There is One God ...

1. There is One God, the Eternal, the Only Being; none else exists.

The God of the Sufi is the God of every creed, and the God of all. Names make no difference. Allah, God, Gott, Dieu, Khuda, Brahma, or Bhagwan, all these names and more are the names of God; and yet to the Sufi God is beyond the limitation of name. The Sufi sees God in the sun, in the fire, in the idol which diverse sects worship; and recognizes God in all the forms of the universe, yet knowing God to be beyond all form; God in all, and all in God, being the Seen and the Unseen, the Only Being. God to the Sufi is not only a religious belief, but also the highest ideal the human mind can conceive.

The Sufi, forgetting the self and aiming at the attainment of the divine ideal, walks constantly all through life in the path of love and light. In God the Sufi sees the perfection of all that is in the reach of human perception and yet knows God to be above human reach. The Sufi looks to God as the lover to the beloved, and takes all things in life as coming from God, with perfect resignation. The sacred name of God is to the Sufi as medicine to the patient. The divine thought is the compass by which the Sufi steers the ship to the shores of immortality. The God-ideal is to the Sufi as a lift by which to raise oneself to the eternal goal, the attainment of which is the only purpose of life.



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