either or both. But when man bites dog it is not news, Smustn’t.

The next item is the same. I received one answer from a pro-Zionist and he wasn’t a cleric, you can bet. But I did receive a letter of encouragement from the present bishop of Northern California. Only he is not less equal so he can’t sit with me—who have sat with the top holy men of the whole world! Anyhow I have a preliminary date with a man “on the other side.”

The experts are all yelping that Arabs and Israelis should sit together and talk things over. The experts don’t sit down with anybody or only talk and never listen. Kosygin is their model even when they pretend to be anti-communistic. I shall keep on trying. I did succeed and that is why I am “out,” but a copy of this goes to Congressman Burton and someday I hope—it is a very dim hope, that he may be interested enough to either try to get those on both sides to sit together or encourage those of us who are trying. Vive le Slogan; Mort a l’ action!

Soon I am going to release some letters to the real Orient and it will start some reactions and all the President’s horses and asses and men will not be able to put Humpty-Dumpty (or Vice President Humpty) together again. God may even help the excluded Sarkhanian-American to promote better world relations.

Soon I shall go to a Semantic Conference. I am going to present a paper on Zen Buddhism. It will probably be thrown out. It will not be my paper. It will be part of a book written by the great Chinese Ch’an teacher of the century, the late Tai Hsu. As the Semanticists have never forgiven me for having studied with Korzybski’s teacher and friend, Cassius Keyser, so the “only in America” Zen- experts have never forgiven me for claiming to have studied with real Master of Oriental Wisdom. I am just waiting, and in glee for another rejection, they all come!

Friday night went to a party and that Consul-General of India came in late and began boosting me all over the place. East is East and West is West and seldom do Orientals agree with Orientalists.

Anyhow in the daytime I went to the Japanese Consulate and got the usual until the cultural attaché came in. He bowed all over the place and had his associates on tenter-hooks. I have real documents of real Japanese Zen Masters. This is awful. Of course I was kow-towed all over the place and did in turn. But real cultural exchange with real Asians!

The Chronicle published a communications today giving the Vietnamese side of Vietnam. How odd: Haven’t we enough “experts” and communists? Why should the Orientals butt in? Well they have; they will.

And so long until Lowell Thomas rides again. Will keep you informed with more not-news from time to time. “Aren’t we devilee!”


Samuel L. Lewis



P.S. Hours later. Having read the paper, listening to TV and radio it is obvious that we shall have peace on earth when “expert,” commentators and the foreign office listen to actual suggestions from actual “little” human beings. This is almost asking too much. We would rather have fighting than switch. This is country and much of the world has closed ears and so closed hearts. In the meanwhile the young are coming here in ever increasing numbers. Someday somebody is going to find this out.



410 Precita Ave.,

San Francisco, Calif.

July 26, 1967


Hon. John Sherman Cooper.

Senate Office Building.

Washington, D.C.


Dear Senator Cooper:

On Our Ignorance in Foreign Affairs

This letter is prompted by two things: (a) the attack on the United States by President Nasser, and (b) the absence of any answer from President Johnson—which follows in line with no answers for years from any person in the State Department whatsoever. This follows the line of “Sarkhan” by Burdick and Lederer and there is no sign whatsoever that we have learned anything from either “The Only American” or its rather hush-hushed sequel.

On August 6th there will be the first Open House Party here and it will be limited to those whom I call “Sarkhanians,” who have lived and worked in Asia and are totally ignored by our culture. A few years ago this might not have mattered but we are today largely a nation of college graduates the intelligence of multitudes has gone up and the Presidents and the general policy of this Nation to divide the whole mass into (a) bureaucrats, (b) The Fourth Estate, and (c) subjects excludes alike the from the universities, and ever growing numbers who are considered less and less and less.

It a former letter mention was made of Dr. Galbraith going into opposition and now your colleague Senator Fulbright has become even more vociferous. What the bureaucrats ignore entirely and the press largely is the increase in the number of intelligent people. And the down-grading of intelligence is as indefensible as it is inexcusable.

Who Are Our Friends? When I came to Japan in 1956 full of enthusiasm for Lafcadio Hearn and Townsend Harris, there was an open welcome from the Japanese (all classes) and from the American colony but nothing but coldness from the Embassy. Open strife took place between the colony and the bureaucrats over the use of these two geniuses as the nexus of Japanese friendship. This policy continues all over, the Embassies, the bureaucrats, the Foreign Service do not know the Americans who are popular in Asia and don’t care. The USIS has certain names they are supposed to propagandize and are limited thereby.

India. I mention this land because you have been there. But no American may stress Samuel Higginbottam who perhaps did more than anybody for that land until the recent work of Ford Foundation (also not to be mentioned). Higginbottam was a Christian missionary and any emphasis on any missionary is contrary to protocol because it just might stir up rival mission—just might!

Nor must any American bureaucrat mention Mrs. Gertrude Emerson San who did so much for Indian, peasant agriculture because she changed her religion. Indians demand religion and our American Foreign Service adheres fairly closely to the Russian line. We are always so afraid of communists. And in turn communists do send in emissaries to pray and worship at mosques temples and shrines something we dare not do.

In other words, we have a CIA but we have no Central Intelligence, we do not have intelligence at all.

Vietnam. We have taken every course in that land excepting friends with the people. It is not only against protocol and foreign policy to make friends as above; our generals are treating this land as if it were an occupied country. I must mention this because of the contrast below.

Yesterday a letter was received from a real Vietnamese Buddhist who is teaching in this land. He is unnoticed by the bureaucracy and press, and is noticed by the intelligentsia who are compelled to go more and more into opposition, being treated like subjects by our foreign office.

UAR. I cannot stress too strongly the fact that I have sat down with the leader of the pro-American in Cairo and this is going to be corroborated soon by others who had the same experience—foreign office must pay no attention, it doesn’t.

But I was also sought by the leader of the definite anti-communist underground, a very powerful and totally ignored group. They begged me to contact our foreign office. This is not done. Senator, citizens are subjects. I did get in, too little and too late, with one Mr. Scott. All this is in my diaries and these diaries are becoming more valuable as time passes. The official historians have taken note, the foreign office would prefer misunderstandings.

Arabic Cultural Relations. I think this is only country in the world which employs non-Arab, non-Nationals to “teach” Arabic (?) and Islamic (?) cultures. Not so much now as a few years back but still enough to continue totally unnecessary misunderstanding.

If we had been smart we should have proposed an Arabic desk at the UN. Russian is one of the “big languages” spoken by a “big Power.” Arabic is the language of I understand fourteen (14) member-nations, but they are “peasants.” If we believe in democracy we should like the lead in seeing an Arabic desk at the UN along with Russian, French, Spanish, English and I think Chinese. Fourteen nations, no! One Nation, if powerful, yes!

I myself hosts the Egyptian delegate herein 1955. Dr. Shawarbi, who later was employed in the Washington and Maryland sectors. At the time he was an exception. Why?

The Israelis are far more astute than we are. They have never taken the insulting position of down-grading Arabic culture. We do not gain prowess by insulting, all parties to a dispute.

Desert Reclamation. I have been engaged in this field for a long time and see infinite possibilities therein in which Arab and Israeli could alike benefit. This has been discussed with Zionists and Arabs and UN officials as mentioned before. Foreign office not interested. Why not?

Spending and Riots. We have money to send rockets into space; we have money to send men into space. A large sector of the press is interested, a very small sector of humanity. The little people—now subjects, emotionally react against this. If so much money for rockets and space men, not to say armaments, why not for slum-clearance? For other kinds of jobs? etc. The president is being forced out of his dialectical, horse-blinder “realism” into Reality. He does not understand Reality.

At least Desert Reclamation projects could absorb tremendous numbers of unemployed and keep heavy industry moving without resorting to war. But I am afraid, Senator, if the State Department continues to treat citizens as subjects, and this includes the President, we are both going to have to turn elsewhere and face the rising emotions of those whose ideas are not welcomed today. This is not a democracy, Senator, it should be. We have too many educated people.

Why don’t we try to find out who are friends are abroad? Why don’t we try to learn about those Americans who are admired in foreign lands?

The other night I went to a party given by Indians using American talent—the reciprocal of what is also going on around here. The Consul-General from India (Hon. Mohammed Yunus) came in late. “Why, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Lewis the man who knows more about India than any other American.” There were a number of “experts” in the audience who did not like that and my protests only resulted in his wife joining him. This has been going on for years.

My putative caterer, Mr. Calcuttavala asked me. “If you can sit down with Arabs and Zionists and UN officials and talk over matters seriously why aren’t you with the State Department?” “That is why!” Mr. Calcuttavala himself has been employed in our Embassies. (I am not looking for a job. I am over 70 and have sufficient income and my Asian researches are being accepted slowly by editors.)


Samuel L. Lewis


1229 East Blvd.

Cleveland 8, Ohio

Dec. 11, 1967


Dear Sam,

Arrived safely and soundly even though a little ruffled. Car broke down several times, had to have 2 different motors put in and it took 1 month instead of 2-3 days.

Dad is very much alive and kicking proof of which is found in the fact that he has remarried (#3) again which puts him way ahead of me.

Sorry to hear of Gavin’s illness, I’ll have to send him a card. I now have all the books unpacked and sadly realize that it will be many years before I get around to reading them all. But I will be using them for reference, etc. so I’m glad I bought them.

Your group seems to be very much alive which is more than I can say so far about anything in this neck of the woods.

As I progressed further and further inland from the coast, I began to realize it was like going back in time like a time machine. Cleveland is at least 15 years behind the coast. St. Louis is 20 years behind. Denver is in the 19th Century.

Will probably be going to N.Y. soon for a breath of air. Keep me posted on all the happenings. I don’t even know who got elected mayor and supervisor in S.F. but what difference does it make?

Seasons greetings,


P.S. Want to buy some shares in Dad’s Mutual Company? N.M.



May 26, 1968


My dear Norman:

It is a long time since I have heard from you and hope your affairs are in order. Disturbances are the order of the day; excitement is what we have wished and excitement is what we are getting. When we want something else we shall get something else.

Last week you would have observed a wonder—not that seeing is believing. If more mature citizens had been there they would have said it was a put up show. There was nothing put up about it. The occasion was a public appearance of Paul Reps. To the old this man is impossible: he is not a bright-eyed Englishman, he is not a graduate of any German or other famous foreign university; he studied Oriental philosophies under Orientals, some here and some in Asia, and being one of us he cawn’t possibly have anything to offer. This is the view of the passing generation which is going to pass and leave its ear-marks of selfhood and consequent selfishness.

We had planned for 100 people, put floor mats for 50 more. We did no advertising whatever. Just one public notice. And there were 200 people packed into the place and I do not know how many turned away. The idea of Americans giving real Yoga practices to people without charging prices (or for that matter charging) is inconceivable, impossible and just ain’t. But the young are heart-hungry, tired of streams of words (some verbalized as non-words but words just the same); of blind acceptance of persons because it is momentarily delightful. This is over.

At the end you would have seen crowds of young cluster around both Paul Reps and Sam Lewis and he hugging men and kissing beautiful girls, to come to an abrupt stop when he saw somebody in the background, not so young anymore and yelled: Claude! and Mr. Dahlenberg came forward and we embraced with love and joy, a love and joy which our dear sisters and some brothers of mature age cannot understand at all. It is totally outside their psyches. And if you say anything at all they accuse you of braggadocio, and you know, Norman, they may be right. But if the goods are delivered—that is what the oldsters cannot understand. They are not afraid of God, of love, of joy, of mutual understanding. Of the devil they are not so afraid.

Friday night there was a reception at Dr. Chaudhuri’s, the same old thing. Indians going around telling Americans that Sam Lewis knew more about Indian philosophy than any other American and a pretty solid line of those over 40 thinking it is a put up job but now more and more young people are invading the Ashram too.

The cultural attaché says, “I teach one form of Yoga.” Sam said, “I teach 15,” but no person over 40 is going to believe that and I am grateful to them for that. For every week more and more young appear. And from being flat on my back in May 1967, May 1968 ends with one full of vigor, a large following all young but two, a far better financial situation and only prospects of expanding more and more.

The world situation is worse: Far from accepting Englishmen and Germans as “experts” on Asia, Sam is now cultural adviser to three distinct Summit Meetings in real Asia. And all of them dominated by women! One by one’s own god-daughter there, and two by American ladies who inhabit the same dog-house as Sam Lewis.

While the diplomats at Paris are giving private performances of the Joos ballet, “The Green Table” an American lady is sitting down with Asian-Asians of no consequence or of all consequence. She has the Pope for her, but the top representatives of Hinduism, Sufism and Buddhism are close friends of Sam Lewis. The top Buddhist is Princess Poon Diskul and evidently the Asian-Asians don’t put much trust in Englishmen.

Another one is dominated by an American lady, the only person on earth worse than Sam. She has had the impertinence to be present in almost every land facing a crisis. What right had she? Not only Southeast Asia, but Tunis, Ghana and Congo anyhow. All the press from “The Daily Worker” to the “Oakland Tribune” unite against real eye-witness reports, especially from the “wrong person” and she is more the “wrong person” than anybody I know. But now she is introducing the real New Age and I am hoping to send a delegation to her.

You see Norman, the difference between the age gap is that the oldsters love words. My, how they love words! They are charmed by words, they are deluded by words, they are sweetened by words, they are beguiled by words, words! words! Now we are seeing action and a new society rising. It is bad enough that Daily Worker and Oakland Tribune and every other paper won’t tell us about Canada. They don’t dare—and I mean they don’t care. So naturally anything new coming from India has no chance at all. And to have a great social revolution dominated by a woman is bad enough, but an American to boot!

There is money on the horizon and one hopes to send a delegation to India to report on the new social transformations. They are real. They are prospering and they are not socialists, communistic, capitalistic, but work in a Fourth Dimension. Sooner or later they are going to be known. But we cannot afford honesty, straightforwardness and truth in politics or reporting and on this the Daily Worker, Oakland Tribune, the Birchers and the Trotskyites agree. Sometimes the Wall Street Journal dissents for they have to know the “truth” to protect stock margins.

I am not going to write about these three real summit meetings, for carbons are going to people who may not accept. So I am hoping to send a delegation. Could not get 30 people to listen to my real reports on real Asia, but neither could Robert Clifton who lived long in Vietnam.

The greatest “solution” for Vietnam here is the Ostrich one—hide your head in the sand. And while the Soto Zen Buddhists and Christian scientists lead in this, there are others. At the opposite extreme is that love and empathy which feels the pain and sorrow of everyone. This was taught by Buddha and avoided by Buddhists just as Love was taught by Jesus Christ and avoided by Christians. This is “religion.”

A very characteristic “only in America” affair took place here recently. Elsie Secrist and Hugh Lynn Cayce of the Association for Research and Enlightenment were here. They talked and said that Jogging cures many ills; that Prayer was man talking to God and Meditation was God talking to man. The audience was delighted: Jogging could cure many ills and Meditation was God talking to man! But did any of the dear-old-ladies jog! did they permit God to talk to them! Words! words! words!

This gadfly jogs and listens to God-Allah and the young believe and they ask how they can learn. The first thing was to teach them how to walk. Sam said to Ruth St. Denis: “Mother, I am going to revolutionize the world.” “How are you going to do it?” “I am going to teach children how to walk.” And while the old ladies snicker one taught them how to walk, and to breathe and pretty soon miracles began to happen and the young know it and love Sam and the old ladies know better and stay away.

Actually there are the ways of the Heart, the Breath and the Eye. When Paul Brunton was here the old ladies arranged he speak only to the rich and movie actors. He had the impertinence to apply telepathy without asking any of our metaphysical “experts” and summoned six men, all unknown socially, taught them by silence and results followed. As this could not possibly be, skip it. But as the Asian-Asians accept it and Sam and the young find he does not always brag or lie, they are learning, and they are learning more than empty words.

The metaphysical people come and turn away. We demonstrate the Yoga-of-Love, the Yoga-of-Joy, the Yoga-of-Peace, impossible! Wrong guy and who cares! The young do, they come and more and more. What is worse, this all comes from that most damnable of all heresies, Hinayana! It comes from the guy who never said nuthin’, Lord Buddha, whose words we must avoid because they are fictions because the “experts” say so. So we share Love and Joy and Peace and Serenity.

We go further and try to heal ills. Last week we took up fatigue and this week uncertainty and next week it should be fear. The nice metaphysicians have all the words and they only charge a small amount; this person charges nothing. He happens to be in “easy circumstances” now with every prospect of improvement. And the same is true of his colleagues. We work with a Chinese Master, Too Lun and we are all gaining the young, the hopeful, the seekers of joy and honesty and integrity. This is a new age, Norman, no nonsense and no personalisms.

My American God-daughter may return soon from New York. From the traditional viewpoint she is a bastard sinner. Well, well! I tell people I am not a follower of the Judeo-Christian Ethic. Seeing no win, there is nothing to be concerned about but what Hindus call sanskaras and we work on them. This is done through Heart, Breath and the Eye, by techniques, not sermons.

Today we are going to the Rudolph Schaeffer School, then having a picnic on the park in front of this house and then going to join in the Wesak Day celebration. There is one thing sure, and that is that “Buddhists” do not believe in any Brotherhood of Man. To be a “Buddhist” you have to become veddy exclusive, more than self-satisfied, reject God, turn your back on human suffering and sit and sit and sit and praise yourself. The praise may be negative, you may become totally dissatisfied with yourself, but you are still concerned with yourself, not with pain, illness, poverty and death. Oh no, that is Hinayana and nothing can be worse than Hinayana.

We are doing strange things with Christians, adopting Sufi techniques which our superior culture does not know. And we hope soon to learn the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic and chant it. Shades of Satan, what are we coming to! Anyhow we shall know what the words mean. “Buddhists” chant something called Prajna Paramita Hridaya and they don’t know what these words mean. This is called “liberation” and maybe it is.

As to Muslims, I keep to those abroad. We lie about them and they lie about us and this is called American-Asian Amity. Anyhow we do not permit Muslims to interfere with our “only in America” East-West Conferences.

Had to give up plans for Vietnam. Wanted a seminar wherein Vietnamese could speak. They have their own ideas for their own country; what impertinence! Anyhow who cares! We have so many “experts.”

But three summit gatherings! Anyhow those misled young believe and they are coming and coming and more and more as fast as I can assimilate them. Indeed there is somebody here nearly every day, helping or learning. Have to get manuscripts out, especially Buddhist ones, real Buddhist manuscripts by real Buddhists. That is the first thing. And then gradually to non-existent Sufism (it is “only in America” where this is so.)

Yes, Norman, I have two God-daughters, one in Pakistan and one here. Everything is different. It is a near life, a new age, and we can produce the Yogas of transformation and they work, and before God they will continue to work.

As to politics, I guess I am still in the Burton camp and voting for Kuchel against Rafferty—that is the only thing that interests me now. No decision as to the Presidency. I think I voted once in the last four campaigns, and that was against, not for.

Have some other things to take up, especially concerning Cleveland, but not now. Regards to your father. And if you ever go to Africa, beware of the brainwashing.







Dear Sam,

Sorry to take so long answering your letter but I have moved to N.Y. and it was awhile before it was forwarded.

I heard from Virginia Glenn (Alan’s advance guard) that she met you & was very impressed with your work. Do you remember her?

I also recently heard ex-Dr. Alpert of Harvard (Tim Leary’s old accomplice in the drug experiences) tell of his experiences that have caused him to give up everything including his name (he is now Baba Ram Dass and lives in a hut in the hills of Conn. and eats only one small meatless meal a day). Apparently he is now a Yogi sent to teach here in the West. I was very impressed although, of course, in the total scheme of things, he is still very much a novice.

I find your “Dance of Universal Peace” also appealing though I must say that at present it is very remote from my life of attempting to bring some economic viability to the Blacks slums of N.Y. (I am enclosing herein a booklet describing my present job.)

I was also interested to learn that my god sister: Saadia Khawar Khan is now here in the U.S.A. and in fact not very far from here.

Introduce us by mail and I’ll find some way of meeting her. Maybe she’ll be in N.Y.C. one of these days. If so I’m @

N.L. McGhee, II

372 Central Park W., #2L

New York, New York 10025

UN 5-4501


Let me hear from you soon & give my best wishes to all the gang.

Happy Chanukah, Xmas, etc., etc., & Much Tej




December 21, 1968


My dear Norman:

I am very glad to hear from you and squeeze this letter in. You will find enclosed copy from today’s paper of the work of some of our former associates. I am opposed to any and all racial separatism excepting for study purposes. I have taken courses on African Archeology and African Anthropology and found little interest among these things by my so-called colored friends. But I did run into complaints of Africans of the lack of consideration they were receiving from dark Americans.

Sam has lived among peoples of all hues and cannot see any great differences due to race. The stomachs of all men were created equal, if not free. Power is a delusion no matter who tries to exercise it and wrongs are not settled by other wrongs. Minorities have no right to make atrocious demands on majorities and majorities have no right to exclude minorities from anything. There is a moral law, or perhaps more than a moral law and our attempts to by-pass it does not change it. Inayat Khan wrote: “Poverty is a sin and riches is a crime.”

I do not see “white society.” I do see “capitalistic societies,” all kinds of them, based on all kinds of principles. The new tendency is toward communes of many sorts and there is a growth in this. I leave sociology and economics to my colleagues but live in my own communes. These are not sex things nor parasite things.

There is no excuse for slums and I refuse to look at the Apollo space rot. If we have money to try to reach the moon we have money to quit litter-bugging the earth. This outside our maintaining a war economy. I believe the power-structures want this racial war, just as they like to see Arab and Jew fight and Hindu and Pakistani fight.

You will never read the truth about San Francisco State in the papers or on TV. I watched the Berkeley events. The majority did not count. I saw how the presumable opponents KPFA and the Knowlands staged fake events which became world news. There are plenty of places in California where there are both African and American Negro studies. I am not going to bother. I know about them because I visited campuses. Nobody wants truth; everybody wants to sit in the driver’s seat.

Haridas Chaudhuri pulled his last stunt on me. There is now a real Hindu Study group in Berkeley and some of the finest teachers are coming this way, and soon. Also the Sufi Pir Vilayat.

I have kept on running into Virginia all the time. We met again the other night at the meeting for Lama Govinda. Same old crap. He was tired out. This is a privilege for superman; us peasants get scolded for being tired but superman is always excused. We also saw “Infinite Compassion” in action. I am out for finite compassion. “Infinite Compassion” goes even beyond “liberty, democracy and humanity” in telling peasants to shut up and keep quiet.

I have seen Ben a lot lately and like him very much. He is a real man. He also was at the Govinda meeting and dined with my friends—Virginia also.

Spiritual experience is not a matter of race, religion or scholasticism, the last least of all. I shall now send you copy of “The Rejected Avatar,” one of my poems that our dear friends of the so-called “American Academy of Asian Studies” and its Chaudhurian rival, “The California Academy of Asian Studies” never permit. They censor all knowledge and brainwash the students which is in accord with present-day policies. My friend who went to Nepal soon returned. We discussed his being brain-washed before going; he was and came back totally dissatisfied. Anything anybody else can do we can do better and our black brethren are joining the writes with a rival superiority claim.

Govinda and Watts met. Why not? They have all the credentials of an “Only in America”—expert on Asia—one both in Germany, the other in England and they graduated from the right schools. Hayakawa once proclaimed Watts and Huxley as the great Zen Buddhists. They had the “right credentials.” Ben has collected a lot of unfavorable material on him. He is a champion of the “liberty-democracy-humanity-Peasants Shut Up” School. He is contradicting all his writings but he, being privileged can do just that.

Spirituality is concerned with the heart. The “experts” dare not meet me and they stick their own egos and minds out all over. With a great Sufi and a great Vedanta teacher coming here, we are going to show the young how far off the “experts” were and are.

The spiritual experience is one that enfolds the universe and all creatures. It is more than a verbal expansion-of-consciousness. It comes out from the teacher in the forms of Love, Generosity, Compassion, Joy, Power, Magnetism and even Peacefulness—Realities not crap-words. The new generations are accepting Sam and his colleagues in opposition and contradiction to their elders refusing him the floor. We are doing it with walking, dancing, chanting and finally Darshan which none of these Europeans nor Chaudhuris can do. It affects transformations. Sam is now not only spiritual teacher but father and/or grandfather to a growing number of young people and this will grow because they are seeking Love, Generosity, Compassion, Joy, Power, Magnetism and even Peacefulness. This will climax on Christmas even this year as it began Christmas even last year. You don’t experience Samadhi by graduating from the right schools, even from the wrong schools.

Dr. Alpert would never answer my letters but I shall inform Dr. Huston Smith of MIT about him. As the American national anthem remains: “Anything you can do we can do better,” people who have never learned want to get out and teach. I am one of the few persons who present Lord Buddha’s Yoga, and it is very effective in increasing the capacities for Love, Generosity, Compassion, Joy, Power, Magnetism and Peace and no nonsense. There are realities which the “experts” shun; indeed they are afraid of them

We are not only getting in the universities—the churches and “experts” want none of us—but even the Black Panthers are more open than we could be lead to suspect. My allies are invading both Haight-Ash and Fillmore St. and when they succeed with their “things” they will expose the shams of the age.

The greatest spiritual authority on Universal peace when I was young was the Irish AE and he spent all his time in trying to correct economic ills.

I am now hearing occasionally from Cleveland too, but have not answered most of my Christmas mail.

I shall send your address to Khawar when the time is convenient. Now have four secretaries, mostly voluntary but it looks as if things are changing. This is no nonsense to say that Sam is operating both as Guru and loving Parent.

Love and blessings,






Dear Sam,

Thought you’d interested in a couple reprints I read recently. They fit in pretty well with your comments in your last letter.

Glad things are going well for you. May be out that way next week. If so I’ll look you up and you can fill me in on the latest.

All the best,




March 8, 1969


My dear Norman:

I was glad to get yours of the 6th with enclosures. At the present we are planning a huge joint birthday party for four of my disciples and Gavin, March 21-23. We go to Gavin’s at 1703 Buchanan on Friday night and there is a possibility of “everybody” being there. I understand now that some of my old critics are relenting and I have no time for them because willy-nilly have been drawn into the fight on San Francisco State College campus. The acting president is a Sadist who has gone out of his way to persecute me, but when he was up for the Marin Rod and Gun Club he was blackballed because he had pulled this stunt on sons and daughters of wealthy families. He made all kinds of excuses. He gets the mob to turn against a person, one after another and now this is not working so well. I believe he could hardly pass a test in any kind of culture.

On Wednesday one spoke at Sonoma State College and it was like walking into the 21st century. They already have what the protesters want in other places. Actually much of the foment is by the radio and TV people, backed by the press. I have found, by and large, that students have been conservative but there is a new age and honesty and objectivity are wanted. My objection to the African students program here is that these studies are already in force on the Santa Barbara and Los Angeles campuses at least, but you can’t tell anybody anything. Groups just wish to fight. Some of the professors of African anthropology are good friends of mine.

I am afraid I have already made up my mind on the material from “The Public Life” and am totally in agreement on everything. It is only I have little time for sociological problems. I have now a goodly and growing number of disciples. We are planning for a hundred on my party on the 23rd, but am not sure because I am now reaching more than this number of young people.

A copy of this is going to Yvonne. The death of Thea has brought us in a sense, back together. But the plain fact is that these young women, and some of my young men, are “Yvonnes.” Having had the doubtful career of having inimical parents who also were not very loving to me, it is easy to sympathize and more than sympathize. I laughingly call myself an “ersatz grandfather.”

Today we started a study of Islamics in a course at California. The Instructor was most sympathetic to Malcolm X—total agreement. Not being an “expert” in ??Oriental Philosophy?? he accepted also my credentials and objective reports. In fact the authorities are getting wise to humbugs with whom you had to student because there were no others. But humbugs never understand that the persons they insult may have friends and access to money, etc.

I have combined Astrology with Yoga and Mysticism and demonstrate this in dance patterns. It is my inheritance from Ruth St. Denis. The story is getting out—elsewhere, of course. Although the dance class is very esoteric it has about two dozen in it, and we are now ready for March 21-23. Will cook a curry dinner, free.

Last week one of my disciples had a party, absolute integration and no problems. If you keep the police and press away I think there is no race problem.

From what I know of foreign affairs I am sure the reports in “The Public Life” must be true as to domestic affairs. The first big tenement building for Negroes in San Francisco, seven stories high, first had the first story built and all occupied by relations of the politicians and builders, white—and then they proceed with the upper stories while the lower floor was occupied! As this was the first building, I cannot say about the others but it has made one very apathetic.

The present head of San Francisco State College controls the semantic movement; indeed he is the semantic movement. I had thought semantics would help solve many of our today’s problems such as food supply, desert reclamation, water supply, the use or non-use of spray materials, even the race problems, but he sees to it otherwise and he has the authority of a pope.

Therefore one falls back on the spiritual philosophies and appeals to the young and as one has been writing, the campaign to become a Pied Piper has failed miserably—only the young attend! But more and more every single week this year. I am inviting Yvonne both to this house and to my public gatherings in Marin County. Sooner or later they will get into the press. Sam has already been written up in Playboy (or written down in “Playboy”). At least one is recognized, maybe for one’s faults, but one is recognized.

I just have a few hours to write now, always something to do.

My God-daughter in Ithaca may be here soon. My local God-daughter is a wonder, really. So I am now becoming an ersatz grandfather instead of father. Really I am often much older than many grandfathers although you would never recognize it. Now a beard and pictures taken today. We shall see.

Love and Blessings,


cc-Yvonne Childs





Dear Sam,

Glad to get your letter bearing glad tidings of your on coming party.

As things go now, I should be there. I am leaving for L.A. this Friday and will be there until the 19th at which time I’ll be coming to S.F.

Sorry to hear about Thea’s death. When did it happen? Give my best regards to Yvonne—it’ll be good seeing her again.

It will also be good to see my two God-sisters at long last—and you, too, “Ersatz.”

Till then,




September 28, 1969


My dear Norman:

I am writing a letter which from one point of view is a tragedy but which you may well take to be a comedy if not a hilarious farce. There is one thing I have failed utterly to put over and that is that I am a four generation Californian. Not only that a family reconciliation is to the mutual benefit of each of us but we find ourselves unable to contribute to the benefit of those who simply will not accept this simple fact, and I am therefore sending a copy of this to Dr. Chaudhuri—it is a last hope for which I have no hope. But his practical denunciation of the teachings of Sankara that Brahm is in all men is becoming known publicly.

About fifty of us met this week to establish a valid study group to examine the religions and cults of the day especially those dealing with Asia and spiritual development. The Sri Aurobindo movement, and the rival California School of Asian Studies and American Academy of Asian Studies were not even mentioned! My secretary had a hard enough time making some suggestions (accepted) and we both joined in arranging a possible program for Gavin Arthur. Even Alan Watts has been suggested, knowing this will be controversial, not in the local sense or seen but because he is anathema to a number of real teachers of real Oriental philosophies. These philosophies are now gradually being represented in this general region and none of the persons will have anything to do with the “experts” connected with either of the above rival schools. Indeed the colleges and universities take a very dim view of “claims” and yesterday’s religious page had an editorial against the sermon.

Certainly the sermon is not yoga or spiritual and words do not indicate spiritual wisdom. Dr. Chaudhuri’s two teachers, Prof. Chatterji and Dr. Radhakrishnan, treated this person with a respect never given by any “expert” or any teacher you knew but Dr. Binken and with one exception I am the only Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society living in San Francisco.

All my efforts in every direction have been successful, wearing me out from lack of help but certainly no longer from frustrations. My visit to Lama, in New Mexico, must have been successful because some of their representatives met my Sausalito God-daughter and her husband and were lavish with praise. The Lama foundation has accepted this person and Richard Alpert, now known as Ram Dass, as Gurus, and so far as rejected all the “experts” living in the San Francisco Bay area. I cannot make this point clear; all my reports are ignored by rejected and most of all by the rival Drs. Landrum and Chaudhuri who are now both anathema to the leading universities and colleges. And they are demanding Yoga-experience, not lectures, sermons, claims and book-readings.

The situation is utterly ridiculous. I have now a substantial income and the price for a contribution is simply that I have some knowledge, and one organization after another—all being composed of veddy “humble” clerics, to have refused to admit this or accept any correspondence but one, which is now engaged in a controversy. So instead of contributing I am purchasing copies of “The Encyclopedia of Buddhism” published in Ceylon under the direction of Dr. Malalasekera, and giving these to any institution or organization which will accept the simple fact that I know a little perhaps of some of the wisdom teachings of the Orient.

There is a rumor coming from some of the “experts” that I went to Asia, studied under Masters, and deserted them. This shows the “moral and spiritual” prowess of the VIPs. Last week I received a cablegram from my chief Sufi teacher and an air-mail letter from my real Zen Master—and I am in constant touch with the followers of the late Swami Ramdas. But no “humble” teacher can accept simple facts and those that will not agree I am a four-generation Californian cannot be expected to accept this, evidence or no evidence. You need not be surprised to find not only one but now two whole generations of younger people accepting this person’s physical history, etc.

But the local scene is reflected on the world scene. For many, many years I have been preparing to attend a real parliament of the real religions of the real world. You need not be surprised that such convocations cannot take place within the domains of this country—the State Department would never stand for that! So I have to put up money to go abroad, and, as I have said, my financial condition is somewhat better and is improving slowly and constantly. Last time I sent representatives but now I must go in person with my chief secretary, Mr. Mansur Johnson.

Mansur is one of the chief pupils and a close friend of Prof. Huston Smith of M.I.T. regarded in some quarters as the best American born and educated authority on Asian religions. Not being “humble” he accepted that this person had “solved” his ko-an and he, Huston, had not, but I do not regard this as important. I regard the rejection by the “humble”-experts as important. And this will come to light at the convocations of Americans alluded to above.

I am taking such notes preserved from fire and tragedy during the years for this coming parliament and will go not with credentials of university graduations but credentials, if you want to call them that, from real spiritual teachers, alive or now passed under whom I have “studied” in this world, plus, knowledges of scripture which few people have, least of all the “professors,” present or past of the various “schools” of Asian Studies?????????! The cards are on the table.

The cards are on the table. The younger generations accept this person with glee when they discover he has been rejected by the “experts.” One of my rejected epic poems is already accepted by a professor, of all places, San Francisco State College and more is in the offing.

The disciples of the now gone Meher Baba have surprisingly accepted my universal approach and the “esoteric methods” which I have taught. There are Sufi yogas which are not nearly so hush-hush as Indian ones and generally quite operative and effective. My spiritual training through music, dance and chant is gaining and I am hampered by too many demands—no longer the rejections of “humble” people and experts. These things will be offered to the world in open meetings by spring-time and no nonsense.

I have a most beautiful group of followers, men and women, the former dominating.

My Pakistani God-daughter has been here and returned to Cornell. If my plans work, or rather if God’s plans work through me I should be coming East—Washington or New York, and then to Istanbul, stopping at New York, thence to Ithaca, Pittsburgh and Cleveland before returning West. This is a long-range program by a person used to long-range programs.

I should like to have availed myself of the knowledge of the self-esteemed “experts” but they are all too “humble.” I have my real integrative program of East and West. I pummeled the Muslims on this and to my amazement they accepted the criticism! Mohammed was not a prelate, not a landlord, not a monarch but a humble working man with God-consciousness. And remember, Krishna means—nigger-­baby! (i.e. black). And my poem on this subject—which I shall be glad to send you if you do not have it, is gradually being accepted outside the “experts.” They want Spiegelberg’s “Indian Mystical Practices” which you probably will not find anywhere in India!

That is enough noise for now.






Sept. 28, 1969


My dear Norman:

This is a sort of private letter. The old CORE is gone. When I was living in Cleveland my friends of African descent were opposed to all “race” holding to the “human race.” While in one sense they were right, from the standpoint of a flower grower color does not matter at all.

I have shown more interest in African anthropology and archaeology than many people presumably of African ancestry. I see no sense in drawing conclusions logical or otherwise. Recently some girls have been putting on African clothing which I consider vastly superior to our own from any point of view. Some men, too, but they are more timid.

On the whole I have preferred African and especially Nigerian music and dancing to most, which proves nothing. It is a personal conclusion. But instead of there being positive pride there are too many tendencies toward violence. This helped Sam Yorty in L.A. I have known Sam since when and he is very clever in cashing in on his opponents ‘mistakes.

I understand that some of my friends in Cleveland are related to Mayor Stokes, but I shall be unable to visit that city until much later as written you otherwise. We are having more and more, to me, useless race riots. I say “useless” because nothing has been gained.

My own meetings are open to people of all races and religions and being rather successful, they are never reported. Anything that is both unusual and successful is never news. The poverty program knows no racial boundaries and by keeping the races apart solidarity disappears. It makes one totally indifferent. So I am applying the wisdom-teachings of Asia which were not taught at all in the previous generation and they work, believe me they work.

Love and blessings,




October 4, 1969


My dear Norman:

It looks as if I were piling it on. I forgot to write to you about “The Oracle,” a publication mostly of my young friends. We have been wondering whether you can give us any idea about helping to distribute it in the New York Area.

This started out as a Hippie-Drug-Haight-Ashbury thing, then got to Leary’s hands and now also my own people. The article written years ago by me, “Toward Spiritual Democracy” has been published.

I am now being called on more and more and more by the young for all those things which the so-called American Academy of Asian Culture and the rival California Academy simply would not have. Now fortunately both are becoming objects of scorn and ridicule. Alan Watts is still alive but he is not being taken so seriously—nevertheless he is not being thrown out.

At the moment it looks as if some of us will be coming East in March on a world mission. More later.




910 Railroad Ave.

Novato, Calif. 94947

February 5, 1970


My dear Haridas:

In later life you will never be able to say I didn’t give you a chance. I have always wanted a real Academy of real Asian studies in San Francisco where I was born, despite a lot of unsubstantiated rumors to the contrary. Before God Allah Ram or whatever you want to call him, we are going to have real cultural institutions where the real knowledge and wisdom of the real peoples of Asia will be offered at a price or not a price. I call your attention to an article in today’s paper on miniature Moghul art. I do not know what has been gained by trying to hide this culture from American peoples. It was real, and it is now being given because it was real.

There are now so many institutions concerned with real Asian culture and there is so much money floating around. It is regrettable that you have cut yourself off both from the people and their money. Therefore, you should not be surprised if some or all of your purported aims are being brought into objective manifestation by others.






April 6, 1970


My dear Norman,

This is written in London where my secretary, Mansur, and I just arrived today from Geneva. The whole outlook is rapidly changing, and there are possibilities from the legal standpoint alone which may enhance my efforts. For my brother is either ill or dying and this may provide further release of funds from the estate.

The old days of the so-called “American Academy of Asian (sic!) Studies are over. Haridas has a much larger paper successor. It has far more opposition in academic circles especially as the universities are now building up really real Asian Studies. And we stand in as good with both the top Orientals and Orientalists as we did not formerly.

But for the moment I do not wish to write about this. Very few people have cosmic consciousness or world outlooks. Some gobbledy-gook and emotionalize but deliver nothing. And one might ask—and the very top people are asking, “Why not African and South American Studies?” It is certain I can visit Howard any time. Met a Dr. Roberts who although the only Africander, so to speak in a vast assemblage of Asians and Westerners, carried the day. All plans are set for a real world congress recognizing many of the ignored cultures of Africa. It may take place next year, or the year after. I think this will depend on funds—in other words I believe a really world conference could better pay for African representatives to visit the US than for a lot of us to try to go to Abijan or Lagos or Zanzibar.

Here I am one up. I have at least done considerable study in African archaeologies and anthropologies. I am as “in” with the universities today as I have not been with the San Francisco societies and big shots and experts, especially “experts” of whom you know many and who were quite absent from Geneva. The charmers of old ladies have no place when they have to meet real world leaders.

At this writing I have no schedule. The airfield strike may cause change of plans. I should be in San Francisco not later than the 26th.

Everything is different now. We had a fine Spring Festival which was also Gavin’s birthday. About 200 people participated in dances choreographed by this person. This did not include onlookers and the technicians who televised it. Since there two other plans have come up for televising: one from a man who has MGM connections and the other is so stupendous, a real peace festival without diplomats, newsmen, military and “experts,” but as both this and the African program are themselves tremendous we are just resting.

Then there are the young and they are making this Pied Piper a Hippie Guru. The young more and more. The top spiritual leaders of the real world more and more. We met Princess Poon again but now she is being overshadowed by the younger and more vigorous people, among them a wonderful representative of the Dalai Lama.

I stayed about 10 hours in New York on the way to Switzerland, but could not get you on the phone and the rest of the time was given entirely to relatives. I do not know about my return schedule, because of the air field strike. We presumably arrive in New York again on the 16th and are expected to go to Boston and then to San Francisco immediately. This means I cannot even visit my God-daughter who is at Ithaca, but if a possible change in the financial estate warrants it, I may have to come to the East coast either in May or later on but not in June or July. For a summer school is waiting for me where I am going to teach oriental philosophies and spiritual dances. As I have said the real Orientals and real Orientalists almost as much as San Francisco “experts” do not.

We not only successfully laid the foundation for a new age type of spiritual dancing, it begins to look as if this will occupy much of my later days, provided the health holds out and the vigor continues. Actually, I was one of the oldest persons at the world gathering at Geneva, one of the most vigorous, and the man who became known as “he who writes the longest letters but makes the shortest speeches and always to the point.”

I am scheduled to speak at least when I return to San Francisco. No doubt it will cause my former detractors to gawk, but I have no time for them, no time at all. I shall look up Kermit Schoo and Willy Brown and also the colored secretary to Congressman Philip Burton.

I was just as successful with my plans for Palestine as I was not previously. Profound apologies were received from top Rabbis and Protestant ministers, and I have the very best contacts now for the whole real world, the world of objective humanity.

Donna Provire showed up at the reception I gave to Pir Vilayat Khan, the Sufi leader. She looks very unhappy. She is head of a specialty school for young people in Sausalito. I hear from her but she seldom comes to me. Her specialty is alcohol, not marijuana.

If you ever come west again, you will see my beautiful young men and women, very beautiful. As I have written elsewhere, my efforts to become a Pied Piper failed miserably, only the young showed up. At Geneva too, while others talked about the young, they were attracted to Sufi Sam.

Well Norman, we have bigger and better things before us and cannot turn back. I would not be surprised if my picture has not already appeared in a lot of West European newspapers. I have a beard which makes me look like a cross between a Hebrew prophet and Santa Claus.

If we are stuck in New York, will phone you, but really the schedule is overfilled.



P.S. We are perfecting astrological dances among other things.



May 5, 1970

Norman McGhee II

372 Central Park W., #26

New York, N.Y. 10025


My dear Norman:

George Bernard Shaw said he believed he could convert a banker to socialism, but a banker’s clerk, never. Perhaps in a similar fashion I may say, that I have hopes to have some Asians or even Europeans to accept karma, but our “only in America” experts on Asia, never.

We stopped off in New York a few hours both en route to and back from Europe and tried in vain to reach you by phone, all hours, but in vain. It is very different to meet the top orientalists and the top real religious and spiritual leaders of the world than in trying to reach some socially accepted “expert.” We had no trouble whatsoever in the efforts to communicate to, from and with persons of all religions, races, languages and cultures. In an international gathering I think we were the only ones who could do that. Although there were many world famous people at the gathering in Geneva which we attended. We were given absolute freedom to express ourselves but did not because there were better known persons with common outlooks, outlooks absolutely verboten in certain private institutions claiming to be teaching “Asian Culture” here. You can bet that there was a notable absence of “only in America” experts on Asia. Or as I have been saying, “When the Gods arrive, the half-gods go.”

While Samuel Lewis and his secretary Mansur played but a small part in a gathering of the world’s religions there were no restrictions, believe me Norman there were no restrictions. Why, I even received an invitation to visit Howard University whenever I wish.

I am speaking this Friday night on the international convention under the auspices of The Temple of Understanding. We are building an institution which may house all the different religions, or at least provide for their usage. It is not a phony Baha’i Temple; it is a real effort on the part of real religions and real leaders to get together to promote peace and understanding, and there are many signs that this will be done.

In fact when we went to London we were honored guests at the headquarters of the World Congress of Faiths and the Royal Asiatic Society. We also met some of the most remarkable real Orientalists, and no nonsense.

When we reached London there was a cable that my brother has died. This may mean a possible further increase in my rather ample income. But I hope to use this money to promote world peace, at least in the Near East. There are now no phony experts to stand in my way, believe me.

The latest news which may not surprise you is that the so-called Auroville effort of the band wagon followers of the late Sri Aurobindo is not doing so well. The leading self-appointed Hindu philosopher here has already promoted other fiascoes. As you might expect he is willing to join any group provided he is made the leader. Read what I said above about karma. This is not the first time when I have seen the self-made great go through unnecessary dramas.

Before we left we had a celebration—the Spring Equinox and Gavin’s birthday. 200 young people performed in dances originated and choreographed by this unworthy person. In addition to the participants there were crews of extras and technicians televising, and it is even possible in time these things will be made public.

I have presented this material also to the young in England and in Boston. Soon I am going to the state of New Mexico. This is a New Age, Norman, in which pompous ignorance has no part whatsoever.

I am teaching not only spiritual dances derived from the real religions of the real world, but the whirling of the spheres depicting the movements of the planets, and rather successfully. We do not only do the whirls of the 7 traditional planets, we are depicting Uranus and Neptune and even in another sense, Pluto.

The whole philosophy involved is that of the group-unit, of humanity rather than the ego-individual. Naturally these do not appeal very much to older people but to counterbalance they seem to have a tremendous appeal to the young.

There were two groups omitted from the convention of the world’s religions: the young and the African cultures. There is great concern over the absence of the young, but as things stand now, I believe I can deliver them. Everywhere one meets beautiful response and beautiful young people. And I mean everywhere. My return was marked by increasingly large gatherings.

The other omission, that of the peoples and cultures of Africa, is also under consideration. While I have done considerable studies in African Archeology and Anthropology, and while it is probably more than that of many of our most chauvinistic black brothers, it is actually far from being ample. This was felt. There is an underground either to invite Africans, or actually to meet in Africa next year, or soon. My main objection at the moment to meeting in Africa is simply cost of travel and the weather involved, and I would certainly cooperate to defray the expenses of any such people coming to our shores or meeting in any more mutually acceptable region. As matters stand, I am expected to visit the East coast again in the Fall. I already have an ample crowd waiting for me in Massachusetts, enhanced by the fact that my colleague Baba Ram Dass (Richard Alpert) is probably leaving the country soon to study under a Sufi who resides in South America. There are such persons you know, despite the denials by our expert friends at certain private institutions. I think this is enough nonsense. I shall be glad to hear from you at your convenience. My main objection to our present foreign policy is wondering why we don’t join with the communists in a common effort to stamp out Buddhist infants. Oh it is glorious, killing innocent babies. In a copy of a poem written many years ago, and universally rejected, it is emphatically stated that the philosophy and psychology of Hitler would become so embedded in the human psyche that it would become difficult to eradicate it. Well we have it now.

Let me hear from you at your convenience. Faithfully, your godfather,


Medlock, Julie Correspondence


Sunday, February 18, 1962


Dear Sam:

Your letters are delightful, constantly leaving one dangling in mid-air with unfinished thoughts and sentences and all that lovely humor: I gather the spirit of adventure has you in its clutches, as usual. Keep the carbons coming.

Me, I haven’t had a second to write. The struggle to get my Pakistan and the Nations Supplement out was a pitched battle with the forces of evil all the way—the one editor, who never read a line of the copy until a few hours before press time used every possible argument and ruse to postpone or to kill the whole idea. I literally went down to the press and watched the rotary start running the sheets for fear he’d be down to throw a monkey wrench into the works. Why I haven’t got ulcers I’ll never know!

But anyhow, here it is—at last! A humble beginning. We had enough copy for two more pages, but I’m glad to have gotten this much. And what I’ve learned in the process will help elsewhere. I hope we have lifted a little—and will be thinking it a success if only two or three people out of our whole 50,000 circulation are inspired to think a little more deeply about these matters. What do You think?

I am steeling your remarkable kind-of-Sam-Goldwyn remark: “News is more important than optimism.” Thanks. Did you steal it from him?

You still have not been very clear about Rhyana—but will hope to hear more on your return. Don’t know if I’ll be here through March, but could be—I won’t let the boss down now that he had gotten my project through, and there are some projects still hanging fire here. When those are over, the only thing I can think to do is to go up to Swat or someplace cooler—Swat attracts me … (I keep remembering the poem Bertrand Russell sent me when I first came out here:

“Who and What

Is the Wali of Swat?”)

and try to raise dollars to get on to Tokyo in September with my Nations Project, and also to try to finish my book for Doubleday. But I am trying not to make plans, really, in that old American Way and am reverting to my South Indian query: “What does the Divine want me to do?” Obviously he/it or He/It, wanted me to come to Pakistan and do this first step of the Nation’s Project here—it certainly was the last thing I would have thought of. So He/It must know what next. I must say He/It does everything at the last minute. I remember an English journalist friend of mine who was out here having all kinds of strange adventures—like living on 5 cents for two weeks in Bangkok because her publisher’s check was delayed, and so on…. SHE used to say “I know God will take care of me—He always does—but why does he have to be so Dramatic, always waiting for the second before dooms-hour?”

But back to Rhyana—I’m jumping the way you do—so Koot-Humi is her Master. Very Interesting…. I didn’t realize this. My Djwhal Khul, The Tibetan, was Koot Hoomi’s and Morya’s assistant, I’ve been told. I think Morya is supposed to be handling the area of world affairs I’m working in, but he has never so informed me! Another three thousand years, maybe….

I wish somebody would tell me about my future the way they tell you about yours. No word from the Major and I can’t find his address, but probably will. But I sent The Wali a copy of this Pakistan Supplement with no comment, just my name on the envelope.

Nuthin’ else to report.

Best regards,

Julie Medlock



Accra, Ghana

19 March 1965


Dr. Reiser has kindly let me see your letter of February 25th, which must hold some kind of a record for length, but which I of course enjoyed all the way through. How come you haven’t latched on to the Sahara Reclamation Project? That has fascinating possibilities.

You don’t say in your letter what are doing in San Francisco these days. Have you given up your travels? How is your health? Are you going back to Pakistan or back to anywhere or are you going to somewhere new next time?

And just how are your “tentacles” crossing the African continent now, might I ask?

So much for this moment—I just wanted you to know I’m alive and snowed under with work. I have put in to the mail for you a copy of our February mailing which includes a copy of my newspaper project which I started in Lahore—now it is the Nations Project for International Cooperation Year. We’ll soon have 10,000 copies of it in circulation.

Good wishes as always, and salaam aleikhum,

Julie Medlock



Science and Spirituality

A seminar on “Science and Spirituality” sponsored by the Akhil Bharat Sarva Seva Sangh, Raghat, Varanasi, and World Union, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, was held at Patna from 28-12-62 to 2-1-63 under the Presidentship of Dr. Rajendra Prasad and was inaugurated by Dr. Raynor C. Johnson of the University of Melbourne, Australia. The following statement was issued on the conclusion of the Seminar:

Recent decades have witnessed striking advances in scientific knowledge and technological achievements. These advances have brought immense benefits to mankind—quicker communication, better health, easier satisfaction of material needs. More leisure to pursue the higher objectives of life. At the same time, the staggering power unleashed by science and technology has magnified to frightful dimensions the problem of its right or wrong application, and mankind faces today for the first time in history the awesome possibility of its total destruction in a nuclear war. Man’s present predicament is due to his neglect of his inner development which has left him a slave of his passions.

It has been increasingly recognized in recent times that the integration of Science with Spirituality is the means of overcoming the present crisis. This Seminar was jointly convened by the Akhil Bharat Sarva Seva Sangh and World Union to examine the implications of this integration and to find ways and means of mobilizing the resources of Science and Spirituality to meet the present challenge. Although in the popular view Science refers to the knowledge of the outer world and Spirituality to the knowledge of man’s spirit or self, this Seminar is of the considered view that knowledge is one and indivisible. Science has to be understood in its original meaning of “knowledge,” and as such must include both knowledge of the outer world and of man’s own nature. The spectrum of Truth has to be recognized as extending on the one hand into the sensory world, which has been the chief concern of the scientist so far, and on the other hand into the world of Spirit. The unwavering pursuit of Science in this sense, and the cultivation of the scientific spirit or approach, even with regard to the study of the nature of man, provides, in the view of this Seminar, the only antidote to the maladies afflicting mankind today.

Although the scientific method of experiment and observation, systematization and inference has proved highly successful in the exploration of the outer world, it has unfortunately not yet been applied adequately to the exploration of man’s nature. The few scientific investigations so far on the human mind and consciousness seem to confirm such insights of the great saints and mystics as the inter-relatedness and the unity of life. This Seminar believes that the time has come to extend these investigations in a large way. There is every hope that increased knowledge concerning the elements in himself will enable Man to acquire Love and Wisdom to overcome fear and insecurity that stand in the way of true peace, within and without.

This Seminar welcomes the efforts of all individuals and organizations the world over who share in its concern to mobilize the spiritual resources of mankind for meeting the present dangerous situation and paving the way for a brighter future. It calls upon them to join with it in promoting greater understanding by Man of his own nature, and in particular, for a more sympathetic appreciation of the motives and aspirations of other peoples and nations. One of the methods for realising these objectives might be the collection and systematic study of creative work in this field, especially from nations other than one’s own. This Seminar also recommends that immediate steps be taken to advance scientific research in this field and, wherever necessary, to found and support new institutions for the integral study of Man. It finally expresses the hope that the Akhil Bharat Sarva Seva Sangh and World Union will continue to take interest in promoting other Seminars of this kind to consider practical projects in collaboration with others.



43 Hasker Street

London SW3, England, U.K.

August 8, 1966


My dear Sam:

My apologies for never seeming to get your letters answered adequately if at all—I am under such continuous pressure of work and travel. But I feel sure you understand if your telepathy is as good as it used to be.

I left Ghana April 20th, two months after the military coup, merely because our General Secretary had been recalled to head the Ministry of External Affairs and I was left with this international organization on my hands and it seemed slightly schizophrenic to me to try to operate it under a military government, that’s all. Since, I have been in Khartoum, Addis Ababa, Cairo, Rome, Geneva, Wales and in London for the past month. (This address will always reach me, as mail will be forwarded.) Now in ten days I go on to a meeting near Frankfort and will then be with friends near Düsseldorf for awhile and probably a few other places around Europe. I am quietly talking to a lot of people to see if anything realistic can be accomplished in regard to international affairs just at this juncture in history. Some consensus is developing but there are no funds in sight yet, at least in my sight! The matter for consideration also is where to site our future operations either under the name of the Accra Assembly or The World Without the Bomb or my old Public Interest International. Practically every country presents some local political situation which would best be avoided and there are hardly any non-­aligned and non-military countries left. Alas. I am trying to remain as desire-less as The Buddha and wait and see what develops, if anything. So writing you a letter at his juncture is quite premature as you can see! More later, if I survive.

Your disconnected tidbits of news are as usual fascinating. Sometimes I can even put them together. What is this about British Columbia “Where they have a completely new social order.” This I must see. Tell me about it.

Racing to catch a train to Tunbridge Wells for a meeting, so do forgive the brevity of this acknowledge note in the surprise of having heard from me at all!

As ever,

Julie Medlock



c/o Dr. Marcus Bierich

Duisburgerstrasse 21A

Wittlaer, bei Dusseldorf, West Germany

October 1, 1966


Dear Sam:

Well, okay. But you surely did a fine job of evading the issue in your interesting letter of September 22nd. Don’t let the point escape you, old dear: please do not throw my name around, in that slap-happy way of yours, in the future. Agreed?

Yes, about Peace. It will only be the result of the establishment of right human relations. We have to work toward it in an infinite number of ways. But nobody seems at the moment to be getting any result. I can hardly imagine that it is the world’s destiny to be gobbled up, chewed and swallowed by the USA. There is very little inviting in the prospect of an imposed Pax Americana while we are in our present low state of evolutionary development: juke boxes, coca cola, status, the military and the Texas point of view, not to mention the teen-age civilization.

Here I listen to the Armed Forces European Network and switch off every broadcast with a shudder. Glorification of the military, top news position always to the Vietnam war, propaganda total and complete. Other programs jazz and the most stupid State-side comedians. I would think the Germans would throw them out. Good reason why India has refused to allow our broadcasts out there and has recently even turned down a proposal that the USA supply radio receivers to villagers. Part of the network of encirclement. We can accept the Russian and Chinese broadcasts as largely propaganda, but the USA ones are dressed up, hypocritically, to try to look like something else the usual Madison Avenue trick of talking down to the masses. They are the ones who are stupid to think they are being believed: A good example of that is this new proposed Asian meeting in Manila. They really play it straight, as though everybody outside the USA doesn’t recognize who is pulling the strings and that only the USA puppets will be there and what they will be talking about will not be peace. By a curious twist of semantics peace talk is really war talk, these days. Come on in, Big Brother; double-think has long been with us!

The Ruth St. Denis photo—Kwan Yin—is lovely. I return it because you may need it and I can’t carry around anymore paper in my traveling. I didn’t know she was still alive.

No other news. I continue to keep the work moving, now awaiting replies to governmental contacts, which may take some time, the bureaucracies being what they are.

You say: “I wish you could see further.” I echo this with, “Me, too, Brother:” Some century, perhaps.

Meanwhile, carry on.


Julie Medlock



P.S. How did the riots in San Francisco look, from where you sit?



410 Precita Ave.,

San Francisco, Calif.

May 8, 1968


Miss Julie Medlock

Auroville Information,

Pondicherry 2, India


My dear Julie:

One feels you saying, “You have saved my life” and perhaps, add “again.” The arrival of and the content of the brochure on Auroville are going to bring out into the open certain characteristics of what Lord Snow calls “our two cultures” and there is no evidence to me that there is anything else. Scientists do not indulge in a priori rejections and people of “the other” culture” do and over and over again. And I have been preparing a paper on “The Semantics of General Semantics” to show, with data and referents how far this movement has gone from the original purport aid intension and gotten so far from the general trend of Science (or the sciences) that on receives among the literati exactly the same as the leaders in G.S. give—contempt for the other fellow.

A year ago Sam Lewis was flat on his back is a hospital. He had just won in litigation, went out celebrating, had an attack of ptomaine, and bingo. There he had a kind of mystical experience which happens only to mystics and never to bright Englishmen and scholars who write books on experiences they have never had. And it was to the effect that he was to become the “Guru” of the Hippies. No use going into that, the people (i.e., the editors, commentators), and more equals one will not have. And now the young troop to these doors, the meetings are to overflowing.

Coming out of the hospital one was successful in that great American virtue and the income, slightly increased, was doubled, and a slight increase this year and if my brother has his way, another next year. And should one predecease him, only two uses for the money, to get published manuscripts which Sam cawn’t have because because; and to travel. These manuscripts are a host of documentaries of real Zen-Ch’an Buddhists who wrote mostly before we in America discovered those bright and famous Englishmen (one now deceased, no two) who invented something they called Zen because evidently they were not too good at spelling. “Zen” they called it and “Zen” it is, but almost “only in America” and any effort on the part of Americans, to get out the teachings they learned in the Orient from Orientals isn’t, only now there is a split between the scientists who want facts and the non-scientists who wish to retain the privilege of saying “no” to the impertinent.

The young prefer the facts of the little man who was there to the opinions of the grand men who were not. Youth is in revolt and more and more and the oldsters are explaining, each to his ego-satisfaction, the rational for disturbances but the oldsters simply cannot adopt in social affairs the same impersonality and objectivity that we find in the sciences. And Sam Lewis is suspect because he has respect for General Semantics, even though the “generals” have never accepted any paper from him no matter how well documented and only one letter. The reason for this complaint is inextricably connected with your own editorials.

Mere recently—because there is a faculty of Insight, Sam called one of his disciples and said, “You are going to India. There are possible sources of income.” In two weeks she said, “I have all the money.“All right, I assign to you, “great spiritual women of the day” and [?] women are either known to you or identifiable by you and they [?] your good (or not so good) ego-self.

“ETC.” is a magazine called “A Review of General Semantics.” I had the temerity to have studied under Prof. Cassius Keyser of Columbia University, and long, long ago, when some of these leaders were babes or unborn, I read The Manhood of Humanity by Alfred Korzybski. I have never been forgiven. Or either for the fact that I studied Lord Russell’s work on philosophy and much on mathematics and from Russell went to Peano and thence to Cantor. This couldn’t possibly be, bang! Bang! Which is the way of “democracy” in certain quarters. And when I presented a paper on “Three Infinities” to a professor of philosophy recently I received an “A” in the course and my class recital was on the same Cantor which you have quoted. Amen and this is the way of those disappearing.

In “ETC.” Lloyd and Mary Morain conclude the commentary on Cosmic Humanism by Oliver L. Reiser with:

“This book will be a revelation for the individual who feels that surely there must be some pattern in the odyssey of mankind, who wishes to reject religion just because it has become obsolete, who is tired of the limitations of technologies, who believes all cultures and times contribute to mankind, and who somehow find purpose and meaning going from the individual outward and outward into the individual. The intellectual elite of the new youth who we are viewing society anew, who look to both the East and West for significance, who create the underground press, will eventually ‘discover’ Reiser.”

One might add what they omitted: “Sam, you can’t possibly have that knowledge” and this has been going on for years. So I am going to challenge them with a paper on “The General Semantics of General Semantics” and will quote you because Cantor used by Julie Medlock is and Cantor used by Sam Lewis “can’t be” and when I was at their seminar last year all one got was value judgments which the same Lloyd Morain, disciple of Oliver Reiser, permitted, he having known me since his teens and most regrettably he and his colleagues are as rejected in the halls of ivy as they have chosen to reject a priori.

One also received an “A” by presenting a paper on Sri Aurobindo and Plato. Last week a beautiful letter was received from Sri Surendra Mohan Ghose acknowledging that Sam Lewis can have the knowledge of Vijnanavada and exemplified what the Prophet and Mother stood for. At night one had the Diksha of the Mother in Vision, but of course this “cawn’t be” and the young accept actualities and the old keep to value judgments. The elections yesterday and the hard fact that Sri Haridas Chaudhuri of the Cultural Integration Center, Sam Lewis, and our Buddhist colleagues are today speaking to overflow audiences, nearly all young who want knowledge or wisdom and not blind acceptance of Big Names evidences that the predictions of Sri Aurobindo are now coming into actuality.

Today Sam Lewis is a cultural adviser to two other summit meetings in Asia and both dominated by women whom you could easily identify and both in some way connected with your past histories. And the practical use of Integral Logic is a smash on all the dialecticians and analysts who control the media of communications but not the young, God bless them. And all the lies of the world euphonized as “realism” cannot stop the supertide of Reality.

I had already notified the office of the General Semanticists that I intended to come soon and purchase books and introduce G.S. into Asian countries, with or without their approval. But now with your brochure I shall withhold in part asking if you wish some of this literature. Also I am ready to purchase the works of Oliver Reiser and I think these would be a book contribution to Auroville but do not wish to do this without your consent. If money is needed for other purposes, more worthy, why give you a library when you have no place to store or stack the books? Anyhow you can count on Sam to cooperate with you fully here.

Part of my work has been to uncover the parallels between Sri Aurobindo and Oliver Reiser and to integrate the schools with the Integral outlook. And it is curious that during a course of years one always receives response from our good friend, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan who has given has given his approval.

I won’t go further into the world scene here, nor to the local scene.

The first thing my eye hit was the section on George Cantor. I have his book on transfinite and have tried to use it, to no avail, on all kinds of people wishing to lead, or mislead all kinds of movements. And having had the direct experiences of infinitudes, now accepted by the philosophers approached I intend to quote from you and see how far some of our friends are really earnest or how far they trust to personalisms.

Several years ago I said to Miss Ruth St. Denis “Mother, I am going to revolutionize the world.” “How are you going to do it?” “By teaching children how to walk.” Ruth taught me how to draw dances from the Akasha and later I told her of having performed “Dance of Universal Peace” at Fatehpur Sikri. It was the same dance that she and Ted Shawn had performed in the same place 30 years before. It is based on the rituals of the four Major Religions. And I am now training a few young people on it, showing them what our “superior more equal people” a priori reject, God bless them. And when I told this to Sri Surendra Mohan Ghose he said he would open the doors for me. He accepted fully what a whole culture a priori rejected. That is one and we are working on it.

We are moving toward a Universal School where spiritual teachers can cooperate and here they do, and there seems to be money in the offing, which will make the Ahmed-face a priori rejectors blush.

My manuscripts are largely from real Zen and Ch’an Masters, and one needs only secretarial help to get them out. This help is on the way. One’s two goddaughters, one in Lahore and the other here, have struck the jack-pot both spiritually and materially. One also has some Indian material but it is so complex—and also real Yoga, not Asana-vada, but may not be needed. I think—and agree with Sri Aurobindo when he said he was the last of the Rishis, that there is no sense in merely multiplying literature.

Sam became my spiritual name through my Guru, the late Ramdas. It is also the initials of Sufi Ahmed Murad-Chisti which was also given for passing spiritual tests in Sufism. It does not make any difference any more if the whole gamut of metaphysicians disguised as mystics give one the a priori brush-off. Sam is continuing the world of the Moghul Emperor Akbar and his martyred great grandson Prince Dara Shikoh. This has been recognized by the present and former Presidents of India and others.

Auroville is thus a “natural” but the question is, what is the best way in which to cooperate. Unlike most of the professors this person can conscious realization of the five Koshas of Taittiriya Upanishad. My first Sufi teacher, Hazrat Inayat Khan, presented the realities of Vijnana and Ananda. Vijnana as used by Dr. Radhakrishnan and Swami Ramdas is totally different from the “Vijnana” of the dialectician Prof. Daisetz Suzuki. It is not much better, it may even be worse to accept blindly the speculations of a Japanese scholar for those of British and European scholars.

Vijnana is the conscious realization of the ultimate harmonies above all human personalities and factions but it is most certainly not the lecture of pompous intellectuals so verbalizing and rejecting. I got into India quickly last time by shouting Tat Tvam Asi to all the customs and immigration officials; last in line I was the first through. This effort is something prepared for years. But I warn you there is a vast difference between words used by dialecticians and orators from the same words used by a realized mystic.

This is an abode of Love and Wisdom. We teach Lord Buddha’s Yoga consciously and also the Yoga in which he was trained. The fact that no Englishmen and few Japanese are aware means nothing. My god-daughters alluded to, Pakistani and American, have both had samadhic experience and also one young man who will return soon from his travels. One began using the Darshan and in speaking at the Ashram here one pointed out that Sri Aurobindo exemplified Samma Drishthi and almost the whole world of Buddhism did not. One has the authority to say so because one has passed all tests in real Buddhism, the Buddhists of Japan, Korea, China and Vietnam but not the “Buddhism’s” of Germany, England and American Phdeism.

Whereas a year ago one had few associates one has a growing multitude of people who fulfill the predictions of Sri Aurobindo. One is lecturing on the mysticism of the Bible too with great success—all young people. We are awaiting the coming of Lama Govinda but this one awaits for nobody. Auroville is a dream come true. One’s own predilections were destroyed in a fire in 1949—twenty-five years’ research gone in a whiff, and why not?

One wishes all the literature you have and in turn will be glad to give every sort of support, including financial. And one will turn the brochure over to the disciple being prepared to go to India. This is the New Age. What appears in Bulwer Lytton and Marie Corelli is more explicit in Sri Aurobindo. The crowd of young people coming here and getting spiritual realization (not sermons and empty practices) includes several who are making better and better marks in the scholastic world. One is filled with Love and Hope, and to you

All love and blessings,





May 16, 1968


Dear Sam,

Your long and breezy letter of May 8th: Comment: Hold Everything! You can’t quote me on Cantor because I didn’t write that article. It, and other items too, was picked up from the City of the Future, the Auroville issue, of Equals 1 (=1), our magazine here, and was written jointly by the staff, as far as I know. I see you are still jumping to conclusions, but flattered as I may be, you musn’t credit things to me which are not mine. Besides this, like your assumption, in a letter to World Union, that I belong in an investigatable group of spiritual women “like the Mother.” Really Sam! That one gave everybody in World Union hysterics, I’ll bet! Me too!

I have had you various letters and messages and am glad to hear news of you and your multifarious activities. I don’t write merely because I am so bushed with day and night work here that there is no moment for personal letters; at this rate, everybody will soon forget me.

But I am glad you like the Auroville material and you are on the mailing list to receive all that is turned out. I hope for very little publicity for a while; there is much serious planning and work and above all, fund raising to do. People are already writing to find out when they can move in! They do not seem to be aware that when the foundation stone of anything is laid it is only the beginning. We can’t offer view apartments 22 stories up because we are just getting the land organized and are concerned with roads, wells, and all the basic things. But we hope to have an advance colony of workers on the spot by early next year. This is at least a fifteen to twenty year job.

You ask how you can contribute, and mention books … it would be good to have Reisers’ books here and we already have a start on an Auroville library, at the moment housed in my living quarters. What we need most now and for some time is postage funds, since we have a colossal amount of request for information to answer. We are just starting to draw up specifications for the millions of things that will be needed to build Auroville, in the way of machinery. But we also need typewriters—portable ones—for our office, just as an example. Someone has promised to buy us a duplicating machine, which we shall gratefully accepts. Arrangements are being made to get the things we can’t buy here in to us duty free. But money is always welcome, of course; you can tell your disciples this if they ask how to help.

I am glad to know that you are well now, after your illness of sometime back and that you are at least relatively rich and will be able to do some of the projects and some of the travel you have hoped to do. Nobody knows better than I do the difficulties of trying to work without funds. But I also hope you will set aside about 2 percent on which S.A.M. is to have a little fun—caviar and champagne or something, now and then, as a reward for just being S.A.M.

Absolutely no other news about me because at the moment I just exist in the work being done. If I am getting anywhere spiritually, I don’t notice it! I suspect it is going to take a few more centuries….

Carry on!

As ever,


Julie Medlock





Saturday September 14, 1968


Dear Sam:

I have your letters of September 6th at hand (4 more pages, now bringing the total to 60 pages in 3 months…  this must be some kind of a record!), and assume that at the time you wrote it you had not yet received mine of September 1st in which I was trying to give you a little hell about misrepresentation.

Now in this letter, you have done it again, and I object. Six or seven times you have made reference to “the people you seem to admire,” “the people you admire,” “so many of the men approved by yourself,” etc. etc. etc. and go on to speak disparagingly of them. Now I do not have the faintest idea to what people you refer, and anyhow whoever they are they can have nothing to do with me because I do not admire anybody as far as I know, considering the various performances I see around. Moreover, you do not know any of the people I know as far as I can tell, except Reiser and Radhakrishnan…. I suppose there are others, but you have no way of knowing either what people I am in contact with, or anything about the work or Sadhana I am doing, or any of my views. So will you just please stop referring to others about me as though you did. One of these days I just might get good and angry if you keep up this misrepresentation. Just stop it.

As for your position as the Avatar of the New Age or what-ever you imply by all these things you are writing, I just do not know and cannot judge. I am sure you are sincere and that you are very well informed on the Eastern philosophies and religions, but as to spirituality, frankly, I cannot tell. One point that has always been stressed to me is that no true spiritual teacher ever makes any personal claims. Nor do they criticize. They work constructively and lovingly, leaving out nobody, good, bad, or indifferent. This is what Yoga and all the other inner teachings of all the philosophies and religions I have ever heard of, teach. This is just exactly the opposite of what you do, now isnᾀ?t it? Of course there is always the leeway of the Sufi and Zen conundrums which might be your explanation, but again, I do not say, and I do not want to judge anybody, including you. You know I am fond of you, but if and when you do things which seem wrong, to me, I shall, as usual, smack you down, dear!!

Now take this matter of materials for Auroville. Refer to your paragraph b in your letter to Dr. Reiser in which you say you can get no cooperation from us on import permits. This is a total lie, Sam, and you know it.

Because after conferring with the people here about the proper procedure, I wrote you in detail on June 11th, telling you that Auroville does not have a blanket import permit as yet and may not have for some time. Hence every donation to us has to be cleared separately. We have to have the letter from a foreign donor describing exactly what is being sent. This is then processed through the proper government authorities, which takes about three months. There is no other way to do this at present and if you cannot send the letter and allow us to proceed as the Indian Government insists that we do, then you will have to abandon the idea of doing anything for Auroville. The only other way is for people coming here to bring in small things. These too have to be cleared or 50% duty paid on them. There is nothing we can do other than this, nor can your friends in various customs offices, as this is a special case at this point. Now are you clear? Let your conscience be your guide. If you need another copy of the required letter, ask for it and I’ll send it. I don’t see what any of this has to do with your being a Guru or a Murshid or anything else. If you want to work for Auroville, it is your privilege to do so but we are not doing any begging, nor intend to. Auroville is the real thing, as time will tell. Words are not even necessary. It is being done.

Yours, as ever,

Julie Medlock


Saturday, October 5, 1968


Dear Sam:

Two more letters from you—September 17 and 20—11 more paces, bringing the total to 71 pages in three months: Some marathon! Also a package of books has arrived, with notice also of a subscription to ETC., from the General Semantics people, as a gift from you. I am very grateful for these, Sam—am first re­reading them myself and then they will go eventually into the Auroville library. If you will sent me half a dozen of that letterhead of yours which carries your three names, I’ll be glad to paste it into the books, labeled “Gift to Auroville, from Samuel Lewis, etc.”

Now as to your preferred efforts, to assist of Auroville in other ways: as you suggest in your letter of September 17, perhaps it would be best if you just forgot all about it. I have written you at least six times that we do not yet have an import license, so how can I give you a number? All the people who thus far have been donating … jeeps, [?] to you, as to the procedure for making donations and getting tax exemption, as I have described repeatedly to you. Not one has questioned the procedure laid down by the Government of India, except you, Sam. You seem to think I or we are putting obstacles in your way. Rather, you are putting obstacles in your way: So before you get ulcers why not just forget it? Those who really want to give and really participate in Auroville will always manage to do so, I’m sure.

As for the World Union matters here, I am not working in it at this time, being too busy, and know nothing of work there except the magazine, which I see whenever it comes out. However in your letter of September 15, to World Union, you say “We certainly know that the effort at Auroville, splendid as it is, is leaning on personalities who are not Sri Aurobindo people.” Now Sam: we are not “leaning on any personalities”; we are not excluding anything or anybody; you are in no position whatsoever to judge or to criticize anything going on here because you do not know what is going on here and any remarks you make are therefore a misrepresentation. I want you to stop this.

Your writings continue to be one long peon of praise for the greatness of Sam. You say “We do not want anything but respect” and that you are not demanding (while you do demand) recognition as the first person in history to be a validated Sufi Murshid, Yogi Guru and Zen Roshi. Why you continue to beat your head against that stone wall I will never know or why I even bother to try to make you make some sense. No teacher of the level you claim would ever make the claims for himself that you do. This is what negates your efforts and makes people refuse to accept you. I was thinking the other night that if Sam really wanted to accomplish this acceptance bit that he seem to be eating his heart out over, he should try withdrawal and a period—a long period-of silence. You could continue your “teaching” by writing instructions and just seeing people without talking. I’11 bet you would soon be hailed as the real thing (whether or not that be true…); I give it to you as a “public relations” suggestion.

I haven’t the slightest idea what you are talking about the perversion of symbols—I know of no symbols we are using other that Sri Aurobindo’s and Mothers. Are you now questioning them also?

If and when your “disciples” show up here, we shall happy to greet them and take them around and hear all the news they bring.

Must dash … mail rolling in, no time, no help. But all goes very well. Again, grateful thanks for the books.

As ever,

Julie Medlock




October 14, 1968


Dear Sam:

Well, your “disciples,” Sheyla and Buzz, got on their way from here last night after several days of getting acquainted. They are, as you said, just great—darlings, in fact. I thought Sheyla was about 17, and you can imagine my surprise to hear her age and the fact that she has three children: She also showed me the picture of SAM which she carries around and I must say I did not recall that you were all that handsome! News about you also was reassuring … and now I feel happy that while you have these young people in hand, I think they also have you in hand and will manage to keep you in balance, so that your future may indeed have more recognition in it than in the past. For all this I am happy. The kids fell into life around here as though they had been born to it. Although of course in such a brief period they could only skirt the edges. I think they did meet Nolini, who was one of the sadhaks who came here with Aurobindo in 1910 and who is now the chief Secretary. Others—the real yogis here—are almost inaccessible (my ambition … silence and solitude) and Mother is not receiving people these days. But they did meet the Western community particularly, which is always new, untried, experimental and not very spectacular I am sorry to have to say. But it is a start. We hope they will be able to come back before leaving India, especially as they ought to see the Ramana Maharshi Ashram in Tiruvanamalli, about four hours from here. In all, the visit was a success, I think. I think I convinced them also that despite your plaudits I am not very spiritual. Just don’t overestimate my powers!

No other news from here—they will be reporting anyhow. Problems abound but we keep tackling them. For me, working without funds for bare necessities is the worst … once having lived in a money economy it is hard to get out of it—alas. O yes, there is some news:

The Reserve Bank of Indian has just now—two days ago—given a blanket authorization for transfer of funds for Auroville. How long the Customs is going to take, who can’t predict, especially as this is India and the red tape is four feet thicker here than anywhere else!! In due course—the machinery is rolling—we shall have the import license you are always screaming for. But the time is not yet. Meanwhile our biggest current need is for a fleet of tractors, bull­dozers, jeeps, and well-digging equipment. If you know any angles in these fields who would like to adventure with us, give “’m a little nudge. All for today, Sam.

As ever,

Julie Medlock



November 3, 1968

Miss Julie Medlock


Pondicherry 2, India


My Dear Julie,

There is a newspaperman here named Art Hoppe to whom one often wrote, “If you can’t lick ‘em, laugh at ‘em.” He wrote back to Sam “If you can’t lick ‘em, laugh at yourself.” I am writing under such circumstances.

After some long efforts for the first time San began getting secretarial help—he thought. It was to find the office neat and clean and unanswered letters? One does not know whether they have been filed or thrown away. We certainly found material from Auroville neatly filed. You have every right to ask for any sort of assistance. The worst thing is to put on a road block: “It can’t be done.” Man has will power and also intuition. The predictions of Sri Aurobindo are certainly coming true. If one were to synthesize all the problems and answers abounding here at the present time one would land right in the middle of your project, excepting for the geography. It is certainly right for you to seek certain types of agricultural and technical machinery.

One of the problems Sam feces is that there are at least four organizations in the Near East collecting funds for equipment such as you wish—that is four Sam knows of, rumors are that there are more. I believe the same is necessary for South Asia and especially India. Four requests are very much in order. If all those people who have been verbally praising Auroville were to contribute $10 each—and I’m sure some of them can—there would be a different picture.

The Ranch with which Sheyla and Dara have been attached has certainly had ample funds, all very carelessly mis-managed. Indeed, there are many communes in this state often with funds and equally mis-managed. Each is trying to bring in its own “the brave new world” without supermental faculties and supermental outlooks.

We have been forced to start our own thing. We are going to have a work party on Sunday, November 17. It is so easy and reasonable to rent equipment such as you badly need for little cost here. It makes one weep. However, there is enough encouragement that one intends to go further and seek funds not for ourselves. (everybody does that) but for Auroville. At least we have the advantage of both disciples, followers and a general public, all young, who lave promised to work for us, at least half of whom have necessary skills. In our case too, money seems to be coming following prayer, meditation, and real yoga practices, not lectures.

At this writing this is my inspiration: The first inspiration of “Dance of Universal Peace” has resulted in a whole flock of dances, pageants, and rituals based in part on the traditional religions of the world, and in part on the principles of the now age. What is more, one already sees in them the same or similar principles found in biological evolution, and electro-magnetic phenomena. One is going to have these analyzed. This would fit in perfectly with Oliver Reiser’s Projects.

It will be a simple matter to get halls and audiences for those dances. It is also going to be very simple to get larger audiences at the universities. Next week my friend Mr. Paul Reps will be here; at the beginning of the next year my spiritual brother Pir Vilayat Khan will be here. Disciples are doing everything possible both in the lecture field and publication field to help toward their version of a brave new world. It is nothing like a Huxlian outlook; it is very much a Sri Aurobindo outlook.

I must criticize Earl Hubbard. His “A Proclamation of the Need for Conscious Evaluation” will occur when writers like he recognize. We have not learned Emerson’s to make a friend, be a friend.” Sam’s disciples have noticed how easily friendships are established, especially with strangers from any and all parts of Asia. The New Age people are here. They wait a guru. They are finding a guru and a real guru.

I shall wait for the next coming of “the Oracle” a new magazine here, also for the opportunity coming my way. Also, may consult Asia Foundation. So far most societies presumably bringing Asia and America are building up their own power structures.

Next week the man who promised Sam to organize his work should be here. He is overdue. He is both a scientist and engineer. I make no promises, but it is within my dharma to extend all help. As we have our own new center I am holding back on dollars until it is permanently established.

This is no doubt an unsatisfactory letter. I am still tremendously overworked, but no doubt you are and many others are. On the other hand Sam feels very strong, vigorous and capable of facing burdens.

All love and blessings, and hope for a real continued cooperation,


Samuel L. Lewis

cc. Reiser

cc. Breitner

cc. Chaudhuri




Pondicherry 2, India

November 12, 1968


Dear Sam:

Yours of October 23rd: your Auroville sounds good. Especially the no speeches!

Sheyla, Buzz and Don have shown up following the Temple of Understanding meeting which had to be held in Calcutta due to the floods in Darjeeling. An expected, I guess the meeting was pretty “square.” The tour these people took to get to India and beyond was strictly Hilton Hotel and I wonder at that uppah clahs level what they actually saw. I doubt if many of them would recognize reality if they saw it, as they live in the Great Illusion. (As who doesn’t? But there are degrees of it.) I don’t know how long your “disciples” are staying, but they seem at home here in the Ashram. The Mother has not been seeing people recently but that may change and I hope she will manage to see them before they go.

This is just to thank you for the copy of The Rejected Avatar. For a moment there, I thought you had written a poem about yourself. But then I remembered it and various others which you showed me in Pakistan. I remember telling you at the time they should all be published. It is excellent. These will do more to get you the recognition you so ardently crave than all those rambling letters, dear Sam. Get them circulated.

Your latest letter has just arrived: Yes. All interesting, what you say. By the way, the Asia Foundation has been kicked out of India because of alleged CIA operations.

I watch developments and wait. There is so much dramatization and unconscious ego in so much of what you choose to call “the way God works.” One tires of hearing about people getting messages direct from God every morning at nine o’clock. I doubt it. They are not even in touch with their own souls. What a lot of it is is over-stimulation of very faulty and underdeveloped vehicles responding to the vibrations and other forces coming in to the world at this time as we draw nearer to the New Age. Let us hope we can all expand our consciousness and be ready for what is coming while realizing our own inadequacies, and trying to overcome them.

Carry on.

As usual,

Julie Medlock


One of your disciples in Novato wrote a nice long letter about your work. Please thank him; there just isn’t time for personal correspondence any more. JM




December 3, 1968


Dear Sam:

Yours of November 18th and 19th:

I don’t know where your “disciples” are, either, now. Perhaps they have written you by now.

After the initial visit here of Sheyla and Buzz, they went to the Temple of Understanding meeting (which I gather, as anticipated, was “square,” but the kids put on a candle-lighting ceremony with quotes from the various religions as each candle was lighted which they said had a great deal of impact on the Conference. It was held in Calcutta, by the way; because the Darjeeling area was awash after a flood disaster in which whole villages were swept away.

Then they came back here and Don McCoy was with them this time. They spent a long afternoon with me and then left to see some of the Ashram people. Buzz was quite silent and Sheyla seemed a little high this time. Although The Mother had been ill and was seeing practically no one, they were sure she would make a special case of them she and Sheyla remarked that when Mother saw them she would just breathe a sigh of relief and think: “At last, the new age is here….”—or something to that effect. Frankly I was quite unimpressed with this McCoy character … he spoke little and stared out with glittering eyes from under the hairband he affects … everybody seemed to be acting a role and dramatizing every little thought as a special message from “God.” It looks suspiciously like inflated ego, alas. And spiritual development and ego do not go together. I feel sure these kids are seekers, but there is some question as to whether they have “arrived,” as they seem to think.

After their visit here I heard nothing further directly from them, but heard indirectly, and can’t confirm it, that they had taken LSD and then visited Aurobindo’s Samadhi and had been talking loudly and dancing around and had to be told to shut up. Later there was an episode, I heard, and again cannot confirm, at the beach, with Sheyla running around topless and being chased by some Indians, and Charlotte Wallace lying in the water with her clothes on. Don McCoy supervising, I take it. I was just sending Sheyla a note to come and report to me when I got her note saying they were leaving and sending love and blessing! They didn’t say for where. I was under the impression they had no money by then and Don sermoned: “it is only when you have no money that God takes care of you” or something to that effect! I don’t suppose they will get into any real trouble, as after all they seem fairly intelligent, but I fear my own sympathetic view toward the hippies is not as sympathetic as it once was….

Here, we are inundated with them—everybody looking for a free meal and room, of course—some of the Ashramites have objected to their slovenly dress and so on, but The Mother set up a reception Center for them were they would have proper treatment—she is something of a Hippie herself, as far as ideas go! My criticism is that they are impractical; it would hardly seem that all the ego expression and self-dramatization is going to affect the needed changes in the old.

You can tell Craig Wallace he has a nice and smart daughter. I liked her very much. And doubt if this little fling will hurt her any. But she is naughty to make her family worry—that’s just plain selfishness and nothing spiritual about it. Same with Sheyla and the others not keeping in touch with you. May be they all just have to grow up.

Auroville: the General Assembly of UNESCO, meeting in Paris last week passed a Resolution recommending participation in Auroville to all member Governments, organizations, foundations, peace research institutes, and so on. Rotary and Lions Clubs, like-wise. Orissa Government putting up about $150,000 for its Pavilion in the international zone. To come down to the practical and immediate: we have 400 acres ready to go into production first with a sowing of green manure. It costs 100 rupees or roughly $15 to get each acre going. If you know anyone who would like to help with this, have them send the $15 or whatever amount of acreage they want to have planted, to me—checks made to Auroville Office—and it will be done instantly. However, we are not putting up any name plates for donors so no ego-scratching is involved.

Best regards,




Monday, December 9, 1968


My dear Julie:

This is a sort of prolegomena, a preface, a preparation. Dara is back and he is very enthusiastic about Auroville. Sam has no time for argument, only for action. It is only that in this crowded schedule it will be necessary not only to meet Dora but to some of my (non-existent) Sufi colleagues. Your so-called associates refuse to recognize our existence and we are now prepared what they, the renown Karma Yogins and Purna Yogins have no time for—action either to cooperate with or actually help a real Word Project.

The metaphysical mind is strange. It conceives others as living in vaccua, and it is most difficult to convince them of one’s past and mostly it is useless to try it. If Dara is willing I shall show him the real ropes of the worlds of reality, beginning at the Indian Consulate. We shall try to find if Auroville qualifies as an educational institution, etc. There are ways of getting things very reasonably or freedom. Your so-called associates who claim to be followers of Sri Aurobindo have a blank wall against any reports or suggestions whatsoever, and it is useless to try to tell them anything.

It is not only Rockefeller Foundation but a number of corporations large end shall, known and not known, who have offered Sam free models or machines for demonstrative and teaching purposes. This is more universal than is known but Sam gave it up because your so-called colleagues do not respect him as a fellow human being If they had they would have listened to how to get things for Auroville or for themselves but they all have in common, and in common with others the Brotherhood of Check-Book contributions. No Sri Krishna, just Mammon and think that if they get enough mammonian help they are going to bring in the Kingdom of something or other.

They welcome VIPS while excluding Sam. I just heard that two veddy-veddy VIPS on Asian Philosophy met each other the other night and are thoroughly worn out. They had the qualifications: European birth and Ph.D. degrees. That is it. Their articles are accepted everywhere. They are "famous" and important ant they are at the receiving end of the check-book contributions. This is typical but it is worn out—the young don’t want that.

It is with no great pride one must point out that the latest accessory to Sam’s to audiences is a nephew of Judith Tyberg. If we get him we shall tell him all we can, not only about Auroville but how to help in practical ways. In fact a good deal of Sam’s life is now showing how to construct and operate a commune of sorts. Of course "mine" is based on the hard, hard fact rejected by your colleagues that Sam is an operative Guru, although the Sufi title is Murshid. There is more and more tendency in this direction. Much behind all the forth and clamor of our universities and colleges is in this direction. As the press do not want this to be published they concentrate on the melodrama. In all the radio-TV and press reports on the San Francisco State College drama you hardly see a student or professor interviewed and never any scenes of what is going on in the classroom. Classroom activities and subject matter would delight you no end and much is coming and it is this movement which involves Judith Tyberg’s nephew and others.

We are practicing Oliver Risers: Project: Krishna. Others talk, we do.

I should prefer to let Dara in and have him tell you. Our greatest achievement is the Sufi and Yoga dancing but to this will soon be added Tantric dancing and patterns. Thus we reach the young, the New Age people, Sri Aurobindo people, as they call themselves.

The first steps have been taken toward organizing my effort. I have never wished to form any separative movement but excluded from all the so-called "Brotherhoods" and "East-West" organizations it is necessary to do it ourselves. The first thing was to change this from a private residence to a Brotherhood House which eased both financial burdens and work accomplishments. Then the instituting dues brought in a surplus. We do not have to make appeals or ask Mammon to accomplish the work of Sri Krishna.

The next is the gathering of so many real leaders of real Asian wisdom, passing this way. This will terminate in the coming here of Swami Ranganathananda Maharaj of the Vedanta Movement whom all the "good" people have refused to admit Sam ever met. It is pitiable because now the young are turning to the Orient and it is necessary for Sam to lead them away from the money-collecting degree-endowing intellectuals who fortunately are at odds with each other, so many groups all out for Bakshish Yoga. Of course I do not know what will come of it.

The Publication called The Oracle is now in the hands of disciples and friends. It also has vastly increased its circulation and financial returns. It means some of my disciples will have part or full time jobs, and there are many signs that with Sri Krishna on one’s side one does not have to worry at all. The question is what shall we do?

I have also been to Humanist House and will try to introduce your efforts there. I have kept away because some Humanists are so much more equal than others. This has not only been my experience but I understand they are squabbling over who is the most equal. It is only that the young are coming and I shall try to get in the work of Oliver Reiser and yourself—not mine, I shall keep these apart. But they are going to have a seminar on "Religious Experience" in January. They have— and I fully agree—separated religious experience from Religion. Religion today excludes experience especially the experience of living people.

As Dara seemed so enthusiastic and as—and here we differ from the Yogis—in Sufism teacher and pupil are one—we shall work out plans of campaign with possible achievements and let the various "East-West" groups look to Mammon while we concentrate on Sri Krishna.

Love and Blessings,




410 Precita Ave.,

December 9, 1968


Miss Julie Medlock

Auroville, India

Pondicherry 2, India


My dear Julie:

Before we could mail a letter written earlier this morning yours of the 3rd arrived and the mere fact that you have written and also what you have written is of no help. I am sending a copy of this to Oliver Reiser and also to Edward Cornish, President of the World Future Society though at the moment I haven’t the slightest idea of what he thinks he is doing. No man, no small group of individuals constitutes “the world.” Yet if there is global consciousness—which some of us have—the outlook is different and the words have meanings.

I have for years been looking into ways by which our culture and our institutions can help Asia. The persons concerned or who think they are concerned and 50-100% thinkers of 0-1% doers. Sam has gone into the whole field of simple and slightly complex machines. He has already taken up the matter of supplying you with fertilizers—at his own expense. He does not go around “bakshishing”others for the “great cause” –of which there are so many.

I think the Mother knew exactly what she was doing. She is a global person and the rest are people who, especially clothed with something called “semantics,” that words are not the things they represent, adhere to words, words, nothing but words.

I have had several conversations with Craig Wallace and he said he would see when his daughter returns. He lives in the rather opulent city of Ross. I shall ascertain whether he knows Mr. Russell Smith of the same city. Mr. Smith Sr. was the top Vice-President of the Bank of America, long associated with the World Bank, retired President of Asia Foundation and President of its Board of Directors. He was once my employer too and we are on excellent terms. I shall be able both to go to him, to Asia Foundation and to the University of California next year when they present a course on “The Influence of Ancient Asian Religion on Modern Developments. The doors are all open for doers, not writers. We have enough writers and talkers.

In the same mail Sam Received a letter from one of his best friends who also will be approached. This man, like Sam, has been initiated into Sufism, the highest echelons of operative Buddhism and to Spiritual Yoga and Vedanta. He is not recognized by the “experts” but lately has been successful with the universities. Also a report will be made to Dr. Huston Smith of M.I.T.

At this moment I am in debt due to loans made to disciples and the new house at Novato, but I doubt whether this will be long. And if I did contribute it would be anonymous just as you propose. God (or Sri Krishna) knows and never mind ego-man.

Sheyla has disobeyed all instructions and will have to bear some sorrowful consequences when she returns. The Sufi Pir Vilayat Khan is moving to their Center, The Ranch or Camp Olompali, two miles north of the Sufi center at Novato. Anything can happen.

Sam was a drop-out two generations back. He has been a beach-comber on both the Atlantic and Pacific, but he has worked hard. We are working for God, not for fame. But it may be necessary to write to Sri Surendra Mohan Ghose; we have to break through customs, etc. I shall see Buzz shortly and expect to do everything written about and I mean to do.

Nothing seems to be going on at the Ranch, but will know better. Two households busy all the time and surrendered by a growing young of the New Age young.

Love and blessings,

Samuel L. Lewis



December 13, 1968

Miss Julie Medlock


Pondicherry 2, India


My dear Julie:

This is the season when all the important people expect the less important to contribute to their others’ “causes.” This is supposed to be the spirit of Christmas and I guess it is the spirit of Christmas but it is hardly the spirit of Christ. Sufism differs from many other spiritual philosophies because in it teacher and pupil are one—the same divine spirit flows through each and both, which precluded one-way traffic lectures on the subject. There is something appalling about the one-way traffic lectures and podium exhortations manifesting as spiritual inspirations and the New Ave will have none of it.

There is One Mind and the manifestation of the Higher Mind certainly does not depend on the approval of traditional intellectual lectures. I find that hardly any of them break through to the universal spirit, and there is now also another situation that the young recognize this and will not accept either the persons or traditions which have displaced the Priest with the PhDeists and still leave the doors closed on the realized mystic.

My conclusions had been reached—that despite all the important (?) PhDeists who masquerade as “Purna Yogins” and “Karma Yogins” there was no reason before the Living God not to exert all possible cooperation for this is a New Age and we shall let the elders who are PhDeists and not God-realized souls lecture all they want. You have already recognized that little help would come to Auroville from the exhorters. There are now so many “Centers” and your presumable colleagues here have already had at least one great fiasco in trying to establish a New Age project without the approval of God at the one end or the young humanity at other.

Buzz (Dara) is back and we had little to confer on. For those who function—and I mean function—with the Higher Mind—do not have to talk a lot. And unlike the “Karma Yogins” and “Purna Yogins” we went to work immediately and are participating in actions, the fruits of which should go to Auroville.

While the PhDeists are busy establishing rival schools for what they call “Asian Studies” the young are coming more and more to Sam taking up first the Dervish Dances, then the real Yoga Dances and next we shall have the Symbolic Rituals, the Tantra Yoga dances, etc. The PhDeists, not having the divine wisdom or the faculties of Prajna and Vijnana may not understand. The New Age youth understand all ready.

There is now a thriving new publication called The Oracle and we shall soon place the Auroville material to them. We shall was against rivals and those who substitute dialectical deductions usually from Oliver Reiser, sometimes from Sri Aurobindo and they have the “New Brotherhood” with themselves as the Big Shots. So the young do not turn that way. When Paul Reps was here he was warned he would be thronged and did not believe it and he was. The young are looking for Light, for God, for mystical experience, for inner awaking. And the Universities are giving opportunities which your colleagues have disdained and Sam does not care. For as you have written the success of Auroville depends not on the scions of the past but on the New Age and the New Age also depends on Auroville.

Now I must explain the so-called “East-West Center” here. Sam spoke four times. He brought the audience and they took the money. It was always Sam’s audience—none of the Ashram people showed up except to collect money. Not even when Sam spoke on Auroville.

It was not surprising last night when we discussed the coming of “Papa-Guru” the people who are putting up the money wish to be entirely independent. After all at the “East-West Center” Drs. Schmuck, Gluck and Pluc, so to speak, have been programmed, even on Sri Aurobindo, but devotees excluded. The devotees want the real Yoga and devotion and no more lectures on “advaita” in which the audience is made to appear small and the speaker big. I was outvoted because my very experiences were used against joining in with the “East-West Center” here either for “Papa-Guru” or for promoting Auroville.

But Sam has long given up hope of converting “professors” and “experts” on Asia from ever accepting karma. They cannot, therefore they do not. They are always more equal.

The audience was given every encouragement by Pir Vilayat to real Yoga and Sufi practices, breathing exercises, effective meditations (which were first taught by Lord Buddha but ignored by “Buddhists,” especially American Styles.

The fact that some wealthy people have taken an interest in “Papa-Guru” and that the reports on Auroville are reaching more ears, though sub-rosa, is very encouraging. You may look for support from the young and perhaps from some wealthy parents of some of their young. You are entirely right; we shall let the Academies carry on in their own ways. We shall present Yoga systems—not sermons, and lectures, but the Way-of-Heart, the Way-of-Breath, the Way-of-Eye as presented by Paul Brunton, and basic to all spiritual disciplinary systems.

Sri Krishna said to surmount manas and shankara. We shell let the manas­-shankara people carry on.

With all love and blessings,

S. A. M.

c/c Chaudhuri



January 6, 1969

Julie Medlock


Pondicherry 2, India


My dear Julie:

The New Year has started out so auspicious and propitious. It is quite evident that the young want Joy and spiritual realties while their elders give them sermons and lectures. An example can be seen that a European expert on Asia (therefore acceptable) was on pins and needles when asked to give a practice to the audience while Paul Reps who has studied real Asian philosophies with real Asian had no difficulty at all—in fact that is his message, audience participation.

The worst is that the present—but soon to be removed experts on “Asian Philosophy,” especially those advocating something they call Advaita, would never think of having audience participation. Now things move so fast here all one can do is indicate.

The New Years’ Eve Party marked a departure. We had nothing but Dervish and Yoga dances, with Tantric and Mantric ceremonies and dances and this person gave a very high type of Darshan absolutely excluded from all the so-called “academies” of ???Asian Culture???? We had over seventy in attendance; remarkable because there was no advertising or anything, and with one small group excepted, all young people.

We are now teaching these young people the real Yogi practices of real Yoga systems used as excused by the “experts,” who only present Asana-Vada ass “Yoga” which has nothing to do with spiritual fulfillment. The young want and the young are being presented realities.

A sort of race is going on between Paul Reps, the Sufi Pir Vilayat Khan and Sam in demonstrating actualities to the soul-hungry young who are tired of sermons on “Advaita” and that Brahm is only in the elite.

Last night another step forward. For lie first time an industrialist came here, but even he at the behest of his family. The Sufi Pir Vilayat Khan had to arrive and fortunately it was with Sam’s open house. No advertising, no nothing and over 80 people. It is fortunate we have altered this house and opened the basement. There is no use trying to tell seniors either about the real Yoga-systems or the aspirations of the young.

We are not only giving Sufism (which “does not exist”?????) but also Kundalini Yoga through the dance. The absolute refusal, which pretty well, covers this country of the acceptance of the religion of the President of India, indicates pretty well the moral standard of the important people. But the Sufis—who are excluded by the so-called “universal religionists,” have the ways to reach the hearts of the young, and what is now more terrible and terrifying, the pocket-books of some seniors.

We are expecting a disciple of Sri Aurobindo who goes under no name but “Papa Guru.” He has given up his name and everything and become a holy man. I am toll he knows “Life Divine” in and out and can quote Gita both in Sanskrit and English. Unlike his “fellows” here he has already accepted Sam as an equal, something the very “humble” experts have never done. Especially some whose teachers accept Sam as an equal and whose pupils look down on him. This is their “moral and spiritual” outlook. But we give out the real Yoga practices of which Sam has tomes.

The hard lesson of the time is Divine Love. I mean the actuality, not a vain phrase. Recently the German Lama Govinda and the English Alan Watts held a top level “Buddhist” conference. This is typical but “only in America.” On the other side I have the latest material from Her Serene Highness, Princess Poon Diskul of Pismai who is not a PhDeists but is a really great sage and lady, despite and not because of her royal blood. The PhDeists have declared for “Infinite Love” and Sam for Finite love. The PhDeists have written that the Enlightenment Experiences (which apparently none of them have had) is the heart of Buddha’s teaching and Sam says it is pain and suffering, their cause and cure.

The Finite Love is now being given through Darshan. Darshan is as effective in dealing with the young as exhortations are with older people. One hears of stories all around the campuses that the young are seeking mystical and occult experiences while their elders gives them lectures and exhortations. Nevertheless Love is for all, even for PhDeists. And one prays not that they change their natures but that their ears become unfrozen.

Through this letter Sam is offering to put on another Auroville program at the Ashram but if the Ashram people do not show up—and they do not show up when Sam lectures there, he will get off the platform and walk away. It will be a test how much Sri Aurobindo’s teachings really touch the hearts and minds of those who claim to be his followers.

Of course it is not that bad. God is working. The increase of young devotees is far beyond my ability to contact them. They may not have money (the chief requirement for a “Yoga” aspirant in this land) but they have inquiring minds and hungry hearts. And we are going to demonstrate, perhaps, what is the real Christ Consciousness to them on Christmas Eve. Others will lecture, of course, celebrate and all that but the manifestation of the Divine Mind, is something different again.

The immediate days are not only filled with hard work and necessary debt but a whole parade of persons who have the real divine wisdom are coming here. Better known are the Sufi Pir Vilayat Khan and the Vedantic Swami Ranganathananda Maharaj. For them one can quote a Sufi, “Among the Gnostics there is no differentiation of sect.” The young are going to see just that and they are going to be moved. Just as they are moved by the dances which put into objective illustration the teachings found in The Rejected Avatar. We want Sri Krishna and are willing to leave all the world and its possessions to and for the other side.

Dara has not yet had time to report. But everything is going to a schedule of the Heavens. I am not going to try to convince any more elders of the realities of Prajna, Vijnana, Alaya and Akasha. The Young recognize and Sam’s full program have compelled him to withdraw from any sort of “entertainment.” But that is as God would have it. And it is interesting to know that the never of Judith Tyberg is now associating with my disciples. I hope to convince him of the work of Sri Aurobindo and of your good self—by action, not by sermon. You will hear more because we shall do more. And at my next emolument I shall see what can be done.

Love and blessings,


PS. Thanks for the news of Don and Sheila. It is what was expected. And Sam is going to do something. And will watch to see if our PhDeists friends will welcome a “Swami” just because he is called “Swami.” We just had a Maharshi who was so welcomed!




Saturday, January 18, 1969


Dear Sam:

Hallelulia! A check from Sam. Guess what I did with it. I split the $30 in two, dumped half of it into the postage fund, which is always running dry due to my Herculean letter-writing efforts, and the rest? Well, the rest I put into planting one green acre of land in Sam Lewis name in Auroville! Can’t you just feel the wheels of the plow, slowly being dragged by white bullocks, saying Sam Lewis, as they turn around and around? I thought it was about time we got at least one of your dancing feet planted here in fact instead of just mentally. I hope you approve. We still have 399 acres ready for planting by anybody who has the inclination to put up $15, bucks as we used to say in America, for each acre. Keep it in mind for your poor followers in case they ever have anything left over after their duties to you done.

As usual I can’t quite keep up with your arguments with Chaudhuri and others either. All this acceptance business seems so petty to me. Why not just let everybody do the best he can, the way he thinks he can do it best … unity in diversity and all that? Only the unity is going to make any difference in a hundred a years, I’ll bet. Me, I’m getting a little bored with all the Guru business—I mean business—we’ve had about four or five here lately; to their followers, they are always God. Well, every man to his own taste, eh?

What has happened back at the ranch? What is Dara-Buzz doing and why doesn’t he write to tell me of his adventures? Did Sheila and Pal and the young American girl they picked up ever show up again or have they taken off into outer space?

Listen, here’s an idea: Why don’t you do a book on these dervish dances, and tantric, and yoga and so on? In color, in costume. Would that be possible? If not, get an artist to do it. I would think that would have great interest just now and be something worth having, with proper explanations, in libraries … a deluxe volume. Maybe a big publishing house would put an editor on it so all you would have to do would be to advise and get credit as co-author. Think about it.

All proceeds here slowly, and we have maddening moments for lack of funds—there’s that dry postage fund of mind again. I want to try to build a revolving fund of about $1000 for postage for worldwide contacts so that we never get in the running dry position again. Maybe this year I can get that accomplished, who knows? Architect Roger Anger arriving from Paris again next week; and as I may have told you, UNESCO interest increases…. General Assembly voted in late November to invite all governments and non-governmental organizations to participate in the building of Auroville. UNESCO’s Deputy Secretary-General Malcolm Adisheshiah, has just been here and is all-out for the project, which will have great repercussions for us in government circles, we expect.

No more news this time, especially personal news as I no longer have any time, to be a person!!

As ever,

Julie Medlock

cc to Haridas Chaudhuri

And again thanks for the $30 check!



410 Precita Ave.,

San Francisco, Calif.

January 28, 1969


Miss Julie Medlock


Pondicherry 2, India


My dear Julie:

Thank you for your letter of January 18th. To err is human, but to repeat the same kind of mistakes over and over again shows a lack of development of finer faculties. It has not only been the studies in Sri Aurobindo but others which indicate that there is a cosmic evolution. If anybody thinks this cosmic evolution comes of itself, let him think so.

The great game that is going on is the play over the word “integration.” Having studied Mathematics and Mathematical Philosophy the principles of that kind of Integration have affected the psyche. But now there is another kind of “integration” where the word is used with a totally different set of principles or no principles whatsoever. The Philistines, the same old type of people have grasped at vocabulary and are confusing everything. The old game is that “problems are solved by making me leader.” In Integration, the real honest integration, the approach is totally different and if we are going to hang on to the word and keep up the same old games, we are going to go into the same limbo as did Roerich Museum.

The game that is going on is the same game, as the Roerich people went into. It need not have the same results. To claim to be pursuing a life of “supermind” and adhering to the same of old dualistic game of analysis, ego, etc. means to repeat the same mistakes and have the same debacle. Sam wrote a minority report to the Roerich people. The report was rejected but it was rejected for an unusual reason: by the time it arrived and so to be considered the board was at each other’s throats and the striving for power was utterly destructive.

One reads in “The Life Divine”: (pp. 152-3):

“That apprehending consciousness, the Prajnana, places, as we have seen, the working of the undividable All, active and formative, as a process and object of creative knowledge before the consciousness of the same All, originative and cognizant as the possessor and witness of its own working—somewhat as a poet views the creations of his own consciousness placed before him in it as if they were things other than the creator and his creative for me, yet all the time they are really no more than the play of self-formation of his own being in itself and are undividable there from their creator.”

If you wish to establish an “integrative” community on any other basis you are going to be subject to karma. We cannot have it both ways. Either we are going into Supermind and Superman or we are going to steal these words and apply them to the same karmic, mayavic processes and leave the world in samsara.

There is now a big to do in the colleges and universities here. One Prof. Hayakawa is in charge and he became famous by taking over the quasi-science of Semantics. The original book on this subject as written by the late Count Korzybski was based on the same principals of Integration but it is not studied, has not been studied by those who took over the movement. The movement is in charge of that same kind of egocentric, individualistic, analytical people with a new vocabulary but not new processes of thought.

The other day Sam met—he met him twice—Swami Ranganathananda Maharaj. One of the great Vedantists of the day. Sam put all his cards on the table and told people that if this man did not stand above all the so-called “experts,” “gurus’, “maharshis” etc. who have come here Sam’s work needed to be reconditioned. What happened? the young went and Sam’s stock has gone up. Are we going to play with Sri Aurobindo’s Prajnana? Yes, we are and we are going to see the same debacles, the same failures as the Roerichs, the Bahais and others until we begin to function in Integration which is all inclusive and not exclusive and if we continue to work on the cases of exclusions, the New Civilization is going to appear elsewhere where there are not exclusions.

Sam was welcomed by the Indian students as he has never been by any of the multifarious groups dedicated (sic) to “Asian Studies,” the first requirement seeming to be to ignore each other. Sam did not attend their Independence Day celebration but Sam has a paper of Mahatma Gandhi which not one of them (other than the Indians themselves) would dare to permit being read without exposing their own weaknesses.

Now there are movements to have him speak and one of Jam’s topics would be “The Religion of the President of India.” It does not exist, and he does not exist for practical purposes and this cannot be ignored.

Mr. Paul Reps has asked me also to write on Dervish Dances. But now I have a large and growing following, six classes a week on real esotericism and mysticism and no nonsense about it. Two homes, and ready now for some new ventures.

Real Asian philosophies of the Asians.

The conciliation on an Integrative Basis of the cosmic metaphysics of the Sufis, Hindus, real Zen philosophies and modern Psychotherapy. This is in front of one now.

The affairs of the Ranch are in turmoil. Both Dara and Sheila have gone but for quite different reasons. The travesties on the word “Love” which have no connection with the finer aspects of Heart-life show that karma is not obviated by any blatant claims. As Muslims say: La Illaha El Il Allah. There is no Divinity but Allah, and this can be proved through human (and superhuman) experience. The young want that.

I enclose now another fifteen dollars for postage. There are no one-way streets in Integration.

Love and blessings,

Samuel L. Lewis

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti




Pondicherry 2, India

March 3, 1969


Dear Sam:

Apologies for my silence and lack of acknowledgement of your last check, which went-kerplunk!—into the postage fund and was immediately used up, thank you very much!

Your last letter is buried someplace in a huge stack of unanswered mail. No time. Work pressures. And then I turned out to be allergic to some homeopathic medicine I was getting here and spent 3 1/2 weeks in bed before I found out I was being poisoned! Fate must be saving me for a more dire end, assume, as I have now recovered.

As usual, you are less than clear about what has been happening “back at the ranch.” Where has Sheila gone? With Don or with her husband and children? Is the ranch still in operation for your people? Did the American girl they picked up here Ever get back home?

Nothing new to report here. Things are proceeding slowly but well behind the scenes—government negotiations and such necessary preliminaries. UNESCO is warning up—I shall send you under separate cover some material about this, by air book post.



March 28, 1969


Well, as you can see, I was interrupted, had some urgent work to do, and then had a relapse … hence your note here didn’t get finished. I have now sent the UNESCO stuff off to you.

In the meantime your latest envelope is in and I am horrified to find you are at it again … what is that line in your enclosed carbon of a letter about “one night you were enclosed carbon of a letter about “one night you were talking on Julie Headlock….?“ Sam, will you shut up about Julie Medlock, about whom you know nothing? If you don’t stop it you are going to alienate me completely. I do not want my name being bandied about and reference to me being sent to all kinds of people at your whim or anybody else’s whim. If there is anything to say to these people I will say it myself and say it authentically. Don’t let me catch you doing this again.

I’m annoyed now, so I will stop.


Julie Medlock



410 Precita

San Francisco, Calif.

March 21, 1969


My dear Julie,

How are you? The receipt of a letter from A. B. Patel gave the opportunity to send news via a carbon and also to enclose the pour boire for stamps.

A recent event enables one to write from a position of strength. Sam is always turned down by “establishments,” they verbalize “moral and spiritual” and that is all. He found that he is the only Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society in this region excepting a few linguists. Not a single “expert” on ?Asian culture? is among them. I do not know what individualists and egotists think they can accomplish, but they never stop trying.

This is a group age and the group-consciousness is spreading along with so many evidences of manifestation of deeper stages of consciousness. Many older people set themselves (of course) up as leaders, only to fall by the way-side. This includes the man who came from this region with messianic pretensions. There are lots of then and most are far more welcome than Sam on the platforms but I think that day is over.

My colleagues are working incessantly on the group-outlook and they realize there must be spiritual leadership. This is very different from cult-leadership where the leaders do not recognize each other and keep humanity divided.

I am very glad Patel-ji has affirmed Ananda. You never hear that from the “experts” and if you hear the word you never see it demonstrated. We are having a big Spring party Sunday, five birthdays and a lot more and we shall be showing first to the young and then to the world manifestations of this same Ananda. As Mother says, “Deeds, not words.”

Love and blessings,

Samuel L. Lewis




Pondicherry 2, India

March 28, 1969


Dear Sam:

Your note of March 21st with the $15 check for postage has just arrived … many thanks, Sam … and please know that these little checks do help; we are deluged with mail from everywhere and of course priority funds have to go to building materials, bore wells, trucks, jeeps electrical equipment and so on. I see you are following Mother’s dictum about acts.  Anyhow, thanks.

No comment on your letter to A.S. Patel or World Union except as follows:

I continue to protest your sending carbons of letters mentioning me around to a variety of people. Please stop mentioning me entirely.

What do you mean in paragraph 5 –end– “meetings … which are close in spirit to Sri Aurobindo on one side and to Julie Medlock on another. It is marvelous.” I would find it interesting and no doubt revealing to hear about this spirit of Julie Medlock with whom or which, rather, I myself do not seem to be acquainted. What is your imagination dreaming up, now, Sam? Leave Me Out, please.

Interesting about the Royal Asiatic Society, whatever that is.

When does Sam start to be inclusive himself, rather than sorting everybody into categories of unacceptance? All Is One. Haven’t you heard!

As ever,

Julie Medlock



Novato, Calif. 94947

April 2, 1969


Miss Julie Medlock


Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Pondicherry 2


In Re: All India Radio Symposium on Auroville

The great difference between “realists” and Realities is that “realists” accept all the news that pleases them, while Realitists accept everything that happens, pleasant, unpleasant or otherwise.

Personally believing that problems can be solved by methods of integration, I am at the moment at war with those groups that have stolen the word “integration” but remain separatists; at the same time, we are too busy on constructive measures and can easily adopt these measures, also our accomplishments, also our plans, with the general tenor of this All India Radio Symposium.

I am now up to my hilt in almost everything, with no obstacles but bottlenecks, and bottlenecks simply because Sam is an individual, and his immediate households can take on nothing more. We are trying to exemplify, and sometimes successful exemplification produces a totally different kind of leadership than that of self-advertising cults, and movements that have appropriated the word “integration” but continued on the sorry ways of individualism and separatists.

At this Garden in Novato, due to the cooperation of many young people, we are way ahead in our planting and other programs. Recently Sam cooked curry dinners for about 100 people; about 100 showed up. We found ourselves ahead in our timing. Our fruit and vegetable programs are well in hand. Our other programs are well in hand.

On the horticultural side, our very rhythms are now influencing some of the new types of communes. Yesterday we had another interview on this subject. At this writing my secretary Mansur, to whom I am dictating this letter, is planning a trip to cover many of the communes in the Western states. He is doing this on his own, but his very plans, his ideas, his outlooks, seem to be an extension of my own earlier program; and furthermore, to be fully in accord with what you and your colleagues are attempting or doing.

In any event, he is taking this and other material from Aurobindo with him, and no doubt later in the year—we hope before spring is over—we shall be able to send you more details.

At long last, Sheila McKendrick has given us reports and reactions to her visits. She tells us that a guru, a former disciple of Sri Aurobindo, may soon be here. Unfortunately, the impressions are that neither Sheila nor this purported guru appreciate the Mother’s work. If this is so, not only will there be caution here, but active measures against any activities of another pseudo-guru in this country.

Pseudo-gurus are always welcome by cults. The cult leaders seem to have a weakness to accept any persons from India without examination of their backgrounds. What is more complicated is that they usually shun leaders from other than India, no matter what their credentials. This has produced a bizarre and unfortunate result. The great universities are now examining the backgrounds of purported “experts” in Asian Philosophies. It was with some surprise that Sam discovered he is one of the few Fellows of the Royal Asiatic Society in this region. He has never exploited this, but as he has been shunned by so many “professors* in so-called Asian philosophy, direct action is being taken to compel integration—I mean real integration—or else….

The first instance of this will be this coning Sunday when the Indian students will have their picnic. Sam has been invited; a lot of experts have not. It will be our first opportunity to present both the accumulated materials of past experience and knowledge and also to exemplify our work in mantram recitals and spiritual dancing. It is remarkable how the cults have absolutely refused to accept this at all. Step by step we are demonstrating everything discussed with Sri Surendra Mohan Ghose.

Whatever else may be said, the totality of persons in audiences has been slowly but absolutely mounting every week this year. The collections have mounted. My own personal income from any other sources have mounted. On the other hand, I am refusing to contribute anymore to any groups that beg for largesse but will accept nothing intellectual or spiritual. Indeed, I have been discussing with my ailing brother the probabilities of a journey to Asia later on. I shall also discuss this with my Goddaughter when she comes here, which will probably be at the end of next month.

I am also glad to report excellent relations established with various professors in this country who are really working to bring Asia and America together; especially those professors whom I have learned about through Oliver Reiser. I believe we are going to have real integration. I believe this real integration will operate on many levels.

Tonight I expect to perform Darshan. It is very serious and, I believe, very effective. Our next project will be a form of mantric harmonization, integrating East and West in this direction. We expect to do something on this tomorrow night.

I must say, that not only is there growing love and respect to and from teacher and pupil but marvelous, and almost, miraculous, respect between pupil and pupil, and now from audiences to both this teacher and his pupils.

Assuring you with thanks of my deep interest in the Auroville and related projects,

With all love and blessing,

Samuel L. Lewis



San Francisco, Calif.

June 11, 1969


My dear Julie:

This is a very sad letter. There is not a cloud on my own horizon, but it is impossible to share the sunshine with those who will not accept the rest of the personality and being. I have received a very nice and totally analytical letter from Brother A. B. Patel. It tells of all the “good” he and your colleagues are doing. But I cannot accept because “good” is restricted to what certain persons are doing and not to what others are doing. This is in contradiction to the traditional spiritual teachings of India and perhaps of all faiths. It is only when you have a clear picture of “good” and can show also that “good” is universal, that you are working in this domain of universal-good. But if you see only particular “good,” and want others to see in the “good” in you but in turn you do not wish to see the “good” in others, one wonders if there is then anything that can be especially called “good.”

Having partaken both inside and as a partial witness of so many movements with universal claims and seeing them all go down the drain, one notices that they all had in common an absolute refusal to accept even the gentlest and most kindly advice. “God” or “Brahm” has been restricted to the elite and there is some confusion of who exactly are the elite.

You may or may not accept what has been written to Patel-ji. Not so many months ago professors at the University California in Berkeley saw the greeting between Swami Ranganathananda Maharaj and this person; and the other night “Hippies” saw the greeting between Ashoka Faqir and this person. The professors were moved by the demonstration of spiritual brotherhood and the Hippies were moved by the demonstration of spiritual brotherhood. And now the doors are opening at the universities, beginning with my own alma mater at Berkeley.

There I found a number of professors, women as well as men who accept a form of Integration which is all-inclusive. The Integrator was one who recognized qualities elsewhere and did not demand that others seek these qualities in himself. What is more, there was and has been internal and external harmonies on the interpretation of profound doctrine and real Yoga experiences. And because of my constantly increasing income, it as a joy to make contributions to professors and departments who saw in it something more than a material gift for the sake of material giving. Integration is a certain process in Mathematica a certain process in Philosophy, a certain process in Yoga and I do not find any tremendous differences between these forms of Integration. But I do find tremendous differences between all of them and the use of the term “integration” by dualists, dialecticians and propagandists.

The success of my work now outwardly, because of the increase successful communication of Love and Joy as human experience, is reflected in two publications which came out this week. The young are now accepting “Sufi Sam.” And my chief secretary, friend of Prof Huston Smith of M.I.T. has done some successful research in visiting New Ave communes. All of them start with the same general verbal platforms, some with the same principles, and some are actual practicing integration which is integration and not some traditional format verbalized as “integration.”

I do not feel too happy here but it was foreseen. Now we have the mushroom growth of “integrational, New Age communes” all over the place. And there is a story that Sheila McKendrick has gone off to get a million dollars to promote The New Age community somewhere in California. I do not know any details but I have been receiving surprising underground emoluments at a time when my own income has reached a high. And this I am now sharing with disciples because they do accept what their Murshid-Guru knows and does. And they have all have experienced greater areas of Love and Joy, and no nonsense about it. It is so evident to the visitors.

Nor has there been any appreciation of Dances of Universal Peace which are presumably dedicated to Sri Mahendra Mohan Ghose. Not only have these dances been successful, but the other night there was visitation from Srimati Ruth St. Denis who began a series of the restoration of “Mystery Dances” also. And the first effort was crowned with success. The young are learning through doing. One does not have to say “Ananda” or “Love.” The experience is very real to them, and now various professors are beginning to accept this.

It should be natural for those who play with the word integration to recognize the prowess of others. Most do not. They are still analysts using or misusing the word integration. They cannot avoid karma. Hearts are not won that way, and the whole situation has become awkward because a colleague has sent for me to join him legally which would change the basis of operation. After all why should one contribute to those who want to be recognized but who themselves will not recognize?

I do not like this. Long dedicated to the brotherhood of Man in fact and not in empty verbal theory, I foresaw and see even more the growth of mushroom “brotherhoods” who, by their very nature cannot be universal brother because they exclude each other. The other night there was an invocation of Goddess Saraswati. Although a Sufi Master I recognize others. The young who care to come and now stand off and criticize, recognize the validity of one’s words. Their elders stay far and criticize.

The other night I met a newspaper woman who had almost exactly the same experiences you had and sometimes in the same places but years later. She sees the need of universality and not of cultism verbalized as universality and still cultism and not universality. My fist Sufi teacher, Hazrat Inayat Khan predicted that universal brotherhood will form of itself. The way the young are acting it might appeared so. They do not want self-proclaiming “Big Brothers.” They are corning to me without my asking. I do not know my own next steps but universality is universality and my integration is an integration and not disguised words. It would not hurt your colleagues in the least to recognize the historicity of Akbar or that a person whom they are beseeching for aid just might happen to be a spiritual teacher. It is mutual recognition and exchange which is opening pocket-book and heart together.

Love and blessings,

Samuel L. Lewis



410 Precita Ave.

San Francisco Calif.

August 26, 1969


Miss Julie Medlock


Sri Aurobindo Ashram,

Pondicherry 2, India.


My Dear Julie,

Living with me at the present time is my God-daughter, Miss Khawar Khan of Lahore. I do not recall whether you ever met her or not, but she is the lady who went in my stead to All Asian Philosophical conference. You yourself asked me to go; I do not know whether you remember or not. But she went. She won first prize. She was first prize with a paper written by one Samuel L. Lewis. Samuel L. Lewis or Sam as he is being almost universally called, is still not eligible to speak before any group accepting Sri Aurobindo. For that you have to have a PhD degree. You can have a hundred samadhis and all degrees of enlightenment but still you are not eligible for the Sri Aurobindo Ashrams. Fame is everything, God-Consciousness is nothing.

In the Meanwhile the Dances of Universal Peace go on. They are receiving more and more attention, and not only attention but there has been an increment of money and fame. This money and fame cannot be shared because those with whom one wants to share them refuses to accept the status of the person to whom these Dances have come. They have “humility” and not even for the sake for money can they give up “humility” and accept what somebody else is accomplishing.

It was only after the most pathetic appeals that one organization has consented to accept these Dances of Universal Peace. It came at a good time for now young Americans who are spiritual eskers are coming to Sam and next year he will have his own summer camp. Not the “Sri Aurobindo” camp arranged with one D. Zitko which had so much enthusiasm and ego-hunger and flopped because it could not and would not accept humanity. It wanted humanity to accept them, and when this is called “integration” it becomes a farce and a fraud, before God this is so.

I have just written A.B. Patel of World Union. I refuse to be put on the spot. More and more young Americans who have been to Pondicherry are coming to me. They want their own Shangri la. They have the money, the land, the vitality. And they refuses to take any second place to any Santa Claus (as your colleagues advocate) or U.N officials, as all of your seem to be advocating—that U.N. Officials qua re are the “superman” of Sri Aurobindo!

Why last night two Negroes came here who have also been to Pondicherry and they also, lacking “humility” joined in the spiritual dances. They live quite near here and want some sort of alliance. Why not? Spirituality has never been a one-way street. Money-collecting apparently is, and it is most unfortunate that one foresees what is going to happen. One went through all this with the Bahais, the Roerich Movement and three other groups, none of whom would accept that Atman is Brahman or “Whatsoever ye do the least of these, My creatures, ye do it into me.” They flopped.

There is a change in our Americans cultural system. One man was selected as a Professor of Oriental philosophy because he proved—and he did prove—that he had the spiritual attainment. He did not study under any famous British or European Professor. He only stayed with spiritual teachers until he attained. And now there is a rapid movement in that direction in the Universities but not in the separative cults, especially those (mis) labeling themselves as Integrative.

Your American Critics are planning a world tour to the tombs and shrines of saints of all faiths. They will begin by going to Italy, especially to the pleases hallowed by St. Francis of Assisi. Then to Turkey to the Shrines of the Mevlevi Sufi Saints—who Still remain as non-existent to your colleagues and yourself. Then to other shrines across Asia. They believe by that they can build up a World Union which is a world union and not an adaptation of a term to attract. In fact they believe that their very efforts will attract without any need of campaign brochures. For they have had the real yoga and spiritual training, to recognize all people as the children of God and not especially semi-politicians hallowed by any UN, a decidedly human creation of people hardly fitting the description of Superman.

These people have already accepted Sam’s “Dances of Universal Peace” and both the “white delegations” one has met elsewhere and the blacks who came last night have joined in with them!

I do not believe there are one-way streets in heaven. Jesus Christ seems to have taught, “It is better to give than to receive.” But too many pseudo-New Age groups just believe in receiving for themselves and will not even grant process to others.

Let me tell you a story. I once want to a new years’ eve party given in a most fashionable home in North Hollywood. Three separate groups of so-called spiritualists came asking Sam where they would get money. They all claimed super-sensory faculties but still they had to ask a stranger where they could get money. It was plain as the nose on the face—all these had to do was to ask the host. He was very wealthy, and would have given, but none of the “clairvoyants” dared to approach him. It was very funny. But it is not so funny. For to claim or even dare to claim to have access to super-faculties and then expect those who are regarded of lower evolution to support is ridiculous.

We get our Sufi Khankah by an appeal to Allah, not to man, not to the generality. We did not even have to meet a second time. And even now Sam is faced by a strange situation, that should his brother die in the near future he will have plenty of money which he cannot share with those who will not accept his spiritual process. And they having “humility” seem quite impossible in accepting the prowess of others.

There is a movement here proclaiming Krishna-Consciousness. Talk, words, claims. When Sam sent them his “The Rejected Avatar” they could not say a word. But they could not criticize him either. And it is certain that the Ramakrishna people and the Sivanananda people have also accepted “The Rejected Avatar,” but the Sri Aurobindo People? The U.N. Yes; Santa Clams, Yes; but humankind?

Sufis have a religion of love. This love is demonstrable. It is being demonstrated. It is not based on negativity but it includes mercy, compassion and wisdom. It is communicable. When none of one’s accomplishments are accepted, how can one’s money be accepted? Even a thief will do that! But when the heart is shared, them the purse is open. This is a real morality, not the empty word “morality” which so many acclaim. Love is all open and all communicable; it does not demand and it appreciates. There is still time, but not much, now I believe the Shangri la will come in America, through Americans who recognize all saints and holy prophets and demonstrate it.

God bless you,

Samuel L. Lewis




Pondicherry, India

September 1, 1969


Dear Sam:

It had been so long since there had been a letter from you that I thought you had finally given up and taken to the silence in Great Guru fashion. But no … your letter, arriving today, is as baffling as ever. With a sigh, I shall once again try to straighten out your twisted facts insofar as I can figure out what you are driving at.

First, I can’t follow your voluminous correspondence with World Union because I do not know what they write to you. I know very little about their work, these days, as I am busy with my own; and in any event would not attempt to judge it or criticize it. However in the 2nd paragraph on page 2 of your letter to A.B. Patel, you say that “Auroville is not an integrative community and that it is not fulfilling the promise “A Movement for Unity and Peace through Spiritual and Scientific Development.” Auroville, whatever it is or is going to be, is not World Union and the phrase you have quoted does not belong to Auroville but to World Union. You knew this on the first page, first paragraph, so how is it you do not know it on the second page, second paragraph, Sam?!

In my letter you talk of “Sri Aurobindo Ashrams”—but there is only one, here. You talk of the “Sri Aurobindo camp,” but there is no such thing. There are of course hundreds, thousands of people who by now have read Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, accepting more or less, understanding more or less, but who have never set foot here. They may make speeches or carry on other activities about which we have never heard, here. You have several times mentioned Dr. Zitko, but you have never explained what it is you object to; I have asked you to be explicit, but instead you just indulge in name-calling. I have heard from Dr. Zitko several times. There has been no mention of any activity in the name of Aurobindo … indeed we have not as yet discovered just how to cooperate with many many groups around the world who wish a contact here. So all these people hardy constitute “Sri Aurobindo camps.” Think of all the University professors who teach Aurobindo’s philosophy from his books but who have never had any direct contact with the Ashram. You wish to hold us responsible for everything all these people do and say? Just as some people try to hold us responsible for the wild and quite untrue statements you make about us out here. It is really silly.

And then … what about Santa Claus, you keep mentioning? And glorification of UN personalities? We know nothing of this. What is going on in your head about it?

I smile at the mention of “your American critics” … and also your strange belief that I “and your colleagues” (I don’t have any…) think the Sufi Saints are non­existent. As for claim making, we make no claims, and particularly I do not make claims. If you stopped making claims about Sam’s omnipotence all your problems of rejection by all and sundry would soon evaporate, I suspect. Your dangling a carrot before peoples noses about money from Sam, “when he gets it…” is a blackmail tactic which ought to be beneath you Sam. Please remember nobody has asked you for money from here. If and when people are interested and moved enough with the serious work going on here to want to help, they do, and I can’t remember any who have made their help dependent upon somebody “recognizing” them as avatars, or spiritual giants of one sort or another. Rather, they consider it a privilege and the gain 99 percent on their side, in such sharing!

Which reminds me, have you heard what they are calling those so-called spiritual leaders who go hopping all over the world spewing out spiritual “wisdom”? Well, of course … they are Kang-gurus!!!


Blessings to you too, Sam, and may you find Truth yet!

Now, for your information, Sam: and this is accurate: There is a Sri Aurobindo Society in the USA run by Ida Patterson in Minneapolis which has American tax exemption. There is Eleanor Montgomery in New York who for years and years has raised funds and equipment for the Ashram. There is Judith Tyberg, the Sanskrit scholar who has the East-West Cultural Center in Los Angeles and who is a sadhak here. There is Haridas Chaudhuri, who knew Aurobindo and has cooperated in many ways over the years with Ashram activities. Now there are a number of young people from the Ashram and Auroville who have been living here and are now in the USA—Arindam, Bill Lathrop, Larry and Mary Helen Grinnell and some others, and they are beginning to get plans going for an Auroville-in-America group. Mrs. Seyril Schochen Rubin of New York is involved in organizing this. In November, New York University will have a public Symposium on the theme: Aurobindo, Auroville and the Future Evolution of Man. This is also likely to be the theme on a Cruise Ship which is to come out here with students and teachers during the 1972 Aurobindo Birthday Centennial year. There will be a lot of activities during 1972, as previously in the Tagore Centennial year and as now in the Gandhi Centennial year. The Indian Government will be organizing some of this. But much of it will be spontaneous and often done by people who only know Aurobindo through his books and do not know the Ashram or Auroville at all. So please when you see something you don’t like just don’t jump to the conclusion that all these things are being masterminded from here. Our aspiration is set on higher ranges here, as I think any serious and qualified investigator, including you, would find.

Auroville proceeds … “A Consciousness becoming visible in a town.” Work goes on endlessly. What else is there to say?

As ever,

Julie Medlock


P.S. Yes I remember about your God-daughter from Lahore and the Philosophical Conference at which she starred. How nice that she is visiting you.




Pondicherry 2, India

December 30, 1969


Dear Sam:

Just a quick note to wish you a lively, interesting and progressive 1970. You seem to have a lot of momentum up, so I don’t doubt that yours will be a fine New Year.

The carbons you have sent on lately seem more organized than usual, as was the article I saw in a copy of the Oracle which someone here had and loaned me. Why don’t you send that around to your friends?

The enclosure today on Sri Aurobindo and Plato, Applied Philosophy in the Twentieth Century, is also good. However, you have some facts wrong which you had better correct: Aurobindo died in December 1950—not 1920—I assume this was a typographical error, but it would be a confusing one to readers. Where, next, did you get the idea that M.P. Ghose, that is, M.M. Ghose, MP, is “second in command of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry.” There is no second in command, whatever you may hear, there is only The Mother. Aside from that, the article has some clear insights. You may be interested to know that one of our Ashram girls is at the Sorbonne in Paris doing her thesis on Sri Aurobindo and Henri Bergson. O yes, and one other thing, what is this about the children of the Ashram having “worked out their own integral speech”?? Perhaps you don’t know yet that practically anything you hear in India will turn out to be rumor, gossip, imagination, and almost wholly untrue. Imprecision is the nature of life here, alas.

Auroville proceeds slowly. Half a dozen centers are now open with young people living in them and developing the land. Groups of students are now coming from abroad to build roads, work in agriculture, erect houses … there are 23 here just now, from France. Christmas day there were about 3000 people—Aurovillians, Ashramites and their friends at the Ashram Christmas tree in the big Ashram Theatre compound at the south end of Pondicherry. All received a big plastic bag full of small gifts from The Mother. She is a miracle!

The supramental light is pouring into the earth’s atmosphere. Catch it San Francisco and be content.

As ever,

Julie Medlock



410 Precita Ave.,

San Francisco

January 10, 1970


Miss Julie Medlock


Pondicherry 2, India


My dear Julie:

Your very interesting letter of December 30 is here. The other day in class—I am permitted to speak in class, I am not even invited to the “world” groups—attention was called to the great gap between the traditional mystical teachings of Judaism and what is now called “Kabbala” and when someone challenged this person he said what was needed was “humility” and when one asked, “What is humility” Sam replied, “Ability to listen.” This did not go very well in a class which was splintered into inerrable groups with all opinions, but not a single one accepting Sri Aurobindo. Nevertheless this Professor backed Sam up and pointed out the real gap between literary “mysticism” and the experiences of universal consciousness.

Sam believes that there is a Universal Consciousness of “God” and that this Universal Consciousness has been experienced, is being experienced, will be experienced. He even claims to know many living persons who have had experiences in that consciousness and claims to know persons who are devotees of five (at least) of the world’s religions, can name them, point out to their experiences and reports; and in some cases to his meetings with them in the presence of Americans (there were many instances with Asians, but now Americans) and the Americans present were impressed and those not present refuse to assent even to simple facts. So let it be.

Another spiritual leader happened into Sam’s class last week and said, “You have not only started the year right, you have started the decade right.” There are now rumors of the need for spiritual dances, their being taught, etc. and Sam is going ahead, believing he has God with him and behind him. The biography of Ruth St. Denis has been read. Form her Sam learned to draw the dances right out of the Akasha or Alaya and there have been ample example of this in the presence of witnesses, but one does not know when metaphysicians and dialectical subjectivists will accept.

In the same mail a copy of Spectrum has arrived. One has written Oliver Reiser that there is a book review of “The Prometheus Project” by a Professor Feinberg. You must know that Oliver Reiser conceived this long ago but the metaphysical “integrationists” have paid no attention to his work anymore than they have to Sam’s. Besides our projects are based by a synthesis of the sciences and scientifically knowledge (actualities, not projective dialectics) and the experiences of man is diverse states of consciousness (Project Krishna.)

Sam is down to a single secretary with a growing number of disciples, strangers at meetings, classes (both by him and where he is enrolled), etc. Everything is done at high speed. “The Auricle” has been put away for a while due to problems of the editor.

Shamcher, Bryn Beorse, is the only person whom Sam has met who has been there when things happened, all over the external world. In addition he has sat at the actual feet of many Masters (not just written a book on it without sitting at anybody’s feet) and is now publishing some of his facts and findings. He has compared Sam to two of the very topmost man of the age, yet the only thing possible about Sam may be, “the stone which is rejected is become the cornerstone.”

The class on contemporary religions given at San Francisco State has concluded. Krishnamurti and Meher Baba were certainly rejected; the Subud movement was ignored; Zen Buddhism was greeted “naturally”; Tibetan Buddhism with some warmth; Sri Aurobindo not even mentioned; Sri Ramakrishna with considerable warmth—and I ask, “Why not?”—He achieved God-consciousness and passed it to Swami Vivekananda and others and this stream of spiritual consciousness is still functioning.

The class is over but more classes on similar subjects will be started soon and Sam may be there. One is not in the least concerned with rejections. “Unless the Lord buildeth the House they labor in vain who build.” And what is God? God, among other words, is Universal Love and also Light and Awakening and Supremacy. There are many living persons who have experienced such states and achievements and they are not often recognized by enthusiasts. Indeed the University of California will soon have another convocation on “Masters”—Sam is not going because he has nothing to offer which will not be presented better by certain Orientals (not, “Orientalists”).

Sam is well aware of what you are doing. He is also aware of what is going on in the State of New Mexico. There the chief influence is an awakened American, now known as Swami Ram Dass. He is not the only American who has experienced Samadhi but he is one of a growing number of them rejected by the “experts” but being accepted in our culture because their awakening is supported by facts, events, dated experience which are paramount over claims.

I do not ask the “world outlook” people to accept the teaching of the Upanishads, above all the Brihadaranyaka. Some day the advertising “world outlook” people will get out of their “humility” and examine what others are doing. The Vedas and Vedanta both teach Tat Tvam Asi, “thou art That,” the “world” people do not teach anything of the kind. Besides man has the Prajna, the divine wisdom and it is latent in everybody, everybody, everybody.

I tell you, Julie, not only are the young arising, but the younger even more. Sam is not a sociologist but he is presenting “Dances of Universal Peace” based on the spiritual teachings and awakening of each of the actual religions. The heritage of Ruth S. Denis goes on. It will win the young, God willing. So also we wait to see if some people who want others to recognize them will occasionally recognize others. It can be done, you know, Julie. And when the ones expecting to be recognized show a prowess in recognizing others themselves, they will control the world. It is that simple.

God bless you,

Samuel L. Lewis

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti






Thanks for your letters. Nothing new to report—just working along. Thought you might like to have the enclosures,


Julie Medlock


Letters revealing but quite impossible to answer such torrents of words—and 99% of remarks re Aurobindo, Auroville, Ashram are totally inaccurate, m’deah!! However am delighted to read in today’s effusion: “Sam has been entering a state of consciousness in which the ego is all gone.” Bravo! If that is true, all your troubles will soon be over. Glad to hear of the popularity and successes but don’t forget “Serve the Truth.”



Feb. 3, 1970

Miss Julie Medlock

Auroville Office

Pondicherry 2,



My dear Julie:

I have written a letter to Oliver Reiser and had a copy set aside for you. It has either been mailed without my authorization or misplaced. I said to the secretary here to hold it up, because I expected something was coming up. This something has come up—ie., the death of Lord Russell. I knew you had great admiration for him, and I certainly had for his work in mathematics, logic, the literary side of science, and his early social works. But I do not approve, and did not approve of his work on psychology, sex, and that humanity which he never had the privilege of joining.

Tonight I am going to be put on the spot. The former Dr. Richard Alpert is now traveling this land as Baba Ram Dass. I do not know whether he claims to be a Guru or not, nor does it matter, for he is certainly performing the functions of a Guru. He has the deepest respect for sacred literature, for the sage and seers of the past, and also of the Present. While I have mockingly said that I am was a potential pied piper, he is so functioning. The chief difference is that I am very very much older than the young who are coming to me, and before the living God they are. But Ram Dass is my colleague. He is my colleague of the real New Age, which is manifesting all over America.

The other day for the first time, there has to be a first, I received a very cordial and loving letter from a representative of the late Meher Baba. It also happens that Baba Ram Dass closed his meeting with some most beautiful aphorisms from Meher Baba—one which strikes the depths of the heart, and no nonsense. And it is these heart-stirrings that win the young—no more threats, nor more abstruse claims, no more hyperbolic orations. It is also to me most interesting because while at one time I was called upon by Baba to do research on the scripture and religions of the world, his immediate disciples would have none of it. They thwarted me at every point. But now the movements with which Baba Ram Dass and I are associated are in close cooperation, and it well may be, in open alliance, with followers of Meher Baba. I think I told you, they have the land, the money, and the aptitudes, but they certainly have one thing more, very sadly absent from the multitude of rival “world organizations.” There are so many of these today.

I withdrew from the Baba movement because in practice it was a complete repudiation of the moral teachings of Jesus Christ. Whether it be the teachings of Jesus Christ or of any other saint or avatar, or the last words of The International: “The international party, shall be the human race.” It is no longer a question of my own future. I am for and with those who believe the international party shall be the human race. But I am mostly close to those who show prowess in hard faculties.

Above I have said to hold your letter up. This was a manifestation of Prajna. Our other, to me, great philosopher of the century, Dr. Radhakrishnan, has been an intense advocate of Prajna. This might be translated as cosmic insight and foresight, and it never fails.

It has been necessary to write to you, and hare repeated, that a young woman named Rhoda expects to leave soon to go to Pondicherry ultimately. Although she has been here but a few times, she has seen what is being done with our spiritual dances. These spiritual dances are now in demand in that part of the country where a new age is arising, and which also includes the followers of Meher Baba and others, but not the followers of. Sri Aurobindo. My understanding of the New Age seems to be quite different from yours, in that I see the New Age in a multitude of new born infants, and I do not see it in organizers, promoters, and emotionalists of maturity. I have always believed that the divine spirit was in everybody and this would become more evident in the coming cycle. I do not believe it can be limited to any particular group. As Jesus Christ taught, “Ye are gods.”

It has always been my belief that the coming age would again bring to the earth a sub race with higher faculties. I now have a class again on the Gospel of Saint Thomas. There Jesus Christ is very emphatic about his being in the infant. I am a seeing this, I am seeing this constantly. I am not seeing this in the United Nations; I am not seeing this in the great power blocs of diplomats; I recognize it more and more in the eyes and hearts of human beings and most of all in the very young.

This spring or summer inshallah we shall organize both the training of the infant and the training of the adult to recognize spirituality in the infant. Yes, Sri Aurobindo’s higher types are here. But if they are not higher than your colleagues, they are not higher. Just as I teach the Gospel of Saint Thomas on Monday, I am set to open up the Taittiriya Upanishad on Sundays. I am giving out to the world a lot of stuff hush-hushed and mush-mushed by those who set themselves up as leaders. The young believe me. As Paul Brunton taught, there is the way of the heart, the way of the eye, and the way of the breath. Sam Lewis is not philosophizing; he is using these methods to meet and teach an ever-growing number of young people. But this teaching is not dualistic; it is the awakening of heart attunement.

Three different persons have in the last few weeks offered to help expand and publicize “Dances of Universal Peace.” This is an achievement; The United Nations is not an achievement. I am not acquainted with the new Yoga which seems to apply that an official of the United Nations automatically has spiritual prowess.

Now Julie, you may not recognize how much loneliness there is, and yet how simple it is to eradicate it. I am not trying to push this on anybody. The young are coming to me more and more and more, every day and at all times in both of my homes. I have hesitated to proclaim leadership; I have not hesitated to proclaim cooperation with others and that is where I stand awaiting next the proposals of Baba Ram Dass here.

Love and Blessings,

Samuel L. Lewis





February 22, 1970

Julie Medlock


Pondicherry 2, India


My dear Julie:

When I received your very nice photos yesterday, it seemed there was nothing more to say than to thank you. But between the contents of other letters, the telephone calls, and the events of afternoon and evening, the whole thing took on another aspect. It is most interesting to find people today working for a world union. But there is a vast difference between the word “world union” and the bringing together of various facets of humanity in such a way as to affect this. In the last few days one has received all kinds of mail from all kinds of people in the Rand-McNally world. This Rand-McNally world is to me most interesting, for it includes everybody. But nearly all these different groups seem to presume that we can have world union by excluding somebody. I do not know how they have come to such conclusions, but they have, and I guess there is nothing one can do about it.

Last week we had the third lecture by one Baba Ram Dass, the former Professor Richard Alpert of Harvard University. He is collecting funds in order to write a book on the spiritual practices which are in vogue today. He is one of several persons engaged in this pursuit. Fortunately they are not on bad terms with each other. Fortunately they are seeking information and knowledge, not leadership. Everyone else seems to want to lead. Thousands of people came to hear this Ram Dass. Thousands of dollars were collected. It was so easy. At the first two meetings I do not believe there were 10 people over 40 years of age. There was lots of mantram singing, lots of it. Everything was devotional, and what is most painful to all the scions of the passing cultures, there was far more money than anybody had dreamed of.

This crusade left Sam in a very awkward situation. He received both personal visitors and invitations to control a summer school in this country in the Southwest. The money, the student body, the program, are all ready. There is only one requirement, all inclusive integration. Just that, all inclusive integration.

Sam is now ready to go abroad to attend the conference of the world’s faiths. One does not know what is coming of it. One will take a very strong stand against resolution passing, and a very strong stand for almost anything else. We have Biafra, we have Palestine, we have Vietnam, we have pollution, we have ecology, and we have lots of resolutions, all kinds of resolutions. But we also have something which World Union had better learn, and learn quickly, and no nonsense—the manifestation in this world of just the type of entity which Sri Aurobindo predicted would come. They are here and now, and no nonsense. And we are going to have an integral yoga that yogas and integrates. It is going to be led, if led at all, by those of higher consciousness, and they are here.

Oliver Reiser has written considerably about the psi-layer. Real Indian cosmic metaphysics presents to begin with, several bodies. I believe they are functional and they are real; that they can be experienced. That they are experienced here and now. But it is not the public lecturers that have such experiences. The lecturers do not know how to shut up, or how to listen. That is a tragedy. Or it is a comedy. This time God is laughing at them. What is, is.

1. The dancing classes are growing. The dancing invitations are growing. One also hears that honorable Sri Mahendra Mohan Ghose is directing people to Sam. Of course, we have an integration here that integrates.

2. Real Indian philosophy teaches we have a subtle body and a causal body. Oliver Reiser posits a psi-layer. East and West are coming together by natural discovery and natural evolution and not by self-proclaimed leaderships. Sam’s oldest disciple by age is a Yoga teacher. We do not agree with what is called Yoga at all. We do not take a small portion of Patanjali, drop the rest, and bombast it. Our Yoga is totally scientific and totally devotional at the same time. We are not very popular with the so-called “occultists.” We have worked out a theme, showing cultural jumps with the discovery of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. These were not included in the so-called “ancient wisdom.” But they are manifesting in the young today, and as soon as the self-proclaimed get out of the picture, we are going to have a wonderful world. The psychic bodies of these new people are different, definitely different. We have been able to test and demonstrate the influences of Uranus, Neptune, and now Pluto, and this last is a wonder, a great wonder. It is fortunate that Oliver Reiser’s projects Prometheus and Krishna leave room for such progressions in portions of knowledge excluded from our curricula.

Last night after such demonstrations we went to a house-warming party. It was the new home of our youngest, by age, disciple, whose given name was Deborah, whose spiritual name is Devi. There Sam met a real Krishnabai, a young girl whose whole life and devotion is in Sri Krishna. Her aura is the brightest this person has ever seen. She remembers her former lives. She is in absolute love with Sri Krishna without this diminishing any of her worldly behavior patterns; she is a real Brahmacharyan, and thinks nothing of it. She thinks this is only natural.

This came shortly after Sam’s last venture with the Bhaktivedanta people here. They were chanting “Hare Krishna,” and grabbing hold of people. When Sam proclaimed himself as Krishna they fled. This young girl thoroughly understood the various levels of consciousness and attainment as proclaimed in the Gita, and still ignored by the vast majority of people over 40 who are proclaiming a new age; or who chant mantras. One of Sam’s messages to the world is the lamb and the lion shall lie down together and the little child shall lead them. I tell you Julie, the New Age is here. It is the young, and no nonsense. It is the Yoga of divine union, and no nonsense. It is not any UN super-mania. What the devil has a political organization to do with the New Age? What the devil has a political organization to do with cosmic evolution? I think we are going to have world union as soon as older people start looking; and sooner or later they are going to have to start looking and step trying to lead everybody else. “Every valley shall be exalted, and every hill laid low.”

The greatest teaching of Lord Jesus Christ was love. One of the great teachings of the Bhaktis is Prema-Yoga. The greatest principle in the Dharma of Lord Buddha is Buddhahridaya. I am not going to explain these things. There are too many “leaders”; let them explain. Although this letter seems to be profound, Sam functions as the “imp of love,” a sort of Puck with a heart. We find this also in “The Rejected Avatar.”

The way to these young people is through heart. It is not by posing intelligence. They, not their elders, incarnate over-mind and super-mind. They often think, and more often have, superior intellects, superior intelligence, and vastly superior vision. The real wise people would encourage this. The real wise would let the little children lead them.

The new communes are going to accept in the first place, a Living God. They will practice Yoga systems which enhance the realization of this Living God. They are going to integrate, including, not some special self-leadership organization which so far excludes the majority of the human race. Sam is all for an integrative movement that integrates; that does not deny and by-pass the Sufis; that does not deny some of the great Saints of India, even Saints down to this generation.

No doubt this letter is written under stress—a realization of the wonderful souls now coming to manifestation on this living earth who, as soon as the elders stop stopping them, will bring about Shangri-las, Aurovilles, Shambalas, and a New Age that is new.

All love and blessing,

Samuel L. Lewis




March 5, 1970


Dear Sam:

Yours of February 22nd: Well, I see you’re still overboard for the kids.

In regard to your last paragraph, I wonder if I ever sent you or if you discovered for yourself the enclosed “sun-eyed children of a marvelous dawn” bit.

Maybe it would be an inspiration around your parts.

Under separate covered I have sent you the new issue of =1 (Equals One) on Auroville as a Univer-city.

As ever,

Julie Medlock



March 9, 1970

Miss Julie Medlock

Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Auroville office

Pondicherry 2, India


My dear Julie:

I am very happy to acknowledge your letter of March 5. Today I received my passport prior to leaving for Geneva on March 28. For me this will be a very serious trip and I shall be able to stop only at London and Boston on my way back. All personal resources and all one’s life study and research are being put into this summit endeavor. But at least I shall be granted the floor. You name the group, no matter how self-important it has been, and I have been refused the floor in the past.

I am carrying with me a number of extracts of presumably great persons of the past and also an address of Vice-President Giri which was sent to me personally for comment. After close relations with the two previous presidents, this is indeed a welcome, but I have also been given a private introduction to the Indian delegation.

I have read “Savitri.” For the most part I am in accord with Sri Aurobindo’s theories of poetry. Where I differ is that the same theories were imbibed from a French writer of the Napoleonic era named Fabre D’Olivet. I have even turned over literature (now out of print) to the local Sri Aurobindo people who neither thanked, nor acknowledged, nor permitted, any talk on the same universal truth which came from another source. But I am neither provoked nor concerned any longer. Indeed the one stand I shall take at Geneva is unalterable opposition to worthless resolutions. I should be a fool to be drawn into the same nonsense which terminated the earlier Roerich Museum.

To me, super-mind means expanded, awakened heart. I know the children of the dawn. I am meeting them all the time. Two fathers have been in this house this morning. A theory is only validated by example.

This person lectures on the various scriptures of the world, knowing them both from a literary, a philosophic and an inner-awakening standpoint. One cannot compel the inner awakening on anybody. If I have not sent you my own “The Rejected Avatar” please let me know.

Now, like Emerson’s mousetrap inventor, the world is beating its footsteps to these doors. The idea of having a family, even an enlarged family, is out of the question any longer. The young are coming here in greater numbers, and obvious facts have influenced a local television station enough to have them take pictures of the dancing class. “The Dance of Universal Peace” may not influence those whom I think should be influenced, but what comes from God, from the Living God, from the Universally eternal God, sooner or later is going to reach the hearts of all.

I am also enclosing copy of a semi humorous letter to a local newspaperman. I think you know very well what is inferred.

Love and Blessings,

Samuel L. Lewis




March 17, 1970


Dear Sam:

So Sam is off to Geneva on March 28th, but cryptic as usual, he does not say what his mission is, only “but at least I shall be granted the floor.” Whose floor? You say it is a summit endeavor, which tells me exactly nothing about what you are up to.

O well, I suppose I shall hear in due course. If the world suddenly gets straightened out overnight I’ll know it was Sam and his Geneva hocus-pocus did it!

Anyhow, bon voyage and happy return.

As ever,

Julie Medlock


Art Hoppe letter very funny. In praise of humor I contribute the following: I have just received an invitation to a conference to be held in Florence, Italy in late October. Its title—believe it or not—is:

Conference on Religion and Science and Statesmanship and Virtue

Honest! It says so right here! JM



Geneva, Switzerland

April 2, 1970


Julie Medlock

Auroville, Pondicherry 2



How are you? It had never been my intention to write to you from here, but the number of your friends and acquaintances that I am meeting is truly astounding., for example Mrs. Artess is one of the chief speakers this morning.

In some respects I do not feel too comfortable , but it is very necessary to act. I am on a committee to list, coordinate and investigate the various groups and organizations that legally have been organized for world functions. Several men on the committee are world famous. It seems that for over 40 years I have been pointing out the dilemma of different groups claiming to hold world points of view, generally ignoring each other and generally dominated by small a clique and perhaps none of them having real world functions. No doubt the Bahai’s have in the past become the closest. But they are no in evidence here, nor are they much in evidence in world affairs.

In my recent mail it is very notable that there are so many organizations, some of recent vintage, some of more recent vintage, that claim to be establishing world outlooks, mostly ignoring each other entirely and mostly organized in such a way that a very small group of self-appointees would dominate them. It has been pointed out here that there is not a single black African in attendance at the peace conference, and it there are any Latin Americans they have not made themselves noticeable. The members of my committee feel this must be corrected. We are not sure that we can correct it. We cannot stop a small group of people from considering themselves a world movement or international organization and perhaps do not intend to do so, but we certainly intend to list them—not investigate—but list them.

The mayor of Geneva who opened the conference mentioned certain historical names, reference to which has been decried by nearly all the followers of Sri Aurobindo whom I have met. What they have gained by ignoring history I do not know, but it looks that they have gained exactly the same treatment as they give out to others. And I am certainly not in a position to defend any group that ignores “even the least of my creatures.”

While one set of conclusions has been reached by the prevailing majority, almost the same conclusions have been reached by a startling number of people who know you personally, including some some who have been recently at Auroville. A real world movement would consist of those who open their hearts to others, who listen to others, who heed the suggestions of others. Sam introduced himself as the spiritual teacher of the hippies. While it is not exactly true, it is certainly a thousand times more true than the strange refusal of the followers of Sri Aurobindo to accept even simple facts. My Spring Festival drew 200 participants excluding onlookers and technicians, who hope to televise it. My farewell meeting was overcrowded. There are a lot of cries about the young, and it is now evident that both the Aurobindo movement and others have refused to recognize the New Age with higher outlooks, with more magnificent ideas, and a supreme ability to achieve.

One of my colleagues seeking to raise a few thousand dollars was overwhelmed with audiences and collections. It was just an experiment and it astounded him. Older persons refused to accept the fact and are thus excluding themselves from both money and audiences.

Divine love manifests in attracting those who are awakened to divine love or even human love. It has been simple to gain the good-will of the few young people here. Your friends agree that all that Sri Aurobindo has written on overmind and supermind does not mean that the people of higher evolution necessarily manifested in his immediate following. They manifested all right where God wanted, not where man insisted. This elimination of God means of course you are following in the same direction as Dr. Zitko did in this land, and I am afraid your colleagues here are going to repeat the same mistakes and over and over, for the world will march on.

I never intended to start a movement. A closest colleague shows up suddenly quite unexpectedly here and we do not like separative organizations, but when we are excluded by so-called world groups, what are we to do? I think Sri Aurobindo intended to further the evolution in accord with Indian cosmic philosophy and metaphysics. I certainly see the opposite in the groups centered around San Francisco and Los Angeles. They have closed their doors to human hearts and divine wisdom.

There is a very large delegation of Indians here. I have already made contact with the whole Birla family who are financing a very large group of holy men and spiritual teachers. It is so easy to communicate with and commune with these people of very different outlooks. A World Union should be open to them and not try to dominate them.

At this writing I not only have a large and rapidly growing group in Central California, but the same holds for Northern New Mexico and we intend to stop off at Boston before returning there. There is going to be a World Union.  Unless there is a complete change in attitude, it will not be your World Union. It will not be Sri Aurobindo’s World Union. It will be God’s World Union and I mean just that and no nonsense: heart, love, compassion, open-mindedness, human consideration and an ever-increasing operation of intuition and higher faculties and no nonsense.

I do not know how to lead the large number of young people who are coming to me. When doors are shut in my face I have to look elsewhere. The “Dances of Universal Peace” are making tremendous progress and Sri Surendra Mohan Ghose recognizes this. These will not be impelled on others, much less compelled.

Every lonely speaker here, and there are lots of them, makes an appeal for divine love. They make appeals; others manifest it by wa