Sufi Ruhaniat International Youth Scholarship Fund 

"The interests of youth are the interests of humanity."  - Edmund Storer James


In 2006, the Sufi Ruhaniat International created its Youth Scholarship Fund to help support the growth of Youth and Young Leaders on the Sufi path. The Fund seeks to provide people ages 18 – 35 with scholarships to attend Sufi retreats, dance camps, or other events in the applicant’s journey on the path. The Youth Scholarship Fund was established with the understanding that it is important to the life of our spiritual community to make events more accessible to young people, so that financial limitations won’t keep them from a deepening relationship to their own inner life and its global manifestations.

The Youth Scholarship Fund consists of two categories of award. First, there’s a “Youth Scholarship” geared toward people 18-25 who are on an exploratory path and interested in connecting with other youth. The second category of award is a “Young Leader Scholarship” intended for recipients ages 26-35 who already have a deep relationship with the Sufi path and seek support in attending leadership trainings, specifically, or non-training events that allow the individual to cultivate his/her leadership through practice and self-knowledge. All applications are reviewed by a small off-shoot committee of the Youth Council, and scholarships are awarded based upon specific application criteria, short essay questions, a letter of recommendation from the applicant’s guide or mentor, and availability. The Youth Council is sensitive to supporting youth and young leaders in attending events in their local communities and/or with their own spiritual guide, as well as events that build unity across boundaries of nation and place.

More information on the applications and process can be found on the Apply page

Since its founding in 2006, the Youth Scholarship Fund has supported young people in attending the Sufi Youth retreats, Dance leader trainings, Jamiat Ahms, Sufi Sesshins, and weekend retreats with influential teachers in our lineage. Now that the Scholarship Fund has became known internationally we have had the opportunity to provide scholarships to Latvian Mureeds to attend the Summer School in Germany and to help youth from New Zealand and Russia attend the Youth Retreat in Northern California. The fund helped a young Mureed experiencing familial and financial hardship connect with her guide and Sufi community in Maui, Hawaii; it provided scholarships to a budding younger leader to attend a Dance Leader Training; it supported youth in attending their regional camp in Missouri; and it funded 13 individuals from South America to attend a unique Dance Camp, Danzas de la Tierra, connecting the Dance Community with the indigenous community at Ecoaldea Atlantida in Cauca, Colombia.

All of this great work is possible because of generous donations from our global Sufi sangha. If you would like to donate money, grant-seeking skills, or any other form of assistance to the Youth Scholarship Fund, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (and check out our Donations page!).