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The Murshid Samuel L. Lewis Dargah Project



A Pilgrimage Touchstone
for the Future



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About this Project, by Pir Shabda Kahn:

On Saturday April 12, 2014 the Lama Council, the governing body of Lama Foundation in San Cristobal NM, where our Murshid Samuel Lewis is buried, gave its final approval for the design of a beautiful and functional shrine on Murshid Sam's gravesite. Planning has gone forward and work on the site has begun!

Murshid Sam had the unique ability when visiting the shrines of saints in the East to empty himself and receive their direct guidance. Before his passing he predicted that his own resting place would become just such a touchstone, a place where pilgrims could receive guidance and answers to Life's question. For his disciples, he stressed the importance of creating such shrines and pilgrimage places in America.
I feel Murshid guiding us to create this shrine on Lama Mountain.

SAM at Lama(Saul B)In 2007, following compelling inner guidance, I approached Lama Foundation to gain permission to build a proper shrine on Murshid Sam's grave.
Taking a solitary retreat by Murshid Sam's grave, and not being able to sit as his gravesite for more than a few minutes because of the intense sun at 8700 feet, confirmed the inspiration as a way to provide shade and beauty at Murshid Sam's Dargah, in order to be able to spend quality time there.

When I first went to Hazrat Inayat Khan's Dargah in Mother India in 1976 it was also open air, open to the sky, and quite unusable for more than a short visit because of the elements.

For past several decades now, Hazrat Inayat Khan's Dargah is beautifully fashioned with a protective dome, and it is very accommodating for even large groups of pilgrims to be there for long periods. Naturally, I wish the same for Murshid Sam's Dargah!

Photos of HIK Dargah, 1976 and 2007

Those of you who have travelled to dargahs and shrines have yourselves likely touched the power flowing there from the Spirit of Guidance. Such sacred spaces offer infinitely more than a quiet place to meditate - they can become a portal to the Awakened Heart. We build the shrine in stone, wood and glass, in an attempt to provide a container to experience the magnificence of the silent, motionless inner reality that is our eternal and infinite Source. I believe that manifesting this vision will be a powerful and vitalizing force for the Ruhaniat, for Lama Foundation and for humanity for many generations to come.


The general picture of the Dargah is an open pavilion or gazebo, no walls, with 8 limestone carved pillars at 24 feet across, a dome, and an overhang for shade. Murshid Sam's white quartz stone covered burial mound will remain untouched, surrounded by a stone floor, cut in a geometric pattern.

Dargah Floor Plan

Our hope is to build a structure that will last 500 years! Work is to begin with creation of the access path and building of the foundation before winter. We will continue to update the community though this website, which can be reached here, as plans and progress unfold. All the architectural drawings will be available here, and more. Scroll down for donation information and links. and visit the FAQ page for details

We will need the deep generosity, assistance and volunteer support of our entire family to make all of this a reality.
What I hope and envision is 20 of us give $10,000 or more each, then another 20 people give $5,000 each, then some $3,000, some $2,000, some $1,000 donations. Many $101 - $500 donations add up to the same! The rest of us will give what we can.

With this powerful undertaking I ask for your prayers, your contemplation and your good wishes for this effort. We deeply appreciate your support and generosity toward this vision.

With all love,
Pir Shabda Kahn  

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