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 Mendocino Youth Retreat: July 11 - 15 2017


Photo of BasiraEach summer Sufi youth ages 18-29 gather together in the beauty of Northern California's redwoods to dance, sing, pray and play together. This year, guest teachers Basira Beardsworth and Maitreya Jon Stevens together with our youth leaders, will help guide retreatants in practice, contemplation, and the wealth of the Sufi lineage through the Dances of Universal Peace, zikr, conversation, and music. The retreat takes place just prior to the Mendocino Sufi Camp, a week-long family camp.

The Sufi Youth Retreat is a place to escape from the busy world of our daily lives, disconnect from Photo of Maitreya Jon Stevensstress and technology, and reconnect with ourselves, our spiritual practice, and our community. Even if you have never experiences the Sufi world before, or thought of yourself as spiritual -- this is the place to begin. In the beautiful redwood forest, come meditate, practice yoga, eat delicious food, learn more about a mindful, daily spiritual practice, and let yourself connect with nature and a community of the spirit. 

The age range for this event is 18 to 29, however contact the directors at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are slightly below or above this age range and have a strong desire to attend youth camp. 

Price: $250: Includes spiritual practice, Sufi teachings, forest adventures, three delicious meals a day, and 4 nights in tent cabins in the beautiful Mendocino redwoods. Limited travel scholarships are available  (applications found on our Facebook page are due to by June 15.)

Easy online registration here to join us in July at the Woodlands!


Please invite friends with open hearts and minds you think would be interested joining our community! Connect with organizers and fellow youth and young adults through the Mendocino Sufi Youth Facebook page. 

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