The Maypole


What a source of happiness the maypole is: What joy it brings to children! No competition here, but each for all and all for each, all pulling together. Grab a ring, let’s start, hold on tight and run!
Just a little and then you swing up in the air and out into space, going ‘round and ‘round, up and down, every now and then touching the earth, every now and then rising upward toward the sky. Self is forgot—you are not several souls joining in a game, you are part of one whole. If but one of you try breaking this charm, ‘tis broken and ‘tis known by all. So all keep in harmony, swinging in rhythm.
Come, brethren, let’s join in the Maypole of Life. Forget yourself and seize this ring He has given to you. ‘Twill bring you peace and happiness inconceivable. We are going to start—come and join us, rising and falling together in the Cosmic Dance!
March 17, 1925