Sufi Ruhaniat Youth Council and Committees

The Sufi Ruhaniat Youth Council was convened in 2005 to bring increased attention to youth within our multi-generational Sufi family. Is consists of a council and several committees made up of youth, young leaders, advisors and elders throughout North America, South America and Europe.

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Council Mission 

The Youth Council seeks to create and maintain an environment in which the practices and teachings of the Ruhaniat are available to young adults between the ages of 16 and 35. The Council strives to bring the vision, enthusiasm, and interests of these younger adults into the living stream of the Ruhaniat, nurturing a generationally rich atmosphere that benefits both the lineage and individual by empowering young adults to become an integral part of the greater Ruhaniat family.

Council Activities 

The Youth Council Manifests its above mission through the following activities:


Networking: The Youth Council actively communicates through e-mail, social media, and in person to connect young adults with Ruhaniat related information, resources, and activities, fostering a culture of mutual growth and support.

Giving Voice: The Youth Council encourages young adults to reflect upon their experiences as members of the Ruhaniat community. We share these reflections -- essays, videos, and other creative expressions -- through reporting at local Ruhaniat events and in far-reaching Ruhaniat publications. 

Acting as  Community Liaison: The Youth Council interfaces with sister organizations to create a collaborative vision bringing the partiuclar needs of the young adult community into harmonious alignment with the greater Ruhaniat community. 

Youth Council Committees

The Youth Committee: This is the core working-group of the Youth Council responsible for managing and tracking projects and activities, setting and meeting golas and responding and reporting to the Sufi Ruhaniat Internaitonal Board of Trustees. 

Members as of March, 2013:

-Hamida Katie Wiese - Committee and Council Co-Chair

-Diana Lyon -Committee and Council Co-Chair, Representative to the SRI Board of Turstees

-Anael Surya - Committee Member, SOI Liaison. 


The SRI Youth Scholarship Fund Sub-Committee: This is the committee designated to manage the Youth Scholarship Fund. This committee raises money, defines the parameters for distribution of funds, manages scholarship scholarship applications, and handles all communications with potential recipients of scholarship money.