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Hazrat Inayat Khan’s teachings on Sufism, along with the subsequent teachings of Murshid Samuel Lewis, are the core materials in our esoteric school.  This can be briefly defined as a program of practices that may lead to spiritual realization and the fulfillment of the purpose of the soul in this lifetime.  As the body of material is vast, it is important to have a structured approach to its assimilation.  We have attempted to frame one in a fresh way for initiates on this path at this time.

Hazrat Inayat Khan gave Rabia Martin, his first student in the West and his first Murshida, recommendations on how to proceed with a systematic program of prayer and practice for mureeds.  Our program is a series of courses based on these instructions, designed to take Sufi initiates forward in this universal stream, while honoring its historical development in the Chistia Order in India.

What we have offered is simply one way that this study and practice might be accomplished.  We begin with the exploration of prayer and the subject of the God ideal. This proceeds through a full course on the different Names of God through wazifah practice with a focus on psychological integration.  Subjects such as the Breath and its work in Concentration, Contemplation, and Meditation are considered as well.  This overall approach is described in more detail below.
Murshid Wali Ali Meyer
Head of the Esoteric School

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In 2003, Murshid Wali Ali began the development and presentation of this curriculum of esoteric study.  Initially three levels of study were offered: Prayer and the God Ideal, Fikr and Breath, and Mushahida.  In 2007 he began a two-year in-depth study of Wazifah.  In 2009 an intensive study of Zikr and Concentration will commence.

Each of these courses incorporates selected texts from the writings of Hazrat Inayat Khan and Murshid Samuel Lewis.  Spiritual practices and other assignments are provided to support the student’s inner growth at the specific level of the focus of study.

Prayer and the God Ideal offers a way for the mureed to begin his or her journey on the spiritual path.  It provides an introduction to the Sufi path of self-realization, a path that places the God reality in the very center, and asks each one to shape a God Ideal creatively.  This study is taken up in the context of the wisdom of our root teachers. Clearing ingrained and inherited perceptions of God that do not serve, forming a personal relationship with God and developing a practice of prayer are the foundations of this course of study.

Wazifah Studies explores the 99 Beautiful Names of God.  Extended periods of recitation of these sacred phrases is an important part of the developmental program for mureeds as given by Hazrat Inayat Khan.  The repetition of these divine Names, often in pairs and in relational families, is used as a means of God-realization.  Part of this realization is to come into wholeness and integration of self, through a process of embodiment of the divine qualities and individuation.  This process involves the healing of psychological wounds that reinforce our creation of a false ego, one marked by a painful sense of isolation.  The practice expands the limitations imposed by the “false self” into an increasing sense of the Real.

Zikr and Concentration - While the wazaif are the emanations of God’s qualities, the Zikr points to the One essential all-inclusive reality that is both transcendent and immanent.  Long periods of recitation of Zikr in different forms and with different accompanying concentrations, such as on different divine Messengers constitute a central theme of this course.  We also study the writings of Hazrat Inayat Khan and Murshid Samuel Lewis as they relate to this stage of practice.

These courses have been recorded for the benefit of students separated by time and space from the original classes.  The audio recordings of the original classes and the associated texts are available to download from the website.  The audio component can also be provided on CDs by request.

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