Cipango’s Doom


When tyranny unmasks its ghoulish face,
And Death his ungloved bloody hand reveals,
Where rapine crushes man beneath his heals (sic.),
And crime unchallenged, usurps law’s true place;
Dispensing woe these despot arms move on,
As no force seems to check the threatening tide,
Yet China, having Justice on her side,
Will fight until these demon foes have gone.

An end must come to all these upstart moves,
And governments must strive to secure peace.
This indefensible attack only proves
Man’s faith in force; how then can warfare cease?
For all are guilty who demur; this hour
Decides the case twixt righteousness and power.


Weep not in vain that murder hold the rein
And peaceful folk are slaughtered in the street;
This time Yamato’s spawn shall taste defeat,
And China triumph; nor shall appear again
These ravages that doom the weaker nation.
A mightier hand shall rise; the earth shall shake
The walls of Nippon in colossal quake,
And thus avenge this threat to civilization.

For who can stem the tide of Karma’s hand,
Escape the punishment for evil deed?
When ocean’s holocaust shall sweep the land,
These renegades of Buddha then shall heed
Too late, perhaps, the damage they have wrought,
Bating, Samsara’s net, themselves are caught.