Remembrance by Johnson, John

The Einstein Academy South Florida
Baraka Manzil
313 NW 9th Avenue
Homestead, Florida 33030
March 30, 1976

Beloved One Of Allah Dearest Ma-Sheikh Wali Ali

As-salaam aleikhum. I understand that you are interested in articles regarding experiences people have had who met Murshid Sam Lewis. Well, I know that you’ll get enough to fill the volume(s) you are anticipating and really I never did meet Murshid "in the flesh"; yet he is so close to me, so dear to me and there are so many like me that I have to speak out.

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti: Sam Lewis

Concerning those who have never met Samuel Lewis in-the-flesh, so-to-speak, yet, feel him closely:

For me it was living intimately with Mansur in Boston for a couple of years and whenever he, Ayesha, Ananda and Qayyum visit with me now. It was attending a public dance and a Gatha class led by Moineddin. It was attending a public dance and a weekend seminar lead by Wali Ali. It was riding in the back seat to and from Pir’s house each day for a weeklong conference while Abd al-Rahman sat in the front seat. It was watching Zuleika, Amina, Benefsha, Fatimah, Suriya. It’s whenever Shahabuddin, Suriya, Serr, Una Inayat visit me. It was the time a very strong feeling got me on a plane from Boston to visit the Maqbara to sing the name of Allah and after 45 minutes feeling the visit completed and time to return to Boston. It’s whenever I listen to the Sufi Choir records. Or the numerous times I went to see "Sunseed." It’s whenever I read his writings or writings of other’s concerning him. It’s all the wonderful "Murshid Stories," and the dances.

The dances are really it. And the walks!

And at the dances here in Florida some come who have danced or walked with him somewhere.

It has been all these moments and countless more that Murshid has been so close to me, asking something of me, demonstrating something for me.

Subhan Allah, Al Hamdu Lillah, Allah Ho Akbar!

love and love,

John Johnson