Beloved Family,
I'm off to Mother India in 9 days, with a very busy schedule. First I attend the Barsi (Urs) All Day music festival of Ustad Alla Rakha, father of Ustad Zakir Hussain, the famous Tabla Master in Mumbai. On Feb 4th off to Delhi to help present at the URS of HIK, offering Raga and Zikr on the URS day.  Feb 9-14 leading a residential Sufi Festival with Sheikh Kabir Helminski. The next week I'll be presenting at a Festival welcoming the "Walk of Hope" to Delhi, sharing the stage with Tai Situ Rinpoche, my Tibetan guru.
At the beginning of the year we had a deep 8 days of Sufi Sesshin followed by the Celebration of Murshid Sam's URS here in San Rafael.
On my return from India, in the beginning of March, I have the privilege of giving a Raga Concert with great accompanying musicians followed by a weekend sufi retreat in Ashland OR.
Toward the middle of March, I teach Mysticism of Sound & Music for the whole of Easter week with Murshida Darvesha at an Eco-village in the heart of Colombia, South America!
Ya Fattah!!! for a beautiful 2016!
Much love,

Wazifa Practice

Recite 101x 


28. Ya Hakam (yaa ḤA-kam)

Al-Hakam is discerning wisdom, a wisdom that is utterly pervasive and very precise. Al-Hakam is the one who discerns and who makes wise decisions. This divine quality is described by such words as sagacious, judicious, clear-headed, intelligent, subtle, and discreet. In its deepest sense, it is a seeing from the eye of the heart, by means of the light of God. A hadith says, "Be aware of the penetrating insight (firaasah) of the believer, because such a one sees by the light of God."

The nominative form of H-K-M is al-hikmah, which means both wisely reflecting on the secrets of divine essence (the silent or still wisdom), and living actively in harmony with that reflection. Through this kind of wisdom, you become able to discern between what is real and what is transient. It erases all doubt so that you can focus on the truth amidst the most confusing of conditions.

Invocation of Ya Hakam offers a way out of the feeling of powerlessness in the face of all the raging desires. It is a means of objectifying situations to gain clarity of insight. We recommend it be paired in recitation with its cognate Ya Hakim (46), healing wisdom, which is a more inclusive Name of wisdom.

46. Ya Hakim (yaa ḥa-KEEM)

Al-Hakim is the universal manifestation of healing wisdom. It is the essential wisdom that brings all experience into balance and harmony, and it is the one whose wisdom is manifested everywhere. It is the heart of diamond-like clarity that gives you access to an active spirit of guidance.

Al-Hakim is born of inner certainty and it is manifested as outward calm and determination. The word for bridle is hakama, meaning to rein in. The ability to control unbridled passions, such as anger, requires a wisdom that expresses itself in skillful action, and through the actual practice of all that you know. Realization of this divine quality gives you the ability to determine exactly how wisdom can promote healing in each and every instance.

A most concrete meaning of al-Hakim is a physician, a physician of hearts. Invocation of Ya Hakim provides help for those of us who easily get lost in generalities, and have difficulty translating knowledge into practical wisdom. Al-Hakim is the Name of wisdom that is most inclusive; its universal meaning includes the meaning of its cognate, Ya Hakam (28), discerning wisdom, with which it is paired in repetition.

To hear the pronunciation:  Ya Hakam ~ Ya Hakim



This month we continue reading "The Bestowal of Blessing" by Murshid Samuel Lewis, also known as Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti (One Who is Drawn to God by Grace). Read Chapters 12, 13 & 14, pages 47-54. Click here to download the document.