Murshida Kamae Amrapali Miller, 1944-2011

Kamae MillerKamae was a writer, artist, MA (Creativity and Spirituality) and teacher of sacred movement in the Sufi tradition.  She facilitated workshops on women's spirituality, dance, walking meditation, and creativity in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Russia, and Australia.  Deeply devoted to harmony in the human family and for this planet she was engaged since her teenage years in being an active voice and body for Peace.

Kamae moved to San Francisco in the 1970's and began her formal Sufi training.  She immersed herself in the joys and rigors of daily life with the community at Khanqah SAM and with her guide Murshid Wali Ali Meyer.

Kamae was one of the first trailblazers to bring the Dances of Universal Peace around the world and to seed the Walks of Murshid SAM internationally.  She took Murshid SAM's directive to heart and from the early 1980's was engaged in sharing this lineage treasure outside the boundaries of the United States.  Kamae developed an approach to the Walks based on self-discovery, rather than "doing them right."

Kamae was editor of the book Wisdom Comes Dancing, Selected Writings of Ruth St. Denis on Dance, Spirituality and the Body.  While there are numerous biographies of Ruth St. Denis, Wisdom Comes Dancing, is unique in its focus on the mystical aspects of the life of this 20th century icon.  The book is a treasure for those who want to know more about the relationship of Miss Ruth and Murshid Samuel Lewis.Kamae Miller

Kamae was a cherished teacher within the Ruhaniat community.  She was a courageous leader and friend to her mureeds and students.  Her words on idealism speak to her nature:

“I am fortunate in requiring my heroes to have human qualities, thereby removing their need to be one person being the star.....the only measure of success being the opening of hearts to beauty and the sacredness of all.”

Kamae passed on March 30, 2011 in Edinburgh, Scotland.