Paper III


It is quite possible that the four serbas represent the four elements from their meanings and motions, although in a sense the first contains all. In another sense they represent the same principles as the four letters of the sacred name. They also represent:

1st Serba         The Declaration          Shariat                         Law Obedience           Childhood

2nd Serba        The Lord is God Alone Tarikat          Path to Knowledge     Youth

3rd Serba        He is God                   Hakeekat        Knowing the Truth     Maturity

4th Serba         He                               Marefat           Being the Truth           Superman

Symbols: We go from the circumference toward the center. The science and law of Growth in All Things.

Added 3/20

Point       God is One      Monotheism    Judaism, Mohemmadism

Line        God is Two     Dualism           Zoroasthriaism

Triangle  God is Three   Trinitarism      Christianity, Hinduism

Circle      God is All       Pantheism        Buddhism, Taoism

3/25 The first symbol and the four movements and Law of Growth are used in the greatest of our maxims: Toward The One, etc.