Youth Retreats at Zenith


The Zenith Institute holds camp mid June to early September each summer in Olivone, Switzerland. The Zenith Institute was founded by Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, son of Hazrat Inayat Khan, father of Pir Zia Khan, and recent Pir of the Sufi Order International, as a center for meditation and self-exploration in an exquisite natural setting. Today Zenith invites teachers from all Sufi orders and from all spiritual paths to share teachings and explorations in the original spirit in which it was founded. Pir Zia of the Sufi Order, Pir Shabda, and other teachers from all paths visit throughout the summer. Read more about Zenith below or on their website.


Young Adult Camp: August 12-17th

We have been called into existence by love, born through love, grown and matured with love, destroyed at the hands of love, and when we are gone only love remains. In our week together we will explore the path of love, with one another, and with our parents, friends, teachers, saints and prophets.


Teenager Camp: August 12th-17th 

Come, Come In Love and Fun! Sharing, Feeling, Being, Deepening our connections with ourselves, with each other, with Nature and the One. We will explore our unity and our individual uniqueness, allowing harmony and beauty to guide us. Fires, Singing, Zhikr, Drumming, Hiking, Meditating, Art, Healing, Cooking and Dancing - in Joy, in Light, all in Friendship and full of Life.


Youth over 18 are welcome to join the team of staff who assemble and take down the camp each summer. Staff applicants apply between March and May each spring on the zenith website, worktrade is also an option. 


Zenith Camp has maintained the pure energy of Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan since the 1980's, no one single teacher takes over the running of the camp, nor influences its development, which makes it a true treasure and a perfect sounding board for spiritual and physical development. Come join us where there is no pollution, where you can be social as much as you like, or do a silent individual week of practice in the retreat area, beautiful woods, gorgeous mountains, and new experiences waiting to unfold.



Why not have meditation camps for young people? This is what Pir Vilayat was thinking when he began the European camp. Meditation and Retreat are still the main focus of most weeks; Pir Zia leads programs during two of these weeks. Dance, Movement and Music form an integral part of the Camp, they are just as much a part of our spiritual journey and experience. I can only encourage you to come and join us, whether you are a newcomer or have been there many times before. Come, come whoever you are, come join our Caravan, as participants or as a member of the staff community, maybe even sharing the whole summer.