Connecting in South America


DPU entrenamiento 2012



There are several communities in South America with a deep connection to the Ruhaniat, and more commonly the Dances of Universal Peace. The Dances of Universal Peace Central and South America Page has contact information for the nurerous Dance circles throughout South and Central America. 


While there are not currently any SRI guides living in South America, Sheikha Darvesha McDonaldMurshid Abraham Sussman and Murshida Halima Sussman, and Pir Shabda Kahn routinely travel in South America to offer retreats. 


If you are traveling in or through Colombia and Ecuador we encourage you to contact the following beloved Dance leaders, SRI Youth Council members, and mureeds: 




Jorge Arjun Calero (Cajibio, Colombia) is a Dance leader, mureed, and leader at Ecoaldea Atlantida, an ecovillage with a deep connection to the Sufi Ruhaniat, the Dances of Universal Peace and Native Traditions. Arjun is a member of the SRI Youth Council and is on the Dances of Universal Peace International Board of Directors. 


Ecoaldea Atlantida hosts two yearly Dances of Universal Peace events: a fall Dance Camp and a Spring (Semana Santa) Dance Leadership Training. Both events are open to all lovers of the Dance. Guest leaders and teachers in the past few years have included, Darvesha McDonald, Abraham and Halima Sussman, Maitreya Jon Stevens, and Sara Rain.


Carlos Vakil Rojas (near Bogota, Colombia) is a Dance leader, visionary artchitecht, mureed and leader at Aldea Feliz, a beautiful ecovillage immersed in the forest near Bogota. Aldea Feliz hosts events and workshops on sutainability and spirituality throughout the year and has a deep connection to the Sufi Ruhaniat, the Dances of Universal Peace and Native Traditions. 


Shahida Tania Villarreal & Jamal David Coral (Pasto, near the Ecuadorian border), known as Nuh Jay, these two young Dance leaders, musicians and mureeds share the Dances periodically in their city, but focus their energy primarily on working with marginalized communities: those who have suffered from war and violence, migrants, and women. Their practices are inspired by the magical sounds of the Andes, the lush jungle, desert mystics, used to facilitate journeying into the soul. They also work with Memoria Coporal.     




Mashol Rosero (Quito, Ecuador) is a Dance leader, avid cyclist, mureed, professional contemporary dancer, and practitioner of Five Rhythms movement. She leads Dances and women's groups in Quito.