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RIVER OF GUIDANCE - An Evening with Pir Shabda Kahn

In this wide-ranging interview, Pir Shabda Kahn, Spiritual Director of the Sufi Ruhaniat International, chronicles with depth and heart his immersion into a multifaceted life, reflections on his teachers, and the essence of the spiritual journey, including musical excerpts as performer, Zikr leader and teacher. Shabda talks about his first meetings with Murshid Samuel Lewis, his Tibetan teacher, his music teacher, and his wife. He tells about the early days of the Ruhaniat, the teacher-student relationship and the path of Sufism. He shares with us his love of music and the dances of Universal Peace, and how he became Pir.

Sample 1 - Introduction
Sample 2 - What is a Sufi?






Studio recorded in New Delhi, India on Feb 15, 2010. Shabda singing is accompanied by wonderful master musicians, Ustad Rafiuddin Sabri on Tabla and Ustad Kamal Sabri on Sarangi. Rag Multani and Rag Patdeep are the whole ensemble and Rag Madhuvanti is just Sarangi and Tabla.

Sample 1 - Rag Patdeep
Sample 2 - Rag Madhuvanti






A recording of a live concert in San Francisco February 18, 2006. Accompanied by Benjy Wertheimer on Esraj, and Dr. Michael Lewis on Tabla. Includes Rag Yaman, Rag Tilang, and Rag Basant.

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CD hearts

OPEN OUR HEARTS - Live in Boston 2003

This beautiful live recording, done in Boston at the Music of Life retreat in 2003, features several Dances of Universal Peace Songs, some teachings and stories, and of course a few wonderful zikrs. This 70 minute musical record of the retreat brings one into the joyful atmosphere of the actual event, which is fast becoming a New England Tradition.

Listen to a sampler of songs




Shabda CD

ZIKR OF THE HEART - Shabda Kahn, live in Boston

Middle East meets West in this live recording of the Boston 2002 retreat "Integrating the Extraordinary with the Ordinary." This 74 minute collection of zikrs and teachings show cases Shabda Kahn's unique gift of being able to blend authentic Middle Eastern and Western styles into something which carries the strengths of both and sounds wonderful even as it opens the ears of our hearts.

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This was recorded in 1996 with our Zikr Circle, directed by Shabda Kahn, joined by the illustrious musician, Terry Riley, Mustaqim Maurer on Guitar, Deborah Thomson on Keyboard, Emam and Matin Mize, percussion.

Just near the end of the CD is a 4 minute piece of my Raga Guru, Pandit Pran Nath, just shortly before he passed away. Even though he was quite weak and in ill health, he very much wanted to record with us and came out to Fairfax to sing. This is the only time that he and his disciple of 26 years, Terry Riley played a duet of voice and piano! The Zikrs are all original compositions.

Listen to samples:
Sample 1
Sample 2

Zikr of Harmony is also available on cassette for $10. Please specify cassette when placing your order.






This is a CD of Indian Classical Vocal Music sung by Shabda Kahn. Recorded in the studio with a wonderful tabla player named Benjy Wertheimer. Mustaqim Maurer and Joan Allekote play tamboura. The opening 2 min Invocation in Rag Tilang has no tabla but has Benjy playing the Esraj, a lyrical bowed instrument behind the singing. Then follows Rag Todi, a morning Raga, with the feeling of telling ones feelings to the Divine. Next is the romantic Rag Bhageshi. And last is Rag Bhairavi, with the principal notes all the flat notes, but with all the notes of the octave present.

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TambourasinC CD


2002 Studio recording, with two beautifful double gourded tambouras. Very lucious sound of tambouras to sing with!

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Two ladies' pitch tambouras recorded in the studio for music practice. "A" pitch is typically used for women's voices in India.

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A video portrait of Pandit Pran Nath, master in the Kirana school of Indian classical music. It traces the life and career of his seminal influence on many of the leading musicians of our time. Panditji sings Raga Misra Kafi. Interviews with Terry Riley, Le Monte Young, Marian Zazeela and Pandit Pran Nath. In Between the Notes was produced by Other Minds in 1986. Directed by filmmaker William Farley and photographed by Bill Marpet, it was taped mainly in India during 1985. "... its real subject is artistic integrity. His work always involved a search for purity of expression, finding the exact nuance of pitch and tonal quality, "in between the notes," to fit perfectly the mood and nature of the raga being performed." ~from the notes 28 minutes




PPN ragas200


"One of the undeniable beauties of Indian Classical Music is its strong connection to nature and especially the binding relationship of Raga melodies to their appropriate time of day. An elegant curve of melody, a subtle lowering of pitch, or an assertiveness attached to a particular note help to define the effect of a Raga. There are Ragas for all the times of day and night as well as seasons and when they are sung at their appropriate time their effectiveness is noticeably enhanced. Pandit Pran Nath's knowledge of this musical science was extraordinary and he made it his life's work to probe deeply with his expressive voice the true character of each raga using his matchless pitch discrimination and compelling emotional range. Accompanying Pran Nath in these Palace Theatre Concerts are his American disciples, La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela, tamburas, and Terry Riley, tabla. The Raga Cycle concerts at the Palace Theatre in Paris in May, 1972 showcased Pandit Pran Nath at the peak of his powers. The Raga Cycle took place over three consecutive days: Friday, May 28th, night ragas; Saturday May 29th, late afternoon ragas; and Sunday, May 30th, morning and mid-day ragas." - Terry Riley

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MIDNIGHT by Pandit Pran Nath

This double CD set is the first of many recordings by Pandit Pran Nath scheduled for release on the Just Dreams label. It features an earlier 1971 recording of a live performance of Raga Malkauns that was one of his most intense and powerful, and a 1976 studio performance of the same raga and the same compositions. Together they provide a rare opportunity to study, compare and enjoy the range and expressiveness of this great raga and the breadth of musicianship evidenced by the renderings of Pandit Pran Nath.





WHITE RECORD by Pandit Pran Nath

Beautifully recorded in 1971, this was previously only available on vinyl, and has been out of print for over 20 years. Raga's Yaman and Punjabi Berva are most masterfully rendered. At the end, a short piece of a duet Voice and Piano, of Pandit Pran Nath and his chief disciple, Terry Riley performing Raga Darbari, in April 1996, shortly before Pandit Pran Nath's passing, when he was in ill health. Even though Guruji's voice is weak, the music is pure prayer!

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Ragasof MN


This is a rare recording from 1968 India of Pandit PranNath singing Rags Todi and Darbari. It was previously on Gramavision but it is out of print.

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Srimati Shanti Sharma is one of the finest female vocalists of North Indian Classical Music today. Her music flows with the beauty of her rich voice, aesthetic sensitivity and spiritual depth. She received her training from the great vocalists Pandit Amarnath and Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan. We are so pleased to have her music available in the Western world for the first time.

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An Epic Poem by Murshid Samuel L Lewis, introduced and read by Murshid Wali Ali Meyer. Musical interludes by Murshid Allaudin Ottinger and friends In American Sufi Mystic Samuel Lewis's epic poem, SALADIN, a 12th century Muslim Sultan takes us back to the Crusaders' Middle East invasion. At one point the poet is taken on an inner journey through the heavens in the manner of the Prophet Mohammed's night journey. Through his spiritual realization, Saladin invites the resolution of religious conflict and reveals the mystical depths of Islam. This poem invokes spiritual guidance as a foundation of human morality. It is prophetic and as such has keys for understanding and resolving conflicts today and in the future.




CD Women200

THE WOMEN WITH MUHAMMAD: Poetry and Spokenword by Tamam Kahn

Original poems read by Tamam Kahn recorded live at CIIS (California Institute of Integral Studies), December, 2005. Coleman Barks has written about Tamam's efforts, "Finally we get to meeet the First Women of Islam!" All spokenword beats are courtesy of DJ Solomon. Some poems are accompanied with music by Shabda Kahn and Irina Mikhailova. Recorded by Shabda Kahn, and mixed by Al Shabda Owens. Photo and artwork by Shabda. completeword productions, 2008.

Listen to a sample - Angel of Death





WHITE SHADE CLOUD OVERHEAD AT NOON - Poems written and spoken by Tamam Kahn

Original poetry telling of the women honored by Prophet Mohammad. These poems offer their story.

Poems written & spoken by Tamam Kahn with musical accompaniment by Hamza El Din, Shabda Kahn, Irina Mikailova, and additional vocals by Antonia Minnicola, Mariam Baker Dilwara Fletcher, and Fadhilla Bradley. Recorded at Expressions studios in Berkeley; produced by Shabda Kahn; engineered by Nick Thomas; artwork by Ammon Haggerty.


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