Beloved Family,

In light of the tragic events in Orlando, it becomes clear how important our spiritual practice is. Transforming ourselves and as a result others to embody mysticism, we awaken Love, Harmony and Beauty, as our invocation points out.

Not only do we stand for the Unity of Religious Ideals, that the same message of Realization and Unity is at the root of every tradition, we also offer unconditional love to all beings to the best of our ability.

Steady practice will help us in our service to all beings.

We had a deep and rewarding retreat together with Murshid Saadi at Allanton, in southern Scotland with around 50 folks from Scotland, UK, France and Ecuador!

After a lovely weekend teaching with Taj Inayat in San Rafael, next weekend I once again head to the beautiful Asheville, North Carolina.

Then the summer camps begin, first the 16th Annual Mendocino Sufi Youth Camp, then the 42nd Annual Mendocino Sufi Camp, followed in August with our annual Lama Foundation Sufi Sesshin.

I’ll spend Labor Day weekend at Omega Institute on the East Coast leading Dances at their Ecstatic Chant Weekend, with all the leading Kirtan and Qawwali bands.


May all Beings have happiness, and the causes of happiness.

May all Beings be free from suffering and the causes of suffering.

May all Beings never be without the Supreme Bliss which is free from all suffering.

May all Beings live in the Great Equanimity, free from all attachment and aversion.

Lord Buddha


Much love, Shabda


Recite 101x Ya Mulhim ~ Ya Hadi ~ Ya Rashid

Ya Mulhim (yaa MOOL-him) — The inner guidance that comes to one directly from the source without intermediation

94. Ya Hadi (yaa aha-dee)

Al Hadi is the most general and inclusive Name of divine guidance. It means the source of all guidance, and its guidance is for the whole of humanity, or a whole community of people. In societal terms, al-Hadi manifests in canonical guidance from a holy book and a structured religion. Repetition of Ya Hadi is especially recommended at the stage when the spiritual wayfarer is ready to actualize insights, to walk their authentic walk in life, to function in an integrated way, and to become a part of a spiritual community.

Al-Hadi is an invitation to remember God (dhikr) and to remove the coverings over our heart (kufraan) that cause forgetfulness. It offers the light of guidance that illuminates the way for humanity to overcome self-delusion, anger, and panic and to find the broad and balanced road, the straight way that offers patience and hope, and is life-giving water, hady (un). Al-Hadi represents an advanced stage in the process of awakening to guidance. It should be considered as part of a cluster of Names including ar-Rashid (98) and al-Mulhim. See Chapter 24, Names of Guidance.

98. Ya Rashid (yaa ra-SHEED)

Ar-Rashid is the state of unerring guidance that is infinitely, and in an unlimited way, manifesting into each and every thing. The word for the one who is constantly evolving so that they can manifest this state is Murshid (mu-ra-sha-da). Ar-Rashid brings an established and clear consciousness that balances inner experience and worldly life.

To discern and communicate a wisdom that addresses the specific needs of individual souls, the quality of divine guidance must be brought into a particular focus. Ar-Rashid is the emanation of guidance that has the clarity and capacity to discern and communicate healing wisdom to all types of human beings. It brings hope to humanity, while its opposite, ghayy, leads to despair.

Ar-Rashid offers the nexus of balance between the unstructured nature of inner inspiration or guidance (ilham) and the structure of formal guidance (hudaa). Because of its quality of clarity, Ya Rashid can effectively be paired in repetition with several Names, including Ya Matin (54), Ya Hadi (94), and Ya Mulhim. See Chapter 24, Names of Guidance, and the teachings on the diamond body of awareness in Chapter 20, In Quest of Wisdom; Chapter 22, God’s Omniscience; and Chapter 23, The Ground of All Knowing.

To hear the pronunciation:  Ya Hadi ~ Ya Rashid



This month we continue reading Githa Dhyana (On Meditation) by Murshid Samuel Lewis, also known as Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti (One Who is Drawn to God by Grace). Read  Series II: Numbers 1 through 4(A), pages 26-33. Click here to download the document.


1TeachingwithMurshidSaadiinScotlandTeaching with Murshid Saadi at Allanton in Scotland


2ScottishstyleSufi SesshinmorningScottish style Sufi Sesshin morning


3ScotlandRetreatScotland Retreat


4AllantonRetreatVenueAllanton Retreat Venue


5AllantonSanctuaryAllanton Sanctuary


6aNaturalBeautyofScotlandNatural Beauty of Scotland


6bNaturalBeautyofScotlandNatural Beauty of Scotland


6cNaturalBeautyofScotlandNatural Beauty of Scotland


6dNaturalBeautyofScotland.jpgNatural Beauty of Scotland


7TeachingwithTajInayatinSanRafaelTeaching with Taj Inayat in San Rafael


8ConstructionProgressatMurshidSam'sDargahConstruction Progress at Murshid Sam's Dargah


9AnewrockwallbenchattheDanceCirclebytheDargahA new rock wall bench at the Dance Circle by the Dargah


11GranddaughterOonaAt home with Grand-daughter Oona


10AthomewithgranddaughterMaeveGrand-daughter Maeve


12LocalPhoebeLocal Phoebe


13LocalPelicanstakingarestLocal Pelicans taking a rest


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