When Hazrat Inayat Khan journeyed to the West he settled for some time in Surenses, France and also established a Summer School near the South Dunes in Katwijk, The Netherlands. Today there are Sufi centers throughout Europe and the Dances of Universal Peace have especially flourished. Below are a few contacts throughout Western and Eastern Europe, including Russia.

Visit the website for the Sufi Ruhaniat in Europe for information on the European Summer School, regional teachers and events. The Summer School also has a youth scholarship program. For information on scholarships for the Ruhaniat Summer School in Europe, please contact Aziz Dixon, or for German speakers  -'auf deutsch'-  Qadima Brandt


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For a list of European Dances of Universal Peace contacts, click here.

United Kingdom 

Senior Guides & Guides Working with Youth 

Murshid Saadi Neil Douglas Klotz (Edinburgh, Scotland) is a scholar, senior guide, and founder of the International Network for the Dances of Universal Peace and the Abwoon Resource Center, which shares his research on Native Middle-Eastern spirituality. He is the center guide for the Edinburgh Sufi Center. He can be contacted through the Abwoon Study Circle and within Europe, through the Edinburgh Institute for Advanced Learning

Murshid Tansen Philip O'Donohoe (Liverpool, England) is a senior guide, Dance leader, and inspired musician and zikr leader. Visit his website to learn more about his transmission. 

Cordelia Jilani Prescott (West Yorkshire, England) is a Dance Leader, Mentor-in-Training, musician and mureed who is actively working with the younger generation. 

Maris Warrior (Dumfires, Scotland) is a Dance leader and sufi guide, originally from Estonia. She has traveled throughout Nepal, India and Tibet. She teaches regularly at the Sacred Arts camp in England and was the founder of the Estonian Dance Camp. Visit her website for more information. 

Glen Unmana has taught the Dances in a dozen and more countries, and continues to travel and teach regularly around Europe and in India. He functions in a mentoring role to young people and is available to connect young people from different countries to one another. Visit his website for music and photos and to find out about his schedule: 


Youth and Younger Leaders


Savina Schildknecht is a remedial teacher, play-, dance- and storyteacher and lives near Kaiserslautern. Both her feet stand on the solid ground of the Dances and she feels every step. Through the Dances, she found her way to Sufism. For years, she attends many Sufi events with Murshida Mariam Baker and Pir Shabda Khan and the Ruhaniay European Summer School.


Katinka Beurskens is a student of childhood education in Hamburg. She grew up with Sufism and has been on the Sufi Ruhaniat path for some years. Her heart is grown together with the Dances. She also attends events with Murshida Mariam Baker and Pir Shabda Khan and takes part in the Ruhaniat European Summer School.



Senior Guides & Guides Working with Youth


Murshida Gita Sophia Onnen (Berlin) is a Dance Mentor, initiator in the Dervish Healing Order and senior guide. She is connected to Sufi SoulWork. She has served as the director of the Ruhaniat Summer School for several years. She travels with many human beings on the path of love, harmony and beauty, for inner and outer peace. She lives in a Kankah in Berlin with several other beloveds on the path, including Murshida Baraka.


Christian Khabir Mayer-Glauninger is a Dance leader, Mentor in Training and a Story Teller. He lives near Frankfurt. Khabir is an important contact person for the Youth, concerning Dances, Sufism or only God and the World. Since 2010 he is one of the Dance leaders, accompanying the Winter-Dancing. He supported this Retreat from the beginning and is part of it ever since. In this way, his connection to us became even stronger. He represents the Youth and young adults in the Vision Team and agreed to be available as a contact person for questions about our network and other possible contacts in Germany.



Tara Andrea Swierkosz, born and raised in the South of Germany, has lived in New Mexico, U.S. for 20 years. Because of Tara is a musician, Dance leader and senior-mentor, many of the German Youth found a deep connection to the DUP and also to Sufism. She encourages us to lead Dances ourselves and play instruments and is very supportive of us, in many ways. Tara’s nature transforms every Dance Camp into a unique and unforgettable experience.

Sheikha Rahmana Dziubany (near Berlin, Germany) is a guide who runs a Sufi center outside of Berlin near the Polish border. She has a strong connection with youth and younger leaders and is the youth scholarship coordinator for the European Ruhaniat Summer School. She welcomes visitors at her center. Thos interested in scholarship for the Ruhaniat Summer School can contact her directly through her website. For information about her center visit this website. And on facebook you can find information about Rhamana's work on the Internationales Institut für Tanz und Friedenskünste page.


Khalif Wali & Sheikha Arienne van der Zwan (Birken-Honigsessen, Germany) are Dance leaders, musicians, and guides. You can learn about their work through their website Peace in Motion. They travel throughout Europe sharing the Dances and practices and also attend Urs celebrations in New Delhi, India each February.




Visit the regional network website for the Dances of Universal Peace in Switzerland for information on ongoing circles and events.

The Zenith Institute holds camp mid June to early September each summer in Olivone, Switzerland. The Zenith Institute was founded by Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, son of Hazrat Inayat Khan, father of Pir Zia Khan, and recent Pir of the The Sufi Order International, as a center for meditation and self-exploration in an exquisite natural setting. Today Zenith invites teachers from all Sufi orders and from all spiritual paths to share teachings and explorations in the original spirit in which it was founded. Pir Zia of the Sufi Order, Pir Shabda, and other teachers from all paths visit throughout the summer. To learn about youth and teen retreats at the Zenith Institute, visit the Switzerland Youth Retreats page. 




Zubin Nur Westrik (Arnhem, Netherlands) is a guide, Dancer, artists, and great lover of life. She is an advisor to the SRI Youth Council and is on the Sufi Ruhaniat International Board of Trustess. 

Czech Republic


The Czech community meets at a Dances of Universal Peace Camp each summer. 

Jonáš Huzur Koukl (Úvaly, Czech Republic) is a Dance leader, SRI Youth Council member, and mureed connected to both the Sufi Order International and the Sufi Ruhaniat International. He is a musician and lover of musican instruments. To learn about his work sharing music and world musical intruments visit his website. He is also connected with the Sufi family in New Zealand. 


Saraswati Yelena Dudarjok (Riga, Latvia) is a Dance leader, drummer, mureed, SRI Youth Council member. She organizes events in Latvia and works with multigenerational community. 

Visit the regional network website for the Dances of Universal Peace in Latvia for informaiton on ongoing circles and events. 

Murshid Abraham Sussman and Murshida Halima Sussman travel to Latvia about every other year to offer teachings, Dances, and zikr. Visit their website to view their teaching schedule.


Khalifa Ilona Vorslav (Moscow) is a guide, Dance Leader, and dynamic local organizer. She is connected to guides and communities throughout Eastern and Western Europe and North America and often organizes visits from senior Ruhaniat guides. 

Several senior Ruhaniat guides regularly offer teachings, retreats, Dances and zikr in Russia. Visit the Ruhaniat Calendar for teaching schedules. 

Visit the Russia Dances of Universal Peace page for regional contacts for Dance Leaders in Russia.