Overview of Education Project by Pir Shabda


by Pir Shabda Kahn

As Hazrat Inayat Khan spoke; “The Message of Love, Harmony and Beauty is the Message for humanity today”. And at the same time we realize it is clothed in such a way that not all people can hear it.

Therefore, we are trying to develop a more  ‘universal’ pedagogy, without the color of religious and spiritual traditions, that all educators can use, no matter what their background, for bringing lessons to children in concentration, deep listening, rhythmic breathing, tolerance, compassion, developing group awareness, etc.  We want to help children experience empowerment, embodiment, tolerance, and kindness.  We want them to develop fineness of humanity, depth of capacity, strength, and awakening.

Children's Bill of Rights

by Farid Gruber, based on the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan

* To be loved, cherished, and protected
* To be valued for being not doing
* To have character and moral education as primary in the school as well as the family
* To be taught the values of stillness, single-mindedness, and concentration
* To learn the inter connectedness of people and the environment
* To be exposed to the music and rhythm of all curricula
* To have spiritual development and faith encouraged
* To have a balance between fun, excitement, and earnestness in all learning
* To be rewarded for personal integrity and truthfulness
* To eat, dance, and pray together

“On the education of children depends the future of nations."  – Hazrat Inayat Khan

From Hazrat Inayat Khan on Education - Some Principles of Training Youth

* Music equals health and accompanies physical education
* Play equals work
* Same education is given to all no matter rich or poor
* Cultivate the spirit of generosity and friendliness 
* Whole world is seen as one family
* Spiritual ideal is the soul's inclination 
* Mental strength depends on single mindedness
* Power is in honesty and sincerity
* Stillness is cultivated
* Nobility of the soul is selflessness
* Wish for right guidance, good health, long life, prosperity, success, happiness, and love