Murshid Khabir Kitz

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Murshid Khabir Don Kitz was born in Woodbury, New Jersey.  He first thought he would become a Lutheran Minister but instead studied art at the Philadelphia College of Art.  In 1974, while living San Antonio, Texas he met his first Sufi teacher Shaikh Sarmad Brody.  Shortly after, he was ordained as a cherag by Pir Vilayat Khan.

Khabir started a Sufi Center in Texas called the Shrine of the Heart.  In 1976 he studied the dervish turn with Rashad Field, later with Jelaluddin Loras and continued the practice as a semazen and teaches the turn as a meditation practice.  He is the father of two children.  For many years he was a devoted friend of Murshida Vera Corda and learned the inner light work from her.

By 1980 after having a strong desire to be connected to the work of Murshid Sam, Khabir left the Sufi Order and then linked with Pir Moineddin and the Ruhaniat.  In 1981 he moved to land in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas where he founded Heartsong Retreat Center.  In 1982 Khabir was ordained a Seraj in the Service of Universal Peace.  In 2007 along with Murshida Khadija he organized the Universal Worship Service for the 80th Urs in New Delhi.  He leads dance, meditation, turning and art workshops. Giving students the tools to find their inner guidance and discovering the creator within every being and thing is what Khabir has tried to do in life.

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