Hymn on the Three Truths

Praised be Thou, O All in all,
Who in Thy manifestation has multiplied in three directions,
Conveying the light from the unseen to the seen,
That all beings, according to their capacity, may recognize it.
The sun, the moon, the earth;
The first to give and give and give without apparent end,
The second to receive and give, receive and give,
The third, bound in darkness, only to receive,
Though by the law of Cause and Effect it must return,
Point by point, jot by jot, quantity by quantity.
The teacher, the disciple, the uninitiate,
Following the law of each, each to its place,
The heart, the mind, the physical form,
Following the law of each, each to its place:
The teacher the heart, the disciple the mind, the world the action.
But when the teacher thinks for the pupil,
When the disciple acts for the teachers
Each with a spirit of independence, each without recognition of Truth, confusion spreads.
Oh heart, abode of feeling, what can you feel when you think or act instead?
Oh mind, abode of thought, what can you think when you command or act instead?
Oh form, what can you do, when you confine yourself to feeling or thought instead of to action?
What is this dharma which is constantly rising and falling?
The sun, the moon, the earth; the heart, the mind, the body.
When the sun, disregarding the moon, functions directly toward earth, destruction follows;
And when the moon, disregarding the sun, functions directly upon earth, confusion follows;
And when the earth, disregarding sun and moon, functions directly, darkness follows.
Be negative to God, oh seeker, and positive to man.
But the good one, seeking to be a saint, seeks the goodness of humanity,
He ignores the wise, feeds the starving, pays the drunkard—
He thinks it is a gift but it is a bribe, a further bribe toward sin—
And the temple of Inayat waits and waits and waits and waits.
When the teacher, disregarding the pupil, counsels with the ignorant;
Or the pupils, disregarding the teacher, counsel together, where is God?
But when the light of the sun, falling upon the moon,
Works out the Divine Plan on earth, surely the Day is come—
The teacher to feel, the pupil to think and plan, the world to do, in this is salvation. Selah !
And the temple of Inayat waits and waits and waits.