Physicians of the HeartBy Wali Ali Meyer, Bilal Hyde, Faisal Muqaddam, Shabda Kahn
This book takes the reader into the heart of the mystery of the 99 sacred Names of Allah.  It is a vehicle for understanding the infinite nature of God, and for discovering the divine potential in every soul.

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It is also a guidebook for progressing through the stages of the spiritual path and an instruction manual for teachers on how to work with students more wisely, as physicians of the heart.

In the process of this voyage to discovery, the reader is systematically exposed to the universal mysticism encoded in the Qur'an and in the classical Sufi traditions, as well as to a modern psychological approach that works with the 99 Names to achieve individuation and wholeness.

Editors’ Reviews:

The Ninety-Name names of God are a spiritual treasure. The four authors of this book have accomplished a noble collaboration and put this treasure within our reach. The meanings to be discovered in these pages can potentially open us to a marvelous universe of Divine Beauty, and through these gems, traditionally called "The Most Beautiful Names," we may ourselves ultimately be beautified. Rich in linguistic knowledge and personal reflection, this book helps to make this subject applicable and real.
Kabir Helminski, author of Living Presence and The Knowing Heart, translator of several volumes of Rumi, including The Pocket Rumi and Love's Ripening, & Co-Director of The Threshold Society ( --Kabir Helmisnki,

This astounding book is a nothing less than a mystical road map into the reality of the Only Being, to the One from whence all the 99 beautiful names of Allah spring, and to which they all point. The collaboration of these scholars and practitioners has yielded a truly profound work of deep spiritual value and psychological insight which should continue to serve the entire community of the "Jerusalem Trilogy" (Jews, Christians, and Muslims) for generations to come.
Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, founder of the Jewish Renewal Movement --Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi

The Source of Love promises humanity, Call on me in longing and love through intoning My Most Beautiful Names and I will answer your call, far beyond your imagination. O seeker, enter the mystical kingdom of the Divine Energies, called the Most Beautiful Names of Allah, by plunging into this remarkable sourcebook, which elucidates the ancient practice of contemplation and chanting of the Names of God, the swiftest path to union.
The authors of the book have brought a great gift to the West in their extraordinary and monumental work which elucidates a new field of wisdom in the West. Use this book as a guide on your journey.
Fariha al Jerrahi, -Nur Ashki Jerrahi Sufi Lineage --Fariha al Jerrahi, Nur Ashki Jerrahi Sufi Lineage