Spiritual Psychology and SoulWork

Frida Waterhouse

Spiritual psychology follows from the Sufi principle that each person is motivated to fully embody one's soul's unique purpose in this lifetime.  From the Ruhaniat stream of Sufi wisdom has arisen one of several methods to do this, called Sufi SoulWork.  SoulWork was developed by Pir Moineddin Jablonski, from the roots of Murshid Samuel Lewis, Frida Waterhouse, and Hazrat Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan.  It uses individual counseling and group retreat work to free the body, heart, and soul into greater presence and spiritual embodiment.  Two articles on SoulWork follow.

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Mariam BakerSufi SoulWork
by Murshida Mariam Baker, Lineage Holder for SoulWork

SoulWork, as developed by Moineddin Carl Jablonski, is a way of freeing the body, heart and soul into greater presence and embodied spirituality.  It is not a way of imagination, rather a way of experience.  It follows the Sufi principle that each human being is here with the ultimate and primal impulse of the fulfillment of the Soul's purpose on the earth in the now.  It is both an approach to spiritual practice, applicable to many paths, as well as method of psycho-spiritual counseling.

It is different than traditional psychotherapy in that sessions occur significantly less frequently.  There is the need for absorption time between each session to allow for integration of supraconscious, subconscious and conscious reality.  Sessions may occur bi-weekly for several months, or the participant may work on a monthly or even annual basis to receive the benefit of this work.

Sessions last approximately one to one and a half hours and carry deep interior communion with the inner family at the “Table of Holy Wisdom,” (see Desert Wisdom and other books by Neil Douglas-Klotz).  The basic template of seven selves is used as a starting point, although some sessions very quickly move into their own unique model.  The basic template includes High Self, Male, Female, Child, Doctor, Mental Judge and Astral Judge.  Personal ancestors may also appear and participate in this dialogue and healing.

The participant is guided by the skilled practitioner into dialogue and communion with each member of the inner family.  From a place of deep listening and stillness, established through breathwork, a framework of safety and guidance is focused and held by the practitioner.  The inner family has opportunity for communion and dialogue within this framework of safety and guidance.

Why is this so?  Through the assistance of the trained facilitator, the participant is guided into the place between the two worlds, between sleeping and waking, conscious and unconscious, which allows access to both subconscious and supraconscious.  The participant can then dialogue within this larger perspective of reality.  From a place of deep relaxed breath and grounding, there is access to inner guidance and the wisdom that lives within each human being.  On the group level, meditation, walking, art, movement, dance, breath writing and poetry all become expressive components of this work.

Moineddin Carl Jablonski (January 1, 1942 - February 27, 2001) was a post modern shaman.  Successor to Murshid Samuel Lewis, he served as Pir of the Sufi Ruhaniat International for thirty years.  An honest and humble man, he was faced with extreme physical challenge in this lifetime.  The last twenty years of his life focused on integration and understanding of human nature.  His life is his teaching.  Judged and condemned by some, embraced and honored by others, he followed a path of inner listening and integrity.

Moineddin lived the principles that he received from his teacher Murshid Samuel L. Lewis.  He worked within the lnayati Chistia lineage.  He touched a secret yearning within the heart, nurturing others on a path of inner discovery and guidance, and a broader experience of human and divine existence.  He devoted his life to the simplicity of Breath and Walk as the science of liberation.  His breadth of vision traversed the galaxies.


SoulWorkMoineddin Jablonski
by Pir Moineddin Jablonski

SoulWork is a distillate of transpersonal psychologies ranging from traditional shamanic models, especially Huna, to modern integrative therapies such as Psychosynthesis.  It brings together the three primary levels of consciousness -- divine, human, and instinctive -- into a cooperative and mutually supportive process whereby our inner life may be realized, manifested and shared.

Along the way, the Personality Consciousness is clarified of unproductive beliefs, conflicts between the Anima and Animus are resolved, the Inner Child is healed of its wounds, the Body Consciousness is revivified, and the Shadow Self is accepted as a friend.  Each step forward results in greater awareness of our wholeness as we experience the 'sacred marriage' of deep feeling with clear light.

SoulWork is initially conducted by a facilitator who calls forth to our High Self, Female and Male Selves, Inner Child, Body Consciousness, and Shadow Self. Personality Consciousness is voluntarily placed in neutral gear, awake yet transparent to the process.  Each Self is called forth with love and respect, and is encouraged to voice its present reality and need.  As the work unfolds, emotional trauma from painful/numb/rigid places in the psyche are released and blessed.

Eventually, a stage is reached where we act as our own facilitators.  No longer do we see ourselves "through a glass darkly, but face to face."  Healthy psychic metabolism -- the ability to process emotional information -- is restored.  We enter present time with increasing frequency, and the Way of Illumination becomes real.

All Selves have their origin and destiny in the Oneness of Being we call God.  Thou art That, my friends.  May we perfect our Remembrance!