Remembrance by Nizami, Khaja Fayazuddin

Banjara Hills Road No 11,
Hyderabad, India

My dear Soofi Wali Ali Meyer,
Thanks very much for your letter of 19th Sept. 1975. I am glad to learn that such a useful and sacred work has been undertaken by you and the staff for Murshid's biography.

To be frank I have come across very few personalities in my life like my dearest friend, Soofi Ahmed Murad, who understood "Towhid" and "Risalat" so well, which is the heart and soul of Soofism. After all what is Soofism, if one does not understand Towhid or Oneness of God The Almighty and Risalat which is bestowed upon our Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammed Mustafa, Sallallaho Alaihe Wa Salam.

Undoubtedly, he was a true Soofi in all sense, so he respected all religions and religious leaders who believed sincerely in Towhid and Risalat and all the prophets of all ages. He was an ardent lover of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti, the greatest soofi who was responsible for spreading Islam in India. Of course Soofi Ahmed Murad has done a great service in preaching Chishtia philosophy in Western countries.

He was a great friend of mine and my family and visited my place several times and had very useful discussions.

We were all extremely sorry to learn about his "wafat," but as we believe a great Soofi never dies and leaves for an eternal life.

I have received through Soofi Miss. F.M. Lyons, few books by Soofi Murad such as "Crescent and Heart," "Suras of the new age," and "This is the new age in person," which I have gone through with great interest.

With this note I am enclosing a group photo as a memory for his visit in Hyderabad, at my place "Alhambra." Do give a place for this group in his biography.

Yours sincerely,

Khaja Fayazuddin Nizami