Murshid Samuel L. Lewis Pir-O-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan Murshid Wali Ali Meyer

Prayer and the God Ideal

Course Description

Prayer and the God Ideal offers a way for the mureed to begin his or her journey on the spiritual path.  It provides an introduction to the Sufi path of self-realization, a path that places the God reality in the very center, and asks each one to shape a God Ideal creatively.  This study is taken up in the context of the wisdom of our root teachers. Clearing ingrained and inherited perceptions of God that do not serve, forming a personal relationship with God and developing a practice of prayer are the foundations of this course of study. - Murshid Wali Ali Meyer

This program of study was offered monthly in San Rafael, CA in 2003, over a period of 11 months. Concurrently mureeds were able to study at a distance, utilizing a new technology at that time – downloading the study materials from the internet, or receiving them through the mail.

The materials have been divided into two series, allowing a student to study in a self-paced fashion. Many students take two months or more to work with each session. The materials have been used in local study circles adapted to meet the needs of the group. Finding a study partner or group can be extremely helpful.

Wali Ali is available by email for questions about the process and any experiences that arise.

Please refer to the following links for further information:

Course Contents and Materials - an overview of the readings and recordings provided with this class. (PDF file)

Registration Information - (For Initiates).

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