I Saw God

I saw God laughing at me through the eyes of a babe,
Smiling with its lips,
And waving its little hands.

I saw God dancing with the young maids on the seashore,
To the rhythmical music of the happy seawaves.

I saw God loving God
When youth and maid strolled down the wayside lane,
Oblivious of the Universe,
And lost in ecstasy.

I saw God helping God
When man met man preparing for a mighty venture:
To conquer nature,
Or to rend the bonds of slavery.

I saw God weeping
On a crudely fashioned gallows,
One Friday eve,
In Judea,
Long ago.

I saw God when the heart was opened,
And every veil that hinders soul’s eyes torn away,
And one was I with Creator and with creature,
And knew that Lover, Loving and Beloved were identical.