Wisdom of the Feminine

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The concentration for Wisdom of the Feminine is held by the Murshidas of the Ruhaniat – Asha Greer, Baraka von Kügelgen, Darvesha Victoria MacDonald, Fatima Lassar, Gita Sophia Onnen, Halima Sussman, Khadija Julia Goforth, Leilah Be, and Mariam Baker.

As part of this concentration, Mariam is focusing StarBurst Activation: Ray of Women's Wisdom, and The Smile of Magdalena, a monthly practice aligned with the global wave of light of the Crescent Moon.

In Wisdom of the Feminine, we open to new and creative ways to address the global and very personal subordination of women both by ourselves and by the conscious and often unconscious policies of dominant cultures.

We encourage every woman, and all people who identify with Wisdom of the Feminine, to explore deeply our own relationship with this issue, knowing that our training to fit in and succeed begins at birth, and to find and transform those places where we subjugate our principles, our beliefs, and often our desires and ideals to fear, laziness, or habit.

We long for and envision a world in which respect, recognition, and social, political, and moral equality are granted to the qualities of nurturance, intuition, harmony, and to other qualities attributed to Wisdom of the Feminine.


"In following the Divine Mother Principle, we are enabled to find a new way through grief, to overcome temptations to repeat the same errors of our life's patterns, to overcome poverty of spirit, and to reform our spiritual goals. The discovery of the attributes of Divine Feminine within each of us enables us to forgive ourselves for sins against self, thus breaking the bonds that fetter our soul's progress."

Vera Justin Corda, “The American Murshida”
7-Jan 1913 – 7-Apr 2002