NORTHWEST SUFI YOUTH "What you seek is seeking you." -Rumi

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Our community spans Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana. Although widespread, our experiences together make us feel closely connected. We come from different places and paths but are drawn together because of our common wish to find a community of support, openess, and love. Some of us have taken the formal step of initiation with a spiritual teacher and some have not. Many of us attend Northwest camp every year but others have recently discovered the sufi path and are beginning by connecting through classes and workshops. We welcome any young person wishing to open their heart with others through conversation, meditation, music, practices, and simply being together. We practice sufism for the living wisdom and blessings that flow through the Ruhaniat. We want to learn, experience, and bring the beauty of this tradition into our daily lives.  

Our vision as a community is to encourage a thriving and vibrant youth presence at Northwest Sufi Camp, raise money for youth scholarships to camps, and organize retreats in the Northwest throughout the year. This includes supporting young Sufis in taking leadership roles in both the spiritual and organization spheres of the Ruhaniat and empowering the youth who feel a calling to lead zikrs, Dances of Universal Peace, and other sufi practices. 


Sufi Youth Events in the Northwest  


Northwest Sufi Camp                                    August 14 - August 21, 2016

Northwest camp is at Camp Adams in Mollala, Oregon, a beautiful location with sunlight trees, winding paths, and cabins and tenting. People of all ages attend the camp. We have a beloved circle of youth at Northwest camp, some who have been coming their whole lives, and some who are attending for the first time.


Northwest Sufi Youth Retreat

In 2012 and 2013, we hosted gatherings of youth in the Northwest interested in or connected to sufism. 

Other Retreats

Keep in mind that many youth in our community often travel to camps outside of our region to connect with the wider Ruhaniat community. Last year, we took a caravan down to Mendocino Youth Retreat and many of us have attended Maui Camp in the fall and spring. You can email one of us (listed below) to hear more about these opportunities.

There are many events, classes, retreats, and workshops throughout the year in the Northwest Sufi community, and many times youth will attend these events as well. Here is the contact info/websites for hearing about such events in some regions of the NW. If you don't see your town here, please email us and we will see if there are local sufi events that happen there. 


Online calendar of many sufi events in Oregon:

For Sufi events in Eugene, OR, email

For Sufi events in Seattle, WA, email


Northwest Sufi Ruhaniat Guides 

Seattle, WA  Khadija Goforth
Redmond, WA  Amira Sara Pelfrey
Portland, OR  Arifa Byron
Eugene, OR  Haqiqa Hampton
Oregon Coast  Mujahid Havill 
Ashland, OR  Khalil Elliott
Montana  Saladin Pelfrey


Northwest Sufi Ruhaniat Youth Representatives 

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Seattle, WA Ryan Sarmad  
Seattle, WA Ariel Blackbird  
Portland, OR Nikolajs   
Portland, OR     Talia-Barrah  
Portland, OR Ariel Sitara
Portland, OR Evan Mu'id  
Eugene, OR Tatiana Lakshmi  

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May All Beings Be Well, May All Beings Be Happy. Peace, peace, peace.