Khankah Correspondence

Samuel L. Lewis

410 Precita Avenue

San Francisco CA 94110

March 2, 1969


Beloved Ones of God:

1. Rufus. I do not know whether you have all seen the enclosure which appeared in the cartoons today. No comment.

2. Jemila. I hope you have the material for me. If it is not brought in this week will see you Tuesday night.

3. Just talked to Gavin and he said everybody will be welcome to his house Friday night two weeks hence. This means “we” shall be coming to Marin on Saturday to the dancing class at C. M. and then to the Khankah that Saturday night and over for Sunday night, but I shall cancel the Sunday night meeting on the 23rd.

4. Murshid was offered some money for the Chinese dinner. Please keep it for that weekend. Will want lots of Rice and Peas and Split Peace Soup and will get Shrimp or Fish from here.





Samuel L. Lewis

410 Precita Avenue

San Francisco CA 94110

March 6, 1969


Beloved Ones of God:

The burdens put on a Teacher are far more than any explained in class or otherwise. One has tried hard not to push these problems on anybody. The dream “The Garden of Inayat” comes from a long series of impressions and experiences, something like those in the Marie Corelli books. But what value the Marie Corelli books if they are not taken seriously by you for someone in your midst. I think each and every one of you has the Divine Light and goodness, but sometimes there is carelessness in regard for each other.

The Seventh Year instructions—and these papers were seized from me—are based on the love and affection for the Teacher and for each other. It is these principles we are trying to put into the Dance and rituals.

There is no cushion now and the next step is to become more and more a spiritual mentor for those on the Ranch. It is coming, it is very real, it is time-consuming, it is energy consuming, it is part of the spiritual work of the Message.

At this writing I may even have to call off going to the picnic, certainly staying there long. We have work to do. Work is not done by staying at picnics and if it were not for “The Rejected Avatar” I would not go at all.

One must repeat:

If anybody goes out and earns money that is to be given first precedence. We do not have a monastery.

If anybody has to go to school that is of equal value to any spiritual project.

If persons in charge of kitchen, household, garden or anything else cannot be around for any or no reasons, the Khankah as an entity—not the persons concerned—must be properly preserved and managed.

Love and blessings,




Samuel L. Lewis

410 Precita Avenue

San Francisco CA 94110

August 7, 1969


Beloved Ones of God:

Thanks for the pictures from Mansur. Very good. They will be mailed this morning.

Some of the New Zealand spinach is coming up in the southeastern corner of the lot and it should be watered and also the beans watched.

The big leaves of the Squash should be pruned, and David may come and do that. Also a little water at the top of the manure corner. Also along the street fence.

Beans are scattered around in several places.

Phillip was here so I have copies of Oracle, also “Rejected Avatar” which I will not push now. Too much.

Met Ralph yesterday and his shindig has been delayed so will not return until the 22nd and will be picked up at airport and then go to Mountain View for talk that night. Not sure when I can be at Khankah but will phone on the 23rd.

Talk on Korean music very good and several of the folks like the American Society for Asian Arts. There is special Indian concert on the 18th and I hope to give them money for it, but it depends (on the money I have).

Saadia will talk here Monday and at San Anselmo Wednesday. Also at the Church on Monday on the Christian view of Mary. She has sent for her aunt.





Friday P.M. August 8?, 1969


Dear Mansur & Loved Ones:

Funny experience at Albuquerque where we met Frances & Barbara. Overtaken by rainstorm—lots of rain this year. In the middle met Doyle. Things fine with him & he may remain here. Diana working. Both may come for Darshan Sunday.

Gave them our Om last night & made them cheerful especially Cal who has been at my Monday night meetings. He arrived the day after Mansur left. But people work here & work hard. My (Murshid’s) hut unfinished but should be ready by Wednesday. Possible that I may come here later.

Ram Dass’ article in Oracle far better than expected. He has been here & will return in October. This much better than his New England seclusion.

Much more harmony & work than expected. By next year (or before) should be good for article in “Organic Gardening” but already good for article in “Oracle” May give them copies of Oracle away at Darshan Sunday.

Tomorrow hope to visit new Morning Star in morning. Start Darshans & Sufi lectures in P.M. Taught at least four dances this A.M. Very well received.

Feel fine but sleeping a/c altitude. Like place, views & people.

Next year inshallah, we might send Moineddin & Fatima here to instruct parents.

Tonight hope to add chants but will look over literature with me. Then will ask what they want both spiritually & materially. They also have a room being constructed for meetings when there are squabbles. Around 30 people here.

Love & blessings




August 11, 1969


Dear  Ram:

Sam is high in the Rocky Mountains and had no intention to write but a miracle occurred here.  Sam brought no reading material but some Hadith of Mohammed and a little “Thus speaks Ramdas.”  He thought it was one he had read before but he was mistaken.

A lady here was ill so Sam thought he would read to her.  Her name is Joy.  Sam opened the book and began reading “All is thyself” by Mother Krishnabai.  It had to do with Joy and in a few hours the lady was healed and is now very happy.

This place is called Lama, and the original name of this place was given by native Americans.  The Lama Foundation is made of young Americans who want to lead a spiritual life.  There are now lots of young Americans who wish to lead a spiritual life.  They wanted a Guru but all the Indian gurus in this land have been mutually exclusive.  Even when they say they are integrative this is not so.  They just want to “integrate” other people’s money and in this way they have lots, both money and following.

The Americans wish to be universal.  The only other “Guru” who has been here is also an American.  He is a very famous, highly intellectual former professor of Harvard University but now is called … Ram Dass.  He is coming back in October.

They meditate and chant.  Sam taught them first Dervish dances, then the Ramnam dances and next real Yoga dances.  These dances have been offered to many but they refused them.  Many famous groups have refused these dances.  They all call themselves “universal” and all they want is other people’s money.  Many of these young Americans are far better devotees than some Hindus.

Yesterday we held Darshan and gave vegetables grown here as Prasad.  Some people were given the Ramnam, but each wants to follow his own religion and many are ignorant even of their own faith.  But that is all right, they are looking God-ward.

Last night a delegation of rich Americans passed this way.  They had been to India.  They thought they were followers of Meher Baba.  Meher Baba said you have to have a living teacher in the flesh; this was his teaching.  Then he left the world and they became confused.

They then went to Pondicherry and were very disappointed.  They say these people are not universal at all.  They are strong for the United Nations and believe in Santa Claus.  The young Americans want God.  So they have returned here and gotten a lot of money together and purchased land.  They think they can do better than the Sri Aurobindo people.  They want real God and real Yoga and they include the Chinese and Sufis, which the Sri Aurobindo people do not.

As they have the land and money and intelligence the idea is to establish Ashrams and send for Gurus.  They are very sincere.  They may call again next Sunday when there are many visitors.  The Sri Aurobindo people in this land tried to establish an Ashram and they all made themselves Gurus but they did not get enough money and still less disciples.

These Americans chant beautifully, mostly of Buddhist sources but there are no real Buddhists among them.  Sam has taught them the First Jhana of Lord Buddha and the walks of Avalokitesvara and Kwan Yin.  They are very eager.

This whole state of New Mexico once held high spiritual civilizations.  The atmosphere is very pure.  The population is divided between American natives, Spanish speaking people and “Anglos,” none in the majority.

There is far less emotionalism here than in California.  But there are far fewer people and no large cities.  It is wonderful for meditation.

Really they practice Karma Yoga here, but with heartfelt devotion, which is wonderful.  Now Sam has to reconsider the whole scene for with the dreams of the Sri Aurobindo movements and the passing of Meher Baba there is need for the awakening of man and Sam finds the mantrams most effective and most enjoyed.

Love and blessings,




Samuel L. Lewis

410 Precita Avenue

San Francisco CA 94110

August 13, 1969


Dear Moineddin and everybody.

I did not come here to write but this is a day of silence. I am down to my lint envelope and have had trouble with all the typewriters. They do not use them much and they are also exposed to the weather.

I did not get Mansur’s report on communes and have met people from others, mostly spiritual but some anarchistic. But all do much more work than Olompali. I suppose by now some decision may have been reached about the tragedies there. Even the most pro-“drug” people abhor its carelessness and inhumanity. And above all laziness. They are very anti-laziness here but this has made me a sort of hero because I work besides having consultations and teaching dancing.

The dancing has gone on marvelously and a big Sunday is expected. It seems as if this were a sort of revelation from God. Today I began some serious walk-disciplines.

Many of these people and their neighbors have been under the influence of Meher Baba. This tends to make them universal, but not always so. Still his teaching that you should have a Guru in the flesh works in my behalf. And they now regard Sam Lewis and Richard Alpert (Ram Dass) as their Gurus. If this goes on it would mean my coming here again in the spring, inshallah—or if they have a winter center lower down—which is quite possible.

They are very organically garden minded and I have spent some time in the garden. But this is always followed by my preparing the vegetables too.

I do not know what to make of Jemila because God wishes me to attend to those here. But I am concerned with the garden care and overwork unless you have proper replacements. There are some here who would life to join us if they came to California again but no pressure from here. And Darshan and consultations will continue.

Next Monday they will have their board meeting which is scheduled as once a year. Went to Taos yesterday and brought a paper, totally unimpressed. Cannot “Think” about either California or the work there, etc. but believe will return refreshed and full of magnetism if not inspiration.

Wednesday is a day of silence here. I think I may leave on the 20th and stop at Albuquerque if necessary, and write further details to San Francisco. If so I should be returning on the 21st, or at the latest early on the 22nd. I must speak at Sunnyvale on that Friday night. 

It will be necessary to have clean clothes. The washing facilities are not too good here, which does not matter of itself, excepting I must be good and clean to speak to a strange audience.

Yesterday I put on Hare Krishna, very hard at this high altitude; and today the first elements of Dance of Love and Brotherhood. The men here are mostly ever 6’ tall but fine stroppers and eager, and hard workers.

At the meeting last night I told them of our getting up early. They do, too, but spend that time in devotions.

There is one thing in life which will have to become more appreciated and that is the moral order. I have been under-stressing the Gathas but you have the Commentaries on Moral Culture. It is pretty anti-karmic when a disciple leaves them aside. One can see the terrible reciprocity that will come to one who has treated this aspect of life so slightly. Of course I have no details, but even world peace and justice may be affected by sudden selfishness and wanton desire. One can and does pray and meditate, and perhaps more—a matter I shall take up later.

August 15. Will reserve reports for later. When flying time is fixed will notify San Francisco. Now kept very busy and Monday, inshallah, will cook dinner.




Samuel L. Lewis

410 Precita Avenue

San Francisco CA 94110

Sunday August 17, 1969


Dear Mansur and everybody:

Murshid leaves here on Thursday morning and expect to fly “home” from Albuquerque that night arriving in S.F. at 10:20. Appointments have been made with both Profs. Bahm and Schmidt at New Mexico.

It is surprising to find PhDs, philosophers and physicists sitting at one’s feet so to speak and there is a heavy problem today, especially with dancing and perhaps storytelling to children.

Morning Star and its neighbors are nothing but animal communities. New Buffalo is marvelous. These people are coming today. There is a second cousin of Barbara who is half Syrian, and both want a meeting. New Buffalo more than atones for the others.

So much time now in interviews and classes one wants a vacation, but with the comings of Bibijan and Marcia, one does not know what and how to plan. And one has to face the re-organization, if necessary, with Jemila’s departure, etc. if that has taken place. Incidentally the son of the half-Syrian is Jemil.

What I hope is that you and I—and maybe somebody else can go on vacation. I shall have the money unless there are unforeseen problems. Wish to take it “easy” in September end build up a strong Fall program

Lots of things happening, etc. which have been respected to Mentorgarten. One is very much honored here and treated with utmost respect: It may be we have our own Summer School here next year, which I shall take up with you.

Not thinking of what shall be done on return. But yesterday gave a strong initiation into Ya Hayy! Ya Haak! Tomorrow cook dinner. There are all kinds of “spinach” here and had a lot of “spinach” and eggs for breakfast. Don’t know what is going on elsewhere and don’t care. Enough in dealing with human beings. We shall l have to go over my note-book, too. Please be patient.

Love and blessings,




Samuel L. Lewis

410 Precita Avenue

San Francisco CA 94110

Monday August 18, 1969


Dear Mansur and Everybody:

The enclosed carbon of letter to India will serve as a partial means to convey news. The first typewrite I had did not work well and this one is not doing too well either—which keeps me from typing too much. I have just found the ribbon reverse.

After the first two days it has not rained but there are clouds in the sky. Weather and people very compatible. Much time Saturday and Sunday in Darshan but several were away. Some time in interviews and two dancing classes a day.

Do not remember when I slept so well, it is really something. Just do not overwork because of altitude.

Hope beans, which are scattered, are properly watered. Wali Ali is supposed to have sent article to “Organic Gardening” and we may consider writing this place up, but just considered. Hope Moineddin and Fatima can come this way sometime, say next May.

Am writing different letter to S.F. Have a fine hut which is just being completed. It shall be dedicated and then I shall explain Baraka. Some people here on vitamin complex and name also is Baraka.

Love and blessings,


P.S. Will discuss Oracle and Rejected Avatar later. Diane and Doyle here yesterday. They will leave at end of week so you may see them before you see

Yours with love and blessings,




August 1969


Dear Hasan:

The Lama Foundation has been interested in both Vajrayana and Organic Gardening. They wrote Dr. Warwick for an alliance and never heard from him. They want to get in contact with the New Age Health Food people. Please tell Rahul.

They are very good at chanting and have responded excellently to both talks and dances. I think we should keep in touch with them but the final answer can come only after we have seen other people and perhaps after a visit to the University which should take place next week. There are huge possibilities here but usually a water shortage. The rain this season one of the largest on record, especially since my arrival.




Hotel Intercontinental Geneva

March 3, 1970


Dear Hassan and Everybody:

We arrived here one day ahead of the conference and are scheduled to remain a whole day afterwards. I understand this is a good procedure for it enables one to meet people, talk on the side and prepare for the future.

We were not disturbed on our trip inasmuch as the schedule Hilda Gulbredth made for us gave us ample extra time. We spent Easter first at the community Church on East 35th Street in New York and then with cousins and friends. I like the Swissair line better ban any of the Americans. The food was truly gourmet, not too much in quantity, but all the extras if you wanted them. While we ran into a snowstorm in New York, the weather is beautiful here.

Now I am really writing for the diary and also to illustrate the workings of providence or prajna, which is called kashf by the Sufis.

Leaving Mansur asleep I went dawn to the lobby at exactly the right time to meet and greet Her Serene Highness Princess Peon; then her associate Aliem Sangavasi, which threw me right into a greeting with Judith Hollister and her husband. Learning that the man next to me was Mr. Virla, one of the wealthiest industrialists in India, I went upstairs and brought down 2 copies of “The Rejected Avatar,” gave one to Mr. Virla and to one of his friends and they both began reading at once. I don’t think anything could be better for the Prophesy Presswork. Then somebody read the blurb and all the ladies present got excited when the name of Swami Ramdas was read.

Then Mr. Finley Dunne, known as Peter came over and is already calling me “Uncle Sam” and says I look and act like Walt Whitman, which is amazing to say the least. I thought that was enough excitement for one hour and hope to get Mansur to come outside with me before it is dark. In the meanwhile I also met some friends of Vilayat. I am still awaiting the arrival of Mr. Seyyed Hossein Nasr, who is supposed to reach here tomorrow, and although this seems enough excitement for the minute, I am going down to the lobby again until Mansur is ready to go out with me.

Morning. Murshid is going to write a letter to art Hoppe and Ali: I met another Sam. He is from Beirut. In fact he teaches at the American University there. We seem to have met at many levels. He teaches philosophy and has a broad view. The Lebanese seem satisfied than we love Gibran.

There is a large Indian delegation here, all sorts of religions represented. We shall maintain a diary, mailing sometimes events of the day to others.




March 31, 1970 11:30 pm


Beloved ones of God:

Asalaam Aleikhum! Well I think Mansur has had IT, traveling with a dervish who is not sure when he is to be a madzub or not. Everything happens at just the right moments. We had it from an Arabic newsman for whom we are preparing materials for further interview tomorrow. Then we were kidnapped by a Sheikh with whom lunched and then were approached by Dr. Benz, a German who was real scholar on the Orient. Without excusing myself I rushed to the door and pulled a man’s cloak, “Vilayat, what are you doing here?” So we have seen him and supped with him and he was very happy to hear about the drama group and a little about the spring festival etc., etc., etc.

Between times, and I guess it was the madzub mood, Murshid was there when her Serene Highness Princess Poon came in. Murshid was also there today when His holiness Swami Ranganathananda Maharaj came in. He and Vilayat seemed to be good friends, but Her Serene Highness is not so serene. She was concerned with my beard. She was also concerned about the hippies. And she is disconcerted because I teach the jhanas which all her good Buddhist friends have long since discarded. They become Mahayanists and she accepts their allegiance. But she is very concerned because she calls me a Mahayanist even though I practice the jhanas. She gave me a long sermon in private about happiness, but she did not look very happy herself. I think she is getting old and lonely.

Each day is its own universe, so I don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow excepting we wanted to see this is properly entered into my diary. Geneva is a beautiful city which we have not yet seen but all have a little time at the end of the conference. The Swissair line gave us excellent service and meals. Their TV programs are so vastly superior to ours that even the language barrier does not matter. The cuisine is continental but gourmetish. We had a vegetarian dinner and ate finocchio, which is to say anis scented celery. We also had figs cooked in the rice.

While in New York we ran into a little bit of snow,  hail and rain; it was very beautiful here on our arrival but has been raining slightly ever since. Still we do not have much time for talks owing to all the “great” people with whom we are now associating. While Princess Poon was very uneasy about my beard, with all the cameramen and girls it was different—so many pictures and I mean it, that you are liable to see my face in almost any magazine or newspaper. The beard attracted more than wisdom and prestige and my name is easier to spell.

We may bring back or later receive copies of some of the speeches made here. Geneva is the city where Calvin martyred Servetus. Now it is exactly the opposite. The Servetus-type has taken over and they don’t martyr anybody, they welcome them. Why, even Murshid was quite satisfied with the program and speakers.

Please read this to everybody. Love and Blessings,




March 31, 1970


Beloved One of God:

While this is for everybody it is being addressed to you. We haven’t set the world on fire yet, we don’t intend to, but we do hope to make enough proper contacts that in the future, inshallah, we may have friends in many lands. It seems to be happening anyhow.

We ran into a little, not much, show, hail, and rain in New York, One after the other. When we arrived here, it was very beautiful. Swissair gives gourmet meals. We shall also probably get them at this hotel, for a price. There are no doubt lots of cheap places, but the hotel is just outside the main city, not in it. While there are so many people here from all parts of the world, we want to meet them. We met a rabbi from Jerusalem who probably did not like it that we like Rev Schlomo. He impressed us that he believes he is one of God’s superior beings. The only trouble is there are others who think they are God’s superior beings. There are others who just think they are superior beings without any God. And there are others, and they constitute the majority, so there is hope.

The room is equipped with TV. The programs are vastly superior to ours which are mere adjuncts to commercial pseudo advertising. Besides the photography seems better. So we don’t have to get bored, although the big excitement presumably is still to come. Now we are going downstairs to meet some more of the great and near great.

Wow! 3:40 pm. Mansur is converted. We met Sher Singh, a Sikh, and had lunch with him. This was interrupted by one Dr. Benz, one of Germany’s greatest orientalists, true orientalist. We lounged after lunch and Sufi Sam got into one of his mad spells. He rushed to the door and pulled a gentleman’s cloak, yelling Pir Vilayat—smiles, grins etc. Vilayat is staying just one day. We continued our tête-a-tête. Dr. Benz is very much interested in medieval Christian mysticism and he enjoyed the possibilities of our restoring Christian mystical dances. We hope to keep in contact with him.

Vilayat was delighted to hear the report about Fred’s work. He has not been so successful himself, but neither of us think this matters. There was no time for details as he had to go out, and we do not wish to visit Suresnes. We also may have to attend the World Conference of Religions in London. Well, we are not going to finish this letter now as we have an appointment with her Serene Highness Princess Poon Diskul Pismai after 4 o’clock. Who is the actor? Who writes the dramas? Mansur is converted.

We have since had a conference with Princess Poon. But as we walked forward to see her, who came into the hotel but his Holiness Swami Ranganathananda Maharaj. As I told Peter Finley Dunne, we do nothing and are met and greeted by our friends. He said this is the true program and mission of “The Temple of Understanding.” I feel lots more is going to happen. This is not a diary letter. The next writing will be a diary letter.

Please share this with everybody. Love and Blessings.




April 1, 1970


Beloved Ones of God,

This is being put out in duplicate, and Murshid is starting to type while Mansur is taking a bath. Mansur now knows what it is to travel with a man to whom things always seem to happen and delightfully so. Mostly we cooperated with Vilayat. Last night all the celebrities were called upon to rise once and next to the last, Murshid, Moi, which is to say SAM was on the list, and then one single person was asked to rise again, the only one called upon to rise again and that was Vilayat! And remember there are plenty of very famous people here.

Today the conference spent plenty of time on speeches and all the lonely men who have few followers talk about “Love” as if everybody else were devoid in it. Then this person got up and introduced himself as the spiritual guru of the Hippies and said that others could talk and he was not going to waste any time preaching to savants what they already knew, but that WE, the Hippies and  their Leader would be building a Temple of Understanding while others talked. Anyhow it landed this person on the top committees along with a Dr. Samantha from India. I told the man that he represented his own name which I shall not explain here and this made him very pleased.

On the committee so far are Dr. Zafrullah Khan of Pakistan whom I have already met who is Chief Justice of the International Court at The Hague; Dr. Benz who writes wonderful books on Oriental Philosophy, especially Buddhism and a Professor from Howard University, one Protestant clergyman and this one. We got along fine together but meet tomorrow. This also saved men from listening to a lot of boring speeches.

Please tell Amin to tell Dr. Com (however he spells it) what I am doing. So many religions, great and near great here. Had an apology from a top Rabbi of the US. I told him that not a single one of his colleagues—not one—has ever answered a letter from me since the struggle in the Near East; that I was arranging a meeting between actual humanity—Muslims and Zionists and some non-Zionist Jews, to which Christian prelates have been invited.

Getting along fine with the Papal delegates. Had my picture taken so many times. Mansur is ordering two. H knows how to act. There are few young here and much talk about them. Also had some private interviews and more to come, inshallah.

Everything is happening “right,” praise to Allah. The committee on which Murshid serves will put in place all these “world” movements of very select persons. Copy of the Diamond Sutra has gotten into the hands of the representatives of the Dalai Lama. Wali Ali, please telephone this to Joe Miller and Ted Reich! “The Rejected Avatar” last copies to my friend Swami Ranganathananda Maharaj.

What was foreseen when Mansur wrote to Murshid at lama has now fully manifested in all aspects. Mansur is meeting some of the really great persons of the world, and they like him. This completes his initiation, the price was paid and now the “prize” is bestowed.

Wali Ali, please telephone the Metaphysical bookstore on Sutter Street and say that any date in May is all right. This presumes our “safe” return home, a rather enigmatic subject because of the airport strike. I doubt whether there will be any problem of reaching the United States but one does not look beyond. Every hour brings events and these cannot all be recorded. The best today was our meeting with the Druze leader who stood up under attack and has theories very much like the Sufis.

The best, no doubt, has been our constant meeting with my “great man,” Swami Ranganathananda. Wali Ali, please phone the Vedanta Center and get a message to Swami Shawananda telling him Samuel Lewis and Swami Ranganathananda are together at a real “summit” meeting. All that has been foreseen manifests. And the time will come when Murshid Duce also has to be notified.

This will be mailed before Murshid’s next committee meeting.

There is no question that cosmic vision works. It requires some patience. It requires an act of faith. There are two classes of people here; the lonely ones who preach love and the active ones who demonstrate love; the latter are in the majority, but the former consume a majority of the time, exhibiting weakness and inaptitude in their strange emotional appeal without considering the worthy in the audience. And believe me, there are some worthy.

As the night draws to the close, there is no question of the joining of good-will, because of the demonstrations of love and good will. One only hopes we can continue this way and not have the head turn. At least tonight, Murshid feels well physically. He has been feeling well mentally all the time. It has also fortunate we both have a gourmet consciousness. It has also brought friendship. The does not give too many anecdotes and one listens to those of others. the feels we have been personally successful—the question is: how successful will the Temple of Understanding be? and it is also up to us to help make this a success, inshallah.

Love and Blessings,




London, April 1, 1970


My dear Ruth and Co.:

It had not been part of my original intention to write many letters. But the weather has produced at times a near boredom, reminiscent of the play, “Rain.” We are leaving for Boston, presumably, Thursday morning, for an uncertain stay before returning home.

The attendance at the conference of The Temple of Understanding is going to change things radically. It may not be one’s mission to stamp out hypocrisy and self-aggrandizement “in the name of God,” and if would certainly not help the book business very much. We have the catalogues from two houses on Great Russell S., but there are things left undone. We shall also disappoint lets of people for what we have not done. But between the unfavorable weather and the dramatic news attending the death of my brother, one does not wish to do everything. Besides, one carries missions of such different natures that few will be interested in all of them.

For instance the horticultural mission was “married” by the bad weather but greatly stimulated by technical contacts—at least two big ones, which would not interest metaphysical persons who think they are—and they often are—a spiritually minded.

Our last endeavor—which is scheduled for tomorrow night, is at least one hour session before a Yoga Class at Gandalf’s Garden, the center for all the advanced youth. It does contain some older people, is short on space and funds, and is packed all the time. I should say programs very good but also very, very broad. I should say that the general program of the Garden would fit in nicely with Brother White’s Metaphysical Center.

The same is true of certain aspects of Clive-Ross’s projects, He seems to know Devi much better than you but has apparently lost sight of her—or what she is now doing does not concern him so much.

But I have every reason to support him on all fronts. On the surface there may be a radical change in my material-financial as well as my spiritual-social programs, and from the beginning there has been every “reason” to support Clive-Ross. But meeting him only corroborated one’s feelings. We have a lot in common both on the surface and in the depths; some items of quite a different nature. Anyhow we hope to have a Glastonbury pilgrimage, Inshallah, within a few years and a good deal of time has been taken up with preparation for such an event. This is just one aspect of it.

I hope to back him in everything.

He introduced us over the phone to Marco Pallis whither we should be going after this is mailed.

Love and blessings,




April 3, 1970


Dear Mr. Garson,

I am writing this from London. I came directly here from Geneva, Switzerland with Mr. Samuel L. Lewis of San Francisco, who became known to and was much photographed by the European press as “the spiritual leader of the hippies.”

We were attending in Geneva a conference of the world’s religions, sponsored by The Temple of Understanding of Washington, D.C., with representatives from many lends.

The conference was an attempt of work for peace and understanding between people of difference faiths. Its sponsors have dubbed it, “The Second Annual Spiritual Summit Conference.” The first was held last year at Calcutta in India, and there is likelihood that the continent of Africa will host the meeting next year.

Mr. Lewis is currently working (with much success I might add) with young people in the San Francisco area. Teaching by means of the dance.

We arrive back in the United States the 16th and will go to

East-West Center

105 Marlborough St Boston, Mass. 02116

(tel.: 267-8056)

for a few days before returning to San Francisco.

Should you be interested, I believe Mr. Lewis would be glad to report on both this recent conference and his work with young people.

Mr. Lewis is in the 70’s but has had no experience himself with what is called “the generation gap.”


Mansur Johnson



April 5, 1970

Department of Near East Languages, Grinnell Hall

University, of California, Berkeley, California 94720


Dear Friends:

One finds oneself in unusual circumstances in a place far from home. The conference of the members of The Temple of understanding concentrating especially on world peace has come to an end. The writer was perhaps the only unknown who found himself quite at home with the representatives of nearly all the world’s faiths and cultures. A few of them, like her Serene Highness Princess Poon of Thailand and Swami Ranganathananda Maharaj of India (who has spoken in Grinelle Hall), were old friends. Then one met for the first time Prof. Seyyed Hossein Nasr of Teheran and the well-known Dr. Jurji of Princeton with whom one has corresponded.

One is interested in getting their respective works, both for one’s own library and for the Berkeley campus if they are not in the library. We are leaving for London shortly and will visit the marts and some publishing houses. Very cordial relations were established with these two famous men and also with the German Dr. Benz.

One came with the idea of working for peace in Palestine—none of this superficial drivel passed out by our self -grandiose commentators or superficial diplomats. One began in earnest the very first day, fortunately meeting the representative of his Holiness Pope Paul. One need not go into past frustrations, except to say one received profound apologies from the Rabbis and from leading American clerics who have refused to acknowledge letters from an unknown. They piously and even hypocritically argue that Arabs and Israelis should sit down together, and stop with their own pious pleas.

One has already laid the framework for a meeting between Israelis who are friendly to the Arabs and Arabs who are citizens of Israel living nearby San Francisco residence and others. The integrational approach to the solution of the problems of the Near East was quite acceptable to everybody. In previous years they have been discussed with Dr. Paul Cairn of the engineering department. They are generally not understood or spurned by people who have analytical outlooks—and this cannot be helped.

Not only was there and overall success of the conference—details can be supplied if necessary, but his person became known as the man who wrote the longest letters but made the shortest speeches and always to the point. The aftermath was that we were immediately approached by persons living in Geneva, working for peace and understanding, from other standpoints.

Before leaving California our “Dances of Universal Peace” were beginning to receive attention. We had been hoping to present them at UCLA—the question is merely one of timing, but we have run into a grand plan for a worldwide festival in Galilee and when we have the details, hope to furnish them to your good selves or confreres in other departments as you may suggest.

I am not forgetting the possibilities of some financial cooperation, no matter how small. At this writing, due to illnesses of the nearest relatives, decisions by those who are in control of the family trust funds are in abeyance, but everything looks promising. And, coupled with ever increasing accumulations financial and otherwise from other sources, I hope to be ready to support at least one student in your department to begin with. Your Department does cover a vest area and many cultures, and I should say the conference also covered a vaster area and these same cultures.

We shall be leaving shortly for London, where we hope to visit our friend Prof. Bernard Lewis at the University of London, or else ascertain his whereabouts. We are also going to visit the World Congress of Faiths (to which I have belonged) and the Royal Asiatic Society (to which I do belong). But there will be other missions and commissions and in London itself outside of neutral interests. E.g. contacting the London parallel to our educated hippies.

We will then go to Boston and at least visit colleagues at Harvard.

It seems that a whole life’s preparation, mostly outside the universities, has made it possible to function properly today. I was the only one in the vast assemblage of the conference of The Temple of Understanding who knew something about all of the major and most of the minor faiths. The meeting with the Druze leader was most cordial, and he became friendly with both Dr. Syed Hussein and the writer, we in a sense represented Sufism (this rather caused resentment to and from orthodox Muslims, who expressed the only discordant notes, with the result that the clever Rabbis played their cards beautifully, really beautifully). One is writing this letter so it may be on record before any visit to the campus again, for which the date is uncertain.

Private and public affairs already present a crowded schedule through June, exclusive of invitations from several universities in diverse parts of the United States.


Samuel L. Lewis



April 5, 1970

To Wali Ali,


Beloved one of God:

You have no doubt been in high mountains. Sometimes when you climb a peak you suddenly discover there is a real higher range behind. I don’t know whether I told you that I expected to do my real work after the peace conference. Well it is hit; it hit quicker than lightening.

I don’t want to tell you now all that happened at the conference. You will hear plenty of it after I return. We have to tell you about Mr. Norman Lourie. I don’t know how it started but he was attracted by my remarks about youth. He had already been attracted a little by the brevity of my speeches (imagine) and my directiveness.

He took Mansur and Murshid into his confidence, told us his great plans, and there is even a possibility of his giving us some literature before leaving the hotel in the morning. He is Jewish, of ancient Russian vintage, followed by birth and education in South Africa, whence he fled on account of the extreme Puritanism and racism. He has taken a great interest in peace through sports. He is quite critical of Brundage, a point on which there is certainly agreement. He finds that Brundage on the one hand and the Soviets on the other have compelled professionalism quite out of harmony of the spirit of the original Olympics. He has visited Greece and lived in Israel.

He is picturing a huge international festival, chiefly of youth, with real amateur sports, but also dancing and folk arts and singing. He hopes the youth of today and especially of the States will become interested. On the whole he leans toward men like Dylan and Lennon but doubts whether they have remained actual heroes of the young. He wants to meet the leaders of the young and the young themselves.

It is certain that the young here have felt frustrated rather than disappointed, and this frustration may become even a greater source of explosion than disappointments or defeats. By having dancing contests and games from which oldsters are self barred, he believes he can promote a better world, so he has established an international Galilee program. And if we do not get the material tomorrow, it will be sent to us in London where we can also share it with our contracts. I will let you know further.

Of course this will interest Benefsha. But it will also interest Fred and Julie from the standpoint of filming, etc.

In the meanwhile between these two we were approached by a citizen of Geneva who has been in the motion world (MGM) who wants to see us when he next comes to California. We have given him both addresses. You can understand why we have no craving for “excitement.”



The Temple of Understanding’s World Conference of Religious Leaders


April 6, 1970


Wali Ali Meyer

410 Precita Ave.

San Francisco, Calif. 94110


Beloved One of God:

This is perhaps the most serious letter I have ever written. We are not going to stop wars by hypocrisy, by ignorance, by blatant claims. We are not going to stop wars just by listening to big and important people. These big and important people often including the very ones who fomented the wars.

I think the very first man I met here was the papal delegate. We have gotten along fine. I am called the man who writes the longest letters and makes the shortest speeches. I gave up the Zen Robe and stick to Dervish clothing. Even that and the beard attracts a lot of people. I should not be surprised if my picture has appeared in every country in Europe, and maybe, just maybe, sooner or later in some American publications. It will certainly appear in the pictures that the Temple of Understanding makes for its displays. I think hypocrisy and self-aggrandizement are just as great evils as war itself.

I shall either send this to you in duplicate or ask you to make copies of it. I want some copies in the hands of the Rabbis of San Francisco, but first telephone Ted Riche.

Almost the next person I met was the chief American Rabbi who was sent here, and before I could state my case he offered me his profound apology, especially when I told him not a single rabbi in America has had the courtesy to answer a single letter in the last five years, while hypocrites and scoundrels yell at each other about sitting down at a table. Within three days the Rabbi from Jerusalem was apologizing. The Muslims are quite divided, and so what they do and say are received with mixed feelings. The spiritual Muslims are far more tractable than the Rabbis. The non-spiritual Muslims are the very worst people here. Of course one hears lots of talks, often very long talks, about universal peace and love. Others are supposed to listen, but do not anymore.

My every word was listened to with sober attention and cordial appreciation. The Lebanese are far closer to me and I to them. They not only understand, but two or three of the Lebanese are among the most educated here. This is particularly true of Dr. Jurji of Princeton whom I have wished to meet for a long time. Second to him is a Dr. Malik who lives in Geneva.

I have outlined my plans. When I return home, we may act. And we can write to Rabbis of Jerusalem. The general feeling is that there are a large number of American Jews who have become adept at stirring up trouble, and not wishing to end hostilities. It is so easy to blame. It is almost as easy to enflame. And this I regret to say is true of some people, Jews and Christians, who have had the audacity before the Almighty God to accept peace awards. I don’t wish to say that these are the only people who act as if God were not, or were not looking. No wonder youth turns away from religion. But youth is not turning away from spirituality; youth is departing from the self-misled who play selfish games in the name of God of course.

So next to being known as the man who writes the longest letters and makes the shortest speeches, I am known as a man of action and also as a potential coming spiritual leader of the young people, not only at home but everywhere. The time will come when my native city will be ashamed of the person to whom they would not listen, to whom the floor was barred and sometimes attendance to meetings was barred by respectable so-called institutions and organizations and “experts.”

I would have to go over other notes which I do not wish to do now to tell you of contacts. For example with the Birla family, the richest and most devout people of India. With the Indians of Hindu and Christian persuasion alike. And most of all with our presumable spiritual brother, Dr. Seyyed Hossein Nasr. I can name 10 people, meeting whom pays for this trip. And I think Mansur will concur.

To begin with, I am perhaps the only person here who feels thoroughly at home with those of every race and religion. Princess Poon keeps on treating me as if I were little brother. But I did at least put a veto on Alan Watts. I know what her opinions are. Fortunately, I have made contact with all the Buddhists of very varying outlooks, including the representative of the Dalai Lama. But the Theravadin from Ceylon is the most magnificent representative of his particular outlook that I have met. He has won considerable respect.

Of course the great man of the conference is Swami Ranganathananda. He is almost wisdom itself. But it is most wonderful not only to meet and know the spiritually elect of the world but to see them mingle with each other. I think there is considerable spiritual love and brotherhood, except among the blatant representatives of very small faiths, who try to atone for their small size by taking up more time and speaking more loudly. And of course their themes are always love and brotherhood with no consideration for the audience, an audience filled with saints and humanitarians.

Mansur has the autographs of quite a few here. This is going to make it much easier for any one of us who goes on a grand tour.         

The best American is James Roberts of Howard University. He is only inferior to Swami Ranganathananda in that he has studied under Swami Ranganathananda. I think his influence is great enough that the next conference may be held in some part of Africa. I may try to reach my God-son Norman McGhee Jr. in New York when I return. I am also willing to start a fund now for George Matthews and any other colored person who becomes a disciple within the next year. They could of course be accompanied by others. This opening up of African peoples is more than a grand gesture. Those who dominate the conference, and by this time this includes murshid, want vigorous action, and I think we are going to have it. As soon as I get out of debt for this trip the travel fund will be started. There are various reasons for increasing this enough to permit Mansur (if he wishes) and George to move not only to Africa next year but within the confines of the United States this year. My brother and I have already agreed that should he die in the near future a good portion of my increased income would go to travel fund. If not, I think the dancing classes will increase to raise money for this purpose.

There is another reason for an increased travel fund. There are in the offing projects for Telstar (satellite communication)—and it is possible that Mansur could be involved both as technician and as spiritual representative. A chapter has been completed in the book of his life which began when Jemila left him. I am hoping he realizes and maybe he does that there is now a career, even a world career, before him.

When we get to England, if not before, some letters may be sent to those persons who scattered scurrilous rumors about me; on the other hand please telephone the meta­physical library at 420 Sutter saying I hope to be available for any night at all in the month of May unless the present airfield strike prevents an early return. An overflow audience would not matter. I should also contact the cathedral and give them first a short report, but I wish also if you would get these contents into the hands of Amin, so that he could notify Dr. Cum.

This matter may be facilitated by the fact that the chief chairman of this conference is one Rev. Ditzen who is one of the top Presbyterian prelates of this country. He is glorious. In general, the Christian ministers here are on their good behavior, and the rabbis as above also on their very good behavior. It is only the minorities who try to compensate and they become annoyances.

I did have the inner vision and inner feeling, but it is much harder to accept than earlier pre-visions. The Bible may say about dreams and visions, but respectable clergy don’t want that so they lose their youth. There is no trouble about the very few youth here, but they are too few.

Well I got all the reports about Sheila. Of course they are mostly comic, and there is agreement that she is an Irish fey. Her presence as a young person was welcome. Many of the older people realize they have not opened the door to the young. The few young are listened to, but one could almost say-period. On the other hand—and this will also shock all the respectable people, it has been boldly presented that the sex and psychedelic adventures of the young are part of the spiritual life and must be so recognized, that sex has many different meanings among the young and some­times much finer than among their elders. It is karmic that in this city of Calvin, Puritanism has been criticized severely and the Presbyterians themselves are atoning.

For many reasons therefore, it is important to prepare several disciples for participation in important conferences. However, this does not mean now necessarily those in California. When we reach Boston, the whole thing will be presented to the young there.

It is going to be a hard thing to convince clerics of most faiths that for whatever they sow, thus they reap. They have to learn that they are not exempt from Emerson’s law of Compensation nor the ethics of the Bible which is not to be confused with that empty verbal “Judeo-Christian” ethic, a most narrow and untrue outlook.

I don’t wish to say here that Jews and Christians are necessarily worse than followers of other faiths; sometimes they are much better. But if religion continues to tolerate hypocrisy, it is doomed.

Another thing to be taken up here sooner or later is the question of all the “world brotherhoods,” world movements, international blah blah who have not anybody from Africa ever on the board of directors; in fact, the one negative point there is at present unanimity on is there should be no super-religion. The various super-religions all have their very private super-popes, hand-picked, and this is well known—they’re going to flop. Not even the purest and perhaps earliest of them, the Baha’i movement, has presented no case here so far, and it at least is moral. Not a single Indian avatar, super-rishi or world saviour has been represented, nor any counterpart from other lands. Blatancy and ignorance has no place here.

Even in my most tense operations I usually have times off with diversions as you well know. Perhaps it was not too wise to squeeze out every moment, but at least I have done that, for better or worse. My humor, that I only have solutions not questions, is really being accepted seriously here, and this means a careful preparation of a synopsis of accomplishment, reactions, plans and contacts. At least I am on at least one standing committee, and will try to do something about it.

At times I really act my age here and am so accepted. The saying found in the Bible, “The stone that is rejected is became the corner-stone” has been the keynote of my whole life. When was an infant palmists made correct predictions, three of them. Otherwise, psychics have correctly delved into my past and almost entirely missed the future, but that does not matter. We shall let you know when we are to arrive in Boston and you may send any mail there. I especially want to learn about any letter from Wells Fargo. I cannot be writing to each individual; in fact, it was only because I am not well enough to attend the banquet tonight that the time is being consumed here and Mansur has been kind enough to remain with me.

It is cold here but not too much so. However, the news is that it will be cold in England, so we are prepared. The conference ends tomorrow but we will stay over another day. There may be extra meetings to prepare for next year. Now people are expecting me to speak. This also means a revaluation of time and money and an in­crease of hope.

You are free to share this with whom you will, but I don’t wish to present any idea of bragging. The present wars are serious, combined with the refusal of important persons, organizations, even the press, to grant an interview. What is going to happen, and I have foreseen this, is the leading of youth protest parades demanding interviews; of course, if the world press gets out and my picture appears, it will be a different thing. The terrible contrast between absolute refusals and the open doors at the highest levels will sooner or later have its effect, but it is not aggrandizement, it is the effort to bring about real peace, through by and with people of every rank, race and station, that I wish to accomplish. Fortunately, I am sure to begin with that I shall be more than welcome on the several campuses of the U of C and also at Hayakawa state. I have already written a letter to Russ Joyner who is one of Hayakawa’s associates, besides sending him carbons of earlier reports.

With the cathedral sending me an apology, with the Rabbis here being really apologetic and repentant for the behavior of their associates and being regarded as “one of them” by so many of the world leaders, as I foresaw, a new career will be opened. But I wish to go to Lama along with Mansur where we may be able to write out plans and projects and at the same time teach the young who want to learn instead of trying to appeal to their elders. The only person here who tried to dualize me is a Jesuit whom I beat by showing a profound appreciation both of his person and his methods, and no nonsense about that either. I think my mind is about run out.

Love and Blessings,



Evening, April 7, 1970



Beloved Ones of God:

    This is being sent in duplicate.  We are preparing to telephone Wali Ali in the morning to give permission to Mt. Zion hospital for anything else, provided it can be conveniently charged to my late brother’s estate and does not involve any expense on my account.  Also he should telephone Wells Fargo, Trust Department—I think the estate number is 7-307.  He can look up the files for the proper person to be contacted.  This may also affect the next month’s payment, that is due April 16th or so.  He is also to notify my cousin’s the Fosters on Abbey Street in South San Francisco, though they may be aware; and if a funeral takes place shortly, I believe Mary Lou Foster will assent to Wali Ali or assign to go in my place.  For this and service rendered Wali Ali will be compensated in cash as soon as we return.

    The Khankah is asked to telephone my attorney T. LaShalt on 4th Street in San Rafael.  This means the drawing up of a new will, and also involves telephoning my previous attorney, Mr. John Rockwell, 1330 Lincoln in San Rafael, advising that I shall be asking Ted to draw up a new will.

    While one does not wish to count chickens before they are hatched, the first use of extra income will be to guarantee Mansur’s rent.  He may be having a job with Fred Cohn, but it is also possible that he may wish to go and then go to Lama with Murshid, especially if Fred and Julie go either to Lama or Pir Vilayat’s summer camps.

    Wali Ali is to ascertain through Mary Lou Foster if possible, who happens to be my brother’s latest attorney.  This assumes that Mary Lou Foster and/or her children are the chief heirs; but if Elliot has died intestate, this would leave Murshid with both extra burdens and extra funds and a moral obligation to look after the young Fosters.

    We are staying at St. Ermin’s Hotel, Caxton Street, London S.W.1 and should be here until the 16th.  We were told at the embassy that the airfield strike has been settled but will check later at the airlines for confirmation and proper bookings in the USA.  This drama can excuse our Boston host from a longer stay.  I shall also have to look into the affairs of my Boston cousins.

    We visited British Museum, the University of London, and two of the chief publishing houses.  We expect to go to the World Congress of Faiths tonight.  Contacts are not as rapid as might enhance our visit, but we are already ahead on our other important items of business.

    Murshid was not surprised.  For three or more days he suffered the strangest sort of stasis, almost like a progressed or trans-sitting Saturn wacking another Saturn.  He kept on mentioning to Mansur and others, “I never felt so well mentally and so poor physically before in my whole life.”  There must have been a psychic attunement to brother Elliot’s condition.  Please have the Khankah also notify Hilda Gulbreath, Northgate Travel.  The last part of our ticket is open and we hope we can properly arrange for its completion, but it also means probably extra travel in the future to fulfill all the duties before one.

    One is not going to start to cut melons so to speak or make empty promises.  There will have to be a meeting between at least Wali Ali, Daniel, Mansur and Moineddin with possibly Fatima and Shirin.

    No doubt, under tension some things have been overlooked.  If there is any doubtful item, Wali Ali is to go ahead as if he had power of attorney.  In the meanwhile, we should be telephoning San Francisco from the embassy in the morning. 



April 10, 1970



Dear Wali Ali:

This is the diary, the carbon going to the Khankah for the time being. When we return, all those carbons will be transferred from the Khankah to our regular files.

The weather has been very much like a November, cool and cloudy, with patches of fog and rain, and outside the city considerable light snow. It has almost the effect of a perpetual gloom. But despite this we hope to go to Kew Gardens today. Much of our time here is open and unsettled, and it is also possible that we may have visitors; or we might visit museums and art galleries. Anyhow yesterday, we booked from New York to Boston, leaving part of the 16th open in New York, wherein I hope to see my cousins again, but if not, it will not matter. You have our Boston address and should send any information there, but please open anything from wells Fargo. I hope they have been notified. You can check the files of the estate number, which I think may be 7-1307. This may affect my allotment this month, which may be over the preceding amounts, or there may be two such allotments—I do not know. Also please advise Dr. Levin that I shall pay him in full by the end of the month. I think he will understand.

Yesterday we were guests of the Royal Asiatic Society. To our surprise the age group was much more widespread than that of the World Fellowship of Faiths. But the audience was more intellectual and reserved, and undoubtedly of higher social standard.

Much more to the point was the visit to Gandalf’s Garden. Muz and Jeff the leaders look like disciples of Jesus Christ. We were greeted by essentially the same type of people we meet and have. Before the meeting too, all of them were within about the same age range. It was when I went to Japan I felt strange because I did not feel strange. They are a little lower on the economic level. This is almost the same as when we started out, but there is the same optimism among them.

They meet in a basement. But which has however kitchen and sanitary adjuncts. The place was absolutely packed. There were however quite a few older people, maybe up to 20%. The chief of these was Joyce Best. I had written to her hoping she could come to Gandalf’s Gardens, but it would not be any stretch of imagination to say she is Gandalf’s Gardens. She is playing the role of aunt there like I play the role of grandfather. I guess she must have checked that I hoped we could meet there at Gandalf’s Gardens. Her father had been a disciple of Hazrat Inayat Khan. He kept on jumping from camp to camp and finally landed with Meher Baba. In fact Don Stevens the leading Baba-rian, as I call them, has been here, but there is no evidence he has been effective.

A very large portion of the audience are in some ways followers of Hazrat Inayat Khan, and a very good handful are very close to Pir Vilayat. At first Joyce was taken aback, then I said I had two criticisms of Pir Vilayat: not proper provision for financial equilibrium; 2) he is traveling too often and there is danger of nervous illness. Joyce immediately reacted against her own reaction and heartily concurred.

Gandalf’s Gardens is not on a good financial footing yet, but they are working toward it. There is a great deal of interest in healing. The speaker of the evening was introduced by Timothy, a Cherag in the universal worship. He gave a grand cosmic approach to healing, somewhere between the attitude of Unity and Sufism. He has a real understanding of the New Testament, really real, but he is still strongly under and limited by a Christo-centric outlook. Still this is very fine and we had not occasion to quibble.

There were several people there really interested in Sufism and a broader outlook than the one they have.

The leaders and most of the girls look New Age. Their elders talk New Age but I don’t think they have it yet. Most of the older people, excepting one rather cockneyish little man were still sober and somber, but while they consumed a considerable portion of the time, they were certainly in the minority. I don’t know yet how they will take the Zikr or Hare Krishna. It is definite that most of the young take pot but not LSD. I did not see any shadowy faces among the young and could hardly call anybody there a drug victim. I didn’t know if anybody was off base at all excepting that people of the New Age are in a sense off-base to their elders.

Although there is not much else to report, we are sending this off so you may have our immediate reaction. Both Sufi and spiritual conferences are to follow, and I feel some of us may have to come again, especially after my new and presumably much better financial basis is established. I do not feel it is my duty to spend too much time away from California or Lama, and I certainly do not want to come to these parts without Vilayat’s complete assent. As to the spiritual conference, from the little news that trickled, it will be definitely universal and not Christian. Also for the first time I have found interest in the universal worship among the young. Mostly it is the elders that wish it. To me there is a certain sadness in the Christian outlook with the appeals for mercy and a limited capacity for joy, but the younger people want joy, there is no doubt about it. I say we can help them. I want a complete set of dance instructions typed for them, but not necessarily sent until we are sure these are clear. I also want any pictures from Fatima, even if they are cutouts from old Oracles sent here, and if Phillip has any old surplus Oracles have them also sent. I think this is enough for the moment. Love and Blessings,



Please go to the bank and tell them that on the whole the trip has been quite fruitful. More important to them that my brother has left this world and that my monthly allotment should be substantially increased. Thus, even if I cannot fully pay the momentary loan, meaning a lowering of the savings account, by the end of the year, if not before, this might be substantially increased.

Also, If Mr. Campbell ever calls, tell him the matter is in abeyance, but not dropped, Murshid remains of the opinion that Fatima’s insight and foresight are substantially correct.


St. Ermins Hotel, London

April 11, 1970


Beloved Ones of God:

Here it is Sunday morning and the rain is confining us to our hotel. So we are seizing the unwelcome moments to write. Last night we visited Muz Murray and his closest associates. I think we are both very satisfied. On Wednesday night there will be an hour before yoga class at Gandalf’s Garden where we shall teach walks based on centering, and if there is room some of our either dervish and yoga dances. At the previous meetings the hall was packed (I am glad to say), but we did discuss a later possible return, and I hope Inshallah the time will come when murshid can have 3 couples with him, Inshallah.

We see endless possibilities in our work. It depends largely on whether others also will see these possibilities. It would be possible, of course, to sit down and create more dances and walks, something one is not disposed to do unless we are absolutely confined.

While the city has large perks, there are few home gardens. It is exactly the opposite to Los Angeles. The parks of course are nice; we are near quite a few of them and have done our share of walking. We are still hoping it will clear up enough to walk. Otherwise we shall taxi to lunch and have either an Indian or Pakistani meal. We get gourmet food here, very good, very unlike what we have at home, but other than being unusual it is not like what we really enjoy. We shall probably react against this strangeness.

Actually, we plan no meetings immediately after our return, unless they are scheduled in such a way we cannot avoid them. It will not only be for “recovery”; between the number of letters to answer and the very important legal and financial matters, we shall be kept quite busy.

The most edifying news is that Wali All will move back when Zeynab moves out. We shall probably fix the basement and also move our books down there, leaving more room upstairs where it has been so crowded.

Tomorrow we expect to meet Mr. F. Clive-Ross, editor of Studies in Comparative literature. We both have been looking forward to this. We have now had occasion to use the underground so it will not be difficult to reach him.

I hope the garden has been properly watered. Of course, we might have an official gardener later, which will either be taken up at a family meeting or some other proper arrangement.

It is not proper for a murshid to broadcast his dreams, visions and perception of the future. One must say that everything has been operating almost as if in accordance with schedule and this gives one much more faith. After all this conference was fore-visioned 40 years ago. That, no doubt, is the extreme. I am looking forward, however, to the lecture at 420 Sutter Street for whatever night it has been arranged. We leave Thursday morning for Boston (East-West Center, 105 Marlborough St., Boston, Mass. 02116; tel. 267-8056) . We have been listening to the radio here—for the most part quite good. No TV in this hotel, either in the rooms or the lobby.

The reports from Wali All have been very encouraging. We shall no doubt pick up our last mail at Gandalf’s Gardens just before we leave and telephone San Francisco as soon as possible after our return to the states. The date of return is uncertain due to the dramatic events that have occurred in our absence.

Love and Blessings,



Hotel Intercontinental—Geneve

April 11, 1970


Dear Wali Ali:

I have your letters of the 5th and 6th which are very encouraging, and also making this the diary entry, sending the carbon to the Khankah. These can all be picked up and collated when we return.

At first I thought it might be necessary to write Ted Lachelt. At the moment the only concern is the allotment for this month, whether they will add to my portion the amount which would have gone to my brother, especially as it seems they had reached no decision on our separate monthly portions.

It is very satisfying that you are returning on May 1st. I have been troubled for there is a need to have at least one more person in the house when Zeynab goes, and it should be a person or persons who work closely with the Sufi movement. However if the estate money is distributed, you would be going on a salary beginning with May 1st when you return. Certainly enough to cover any expenses to Vilayat’s camp and spending money besides. I wish to both be fair and cautious. It is more important to be fair to those who will be working for the cause of God than to pay back my bank loan. With the increased allotment, I should in due course be able to re-establish my savings account. I certainly trust Ted Lachelt.

It is possible that Mary Lou knows about my brother’s lawyer and last will and testament. Otherwise, we might have to resort to the public administrator, and here, we might need Ted’s advice. I should much prefer he have a will than having burdens thrown on me, even if it meant much more money. It would have been illegal if he did not refer to me, because already the hospital has communicated with me as next of kin.

I presume you would move into Zeynab’s room. Then we would make a sort of Library and extra bedroom in the basement, even moving the books from the living room. This in turn would permit more people to occupy it, even if it involves the purchase of chairs and better, proper stools and cushions. I think the girls would be interested in the latter, and we could have considerable “fun” either making or buying them. My impression is to pay some of them for this work. What do you think?

Your personal reports are very encouraging. I hope you have names and addresses, and we can discuss this later. At the moment, I feel like cutting my stay short in Boston. You certainly will be advised by either telephone or telegraph.

Tonight we sup with Muz Murray. We have been to Gandalf’s Gardens twice and certainly like the audiences. Some of them are very close to Pir Vilayat. He is conducting a conference here shortly. We have been invited but are using the excuse of the above; besides, Vilayat and I have a tacit agreement that if we are separate, we both can be reaching new audiences. I am thoroughly satisfied with his plans, programs and endeavor.

I thank you for the news about Lama. At the moment about 6 have signed up. A letter has also been written from here but answer is to go to San Francisco.

Assuming we return on schedule, we are not to do much office work until Monday the 27th. Either the dancing classes will take place, or a free reception, or parties, or both.

You will find enclosed a list of books published by the dowser. Please mail this to the Metaphysical library on Sutter Street. They may be interested. Please let Saul see this, however, before so mailing.

Please thank Gavin for his letter.

I am not answering it immediately, because the leading newspapers here have promised some forthcoming articles on astrology and occultism. As soon as we have obtained and digested them, they will be forwarded to him. They are supposed to present the latest.

The horoscope of Pir Vilayat has some strange parallels to the respective ones of yourself and myself. I don’t know much about progressions, but I should imagine the progressed horoscope would show much better prospectus. I take it that Gavin has given us the progressions on the near planets and the transits on the distant ones, but I have not yet tried to evaluate them. I should be glad to pay Gavin when I return.

Tonight we sup with Muz Murray and may take up some serious things with him. We have seen Jack Austin twice and expect to see him again, Inshallah. He looks much better. I think he has made most excellent evaluations of personalities and movements.

We went to Kew yesterday but were caught in the rain. If the day looks good we will go there but otherwise to museums.

I am very glad to find such cordial warmth persisting. Life is going to be comings and goings, movements and rests. Our main problem is going to be whether we get the necessary papers from Vilayat. Otherwise, it will be incumbent on this person to revive and revitalize occult and mystical sciences. We have had very warm assurances from the director of the mosque here who is also advanced in Sufism. We may become officially contributors to this group. There is trouble in London over the Pakistanis. Much more trouble than with the blacks; very little with the Indians; none with the Chinese. There are lots of restaurants from both these types of Asians.

You might make a synopsis of the conference of Asian scholars which later we might send to Congressman Burton. Please telephone Mary Lou advising. I would like to take her and the girls out when I return or they could come to our house.

Love and Blessings,



Love and blessings to Frank and Linda; no time to write separately.



April 14, 1970


Dear Hassan and everybody:

There are a number of things to follow up from our meeting with Clive-Ross, every aspect of which was most cordial. I think between him and Jack Austin (who admire each other, too) I have two wonderful friends here and we are already planning, Inshallah, a group visit. This would depend on several things, not only money but dancing items and other matters.

The horticultural affairs referred in the letter to Ruth cook will be taken up with Moineddin and yourself rather than at the family meeting. I have material from the Maxicrop people who use kelp and sea products for plant feeding, etc. This is too “revolutionary” to consider in our short while here, but Fred may become interested. However I am willing to carry on the correspondence, etc. in the first stage.

We would like a May Day Festival for our return. This may be taken up at the family meeting. The cost would, of course, be borne by me. But while the Khankah might be ideal with Jayanara’s state we would not like to put any burden on here. So we should like to hear if you would accept it for San Francisco, either at Precita of G.G. Park—or for that matter any suitable alternative.

By the end of the week a telephonic all will probably go through. I am happy to find Wali Ali will return to Precita.

We will list projects to be discussed:

a. Family meeting

b. Sufi Order

c. Disciples in general.

At this moment we have no further news but may be picking some up at Gandalf’s Garden tomorrow night where our mail has been sent: or again in Boston.

Love and Blessings,




April 17, 1970



My dear Daniel:

This letter is being written in triplicate and will probably go to Wali Ali and one to the Khankah. We do not know on which day we will return. We would rather have it done quietly at first, with a big celebration around May Day. This could be in Golden Gate Park or on the lawn at San Francisco or even at the Khankah. I am not immediately asking anything from the Khankah as this might throw a weight on Fatima—and I am assuming that Jayanara is getting ready for motherhood. At the same time Zeynab is getting ready for marriage. According to the last news, she and Wali Ali will exchange rooms which will work a hardship on nobody.

If Wells Fargo fulfills the interpretation of my father’s will, it will be necessary to incorporate, either incorporation sole as they call it; or else, under the provisions given to me in Pakistan which we can discuss with the lawyer, Mr. T. Lachelt. At the present moment I have a 2,000 dollar loan to repay. After that financially speaking, there may be incessant progress, but with it incessant wisdom.

This corporation role will be separate from the Sufi Order. No doubt there will be interchange of funds and personalities. There are two factors here:

1) the Sufi Order has not yet fully organized on a financial basis. I feel we should give Bibijan a small monthly remittance. At the present time it is apparently voluntary. It should be put on some firm basis. I have also discussed this with some of our brethren in England. Pir Vilayat is extending his work very in many directions. Apparently, and one must not be too critical, it has not taken on either a sound financial basis or what his father wished. I don’t wish to carry this to the point of any controversy with anybody.

2. In forming a corporation sole or other group I do not wish to make the mistake of turning my money over to the degree there is no control over it. At the same time, if Mr. Gonner’s interpretation which was just verbal is correct, I shall certainly have at the very least 500 dollars a month for which there would be no need in a direct sense.

I have also been commissioned from Pakistan to organize and organize in such a way there would be no legal complications from, with, or connected to any group using the term Sufi in any sense. This would enable us to do a lot of other things to help promote better East/West relations. I have seen too many people being given posts of authority, backed by neither money nor adequate knowledge, and so failure. If I have both the money and the knowledge, I wish to see it used not to promote failure. There may be here a certain degree of wisdom. There is certainly a goodly amount of worldly knowledge which should not be wasted.

I am not proposing to put you on a full-time job, although as I see it your income for working for me and the Sufi Order and the proposed corporation would necessarily be raised considerably. I am not trying to make you into an office worker, but I may need you as an office manager.

We have already made contact with at least one person who will come to California and among other things he has promised to both organize and promote our efforts. The purpose of Sufi training and instruction is to enable man to fulfill his purpose in life. You have already obtained some tools. I see no reason why we cannot continue this program. We will now be able to have a small tool house at the Khankah, but for the purposes of the activities of the Khankah which have already been voted. Any question of having a large mechanical workshop would have to be considered very carefully and by others. It would be very wrong to try to override anybody’s opinions, whether these opinions were spiritual or from the ego. There must be very careful consideration of harmony.

At the moment I do not know if any new plans are afoot at Novato. The kiln and the workshop for printing must be given utmost consideration, and anything new without adequate manpower could result in either overworking or loss.

I have mentioned to you before that I wish you to be with me when a visit was made to my attorney, Mr. T. Lachelt. I am temporarily proposing a corporation with 5 persons on a board, but this would be settled later. I have to divide my mureeds both in a spiritual sense and a practical sense between the travelers and meditators. I have blandly assumed that certain persons like Mansur, Fred, and Julie would be travelers. I have assumed that you would remain in, and also Akbar. I have assumed here also that Moineddin Fatima and Wali Ali may come between the two. As at the moment all of the spiritual teachers are men, I wish to have at least two women on my board. One of these would be Fatima. Actually everything written here has come out of meditation and vision, the same as the spiritual dances. Although I do not know on which day we shall return, I should prefer stopping off a little bit in San Francisco on the way from the airport, and then going to Novato, and from Novato call on the attorney and do whatever is necessary, including resting.

The house we are staying in in Boston has a very large room excellent for all our purposes. It was spiritually dedicated by me before writing this letter.

I want you to consider everything carefully so as to enhance the full blossoming of your purposes in life. The same applies to each and all. The power and authority of a spiritual teacher should come from his wisdom and insight and not from any material or financial prowess. Our last night in England held so much promise, and if the same occurs here, it means that Murshid may often be travelling in the future. This in a sense is in God’s hands.

There is no reason not to read this to others, especially Edison Avenue. There are certain items here which should be considered for meditation with those who have already validated their insight.

Love and blessings,




April 17, 1970

105 Marlborough

Boston 02116 Mass.


Beloved Ones of God,

This is a sort of hodge-podge which should be shared, divided, and distributed. It would seem we have come to the right place:

1. We can easily dispose of surplus Oracles here. We can also cooperate when this publication is resuscitated. Mansur will take up details with Phillip when he returns.

2. We expect to visit two health food stores. Our plans also are to help Fred to organize and further mutual understanding and cooperation throughout the country. We shall have details later.

3. We shall have an immediate outlet here for “The Rejected Avatar” and also the publications of Shambala from Berkeley. We shall contact Joe Miller and others on our return. So please put this and other items on our agenda. But it is important not to over-spread ourselves to interfere with the formal, balanced expansion of either the kiln activities or Prophesy Press.

We have already made arrangements for both lunch and dinner and a meeting, at least, tomorrow night (Saturday). We did not fix our return, but the immediate prospect is so harmonious and favorable, we could not welcome anything more. It is as if a whole new cosmic aura were enveloping the world for its benefit and betterment.

We feel we should have a May Day celebration of some sort, without saying of what sort. Murshid feels that several disciples will have had inspirations during his absence and that they should be listened to. Every disciple, especially the more advanced ones, should be given every opportunity for complete self-expression and the full outlet for his views, aptitudes, and inspirations. It is as if everyone were climbing a mountain and will be at the summit on reaching the age of 30. This is to be taken symbolically, of course, but there is more to it than this.

There is the danger of becoming involved with words, titles and movements to the extent of overlooking La Il La Ha El Il Allah. We must keep our reliance of Allah and equally keep in view that He is our lover, not our jailer. The main thing is to coordinate interviews and meetings for the first few days after our return.

There may also be an outlet for beautification: costumes, decorations, etc. I think we are balanced enough and some enough to work out programs that will not overwhelm us, maintaining a balance between joy and achievement.

The carbon of this is to go to Wali Ali who should telephone Joe Miller. Our next should have more material to interest both Saul and Fred Rohe.

Love and Blessings,




April 18, 1970


My dear Joe Mila-reps:

It is Saturday morning in Boston and bids fair to be a beautiful day. It is all the more remarkable that the weather here is in marked contrast to that of London.

We left London on a rather high note, putting on an hour’s program for the young people at Gandalf’s Garden. Our good friend Rev. Jack Austin was there also. He is a spiritual brother of Izu Price and Eugene. He has had It. I do not know when we shall get out of the tyrannies of words and prestige. You can understand why some Zen monks say, “Kill the Buddha.” So-called lovely nice people repeat the words “love” and “compassion” and repeat and repeat them without any sign of human consideration at all. That is one of the reasons youth is in revolt. Old people warble “love” “harmony” “compassion” “kindliness” and they mean nothing more than if they said “ick” “nick” “slick” and “wick.” There is nothing behind such words.

We met at least two living Bodhisattvas in London. One is the celebrated Marco Pallis. There is a living kindly light exuding from his eyes and countenance. He gave us a picture of Buddhism in London which confirmed the reports of Jack Austin down to tiny details. A true occultist can tell the character of a person or organization by the atmosphere. No slick person can disguise atmosphere. I won’t go into details, but advertised fame is either drivel or devil. It has nothing to do with enlightenment. The enlightened person radiates light, living, loving light.

This was even more true of Roshi Zose Suzuki. Jack told us later that he had never heard Suzuki-san talk so much. He has always excused himself, saying he could not speak English. This is an experience I have had many times in the past. It always comes as a surprise. Also as a delight. I meet the holy men all over the world, and they open up to me and with me, and they do not often open up to others. For it is the living light that speaks. The dharma transmission is easy, direct, and manifestable. I am not interested in the subjective reactions of important and non-important people.

So far as Boston is concerned, we have been here only one day and the doors are already open wide for Shambala publishing house. We already have a very good outlook for you and them without doing anything at all. At the moment the Sphinx Bookstore is moving into a larger headquarters in Harvard Square. It is also on the fringe of new age foods. We shall probably have more information and suggestions for you, but I believe every single copy of the sutras we have distributed has gone either to important spiritual organizations, highly developed personalities, or proper commercial enterprises which I am sure is what you would have liked.

The young in the streets in Boston look very much like the young in the streets of California and especially San Francisco. We are going to have 5 meetings, I think, in the short while we are here, and anything may come from it. The meetings will be held in the home of Richard Harvey, the owner of the Sphinx Bookstore. Both of these are known as East-West. So far we have not met any Asians, but we certainly have met many Americans under Asian influences; so many who look and act and are new age.

We have also contacted one new age type health food store. They are yet small but very active and increasing. I was very much surprised to see my picture on the way in the very first store we entered. The attendant did not recognize me for I was wearing a mantle and hood in the picture. So I shall wear a mantle and hood and robe when I open the meeting tonight. In fact, the young people in London liked it and me better than when I tried to be ordinary. I have questioned artificiality, but on the other hand, there is some comfort in freely hanging clothes.

I am sending a copy of this to Lottie, because Roshi Zose Suzuki is a lieutenant of Soyen Nakagawa. He carries with him that glorious atmosphere compounding peace and compassion. You cannot pretend with an atmosphere and mere ritual does not bring it. George Bernard Shaw said he thought he could convert a banker to socialism but never a banker’s clerk. In the same way multitudes of people repeat and often repeat a smudge of the Prajnaparamita sutra without knowing its meaning. This is part of the tragical comedy of the history of the world. The truth of the Prajnaparamita sutra is unknown to the majority of so-called Zen Buddhists. Zen without realization is no more valuable than any faith without realization, but it is more dangerous for it misleads.

We did not call at the Tibetan center in London. We expect to return home next Saturday and must adjust our legal and financial affairs. If they turn out as I expect, we should have an entourage going to the British Isles in 1972. Of course if others come to work with us the size of the entourage may not be so small.

Love and blessings to the lady and yourself and to all mankind.




Sunday, April 19


Dear Wali Ali and Saul;

May the Message of God Reach Far and Wide. Your words over the telephone have greater significance now. While we had a comparatively small meeting last night it was totally successful from our point of view. It was a pilot gathering and almost the same sort of reactions as at Gandalf’s Garden. And it may mean much more traveling in the future. Of course there are legal matters but the “inner sky” remains clear and undisturbed, unless you call a slightly greater brightness a change. Hussein said that there would be a big financial jump in the month of May. So far as Murshid is concerned he has not missed yet and one hesitates to mention his further predications now. But one will take them most seriously and also any other reports which reach here before our return.

We are booked for TWA, to leave here Saturday morning at 10 A.M., arriving at S.F. at 1 P.M. having lunch on the plane. So do not prepare any noon meal or us. I wish to see Wali Ali alone first excepting that Akbar may be there in his capacity as Khalif. No one else at first.

Then Marcia on a somewhat different matter, and if Fred Mathews is around on a matter of a coordinate nature. But I first wish to get the esoteric reports. The matter of marriages should not be taken up immediately because hit brings in new items.

This is Sunday afternoon and Murshid is alone but interviews begin right after dinner and much of tomorrow is already booked. We also have appointments for both Harvard and Brandeis Universities. I have seen some cousins and we have still just two open nights.

But the big thing has been our meeting with Karmu who lives near Harvard Square. He is a prophetic man, quite aware of his abilities and mission on earth. He is functioning both as an automobile mechanic and as an herbalist. He has some knowledge from both African and Amerindian traditions especially from the Caribbean area. We were treated to herbs as foods and medicines and also carry a concoction for the eyes which is to be used with olive oil. As the “diary” sheets go to the Khankah, both Moineddin and Hassan will become aware of this and we hope to get him in touch with the New Age people and others.

The whole meeting was most astounding. He “read” or prophesied for Richard, Mansur and Murshid and one feels that the predictions, and the great “truth” upon which these predictions were made are basically correct. Murshid clearly saw the initiatory process for Mansur when Jemila left him and these visions have now come out clearly in manifestation. But Karmu extended the processes and he seems to have a divine, spiritual clairvoyance, and inshallah, he is laying out or “seeing” out what is to follow. Much of what he said for Mansur has been seen or felt. It was better that it come from other sources. It corroborates what several have seen and about which Murshid has joked—as cover up.

It is one thing to quote: “I am the Vine and ye are the branches thereof” and it is another thing to function actually.

At the moment my body has been given an upward jolt, presumably because of the “food” and medicine given. It requires a degree of calmness even solitude, which must be followed by proper acts. One must warn there that any tragedy or suffering which comes to any mureed may be a sign of higher inner initiation, and the Hierophant, so to speak, stands forth.

Zeynab—we may still go on an errand for the Schaeffer school. This will follow the next two nights. It may be a sort of surprise.

The weather is very fine here, no “pollution” in the atmosphere, quite clear and embracing

Monday morning. Nothing revolutionary the rest of Sunday. Unless you call what Murshid did revolutionary: He rested.

Love and blessings




April 21, 1970


Dear Wali Ali:

This is really our diary consideration. A strong dispassionate letter has been sent concerning Pir Vilayat. We already have a very heavy program to consider and it is very easy to overlook matters which may be important to others.

First there is a matter of the Seder. We simply cannot alter our schedule the way matters stand. We had a long session with Karmu last night who behaves so much like a living Bodhisattva. We have to be ready now to meet both colleagues and certain advanced types of occultists. We agree that these should be shoved into our program.

The next thing to consider is in a sense a welcome home and May Day program. We have already written about it and should be back in time to help with any programs, including the possible use of the May pole which Selima furnished us with last year. This means the sun, moon and wheel dances among other items. They were not presented at the Spring festival and we may be working with them next Sunday.

Then there is the matter of weddings. There must be care here whether there is speed or not. This matter should be taken up with Zeynab and Gary and settled as far as possible before Murshid’s return, and he will accept this settlement.

Then there is the appointment with my attorney, and this should not be delayed, but it will be a daytime effort and will not interfere with any evening program. It is probable that we have already proposed April 28th, but my affairs can be properly arranged for this.

There are certainly two aftermaths of our meetings with Karmu. Despite no great change in the weather my health has gone back to what it should be. More important than this has been not only a restoration of inner guidance and inspiration but on advancement. The evidence will be either closed here or in the next mail. That is all for the early morning.

11.00 a.m. We have received a letter from you mostly with spiritual reports and assume this is the letter promised when we spoke over the telephone. There is no need to comment on these here. We shall not be back in time for the Seder. As we have said or intimated we are expected to be in too many places without giving us time preparations, and this cannot be helped.

There was no enclosure in regard to the probate. As I understand it, if my name is not in the will of my brother, it may be invalid. But if I am named and cut off, it may be valid. Still more, if I am named and anything is left to me, it is probably not only valid but almost incontestable. I am much more interested in getting a full amount of dividends from my father’s estate which would put me in a good position. Then, as Mary Lou is next in consanguinity anyhow it would be better to come to some agreement. She has already conceded there are some things which belong to me and there may be some family heirlooms. She is probably much more in need than I am. As the time will be short and I am coming home on a weekend, if you have any information you might talk to Mr. Lachelt in San Rafael, he is my attorney and I think at 1299 Fourth Street. I think his phone number in on the wall.

We have run out of paper and Mansur will get some shortly. The reports confirm absolutely what has already been written. It has been necessary to have witnesses of one’s hierarchical position. That was one of the principal reasons for having a traveling companion. Mansur has met enough people, and we have already had enough experiences, mostly outer, to confirm at you have probably rightfully inferred in the interpretation of the spiritual experiences. Superficially, the visions and interpretations of Amina, Basira and Wali All are correct. Charleen is not at the same level yet. I think it is most wonderful, however, that what is true in the inner planes is now being demonstrated inwardly and outwardly. This was brought up last night at dinner by Karmu. Each facet and fact confirms the others. We are building up a real single brotherhood of man in the fatherhood of God.

At breakfast this was also confirmed in another manner by Richard in regard to Christopher Hill’s, friend ally competitor and rival of Haridas Chaudhuri and others of the same type all at the same time. Richard is beginning to understand what looks like antipathy toward the rival very exclusive universal brotherhoods with ego leadership. I think we are surmounting them all, Inshallah.

Love and Blessings.



Box 444

San Cristobal, 87564

May 31, 1970


Beloved Ones of Allah,

As-salaam aleikhum. This letter goes to the Khankah, copy to Naqib Daniel and the file diary copy to S.F.

Hazrat Inayat Khan said, “Pleasure blocks but pain opens the way to inspiration.” We had an accident. The motor in the car broke down and it was necessary to have it towed to Albuquerque and left in front of Josh’s. The cost is high and we do not have funds. But Mansur will get an estimate. I cannot do anything now.

There is a principle here which I hope will be removed forever: the teacher is not to be looked upon as a banker and heaven has frowned strongly on this and now more than ever. Indeed one came here with the instruction and warning that the “guru is God” according to Papa Ram Dass, and when one looks in that direction it functions. Needless arguments with the teacher lead only to dire karma.

Besides the trend of the age is to look to a Leader who can lead. This is something this Murshid has to learn too. But the first efforts broke magnificently. The visit to Prof. Archie Bahm was excellent. Josh has his finger on the right things and is opening the doors in Albuquerque. Then he took us to Santa Fe where we met George, the leader of a sort of commune, and it was marvelous, truly marvelous, alhamdulillah.

Next week I shall present the Astrological Dancing on Sunday and the doors are opened for a Tuesday visit to both Santa Fe and Albuquerque. I should prefer that Bill comes and either drives or goes with us, to add to the singing. This should open up and big.

Murshid has been warned and shown inwardly that he would become more and more a “cosmic” Pied Piper whether he likes it or not. The communication is much more rapid today.

Diane has moved but we have her business address. Nathan, barefoot, has stepped on a rock and injured himself, and they are away looking after it. It is going to take time to have an adjustment here. Personally I would not go around bare-foot. I am not looking for wonders because each of the persons, excepting Saul, has a child to look after.

The welcome here was warm and delightful. To my amazement Joy is here from S.F., I think as a visitor. Everything is in readiness but tonight we shall mostly chant and maybe pray, and until the meeting after breakfast tomorrow go slowly. I told them I was most concerned with their projects: (a) building with which I shall not be concerned; (b) the book of Ram Dass which is behind schedule, and does not bother me. (c) adobe brick making in which I am interested; (d) the garden to which I shall break Saul in. They tell me it has just started but they were given tremendous amounts of nature.

Hussein and Gwyn were here and I had a confab with them. Nothing particular to jolt me this month but next month should be better. This will be an “in” month and the concentration is on the Dot aid Circle with this place as the circle.

The weather has been excellent but there is threat of rain in the now late afternoon. We have the ponchos.

We were helped by God when the car broke down. As we were going to buy a greyhound ticket some young people offered us a ride. They were from Ohio. They are returning home, to go on to hear Toronto for a super-Woodstock in the name of Peace. They expect an immense gathering. We not only saved time and money but made a proper contact. And this has been going on.

The news is in part to Daniel because he may get ideas to report at the Sufi meeting.

We are all wishing for the Holy Men’s Jamboree. I may write a side letter or two. Egotistical—or maybe it is spirit and not ego I am absolutely for it. The young are seeking and maybe we have some answers. Spirit at this writing is high and the body has rested and been cleansed.

One has to learn to look upon a larger sector of the world as family. I shall have to go on with or without Mansur for the schedule from the unseen. Tomorrow we meet to work out program.

They told me that the plan to take a film here was cancelled because of lack of funds. But I will not take it one way or the other. Mansur has full permission and scope but the question of Fred (and Julie) must meet the requirements. Basically I was opposed to the Silvers going to Pir Vilayat’s camp was because it was not and will not be a Chesterfield-Hilton and the same is true here. I don’t know how they would walk around. And there are rules, which have to be considered.

They have abolished most of the rules excepting for visitors. I am for what they are doing and told them I wish to further their programs but add the Sufi teachings and methods and although we have not met on this there seems tacit heart agreement. We cannot go on repeating, “May the Message of God reach far and wide” without it happening.

Do not know how often I shall write but must keep Wali Ali and Daniel informed until their respective meetings are over. As the keynote here was so favorable one feels good about it.

Love and blessings,




June 3, 1970

Box 444,

San Cristobal, N.M. 87564




Dear Khalif and Beloved Ones of God:

It is very difficult to keep you informed of everything that is going on. There are certain things written is the book of life and they are coming to pass whether we as individuals want them or not. Hazrat Inayat Khan said that the Message was the Sphere. In his last lectures—which were never heeded—he said that the sun shone elsewhere in the world than Suresnes. At least Vilayat definitely has this spirit. But I must go further and say that the Message is manifesting in so many directions one has to adjust to opening and widening doors.

For instance I had already in mind going to Santa Fe next Tuesday for and in the daytime. Now it appears Josh has scheduled a meeting in Albuquerque for that night. I am inclined to accept this as a forerunner for other matters. In fact, we leave here on June 30th and my concern is to be in San Francisco on July 4th, which gives us two more days’ time on return. I wish to use part of this for at least an overnight visit at Camarillo and possibly a little time with Bibijan at North Hollywood.

Now as to initiations. It is alright to take them theoretically. When Jemila left I knew this was Mansur’s initiation. I saw everything that was to have happened, and the book was closed when we returned from Boston. Then the car broke down, and I knew this was another initiation. But this time his foresight has been awakened. It came very clearly to me what Pir-o-Murshid said, “Pleasure blocks but pain opens the door to inspiration.” But this time it was like two doors, one for him and one for me.

My door is seen in the increased dance inspirations, in the absolute harmony with the diverse plans of young people in this state and in the ease I am getting transmissions.

His thing is so clear to me and his plans for New York and I presume Boston seem to me to be totally in accord with the spirit of the Message that I am delighted. While every pain and sorrow is not an initiation, those that come upon us suddenly and where there is apparently no moral sin involved, the initiate is paying a karmic debt and removing sanskaras. This means an elevation on the spiritual path and in and toward hierarchical functions.

I am not courting suffering, but as a Murshid I have to be aware at all times of the awakening of the disciples, whether by the positive experiences of Fatima and Akbar or the negative ones of Mansur. These may or may not happen at any time as it is said, “In the hour ye think least the son of man cometh.”

Basira has gotten into the spirit of this place very well. Kay’s plans and the need of this place harmonize immediately. Bill is already functioning in the musical field, and I believe everything will progress. Saul’s work as hakim has become necessarily practical. I do not know how well Selima is functioning but I can say that all of the little children are behaving much better than anticipated—and I mean all of them—and I do not mean to apply this to other little children here, which is not always the case.

I may have one interview, before Saturday, and after that will be open for more of them. There certainly is an absolute, not relative, spirit of love, harmony and beauty here. After two lessons from In An Eastern Rose Garden we open with The Mysticism of Sound tonight.

At the moment I should say the whole program, both the one in vogue and the one planned work in more closely to the ideals of the Temple of Understanding than to what Vilayat seems to have in view, though I cannot be clear on this point.

They want a kiln built here. It would have to be in the summer. With Shirin away and with James forcibly staying in Marin County I do not know how we can help, but you can show Shirin this letter. The only copy goes to Wali Ali for the permanent file. That is all I have time for now—children’s dancing class shortly, then the adult dancing class.

I received a most satisfactory letter from the estate. I received a small but substantial increase and would have to submit estimation for any further allotment for care of eyes or teeth.

Love and Blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



Box 444,

San Cristobal, New Mexico, 87564

June 10, 1970


Moineddin Jablonski,

910 Railroad Ave.,

Novato, Calif. 94947


Dear Khalif:

As-salaam aleikhum, and to all the brethren.

Your letter touched the heart and please continue that program. We have done three of the Jhanas and I hope to finish them soon to go into the Mahayana meditations, not Zen, but scriptural and Prajna.

On the negative side. The turning of a spiritual film to a promotional matter involving promoters, etc. means clamping down hard. But it is not only from this point of view but there are health hazards. This is not Chesterfield-Hilton. There are many ill at this time and if hardy souls and bodies are unwell how about tenderfeet? I know what will happen.

Just as the doors are opening to potential cooperation on a large scale from prominent groups, “we” have to include all sorts of opportunists who are glad to get on the bandwagon. But it is not going to be. Today they turned away somebody who came here for psychiatric help from this person. There are no such arrangements, the rules are clear, and besides I get nothing or looking after the woes of the generality.

I am returning almost in terror of the labors before me. We have to organize in some way. I have a clear picture and I am glad Vilayat felt the spirit of his father on Precita Ave. But not only is the spirit still there but the actual items of memories, how and what. We cannot turn the Message of God into a commercial, opportunist enterprise. If we do Murshid will be drafted into a larger non­commercial filming which may have endless finance behind it, too. All I have to do is write a letter. I should prefer otherwise. We either follow God or our­selves.

I understand the Holy Men’s Jamboree was a success but I know this will bring more people to our doors and closer cooperation with Steve Gaskin and I am filled up now. Our meeting Sunday was a success. People came hundreds of miles to meet Murshid.

Then there has been unexpected help. Jessica who used to be at Olompali is in Albuquerque and will cooperate with Josh. The audience was excellent, in everything.

We had the same experience at Santa Fe as before. Then we saw Doyle in the rain. We missed Idana and ran into her in the street. Diana was happy to join us. This was an excellent group, more advanced than any beginners met so far and the response was equally so.

We shall have other business to take up with Diane before returning. The question is what to do with these people, but I am waiting reports from Daniel about the business meeting. There is no question about “May the Message of God reach far and wide.”

If Possible I should like Marty or somebody else to pick grape leaves for the Gossip restaurant.

We have had sufficient rain here to encourage the gardens—flowers, trees and vegetables. Tomorrow it will be back to the potato patches.

Love and blessings to everybody,




June 11, 1970

Box 444,

San Cristobal, NM 87564


Beloved Ones of God:

It’s spring, no it’s summer,

no Winter, no Fall:

The weather is changing so rapidly,

There is no season at all.

So we lazy people are taking advantage to stay in our hut instead of working but then so is everybody else. In fact, today is laundry day. The best working men are outside on jobs and so many both of our family and of the Lama people are unwell that it’s no fun to write about anything. But being of a contradictory nature we will anyhow.

The enclosures are for Wali All and maybe for Daniel.

You may read them but we have no instructions, now feeling sure that with the aftermaths of the Holy Man’s Jamboree and the Arizona camp we might even interpret Love, Harmony and Beauty to be Love, Harmony and Beauty and not achtung.

Our visits to Santa Fee and Albuquerque and I think you will find some reference to them on the enclosures which you may read. Sundays are for pilgrims to visit Murshid. Tuesdays for Murshid and Mansur to travel. Thursdays, i.e. today, laundry day. Saturday—Nathan and ice cream day; in the nearest town which I think is eight miles from here.

There are no radios and newspapers and what we do read is of little consequence. Murshid is not the least bit disturbed. Instead he hopes to avail himself to lead more and more young people towards the Light. Saturday and perhaps following Saturdays we may be visiting communes in this region. Then there is going to be a big summer camp for Yogi Bhajan. It has been over-advertized and I am not sure it is going to be such a success. We have so many so-called yoga systems today without God, and some that have God without love.

We felt at home at Josh’s. Best reason—they have kept two kittens, brother and sister, which reminds me of what it reminds me. Roberta is looking well for Roberta. Diane is looking beautiful and we hope to see her a few times before returning to California. We do not know when this letter will be mailed as there is nothing urgent, but hope there is somebody there to forward mail to us, excepting bills. They must wait for Daniel.

Love and Blessings,




June 12, 1970

Box 444,

San Cristobal, N.M. 87564


Beloved Ones of God:

At this writing I do not know if any arrangements have been made to forward mail. At the very end of the last letter from Wali Ali there was an exciting postscript, rather leaving me up in the air. I do not mind if bills etc. are not forwarded until Daniel comes back.

The last intimation was that quite a few disciples were going to Arizona who were not on the enrollment when I left. At the same time Wall All advised that he was limiting the total enrollment to 100 people. This gives me no idea with a few exceptions as to who may be away.

Rather belatedly Hussein and Gwen applied to come here and this may be (or may not be) according to the custodianship of their dogs. We also received an application from Michael and Benefsha which is very confusing. I shall want it clearly understood next year as to who is going to leave each sector and who is going to remain so that many things can be looked after properly or improperly but looked after. For example, who is watering the garden? I am sure the cats are looked after and I hope someone goes to Honorado’s occasionally for them—or for yourselves.

At this writing there is housecleaning in our hut. Some of the disciples have been kind enough to help dispose of the surplus food supplies we brought. Murshid is teaching new dances and Saul is teaching Murshid new types of teas herbals and combinations which seem to have a very satisfactory effect on the corpus and mens.

We have received very little mail and at this writing all correspondence is cared for. So we do not know much about what happened at the Family Dog or what it may mean.

Saturday we are sending out an ice cream expeditionary force consisting of Mansur’s car, Murshid’s pocketbook and all who can fit in. We may then visit a commune a little to the north.

At this moment Shirin is giving Samuel Vilayat a lesson; she thought he would be a better pupil than Asa, but it does not always turn out that way. Zeynab, please tell Peter Docelli that I am away and should return around July 4th at which time the checkbook may be available—at least token. Everything is fine along the Rio Grande but we have had a miracle this week: all four seasons playing leapfrog. Mansur remonstrated that Murshid took too many suitcases; now he sees the wisdom. Murshid has not been caught by any unfavorable weather, but he does—like a society woman—have to change his clothes very often.

Next year, Inshallah, we should have a larger delegation here, especially as they plan to build a kiln. Maybe we can invent a combination kiln and bread oven; this would save lots of time and labor.

We have a magnificent view here. Tuesdays we go to Santa Fe and Albuquerque and see Diane and Josh. The rest of the time Murshid spends mostly teaching dance classes and you would never guess being caressed by his blankets—all hours. This is horrible when the daily life is so beautiful and the dreams not always so.

Wuta is having a good time; there is a big lady dog here, bigger than he is. She put him in his place and like a good masochist he has accepted. A brother and sister cat are the real bosses here. They don’t mind dogs.

The worst feature is that the health is not always what it ought to be. After all we are 9,000 feet up more and less. The water is unpolluted and therefore polluted, because only polluted waters are unpolluted and unpolluted waters polluted—read the press and you will know. Saul has decided Murshid should have the proper pills, and the pills have decided they should have the proper Murshid; so, at this writing at least acidosis is counter indicated. However I am subject to pressure, particularly at this moment when, although my life is in my own hands, my feet are in Saul’s.

Actually the period for levity is one of brevity. I do not see much difference between here and San Quentin; at San Quentin they have the rock pile, and here it is the adobe pile. I can honestly say that my beautiful disciples, male and female, are if not good bricks, good brick makers.

The real reason for this lengthily diatribe is not necessarily that I love you but the tea or brew that Saul is making has been rather slow in process; I think he has been reading the beer ads about the long slow process being the best. Nihil nisi bonum, which means, “If you can’t scratch her eyes out, kiss her.”





June 13, 1970


My dear Moineddin and Everybody:

Your letter giving the report on the Family Dog affair and other Matters was greatly appreciated. There is a little concern on my part of the aftermath. Will we get larger audiences? How are we going to arrange our programs?

Murshid has not been too entirely pleased with rather late requests to come to Lama. This place has definite policies. Why even Anandashram held me off two weeks though I’d come thousands of miles to go there, and some disciples seem to think just because Murshid is here they can come; without consideration for the program or anything else. There is a waiting list and Murshid was glad to bump two persons on this list for Hussein and Gwen, but he cannot make this a policy. We cannot spread the Message if only Murshid’s disciples come and others may not hear him.

We went to Lila commune 15 miles to the north and they want our dances. I asked Barbara here about the possibility of Pir Vilayat having a summer camp in this region and we also are going to Taos Monday for this and other purposes. We will report then to Wall Ali and Vilayat.

I also wish you would go over very confidentially copy of a letter to Nancy. There are at least three groups that want to film the dances God has given to me, exclusive of a very important group in New York City which would take these things seriously.

A random harvest or a real harvest is here. At least five letters were received today from world leaders. You will receive a carbon copy of the letter I write to Sri Surendra Ghose. There is no question that the magnificent work of Sri Aurobindo has fallen into the hands of promoters and schemesters, both in India and California. I cannot do any traffic with those yoga systems that by­pass God and put in mechanical systems of discipline. At the same time we are considering joining in Yogi Bhajan at Santa Fe, a matter which will be investigated Tuesday.

This coming week also I expect to send you $200 to cover Mansur’s rent and expenses you feel you may be incurring. I should prefer to have the July 5th celebration either in Golden Gate or Precita park—your choice.

You’ll excuse me if I do not write further other than send you occasional carbons; there is so much to be done. The people here realize that and are extending every form of kindness and consideration; it is so different from the past. Love and blessings,




June 13, 1970

Wali Ali c/o Peggy & Walter Bowart

Omen Press, P.O. 12457

Tucson, Arizona 85711


Beloved One of God:

One has to assume here that you can get mail even though there may be a delay. You will get some sort of news from the copy enclosed. At this writing I do not know if anything will come of the magazine interview. There is a danger of lowering Sufism to the level of the new age cults which rise and fall, and over-association can make us the dupes of separative movements, working in the opposite direction of “One single brotherhood in the fatherhood of God.”

The first thing noticeable here is that inspirations occur spontaneously and slightly more often now than before. There must be an accommodation for God Himself and for the actualization, let us say, of the words of Khatum.

I must first discuss films. You may read this to Pir Vilayat or Fred or anybody as you wish. The cause of God is the cause of God. It is not the cause of each new or old separative movements. Nor of those who think that by using the word “Yoga” they are vastly superior to their fellow men. There is not, never was, and never will be any substitute for God-realization or enlightenment.

There is going to be a sort of Holy Man’s Jamboree next Sunday in Santa Fe. There is supposed to be a summer camp of the Kundalini yoga people and it may be going on now. They have off hand invited spiritual leaders to join them. There is a strong inference here. I myself at this writing have no desire to join Satchidananda or to use my name or the term “Sufi” to support even real representatives of certain faiths. I have no desire to displace Jesus Christ by every conniving: pretender that comes this way. I have written very strongly against Auroville. I shall not only protest against the rise of God-less yoga, but have no inspiration to support mechanical pseudo-esoteric practices as leading to salvation.

There may be filming of this affair. I understand there is lots of money in it.

Separate from this are one or two other matters—I do not know whether they are one or two. A group interested in spiritual drama visits this place next Saturday night. There has also been a long distance call from a man who has financial backing to come here and I think partly in connection with this drama group but partly to film the activities of Lama. Now I cannot and I will not stand before groups of cameras, have my dances and songs recorded to bolster the coffers of private citizens. Evidently, seeing the trend/of the times many feel there is a golden opportunity for them.

For besides all these there is a possibility of getting social, financial and prestige support for a real holy film which could be called God in Action. I have not demanded financial support for myself, but now I demand financial support for myself if the films based principally on my own inspirations are used also to picturize and advertise cults, persons, and religions who would exploit me for their ends but never other-wise recognize me. Putting on exotic practices, using phrases not intelligible to American people, etc. has not evinced any God-realization. Well-meaning ignoramuses ignore alike the “Frogs” of Aristophanes and the words of Jesus Christ just before the “Lord’s Prayer.” Any egocentric can support his selfishness by pseudo-logic. The excitement, the confusion, the dilemma of the day are no more clarified by the abstruse from India than by Billy Graham.

Murshid has within him three monster projects. I will relate just one now and that is the tape recording of commentaries on St. Paul’s First Epistle to the Corinthians. One can with dignity with intelligence, with worldly knowledge and with divine inspiration produce a literary from that will help toward peace, brotherhood, and understanding.

I believe in the “Unity of Religious Ideals” there is a passage which says that the Sufi Movement was to bring together the prophetic heritage of the Beni Israel with the cosmic dharma of India and the orient. Personally there is no need to lower my sights. Money will influence me, spirituality will influence me, love will interest me, but sentiment, pseudo-logic, fawning superficiality, and above all compound emotionalism offend me and, I believe this is the way Allah wants me to act.

There is every sign that both love and spiritual growth here are increasing. I shall stop at this point. If there is mail to answer before we leave there will be an addition. Otherwise love and blessing to everybody.



Thursday, June 18, 1970


Beloved Ones of God:

It is dawn and one is writing in semi-darkness. One does not know who is at the house but presumes it is Ziemba and Garry. Evidently Marcia took off also.

The news is that meetings are going on fine in Marin County under Amin. I guess one cannot help that. One does not get mail regularly and perhaps this is not of too much importance. Anyhow after next Monday please do no forward mail. We shall be leaving here on t he 30th no doubt.

Josh has arranged a big party that night. He does not know it yet but as Leslie will not return with us there may be room for Josh.

Murshid is busy all the time excepting when asleep. Far more time in interviews. There may be a few Bayats here before leaving. But everybody here calls one “Murshid.” And now one is known from the Colorado border to Albuquerque which is today a big city.

There is a fine group in Santa Fe, very esoterically minded. They have a real New Age commune, beautiful people. We push them in our dance class there and later, no doubt, will send them copies of directives. But even these are not always written.

Josh has been working hard for and with us in Albuquerque. There it is mostly college students but some most interesting people. Last week we started with only three girls, all the rest fellows, so could not provide for partnership dances. So we did the Sufi “Ya Hayy, Ya Hakk,” the “El Allahus!” etc. and by the time we stopped them, only one more man had come in and a flock of girls ! So we could not have partnership dances then, either.

We did at Santa Fe and here it is often even number of men and girls.  So we showed them also “Dance of Love and Brotherhood.” The response is so good it looks as if we shall come here every year, inshallah. But we have an enormous amount of work on return, and also plans for at least one book and then going East.

There is a carbon of a letter enclosed which is to go to Pakistani House on Clay St. It is a very deep letter—you may read it—and can become very important, inshallah.

Murshid is now “granddaddy” down at Albuquerque. Well all is not “angelic.” We discovered Baskin-Robbins at Santa Fe and Murshid and Nathan have been misbehaving. We bought three gallons for a birthday party last night but next week it will be just a tub, and strawberry was voted for this time.

Ralph and Nancy think they are coming and if they don’t work Murshid has notified the folks that he will get out. This is not the “Marlborough-Hilton,” and we all rough it and grow and grow, including the children. There will be a directive about food before returning.

Love and Blessings,




June 19, 1970


Beloved Ones of God,

I do not know for sure who is at Precita; mail does not come here regularly and most of the news that has come has been in letters to others. In any event please do not forward any mail to me any more after you receive this. We have enough to do. Indeed, we have so much to do that my usual Saturday program has been cancelled.

Tomorrow night there will be a dramatic troupe here; I do not know how spiritual they are, but I understand the play is about a “guru.” It is certain we shall do some dancing before and possibly after the event. Indeed it being midsummer’s night’s eve, there may be an all night program. But people do not have to get up Sunday mornings here anyhow.

In fact there have been some slight changes in our programs here now, doing night dancing. There was been much progress in dancing , and at least invitations almost too many to keep up with.

I do not know what my program will be when I come home but there will be some changes both at Precita and the Khankah. Some arrangements will be made sometimes for Murshid to eat alone or with very few people. This does not mean cutting down of hospitality; it means merely that Murshid will not be always at table when there are guests.

It is possible that Josh may be coming back with us: this will probably be settled Tuesday night.

The link between Lama and ourselves, between the young people of this valley and the new spiritual movements, etc. is going very strong.

Love and blessings,




June 21, 1970


My dear Marcia:

I am writing under the presumption that you may be getting back before Wali Ali. We have had no direct reports from Arizona, and it would be presumption to demand anything of the kind. A spiritual camp is not an office.

At this writing it may be that Fred and Julie will arrive on Tuesday. We may be looking for them on the highway as we are first going to Santa Fe that day. But we have several places to visit en route, and cannot be assured of meeting them. We shall leave any instructions with Saul. There are several matters to be cleared up and I am hoping once and for all that if any pictures are taken of our work these are not to be shared with groups that do not believe in the Fatherhood of God, the Brotherhood of Man, or have a broad base to their faith. This has been an unnecessary hazard and I am hoping to clear once and for all that we are working that “the Message of God reach far and wide.”

You will get some news in the diary sheet attached which is going to Wali Alias soon as he returns. There is now another Holy Man’s Jam going down in the valley. This has not prevented the audiences here from growing in number and I am expecting, Inshallah, still larger groups before we return. Indeed we are planning for another visit next year. Perhaps a little later but of that one is not assured.

At this writing it would appear Leslie will not return immediately; this is fortunately for Josh wanted to go back with us and I shall so inform him if he comes here today, or if not, when we see him Tuesday. We still have two shindigs for Albuquerque and the responses are excellent.

Please take some money out of your July rent to be used as follows:

a. A neck and shoulder of lamb, if you can get them, or rather give the money to Charlene or Wali Ali; this may cost from 12 to 15 dollars. If this can be done, also ask the butcher for some bones for Wuta.

b. At least 4 pounds of shrimp.

c. Chicken necks as usual an a little bit of liver.

If it is impossible to get the neck and shoulder, either get a leg of lamb—it may cost a little less—or some chicken for frying (which will cost still less).

I am not considering here the June rent or what is left over. I am writing this in part because I believe July 4th is a Saturday and stores will be closed, so please see that purchases, including fruit and vegetables are made beforehand. We may, Inshallah, get some avocados from Camarillo, but if not and maybe if, pick up other fruit in transit.

A lot more will happen today, Inshallah, and I do not feel like writing additionally.

Love and Blessings,




June 22, 1970


Beloved Ones of God:

Everything is going well here, Praise to Allah, There are a few carbons included which give you an idea of what is going on. Nothing very dull I can assure you.

I used to quote Emerson, that if a better mousetrap inventor lived in the midst of the woods the people would call on him; well we are living in the woods and it is certainly true.

We very much appreciate any rebate which will help pay back my loan; I will probably write the bank today on that matter:

That permit stuff is nonsense. I have been at a lot of folk dance picnics that had hundreds and hundreds of people and nothing ever came up. Ours is not a private affair any more than they are; in fact we could have had the thing in the park and no mention made. But I don’t care. The only objection is our limited sanitary facilities. We’re going to put in the park later anyhow quite unofficial without permits and with or without picnics.

I think there is a spray which can be used to keep deer off. You may inquire about it at the nursery.

There is to be one change in my program after my return: on one Wednesday night each month Mansur and I are to take off and the program is to be put on by Allaudin (Bill Mathieu) and yourself. As to expansion, I am waiting until my return to coordinate all reports which Wali Ali may have; and also, to see whether we shall be working with Steve Gaskin or not. Yogi Bhajan did not draw anything like the crowd mentioned in the ads, and certainly not even what he expected. I think the young people want more heart, and a lot of them seem to think Murshid is giving them more heart; at least that is the Sufi teachings.

We shall have several types of business to conduct on Tuesday when this will be mailed and then also take up the matter of Josh returning with us. I realize the situation of being away from home. It is for the Cause of God and both you will have to adjust to it and Murshid will have to adjust to it. Motto for the day! keep the deer out and bring the dears in.




Monday morning

June 22, 1970


Dear Marcia and Everybody:

This is Monday morning; we had a good meeting last night. Murshid is both better known and drawing strangers.

This morning we had a surprise visit; a delegation came from Long Island. They wish to film the place and its activities. Somehow or other the personality of Murshid caught on with them and they want to learn more about Us. So Mansur and I gave them cards.

There is a possibility of this group or at least some of them visiting us on Monday July 13th. If so, it would be nice to prepare a dinner. This could be either catered Chinese, or our own. Will see them again shortly.

As they are interested in filming us I have invited them to come back again on Thursday when we are sure Fred and Julie will be here. I have also asked Saul to be with us on that Monday evening dinner.

This letter will be completed accordingly as we receive or do not receive news through the mail.




June 24, 1970


Dear Wali Ali:

Things are moving so fast that you will get some of the news in the copies of letters to Art Hoppe and W.D. Begg.

We met some friends of Marcia at Albuquerque and they send love. Jessica has been very cooperative, is very lonely and we took her to dinner last night. We may go to that place again, Inshallah, if we are not too overfed beforehand. All our meetings have received the finest responses.

We ran into Ralph and Nancy at Santa Fe. I have no intention to go into details. We are working for Allah on a world basis. Our meetings with the drama troupe will invoke another letter, this time to Renee and you will receive a copy.

We cannot, of course, tell when we shall return. I am hoping that Moineddin and Hassan will come to the house on the evening of July 4th, from work, if they work that day.

Allaudin (Bill Mathieu) has some bigger and better inspirations for the choral group and today I got the first sign of a new dance pageant which we should put on July 5th combining song and dance. It may even be put on this Dunay here. It requires 24 disciples and if possible an equal number of non-disciples. It needs space.

I have not been able to do all the commentary work desired and interruptions have held up garden work—outsiders ignoring signs. (Just like home).

There will be no private conferences until after July 13th, only conferences with people Murshid sends for. The exceptions are the “family.” Tomorrow we should be seeing people from Long Island and find out about a “party” on the 13th before the meeting. Dancing will resume on July 11th provided the wedding celebration does not take up too much time, and then on the 12th. There will have to be another dancing class and instructions for those who will teach. There will be more dances for the book.

I have not answered some important letters received and do not know when these can be done.

Josh will be coming back with us and is to stay with us if he cannot find another place. He will become official representative for Albuquerque. Dianne has made a sudden trip to S.F. but will be back next Tuesday, Inshallah, when we are to see her. Had a very good visit yesterday and she has danced both at Santa Fe and here. We all are to lunch with her Tuesday, Inshallah.





June 26, 1970


My dear Wali Ali:

Asalaam aleikhum. This is a surprise letter. Evidentially Murshid with all his faults or maybe with all his merits has been engaged in doing what Allah wishes. A climax, perhaps necessary, was reached with Fred this morning. After Murshid presented his case, Saul came in unexpectedly with a packet of letters, one for Mansur, the rest for Murshid. These letters subjectively and objectively supported positions Murshid has been taking with regard to the films, The Temple of Understanding, and the use of music of dancing in spiritual development. The support was complete down to the finest details.

I have not yet digested all the materials sent to Mansur, but what I have read is thoroughly astonishing; there cannot be two divine wills. I am sure there are not. It would certainly seem that all our plans to go east later in the year are being corroborated, again down to details. We shall bring this material back with us.

I do not know how much Mansur can do with me before he returns to Novato. Whatever business he has to do with and for Fred may now receive a blessing. But there are still family matters and this may affect his movements. But I see no obstacles when we adhere to “Toward the One” and “United with All.”

The case against Tasajara but I have assented to watching a film of a small portion of it. Personally I should much rather have Fred film Master Seo’s future undertaking. If we can raise funds for him—not necessarily through him—this may be done. On account of the shortness of time I dare not ask Mansur to copy anything anymore, but I will have this put in an envelope before we see any of Fred’s film. He has not come at an opportune time, due to the absence of most of the staff on outside projects.

But so many things have been cleared up. I hope we do not have to go into any more unnecessary dualism.

Love and blessings,




June 26, 1970

Letter #2


Dear Moineddin and Fatima:

Murshid has been receiving a number of very loving letters expressing fine sentiments of love and devotion. They are indeed very touching and one does not like to comment.

But the fact is that Murshid has an overwhelming mission and there are clustering of people around him does not help at all. Marcia is leaving San Francisco and I need somebody who will work for and with Murshid. There is at the moment the possibility of Leslie; it is a possibility, not an assurance. I have to have assurance.

It does not good to have persons coming at 10 or later in the morning, stick around for lunch and then take a rest period afterwards, especially when they have infants to look after. I should welcome infants in my absence but this detracts from the work that has to be done. And I should prefer people coming to breakfast and then stopping around 11—during the heat, and go away. If the present trend continues I shall have to go away for meals—and indeed this is already in the program.

It would appear now that there will be the choral group on Sunday morning and a new dancing class on Tuesday night which can also be combined with the Gatha class if Amin or Daniel wants it that way. We certainly will have to have an organization meeting.

Have just begun one of my most profound undertakings and two new ones when I return. These undertakings will involve Wali Ali, Mansur and a third person who can learn how to look up references. Then the next project with Father Blighton on Monday afternoons.

Love and blessings,




Postcard to the Khankah

Sept. 13, 1970


Loved Ones,

Missed Mother Mary at Shasta but met Auntie Helen at Klamath Falls. Very good and may call again en route south. Weather fine but now cool in Seattle which is all right. Learning more of Sufi politics which will help in future plans. Will give Darshan the first Wednesday after return. In emergencies may phone. Today is Hejrat day. Lecture Sunday.






Sept. 27, 1970


Loved ones,

Slept on lawn last night. Slept and slept. Then dreamed: “All right, Rufus, you can get on the bed.” It was Saadia awakening me but slept more this morning. They are feeding me and I am not hungry, just tireddy-tired but fine.




September 29, 1970

Wali Ali Meyer

410 Precita Avenue

San Francisco, California


Beloved One of God:

Things are started off so rapidly that perhaps caution is needed on my part. Carbons of this are made for Corte Madera and the Khankah, but after this we shall probably send you a regular diary. These last few days Murshid slept longer and perhaps better than any time excepting in childhood. Marked by a sort of physical stasis. This may not be so bad, and the mind is so occupied, the tendency is to ignore the body.

Visions increase, both for dances and for events. The pre-vision of Peter was shared with him. The only difference in the manifestation was that the hall was small. It was packed; the reactions were beautiful. There were a few older people there, one man connected with each of the Sufi branches and both seemed satisfied. I am inclined to take an absolute and uncompromising stand with Vilayat, as this would ease my concentration for peace. I have already an appointment tomorrow, Wednesday, with my old friend, Dr. Mehdi. The death of Nasser may give me further opportunities. The lies about him are tremendous. Everything good he did is overlooked. This has nothing to do with the Zionist complex, nothing at all. I am not going to write about it here.

I got so high last night on a programless program. Tonight I hope to introduce Buddhist meditations. This will also prepare the audience for a lecture on Buddhism, whatever that means, which comes tomorrow. The crowds here are hungry to get away from loneliness and to experience peace, both inward and outward. It was the most harmonious and attracted audience I have ever encountered, exactly as in the visions.

The list of names from Tony Austin will be of great value and will probably keep Sitara busy while I am out gallivanting. I reached my godson, Norman, and told him I would initiate him into the astrological walks, as he is already a professional astrologer and has very extensive backgrounds in the Oriental philosophies. Some of the people I am to reach are within walking distance. The heat-wave has subsided and I have always loved September in New York. We shall certainly stay here until Vilayat comes—October 7. I shall turn your letter over to Sitara while I am out contacting proper people. Inwardly there is such an optimism it almost frightens me, and the same is true with Peter. I shall take the matter up with Vilayat, however, because if there is a large travel fund established, I may have to function. Another thing, Vilayat’s trip to the Orient will increase the interest and attention, and I shall visit also some of the travel bureaus and tell them

I suppose my preparations were not entirely satisfactory because of the intense fatigue. Few realized it, and it certainly came out in the long hours of most peaceful rest at Ithaca. Even here last night in a strange apartment, so to speak, I slept very sound and feel mentally fine this morning. There is a humorous side to it in my relations with my “cousin” Jonathan-Jemal-ed-din. I thoroughly appreciate your having written right away.

I shall make no plans to leave here until conference with Vilayat.

Please tell Hamid, but he probably knows, that the utility bills may be paid anytime, but they can wait until there is a sufficient balance in the bank account, i.e. electricity and telephone especially. But you don’t have to pay the first day. I expect to pick up a Diner’s Club Directory today also and Sitara has received another credit card, so we can make use of it.

I like the Mohawk Airlines’ smaller planes—more comfortable and without the usual goo. I love Saadia’s fiancé. Although he is rather reticent I can say in character, outlooks, and ideals, he is as near a perfect man as I have ever encountered, which is to say something. I think it is marvelous that there is a certain Ghandian influence, not fanatical and not political which has reached the hearts of many persons and affects their outlooks. I am very happy that Sitara and Saadia have understood each other. It is impossible to send greetings to everybody, and I am not going to try to push any program due to its enormity.

The mother cat here is already very friendly, but the kittens not so much yet. I have met a number of dogs that look like Wuta and they acted just like him to me! Well, I kissed a girl right on the smacker last night—guess who. Maybe I did it for you and maybe you can do the same for me while I am gone.

I think this is a New Age in which the heart outlook is going to express itself. We are in a district where there are many cults—spiritual and pseudo-spiritual. The Vedanta Society is right across the street. The Meher Baba group is within two blocks. Our meeting only three blocks away. We expect to dance in the park Sunday and to have interviews Saturday, keeping Friday for my relatives.

Love and Blessings,




October 5, 1970

Wali Ali Meyer

410 Precita Avenue

San Francisco California


My dear Sheikh:

Perhaps the most important, and certainly the most exciting event, has been the receipt of a letter from young Fazal. I meditated two days after giving him an acknowledgement. Lonnie here thought I should write a strong letter, and I feel Vilayat would like a strong letter. And after meditating, a strong letter came, copy enclosed. The other copies are being held until we see Pir Vilayat. The only question in my mind at the moment is who shall publish it? I am pretty sure the folks in Seattle would love it whether they publish it or not. And I certainly am going to see that Walter gets it, but in any case I think this is a good preparation for the Pir.

As you can see, there is some information in it which even Vilayat does not know. I want to get this over. This is a new age. My optimistic visions have largely come true, but disciples are having even more optimistic visions, and, Inshallah, they are coming true.

The interview yesterday afternoon with Father Haughey was marvelous, and Peter enjoyed it very much. At this writing, it looks as if Peter will be returning with me, and Sitara will be riding with somebody, Inshallah. At the moment, I do not know when this will take place.

There is a meeting on the 14th at Rye, with putative spiritual leaders. I am not at all too sure and am not in the least interested in destroying for the sake of destruction. As Hazrat Inayat Khan used to say to me in the spirit: “You have everything.” There are enormous number of esoteric sciences, both in notes and within this person, that have to be given to the world. They may be given on Vilayat’s terms; they will not be given on strangers’ terms. Yes, the letters from Stern are very nice and optimistic. At this writing also, it appears Murshid may have to make periodic visits to Southern California. One does not wish to oppose or antagonize, but we must remember Sufism is historical and has millions of followers and cannot equate itself to non-historical movements with few followers and little evidence of cosmic attainment.

All letters from the West have been most beautiful, and you will probably hear again after the mail comes and is acknowledged.

Love and Blessings,




October 5, 1970

Hassan Herz

910 Railroad Avenue Novato, California


My dear Hassan:

It seems no time is ever wasted here. Occasionally we have short siestas which are very refreshing. The weather is marvelous.

I thought you might be interested in the letter from Ajmer, and so enclose it and a copy of my reply. I don’t want to overload anybody. I feel very optimistic, but we are going to need funds, Inshallah, so as to have secretaries working full-time. There does not seem to be any doubt of this.

I am not writing you about everything and have a hard time keeping Wali Ali informed. Our visits to Columbia were very successful and maybe even quite important. Tomorrow we visit the campus again to meet a Hindu who is trying to reconcile the Arabs and Israelis. There is a fairly full program until the fourteenth when we shall go to Rye to a putative joint meeting of spiritual leaders. This afternoon, after this letter, we go to the Park to join Baba Ram Dass—not far from here—and may also put on dances. Then we have to go to the lecture hall where Vilayat will appear, also not far from here.

I am writing you because we may drive to Boston, going through Stanford Spring on the way, and to Fall River on the way back. As soon as my time program is clear, we shall contact your parents. Undoubtedly there will be more news after the afternoon and evening events—Ram Dass and Vilayat, We have already mailed copy of letter to Fazal.

Love and Blessings,




c/o L. Less 27 W. 71 Street

New York, New York

October 9, 1970


Dear Ram:

Om Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram. It is wonderful how Ram works.

Sam brought a secretary to New York City and found also several of his disciples here. Our main concern was to promote peace through mutual love and respect in the Near East. It is a remarkable story. Sam once had as traveling companion Mr. Gunnar Jarring of the United Nations, who said he thought Sam’s plan was the best he had ever heard. The time had come to act.

The day before Sam left San Francisco, he led a thousand young people first in Dervish dances and then in Ramnam dances. It was a joint affair with an Indian spiritual teacher named Yogi Bhajan. At first Same came to N.Y. To do this, but also went ahead with his peach program. In the meanwhile, he met an Indian named Mr. Karmakar, who had almost the same program. The Indian invited Sam and his associates to attend a Durgah festival. Thus he has met many Indians and may be called upon to lecture to them.

Now there are a number of so-called international yoga congresses going on in India. They quite ignore each other, but each presumes to be leading all the spiritual people of the world! In the meanwhile, the yogi teachers and swamis in this country have decided to establish their own international spiritual movement, certainly not manas-shankara. Certainly not emotional campaigns with stress on ego-personality. Certainly mutual recognition of spiritual attainment. This is the only basis for establishing love and brotherhood. We are going to have two convocations, one in California and the other in N.Y. Sam has been invited to each, but hopes to attend the one in N.Y.

We have already been quite successful in introducing the Ramnam dances here and in other matters. We have been invited to New England also and hope to go soon. This place is right across the street from the Vedanta Center, and Sam has received also a cordial welcome from them. Everything indicates an international alliance between the real spiritual leaders and teachers apart from emotionalism and modern pressure advertising. These means do not delude the young; they do not even reach the young anymore. It is so obvious that many of our young people are advanced souls who lived in India in previous lives.

The universities are also opening their doors. It is a new age. Even a considerable number of older people in this region are aware. We do not know if we can reach those persons and groups who have been trying to establish their own personality leadership instead of Divine leadership. They have many graces and virtues, but one of them is not that they lack in recognizing the graces and virtues of others, and this destroys all claim to universality. Atman is Brahman. Jesus said: “Ye are gods.” A sermon is not necessary. Truth is now coming to the surface. Om Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram.

Love and Blessings,

Samuel L. Lewis



Oct xx, 1970


Dear Ones,

Miss the babies, Rufus and the cats, but not the food because we have a wonderful New Age restaurant in Cambridge. May phone Fall River tonight but have appointments in the meanwhile. Weather fine. Getting better with Karmu’s help.




Saturday night [October 1970]


Dear Wali Ali:

Your news was so welcome that we are trying to reach you by phone. I am hoping Monday morning to take the clipping to some of the press, not with necessary optimism, but at least to show there is an aspect of life which is not often considered by the top-level commentators who do not mingle with the masses.

We have just come back from spending a good hour or more at an orthodox synagogue with Schlomo. I was slightly disappointed in the generation gap, but this was actually his sermon, and he certainly pounded into the older people. I think he was correct and marvelous. If we’re going to have a Jewish religion or synagogues, we had better follow him, or else Jews will really become antis—not anti-Semites, but just antis.

The worship was also a slight antidote to our running away with Hindu faiths. It seems that Hindus have more heart, but Jews have more balance. Inayat Khan wanted to bring these two streams together, and perhaps, inshallah, we are doing it.

I have absolute faith in both you and Jemaleddin and in a lot of others too. You can kiss Leslie for me, and if any other girls want kisses, you may do so if you kiss Leslie between in the name of Murshid.

Love and Blessings,




October 11, 1970


Beloved Ones of God:

This is Sunday morning. There are engagements this afternoon and evening. We have had two devotional nights, one with Jews end the other with Hindus, very, very different. There is some question whether they are as actually ennobling as emotionally claimed. Indeed if they were it would be a better world already.

One is almost completed with the reading of a biography of Mark Train (Samuel Clemens). The difficulties in his life came almost entirely from misdirected “goodness.” Pir-o-Murshid said that both goodness and evil are vanity. I see no difficulty in our efforts but this misdirected goodness. It constantly cross-trails one and causes even the best, and especially the best of us to be concerned with efforts which in the end are little but vanity.

We now have tremendous undertakings and so long as we stick to those undertakings, there may be success because it seems that God Himself is with us. But we are always apt to get involved in personality-goodness and go off to do good (?) to or for others because it pleases our ego and vanity. It is often not part of our dharma and then we have difficulties and frustrations which prevent us from accomplishing the great ends to and for which God has directed us and which also may be the purpose of our very lives.

There is plenty of defense against evil; there is little against personality-goodness. A Sufi is supposed to be endowed with Insight and Insight is not always rational and way even be quite contrary to our whims and wishes. One notices posters and billboards toward this same end as means of stopping wars. We are not going to stop any war if we think it proper to stop our neighbor.

All the news concerning “Hallelujah of the Three Rings” is excellent and this means Murshid will be working hard in the short time before leaving for Boston. There is some doubt about outside meals. Murshid is supposed to conform to the time set by others, and this is not only contrary to the spiritual teachings but also to common practice that the one who pays should set the time. One cannot always be explaining.

The first grand endeavor is for peace and this is so enormous that many delightful young people do not grasp its magnitude. The second is the cultural exchange based on spirituality and this also is not just going to happen. It Is the Goal Set Before Me By Inayat Khan himself. It is remarkable how many can say. “Not my will but Thy will be done” and are so satisfied with their own words that there is no capacity for the Divine will at all.

The next two matters are so encrusted around this person that it is most difficult to get it fully accepted—not respected but accepted. One is the work with the dance. It is absolutely necessary to organize this and if any disciple henceforth goes off on a tangent in my presence to “do good” for others without my approval it is going to push a terrible block. Excepting on one point—that when this is done another dance is received.

In the Olympian mythology sometimes Ares (Mars) and sometimes Vulcan is depicted as the consort of Venus-Aphrodite. When Murshid is angered, the war-elements is sometimes transmuted into the creative elements. But this means more mental work and actually typing and this is most difficult under present circumstances.

There is a new Rose Dance and signs that there will be dances for many particular flowers and plants. Note may be taken of this but all this interferes with Concentration.

Then one has already written about the need to restore the esoteric sciences. That was the purpose of the Sufi Message. Again and again Inayat Khan stressed it and again and again his followers stressed organization and personality. One is praying to live long enough to restore these sciences but on one’s return there will have to be a restriction to forbid disciples and especially those living with Murshid to waste any efforts on “goodness to others” because this is contrary to the Toward The One, etc.

This will be a voluminous undertaking unless one can go into seclusion. One hopes Moineddin gets well to help in this. But one may also call on Akbar during his Christmas vacation if this can be done. We have skipped the central chapters of “The Unity of Religious Ideals” and one cannot go on lecturing forever.

One has not kept track of the books on which there are commentaries and those on the sacred lessons are far from complete. And there is much, much more. For the first time, one is pushing this not because one likes to push but because of the dangers of side-tracking by “goodness.” It is also the basis of the meeting presumably set for Wednesday and perhaps Thursday with other spiritual leaders. It may compel Murshid to spend hours in explanations.

The lecture last Thursday on Islam shows not only the absence of spirituality (which was not so absent) but of culture (which was very, very absent). One has not seen any literature of either the Israelis or Muslims not filled with dishonesty. It is not one’s place to correct all this but one will not lower oneself to levels based on sentiments and ignorance. The world cannot be helped that way.

There is no question that multitudes are seeking for love and for life’s fulfillments. One is glad to see that others are now coming forth and giving, giving, not demanding or seeking from the multitude. The meetings with the top people at Columbia and with Father Haughey shows there are enough educated, informed people in the world to insure positive efforts toward peace, knowledge and life’s fulfillments.

The private rearrangements of certain disciples must be given every consideration. Van, Jemila and Mansur must each be integrated into our efforts. If there are any business meetings during my absence I can assure you there is complete faith in those so participating.

This letter is not written in anger but in firmness. One does not see high spirituality in merely repeating some enigmatic Hindi phrase. Jesus Christ warned against this but we have by-passed him. One uses “Allah” most of all and finds it most effective. A large number of young people here wish to go to India. It is emotionalism not spirituality. The news from that land is not particularly pleasant. But I guess it may be for one to bless those young emotional but neither wise nor informed devotees that they ought to go.

Baba Ram Dass is returning and says he has not found it. This person found spirituality and spiritual teachers on his very first sojourn to India. But facts and information are of no value to convinced emotionalists. They have to learn, and learn through pain and hardship. So one readily dismisses henceforth all who wish to go to India and seek “passage to India” and not Whiteman’s “passage to more than India.”

One sees the restoration of sacred mountains in this land, and has faith in the mountain climbing efforts of both Amin and Rimpoche. One hopes the body is firm enough to join some of those oneself, but as the program stands there is not time, time, time.

One will therefore be most careful about the emotionalists. Vision is vision and it is real. Insight is Insight and it is real. Love is love and it is real.

God bless you all,




October 13, 1970


Dear Wali Ali and everybody:

A number of copies of this are being sent out and the duplicate to Wali Ali is to be sent to Ted Reich. One has to be most careful because on the one hand too much is expected and on the other hand in time-process, the hours are the same whether they are used, wasted, personalized or cosmic. So at this writing one can give prospects but a person is a single person and there is the trap that personal errands have to be done, and also the health, physically, is not so good as it might be. One has trust that one will be seeing Karmu soon and this should change that.

The day can be divided into two portions which overlap: the telephonic preparations and the Japanese items. As Sitara, Peter and Murshid have not come together one can only outline. Tonight one speaks at a church on West Fourth St. and we have promise to have in the audience a representative of the two scientists who are investigating states of consciousness and have, in a certain sense, been able to produce them in the laboratory. Of course this will not affect the hard-boiled. To them evidence is either fraud or unimportant.

But this morning—unless something else comes up, Murshid will be visiting the American Society for Psychic Research whose offices and library are quite near here. After that, or even before that are a number of follows-up with the press and publications for the Three-Ring efforts. And tonight after the public appearance we are to meet Schlomo. This will give little time for preparations to go to Rye where the convocation of “holy men” takes place tomorrow.

One has to be careful. Self-proclamation does not prove anything. But there will be the advantage first if one can meet the scientist tonight and then Schlomo, for one has run into many “Neptunian” enthusiasts who take time and are totally blinded. And if there is any such push one will not give in. One has no intention to laud the new and lambaste the old. Between Schlomo and the Zen people one has already objectively two successful working groups in this city.

Nor is it wise to write on the potentials of Sitara contacts. They are excellent and they can be time-consuming. But we shall probably go to Rye and then to Boston and will not be taking this typewriter to Boston. In fact one is not sure of one’s addresses and it is possible we shall telephone from one of the houses near Boston. Neither do we know how alone we shall be there. If there is any progress before we leave we shall delay our meeting with former Ambassador Badau but must be back to meet Pir Vilayat. Then to Washington at some uncertain date and then we may fly from there or return here first.

The weather has been quite good, but even oppressive. The buildings are too warm—they may have automatic heating in some cases. The Sunday program was filled and wearing. Too many young people call anything “spiritual” if it arouses them emotionally or is totally different from either their private traditions or the dominant philosophies. The danger of leaning on some “avatar” is very great. Personally I prefer even questionable swamis. Because they take the load off of this person who is not yet ready to lead crowds or mobs.

Peter and Murshid took an unusually long walk Monday, Columbus day. Then we went to an “expensive” Japanese restaurant near here. One had a “habe” dinner. The soup or sauce was excellent but the main item was lobster over which one is not particularly crazy and there was a dearth of vegetables so we shall not visit it again. The night before we went to a Spanish restaurant where I had what I should call an excellent Paella but everybody was not enthusiastic about it. Tonight we dine, inshallah with Peter’s mother. We have not had too many meals out. Mostly with Diners’ Card.

One shall not ask for any financial report until after November 1st. As Sitara will not be flying back with me but may be driving later, one will fly from either Washington or here with Peter but should be back by November 15th. One’s birthday will be celebrated at Boston and good-luck to Shibli.

We walked to 81st and West End to a Zendo and were welcomed, had Tea and were given some pointers. So we then crossed the Park--going east and a long way to 67th and 2nd Ave. Although the place was closed our credentials--especially Mentorgarten—got us in.

We met the finest type of young Americans I guess we have ever encountered. They were courteous, informed and very busy in their stone garden. When I referred to the book on Tea-Ceremony they responded beautifully.

Well, folks, this place is Home. They have Senzaki’s ashes, and his picture along with that of Shaku Soyen but they have the picture of Shinryu, nor of Daisetz Suzuki! After a most pleasant visit we learned that Master Taisan were there. And that did it. “To verbalize is to understate.” The preaching and practice of Oneness of Master Shaku Soyen can be real and realized and we can pray forever, “Raise us above the distinctions and differences which divide men,” but the external realization brings as much joy as the internal. In fact I think we ought to contribute—only a small but significant sum.

These two visits brought up the subjects of the publication of Nyogen Senzaki’s works and also my own “Zen Stories.” I am not—enigmatic Chinese of a thousand years ago. The need for recounting to our first Japanese host, to the boys and then to the Master indicates there is enough live material which is not enigmatic and the day when the “superior” self-installed “experts” can stand in one’s way is over. It is a new age.

One cannot help contrast the success in building this Zendo with the lament from Alan Watts and Kennet Roshi. If they have Prajna, what should they look to anybody else; or in so doing why do they or should they fail? This is a fundamental question and problem.

In the inner states one has been shown clearly that if there is any monetary surplus, so far as this person is concerned as an ego, this surplus is to go into organic gardening. This started long, long before anybody was being employed by Fred and especially after Moineddin and Hassan were. There is no use going into it, as the answer is constant. Now, of course, all the elements, factors and personality involvements continue, as a stream, not as a trickle.

Besides that there is one thing on which my contacts, from top “establishment executives” to the most “far-out” young person seem to agree on and that is the need for natural foods. This is particularly true here where cocktail imbibing is considered more important than eating, breathing or anything else. We are losing friends all over the earth and if whiskey is the means to stop communism, we had better take a second look. The dangers are very real.

Now we should be nice to Kennet Roshi but at the same time as one has always declared, there is an egoistic vanity in repeating the Prajnaparamita and not using or applying it. One sees successes and one is optimistic even now although the last few days have not brought mail (not too important). Any success in the New Age or Three Rings along may be changing our own financial positions but there is no sign we are to share, and especially with those who proclaim the word Prajna and fail otherwise. This is ignorance and confusion.

Sitara may not come back with Murshid or she may come after a short delay. We shall have to have secretaries. This will be especially true of the scientific research to support the Peace plan, and this is but one small item. Anything may arise after Vilayat’s return.

Love and blessings,




October 13, 1970

Wali Ali Meyer

410 Precita Avenue

San Francisco, California


Dear Wali Ali:

Murshid is trying to make reports clear. We don’t have to look for excitement. Things are going on. I was ready to stay in Boston for an indefinite period, but the telephonic conversations of the morning indicate that when we come back we shall have a pretty full program on the peace schedule. And even if we do some work today, we may not write further now. If anything tremendous happens, inshallah, we may either telephone Benefsha or you.

The weather has been unusually warm, but we understand it will be cooler in New England and also there the maples will be in color. We have not even had time to go to the People’s Fair in Central Park in very short walking distance from this place.

We expect to see Schlomo tonight, but of course other things may happen in the meanwhile. One does not mind setbacks, but one is going to be very firm against any more a priori nonsense which was administered in the past.

It may be a godsend that we overlooked Walter’s address. I feel we will have oodles of material for him—the question is what does she want?

Love and Blessings,




October 13, 1970

The Khankah

910 Railroad Ave.

Novato, California


Beloved Ones of God:

Whatever else be true, there is little time for dullness. Murshid went to the American Society for Psychical Research, Inc. this morning and is enclosing some literature so that Ayesha can see it. They do not take organization as members, but persons, and this will bring up the question of who should become the member. Offhand, my own travels and interests are so many. Of course it might be a nice Christmas present for such persons as Ayesha and Basira. I will get all the information necessary when we return from Boston.

The program is exceedingly full. One gives a lecture tonight for which there may be collection. Then we go to Rye to the meeting of the so-called spiritual leaders. At this moment, I feel an alliance with not the out-of-order-regardless of the actual spiritual status of the persons involved. There have been too many Madison Ave. “universal brotherhoods” all ignoring each other and all negating persons, events, and teachings which each of them does not choose to recognize.

We have not had any mail, but do not care. Sitara has had some telephone conversations which may, inshallah, open doors and even our hotline to San Francisco.

I am pleased to report that I am now feeling physically well. I have been mentally well most of the time, but the body has been slow.

There is another crusade which we cannot absorb and that is the interest in natural foods, both from the standpoint of gardening and merchandising. After all, there are a considerable number of the bourgeois who are interested in profits and not in philosophies. The press and the advertisements, of course, always wish to uphold the status quo.

We are having no mail forwarded to Boston. If we happen on a typewriter, we shall write, but I do not wish to spend time in Boston as here in the office. Nor does Sitara, with whom I am in full agreement on this point. While Sitara will tell you that she has not had the advantage of going to many of the seemingly promised meals, we hope to correct this on return, provided our health is good. Unfortunately, Sitara has to go to the dentist today, but I am praying her teeth are good enough when we return, that we can continue with our program of eating, dancing and praying with everybody. God bless you all,





October 14, 1970


Dear Hassan and Co.:

So much is going on which needs attention one does not look far ahead. We are going to Rye to meet some so-called spiritual leaders. Peter has met Taisan and thus had firsthand experience of meeting a real attained person. But I see the need to break through the establishments which claim universality and are so restrictive.

Have no doubt if there were an agent here we could sell The Rejected Avatar, etc. Last night strong pressure to have this person or a representative in this region. But this depends on Vilayat whom I hope to see later on.

On return my stay at the Khankah will depend partly on the weather and partly on Moineddin’s condition. There is so much spiritual work to be done but some details will be affected by the Rye meeting. Also on return here I hope to initiate my god-son, Norman McGhee into esoteric astrology. Which can easily take on.

I keep on getting that prosperity can be invested only in organic gardening. This came very strongly at the beginning and keeps on coming. And it seems easier to push that than even the peace program.

Met a young man from Indiana who should be seeing Marty soon. Next to Boston; when we return to contact the press for the Three Ring program. But mail scarce, and it may not be necessary. We do not wish mail to Boston but may phone Wali Ali from there. Sally Ann and Patricia have become very anxious, and we may remain until late in the month, inshallah.

Attendance fair at meetings, but types excellent. Peter is coming with us and also he may be flying back with Murshid while Sitara drives.

Frank. I shall not want any financial report until after the turn of the month. Trust you can carry on well. It will also cost somewhat less to return unless there is the unexpected.

Much of my work at the Khankah may be affected also by conversation with Vilayat. Love and blessings,




October 18, 1970


Dear Everybody:

We hope Moineddin is back end taking interest in affairs.

Last night presented the first elements of Astrological dancing and twirls. The Ramnam for 5 is most popular. The audience voted against “Hare Krishna” and one believes this is because these devotees have been acting so emotionally and inconsiderate that they have not won friends.

It is time to order to some spring blossoms. Do not know if the former ones were properly stored. They can be transplanted. Please order such things as Freesias and Tulips and if planted, add some lime. It may be a little early and it may not. But do not plant too many. More when Murshid returns in December. But Lettuces can be planted any time.

Will be busy through Wednesday no doubt and then phone the Herz family. Haven’t seen Karmu yet and need to for self and also for Sitara.

Whole hour yesterday in interview with a radio station. The program may be on today, in which case I shall miss it; or next Sunday, when we should have been gone, Inshallah. Want to be back then so as to wait for Vilayat. Tuesday with Houston Smith and others at M.I.T. then will report after to Harvard also. Short but excellent visit there.

Have also interviews coming up and one or two potential candidates. Want to find out what Vilayat wishes for have no intention of functioning outside of California, Arizona and New Mexico unless he wishes.

Great Russian wolf-hound has been coming to the dances, and we are most friendly. Last night Greek dinner and may have another downtown later where Mansur and Murshid went. Haven’t seen Richard yet. The Sphinx has been sold but more of Inayat Khan’s books on the shelves than I have seen anywhere, and it is the largest of all collections on display and sale. May purchase some books there also which I have not seen in other places.

Thanks to Hussein and Gwyneth for greeting. But hope most mail has remained in N.Y. We also have to go to Arnold Arboretum perhaps on Tuesday, Inshallah.

Love and blessings,



Cambridge, Mass,

October 19, 1970


Beloved Ones Of God:

Love and Joy and Peace to you all. As many copies of this are being typed so the “news” can reach you directly. We had a most marvelous birthday, and perhaps the greatest joy was to have so many Lama people with us, including the children. If Kevin especially had been here he would have felt wonderful and also the Mathieu children. After a very big dance evening we had ice cream and puddings made by Sallie Ann. One is almost torn between the personality progress—which is not too important, and the Message. Why even Fazal Khan sent a greeting indirectly but one cannot take him too seriously.

Perhaps this is because of one’s reactions against the meeting of “spiritual” leaders at Rye. A spiritual leader is a spiritual leader is a spiritual leader. And no one is permitted to say anything. And the Hindus spiritual leaders at Rye all came late, praised meditation, introduced some resolutions, made some speeches and departed, coming late and leaving early and this is the way “We” have to accept to have peace in the world! But, of course, we have the right and privilege to share the financial responsibilities.

One Hindu made a grand gesture in proclaiming his own guru, and insisting that one must have a guru and that his was especially enlightened. In the evening when the organizers asked Sam to draft a letter, he walks in, dictates the letter and when it is completed, made an impassioned speech for Krishnamurti who says all so-called gurus are fraud! That is it. The Me-big-man efforts are to be accepted by us peasants and that is it.

From the very short report about Los Angles it would appear Leonard has been there and they are making much of it. But there were men there with whom Sam is quite unwilling to sit. So he sidestepped by giving Benefsha’s name and address feeling sure she would not be taken in. The success with the Hallelujah of the Three Rings is so small when you look at Swami I-Me and Yogi Infinity Plus. We have no time and I hope Benefsha has the wisdom to tell what she is accomplishing and ask for financial help. This will shut up the Me-Big Men Superleaders.

Had a whole hour interview with a radio station program director Saturday. I was told the tape would be played either yesterday (we were occupied) or this coming Sunday. Yesterday began with a Russian bath, the birthday offering of Hans of Lama. Then lunch with his family. Then Greek luncheon, very good. We ate at a branch of the same restaurant the night before, not too good as they have moved and did not have all the items.

Last night beautiful birthday dinner at a New Age restaurant. A little difficult without my stand-ins from Precita so I had to accent all the lip- services rendered and tenderly tended by so many lovely lovelies! Sally Ann made a marvelous pudding, then ice cream and sherbet at night, so eagerly and greedily devoured by the juniors from Lama, Lord love them.

So many things are happening cannot recall them. One hour interview in radio station Saturday, to be played back on a Sunday. And making a climax of seeing Houston Smith Tuesday. But no time yet for Karmu.

Please tell Saul that Chris and Tenny have invited us to a home not far from Fall River. We will ring up the Herz’s as soon as the way is clear and tell them we would be glad to sup with them or visit them, but bedroom accommodations have already been offered. The weather is still pretty good here, and I understand that part of Massachusetts, which I have never visited, is beautiful. As matters stand, we shall have little time for diversions.

We have not yet seen Karmu, and I must visit the Bank of America also. As soon as we get to New York I shall take care of some financial matters. I am presuming that Wali Ali and Hamid will send any necessary material or bills there.

The attendance at meetings has been gradually growing. The Hare Krishna people are not particularly welcome. They are so obtrusive, they’re being opposed by a group of beautiful young men who wear long hair, a totally different type of clothing, very beautiful and very nice to everybody. In fact, it was only last night I put on a Hare Krishna dance. Fortunately, with some Lama men, and some male disciples, it was very easy. Then we expanded it, and it was very welcome. But the most popular dances are the Ramnam for 5 and the Allah snake dance.

Actually, I am concerned for Hallelujah! The Three Rings. This is real. We may try to reach the Christian Science Monitor before we leave here. There are two or three opportunities for the Saturday Review of Literature. This magazine has been complaining about the Press, but only once did they even recognize an eye-witness report and never published that. Sooner or later some magazines and newspapers will have to accept that there are accomplishments toward peace.

I am not always making headway to please the public. I have been saying openly that the almost universal craze for excitement is the cause for the young people seeking it and finding it in ways objectionable to the liquor interests and other poison manufacturers. When you have a society in which drugs are considered more harmful than poison, you cannot expect to find too much sanity.

Sooner or later Benefsha and Jemaleddin will have to handle some reports I am sure we will be making. The problem, and I’m not sure it is a problem—will be the establishment of a secretariat. Any funds collected for Hallelujah! The Three Rings must not be controlled by Murshid. The larger the amount the less he is to have to say, but of course the directors may help in either paying for secretaries or travel matters. As I see it, either Jemaleddin or an assign will ultimately have to be traveling, especially between the coasts. There are other things here too than just the Arab-Israeli-Christian accord. This may have to be taken up at some general business meetings.

The other person for whom we shall have to make accommodation is Philip. Philip will have to decide whether he wishes to remain in a place to write and publicize; or to travel. I have supreme confidence in so many disciples today.

I have not had time to properly annotate everything going on. We still have to make one or two journeys downtown to Boston and may not have any time for diversions such as museums. This morning will be spent in interviews. I do not know whether we shall establish some kind of Sufi effort here, but the bookstores are pressing the sale of Inayat Khan’s works, and we have not even time to visit them. I do not know if Vilayat has any representative in New England. If he has, that will be most helpful. But Pat is thinking of returning to California, and Sally Ann sometimes dreams of it. There are one or two men here, however, I should consider excellent representatives.

Have not even had time to meet with Richard, but have a date with Karmu tonight after our meeting. This will be the last public meeting. I am even told that there is an appointment tonight after the class with a radio station. Everything is moving almost too rapidly. The mind has been in good shape, and I am trusting Karmu can still help me, although the body is not in bad shape.

The welcome here on my birthday has been so great that I guess I shall be asked to travel more, but this also will be taken up with Vilayat. People need something more than the brief instructions and practices from either Vilayat or Yogi Bhajan.

There is a very beautiful large Russian wolfhound who comes to our meetings. Murshid is diverted because he dreams of having Wuta meet this dog. Black and white, male and female.

I still hope to visit more restaurants. Had a real new age birthday party—really really real. New restaurant not too far from Harvard Square. Other meals here Greek (personally I prefer Retsina but compromise on white Wine). Cocktails horrify me today, not so much because of the whiskey, etc., but because they are establishment symbols (in fact, I had a fight the other night with a woman who engaged in so-called cancer research). Nobody looks for the harm or poisons in heavy alcoholic drinks. The “Jew” of today is some unseen virus while hatreds, poisons, and disturbances rend the air.

There is also here a new sort of new age raw food movement, which we may investigate. I am not sure human bodies can thrive best on raw foods, but there is no question, thank God, that beef-eating and pork consumption are on their way out. This along with the change in clothing is one of the causes of the so-called depression. No politicians look at realities. So many will not vote, but I am not advising this in California, although a spiritual teacher cannot promote a candidate.

As there are already two people to interview here, I am stopping at this point. Some of the carbons will be mailed, but the one for Wali Ali will be held up.

Love and Blessings,




October 20


Beloved Ones of God:

This is partly diary notes and in preparation for a literary form on peace, especially peace in Palestine. It may be written this morning. Peter and Sitara have gone to Karmu. We met him last night and he gave Sitara the works—which should be most helpful for her. And so far as Murshid is concerned, there has been slow but steady improvement perhaps due to the rests he has had. But in between there has been extreme activity.

Later. They have returned from Karmu and seem to be much better. This is a complex though delightful subject upon which one expects the persons involved to relate. There are many signs that there should be a Sufi Center here, or at least a dance group. No doubt Pat will help for a while though she is planning, inshallah, to return with Sitara.

Our meeting last night was very large. Should take up with Vilayat the spreading of the Message. Harry is a new disciple. Had him prepare when here before and gave him Bayat and also appointed him as temporary representative, excusing him from the fee because of his efforts which will continue. We are to lunch tomorrow again with Richard at the “NGE Restaurant” which has remarkable parallels to “Sufi surprise” and “Sufi Delight.” Many people practice chanting and some of these have become interested in the dance.

Met one Hassan from Dacca, Pakistan and he seemed amazed and delighted. He may come West and call on us. Murshid has promised every visitor from this region one free meal but not said anything about lodgings.

One works on and off on new dances but will need a secretary for this. It is impossible to plan either organization or reorganization. One presumes there will be communication from the Tucson area but one does not yet know whether Walter will want articles or biographical sketches. We shall be going soon to see Huston Smith and then continue this writing.

Later. Had a very fine visit with Huston Smith. He has been to many lands of Asia but did not stay in any long. He followed Mansur and myself to England, meeting people we had met and so learned of our visits. He also met Sufis in Iran, presumably the same ones that Phillip has been greeted by. We each had much news for the other. He is sorry not to have seen the dances, but our program is so packed we may have to stay here longer than planned.

Thus a Yoga class on the agenda for tonight and several visitors coming up and then Richard Harvey again. Fortunately the weather has been favorable. Will probably be a pack of mail in New York but then also business. Just learned Patricia may be leaving here earlier than she had told us.

Can’t think of anything more excepting new dances are being “seen.” Love and blessings,




October 20


Beloved Ones of God:

While one has written to Wali Ali and sealed that letter, a lot more things have come to mind.

We are constantly running into interest in organic gardening and it is probable that Richard Harvey will be taking us to some real or potential gardens tomorrow. This is very much in the air—everywhere.

May have to take up some book purchases with Hassan on return. Sitara spent some time with Karmu and is getting the results.

Interviews tomorrow but get very tired from them. Still one may thus find seekers for God. Must take this up with Vilayat. Want to spend a day with the “Lama” folks who live only 12 miles from Fall River. Will probably phone the Herz’s tomorrow night.

First time I have ever been “homesick” but hardly a chance to predict return. Huston Smith gave us an important introduction to a scientist in New York who is studying saps and plant psychology but apparently knows little of Jagadis Bose.

Sally trying to help with literary introductions. After the “Vietnamese” experience am a little cautious, but there is interest in the Near East and we may have a newspaper interview (or more) before leaving. Short radio talk last night. Cannot keep up with everything.

Love and blessings




October 25, 1970

Wali Ali Meyer

410 Precita Avenue

San Francisco, California


Dear Wali Ali:

I am starting in to answer some of your letters. I am not sure that in my rather sudden letter to Walter I have complied with his request. It is easy to ask; it is sometimes difficult to comply. We did stop at Westport and Fall River which are near each other. I felt very much at home with my Lama friends and in addition to that, they had dogs and cats. Their biggest dog was halfway between Rufus and Wuta in size, and all the way in loving response. The male cat was very much like Nessim, although slightly smaller. Boy, did we feel at home.

Last night we spent a few hours with the Herz’s. I talked out of my mouth: “Shish kebab for the Israelis and Gefilte Fish for the Arabs,” and got it. Mama Herz trotted out Gefilte Fish—I didn’t have a chance. Neither did the plate. Mama Herz brought out her proclamation that I should eat more horseradish. It was a case of unconditional surrender. I may phone the Khankah tomorrow morning.

It will be rather difficult for me to write Walter now, because we have so many actual or potential interviews, but I am seriously considering coming home earlier than originally planned.

We just had some discussion about Indian spiritual teachers. Yes, I can call them “spiritual,” but I cannot call them divine. They have a high level; no question of that. They do not have universality. I am not demanding universality, but I cannot permit spirituality to interfere with universality.

There is no objection on my part to your showing anything I have written to Fazal. It is barely possible that Vilayat may wish another procedure, but I feel I am complying with his earlier request.

Sitara may not be returning for quite a while. She wishes to go to Vilayat’s retreat and also to visit Boston again. This would not only be for Karmu but would help our other endeavors, so I very much favor them.

That’s enough direct. You will get carbons of other letters.





October 26, 1970

Jemaleddin Lewis and colleagues

410 Precita Avenue

San Francisco, California 94110


Beloved Ones of God:

Asalaam aleikhum. We received the report of the minutes of October 16 just before getting your last most encouraging report. I had better begin with some unconscious mistakes. All my life I have found that even associates regard my earlier life as a blank. I have done most of the research already. I have the contacts. That is why I wanted somebody to go over the various draws of material in San Francisco. It is most important. The meeting indicates you are seeking for that for which Murshid has already done research. The only time I was permitted to speak by the so-called fair-minded, the meeting adjourned abruptly because the chair said all problems had been answered. I could have told you exactly what Ghazi would say. I know him quite well.

Remember, the mosque has never let me speak or report on anything and did not even thank me for what we did with the Hadith of Mohammed. The talk here by a Muslim was elementary and superficial. The chief prayer of Islam has Allah as the creator of all, and the chief teaching of Schlomo has God creating men and women in His image. For God’s sake, please do not do any outside research work. Wait until I return. You have so many people interested in The Three Rings on so many projects that your whole program can be self-defeating.

Jesuits: Peter went with me to my very wonderful friend Father John Haughey, and we shall have to see him again before leaving. I am sure we can count more on the Jesuits than on some of the rabbis and Muslims. Mrs. Hollister was not home when we passed by Greenwich, so we must phone again.

Ralph’s suggestion of affiliation with other groups is absolute nonsense. Father Haughey is chairman of the Committee of the Temple of Understanding, which deals with others groups, and Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti is a member of that committee. There is no better proof that your Murshid understands world situations better than the marvelous report from Philip. It substantiates everything Murshid has ever stood for on the spiritual plane, and Murshid has stood for much more on the material plane.

I think most of your contacts are of a low order: Peace and Freedom Party; Gandhi; etc., etc. Murshid is already putting out of his own pocket $100 a month for the Arab and Hebrew studies at the University of California and has the goodwill of the alumni association and others. For God’s sake, and I mean God’s sake, consult Allah or Murshid before running around trying to make yourself popular. This person had his paper on Vietnam rejected thirty-three times and by some of the very people you have contacted.

According to Chinese philosophy—I mean the Chinese philosophy of the Chinese, not of the experts—there is a constant movement between heaven and earth. Mansur and Murshid were told by the only Chinese representative in Geneva that we were about the only ones who understood his teachings. And we have a prayer: “Open thou our hearts that we may hear Thy voice which cometh constantly from within.”

There are just three sources for Murshid’s understanding:

a. Divine communication and mystical experiences

b. Sound scientific research

c. Contact with scientists, technicians, and religious leaders

Murshid has piles of stuff on all these, and it is very awkward when there are so many things to be done that so many people have been called in on a venture for which they have not deep understanding, dividing our forces, multiplying our programs, etc. One has already written, and it cannot be repeated too often, that Murshid has been warned by God, so to speak, that it was goodness which would spoil our plans and not enmity. I should say that if over 50% of the suggestions made for the Hallelujah! The Three Rings on the meeting of Oct. 16 are pursued, Murshid had better resign and devote himself to God, the Sufi Message, and Pir Vilayat Khan. I am very serious about this. We need help and help and help, and here you have a lot of mureeds mentally concerned with ideas out of their egos on matters for which they have not capacity.

I have broken down time and again with Sitara, warning her that I am totally overburdened with spiritual matters. At the moment, I will not give my blessing to any suggestion for any mureed other than Jemaleddin, Michael Gest, Benefsha Gest, and Wali Ali in these affairs. I want them excluded. I want to make this clear. I want to make them excluded. We have other work.

When I return I shall have to go over all my field notes with somebody, and I mean that. How do you think I got to Gunnar Jarring? Etc., Etc.

We are in the Sufi Movement to spread the message of God and not to go into politics and sociology. If this program goes through as in this meeting on October 16 I shall call off all dancing classes except the women’s, and I’m not sure of that. I mean just that. We are dividing our forces. This will never bring peace. In fact, I think I will telephone.

The last report is beautiful and thoroughly in line with the Divine Will. Murshid can easily supply the material for the Cambium Fund. Please continue in this line. The telephonic conversation was well worth it. We have to have system and organization and not everybody plopping in on everything. I am totally in favor of all the bread-breaking, the dancing, and everything else. I dislike in extreme having to find fault with anybody. I am not as angry as I might have seemed over the phone, but I’m very positive.

The re-arrival of Vilayat in San Francisco means that Peter and Murshid will try to arrive the 10th. A letter will be written to Wali Ali on the financial situation. Or, one may refrain paying one’s creditors until one returns.

I have before me the magazine Fellowship. Their office is Box 271 Nyack, N.Y. 10960. I think you should subscribe. They are presumably working for disarmament and peace.

The September issue has a long article, Abie Nathan’s Peace Plan; it is all political. It does not regard Palestine as a Holy Land toward which many people have different attitudes. Indeed, one of the headlines is, “The Churches Stand Off.” This is not true. Everything is particularized; nothing is universal.

Peace in the Holy Land did not come as an inspiration. It came as direct mystical vision; it is under divine guidance. One cannot compel non-disciples to accept divine guidance. Therefore, one finds oneself in an extremely delicate position when non-disciples are called in to present their ideas, and these are even placed side by side with the divine visions of a mystic.

In the complete constitution of the Sufi Order and its branches, certain things are forbidden, and one of these is politics as we know it. One sees nothing gained by calling in various dialecticians. The day of the dialectician is over so far as this person is concerned. We have been to a Peace Conference of spiritual leaders. Although Murshid has found fault at a certain level with many of them, at the worst they were far better than some of the items presented in the meeting on October 16th. I feel our duty is to follow God and divine wisdom. Some of the suggestions are totally nonsensical because peace has not come out of any of the efforts of dialecticians or politicians. One is reminded of a book written by the once famous Mary Pickford, Why Not Try God? That is what the Sufi Order is for. At least I can say Gunnar Jarring liked what I was doing, and we hope to see some rather important persons.

I also give you the name of Rev. George L. Collins, 160 S. 14th St., San Jose, Calif. 95112. He is on the Field Staff of the Fellowship of Reconciliation which puts out this magazine, Fellowship, besides. To recapitulate, my seeming positive stand over the telephone: 1) You cannot build up an organization if too many persons are concerned with each and every endeavor of everybody else. 2) I have failed in my efforts to explain what has to be done: a) the esoteric sciences b) the dances c) my creative writing—poetry and prose d) my autobiography or its derivative e) scientific research.

I have no objection to one or all of these things set aside, but not for the sake of or at any suggestion coming from non-disciples. I had hoped a few disciples would take over this endeavor and act as executives. If one of them seems incapable by his own cognizance, he or she should then be willing to listen to mureeds rather than non­-mureeds. Mureeds can be given spiritual practices and meditation; non-mureeds cannot.

I have no doubt there are many groups here in New York that could be contacted. I feel that the efforts to raise funds plus the suggestions received from Ambassador Badeau could promote a real group, either the Three Ring endeavor or some other. I notice there is also a Catholic Near East welfare association. I may even contact them.

I am going to stop at this point and answer in block to the correspondence from Benefsha. The subject matter overlaps, so each shall get a copy of what is written to the other.

Signing off with Love and Blessings,




October 26, 1970


Dear Saul:

Murshid greatly appreciates the post-card pictures. Have not been to the tomb of Akbar, which is not exactly in Agra itself. Had to leave the Pearl Mosque. The vibrations were so terrific that when I prayed there, one seemed to be possessing miraculous powers of all kinds. There is no doubt it has been used by saints.

But the tomb of Selim Chisti is so terrific. It is there that the Dances of Universal Peace were born—not just conceived, but born. I joined a group of Kawalis in that place and danced to their music. It was wonderful. People began inquiring: Who is that American saint? But what do you expect of Asians? They are nothing like our "experts." Their psychologies are totally different from ours, borrowed either from Englishmen or Europeans or from ego reactions. But that day is over.

I woke up rather tired, but something has snapped—it is almost 11:00. We may go out for lunch, but will eat in tonight so as to get to the meeting place early for Pir Vilayat. He does not seem to be staying very long. At this moment, his schedules seem to be uncertain, but we may have a little time with him—maybe? Already people are coming who want to see him.

In addition to the business which will be discussed with Jemaleddin and his associates, we are going to try to reach one Dr. Backster this afternoon. He is doing work roughly in the field of plant physiology, saps, etc. but does not seem to know much about the late Jagadas Bose of India. Will keep you informed.

According to present plans, Sitara will stay here awhile, and Peter will re¬turn with me. We feel it important both to promote our dances and contacts with Karmu in Cambridge, Mass. Peter had an extra long visit with him and brought back some medicine. Also there are some instructions for both Sitara and I concerning eye treatments.

The weather has been very comfortable here, though changing—not yet cold, so we are going out for a short walk and then must take up our heavier business with Jemaleddin and others.

I have written elsewhere about our visit to Westport Point. Dinny, Chris, and the children were there, and I felt very much at home, especially with the dogs and cats. Boxer is halfway between Rufus and Wuta in size and behavior. Boy, did I love it and him. Fortunately, Sitara got along so well she has been invited to stop there on and off when she goes to Boston and Cambridge again.

Love and Blessings,




c/o Lonnie Less 27 W. 71 St.

N.Y., N.Y. 10023

October 29, 1970


Amina Eickson

112 Edison

Corte Madera, California           


Dear Amina:

I have to start this backward. I did not look for a problem, but we received a telephone call from Parisa. She is caught in an awkward situation. She is caught in an awkward situation because she has acted more like a 14-year old girl than as an adult. She is undoubtedly a victim. But besides presumably often love and sympathy, we have been almost caught in the same trap in another way. Indeed, the bad news, if you want to call it that, did not come until after Murshid had written some very positive letters illustrating, what he considered as wisdom and not super-sugary super-metaphysics verbalized as "love." No substance, sometimes not even poison.

Murshid would like to be wrong here. He should wish that Leonard and his associates have something to offer toward establishing peace in this world. But his associates have belittled our very successful efforts. While they are going around capturing women, money, and moonbeams, chiefly the latter. One wishes it were not so. In any event, the very practical down-to-earth sides of this complex make Murshid feel very concerned, and it is only be¬cause of his absence that he is writing to anybody about it. Despite some changes in the general program, we should be back on Monday night, November 9.

The presumed changes in the program may mean that Murshid will have a free Tuesday. He needs it very badly, but by "free," he does not mean he is going to spend the time at the theater or museum, although it is possible he will be visiting the Rudolf Schaeffer School of Design. This is because, in our wild peregrinations today, we found the remains of the once celebrated Roerich Museum, end there is certainly more life in it than there was one generation back, but hardly, of course, the life of two generations back.

Our visit today was short, We were able to buy some pictures which Murshid especially admires and which will be shared chiefly with Fatima and yourself—one copy to Zeinab. We hope to visit the museum again in the daytime and take another look and possibly other purchases.

We do not know, of course, whom Parisa is now contacting. I do not have her address here. We have given her practices, but at a time, we cannot give any individual definite consideration. Our visit to the UAR headquarters was very successful and so some other madventures, details to Banefsha and Wall Ali.

Tonight we expect to go to a lecture by a Kabbalist and close at this point, with possible follow-up to Wall Ali, etcetera. The weather has been remarkably mild. One wishes one could say that for Murshid caught in the complications of really great problems. He does not think that Leonard and Armando understand at all. They are wishing. One is not sure that wishing solves problems, but one does not close the door on the possibility thereof.

Love and Blessings,

Samuel L. Lewis



October 29, 1970


My dear Khalifs, Beloved Ones of God:

Murshid is in the midst of turmoils because that is the way of the world. And there is a Buddhist teaching that Samsara and Nirvana are identical. This morning one hopes to expand one’s activities in the direction of our peace efforts. The main obstacle here is going to be the division of forces and efforts caused by pressures. The pressures will come and one will not oppose them. It will mean, of course, some delay in successful efforts unless there is strength to prevent diversions.

Our conversations yesterday indicate that we shall not entirely fail in our mission to Washington but every time there is success there is pressure for expansion. Murshid is not a young man and on the other hand he shows far more vitality than others. But because of this very extra vitality he is being subjected to pressures, almost to the breaking point. And as one sees it this will also be on his return, there will be pressures. They may be conscious or unconscious and most of them will be in the direction of “goodness.” The answer is very simple and most difficult: the write out the full system of Concentrations as laid down by Hazrat Inayat Khan in particular and by Sufis in general.

This is a tremendous work and the constant mention of it has not been effective. It can even lead to a retirement and at this moment this can be more easily done at the Khankah with Moineddin and Hussein.

The general science of real expansion of real consciousness is found roughly speaking in the Surangama Sutra, the latest Upanishads, and some of Meher Baba’s earlier writings. The last were replaced by emotional stress on personality. And it is emotional stress on personality which is one of the greatest obstacles.

Sufis say: La Illaha El Il Allah. Murshid has not given out the various degrees of interpretation of this most holy phrase. But the verbalization without the action development and realization can add to confusion. Murshid has given to Khalif Akbar some of the basic teachings for the Jelal path but has not given to Moineddin the basic teaching of the Jemal path. There is no time available and one is sometimes troubled.

Now so much has been given on Meditation and more will be given on Meditation and perhaps more and more. The question is, does this lead to spiritual awakening? When he was told “no” he gave out systems of Meditation which he told the defaulters to try. Evidently they worked, at least for a while. But they became crystallized. They were later challenged by Sankara and there we see the “spiritual” behavior??????? Don’t answer. So there has been confusion. Buddha never taught that his was the only way. He taught that there were many upayas and verbally “Buddhists” say the same but they actually call all other heretical. Lama Govinda quit the South because he said he found no enlightened man.

The refutation of Orthodox Buddhism by Sankara lead to divisions and confusions which persist. The Hindus who affirm that they have no dogmas insist you have to have concentration before meditation. This is beautiful and is an “irrefutable” dogma. So many forms of Meditation have come and some are not satisfactory. And there is emphasis upon perfecting Meditation.

Murshid worked out a partial system and then something funny happened. Mrs. Ivy Duce seized this system as being part of Hazrat Inayat Khan’s original teachings and returned to him a lot of the very highest teachings of IK as being “fictions” of Samuel L. Lewis. So one does not have one’s own system even, just parts of it. But one does not wish to emphasize this over other presentations. Besides in Sufism, Murakkabah is most important and it leads toward Mushahida the Cosmic Contemplation. As matters stand Murshid has been able to present this Contemplation to non-mureeds but not to mureeds.

But now comes a question as to the values in Meditation. And some people are dissatisfied and they are coming to Murshid, and he has accepted already Lonnie Less, the friend of Jemaleddin as his representative and will give him the second degree Bayat as soon as possible. Then when one returns, after the tumult one shouting Murshid must have some time to work on Murakkabah. This will answer many of the needs of the day just as “The Three Body Constitution of Man” according to St. Paul. Murshid is not troubled over diversions in the long run, just in the short run.

This matter will be taken up from another view in a letter to Sufi Barkat Ali, and there will be many copies of that—to the Sheikhs as well as to the Khalifs.

Concentration means pulling in our horns, not expanding, but one is well aware that efforts will be made to expand and one is not so sure that these efforts will not gain momentum and this will delay the fulfillment of Hazrat Inayat Khan’s instructions. Perhaps one will try again, “Six Interviews with Hazrat Inayat Khan.”

Love and blessings,



Moineddin Jablonski

910 Railroad Avenue Novato, California,

November 1, 1970


My dear Khalif:

Life is like a series of passing shows. There is something doing all the time. The awakened ear, mind and heart are again at work. Until recently this was only in the dances. The new dances, the draft choreography of which has been sent to Amina and Wali. A series of stymies, if you want to call them that, has helped bring forth renewed inspiration.

Enclosed are draft materials. This is not to be presented to classes yet. It may be read to those in the Khankah and the immediate neighbors only. It is not yet class work. But as the revised material will probably be given to Hussein (or Mansur) and not to overworked Wali Ali, you may be prepared therefore!

All Love and Blessings,




November 2, 1970

c/o Lonnie Less 27

West 71 Street New York, N.Y. 10023


Wali Ali Meyer

410 Precita Avenue

San Francisco, Calif.


Dear Wali Ali and Beloved Ones of God:

Murshid is gradually settling down a little bit. It became necessary to cancel the Washington trip. One cannot just do everything and be everywhere.

Under separate cover, some things have been sent to Benefsha. It is also very satisfactory that Van is working on the files. We can go over these things and also it will be necessary to discuss more with Benefsha.

Sometimes Murshid is quite firm, and he is going to be firm about dues. It is always easy to wring the hands and cry. If dues are not paid, we shall have to change the ruling and charge the same for members as for non-members on the Wednesday night gatherings. I would prefer not. This may give somebody some ideas as to what to do.

I agree entirely with you on all your remarks. Yes, the drama class suggested by Vilayat is old age. The instructions for the spiritual teachers make it very clear that when the mureed does, he is superior to the teacher who merely asks. It may give a few people some pleasure to be in the drama class. I personally feel that all encouragement and cooperation should be given to Mansur, and that will be more than big enough. His drama is new age. My lectures on “The Three- Body Constitution of Man” are new age. The psychedelic problems and their solutions are new age. Merely because we have a lot of disciples does not mean we should be in a thousand activities.

Strictly speaking, I believe all things should be done for God or for money, not for sentiment not for dreams not to satisfy some people. Concentration means concentration. Decentration is not concentration.

Thank you for the letter to Finley Dunne. It is with some regret that I cannot make it to Washington, and he has so expressed it.

All Love and Blessings,



Hassan, Moineddin & Everybody

910 Railroad Avenue

Novato, California 94947

November 3, 1970


Yesterday I said to Sitara, “We just have one more letter, a note to Hassan and no carbons.” That’s what we thought!

The civilization of the United States is based on headaches and excitement. I guess we are still Americans. Although we have gotten rid of headaches and drug-drugs, we don’t seem able to avoid..... We did have lunch at the Shah Bag Restaurant in the East Village. I had lived in the Shah Bag in Dacca, but we out-welcomed our welcome by singing for them. We are very welcome at all these Pakistani restaurants, and fortunately for us, the food and the flavors are not unwelcome.

We had gone toward that district to call at the office of the World Federalists but they had moved, so Sitara said, “Why not visit Samuel Weiser Books,” (734 Broadway, N.Y., N.Y. 10003.) I guess I am not an old man, for I am always finding or being shown wonders, and this bookstore must be included. Ever since leaving San Francisco Sitara has been asking for a Koran and we found the Yusuf Ali translation selling for about one-third the price I had to pay when my income was about one-third what it is now! You can see why I am not for “peace with justice.” But you can see how I accept Mohammed’s “Praise Allah in times of prosperity.”

We ran into some Americans who are very “spiritual,” and quite agree that this person has a lot to learn and that he is not a spiritual teacher. But we ran into two Negroes both from Islands in the Caribbean, and this makes one wonder if we are not going to find out that there are many spiritual personalities among the Negroes of a part of the world which we have neglected, i.e. the Caribbean area as against both the United States and the continent of Africa. Murshid was not a bit ashamed when the white people denied his evolution, but he truly became humble when the Negroes accepted it.

But the great event was our finding the l’Awarifu-l-Ma’arif. I was given this book for one of my early khilvats, and it became the basis and source for a lot which has since grown into what we might call profundity. I cannot over praise this work. It will be brought to the Khankah, but it is possible that other copies will be ordered. However, here we must not be in a rush. The cashier told me that there would be companionate works published very shortly and we shall get them. I am totally and absolutely agreed.

This work lays down Zikr, Fikr, and Mushahida as the fundamental sciences of Sufism. This is quite in accord with what I have been feeling inwardly, and I hope enough disciples begin to realize how much has to be restored of the esoteric sciences. I am glad to say that Wali Ali is willing to abandon the sideshow drama class. We have a world message, not a theater. The Hallelujah! The Three Rings, the choral undertaking, and the dances are in accord with the world message. One does not like to dispute, but it is not only the Sufi Movement, there are others who start in proclaiming God is the only Being and also shove Him on the shelf. It is quite possible that Murshid is both tired and overwrought, but he is always seeing the need of the restoration of the esoteric sciences.

This morning one feels entirely encouraged. We are enclosing the card for Hassan. We believe these people will be glad to put “The Rejected Avatar” on their shelf. We believe he is just the outlet for the work on spiritual brotherhood which Hassan says he is publishing. Sitara will remain in New York, and it is possible that one of the Three Ring representatives may be visiting this area this winter. Murshid is entirely for an entente cordiale. Carbons of this letter are being sent to certain persons, but it is entirely impossible for us to keep everybody acquainted.

This store is a new age store in all respects. It has fine astrological, new age food, and other literature of the contemporary period and practically nothing else.

It is fortunate one did not go to Washington. There are still family obligations. There are still Kabbalistic matters to be taken up. And we have stopped our spreading in all directions.

Last night was a tremendous wonder. We heard Dr. Backster, friend of Huston Smith. In him are all the marvels of the new age. One does not know whether Gavin Arthur or Dane Rudhyar would agree, but here is a man who is a highly trained technician, a laboratory scientist, and an adept in Asian philosophies. He spouted phrases which could only come from a man well-versed in oriental literature or who has been under the guidance of real masters. When I rose to ask a question, before he replied he said, “Aren’t you Samuel Lewis? If so, I want to meet you as soon as possible.” After the meeting he gave suggestions how this can be done. This afternoon we expect to go to a lecture on the Kabbalah and then will be with Lonnie Less, our host, in the evening.

This ought to be enough for a diary entry. We may, however, hold the letter until after the mail.

Love and Blessings,




November 5, 1970

To the Khalifs and Sheikhs:


Beloved Ones of Allah:

This is a sort of spiritual summation of our work here. It is evident since the small talk on “May the Message of God reach far and wide” that the time has come for this. And this involves both external and internal spreading. Sitara is writing separately to Jemaleddin (and others) about some of our work.

There is no question, after meeting in turn a Rabbi, a Church Father and a laboratory-scientist (Report will go to Mansur) that there are many fine constructive people who have more positive love than shown by angelic souls. In his instructions to teachers Hazrat Inayat Khan warned against our being over involved with the angelic person. They are nice, harmless, superficially loving and lovely but they absorb, they do not give out magnetism.

In this period where so many “women’s” dances have been coming to Murshid, it has ended with either “men’s” dance, or a basis for men to absorb and give out Baraka, magnetic-blessing. This is far from angelic although it may be presented next Saturday night, inshallah. It will balance any conclusions about Murshid being involved with women as such. That work is a resuscitation of the career of “Hierophant” and also the actual restoration of the Mysteries.

One constantly examines oneself and often gets surprising answers about one’s careers and purposes in life. There will quite evidently be an expansion of women’s dances for two “reasons,” if you want to call them that: (a) Women’s dances are closer to peace while men’s have been closer to war; (b) More women have spare day time and the number of available nights is small. However it is quite possible that there may even be one men’s night a month—not so much to exclude women, but to give more time to them. The women would be welcome to play instruments, especially Amina.

The growth of “Love” in women and “Magnetism-baraka” in men seems to be part of the unfoldment of spirituality in the New Age. This work is positive and not “nice.” Angelic souls are “nice.” But they would be unable to establish the kind of angelic dances one has in mind.

The Rabbi, Father and scientist are all positive men full of love, generosity and compassion. Murshid showed the Father the ceremonial “Lord’s prayer.” Actually this was a “clincher.” We also discussed the criminalization of Christmas hymns etc., which have been mentioned before. This would involve those in the woman’s and Saturday night class who are not in the choral group, but the program will have to be discussed with Ala-ed-din. It will be easy when there are soloists; then the rest could join with Murshid.

Murshid does not feel too happy with Vilayat’s “International Group” which not only is not international but which competes with “World Congress of Faiths” and at a much more superficial level. And tonight we are seriously considering going to the “Fazal” group rather than to the “Vilayat” group. Murshid wishes to have serious talks with Jemila (with or without Mansur) on this and the strange refusal to accept the appointment of Samuel L. Lewis by Hazrat Inayat Khan in fields where he knows so much more.

The Kabbalah meeting was so beautiful and profound that arrangements have been made for Sitara to attend (report to Michael Gest). There are enough people ready for more than superficialities.

Then who is presenting the Sufic sciences? They are more in the Githas, of course; in the “logia” which Murshid has; in other Sufic literature, such as l’Awarifu-l-Ma’arif just published. These are so much deeper than anything the Hindus or “New Age” groups are giving out. And with Richard’s ventures one believes we must work in these fields, abandoned or unknown to and by others.

There are numerous suggestions in the Unity of Religious Ideals. There is training for the “Master”—which has been started; for the “Saint,” not yet touched; for other lines of development of which there are scattered notes in both files. One hopes to have Moineddin and Hussein work in Novato and when there is proper assistance, to push Wali Ali in San Francisco. Otherwise if these places are overworked, to have an office in Corte Madera also. The “mysteries” are not restored by wishing, by obtuse books or by metaphysical psychics.

This should be the last communication excepting for odd notes. One feels very sure of many persons who are expanding in love, devotion and the ideals of the Message. We have not run into any determined opposition and seem to have clarified or disarmed almost ever one we have met. Indeed there is more danger, so to speak, from the “good” and “nice” people than from others and this will be our final undertaking.

Love and Blessings,


Khan, Saadia Khawar Correspondence

The archives in San Francisco did not have a copy of all these letters of Murshid Sam to his god-daughter Saadia Khawar Khan.

Some of them from were obtained during a visit to Pakistan by
Neshama Emi Miller. These letters had all been re-typed by Pakistanis and put in binders.  Some text and some dates were omitted in this process. And some pages were combined with pages from more than one other letter, and these are included as two different versions.

The heading of the pages in the binders says, “Letters from the Saint.”


The copy process in Pakistan left some text impossible to read. In that case, [?] is inserted.


Some letters are not addressed to Saadia, but are addressed to others, and a copy was included with a letter to her.




27 Sept. 1962


My Dear Saadia:

As-salaam aleikhum.

This is the first of two letters (presumably) in answer to yours of 24th August. I went to the Central Post Office and was informed I could take out a money order in dollars. Ten pounds English means $28.00 American (USA); this machine does not have the British notation. This is not very much from an American standpoint so I went to the bank and drew the money out. Tomorrow I go to Sacramento and the P.O. is immediately across the street from the bus depot.

At the moment I am not too concerned with the compensation for these dollars so will discuss that last, or in the next letter. The strange thing I do not comprehend and I have not meditated on it, is that predictions concerning myself seem to be coming true, almost like a rehearsal turning into a drama, but with my friends this is not so. This is especially true of fellow mureeds and I have no time to pray or meditate.

I am busy writing two books and this takes nearly all my time. In this I have been most fortunate or rather Allah has blessed me. So I now have a fairly complete program for salinity and will soon be writing to the Civil & Military Gaze and to “Food and Agriculture” at Karachi. But people expect more from one than he can give.

I meet very few happy people, and many of friends are unwell too. On top of that, the Islamic Center here is in a terrible mess. The leaders never would permit a lecture or report from me and now they are busy fighting each other. I wrote them saying that a Muslim was one who was either (a) peaceful or (b) capable of surrendering. I also told them I was more interested in an Imam than in a Mosque. They began with many Imams and mistreated them all. I have further advised I was interested in (a) religion (b) informing the American public about Mohammed (on whom be peace) and his mission. They are interested in entertainment, social affairs and praising not Allah, but their ancestors.

I am going to Sacramento to meet my former mureed who strayed far from the Path and has been in endless difficulties. I am not concerned with past mistakes or even sins. When there is taubah one can change or be changed in a twinkling of an eye. My re-studying of Kashf-ul-Mahjub has strengthened me inwardly very much.

My next attention is to those who are in difficulties. I spend considerable time warning her that it is not my goodness, but my religion that impels me to this. I know she is emotionally unstable now, which is quite natural. She and another lady, who have been class mates, both lost their husbands and fortunately are very good friends. As my dancing partner married a man of mixed-blood and was socially ostracized, I have cut myself off from all companions who favored such ostracism. But the time spent at this typewriter (and my other one which is being fixed) seems endless. Only Allah restricts me to ten letters a day, though I may do creative writing and have interviews. The interviews are almost uniformly excellent but when they lead, as above, to the settling of such a big problem as salinity, you can imagine how deep they must be and they are.

After Sacramento I am going to hear an old friend speak on Cairo and expect to meet other friends in that audience. I find the Arabs here far more capable of organizing than the Pakistanis. I remember when the Arab students met, they were totally emotional and spent their time lambasting the Israelis or each other but when it was necessary to get down to serious business, they did get down to serious business and that was wonderful.

Ayub is in the United States, one finds this out from pictures and editorials, all very favorable. Many of your countrymen do not imagine how popular he is. I think it was this that led to the victory of Zafrullah Khan at the U.N.

Now as to the saris. I may want one to go to UAR and will make inquiry from the Egyptians. There may be one or two more, I am not expecting many for $28 and you have to consider postage and insurance. Please give my salaams to your family. I have been well but have not heard from Major Sadiq. On the other hand, Pir Sufi Barkat Ali and his mureeds write regularly. Only they expect me to be back soon. I expect it will take four years to accomplish what was laid before me but then again Allah knows best. God bless you.


Sufi Ahmed Murad


May Allah’s love be with you forever, Saadia; these are from the Asma-ul-cards.


Al-Ghaffar (The Forgiver); Supreme Crown, covers your soul.

Al-Mushi (The Accountant); Wisdom crosses you influence.

Al-Kuddus (The Holy One); Understanding, crowns your obstacles.

Al-Ghani (The All-Sufficing); Love, beneath rising from your feet.

Al-Shakir (The Thankful); Power, behind you.

Al-Wajid (The All-Perceiving); Beauty, before you.

Al-Hadil (The Equitable); Endurance, you.

Al-Kabiz (The Closer); Majesty, your house.

Allah; Foundation, hopes and fear.

AI-Hakk (The Truth); Kingdom, outcome.


Allah is within you; you are His instrument and through you He expresses Himself to the external world.

The man filled with the knowledge of names and forms has no capacity for the knowledge of Truth.



Sept. 1962


My Dear Khawar Saadia:           

I am writing you at this time because a [?] has been given. The Pirs, Allah bless, were all [?] this and they have not been [?] wrong (I am changing my typewriter).

There have been interviews far and wide all over the State and in most cases I must see these people again. I do not know whether I wrote telling what happened at Riverside where a Persian research scholar “spotted me” and I had to give a short but inspired talk on the Prophet.

Most of my work has been collecting materials for “How California Can Help Asia.” But some has been for the Islamabad University and in general this has been most successful and the people contacted are most interested. So far I have not met the Consuls General of India, Pakistan and Egypt and have avoided Iran on account of the catastrophes there of a totally different nature.

The other day I went to Sacramento to the State Fair and everything there was so lovely; I shall have to make several tours while collecting materials. Then I telephoned the woman who had been my mureed, who had betrayed me at every opportunity and has been false in everything and to everybody. I simply called her up and said: “This is your Murshid.” The reaction was so loving and lovely. I may see her as soon as possible and this is the sign I was waiting for, the beginning of my spiritual work in this country. The astonishing thing was it was exactly as the Pirs foretold. But while I felt reassured in other things, this was a test and Alhamdulillah, successful.

I have now a large consignment of books from Ashraf and in one instance they sent a duplicate package. These will be given away. The other day I ran into the Elijah Muhammad group who believe only in the Negro race but call themselves “Muslims.” How this can be is hard to fathom. But they treated me with the utmost courtesy and consideration, something not received from the “white” Muslims here.

The real reason for my writing is that we have the unfinished business of your wanting dollar for your friend in England. Will you please send details. In turn you might do one of several things; the first is to send saris. I find the saris are too high priced here and if you do send some (no hurry), the packages must be “Gift-Packages” and not valued over $10 or Rs. 48. At that time I shall be at several addresses so there will be no trouble in getting through. But, as I said, there is no hurry.

I hope you have been to Ashraf. Have not looked at “Kashf-al-Mahjub but am studying Shah Latif and Abu Bakar Siddiq and [?] and Hadith.

Prayer can be wonderful and prayer can be delicate and San Francisco has had one of the coldest summers on record, no sun or heat, mostly fog. Nor has the State as a whole been warm; the hottest places (which are usually worse than Multan or Jacobabad) being at least 10 degrees below “normal.”

My own health has been good and I am always busy, excepting when I feel the need of relaxation. Please remember me to your Auntie, relative, Mustafas, etc.

As-salaam aleikhum.



18 October 1962


My Dear Saadia:                                                                                                            

As-salaam aleikhum. A very difficult life quantitatively, I have been much encouraged by the reports from and concerning Major Sadiq. So I changed certain habits and asked for guidance concerning any remittance you might make me. It came out that after sending the one sari to Egypt, to send the balance in prayer caps here. If you send saris, there could be contention among women. If you send prayer caps, there would be no contention among devotees.

The next step was to meet with the official Muslims and this is so horrible I shall not report. I do not recall hardly any occasion when any of these official Muslims ever went to greet visiting Muslims. And when Mohammad Ali was here, he made them all line up and greet me, which horrified those who have rejected me under the behest of two or three non-Muslims whom they have since found out were frauds.

The story then splits. One part was to look into Islamic culture in this region and as soon as you get away from Muslims, you can find Islamic culture. I have taken this up with the Arab Bureau and American friends of the Middle East. Saturday I go to one of the Art Museums where a course on Near Eastern Art starts. I told the Arab leader I did not expect to meet any “Muslim” there. You can understand why Islam is in the hands of Europeans. Indeed the only set back I have had was to find some parts of Islamic culture in the hands of Zionists and Urdu is now being taught by a Hindu. Someday I may expect some Pakistani official to listen that you have not enough people here it is hopeless.

On the other hand I heard a lecture on UAR and Cairo. It was given by a born Jew. There were no Arabs present. There was not a single criticism of Nasser or Islam, something your editors might find hard to believe.

The next meditation suggested I call on what are known as “Black Muslims.” Now I have in a district very, very integrated your editors would not be able to understand that either. I find some uneasiness among Negro Christians because they are exceedingly emotional and have little morality. The Muslims on the contrary are sober, honest and devotional, if aloof. I received a most cordial letter from them and met the Imam. I have offered them books I bought at Ashraf (duplicates) which the official Muslims either ignore or pigeon hole. Their library is unused and they make fun of it too. They accepted these with friendship and gratitude. So while this may sound prosaic it is necessary; after you have sent the sari to Mrs. Shamsi, the balance is to be used as follows:

Send prayer caps, each package not more than Rs.45 can be less:

1. To me                          2. To Imam John X.

These packages may even be small. It is not necessary to send more than ten, but if so, hold back until I advise. This may not be too clear. My own head size is No. 7 in Western terms.

Now as to the Mosque. This is wonderful for it establishes the foundation which is the true foundation.

Your suggestion about coming here is most wonderful. I would think it over carefully and pray for guidance because here I might be wishing. The spiritual love is not the divine love. In the divine love we see Allah and only Allah and in the spiritual love we see His Attributes rather than His Essence. The most important attribute is Rahm, which is the root of Rahman and Rahim, which is in everybody’s prayers and only in the hearts of Dervishes, not ordinary people. And the reason they are ordinary is that they don’t accept Rahman and Rahim anymore than “Allaho Akbar.” They say these things a million times and yet it does not mean much.

The spiritual love is beyond all religions, everything. So I tell first of the Buddhist I have loved very much. I will skip all stories now but someday, if my biography is written, the details will be given. Our last conversation was this: “Samuel, We Ain’t Got It.” And I answered, “Robert, We Have Got It.”

Now this man occupied a most high position in the Buddhist world. He is gone and some of his disciples are here. And there is a ridiculous situation, that while the newspapers and radio and press reject all that your Murshid has to say about Buddhism and Buddhists, he now occupies one of the highest positions in the Buddhist world.

The same is true of Hinduism. Your Murshid has the most burning love for the present head of the Vedanta Order (Ramakrishna Mission). And he met the associate of this teacher in Dacca, introduced by a Sufi too. The inspirations have been very great and your Murshid is almost a master of Yoga.

Once in South India we were climbing a mountain, myself and three young men. They stopped. “What are you stopping for?” “We are tired.” “Yogis are never tired.” Whereupon your Murshid walked full speed to the top of the mountain alone. But he was a cheat because he was using Wazifas and tasawwuri Muhammad, which the Hindus do not have.

My brother Saladin tells me that this was how Kashmir was conquered, not by warfare but by spiritual demonstration.

Or again, your Murshid met a Khalandar in Rawalpindi. “You have been to India.” “That is true.” “You had a debate with a great Pundit.” “That is also true.” “The Pundit acknowledged your superiority.” “He did.” “What did you say, what happened?” “I Don’t Know.” Because even though your Murshid says that Hindus are high in fana and not in baqa, this is not necessarily so.

Hazrat Inayat Khan wrote a complete system of Murakkabah and your Murshid worked out a method of teaching it in all its facets. These teachings were taken from him and he has had no means to get them back. Then there was a pseudo Sufi who is well known and he wrote a book showing all the grades of Murakkabah which he translated as “Meditation.” He wrote the book and his disciples claim prestige for him as author but neither he nor they practice these steps and stages. They are just in books.

So your Murshid took himself to Allah and there are four ways in which Allah communicates: fana-fi-Sheikh; fana-fi-Pir; fana-fi-Rassoul and kashf. In fana-fi-Lillah, there is no longer communication but becoming and self realization.



10th January, 1963


My Dear Khalifa:           

There is a sub-title in a piece of Russian music called, “The Tale of the Khalandar” and this is something like it. On December 31, I was in Hollywood and asked if I could go to a prayer given by a Mr. Marshall Hughes, a rather wealthy recluse living in Studio City, some fifteen miles away. These things developed:

The mother, Mrs. Hughes Sr., has a skin affliction which reminded me in the unfortunate side of your difficulty. But she also showed she was a person of great heart. On the other hand, she is conservative in her religious attitude which keeps me from giving her spiritual treatment beyond a certain point.

After one o’clock, one hour after the New Year, I learned that Mr. Marshall Hughes has been a very close associate of my own doubly spiritual brother, Saladin (Paul) Reps from whom I received the prime inspiration for my poetry.

I also spent most of the evening with a woman whom I found later had been also closely associated with Saladin (Paul) Reps for twenty years. I told her I would send for the copy of the poem for her to read and possibly also submit it to Marshall to see if he would be interested in its publication.

On my return to San Francisco, just as in a story, your letter came and two days later one also from Saladin in which also he gives the names of his publishers, one being in San Francisco.

While this was going on, I have had on the one hand great difficulty in getting through to my former associates and at the same time three or four doors opening up for me spiritually very suddenly, the first of which results in a meeting this night. One must assume that a wise Providence wishes to reach younger people. The heart hunger here is tremendous but the older people are always looking for a dream pattern delivery while the young want the knowledge, not the personality.

Your prayer caps have arrived, very satisfactory and I gave four in my package to a Muslim and kept four; I need these in parties as well as prayers. I feel that Brother John will also be thankful.

Please send “Saladin” to me but also with any comment you may choose. In a recent issue of “Time” an article has been published regarding a new missionary movement with center in Cairo. The intellectuals here reputed me and the Egyptian staff welcomed me with open arms and blessing. And they also want to see a copy of “Saladin.” I had just three, two left in Pakistan and one in Cairo. Therefore I should prefer you send the poem by mail—it may cost a few rupees and if there is anything left, put it in Zakat.

Between the sad period ending the year and an exciting celebration, I had a spiritual experience about which I have also written to Major Sadiq. In addition, I was given for Christmas called “The Whirling Ecstasy” concerning the relations between Rumi and Shams-i-Tabriz. It is the first time anybody here ever saw my true guise, but this has been done and in a sense I would be “exposed” excepting this is apriority. I shall try to find where one can get copies of it as it is published in Mexico. But I must warn you, it will surely lead to ecstasy and blessing. It is a marvelous healing in itself to have it. I would like to get a few of them and in a few days will find out where this can be done.

I trust that Major Sadiq can send you water of value. I am still unable to get enough time to consult my lady druggist friend but this may be soon.

The politics of the day presume a new course for Pakistan but I am so disgusted with my own country in many matters that this will hardly involve me. The average American would love to help your country but wishes to do it without loving your country.



January 15, 1963


My Dear Khalifa:

As-salaam aleikhum. Allah knows best. I stopped after copying five lessons, “Pasi Anfas” or Breath, a sort of kashf signal being given. Then, a long letter was received from Major Sadiq necessitating some actions which delay a visit to the University. And yesterday another very important letter from Rawalpindi with spiritual instructions.

Now, these instructions were intellectually known and they appear in the Gathas of Hazrat Inayat Khan on the subject of Tasawwuf, not yet copied. But though they are intellectually known they are not always part of the psyche. When one receives instructions from a living teacher it imparts a magnetism and psychic which the intellectual knowledge does not give.

The important thing is that following it:

a. A most important engagement has been made with the father-in-law of a friend who may become connected with the University of Islamabad, inshallah.

b. A most important engagement has been made for both Major Sadiq and myself in a new direction. This came from the “mindless” wandering one who is sometimes compelled to take without apparent reason.

 c. Although a book of the writings of Hazrat Inayat Khan was sent you, the last page on “Health” was not put into the binder. This was found and is enclosed.

 Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate, assures me that this was done for His purpose that you might now read these pages and be encouraged. In any case, when you do get the package with the bound copies, please check the pages to see if anything has been omitted.

The material from Rawalpindi included a speech and ceremony under President Ayub Khan in his own words. But it came just after visiting the Consulate here. At the Consulate also I was given the sign to write to “Dawn” of Karachi on technical matters which also will be taken up in conference as in b. above.

Conference a. is concerning the abstention from alcohol as in India and Pakistan. There is movement directed against the presence of alcohol and people who think they are working for peace if they enjoy each other’s company while drinking.

The weather is most pleasant but no rain and this may produce problems. Yes, there are ways by which one can invoke or bring the rain but first one should ask Allah’s permission. Doa is very wonderful and Doa can be very delicate and Doa can be very important and Doa can be very powerful.



April 7, 1963


My Dear Khalifa:

 As-salaam aleikhum. I have not heard from you directly for a long time and the next is that you have been unwell. It is not enough to wish you health, but to try to see what is the cause of the trouble and do something about it. I have been over-busy myself as things are now. I do not know how I can get out of the responsibilities which a Wise Providence has placed on my shoulders, and though my health has been good, there is no such thing as a real holiday. I was going into the redwood country for a few days, though even that is to deal with some problem of others.

Now, I do not remember exactly what I have written in regard to practices to maintain health. Disease may be caused by a number of factors. For instance, if one does not know, one may try at your different prayer intervals, one only each:

Allaho Akbar or Ya Shafee (inhalation,) Ya Kafee (exhalation) or Ishk Allah (inhalation), Mahbood Lillah (exhalation) these on thought, 33 times. See which is most effective in making you feel better. This need be done only one day, and then you select the one which helps most. Suppose it is Ya Shafee-Ya Kafee, then you may do either of these:

Standing up, 101 times, breathing in and out the nostrils and feel the breath go through the whole body; or

Seated on what I call a chaise lounge (long seat) with feet off the ground. Feel the breath go out the feet.

When I receive an answer from you, I shall be glad to send detailed instructions on self-healing. Or, if can get a copy of Hazrat Inayat Khan’s instructions on “Health,” I shall send you details adding what I have learned from other sources. And I must apologize but I did not have a chance to get the proper ointment from the drug stores.

The most difficult, here in life, in practice, is to radiate the universal love which is called Ishk. It has little to do with personalities and yet it has everything to do with personalities. When my first Pir-o-Murshid came to the West he was in the Divine Love. And when he was not in the Divine Love, he was rapt in Mohammed in fana-fi-Rassoul. The latter was not understood in the West, and he dropped his music and most ecstatic practices and went into fana-fi-Lillah. This made him appear the most wonderful of men, and yet he got so far from others that they only could see his person, and very few have ever tried to follow his teachings.

These teachings must be given to the world along with the other Sufi teachings. Hazrat Inayat Khan had the “Four-School Sufism” which is accepted in general practice in Asia.

The Arab Sufism is somewhat different. There, each school is a part, but one may take training in all of them. But in the subcontinent, I found the Suhrawardis, Chistis and Kadiris so mixed-up that this does not matter and although the Naqshibandis are separate, there seems to be universal concord.

In Indonesia it is different. Islam was revealed to very ignorant Arabs who were idolaters. It came to India to people who were Buddhists and Hindus. It came to Indonesia, which evidently saw many prophets, cultures and religions. It became the cornerstone of the arch, but not the arch itself. Therefore, in Indonesia, Islam is a universal religion, not a particular religion. The people regard Mohammed [?] as the customs and traditions for they were not in ignorance for thousands of years.

If we are going to unite the Muslims, it is not by imposing one system called “Islam” upon another, and the poor Pakistanis find themselves apart from both Arabs and Indonesians who outnumber them. The question is here, which is the Divine Way? When people ask me questions, I give them the proper practice Fikrs, as above. Surrender to God is a process, not a religion; it is a way of life, adding to the life. It is not opinions; these wear people out.

I have ordered Volume IV of the writings of Hazrat Inayat Khan and may restore them to his original classroom methods, with commentaries and spiritual practices which may make everything more possible.

Later on, I have a more serious project on “Spiritual Aesthetics,” which may be sent to you, or to Mrs. Ahmed at the University, but which will be a project for Islamabad University. It will be based on Hazrat Inayat Khan’s writings and my comments, based on a fairly comprehensive study of all the world’s arts.

Concentration: Murakkabah, once, 15 minutes, feeling you are before Rassoul-Lillah and being instructed by him. If this cannot be done effectively, then try on occasions to go to Dargah Mian Mir for peacefulness. Though they do not allow you inside, that does not matter.

My salaams and blessings to your aunt, the Mustafa and friends.


Sufi Ahmed Murad

P.S. I trust you have mailed “Saladin.” Thank you.



20th April, 1963

88 Fulton St.

San Francisco 17, Calif.


Beloved One of Allah:

For a long time I have not heard and yet letters come to me concerning you. This is a very difficult thing and yet it is not difficult. The Bayat is not a pledge between person and person; it is a union between person and person in the journey toward Allah and also with Allah. For we may pray incessantly, “Guide us on the right Path,” yet there is neither guidance nor right nor Path. For life is movement and it is in the change and movement we come away from the nufs and into the divinity.

One of the most pressing difficulties in the world is pain and sorrow. All the Prophets of God without exception came to deal with pain and sorrow and all the followers of the Prophets praise the Prophets and do not concern themselves with pain and sorrow. They concern themselves with saying that their Prophet was superior to other Prophets.

The other day I wrote a long letter to my friend Shamsuddin Ahmed, whom you have met. It is a criticism of an article in “Pakistan Review.” The writer was concerned with the superiority of Mohammed and the Qur’an and to prove his point he contradicted Qur’an and Hadith over and over again. What is this? This is done by so many people. And this shows kafr because it suggests not Praise to Allah but praise to “my view” and “my view” is not the view of the Supreme.

Once I was travelling in India and a holy man came and said: “Why are you here?” I said, “The pain of 10,000,000 starving Hindus.” “You are crazy, how can you feel the pain of 10,000,000 starving Hindus.” Just then a great Swami came and said to the holy man, “No, you are crazy because this man knows what he is talking about and you do not.” All over India you find holy people and spiritual people and they are not much concerned with the pains of others.

Then later I was in Karachi and saw 600,000 displaced, homeless people with nothing. This was my second pledge to Allah. And the first took place years ago when all the great Prophets of Allah came to me in the broad daylight and I vowed willingness to take on pain.

Now you have the pain and I feel the pain and sometime it is like a man with arthritis; he is in pain and yet he has the great duties and responsibilities and in pursuit thereof, he does not try to get rid of the arthritis. For I am in the midst of millions and millions of people and they know nothing of Islam and very little of God or Allah. Every man sees his own religion of lack. In one sense there is nothing wrong in it, for Allah, not man, is the Master of the Day of Judgment. At the same time we are in a scientific age, and in this age we rely upon experience. Hazrat Inayat Khan came and said, yes, that it is right to rely on experience but why not the whole experience of life and not just part of it? So one tries to have the whole experience of life and not part. Then he is misunderstood but this does not matter so long as he understands.

For there is the way of wisdom and the way of love and they are different and not different, like the two sides of a coin. I am waiting for a book of Hazrat Inayat Khan which was on Health. Once I wrote commentaries on his writings and a fire destroyed them. So one waits and when this comes it may be that we can open up a big field.

Today I have two Pir-o-Murshids and the people of the West say, “How can you have two Pirs? And you already had Hazrat Inayat Khan. You have no loyalty.” But when Rassoul-Lillah died Siddiq said, “Those who believe in Mohammed let them know that Mohammed is dead, but those who believe in Allah, let them know that he is living, the true (Ya Hayy, Ya Haqq).”

But the people of Islam are caught concerning Mohammed and about Allah they do not have much care. And the disciples of Hazrat Inayat Khan are almost like the Kadianis; they are concerned with their teacher and so are very limited.

If you practice the “Ya Shafee, Ya Kafee” and I think I gave you the instructions, it will remove pain; or it will give an understanding of pain until you arrive at a great state where pain and bliss become one. This is taught all over but not too many experience it. There is, of course, a state beyond this which one may call peace. For this I always recommend going to the Dargah Mian Mir where there is tremendous peace. But when I come to Pakistan next, inshallah, I shall take you to another Dargah. By an agreement this is a sort of secret between Major Akram and myself. And even though I gave Imtiaz the Bayat, I did not take him there and only told his father to take the boy there in extreme urgency. For this Dargah has the advantage that it is not visited. And for another Dargah, there is that of Bhullah Shah, which I hope you can visit occasionally but for this you should go with your relatives and not alone and you will all benefit.

Very few people know the real meaning of worship. The hierarchy has always existed in all times and in a certain sense, not even Adam is dead. There are places in the world where there are superior vibrations and, inshallah, when I come again we might even go to Kabul and other places which Major Sadiq has seen, although I do not think he has been to Kabul. There you will experience this. For the Prophet Musa established precedence and it is lost, for he built a shrine, he did not build a temple, and this shrine was to enable people to commune with Allah.

Soon I shall send you a copy of a book I have typed, which has my Pir-o-­Murshid (Hazrat Inayat Khan’s) views on hearts. This will be sent by regular mail and you may not have it until next semester, which does not matter. But soon I hope to copy his moral instructions and later send the commentaries on them. These will be sent by air mail.

Next is the instruction on Wazifas, and for these at first only a repetition of 33 is needed and not more than one after prayers, or between the prayers; but if you feel the need of more repetition, then 101 times between the prayers, not at prayer time. These are of two types, also, the oral and the thought, though for both a tasbih may be used:

For Health: Ya Shafee on the inhalation, Ya Kafee on the exhalation; or just repeat “Ya Shafee; Ya Kafee” audibly.

For Strength: “Allaho Akbar.” Also for protection against enemies or evil forces of any kind whatsoever.

For Uncertainty: “Subhan Allah.”

For Problems Connected With Love: “Ishk Allah, Mahbood Lillah” as Wazifa; or “Ishk Allah” on the inhalation and “Mahbood Lillah” on the exhalation.

During illness or nervousness if prayers are impossible, repeat a sacred phrase as above, or do Kalama, but you can also do Kalama without counting, without a tasbih so it becomes also a form of Zikr, it is really the true Zikr (i.e. remembrance.)

Then there is one more practice and this should be done best at night before sleeping, but in stress it can also be done more often. For this, one should sit in posture, on the prayer rug or bed and inhale thinking “La Illaha El Il Allah” and exhale blowing the sound “Hu” on the heart. Even three to five times is sufficient but it must be very concentrated with all feeling, feeling also that Allah is Divine Love and Divine Graciousness and the Heart is His Throne (Arsh.)

I hope this will help and encourage you. May Allah give you blessings. As-salaam aleikhum.

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



1st of May, 1963


Beloved Ones of Allah:  

You will find enclosed some carbons of “The Whirling Ecstasy,” extracts from the lives of Shams-i-Tabriz and Maulana Roum. The typing has been done under most difficult conditions and I beg you to excuse mistakes therefore.

This is a copy of a book printed in Mexico and the address of the publisher is not given; neither the same of the person responsible. Undoubtedly he must have been a dervish himself.

On the other hand, encouragement has been given by the presence in this city of a descendent of Maulana Roum, viz. Farooq Mawlawi, who is in charge of the Arab Information Bureau here and also from the staff of the Indonesian Consulate, whose members are also disciples in Tarikat.

The views expressed in the translation are the views also of this one, who has been designated as a Sufi. The protests against the current “Islam” in Pakistan which shuns Allah and the even greater protest of the formal worship which passes for religion in much of the world stimulates the study of this booklet.

On the deeper side one can [?] the great mysteries mentioned and veiled. This is especially true in answer to certain Muslims who follow a teaching found in the Christian Bible: “Why does thou look into the heavens? For men look elsewhere but into the human heart for the truth.”

Constant reading of Hadith prevents one from going too far in placing, as a few Western people have, Maulana Roum over Rassoul-Lillah. The basic theme, the relative positions of Abu Yazid (Bayazid, etc.) and Mecca Shereef will be the basis of lectures when Allah permits me to return to your country. This is really very important and an understanding will wipe out forever the false claims of certain pretenders, without anger, rancor or ill-will. None of these men knew the mysteries of divinity and while we need not forgive them, we can improve our own understanding.

Peace and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



5th May, 1963

1088 Fulton St.

San Francisco 17, Calif.


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. Before answering your letter, I wish to give two prescriptions:

Select one blotch on your body which you can reach by blowing on it. Thirty-three times, once a day, inhaling thinking “Allah….”Exhaling blowing Hu on the Spot.

Select one blotch on the arm and make a bandage.

Write in large letters on a piece of paper Allah in Arabic.

Hold this before a mirror and copy the mirror image onto the bandage.

Wrap this around the arm so that the mirror image of Allah is over the blotch.

When writing the mirror image of Allah on the bandage, take three breaths thinking Ya Shafee on the inhalation and Ya Kafee on the exhalation. Then blow once Hu over the place where the writing is to be done. After writing the mirror image of the word Allah on the bandage, before wrapping it around the arm blow Hu three times over the drying or dried ink.

If this is not clear, please let me know.

Now the nature of people is that they take Allah for granted. Allah is neither thought nor imagined, and when we feel Him, it is just a little iota of the reality but this is infinitely better than the thought. The thought confuses people and produces kafr. It is even worse when the kafr is called Islam.

Every Sura of Holy Qur’an begins Bismillah Er-Rahman Er-Rahim. This is the stage and backdrop for everything. We live in a universe which is replete with mercy and forgiveness; that is its very nature. Yet man is not merciful and man does not forgive. The result is that he does not know the nature of his Deity.

The other day I copied “The Whirling Ecstasy” and one of the big problems discussed in it was the position of Bistami and Mohammed. When I return to Pakistan, inshallah, there will be lectures on it. But during this copying I read Hadith always because otherwise there is a tendency to magnify Rumi (which is done in the west) and lose sight of Mohammed (which is always done in the West.) Yet Rassoul-Lillah was the inspiration of both Rumi and Shams-i-Tabriz.

The teachings given in Hadith are extremely different from the loose use of the term Hadith which you find all around you. Mohammed never condemned anybody personally. True there are condemnations in Qur’an but not in Hadith. These condemnations are based on principles, natural laws and universal morals. In Hadith one reads about the Great Jihad which is always against nufs. In your country few think of it.

I am having a friendly controversy with a spiritual brother over the use of Arabic terms. In the first teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan is this agreement with Data Sahib (Hujwiri) that one wonders why even the dervishes sometimes went in other directions. The condemnation of ecstasy by Aurangzeb was the interference into religion by a political leader and led to the downfall of the Moghul Empire. But man does not learn any lessons from mistakes. Only a few persons do.

The spiritual music was taught to me by Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan and in all these years I have not found a single person to whom to give it to. Then Farooq Mawlavi came here, who is a descendant of Maulana Roum. And after he accepted it, some Yogis accepted it and so I am in the strange position of teaching Yogis. And not only that, two leaders of two big Indian Schools offered me obeisance last week, which was almost embarrassing.

At the same time the Americans here would not let me attend a conference on Asia. Some people in Pakistan think that this gesture is useless, and they are right. We do not mingle heart and heart. At the same time the Chinese and Indonesians have become most friendly. With the Indonesians, who are disciples of tasawwuf, their position is the same as in this letter. They accept all the messengers of God and in actuality and not in talk. This means that they venerate Christ and Krishna and Buddha and all scriptures of all people and they hold that every nation and its prophet and revelation. Yet they are Muslims and the staff here are all spiritual brothers in Tarikat.

The Chinese have now selected me as an authority on Buddhism and the Japanese and Americans too and this looks very complicated, nor is it of my choosing but it is the Orientals’ answers to the rebuffs received from Americans. It happens all the time.

True, it says in Hadith, “Seek wisdom even as far as China” but this is to be said, not done; only with this person it is to be done, not said. Once your Murshid had a big public argument with a great Chinese leader and all the Americans were [?], as they always are, and they said, “Yes, that the Chinese were right and Sam was wrong and terrible.” But it did not affect the Chinese leader that way. Instead they took your Murshid into a private room and initiated him into what we may call “the mysteries of Confucianism” and this he has not been able to give away because he is not believed and it does not matter either.

Now you can see from all this how busy a person may be and how occupied and when he is busy and occupied, he can understand how it is with others who are busy and occupied. Therefore there is not only no blame but actual praise for your enterprise. At the same time, Allah has blessed the health of your Murshid who, despite [?] and vitality, which is like a mystery.

The other day he had to give a whole day to a rich widow who was visiting San Francisco. This lady is 89 years old and acts like she was 60 or less. But people do not understand that there are ways in which to avoid old age and even illness.

The three basic ways are those of the heart, the breath and the glance. Twice I have had the glance and both times miraculous, but that cannot be described now; it is only reflected in the poetry. The ways of breath are imparted as need be and some in this letter, too. The way of heart must always be that of the Sufi.

Now in a sense we have the property of Gandhi but Gandhi, and may Allah bless him, only had one side of it and Iqbal had the other side of it. They were both very right with Allah and both incomplete. So they did not understand each other. If I had the free will, it would have been to follow Gandhi, but giving up the free will to follow and then transcend Iqbal. But because this is one’s person path, it does not mean it is the only right path.



16 May, 1963


Beloved One of Allah:   

Alhamdulillah for the wonderful news. But before going into this, I report the purchase of some allergy pills, which are being packaged forward. There is also a variant called “antihistamine” which I did get assuming the same was available. But if not, will take in later.

Now in return for the expense of the purchase and mailing, you kindly, after receipt, send some tasbihs. It does not have to be more than two, i.e. you may buy good ones instead of many.

My life, my dear mureed, has been one of rejection and of weeping over them; you can see the love and laughter and wisdom in the Universe. Refused admittance to a conference on Asia, I immediately went out to further personal good-will with the different Asian communities. This completed some weeks back with the Japanese and Chinese.

The next was with the Indonesians, who have also been rejected, and without going into detail, I understand there is an invitation to a wedding in August and if so, I shall go as Sufi Ahmed Murad with the robe Sufi Barkat Ali gave me.

The next happened by a strange incident of doing a great favor for some Iranians from Tehran, whom I hope to meet soon again and this after I had just written to the Murshid in that city. So no doubt Allah wishes me to go ahead.

The arrival of “Saladin” also brought some fortune of another type. Copies have been given to the UAR officials who are delighted with part IV and also to a professor who is lecturing for the American Friends of the Middle East (there may be reports later).

There is a Prof. Khan speaking on “Ancient Pakistan” tomorrow and I am taking the materials with me for there should be some students there (University of California) and if not, will go to International House nearby. In any event, I have visited Pakistani House here and wish either to give them the reports after translation, or if I fail to meet the students, they will do it for me. Therefore there will be another letter perhaps next week and also some more teachings from my first Pir-o-Murshid, Hazrat Inayat Khan.

Now as for your future, I am in a strange position for I see three possible paths and myself the beneficiary of nay of them. Therefore, it is more necessary than ever to follow the ryazat. Fikr is to concentrate: Exhalation on La Allah, say 101 times and then a meditation to catch the rhythm of the breath. Then swing any thought and if the breath remains is not in accordance the “right path” and if the breath changes that is not in accordance with divine will. The number is a suggestion and can be any from 21 to 1001. Practice enables one to feel what is right with Allah.

In Peshawar I have the good friends Dr. Abdul Rahman at the Pushtu Academy and Prof. Durrani at the Engineering Department. Also others.

I do not wish the visit to Iran to interfere with marriage but even if you “plight your troth” there is a certain gain. For instance my work is to revive Data Sahib and if you knew Persian, you could go over his work as well as the great poets in the original. But as I benefit personally by this and your folks felt I might not wish you to marry soon, it is not pressed.

This brings up another matter, what I call” The Three Body Psychology.” Freud and his great successor Reach, only were they theoretically wrong, their methods of integration often fail, for the whole man is not taken into account. It is very important that the whole man is studied and the spiritual Islam proves material for thought and consideration.

I have discussed with both my friends and others in Peshawar and to reconcile spiritual Islam with modern science, which can done for both drawn from “Truth.”



May 27, 1963


Beloved One of Allah:   

As-salaam aleikhum. One must first tell you about my two previous hosts in Pakistan. In 1956 I went to Abbottabad to meet the family of my friend, Abdul Rahman, of San Francisco. But in 1960 he was back there and we have been good friends ever since I met my first Imam here in 1947. He has been in financial difficulties because he loaned considerable money to a lady here who disappeared. Yesterday the lady’s name and address appeared in the paper here. She had been married. This may enable me to help my friend and demonstrates the Divine Justice.

The other friend is Prof. A.A. Siddiqui of Punjabi University, Department of Islamic Studies. There is a very strange relation between us and I left the country feeling that this man and I are destined to work together on a very great project. Possibly the one you placed before me is either it, or part of it. He is able to help you more than anybody else that I know of. If you do not wish to meet him directly, Mrs. Ahmed of the Art Department would be glad to introduce you.

Moral Culture. Only a few more lessons are enclosed. One has no spare time and it is only with the Divine Help I keep going. But if the lessons sent already help, those being sent will help more, inshallah. I always repeated the phrase, “Allaho Akbar” before enemies. One does not have to think of good nor ill. It is time to stop just quoting that Allah is closer than the neck vein and realize it. And along with it, “Remember that if we cannot see Allah, He sees us.”

Islamic Philosophy. While I have some material on Islamic Philosophy, most of it really deals with “Greek Philosophy in Islam.” This is, to me, a mistake. There is only the life in Allah and its shadow is Islam; there is no life in Islam as such and the mere fact that a ruler or a country worships in a mosque does not necessarily establish Islam.

Purdah. It is curious how the conservative elements run around seeking extreme interpretations of Holy Qur’an to put women in certain positions. The simple fact is that in the Jewish faith the women sat upstairs or behind curtains and the Prophet, on whom be Peace, simply adopted their methods. A tremendous amount of the social relations between men and the woman in the original teachings of Mohammed were the continuations of the current age teachings or methods or both, and no more depend upon Qur’anic revelation than the rising and setting of the sun.

Women. This is mentioned because when I came to Al-Azhar I found some customs going on quite different from what I expected and there is no doubt that when Egypt was under the control of the Fatimides, women were given a status which was later removed from them. Even now they have the Mosques entirely to themselves until about 11:30 in the morning. And in Pakistan you find apologists running in two opposite direction at the same time, holding that women were always equal and were always not equal instead of examining the actual institutions.

Here one has to distinguish between the Islamic education (Al-Azhar) and the popular education (government schools).

Here you must bear in mind that your murshid is active in fighting Aristotelianism, which has often become synonymous with philosophy. On the other hand Fikr, though it may be limited, is distinctly Islamic.

Here one can only call one’s attention to certain things:

a. Mecca-Medina period was active only in the earliest stages and would have to be checked with specialists.

b. Kufa-Basra period began very early, perhaps with Uwais, that strange character who had the kashf of Mohammed  without having previous instruction in Islamics. This period contrasts with the next because of culture.

c. Umayyad Damascus period. This was just the opposite and introduced or embodied the current Greek teachings.

d. Baghdad. This was synthetic and glorious. But there are indications both of systematic and non-systematic methods. These went over into Khorasan in particular, and these cultures flourished until destroyed by the Mongols.

 e. Cairo then became the center of learning, especially around Al-Azhar. True, there is Kairouan in North Africa, and also Fez and Marrakesh in the Maghreb.

Recently, I wrote a strong paper to a magazine which had an article on Nasser, and began by saying that it was impossible for us to understand Nasser, who accepted our Biblical “In the beginning, God,” by praying the first thing in the morning and then continuing until he prayed five times a day. Inasmuch as Nasser had God in his daily life at all times and we do not have, we have religion, but not God, it was very difficult to reconcile the two.

I have to go to the UAR and Pakistani consulates which are near each other, perhaps tomorrow, inshallah. The Arabs may give me help or encouragement. Here also, one advises you to visit the cultural center in your city. We discussed this some time back. But none of these people have libraries.

The best man in the United States is Dr. Shawarbi but it would be easier for you to work with the Arab Cultural leader in your city. The Islamic library here is kept closed most of the time, the meetings do not take place in the library and the books are not used. Indeed they poke fun at it. The materials I have, for the most part, while historically correct, are too concerned with Greek influence.

Education. Yes, I have these materials. On my way south I shall try to see if I can pick them up as class lessons from the original Khalif of Hazrat Inayat Khan, who is today very old. They appear in Volume II of “The Sufi Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan” published by Barrie & Rockliff London.

Medicine is in capsule form and I think it gives directions. Otherwise, I shall consult my druggists.

Financial Help. There is one difficulty here. That is, about sending money out of the country. For myself I need no help, but for extra typing and such things I could use it. There is also this peculiar prophecy. Major Sadiq said that late in July my affairs would change and my spiritual brother “Saladin” is arriving then and his letter shows us getting closer and closer, even after 40 years.

I have written to Dr. Nasr but may again and after this will supply copies. My salaams to your loved ones,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti.



3 July, 1963


Beloved One of Allah:   

The tasbihs have arrived, and now one waits to see who really wants guidance and blessing. One hears so many stories but in the end the people prefer their pains to what they call surrender of liberty and illusion.

The most important event to me has been the final in Kashf-al Mahjub, of so much the same teaching as was given in person at the Dargah Data Ganj Baksh. This increases faith and surety.

You will find enclosed two pictures and one copy of the last papers of Series II in “Moral Culture” of Hazrat Inayat Khan. One is not sure how valuable his teachings on education are and how much you might gain by writing to Al Azhar. They have plenty of material but are not always too cooperative. Your ambassador, when I was in UAR, was also not the type to give much help.

There are plenty of Islamic magazines but your best opportunity in Lahore is still the Arab Bureau and after that, the American Friends of the Middle East.

I have had to write again to Santa Barbara to find the disposition of the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan, which are available there. All his followers have failed to give out the teachings and in addition, they have practically buried them and all are on bad terms with each other. As has been taught, “There is no such thing as tasawwuf. There is only Allah.”

Yesterday there was a surprise visit from a stranger who has a copy of ‘Awarif al-Ma’arif of Sheikh ibn Umar Suhrawardi. This is a very great work, and hard to obtain. I used it once in seclusion (khilvat) but it had an effect that there was nobody to whom and with whom to share its treasures.

I am having more pictures produced, both these and another one at Multan, and am gradually going over all my pictures for literary reasons.

Allah bless you,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



11th July, 1963


Beloved One of Allah:   

Your letter dated 4th of June arrived but one wonders whether it should have been “4th July” because of contents. There are two things to write about first before answering it.

The meditation in my life is concerning the difference between fana-fi-Lillah and fana-fi-Rassoul. Now this word “difference” is usually taken in an analytical sense and thus establishes actual differences. For from a purely logical point of view to say “Allah and His Messenger” and also, “He hath no partner” causes a difference between the philosophical end psychological outlooks. This has meant that in Saudi Arabia the attitude toward Mohammed is different. They begin by insisting he is not a partner of Allah and end by ignoring his noble character and career.

In the papers on “Moral Culture” which go next, one is concerned with the “Law of Renunciation.” This is “Life in God,” while the “Law of Beneficence” is the Life of the heart and the “Law of Retribution” is natural justice. Each has its place in the world. In the absolute sense, in the Life in God there is no Mohammed and we can absolute Rassoul-Lillah. But before one reacts on this point and most people will react instantly and violently, we are missing most of the career of Mohammed (1) as a man on earth (2) in a cosmic career.

The Meraj is the experience of a personality but not necessarily “Man.” In this experience, Mohammed came to the Heaven of Adam but did not stop there. This shows that he had on the one side something beyond “Rassoul” and “Nabi.” Qur’an says: “We make no distinction between them” but Muslims usually do. This is often based on ego ignorance. There is no way to belittle Mohammed more than by saying he was “the last and greatest of the prophets.” What is meant by “greatest?” Why do say, “Allaho Akbar?”

But from another point of view, when one examines the purpose of creation, the purpose of creation was for the manifestation of Insaan-i-Kemal, so that Mohammed, in a sense, is the creation. And yet there is beyond creation. And I shall take this up later in answering your letter. In “Rassoul Gita” there is a vast distinction made between “La Illaha” in which we must deny and “El Il Allah” in which we must affirm and it is easy to fall into a trap.

My recent examination of Kashf-ul-Mahjub has resulted without exception in finding in the text exactly the same lessons as received at the Dargah Data Ganj Baksh without exception. Some of these matters were discussed with you, in regard to training younger people in a simple form of tasawwuf based in Azan and Fateha. Now with your letter it becomes clear that someday, inshallah, I may perform a work outlined by Hazrat Inayat Khan in his early days, that “Kashf-ul-Mahjub” be reinterpreted in the light of his writings. For when I first started to study tasawwuf , we had little literature and were caught between elementary material on the one side and the very profound teachings of Kashf-ul-Mahjub on the other. It was not until the fourth study of this book that your Murshid caught on.

The fana-fi-Sheikh today is Sufi Barkat Ali and Pir of Dewwal-Shereef, who are on earth. It is not that there is more love between your Murshid and these than other spiritual Sheikhs he has met but that the Divine Will ordains it. And fana-fi-Pir means contact with one who is gone, chiefly Hazrat Inayat Khan, Hazrat Mian Mir and Hazrat Data Sahib and in India, Nizam-ud-din Auliya. And fana-fi-Rassoul is 90% Mohammed and 10% Jesus. But when one prays for the guidance, it is anyone of these means that may occur. Holy Qur’an says we always have the guidance but it does not say that the guidance is restricted to any form and guidance is not necessarily kashf alone.

In the meanwhile, your Murshid has been going to a Yoga teacher who is a gymnast. And they were giving lessons on the use of Hindu mantras. So one day he said: “You teach mantras and you teach weight lifting. Did you ever try to see whether the mantras operate in the weight lifting?” So your Murshid lifted a heavy bar, concentrating on OM and did pretty well and then he tried without the OM and had difficulties and said to the Yogi: “See the mantra works, try it. The Yogi was impressed. Then your Murshid picked up the heavy bar and lifted it most easily. “What did you do?” “I had another mantra.” “What was it?” “Allaho Akbar.”

Your Murshid did not try to impress the Yogi more but in the next meditation he was given a tremendous, let us call it, “revelation” for the proper training of children in gymnastics, dancing and all kinds of things. He went to the Yogi and the Yogi was astonished. We do not begin at the beginning. However your Murshid was told it will be two years before this can be written and when it is written, it will be dedicated to Khalifa Saadia K. Khan so that within the world of Islam again there can be proper spiritual training from the beginning. For this it may be necessary to copy his Murshid’s teachings, for there have been difficulties in getting books. But you might try Ashraf and see if you can obtain more literature of Hazrat Inayat Khan, including what is now being sent. Only what he has written in theory on education can be make operative and as above, one can join the spiritual and physical sides of education.

I notice that some writers are calling for this. But they have only words. They do not know how to make things practical. There are ninety-nine ways to perfection and not even the simplest are used.

Before this, the Guru of this Yogi died and Allah says: “You become his Guru.” So here you have your Murshid, rejected by the local Muslims (but not by the diplomats who are his friends), and teaching the other people. Yesterday I met one of “The people of the book.” She is now interested in Hindu teachings. But the people learn to love their teacher; they do not learn to love their fellows or to love humanity. It is a narrow, restricted love. Not in his life has he met God realization among those who have restricted love. Yet he has met in India and in Japan and in Vietnam and in China, some who have unrestricted love.

Whenever there is any sign of running to the non-Muslims, one goes to “Kashf­-ul-Mahjub” and there one reads: “Solitude is fatal to the novice, for the apostle said, “Satan is with the solitary but he is farther away from who are together; and God hath said, “there is no private discourse among three persons but he is the fourth of them (Lor. LVIII, 8)

Love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



24th July, 1963


Beloved One of Allah:

Thank you for your letter of the 19th, which arrived here very quickly. You will find now more lessons enclosed from Series III Moral Culture, of Hazrat Inayat Khan and also the first missing papers will be enclosed. There are three series, 10 lessons each, covering: 1. The Law of Reciprocity, 2. The Law of Beneficence, 3. The Law of Renunciation. The Law of Reciprocity is Fate; The Law of Beneficence is Rahm, from which we get Rahman and Rahim; The Law of Renunciation is La Illaha El Il Allah.

Hazrat Inayat Khan was born in 1882 and died in 1927. He began his work in the West in 1911 when he gave Bayat and Khalif-ship to Rabia Ada Martin, who was my first teacher, but who did not give me the formal Bayat. I received both the Bayat and what may be called “initiation” from the Pir-o­-Murshid. He also gave me some special training which is helping me very much now.

His followers were not so advanced and they did not recognize each other and each has tried to hide his teachings. As time has passed, practically all the burden has come to me and the money to others, but this does not matter. Without the spiritual power (Jelal), and wisdom (Jemal), they can do nothing.

I have amply found perfection (Kamal) in Holy Qur’an and when I read in Data Sahib (Al-Hujwiri), it sets the soul on fire. The way he interprets it, you know it is all revelation. There is nothing noble in calling it revelation. The Christians call the Bible revelation and the first teachings of Jesus were the Beatitudes and then the “Lord’s Prayer” and then the Sermon on the Mount and then healing and spiritual faculties and these things do not mean much to the Christians who are concerned with theology.

Some Muslims think it is merit to praise the Prophet and I think it is merit to find out what the Qur’an means inside oneself (as well as outside). Therefore if one can get others to understand the Rahman and Rahim, and the right Path, and the Allaho Akbar and the Rab Alamin, this is a big job and this was Bhullah Shah’s way of studying and I think it is very good for all times.

Now I have three big works in Sufism:

The first is to get literature to people.

The second is to get the ryazat for practices.

The third is to simplify for the next generation a Sufism more in line of devotion and less with metaphysics so everybody can learn.

Now as to the first, you have given me a key here and I shall do the best I can. My brother Saladin will be here for a short visit and if I can get any help from him, inshallah, this may be valuable. But I work alone where fifty worked originally and besides, the work in tasawwuf has four big projects, each enough to keep a person busy.

And the second is that if I fail to get the ryazat practices from any of Hazrat Inayat Khan’s teachers it does not matter. For Allah has brought me to many sheikhs and in Lahore, Major Sadiq and Malik Hamid have given me other sheikhs and other teachings; today there is no need for the future generations to be at a loss.

The third step will take some time and inshallah, it will be worked out with my Khalifa, Saadia Khawar Khan, who shows so much promise and is also interested in education. Now I know some very simple ways to teach the young, so simple that the whole world has skipped them.

And the next thing is that while Hazrat Inayat Khan wrote that an artist subscribes his creations to Allah, in humility but not modesty one must here relate the personal history. Hazrat Inayat Khan asked your Murshid to write commentaries on his writing, and your Murshid could not. Then exactly three years after his death he manifested and began dictating these commentaries, according to the capacity of your Murshid. And neither the language nor the wisdom belong to your Murshid but are products of fana-fi-sheikh and tasawwuri Murshid.

And the same is true of the Part-II of “Saladin,” which was not an inspiration but a direct transmission from Rassoul-Lillah in fana-fi-Rassoul and tasawwur. In this sense, it is questionable how far an instrument [?]. Your Murshid is writing a paper on the architect Frank Lloyd Wright and this seems personal. But during the week a retired military officer sent for him to write on “Alcoholism in the Different Religions and Their Teachings Thereon” and one cannot say whether this belongs to the personal or impersonal side of life.

Now this is the reason for writing. On March 7, the American Friends of the Middle East and the Arab Ladies are coming to have a big gathering on Arabic culture. Your Murshid discovered that the main speaker is one Professor Raoul Bertrand, a Frenchman, who taught at the American University in Beirut. This morning I telephoned him and he was very happy to hear about you and your possible coming here but at the moment he was not sure whether you have been in his classes i.e. whether you were at Beirut but he is going to look up his records.

In any event, an appointment was made for February 11th and this is what one may call the semanticizing of, inshallah ,that it may be the Divine will for you to come here. Nor will we have to wait until the March meetings to make further plans for your coming.

Part-II of “Saladin” has been copied, in part for Consul-General Bashir of UAR and after he receives that we shall also discuss some matters.

Next morning. Due to having imbibed more wisdom both from Sufi teachers and from Allah, it may be best to revise the commentary on this Gatha, so this will follow in an early posting, inshallah. Much attention is now being paid to identify the love which is found among the Sufis; that we are often like one soul in several bodies. One awaits the writings of Hazrat Inayat Khan to see what has been published and what is not published. As in the poem still to be written, the elements of Kalama contain the great truths. But now the sign is that before this commentary is written, it will be wise to copy some of Hazrat Inayat Khan’s teachings for Sufi Barkat Ali.

As-salaam aleikhum.

With love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



July 29, 1963


Beloved One of Allah:

Enclosed are the last lessons on “Moral Culture” which were originally the class materials and later put in a book. Hazrat Inayat Khan also had published and lately republished “Character Building” which will be copied shortly.

He also had complete Moral Training for mureeds. My own library was destroyed in 1949 with everything. But today I learned that there is one man here who has some copies of my things and, inshallah, I may be able to reach him before he goes away. The people who have these writings have long promised, but when it came to delivery, I could not get the things.

My very close friend Saladin has been here for one day. He has sent me all his books written by Hazrat Inayat Khan and on arrival, I expect to copy these materials which were also class lessons and although published, have not been republished. Much of this writing will need commentaries.

If my own writings alluded to above are delivered, it may save me time and labor.

Saladin has also given me his copy of “Masnavi” of Maulana Roum. I shall show this to Farooq Mawlawi, who should be back shortly from New York.

A letter from Major Sadiq is long overdue and meanwhile my correspondence with Pakistan grows constantly.

Praise be to Allah who is giving me the most complete teachings in ryazat, which can be incorporated in any system of Islamic education, at any age. It is too tremendous at the moment for me to write it and, with some other doors opening through my brother Saladin, there is a new big world, and here your Murshid is, busy all the time without surcease, but fortunately in good health.

Will you please check to be sure you have now three sets of papers on “Moral Culture”;

Reciprocity, Renunciation, Beneficence; 10 lessons each. If not, I shall have to supply the missing ones. Now my work is at least beginning to be systematized.

God bless you. As-salaam aleikhum.

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



Night, August 3, 1963

To: Mr. Lindstrom


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. Thank you for the Id greeting. The book, “Character Building,” has been copied and is enclosed. There has had to be some meditation because on the one hand the instruction is to write, and or the other hand, there is a series of duties, problems and opportunities all come at once.

By kashf it was known that a certain climax would come in regard to the writings of Hazrat Inayat Khan. After years I have not been able to get back copies of my original commentaries on some of his teachings; always a promise and then an obstacle. Only, one does not react, one must be indifferent: “Praise Allah in prosperity and surrender to Him in adversity.”

Then, his class teachings were promised me and there have been long negotiations and no result and no assurance that there would be results. Then Saladin showed up and whenever Saladin shows up there is something stirring. He is like the Planet Uranus in modern astrology—a big change comes in something, and he remains in California this month and there will be change, but your Murshid does not know.

Anyhow, Saladin has released his Sufi books and in the meditation it came to copy some of them and send them to Sufi Barkat A1i and there will be some carbons, one to you. You may realize that this is added to a full life. But already all social affairs without a purpose have been cancelled, and if there is to be any pleasure it must come in the line of duty, but fortunately there are many pleasures in the line of duty.

There is always temptation to write the commentaries and give the lessons with inner explanations and the suitable ryazat so they can become entirely clear. This is a voluminous undertaking and there, again, the question is “What is the Divine Will?” There are several ways in which this may be made known. For example kashf. Hazrat Inayat Khan gave a prayer which reads:

“O Though the Perfection of Love, Harmony and Beauty,

Lord of Heaven and of Earth,

Open our hearts that we may hear Thy voice which cometh constantly from within.

Most Merciful and Compassionate God,

Give us Thy great goodness,

Teach us They loving forgiveness,

Raise us above the distinctions and differences which divide men,

And send us the Peace of Thy Divine Spirit.


 This shows the kashf and the guidance.

At the same time, in fana and tasawwuri (which is fana + grace) you can feel the presence of the guiding teacher or saint and they will dictate to you. This is a wonder and a blessing and also an experience. But it is also a discipline, for you have to surrender self-will. And it cannot be forced, it may come and go suddenly, and like the jinn, you can only obey.

It was quite evident, or it was brought out in cross-questioning that the craftsmen who worked at Taj received their training not only in marble cutting, but in the spiritual concentrations known as Murakkabah which are part of the disciplinary methods of the Chisti School (and others) of Sufism. But the music helps bring about that refinement which can be translated into other arts.

There are, no doubt, some points which are overlooked. The orthodox Muslims have often been anti-esthetic, and the Hindus have tended to look in India excepting hand craftsmen. You do not find excellent metal workers in India excepting among Muslims. This also extends to wood-workers, etc. which have flourished either in Hyderabad, Deccan, or in the parts of south India which were under the control of Tipu Sultan. It is easy enough to ascribe the “softness” of Islamic art to Indian influences, but the Indian arts of the south, which are best preserved, are not soft at all.

The “softness” comes from social and spiritual freedom and from the development of certain qualities which are under the principles called in Arabic, Jemal. I can assure you, Mr. Lindstrum, that in all Indian philosophy there is nothing to compare with Jemal. Yes, in Chinese philosophy and art, to some extent, what they call Yin (as opposed to Yang,) but only to some extent. In India we really do not find it excepting under Islamic, and very definitely Sufi influence.

Shah Jehan, the great lover, was a Sufi disciple. His father, Jehangir, also a great lover, was also deeply interested in Sufism, but unfortunately had a penchant for alcohol at times. So the greatest art development came under the rule of his son. It was then that the esthetic development of the sub-continent reached its height. This also can be applied to most arts. Under Akbar, the fine arts were stimulated, as they could not have been under Indian rule because of caste restrictions.

Furthermore, all the great love of India is for God rather than man. The romances of India include charm and even beauty but not the soul as the poetry of the Sufis evinces.

I only wish to point this out because of your own statements and here at Taj, especially, the three romances of Love, Religion and Art became one.


Samuel L. Lewis

Also known as Sufi Ahmed Murad-Chisti



26th August 1963


Beloved One of Allah:

Enclosed at this time are the papers in “Moral Culture,” which at an earlier time you said were missing. The moving and some untoward acts at the time threw your Murshid back in time processes.

However there must be a warning here and I think you will understand it. Muslims always repeat “Alhamdulillah,” and if one looks deeply, one will see that the Divine Wisdom controls all things. The Prophet said, “Praise Allah in time of prosperity and resign to Him in time of adversity.” Now if the adverse were reported, it would seem to be that Allah is not always Er-Rahman, Er-Rahim.” At the same time the adverse may be a small part of life but it is the part that makes the most impressions.

When a person has trouble or difficulty, this impresses others, and when a person has prosperity or gain, other people think he is lucky and are not so impressed. But the things that need to be overcome are the impressions which are called sanskaras in Sanskrit. In tasawwuf this is due to Nufsaniat, that we remain self-centered. A Muslim theoretically means one who is Allah centered, not self-centered.

Therefore it is not only to copy papers on “Moral Culture” but to abide by the teachings. On the battlefield a soldier may be wounded or even a whole regiment lost and yet victory may be grasped. So in a total situation it is not the riza of nufs but the riza with Allah that is important.

Here, when one complains, he is regarded as being self pitying and if he does not, he is regarded as being boastful. Perhaps it is the same all over, yet the boastful people are considered as more egocentric than the self pitying. It is not so. The boastful can repeat the Alhamdulillah and the self-pitying do not see the divine view. So in studying these papers, please keep the Fateha always in view, that the Moral Culture of Sufism (Saluk) is not to be considered as anything but the application of Fateha and the principles of Sunna, only universalized. I believe you can understand that.

Other lessons will be sent soon and Monday, inshallah, some special envelopes will be sought to send you writings going sea mail. These writings took some extra time but your Murshid has found that book orders from England take interminable time and even though it may be months before you get them; the written copies would take less time and considerable less money than the book purchases.

As-salaam aleikhum.

Sufi Ahmed Murad Christi



30th August 1963


Beloved One of Allah:

One does not know whether the ways of Allah are mysterious or so plain that they seem crooked to humanity. My kashf has been to complete a certain writing, “The Art of Personality,” by Hazrat Inayat Khan, and then look for a new cycle. At the same moment that I completed the typing, your letter of the 25th arrived and my Brother Saladin telephoned. I am to meet him shortly and will answer you in part, before that. For there is no doubt that he brings “good tidings” in the sense of constructive suggestions. Some of these will cover scientific matters. And as Major Sadiq is with you, I shall also include some news.

Now jumping to your reference to Holy Qur’an. Revelation comes in the form of spheres and we (man) make it linear. If you read commentaries they jump about. This is not wrong, for the Revelation did not come like a serial story of fiction, or like the consequence of history. And the same thing applies to all holy things, like the instant above, that there are a lot of things that come together, but one must write them bit by bit.

For example, Saladin used to write on “Name” and “names.” Your name, Saadia, is after the great poet of Shiraz, the author of “Bustan” and “Gulistan” and I pray also you may be permitted to visit Shiraz, perhaps with our Iranian brother.

And again, with regard to Qur’an, Hadith says that Qur’an was revealed in seven dialects and each has an inner and outer meaning. Even the word “Allah” has a long history. I think I have reported on Brigadier Mohammed Ghulam Khan of Islamabad (Major Sadiq used to be his aide-de-camp) who told me that even Kalama is found in the Vedas, something I found to be true. And not only that, in such a diverse language as Tibetan; the name for God is Lha, as one finds in Lha-sa, the city of God (Allahabad).

Then we come to Rahmaniyat, which is the source of Rahman and Rahim. To demonstrate the attunement between Murshid and mureed. I am studying at the moment “Basic Concepts of the Qur’an” by Mawlana Abdul Kalm Azad, which is based on his commentary on Surt-ul-Fateha and published by “The Academy of Islamic Studies,” Hyderabad, Deccan. It is necessary to write to them.

There is also from the same source a book comparing Gita and Qur’an. Now Major Sadiq knows that the last inspiration coming to me is known as “Rassoul Gita” and is to be the Islamic answer to the Indian Bhagavad Gita and it must live on forever. Today, when your Murshid had his first relaxation, there was revealed to him the Day of Judgment for Jews and Christians. So far “Rassoul Gita” shows the superiority of Islam over the Indian Dharma, but now the Day of Judgment for Jews and Christians was shown, and this needs to lessons:

First, it is incorrect to say that there is any real superiority of Islam over any Dharma which Mawlana Azad brings out, that both are Din, there has never been any religion or revelation but Din, but the Indians do not recognize Islam and the Muslims often recognize Dharma (the exception recognition no done other point: The Name.

Rama did not say “Rama,” Shiva did not say “Shiva,” Buddha did not say “Buddha.” Moses (Musa) gave the name to the Israelis; they did not repeat it after awhile saying they were unworthy. Christians say, “Hallowed Be Thy Name” but do not use the Name. It was therefore necessary to have a re-evaluation of Din, with Emphasis on Name which comes first in Bismillah.

Now the next thing is to work for the body, as Jesus (Isa) said, “Give us this day our daily food.” (not bread). Brown rice is the natural rice, rice unpolished, not white rice. It contains the vitamins and the minerals and the life forces. When we eat the living foods, we get the life and that is what Saladin is trying to bring about.

At the same time, as your Murshid has written, he is interested in the whole problem of food production. But this includes not only the big problems of salinity and the desert, but the small ones of having the right food and medicine. When visiting Major Sadiq’s farm, it was suggested we grow medicaments and additives. Now more recently, an offer was made for the future where your Murshid could have a Khankah and also grow some necessary foods or even gather the beneficial wild herbs. There is no fixed time here, and the news is recent.

Next concerning your health. This is still an important matter. It is regrettable that it is impossible to drop other matters and collate all the materials available either from the nutritional standpoint or from the esoteric standpoint. If you go to Ashraf, you may be able to find Hazrat Inayat Khan’s book on “Health.” Your Murshid has written a commentary on it, which included many practices and suggestions not in that work, but again, it is impossible at the moment to go over the files to find it. One is trying to complete memories under the most trying circumstances. This may be as Allah says.

Therefore a copy of “The Art of Personality” is enclosed, for the final chapter gives the clue to all the trying circumstances in our lives. It is necessary to hold on to Allah and it is difficult.

Now as to fana. This means self-effacement. To explain it mathematically. People think effacement means becoming zero, becoming nothing. Actually it is the removal of nufs. Therefore for nufs, it is negative. As one moves negatively toward the negative infinity, he learns in the end that the negative infinity and the positive infinity become the same. In other words, fana implies that the more one removes the self, the more the Divine Infinite life (baqa) manifests.

Those who move positively can only move at a certain rate, and those who move in effacement increase the divine accommodation. So instead of being a “nothing” or “no thing” it is as Hazrat Ali has said, “Say Allah and Allah you will become.”

I stop here to resume later after meeting Saladin.



31st August, 1963


Saadia, Beloved One of Allah:   

The Prophet said that in adversity one should resign to the will of the Beloved and in prosperity praise him. The Sabri School, which Sufi Barkat Ali represents, proposes equanimity, to take all things and have no regard for adversity or prosperity. This is easy to say, but when the news is reported, one is liable to feel a weakness at the report of evil and strength at the report of good.

For instance, your Murshid was already to move and the woman who was renting the quarters to him kept his money and typewriter and would not let him in; then began telephoning everybody justifying herself and keeping friends and acquaintances in a turmoil. Weaklings, without hearing the other side, turned against him, but strong people became drawn to him; this on a program of 16 hours of work every day.

While this was going on, more and more spiritual materials have come into his hands. There is now the most complete set of instructions on Zikr, far more than appears in any book, or apparently in any School. For Hazrat Inayat Khan had the training in the “For School Sufism,” which has its headquarters in proper order the complete Zikr training.

But your Murshid also received in inspiration the combination of Zikr with Murakkabah and again Zikr with Mushahida, and more recently applications of Zikr which cannot be completely separated with certain fundamentals of Islam. And here, attention must be called to the fact that Hazrat Inayat Khan left a complete compendium on Nimaz, Fikr, Kasab, Shagal, Amal, Breath-Mysticism and Psychic Power (Amaliat) along with other teachings. To which will be added the methods developed in the 20th Century by other Pirs of other Schools which have come into your Murshid’s keeping.

Now the June issue of Pakistan Review has a letter written by your Pir-o­-Murshid to Shamsuddin Ahmed of Model Town. Copy was sent to the editor, who published it and in the editorial of that June issue, he has written asking why this Sufi has confined himself to spiritual matters and “not to social, cultural and economic issues.”

There is a mistake to assume that Dervishes are only concerned with a Deity who is not on earth and though everybody, including Dervishes, prays constantly to “Rab Alamin” it is only in words, or at best in the thoughts. It is the Dervishes, not the masses of Islam that make reality of these words.

Again Mohammed, not the people, declared by the Grace of Allah that Jesus, that Isa, was a Muslim. Yet Isa never married and Isa prayed, “Give us this day our daily bread.” He was also concerned with the stomachs and bodies of people. The Universal Islam therefore includes all teachings not abrogated in Qur’an and if these teachings are contrary to Hadith, it was the Prophet, not the Muslims of later date who said: “My word can never abrogate the words of Allah but the words of Allah can abrogate my words.”

Actually your Murshid has been saying: “Spiritual food for the West, material food for the East.”

The other day he received a confidential soil report covering many nations but Pakistan in particular, corroborating everything he has said, done and tried. But this came after having received from his spiritual brother, Saladin Reps, some of the latest and most revolutionary advances in the sciences. In the end he shall have to admit that Allah is Er-Rahman, Er-Rahim, not just mere words. There are no problems, just tests from Allah. The Compassion name, give to human kind to work out salvation and wisdom. The answer is really always available. The question is whether the nufs can be sent to accept them. Your Murshid has therefore also written to Shamsuddin Ahmed of Model Town and now will also write to Mohammed Hakim of Sheikhupura on related matters as above because Sufi Barkat Ali both appointed him as Khalif and asked your Murshid to help him.

Busy all the time, one cannot release studies one would wish and I have not even completed my book on memories. But if there is no “rest,” one must accept a deluge of blessings and wait patiently for the “gradual run off” so that these blessings can be shared with human kind, both in the world (must) and in the universe of tasawwuf .

Love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



Date unknown, likely Sept 1963


When you come to this country, inshallah, I shall show you some more writings of Hazrat Inayat Khan which are scattered through his books and by these one can understand the above experiences. But now I am sending a copy of another lesson in Naqshibandi, which is also really a lesson in Murakkabah, that as one concentrates on these symbols and holds them in what one calls the mind, their real nature impresses itself on the person. For man is not the nufs and is not a fixed entity or being. Only Allah is permanent, or in man, ruh.

Also the commentary is enclosed, written some years ago, which is not perfect but will no doubt help you to understand more. For symbols are like mummies, only living, encased in words and forms and art, and yet the blue­prints of life itself.

Also I have written to Prof. Gumperz asking for an appointment and there are other matters. For example, if I haven’t told you, my friend, Hon. Abdul Sattar of Kharian, is now secretary to the Minister of External Affairs.

Next your Murshid is to send you the ten lessons in what are called “Tas­awwuf,” but not exactly what we mean by this word; a shortened version. And after you receive these ten lessons will you please check back on all you have received so you can be sure of having the whole complete series of the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan. Then, excepting for special materials (such as the commentaries on Naqshibandi), nothing more will be sent until your geography is settled, such as when you will be coming to the United States.

The information, unconfirmed, is that Major Sadiq may leave Pakistan, inshallah, in May, crossing the Pacific Ocean and landing in San Francisco. The news about Memsahib is not clear. Shamsuddin Ahmed is preparing for Bayat and he will have to learn that although letters may be shared up to a point, lessons are not to be shared at all.

If the signs be correct, there will be nuclei of mureeds both [?] some things more in store.

It is not easy to be involved in international matters. The representatives of each country lack candor, and all alike forget that we live and move and have our being in Allah, the Omnipresent.

Love and blessing, from

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti

PS There is also another subject, “Takua Taharat” or “Everyday Life” that must be copied and sent.



September 6, 1963


Beloved Ones of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum

Yesterday I moved into the new address, 58 Harriet St, which is in a poor part of San Francisco, but which has ample room to house one other person. I felt by Kashf that this would mean a change in outlook and felt the presence of Allah almost immediately. Only it is far beyond my capacity to regard what was shown me and now I write to you both conjointly.

Between the complex conditions in Southeast Asia and the presumable “misunderstandings” between your country and mine, it was imperative I meet somebody who could either make decisions or give sound advice. For the publication either of my memories or for those of my late friend, Robert Clifton, could create stirs far beyond those started by “The Ugly American.” And my adviser not only made such conclusions but wishes to act as an agent for me in both private and public capacity, although for the latter there would be no remuneration of any kind. It does not matter.

Actually this interview was foreseen by a tea-cup reader in 1939, a long time back when there was no dream of ever going abroad.

I have taken up one by one the grievances which Pakistan might have or does have and protested against your country being treated like a poor relation, always taken into but never consulted. It is not even a question of right and wrong.

Among the things mentioned were the parts the Dervishes play in world affairs, something of which America, as a Nation, wish to close their eyes to. Between my history in the UAR and that in Peshawar, covering several persons, some of whom you know, even without any Kashf one gets a pretty good picture of world affairs as they are. And if one does add the Kashf and the Mushahida and in the latter there used to be long histories, this Nation, verbally dedicated as being “under God” is under hypocrisy to say the least. That is why I am hesitating to work too hard to propose reforms for Pakistan because we spend billions on “foreign aid” to keep corrupt governments in offices and harass our own Negroes who, now for the first time, are offering human protests.

My first proposal to make a first step, not even the first step, in spiritually and spiritualism was treated as a tremendous boon. For the American people know little and have been befouled and befuddled at every step by a conglomeration of European professors, Indian charlatans and American [?] (not many of these). We have accepted, even officially, as Asian cultures that has been existed excepting in the minds of men, usually Europeans. And while we say on the one hand that Kashmir should belong to Pakistan because the people are Muslims, even the government subsidized schools on Oriental subjects do not have any Islamic or Pakistani professors on any basis.

But I am not going into negative protests. The fact is that today the whole world and every opportunity was placed in my hands, praise to Allah and there is so much encouragement, though it came from only one person, that it would seem that road blocks and bottle necks, as we call them, are removed.

My brother Saladin was here and the first steps were taken to show somebody the spirituality of how to walk, how to breathe and how to use the name (or attributes) of Allah. This is really the gist of tas­awwuf , with or without books, and lectures and sermons.

My love and blessings to you both and also Major Ikram because the new methods of instruction in tasawwuf would benefit all his children, down to the smallest; and they also could become integrated into national instruction from the low grades to the highest. It is only that I am limited, very limited in getting all these things out and would therefore welcome a visit to the United States.

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



September 27, 1963


Beloved One of Allah,

Asalaam Aleikhum. Your Murshid would prefer that this letter be read in the presence of Major Sadiq, but if he is not around, read it and then save it for him before making too much of answers.

Recently your Murshid received a surprise scathing attack from his close spiritual Brother Saladin, who accused him without evidence of something, and there were two ways in which this was answered:

a. Your Murshid was busy trying to build up food programs and to help the agriculture of millions of starving people to go around doing what he was accused of.

b. It was a good idea; that he had now the time to commit such acts and would try very hard henceforth to find time to do them and this would satisfy everybody, the accusers and non-accusers alike.

The upshot was a most apologetic letter and there is now peace, love and understanding and no need to forgive or anything.

Now before me is The Koran of Dawood and while this may not be the best translation it serves a purpose. There are the Suras which have the name of “Dowa” and these can be repeated for self-protection. Or again, when the problem was put before the Prophet he said: “Say Allah and leave them to their devices.” When one is concerned with spiritual duties he is too busy for anything else but the nearly perpetual Zikr or the concern with the affairs of man.

Nevertheless the critics have rendered a signal service. For Sura 95 begins, By the fig, and by the olive! And while your Murshid did not realize this, this is at the very basis of his planned book and articles on “How California Can Help Asia” and he will not write some separate papers for “Pakistan Review” or anybody. For there is a vast difference between what uninformed people call “Islam” and the surrender to Allah.

For instance, your Murshid is in two study groups that are interested in international politics and he has been reading on Malaya and Indonesia. And the first reflection is that the ignorant Muslims are not peace-loving at all! Even the political Pakistanis have shown some restraint about fighting with India and now we see two nations of “Muslims” preparing for war. Even the idea is terrifying.

At the same time it is notable that the influence of tasawwuf is very strong in both Malaya and Indonesia and among the Sufi teachers Jili stands forth with his “Insaani-i-Kemal” or treatises on the Perfect Man. And your Murshid is very satisfied with the forms Islam has taken there, although they are very different from the Islam of Pakistan or the Arab World or the African world. And the critics may say: “See, your Murshid likes the Islam of these peoples and they are taking to the sword.” It becomes a delicate matter.

Then there is another correspondent in England and now he begins to agree with your Murshid that the first thing in Islam, if one is going to use that word, is to learn the peacefulness and surrender. This can be done in Nimaz and Zikr and Murakkabah and it is not a matter of tongue.

Now in 1926 Hazrat Inayat Khan gave his last will and testimonial to your Murshid and nobody believed it or accepted it. So the Sufi organization has split into many parts and they all talk about “Sufism” like the people in Pakistan talk about “Islam.” But there is no consideration of Allah. Yet now, after all these years, for the first time the elder son of Hazrat Inayat Khan has agreed, just a bit, that his father just might have confided in your Murshid. And the truth is that Hazrat Inayat Khan gave him the sobriquet of Sufi, but that he never used it until it was publicly announced by Pir Sahib Salarwala.

Another aspect to the finances will come in regard to seeds. The Ferry Morse Seed Company, which is the largest and best, will extend you every courtesy. But they tell me that both India and Pakistan have limitations on the amount of money that can be spent on such things, so they might have to be bought through my personal account. Nothing can be done until you come except a careful study of the best things. But there are two or three other aspects.

From government sources and from organizations it may be possible to get seeds and cuttings at low prices and the main problem and cost will be in the packaging and shipment, unless, as in some cases, they could go with baggage, or Inshallah, the Pakistan Airlines will grant you some concession.

No doubt later I shall write again in regard to the oil company, etc.

Then there is another remark as to my makam. But you have already mentioned the abdal, and not even to Saadia Khawar does one like to mention such things. One has to work regardless of friendships or form. All I can say here is that my scientific program now has the full accord of Holy Qur’an.

Inasmuch as I have been criticized, let me explain something. I did not meet any Imam until 50 years of age. As each Sura was studied, the parallel passages in the Bible were searched, and commentaries were written (destroyed in a fire long ago) which showed the connection between the Bible and its prophets and Mohammed as Khatimal-Nabi. There was a definite continuum which not even many Muslims have studied. So one reached his own interpretation of the Holy Book without being able to tell whether it was heterodox or orthodox. Yes, my whole life is against those who act as if Mohammed was the only Prophet. You can see in records that Ibrahim and Isa did things which are contrary to what people call “Islam” and which they claim (I do not know) are in Sharia. Qur’an teaches that one must believe in Allah on the last day, and who does right will be “saved,” but most believe in Allah and they skip that and make a magic formula out of the Ashadu.

In “Saladin” where Mohammed appeared to me as Khatimal-Nabi he not only showed the unity of religions, but himself taught me Yoga systems which are practically unknown today in India.

Behind this is what we in America call the “semantic problem.” Just what is Islam? Who determines it, and how, etc. I do not wish to go over the ground of Mohammed Abou or Ameer Ali and no doubt Sheikh Mauduidi has a different interpretation since he went to the Pir Dewwal Shereef. The whole problem is clearly stated in “Kashf-al-Mahjub, but instead of studying, people go to the tombs (this is not wrong, but the study is more right). Neither is it wise to get into arguments where you can quote Hadith and the other people cannot. Only in all things one tries to depend on kashf and if one’s kashf is not pertinent to holy writings, one should not follow it. But even the great Imams never said their works were revelation, nor inexorable; not even Hadith is inexorable.

To me, all discoveries, inventions, ideas which have benefited humanity some are because of Allah, and without His permission nothing would ever have been to man’s welfare. And it is quite obvious that all these things did not come to and through Muslims, although this was once the case many centuries back.



Sept. 29 1963


If many things have been hard to accomplish, at least one wonderful sign has been given. The Consulate urged me to meet one Mohammed Qureshi and we had a short visit last night. He has agreed to do some Urdu translation for me after his examinations, which take place shortly.

This person met recently a Christian mystic who had the same social rejections. But he has a meeting place and he wants this one to lecture at his place on Peace and the world religions which, inshallah, may be done.

Now Hazrat Inayat Khan taught that Peace in the world depended on the acceptance of the Hierarchy (Qtub, Ghaus, Auliya, etc.). He left a whole ceremony for this purpose, but the meaning was not accepted and the practices (Mujahida, Mushahida) are hardly known at all. So instead of having peace have turmoil.

Last week this one performed for the first time the tawajjeh of Khalif Usman, and gave the feeling of Peace to all. No doubt, superficially or otherwise, it is like some forms of Darshan in India. The way this person has been given Darshan, it has often been a ceremony but when this person had the tawajjeh of Hazrat Inayat Khan (he had it in two ways) it was transforming. This also is in harmony with the Darood practices.

 Now, for the first time in San Francisco has help been offered, and one has to consider a similar offer in Hollywood when one can go there. In one sense, one has not been prepared to be a Murshid on a large scale. One inherited, so to speak, a Buzurg training from Murshida Rabia Martin here in San Francisco, but one cannot choose his own function of working when there are so few spiritual people in a vast country. And one is always aware that Divine Grace is beyond all personal and personality efforts.

Love. This is the final of these three subjects. In the purer sense there is little of that here. We have passion, we have infatuation, we have much good will and Americans are, by nature, always kindly toward children. But having heard and met so many of our leaders, there is little deep understanding. Only now there is a change and one is unable even to lay down a program for himself because of both needs of others and their seeking.

You will appreciate, dear Murshid, that one is always busy and now, for the first time, alhamdulillah, there may be some help of a nature badly needed, for a spiritual brother is moving here who can be entrusted with typing and so help prepare lessons. And the amount of lesson material that has come, come from all Nations, is very great and unorganized, and if published, the meanings remain unknown. So one is satisfied and Allah has given the strength and courage to continue at an age when my companions have become feeble and worn out and here again is the testimony that one’s spiritual practices Wazifa and Darood are effective, they operate through the person and preserve, increase and encourage his vitality.

With love and blessings to all,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



1088 Fulton St.

San Francisco 17, Calif.

October 18, 1963


Imam John X,

Muhammad’s Mosque of Islam, No.26

1570 Ellis St., San Francisco 15


My Dear Brother:

As-salaam aleikhum. I have your letter of the 17th and am very glad to have met you. Sufis have a practice called “tawajjeh” by which, through the aid of the eyes, they can see deeply into another man’s spirit. This throws out all the gossip and unfavorable talk which circulates and which comes from man’s ego (nufs).

You have started your letter: “In the Most Holy Name of Allah, The Beneficent, the Merciful, To whom All praise is due.” That is right. That is so right I refuse to accept any thanks, for any offer, and I think you understand.

The dervish belongs to Allah, not to man. He has no home, no country, no family, no race. He possesses all, and yet, also possesses nothing. He accepts all and also accepts nothing. He goes where he is sent and has no will about it. In Lahore this dervish purchased many books, without even knowing why. Allah had given him the wherewithal. Returning, he found a strange condition.

The official Muslims pay little attention to religion and none to culture. There are many people in this vicinity who are interested in religion and others in culture. Recently he went to a lecture on UAR. The speaker was a born Jew and every remark he made was favorable to President Nasser. There were no Muslims, as such, in the audience. There was no objection or opposition to any remark made. Everybody seemed to approve.

This week the writer goes to the Museum in Golden Gate Park where there are scheduled lectures on Islamic Art. The writer has lectured on this subject himself, so he sees a gradual acceptance of another way of life amid a spiritually starving people. There is far more spiritual starvation among the people around us, regardless of backgrounds, than they realize, but sometimes instinctively they realize it.

In Pakistan the writer purchased a prayer rug which has not been shipped. It is for a Mosque and the official Muslims are too concerned here with things. The rug has been dedicated and will be sent for, or others will be sent for, inshallah, to be used in prayers.

At the moment there are some moneys due in Rupees. Originally these were to be redeemed in Rupees. But in the prayers and meditations Allah has willed and otherwise and instead Prayer Caps will be asked. So it is possible they will be sent to your address. Again, no thanks. Alhamdulillah.

Living in this noisy district one cannot help but see the differences in the public department and demeanors between your group and others. This itself is a testimonial.

Could you bring your pictures on Mecca? This would involve several things:

American Friends of the Middle East might welcome you, and this I shall take up.

Asia Foundation on the Mall. The present Director, Russell Smith, is one of my patrons.

Mrs. Lucretia Grady, my other patron, was the wife of our Ambassador and a close friend of the late Hasan Nizami (Nizam-ud-din Auliya). I expect to see her next month.

But beyond that it would be for consultation with both Sufis and officials. There are not enough speakers on Pakistan here. I don’t know what can be done about it.

After all this I had a kashf on Kashmir. The answer was clear and I commend it to you, but please keep it secret unless you meet Major Sadiq or Pir Barkat Ali:

“How can Pakistan expect to have Kashmir unless it is based on the terms I (Rassoul-­Lillah speaking) imposed on Mecca, or Omar imposed on Jerusalem.” The consciousness of the Messenger of God was all inclusive and he lost Ohud rather than becoming a dualist and dividing the world into friends and enemies.

This is something that would have to be understood beforehand and I don’t think the Azad Kashmiris understand this. They think (and so do most Pakistanis and western people) in terms of friend and foe; they do not see Allah. To impose Urdu, burka, etc. on the Kashmiris would be horrible. Not to impose Rassoul-Lillah might be equally horrible.

The hard point to be overcome here, and that is why there must be silence, is that the new Vice-President of India is a talib in tasawwuf. I hope to hear from him some day. Along with this is the possible guidance you might get right in the Mosque at your door. If kashf is developed, not even letters from me would be necessary.

Please give my love and blessings to your aunts and Uncle Mustafa.

S. A.M.

Sufi Ahmed Murad


P.S. Life is full of harassments which must be accepted, for people now do come to me and soon, inshallah, some will accept the “medicines.” Hardest of all are those who have taken bayat and go off on self-willed tours, to their detriment. Alhamdulillah, he is with me all the time.


P.P.S. These harassments have resolved or been solved in very strange and joyous fashion.

There are two sides to holiness which come out in fana and baqa. In the religions of the Hindus and Buddha you find many people with fana, but not baqa, although in some schools of Buddhism you find the baqa without much fana. Of all the people I have met, including holy men and saints of all faiths, no one has had both fana and baqa like Sufi Barkat Ali, or if he has, it was not manifested. The nearest is a saint, Haji Baba Aziz of Havelian. I hope that Major Sadiq can visit him before he comes to this country. But Haji Baba did not make me his mureed, though the love between some of his mureeds and myself is so terrific that human minds cannot gauge it and hearts can only wonder. He cabled from across the ocean that I must remain until he came, and he gave me the Zem-Zem Water which was the most valuable experience I have ever had on the earth plane alone.

There is no question that this Holy Man has given you practices and now I am to add what is written above. Please follow the example as he says.

Now as to the dream. Hazrat Abdul Qadir-i-Jilani is the Seal of the Walis, the prince of all the Sufis. The blessing has been given to Bhallah House and I know that all Data Sahib communicated to me while at the Dargah is to be taught there.

When I came to Karachi my companion of both San Francisco and Abbottabad took me to a friend’s house. On the wall was a picture. Ghaus-i-Azam was teaching Moineddin Chisti and Omar Ibn Shahab-ud-din Suhrawardi and Pir Naqshibandi. But Ali Shah Qalander was in the picture looking in another direction. I almost fainted. The next time I came I told the elder son, “That picture your father showed me has the story of my life.” This proved to be prophetic. For although Hazrat Inayat Khan has given bayat in “The Four School Tarikat,” later I was given bayat in the Qalandari Order also.

Now, these pictures were symbolic, although they may have been real. But the picture of Hazrat Mian Mir which was on display on the Mall next to Ferojim’s was probably real because by the Moghul period there were real paintings. These paintings may be owned, but I would never put them on the wall facing Mecca so they do not take any part in prayers.

The healing practice should be continued until you are well. As to the hours. Now, many practices have been sent, and lessons, and one does not want to clutter up. According to the Shafi School which is in Egypt, you can have an afternoon prayer, then special practices, then read any lessons, and then another prayer, not being interrupted, beginning that period with and ending with the prayers without leaving the room. But with the morning and late night prayer only one practice should be done, whether Wazifa or Murakkabah. Fikr practice may be separate and also walking practices, but the healing practices should be in a room.

I have tasbihs, thank you, and used one for the first time in the period just above.

The Dog. I think too much has been made of this subject. The dogs in Arabia were scavengers, not exactly on the order of swine, but comparable. A household pet is different. You should wash your hands after the pet touches you, even if you are not going to prayer, and if possible, have a prayer room where the dog does not go.



 October 24, 1963


My Dear Brother:

I have just returned from Guy Atkinson, the engineering company which is building Mangla Dam. They gave me, for the moment, the information I wanted.

I have also inquired as to employment for Shamsuddin Ahmed and others and learned that at this end there are forms only for Americans. If one wanted connections in Pakistan one would have to apply either at their office (they used to have one at Charing Cross) or at WAPDA.

Then a letter was received from Shamsuddin which will be answered later on because it is in connection with entirely different matters.

There is one other engineering firm to visit, too, in these parts. Each of these concerns is in a different, but nearby, city.

If you ever visit Mangla before coming here I am sure some Americans would be interested.

As-salaam aleikhum.



[Undated, possibly 1963]


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. The package of antibiotics was mailed the other day, although it may not reach you before this. The total cost came to Rs. 25, most of which was in the postage. Otherwise it might be months before it arrived.

My khalifa here has asked for tasbihs and I intend to give her mine this week, for her vitality has not been too great and she also has been hospitalized because of an accident. I may not see her because of taking part in a celebration in a nearby town.

Now, it is hoped you have read “Saladin,” for several events have moved out from it. In the second part; in the episode of the Meraj of Saladin. Actually, this was your Murshid’s experience, although it was not entirely psychic and mystical. A large part was under fana-fi-Rassoul, and Mecca Shereef dictated that, for it deals with episodes of Arsh and basic principles of other faiths. At first this was very difficult. But no one can be in fana and assert his personal beliefs from book, gradation or self-will. There is the book Islam and the true Islam not based on Mushahida. Mushahida is the completion of the process which begins with the words (ash-shadu.) Everybody wants to begin with words, but there are more than one type of word that may mean “I see,” “I know,” etc. and each of these words tells of the kind of seeing and knowing, which are not all of one kind.

You may not have considered that your Murshid has debated with some of the greatest pundits and sages of India, including one recently and, by the grace of Allah, does not lose.

In February, one of the top men in the whole Buddhist world died. Next to “Saladin” he was the closest of all men to your Murshid. Yet one day we had this conversation:

“Samuel, was haven’t got IT.”

“Robert, we have got IT.”

It was almost like going to the Pope and having to say that perhaps Islam was the true Faith. Yet there is a way of approaching this Islam under grace, when one is advanced in surrender. Some people have accused your Murshid of being over-assertive, but none of these people know the deeper stages of surrender through Murakkabah, through fana, through tasawwuri. By being the nothing one may assert, especially if there is grace.

So your Murshid has been called to take part in the most important undertakings of Buddhists and Hindus, just as earlier in life he was called upon to take part in the most important affairs of Christians and Jews. It is the Indonesians who realize this for their religion is all-embracing, all-consuming. Indeed, there is only One Religion.

The other faiths fail because they do not see the keystone of the arch and Islam fails and keystones go together. This is the basic wisdom and meaning both of Mohammad and Nuri-Muhammad. Part of this is explained in “Insaan-i-Kemal” of Jili.

Some time ago Major Sadiq wrote that toward the end of July would come a great change in the life of your Murshid. Now the news has arrived that “Saladin” will be here then. He and one Shamcher Beorse who were disciples of Hazrat Inayat Khan could not get along, and your Murshid sent them both the concluding lines of Part-II, “Saladin” and it was wonderful to see the effect. Then to begin to realize that neither silence nor assertiveness is the true way, but the true way is often unwordable, and at best can be put in poetry. When Holy Qur’an is translated it is no longer Holy Qur’an, or it is like melting ice. When you translate it is no longer the ice, and yet water is ice and steam is water and so steam is ice. You have to know what you are translating. So often there have to be commentaries, for Mohammed was listening to Allah or seeing (Mushahida) and his words are often keys rather than doors, doors rather than palaces. If they were palaces every Muslim would be illuminated and if they were merely doors, there would be no Sufism. After the nearby town your Murshid returns and goes south on a trip, a scientific and a family matter, all at once. Then north, on a sort of vacation to see a god-daughter who has problems and two children.

And then to prepare for the day predicted by Major Sadiq when “Saladin” will arrive. In the meanwhile, the art school where I have been attending closes its sessions. These are very nice people. The speaker today makes me feel I should write on “Sufism and the Taj.” This may come next and carbon will be sent to you with the lessons. Allah bless you. Greetings to your family and friends,

 Sufi Ahmed Murad



October 28, 1963


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. Alhamdulillah, at long last one completes one series of papers used by Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan in his class lessons for mureeds. We always used the Invocation, which does not always, but should appear at the top and after that we had a silence. Lessons were read, once each week or occasion, and then re-read at the next. Not too many at one time. There are ten papers of each of seven subjects to cover a year’s theoretical training. But actually this covers one bayat, or initiation. For some it is much faster, for the conferring of bayat does not determine the makam of moment and therefore persons who are advanced were given papers as fast as they could assimilate the contents.

Every word should be taken as real. When your Murshid conducts classes, he internalizes everything by having the mureeds feel whatever is taught. It is almost like a class in dramatics. But it is to become conscious of each thing. And then if one has a short [?] coming naturally, one is able to introduce the counter irritant or medicine.

The Ryazat were not offered as class work first, and the Ryazat must also be taught to teachers with the commentaries. But now your Murshid has collected so much material that will become a mighty project.

But the commentaries on these lessons will be offered on approval or request of Sufi Pir Barkat Ali. For also they are very long and this means much typing, and some expense. Yet there should be no mysteries or complexities in tasawwuf and as the inner being is opened, things become clear.

Now clear to your Murshid also is the connection of the contents with the hoped for, inshallah, dedication at Kasur, before the tomb of Bhullah Shah, the purpose of which becomes clearer all the time.

There are two copies, one for Major Sadiq and one for yourself. These also may be copied for mureeds only and translated into Urdu. This may take time and on this also I shall write to Sufi Sahib.

Also I am now going for the envelopes to send some other material through sea-mail. There has been much typing and there will be much more, which is necessary for the cause of Allah. One believes the whole world will ultimately benefit therefrom, inshallah.

Among the materials being sent by sea-mail are those on Education.

Love and blessings from,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti


P.S. An old commentary on “Moral Culture” was found and is being sent seal-mail.

Also the bringing in of any fabrics for demonstrations, including the types of saris or sari-cloths  you have around Lahore would easily draw an audience. This subject may have to be discussed further:

Tourism. If either of you come, there would not only be the regular tourism but several special visits for either or both of you. Even California is a large State with many places of interest.

Manuscript. I am approaching the end of my typing but events of the day bring in complications. These cover those of politics on the one hand, and of increased reading or fancied interest in spiritual matters.

I have gotten slight results from spiritualists here, but even in my manuscripts I have called attention that so called “mental telepathists” are seeking funds for experiments conjointly with the Russians and are ignoring entirely persons with greater faculties in more friendly countries. The military seems to be aware of this but they cannot make final decisions, especially as to the use of money.

Scientific and Food Problems will be given consideration next. Some letters have been written which may affect details of any journey you take here. This is particularly true of facing the problems of salinity.

Foreign Aid. This will come up in a discussion next week. In the Asian studies so far, attention has been given to S.E. Asia and China. The points of view were very varied and no conclusion was reached. But I am personally rather adamant about what can, might and should be done in and for Pakistan. What is happening is that your students here and in Great Britain often feel they will not be able to do much at “home” so there is a tendency to seek positions in these lands where the pay is greater and the frustrations less.

All the Americans I meet who have been in Asia seem to understand the situations much better than political and other “experts” but their voices are hushed. As to China, this is not simple for the Chinese have a psychology of their own which we do not study. And this is more complicated from my own point of view because of sufficient food for a growing populace.

Divine Guidance. The instructions from Pir Barkat Ali are very serious and sobering, without being heavy or morbid. The leaders of the American Friends of the Middle East arrive next week and several ideas have been presented for the solution of problems. This covers Israel, soils, food, etc. We cannot reconcile Allah Er-Rahman, Er-Rahim, we cannot adjust Rahmaniat and Ilm with our silly limited human insistences which only bring complications. Through Kashf and guidance everything can be solved.


Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



November 3, 1963


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. The other night there was a big dinner of the American Friends of the Middle East and it witnessed the end of some very long trials about which there is no need to burden you. It now seems that so many difficulties have been removed and the body and mind are in good condition. There have been some changes in social undertakings and it is not easy to give up old acquaintances but it seems the new ones are many more in quantity and quality, so this must be the Divine Will.

My friend Mohammed Qureshi was a guest with me at the dinner and we are going out together soon. I shall get his exact address and then ask either that Major Sadiq call on him or that he call at your place. I understand the father was interested in tasawwuf and anyhow there have been spiritual disciples in the family. This meeting must have been in accord with the divine will.

He did not translate the long newspaper articles but did the announcement about the opening of the college. What little I told him interested him very much. He is strong for progressive education. At the same time he is a fine devotee and resigned from the Islamic Center here for the same reason that most of us did as it is purely a social order using religion as a front. We hope to meet soon.

The life is always busy but since Pir Barkat Ali gave me his affairs, it is the attunement which brings this about. And when nothing goes wrong, it does not matter how occupied one is.

In a sense you might do a favor, especially if you cannot come to this country soon. First to give me the name of any text books you own on textiles or clothing materials. There is a lack of knowledge of these things and the teachers and students at the Art School may need some guidance and suggestions.

On the side, the Consul-General here did not show up at the dinner, made worse by, a) he was expected to be the Guest of Honor; b) there were many leading Americans, men of position in wealth and industry and including some of these most all well disposed toward Islam. This included all those people who made the Mosque in Washington possible.

I hope you enjoy the teachings of my first Pir-o-Murshid. His teachings combined with my own commentaries are voluminous. And now I have returned from Pakistan with all kinds of additional teachings from Major Sadiq, Abdul Hamid Khan of the Cantonment, and the various Pirs encountered. The purpose of these will be to help humanity solve problems and it is hard to begin here, and this is a good test for future undertaking. Anyhow my place is very quiet and so are most the neighbors who come from the Philippine Islands.

Soon I shall send you what are called “Candidates Gathekas,” as many as can be typed with carbons and these you can share with anybody.

Peace and blessings from,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



November 3, 1963


My Dear Brother:

As-salaam aleikhum. A number of events have occurred recently and also I am copying the teachings on Saluk, by Hazrat Inayat Khan, the first Series. And it seems that the teachings in Lesson 9 have been my experience of the week.

The worst obstacle of my life had been taken away, Alhamdulillah. This resulted in a series of horrible events beginning in 1945 when a woman, who had been studying with me, suddenly became my enemy and indulged in a series of persecutions. Internally I do not wish to give details here; besides she was involved with a man who is loathed in India and Pakistan.

When I left these shores in 1956, I had ten sets of enemies and Allah said, “Let your enemies fight each other,” which happened. Finally it dropped to three, because most of these “enemies” had many other enemies anyhow. The three left were my brother, about which I do not wish to write because it is not important, and RL and this woman.

Now RL belongs to a class of persons whom I do not wish to have for a friend. He is a European, one of a big class that teaches what goes for “Oriental Philosophy” in this country. Nearly all the so-called teachers of Islamics in the United States belong to this class. They are honored and given big jobs and are self important and keep the people of this country in utter ignorance. When he found out I claimed to be a disciple of Sufism, he was very successful in getting me black listed.

At the same time, his worst enemy was the associate of this woman and each hated each other more than they hated me. All of us belong to the American Friends of the Middle East; in fact the woman’s husband, whom I shall call T, is vice president.

I have written about Mohammed Qureshi, whose family now lives on Multan Road. I took him to the dinner the other night. He did not complete translations for me but he read the announcement of Miss Khawar Khan and the college, and this interested him. He was very happy over the dinner, the speeches and everything else.

A few weeks ago, I submitted plans for peace and agricultural development of North Africa; also a plan for Palestine. At the dinner all the speaker said the time had passed for words and speeches and actions are now necessary. Most fortunately there were several officials present and many wealthy and influential persons. At the end of the meeting the vice president, T, asked me about the plans for Desert Agriculture and this was a good sign because he sought me out. And the next day, by Grace, I was able to meet the president, who was not only interested but he is the first American to recognize me as a Dervish, which is very good sign. There has been no word from Egypt.

Pir of Dewwal Shereef. There was a great visit of Pir Khidr to me years ago and he offered music or poetry (today there are both). If anybody does not accept this it is all right. But the visit of Khidr also involved let one say, “the cup of immortality.” If anybody looks at my pictures, he could not tell which came first, excepting from the clothing. In a very short time I shall be 67 years on this earth and feel no age, and other than the eyes which were always poor, there does not seem to be any diminution of vitality. In fact some people say your Murshid looks younger and better. And if so, this is a living proof of the visitation of Khwaja Khidr.

When your Murshid was a mureed, he saw the Grand Sheikh of the Qalandari Order call on the Pir and this man was 115 years old and he acted like a child, excepting for the wrinkles on his face. Also while your Murshid was there, he saw Mawdudi break down and confess he had been wrong all his life. But there are some things which are as yet too much like miracles and if they are offered in evidence, the ignorant, maybe even the wise, might be confounded. For Allah who is the Lord of all worlds, opens the doors of communication and communion between Pir and mureed on many planes. The fact of being made almost a Khalif at sight by both Pir Sahib Dewwal Shereef and Pir Barkat Ali is sufficient for the world. The only thing is that Pir Dewwal Shereef appeared just once.

Yes, there has been a letter from Iran but no time to answer it.

The rest of this letter is concerned with another point which was taken up with Major Sadiq. There is a spiritual hierarchy which is recognized by all the Sufis, east and west, and this they have in common, at least. And there is the idea of the Ghaus or Khutb at the head of the living hierarchy, and under him a number of nearly perfect souls who have functions and the lower of these is called Abdal, who can change their natures; and below them the Ansars or helpers, of whom there are supposed to be 360.

Now your Murshid was not sent on the path of the Murshid but on the path of hierarchy first due to Khidr and then to the whole chain of prophets, whomsoever, wheresoever. And this involves the responsibility for very big problems, some of these appear in the verses but my diaries were destroyed in a fire. And if one, say, is a Buzurg, he is not concerned with Bayat (the Warisi School, subject to argument, shows the operation of a Buzurg, not a Pir; this man left no successor.)

At the home of Major Sadiq and also at the home of our friend Hamid on [?] Street, in the cantonment, I was challenged by one Abdul Latif, an old wanderer, “Why aren’t you a Murshid.” So I broke from the path of Buzurg, which one does not proclaim and gave the Bayat and sent him to Mian Mir. There he experienced the hal and shahud and proclaimed Ahmed Murad to be a true Murshid. It was his experience and his claim that brought the possibility that this was so, and even Begum Sadiq may know about that.

Now your Murshid has a whole compendium of tasawwuf inside, as well as the writings, to show even little children how to walk with the Zikr and Kalama from earliest childhood. Only this must be illustrated. And when it is taught and done, there will be no boundary to either Islam or tasawwuf , or anything and even a child will have direct wisdom from his own capacity.

Then your Murshid visited a lady who became a widow in his absence and she has two big problems. The first is that she has become a Zen Buddhist and at the same time she wants to remain a Christian and she is insisting one can be both and at the same time she finds she cannot be both. And while this is going on, she has a big family problem and neither her Christianity nor her Zen can solve that problem.

It is awkward because if she tried to pursue the path to Allah, neither of these problems would arise. For in the first place there are esoteric methods to determine the right or wrong, beginning with the Kalama and many more. And even the Sikh said the Muslims had the Kalama personal [?] led to perfection. Then there are forms of Ryazat to meet every personal problem, and one just looks at people who go everywhere else and always return with more problems.

For in the pursuit of Allah one does not trouble about religious differences. There was a Christian mystic named Rufus Moseley and he was supposed to be the greatest Christian mystic in the country and he taught a lot of famous people. So when your Murshid was within a hundred miles of this mystic, he went to the city of Wilmington in the state of North Carolina to meet him. It was something like the meetings with Sufi Sahib at Salarwalla.

We had never met and we accidently turned a corner and immediately embraced each other, no introduction was necessary. We spent time together and on the Sunday I went to a crowded church to hear the sermon. There was a vast audience because there are not many Protestant Christians who stand out as being particularly spiritual. But I never heard the sermon. After a long introduction he said: “Ladies and Gentlemen, my beloved brothers and sisters, I must beg God’s pardon for even coming to this pulpit, for I am unworthy to address you. There is in the audience a man, summon him to the altar to continue this discourse.” And he got down and left the altar and everybody looked around and as a few people knew me, I had to continue the discourse.

This is dramatic, if not unusual for the mystic, and for some time your Murshid was in that part of the world explaining the Christian scriptures to the Christians and not one word was said about Mohammed, yet at the time I was in the fana-fi-Rassoul in the forest jungle and under most holy instructions.

So sometimes one goes and works under guises, which is the course of abdal which means chameleon like, or changeling, yet with time the Inner Guidance is different. So you can understand and even explain the different religions. This was brought to the perfection in “Saladin” where the Perfect Messenger also explained the other religions in poetic form. So when these lessons are sent, please examine them both from the personal and impersonal point of view and try to bring the two together.

May Allah bless you,


P.S. Have written to the Middle East Institute in Washington D.C. concerning ways necessary for transference of credits to this country for higher education.



19 November, 1963


Beloved One of Allah:   

As-salaam aleikhum. The wise and bounteous Providence has changed the course of affairs very much and though the quantity of work and duty remain the same, the quality is different. People are responding but not necessarily where one has planned. For instance, tomorrow your Murshid will speak against our giving military aid to India. This will please Pakistanis but the address will not be to please Pakistan. It is based on Kashf and the wide outlook, the forward outlook, the world outlook. I am on excellent terms with India but also believe that Allah helps those who help themselves and they are being tested and must stand up against these tests without whimpering.

People in America have little idea of spirituality and even morality now. You must be prepared for shocks and hard adjustments. At the same time the possibility of showing films of the Holy Cities has met with response. Your Murshid has arranged to discuss your affairs with the Asia Foundation and the American Friends of the Middle East.

For the time being, two suggestions dominate: one is to go to Washington where you would attend the School of Middle East and also be near the headquarters of both the American Friends of the Middle East and the Islamic Center, both of whom would undoubtedly cooperate in having you show films and lecture and inshallah, receive remuneration.

The other is to come to California. A letter has been written to one Prof. Von Grünebaum. It is important also for Major Sadiq to meet him and by the end of next month a complete report will be given. And also if you come to San Francisco (and perhaps elsewhere), you may be invited to speak on Arabic, customs and the work of your College.

One suggests that you call on Prof. A.A. Siddiqui at the Punjab University to discuss your affairs. Also while you are there, please call on Mrs. Ahmed and also subscribe for me to her magazine and also any publications. For next spring, there will be a short seminar here on Islamic Art. There will be a longer and more important session on Islamic Philosophy and Literature. As the first news just came today, there are no more details at the moment but this is most welcome news.

Detailed reports are being sent to Sufi Pir Barkat Ali. It is certain that one has here a tremendous compendium on ryazat and apart from this your Murshid can direct you to places where you can find source material in books. This may take some time and discussion and should be completed before you leave your country.

With love and blessings to everybody,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



25th November, 1963


Beloved One of Allah:   

As-salaam aleikhum. You will find enclosed another series of papers by Pir-o-­Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan. Actually there are many of these but one does not know how rapidly you can absorb them. Besides there are many esoteric sciences, and for some of these there are lessons and for others there are not. Concerning some of these sciences, I have written to Pir Barkat Ali and shall again later.

A letter has been received from Asia Foundation suggesting that you write to the Institute of Middle East Studies in Washington, who have both a sort of graduate Academy and also are in touch with all the institutions which teach Islamic. I have written to the University of California at Los Angeles, but no answer. I may call on Professor Gumperz again too, also will write to the Mosque in Washington.

There is a side of your Murshid which is very ordinary and sometimes causes confusion. Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan would say, “This is a jinn soul” and perhaps that is it. Tired of being rebuffed over and over again he has come out in public against many lectures on Asian subjects and upset them and sometimes the audience, because many of them just read books or make rapid journeys.

Last week there was a discussion on the Chinese-Indian border dispute. As if by magic four of us, all of whom have been to Asia and been rebuffed by American audiences, sat together, half in seriousness, half in what we call “deviltry” and decided to form a “Pakistan block.” We waited until the confusion was at its height and the speakers were unable to prove or disprove each other’s point of view. Then we started something like military artillery, but in debate.

Your Murshid said:

“What is India’s claim to Aksu, what is our policy in offering them arms and money to hold that land?

“What is India’s claim to Ladakh, what is our policy in offering them arms and money to hold that land?

“What is India’s claim to Kashmir, what is our policy in offering them arms and money to hold that land?

“How can you reconcile India’s claims to Aksu, Ladakh and Kashmir?

“How can you reconcile Americans policies in each case? What is our foreign policy?”

When finished, your Murshid found he was in hal and it was a divine Voice that had been speaking through him. The chairman and the chief speaker had slumped in their chairs, dumbfounded and unable to answer, and the audience was won and the four of us walked out triumphantly. This will be written in detail to my friend Shamsuddin Ahmed. For I have always been most friendly toward India (outside of politics), but if it is the will of Allah to readjust boundaries, it shall be done, inshallah.

It may be unfortunate that President Kennedy was assassinated but if you read the story of Khidr and Musa in Holy Qur’an, you will see there is always Divine Justice, always. Every man, even the least in Aksu is as important to Allah as kings, emperors and Presidents. You will please excuse this political institution but it may (or may not) be important.

May Allah bless and sustain you,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



58 Harriet St.,

San Francisco 3, Calif.

November 27, 1963


Middle East Institute,

1761 N. Street 25, NW

Washington 25, D.C.


Dear Sirs:

My god-daughter, Miss Khawar Khan, has written that she would like to come to the United State and work for her PhD in Islamic and Oriental Mysticism. Your address has been furnished me by Asia Foundation, but I am also well known to Mr. Terry Duce, our paths crossing in California, Washington and the Near East over a period of many years.

Miss Khawar Khan received her Bachelor’s Degree at the American University at Beirut and one supposes that a transcript of her record there would be a prime requirement. She has since earned her Master’s Degree, and was a full professor at Punjab University in Lahore, West Pakistan. Although she has been a teacher of Textiles and Clothing at the College of Home and Social Science of the same University, I understand also she is accredited in both Philosophy and Psychology. I presume she should have a complete copy of all her records when she comes to this country. Her present plans are to leave Pakistan at the end of the Spring Semester, 1964.

Miss Khan’s native languages are Urdu and English. I presume she has some knowledge of Punjabi, Persian and Arabic, but do not know how much. I believe she would like to study Arabic further but seems more anxious to carry on graduate studies.

At the moment I personally am favoring her going to either the Washington region or to UCLA. There are some objections to some of our better known schools which you may understand if you know Islamic prejudices.

A minor reason for these choices also is that Miss Khan has her films of the Holy Cities of Hedjaz and already the American Friends of the Middle East have indicated they would sponsor lecture tours for her and them. I have been a guest at the Mosque in Washington and also hosted Dr. Shawarbi when he was out here and I also believe Miss Khan would benefit if she could be studying with him. In other words, between the Mosque, AFME, and your endeavors, there are some very good reason for her registering with you and taking your advice.

This is not a request for financial assistance. Miss Khan is well situated in Pakistan, the problem being the release of funds from her resources there.

Miss Khan has also won trophies at national and international gatherings on both philosophical and psychological contributions, and has become known to president Ayub and a good section of the Pakistan press, both Urdu and English therefore.

Any information or suggestions would be welcomed, and I am asking that you send this to me rather than to her. However her address is

Miss Khawar Khan,

Bhallah House,

Multan Road,

Lahore, West Pakistan.


Samuel L. Lewis



2 December, 1963


Beloved One of Allah:   

As-salaam aleikhum. This may be a long letter yet it is all concerned with a single subject and it seems that the whole of life now has revolved around this subject. Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan wrote a number of papers (or gave them as class lessons), the subject being Etekad Rasmu Ravaj, which he translated into “Superstition, Customs and Beliefs.”

Your Murshid had some research to do on the use of gongs and bells in religious services or what one might call esoteric ceremonies, so he copied these and one series or set will be mailed to you shortly and one to Pir Barkat Ali, who receives a carbon of this letter. The others will be held until I know more definitely about the coming of Major Sadiq.

These papers are very hard to appreciate. First there is an explanation and defense of a good deal of Hinduism, which neither Christians nor Muslims will relish; and then there are several studies on the Purdah. And if one reacts instead of studying, one will not observe that the values in Hinduism are psychic, not spiritual, and that both Hindus and non-Hindus agree in confusing the psychic with the spiritual and then they get into arguments.

To understand this backwards. Christians say in Qur’an all the Prophets are made to resemble Mohammed, although it may equally be that Mohammed tried to imitate all the Prophets before him. But there is one thing that your Murshid believes; Messengers were different but the Message was the same. You can get lots of Messenger boys here and they will all be dressed the same, yet each is different.

And then there is another consideration. Your Murshid heard a lesson on the Buddhist scriptures. The Lord Buddha was supposed to be addressing an assembly of Devas, which is to say, Malachs for Angels. The first reaction is that the moral instructions [?] than Jesus or Mohammed or anybody. But he will not notice that the instructions are supposed to be for angels. The result is that human beings have tried to follow these instructions which the text says are for the Devas and they cannot do it and they become hypocrites. And all over the southern Buddhist world you will find more hypocrisy than anywhere else because people are trying to follow a code which the Buddha told them was for the Devas and they are not trying to follow the code which the Buddha said was for humanity.

For it is the nature of the egocentric (nufs) humans to say they want the “highest and best” and not having the wisdom, they do not follow what Allah has wished for the humanity. So Mohammed, who wished to lead humanity, gave the code for the human kind, and it is not always so noble as some of the other scriptures, but it is for the humanity and it can be followed. And the other scriptures, in parts, can be praised but not followed, just as if they were poetry. And that is why one must be careful about the poetry, which can both elevate the soul and mislead.

So many will criticize your Murshid for studying other religions although Hadith definitely states, “Seek Wisdom even as far as China.”

There are two or three more things here. Your Murshid will have to recopy “Saladin,” and footnotes for the Arab conference referred to. It may become an important step in his life.

He has just completed re-reading the life and works of Ibn Khaldun. It seems that every time one steps out of the line and adds to human knowledge, he is immediately accused of not having proper knowledge of Sharia. It gets to the point tasawwuf essentially is.

The medical doctor attending to his patients cannot be looking up Fikr every moment and the same applies to others. Kashf is one type of practice to receive the divine guidance consciously and Fikr is another type of practice to receive divine guidance unconsciously.

If Ahmed had used the words inshallah, perhaps there would be accord, but he has used “I want you,” and this may be part of Shariat but it is not part of true Islam.

One could write to him and say if he were a spiritual teacher, one could accord but then he would have to explain more, either Kalama or Fikr. My whole life and money, everything is bound up in Project “The Garden of Allah” and in copying my first Pir-o-Murshid’s teaching for others.

Last week your Murshid had an amusing experience. He was at a party and two speakers did not show up. He was asked to tell about his meeting holy men and when the audience applauded, he sat down. He has not yet spoken on the Sufi Pirs. People said it was the best speech they had ever heard from him, but only three there had ever heard him speak. They were always refusing addresses on the Divine Message. And along with it some readings from Hadith, which are totally unknown here.

As-salaam aleikhum,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti


Last night after writing I went out for a walk and greeted a man who says he is from Peshawar. I hope to see him again.



December 10, 1963


Beloved One of Allah:   

As-salaam aleikhum. “The New Urdu Teacher” arrived this morning and its immediate appeal was very good, although this is outside of the things on which your Murshid knows much. Yesterday I visited the University of California and I may not go again until there are enough projects to take me there. However, a copy will be shown to the local Pakistani Consulate and others.

One takes this opportunity to send an enclosure. This came from “The Middle East Institute,” 1761 Street, NW Washington 6, D.C. It would seem that it is the will of Allah that you go to Washington rather than come to California. The letter suggests and your Murshid believes this is true, that you will have a much finer social and intellectual life in the Capital. The weather rather resembles that of Lahore, except it is slightly muggier in the summer (which is not pleasant) and sometimes it snows in the winter. In California, and especially in Los Angeles, the weather is favorable all the year around.

Dr. Hisham Sharabi is mentioned. It was he who did more to stimulate the writing of “Saladin” than anybody else and a letter will be written to him shortly. Mr. Virgin Crippen of the American Friends of the Middle East is also mentioned. I met him several times in Cairo. Both of these men and “others” would be interested in your films of the Holy Cities, and therefore an early correspondence may prepare the way for your being programmed, even before you come here.

Much time is now being given to “Project The Garden of Allah.” This was the main reason for visiting the University yesterday. A paper has been submitted to “The Pakistan Review” and a copy sent to the Embassy at Karachi. But more stimulus and a fine contact was made at the luncheon which was attended today. There seems to be most favorable reactions all over and several appointments coming. As Major Sadiq wrote he might be coming, it would be better that we go together. But also some time is being given to prepare for him and all details.

You will also find the Imams in Washington very cooperative and I hope you can get an introduction to Justice Douglas of the Supreme Court. He is a great admirer of Mohammed Iqbal. But you will also find other admirers at your Embassy in Washington. Although this is a large country, it has been crossed several times and many large cities are familiar places.

The spiritual lesson to be learned is found in the Bismillah: The Divine Rahmat Pours From Heaven On Earth.

“The Garden of Allah” was also discussed today with Mr. Mevlevi, descendent of Maulana Roum. He understands thoroughly the functions and methods of abdal.

Peace and blessings from,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



December 29, 1963


Beloved One of Allah:

I am sorry this typewriter is causing some trouble, and it cannot be fixed immediately. Papers and a copy of the first letter have been sent to Salarwalla, but I did not wish Pir Sahib there to share this letter, which has different news and problems. However it can be shown to Major Sadiq. I have not heard since his misfortune and all plans are upset for the moment.

It is evident that your Murshid must cross the country sometime this coming year, inshallah. Dr. Cantwell Smith, who has been teaching Islamic Studies in Montreal, Canada, is being transferred to Harvard College in Massachusetts. But there is another and rather complex series of events which may affect your future.

Early in March there will be a convocation here on Arabic culture and there, for the first time, your Murshid will wear his robe in public and come out as a Sufi. One does not know who is coming but contact with the scholars will be easy.

A letter has not been sent Dr. Sharabi, but Grand Sheikh Shaltout of Al Azhar has recently left this world and communication will be sent to the Mosque in Washington. Evidently, according to my good friend, Shamsuddin Ahmed, your films have won much attraction and one thinks they will feature here also. Also I have offered volunteer service to the hosting of American Friends of Middle East.

Now there is a problem in which your help is asked. Major Sadiq and your Murshid used to attend lectures by a man in Dacca, whom was accepted as a valid Sufi Murshid. It is quite evident that his father was a very great soul and some declare he was a Khutb. He is known as Dadajan and his life has been published in Urdu, but owing to some untoward events, his mureeds do not answer letters. Major Sadiq knows all about the details.

One of his disciples insisted I help with his magazine which is called Anjuman, although so far as one knows it is not a publication of any Anjuman. It was insisted that I become associate editor and also that parts of “Saladin” be published. It is not a good magazine and could only appeal to those who are already Muslims. It has no value as either a booklet or as suitable English publication.

It has been insisted both that “Saladin” be published” and that I pay and gradually I gave what I could, but this is impossible today. The editor G.M. Ahmed, c/o Modern Press, 2, Ferenge Bazar, Chittagong has made some pitiable appeals to me. He has ignored that I have been robbed and robbed heavily twice. While sincere, he is very self-centered. Still I think something should be sent to him. It is only that he will show little gratitude no matter what you would send. If you send Rs. 50 he would want Rs.100 and if you sent the latter, he would want more. Besides that, neither the schools nor the Muslims here like his publication. There are far better ones in English from other lands, for every purpose and reason. But if you can afford a small gift, please send him some rupees.

 It is only unfortunate that he demands I buy books from him, which I cannot afford and do not want. You will gain more insight into your Murshid from the commentaries, etc. than from public literature.

Murakkabah differs considerably from other sciences as it is multidimensional. It starts out very simply by the mureed sitting and placing his breath in order, making it rhythmical. Now there are two distinct ways of making the breath rhythmical.

By the study of the breath itself and the commentaries thereon have not been forwarded.

By Fikr and other forms of Ryazat where one places his whole dependence on Allah and feels the Divine Presence.

But one cannot at the same time describe both the sciences of the Divine Presence and the Murakkabah. They may be grasped quickly but they cannot be written so simply. And here the teaching is concerning symbology and its value to the disciple on the spiritual path.

Meditation is the English word used to describe sitting quietly, keeping the breath in rhythm and not having any particular thought. However, it is a Buddhist rather than an Islamic practice. So I learned to use the Invocation, which is at the head of all the papers as a Darood, though in another sense it is two complete Daroods. And sitting down or posturing, for say fifteen minutes, or longer, just watch the breath and hold the Invocation before the mind. This has a multitude of advantage and it also prepares for Murakkabah.

In the commentary, the Gatha is repeated and the term Tas­awwuf is used for commentary, and these commentaries are offered in the hope that they are helpful. For the original Gathas are labeled, “a skeletal outline.”

More will be sent from time to time, though one is slightly hesitant not knowing when either Major Sadiq or you will be in this country and one does not wish to waste money for heavy postage fees.

There will also be other things sent now by sea mail. The Christmas rush is over and I thank you for your greeting card.

As-salaam aleikhum.

Love and blessing from,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



[Date unknown, possibly 1963]


In the practice of Fikr every breath gives renewed life and in the prayers each Fateha should be as in and of itself. Consequently, tradition must not carry weight. It is one thing to quote Holy Qur’an and anther to accept it without the interposition of any tradition. If Allah is wherever one turns one’s face, one’s inspiration need not be measured by tradition or Fikr or something called Shariat. The Shariat is the derivative but not the measuring stick. New discoveries in science, art, human wisdom may harmonize with Shariat but need not be measured by it. Anything not forbidden may be valid, although if one were to ask me as a Murshid, there is quite a different way. That is to consult either Holy Qur’an or Hadith, or as I do, certain sayings of Hazrat Inayat Khan and draw inspiration and measurement from that.

If Islam means surrender to Allah, this surrender may come any time, any place, anywhere. One does not agree with the critics of Ibn Khaldun or Moineddin Ibnu-l-Arabi. They set the precedent, they added to the human wisdom and knowledge. Your president has had it published that Islam is a progressive religion. How can it be progressive if anything is measured by the habits of one’s predecessors?

Now the reorientation of Islamic philosophy means on one hand going back to Qur’an and Hadith but without ever using the phrase “Back to Qur’an and Hadith.” But this is one half of it.

The other half is to reevaluate the human knowledge of the time and the human problems and failings. The knowledge of the time in science, art, technology, accords with Islam. Allah gives to whomsoever He will, regardless of the man’s religion or character. Without the Divine Consent man could learn nothing. And therefore Orthodox Muslims are stuck when they try to evaluate the contributions of what they call “non-Muslims” to human welfare. The result is that they do not even recognize the real contributions of Muslims to human welfare. And they are in substituting themselves for Allah as Maliki Yaum-id-­din.

If we study modern physics, we can see it acceded to the Unity of Allah (Wahdat, tauhid) without confirming any theology. If we study modern Biology, we can see how the Kemal, Jemal, Jelal, operate in the living forms. If we study the characteristics of chemical elements and then we study the Sifat-i-Allah, we find in each case a sort of unifying essence behind each while manifesting through differentiations. Ibn-Khaldun discovered this and it is in Muqadimmah, but since his time, Islamic philosophy went down because it was necessary to please the Ulema rather than Allah.

World War II and dependence is compelling Muslims to see the whole world in some form, and their philosophy must be reoriented.

This subject must be taken into meditation and prayer and you will hear whenever the fruit of this meditation and prayer manifest.

My love and blessings to your Aunt as well as yourself. I must close and betake myself now to Allah.

As-salaam aleikhum,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



[Date unknown, possibly 1963]


The visit to Salarwalla which you describe is most beautiful and pressing. It is very encouraging for it tells what must be done next for Sufi Barkat Ali. But before I could start on that project, some materials were found; a Kalama which may be well to copy for you, too. After Kalama comes the Nimaz and one finds it very difficult here because there are two types of commentaries which may be called internal and external.

The Sufis of Morocco are half in Khilvat and they practice assiduously the internal aspects of Kalama, Nimaz and Zikr. Sometimes they do not develop beyond that. Yesterday there was success in placing a book in the hands of a lady I know. Sometime ago, I was to loan her a book on Saints by Farid-ud-din Attar. It seems she works in a store and several customers wanted copies of Mantik-ut-tar. In the meanwhile, her employer returned; we had been ill and he has taken this book as a present to himself. So I brought another book. I hope you do not mind the story.

George Fields is a seeker but has been attracted by popular leaders, one after another, and had a nervous breakdown. Actually he is of the material that would be in the Sufi studies. But one cannot take the direct route and now his curiosity is awakened. There have been some bastard spiritual leaders who mix Sufism with psychic practices and lead others astray (this is not so much philosophical as that they actually become mental victims). The Ryazat without the Ishk and Rahmat are useless, and the Ishk and Rahmat without the Ryazat, are limited.

But this is mentioned for another reason. Your Murshid discussed with Mr. Fields the possibility of his becoming an outlet for Ashraf’s books and if you have any reason to go to Ashraf and can get some sort of catalogue, this store might be able to display and sell them. This is particularly true and valid if you should settle in this region.

The next step is to go over the book “Health” by Sufi Inayat Khan, which is out of print. This may mean my copying it, but originally it was esoteric anyhow and it can be put back into the original lesson form and then the commentaries would be added. But Alhamdulillah that you are getting help.

The last thing that happened was on New Year’s Eve at a party, when your Murshid was speaking to a man whom he admires. This man has suffered much and has gone through a great spiritual experience, which he does not recognize as much. Your Murshid was telling him that some Sufis have healing faculties and if you put out your hands, all they do is to touch the fingertips and the sick man is healed. He put out his hand and I touched his fingertips and to my amazement he said, “But you have taken my pain away.”

This was taken as a sign from Allah to change the outer character and functions more softly. Sufi Pir Dewwal Shereef wished this but he failed, recognizing that sometimes one must pursue the Jelal (Omar) path and not the Jemal (Sidiq) path. This is all in Allah’s hands and when a sign if given, one may change, but of himself he may not change. All the Jemalis I have known had beautiful but short lives. The Jelal live on.

The Peace of your experience at Salarwala is the true peace, and not the repose or fana guaranteed by meditation. This is the experience of nufs-salima, which is most wonderful and may Allah bless you in it.

Oriental Philosophy. Anything sent may be edited. There is a revolt inside this personality and it is difficult to determine whether it is from nufs or divinely inspired. Some Orthodox Muslims say Qur’an was not created yet act as if it came only in the life of Blessed Rassoul.

The report from Sufi Barkat Ali is very blessed and I pray it may come true, inshallah. I feel and wish them thoroughly but the fact that there is a wish requires caution. I have not heard from Islamabad either officially or unofficially and I have done everything humanly possible in the spiritual, cultural and scientific fields. But your Murshid has at this moment no material of financial help. Indeed this is the last time lessons will be sent by air; until some help comes for henceforth they will go by surface mail. This will include the materials on “Education.”

A letter from Dr. Nasr will be welcomed. But here again and it looks awkward; your Murshid works 16 hours daily and seldom has any relaxation anymore. It is only there is strength and a sort of double Zikr, the Zikr which seems to go on perpetually and the other connected with the writings themselves, both creative and copying.

One can only pray, as one gets ready to move, that there will be a real “new cycle”; space is left for putting in the new address. Besides it is a triple holiday and no post offices are open.

God bless you and Major Sadiq and my salaams to both your families.

 Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



[Date unknown, year is 1964]


If Miss Jinnah has devotion, if she has humanity, if she had the social conscience like the ladies named above, that is another matter. But Pakistan is a republic, not a kingdom and “flesh and blood to do not inherit Malakut” nor should they inherit the physical world (Nasut). So one must be careful in any loose use of the term “Azam,” or “Azim.” These belong to Allah and should not be used loosely by mankind. If you wish to give Miss Jinnah honorifics, they should come from Urdu or English, not from sacred language.

This is said because now you are coming closer to the real Hikmat. From the attunement to Ghaus-i-Azam you felt the Glorious Presence which is the most wonderful of blessings. And this is being confirmed by the Madzubs and others. One does not say to keep free of politics, but keep politics on its level and spirituality on its level. Or as Isa said: “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and render unto Allah the things that are Allah’s.” Pakistan has made a great mistake in calling anybody Kadi-i-Azam, when it is man’s choice. But if you met Miss Jinnah and she shows the signs of spirituality, that is different and your Murshid must apologize.

Now, as for “Three Muslim Sages,” your Murshid is in such agreement with Seyyed Nasr that this must be repeated.

At the moment your Murshid does not know any further instructions but after awhile if the rubbing does not help, the next state should be studied. One must give yourself at least four days’ efforts. This will build up the magnetism. Then one may do one of these things:

Either imagine the word “Allah” on both arms, and concentrate on seeing it there; or have somebody paint “Allah” on each arm and concentrate on it, so long as the arms are kept covered.

Now, for Parliamentary form of government, this is outside the spiritual realm. As an American one favors it and we have voted strongly for it this year, too. Which does not make it right. Only, one feels that president Ayub is more open to spiritual and divine guidance.

Orders come from Spiritual Masters in several ways. (a) Kashf. This is easiest, best and most often. And besides, as one practices, it becomes more perfect. (b) Dreams and visions. These are much clearer than Kashf but they are tenuous and delicate. They must maintain themselves to be pure, and if cloudy, vaporous or changing, while inspired and inspiring, one has to be more careful. Yet in part II “Saladin,” and in Shahud experiences, these come. (c) The Voice of Allah is the clearest and best. But this is not the result of practices, of man’s effort. It is grace and grace only. The word “Karamat” has the two meanings of “grace” and “miraculous powers.”

All three of these come under the Hierarchy. But sometimes day to day experiences come that way, and there are several persons known to Major Sadiq, and some may be too well known, who show every sign of being instruments of hierarchy or members of hierarchy actually. Only, we have to be careful about making distinctions and differences among mankind and judging. If we feel them, fine, but if we analyze them as different from the rest of humanity, we must be careful. Some of the finest saints never come out in public and I doubt whether either Major Sadiq or you are acquainted with Haji Baba Abdul Aziz of Havelian. Even Prof. Durrani is an instrument, not necessarily a member of Hierarchy.

The young of today are often in revolt. It is right that they revolt against empty words which possess no wisdom. Lips do not seal the heart and lips cannot be kept quiet. Power for self is a temptation of Iblis and yet, it is more sought than anything else.

The paper for the conference on the religions of the world will be started shortly; they explain and justify Tauba. There is a vast difference between saying that Taub is the gate and oneself going in and through Tauba. Tauba without Zikr and Fikr is shirking and it is on this point that one finds oneself at odds with a Shariat made separate from Zikr. Shariat depends on Zikr or Fikr and neither Zikr nor Fikr depend on Shariat.

Nor is this a matter of discussion. The affairs of the world prove it. With Allah’s permission, not only are good things accomplished in this world or in this life. Was there the Divine Grace behind or with all the advancements in science? Today I have the record of a great contribution to society by a great Muslim. But the very ones who yell most for “Islam” and “Muslims” are the very ones who ignore this actual contribution. It is to housing; making it possible to build lasting and huts which will withstand earthquake and flood and monsoons. This man was no more inspired and no less than other scientists and inventors, but he has come into prominence by his devotion because with Allah’s help he has succeeded.

Should Major Sadiq arrive within the next few months this matter will be taken up seriously. Now this person realizes that whenever he has leaned on anybody at all, success has not always come forthwith; and when he has relied on Allah, and nothing and nobody but Allah, some strange events have happened, and are happening even now.

A recent discovery proves that the Jewish religion had reached a state of utter decadence at the time the Prophet was criticizing it. Even the synagogues are shocked today. But most religious institutions are not interested in Allah; they are interested in preserving their place in society. This shows how little hold they have on the next world, and how, even less than being to the eternity.

Starting out alone at the beginning of 1964, with Divine Grace and Aid, many pictures look brighter today. One might almost add, cynically and sarcastically, that he hopes this will Muslims accept Allah; for it is He that has made this possible. La Illaha El Il Allah .

As-salaam aleikhum. Love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



March 9, 1964


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. These words have a different meaning with a Murshid, for the Murshid must strive at all expense to preserve the peacefulness of the mureed. And yet, the Murshid sometimes has three different careers all at the same time: (a) with the world; (b) with the self; (c) in cooperation with the spiritual Hierarchy, which is most real.

You will find enclosed the last of the preliminary portion of “The Way of Illumination,” which is needed by all seeking Bayat according to the system of Hazrat Inayat Khan, which may be called “Four School Sufism.” But according to the Bayat, one must regard himself as the brother of all persons in all branches of Tarikat, whether Sufi Inayat Khan had the Bayat of those schools or not. In any event, this person is a multiple “school” disciple.

The teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan are in three groups:

(a) Literature and books for the world, expensive for Pakistanis.

(b) Studies for disciples; first three years, seven subjects, ten papers each.

 (c) Ryazat which covers all sorts of practices and which finally comes down to a few all-absorbing ways.

At the same time, spiritual effort is used to increase Kashf or insight and also open the door to Inayat or Grace. The Grace belongs to no one; but as he is absorbed in the Grace, he also becomes attuned more and more to the Spiritual Hierarchy.

An overfull life made it impossible to respond to many Eid greetings. Namor Sadia’s life has become vast and complex extending in three directions in which I am personally involved, and a fourth, his spiritual healing, in which I am subordinate.

My friend, Abdul Sattar, is now in Karachi as secretary to the Minister of External Affairs. Also, I am becoming consulted more and more on deep problems; there is as yet no fruit, but as even world famous people are failing to solve these problems of the day, at least those ideas and inspirations which pass through the mind are being considered by others.

Then there is a new book, “The Sufis” by one Sheikh Idries Shah and he had a terrible time getting it published because there are professors of Islamology in the Western world, very wealthy and very famous and they control everything and yet, Islamology is not the study of Islam as it is.

My friend, Dr. Allama A. Siddiqui, at the University has suffered exactly as several of my friends here and this means a big mission for Major Sadiq. My own affairs are not prospering at the moment and one must adhere to “Praise Allah in prosperity and submit to Him in adversity.”

Saturday, I appeared in public for the first time as a Sufi. This ends, inshallah, [?] comes to an end. But this is just one aspect of life.

The next big problems involve salt-water conversion on a scale not yet considered, and not even your Consul-General here gives any attention to it. There are no problems, only the conceits of human beings. “The Sufis,” alluded to, gives much attention to Khidr and Data Sahib (Al-Hujwiri) who are very real, but not realized.

Love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



20th March, 1964


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. It is always a test, beginning with the Bismillah to maintain the spirit of peacefulness. Or as the Sainted Main Mir taught: Allah Ho Akbar which means Peace-Power. One does to wish to go into a long explanation here and the availability of this aerogramme gives a rapid, but incomplete, reply. However, under all circumstances your Murshid wishes to maintain the Peace, both of Bismillah and Takbir, and all other things are vain, whether of this world or the next, which interfere therewith.

Your Murshid has been called upon even more since the last communication and a detailed letter to Major Sadiq has been left incomplete because of the events. As astrologer there was a sudden move. The following day I met my former landlady, who told me that the man who occupied my former rooms has died and she asked whether I wish to return. There is, living there with her, a younger man who is a sort of god-son to each of us. And so, I accept in this a sign from Allah; one returns to older headquarters. The rent will be somewhat less.

There has been financial pressure eased by a few small jobs, but each of these consumes time. Sunday, inshallah, for the first time, a group of young men are calling here to consider Bayat. There is not only no Islamic teaching here (exception: see below), but there is very little spiritual teaching of any kind outside of Zen Buddhism. California, especially, is the home of cults and there are three cult movements derived from Tasawwuf; (a) A Russian named Gurdjieff, who was undoubtedly a mureed, but mixed Islam with some Caucasian folk-lore; (b) Subud, who had done the same with Malayan folk-lore and magic. (c) Meher Baba, an Indian Parsi who claims to be a leading Sufi.

None of these confirm to the book called “The Sufis,” written recently by one Sheikh Idries Shah of England and which is getting much favor. So much so, that the book dealer has asked me to write to Ashraf to send their catalogue. That now, for the first time, there is real interest here. This is something your countrymen do not recognize. This, among other reasons, is why I did not send a second check to East Pakistan. That man has considered himself to be my Murshid, without taking any of the responsibilities of the Murshid. He is very dogmatic, to the degree that he has lost the goodwill of the Anjuman which originally supported him, but he has retained the name for his publication.

The recent conference on Arabic culture revealed, too late, the hollowness of the American method of having Europeans control the teaching of Islamics. While they are without prejudice, they are also without knowledge and what is offered has nothing to do with reality. Therefore, both from the standpoint of nufs and from a higher standpoint, your Murshid is totally with and for your efforts in “Reorientation of Muslim Philosophy.” There is need to do much more with Ghaus-i-Azam, or else to take Islamic philosophy seriously, then, do more than merely praise Ibn Khaldun and Ibn-‘l-Arabi, etc. But, ultimately, this would require a long visit to Cairo.

Your Murshid has just received a letter from one Nishat Bokheri of Jhelum, who is either a family friend or relative of the Sadiqs, and she had been considering going to Cairo for that purpose. Now she half wonders about coming here. Your Murshid is not financially able to sustain anybody at the moment, but the call from Allah is that he must devote all effort to cooperate with Major Sadiq, and then, inshallah, his position will be different.

For example, the other day, for the first time in his life he was greeted by a group of successful businessmen and consulted on several matters. The main topic under discussion was a new form of asphalt brick, which one Malik of Tehran is introducing into his country. Details will be sent to the Major. He is the man whom I may have reported previously as greeting: “Allah, a Dervish” when he saw me the first time. These are regarded as signs.

Your Murshid has unbounded love and that in Madzub Sahib, absolutely, and regards him as a Qtub. So please take both the medicine he suggests and also any instructions in Philosophy.

Your Murshid is trying to write for Murshids from the writings of Hazrat Inayat Khan. The notes on Kalama are relatively simple, but those on Nimaz give importance to every little item of the prayers. It is here where your Murshid was in constant turmoil with the Mullahs. They thought he has come to reform Islam, and he found them formalists, who knew the movements, but not the wisdom. There is a relation between words, movements and wisdom, and even this is an incomplete statement. However, in the Ryazat, there are many folds to be uncovered, and even since the last correspondence, Allah has placed more material in your Murshid’s hands.

Pir Barkat Ali has given your Murshid certain Wazifas. And along with your Murshid’s shortcomings, at the same time, there is constant rejuvenation; at least, a friend who sees me often said this last night. He knows nothing about the Ryazat and undoubtedly thinks Sufism is just Islam; few know the relationship, but perhaps esoteric. But even in Islam, few know the relationship between the Asmaullah-i -Ta’ala and living energies. And as one goes over prayers, one finds that in rituals there is a sage formed word to word, without full appreciation of each of those words. This is a common failing of all religions which lose vitality and spirituality in their rituals; the rituals themselves are not wrong if we regain their component parts.

One is very happy about your meeting Prof. Durrani. He is the man your Murshid wanted you to meet when the question of marriage was originally discussed. He is both wise and human, spiritual and external, which is to say, has the essence of perfection. Love and blessings.                                                     



772 Clementina St.

San Francisco Calif.

27th March, 1964


My Dear

As salaam aleikhum. Your aerogramme of the 24th arrived this morning and I am hastening to answer it. I very much appreciate the details of your life and am taking advantage of your inquiry to relate several things.

Material on Building Clay Huts. I have written a little to Major Sadiq on this subject. I hope soon, inshallah, to go to the University of California and get literature and, if so, this will be air-mailed to you. It may be used one of several ways, and you also may decide on particulars.

Pakistan Review. If you have time will you go to the office of this publication at Ferguson’s on the Mall. I wish to let them know a little of what I am doing and also resume subscription. This should be paid by one of two persons whom I shall describe below. The above material may aid in “solving!” some housing problems in villages and if it can be operative it could be used by the Basic Democracies. The weakness is that at the moment Pakistan has no problem and I do not know whether it would wish to expend money therefore. But the material would come from Iran and it is possible that under some trade agreement with that country something can be done.

Tree Planting Program will be discussed shortly with Bechtel, the largest of the engineering corporations. I do not know in which countries they operate but will include all they give me on my general theme of “How California Can Help Asia.” But if they have any projects in Pakistan this may also open up a possibility for paint sales.

Helping Pakistan Is Most Difficult. My friend, Hon. Abdul Sattar, is now Secretary to the Ministry of External Affairs in Karachi. Unfortunately one does not get answers from your principals; the local Consul-General is not cooperative. He does not attend important social functions to which he has been invited; Americans are no better and I have not yet succeeded in having a single meeting with a single political or social scientist person at any level. I do have coming up some meetings with a Dr. Seymour Farber which will now have to cover several subjects, such as the coming of Miss Khawar Khan here, the projects of the University of Islamabad, real cultural exchange and other matters. Also the Pushtu Academy, etc. On the other side the Embassy has been very cordial and cooperative.

Mr. Shamsuddin Ahmed is a friend of the Major and writes to me. I have supplied him with the Major’s (and your) address. He may be under financial obligations to me soon and one way to meet them would be to pay for a subscription to the Pakistan Review.

Newspapers. Will you please inquire or advise about what happened to the Civil & Military Gazette? Also if it is no longer published, and you may discuss this with the Major or anybody, where there would be outlets on “The Solution of Pakistan’s Problems,” especially in the agricultural field. There is no hurry here but I am taking advantage of your offer.

Miss Khawar Khan of Bhallah House, Multan Road, is my god-daughter and Khalifa. We are cooperating on projects connected with Islamic Philosophy and perhaps later on some in regard to Islamic forms of education.

The whole picture has brightened this last week, covering almost everything. Greetings and blessings from

 Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



June 21, 1964


My dear Saadia:

At the present time your Murshid is on a farm of old friends, as mentioned before, which gives plenty of time for reflection and meditation and a possible misunderstanding gives the clue for an important paper. Your mention of Dr. Nasr’s book on Islamic philosophers includes the name “Suhrawardi” and an unconscious confusing of two different characters.

Suhrawardi Maktul was martyred by the Kurd Hero, Selah-ed-din Ayub. He appears in the poem “Saladin” as a sort of “Beatrice” following the general them of Dante’s “The Divine Comedy.” While his historical roll is known to your Murshid his philosophy is not; other than he is supposed to have been a Neo-Platonist and did not follow strict orthodoxy.

The grand Sheikh Omar ibn Suhrawardi was a close friend if not disciple of Ghaus-i-azam Abdul Kadari Jilani. His L’Awarif-ul-Ma’arif is one of the most important works on ryazat translated into English and search will be made for it at the White Library in Cleveland. Curiously my own spiritual brother, Saladin Reps, was initiated into this school while in Kashmir and he wrote me that there are many Pirs of this silsila there. But he had not known that I had this training also. This is not so important as the nature of the actual teachings both in that book and in other sources of information.

Although “we” (and this includes my hostess of the moment) had studied “Kashf-al-Mahjub” previously, the Suhrawardi teachings on nufs may be most fundamental and should be considered from the points of view (a) theory, and (b) application. For to your Murshid egocentricity is the source of all evil, and it was first put into history in the records of Nabi Nusa.

To Pardes interpretation of the Hebrew Bible appears in general in the works known as Kabbalah. What should interest us is the teachings of nachash in the Sepher Na-Bereshith known in the Western world as “Genesis” and- the dualistic interpretation of the whole Hebraic tradition owing to the discarding of the Pardes outlook, although it appears both in Nabi Isa and again by the Christian St. Paul, only to be discarded. The result was the re-incorporation of the dualistic view in the Manichean teachings and all the efforts of the Christian St. Augustine did not do much to uproot it. The result is the tacit assumption of the ego-personality and the quasi-acceptance of the Deity and the uncertainty of “beyond the Pale” instead of the absolute assumption of Deity and the uncertainty of man’s independent existence. (“In God we live and move and have our being.” (Paul))

And the first phenomenon that one finds in Pakistan is that multitudes visit the Dargah Data Ganj Baksh and know this name and few even know the name of Jullabi-Hujwiri or the actual teachings of “Kashf-al-Mahjub,” his best known work. So that the Baraka comes in the stones and buildings and not from the transmission of teachings.

The Ahmadiyyas have jumped into this breach by publishing a work on nufs, and they are certainly not on any wrong path when they pay more attention to teachings of saints than to worship of personality. Indeed it may be questioned whether sometimes they are not on “the right path” and closer to what should be traditional orthodoxy than the masses who deride them.

In Suhrawardi and in the Ahmadiyya classes there is the general teachings of nufs-ammara, nufs-lauwama and nufs-mutmaina. But the interpretations are not always the same and there is an additional difficulty of explaining these terms in concord with either acceptable knowledge of the new psychological teachings.

For example, one can interpret ammara, lauwama and mutmaina as physical, [?] and then trace the operations of nufs in and through the nervous system of the body and on into psychological studies. The ammara person is of necessity egocentric. The lauwama person atones for sins and in general has the dualistic outlook. This outlook “right against wrong” is found all over the world and even for the purposes of our communications is found among savants in Pakistan who are dedicated to what they call “Islam” setting it off from the rest of the world; and in the American foreign policy of making the “devil” the reality and seeking to counterbalance that devil or evil—for the moment it being Communist China. To the Arabs it is perhaps Israel; to many Pakistanis India because of Kashmir—and so on all over the earth, “God” becoming enfeebled by “worshippers,” and each religion confusing itself over political policies—including the United States in its internal affairs also. For further expositions of this one can read Arnold Toynbee who has, to your Murshid, the clearest view of the world and its affairs of anybody.

The nufs-mutmaina is regarded as the nufs at rest. And it is certain in scientific research, or even in artistic creation we find a different kind of nufs, which while one is still “self-centered” it is in another way. This nufs does not interpret—at least not purposely—with other people and adds to the sum-total of human knowledge, aptitudes and enjoyment.

While most writers stop here my own Pir-o-Murshid continued to add nufs-salima and nufs-alima. The latter need not concern us for it refers to the Divine Personality and in another sense applies only to Nabis, and perhaps Madzubs. This world fell outside or above endeavors in philosophy.

Before continuing with nufs-salima one must tell of Yusuf Wali whom I met in Cairo. Outwardly he is a scientist, or most strictly a pomologist connected with the University as “Heliopolis” near Cairo. Even how he found me was a mystery, for he came to the pension where I was staying and embarked immediately into a most profound discourse on Waliyat and Kutub. And all that he told me then and later proved to be true prophetically and politically speaking.

As your Murshid has had little access to Moineddin Ibnu-l’Arabi he does not know too much of Arabic theosophy. “Muqadimmah” of Ibn Khaldun has been translated into English. Copy was left at Cleveland and a check will be made to ascertain whether it is in this house or at the home where I may be staying in that city. If so proper passages will be selected, as well as research at the library.

For the Arab interpretation is far more in accord with modern scientific conclusions on the one hand, and mystical experience or rather disciplines (ryazat) on the other. We shall leave these for the moment to concentrate on nufs-salima.

While nufs-mutmaina may mean “nufs at rest” it is the restfulness and calmness of an individual and is not necessarily communicated. The scientist and artist both have their extreme states of concentration, which takes them out of ordinary times-space. Their “time,” not the time of the clock or calendar, but whether this is “real time” or nearer to it does not matter, except that to the person in nufs-mutmaina time-processes are of a different order than with the ammara.

In the work called “Psychology” by Hazrat Inayat Khan—which you have at least on order—attention is paid to what he calls “Magnetism” and which is in many ways similar to if not identical with Baraka. At some later date I wish to go over this book and re-explain it for your colleagues and yourself. For it was written using secretaries who were not advanced in tasawwuf and therefore at a limited stage of understanding (and in a sense all of us are at limited stages of understanding.)

Nufs-salima is not only at rest, but pouring forth magnetism, Baraka, without stint. The training being received from Sufi Sahib, and perhaps also from Madzub Sahib at Salarwala is in this field. For it is one thing to be at rest, even be happy, and another thing to communicate to others.

This brings up the point that ultimately, to me, the true Muslim is one wherein the stage of nufs-salima is active, and one through whom the Baraka flows, reaching others and also drawing them to—as written previously “Grace, Glory, Wisdom, Joy and Peace.”

Now we put it another way. Nabi Isa said that the Kingdom of Heaven is found in little children and this teaching is even emphasized more in the recently uncovered “Gospel of St. Thomas.” There the words of Isa are in entirely accord with the Hadith that every child is born a Muslim, and it is his parents which take him away and lead him astray. In other words nufs-salima is active in little children and it is clouded later. You can see this yourself that it has been recovered soberly in Sufi Sahib and intoxicately in Madzub Sahib (op. teachings of Grand Sheikh Suhrawardi as above.)

It is equally evident that little children on the Christian side do not know intuitively even the simplest creed; and on the Islamic side do not know Sunna, Hadith and most of all Ijma. Ijma is the creation of souls covered by nufs, and even if it be nufs-mutmaina it is not interiorly communicable. It does not increase joy and satisfaction (riza). If the rise of intellect or even morality does not increase peacefulness, there is something missing. Therefore to your Murshid all efforts toward, in and with “Islamic Research,” are vain if they ignore this salima.

You will find in Cairo complete “Islamic Research.” The savants of all the Arab countries come together, collect, discuss and edit if not translate Arabic literature. The friends of Yusuf work separate from Al-Azhar. The difference is not of theology. The Islamic Center wants to translate Qur’an into all languages and follow it up by spreading the “wonders” of Arabic literature to the whole world. They had not reached the point of the identity or non-identity of Arab literature with Islamic literature but certainly included folk-Arabic literature of earlier cultures. They interpret Holy Qur’an that many prophets left their work to early Arab cultures (Sabean, Nabatean, etc., etc.) and that the Prophets mentioned in Qur’an were historical men with cultures around them. They have also joined in archeological research which either confirms Qur’an directly (by uncovering cities) or indirectly (by substantiating the early cultures). This is not always included in the “Islamic Research” of Pakistan and is one of many gaps between Arabic and Pakistani culture.

The tendency in Pakistan is to regard as “Islamic Research” the uncovering and study and interpretation of persons known as “Muslims” even if they had nothing to do with religion or spirituality. The separation of “Muslim” from “Kaffir” in this sense is Manichean, has nothing to do with the Prophet (upon whom be peace—i.e. nufs-salima), and is an evil. It is to your Murshid an evil because it contradicts the institutions of Khalif Omar (which your Murshid has studied, and the writings of Khalif Ali (some of which your Murshid possesses) and turns Al-Rashidin into metaphorical and metaphysical terminology and departs from historical reality.

In present day politics the word “Muslim” and its cognates are used to apply to people who may worship in Mosques (not necessarily so), but whose ancestors so worshipped and who are statistically recorded as “Muslims” whatever their personal beliefs and habits are. This means there is no connection between “Muslim,” “Salim,” “Nufs Salima,” etc., at least in non-Arabic Islam.

Nufs-salima is not only peaceful but it has the quality and faculty of imparting peacefulness and power to others—in others words, Baraka. Consequently, in establishing an Islamic philosophy and psychology based on radical Islam, we are concerned with “Peace” and its cognates and not with derivatives. The derivatives which start with Sunna and end with Ijma do not present peace or peacefulness to the world, or to individual persons.

As-salaam aleikhum stands but what the ignorant so-called Muslims do not know is that this came from the Sharia of Musa and did not begin with the Sharia of Mohammed, and it may be even older. It is not only with Data Sahib that all attention is paid to the person and little or none to the teachings; this is generally true of attitudes toward prophets who appeared before Mohammed, and despite his insistence that every peoples have had their Nabi and their Book, this is accepted without content and thus becomes useless.

Following Mohammed but not following “Muslims” your Murshid has pursued wisdom even unto China and has also pursued Chinese wisdom. This included perforce the wisdoms of other people and we will not go into it here. But if there is any challenge the answers will be forthcoming from any approach.

Now the Allah I worship has given Wisdom and Knowledge to each people as He will and all people made in the Divine Image are the repositories of some sort of Ilm. If we are going to ignore the Ilm of people who do not accept the Sharia of Mohammed, or traced to Mohammed, we would have to give up much—the electric light, the railroads, the bus system, the planes. Of course Pakistan is not going to do that. So you have a split in a sane examination of knowledge either from the standpoint of theoretical Epistemology or from the more modern views. Your Murshid says that all blessings come from Allah and that He inspires whom He will as He will.

The nufs-salima follows the explanation Allaho Akbar—that Peace is Power; that Kinetic Energy proceeds from Potential Energy and the same truth that is in Tasawwuf is also the truth behind all the modern knowledges and sciences. In principle one finds those all in Ibn Khaldun. However to explain Ibn Khaldun clearly one would have to accept Tarikat on the one hand and the post Darwinian sciences on the other. You cannot extract a single individual from the flow of history even if you make of him a Nabi or Rassoul.

Your Murshid’s objection to all religions is the theological interpretation of time processes. Many Christians say: “Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow” and your Murshid believes in “Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, tomorrow.” This means, because he accepts Al-Ghazzali, that this comes from experience and life and not from premises. Theologians have separated their speculations from the experiences of mankind, revealing nufs.

There is only one nufs-alima—this covering all mankind, and in one special version it starts with Adam and ends with Mohammed. But this is beyond mental consideration. Thus we have nufs-salima and as with As-salaam aleikhum we wish all mankind to experience peacefulness. This peacefulness (as above) is Power.

The practice of Mushahida which also appears in Hujwiri and Grand Sheikh Suhrawardi, means the constant observation of the human heart which then grows and expands toward universality. As the heart grows the observation (shahud) may also grow and as one watches this heart he finds it is like an ocean, on ocean which must and can be calmed and as it can and must be calmed in this is all power.

When you come to San Francisco, or when I next come to Pakistan, an old diary and notes from other old diaries which have been preserved will be shown you. Those perturbations of heart transcend but do not negate time-space processes. The only distinction—and it is a distinction, not a contradiction, is in the time world, or if we will Alamin.

The finality here comes in the practices of Mushahida and Mujahida. In the greater Jihad one finds one’s enemy is nufs and nothing but nufs and in combating nufs one finds, in the words of Nabi Isa, the kingdom of heavens. Or to quote the Christian Scriptures, “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” The “seeing” is Shahud, and the purification is Mushahida and the blessings, of course are Baraka.

I think you will see here a complete and balanced logic although it may not be “common logic.” It is logic removing the ego-self. The same has already occurred in the two Western sciences which have led to relativity. This means that we do not abandon great Muslim writers, but we follow through to the ultimate. The whole of life is not enough to comprehend Suhrawardi or Ibn Khaldun or Ghaus-i-Azam, to mention no others; or what is now being accomplished more, Ibnu-l’Arabi and your Murshid waits with eagerness the work of Dr. Nasr published at Harvard. He is sure there will be the proper interpretations and that these will contradict much that has been published.

As Dr. Titus Burckhardt, a German savant has written—he does not see how any European can comprehend tasawwuf without submitting to tarikat disciplines. Your Murshid’s scientific training has been in the laboratory, at research stations, in gardens and fields and if there is anything out of books, it has been a side-line—a very important side-line, it is true, but still a side-line.

In this age we need the experiences whether in the worlds within or without and this is an effort to bring out something. If this is not clear for any reason, the writer must be blamed. Copy is sent to Pir-o-Murshid Barkat Ali; also to the University of California and one retained which will be shown to Major Sadiq when he comes, inshallah.

This is enough for one communication. Love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad-Chisti


P.S. I came upon the copy of “Muqaddimah” of Ibn Khaldun left in this region. It was copyright by Bollinger Foundation, New York, and published by Pantheon Books, Inc. of the same city. The price (not counting postage) will be Rs. 90. It must be recommended in all respects and for all purposes, but is too long for a comment now.



July 11, 1964


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. This greeting is sent because it is very necessary to preserve, keep and strengthen the feeling, the attitude, the atmosphere of Peace.

Once I was visiting the home of one Malik Hamid in Cantonment and a little old man, one Abdul Latif, came and asked, “Why aren’t you a Murshid?” “I am no Murshid.” “Why aren’t you a Murshid?” “I am no Murshid.” Why aren’t you a Murshid?” “All right, I am a Murshid and you are my first mureed.” So Bayat was given and Ryazat and I sent him to Dargah Mian Mir.

The next morning he came back singing and dancing, “I have a real Murshid; I have a real Murshid!” It seems he performed Murakkabah at the Dargah and saw the Saint and he saw me sitting next to the saint.

Now there is a great truth in it and I was taught Allah Ho Akbar means “In peace there is power.” Just as the great Sheikh Suhrawardi has explained the different degrees in meaning of Kalama, so Mian Mir taught me the different degrees in meaning of Allah Ho Akbar and now he is telling me, also, that there is truth in the Hadith: “Every section of Holy Qur’an was sent down in seven dialects and each of these has an inner and outer meaning.” It is an indication that there is the Divine Wisdom (Tasawwuf) in not only Kalama and Takbir and Fateha but in all Qur’an and perhaps in all revelation, too.

What is needed now is to preserve this sense of Peace and Peacefulness. Now my Kashf, from the beginning, has been that through Prof. Durrani you would find a suitable companion, mate. Yet your Murshid is always on the lookout.

Recently, he had a disagreeable series of experiences in Cleveland, so he went out for a walk and before the walk was completed he met an Imam (American Negro) and one Abdul Wahid, the leader of the Pakistani community there; it was like a miracle. Then he learned that Wahid was going to New York to see his cousin in the Foreign Service and this cousin (Mr. Chaudhuri) has been an old friend of your Murshid. Wahid told me where to meet the Pakistanis, but, it being vacation season, they are away. But we shall follow up this as much as possible, inshallah.

There has always been a question in your Murshid’s mind on the place of marriage in very spiritual persons and although he is not married, he has not ceased to look. The lady who seems from an analytical point of view most suited for him is now in West Africa. The heart friendship ladies have not accepted Rassoul Lillah, which must be done either intellectually or spiritually before he can make a bond, but the problem or question here is yourself.

There can be no dogma here. Many people in Cairo visit the tomb of Saint Zainab. In Basra, Rabia has been venerated. In Dargah Nizam-ud-din Auliya, one finds the tomb of Jehanara; and the life of Emperor Humayun was recorded by this sister. No Muslim has ever decried these and other ladies, and there is even hypocrisy over marriage. Certainly Isa was, in his time, a Messenger of God.

The other day I explained to Hashim and his friend Mohammed, the relation between these terms; Alamin, Ilm, Ulema, Alim, etc. Fortunately, they understood. These words coming from the same Arabic root have a great relationship in the cosmos, but in the narrow, analytical sense they may seem far apart. When Allah is Lord of All Worlds, He is Lord of Thought, Feeling, Form, Love, everything, and not just of unseen materialist “heavens.” Without the wisdom, we are very confused about such matters.

Finally, with Hashim, there are huge possibilities of physical activity, both for “Project: The Garden of Allah” and for new vistas which have not been considered and about which one may write later, inshallah.

There is nothing but joy in hearing your reports about Salarwala and the projected magazine. Also I would like to see it reach Cairo and my spiritual Delhi.

You mention Dargah Baba Farid and I shall be very anxious to visit that place especially because of the events and blessings at Ajmir and Nizam-ud-din in Delhi.

I realize the work both Nawab and you must be doing privately to keep you busy. My heart goes to all my spiritual brothers and kin whom you have mentioned. I still go to college to learn more skills, as if I were to return to Pakistan and also Major Sadiq. But one wonders, sometimes now, whether Allah may not turn my face in any direction.

The first really good thing Pakistan has done is to try to reconcile Indonesia and Malaysia. But Allah made all peoples and Allah did not determine politics which are left in man’s hands.

“Kalvath Shan” expresses beautiful everything else in mind of heart.

Here you see the outside of what Hazrat Inayat Khan left. One hopes you can move “inside.” If you can find his writings at Ashraf, please let me know, and then, either way, I shall know the next step.

Love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



July 11, 1964


Beloved One of Allah:

Your Murshid has been moving about in a certain sector of the United States some 2500 miles from home and has been having many experiences. His one concern has been the failure to get a full report from Major Sadiq and he has extended himself beyond his limits, although he does not know always what Allah expects him to do.

The matter of Dr. Nasr’s book being published at Harvard University is of intense interest. In 1960 your Murshid visited Dr. Slater and had both favorable correspondence beforehand and one interview in which Dr. Slater said: “We want to know everything you know that we do not.” Some time afterwards the Chief Imam at the Mosque in Washington asked him to investigate the Islamic Studies there. It was headed by an Englishman (Dr. Gibb) and his assistant was a Hungarian Jew. He told the Imam that he thought it was useless to try to do anything there and the Imam said, “That is what I have been thinking, too.” For it has been very, very difficult for Pakistanis to appreciate that Islamic and Near East Culture in the United States has been almost entirely in the hands of British, Europeans and Zionists until recently.

After his return to this country your Murshid wrote to Dr. Gibb and that gentleman who is the Chief Authority for so called Islamic Studies in America refused point blank to accept any American as a representative of Sufism. And your Murshid has not written to Dr. Slater who has as associate Dr. Cantwell Smith, who has written at long length on Pakistan and his words are accepted here for class studies and 90% false. Therefore your Murshid has had to bide his time.

In the meanwhile, as previously written, Dr. Von Grünebaum of Los Angeles has changed his views and come out weakly for Islam and strongly for tasawwuf.

His influence extends to Berkeley and your Murshid is going home soon to report further to the Near East Studies group. Besides that is where your book on Urdu is and also there are two uncompleted interviews thereon, in Berkeley and one in San Francisco.

In any event your Murshid will send for this book and then write to Dr. Slater, following his earlier correspondence and one interview and by passing Dr. Gibb. Besides, there are others in America who will appreciate this situation.

Now at the moment I am unable to apply for any position with any University. Major Sadiq has made many requests and they take more than my time; a single man in a huge country and one without wealth or prestige has to do everything himself. And as Major Sadiq has been in close touch not only with living Pirs but with Spiritual Persons of utmost importance in the history of mankind and as each of his missions is most important, no independent move can be taken without first having a release from him. At the moment there has been no communication for a long time, although as your Murshid is traveling much there may be other factors. And the Major has four projects all of which are important in the world scene. So this would have to be clarified. First either continuation and consummation of the projects with Major Sadiq, or a written release so that there could be a transfer of home. I feel that Allah wishes the former; there are no signs otherwise, yet.

The normal course might come out of the interviews at the University of California. Already one report has been submitted and this was just before leaving. And there is a teacher giving classes on Sufi philosophy there now. So please wait until I return home and can go over these points.

You are very kind in offering to send works of Hazrat Inayat Khan. Yes, I could use Volume VIII, the contents of which are unknown to me. But please do not copy by chapters. The labor and the postage would be an unnecessary expense.

I have heard of Maryann Jameelah and read a few articles in magazines but am most happy to have this information. I think she was living in Karachi but would have to go over old magazines which are stored away at the moment.

As to Universities. The best one outside of California is Michigan but I can take this up with Asia Foundation which is in San Francisco. Incidentally I shall return this month to 772 Clementina St., San Francisco 94103, Calif.

It will be necessary to answer much mail and also attend on Allah. If He is gracious to me as he has been in the personal letter enclosed, the Guidance may be forthcoming. Four times walks were taken in Cleveland and each occasion brought a new friend.

Now there is another point and also you may mention this to Major Sadiq or Sufi Sahib. Your Murshid feels at times to be in the presence of Allah as Allah without the intermediation. The attitude on intermediation and meditation has always been one of experience and not philosophy. In the Hebrew Bible Joseph saw the angels ascending and descending and your Murshid is a firm believer in Hierarchies: the Hierarchy on earth headed by the living Ktub; and the Universal Hierarch including all Sufis, Saints, Prophets and Divine Messengers, headed by Mohammed (on whom be peace). However this is not presented as dogma, only as the sum total of experience to their writing.

 This letter is not written after meditation and has some intellectual and personal elements. In other words, there is a difference from a communication in hal and one not in hal. It is hoped, however, that each method of writing serves a purpose and is helpful.

 Love and blessings,

 Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



772 Clementina St.

San Francisco 3, Calif.

September 1, 1964


Beloved One of Allah:

Your Murshid had just written a lesson and a letter to you which may arrive in the same mail, and also put in some personal notations. Now, your letter of the 26th has arrived and therefore, he is returning an original paper on “Reconstruction of Muslim Philosophy,” but where he is going to get time to have copies made is a mystery. He has not time for this now, unless he borrows more and has no money to pay others.

The work on Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan’s teachings is a full time job. “Project: The Garden of Allah” is more than a full time job. The arrangements for Dr. Sadiq alone would have been a full time job. Time and money have been spent and nothing has come of it, yet. The copying of “Saladin” and other literature is a half time job, but here, there is a sign of getting help from a spiritual aspirant.

Some time has to be given to Allah, which is most important of all, only, as this is done, more and more inspirations come, the Kashf increases, and this means, in turn, increase in literary efforts. While Major Sadiq and your good self have suffered physically, this person has suffered mentally. He reaches points where neither the mind, nor time processes, permit increases and sometimes begins to worry about his eyes.

The consultation of Holy Qur’an, which becomes Holy when you consult it and not holy when one uses the terms “Holy Qur’an,” indicates you should go on with the Home Economics plans rather than the philosophy. If you can read more of Hazrat Inayat Khan and of the lessons sent, you will have better inspirations and plans. First, wait for reactions to the article you have written; your original paper enclosed. This is not going to be easy; you may receive friendly or unfriendly comments or both.

The visit about Ghaus-i-Azam is wonderful. You were perfectly right in approaching the saint. Hazrat Inayat Khan wrote, “Doing is better than fearing.”

The problems one has to face, even if easy, in his home town, make it very difficult to write letters. I have not written to Harvard, but will do so shortly. The long battles at the University of California have all come out victorious, but they have consumed time and energy. “Project: The Garden of Allah” now must be pursued. Where is your Murshid going to get money? He has been doing all sorts of things, none of which bring funds and some of which consume funds as well as time.

Allah has given him the answers. Every little project on the side takes him away from it. He has whole manuscripts which he must recopy to get funds and he has no time for that.

The reports on Dr. Nasr are wonderful and inshallah, this will have good repercussions everywhere.

Your Murshid has not changed his feelings about a life partner for you. The first was, it might be, around Peshawar and this through Prof. Durrani or somebody close to him. But your Murshid and interpretation indicate it might also come through Prof. Nasr.

Your plan to come here in 1965 seems correct. But, I am waiting for a time message from Major Sadiq, for I cannot afford to go out on more interviews to no purpose. There are still several matters to taken up with Prof. Farber and he and I have agreed we should have one interview on all matters, not short ones, piecemeal.

Your Murshid does not know where he is going to find time to learn about motor cars too. The best thing for you would be to visit the American Consulate and call on the commercial agents.

A Murshid is supposed to be cooperative and sympathetic, but sometimes he has his own affairs. Allah has given him answers to one after another big problem, and he has been unable to do anything, though the answers are at the tip of his tongue and every meeting ends in a most friendly manner. What use to plant an orchard if one is never permitted to harvest the fruit?

Nation fights nation, faction fights faction, group fights group, person fights person, and within us, even parts are not always harmonious with each other. To seek Allah is to find wisdom to rise above all contention. But to receive the Guidance and not follow is one of the most dangerous courses in life and there is where your Murshid stands today.


Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



September 7, 1964


Beloved One of Allah:

 Your letter concerning the man who seems to be tempting you must be answered in full, and it will require a deep understanding of Islam and tasawwuf before one can come to specific cases.

Your Murshid does not perform Dowa without permission. He says we perform Sadja. But we start it by putting hands to our ears in prayer; only, we don’t listen. Your Murshid interprets this as meaning, “Allah, I am about to pray. My ears are open for an answer.” Then we put our heads to the ground and ask Allah if He is listening or if He is not listening. But prayers have become, in all religions, spirituals, and God-bribes and formalism, but do not bring the communication between the devotee and the Devotion.

There is a half-saint who followed your Murshid in many places, all over Pakistan, in order to deliver a Message. Your Murshid fled him, although in the end your Murshid surrendered; and this after it was against his own will. For the holy man asked your murshid to pray for him and Allah said, “When a holy man asks another to pray for him, it shows he is a hypocrite. He may always pray for the whole nation (Pakistan) or for persons who do not claim to have wisdom; but for those who have some knowledge, if they have not the faith to pray and listen, it is most unfortunate.”

Now your Murshid has explained he has and does pray to Allah and Allah is answering him, more and more, all the time. And these answers come, not only with prayer, but in the everyday life; that he is being received more seriously.

The first things most Muslims overlook, and this is a very serious defect, is that Allah is Most Merciful and Compassionate. It has become verbal, formal. You may find a psychologist at the library of the OSIS in Bank Square and we have long discussed the false conscience of many people. Your Murshid has kept on close terms with Chisti people who are in the wine business next to Ferohsons on the Mall. Everybody sees only blame for all kinds of things and this is common to Christianity and Islam.

Your Murshid might explain all kinds of hand-holding, but your problem was put to him also by a lady who is a very good friend and had the same problem in Egypt. It was always the married man. It is not the hand-holding that is wrong; it is the offer from a married man. And even this is not wrong if he would hold your hand in the presence of his wife or in society. But when it is done when you are alone, that is very wrong, even if he loved you. For if he loved you he would observe convention, even low convention, and would consider you and not himself.

As the Baraka increases in and through your personality, there will be more and more of this. You will have to learn to live with it. But you will have to treat such people, and especially the males, like we treat the dogs and cats here. They are given the petting, but the magnetism is never the same. Only for you in the practical, or rather the esoteric sense, you must protect yourself, and not just to follow the traditions, many of which have to be broken. In all cases, the married man must learn.

You may tell him that you are a mureed in tasawwuf and that your oath to Allah means that you can only love the lovers of Allah, but that is your Nature anyhow. You only can love the lovers of Allah; e.g. your [?] with Prof. Durrani. Then you are not on the human level.

So see Ali whenever you must, but always with other people. Bless him if you want to, (you don’t have to,) and always remind him that you are on the tarikat and a firm believer in the Allahistic philosophy.

There is left the [?] of a man coming into your life in a romantic or heroic fashion. There are many social bars in Pakistan between men and women. But in your case, there would be bars anyhow. A psychologist has just discovered that he can measure, in people, the light and radiance of the eyes. This is wonderful because mystics all measure by the light and radiance of the eyes.

When you meet a proper man, this will stand out on both sides. There is nothing to stop you from looking, keeping this in mind.

Your murshid also has had this experience, but there may be only one or two women on earth that could stand before the power needed to uphold the projects mentioned in the other letter. The Pirs know this and yet they have admonished him to look.

The most difficult of all tasawwurs is that of Tasawwur Mohammed. This is said by one who has had a multitude of tasawwurs, not only with the saints of Islam, but with the ideals of other faiths. Your Murshid has followed Buddha to Hell, Christ to the cross and Mohammed through the Heavens (Saladin). This was the real sealing after he had all the basic experiences of all faiths; and it is not written just to confirm the orthodox or heterodox Islam.” He can offer you the tasawwur of Pir Barkat Ali or Sufi Hazrat Inayat Khan or Mian Mir, one of these, but not more. Or the Madzub who has already given you his blessing. Your Murshid already loves that Madzub.

Finally, you must try to explain to this man what Ajmal and Ali means. What good a name which one does not fulfill? A man named Ajmal must be always considerate of others or give up name; he must always try to see the beauty everywhere and if so, he would be bringing it forth in his own spouse.



September 11, 1964


Beloved One of Allah:

As salaam aleikhum. You will find enclosed more Gathas; those belonging to Series One, Saluk or Morals. There are also ten papers in this set. This will mean you will soon have, inshallah, all of the first year’s papers of Hazrat Inayat Khan, excepting those on Naqshibandi, which are being released one at a time so you can get full advantage of them. Also, with them, you get the commentaries; but for these subjects, the commentaries may not ready for some time.

Your Murshid will not go, here, into the problem of getting all these papers into your hands and into hands of other Pakistanis, although the originals go to Pir-o-Murshid Sufi Barkat Ali.

Now, every day it is necessary to ask Allah for the proceedings of the way. Today, your Murshid went to the Trade Fair, which is being held not far away. From the commercial point of view, there are new types of rice with seasonings in them, and these should interest Major Sadiq.

Also some time was spent with a group fostering international trade, and it will be necessary to see them again. Also, to write at least one paper on the trade possibilities for Pakistan, and also on the problem of developing natural resources. The great obstacle is neither money, nor interest; the great obstacle is the difficulty of getting wide awake cooperation from your own people. The Foreign Service is not interested; mostly they are interested in social events. And, at the moment, even the last remains of any Islamic groups are gone; the one thing I did find out is that a number of students are now at Stanford University, which is some miles away and the rival of my own university (California). But for the cause of Allah and also for development of resources, it will be important to go there sometime. But, the additional burden, (your Murshid is always getting burdens of being asked to write), may be answered that there is a possibility here of being paid. Many people have taken advantage of him and not paid him for efforts.

You may wonder, here, why these Gathas are enclosed. But, it has been necessary to get them out for a local mureed, and there is a possibility, inshallah, of another one. But at the University of California, and many in the Trade Fair, the Indians are alert. They are now teaching in many places. And in the Trade Fair, they had many representatives and your country had one. This has happened many times. We do not even know if the recent floods in India affected Pakistan. Even the story that the Brahmaputra has been on rampage was reported only from the Indian view and one knows nothing of East Pakistan.

Tomorrow, inshallah, I must report on the conference for Dr. Ahmed and don’t know where this will lead. But that also required my typing your manuscript, which they also may want. One can make up to five good copies on thin paper like this on this machine. This machine is now in good order, being received this morning.

Another situation, also, is that the Indians at the university have asked for cooperation. And next month, at least one of their farm delegation will be visiting here and your Murshid has been called on to host him.

One hopes your hot season is now abating. The weather here is always moderate and this enables your Murshid to work hard. Next week his scientific research begins, inshallah.


Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



[Date unknown, possibly 1964]


Along with this Pir Zade Vilayat Inayat Khan has released some papers on brotherhood which are being copied and will either be included here or sent out soon. These are papers which belonged here many years ago but one is thankful to have received them at all.

There was an occasion in which your Murshid got into an argument when he returned from India and he turned on the other man and said: “Now, if you will repeat exactly what you said, or any portion thereof, or anything, and respect it by beginning: “In the Name of Allah, Er-Rahman, Er-Rahim, I claim … then I shall concede without argument. But if you cannot do that, you are working on your own nufs and are a liar. I repeat, either you are a liar or you will use the Bismillah.” He could not do it. Now, Beloved one of Allah, it does not matter who was right or who was wrong, it matters who can repeat the Bismillah.

Again it comes from some relatives that your Murshid was not interested in your marriage. Yet he counseled your going to Peshawar and calling on some people there whom he knows and loves and trusts. He acted. And two names have come to his notice and all he has said about this: “If Khawar will benefit. Therefore there can be no ‘No’ from me.” Yet, if a proposal came to you, the counsel is to repeat, holding the person’s name: “Ishk Allah, Mahbood lillah”; and this will either strengthen or weaken feelings and thus, inshallah, you will have the guidance. Then it not necessary to have any personal reflection for Allah is the Teacher and Guide of All.

If the critics can say that or take that, then my prayers are for their blessings.

At one time it was very hard to read Holy Qur’an, for it seemed to have no ideas. Now it is very hard to read Holy Qur’an, for even a single line seems too full of ideas.

The apartment occupied is very peaceful and I have lived there before. Now it is mostly Philippine people who live around here and they are most interesting.

Dollars. Offhand the only place I know where this can be arranged may be through the Consulate at Bank Square. Yet, the Bank of America which handles my affairs has an office in Karachi, so I am going to their international office here and make inquiries.

At the present moment I have a voluminous amount of material on Sufism. You see, in the midst of difficulties, nearly all of twenty-five years’ research was returned. Also some prophetic material which was forgotten. And all this time, first, one must complete the book on the holy men I have met and then turn, inshallah, to the food problems. And at the same time it has been necessary to make all kinds of reports and suggestions. One has to do this half blindly, not knowing whether they will be received seriously, and at the same time watching growing confusion all over Asia, which it seems impossible to stop.

Talismans. One of the tasbihs you have sent has holy names on it and another shines in the dark. The original idea was to use these until they had plenty of Baraka in them and then give them to others with blessings. But there are some things in Major Sadiq’s life which are precious to the point of being miraculous, mostly when he was away from me, but a channel of Baraka, inshallah.

And the next thing is the criticism of not wearing a beard. And here in San Francisco there is even a court case, a legal trial, because a man insisted on wearing a beard. What this has to do with spirituality and orthodoxy, one does not know. When your Murshid asked Allah, he did Chinese. So your Murshid thought wouldn’t it be funny to have a Sufi Order only for Chinese and Burmese and American natives who can’t grow beards; and one wonders if Allah consigned them to Jehanna because they can’t grow a beard and what has this to do with Er-Rahman Er-­Rahim.

The last few hours included a long meditation for Major Sadiq. It is the easiest thing in the world to say, “Bismillah,” and then one is faced with great difficulties and hazards. No doubt, Allah is the All-Compassionate, but also the All-Wise and the All-everything. The Major has been the recipient. Realize it. The successes bring a little, and we believe, that with all the difficulties, the major is being prepared by proving it.

I once represented the Muslims of East Pakistan and when I wrote that one had to have patience in trying to tell Americans about Islam, a most critical letter was received. You can’t go around the streets preaching Islam here. But slowly, the writers realize that Mohammed was very great and very pure; only they do not think Muslims are great and pure, and then Muslims call these writers anti-Islamic and sometimes this is true. It is not easy.

But the Islamic community here takes the attitude that their fathers were better than our fathers, (which may be true) and they assume a pride and then consider themselves superior to American devotees. And if you ask them to explain Holy Qur’an they go off on wild escapades and explain nothing.

Al-Ghazzali has said that the Divine Wisdom consists of experiences and not syllogisms, and this is true. And those who have the experiences have to stand up against all sorts of difficulties. Anyhow, the Major and the Begum are at least some times in Lahore and can go sometimes to Data Sahib and Mian Mir in which there are blessings and promises and that is all one dare say now. Will know there are blessings, and if possible, put in some enclosures.

Love and blessings to yourself and your aunt and to both my friends and critics, in the Name of Allah, Er-Rahman, Er-Rahim.


Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



October 4, 1964


Beloved One of God:

This letter is confirmation of first, some spiritual things and then, a letter from Corinne, Mrs. Reinhold, wife of a man who has been an extremely close friend for years. It was they whom, from the very beginning, I wished to keep informed of any coming of Major Sadiq, and when I last heard of the possibility of his coming to Los Angeles, I advised them. They have been on the alert and not far from where I stay is a group interested in high-level spiritualism in which Major Sadiq has been interested, and was adept.

But in the note about the Man from Nepal, after he scolded me for not assuming leadership, this was right. And already I have retained both a third teacher of Urdu on the Berkeley campus, and a young woman studying to fulfill all the requirements I was supposed to report to Pir Dewwal Shereef.

But I got no answers. Only inquiries and this has become impossible. My schedule and programs have been arranged too many times to no end. I am compelled to accept outside employment to meet my requirements, or else to concentrate on articles which may be paid for. Your Murshid has now three times made arrangements for Major Sadiq to come here for spiritual and healing reasons; once or twice for agricultural reasons; twice for business and trade and nothing has come but expense of time and money. This loss of time and money would not be important but it has prevented your Murshid from fulfilling either the instructions of the Pirs, or the completion of his own work.

In addition, it means all kind of letters of apology because statements made proved to be empty. Your Murshid is not sure now even of Major Sahib’s address and whether the letters sent by one Rajah were hoaxes and tricks. There is nothing to show otherwise.

It is not only “Project: The Garden of Allah” that has been held up, but even the paper on the aftermath of the recent monsoons, besides his memoirs. And now also the Divine Guidance is coming loud and clear and so if these other projects, even your coming here, do not fit into the Divine Guidance, what can one do? As the man from Nepal said, “You are now sixty-eight years of age; what have you to show?” He was right.

And as I know what he wishes, I must now concentrate either entirely on my own affairs or know for certain when and if Major is coming. I am sorry this must be done through you.

Soon, no doubt, I shall check on your book because there are now three teachers of Urdu in Berkeley.

God bless you.



October 16, 1964


Beloved One of Allah,

As-salaam Aleikhum. This is a very special letter written under the most pleasant circumstances and although there appear to be some harsh or strident notes in it, they only break out the harmonies.

When your Murshid was in India in 1956, he was ill for the only time this occurred on the subcontinent, and that came out of the feasts he had at Ajmir. At that time your Murshid had a single diary; later he had one for scientific and the other for spiritual and cultural subjects. The whole story at Ajmir fits in exactly with what one can read in the lives of saints and holy men, but this was the first time it ever occurred to a man of Western birth.

Suddenly his own Pir-o-Murshid appeared to him and said, “Go to the Egyptian Embassy. “This was done and there he met Dr. Muhammad Hussein of the Faculty of Arts, Cairo University. The story is too long to repeat here but Dr. Hussein fully accepted it on open merits. Years later, when your Murshid appeared in Cairo, the doctor wrote up his story, as he would have it, publishing that he was a great saint and Yogi. Your Murshid protested saying he was a simple Sufi dervish and neither a saint nor Yogi. Dr. Hussein refused to retract, and actually, today your Murshid is learning or has been given by grace ,Yogi faculties ascribed by Dr. Hussein. You may remember I said you should visit him if you ever go to Cairo.

When your Murshid said, “I am only a dervish,” people then said, “There are no walls.” “No, there are no walls.”

Since your Murshid’s return here people have been kind, courteous, friendly, gracious, graceful, but never have they let your Murshid tell of his travels, exploits or anything about tasawwuf. Indeed many times have parties been given, as if in his honor, and always there was one or more “guests of honor” present to whom social niceties turned the evening over, even some of your Murshid’s longest and best friends know nothing of his career, its significance, or anything of the sort.

About two weeks ago, when a lady who has been most friendly and is of wonderful character, broke an engagement for a number of weeks standing, always with an excuse, your Murshid said, “This is the end.” He hung up the phone and heard the Divine Voice saying: “Samuel, I need you.” And then as he turned to his rooms, the telephone rang, an emergency call.

This was the first of several such emergencies; people in dire trouble, seeking spiritual or psychological solutions and trusting your Murshid. This is one of his real functions, and it seems only great pain or difficulties cause people to turn to that way. But this Sunday also he is having a meeting, the first meeting in response to the cry of those who are in deep pain or difficulties caused always by so-called “spiritual colleagues” who are mostly so concerned with their own spiritual development that they have lost all humanity. And this means a new direction, one in answer to problems of pain, suffering, illness, for which your Murshid was especially trained.

Now, the second story is also serious and it has its humorous side, too. While your Murshid has been going around trying to reach people in certain colleges, one of them wrote up his life story. There is a strange connection between the life of your Murshid and the lives of those who founded the City College of San Francisco. Anyhow, he was immediately sought out by a young man with whom a single interview indicated he is ready for Bayat.

You will remember a few weeks ago, when you suggested that your Murshid said he would not stop working on the Gathas of Hazrat Inayat Khan, because there were others now preparing and ready for them. At that time there was one young man, now there are four. It is this faculty which is known as Kashf in Islam and Prajna in Hinduism and Buddhism, which is the Divine Voice, which always speaks to us, though sometimes it is hard to hear. And at this writing, with two distinct paths pointed out at the moment, both leading to spiritual functioning on the part of your Murshid, there is this important response.

Or, as written to Karachi recently, those who talk about Islam never bother about Shahud or Fateha. A copy of this letter was sent to Shamsuddin Ahmed. He is one man who understands, at least intellectually, what your Murshid is doing and is also now a very faithful devotee to Sufi Sahib at Salarwala, and acts as go-between. Sufi Sahib has sent his blessing and is sorry about not having a typewriter, but there is no need to have letters. We commune and thus communicate and, at this writing, everything is going exactly as Sufi Sahib wants (and also as Madzub Sahib wants). There is the realm above not only verbal communication, not only above telepathy, but is part of communication and Tauhid.

The same thing is happening at the University of California, where now both the Asian professors and the scientists greet your Murshid with all the love and even veneration it is possible for a Western heart to express. If I sent you copy of a letter from Sufi Sahib you would see it expressed in writing, but you know it.

Prof. Shah is a teacher of Urdu and also friend of many saints in India who have been the closest friends of your Murshid. This is particularly true of Pir-o-Murshid Hassan Sani Nizami at New Delhi. And Prof. Shah has asked “the secret questions” which, even if asked, free your Murshid from false covers which he is compelled to wear publicly and privately. So long as people see only the covers he cannot be himself and they see only the covers, the clothing, the mannerisms, the behavior patterns, the niceties or their absence, none of which have anything to do with anything but nufs.

Even praise or blame do not affect your Murshid, but when the proper questions are asked, then he is either transformed or transforms himself. And here again, there is large sector of your Murshid’s history in Cairo which looks as if it came out of something more bizarre then even “The Arabian Nights.” For behind Sufism and the Sufi Orders, there is that Hierarchy which controls the destinies of the world Only, this Hierarchy is not only manifesting through Islam, it manifests above and beyond all religions. You have read this in Part II, “Saladin,” which came from Rassoul-Lillah himself, and all wisdoms of the world come through him, and not just what we call “Islam” alone, separating it from anything. Indeed, your Murshid has had initiations into six great religions, even from the Chinese. And this again is funny, for while Americans would reject it, the secretary of the congressman from this area is his spiritual brother and we do not even have to talk!

But your Murshid has been refused any interview with the Department of International Studies and he had just written a letter in protest when one came to him from Dr. Radhakrishnan. Now, Beloved one of Allah, the dervish is one, as was said in Cairo, before whom there are no walls, and his relation to Dr. Radhakrishnan might be incomprehensible, but if his whole history or even diaries were in your hands you would see there are no walls.

Research on agricultural problems is done in close cooperation with one Prof. Harry Nelson here. When I was in ‘pindi, I wrote him, after leaving Ayub National Park, “Dear chap, you cannot go in there,” “Dear, chap, I have just come from there.” Mr. Nelson knows my whole horticultural history, which includes visits to places seldom frequented even by most prominent Americans. This, of itself, is unimportant. But when you combine the scientific background with the spiritual functions, and one works for the well-being of all areas associated with “Project: The Garden of Allah,” one finds that only the scientists and those who have traveled far and wide understand the significance of such projects.

So the scientists, especially at the top levels, are giving all cooperation and encouragement for “Project: The Garden of Allah,” and the social scientists and political people have refused even interviews. Your Murshid is not disturbed for, as said above, the congressman from this district has a Chinese secretary and already the door are open if one wishes to enter.

And, as for the international studies, after being refused admittance, just now your Murshid had a letter from Dr. Radhakrishnan, and this, added to other material, will be presented in such a way as to make some people look ludicrous.

Here one must repeat, if one repeats all one’s life, these two phrases: La Illaha El Il Allah and Allaho Akbar.

It is the second which is most important at the moment, and you have now learned from Mian Mir some of its significance. It is behind both these ventures, the one coming Sunday and the one with the young people. And it is by these that your Murshid has challenged the missionary people in Karachi. For one can, if one has the Grace, impress or even convince Americans of Islam. But, if religion means the acquisition of Kashmir, the approval, on our part, of Pakistan’s treaties with China and turning our heads away from Islamic Indonesia and Islamic Malaysia to call upon arms and weapons instead of Allah, it is useless even to waste time in refutation. Once an important man said to your Murshid: “Kashmir is our life blood.” Your Murshid said, “Then I have made a mistake in coming here, I have always been under the impression that Allah was your life blood.”

After this letter is written, your Murshid will go to Berkeley to get a report on your book, if there is one, and then continue.

Evening. The events of the day show the presence of Allah and Divine Guidance through Kashf and the wisdom of listening to the Voice which constantly comes to the awakened heart. On the Berkeley campus I found out about the existence of groups engaged in international cultural exchange. Then I learned that Mr. Pandey, to whom I was bringing the Radhakrishnan letter, is now teaching Urdu so I shall ask him to look over your book.

Then, walking as if aimlessly through the streets, your Murshid came upon a new office of the Forestry Division of the United States Department of Agriculture. Enquiries were made for Pakistan and fortunately, after a while, I met a Mr. Gleason, who not only expressed interest, but will give every sort of cooperation. If Major Sadiq does not come soon these materials many be sent to my friend, Dr. Khan, Forestry Botanist at Abbottabad, Hazara. Otherwise, inshallah, arrangements have been made for a visit for Major Sahib, both in this region and in neighboring states. It is this sort of experience that happens to those who practice the surrender (the true Islam) and permit Allah to guide their footsteps.

Later I called on a lady who also works at the university. We have been friends for nearly fifty years. The story of the strange behavior on the part of the International Department was told her. But also, it is interesting that she, for the first time in her life, has had the sign of “inner initiation.” She did not understand it, and is still in world of dualism and does not understand Tauhid.

Your Murshid also called at the office of his congressman, who wishes to take up his battle with those people at the university. It is this sort of thing that has made your people very suspicious of us, and rightly so. As this letter is completed there is every feeling of goodwill from every direction and almost a feeling of pity for selfish persons who regard that they have a position of privilege in a university, whereas it is the public that pays their salaries. They ought to be thankful to Allah every minute for his beneficence but they do not understand this at all.

Love and blessings,


Next morning: Praise be to Allah. Officials of the State Government are investigating those people who have constantly refused to give your Murshid an interview. This roundabout and aid comes from an unexpected source, but as pressure has already been exerted, it seems now that your Murshid will be given full consideration in his efforts to bring about better understanding between nations, inshallah.

Later: Just received the letters from Major and yourself. Am writing under separate heading to you. This is the eve of a birthday and things are changing rapidly for the better, alhamdulillah.

This does not mean there is release in time. Am now preparing some young men for Bayat and just received another letter with a spiritual call. The other letter will really be jointly for Major Sahib and yourself.



December 15, 1964


Beloved One of Allah:

All praise is due to Allah, Lord of All the Worlds, the Merciful, the Compassionate, whom we worship, adore and to whom we beseech for help.

This letter is written as illustrative material, though if any word be received from you shortly, that would be answered separately.

To come into a country where the habits, the outlooks, are different and to have to function because it is the Will of Allah, is not easy. When this person left in 1956 he had ten sets of enemies, and Allah, the Wise, the Guiding said, “Let your enemies fight your enemies.” They came down to two, the most outstanding, because each was prominent, each claimed to have knowledge of Sufism, but each hated the other so much, in the name of the “religion of love,” that both were immobilized and step by step this person has walked in.

Now, the world affairs and the world’s affairs, are often quite outside the affairs of “Islam,” but never, never outside the Worlds of Allah. This person has been universally and uniformly successful. For, as the Prophet taught, “When man walks one step toward Allah, Allah walks ten steps toward him.” And in these affairs which concern Allah, (but which are of no concern to “Islam,”) one after another the most important people in the world have been met. Sometimes they are just traveling through this region; but one has been placed in Los Angeles and another in California, and they have supported this person’s principles, that we must consider all human beings as real, their feelings as valid, and their happiness as important.

This does not lighten burdens quantitatively, but qualitatively, yes, in all direction. But the resulting writing, again, will not be what others may wish, but what Allah wishes.

This person has two faithful young mureeds and has been teaching from “The Unity of Religious Ideals.” And as he taught, there would be some external experience to support the teachings. But now each has partaken of an outside experience. One saw the leader of the Congress Party greet this person, to the dismay of the audience. The other saw the complete surrender of a heretofore resistant audience and their acceptance of “Peace is Power” which is the interpretation of Allaho Akbar, taught over and over again by the blessed Mian Mir at the Dargah and when they cannot but see the manifestation of teachings, and the change in people, their faith is increased.

Of more personal interest to you, no doubt, The Congress of World Faiths, to be held in Claremont, California, next year, has refused this person’s “The Revival of Islamic Philosophy” because our good-friend and brother, Prof. Seyyed Nasr is to give that paper. Now they have sent for this person to speak and Allah has directed to write a paper on “Shuvo-Mentanoia-Tauba,” which would be outwardly called “repentance” but is actually “return.” “From Allah we come and to Him we return.” Already, Allah has shown the complete paper, which would end with long questions from Al-Hujwiri (Data Sahib) and this brings together all that had been communicated inwardly in your country; to receive the actual teachings of Al­ Hujwiri and thus, justify the pilgrimages to the Dargah.

It is on this high note that the year ends.

There has been lots of typing, but one waits until the Christmas rush is over and then sends things surface mail.

No doubt it will take the West or even the world, a long time to realize two things; (a) The Omnipresence of Allah, Who is closer than the neck-vein. (b) The operation of the Divine Light-Wisdom of Allah, through Hierarchies of saints and masters among whom Sufis are most prominent.

Visited Anwar Ali of “Pakistan Times” last week and placed in his hands three books of Sufi poetry and also showed him the “neck-vein” movement, which will also be used in Zikr, in Sana and in The Dances of Universal Peace.

A public reception Sunday led to this person being accepted more and more seriously. He has devoted his whole life to attempts at honest research and endeavor. It is only that strangers, not acquaintances, are affected. But Allah leads whom He pleases and blesses whom He pleases. We must, therefore, praise Allah and accept all avenues as His avenues, regardless of persons and personalities involved.

Or as your Murshid said to a critic: “No doubt there are much greater passages in the Bible than in Qur’an, but you can use every phrase in Qur’an in Prayers and you cannot and do not use every phrase of the Bible so.” This was a new idea and opened this person’s eyes.

Love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



December 30, 1964


Beloved One of Allah:

This is more a report on a year’s effort, than an answer to your recent letter. Death is something we have always with us, and despite all teaching of all religions, we still think we are more real while on earth (Nasut) and act as if this realm were more than other realms.

Today I borrowed “Sources of Indian Tradition” (Muslim India and Pakistan included). There is a great deal of Sufi material in it, and a great deal of commenting, most of the latter being total nonsense, and one will not comment on the nonsense here, excepting to remark that statements about Mian Mir are terrible.

The three Sufis most mentioned are Ghazzali, and then, in opposition to each other, Ibnu ‘l-’Arabi and Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi. The latter was correct in stating that fana does not represent the highest state; but he does not affirm baqa and in the end falls short of both Ibnu ‘l-’Arabi (whom I do not wish to defend) and Data Sahib (whom I do). If Sirhindi had known and realized that baqa is higher than fana, he could have demolished his enemies; but this also destroyed his position, for he places Shariat above Tarikat and Tarikat above [?], but that was not his intention.

Full surrender to Allah may be the work of mankind, but it is also to become living vehicles for Allah to work through. Allah could not be sure of Himself until He realized Himself as not Himself. So He became not-Himself, hence La Illaha. Then He went through all the evolution of not-Himself until in Adam (mankind). He was able to experience Himself and this experience was completed, according to one’s views in Jesus and Mohammed. But the Christians not only posited the incarnation (which the Hindus do) but the identity and this identity is borne out neither by Kalama, nor by the highest mystical experiences.

This seemingly unimportant mystical discussion becomes all important when we look at the condition of the world. The United States and China; the Arab world and Zionism; the Africans among each other; the Malaysians and Indonesians and India versus Pakistan, show that somewhere along the line we are surrendered to other than Allah.

A mureed asked for an interpretation of the Taittiriya Upanishad. This may shock some Muslims that a Sufi should find wisdom there. But do realize that in this wisdom the lesson was given to try to realize the “five sheaths” by the practice of “Allah Ho Akbar” and when this is done the Kalama will supplant the Takbir.

This was followed by the complete surrender of the Indian cultural leader here that a Sufi might know their wisdom completely, but the reciprocal, that Hindus know tasawwuf completely, hardly follows. Indeed, not only a profound explanation was given, but a most simple one; so simple that no Indian sage could possibly think it up, but just as obviously true. This meeting was all [?] of Sufian over verbal Advaita teachings.

But this was not theory. The Murshid does not give the mureed exercises that he himself has not accomplished and the last five weeks of the year show a series of remarkable incidents in meeting people of importance or of being accepted when one was rejected before. The “Allah Ho Akbar” (Takbir) has such validity such power such wisdom.

It is too bad it is not used more. So long as Pakistan places “Islam” above Takbir and Kalama, it will not prosper; and this election campaign does not bring much wisdom, only to show that when “Islam” is placed above Takbir and Kalama, the Nation does not prosper.

Having had private and most cordial sessions with Mme. Noon, Mrs. Ispahani Begun Selim Khan, I am about the only person in the world who can criticize the geniuses among the wise of your country; their abilities, their virtues and everything else. Which does not mean that one must necessarily support the contentions of Miss Jinnah, who while seemingly championing the cause of women, has not recognized the worth of these and other women.

Both as an American and, let us say, one with spiritual outlooks, one cannot place men and/or women above, below or otherwise. In the statements above, the objection has been made to Sheikh Sirhindi that he elevated Shariat rather than Allah and whatever might be true of his contentions with Al-Ghazzali, Ibnu ‘l-’­Arabi and Data Sheikh, he has overlooked entirely the saint Rabia, and one is not sure there have not been other women like Rabia, and may not also be women like Rabia, today. And what “so-called “Muslims” need is a good dose of recognition both of the person of St. Rabia and her teachings.

The Takbir has been bringing greater and greater satisfaction and the dispensing of Takbir by “Muslims” has meant the failure of the Arab in the Near East and the Pakistanis, in and with Kashmir.

But beyond this is the question of whether any nation, even any person has added to the world’s storehouse of knowledge and wisdom without the divine guidance. This person says no, this is not possible; and whenever and wherever there are have been, or will be inventions and discoveries, this is due to the Grace of Allah and not citizens or out praising “Muslims.” This person must repeat with the Sufi poet, “Only Allah I saw.” And this acceptance of Allah enhances, does not diminish, the wisdom, the success and the skillful accomplishments of the person.

In the last analysis one can accept almost any religion with Kalama, and without the Kalama it has become a matter of indifference. In the Haqiqat, where one is fixed on the Heart of Allah, so many distinctions and differences disappear. If one could write on:

a. The Angelic consciousness in man

b. The Divine consciousness in man

at each level, there would be extreme disagreement with much that we accept. One doubts very much whether the Angelic beings perform the ordinary praise, and one knows it is impossible for Angels not to be in either Zikr or Fikr; but they are not marked with dualisms and separation, and are in cosmic harmony.

There is no use in restyling the above, “The Outlook of Djabrut” and “The Outlook of Hahut,” but such outlook would destroy all contentions of all schools of interpretation. Or, as Junaid said in his dying days, “All I have is a few prayers and sacred phases.” So we do not have the peace or wisdom, and lacking both the peace and wisdom, we lack the power and do not see coming into manifestation that which we have set up as our goal, which usually is other than the goals of Kalama.

The problems of the world, be they in politics, agriculture, finance or anything else, are not solved by phases and surrender. Without making a reality of surrender, it is totally empty. A rescue mission in Congo is justified by humanity but is [?] by some “Muslims.” This is of a very different nature from sending the military abroad to interfere in human affairs where life-saving is not the most important factor.

As for Pir Salarwala. These things are not the result of man’s elections or electing. We have to “feel” and only then can we be assured. But of Ghaus-i-Azam we can be assured, and Allah has blessed you very much here.

Then the Bible teaches that, “In Allah we live and move and have our being,” and it is mostly by Kashf, but it is “clear evidence” that comes and then one knows. One does not stop to analyze whether it falls under the type of phenomena discussed in “Cosmic Language” of Hazrat Inayat Khan, or whether it is direct from Allah. It is as Abu Said ibn Abu-al-Khair explained, the “eighth-seventh” of Holy Qur’an. The seven-sevenths are the Book; the eighth-seventh is the continual guidance from the Supreme (Ya Azim).

My prayers are also always for you and your aunt. The obstacle is not to be in a hurry to return to Pakistan, or even now for the coming of Major Sadiq. Only, now he must be my younger brother and not a partner any more, unless there is word from the Pirs to that effect.

There is a garb, and it is a strange garb that one wears and has to act accordingly, which does not show the brightness. An old friend just dropped in and we discussed that often we must work under garb, which does not mean working under guise. The Jelali function is a cover here over the Jemali function. This enables your Murshid to live, to retain, maintain and even increase vitality. It also makes one very strong, very determined, but not always socially “nice.” Once in Hollywood, a Vedanta Swami penetrated the guise with amusing effects. This happens so rarely; the incident stands out. But my elder spiritual sister who lives there now knows it. And my spiritual sister, who had the first Bayat with me, knows it intellectually. She cannot accept the “reason” though it is clear. And after being pushed around for some time, everything worked out right; for your Murshid made no attempt to please man (or displease man) and every attempt to please Allah.

Your Murshid knows you may not be able to write for some time and wishes you to conserve all your strength for your projects. Now that you understand he is under perpetual pressure and yet “With difficulty cometh ease, verily, with difficulty cometh ease.”

Last week, the explanation that “Peace is Power” was so effective and today, also, your Murshid explained it at the UAR consulate and next will be to Anwar Ali of Lahore, who remains here until March.

In Cairo your Murshid was given six scientific problems. At the end of four hours he said: “Here are the answers to five of them and you can get the answer to the sixth from Davis, in California.” They said: “We knew you could do it, so we asked you.” Now the Kashf works in all matters and more in the scientific than in the religious fields, both of which are spiritual when one understands the Presence of Allah.

Love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti.




January 22, 1965


Beloved One of Allah:

This letter is really for Major Sadiq and is more in the way of news, but wishing you should read it first it has been addressed to you.

Copy of a letter just written is enclosed for you both to read. This book was found by Kashf, in a sort of experience which has become quite frequent.

Letter has been received from a dentist friend of Major who wishes to come to this country for further studies, inshallah. As your Murshid knew where to take it, it has been put in the hands of the proper people. He was informed that it will take about a week for the next step. But he also knows what to do, in this case.

Nevertheless with arrival he did not wish to do anything. Officials of the Pakistani government have not only been un-cooperative but downright hostile. Even men whom your Murshid knows well personally ignore his letters. It was only that the next day after the inquiry arrived, a most gracious apology and letter of thanks was received from the Embassy in Washington.

The next day another letter was received affirming his place on the panel in charge of Islamic views in the afternoon sessions of the Congress of Faiths to be held in Claremont, California in September. And it also happens that your Murshid will have other business to perform in that area. There are three or four famous specializing colleges in that town, all of high import.

No details have been received of the Major’s success in the recent election, nor whether this will affect my work and researches here.

There will be a minor conference on Salinity toward the end of March. In the scientific field there has been nothing but cooperation and conference in every direction.

Your Murshid is planning now to take up a course in Landscape Construction so he can help the people when he returns to Asia. Some knowledge (not very much but some) has been gained in Agricultural Mechanizes.

There is a slight possibility of your Murshid appearing on radio programs, details not worked but had not too much optimism because of past experiences. But there is no question that while Americans have masses of literature they are very illiterate concerning the whole continent of Asia from one end to the other, and do not realize it. If we had been more openhearted perhaps Pakistan might not be making so many treaties with China.

Another veil has been lifted concerning the nature of Rahmat.

Love and blessings,



772 Clementina St.,

San Francisco 3, Calif.

March 1, 1965


Beloved Pir-o-Murshid:

As Salaam aleikhum. One writes not knowing whether one is reporting or seeking advice. One writes because there is a sort of “psychic climax” which may or not be important. One writes knowing the extreme difference which many be between actual surrender to Al-Hayy and something private called “Islam” which may or may not have meaning.

When a mureed is put on spiritual practices, especially the Daroods which you so graciously presented, there are bound to be effects without one knowing whether effects are the direct results of one’s devotion or the effects of Grace which do not necessarily depend upon fervor or ardor. Contrariwise, if the repetition of Wazifas or Daroods does not change the personality, the circumstances, the inner and outer life of a person, then there is either something wrong with [?] or Ryazat or the devotee.

It is now some time since my return from Pakistan and the total fruit of effort in relations between that country and the personal self have not been very much. True, money and time have been spent even to the limits of one’s capacity. But the major persons in your country for whom apparently these efforts were put forth have either failed to appreciate what was being attempted, or have failed in their own private lives.

If they have failed in their private lives they are very foolish for Allah is not a man, does not mentalize as men do, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. There is a word Kham which has its psychological effect and cannot be measured. But to hide them does not mean that thoughts are hidden or efforts are hidden. Failure is man’s reaction to something and such failures may mean nothing in the worlds beyond Malakut, Djabrut, Lahut. In turn one feels ashamed that people who consider themselves “Muslims” are looking at human reactions, human opinions and human failures or successes.

Part II of “Saladin” is just finished retyping. This is a tremendous effort on the part of one who has little sleep or rest ever expecting to proceed with the next step. But “Saladin,” though concerned with Islam, Allah and Mohammed, is not particularly concerned with Pakistan.

How suddenly or gradually personality relations with large segments of this earth have changed. When one is the path of the Auliya, life may go in one of several directions. One direction is to be more concerned than ever with religion, its edifices, its rituals, its teaching. Another is to be concerned with an area as if Allah has entrusted you with the guardianship of an area. Another may be to become mast. Another is to pioneer in awakening mankind where man has been asleep and this out with a particular message, a sort of Rassoul without being in any way a Nabi. And others.

This person has been entrusted with two general duties in life, one concerned with the sciences and food production, the other with the awakening of hearts. Both of these will come to a climax this year in California, especially in Southern California.

There will be a scientific gathering in July and this will bring to a head all the materials for “Project: The Garden of Allah” but now the geographical application may change which is the subject for consideration. And in September one will be on the panel at another gathering in which the audience will be scientists but the speakers will be those versed in the great religions. It is then one must come forward as a champion of tasawwuf.

The personal relations in many parts of the world changing, the prospects for peace or otherwise in two distinct parts of the Orient have come to this person’s attention. Whether anything will result of a personal nature one does not know. One of these is non-Islamic (in the general sense). In the other instance Pakistan and Japan have been asked to intervene between Indonesia and Malaysia.

But it is in the Islamic parts of the world with which there is now concern. In the last communication mention was made of a Sufi Movement in Ceylon which is trying to reach other parts of the world. Evidently the leaders are educated, certainly more educated than the “missionaries” from Pakistan who make practically no converts: one exception to be mentioned below. Their practices are in excellent English, take notice of the culture of the day, realize that one can reach the educated by appealing to the higher side of man’s nature and their printed forms are the best I have seen from any section of Asia. Now my notice has been called to their efforts in Pakistan itself and here there is a peculiar situation.

Many Pakistanis take the wrongful dualistic attitude that “Muslims” are right and non-Muslims wrong in any situation. Wicked Muslims are defended and not so wicked non-Muslims are accused. The Muslims may break all the commandments of Qur’an and Hadith and they will be defended.

But now come some Muslims who are not provincial who have the world outlook and these same ignorant Pakistanis dare not criticize them because they are always “praising” Muslims. They don’t praise Allah so much. And thus they are caught because the universal Ceylonese and other Muslims increase both the heart and head.

The coming into my life of Hassan Hashim from Sudan has totally changed the feeling of being a sort of exile. True, almost every group which “logically” should have welcomed me has done everything but listen. But now one does not care, and as one does not care there is growing attention from truth seekers of various kinds.

Hashim has discovered that this person is not only versed in many sciences and branches of culture more than the average man, but also in many branches of Islamics. But most of all this person knows about the Mahdi and dervishes of his land who have been very important in history a while back and are now coming out again.

This is the first person he has met who knows these things. Also who is acquainted with the Swahili Islamic culture of Africa which your countrymen largely ignore. This has led to very serious consideration of Northern and Central Africa.

But now he is urging me to go to Nigeria. His father established a large school at Kano in inland Nigeria and became the teacher of many eminent men who are playing large parts in the affairs of that new country. He also has told me about the devotion and wisdom of the men of Tarikat there and what is more important, that is one place where instructions in Tarikat are in English. For many of the men who speak otherwise Arabic, Berber, Hausa, Fulani, Mandingo, etc. converse in English and English is the language of all the schools of higher education including the religious ones.

Lagos is the capital of Nigeria and its chief Imam is a very close friend of mine who once lived in San Francisco and with whom I stayed from time to time in ‘pindi. He has been most successful in winning converts to Islam but not in any of the manners brought forth by various schools of
Tablighi found in both East and West Pakistan. These people have the zeal to convert themselves and no outward appeal that would convince others. But my Imam friend is entirely outward and successful, and has an excellent knowledge of English.

All of this seems new were it not for the fact that my first Pir-o-Murshid wished the spiritual teachings to be brought to all lands and he has his writing in English. Whether anything will come of this is, of course, uncertain. The calling of those conferences in July (on science) and September (on tasawwuf) make it foolish to look ahead.

Today I receive little from Pakistan other than from Shamsuddin Ahmed of Lahore. How one can help persons, or a country, without literary courtesy is very difficult. My personal will has been to visit Thailand, India and Pakistan, and possibility visit Ceylon but the personal will should not determine one’s future.

Inwardly while recopying “Saladin” at last there has come a sign as to the literary form of my memories and an inner assurance that this is right. But this will take some more time and the publishers have to be satisfied. One can only work with faith and assurance, and prayer.

Hashim has come to some conclusions about this person which one does not like to repeat, but they are in harmony with what you have sent. One does not like to measure oneself. It is very hard to get any audience here; or rather one gets most favorable responses where one does not seek commendation from business men and scientists, and one gets little response from metaphysical and religious persons, who are too self centered. Perhaps this is as Allah wills. But now one no longer feels lonely. It has been this person’s prayer to meet somebody from Sudan. The prayer has been granted, alhamdulillah, and granted in a very simple, easy, beautiful way.

Love and blessing,

Sufi Ahmad Murad Chisti

The whole story brings out the meaning of the Sabri School.



March 30, 1965


Beloved One of Allah:

A letter has already been sent to Pir Sahib with copies to Shamsuddin Ahmed and yourself giving much of the news. Now one answers your letter of the 23rd. There was considerable patience because of a rumor of strike, postal carriers, so one waited. Your Murshid knew you had a heavy load and it is not necessary to write just for the sake of courtesies.

The fact that of Profs. Ahmed and Nasr have been to the Masjid is not important. There was much more in the dedication service than can be told. But it was felt. No doubt this person was present in the spirit.

Jinnsa. Your Murshid found one special prayer in the two books published respectively at Lahore and Karachi. No doubt there is a prayer of Hazrat Inayat but it is mixed up with many papers. Still there are some prayers in Holy Qur’an which can be used, otherwise the constant Wazifa of “Allaho Akbar.”

Major Sadiq. It seems unfortunate that he is constantly changing his program. After many months, it was not only that I asked Allah to be free, it was rather that Allah has asked me to be freed. The coming of Dr. Nasr has nothing but excellent signs so far. The coming of Hassan Hashim has brought nothing but spiritual well being and it was just by fortune that my usual class on Wednesday night was cancelled before receiving his invitation to the Arab dinner Wednesday. This will be followed by the Arab Convention Saturday.

While one wishes Major Sadiq have all help, unless Allah grants, it seems that your place or Bhallah House must be first for devotional, then spiritual, then intellectual matters. Only if a sign is vouchsafed from Allah should anything be added. For otherwise there might be diminution of Baraka.

Healing. This is very difficult for even sleep is cut down. Yet also there must be some healing lessons for mureeds here and if so, will communicate. The problems of the world often come to your Murshid and more and more. He has had to break with all his old acquaintances, and social companions, and there is no special program but one day to day. Added are a coming interview with a radio station, with a possibility of being programmed. With all the complexities of the world, and especially those of Asia, your Murshid has been bypassed. A few younger people are learning he knows much more than channels of communication and the State Department (Foreign office); desire neither knowledge, information, wisdom. So a large number of Americans are thoroughly confused.

Car. The purpose for which you will dedicate this is the nearest thing to your Murshid’s heart and now he will tell Hashim, assure of the blessings and guidance from Mian, Mr. Bullah Shah, Data Sahib, and others.

Children. A course for the wise instruction of children is in the inner consciousness, connected with Nimaz, and simple Ryazat and bodily movements. Your success is your Murshid’s success. Your joy is my joy is your joy. For the while, there is nothing that one can ask excepting the possibility of your sending some material here which can be used. No doubt this letter is incomplete; if more comes this week, will write again. Please remember me to your aunt and everybody.

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti





Beloved One of Allah:

There is a picture which seems to stand out freely, and it is only if one’s vision is changed that the program can be changed. When I was in your land before, there was a clear vision and this person was not permitted to cross a line dividing east from west India. Now there is a clear vision where to go and where not to go. And there is some question or divine consent to travel to Africa other than a short trip to Sudan. However, this may be altered if hostilities are serious between India and Pakistan. This may change this person’s role in life and affairs. Even now there are some matters concerning Vietnam for which he has been summoned. It is neither one’s wish nor not one’s wish to be concerned here. It is in Allah’s hands with willing surrender to His will.

The affairs of Hashim are a little complicated. He may be recalled to the World’s Fair and he himself is in a mix condition over money due him which may affect his geography. We are hoping to have this clarified soon but meanwhile it makes one’s already complicated life still more complicated.

At the Arab convention this person met one Mr. Cornelius, connected with the United States Department of agriculture who has offered every cooperation. But the dry arid programs cover also some other countries. Behind this is the World University with which brothers A.A. Bahi and Prof. Durrani are associated. A letter has been written to Shamsuddin Ahmed pointing out the quandary one is in concerning the Islamabad University. Now one is able to obtain many things but if there is no answer these things can easily be consigned to Prof. Durrani or else of Karachi University. Anyhow as soon as convenient your letter will also be shown to Mr. Cornelius.

Then I have a young mureed here. The financial circumstances of his family have recently improved to the extent that they intend to visit parts of Asia next year, inshallah. We will have to coordinate some of our travels. I should prefer being settled in Lahore first, but this also depends on some unseen matters here.

There will be crates made up here and also in New York and these will provide some books which are not so available in Pakistan or which are new publications. There is also the question of an extra typewriter. That is, the plan is to have one brought to Lahore and kept there as well as one light one for travel.

One is surprised there should be a deadline for your book. My experiences show far more tendencies always to delays and frustrations rather than demands for early expediting of anything.

There will be a lot of spiritual sciences in my materials shipped to your country. But these things are so easily said.

Now your Murshid is going out on a peace mission. He has no assurance of its results. Neither inner nor outer knowledge are of much avail today when politicians and schemers wish to dominate the world. As soon as man uses arms he is not using wisdom. There is such a thing as peace and there is such a thing as understanding, these English words are not very suitable. But when shanti salaam everyone drops his hypocrisy and grabs a gun. The law of retribution then operates and today we see vast floods in the United States such as have never occurred (we have had them in China too and even recently). Man cannot control the universe excepting in harmony with the Divine will.

We have two complete cultures here and despite the fact that all our Orientalists met in this city recently, (when your Murshid received for the first time public attention and acceptance) neither the newspapers nor the government paid much attention. Now his associates are beginning to dominate in the universities and if Allah wills, this will continue and grow. But it will take some time for this to operate in the political sphere. Today the students are involved and they should be. They are learning that things are not as they have been misled to believe. This is a good sign.

The scientists come together and discuss facts; the non-scientists, which includes the politicians, discuss their opinions which often differ. So people die.

Peace is the ability to get along with these whom one may not agree. But the Great Peace is the result of the Great Jihad.

Love and blessing,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



May 6, 1965


Beloved One of Allah:

This is a letter which is to be read or shared as you feel. Your Murshid has written to Mr. Dastur, freight forwarders of Karachi, who handled his personal effects before asking if they have particular associates in San Francisco and New York and he has to visit both the Indian and Pakistani Consulates to get information about sending things through customs.

Now here is a matter for Mr. Engineer. Your Murshid was asked by Pir Dewwal Shereef to get help for his Islamabad University. Your Murshid has spent time and money and has sometimes been successful both for the Islamabad University and for Major Sadiq coming here and nothing has come of it, unless Allah has something in view. These outlays of energy and funds and time may be useless and at the same time, very useful.

But because equipment and materials may be collected and in order to save face, must be collected and shipped, the question is to whom? For the immediate alternate would be to Prof. Durrani at Peshawar. But both Prof. Durrani and A.A. Borhi of Karachi, who is an important trustee of the University of Islamabad and are also on the Board of Directors of the forthcoming World University and if no correspondence is received from Pir Dewwal Shereef of his associations, the consignment of heavy material would be largely as Prof. Durrani directs, either to Peshawar or New Delhi. And if Prof. Durrani does wish material at either place, this does not mean necessary displacement of materials but duplications and even triplications.

Therefore it is necessary to carry on much correspondence before moving from here. The Conference on Faiths takes place in September but one does not know when or how family legal matters will be settled here. Only it is also my desire and seems to be the guidance to stay away until sometime in 1969 at which time there would either be a return to the States for awhile or a prolonged visit to India over the Gandhi Centennial. One is not sure of this.

But even if offers had not come from Major Sadiq and yourself by Kashf, it is definite that there is to be a three year sojourn. The first stage will be across the United States, then to England to Kew Gardens and some friends, on both personal and scientific matters. But if you are not entirely well, a visit would be made to a Sufi Brother who is a healer and the Kashf now is in hope I may be with him at Christmas time, inshallah. This, of course is conjecture. Then to go to the Near East for many reasons plus some complications that may arise when meeting Prof. Nasr; a possible short visit to Sudan and then to Karachi.

There will be a trip to Davis, California for information in regard to olives and alliums; Project Garden of Allah to Shafter, California, in case Major Sadiq or you wish to grow cotton; to Riverside, California for information in regard to dates, figs and avocadoes. Riverside is not far from Claremont where the religious conference referred to will be held. And there should be at least two such trips during the year before finally leaving San Francisco.

It will also be necessary to see farm adviser Cornelius here on a number of matters. During the summer, great attention will be paid to soil and crop problems and procedures. But soon a letter will be sent to the Assistant Secretary of Agriculture with stress on the solution of food problems rather than politics. Pakistan’s independent course in Southeast Asia meets with full approval.

Your Murshid wishes to exchange both information and materials between avocadoes and mangos, which may take some time. Then there are also the possibilities in the whole palm family to be considered later.

Neither the body nor soul are to be bartered. The explanations of Islam from my Sudanese friends are so different from those in Pakistan or even from the cities of the near east. These people have not been contaminated by city or worldly life, or by the materialism, Eastern or Western, or by pride of any sort. They have seen life and death as one and not added so many customs which are given the name of religion and have no seeds in Qur’an or Hadith.

The quotation from Holy Qur’an is triply confirmed. First your Murshid confirms the method. Second, this is his idea, but one’s idea is still within the bounds of nufsaniat. Finally Allah, the Rahman er-Rahim confirms it and it is therefore in the prayers henceforth with as much Murakkabah one can give. One can give to more for reasons expressed later in the communiqué.

Then, as to your aunt, the idea of blessing is not just some gift one gives to somebody, not something personal. The Shifayat is in and around us and we draw from it with every breath, with beating of heart, with glance all the time. That is why some Sufis have said that there is no gain in life save the breath taken with the name of Allah and no loss save the breath taken without the name. Only here it is not devotion or sanctity that is desired, but the basic metaphysics; that this is so, that we are actually dependent on Allah always, with or without any religion.

When you do go to the Dargah Mian Mir, keep in mind his teaching of Allaho Akbar, Peace is Power. The more peaceful you can be, the more [?] and the more successful.

Do not think you have done anything wrong by word, thought or deed. Repeat the Bismillah with your parents and the Kalama without your family or anybody. Ask your relatives if they think that Allah alone is great and if there is any other power. If they say there is no other power then ask why they should pressure you i.e. exert power because if there is no Power or Might save in Allah we should be surrendering to Him and not to each other. If they hold to power without Bismillah, they are automatically guilty of shirk and it becomes a [?] pressured advice.

[?] when the pressure is the same on all sides so we [?] but it is a very great pressure, which we should recognize if we [?] open to make a vacuum where there is no pressure. The same in [?] of Allah. We’re surrounded by it on all sides and we do not feel that [?] than the pressure of the atmosphere. Yet it is there, and it is [?] but we do not feel if because it is on all sides.

One hopes you will get some wisdom and comfort from this as well as Love and Blessings, from

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



772 Clementina St.,

San Francisco 3, Calif.

5th April, 1965


Beloved One of Allah:

It is your Murshid’s interpretation, that whatsoever else be true of each Sura of Holy Qur’an they also represent aspects of mystical stages and states in the life of the Prophet. For some time it seems as if he has been in “The Cave,” because of the opposition or lack of consideration by society. But he has also seen this society rent into factions, and as these divisions became keener he found himself being accepted more and more. At first this was chiefly from a distance.

But there is a sort of battle going on between the press and writers, the politicians and the universities. Within the universities there was a division between the scientists and non-scientists, and the former have been your Murshid’s friends allies and daily this is becoming more so. But the non-scientists are tending more and more to the position that every man’s experiences must be taken into account. Heresy in religion is one thing; heresy with regard to the events of the day is something else.

In the last communication mention was made of Julie Medlock, formerly on the staff of “Pakistan Times” and still in a sense connected with it and also working with A. A. Brohi. She asked if your Murshid had a copy of “Project: The Sahara Desert.” Nobody here knew anything about it but some powerful industrialists were interested. On a private errand during the week, on entirely different business, the host, a Mr. Daniel Hoffman, asked your Murshid if he knew about it and then placed it in his hands.

He returned to show it to his Sudanese friend, Hassan Hashim, who was delighted and then arranged to show it to his engineer friend, Prof. Paul Keim. Keim sahib is member of the American Friends of the Middle East and Saturday was the annual Arab intellectual gathering and dinner. It enabled one to introduce Hassan both to Prof. Keim and many other people. It was a wonderful day, all through.

One of the speakers was Shaky Sukkary from Cairo University, now serving at a college about a hundred miles away. From Sukkary he learned that his friend, Dr. Mohammed Hussain, died suddenly of a heart-stroke in 1962. Dr. Hussain specialized in Moineddin Ibnu-I Arabi, the Ismailis and “radical” Shias. He was very broad minded and tolerant. We had been friends many years on very close terms. But it seems that Allah, the Merciful and Kind, wishes the same relations to go on with Dr. Sukkary.

He wishes me to go to Sacramento some time with copy of “Saladin.” But this will necessitate going over notes. For example the whole story of meeting the men who started television in UAR, and other matters.

Everything went so well during the day your Murshid said, “Well it has been a wonderful day with friends, but tonight I go to meet the enemy.” For there was a grand gathering of many professors of Asian subjects. Your Murshid decided to attend the conference on South Asian Studies. It was a miracle.

When the chairman entered it was Dr. Richard Park, a friend of many years standing. Our lives have cross-trailed as we call it, meeting always mentally, sometimes spiritually but not physically. Also the Chief Speaker was Dr. Norman Brown, the dean of South Asian language studies in the United States who was host to your Murshid in 1947 in the city of Philadelphia. Then the head of a committee came in and he was the chief disciple of a very close spiritual friend of your Murshid. Instead of enemies, very close friends and allies.

There is no question about the Daroods and other spiritual practices being effective. They are effective. Ryazat is the compendiums of the inner sciences. One must write Shamsuddin on Amaliat a little. This cannot be done off hand. The encouragement one has received recently, the arrival here of spiritual social companions and the cordiality from the people in the scientific and industrial worlds presents a totally different social picture today.

The problems of the Nile are now being given consideration, and the earlier theme, that the solution of the Indus might depend on the solution of the Nile, with its new phase, the solution of the Colorado River problems is before not only the writer but the American people and the American government. The great sin, as this person sees it, is the unwillingness to keep the ear open. Despite Bismillah, we do not hear. All religions demand hearing, it is very important, it is most important. If people could hear they could learn. One finds that we live, move, and have our being in Allah, that He is closer than the jugular vein.

This person tried a physiological posture which he thought would make him more aware of the superconscious. The first thing he became aware of was his neck vein. The next thing was the heart. But this practice cannot be done much because of time. That is why this person wished to renovate Zikr using the Neck Vein and the Heart.

In writing to the conference on the world faiths this person has been able to explain a little about Zikr, Fikr and Akhlak Allah. These can become very important. Even now after years, not only the dreams of a life time seem to becoming true, but even the persons one would want to meet are coming to San Francisco.

By June, inshallah, when the United Nations gathering is here, one hopes to have several things ready. It is not trust in the UN which is necessary, but trust in the Almighty who is Creator of All, the Sustainer of All and the Lover of All which is necessary.

My Love and Blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



772 Clementina St.,

San Francisco 3, Calif.

May 17, 1965


Beloved One of Allah:

One answers your letters of 10th May as quickly as possible. Now in presenting a certain problem to me also you answer my problem. There has just been a catastrophe in East Pakistan. Please give what you can in our joint names.

Before answering your letter especially with regard to movements. This Friday there will be a first reading of my Mother’s will and testament. If it is satisfactory, we shall see it is probated early. If not, and this depends on a number of things, there may be a court battle. I feel that Allah is with me (and some explanation below) and that ultimately everything will turn out right. But this does involve the question of passage. It has been assumed that you would pay passage via Pakistan Air Lines. If Allah makes it possible and over a minimum amount is received then I should be able to pay my passage to Beirut.

Preliminary discussions have been held on the campus of the University of California at Berkeley. But this is a great institution and its facilities, particularly its agricultural facilities, are scattered. I should leave here at the end of next week, inshallah, to call on my aged but beloved uncle and aunt. Then I would go to Riverside, California, to get information on Dates, Figs, salinity problems and plant protection. At a later date I should go to Davis to find out about Olives. But I wish to be accompanied by my new friend Syed Share and at least one other Pakistan student in this second journey. But also in Berkeley there is promise from the United States Department of Agriculture. Also I have written to Washington already and will follow this so that as much information will be in my hands before leaving here.

I shall also, when possible, now write to Ghulam Mohammed Khan, the Brigadier who was once Major Sadiq’s superior. Twice I wrote to him and three times to Islamabad. There is no question that there are political aspects to the University of Islamabad, but there are also super-political aspects in which A.A. Brohi of Karachi and Prof. Durrani are concerned. Brohi is both Khalif of Pir Dewwal and treasurer of Islamabad University.

Sometimes it is necessary to play a game of humility or modesty before those who wish to appear in public. The question is not so much as to what is going on in public but how far Allah is concerned and in between Khwaja Khizr. There are some things I should like to write but they may take too long. Only when I return please arrange some time for a very private meeting with Major Sadiq and perhaps Md. Hakim and one or two others the Major might like to have present. The Major should act as Imam on this occasion, the details of which would become clear then.

Your long detailed reports on Hazrat Inayat Khan are most welcome. There is also a connection between the above statement and this and all are bound in the missions of Khwaja Khizr.

Now the next part of the letter is to be shared with Pir Sahib Salarwala.

Then the subject matter was concerning linguistic studies as means of promoting international friends, and there were a lot of details. Your Murshid offered to help for Pakistan for we can easily cover Punjabi, Karachi and Peshawar as well as some colleges. So I shall write for details and thus get you in touch with Dr. Park and others, with whom you might be cooperating to mutual benefit. This is one fulfillment of some aspects of your dreams and visions.

In the meanwhile there has been much Sudanese activity. Hashim cooked the most wonderful dinner for a number of us, in preparation for going into the catering business (this is a possibility but not necessarily absolute). And tonight we met the Chargé d‘Affair for the education of Sudanese students in this country. He made a very rapid visit and must return to Washington because a new Ambassador is coming. It is probable that one or both of these men will be here in June when the UN meeting takes place. Thus the answer to a prayer to be host to the Sudanese, all of whom are disciples in tarikat.

But the big thing happened this afternoon. There is mix-up in the program and your Murshid was sent to the group discussing poetry. The meeting took a climax when Prof. Naim of Chicago University spoke on Urdu ghazals. When the discussion period began someone asked what was the relation of the mystical states which provoked somewhat different love poetry from the Sufis and Vaishnavis. The subject was not answered clearly due to the lack of knowledge of tasawwuf (there were several Indians present). Your Murshid took the floor and it is the first time in his life that an assembly of notables not only listened to him but asked him to answer further questions when the panel experts could not. No doubt this is a pre-reading of what we hope will take place in September when Prof. Nasr arrives. It has taken a long time, because of the hostility of powerful persons. These persons have nullified each other and did not appear at either the Asian or Arab gathering, so it is with both relief and praise that this report is being sent.

Saturday also your Murshid met one Prof. Hormoz Farhat who knows Dr. Nasr. And Sunday your Murshid ran into a publisher’s representative who said he would be glad to receive the manuscripts, somewhat autobiographical, when ready. All these events crowded within less than a week no doubt overshadow other events. But the whole seems to exemplify your dreams and visions of our cooperating on a large scale. Both Prof. Sukkary and Dr. Naim showed intense interest in, if not knowledge of, spiritual philosophy. It has been a most wonderful week and I wish you to share the blessings, and this can be read to anybody. Copy goes to Sufi Sahib at Salarwala.

Love and blessing,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



5th June, 1965

772 Clementina St.

San Francisco 94103


Beloved One of Allah:

I have just returned from a trip to southern California on two distinct missions. The first concerned family affairs and my beloved Uncle is giving me all the help. However, inwardly there is a feeling of assurance. This came out in that Mohamed Ali, Sonny Liston fight which resembles psychically my own battle with my brother. Keeping calm one knew the results beforehand and Allah is both a secret and open weapon. This matter will be taken up shortly and if the Guidance is correct, it will relieve one not only of financial uncertainties but of obtaining help.

This trip was a spiritual success. Visiting the University of California at Riverside, this person met two disciples of Sufism within a few moments. The one was encountering an Arab Khalifa. His father is a spiritual teacher of the Shadhili Order at Tanta, UAR, which is the great spiritual center. I have not only written his name down but will follow this by explaining tasawwuf in scientific terms and sciences in terms of Tarikat.

A few moments later, while conferring on a technical subject, a man came in from Khartoum, Sudan. He has been to same in San Francisco and missed me. There the Grace of Allah manifested and shortly, I shall also visit the Sudanese here. These are excellent signs.

Much of time was spent either on the agricultural future of Pakistan or on the conflict in Southeast Asia, and at every stop, one found either direct assistance or people who have had the same quandary, being rejected when they had knowledge or information.

A letter has been written to Brigadier Ghulam Muhammad at Islamabad but no answer yet. A copy of this will be sent to Major Sadiq, for while one cannot help directly, one must give expressions of love and feeling. Only he suppressed me in some forms of Ruhaniyat and I need mostly prayers and insight, not physical help at the moment, inshallah.

The man who has been selected to head the Mekong River survey is a Prof. Orr, who has been sent on such missions before. He knows Prof. Durrani at Peshawar a little. But he spent more time with another Prof. Durrani in Agriculture and stayed until the Colorado State University supplanted him. He is a universal man and one met several universal men on the trip. It is they who have established the World University at New Delhi.

Yet in every direction this one has been assured assistance for Islamabad, if only they will write. The main criticism is their failure to contact Ford Foundation properly.

The delegates of the United Nations will be meeting shortly and their convocations will end in the prayers of all Nations. Programmed is the new Sheikh-ul-Islam from El-Azhar, but the local Imam now is the one Pakistani friend I had here who also previously was rejected by the so called Islamic community. He has succeeded a little, getting them to study their own religion. One finds all religionists very proud of their faiths and also not studying it.

I am going to write Naeem under separate heading. One has to be most careful when one has had experiences in tasawwuri not to let the ego (nufs) take control. The ultimate mission of this person, known only to Major Sadiq, will be to have Pir Dewwal Shereef face himself and we are confident that this will be done. When your ego benefits more by facing Allah than by facing world, then one faces Allah. It seems funny.

On the technical side, this same Prof. Orr and others discussed the possibilities for Indus Valley Development. He believes you must start at the top but has no knowledge of salinity. I have been to the United States Salinity Station at Riverside California. They tell me that there have been men from Pakistan. So far as I know, they have been WAPDA appointees and so far, no agriculturalist has come to study these problems from other points of view.

I have obtained some new material for totally different approaches to the salinity problem. My attorney, whom I must consult on family matters, has his office not far from those of Dr. Schoonover, who I regarded as the greatest authority on salinity (San Rafael, California). I have also a letter from the Department of Agriculture at Washington and have written in some detail to Dr. Farooq in Agriculture at Washington and Embassy USA in Karachi. As he is Pakistani, he has access on both sides. The news one hears is not good. However it is because the press and the engineers only see one part of the picture.

Allah is both blessed and bountiful. The question is how to interest the Ism-i Azam in practical terms. When one’s life is dedicated to that, some results follow. No doubt each series of researches may have to be broken down for the Nawab, Prof. Durrani, this Ministry of Agriculture, etc. but the [?] goes and with the ideal of “Project Garden of Allah,” as if it were an easy accomplishment.

As I have just returned and have mail and errands, it is impossible to give further details here but the feelings are good, Alhamdulillah.

Love and blessing,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti


Beloved Ones:

This is a copy of letter to Shamsuddin Ahmed. He has written about Khawar but please note nothing has been said on this subject. The heart must keep in attunement with man and in Remembrance of Allah. One has to be humble lest even in seeming coming triumphs there be disasters and fall. Hazrat Inayat Khan said that the spiritual man must complete his work by actions and his actions having fruits. One may falter or fail, one has short-comings but work and devotion are in the service of Allah. “Call me Servant and Messenger of Allah.”



June 8, 1965

772 Clementina St.

San Francisco, Calif.


Beloved One of Allah:

Your letter of the 2nd has just been received. The great immediate pressure of the moment has been the suit over the family estate. This involves considerable money; in the past this person has both been cheated and defrauded and now, although the battle will presumably be against my brother alone; both my counselor at law and uncle are putting pressure on me because I have easily been diverted. And also they are certainly right for those whom one must fear are not the enemies but friends and acquaintances who keep on putting pressures. The same was also true of my parents when there were problems. I was one of the family and when there were blessings and riches, I was not.

The trip to southern California was very rewarding but first one must consider the point of view of my last living uncle. He has gone out of the way to help me in everything and he will be more than disappointed and shocked. Furthermore, there is some danger that my aunt may die if I do not stand up for my own honor and integrity and also try to get as much money as possible. If anything interferes with it he will be chagrined and die of shock. For these old people who sit on the sidelines before have observed during a long time what is right and what is wrong. My uncle did not spend so much time scolding although he did scold as in advising and notes have been taken. Besides, I have been warned through Kashf that if I do not stand up and battle, more than one thing will go wrong. It is one thing to say: “Allah helps those who help themselves” and another thing to follow the injunction. “Trust in Allah and keep your camel tied” may be a Hadith but what use the Hadith if one does not accept the injunction?

Inwardly there has been calm and assurance. At the time of the Mohammad Ali Liston fight already the heart knew the oneself and watched Clay repeat Kalama and Takbir and throw fear into his opponent just as if it were a rehearsal for oneself. And now there is more than money and honor involved. For years one has kept his problems and burdens hidden, hidden even from [?] for the burden of some of these problems is great indeed. And now Allah sends down potential blessing and the fear is not from Allah nor from one’s enemies but from the pressure and insistences of friends.

This is true in both parts of the world. One accepted some commissions from Pir Dewwal Shereef. They were on good faith, apparently from both sides. But there have not only been not suitable replies from Pakistan but those whom I have approached to intercede always throw some alternative in the way so that a totally burdened person can neither function for the Pir nor function for Pakistan. The heart may have infinite values, the mind is tremendous but there are only twenty-four hours in the day, and constant diversions from one’s path make the ways of the path hard nor accomplish alternatives, which in no case have been accompanied by, inshallah.

The only help asked from a few here have been prayers. But prayers become inactive if the devotee (other people) and some private wishes for other accomplishment and these prayers are merely noises. So other than Major Sadiq, I seek no prayer nor Kashf until certain requests are fulfilled, simple or otherwise. So Thursday I go to a nearby town for the first study of the documents involved and although feeling calm and clear within, outside there are still too many pressures. And one can help Pakistan, or the world, only if his path is not encumbered with too many things.

Alliums: This species of bulbs includes both onions and garlic and may I request you read this or tell the Major Sadiq. During the long and often useless debates arising from a book called “Silent Spring,” this person was directed to do some research on garlic, which is called Allium sativa and prior to the receipt of your letter to do research on all alliums. This will be a project this summer.

Garlic was a most important folk medicine for centuries. Both garlic and onions have organic sulphur in them and organic sulphur is needed for protection of plants and also cures of plant diseases, many in fact. Sulphur compounds are also needed for the purification of bodies of animals and human beings. This is also true of skin diseases. Your Murshid does not know the details and has found it difficult to trace principles because of lack of spare time, there is none at all. But he is sure there is merit in Major Sadiq’s suggestion. Indeed, he requests you try it and any success will lead to some valuable letters which can be written here to people in various occupations. So instead of checking within, it is my hope and prayer that the use of the onion be tried with full blessing.

As the request to do this research has already come from Allah on many occasions, the truth or untruth of Brother Sadiq contacting Saint Mian Mir is not involved. It would only be a channel open to him.

Fikr: Think La Illaha with the exhalation, El Il Allah with inhalation.

The breath should be purified and in rhythm either with Wazifa or short meditation and with the Invocation either Bismillah or Hazrat Inayat Khan’s “Toward the One, The Perfection of Love, Harmony and Beauty, the Only Being United with All the Illuminated Souls, Who form the Embodiment of the Master, the Spirit of Guidance” (or translated into Urdu language, unimportant).

Fikr may be done first after prayer or almost in place of prayer (prayers five times a day do not mean rituals five times a day, but Remembrance). But Fikr can also be done walking, especially if you do not exercise much and your courtyard would be excellent for this. The norm might be 301 times but if you cannot do that, then 101 (one hundred and one) times; or if more, 701. But if you do not do all the 701 at one time and split it up during the day, there may be a total of 301, 501 or 701 for each day.

Pay attention to the count and do not worry about impeding thoughts. The swing may take some time; that does not matter. This also should be done in Khilvat and for the time being, in place of Khilvat.

This answers for the time all your questions about the word “Allah” and Ism-i Azam. But the word “Allah” may be repeated at any time with or without counting. The difference is that here one does not use the inhalation and exhalation as above. One repeats constantly without regard to the breath. This is a separate exercise and can be done quite independent of prayers and rituals and is definitely not a substitute for prayers (Nimaz) as Fikr above.

Irfan: Your Murshid will be very much interested if and when you get the other volume. And most important among the materials here are the complete Ryazat of Hazrat Inayat Khan, which nobody else has but which it has been impossible to copy; too many duties and problems.

This person has occasionally consciously felt his presence in and at the Masjid but sometimes in your compound outside (as above). He has both performed a [?] on any spot in Lahore. The Kashf and Shahud show his coming unimpeded but by slow stages. The time is uncertain, the trip most certain.



20th June 1965

772 Clementina St.


Beloved One of Allah:

This is a newsletter and while it may not seem to have anything of the spiritual value, it does contain items of interest.

Yesterday evening, there when all kinds of conferences are going on, presumably on something called “peace,” though what it has to do with Peace your Murshid does not know. It is only that these conferences do bring people here and some of them are important.

The affair was not well managed. So long a Pakistani’s dream of a world in which Muslims are united against non-Muslims, they can hardly expect support from non-Muslims when there are in difficulties. There are a great many organizations here who would like to help your country and your people but they are overlooked or offended when this Muslims versus Non-Muslims is stressed.

Strange to say, despite the reported fighting between India and Pakistan, quite a few Sikhs showed up and quite a lot of Muslims from other lands did not show up. I do not recall seeing a single Arab or Turk or even American Muslim but myself. The entertainment was quite satisfactory and was in charge of the University students but gain not even wealthy people here of presumably Pakistan loyalty around. The same thing happened once in India when the wealthy American of Indian ancestry and presumably faith did not show up. There is something wrong here.

I did meet the new Consul General and I think a happy relation has been established. The former Consul General would never see me. The real reason was that I had met him while traveling and present when he was positively rude to dignitaries. Naturally he did not wish this known. But he was also rude to important as has to unimportant persons here and has done absolutely nothing on any project, not even showing interest.

I met two boys form Lahore. One is at the University of [?]; the material from Major Sadiq in this office but nothing ever came out of it. And I have failed to convince people that I am overwhelmed with projects and efforts and have no rest. Really, people in difficulties do not see anything else. Then it also occurred here when the fact that time and money were for and with Pakistani relief seems to have no effect even on local Muslims. They only see their own troubles.

My friends, Mohammed Shere was present and it would appear that there are good relations now established with the students around here. But there is still the complex of the World Faith Peace [?] anything  next week, and one is compelled to telephone endlessly; for you small favors. None of these people showed up, even for their country.

Tuesday night another meeting will be held for “Peace.” I expect nothing from “Peace;” but the chief speaker is Hon. Zafrullah Khan and one of the other three speakers is the head of the Dept. of Agriculture, Teheran University.

On top of all this, there is a very special seminar on Pakistan to be held from the 21st to 25th; all day sessions, beginning early tomorrow morning. Your Murshid does not know how he will attend and also how he will not attend so he will try to cover as many of these meetings as possible.

Also he has no [?] his hands as possible of his closest spiritual brother. But this man has promised financial assistance so there can be no refusal. The date of his arrival here is uncertain. This man is a great person who has not been recognized. He has been all over the world. His last research was in salt water conversion but your political people are not practical; if they see Allah only in Muslims and not in non-Muslims, they cannot get the wisdom-help from those to whom Allah has given it diplomat, intelligence agent, traveler and above, below and beyond all, a seeker of Divine Wisdom.

Your Murshid had to write a letter that he now seems to have the keys to many problems of Asian lands. His job is to work, research and write. His next project is to learn more about drainage, for without drainage the salinity problems may never be solved. One hopes you will not burdened by these reports. We must accept the things of the social, intellectual and other worlds just as we do the weather, adopt ourselves and not react emotionally.

Love and blessing,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



27th June, 1965


Beloved One of Allah

This is a sort of confession, in which the writer has to play several roles and while they are not entirely consistent with each other than they indicate or even demonstrate a divine wisdom behind, in and with all acts.

Islam in San Francisco. Pakistanis and other Muslims simply do not understand the difficulties and frustrations here but as the light is clearing there is no use going into history. Your Murshid had but one friend among the Muslims (so called) here but now this one friend, Sheikh M. Abdullah, is both Imam, teacher and leader. He was sincere, honest noble and informed. He keeps up with the culture of the day without losing any sense of religion.

The opposition to him would come from Jamiat Islam which has two tremendous faults:

It does not realize that woman can, must and are playing a greater part in the life of the day.

Allah talk does not bring harmony with the Arab and other parts of the Islamic world. Your conservative will not harmonize with anybody and in the name of self-power talk about “surrender to Allah” of which they are totally incapable.

Sir Zafrullah Khan is a man of the day, a man of world in all senses, a keen, clever, capable and on the whole successful man. Americans can, do, have, will listen to him and his influence is ever growing. As we have had two short but most important sessions, he wants to meet me in Islamabad when this can be arranged.

[?] Mohammed was secretary of class and very successful in putting over his social and political ideas and ideals. He is exceedingly informed. Our difference came in that he wanted me to accept his economics and he would not listen at all to my scientific research.

Islam Shah is also in social sciences. He, with others of the panel which took over the final hours, has been a teacher and is working for higher degrees here. But his use of the term “Islam” was to me totally metaphorical and could mean anything at all. He and Tarkia Mohammed pray together and that is all, they are totally opposed to each other, and get into an indeterminate debate. One of the teachers said as there was no expert on Islam this could not be terminated.

Then your Murshid arose, declared himself an Alim and told Islam Shah that he thought the only Islamic state in the true sense was under the Khalifal-Rashideen, that the words “Islam” and Islamic State” were and are being used often in direct opposition to the real and historic sense; that he (your Murshid) intended to return to Pakistan and work with his hands and demonstrate that the state of Islam was not the Islam prevailing in press, pulpit and government, that the true Islam was practical, demonstrable and applied to the hand equally or even more than to the mind and “respectability.”

This ended the discussion for while Tarkia gleamed at my interpretation, the other Pakistanis accepted the view of the Alim and it was found that Islam Shan is a disciple in the Chisti school and everything ended in joy, and satisfaction. Besides they have all now accepted the leadership of my friend, Imam Sheikh Abdallah.

Today there will be the prayer of all religions. Last time my friends and I sat apart because of our universality but this time I shall sit with the Muslims because of the above, bringing into harmony and pious, a lot of things which have not been understood. The Allah of reality is not the Allah of conception. The Allah of reality appears in and with Kashf, Shahud, Sifat-i-Allah and human awakening and understanding.

Please share this letter with everybody you can, wherever you can. As your Murshid may be very, very busy again after he [?]. There is now standing only the family lawsuit and your Murshid hopes that our friends who have the keen sight will now support him, not only with their prayers but with their faculties. There have been some paper disappointments which indicate only that Allah wishes your Murshid to stick to his agricultural program, chief for the Indus first and then for all the neighboring lands with Pakistan as the center, and perhaps Lahore in Pakistan. Only you have to have forbearance for quantitatively, this is a tremendous task.

Your Murshid goes to the prayers of all religious now, being able to pray with all people but finding finality in Fateha. Problems are not solved by self-assertions but by direct surrender to the Infathomable (Ya Latif). He therefore leaves this house in love, humility and gratitude.



31st July, 1965

772 Clementina St.


Beloved One of Allah:

Your Murshid has been ill and it was a most peculiar form of illness. It was not exactly physical or psychic or mental, but in the illness one knew a letter would be received from you and the direction was to answer it at once. There was neither sleep nor rest for yet waking. One was in Lahore, in many parts of Lahore but mostly in parts not acquainted. One met many people but excepting Major Ikram and his family, they were all strangers. Even when there were breaks in sleeping or waking, one came back to the semi dream state and always in Lahore, but never to holy places or spiritual brothers or Mosques or American offices, always strange places and persons.

One doesn’t know whether there was any connection with feeling pressures on you and there was some regret that one cannot always be sending letters of love and confidence. For also when a problem comes from you, a problem comes from people near and dear to one close to hand, and when there is no problem from you, neither does one have these other problems. They seem to come together as parts of a pattern.

Now as to Mr. Engineer. This is long, complicated and important. It is very questionable to offer spiritual or psychological advice to one who has not had the Bayat. According to the constitution of Hazrat Inayat Khan, all persons who have the Bayat from any Murshid may be considered as a brother, but to those who have not taken full Bayat, one cannot deal the same. Besides, there is negative advice and positive advice. And besides that there is love, which has so many facets they are indescribable.

In the course of time, there has been a change of reference with regard to Major Sadiq. There is more love, but not of the same order. If one wished to be specific and concrete, when Major Sadiq was in Kohat, he seems to have been very exalted and on the high road. But he did not follow up the inspirations, if they were inspirations. Several times the life was changed to help and harmonize and now as one looks back, there has been little gain. Even in the dream state above, although I did not see Major Sadiq, the feeling was that he was back in the army. One can accept positive statements from him, but not the negative ones. A Murshid does not have to make things clear to a mureed and even less clear to the non-mureed. He does not have to be what we call “honest and straight forward.” The purport and purpose of the Murshid is the spiritual awakening of mureeds and generality. He does not have to use the common sense. Not only classical masters and madzubs do not have to use the classical common sense and logic, but mystics, whether they are mad, exalted or deceptive do not have to use it.

At one time it seemed a duty to challenge Pir-o-Dewwal Shereef. He claimed Bayat from Khwaja Khizr. Now your Murshid has the poetry and signs of longevity as evidence. Suppose Khwaja Khizr does not appear to the Pir. Hazrat Inayat Khan tells the story of a man who wanted to be known as a saint, and everybody called him “Saint” chiefly in mockery. Yet after awhile, he became the saint.

It is not enough to say “All-power and might are in Allah.” This becomes shirk when we ascribe it otherwise. And there is another side we find in Hallaj and Shabistari and Isa that sometimes claims are made which are exaggerated and in one sense they are exaggerated. Yet when we see all the Power and Might in Allah, we accept them from any and all sources.

Then there is the difference between the sayer and the doer. The sayers can always find fault, they do not do much. Your Murshid has just two projects; one that is for Indus Valley Development. This will require going to the agricultural research station at Davis, California where there are some fine irrigation engineers. Also the best olive experts, so the two missions will be accomplished together. After that one can submit this project. And to whom will it be submitted?

Until this month there was no cooperation from the Foreign Service of your country. They want help and do not want help. The divine guidance is to get the help. And who is concerned? Pir Dewwal Shereef. He is anxious for a prosperous Pakistan so people can be fed and comfortable. He also wants to see them develop aptitudes. Everybody knows answers in their minds in the field of actions is different.

Or again the difference between the Wali and the angelic person. The angelic person pleases everybody, and it is a question whether he pleases Allah or not; the Wali pleases Allah and it is a question whether he pleases people or not. Our duty is to the inner jihad and to cooperate. There has been enough inner guidance in your Murshid to carry him through and if he is at fault, he does not ask Allah for forgiveness, he asks Allah for the just punishment.

The other matter is the family law suit. A letter was received from an uncle indicating that all the materials for testimony are now available and that we shall make every effort for some sort of just settlement. My brother, who has always been a wrong doer, is very much in a hurry. And this brings what is almost a dilemma. The longer your Murshid holds out, the stronger his position will be. And yet the longer he holds out, the longer before he can return to Pakistan.

Outside the weather, your Murshid does not care about being here. He finds himself in no sympathy with Americans in politics and he has found himself in full sympathy with Zafrullah Khan.

There has been no rest, duty coming first. It was necessary to make a trip to Berkeley to celebrate the Egyptian Independence Day, then to go again to hear Dr. Bernard Lewis speak on Islamic justice. And a very strange thing happened. There are all kinds of dramatic events going on at the Berkeley campus of the University of California and some have been given much attention. Yet on Thursday, the protest rallies were drawing few and Dr. Lewis and his associates were surprised to find the small room filled. There was far more interest in “Islamic Justice,” even among young people.

The address was excellent on all points and a letter has been written asking for an appointment. Anyhow, now the relations between your Murshid and many people at the University of California has improved considerably this last year.

The next subject is peculiar. My spiritual brother, Saladin, for whom the poem was written, became an avid believer in what is called the Oshawa Regime. It is based on brown rice. Your Murshid has been eating brown rice (unpolished) for a long time. He is very much in favor of it. But in the writings of Dr. Oshawa, the same thing has been said as was told you about the rice and milk. Besides this was like the Purdah (Khilvat) diet, excepting honey and fruit were also used. Your Murshid likes this as a diet anyhow. The rice you enclosed is of a very fine quality, fine for health. It takes somewhat longer to cook. But it contains the bran; the bran may be removed but the coating eaten. Please get the details and go ahead as the Hakim suggests.

Another strange night. This time I was also in Lahore but in the cantonment section. Neither could I get to the mall or old city or anywhere else. But it gave an inspiration.

Go to Mian Mir and try to practice tasawwuf. If you attune to the saint, do it, but if you cannot attune to the saint, try to attune to Sufi Sahib of Salarwala or Hazrat Inayat Khan or your Murshid, one only. Then after you get into the rhythm, circumambulate the shrine three times to get the feeling and rhythm. Then throw the thought of Pir-o-Dewwal Sherif on to your mind. If there is no change in feeling or rhythm or step, then you can be sure of him. But if there is a change, then regard it most carefully.

Your Murshid does not wish to write to Mr. Engineer; your Murshid is under terrible strains. The poorest mureed may need attention but the most qualified non-mureed does not qualify so in the esoteric knowledge.

“The Sufis,” by Idries Shah, has been reread along with a lot of things coming from England especially. There is a sharp division between the Sufis by Bayat and experience and the writers on Sufism. One hopes to clarify this with Dr. Bernard Lewis. It is becoming very important in view of the present status of the world’s affairs

By now your Murshid is recognized in every country of Asia. He is not recognized in his homeland. His work is where Allah wills. Some think it is proper to propagate Islam. There is too much psychic and spiritual confusion here. Only by a sign from Allah or Sufi Sahib does one wish to remain here.

In both parts of the world it is time to resurrect the inner sciences. They are too much neglected. The world is intellectually ready. Besides, religion must be based on revelation and not on tradition. Everything in the heavens and earth is from the light of Allah and every word, thought, feeling, is a shadow over the Light. Sufism means purity and this means the removal of all obstacles before the Light

Love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



9th September, 1965

772 Clementina  


To my Daughter and Khalifa, Saadia Khawar Khan:

As-salaam aleikhum. This letter is written under both pressure and pain, with the great assurance it will reach your hand; a copy is being sent to our Beloved Pir-o-Murshid, Sufi Sahib. And besides the contents, there are some very legendary or true factors and facts which the heart says you will respect.

Know my Daughter that the Divine light has been given to all people; all people have had their Prophets. At Karnack, your Murshid astonished his guide by explaining the Egyptian religion in terms of the Sufi Sifat. He was a Muslim and did not know it though he knows the hieroglyphics. But it is of the Greeks one would speak.

There was an article recently that Pakistani husbands are poor lovers, and in the western sense, which is largely non-sense, they no doubt make poor lovers. Three times in life your Murshid went through the Majnun experience but the other could not conceive the role Layla. Here in the West, the women who are pampered and egocentric believe women can love men much more than men can love women, but in the Divine Love, there is no such thing as man or woman, there is no identity. And as for the Sufism, which is presented to the western world by British scholars, who have no such capacity, the Sufi is not understood at all.

In the Greek myths, when Zeus showed his love to Semele, that destroyed her and after three such Majnun experiences, your Murshid has turned down, but also when he turned down before, he did not help because it was like hiding a part of her personality.

But there is another Greek myth and symbol which is Zeus carrying Pallas Athena in the palm of his hand; or Jupiter carrying Minerva, which is the same thing. And this is the Soul carrying the Mind, or the Heart carrying the person. And sometimes your Murshid symbolizes himself as carrying the Daughter Mureed as Jupiter carrying Minerva. This has not been so expressed but is now in the time of turmoil and dismay.

Now the next points may be hard for you to understand but behind the scenes, from the occult point of view, they are connected with the wars now going on. Many months back, your Murshid was attacked in public in the “Name of the Masters of the Far East” and as Allah would, a number of these Masters soon came here and they all recognized your Murshid. And he sat with them and joined them and finally they initiated and inaugurated him as one of them. So your Murshid, in addition to being a Sufi is also now a Buddhist Master.

There was a great deal of resentment about this here because, even in India and Pakistan, while they talk about non-dualism and monism, it is just talk, it is not heart. Only one of these Masters had European blood and he also recognized your Murshid as a Bodhisattva, which is the same as Abdal, which is his real function. And the difference is that some can talk but some can function inward, and this person in addition can function outwardly, which is exactly what he is doing now all the time. So this letter is written in pain and love, in joy and dismay, but is written from the standpoint of accomplishment in Mushahida, which very few understand.

The Greeks also have a story of Damon and Pythias; of two friends who were so close they lived and died as one. Your Murshid had such a friendship and the man became a great leader in Buddhism and he died of a broken heart. For he tried to preserve peace in Vietnam and nobody believed him, not even many close to him. Now he is being called a “Saint” and will be written up in the Buddhist encyclopedia. But he admitted the superiority of your Murshid, and now this is also true in the Buddhist ranks. Your Murshid long has known that Adept=Bodhisattva.

The Catholic Monk recently wrote a book on Zen and its Christian counterparts and this person wrote that he has gone through both the death and resurrection. But he also went through the “Great Betrayal” and it was because of the Great Betrayal that he became, by Grace, deep in the Mushahida. This took on a terrific form under fana-fi-Lillah during the war and a more beautiful form under fana-fi-Rassoul in “Saladin” and may, inshallah, take on a beautiful form under fana-fi-Lillah in “Rassoul Gita,” which is only outlined.

The Zen Buddhists have written a book on their mystical attainments and no doubt these are great in comparison to those of “ordinary” consciousness but they are very elementary in the mystical life. Only the Grand Master gave your Murshid what is known as Avatamsaka teachings. And these in the end coincide exactly with the Sufi interpretation of Kalama; that only God exists, although we can also say that everything is made of Light, only Light and in the blessings. So there is the one Truth and it is no use repeating Hikmat unless we can realize it.

The next step is very hard and your Murshid makes no apologies. This was at the lowest phase, like one between Akbar and Sirhind. It is not that India represents Akbar; it does not. In the later stages the Mahrattas found the Moghuls and the Persians and Darranis, swallowed them both and then the British.

The great lesson of Mian Mir was that Allaho Akbar means peace is power. Some people know your Murshid went to the Dargah but now I must tell: the great saint, Mian Mir, also came to me in most humble guise and wept and blamed himself for the great destruction which took place first among the sons of Shan Jehan and then in the fighting between the Muslims and non-Muslims and he assigned this world task for working for Peace is Power. But it must not be supposed that one works alone. There is now a string of people. You may have heard of Julie Medlock and she wrote to me of St. Barbe Baker and three days after she wrote, a man placed in my hands the work of St. Barbe Baker and now your Murshid has a letter from him. And in the same cycle and circle is another lady, Mrs. Dickerman Hollister and she has conceived “The Temple of Understanding.” To me it is all Fatehpur Sikri restored, which can bring the peace and understanding that Allah is Rab Alamin and not merely Rab Mussalmin; the heart is all inclusive, the heart is all extending. The upper, upright line of the cross is the depth of wisdom, and the horizontal line, the depth of love.

The same truth, the same teaching is from all Masters of Wisdom, but the Sufis understand all the lines of spiritual transmission and the non-Sufis do not. Indian teachers, even if illumined, do not recognize each other and Sufi teachers, even if not illumined, recognize each other. This is why the grand Mufti brought the teaching of Universal Brotherhood when the UN met here. All the others gave a lot of words and it follows as Jesus Christ said, “For every idle word ye shall suffer in the Day of Judgment.”

Your Murshid has already written to the United States Congress offering to serve on a reconciliatory commission. On the one hand, your Murshid is close to Pir Dewwal Shereef, Ayub Khan’s teacher, and also to Dr. Radhakrishnan. He is close still to Pir-o-Murshid Hasan Sani Nizami, who is a complete spiritual brother and who has shared in experiences where the doors of the different worlds were thrown open. We have still here in this city, Mrs. Lucretia Del Valle Grady. Her husband was Ambassador in the British days and she was very close to Pir-o-Murshid Hasan Nizam. The relation between Hasan Sani Nizami and your Murshid resembles in part the relation between Pir-o­-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan and Hazrat Hasan Nizami.

This brings up the reference for Dargah Nizam-ud-din Auliya and Dargah Ajmir Shereef. I am praying for some money to send to the Dargah at Ajmir because the heart knows their suffering. But finally there is the dream of restoring Fatehpur Sikri. Which brings up the delicate point of dispute between the lines of Akbar and the lines of Sirhind. Only how there is fighting, and there is a great deal of difference between Allaho Akbar, meaning “Allah is on my side” and Allaho Akbar, peace is power.

There was an American lady named Edna St. Vincent Millay who wrote a poem called “Renascence” to express her experience that all love and all suffering were hers, by which she meant all love and all suffering and not some symbol. But it was not understood. This is the Christ experience, which has almost nothing to do so with Christianity.

In the higher reaches of the soul’s deep expression, the I-ness and thouness disappear. We may have to choose between the “truths” of the deep Sufi poets and the “truths” which each accept as true. Today I rush to see Dr. Bernard Lewis of London University and shall bring up the subject of Rumi. He is a friend of Dr. Arberry, who is a Rumi scholar. We have the Truth (Hikmat) in Rumi. We do not have it in the editors, the politicians, ordinary people. And there is a great line between those who see poetry as poetry and poetry as the outpouring of the soul.

In this life your Murshid has had to function as a Shams-i-Tabriz, not as a Rumi. It does not bring friends, it brings insight and power and a form of love and tenderness which it is hoped is conveyed here. Your Murshid is this inner being and carries you like a Jupiter carries a Minerva, which is the correspondence on the masculine side, to mother and child.

My first Zen teacher, who also became a disciple in tasawwuf, used to repeat often, “I Never Think of You Because I Always Think of You.”

This body is safe here; the heart has no time or place. The material things will be omitted. Tomorrow I visit two more universities. Yesterday for the very first time, two important people listened to my version of the situation. Mrs. Grady is to be given a public reception on the 30th, and then for the first time your Murshid will appear in public as a Sufi.

With all love and blessing,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



23rd September, 1965


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. It was with great relief that a letter reached here yesterday from Lahore. Since the beginning of hostilities, one has been practicing Mushahida and looking for some peaceful settlement. One has already gone so far as to prepare oneself for the lectures, and writes, and this coming week there will be a public reception to Mrs. Grady, widow of a former Ambassador and close friend to the late Hasan Nizami of Nizam-ud-Din Auliya.

A few months ago, this person established a warm friendship with a young girl’s dancing teacher. He found she was the fiancée of Abdul Latif, the young Assistant Vice-Consul here who has been a very good friend. It has been a duty to pray for Abdul Latif more than for any one else but you. Last night a friend said that somebody must have been responsible for the armistice. But what can one say to people who know nothing of the Sufis or the Hierarchy, or the Auliya or the great spiritual practices.

A number of months ago, this person sent a peace proposal for S.E. Asia. It was accepted at once by her serene highness, Princess Poon Diskul Pismai of Thailand, now President of the World Buddhist Federation. She came to this city and there were lines of dignitaries to greet her. Perceiving this person in the background, she gave a cry of joy, rushed forward with two hands extended and did not look at anybody else. This is the sort of thing that brings one jealousy, envy and [?].

The Princess herself is the most unprepossessing looking person, woman, I have known, less than five feet high. She is also the most powerful woman I have ever met and the most spiritual lay disciple of all the Buddhist world, which has been recognized.

Now the Peace plan which she accepted depends on the practice which Sufis call Mushahida and this has been performed. It was also performed during the war under grace; one had the
tutelage of Ghaus-i-Azam and if you wish the mythical life of your Murshid, perhaps this should be done. Only it is most honorable and most revealed that whatever anybody says, be assured that Allah is Er-Rahman, Er-Rahhim, and this is most certainly not piety, it is direct experience revealed in a soft way in “Salah-ud-Din” but in a hard way in one’s own life.

In being given choice, this person asked for increased capacity for pain rather than for what we call “love.” And when the fighting took place, he was willing to dispense with sleep again. But having once passed through the trials of sleeplessness, Allah, The Gracious, the Merciful, has given the Wisdom that this [?] was not necessary, that it is was important to keep calm, benign and active. So one continues to concentrate and at present, it is on problems of drainage for your country.

Even your wise do not see that the life here and the life hereafter are equally important, or not important.

This morning for the first time, a lady who has known me for years, has been willing to look at the spiritual side. It is only around the universities one finds sympathy and understanding. It is not true with even educated people and most certainly not true with the religious people (so called) in this land.

It has been necessary to write to a friend in Lahore on the differences between Islam, so called, and the way of life of our historical Rassoul-Allah. We praise him, which is forbidden and we do not imitate him, which is the purpose of life. And as long as we praise Mohammed (we say we don’t, we do), and as long as we do not imitate him, which is the very purpose of revelation, our prayers cannot be answered to our satisfaction. The heroine was a Moorish girl but with the fighting and turmoil on, there is a limit to suffering, even vicarious suffering. But you have my prayers and I trust [?] blessing.

One has taken these events as signs that Allah does not wish one to leave here until legal matters are settled. At the same time, one has offered one’s services on a meditation board. One finds one knows so much more and all attempts of Americans have failed.

The only thing is that here one may oppose their lives, one may criticize and be intolerant, one is in too many prisons for opposing governmental policies. One is free in many respects not found elsewhere, only our freedom is attached to [?] and even bigotry.

May Allah bless and preserve you and may conditions be restored so that your purpose in life is properly and fully completed.

With all love, respect and blessing,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



2nd December, 1965

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti

772 Clementina Street

San Francisco, California


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. One has been receiving a number of letters from the person to whom the carbon enclosed was sent. He is a friend of friends of Bhai Sadiq and in many respects this is for Mr. Engineer and our Brother.

The simple fact is that when one walks toward Allah, Allah walks toward one. And the spiritual guidance given recently attests to it although in Asia they expect others to conform to them and they will not budge for anything or anybody.

Last week this person spoke at a local university on tasawwuf and on Mian Mir as Guide. The study of all religions brings out some principles that most religions since the beginning of the world have depended on ritual and vision but today vision is low. Yet it is being restored in some quarters. And in early America there was a strong belief either in spirit Guides or in Ritual, often in both.

When attacked, and one does not see where your countrymen gain by criticizing and attacking this person, Rassoul-Lillah himself appeared and gave a blessing. This was followed by the appearance in this city of an old friend who has not been seen for many years. She is an elderly lady and a clear adept in vision. Not only that, while rejected by her colleagues, she has been accepted by one of our leading universities here in California, one with whom one has cordial religions. So it will be possible to go there and, inshallah, make the alignment with the Khadri Ruhaniyat Islamiya Society, for which one has had to wait in patience.

Then one has received a large number of books from the University of Teheran. As they are in Persian, they will be given to the University of California in Berkeley, the Department of Near East languages. One hopes to go there tomorrow, inshallah.

This will also give one opportunity to visit a new research foundation there which is studying the nature of religions. This is long, involved and filled with hope and opportunity. Too many of your countrymen have attacked this person for not accomplishing more and they are very impatient. There is no missionary group in Pakistan that knows how to reach the Americans and none of them accept the efforts of al-Azhar, which certainly are successful in this country. And it is awkward to be attacked in the name of Rumi when one’s closest political friend is a descendent of that great poet, and whose advice has always been

[next page missing].



December 8, 1965

772 Clementina St.

San Francisco 94103 USA


Beloved One of Allah:

Your very wonderful letter of the 28th fills one with assurance. It would seem that the warfare has simmered down. To see beyond the immediate is often a cause of difficulty for when one sees that which Allah wishes, he immediately antagonizes those who do not agree with what is seen. The eye of nufs is one thing and that of wisdom is another. There are many Indian teachers which are true and yet seem to be against Islamic teachings. Holy Qur’an may say that every people have had their Messenger but beyond the saying, it is not always accepted in history and in fact.

The moral laws which have been given to India have not been spread to all the people and the methods of their teaching have caused antagonisms between those who have similar beliefs but different teachers. This mutual antagonism has resulted in disruption and this disruption has been such as to limit curiosity and humility. In turn this break of the moral law does not come, the food does not come and one has to be compassionate without being negative.

It is one thing to accept Gandhi and it is another thing to refuse to accept what Gandhi has accepted. Lack of curiosity and humility even with all the intellect in the world cannot control the spheres. Even in some of our classes and it will be the subject next week, the problem of salinity is a terrible and terrific one. How to solve salinity and yet at the same time observe Rahmat is what few will undertake. And, alhamdulillah, today one finds oneself in the minds to tender and sympathetic people; the best in one’s whole life here in America.

Now there are some things which should be taken to heart and not to mind or nufs. In the Christian Bible, Paul reports of being taken into heaven but he was not sure whether it was in body or out of body and the same attitude and respect should be to Holy Imam Hussain, that one can feel the divine spirit through man, and it has been felt also through Khwaja Khizr at Salarwala. If one goes too deeply into the philosophy, the spiritual reverence is limited. These days, on occasions your Murshid has been practicing tasawwuri Mohammed, but if one wished to keep in touch with the immediacy, one must be aware of Allah, for otherwise the tendency may be toward ecstasy. And those who wish phenomena and ecstasy tend toward the angelic state and not towards Waliyat.

One is overjoyed to hear the possibilities of Sufi Sahib’s book being published. Also one would like to have copies of the Urdu book. In the last letter it was reported many books have been received from the University of Tehran and also with this book, it would help cement relationship. Prof. John Gomperz is back and will speak when the scientists meet later in the month, mostly on the Ethnography of South Asia.

One can only pray that you will be better. The difficulty with your Murshid is that he is always busy and has failed to make others realize this. He would like to perform Murakkabah and inner practices but Allah has given him plenty to accomplish here and practically no help. With the disturbances in parts of Asia and dangers of more of them, one not only has to keep in constant watch. So many of your countrymen are not concerned enough regarding food problems and this is your Murshid’s Ryazat, inshallah.

There still remains the problem of a family law suit and it both involves funds and complications. Then, as Allah wills, whatever is gained must be to definite purpose. A small bequest will go to a distant cousin and larger sums must be set aside for Zakat whatever else happens and this is already arranged. No financial aid may to be given by anybody, not a mureed, nor can there be business arrangements.

It is equally difficult to communicate what is Pir Dewwal Shereef’s vision. He has a tremendous vision and President Ayub accepts that you will see a different Pakistan, and even a different earth. Between this “Vision” and what Bhai Sadiq conveyed, there is at the moment no room left. Your Murshid has to bring seeds, pamphlets, ideas and much more to Pakistan. This also is part of his Ryazat. He has no assurance that this will be what your countrymen want, but between Allah and the Saints on one side and Pir Dewwal Shereef on the other, he is entirely satisfied.

One hopes to introduce the avocado, which will take a long time to come to fruit. The olive which takes a longer time but which bears for ages. As to the rest, it would depend on location. Although your Murshid does not wish to go into investments, there are places. My friend Jude Rabbani is a large land owner and most intelligent and could be helpful here.

As for extra spiritual work, you are already fulfilling all that Allah wishes, both at the worlds below and above, in the manifest and unmanifest and should be pleased.

As to Abbottabad. I would like Bhai Sadiq’s address. I have many old friends there and love that part of the world. I did meet some saints whose names have not been retained; this through the good offices of Islam Shah and Prof Durrani.

The local problems are always a trial. The real Mujahida is to be able to deal with them. Often our enemies are close to hand; I have just prayed for your Aunt and trust she may continue until I can return.

Your diet report is very satisfactory. My friend, Saladin Reps knows considerably more about food and diet and has made a study of brown rice. Your diet, Murshid cooks it with vegetables and a little curry, and sometimes adds a canned soup of which we have many varieties here. If it is too hot, then sour cream is added. Now I shall go over your letter to see that all matters are answered.

The whole Salarwala visit fills one with joy. There is a marvelous atmosphere there. As to your visiting saint’s tombs, there is nothing one knows about asking at the moment. One is not even asking for but will accept prayers in regard to the family lawsuit. One would like the address of the British Sufi. I did meet an Australian saint at Abbottabad.

When I find the paper on Tauba it will be sent.

Love and blessing,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



18th January, 1966, night


Beloved one of Allah:

All Praise is to Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate. No sooner had this person left home on way to post than the Divine Voice appeared and said that He desires your aunt to take the Bayat and after Bayat to perform these practices.

a. 20 simple breaths in the morning, concentrating on “Ya Shafi with each inhalation and “Ya Kafi” with each exhalation. (These are not the purifying breaths as such but they may suffice.)

b. Wazifa, Repeat 201 times each they, either in one sitting or divided: Ya Hayyu Wa Khayyam. (This means the life of the here now and the eternal.)

c. Concentration on Heart, feeling and visualizing heart.

d. Zikr: first 101 breaths blowing Hu on the heart. Do this for one month. Then raising head up and pulling it down to Heart saying Allahu. In moving the head down one should be aware of the neck-vein. This Zikr should be done always at night just before retiring.

The breaths a should be done with the morning prayer. The concentration on Heart should be with some later prayers. The Wazifas may be done with the payers or independently. In Cairo these are known as “Supererogatory prayers” but that does not matter.

Khilvat. Original instructions came from ‘Awarif al-Ma’arif of Grand Sheikh Umar Ibn Shahab-ud-Din Suhrawardi.  Both it and my original notes were ling since destroyed in a fire. At those times no meat or fish or eggs. Milk products, rice, vegetables and fruit, preferably dates.

It is time to teach Mr. Engineer the prayers in Arabic. For your Aunt, if she does not know English please translate the Gathas on “Breath” first and then “Every Day life.”

It have heard about Mr. Plummer before. While in Egypt my Sheikh there told of two missionaries who used to call on him regularly with the hopes of concerting him. At the end of six weeks he converted them to Islam! Your answers to him were beautiful and inspired and fill the heart with joy.

Now as to the book. From your remarks there is some confusion between the Islamic way of life and the exact fana-fi-Rassoul method which you regard as only properly Islamic. There is the tradition about Ibrahim and 50 prayers a day, brought down to 5. Now you must be fair-minded and not increase over the five for the generality. I believe in 5 prayers a day, but not necessarily the generally ritual. If one keeps on adding other prayers it can be weakening not a strengthening of faith for ritual would be more important than Heart. Is there not a Hadith that the Beloved of Allah said that even Kalama would save a soul from Hell?

As to the preface your Murshid sees no reason to change it at all but for the sake of harmony (not necessary for wisdom) you may do so. Otherwise you may be accused of being too rigid a devotee to the point of fanaticism. This is not your intent but it can be the opinion of others who are not so devout.

I shall go over my notes and if the there is not material on Olives will go to Berkeley. I should go soon and get it.

Abbottabad is my favorite place, perhaps in the whole world. I have been passed the Ayub Manzil some times. This will suggest writing Bhai Sadiq another letter.

Yes, Naeem is of the intellectual level. He is very logical where logic does not fit. Life is not that way. Moral rules are for oneself to strengthen one but if one does not leave for the Wisdom, Magnanimity and Grace of Allah, understanding will not come. When one works for peace one has to be very open, When one works to increase food supply one must know the laws of Nature and the progress of science. Now it is time to retire and if there is more inspiration after prayers and meditation this will be added. May Allah bless you and your relatives and close friends.

Morning. Praise to Allah who is enabling one to write Bhai Sadiq now a more important letter and tomorrow, inshallah, another letter pleasing for justice to Asians, which in general is not an American habit.

One appreciates to the extreme your sincerity, your devotion, your real Divine Love and your aspiration. May Allah give you strength and fortitude equal to your zeal.

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chistis



772 Clementina St.

San Francisco 3, Calif.

January 18, 1966


Beloved one of Allah,

As-salaam-aleikhum. Your letter of 10 January has been received and filled me with tremendous joy. It would appear we drink from the same foundation of wisdom and time and place do not separate us. But I am compelled now to answer only in part and will write further soon. The end of the university semester is close and one has to appear for examinations.

One such paper has just been written and is enclosed. It is partly biographical and partly essay and may be used by you in any fashion you see fit.

The all-encompassing subject is that of Data Sahib. One has been using Kashf-al-Mahjub continually and constantly ever since the original outbreak of hostilities. The failure of the press and the United States Government to take the mission seriously has resulted in that Mr. Kosygin has succeeded where this country has not yet even tried. This person is also involved in peace efforts between the Arab and Israeli world and also in Vietnam.

Lest anyone conclude that there is a psychological complex. The other say your Murshid went to a seminar on Vietnam and when a young man arose and said, “I have lived four year in Vietnam….” “I do not see what that has to do with the subject we are discussing” said a panel expert. This is the terrible dilemma of this country that before Allah one has to pray to rescue it from insanity and un-sanity.  One goes across the street continuously to visit friends who lived in many parts of Asia and has had the same treatment, i.e. being continually ignored.

The latest news which is not accepted or published is that her Serene Highness Princess Poon Diskul, President of the World Buddhist Federation, has visited his Holiness, Pope Paul, to discuss the matter of peace in South East Asia. The Americans refuse even to accept this event excepting the Asia Foundation which is alert to true facts!

Fortunately many professors in Universities are different and now your Murshid at least has permission to submit papers on life experience as well as book study and the one enclosed is an example. This is not necessarily and ideal paper. It is written at an undergraduate level, but a copy is going to the Graduate School which is engaged in the scientific study of religion.

One prays that your Aunt will live until this person returns. As soon as the examinations are passed one will consult the legal counselor, for one wishes to terminate matters so one can return to the Orient.

There are two things which stand out at the moment. One is possible collaboration with Prof. Chandrasekhar to bring real peace between the two countries. This morning I mockingly said, “Indian philosophy is a remarkable study which holds that all men are in the image of God and are blessed with spiritual potentiality excepting rival Indian philosophers.” This is a terrible indictment. Indian philosophy is most wonderful and Indian philosophers will not cooperate with each other. Sufis respect each other.

One spoke on “Joy without Drugs” and rather successfully held one’s own although at conferences of many hundreds of people there are many views presented. Only it is evident that the young want religious experiences and not doctrines. They do not want a God or Allah who is far away. They are not even satisfied with a doctrine that “God is near.” They want the experiences.

Till now however the Americans judge outwardly and all the older people judge by the outer things which are called “personality” and which mean mostly the clothes one wears and the speech one uses and the personal magnetism one gives out. Mostly it is a variety of sex and people who are dissatisfied go for the arousal. In the end they are further from Joy but more and more go under mental treatment.

But the young are the opposite. They reject all the outer signs. They have little respect for fine clothes and pleasant demeanor, they want something more valid.

Hazrat Inayat Khan has given us a number of volumes of books, now being published. And the young, perceiving these books, want the material explained. Now one has a small group of mureeds and a larger group of people coming to lectures and several of them also have asked for Bayat. And the teaching given so far is that the mureed must fulfill the meanings of the Ryazat and study materials, but the Murshid is responsible for the meanings of anything in the literature. It is a vast literature and one even doubts whether many people can explain it. So one has begun the planning.

For the mureeds one has begun with “The Mysticism of Sound” and for this one must explain the elements (nour, baad, atish, sab, khak) although we use here either English or Sanskrit equivalents. And this involves knowledges of breathing and sound. And for this we have Zikr with some stress on the use of the “neck-vein,” to make them realize that Allah is nearer than the “neck-vein” and the “neck-vein” is used in Zikr. They find these experiences are valid. They are in new ventures, and Allah has already some meanings to them on the physical plane.

For the others the main thing is the training of the Ego. And one found some material in Hazrat Inayat Khan. It was the same subject of which this person has been speaking for years (Nufsaniat) and it was rejected and now one reads from Inayat Khan and the same people who rejected it coming from these lips accept it coming from Hazrat Inayat Khan which itself is another proof of the strength of Nufsaniat which requires much patience.

Peace. This becomes complicated. Hazrat Inayat Khan taught the relation between World Peace and the Hierarchical Government. But as tasawwuf has been presented in the West, no Hierarchy. No, this person has had a difficult life and was approached in Cairo by one Yusuf Wali who was a Wali and much of one’s external history comes from that meeting. Indeed the other day on met President Johnson’s personal envoy to Asia. No one knew he was here and he was traveling in very poor clothes. Yet we are very close friends.

There used to be three large Mosques in the large city of Los Angeles. Now there are none and one reason is that Pakistanis and Arabs do not work together at all. So far one finds that Pakistanis wish to lead and not follow the Iranians, Indonesians, Europeans and Arabs.

When this person visited the University of California at Riverside he met again the son of an Arab spiritual Sheikh. We had no trouble to get together on all subjects and in a few moments, because there was no nufs, our hearts are attuned.

Your Murshid is engaged in Desert Reclamation research. This has been welcomed all over the world excepting by some Pakistani leaders. Not only have the scientists of all other lands accepted this idea, which one called “Project: the Garden of Allah” but one finds that most of the scientists so involved are deep devotees and beyond deep have united the inner and outer sciences, something which has not been done before. This is a long and beautiful story and has opened like the Rose from a dud into many fragrant blossoms. One also feels like the devotees of Ghaus-i-Azam, that our Grand Pir is our Rose and every petal offers the fragrance, the love, the beneficence and grace of Allah.

In all correspondence not only has there been emphasis that “I am right” but not even compassion for the flood-suffering I East Pakistan. It is a near sin on the part of your Murshid to the material aid he sent to East Pakistan. And during this period he has established a holy friendship with the present Pakistani Consul-General. Not only that but that Allah Who speaks through everyone ad anyone has shown outwardly what he has shown inwardly but your Murshid is showing restraint because every satisfaction (Riza) becomes [?] with man or nufs and not satisfaction with Allah as taught by Data Sahib in “Kashf-al-Mahjub.” And people who shout but do not study Qur’an and Hadith are too cowardly to criticize Data Sahib so they accuse his disciples. [?] and Major Sadiq and others will confirm, every time this one went to the Dargah, the saint communicated and communed with him. And when one says that he is accused of being tempted by Iblis but to shout one’s own self will is quite justified by “Muslims.” And thus this puts a split between the “Muslims” who judge everything and everybody and the “Allahists” who say He is Master of the Day of Judgment.

But to shorten this. There are now many groups studying the possible identity of Religion and Science. And if one restricts this to a certain point, beginning with Allah Nuri, this also has been discussed in detail by Sheikh Al-Ghazzali and if Al-Ghazzali does this that is right but if an American does this then this is Iblis. Nevertheless, Beloved of Allah, the Divine Light which Holy Qur’an says is of earth as well as heaven (and which so many “Muslims” deny) is used today by the scientists as the basis of measurement. And more and more scientists are finding that it is the One Light which is found in all forms, even the Electron, the Laser Beams, the X-Ray and many other aspects are just aspects of that grand Light which is of earth as well as Heavens. And the light is [?] of persons and works apart from all aspects of Nufsaniat.

This is part of your Murshid’s next undertaking which seems to derive from Allah and Rahmat and all that the author of Hadith said. In one of the letters this person is referred to as Murshid, but those who say that Allah is their Murshid are in grievous error unless they show at every point this is so.



9th February, 1966

772 Clementina St.

SF 94103


Beloved One of Allah:

Bismillah Er-Rahman Er-Rahim. One uses the Arabic rather than the general term of greeting for a very special purpose.

There are some curious things happening in the life of your Murshid. As time goes on he becomes a source of annoyance to many people and yet outwardly he has not changed much. There is a vigor of body and mind not characteristic of those of the same age. This is a combination of Grace and discipline. The Grace is a privilege and blessing and is one form of answer to critics. It rose from the Divine Healing years ago given through the agency of Khwaja Khizr and remains as a living testimony to those egocentric people possessed of and by nufs. And both in the East and West some things have happened, are happening, which shows one is on the Right Path though the critics are noisy.

It has been necessary to enclose two letters. One is most unfortunate. Two very critical letters were received, on different stationery. They used the same hostile terms, the same English, the same everything and one was signed by the man dominated by nufs and nufs ammara, and the other has the signature at the end of Sufi Barkat Ali. You will find the carbons. And it is so evident that the letter so signed could not have come from Sufi Sahib. The language is different and it makes accusations which could not possibly be, ignoring all the blessings and especially the Wazifas and Daroods which have been practiced. Not only have they been practiced but they have come to outward manifestation.

It is now a very long time, forty-five years and more since your Murshid met the late Murshida Rabia Martin. We had no books. No papers, no anything but the teacher. The lesson was Allah as Zat and Sifat and the identity of Zat and Sifat were offered though we are not conscious of Essence and are Conscious of Attributes. There are ninety-nine such attributes but beyond these also the Sirr and on the Tasbih we have the one hundred beads. We are taught the use of them.

The lesson was also that man cannot grasp the Zat and if he tries to grasp the Zat without the Sifat, he ends by identifying his nufs with Allah and because he is guilty of that sin, that spirit of agitation which confounds, compounds and confuses everybody. And it was not until 1923, when Hazrat Inayat Khan came to this city and taught the Wazifas, their usage, practice, essence values.

Indeed on this trip one found copies of his deeper instructions in Ryazat in all its aspects, a life study, accompanied by life practice. And to evaluate one Sifat as more important than another is not correct for each implies all. Nevertheless in Pakistan you have limited yourselves but interpreted so far from the Arabic method as to produce useless splits. Instead of Brotherhood so many Pakistanis wish to be Imams and to lead others, usually without inshallah, for they repeat neither “Inshallah” nor “Selim” but only “Islam” and over and over again. So when the time comes, the Islamists do not accept the Allahists and there are splits and not unity, and what is more, no achievement.

Now, ignorant men wish to be Imams without the Divine Consent and they run around saying “Qur’an” and “Hadith” without ever quoting either. They just use the words and no more.

It is evidently a “sin” to so many “Muslims” to refer to Allah, Zat and Sifat rather than to “Qur’an” and “Hadith.” We did not study Arabic but we did study first the meanings of terms. And one finds oneself in sharp contradiction to many “Muslims” who say that Holy Qur’an has one meaning when the Messenger of Allah said that the Book was revealed in seven dialects and each has an inner and outer meaning. So one finds everywhere the “Muslims” insisting on one meaning, and the Prophet himself very different and if you agree with the Prophet, you are a butt of scorn by the nufsi-ists.

When the great St. Junaid was aging, he said he possessed nothing but a few sacred phrases. He even divested himself of Qur’an and Hadiths. But while people refer to Junaid, they are too much cowards to criticize him for being different.

And then there was Ghaus-i-Azam who went further and said once he gave lectures on a single Ayat thirty six times and never repeated himself. Well, Beloved One of Allah, each of us has been blessed by Ghaus-i-Azam but the cowardly people who dare not criticize Abdul Kadir-i-Jilani, criticize those who accept his point of view, which is every important as you will see later.

And to receive a letter signed by a saint, even if he read it shows that some people do not and dare not practice Akhlak Allah, and this person can do no other.

When the Kashmir problem came this person disengaged himself, for according to American legal justice he was in no position. He was involved in some struggles with Hindus. They (and one regrets some Pakistanis and many Americans are like that) make great of them, not only ignored him but attacked one of India’s greatest saints. This person called on a friend and said that according to the teachings of Hazrat Inayat, India would suffer tremendous set­backs. Then came the fighting and the drought and the famine. And we knew it could not be otherwise.

According to Hazrat Inayat Khan, there are the three moral laws of reciprocity, beneficence and renunciation. We choose the course. The Bismillah ignores the reciprocity and begins with the beneficence but in Fateha and the first Suras it was obvious that renunciation was the keynote. And this comes also in the fourth and final degree of interpretation of Kalama.

The next thing your Murshid did was to consult Holy Qur’an. He not only consulted it but accepted what came. And if in consulting Holy Qur’an Allah did not give Kashmir to Pakistan, the question may arise, is the fault with Allah? Or is it with Qur’an? For assuredly this party has no such power and no such legality that he can re-divide the earth at his self-will.

But the answer came and it was a clear answer and a true answer and a pure answer. Not only that, it was a Sabri answer. To be given the Bayat, in there are the ninety nine Sifat and this person refuses and refuses absolutely to adhere to just one and ignore the others.

Besides it is not true in practice that Islam is the religion of peace. In spirit it is, in the Holy Places as one nears the Arsh absolutely, but in outer manifestation this is not so. Therefore Ali Wassil, copy of letter to whom is enclosed, has been spending time and effort to give to the American people the beauty and grace of Hazrat Mohammad and does not talk too much about “Islam.” And this is a wonderful achievement in this land where the teachings of Qur’an and Hadith are restrained not only in the schools but by those who shout “Islam” and teach nothing but their ego-superiority.

In the sciences one has to have rectitude and integrity. When one blindly asserts that “Islam” is the religion of peace, let him make peace between Indonesia and Malaya. Let him go into Somaliland where the “Unitarians” are divided into two camps, one of which puts spirituality first and the other knowledge and they have been fighting each other with arms, though it does not get into the press. Let him find that justice which will unite the Islamic Nigerians, now split between many lands and subject to restrictions. While your people shout about the restrictions on the Kashmiris, they are not observing restrictions elsewhere. In the Heart of Allah, all people are the beloved and geography and other factors do not enter.

Pakistan has not obtained Kashmir. Whose fault is it? Is there a power other than Allah? Is there might in human beings and institutions, a different might than of Allah? Or may it not be that there has not been that complete surrender (Islam in Arabic) that makes the Victory, the Glorious News always.

Now it came that there have been earthquake disasters. One does not know yet. One has so much to do.

The opening of the Revealed Religion to the American people will come as Allah wills and not as each individual wills. Your Murshid still wishes to work with the Imams who are best qualified. He does not wish divisions among Muslims but in this country there are almost as many “Imams” as devotees. Not accepting others they are not accepted. They do not work together. And the Hajis all run around each for himself, all separate from each other. So in addition to those who prefer “Islam” to Allah we have the Hajis who prefer themselves to others.

But now also your Murshid has received some fine letters from a Chisti publisher. And this man wanted the names of leading Muslims in this country, especially scientists. And in the same mail as the critical letters, the other day your Murshid received such a list of scientists who are Muslims of which there are many in this country. And so what was beyond his ability, Allah did for him and to Allah be all praise to Allah.

Please share this all with your close friends. It brings up the real question of why certain self missionary efforts fail. It does not include several heart episodes of late, nor the changes in attitudes, nor the fact that with this year coming your Murshid is listened to with respect and sometimes more than respect, something which never happened before. The Sabri Tarik imparts patience and ever more patience.

With all love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti


P.S. A copy has gone to Bhai Sadiq. If someone will visit Pir-o-Murshid Sufi Sahib and present this, one is sure it will have different results than the forged and condemnatory letters just received. One who practices every hour the Divine Presence has to be accused of not studying what others themselves do not know.



18th February 1966


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. Because you have celebrated the Urs of Hazrat Ali, one consulted “Nahjul Balagha,” the sermons, letters and sayings of this great saint and one reads from Khutba 54: “His place is so high that nothing can be imagined higher. He is so near to us that nothing can be nearer.”

It seems that you have answered some heart communications without anything being written. Indeed your whole letter is nothing else and now next to your dear Aunt, one feels especially near to Mr. Engineer. Besides there are some weighty problems and these problems increase in number but not in weight, sometimes being almost amusing, yet too religious to be just that.

It was necessary to write to both Bhai Sadiq and yourself about a letter which one has felt is a forgery and from the whole tenor of your reports, it must have been a forgery. The main accusation was that this one has not written to Sufi Sahib and this person, before Allah, has written and one can say it over and over again, “Bismillah Er-Rahman Er-Rahim, this servant has assuredly written his Master, Sufi Barkat Ali, over and over again and all letters received from him have been acknowledged.”

It is terrible thing to be accused of shirk because one does not assent to some small details in Pakistani politics and then after being told he is wrong by Pakistanis, your gracious President has not only advocated exactly forms of foreign aid. Besides this person has acted in such a way that he is in good standing with the contractors who are building Mangla Dam and he took these steps to help get better paying jobs for the very Pakistanis who accuse him of shirk.

In his private capacity, your Murshid has much faith in homeopathy but little knowledge. As I am writing this letter for Murred Saadat and Mr. Engineer and yourself together, a separate letter is not being sent. Also the prayers for blessings are for all of you and the Heart is often at Lahore and especially at the places mentioned though the body is here.

It is very confusing to critics that the body and mind of this person do not seem to age much. This was a blessing that came originally from and through Khwaja Khizr and even those who make such denials cannot explain, and certainly this person cannot explain, why with the adding on of years there is still vitality and strength and vigor and ability. And when one is accused of not attending to prayers, one must thank Allah all the time, knowing it is Grace and only Grace and the devotion comes from the Grace and in this instance not the Grace from the devotion. One has to praise Allah which sustains the flesh and the mind and one knows that it is so.

You will find a copy of a letter to Karachi. Every time one writes to somebody, somebody else writes to him and they all think you can go around the United States preaching and teaching and everybody will listen. But the truth is, Saadia, until the end of last year, nobody listened and then some things happened like miracles. Now many listen and this makes the speaker very cautious. For the Sufi is different from the ordinary Muslim in that he holds himself responsible for all the short comings of disciples. But the two men have shown considerable spiritual development, one especially. One told them that if life did not demonstrate the teachings, one could leave any time.



10th March, 1966


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. Your letter of 2nd February was evidently misdirected and arrived late. One feels miserable when he has to disturb anybody and throw weights around. The world is going to be saved by “Heart” and the Daroods of Sufi Sahib have been sources of strength, energy, vitality and composure. The very words of phrases break out into life and manifest either in the personality or experiences. These things cannot be measured by others.

This person has never been involved directly in politics. Here he has been shunned by orthodox and heterodox alike, but this is an age when many others are being shunned by orthodox and heterodox alike. Both the young and old with whom one associates, especially in the university classes have similar experiences and there are many of us. As we congregate we grow stronger and more affirmative.

One will omit the experiences, inner or outer, which sent one to Pakistan. This operation came from Allah and not from nufs, and one must work in accord. And in a certain sense, Saint Mian Mir has been one’s “guide.”

When there is opposition or criticism, at that moment the veils are lifted showing the inner motives of the selfish. One cannot repeat too often, “Act as if in the Presence of Allah and remember, if you do not see Him, verily He sees you.” So we let the dead bury their dead, and the Moral Laws operate, for no man can stop them.

Today in class the subject of Islam came in consideration of the Mende who live in Sierra Leone in West Africa. These persons have very different standards from the Pakistanis and even from the Arabs. From their standpoint the Mende would not be “Muslims.” From according to the Hadith they would be Muslim for they repeat Kalama. They use Holy Qur’an for divination and for charms.

Such practices are used in many parts of the Islamic world. While the theologians might despise them, the question for the scientist is, “Are they true?” “Do they work?” And the answer comes that very often they do. And if in Pakistan, people do not know much about Baraka; both in the Arab world and in the African world they do.

Humility and knowledge are to be acquired and while one cannot always measure how much humility and knowledge there are in others, bending the head is humility and raising the head is knowledge. The first gesture in prayer is to listen; the last gesture of self-praising people is to listen. And fortunately today there are Sufis in Karachi who are beginning to instruct the world on the operations of nufs, which is most important knowledge.

Your Murshid was long ago instructed about Masts and had great reverence and respect. This was increased by surprising events, generally in company with Bhai Sadiq.

Now, as to Hollywood. My goddaughter there is going away for a month. My elder sister (in tasawwuf) has been too ill to write but one may make a quick trip to see her either before or after the conference on LSD. There was a lot of money involved. The lady who has the money has been disgusted with all the so called spiritual movements in this country which bring neither joy nor salvation.

The greatest books I know, and this is one man’s opinion, are the recent issues of Rumi. One does not like Professor Arberry’s translation of Holy Qur’an. There are several points on which exception is taken to most translations. Bismillah is of little value if it be translated “In the Name of Allah.” It makes Allah a name like other names and this goes contrary; “He begeteth not, neither is He begotten, and there is none like Him.” When we use Allah as Name, and Sem means much more, we overlook: “Allah is the Light of the Heavens and Earth.” Although Holy Qur’an was reveled in the time, the real revelation is Umm Khita B, and it was unrolled as well as revealed. Excepting for “Fateha,” there is no valid reason for arranging the Suras either in the historical order or in the orthodox arrangement. What one has to bear in mind is that the revelation must be used to explain the Revelation. This means that the Bismillah suggests that to understand it one must feel in the presence of the everlasting Light. The Wazifas and Daroods presented by Pir-o-Murshid take one out of time into eternity but do not destroy the time. And in looking at Holy Qur’an, whereas we do have words and explanations, they are on the background of Infinite Light with all its Mercies, symbolized by Er-Rahman, Er-Rahim, or if we must use words, the words Rahmat and Hikmat are the most simple.

The forms of Zikr your Murshid hopes to introduce are for the sake of the direct experience both in and beyond words.

Now as to books. One has not given this consideration but will now do so. Your Murshid has elements of botanical, anthropological and oriental libraries.

As for television. My Sheikha in UAR (corresponding to Murshid) was a great fan for television and especially sports. We did not look at dramas or anything like that at his house. His whole life seems to have been religion and athletics and he was full of joy as well as spiritualism.

As for television. If you are in doubt and you may inquire in Lahore, please ask if my friend, Ansar Nasri, who was in radio Pakistan, is now working for TV. He sent me once to his Murshid and although I could understand no Urdu, the vibrations from both the Pir-o-Murshid and Khalif were so great one benefited. They were full of sublime and divine love and your Murshid considers Ansar Nasri in every way a spiritual brother. But how this may have affected television, one does not know. In this country, most of the material is disgusting and is responsible for the moral breakdown. And it is hypocritical for the students at universities who are so often accused, never behave nearly as bad as those in the acting profession.



22nd March, 1966

772 Clementina St.

San Francisco 3, Calif.


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. This is a glorious spring here although the term “spring” can easily be applied for four months of the year here, where it is seldom too hot or too cold. It has become a season for inspirations and for the writing of memories which may take some time.

It is just forty years since the Grace was bestowed by Khwaja Khizr and then all the Prophets and Messengers of Allah appeared in broad daylight. People reject this possibility but they cannot reject the fact that this body is alert, agile and active and this mind also is alert, agile and active. Whatever be the reasons behind it, they are not readily accepted. Whatever be the Grace behind it, the Praise is to Allah.

Kashf is a wonderful faculty and through it one had a loving meeting with the Iranian colony on the celebration of the New Year (Nau Roz). One spoke about Shiraz to be surrounded and greeting by many Shirazis. And more than one of them know of the Grace and Blessing of, in and for their city. Never in America has one had such heart and soul understanding.

And today when the Poet Laureate of California was given a public presentation, he brought up the question of the reality and activity of God. One refers him to Shiraz. We in the West have questions on spiritual matters [?] are not accepted.

At the same time many lands, Islamic lands in particular, have questions about food and soil and agriculture and we in the West have answers and you won’t accept them as a culture. So one becomes weary that one’s name is on so many mailing lists of groups that pretend to be missionary societies. They have no branches here, they send nobody forth but they want to find some American to argue with.

Pakistanis insist on Shariat and Iranians do not have Shariat but they have Qur’an and Hadith and many wonderful poets. How could these poets have the inspiration and Grace without Shariat? The shadow is real or unreal as we may like. Everything has shadow but shadow is not substance. And to put the Shariat before Allah is to put the shadow before the substance. And you will find a copy of letter enclosed; these people quote one way and argue another.

One brought a book on Shiraz to the Consulate and also “The Persian Sufis” by Rice. And the respect is to Shabistari. This whole letter is for the encouragement of Brother Engineer because he has reached the conclusions of Shabistri. It is in this line that we may convey the Message of Allah to all people and not by arguing over legal matters, or political matters.

Love and blessing,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



25th March, 1966


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. There have been some things happening this week which one does not know if they are the Grace of Allah or the result of devotion to the Ryazat from Sufi Barkat Ali, or both.

Among the false reasons for not better acceptance of this person is that he does not look nor act like an old man. This is basically grace and was understood by our Iranian friends who come from Shiraz. At the same time if Wazifa or Darood have a causal effect, that the words and vibrations and meanings of the sacred phrases operate. Although one practices them devotionally rather than intellectually, there is something in the vibrations and [?] of these words and phrases.

One meets additionally unhappiness and ill-health among the Americans. The more this Nation is accomplishing by force and power, the more miserable are the individuals. This came out recently in the poem which won first prize that the poet, seeing much unhappiness, wonders if there is God. And the Shirazis, beginning with Allah, showed the happiest faces one sees here.

One’s main concoction with so many so called Orthodox Muslims is that they [?] in a very offhand manner to sacred script without following the injunctions. And one time there was a book published on the Hadith by an Englishman (it was destroyed by fire many years ago) and the Prophet himself described in detail the conditions for the appearance of Mahdi and these conditions are definitely fulfilled in the United States. People would become very wealthy and satiated and unhappy and they were crying for relief. Then many Dajjals would appear and it is certain today the world, and especially that neighboring country, is full of persons claiming either to be Allah Himself or having a special dispensation.

 One went to party the other night and one Anthropology teacher asked one to make notes. Despite the fact that this person has traveled far and has all sorts of experiences it was the first time one had an audience. Because one met Americans who had been both to India and Pakistan, one had been a long time in Lahore and the others a short time. We have all had trouble being rejected and our mutual meeting made us all feel better.

But American social events give priority to the young over the old and to women over men and people live on the surface and are very, very unhappy.

Contact was also made with a man who became interested in your Murshid’s theme: “Not Spiritual Training Through Music but Music Through Spiritual Training.” This will be offered as soon as one finds time but the fact that one made a beginning is something.

The next day out of the clear the teacher brought up the subject of Pakistan and then gave your Murshid and this brightened up faces because there are many looking, looking, looking.

The continuance of vigor, the zest for life and the consideration given to mureeds and seekers makes one feel that now the time is coming when the Divine Messenger can be given out.

One is busy writing books from memories, an exceedingly difficult and long task. One’s Uncle will arrive early next month and this will enable us to hasten the day of decision on the family estate. One is now anxious to complete that task and then leave the country.

The latest volumes of Hazrat Khan and the writing of Jelal-ud-din Rumi have either caused or been enhanced by this deep feeling of a Springtime with the heart.

Now some women are beginning to be [?] if not otherwise. But all vitality comes by Grace, or if causally from the teachings of Saint Mian Mir in Dauk. We should go over this Dauk and fana practices at the Dargah when one returns, inshallah.

At the Iranian party one asked for my prayer cap which was given with blessing. One is now out of these and if you can send one or two and several tasbihs these would be appreciated. Before one gave the prayer caps to local Muslims but now one would keep them for potential or actual mureeds.

The health practices needed locally keep your Aunt in my prayers.

Love and Blessing,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



2nd April 1966


One returned from the Id Celebration at Pakistani House full of love and joy. One has never felt happier. The spirit, human and divine, social and religious, which was evident in so many persons, was like glows of a sun of love placed in our midst. This person was treated, as he been treated in many lands as a Sufi, but this is only the second occasion (after the celebration of Nau Roz with the Iranis), this has occurred. And besides meeting many old friends, one was greeted by strangers, and among them another descendent of Ghaus-i-Azam with whom a heart friend was established immediately.

And it is noticeable on leaving that nearly everybody from West Pakistan said Khuda Hafiz as above and one wonders what you will say about it. For instead of accepting Allah as the Light of Heavens and Earth, you have most unfortunately restricted Him and fitted him into your “Concept of Islam.”

By this time the wisdom of Allah has made itself known and one sees that by emphasizing Al-Ghazzali and Jelal-ud-din Rumi in this land one can offer forms of Spiritual Islam which are not always accepted by Pakistanis but which are impressing the heart hungry and soul starved Americans.

You have written well on the Sifat-i-Allah, but have you tried these practices? Have you demonstrated them in your life? Have you seen this in the lives of others? The scientific Americans want evidence.

Yes, this person could write a book on such matters. In the year 1931 he found a work, “Lives of the Adepts” by the Mevlevi Efleki and he found that the same evidences which that writer has mentioned had occurred in his own experience, experience not “concepts.” And on this Al-Ghazzali has written. And so long as somebody’s concepts dominate over other’s experiences it is impossible to reach the scientific people of the day. But when experiences dominate over concepts it is different.

One reads constantly in Rumi of incidents in the lives of the Compassions. If you can explain the relation of Allah and shay [?] one can submit to you. But if you cannot and do not, one does not see the purpose of appealing to these people, the Americans. One has tried to use Rumi as a base of teachings and it works. It has been very successful after other means have failed. And in Rumi one reads so much about the Companions and explains the operations of the Abdal, which is not to be confused with the Abdul. The words are superficially alike. And although Rassoul-Lillah has praised learning above prayer, one knows that people who cannot be impressed, who called themselves “Muslims” do not convince others. It is only people who are open to conviction who can impress others.

Now you have written about the use of Arabic terms and this one has used Arabic terms but has not made a dogma about them. This person was once dumb, he could not speak. For two months he repeated mentally and also on the lips, Allaho Akbar. He now has a strong voice, one that needs to be subdued.



May 1966


Your Murshid is today successful, alhamdulillah, with and in a type of teaching which is not in books. Before leaving, one showed some children the positive and negative ways of walking, that these could be used in ritual and even lead to spiritual dances. A number of circumstances have lead to more windows in this field. A spiritual teacher died here in California and left his final lesson which was on “How to Breathe with the Feet.” Hazrat Inayat Khan said that he learned this through the Naqshibandi School and also one demonstrated certain forms of it at the Dargah Mian Mir.

When one combines this “breathe with the feet” with Kalama or Zikr or Fikr, it leads either to a type of attunement or surrender or even spiritual realization.

One teacher in Anthropology lived long in Pakistan and we agree that Pakistanis and Americans are alike followers of man and not of Jesus or Muhammad. They make divisions of “good and bad” according to their own egos. (On the other hand the Hindus abolish good and bad and so have often no standards of morality at all. Everything may be done.)

The solution comes when one can see the whole universe with Ayin Yaqeen. Then everything falls in place, whether according to Al-Ghazzali, or otherwise.

In the former years just passed, one had to face the whole of society feeling all its errors, the breakdown of morals, the war in Vietnam, the assumption of the role of Allah, and these are making these people mad. But the young are protesting and seeking leaders.

Next month, inshallah, there will be a conference on this LSD and this will give one an opportunity for praise to Allah; the conference is in the hands of men who have much respect for this person and one of them in particular, is a top leader of the young who seek new outlets. We parted some time ago with him asking instruction in Zikr. Now also one has started Zikr and although with few, it has been started. And the problem is how to get mankind to recognize that there are other ways to joy and enlightenment other than drugs. Religion has failed but the heart of man, feeling there are ways, is resorting to drugs.

No doubt all the experiences of drugs are also found in the Mevlevi dancing. Your Murshid agrees entirely with Data Sahib (last chapters of Kashf-al-Mahjub), but differs from Muslims in that they will praise the book and the Saint without putting these things into practice. And as one goes from explanation to practice there is both more joy and more response. This is an entirely new direction.

There is at the moment a Trade Fair here and one had the glorious experience of being able to purchase a couple of tasbihs from Morocco. They had more, with from 300 to 1,000 beads; the clerks did not wish considerable joy.

There is also now in this district a man who is selling goods from Pakistan. We had not met for ten years but he remembers my preparing to go abroad and one has promised to visit him, let us say, before making Christmas or similar purchases.



13th May 1966


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. Today one has to write in a different capacity and this is partly an inquiry, partly a communication.

It has pleased Allah that you have had some recognition in psychology, a science which this person has not studied. But while waiting for the settlement of legal disputes, the Kashf was clear that one should study anthropology and in these studies learn about the religions and consciousness of mankind at all sorts of levels. While this studying began in response to what one considered Divine Guidance, it has reached at this point a degree of understanding that was not present when one began such studies. And in arriving at this point there has been effort, grace and insight altogether so one does not know where each of these begins and ends.

In the spiritual awakening one becomes clear as to the position of all of Allah’s creatures, whomsoever, whatsoever. But now also in the scientific studies, if one has the Yaqeen one also becomes clear, and one can recognize all levels of human existence. No doubt one should begin with Rumi; that Allah slept in the mineral, dreamed in the vegetable, awakened in the animal and realized himself in man. But religion has the tendency to philosophize these words apart from human experience. And one himself cannot avoid Rumi, that tasawwuf consists of experiences and not premises. And it is also true that sciences are based on experiences and not premises.

When my goddaughter in Los Angeles came back to social recognition, she predicted that the young would flock to one if only offered certain teaching. But what was it? Hazrat Inayat Khan taught that the blessings of salvation were: Grace, Glory, Wisdom, Joy and Peace. For practical purposes one might select Joy and there is no question that the young seek joy. Also that it has not been vouchsafed to them in many social orders.

There is an immediate problem here that a great many young are resorting to what we call drugs and they obtain experiences which are labeled LSD, the meaning of which is not clear but the types of experiences are clear. All religions tend to limit man to certain methods of self realization and quotations, say beginning with Hazrat Ali, have been crystallized and hardened so the soul of man is not free. Your Murshid believes that religious phrases are keys and may be doors but are not the Palaces. One has to enter the Palace and veneration of the key or door does not mean being in the Palace.

The scientific study reveals the degree and grade of awakening of all peoples. The Pakistanis are not scientific when they divide mankind into Muslims and non-Muslims. In the spiritual sense and as was used by Rassoul-Lillah, the “Muslims” were those who functioned nufs-salima which is perhaps the highest of all grades. In the lowest sense the Muslim was one who repeated Kalama. But the moral teaching of too many, that a Muslim is automatically superior to a non-Muslim, does not hold and overlooks the whole marvelous teaching of the grades and types of nufs.

Because the Hadith teaches that when one man calls another a non-Muslim, when one says to another “You are not a Muslim,” one of them will go to hell; this person cannot and will not accept the condemnation of St.

Rabia by whomsoever, whatsoever, howsoever. If one prayed in Sajda and entered the gate of Tauba, he would not be spending time criticizing St. Rabia and Muhyiddin Ibnu ‘l-‘Arabi and praising prime ministers and scoundrels occupying high political places because they call themselves “Muslims.”

This person is quite willing to accompany St. Rabia or Hafiz in this world and the next even if, as Hafiz says, “though a sinner Hafiz will go to Paradise.”

This person assents to your closing remarks, “Arabs became the standard bearers of this ideology,“ but one looks in vain for any representative of the numerous Pakistani publishers all claiming to represent “Islam” and none recognizing the Arabs and the efforts they are making in this country to as “standard bearers of this ideology.” And the Arabs who are standard bearers of this ideology in this country are learned men; they have studied Qur’an, Hadith and the American psychology. They do not discuss the politics of Pakistan, Morocco or Tanzania.

As to Muhammad Asad who preaches and has refused ever to recognize this person’s letters and Bismillah Er-Rahman Er-Rahim, I say that “religion is a thing of the past.” I want no religion; I want Allah, Allah, Allah and nothing but Allah, His Guidance, His Blessings, His Wonders and His Manifestation through many glorious Sifat of which “Islam” is only one.

There is a tale of Isa about a shepherd who would desert ninety-nine sheep to find a single strayed one but I find that “Muslims” accept a single Sifat and desert the ninety-nine others including Allah himself. The word Allah is hardly ever mentioned. The Bismillah is hardly ever used. The Rahmat is not the basis of “religion” and so long as Rahmat is not the basis of “religion,” one prefers to remain away from “religion.”

Muslim missionaries (so called) come to teach and preach. Once the writer met such a missionary; “I am greater than you, in every way, am taller than you, stronger than you, I am more advanced in Ruhaniat and Mushahida; I am your superior in everything.” “Yes, you are my superior in all you mentioned. You are my superior in everything but one thing.” “What is that? “ “I am a greater pupil than you. I can listen; no you, you can’t listen to me.”

And as you have praised learning, as you have placed learning above prayer, this person will continue to learn, continue to study and still more continue, to praise Allah every moment, day and night, sleeping and wakening. This one prefers to “religion,” this one prefers to “Islam” as you call it. Allah is my choice; I pray that I may become Allah’s Choice.


Morning: It must be the Divine Will that your Murshid go on a new venture in order to present the Message of Divine Wisdom among the same people. Going over one’s diaries one has found predictions made over and over again. None of these took effect until recently. The love and trust of a man who has been like a younger brother for years has manifested in the last few hours, and in facing his problems and those of others near to him after long years, he has concluded that one may find in tasawwuf a multitude of treasures.

Then one has been invited to still another gathering this coming week. For whatever the Murshids have said may be coming true.

Once your Murshid had a dream and he was taken to a Murshid who gave him certain instructions. The next day he was rather surprised to find his friend, the Khalandar, asking him to visit Golra Shereef for the Khalandar claimed to dislike this man, but said later he revered his uncle, the former Pir. When your Murshid came there, the Pir suddenly dismissed everybody, took him to lunch and made certain predictions. One may have told you this before but now the predictions are coming to pass, alhamdulillah.

The morale and confusion here is impossible to measure. It is not so much degradation and wickedness but utter confusion. And a great many people have turned against religion. If you met or heard the religious leaders you could understand. Their duty seems to be to lead and not to instruct or inform.

Hazrat Inayat Khan left a tremendous number of papers besides those in the literature. There are instructions in them that will help solve many problems. Your Murshid’s library was destroyed, [?] in possible by Meditation and Murakkabah to recover or uncover means to solve all problems, personal and impersonal.

The advantage of the problem you have placed before me is that now one hears of similar problems. As these people may be met face to face, any success will be reported to you in detail. There seem to be many, and especially among the young, who have become obsessed or affected by evil forces and persons. It may be part of the times. That is also one of the reasons for resorting to drugs.

If one were to write to you on Skin-Qur’an, Flesh-Qur’an Bones-Qur’an, Marrow-­Qur’an, you might be surprised. Once somebody came to Sheikh Abu Said ibn Abi- Khair. “It is the eight-seventh of the Qur’an.” “How can there be eight-sevenths to the Qur’an?” “The sevenths are found in the text the Holy Writ. The eight-sevenths is, “He will guide and instruct Whom he chooseth, when He will chooseth.” All things may be limited by Qur’an but Qur’an is limited by Allah.

Your Murshid’s contemplation has been Umm Kttab.

The next benefit that has come from you, and it may not seem very comforting at first, is that one learns to share the burden and pain of everybody that comes to one. No longer is there any “I” and “thou” but the feeling of Unity and the need to lighten the path of whomsoever calls. This has been in philosophy, it has been in teaching, but it has not been in method. Now it has been incorporated. So there is an increase in love response from the young of both sexes.

A little later one will go to the post office. There is a package there presumably from Mr. Engineer. One knows how to use them to increase the Baraka for all who seek help.

Will keep you informed about geography and also if one will be staying here or elsewhere. Have not heard from my uncle.

Love and blessing,


Later. The sign was given not to mail the above and then a notice came that there was a package at the post office. It had the materials sent by or through the billings. And this brings up an important matter:


The Bestowal of Blessing

The subject of Barakat has been thoroughly described in the writings of one Westermarck who long lived in Morocco. Years later one wrote, “The Bestowal of Blessing” and the original was taken and destroyed by one of those envious go-betweens (usually European) between Islam and the West. Then, as has been written, a copy came into these hands and this is a future project.

In principle there is not much difference between the sending of these caps, tasbihs, etc. and the use of those bricks. When your Murshid came to Pearl Mosque in Lahore he said, “We must get out of here, this place is so full of Barakat one could work miracles.” One was not interested in miracles but the fact is that the brickyard was so full of Barakat, one could feel it all over and also sense that if devotees knew this; they could be healed going there.

My Sheikh in UAR, may Allah bless and sustain him, used to send people who were ill physically, psychologically or morally to the old Mosques in Cairo and the very atmosphere was healing. These bricks do not need to be blessed, these bricks have their blessing and one more than thoroughly approves what you have done, plan to do.

One is very happy also over Major Sadiq. One has no plans now in any directions about one’s geography and so about buying or not buying rupees.

One is going to write a letter to the lady in Hollywood explaining in part the delay before the next visit and in part the new response that is coming to one, for the first time but actually. So you will be kept informed.

Now comes a hard lesson, no doubt. Allah is in the saint and sinner. It is easy to say, hard to observe. No one could breathe even once without the divine grace. One may look to see if one has extra copies of “The Whirling Ecstasy” of Shams-i-Tabriz. He taught that the only sin was hypocrisy.

Your Murshid was put to a test. Next to the Indus Hotel was a wine merchant. One kept away from him and then learned he was a Chisti. And Allah made it clear that the brotherhood of the Chistis was more important than anything else. Very often Muslims felt very strong about wine which is 2/3 forbidden and indulge in many sins and vices which are 100% forbidden.

The Aga Khan claims that he has Barakat which makes wine non-intoxicating.

Then there is the matter of touch and sex relations which are so different in all parts of the world. Your Murshid did not take kindly to touch from either man or woman for a long, long time. He could not explain this. Then he had to go through processes wherein he practiced the habits of this part of the world where men and women are supposed to touch but men are not supposed to touch men. After he became used to that he had to live with the Arabs where men are supposed to touch men. Gradually he was able to sustain all kinds and conditions of touch and non-touch and none of these affected any portion of his psyche or anatomy which has to do with sex. He learned also how to evaluate people through the touch but far prefers evaluation through the breath. Indeed it is this subject which is more interesting to him than anything else. So if he uses the breath and not the touch, it is because he finds something both scientifically and spiritually far more interesting. It becomes as if all touch relations were for the children of Allah and the breath relations for the wise in Allah.

One would be glad to go into that further. It is not easy to find that Allah has created all sorts of people who behave very differently; all are Allah’s children and all in different grades of evolution. Thus there is accumulation of knowledge, and joy knowledge and wisdom knowledge and all sorts of knowledge.

The Sabri teachings seem to operate like Mushahida and the last, but only the last stages of Mujahida. One has to appear to be no more alive than a stick and one has to appear as if the sole blessing and consciousness of Allah were with him.

Now one has written that soon there will be a cinema rendition of the Madhi of Sudan. This will be very good for the Elijah Mohamed people and even for the Ahmadiyyas and certainly for the Baha’is, and even more for the Hindus whose country is filled with those claiming to be “Avatars” but who do not seem to bring salvation. The Sura, “He begotteth not, neither is He begotten” is fine, but “There Is None Like Unto Him” is fundamental. The nearer one seems to approach the divinity, the further He seems to recede in His magnitude and magnificence, and at the same time, while man walks toward Allah, Allah rushes toward him. This shows that man and his reason will never really understand Allah and this of itself is a wisdom and blessing.




26th May, 1966

772 Clementina St.

San Francisco 3, Calif.


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. Your letter of the 21st has arrived but all the time one knew you were involved in many duties. The university courses are nearly over and the sign is for me not to do any heavy studying excepting to attend a conference; more below. And as I began reading your letter, the sign came to use some of this time being released to have a meditation on your condition.

The immediate task will be some meditations from the book “Health” by Hazrat Inayat Khan, but both on this point and the one next to be considered the subject of Barakat comes up and I shall be writing at length before continuing reading.

By the Grace of Allah, the vigor that comes to a human being has not particularly diminished in time and one knows one shares this with others. Immediately, two themes come up, one being that of health and the other, that of magnetism. But while this person has a surplus of magnetism, he is not sure how great can be the healing powers. Yet one also knows that no discussion will help and therefore at this point also, one will enter into a healing meditation.

There is quite evidently an obstacle in your “Jinn” body and one will have to try to combat this by certain breathing efforts and perhaps look up a cure affected years ago by some people I know. If one writes to them it may take a little while. It almost looks as if this were the effect of a “curse” rather than that of any shortcoming of body, mind or heart. Yet to exonerate does not mean the healing of the flesh. I am to continue this now and take on as much empathy as possible.

One thing will not be done. There is a story and so far as we know it is true, that when Humayun was dying, his father, the Emperor Babar prayed to take on the disease and something like this actually happened. But in this case we must work for the Glory of Allah.

We recently had a trade here and two tasbihs were purchased from the Moors. Today your Murshid purchased two Taj caps from the Persian market recently established. He said he would use them to affect Baraka and then give one away, or even both for healing and blessing and then buy more. They understood that. The same has been true of tasbihs.

So it was very interesting about the bricks and your explanation shows you have imbibed the Divine Wisdom, and there will be Baraka in those bricks and though sales might bring money, the blessings are more important than anything else. Your possession of a few also could help.

Although one has as yet a small following, each week one new person comes and the telephone rings and slowly but surely, inshallah, people are seeking Divine Wisdom or Joy.

The immediate purpose for those caps is to wear one at the forthcoming conference on what is called LSD, the use of drugs to heighten the consciousness. People here know nothing of the finer bodies of man, and yet intuitively feel them. Instead of going on the path of devotion, they seek artificial help. (This has come historically in the use of hashish, bhang, etc.)

If one attends in ordinary capacity his efforts will be ineffective. But as a Sufi one will be heard and this is the first time one may be speaking before crowds who know so little of divine experience. So one must carry caps and prayer beads and such things. And sooner or later the effectiveness of Baraka will make itself felt. This conference begins on 13th June.

Your Murshid is now awaiting his Uncle’s arrival to discuss further the family lawsuit. There has been no outside news, and one cannot tell whether my brother will make an offer. Any offer would be acceptable for one does not like to remain here. At the same time, the fact that seekers seek and come and one feels very good about this, may mean a delay. The students in the classes at school (the University of California) and the teachers too, show considerable respect today which was previously absent. And everywhere hearts are seeking joy and not finding it.

The whole affair of Mian Mir of itself brings much joy. It has become easy to attune to this great saint. I should like, inshallah, you purchase one brick in my name and hold it. There will be further use for this afterwards.

The same concerning little boys. One seeks a whole new education and while this will be an all embracing education and as modern as anyone wants to make it, it must begin with Kalama.

In time the proper use of these bricks for walking Kalama or Fikr will give them healing properties and people walking over them will be blessed by the Baraka therefrom. (Please communicate this first to Mr. Engineer and then to others.)

I am very happy about the car and still more happy about the tasbihs and prayer caps. The use of tasbihs is an art and science. Your Murshid has several in different clothes and sometimes one is kept under the pillow. The sign has come to distribute these among my things so they can pick up vibrations and then be given to those who seek the Bayat, having by that time picked up magnetic, healing and blessing vibrations.

The sign has come to look over my things next week and see what healing materials are available. There is very little known of the sciences of breath. My Pir-o-Murshid learned a method of walking from the Naqshibandis and after years, one finds a similar knowledge was known among the Zen Buddhists in Japan. You have to feel your whole body is a unity. This can be done by identifying the consciousness with the heart stream as if flows everywhere. The vibrations flow everywhere through the flesh but they also affect the “finer” aspects of man. The vibrations in us are Kasif (coarse) and, Latif (fine.) The latter are developed by feeling and the former by will power and discipline.

Now one comes to the report of the Sayed. You will see on the third paragraph above that the conclusion was concern in a “curse” and now one reads of the meditation performed after writing the first paragraph and this will enable one to work from that point of view.

This also gives one an idea. This person has not performed Amal for helping another but one can see how to perform the Amal which would benefit anyone attuned, and this includes all the Beloved Ones so also your Murshid will next try Amal-healing tonight.

Your Murshid was long ago instructed about Masts and had great reverence and respect. This was increased by surprising events generally in company with Bhai Sadiq.

Now as to Hollywood. My goddaughter there is going away for months. My elder sister (in tasawwuf) has been too ill to write but one may make a quick trip to see her either before or after the conference on LSD. There was a lot of money involved. The lady who has the money has been disgusted with all the so called spiritual movements in this country which bring neither joy nor salvation.

The greatest books I know and this is one man’s opinion, are the re-issues of Rumi. One does not like Professor Arberry’s translation of Holy Qur’an. There are several points on which exception is taken to most translations. B’ SM’ Allah is of little value if it be translated “In the Name of Allah.” It makes Allah a name like other names and this goes contrary, “He begetteth not, neither is He begotten, and there is none like Him.” When we use Allah as Name, and Sem means much more, we overlook, “Allah is the Light of the Heavens and Earth.” Although Holy Qur’an was revealed in time, the real revelation is Umm Khitab, and it was unrolled as well as revealed. Excepting for “Fateha” there is no valid reason for arranging the Suras either in the historical order or in the orthodox arrangement. What one has to bear in mind is that the Revelation must be used to explain the Revelation. This means that the Bismillah suggests that to understand it, one must feel in the presence of the Everlasting Light. The Wazifas and Daroods presented by Pir-o-Murshid take one out of time into eternity but do not destroy the time. And in looking at Holy Qur’an, whereas we do have words and explanations, they are on the background of Infinite Light with all its Mercies, symbolized by Er-Rahman Er-Rahim, or if we must use words, Rahmat and Hikmat are the most simple.

The forms of Zikr your Murshid hopes to introduce are for the sake of the direct experience both in and beyond words.

Now as to books. One has not given this consideration but will now do so. Your Murshid has elements of botanical, anthropological and oriental libraries.

As for Television. My Sheikh in UAR (corresponding to Murshid) was a great fan for television and especially sports. We did not look at dramas or anything like that at his house. His whole life seems to have been religion and athletics and he was full of joy as well as spiritualism.

As for Television. If you are in doubt and you may inquire in Lahore, please ask if my friend, Ansar Nasri who was in radio Pakistan, is now working for TV. He sent me once to his Murshid and although I could understand no Urdu, the vibrations from both the Pir-o-Murshid and Khalif were so great one benefited. They were full of sublime and divine love and your Murshid considers Ansar Nasri in every way a spiritual brother. But how this may have effected television, one does not know; in this country most of material is disgusting and is responsible for the moral breakdown. And it is hypocritical for the students at universities who are so often accused, never behave nearly as bad as those in the acting profession.

On the other hand if we abandon the field to questionable people, it will not help. In the end one feels sure that your President, Ayub Khan, is a man of principles and high ideals.

Your Murshid has twice been given television sets. Fortunately we have a number of station outlets. One here is entirely educational. With your present position you might wish to know how television is used in our educational system and otherwise. Actually the trouble is not with radio or television so much that these have fallen into, as you have noted, corrupt hands.

This is not a complete answer to your letter. If after the night’s meditation and Ryazat it is suitable to add more, one will do so.

With all love, prayers and best wishes to your aunt and yourself and Mr. Engineer.


Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti


Morning. There is something like having conversations with Allah but actually it is Listening. Listening holds the secrets to all the problems of the Universe. The essay letter which follows may have many surprises and it is not necessarily going to be easy to accept all that is said. But to perform Sajda for a few moments of prayers and then abandon this attitude the rest of the time has the key to the reasons why certain aspects of Islam are not effective in this world, for any “Islam” which is not based on the surrender and hearing to and of Allah is a limitation, not a “sin” but a limitation. And the purpose of life is to rise above limitations.

One is not going to praise here the great Rifa’i who accepted disease and affliction as normal for himself, but uses this as an opportunity to help others.

It is very hard to dispense with all assumptions, yet in Sajda and also in pure listening one does that.

The Amaliat method has been tried and will be continued as against the Shifayat method and inshallah, we shall see if it can be effective. But this does not mean you must change anything, the changing must be from this end.

But the most interesting and complex relations have come with the Iranians. Through your kind introductions, one represents the University of Tehran here. And now the Consul General has asked one to visit him, a difficulty because one has to submit papers for examinations at the University of California.

The previous visit showed that one of the books from Tehran was on Shariat, partly in Arabic, partly in Persian. Then one found that the new Vice-Consul is the son of an Arif and is profoundly interested in tasawwuf . The Arab here, as written before, is a Mevlevi; the Pakistani Consul-General is a lover of Persian poetry, and so also the new Poet Laureate of the State of California.

One encountered yesterday some Iranian merchants who also have a deep appreciation of Tasawwuf and one will buy some prayer caps and perhaps other materials from them right here in San Francisco.

The whole situation is much brighter today and this brings up the question of my return; should one remain here until the family law suit is accepted? Also should one try to present the spiritual teachings of Islamiyya Ruhaniat to these people? Sometimes both the question and answer are not in one’s hands.

Then a little later there is going to be a cinema on the Mahdi . This was a strange man who moved by the injustices his people in Sudan went into deep stage of Muraqabat and came out convinced he was Mahdi. He defeated all his enemies, spiritual, and material, and destroyed the Egyptian and British armies sent against him, only to die suddenly. He became a sort of fictional hero. His followers were called “The Dervishes.”

At the same time, there is a new book on “Islam in the Sudan” and there nearly everybody is in tarikat. They do not have much Shariat without tarikat, no matter what is taught. And we do not accept mankind as it is, so strange conclusions are reached. But here are some 10,000,000 Muslims, practically all in tarikat, with very weak acceptance of Shariat. And as one studies in anthropology, that is the way man is not what he should be, but as he is.

One prays and hopes for your family and performs as many mediations as it is possible. Today one has strength and hope, although sometimes, as to the Iranians, one tells the “secret,” which is not so much as “secret” as that man has made it that way.

Love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti


Copy of Sufi Sahib

Copy of Bhai Sadiq



8821 Clementina St., San Francisco

24th June 1966


Beloved One of Allah;

As-salaam aleikhum. One has your letter of the 10th and if it be impossible to answer all of it at the moment, one will reread it so that this can be done. For there are two sides to it. The one is my own human frailties not always having the knowledge or information or wisdom to help. And the other is the union between Murshid and mureed. At the moment the latter is the more striking because Allah, to Whom be all Praise, seems to preserve, increase prowess and health and joy and one wishes to share these things. So when the letter was read one went into a sort of meditative attunement and so is told to feel your pulse and heart-beat and heart as if one’s own had to do this whenever possible.

There are two aspects of Sufism, which are to say Allah and the Auliya (with Ghaus-i-Azam at the Head) and the Prophets and Messengers with Mecca Shereef at their head. By both Faith and Attunement together one can draw on them or the Sifat, and each has been in a sense and embodiment of Sifat. For those who see Allah part tend to egotism. These it Creation is that in Him there is no partner.

The best answer comes in going over points in Holy Qur’an which are to be used not only in prayers but as Wazifas or Repetitions.

Sura 91 First few lines and special emphasis on line 7. These lines as a part to prayer once a day (in the five prayers) and line 7 for concentration.


Sura 90 As prayer once a day.

Sura 92 Once a day in prayer.

Sura 93 As often as convenient.

Sura 94 Once daily.

Sura 104 Once daily.

Sura [111] As previously. Continue.

Sura [113] Always with first morning prayer.

Sura [114] Always with first morning prayer.

[?] Qur’an passages at this time. If there are any questions , please [?].


Now as for your Aunt, also the last two for morning prayer. And for her Concentration on the Holy Prophet, and this walk after feels some success or assurance.

101 steps in your side courtyard with concentration on “Allah-uma salli ala Muhammad in
was ‘ala ali Muhammad in kama sallaita ala Ibrahima.

For you 101 steps in the morning only “A’udhu bi-llahi minash shatiani-r-rajim.

Your Aunt’s walk is with concentration on the Holy Prophet and yours is for protection and purifications. Also repeat this when you visit the Dargah Mian Mir.

Now as for walking. Till this time I have walked as devotee, to feel the presence or the Sifat of Murshids and Saints and Allah Himself (Akhlak Allah) and now your Murshid must walk as a Murshid to attune to and help the mureeds in so far as Allah permits and blesses. This has never been tried but now His Blessed Majesty of Mecca Shereef gives this as instruction and it shall be tried either after this letter is completed, or if it be long, then during the writing.

As to medicines one knows little of these things and although one has recently purchased one book there was no information. I shall consult a friend who is a pharmacist and see if he can give any advice but generally these things are furnished only with prescription. One is satisfied with the report of the Hakim of [?].

My correspondence with Karachi is incomplete. The Psychedelic Conference which took place all last week is making new contracts both among the young and among the professors. The latter will take some time. Most [?] are unhappy and uncertain and as the wealth of the country grows [?] deny, also the dissatisfaction grows. And when one man tried to make the people become social revolutionaries he was snubbed for they want to be spiritual revolutionaries and do not know how. Also one has had very surprising new contacts too long to tell you and if one was busy before, it is only because the vacation has released the time from school and all this extra time has to be used not for self but for those in need.

Fire can mean purification as well as destruction. As your aunt practices the above it may bring more assurance. The next step is Meditation and for a first lesson one suggests as follows:

Meditation may be performed alone or with others. Sit on the floor with the back straight facing Kibla. Watch the breath go in and out. One may begin with Fikr but this is not Fikr. In Fikr the attention is on the sacred phrase. In Meditation the attention is on nothing, but to calm the breath and through it calm the Mind and thus Nufs. One can do this when alone 5-15 minutes after prayers. But one can do with others. After you do it with others [?] give a Joint Healing Meditation for 3 to 7 people.

The Fire and Ship mean together a transmutation and as your Murshid sees it she may live to become another person with a wider outlook. She will not live as the same person with the same outlook. When you are in Lahore please take her as often as possible to the Dargahs. If she travels with you also visit Dargah [?], I can’t think of it, famous 10 miles East of ‘pindi, belonging to the Chisti School.

As for Mr. Engineer. You may give him Bayat in the Name of Allah, through the Holy Prophet and all Saints and Prophets and Pir-o-Murshids Hazrat Inayat Khan and Sufi Barkat Ali with Ahmed Murad Chisti as his [?] Gathas of Hazrat Inayat Khan of which one series was sent; or the literature such volumes as you have.

Please do not have him study other Sufi prose material at this time until he is sure of his foundation. With the poetry it is different because that is of the Heart. This person studied “Kashf-al-Mahjub” early because there was no other Sufi literature available at the time. He is enthusiastic, loving, devoted, but also it is necessary to keep his feet firm.

Give him also a walking Fikr, concentrating on “La Illaha” with each exhalation and “El il Allah” with each inhalation and for him to cultivate a slow step.

If this does not do it, have him repeat “Allaho Akbar” with a firm slow firm step. After the firmness is established one can change this.

When you go to Abbottabad please remember me to Begum Sadiq and also Begum Salim Khan who is now a very important lady and who was the wife of the first Pakistani Consul General here.

Now the caps and tasbihs serve a purpose but one thinks there is still an unrevealed purpose and one wrote about the cap from Aden in the last letter. One does not wear here a robe or anything but today when Rassoul Lillah (Upon whom be Everlasting Peace) he instructed me to wear this cap when teaching which will be done, inshallah, beginning tonight.

You will please also have Bhai Sadiq with you in the meditation as above when at Abbottabad and ask him for any cooperation possible to clear up the [?].

The restriction for Mr. Engineer about not reading too much Sufi prose literature does not extend to your Aunt at all.

It is important I leave to visit my American god-daughter as soon as possible and also my elder spiritual sister who is aged and infirm. This may bring some news about the possible establishment of a Centre in Hollywood. One does get [?] it but the lady’s prediction that the young would be coming in increasing numbers has come to pass.

Your letter is now being put aside for further consideration. Everything else was dropped for the moment and also one has had the inner attunement and as one goes out will have the walking attunement that you may be blessed and benefited.

With all love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chistis



772 Clementina St.

San Francisco 94103, USA

July 8, 1966


Beloved One of Allah:

As-Salaam aleikhum. One has tried to be patient with whose have set themselves up as Missionaries whose praise goes to themselves or to people they admire. When Hazrat Inayat Khan came here in his first lectures he referred to Hadith as containing the scientific side of religion. But the difference between Muslims and devotees is that the Muslims say and let it go at that, where as the devotees find substance in what has been said and act accordingly.

Today your Murshid was carrying a book of Hadith and when he entered the office of the American Friends of the Middle East he found there the secretary studying the same book and took this as great sign. She also gave me a publication from a branch of the University of California put out by an Arab student and inshallah this may be of importance.

Now to study the Hadith scientifically means one should pattern the life and opinions on them and remove all personal ideas away. And this morning one took into account, “Women are the twin-halves of men” which is certainly in Hadith and certainly not in accord with the editorials of so many “Missionary” magazines.

Even Ibn Batuta found that some people had practices so different and yet called themselves “Muslims.” And today also in Hazrat Ali one gets the confirmation that Allah has given the Guidance to so many people which Muslims accept as a precept but hardly as a fact. This person says that every good thing that has come to humanity is from Allah to whom be all praise. And it was He that gave the people the foods and the arts and the techniques which He has given to many people, most of whom are not “Muslims” in the limited sense.

With the door to the Arabs open one may start a new type of research and writing. But among the Americans the first thing now is to prove the existence of Allah which is taken for granted. But Muslims insist on condemning which is contrary to the teachings of the Messengers of God, and they ignore the Bismillah and that Allah loves His creation more than a mother loves her babes. So it is necessary to cultivate the grand view. But many do not wish the grand view or the Rahmat. And when one reads further in Hazrat Ali, his principles of Jihad are quite different from what has been published. So what good is it?

And the only way to demonstrate Allah is through the Hadith and the only way to demonstrate Hadith is by practices. For the Sifat-i-Allah manifested in man until we find the Perfect Man. So we should be satisfied and still give the Praise to Allah and pattern ourselves according to Mohammed. But instead Muslims divide the praise with Mohammed and with themselves and do not pattern themselves according.

There is also a Hadith that a visitor found the Messenger seated on the ground with his legs under him and asked why. The Messenger said he did not come to be a proud monarch but a humble devotee.

In the first place one looked one found some material on the Healing Service of Hazrat Inayat Khan. This takes the cooperation of others and some training, so one will continue to look elsewhere.

Now the use of Mujahida is that one works as if for Allah while in Mushahida there are no enemies at all, it is for protection. If in trying to help you Mujahida were practiced this would involve the repeating of Takbir but for the healing “Allah Shaffee, Allah Kaffee” is most important. Khafiyat, if such it can be called, is for general protection and purification. In other words, if one tries to heal he may be benefiting many, not just the one person with whom he is attuning and concentrating.

Jihad has been used too much against personal and political enemies and it does not work then. The Khalifa-al-Rashidin never accumulated fame, wealth or power and thus were of greatest protection to the whole community.

Education. The full important of Rassoul Muhammad as ummi has never had its full import. Pride in his career, pride in using his names in prayer and every sort of pride is a barrier to what is distinctly taught in Hadith. Coming as a humble and somewhat illiterate man he wished everybody had the benefits of education and learning in every way. And it is education, not pride, that is the teaching of Hadith. (Sign to go out and practice for you.)


Morning. There is no question that the present psychic condition of the world fosters diseases, and your own condition seems to be much more psychic than either mental or physical. Thus in one sense you are almost compelled to suffer from what the world suffers from.

The real peace which is inward overcomes everything. Now one makes some suggestion which should be done in proper time:

a. When you return to Lahore, both meditate at Mian Mir and hold on to the screen. At other saints’ tombs also hold onto screens where much Baraka has been collected.

b. Discuss all things you feel uncertain about with Bhai Sadiq.

c. Go with him and Memsahib to the springs and mosque at Karsul and walk around that territory which is full of Baraka. Drink that water, and seek holy men in that region.

(Now one also asks you to consult Bhai Sadiq about my affairs which are very dramatic and need advice, advice even more than help.)

Evidently the mass of my healing materials have either been destroyed or lost in the uncertain existence here.

Now for your aunt. Today one feels very funny. One is nearly 70 and seems no age at all. Much of this is Grace and came from the blessing of Khwaja Khizr and as yet one does not know how to confer this on others. But the new friends here offer great possibilities.

In the Christian Bible it states that the human body is the temple of God and the Islamic teaching should be that one finds Allah in the heart; also He is closer than the neck-vein. We should take these things more seriously and if Allah is that close, life is that close.

Will you please here repeat “Ya Hayy, Ya Haqq” 101 times a day. This is the “rope” one can hold on to. Certainly in your Murshid’s case it has been obvious. While it is well to have Wazifas as devotions, it more important to see them as divine medicines and as connecting links between the person and Allah.

Now feel there will soon come the sciences of heart which will be of universal benefit. One may praise Allah that for the first time someone is here who can do some spiritual typing for me, and will alhamdulillah.

The explanations of A.L.M. are important. The caps and tasbihs will soon be used. Very slowly people here and one will go to a spiritual convention in August and inshallah it will be as the Psychedelic conference just past. One can hold one’s own given a chance.

It is a very hard to understand the low grade of spirituality here. Americans are good, naturally good, and this goodness is mostly vanity. We are constantly anxious to bestow upon people things they do not want, and may not enjoy. This condition also is in Hadith. Much of what is going on is in Hadith.

No doubt this is not all complete but it is more important to pray and meditate than to write.

My love to the Sadiq and people in Abbottabad. When you get there please go to Friendly Drug Store, give them my respects and find out of Abdul Rahman is still with us. Also if you can visit the Government Hostel #2. It may even be that Prof. Durrani will visit that region too.

All love and blessing,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



21st July 1966

772 Clementina St.

San Francisco 3, Calif.


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. This is one of those trying times in which one has to praise Allah for prosperity and surrender in adversity at the same time. For the “prosperity” has been the preservation of life and strength and the adversity has been the series of accidents and tragedies to those near and dear to one. It is under such circumstances one tries the Peace within and it would seem that the Peace within is the best heart balm. There it is necessary to take all the cases that need the healing or assurance and perform one practice together.

Last night it became necessary to awaken and then one performed devotions and read in the Scripture, “And He removed all hatred from their hearts.” But after that one began to read one of the several books one has on the Messenger and all of them are filled with personality opinions and not teachings. The Holy Qur’an is quite clear but “Muslims” have all sorts of ego assurances and they are exactly like the self assurance of the believers in this land which are concerned with some hypothetical safety from a hell fire in the hereafter and assumed superiority over others.

“And He removed all hatred from their hearts” to this one means just that and nothing else and to add or subtract is just what desecrates religion. For besides what else has gone on, one has had to be a witness to the whole Vietnamese conflict. Only when one asked for Guidance, the answer came that as the people of that region have their religion, why don’t they demonstrate it? They do not demonstrate their religion and one is not permitted to perform the Mujahida, which might bring Peace, inshallah. So long as there is hatred we have nothing but the arguments. And this shows that people do not yet know the significance of true Islam, that they add all kinds of things such as “logic” and “opinion.”

Still your Murshid has met recently a man who has some awareness of the divine Peace. He has a meeting place and he is planning to put on some lectures just as soon as a mailing list is prepared. And we hope to put on some surprises. For the practice of Peace is to rise above all distinctions and differentiations. Whatever else man knows, this he has not learned.

There are the young who will have nothing of religion. Finding out that they can enter other stages of consciousness through drugs, they take the drugs and there is plenty of discussion and even legal troubles. If Ibrahim said, “I liketh not gods that set,” the young say: “We do not like a God that neither rises nor sets nor reveals Himself.” The clergy have no answer.

The significance of Peace also involves guidance and therefore one has resumed writing to Shamsuddin Ahmed in Lahore. And also one found a paper on Hazrat Inayat Khan written by a Japanese teacher of the Zen (meditation) school. This also gives some idea of the inner Peace. The Zen Buddhist is not verbal and the Sufi is verbal, yet in the Peace they found communication and understanding.



24th July, 1966


Beloved One of Allah:

One hopes you can share this correspondence with Bhai Sadiq, and even others. There is a copy of a letter enclosed to Shamsuddin Ahmed and it has taken a whole week even to have time to mail it. There is always a danger of confusing surrender to Allah to more kismet and yet it came very strongly that one should stop trying anything at all this week and just sit back and watch. And it seems that [?] to what the thought one should be doing, there has been either a problem of spiritual or health guidance every day, or else some important person would visit this city for a short time and depart.

So one stopped everything and then the phone would ring. There is a general situation, especially here in California, that the young are seeking and they do not know what they are seeking. There has been some attention experience, “expansion of consciousness” and this gives them a sort of negative insight. They see there is experience beyond the ordinary, the joy and also uncertainty.

The last few days have brought conferences with the young and today one is to meet a young man who travelled 350 miles for spiritual guidance. So it may be, inshallah, that the roots of Sufism or Divine Guidance will now take hold here. Yesterday it was a young woman and Tuesday it will be another young man. So it would seem that what all the Sufi Pirs predicted is now coming to pass, slowly, steadily and with firmer roots.

It will also be necessary to arrange one or more public lectures, for a man who has a lecture hall wishes to build programs around the knowledge of this person and, inshallah, one may be embarking on a new venture. The very unfortunate policy of resorting to arms in emergencies has no stopping point so in a land of wealth and prosperity, there is more uncertainty, more uneasiness, more strife. The principle that Peace is the source of everything is rejected by the churches, the politicians and agitators. But when one goes to the young, one sees they are without guidance without surrender. In other words, this is negative Kashf. The very situation that this person has been rejected so much by others makes him automatically accepted by the young. Besides, it is easy to spread radiations of love, insight and comfort and most of them have never had such quite external experience.

There is no metaphysical difference between Yoga and Vedanta and Sufism but in the Indian systems if you fail, it is your fault, while in Sufism if you fail, it is the teacher’s fault. The teacher makes it his business to help you to succeed, to experience joy, to experience love, to experience wisdom, to develop insight and he does everything possible to identify himself with the pupil to mutual attainment. This sort of appeal is succeeding now, alhamdulillah.

Idries Shah, about whom there has been some correspondence, has opened a Sufi publishing house in England. You will be informed of anything that comes there from. At the moment he is too close to prominent Western philosophers and not close enough to the great philosopher and poets of spiritual Islam.

Love and blessing,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



25th July, 1966


Beloved One of Allah:

Your letter from Ayubia arrived this morning. Your Murshid knows that country, having visited it from the Abbottabad side. By temperament one loves both mountains and forests and sometimes gets a self-healing from being in their very presence. But one cannot say this is always the case, and it took weeks to adjust to Simla, but only hours for Murad Murree.

Now I am going to open up a strange situation showing also the value of praising Allah in times of prosperity and surrendering to him in times of adversity. There is a strange situation, and it seems widespread that those near and dear are suffering from crises. My dearest spiritual sister in Hollywood has not only had a series of accidents, but her own family has shown no concern. And in her case there is financial need also.

A lady with whom your murshid kept company for a long time and who was prevented from an offer of marriage by a stroke of polio was here and one had the dutiful pleasure of pushing her around in a wheelchair. And one of my closest friends is going back and forth from home to hospital over a long period. But praise to Allah while this is going on and more, one’s own health and equilibrium are satisfactory.

The service to Allah may be pleasing to Him for those who come on Friday (mureeds) and those on Monday (inquiries) reach this place an hour ahead of time and often stay late. And tomorrow, inshallah, one shall submit a mailing list to a man who has a combination meditation and lecture hall and wishes one to speak there. This is the first open offer and it seems very bright.

Then there are a growing number of young people here who agree with Hazrat Al-Ghazzali that mysticism comes from experience and not from conjectures of philosophies. They are seeking Joy and it becomes a source of surprise to find an older person who has been able to out-Joy them at every turn. Only a feeble effort has been made to reach them as the accommodations here are small, and one prefers intense rather than extensive training.

In the last lesson one did not try to prove the Superiority of Islam or tasawwuf over other religious. One explained that in Indian teachings the guru made the disciple responsible for his progress while in tarikat, the guide made himself responsible, and considered himself to blame if there is not progress. The audience liked this much better than any argument.

Then there is another sign. Last week one spoke at some length on “Breath” and how to overcome difficulties by knowledge of breath. In the newspaper today a scientist has found methods to correct the smoking habits by changes in breathing, something your Murshid long advocated, without condemning the tobacco or anything. This discovery, coming so soon after one’s own lesson, adds to prestige.

A spiritual brother has offered to purchase books to keep the library full. The works of Hazrat Inayat Khan fulfill a multiple purpose; they have good introductory lessons which a) interest inquirers b) they have excellent practical teachings c) they also contain a number of lessons which belong to esotericism (Ryazat).

We are using “The Mysticism of Sound” which is in Volume II, because one mureed is intensely interested in music and in spiritual development through music and sound. This begins with Zikr. One has in the files some research works called “The Metaphysics of Sound” which may be used later.

But there is also the temptation to give lessons on “Health” because of pressing problems of people who visit here as well as those referred to above. These class nights occupy about 3-3 1/2 hours, longer than is proper, but not longer than is needed. In turn the problems induce the “Spiritual Healing” and this is also a form of contemplation (Mushahida), and last week we had a lesson on this subject from “Kashf-al-Mahjub.” So long as there is warfare whether in Vietnam or elsewhere, this upsets the tranquility of atmosphere and it is generally the spiritual and sensitive who suffer. The effects of wars, storms and terrors are universal, but this is a hard lesson for mankind to comprehend. One aspect of it appears in Hazrat Inayat Khan’s “The Law of Renunciation.”

“There is no compulsion in Islam” applies even more to Sufism. The heart welcomes Mr. Engineer and one would like him also to study Hazrat Inayat Khan’s works. There might be some difference in ryazat according to his temperament. There is a peculiar situation here that although I have had universal bayat from two Pirs, for the ryazat one feels closer to Inayat Khan on one hand and to Mian Mir on the other and one can feel that at the moment too.

If there is time one may go over one’s commentaries on “Breath” which have long been neglected. This of itself is an enormous undertaking but as one finds so many accidents and misfortunes, one may have to go into it. One has to correct both the Breath and the Heart (in Mushahida) together.

Tauba. This was one of my subjects last Monday and also in two separate meetings with young applicants. There are those sins which come from failures (which is correct according to scriptures); there are those sins which arise from non conformity with society or family or philosophies and these are not real forms of Tauba but one finds them everywhere. Man is obligated to Allah, and not necessarily to family or society or convention of ideas. None of these may be wrong and mere “revolt” is not necessarily a virtue. But as we increase in Kashf or Shahud, we learn to distinguish the real “Right” and your Murshid believes that the interpretation of “Guide us on the right path” is fulfilled in Kashf, or Shahud or Grace. Metaphysically Tauba means to turn from self-hood to Allah.

Hazrat Inayat Khan placed five forms of Divine Gifts: Grace, Glory, Wisdom, Joy and Peace. When we experience one (or more) of them then we are acting in accord with Allah or we are receiving from Allah. This, to your Murshid, means Islam and is far away from politics or nationalism or dualism of any kind. If dissatisfaction, this shows the absence of the Divine Islam (which comes to perfection in Nufs Selima).

Another thing one has held back from was the death of my spiritual colleagues at Ajmir. One has been unable to do anything for his family due to the circumstances above.

At the end of the first day at Ajmir one was taken to the cell of Baktiari and was amazed as soon as one sat down to mediate, the whole place walls, floor and ceiling began to echo and reecho loud and in English, “What Do You Want!” Your Murshid was not such a hero and ran out of the place.

At the end of second day after one had the Kahirkah from Khwaja Sahib and went all round to many places, one came back and then asked the Saints from blessing and guidance and the answer came clear, and again in English and loud: “The Request Is Granted.”

The whole two days at Ajmir were miraculous and one may go over the diary and write it in full. There is a book In Quest of the Miraculous written by a man named Gurdjieff and when your Murshid read it, it seemed too elementary. Yet there is another side. Although one went through direct routine with Khwaja Sahib and is now teaching “The Mysticism of Sound,” the strange closeness to Mian Mir has overcome all other connections. It has been inexplicable and it is true, and there also was one miracle at Delhi which came in this connection.

And this brings up a problem, if you would call it that, that Mian Mir explained in detail about the family of Shah Jehan and his self-responsibility for failure to get the sons to cooperate, and also he took the blame (Malamat) for all the difficulties, nor did he ask one to correct, but to understand.

One does not know whether letters were mailed to Bhai Sadiq nor whether you contacted him. I love Abbottabad though it is a little warm in the summer, but not hard after Delhi or Peshawar.

One gives you full heart support on anything you do concerning Baba Farid.

Pir-o-Murshid Hasan Sani Nizami took one to the ruins of the Khankah of Nizam-ud-Din Auliya in 1956 and said, “That is where he practiced Shagal.” This one went there and practiced Shagal and the Saint appeared and foretold one’s future, and behind this is a secret for longevity. One did not visit that place in 1962 but did go to the Tombs of Amir Khusrau, Nizam-ud-Din Auliya, Inayat Khan and Hasan Nizami. You will understand there are no walls between the seen and unseen, only this time there was one or more living witnesses to what was conferred. One does not seek karamat, yet it has become quite natural. This in turn makes it important to practice Ryazat, not for one’s sake but to help others. That is why the walking Fikr and the walking Shifayat are used so much because it is not the ego-self so much as those near and dear to one who have the problems today.

No doubt this may reach you before letters sent to Lahore for forwarding. One was able to stop another letter from post here, and these will be combined in a larger envelope.

All love and blessings from,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti





Beloved One of Allah:

One hopes you can share this correspondence with Bhai Sadiq, and even others. There is a copy of a letter enclosed to Shamsuddin Ahmed, and it has taken a whole week even to have time to mail it. There is always a danger of confusing surrender to Allah to more kismet and yet it came ever strongly that one should stop trying anything at all this week and just sit back and watch. And it seems that in addition to what one thought one should be dong, there has been either a problem of spiritual or health guidance every day, or else some important person would visit this city for a short time and depart.

So one stopped everything and then the phone would ring. There is a general situation especially here in California that the young are seeking and they do not know what they are seeking. There has been some attention to those who try certain products of vegetation and now chemicals to experience “experience of consciousness” and this gives them a sort of negative insight. They see there is experience beyond the ordinary, they know they can have that experience and it brings them to the portals of joy and also uncertainty.

The last few days has brought conferences with the young and today one is to meet a young man who traveled 350 miles for spiritual guidance. So it may be, inshallah, that the roots of Sufism or Divine Guidance will now take hold here. Yesterday it was a young woman and Tuesday it will be another young man. So it would seem that what all the Sufi Pirs predicted is now coming to pass, slowly, steadily and with firmer roots.

It will be necessary to arrange one or more public lectures, for a man who has a lecture hall wishes to build programs around the knowledge of this person and, inshallah, one may be embarking on a new venture. The very unfortunate policy of resorting to arms in emergencies has no stopping point so in a land of wealth and prosperity there is more uncertainty, more uneasiness, more strife. The principle that Peace is the source of everything is rejected by the churches, the politicians and agitators. But when one goes to the young, one sees they are without guidance, without love. Without wisdom but with a certain uncertainty they will not surrender. In other words, this is negative Kashf. The very situation that this person has been rejected so much by others makes him automatically accepted by the young. Besides it is easy to spread radiations of love insight and comfort and most of them have never had such quite external experience.

There is no metaphysical difference between Yoga and Vedanta and Sufism but in the Indian systems if you fail it is your fault, while in Sufism if you fail it is the teacher’s fault. The teacher makes it his business to help you to succeed, to experience joy, to experience love, to experience wisdom, to develop insight and he does everything possible to identify himself with the pupil to mutual attainment. This sort of appeal is succeeding now, alhamdulillah.

Idries Shah, about whom there has been some correspondence, has opened a Sufi publishing house in England. You will be informed of anything that comes therefrom. At the moment he is too close to prominent western philosophers and not close enough to the great philosophers and poets of spiritual Islam.

Love and blessing,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti





One will probably leave this week, inshallah, for a short trip into Southern California. It is marred by one’s close friends (another letter received from another person) having accidents. One feels there is a very unwholesome atmosphere all over the world, in the opposite direction to peace. While I did not meet the retiring Ambassador (I believe I have already met him), one doubts whether his speech influenced Americans. We are too filled with self-thought, it is awful. And nobody cares about the poor peasants of Vietnam who are to be sacrificed, whether to the communists or to us is the problem.

One spoke on “Vietnamese Buddhism,” a subject neglected by everybody, and this means everybody including the so called “Buddhists.” This was arranged by a new friend who is a seer and whose establishment is close by; he foresees an increase of mental and emotional disturbances until we learn to live in peace with the world and accept a God.

The other day I heard the Indian cultural attaché. Now I love these people very much and would like to have served on a peace mission. What Muslims do not realize is the Indian law of Karma, that for whatever they sow, that they reap. And Hindus are even worse, for since the Kashmir outbreaks they have suffered and suffered and suffered. Their food supply has gone down and their rupee has been devaluated. And while some of your countrymen are angry because one did not take part in the politics, this is because according to Sabri teachings, the less involved, the more one could see. And one saw curses in India. One loved these people but La Allaha El Il Allah and no nonsense about it. So today one sees the tragedies and they will remain until the whole nation has the Tauba.

You will understand here that there is no difference between the true Islam and the Hikmat demonstrated through scientific means. Only we must remove nufs. All one’s efforts have been in entire accord with President Ayub’s efforts.

Your Murshid sometimes wonders about ego-statements which may be true. The difference is that your Murshid makes the statements as if in fana-fi-Sheikh, fana-fi-Pir, fana-fi-Rassoul or fana-fi-Lillah rather than third heaven, which matrices one may increase the Imam and by using strange terms, while true, it is confusing. One spoke on what looks like a forbidden subject so one says that one works in fana-fi-Rassoul, that one does not use empty words, “seek wisdom even to China,” that one has studied the Chinese wisdom and has all the blessing from Insaan-i-Kemal (Mohammed) and is very serious, even when one does not appear to be devout. The Hebrew Bible says, “The awe of God is the beginning of Wisdom” and one spoke in awe, in reverence and in brilliant light and the words came out of the mouth, and in the light and so the self was not. It was fana more than half. But by that one was able to give the Baraka because one was in tune with Mohammed (from whom is Peace) and the keynote with, a triumphant yell was Peace Is Power, following in all things others, our Saint Mian Mir.

It is also karamat when one speaks in one’s own city and before people, some of them friends for thirty or more years and for the first time they could listen.

The devotional spirit of Mr. Engineer is very much in accord with real Islamic tradition. And this is one of the ways toward Allah.

Now you have the Kashf highly developed, from your moral nature and one wonders how far this also comes in the vision. One has to see that even among the elite there is not always perfection. One still feels in Mohammed Sadiq, great soul, whether he functions as mureed or murshid.

It took some time for him to appreciate the reports of the late Haji Baba Abdul Aziz of Havelian and when he went there he found a great saint. It was this man who gave one the water from Zem-Zem and one appreciated such love that it is beyond measurement. One does not measure others in this and one believes that Pir Barkat Ali fulfills all one’s dreams of an ideal Murshid-Saint even though there have been other Bayats.

One is now teaching the sciences of breath and meditation here.

One will not write immediately to Bhai Sadiq even though at times one benefits from his vision.
Perhaps Allah wishes one to grow stronger by standing on his feet.

One leaves to meet one’s oldest spiritual brother (Santa Barbara) and spiritual sister (Hollywood) and to visit one’s god-daughter in Los Angeles.

The problems among the mureeds here keeps your Aunt and even yourself in the immediate consciousness. Everywhere something is happening to bodies and one must strive in every way to “heal.” But the healing and world peace go together, and also one is seeking world peace by writing to the proper people, inshallah.

With all love and blessing,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



August 16th, 1966

772 Clementina St.

San Francisco 3, Calif.


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. One returned today with some ideas for Bhai Sadiq, but on account of your letter one shall pay attention to it instead.

The Invocation of Hazrat Khan consists of two portions: Toward the One, the Perfection of Love, Harmony and Beauty, the Only Being … (and) United With All the Illuminated Souls Who Form the Embodiment of the Master, the Spirit of Guidance.

According to the hierarchal teachings, all illuminated Souls form one Single Personality, or Spiritual Brotherhood. The real Sufi sees the Murshid in every living being and one is overjoyed at every item of your spiritual report. For if you see Sufi Ahmed Murshid (Samuel L. Lewis) as your teacher, you may be near Shirk and if you see Allah as your teacher you are a true Muslim. And this Allah has many mouthpieces, whosoever in hal and makam enters into rapport with him.

One time while living in ‘pindi your Murshid had a vision that he was suddenly taken to a Murshid and given some instructions for his return to America. Within three days my friend, the Khalandar Ali Mastana, called and said he wanted to take me to Golra Sherif. This was surprising because he had been critical. So we went.

One heard the same music as at Ajmir and it produced an ecstasy. When we tried to get near the Pir and as soon as he heard, he dismissed everybody, hundreds of people and said I should go to lunch with him. When we came to the eating place, he said exactly the same to me as was said in the dream vision, not a thing different, no more, no less.

Therefore it is with great joy one learns of your visit with Major Sadiq.

Now as to opinion. One did not form one. Anybody can be the mouthpiece of Allah. The Khalandar did not have a high opinion either. You can take tawiz, you take the physical medicines, and knowing it comes from the stream of Moineddin Chisti, even it is merely formal there may be some Baraka in it.

The fact that you have put Pir Dewwal Shereef on the spiritual ladder is something. My relations with him were not, as we call it, dualistic. He did serve Allah and the Hierarchy in my presence and whether the Baraka came from him or me does not matter. When we were together there was a high order of karamat. I do know all his weaknesses, but this is my fault. I have not yet accepted even Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan’s writing on suggestions.

As to Baba Farid, he is to me a great Saint and here one believes with his whole heart that everything coming from this source is wonderful, saintly, not to say “divine.”

As to the sculpture, there is little encouragement here. They will probably use wrong sources. One wishes to establish some solid bases of friendship.


It is a peculiar thing that although the world has had many religious and many Divine Messengers, many of whom are denounced by so called “Muslims” that the followers of none of the religions of the world, other than Islam, repeat the Divine Name as given by the Messenger. This is immediately obvious of Jews and Christians and if you look further the Hindus do not use the words employed by Krishna or Rama or Shiva, and the Buddhists have a substitute appellation which corresponds to one or more Sifat-i-Allah, etc. So when it comes to “The Mysticism of Sound,” it can be based on “Allah” because if there are or were other divine words, they are no longer used.

Or from a practical point of view, one picks up the method of Bhullah Shah which is scientific in the sense that it was operative. If a religious method can be demonstrated, it is in accord with science and if it cannot be demonstrated, it is not in accord with science. Certainly the method of Bhullah Shah, we demonstrated and inshallah, can be demonstrated.

Coming back to this country, it is very hard to judge the low spiritual ebb. You see it in our politics, internal and external. But you do not see [?] to reach. All over the world everybody thinks his logic can be imposed on other people and few will accept the logic of others. It must be done otherwise.

For instance, there are many among the young who want a demonstration and family; they are taking what is called a “drug.” This is a very bad term. They are finding entrances into the worlds unseen by chemical and botanical means and so they come to find there are unseen world. It is not like a scientist who is a mystic or mystic who is a scientist can come and explain Malakut and Jabrut. There is no such instruction anywhere, just talk about it. But there are the worlds unseen and they are finding these to be true.

One of the leaders of this new type of effort wrote a postal card and all the postal card said was La Illaha El Il Allah. This man could hardly be called a Muslim, but he sent a postal card and all that card had on it was Kalama. One feels sure that the Messenger of God (on whom to peace) would be pleased but a lot of “Muslims” demand all kinds of things in Qur’an or Sunna or Fikr or elsewhere and would not call this man a “Muslim.” But this person, receiving such a card, praised Allah that for this country something was happening like the landing of the dove from the Ark of Noah. And since writing that postal card, that man has become very successful and famous. So if an American can write Kalama and why instead of considering “Allah” they consider “Islam” all the time which is just one of the 99 really beautiful names. What has happened to the others?

In the last few months, very slowly a few people come and today one must go out to prepare for his first public meeting, inshallah, which has been requested of him. This person is not going to argue Allah Mansur against Islam Mansur. Allah has decided on certain matters contrary to what some “Muslims” would have.

When I lived at this residence some time ago, there were two pictures on the wall; that of Hon. Ayub Khan and of mother. Now there is only one, that of my godmother Miss Ruth St. Denis, the celebrated dancer. There are few men I love more than the respective Presidents Ayub Khan and S. Radhakrishnan. They are together not only in “The Temple of Understanding” but in the contemporary move to make Ajmir a spiritual center for the whole world.

This is strange but welcome. As a person I have been trying to make Fatehpur Sikri the Center and there are some signs that this will be, but not with pressure. I have been involved in a strange complication that one rejects all the efforts of all the missionary movement in Karachi (and elsewhere) to promote what they call “Islam” in foreign lands. And at the same time I welcome fully the efforts of Dr. Nasir of Tehran University who has been most successful where fellow countrymen have failed. I have not only found Dr. Nasir a great man spiritually but also scientifically and am involved in more ventures than many could conceive but they all point directly or indirectly to him.

Recently some friends of mine moved to Yuma, which is on the Colorado River and have invited me to go there. I wish, inshallah, because in addition to the social side, they are having the same salinity problem as in Pakistan and I hope to see some practical efforts.

I am also doing some studies in Archaeology to prove that Allah has given all peoples their Guide and their Guidance not only throughout history but in what we all “pre-history.” Never has this world been without Guidance but I am not satisfied with words, I wish the evidence and the evidence is always there. It is only a matter of uncovering.

We are now making headway on salt water conversion from the ocean and regardless of your countrymen, this would enable you to develop the Makran and beyond. These two problems of obtaining water and getting rid of salinity might come first, on the material plane.

Allah did not create “Muslims” and non-Muslims.” Man himself has the choice of surrender and no surrender. The Divine Voice is always operating, always manifesting. When one makes an offer and it is rejected, it is on the side of patience, not dualistic. Our Pir-o-Murshid, Hazrat Barkat Ali is not playing games. Practicing patience and not reach [?], though it takes years, the doors gradually open and my own diaries will sooner or later, inshallah be received.

In a few I shall be seventy years old and Allah has preserved this body and mind for a purpose. This purpose was revealed at the Dargah Nizam-ud-Din Auliya and is much greater than the sins or virtues of this self or anybody else’s self.

My message to Pakistan is simple: Islam is the Shadow of Allah; Allah is the Light of the Heavens and Earth if thee has its virtues. The other night I spoke on Ism-i Azam; if people knew that they would stop shouting “Islam” a particular word of particular languages and say, “Allah,” which is beyond languages.

Hazrat Ali said, “Say ‘Allah’ and Allah thou shalt become.”

Sometimes I wonder whether Pakistan could not now play a part for peace in Vietnam. This person was directly involved and indirectly involved in those troubles, and not of his choice. Americans for the most part reject this and Zafrullah Khan accepted if fully. This person has been a guest of honor at the Royal Grounds of both Japan and Thailand. A dervish belongs to no country and to all.

Rassoul-Lillah said, “Seek wisdom even as far as China,” so this person sought the Oriental wisdoms, following the directions of Insaan-i-Kemal and not of those who interpret what they do not know.

I am constantly learning details in nursery work so if and when I return I can show others simple tasks which are not considered honorable.

There is a vast difference between Sufis and Muslims and I shall explain simply.

Sufis are quite willing to perform any and all tasks of the same order as those of Mohammed (on whom be peace) and the four Righteous Khalifs who did not have hosts of attending servants and who considered no task to be ignoble. Strength, he sat on the ground saying he was not a king or earthly ruler to sit on a throne and have attendants. Muslims are not like that, Sufis are.

There is a book by one Stanley Lane-People called “Table Talks of Mohammed.” Inshallah, I should like to write, “Table talks with Mohammed.” That it is not done is not because of any fear of condemnation by so called “Muslims” but because it would be nothing but a reecho of Hadith. The Hadith have not changed yet.

The Prophet said he was an ordinary man like everybody else. This is not so. He was an ordinary man. He did not wait for servants and protocols and red tape and human institutions. The Bible says, “Jacob was a plain man living in tents.” Nonsense. The word in Hebrew for “plain” is Tam meaning “perfect.” The word for tent is Ohel which means Hal in Arabic and the plural Oheloth is Awhal in Arabic, meaning all the states of consciousness. Mohammed, like Jacob, was a plain perfect man who would and could experience all states. Of consciousness, and who illustrated the biblical, “I am the highest and the lowest, the first and the last.”

With all love and blessing,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



3rd September 1966

772 Clementina St.

San Francisco, Calif. 94103


Society for Understanding Fundamental Ideas

13 Soho Square

London, W1


Special Problems in the Study of Sufi Ideas: Personal History

Beloved Ones of Allah:

Last week we studied your brochure and as one prepares for the evening class, one reports on materials which came to these doors since. There in a publication from the Vedanta Society, one from Karachi and another from Ajmir, all presenting their claims. The first and third leave no doors open; they are absolute and that is that.

During this period, one has been going over the writing of Professor Seyyed Hossein Nasr of Tehran University. One is not only learning but one is influenced by this knowledge and ideas. This is mentioned because in a few days, one will be seventy years of age and instead of the mind and body atrophying, they are alive. One is tired of hearing protestations of acceptance of the Prophets and Messengers of God who appeared before Mohammad (on whom be peace) with the rejection of almost every teaching they gave. In this instance, one in mind, “Unless you be as little children, yours is not the kingdom of heaven.” And there is no doubt in my mind that to grow spiritually, one must be open and Isa’s “Blessed be the poor in spirit” is interpreted as “Blessed be the weak in nufs.” But editors, propagandists and missionaries are not weak in nufs; they are strong in nufs and often weak in any mention of Allah, or of Allah Er­-Rahman Er-Rahim.

Therefore one who disciplines himself to keep an open heart and open mind; one who disciplines himself to keep in accord with the teaching of the Hadith on learning, has a hard time trying to harmonize with those who do not learn, whose emphasis are not backed by any wisdom and whose private psychologizing conforms to no system of logic whatever.

This country is suffering. An example has been the declaration by the Beatles that they are more popular than Jesus Christ. This is quite evident. Few people, especially Christians or Muslims, seriatim accept the teaching of Isa. They accept the personality which is exactly what the Qur’an and Hadith both protest against and all the material in Hadith on this subject are rejected actually by some of the most vociferous of claimants to an orthodoxy.

There are a number of startling defects in American today:

God (Allah) is far away and LSD is near at hand. Religion, with or without prayer and ceremonies, does not elevate the personality, drugs do.

The traditional morality is shattered in every direction. This morality was not necessary morality noble so it had a weak foundation and it is disappearing and fast.

The intellectual acumen of the young is increasing by leaps and bounds. The young are sharp, quick witted, intelligent and “lost.” Often they know they are lost but they are not going to accept uneducated, unintelligent or unmoral people as leaders. They learn from examples and they reject all efforts to reach them by empty words.

In the sciences people learn by example and experience and this approach is now passing into “non-sciences.”

The writer holds fast to the proclamation of Al-Ghazzali, “Tasawwuf consists of experiences and not premises.” But even within the ranks of purported Sufis this is rejected. For instance one school holds one has to have a beard, shutting out Chinese and Eskimos from the Divine Kingdom. This utter nonsense in characteristic of a lot more that stems from so called “Islamic” publications that think they are internal and whose appeal is almost entirely to their immediate neighbors.

For the first time after years of utter rejection, unhappy people are calling on the writer. And even those methods which succeed shock the nafsis who called themselves “Muslims” and have not the slightest idea of the meanings of Arabic words:.

The first thing the writer is trying to do is to impress the word Allah on people. This cannot be done by theological means. It can be done by other means and especially if one has had the disciplines of and the experiences in fana-fi-Sheikh, fana-fi-Rassoul and fana-fi-Lillah, there is communication. For one is never at a loss with an answer.

As this person is never shocked, he must call attention to the lack of repetition of La Illaha El Il Allah in so-called “Islamic publications” and the repudiation of “All praise is to Allah” with the substitute “All praise is to Islam,” meaning certain devotees and in the end meaning one’s nufs and not Allah at all.

Although this whole subject is excellently explained by Al-Hujwiri, Pakistanis for instance, worship his person and not his teachings and so on, this being a standard practice. Self praisers do not realize that this is what keeps the world from accepting the Qur’an-Hadith teaching because of this interposition of “Islam,” which has little or nothing to do with surrender to Allah. The word “surrender” is not understood; the word “Allah” is not repeated.

The first thing one must do in this Farangi land is to impress the word “Allah” and this is done in ways either explained or suggested by our good Sheikh Idries Shah. The sound and its effects are tremendous.

The next stage might be that found in a book called “Irfan” written in English in Pakistan which is the science of this Divine Name and no substitution either for Allah and no confusion between Zat and Sifat.



4th September, 1966


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. There is a tremendous value in the Divine Love, but when one tries to verbalize it, difficulties arise. The last few days have involved one in affairs in the district immediately north of San Francisco. Some of these have gone negative and the suggestion has come to return to Pakistan. But immediately after that were some involvements in what we should call Love or Ishk in the higher sense.

There was once a Khankah in that region (Fairfax, Marin Country) and the higher one arose in hal and makam, the greater the misunderstanding and finally one was expelled without a hearing not because one had done wrong but because one had not done wrong and there was no hearing The party originally responsible was one whom one had taught, and finding her hal (not her makam) superior to one’s own, one nominated her as Murshida. And as soon as she became a Murshida she did everything to destroy one.

But this did not bring that lady either goodwill or power or following, just negativities and when one visited the region, one found a tremendous amount of love and goodwill from those in no ways connected with Sufism. So now there have been invitations to weddings and social matters of all kinds; that one is regarded almost as a Universal Big Brother or Uncle.

At the same time, one has been running into a series of broken limbs. And behind this is the same general situation all over which comes out of the war; that the war fills the atmosphere with all kinds of poisons, and we all breathe the same universal atmosphere and are subject to all kinds of malignancies. Therefore one has been specializing on the Sciences of Breath (Pasi Anfas) which are too little known and on meditations and silences because the teaching of St. Mian Mir, that Allaho Akbar means “Peace is Power” and this has been somewhat effective.

One speaks on “Vietnamese Buddhism” on the 22nd, which is not to extol but to explain that religion. Although the Messenger of Allah taught that “Seek wisdom even unto China” it is not the rules of Muslims to do so and so they do not know the wisdom-of-China or most wisdom. And one who seeks any wisdom which is not called “Islamic” is looked upon as guilty of shirk. And at the same time people purchase motor cars and use the modern inventions which did not come through “Muslim”; they make a division in Allah which does not exist in the Absolute.

A good deal of this is the letter to the friends of Sheikh Idries Shan enclosed. Now also I have sent your name to Ajmir and hope you will be able to work with these people in your researches which, inshallah, can become very important. And gradually through these letters and later on in manuscript, one will open to you events of the past at several places.

Now, Beloved One of Allah, one must write at some length in refutation of Yaqeen International, knowing it is better than many publications from your country, for the mind and nufs of man are placed above the Divine Guidance (Kashf, etc.) which come to everybody all the time. We are never without Guidance no matter what anybody says.

The editor, without divine sanction, writes about “Islamic Civilization.” Your Murshid holds that there is no civilization, has been no civilization, has been no invention, has been no creativity without Divine Sanction. Jesus said that the rain falls on the just and unjust and your Murshid holds that Divine Grace is open to everybody, everywhere at all times. This is also the theme of “The Arabian Nights” and we cannot escape it with words.

True at one time the Islamic world was most civilized. But it adopted. The great elements of Arabic arts and sciences came from the Greeks and then were carried beyond the Greeks, just as the cultures of each century carry from the former ones and extended them.

There is very little difference between the social found in Islamic countries excepting that now, after long centuries, mankind is being freed in many parts of the Arab world, freed from the dominance of every kind of exploiter and conqueror. So called “Islamic Leaders” do not live as Mohammed (on whom be peace) or Omar lived and I do not think they must. It is only when the strong, the wealthy, the powerful claim to be following Qur’an and Hadith that hypocrisy is evident.

Your Murshid is not a sociologist and if he has any objections to the powerful Sheikhs and tyrants of the Arabic world, that may be his own conclusions. And your Murshid is not interested in introducing democratic institutions either; it is only that we claim to follow Qur’an and Hadith and do not. We have the right of certain freedom, such as adopting inventions and creations of man. But one does not look for priority to any country calling itself “Islamic” unless it follows the Bismillah to the Full and does not place anything alongside it. He said, “The Merciful learned toward the side of Mercy” and this is not always found in fikh or politics claiming to be Islamic. Nor will an intelligent world accept “Islam” putting forth such unsupported claims.

Yaqeen has an article on “Kindness” which is fundamental in the teaching of the Prophet of Allah and is not fundamental in so called “Islamic History” after Kerbela. Nor is there any value in quoting and quoting endlessly. Your Murshid has placed such matters before some of our institutions because everybody has oratory and literature, but where are the examples. This is written for two purposes:

On the negative side just as we all suffer from plagues and Allah does not make any differences between so called “Muslims” and others, we all breathe the same universal atmosphere and so are subject at this time not to physical but to psychic plagues. These are increasing all over the world and these things keep your Murshid constantly busy, with unexpected broken limbs and deaths to those close to him. The question how could a Wise and Merciful Deity allow such things comes from those who make no study of Allah but who often proclaim in His Name without His permission.

Therefore one has been concentrating on the Science of the Divine Name along with Pasi Anfas, and for this one uses the Divine Name as in the traditional Zikrs, only we practice, we do not preach, we do not self praise. One shows by example what happens to the breath, to the personality, to all else by using Allah or La Allah El Il Allah. There is no room for self-sanctity or theology here. It is “scientific” in the sense that one gives instructions and each mureed and now also some non mureeds find this out by direct experience (Al-Ghazzali)

As one goes deeper into it one comes to the interpretation of Allaho Akbar by the Saint Mian Mir. But one has to be careful for Allah is an essence word and Akbar is an attribute word, and the confusion between these brings further confusion. If there is any superiority in the teaching of Mohammed (on whom be peace) it is not in the multitude of self-praising reports without universal examination, it is that actually in Allah, in Kalama, in Zikr one does find the Truth to be True. And until this point is established and it is not established yet, man will not find himself. Hazrat Ali said, “Say Allah and Allah though shalt become.” This must be most fundamental.

Then we can go to the science, inner and outer. One hopes you have had access to Irfan which Bhai Sadiq owns and mark all your limps, [?] the well and the not so well the name of Allah. This Word is totally different from all other words excepting the term Hu into which one does not wish to go here, but in Allahu and in the Serbahs of Zikr are all the fundamentals out of which we can learn and grow. But if we insist on adding more and many will do just that, there will be the continuation of wars, disease, poverty and unhappiness.

After one has felt the Allah all over, in, with, through, around and outside the personality, one can go ahead with safety on other matters. So one is more concerned with your health, also because one is having so many people near having accidents and it all comes out of the universal Harb which encompasses the world at the moment. So long as the nufs if posited, it will be continued.

Now please observe these things; do them for observation and not as Ryazat, so as not to interfere with your general existence and also share them with your Aunt and with Mr. Engineer and with whomsoever you think worthy:


a) Inhale

No thought

Any desirable thought

Any undesirable thought

Murakkabah on Allah

b) Exhale also these ways

c) Full breath also these ways

When one is convinced of the superiority of Allah as Name, Sound, Deity, any and all ways, then drop all but Allah.

d)Full breath:


Exhale Al, inhale lah

Inhale Al, exhale lah

This prepares for Fikr    

e) Exhale La Illaha Inhale El Il Allah

When one reaches this stage, one then goes into Ryazat but one must be very sure.


One will find that the Divine Name increases both hal and makam, but any thought even of the Sifat-i-Allah, will not have the assurance. Yet as white Light is divided into colors, and again into the Angstrom units which characterize the spectra of the chemical elements, so does each Sifat aspects of Light and Sifat; these are also necessary for our emphasis and well being.

Only in Adam are all the aspects together. We are weak and imperfect variously and for each defect there is a Sifat-i-Allah which is corrective. Therefore although one has posited absolutely Zikr and Fikr and Kalama, this does not negate the Wazifas and Daroods and other forms of Ryazat. Only one must be rooted in the fundamentals because then one is strong against outside and personal pressures from all sources and having the roots in Allah, one does not need to work contrary to others who make claims out of their ego-minds instead of from divine guidance.

One hopes this is clear. The lack of emphasis on Allah in all the Islamic and most of the Sufi publications compels this emphasis.

Say Allah and Allah You Will Become.

With all love and blessing,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



7th September, 1966


Beloved One of Allah:

We have had a long weekend and the post offices have been closed. Before one could answer, your letter from Khanispur arrived.

This is a climax in your Murshid’s life and if things do not turn out well, my legal counselor has suggested I return to Pakistan. But this is very much, inshallah, actually and not symbolically. For both the hazards of life and the Divine Guidance have directed one deeper into the science of Allah both the Zat-i-­Allah and the Kalama and Zikr. And since writing (enclosed), one has been more under the Divine Guidance and has begun writing on a very heavy scale.

For there are not so many groups claiming to represent tasawwuf and one does not mind their differences, or non-differences. What one does mind is the self proclamation in the Name of Allah and often one sees what people write is not under Divine Guidance. Still one cannot go around criticizing or attacking everybody. There is no doubt your Murshid is being influenced considerably by Prof. Nasr but this does not mean he accepts conclusions of our good friends.

Visiting the village one lived in long ago and from which one was expelled by a false Murshida who seized control of the properties, one finds one left many seeds of love, not the ordinary kind of love one finds usually in America, but deep heart respect, and also calls from these people.

But this is complicated, and one knew it would be, by the increase of accidents, injuries and diseases. And if the war continues in Vietnam, the poisonous psychic atmosphere will continue to bring harm to humanity. So one has gone “all out” to work for peace. All that is necessary is to
re-contact Miss Julie Medlock who was for so long on the staff of Pakistan Times.

For the first time one is the councils of the mighty and one also has to submit lists of books to the “Temple of Understanding” which is being built in this country so that people of all faiths can worship in the same structure. These people have rejected the Baha’is but have accepted Emperor Akbar and this gives a good toehold for Sufism. And the next step locally with my friend, Mr.

Here the conclusions of the Pakistanis do not always harmonize with those of the Arabs and Pakistanis make a great mistake when they claim to be speaking for “Islam” as a whole, or for Allah. Maybe they are, but in order to win arguments they shut out the Heart. When the Heart is shut out, the Divine Protection is weakened and when the Divine Protection is weakened, everybody is

I have sent my close associate, a younger spiritual brother named Bill Hathaway, to seek some of Hazrat Inayat Khan’s papers, which are not available in order to verbalize. The alternative will be to listen to the Voice of Allah Himself, which is possible. But owing to the unconscious arrogance of so many so called “Muslim,” one does not wish to do this unless there is no other recourse. Allah has not said this; one hears the Divine Voice again. But one runs a very difficult situation, always busy, writing until the eyes are tired, so many seeking help, so few giving it.

Major Sadiq showed me “Irfan” when I first went to live with him and many notes were taken from it. One has suggested you might have access to it. But it is peculiar that Begum also has trouble with her health. By divine attunement and some physical work, one’s health and vigor continue and one is even now preparing for his 70th birthday.

What is your authority for the statement, “He must be remembered, or called only with one of the Names by which the last and kind Prophet and Guide is known to have remembered or called Him.” Why? Where is your authority? And what is kind about compelling people to call on the name of Allah, or with some attribute in a foreign language?

In the name of ummi you are demanding what is contrary to the real Holy real Teaching that Allah, Whom one still assents, is kind and merciful, has sent some Messenger to many peoples in the course of history. And this person who is adept in history and has studied history has found that all great gains in civilization to all man at all levels of culture has not come from the ego of man but from the Divine Grace manifesting to them at some period in or before history. And that these Messengers of Allah, some of whom are mentioned in Holy Writ and some not have given the seeds of all blessings to all mankind, especially in such things as starting the use of fire, the growing of wheat, maize, banana, coconut, the smelting of the first metals, etc. All great progress of humankind of this writer is due either to the appearance of a Rassoul or to Divine Grace. And if you do not accept that all great gains have been due to Rassoul or Divine Grace, please point out where this point is wrong! Is there another Power in this Universe than Allah?

Now the writer has been adept in Zikr and for many years. And often during this life he has repeated the word “Allah” a lakh of time, (100, 000) times a day for long periods. So from the scientific view he can hardly be a novice. He has learned the value of the word “Allah.” And also he has repeated and is repeating many of the beautiful names and can lecture on Ism-i Azam. So when he appears before these spiritually ignorant people, he has some of the Divine wisdom, whether again this came by effort or Grace.

There is a large movement in UAR to translate Holy Qur’an in all languages, to teach it in all languages. The Arabs, to who the book was given by Grace are willing to use any language to come to the praise of Allah and the non-Arabs to whom the Book was not originally given, do not assent. And this person has enough respect for Rassoul-Lillah who mentioned, “The People of the Book” that in so assenting, he stressed Zikr and not Arabic, Fikr and not Arabic, kindness and not Arabic. And one does not find in all the Sifat-i-Allah any such reference but in Hadith it is said, “Holy Qur’an was revealed in seven different dialects and each has its inner and outer meaning.” But you, my beloved misguided friends, say one dialect and you wish to impose this on foreign people. Whereas my friends in UAR wish to impose the Divine Blessings on the whole world, not a particular language.

And if one can only praise Allah in Arabic, how can you take Urdu, which is human language and impose it on everybody. Now one has to go to Id Celebration at Pakistan House and for the moment says, Khuda Hafiz.

The Messenger of Allah has said, “Do not call me by grandiose names like the Christians call Isa lest you be led astray by your own conditions. I am nothing but the slave of Allah, therefore call me the Messenger and Servant of Allah.” This is what the Messenger has said. And the faithful have called him Messenger of Allah and accepted his Risalat. But they have not accepted his mission as the servant of Allah. People do not cook food for their families; people do not serve the women of their household, cut wood for fuel, mend their shoes and perform the tasks belonging to servitude. Therefore in the world of today, half of the person and teaching of Mecca Shereef are forgotten or rejected and devotees try to atone for this by using grandiose names, and more and more.

Therefore this person has accepted Mohammad in all his missions as Ahmed and Amin and Abdullah also and is not ashamed of dirty or humble tasks.

Once in the cantonment in Lahore I encountered a group of working men trying to lay a sewer pipe. They failed. This one came along and laughed at them. They grew angry and challenged him. So he went home and put on gloves and lined them up and had them breathe together and then shout together Allaho Akbar! The sewer pipe was easily put in place and without any machinery. This is the other side of Mohammad in action, the Abdullah side, the side that can be followed every moment of the day outside the Mosque and devotions. And without the full acceptance oneself of this person one cannot convince others, cannot convince strangers. Our Riaza is too often in ourselves and not in Allah.

One likes “The Fruits of Faith.” There the writer has not superimposed his own private views on Holy Writ; “Holy Qur’an was sent down in Seven Dialects and each has its inner and outer meaning.”

One is stern here; one does not play with his private concepts and superimpose them on anybody calling them “Islam.” To be a “Muslim” in the Arabic sense, one must accept the teaching of Isa, “Agree with thine adversary quickly.” Too many people calling themselves “Muslim” agree with nobody. It is Allah Who is always right; it is nufs which leads to perdition.

Love and blessing,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



2nd October, 1966


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. Your Murshid has returned after an absence of some days and must rush an apology to prevent any misunderstanding. True, one has written in criticism of the so called missionary groups in Karachi and elsewhere whose devotion to something they call “Islam” seems to have so little to do with Allah. But regarding professor Nasr, it is very, very different and there is total agreement on the worthiness of this great soul.

Now your Murshid has been a student of many sciences and is still concerned with sciences. But we must look at this in the largest content. There are evidently sciences known to Muslims and the more one goes into Al-Biruni and Avicenna the more worth one finds in them. How much more we are indebted to Prof. Nasr who not only reintroduces these worthies but in a spiritual manner and in such ways as to unite the intellectual and spiritual sciences of this day and all other days. Indeed this conclusion had been reached before one went away recently.

There is a young mureed here who is making some progress both “realistically” and from the standpoint of Kashf, who is most interested in the subject matters presented to us today by Prof. Nasr, and therefore one must remove any misunderstanding at any level.

Not only have the “missionaries” failed to make any impression on Americans, but at the other end Prof. Nasr has made great impression.

One had to go to Ojai Valley in southern California. This is a strange place where evidently [?] believes here she is more spiritual than others and mostly they believe in God in human form. The majority accept Jiddu Krishnamurti who was born of Hindu parents and was raised with the idea that he was Christ reborn. When he became an adult he denied this, denied that God could be in human form, denied spiritual teachers and then let the world accept him as a divine messenger, support him in luxury, attend his lectures and reach the conclusion that he was most holy while they shut their eyes, ears, minds and hearts to everybody, everything else.

This brought to the Valley others who supported other personalities as being Divine Incarnations, this also extends to the so called Elijah Mohammed “Muslims” but they keep away from all whites. So we have in the Valley all sorts of strange beliefs that did not exist fifty years ago. And they have the queerest ideas made mostly of imaginings and conceptions which have no basis in traditions, scriptures (of any kind) and the further they can go from standards or traditions, the more only holy they think they are.

There was a lady there who fell in love, in a way, with your Murshid and at the same time she had the sign from Allah and your Murshid compelled her to choose between her beliefs and her experience. She chose the experiences and now one is to prepare her for Bayat. It is a peculiar situation because the Valley is full, mostly of fairly wealthy ladies who seek a false form of spirituality by looking, mostly for some man, but for anybody that uproots tradition and think they have found some way to Allah and spiritual liberation. So even when they have divine signs, they do not believe in them.

I do not think I ever encountered such a jumble of words passing as philosophies (no thought) and as though passing as holiness. Even the staunchest followers of Krishnamurti have books by Subud and Gurdjieff which shows they have not full faith; that they doubt and are spiritually lost.

[?] Rassoul-Lillah but publicly he makes much more of his own Ryazat which are very unclear, full of psychic elements and while they raise man above earthly consciousness, they do not come to any awakening.

People like that here in California, they love mysteries. And they are also attracted to Gurdjieff who introduced Ryazat without Allah Mohammed or Saluk. So people [?] complex and not noble and they like it. But all are either proud or dissatisfied or both.

At the same time now, the whole life is being surrounded by people who are recently ill or have accidents and many come to your Murshid and the now [?] fighting for respect and to try to get people to believe that Allah is healer. It is very simple and very difficult because people here do not want simplicity. Only when your Murshid introduces the profound, then they want simplicity.

There is one curious side, that in trying to heal anybody, your Murshid always has you in mind. If there was motive to forget you, Allah, the Gracious and Wise, presents problems which reflect your condition so that there is constant prayer and meditation and use of Ryazat. But so long as the war and confusion continue and accidents increase because all mankind is One Being, in a certain respect.

So without writing more at this time, my most profound apologies for anything that savours of misunderstanding. This must be clarified not only for its own sake but also for the first time your Murshid has been welcomed at a University (California, Santa Barbara) as a Messenger of Light. This University, which is new and in course of construction, resembles Beirut. It is near the ocean with mountains in the background and the weather, scenery and everything else is remarkably similar. And this again kept you in mind while visiting in that area.

To conclude, there is a right way and a wrong way to present Islamic studies in America; the right way(s) come from Professor Nasr; the wrong way(s) from the so called missionary movements. We must not let such a misunderstanding continue and if there is any fault on this person’s part, please accept the most profound apologies. Prof. Nasr has opened up new doors for the intellect and with your letter for the heart and soul too.

Allah bless you,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



4th October, 1966

772 Clementina St.

San Francisco 3, Calif.


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. There was a Hindu teacher who wrote his biography, In Search of God, followed by In Vision of God. On this recent trip one had to seek seeds at the Botanical Garden in Santa Barbara. Walking there, he was picked up by a motor car and the driver asked him, “Are you going to the Botanical Garden.” “Yes, I wish to get some seeds.” “I knew it, I knew it! This always happens to me, I am the seed collector.”

He took me in and introduced me to Dara. “Where did you get your name?” “Years ago my father was a lover of Persian Sufi poetry!”

I had just been to Ojai Valley and a lady there wants Bayat. She said she had never heard of Hazrat Inayat Khan. Her house is full of shelves of serious books. I went over to a neglected bookcase, pulled out a book, Health by Inayat Khan. “Where did you get this?” “I never knew I had such a book.” I opened it and there was an inscription on by the youngest mureed of Hazrat Inayat Khan. So I reported to the man now acting as Pir-o-Murshid for the United States and told him of the incident. I am sure he will take this as a sign for the writer was a countryman of his and was also the college chum of my host!

Ojai Valley is a strange place, occupied by people who believe they are on the spiritual search and most of them believe that one J. Krishnamurti is either the reincarnation of Jesus Christ or at least his representative. To your Murshid they appear very mixed. It is certain that all the home libraries visited were full of books showing the uncertainty of the owner. Besides that there are other people believing in other men being Avatar or Mahdi. The result is that everybody had a number of phrases they use to throw at anybody with ideas, or knowledge. Contrary to this, the visits to the scholars was very edifying.

One is now concerned with Peace in Vietnam. This continuance of hostilities has poisoned the psychic atmosphere, resulting in one’s accidents. In not a single case have physicians [?] ill  and more diagnose the trouble. A least one of the persons has gone to a psychiatrist.

There is a spiritual healer here in San Francisco who is sometimes of a seer. He has privately made a number of predictions, all of which have occurred. Lack of religion, superficiality in it and hypocrisy are the fuels to the disturbances caused by war or they cause the wars. There is no solidity. And on his next trip your Murshid hopes to meet serious people who really want to face the basic problems; the war, the existence of God and the divine experience.

Your Murshid returned suddenly, attended a Gandhi celebration as a Sufi, and alhamdulillah, was greeted as a Sufi for the first time outside the Pakistani and Iranian circles. Either your Murshid has evinced some progress or a considerable number of people are becoming more serious about their spiritual problems. Anyhow this house is open tonight for inquirers.

What Asians either cannot see or are disturbed by is that there is very little knowledge of Asian religions in this country. People here look to various Englishmen and Europeans as sources of wisdom, or knowledge. The only Muslim reaching the public first turned Christian, then Muslim again and always a hypocrite with enough publicity to confuse everybody.

There is a meaning of “Surrender to Allah,” that one has to dispense with all plans, all programs, all everything. One has not the slightest idea at the moment of whether he shall be accepted seriously, or whether his writings will be published or by whom. Only now there are experiences in “Fana-fi-Lillah.” One night one woke up with a headache. “Allah I am asking you take this headache saying it is your fault; I am saying “You are the healer, the preserver.” I cannot serve both you and this headache. Soon the headache departed, your Murshid arose at 4:30 and worked all day from that point on without fatigue.

It seems funny to act toward Allah as if He were a man in one’s immediate presence, that one could talk and even argue with Him. On the one hand it seems imaginary, on another it seems Shirk, and yet it has been effective, alhamdulillah.

All this present condition keeps you in the open consciousness. Your Murshid has been blessed with health and vigor and in a few days will be 70 (seventy) years old. This is all Grace but it is real.

Love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



17th October, 1966

772 Clementina St.,

San Francisco, Calif.


Prof. Seyyed Hossein Nasr

Department of Islamic Studies

Tehran University

Tehran, Iran


Beloved One of Allah:

Bismillah Er-Rahman Er-Rahim; a greeting is sent to you and prayers for your well being. And one hopes, inshallah, that this letter reaches you in good time. For one is called upon now to submit a paper on “Real Mysticism versus Pseudo-Mysticism” to the Department of Philosophy, University of California.

One encounters a difficulty that only too often the great Saints and Sages are men and women of the distant past, which, like wines, we are supposed to improve with age. And against this is the true teaching that the Light of Allah is neither of the East, North, West, neither alone of the future or past or present, and though we may say: Ya Haya Ya Khaiyum, to try to illustrate, it is considered the height of impertinence and braggadocio.

In our scientific culture we are supposed to keep quiet unless we have participated in experiments and their accompanying knowledge. It would be considered quite wrong to speak on scientific subjects if we had not participated in some of the disciplines. But when it comes to the Science of Science, that is those which are related to our life in Allah, even to propose that you have participated in that life is often regarded as self sufficient evidence that you have not. And so the exclusive lovers dominate over the inclusive lovers and perhaps it has always been so.

But now I have met this teacher who willingly reviews any real experiences in real mysticism. And besides, he was a friend of one of my spiritual colleagues who died of a broken heart trying to make experience a part of his religion. The time has come now to have some standards in the spiritual sciences, the same as some standards in the “material” sciences. Besides, Imam Al Ghazzali said, “Tasawwuf consists of experiences and not syllogisms.” And this letter was written only after “divination” so to say and all true Gnostics confirm it; it will now be the first time that an American is being offered the opportunity to report on mystical experiences as he has been permitted to report on horticultural and chemical experiences.

But in the West there are two classes of people, at bitter wars with each other, that dominate the science: (a) the translators of books who definitely dominate the teaching. You have met some of them (as Prof. Gibb and his colleagues who are very adamant against any idea that a modern Western man could possibly have similar experiences to those about whom they are writing); (b) people with social prestige who are able to organize and lecture and preach and who are mostly “exclusive.”

Even now this person returned from his journey with words of comfort for the Consul General here, which he is not going into detail because one may be patient, hardworking and follow the Sabri morals and yet he will be accused.

Thus, Holy Murshid, one has answered your letters and more than answered, but since the previous outbreak of hostilities, few letters have come through. Your government has every right to interfere with the mail but that is hardly this person’s fault.

During this period, the condition of Islam is even worse than previously. There used to be three Mosques listed in the city of Los Angeles and now there is one. Besides there are no Muslims lecturing to Americans at all, and they are so divided.

This person had some training in the Arab world. His chief Teacher used to lecture from the Hadith, and not only that, knew all the history of the only family, every member of them. This was one type of instruction. And there is a sort of inheritance here from Maulana Roum, whose descendent lives here and we are very close friends.

Isa has said, “For every idle word ye shall suffer in the day of judgment.” When this one was in Cairo, he used to be taken to task for not praying. The people who took him to task never went to the Mosques and this person was always going to the Mosque. But some people born, as they say, “Muslim” have dispossessed the Creator of the Universe as Master of the Day of Judgment and have taken over. And Allah always deals with them justly so it not for this one to say anything.

Besides, the Daroods operate in the daily life, but one cannot report when under clouds. My first Pir-o-Murshid, Hazrat Inayat Khan, taught that Murshid and Mureed are one. Besides one has the teachings of the Grand Sheikh Suhrawardi in ‘Awarif al-Ma’arif and one does not dare disobey such teachings and even if one has few disciples, one never regards them as separate or separated people.

It was by Kashf and without any human directions that this one met again the son or Hazrat Inayat Khan and many of one’s former good friends, both social and spiritual. This indicated a new day. This is also true in the universities where now for the first time, praise to Allah, the professors and students alike listen and respect.

But this one will not answer further. The totally ignorance of so many “Muslims” of Adab and Hadith and other moral teachings places one in a strange position. But before Allah one must not move. The whole day is spent in forms of Zikr, at work or devotion or rest or anything else. And one stands accused by people who are not so devout. So be it.

This person is not responsible for the political affairs of the world, and neither for the problems with which he is associated which have come through prayer and vision and not from nufs. Fortunately a miracle has happened that when a Sufi editor asked for the names of the culture Muslims in this country and this person had no way of finding them, in the same mail one received this list from a surprising quarter. This is the way Allah operates, it is not the way man operates. Of oneself, nothing could be done but the Grace is continually manifesting and it is strange to be accused by those who defy the Messenger of Allah by losing their tempers and abiding in other than a friendly manner. It is not this person but the accuser who should be studying Qur’an and Hadith and the Moral law.


Sam Ahmed Murad Chisti.



16th November 1966, night


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. One writes in considerable awe and humility, for one finds oneself the embodification of “In that day shall the Sun rise in the West and all men seeing, believe.”

One encloses a copy of the draft for my term paper. The recopy will be a neat work enclosed in a folder. If I sent that it may be by sea-mail, as the cost would be expensive, but before doing so, it may be shown to the Consul General of Pakistan here.

It has not only been a period of intensity but before I give the final report on the Sidi, it is that this person is held in high renown by the chief Buddhists in this world. And this week, one began the conducting of class on Christian mysticism. So one is busy from 6 in the morning until 10 at night. Yet although past seventy, one finds that this body can run and one has to be very cautious to avoid seemingly miraculous deeds. Indeed often the weaker side is shown.

Already in the class on Christian Mysticism I have been able to introduce the personality and works of Major Sadiq. One has to be very careful. But these people, mostly young men, have mystical and spiritual experiences and are turned over to this person for guidance and instructions; it may be, inshallah, that they will be guided “on the right path.”

Now I have offered three interpretations for the Hadith about the Sun rising in the West, that it could mean the future, or the Maghrib or the New World, and the meeting of Sidi Abusalem Al-Alawi demonstrated that, and it does not matter which meaning is given. The Sidi not only refused me Bayat but told my friends I was a fully qualified Sufi teacher, the most advanced person he had met in America but I do not know to whom he said it but I do know it had a radical effect and may lead to new enterprises.

I am not yet released from efforts to bring Peace to Vietnam. But I shall try to get in touch with my old friend Mr. Makzan, who was with the Civil & Military Gazette. I may ask this through Shamsuddin Ahmed for it is better to ask a man to do my errands.

This paper may have a vague idea of what is coming in the autobiographical material which is still incomplete and very [?] memories and the ahwal and the and makamat all at the same time.

My last trip was one of Love of the Love is growing with persons. Thus a Sufi has to be ready, in at least the direction of the universe of Love where we all partake of each other, and the Universe of Wisdom which allows for differentiations.

It will be necessary to take another trip soon, even if it be for the Bayat of a single person.

Sometimes one thinks of Mohammed at Ta ‘if. One must embrace all things in the class this morning; it seems as if the Divine Spirit were speaking through one, and words and thoughts came out with an immediacy that was astonishing even to me. But I think I told you the story of my talk to Mrs. Ahmed’s class. If not, this will be offered after any early response.

No doubt this paper, written in a hurry, contains misspellings and even some unclear phrases but I wish you to have some idea of the direction in which life moves.

With all love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad



772 Clementina St.,

San Francisco 3, Calif.

December 9th , 1966


Beloved One of Allah:

As salaam aleikhum. One hopes this finds you well and also your dear ones. The coming here of the Saint from Morocco seems to have added zest, or he would have said Baraka. It is not one’s intention to write on Baraka here. One has an old manuscript on the subject and since making scientific studies it is possible to revise it, and since meeting so many Sufis it is possible to strengthen it.

A strange thing occurred that on the morning after the Sidi left your Murshid began teaching a class of young Christian mystics. These young men have had serious histories but they have in common the experience of some sort of “beatific vision.” These are very different from most people but the signs are that there will be many more of the same types.

It was long predicated that a “new race” would be born in this State and it is certain that there are either two types or many varieties of a general new type born here. They want experience, unconsciously the divine experience and some ones also consciously.

There are two general religions in California, one being a continuance of traditional angelic Christianity; the other a revolt against it and these people in revolt are charmed by anything (or anyone) that comes out of India and especially by the word “Yoga” which seems to mean either exotic exercises or exotic philosophies. You can find the exercises in books but the philosophies pretend to be secret so you cannot find them in any scriptures and there is an unusual lack of devotion in these people or else they coin new prayers and became very devout over these new prayers.

 The young people, excepting among the Roman Catholics, are in revolt against both these types. The immediate result has been ingestion of Psychedelic drugs. I do not know whether you know much about Psychedelics. Generally when taken in and with some devotional ceremony they increase the visionary faculty and foresight. Otherwise they increase the visionary faculty but without foresight. There is plenty of literature on the subject and one finds it very confusing. It is like analyzing the Universe, or Allah without experience. And it is compounded for to declare you have experience is to find yourself attacked or shunned.

One has already reported on the research in the Universities where experience is wanted, the more the better. And it has been very sudden that your Murshid finds himself with young people, dissatisfied with traditions and left unsatisfied with drugs. None of them have any idea of Cosmic Joy, and despite the emphasis on Joy in so many scriptures it is mostly shunned or regarded as a part of philosophy.

I think I have told you about the warm relationship between Hazrat Inayat Khan and the Zen Monk, Nyogen Senzaki. This Zen monk taught a number of forms of Laughter. Once your Murshid told this to Zen layman, and he said he would bestow an Eighth form of Laughter if no “expert” were around.

Every effort is being made to lighten one’s load but between the problems of the Orient warfare and food, and the local problems of psychological and spiritual unrest, this does not remove the obstacles. For one has to listen always to Allah and this momentum has been increased because now one reaches people generally young, about speaking to and listening to Allah.

One finds that there are Zikrs and Fikrs which are attractive. In general the great Teachers favour Zikr and Sama for the young. One is making one’s first steps in this direction and as is in the teaching it is the young who are attracted. But there are so many inner sciences which are unknown and during a long life your Murshid has collected (a) by literature; (b) by tasawwuri; (c) otherwise a compendium of these inner sciences and Allah has not released him.

So one must be aware of everything and use every moment for the sake of Allah. The Islamic literature is useless. The Muslims of the moment have not only cut themselves off from the great saints, they are also overpraising themselves and acting as if they were the perfect elect of Allah. So there is no humility.

In going over the pseudo Sufis one finds much more respect for Rumi, Bestami, Shabistari, and Fariduddin Attar than among Muslims. In fact the work now being read has so much excellent material one may have to copy some and send it to you. There are many active Sufis in different lands. They are the connecting links between Allah and humanity. They still remain as hopes of the world.

Dr. Kelley, instructor in “The Philosophy of Religion” has regretted he could only give the highest mark. The paper, “Real Mysticism versus Pseudo Mysticism” won his praise and this may mean that one has to have it copied for other universities. One believes the day when one is rejected without listening is over. One has tried to avoid placing his burdens on anybody.

With all love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti





My next moves, which should be accomplished later in the month, inshallah, will all be of interest to Mr. Engineer. Inasmuch as I have experience, although only on two occasions, Zardusht as Rassoul-Lillah, he should be acquainted with these inner experiences.

After innovation, this person has made a form of Tawajjeh used by Khal Uthman. One has been to India and seen all sorts of Darshan and mostly it is the ceremony. But the Khalif uses this with utmost devotion and effectiveness. It is one way to fulfill what has been said, “The eyes are the windows of the soul” and thus to feel people.

There is nothing but unhappiness here. We have solved all the outer problems and the more they are solved, the more unhappiness. On the other hand, it is foolish to turn back on methods that succeed. The eyes of Allah are everywhere and the heart of Allah is everywhere and there is no use in writing to a Sufi and say things are so when they are not so. This person has not yet found any fault in your gracious Prime Minister and when somebody writes letters and the Prime Minister says something different, what is to be gained? Hadith says, “Act as if in the presence of Allah and remember, if you do not see Him, verily He sees you.”

One does not know how long one must remain in this land. It is true that now for the first time there is response. The response is not in accord with the scheme of most missionaries. A physician, looking at patients, often can minister to them but he cannot predetermine the way by which they became ill. That is not his job.

Americans are not illiterate Arabs. Their sins arise out of egocentricity (nufs) and not polytheism. As the ego has been accentuated, it is not easy to reverse the process. And one finds not only wide spread unhappiness but also considerable lack of love, however one defines love.

If we follow the Messenger of God we could find that he did not go around finding fault. He dealt with people as they were, as they came to him and many were charmed by his manners without knowing what his religion was and decided that if a man could not, he did, then his religion must be fine. But we have through the ages put religion above man and though we have not always succeeded, we do not wish to change. If we put Allah first this would give freedom to change in all sorts of ways and yet reach the hearts of people. Here I find this is worth trying.

With love and blessings from

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti





Beloved One of Allah:

Praise be to Allah, Lord of All worlds and Master of the Day of Judgment, Who has seen it to open the eyes, and inshallah, the doors making it possible to introduce the wisdom of the Divine Light into this country. It has required patience and sobriety to an extreme degree yet this has been necessary.

Sunday was the Christian celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus, and it was also manifest to a lady whom one had not met before that the Divine Light can shine out and through personality and that when this life manifests through a person, it is a sign of Grace.

At the end of a very uninspiring sermon given presumably in the name of Sufism, she approached your Murshid and asked him some questions and the answers were forthcoming. Then more questions and then she invited us to her home and in the course of conversation, it was nearly all Kashf and communion. And she told your Murshid she is planning to buy a very large house and dedicating it to spiritual studies and wishes your Murshid to come and teach. This is in Hollywood, 450 miles from here but she has already guaranteed expenses.

As one was preparing for this short journey, the telephone rang and the man told your Murshid that he had followed the advice given and suddenly had earned a thousand dollars, which is a little less than Rs. 5000, by following your Murshid’s advice and he then wanted to help your Murshid start a spiritual school here in San Francisco. For now, there are a few young men in this vicinity who are being drawn to the Teachings.

Now there is in Hollywood, an elderly lady, world famous, named Ruth St. Denis and your Murshid calls her his “Fairy Godmother.” It was she who was responsible for the coming of Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan to this country years ago. She is a remarkable spiritual woman for this part of the world and her Kashf is very highly developed.

On Saturday your Murshid met again Marion, his first god-daughter. This arrangement had to be made prior to her marriage with “Saladin.” The marriage was unsuccessful, “Saladin” is always travelling and one had no way to contact Marion that it was in accord with the Divine will. But now with the denunciation of your Murshid by the husband of the god-daughter, in the next mail Marion contacted him. And we met again after 27 years. Then we went to Miss Ruth St. Denis. Marion played her music which in spirit (though not in form, resembled that of the Chistis). Its form is derived from several quarters (west in the United States) but all dedicated to and which God and Love, and were all deep songs of the heart.

We later called on Aramdarya, the last of Inayat Khan’s secretaries and went to the meeting where there was a “Sufi” celebration of Death of Resurrection but no spirit, no understanding. But from the beginning, this other lady was attracted.

Now Marion is married (third time) but her husband is not opposed to her artistic or spiritual life and this lady also is married but her husband is opposed . Only she is wealthy in her own right. And it is peculiar that here only one woman has been attracted and the rest men and young men at that; and down in Hollywood and Los Angeles, it is the women who have heard so many speakers, so many men pretending to be spiritual, so many famous authors and writers and lecturers and no God, no heart. Everybody wants to lead.

This lady has also met all the so called spiritual leaders from India but with one exception, they were all so opposed of each other that it became impossible for her to accept any of them. And she has heard about Sufism from Aramdarya but those who claim to teach it had no insight, no wisdom (Kashf, Hikmat) that she wanted to meet your Murshid.

In that region, there are all kinds of developments in the name of religion. Mostly there are men, but some women who crave public support and sometimes they are spiritualists (but of a low order) and they are nearly all very clever and self-centered and cannot work together for Heart is not in evidence.

Ruth St. Denis also wants your Murshid’s poetry and it is a problem how to do all this typing but at least Allah has opened the doors and if He sanctions funds from this sort, one may even be able, inshallah, to hire somebody.

All of this is most encouraging. Besides, as one manifests, the vitality still after many years which one knows is Grace; this confounds others. It also keeps one in Zikr and Fikr without any prompting.

No doubt the first lesson will be to teach Allah, for the sound of “Allah” by itself is most effective. But there will be no compulsion. And your Murshid has found no one achieving higher spiritual stages by the English language yet. Some few by other languages or rather by the silence.

Your Murshid continues to study Maulana Roum which he finds, as others have found, full of more wisdom and beauty than any writing inspired by Holy Qur’an and Rassoul-Lillah.

Soon we may have some healing-meditations and some papers on this have been found when one finally gets his papers in order after a long time. The world needs Healing, it needs Love, it needs Life and it needs Beauty.

Love and blessing to your Aunt, yourself and all your family.





Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. The caps and the tasbihs are here and praise must be given to Allah who is guiding this person in ways he does not understand. For there was no call for these things and now every week more and more people approach your Murshid and there is a class for candidates and one receives more and more inquiries.

This did so take previously and the lost series of a priori rejections. Now there are two things in the pages of the newspapers here; the war in Vietnam and the spreading of the use of drugs making people aware of different stages of consciousness than that of this world. We do not accept Jinnat or Malakut socially and scientifically when there are adventurous spirits, and they do not learn about unseen worlds from the religionists or scientists, but find out elsewhere as from the native Amerindians they seek.

One was talking from the beginning that one should have a Guide and with a Guide, everyone is safe and without a Guide, there are many pitfalls.

So it will not be long when there will be a conference and your Murshid will attend and he will probably reach many people whom he does not reach now. But it is also turned as the classes in the university terminate, one has received tremendous respect and even friendship, which was not shown previously.

But there are some spiritual sides to it. When one was about to write a letter, Hazrat Inayat Khan appeared and the consciousness melted into him and it was like him writing. This has not happened for a long time. Which is not to say that one has been without Guidance but generally, it is our gracious Prophet or Saint Mian Mir. But the merging into fana-fi-Lillah is harder; it takes one from activities and leads to exaltation and this is not one’s goal. Yet in your case, it has been the gracious Rassoul that has been my Guide.

You may remember that I wrote that a friend and I called on a lady whom I have known for years. We started out together. She and her chum chose an Indian path and your Murshid was guided into and in tasawwuf. The other day, one led a healing practice and it seems to have produced a tremendous change to the better. Therefore one gives the Praise to Allah for there is nothing within or without that indicates one has karamat.

At the same time, this is very encouraging and increases the Faith.

Your Murshid’s elderly uncle has been here and a great deal of time has been given to legal matters. Then one must prepare one’s studies which are over the next week with the final examination. This teacher has lived in Pakistan but now she and her husband go to Kenya, in Africa. So there are no plans for the future.

At the conference on drugs and higher consciousness one will, inshallah, visit Hollywood again and report. For the time being, one lives in the minute.

One will use as many tasbihs as possible to get the magnetism into them and then give them away with the Baraka. This also means one keeps up Zikr and Wazifa for that is the way by which it is done.

Tonight we shall perform the Zikr and also explain more about ecstasy. But Kashf or Mahjub is now in the hands of one of the mureeds, so one will have to give his own explanation.

Now my prayers also go to your aunt. More could be written but one has always piles of work. Only this is written for encouragement.

Love and blessing,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti





Beloved One of Allah:

This is a double holiday and as one was cleaning house one and this [?] one feels directed to write to you.

The circumstances have changed radically here and tonight an open house for the first time for spiritual instruction. Seems ever since my California “god-daughter” returned there has been a trend of persons coming toward one, first very few and last night an event which one would have preferred not to open but which did.

One had to go to Berkeley, a neighbor city where the University is and the audience were about fifteen people who previously rejected your Murshid. But now there is a tremendous interest about taking drugs to escape bondage. As the spiritual doors closed people take to the drugs and others fight the drugs but one offers many positive means toward higher experience.

Your Murshid regards the step forward with drugs as a very [?] step but said last night few would accept the possibility of greater steps. And as one had prepared for a few young people to come here now others will come and the place may be crowded, inshallah. Perhaps not at first, but now one sees trends that way.

One’s closest man friend came here and may move here. We went to call on a lady who has been a close friend ever since School days. We both vowed the spiritual search, but she accepted an Indian Master and this one was accepted by a Sufi. One found her suffering from a rare disease; she could hardly breathe. So your Murshid performed a Sufi breathing practice and immediately she had relief. This was astonishing and may be a Grace. You may remember the day you were first brought to Salarwala one performed a healing treatment which our Pir, Sufi Barkat Ali, said cured him.

One has not tried to do much healing. Also compared with others one seems to have much knowledge to the breath and uses it to help others. There is a [?] legend that Indian people know all about breath and the Sufis took some of the learning and adopted it. It does not occur that Indians may have adopted from Sufis and Muslims as they certainly did during the Moghul dynasty.

While there are theories of breath and what breath can do, they seem at times miraculous and beyond one’s effort. But with this encouragement one took up your problem. There are two aspects:

Hazrat Inayat Khan wrote some on the dialectic people and [?] that one face from them when possible because even if one is successful it often requires much energy. But suppose one cannot free.

Fortunately your Murshid can perform tasawwuri Mohammed, which seems to be very profound and not easy especially when the world’s not in Khilvat. But the practice of tasawwuri Mohammed can be affected in a concentrated walk without resort to seclusion and this is the immediate report:

There are Muslims who see in Jihad an opportunity to war against external enemies and this has been done even in selfish ways. There are others who find in Hadith that the real Jihad is against the evils in oneself; Rage, Envy, Malice and Contempt. And one has found in times of stress if one fights against these inner evils this is the best way to overcome external enemies. Pakistan failed in Kashmir because it did not fight against the internal enemies as above. But in the case of diabolic enemies, it is different.

This Mujahidat must be inner and outer both. Even the pure may be beset by this kind of enemy and it may be necessary to resort to stringent means.

If you can believe it, the Blessed Messenger of God has assured me he would be your Protector provided that this person and others concerned used both aspects of Mujahida, inner and external, not sentimentalizing, toward international only, being a way that in cases of witches and even persons, they may be on earth.

Suras CXI and CXIV are to be repeated with the prayers. Each time with the prayer use one or other of these Suras and be very unsentimental about it. This is not only for you but for all other unfortunates.

Also this is enabling your Murshid to accumulate Power through the Grace of Allah through the blessed Rassoul.

As-salaam aleikhum.

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



26th December, 1966


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. You will find a copy of a long letter to Ansar Nasri of Karachi. Now Allah has made it possible and one does not know how much this is connected with the Baraka of Saints, that several problems have disappeared in the last month. The Saint of Morocco bestowed his Baraka and since then one has felt unusually strong and lively and for the first time positively successful in transmitting spiritual teachings to people here.

Indeed plans to leave here were modified by our Pir-o-Murshid and your Murshid wishes to be very careful because it may be partly on our financial beneficence and partly on his spiritual beneficence that one may visit your country. But certainly unless some unforeseen obstacle arises, there will be enough money to travel to England.

One visited the office of PIA here and could take the line with a stopover in Cairo. One would not want to stay there long but a number of missions are at hand, both spiritual and agricultural. But the dream of moving entirely seems to have disappeared, only due to the Will of Allah.

The teaching of the Sidi on the Mursaleen has reechoed into this heart and also Sufi Barkat Ali clearly shows full understanding of the needs of this people. Enthusiastic Muslims seem to think that by some magic one can make many converts. During the studies in anthropology one has found that millions upon millions, even crores upon crores of Muslims do not believe the same as in Pakistan. Many accept the Five Pillars but do not accept the Shariat in any form.

Are they Muslim? Who decides this, Allah or man?

As the Heart awakens one gets a different view and also as the heart awakens there are new outlooks. What is Mushahida? Allah wishes me to help you in understanding the higher forms of Ryazat. But as Pir-o-Dewwal Shereef foresaw, it is very necessary to have organized spiritual teachings in this vast land. And it would appear now if your Murshid visits, receives further instructions and returns, he will have a great mission here. So one has to choose between his own comforts and performing a vast missionary work.

There are times when you have indicated you would like to come here. America is not only a vastly different country, it is changing rapidly, both in the directions of moral disintegration and spiritual regeneration.

“True mysticism versus pseudo-mysticism” has been copied but by agreement it will not be mailed until his rush season (in the post office) is over.

Nearly every night Allah gives more instructions for you, very difficult to write out. One is still in controversy with the disciples of Hazrat Inayat Khan, divided into factions and all holding and withholding his teachings from the world.

The Islam of the future will have several changes. Some of these are indicated in the letter to Ansar Nasri. Islam was filled with innovations from the very beginning. A religion that is like a stone cannot win the world, and a religion that is like a tree cannot but develop. Sheikh Mahdudi would make” Islam” like a “Stone.”

Besides the direct blessings, one has been able to read several new books. One is on the teachers of Gurdjieff and the others are reprints of works by Europeans. But as one reads these books, one seems to have both understanding and baraka and this understanding, this baraka must be shared with the world.

I am therefore at this same moment very happy. One can praise Allah for removing the deepest pains and sores, the nature of which were withheld and end the year in joy and yet tranquility.

With all love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti          



772 Clementina St.


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. There is something strange going on in the universe and one does not know whether it is Grace or good Karma or both. In addition to regular affairs, there has been so much time in family and legal matters coupled with the need of an immediate trip to Southern California.

If my brother’s plans go through, there will be plenty of funds available to travel anywhere. But now also there is a question whether you would want to spend time with me in this land. Going to Pakistan will involve the approval first of Hazrat Barkat Ali; then of several Sufis, both Pirs and brethren; then the matter of dealing with food problems.

Now I have to present both spiritual and intellectual matters in the southern part of the State, as well as plans for world peace. Fellow citizens refuse to accept not only personal experience but personal experiences of friends who have lived and worked all over Southern Asia. We are meeting tonight just before leaving.

Meanwhile one learns from Allah forms of breathing, Mushahida and other matters.

When the Kashmir fighting was on, it was shown clearly; Kashf + Mushahida, that the “winner” would have the worst famine. There was little one could say and there was little one could not “see.” But, Alhamdulillah, one meets now others who can “see” and there is hope for the world.

Love and blessing.


Al-Ghaffar (The Forgiver); Supreme Crown, covers you, your soul.

Al-Mushi (The Accountant); Wisdom, crosses you influence.

Al-Kuddus (The Holy One); Understanding crowns your obstacles.

Al-Ghani (The All-Sufficing); Love, beneath, rising from your feet.

Al-Shakur (The Thankful); Power, behind you.

Al-Wajid (The All-Perceiving); Beauty, before you.

Al-Hadi (The Equitable); Endurance, you.

Al-Kabiz (The Closer); Majesty, your house.

Allah; Foundation, hopes and fear.

Al-Hakk (The Truth); Kingdom, outcome.


Allah is within you, you are His instrument, and through you He expresses Himself to the external world.


The man filled with the knowledge of names and forms has no capacity for the knowledge of Truth.



13th January, 1967

772 Clementina St.

San Francisco. Calif. 94103


Bhallah House

Multan Road, Lahore

To Miss Saadia Khawar Khan,


Beloved One of Allah.

Id Mubarak. Yesterday I attended the Jami services at the new Mosque to mark the end of Ramzan and several persons asked for caps, and in going over your letter I am most pleased you may be sending some here.

It is very hard to realize and it is most important in the spiritual history of the world, that since the saint (Sidi) from Morocco came here and left his blessing (Baraka) everything in life has reversed, and sometimes with remarkable changes. On the surface the most important has been the complete reversal of my brother. He has lost two fortunes trying to prevent me from getting one and now he insists we join forces to unload a very large amount of money which has been piling up in my father’s estate from which neither of us benefits.

Besides he is getting old (he is younger but ages like everybody else) and does not wish the funds to be used for or by some institution. The legal matters have been taking up so much time that one now works every day from early morning until late at night, interrupted by necessary exercises and walking to class in the morning.

The classes are increasing in size and response. The one on Christian mysticism will be transferred however next week until the afternoon and this will ease the program.

As to the Message of Allah, I am preparing, inshallah, “Six Interviews with Hazrat Inayat Khan,” which will be dedicated in a sense to Shamsuddin Ahmed of Model Town; and the complete Ryazat of Hazrat Inayat Khan for the Pirs of Pakistan. I am not so sure about Ajmir and Nizam-ud-Din Auliya but am so overworked I cannot answer any mail from India.

Have had to visit Southern California twice and it is very completed [complicated?]. In Los Angeles my older spiritual sister is now dying but she has affected my goddaughter there so much that the latter whom I call “Tsil-Tsil” has applied for Bayat. Tsil-Tsil has had the inner initiations of the Welsh, Maori and some Arizona Indian tribes, which is very rare, but none of the great religions, as we call them. It is an example of what Rassoul-Lillah taught that every people has had at some time a Divine Messenger. Tsil-Tsil was once married to “Saladin” and it was most unfortunate for each withheld their own spiritual secret from the other.

I was asked to adopt Tsil-Tsil, who was born in New Zealand, not a citizen, to give her proper status and the relation and recognition was somewhat similar to the meetings with you, my dear, excepting she had the Divine Wisdom in utterly foreign forms. She has not been able to sustain Love or Joy but realizes they come from Allah and not from man.

She also has the spiritual music within herself. Married three times she has not found love until recently. Then under great trial she began to realize the goodness of her present husband and I have to leave shortly to send some materials of Hazrat Inayat Khan to her.

I was sent by Allah to Ojai Valley. This is a peculiar and rather secluded section. Years ago the Theosophical Society declared it to be a kind of Holy Land. Then the man they had selected for Mahdi, Jiddu Krishnamurti declared this was not so with the peculiar result that it increased his flowering and the strangest kinds of people live there, rich, comfortable and thinking they are more spiritual than others.

It then attracted a number of Dajjals, so I was sent there. No sooner had I given a single Bayat when I learned that Vilayat, the son of Inayat Khan, was coming. He has never recognized me (or some others) as disciples of his blessed father. He is a nice, sympathetic man with no divine insight. His host told me he was tired of hearing so much of Inayat Khan and so little of God but a domineering wife has it otherwise.

But if Vilayat is able to check Sufi Ahmed Murad, Allah is able to check Vilayat. For on the second evening of my stay, the telephone rang and we were asked to visit the home of Ahmed El-Senussi. Ahmed is the cousin of King Idris of Libya. He was given a choice of being an Emir or a human benefactor and took the second course.

He had forgotten that I was one of the first Americans he had met and he had told me the whole story of his life, in particular his Ryazat. He has a kind of center for psychiatric and psychological rehabilitation and wants to make it a spiritual center, inshallah. He already has the place and funds and all that will be necessary is to attract the people. So this is evidently a sign for activity.

The City of Santa Barbara is on this (north) side of Ojai and some strange events have been going on there which will promote two independent social welcomes. There is staying also Dr. Huston Smith for whom I have made a copy of “Real mysticism versus pseudo-mysticism.”

And on account of your news, I may arrange to send the copy airmail instead of making a nice cover and sending it sea-mail. I shall also bring it to Los Angeles.

My Kashf has been not to stay long when I go. But meanwhile, one is mixed up in all kinds of legal entanglements. Next week I should receive a cheque which will enable me to England. But the counselors do not wish me to leave until the estate is properly handled. Nothing can be done without my signature. My brother now wishes to see we both get a larger sum than I need unless I wish to hire a secretary and my attorney wishes that. So I am torn, so to speak, between love and money but this is subjective. With Allah it is not so.

Then there are increased requests for Bayat, hampered only because of accidents to certain people, a holdover from last year when many took place. It means possible legal arrangements.

Please share all this with Mr. Engineer. The next step is that Pir-Dewwal Shereef has given me all the counsel for organization. The disciples of Hazrat Inayat Khan and their disciples agree only in excluding your Pir-o-Murshid. Each uses the term “Sufi”; Pir-Dewwal Shereef wished me to use the term Islamia Ruhaniyyat which to begin with would save one from any legal entanglements.

I wish to be in this country when you are here, inshallah. What is most necessary is to know where you will go. For present plans may require visits to many universities myself. Besides I have previously presented your case to the Asia Foundation here and to certain branches of the University of California.

The next thing is this. Allah has already vouchsafed victory in the case of my father’s estate and directed that we should make some arrangements whereby I may have dollars for you and you rupees for me. This is still in the Kashf but there is plenty of time.

I am very happy over your spiritual status. Almost every morning Allah now speaks to me, giving direction, insight, wisdom and helping with lessons.

One New Year’s Evening there was a Tibetan Lama ceremony and during it the Lama announced that he was a Mevlevi Sufi in disguise and that Sam (i.e. Sufi Ahmed Murad) was one of the members of the Living Hierarchy and he called on me to speak in that capacity. It was this man who had been the host of Sidi Abu Salem Al-Alawi.

Your Murshid immediately entered in hal and by this time some of his oldest and best friends have come to respect his spiritual status.

Then there was the meeting with Bishop James Pike who is on trial for “heresy.” He granted three minutes but gave much more. He is being “crucified” mystically and your Murshid could see this in his eyes. So the first thing has been to come to his defense.

He was astounded when I told him of the various peace missions I had been sent on and how the American government and the peace organizations always opposed them. He is particularly interested in Palestine. I told him that the Israelis would have to make one concession; recognize Mohammad as a Messenger of God, and that was all. He thought that was reasonable because Israel is not an orthodox Jewish state in the synagogue sense.

The next move is to confer with the American Friends of the Middle East, which is scheduled for Monday.

Now Helen is no longer a young woman and told me a good deal about her daughter and grandchildren and her life into which we need not go. I was going to take her to the Taj Restaurant where they serve Indian meals and this is the climax of the day, not on the surface but in reality.

We went early and there was a young man there. He said he was from Lahore. Later he said his name was Farooq and I knew he was Muslim. And when I told him that Lahore was my second home he asked, “Do you know Data Ganj Baksh?”

This Data Ganj Baksh is the Urdu nickname for a great Sufi Philosophy known as Al-Hujwiri. I have been studying his Kashf-Al-Mahjub which means roughly the development of Kashf or insight and it is my main book of philosophy. But it cannot be understood without corresponding spiritual experiences. And I knew this was a sign.

For while we call him Al-Hujwiri as a philosopher, he is Data Ganj Baksh or Data Sahib as a Saint. He has a very important shrine in Lahore and everybody goes to him. And while I mention Raihana above, when I go to that shrine also the heavens open, so to speak and I am not Samuel L. Lewis but Sufi Ahmed Murad, who is a Saint or Master in that part of the world. The person, the consciousness, ever changes and that dim phrase, “The heavens declare the Glory of God” becomes a reality. And it was from that shrine also that all the doors began to open in every direction, which has enabled me to meet saints and Holy Men and Masters of all races, religions and types. So much so that once in November and once in December I met Sufis from Morocco and Jordan, just stopping over while they were here.

And I jump to tomorrow, when I am scheduled to have a serious meeting at long last to bring Peace in Palestine. That is a long story but it climaxed when I met Bishop James Pike and we looked into each other’s eyes. Someday I may tell you the greatest story of eyes looking into eyes. This is called Darshan in India and Tawajjeh in Arabic and when we meet again I shall give you the method.

So poor Luise leaves this world, but I can only say what Abu Baker said when Muhammad died, “Let him that worships Mohammad know that the Messenger of God is dead, but let him who worships Allah know that he is Eternal, Ever-living.

With all love and blessings,

Samuel L. Lewis


Sufi Ahmed Murad-Chisti



15th Jan. 1967


Beloved One of Allah:

Yesterday was a long and eventful day and I have written to my goddaughter in Los Angeles who is preparing for Bayat. It seems that the predictions of the various Pirs is now coming true after four years. And it is now certain, although there has been sign of marriage, that a lady now advanced in years has returned to my life and there are some references to her in the letter to Tsil-Tsil.

My youth was very tragic and no reference will be made to it now for it is like ages ago. Helen won heart when she sang “Allah gives light in darkness” and lost it when she was not drawn to Hazrat Inayat Khan. Now all of this has changed and it seems also that the other persons referred to have shown interest in Sufism and much time and attention (which one does not have) have to be given in preparing people for Bayat. Indeed when this letter is complete, attention shall have to be given momentary to that.

Tomorrow morning one has to meet an important person here in regard to Peace for the Near East. This was under an amr from Isa and although one has failed and failed, it stands stronger than ever. Also one has received visions and inspirations. And after the preliminary meeting with this man, I am to meet my brother and then his counselor. As his counselor is also concerned with Peace in the Near East, I am hoping to use this situation to promote friendship. And once we can get the team of peace and friendship started, we may be able to apply it to other parts of Asia, inshallah.

The meeting with Ahmed El-Senussi also encourages action.

I have therefore not had time to celebrate the Id Festival. The service Thursday was marred and I knew it would be marred by an unnecessary appeal for funds. There was an excellent Khutba by the one local member of the Muslim group with whom your Murshid is on friendly terms. Instead one has to be a member of the Berkeley group which is associated with the Canadian-American Muslim League.

There was an Imam present who is permitted no important part in teaching or services. As was told years ago, this group is more interested in social friendship between Muslims than in services to Allah and no American, no matter how devout or wise he is, is given even equal status with born Muslims. That is why a letter has been written; there is in America too much “Islam” and too little “Allah.”

This was also the base of conversations recently and it is awkward to have to prepare Americans in all stages because they refuse to give way to ignorant persons just because those ignorant persons knew Kalama before they did.

It is hard for some people to realize what a change in emotions and heart comes when a brother who has been as enemy and enemy who is a brother finds himself in a new position. And the meeting of the Lahori mentioned at the end of the letter, seems very significant and in some way spiritually connected with your coming to the United States. I am therefore going over any points in your recent letters not answered.

One is very happy over your appreciation of humor and wit. This was a characteristic of Persians especially and it is one of the differences between Persian Sufism (mostly expressed in poetry) and Arabic Sufism (mostly expressed in prose).

I have just purchased one of Arberry’s books on Rumi and feel like changing certain outlooks to agree with the Diwan. This is making one re-evaluate himself but at the same time this very revaluation has helped one in discussing spiritual things with others. And at the end of this writing, will phone some other people who may be interested, especially the Danny referred to. As I shall be meeting his father on spiritual matters tomorrow, he may come or I may have to see him later.

The initiation or ceremony on New Year’s Eve officially proclaiming SAM (that is, Sufi Ahmed Murad) to be both an Abdal and Lover no doubt affected friends and others but it affected the heart even more.

Journeys. Now we must discuss some financial matters. I shall be prepared to go to England and some time previously you did mention about the possibility for paying my way on PIA to Pakistan. Here I am not holding you to pledge or promise. Unless I get help I may not have to return, but there is a greater possibility now of getting financial help from or through my brother. If you can arrange to pay for a PIA ticket from London to Karachi or Lahore. I hope, inshallah, to look after your dollar needs in this country. You will need a large sum of dollars here. And if my brother continues in the friendly spirit as of this morning we could either make a financial or a spiritual exchange which either is best.

It is also notable that after you write on fana-fi-Pir with regard to Data Sahib, etc. that this man should mention the subject. We also discussed many things and inshallah, if I do receive anywhere near the sum my brother and my counselor say I should get, he could come with me and act as translator in both Iran and UAR as well as in the Arab world. So I feel there is no more need to search for a companion.

Your Murshid is delighted with your attitude toward Baba Fareed. For many, many years there was a hidden pull in this heart which was not understood but occasionally your country had people in Foreign Service who understood this. I have not been able to complete correspondence with Ajmir.

This person is prepared either way, as Allah wills or as Sufi Barkat Ali expresses himself, to stay in America or to make a short visit abroad which may be limited or unlimited. Then after you return, one is prepared to stay long abroad. However the Kashf is very light this morning and other than the impending deaths mentioned in the other letter, everything seems beautiful including the weather; it has been Spring rather than Winter.

In California we have the two together.

Love and blessing,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



772 Clementina St.

San Francisco 3, Calif.

January 23, 1967


My dear Brother:

As-salaam Aleikhum. I was very much interested in your remarks yesterday but, to one side of me, they were very funny. You talked about “Sufis,” but did not name them; and you talked about them in such a way that some fanciful personalities, whom you did not place in time or place or history, were used to illustrate concepts. Whereas, in point of fact, last year a friend phoned this house and said a Saint was coming. He gave no further information excepting the use of the word “Sidi.”

Now, despite all the ignorant people, and there are a lot of them, who lecture about hypothetical dervishes and Sufis, there are a lot of them. In this case, I brought a picture of the Teacher of this Saint and it was right. There are some 40,000,000 or more persons in Tarikat in this world; a point that can be easily proven, despite our ignorance, and the right man was selected because there is an grand area of Heart and Heart Wisdom which persists beyond the appearance of this universe.

Recently, I went to Taj Restaurant and met some men from Lahore. “Do you know Data Ganj Baksh?” That was exactly the same as my own selecting the picture of the Saint’s Murshid; it was the same phenomenon revealing the universe of Heart-Wisdom beyond appearance. I am not going to ignore it; to remain and to pride themselves on their ignorance.

They verbalize Praise to Allah and then, Praise Holy Qur’an; they praise it, but do not study it. Even when there were classes on Qur’an, very few Muslims (so-called) attended.

It is my belief that there is no Power, nor Might, save in Allah and when Muslims say they believe that, before the Almighty, they are guilty of Hypocrisy. Why is money needed for a Mosque? All Power and Might is in Allah and yet the Muslims cannot build a Mosque? Where is Allah? Where is Guidance? Once, Prime Minister Nasser sent a man with money to support the building of a Mosque. The “Muslims” preferred an Englishman, not a Muslim, who denounced me; and they supported him, illustrating “Islamic Brotherhood.” When Prime Minister Nasser’s representative heard about that, he tore up a check in my presence.

Then, I said you could have property for nothing. I was born in San Francisco, I know this city, but nobody listened. They raised some funds, not enough, to purchase property and now need more funds. Where is Allah? Where is Divine Guidance? You may argue, my friend, but where is the Allah? What will is there beside His which makes it so difficult to have a Mosque?

I am very much interested in the behavior of Muslims. If I do not take their side I am in politics. Before Allah I am not in politics. But some Muslims say I am in politics; so they believe that, no evidence, no trail, they just believe their “brother.” That is sufficient.

Muslims, as a whole, are no better nor worse than other people, excepting that they have the best of examples of all created beings in Mohammed; the Mustafa, the Amin, the Ahmed, the Servant and Messenger of Allah “who could maintain perfection” without resorting to meditation, seclusion or anything, and thus was the Prince of all beings. With this splendid example, man can absorb all the Sifat-i-Allah. And when he does that and reaches the nufs-salima, he dispenses peace, justice and guidance to humanity. But most Muslims sit around and judge and expect from others and do not demonstrate themselves.

I have before me two mighty causes, both by a Amir of Allah; one to work for World Peace and Justice; the other to work on food-problems. Now, Allah has pointed out that man is not ready to have peace in Vietnam. None of us, no matter who we are, has given any consideration to the masses of Vietnam, who are poor, who are peasants and who are Buddhists. They are not even given the choice of the way they are to be exterminated. Unlike the Jews of Germany they are crushed by two forces, not one.

But Allah, first by Kashf and then in the deep silence, has given another mission: to work for peace in the Near East. And while friends and acquaintances will criticize this person, he is always listening to Allah, day and night. So when he took the first step about Peace in the Near East, he received sudden approval. And then he had a long conference and more approval and in a few days he is meeting another Sufi who is interested in Peace, Love and good-will.

It is notable that this Sufis also did not attend the Jami prayers in San Francisco. For the San Francisco group is independent of the Canadian-American Muslim League, headed by the Imams, and all talk of Muslim Brotherhood is nonsense, here or elsewhere, when the will of man dominates over the will of Allah.

Plans are to cross the country this year, inshallah, and to collect more material for desert reclamation and while some of your countrymen will sit back and criticize; this person will do, will act, will study, will research. For the pains of any person are the pains of the Sufi. He does not separate himself from humanity. And also he does not fail to listen to Allah.

The first efforts to spread the Divine Message were immediately followed by the appearance of Vilayat, the son of Hazrat Inayat Khan, who calls himself a “Murshid,” and does not recognize any of the Dervish Orders; and they do not particularly recognize him. He goes around in social circles, spreading stories about his father. This is far worse than saying “Islam,” for this refers to a Sifat-i­-Allah. But Isa said, “Flesh and blood do not inherit the kingdom of heaven.” Only in this country, it is the outer circumstances, the outer appearances, which attract people. And only those who are caught in the struggle between peace, joy and sorrow, can learn the spiritual and esoteric sciences.

I already know what must be done for Pakistan in the agricultural field. But no man is, nor can he work, in all places. This is a huge country. At my own expense, I shall be glad to gather information, and sooner or later this will go to Pakistan. But, if you obtain the position with the mechanized farm, I already know what to do, how to help. This is from Allah and is in one sense independent of all human beings, believers or unbelievers. “All praise is to Allah.”

Although the Messenger of Allah (on whom be peace) said, “Allah loveth His creation more than a mother loveth her children,” we have changed that. A lot of people can say exactly who and why and what Allah loves. This is shirk, nothing but vile shirk. Until we have entered in the heart of Allah, we do not know. Even in his early days, Mohammed said: “The Merciful leans towards the side of mercy.” (Rahm)

Allah wishes all problems solved. This season has seen the return to one’s conscious fold, old acquaintances, both friends and enemies, and new acquaintances, who seek the Divine Wisdom. Too many see this Wisdom through some human personality and deny what Isa said, “The kingdom of God is within you.” We have to seek our own hearts. Here, now, the greatest obstacle is the behavior pattern people seek; to judge others, rather than find the Light within themselves.

It will be necessary to travel back and forth in this State until well into April. Then, I hope, inshallah, to spend a month crossing this country, then sail for England. I do not even know all my mission, but can feel it.

For the first time I am getting any assistance, paid or unpaid, but it is very little, compared with what must be done.

With all love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti

P.S. My dear Daughter:

Please note there is no reference to you, here. It is notable that what you seem to wish and what my brother (whom I am meeting today) seems to wish harmonize. And, I believe I shall not go to the Orient until 1968, inshallah with you. The means have been given for this British trip, and inshallah, for others.

I am most concerned of your arrival in this country, and so far am planning to talk to the Asia Foundation, and also to my bank, concerning your arrival, and obtaining dollars. Other things can wait.





Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. How is your Aunt? This trip involves visiting to ladies who are my spiritual elder sisters, that is they are older in years. Their various ailments remind me of your Aunt and it was necessary to import the same or similar practices. It is curious that even with literature at hand some people do not apply it to themselves. This makes it necessary to be tender and patient. But it also makes it advisable to give those practices for the restoration and preservation of vitality.

My elder sister here has had a most successful trip to Japan and may return. She is just beginning to be interested in tasawwuf.

Pir Zade Vilayat Inayat Khan, the elder son of my first Pir-o-Murshid, is also in this region. He wishes to establish the Sufi Order legally. But he does not teach either devotionally or scientifically. Devotionally means beginning with Kalama and Kalama would dominate from beginning to end. (See Junaid.)

Scientifically means that the teachings manifest in the life. Indeed the Kashf has been a dominant factor lately in everything.

There are others who pretend to represent tasawwuf. They are stronger socially and financially than this person but have not contacted the stream of intellectual conscious.

You may realize that this country is under a power complex [?] the divine teachings in any and all forms and in one becomes harder and harder. You can read this in Hadith.

Tomorrow, inshallah, one goes to the University of Riverside, the Desert Reclamation Station. This is one project. The is to meet Dr. Chandrasekhar to work on peace and reconcile between India and Pakistan. If he is not there his is to San Francisco anyhow where one should be in one week.

 Allah has been most gracious. In 1949 your Murshid lost his library and all his Sufi teachings in a fire. Some were recovered from those to whom carbons had been sent. Now one Elder Sister in Hollywood has had in her possession some of the most important papers of Hazrat Inayat Khan and inshallah, I pick them up in a few days.

One also received a pleasant visit from both Guy Atkinson and the Consul-General concerning Mangla Dam and has been asked to confer with Vice President Atkinson before leaving the country. The next step has been taken in my legal suit while one has been away.

Praise be Allah but my chief disciple in San Francisco has been graced with more and more experiences in the Divine Light. One said from the beginning that the teachings of Allah are true and would be proved to be true in both the inner and outer worlds. That is the best testimony.

One carries a book of Al-Ghazzali which brings joy and guidance, and is almost as valuable as Hadith upon which it is based.

There have been many other pleasant occurrences from and in all sides. My love and blessing to your Aunt, yourself, your family and friends.

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti.



March 22, 1967


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. I have not heard from you for some time. The combination of present day circumstances with so much illness and some deaths in the private life and the need to leave here in a month causes some concern. For it has been my plan, inshallah, to be somewhere near, if possible, when you land in the United States; and even under certain circumstances, to accompany you westward.

One must leave this country late in May, but no return time has been fixed. There is a need by one’s aged uncle, in Montreal, Canada; and one could stay in the eastern part of United States for a while because there are a number of projects one could engage in.

But there are other factors now. On the surface, the two outstanding are a substantial increase in income, and a sudden rise in the number of young who come here for studies, about half of whom desire Bayat, and some have had it already. So, one is planning a Khankah, or something like it.

Nor does one lay aside plans, for they all seem to come from Allah and work toward the goals pointed out not only by Hazrat Inayat Khan, but now by many of the chief Muslims who are in this country (not by the rank and file, but by the chiefs).

One is hoping to find a day of rest soon, even if only for a few hours, but one must, above all, surrender to Allah and as the Messenger of God has said, “Surrender to Allah in adversity and praise Him in prosperity.” Now one would seem to have both together but the Praise and Surrender have both become easy.

Love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



772 Clementina St.

San Francisco 3, Calif.

March 26, 1967


Beloved Ones of God:

It is fitting, on this Christian Day of Resurrection, to start a record, a rather poor one after forty years of “Six Conversations with Inayat Khan.” These things were never sought by the writer and the very fact that they were requested by the Pir-o-Murshid earned for the writer the ill will of the then secretary, a pattern which has been repeated many times. And even now, a Vietnamese Master, coming to this city, sought this person before all others. This is the pattern of life. And besides, this one awoke this morning with the appearance of Lord Isa, who said, “This Is Very Significant.” So, feeling the blessings of heaven, one will proceed realizing all the way, without humility, that time and age have dimmed the records.

The so-called “Warfare between Science and Religion” has been chiefly a warfare between trust and egotism. There are scientists with trust and scientists with egotism, and there are religions with trust and religionists with egotism. And so long as nufs remains dominant, there will be misunderstandings, dissimulation, ill-will and divisions. Many people like it that way. But the culture of the time declares that the egotist is not the one who talks, who tells, who even brags, but the one who refuses to listen. Those who refuse to listen, whether they refuse to look though Galileo’s telescope, or, at a later day, at Frederick Soddy’s evidences of transmutation or anything else, are the egoists.

Hazrat Inayat Khan declared that a Sufi was one who looked at life from two points of view, that of himself and that of another. In this respect he had hardly any disciples at all. For those who proclaim themselves “Sufis,” descending from him, those who proclaim themselves “Sufis,” descending from others; and those who are not Sufis, but are constantly defining what a Sufi is, agree in not looking at life from anybody else’s standing, standpoint. Thus, they conflict with the classical, “Only Allah I saw,” and inasmuch as they place value in other than Allah, on self-justification does any good; the world will remain divided and the Divine Message, which is in the sphere, will manifest either through others or to and through the whole of humanity; something of the kind being evident at this writing.

One does not remember any longer the exact six meetings, in order. One’s records were destroyed in a fire in 1949, immediately after some of these records were forcibly seized by a person pretending to be a Sufi; having a following who call themselves “Sufis,” but who do not attempt to practice La Illaha El Il Allah, proclaiming that the “Sufism” of the day is different.

The meetings were held in the Beverly Hills Hotel in the year 1926. The first one was the most significant to the reporter. In the year 1925, one had come to the end of one’s tether, and had gone into the wilderness to die, he thought. Instead, he was completely resurrected and learned, for the first time, the Principle of Death and Resurrection, of which this day was significant. Briefly, there were encountered, with Khwaja Khizr at the beginning, and with the Mursaleen in the end, with Lord Mohammed appearing in double capacity, the other Messengers of God singly, and one was vested in a special Robe.

The history of the Robe will not be given here, excepting that it reappeared many years later at Ajmir, there presented by Moinnedin Chisti (many witnesses), and again by Amir Khusrau at Dargah Nizam-ud-din Auliya (in the presence of Pir­-o-Murshid Hasan Sani Nizami. Finally, it was given, in actuality, by Pir-o-Murshid Sufi Barkat Ali, at Salarwala, Lyallpur District, in West Pakistan. The Robe here is substantiating testimony. It may have no effect on egocentric people any more than the evidence of scientists had effects on egocentric people. Those who wish to believe will in the end be believed; those who do not wish to be believed, in the end they will not be believed.

The whole history of the 1925, the first Khilvat of the writer, was told to Pir-o-Murshid. All records are gone. Three times was it submitted to various descendents of Hazrat Inayat Khan in Europe, and discarded. The failure of the Message of God in Europe, and to some extent in America, is due to too much Message and no God, and in the end, personality emphasis. Pir-o-Murshid said, “Heart speaks to heart and soul to soul.” This is for those whose ears and inner beings are opening, or opened.

The effect of the experiences, mystical or occult, was the rejection of the person by the whole culture. In 1930, he came upon “Act of the Adepts,” a French translation of the work of Efleki, of the Mevlevi School, and found many of those “saints” had identically the same experience. This only produced a sort of martyrdom; but the Grace of Allah is greater than anything else. And the blessings from Khwaja Khizr have resulted in fairly stable physical prowess and only the slow introduction of integration and senescence. People who talk Grace are not always willing to accept its evidences. But now there is a new age, a new generation that does, and there are strong reactions against the closed hearts, the closed ears, the closed spirits of those of the past.

Pir-o-Murshid listened and told me to write. But, in the next meeting, something happened and it will stand as a testimonial, and, unfortunately, against those who worship the Teacher and discard the Teaching; a habit which is universal, and which brings only misfortune.

La Illaha El Il Allah.

(The detailed-record of self may follow later.)

There is a practice called Tawajjeh. At the second meeting, Pir-o-Murshid asked, “Samuel, how many faithful mureeds do you think I have?” I could not guess. “Make a try.” “Well, I should say, one hundred, but as much as you indicated by the question, it was many less. I’ll hazard a guess, but I don’t believe it, so I’ll say twenty (20).”

“I wish I had twenty. I wish I had ten. (Then, standing up, he gave the Tawajjeh is a loud voice. “I Wish I Had Five!” Standing and calling in a very loud voice, “Would you believe it? Your murshid has not as many faithful mureeds as he has fingers on one hand.”

When I got up, he told me of his troubles. This was never believed. Neither the disciples of the East (Europe) or the West (America) accepted that. Then he began telling me some things which were also told to Pir-o-Murshid Hasan Nizami on his death bed. These fall in the classes, the first on succession, the second on the Sufi Order.

He began telling me that he wished me to defend Murshida Martin of San Francisco, who has been my original teacher (1919 to 1923,) and in another vein after that. I was to stand by her and protect her but see to it that she never defended herself. He went over that again and again and again.

He said he expected trouble and I was to write to Mr. E. de Cruzat Zanetti in Geneva about what he told me.

Murshida Martin was then under attack by several people. She had the fana­-fi-Rassoul with Mohammed soon after she met Hazrat Inayat Khan. She had a long training in European Occultism and in Comparative Religion. But during the years I knew her, although she was a Murshida, I know of only one or two experiences in fana-fi-Rassoul and one in fana-fi-Lillah on her part. This was much more than others experienced. I was not initiated into fana-fi-Sheikh until 1930, when Hazrat Inayat Khan began to appear to me “from the other side.”

I was told, over and over again:

(a.) Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan intended that Murshid Martin be his successor.

(b.) She was never to defend herself on any occasion and positively never in public.

(c.) She was divest herself of all right to handle funds:

This was the history. The aftermath was terrible.

The first thing that happened after the death of Hazrat Inayat Khan was my removal from the Board of Trustees, which handled the funds. Never, after that, until the disassembling of the Khankah, which Pir-o-Murshid blessed, was I (Sufi Ahmed Murad) ever permitted to say a word about finances.

The funds were handled by a Board of Mureeds it the Murshida, without the advice and consent of her family, and never was any undertaking done without the family and when this person refused to continence private deals, in which her family benefited, he was never forgiven, ever.

It must have been this spirit which was felt in Europe, where the vast majority of disciples refused to accept Murshida Martin as successor to Pir-o­-Murshid Inayat Khan. But they surely felt the nufs. It is to one’s great regret that Murshida Martin always insisted in defending her nufs in public and this led to her downfall.

True, when she visited Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Hasan Nizami, he proclaimed her as successor to Hazrat Inayat Khan. There were deliberations and newspaper notices and was accepted, or at least respected, in the undivided India. But none of this had the slightest effect on Europe.

Still, if we have to see life from the standpoint of another, as well as of ourselves, the outlook is that there is nothing that can be called exactly right or exactly wrong.

Later on in life, much later than the above events, when an outsider came along and insisted that Rabia give up public self-defense and control of funds, she did that without a whimper. She could not do that at the dying request of her own Pir-o-Murshid, but for an outsider she did that. Her death was a tragedy.

This had to do with the papers for the disciples. There were several rules and constitutions in the short career of Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan. At that time he had papers called “Gathekas,” for non-mureeds (some of them later published in “The Unity of Religious Ideals”), “Gathas” for the first years and “Githas” for the next three years. He gave me some instructions about them. There were further instructions at other meetings.

The Sufi Movement had been envisioned as covering twelve grades, but the last degrees were for teachers only. Only if there was a “full graduation” the person either became a Khalif or its equivalent, but that was outside the immediate instructions.

Pir-o-Murshid told me how he wanted these things handled. He made me esoteric, but not exoteric leader in Los Angeles. That is to say, my authority was limited to the teaching of disciples, and training of applicants, and their first Bayat. There was little in this meeting which did not extend to others, elsewhere.

The Sufi Order was to be divided into three sections, and this also appears in the literature called “The Sufi Message.” There was to be: a. the Sufi Order, for mureeds and spiritual instruction; b. the Universal Worship, which was a ritual including scriptures of all faiths; c. The Brotherhood, which was to be the intellectual side of the teaching, to bridge the gap between mysticism and universal culture.

He went into exact details and told me to work with Miss Sakina Furnée in Suresnes, France, but if anything happened to her, I was to take over. She did retire on Pir-o-Murshida’s death. This appointment was never recognized in Europe and has been de-emphasized in America.

Still, one has gone on trying to bridge the gap between mysticism and general culture and the last few weeks show, that if one persists for forty years, he will surely succeed. But this success comes when there is no practical, working Sufi Movement. It is only after constant stress that the Pir Zade has recognized this.

All the people who have assayed to mystical or spiritual leadership have assumed, and without any evidence whatsoever, that this exoteric undertaking would interfere with their missions, their presumed duties and their claims. There is so much to do with teaching the spiritual science. And now one has reached a complexity, because the young to whom one was not originally sent, accept his spiritual prowess, and at the same time, there is increasing acceptance of this person all over the world as one bridging the gap between the Intellectual and Mystical worlds. If Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti has any rights as “Khalif” or “Murshid,” these came from Pirs outside the Sufi Order of Hazrat Inayat Khan.

One would prefer to work in and with one of the various constitutions laid down by Hazrat Inayat Khan. Long after he had left the world, he asked that the disciples, particularly in Europe, either restore the constitutions, any one of them that he had given, or have a visible constitution which could be seen by others. Instead, there have been nothing but unsubstantiated ego-claims, as if there was no Universal God.

It is notable, that after all these years, what Pir-o-Murshid said, “neither can I be broken, nor God, but the one who would break me, he is broken.”

This had to do with the science of commentaries. Originally, this had been part of the general teachings. There was an Exoteric Constitution (there were several), which distinction called for commentaries. Each person to become Khalif was supposed to write a commentary on the “Gathas,” the first three years,” instructions (very profound).

While this was explicit in the Esoteric Constitution, years later when I saw a copy, the section had been removed. It is noteworthy that none of the persons who have assayed to be the successor of Hazrat Inayat Khan have attempted anything of the kind. The evidence is that they are incapable, and certainly the visits, of various members of the Khan Family to Asia have not evinced their awareness of the Divine Being or proficiency in Hal and Makam.

When Rabia Martin appointed one Mrs. Ivy Duce as her successor, that lady, proclaiming the Parsi born Meher Baba as “Avatar,” laid aside all provisions for the study of Hazrat Khan’s writings. What is done with them now one does not know, but there is no evidence of proficiency in inner and outer mystical sciences, and even less in that kind of Love that binds hearts, regardless of birth, class or any other artificial or natural division.

In 1930, when in Khilvat on the third anniversary of the death of Hazrat Inayat Khan, his spirit appeared to me and I began writing the commentaries from the standpoint of fana-fi-Sheikh. One of the last letters of Hazrat Inayat Khan, on his deathbed, was to thank me for my efforts. This letter was destroyed in the fire of 1949 along with 25 years research and collections of materials on the above and related subjects. The [?] of those commentaries is in one’s hands.

This began with an initiation (Bayat) and later, when I looked up Hazrat Inayat Khan’s early records, I found he had initiated me as “Sufi.” One dared not take that appellation and it was only years later, receiving such Bayat openly from Pir-o-Murshid Sufi Barkat Ali, that one could use it. But this appellation was also confirmed by Pir-Dewwal Shereef, President of the Board of Directors, Islamabad University and Pir-o-Murshid President Ayub Khan. It has been accepted in Asia by many Pirs, many schools.

Pir-o-Murshid then asked me to study all his constitutions, all his records and submit findings to Mr. Zanetti in Geneva. This was not an easy task. The records were scattered. Murshida Martin had a book for Murshids, which she put away for safety and, at her death, nobody was able to find it. But at her death one found a lot of scattered miscellany, in a range of places. These covered the complete Ryazat of Hazrat Inayat Khan. As they have been rejected by everybody else, they became one’s own, but are to be placed before Sufi Barkat Ali, and shared, or not shared, according to his decision.



4th April, 1967


Beloved One of Allah,

As-salaam aleikhum. There are times of trial and there are times of pain and there are times of rewards and there are times of blessings and when they all come together it is very hard know where to begin or to end. Last week one worked 40 hours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the Christian Holy Days. Not only had so many things gone wrong but so many things gone right at the same time. I thanked Allah that He was giving me the trials on the anniversary of the sufferings of Isa. Then suddenly Isa himself appeared and gave a blessing and on the Monday (last week) the missing papers covering much of my research in India showed up. These included the documents also on Irfan, the Warisi School (which is the most unorthodox) and the teachings of Dara Shikoh. Then I knew the worst had passed. But without notice the landlady ordered me out.

There are a large number of young people called Hippies and they have been coming here and receiving spiritual instructions, in particular Zikr and now, inshallah, I am ready to open a Khankah and teach the Zikrs on a large scale. My closest spiritual brother has urged me to go the authorities, which I shall and place everything on the table. For there seems to be nobody who can handle these wild young people but a single Christian minister, who is an outcast and a very good friend, and myself. They resound to love and blessing just as earnestly and eagerly as others do not. I am limited to the number of mureeds to 12 at this time and will return to devote myself to spiritual and food problems. Therefore I shall not go Pakistan unless there is a Divine Command, an Amr or Kashf or especially Shahud; the last has been very strong lately.

There is some sort of peace between some Western Sufis now which may enable us to work on a large scale, inshallah. The young take to the Zikrs but I have on file a complete moral training without any need of any kind of sermons at all. Besides, Hazrat Inayat Khan said that the inner training would take care of the moral problems without any need to admonition.

For the moment, the cost of a ticket was provided for by my mother’s legacy, but far more money is coming from my father’s estate; it has been necessary to lay aside a large sum for income tax before one receives the anticipated amounts. Then there are letters from all over which will be of great value in the future of Pakistan, on desert reclamation and other subjects. And evidently Allah approves, for all steps towards working on “How California Can Help Asia” have been accepted in certain quarters like a miracle.

All this work with the Chistis is so close. The only other Dargah one might suggest is that of Bulla Shah. The tasbihs have not come yet. All the ones received before have been put to use. Generally your Murshid uses some and after there is enough Baraka in them, he gives them to mureeds or those in need.

Now there is something very strange which has not happened before in the whole history of the world so far as one knows. Your Murshid is now considered as one of the top Buddhists in the whole world, especially in the Meditation or Zen School. It is impossible to explain. Since the Saint (Sidi) from Morocco was here and recognized your Murshid, all the kinds of holy men came and sometimes they do not call on other Americans. There is a sort of insight and sight and recognition and there is no way to put this into words.

There are governments in this world called “Islamic” which not only do not accept this Hadith but reject others. And it is with regret that one sees so many ignorant people defending any and all those called “Muslim” regardless of whether they accept Hadith or Saluk teachings.

Your Murshid is somewhat concerned with the affairs in the Near East. His own program was warmly supported by UN officials and to his surprise, Arabs of all kinds and Israelis alike once accepted it. The Universal Outlook comes out of Fikr and Daroods.

When the American Muslims questioned your Murshid’s use of Zikr and Kalama, that they must be “Islamic,” he wrote back that it was Zikr and Kalama which established “Islam” and not some “Islam” which could be associated or dissociated from Zikr and Kalama. One is glad to report they have accepted his view and later, when health is fully restored, a much longer report will be given.

During the Great War your Murshid had the special Grace of Allah of having served directly under Ghaus-i-Azam on all planes of the Universe. When one reached Cairo, there was a strange delegation that came to his rooms (this was mentioned before) led by a scientist named Yusuf Wall and he also told of the great protection given to the world by Ghaus-i-Azam and the Auliya. But every time emotional Muslims wish to call their private quarrels “Jihad” this does not always happen.

There is no question that the Israelis, in going to Palestine, did not follow the pathways of Musa and Suleiman and Zerubbabel and they did not build the Temple which was to be a “House of Prayers for all people.” Yet President Eshkol has joined with President Ayub and Hussain in supporting “The Temple of Understanding” at Washington. President Johnson has not and this may be understanding to you and is certainly dear to many Asians.

Your Murshid will be continuing research on this Project: The Garden of Allah while he is not permitted to travel. Every time one does anything here the guidance is clear. And it is also becoming clear to remain here at least until you come to this land, unless it is clear you are not to come.

The first efforts will be made tonight for a pilgrimage and one would like, inshallah, to take a delegation to the Urs at Ajmer in 1969. At least Allah has shown approval by seeing each person invited has received in some way or other sufficient funds to make this possible.

One shall need all help with Hadith and Ism-i Azam and Sifat-i-Allah. One will introduce these people to Imams for external instruction but oneself will instruction these things which appeal to the inner man.

No doubt there has been confusion on one’s own part and one has caused confusion during illness.

The tasbihs have been received and are “magnetized” before being given away. Bayat ceremony is being discontinued until one can move in larger and more commodious headquarters, which would be a sort of Khankah.

Will it be possible for you to bring saris? Recently I took my only lady mureed to a special bazaar to purchase a sari cloth, and there was just one there, very low priced, too. Your Murshid was unable to find any suitable gong and on returning home found a large gong had been sent by a spiritual sister from elsewhere in the State.

There has been a call for the meeting of “spiritual leaders” from all parts of the world here next summer. Your Murshid has sarcastically asked who formed the committee which selected them and who was the one who would deny him (myself) credentials. This usually happens. But now, with the support of the Islamic students, any more such rejections will be reported both here and abroad. Besides there is a feeling one will be heard.

Indian representatives are given priority but one fails to find them anywhere near the states and stages described by Ghaus-i-Azam. And last week there was a man from New Delhi speaking on tasawwuf and to your Murshid’s surprise, he was given the platform, the first time this ever happened. Since then that same man has recognized your Murshid’s state and station after his lecture on the Sufi poets. This series has ended but we have become friends. It is rather curious that all the men present accepted your Murshid and all the women rejected him! That is why one has gone very slow. The only lady mureed is the wife of a man who shows tremendous spiritual acumen and inshallah, he might become my Khalif here.

One has to work day and night and at the same time Allah is guiding that one does not overwork. Sleep has become more and more restful and magnetism and energy return. But one still has so many small problems including family matters, that one is unable to consider your difficulties or even other pressing matters here. If the physician releases me this week, I may be able to extend efforts. One dislikes asking others to be patient, one expects patience from oneself.

Love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



April 4, 1967


Beloved One of Allah.

This is a second letter. The other was written yesterday and [?] This home will be dissolved. After 25th April, your Murshid assumes his old address of 64 Harriet St., San Francisco, 94103. This landlady was a widow lady of great need and now one can pay her a small but needed stipend to look after mail, and also another small amount for storage. For, in forcing one to leave these premises, also one has been compelled to save money, at a time one has sufficient. Only it is something very few people dare to do, to have direct conversations with Allah, and to receive answers as immediate wisdom, even on the most practical things.

There has been some objection, for the young are coming to this place in greater and ever greater numbers and a love has been established between us that older people, and especially in this country, cannot understand. It comes from the flowing of the heart and they pick it up. And last night also, an older woman came, the first such a one who was not captivated by her own ego. And so the plan to have a Khankah exclusively for the young will not be.

The hope was to have 12 disciples before leaving. One now has eight, six young men, one older man (who belonged to Hazrat Inayat Khan’s “Sufi Order” and one young woman, the wife of a man who has already all the marks of a Murshid; he has the Sufi Symbol written on his forehead.

These young people are seeking love. Their parents are concerned either with wealth or power. They are in revolt against society but they are not to be confused with social revolutionaries. If anything they lean toward anarchism rather than socialism and communism. Their hearts are more hungry than anything. They find nothing almost anywhere else and they are telling each other about your Murshid, and the place was packed.

One of my older mureeds said, “I see now you must have a much larger place. But one must be very careful. One said they would like a larger place and someone to cook. And yesterday when one called on his oldest (in age) friend here, the man said, “Could I come and cook for you, and have a place where I would not have to pay so much rent.” So, inshallah, it should be arranged on my return.

The most ridiculous situation is that after being constantly rejected by a certain local editor, one sent a paper to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, perhaps the most advanced institution in this country, or the world, and they in turn sent for your Murshid. It is ridiculous but that is what it is. Half the people judge by knowledge and the other half by externals and if they are not pleased by externals, nothing can influence them.

One tells the audiences that nowhere in this country is there a “School for Heart.” And one uses various means. But the Kashf is to go to England and look up certain books, for the science of the Attributes of Allah must be taught along with Zikr and it does not matter any longer how many older people sneer or oppose.

There has been one very beautiful young woman and she is charmed. I said: “Why don’t you call on ‘X’ and see what they say about me? You would get a different and entirely different outlook.” “I have been there and if they criticize you, it is a sign of your true position, for I can’t stand anything they do.” The criticism would come from a group of which one has written before, pretending to be Sufis. But the real Sufis of the world are coming together, from many distant places they are now world communicating together. And although I have not heard since from Prof. Nasr or his friends, one can feel this coming.

For yesterday also one received a letter from The Temple of Understanding in Washington, where they await my coming. It is funny, all the religions of America look to this temple and many sign up for it, but do they grant interviews? One teaches the people on top and when one gets a little [?] away!!! There is a lady in this city who has no use for your Murshid and she is very charmed with a man who studied under a man who studied under you guess who? It is not so funny as tragic. But anyhow one finds the young today so tractable, so much seeking.

Then one gets more and more letters from far and wide, mostly on food problems. And it is because of them one does not wish to go back to Asia, one must wait for your coming here and save dollars for you. If you are not coming that would be different but one must wait. And one writes to S. Ahmed on the scientific and food problems of Pakistan.

Here some of the businessmen and industrialists like “How California Can Help Asia.” And yesterday one wrote to Guy Atkinson here, the firm that helped engineer Mangla Dam. People here know nothing of the achievements of Americans. They only know about the success and failures of Russians and Chinese, but of successes of Americans, they know nothing.

So I have tonight to meet my friend in Los Angeles, who did wonderful things in Egypt and also worked in Sudan. One does not leave anything to chance. It has taken a long, long time, but whether it is feeding bodies or hearts, it is the same.

With all love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



April, 1967


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. This has been a time of harvest, only as Isa said, the hands are few. The harvest has been much, and the whole program has been so full that one is having a hard time keeping well. Add to this a sick brother and many ill friends.

But this is a harvest. Last week, I inherited a large library. It was necessary to move it, for the house in which it was kept is being sold. We hardly moved it when the telephone rang. A man came from an important magazine to give an interview on “Sufism.” I don’t know what they wanted it for, but it is an important magazine. We got along so well that we did not complete the interview and he said we must meet again.

You have already had, no doubt, the copy of a letter to Professor Nasr. Now, this is what has happened. The first stage of the legal matters has been settled. Praise to Allah, I am now relieved from poverty, and it may be for the rest of our lives. But my brother wishes some money to meet his medical bills, and they cannot give it to him without giving me an equal amount, and it is this I have in mind for Prof. Nasr.

Now, as for you. The additional amount granted me may enable me to help you while in this country, only I have not heard from you, when you are coming or how. I wish to go to England for many reasons. As soon as I hear from Prof. Nasr’s colleagues, I shall get ready to leave; crossing this country, going to New England, Canada and taking a ship, inshallah.

Having lived years in poverty, for America, Allah is making it possible to live in comfort. When I return, I wish, inshallah, to establish a Khankah. I now have more mureeds and several applications. I do not wish to have a large following until I can establish a Khankah. Many young people want to help me with clerical and other work. I shall need this much more than financial help. I may never, inshallah, need financial help again.

One mureed is going to type Saladin for me. I need copies; I need all kinds of help.

There is the food problems; my scientific work.

I have written to my friend, Shams-ud-din about two Americans who are coming to Lahore. They are disciples of the Parsi, Meher Baba, who claims to be Sufi; also he says he is Avatar. His own teachers denounced him, but he says he is Avatar. That is what Americans like, especially here in California. They have what we call a “messianic complex.”

But the young are otherwise. They want love and affection and divine wisdom.

My love to your aunt and family and everybody.



Fragment of letter in April 1967


The Chief Imam in Washington had boldly stated that there is only One Religion and God’s Most Chosen Messenger has again and again insisted that the higher we elevate the other Messengers of Allah, the higher is he elevated. The name Mohammad is based on the deepest metaphysics. The superficial people of what they call Shariat, say there is no metaphysics. But now, one has so many teachings, also from Muhyiddin Ibnu ‘l-’Arabi and Maulana Rumi; and today one ordered a new book from Karachi.

One is now going to copy the Complete Ryazat of Hazrat Inayat Khan, and one copy will go to Salarwala, but one has to be very careful about the other copies. Nevertheless, there are great values in these papers. One must thank Allah for His Grace and Blessing at every step.

You are free to act as the Khalifa of this person in all things, and go right ahead, with love, blessing and freedom. The Unity principle comes out in the study of the Wali. Your Murshid has written to Holy Sufi Barkat Ali on this subject, but did not make a copy for you. Besides, this was not complete, and instructions are to look for Sufi literature in England, and also consult with friends of Prof. Nasr. For there is an aspect of tasawwuf, and you have already been given the initiation and blessing of Ghaus-i-Azam, which is most wonderful.

I may have to move from here shortly. Any letters after April 25 are to go to:

64 Harriet St.

San Francisco, Calif. 94103 USA

Unless you are otherwise informed.

My brother has not been out of his house for two months. He has released me from obligation. I lost three friends in short order and many close friends are ill. But Allah wishes me to work with the young. Remember, “With difficulty cometh ease; verily with difficulty cometh ease.”

Please let me hear of your movements. I shall try to reserve some dollars for you when and if you come to this country.

Love and blessing,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



May 17, 1967


Beloved one of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. Forgive me if this letter is written under trying circumstances. One can hardly perform errands even for one’s self and mostly I have a young man accompanying me.

No doubt there is a wise Allah who prevents us either from our own mistakes or who has come with a hidden mission or purpose which we must fathom. For example, there will be at least two types of spiritual gatherings here in San Francisco, which one attends, because new travel is out of the question. In the one direction, it will be easy and automatic, in the other, a shame and disgrace.

For so far as spiritual philosophies are concerned, one faces either a battery of professors, who were mostly British or European born, and who have been quite successful in having this person rejected. And in the other direction a group of utterly disreputable people who ignore all moralities but who are nonetheless accepted here as leaders in “Asian Culture.” By this means Asian cultures are downgraded; and by pointing to them, the power structure people seem self-righteous.

But, here in San Francisco there is a psychological, spiritual and general revolution going on, where all past values are rejected; and many young look to these disreputable persons are their leaders. They have called for spiritual teachers to come and speak, but the spiritual teachers will have to face panels now, instead of the intellectuals or the disreputables. It is almost inconceivable, but it is true.

You have full permission as Khalifa to represent me anywhere and everywhere, on any occasion. Your reports are most encouraging, but neither your reports, nor problems, can be faced at the moment, for I also have the problem of new quarters. As soon as the doctor gives permission, inshallah, one will have a Khankah of some kind. There have been no visions, little insight or guidance, and one must feel one’s way along.

This period has been complicated by a multitude of opportunities such as one has never had before; not only from all over Asia, but also from America and England. The doors are open for full cooperation with Dr. Nasr through Mr. Ross, but even this most necessary undertaking is difficult now.

I see the tremendous calamities of unwillingness to face real food (and other) problems, and to utilize the Divine Wisdom to face real problems of a real world. The best way for Pakistan to face India would be to settle some of its own problems, but this it cannot do by mere negation. “Islam” solves nothing and is shirked. Allah solves everything. La Illaha El Il Allah means nothing but what it says, but on many levels, including that of pure sound. Too many so-called “Muslims” reject Allah and demand “Islam,” which, in the end, means supporting (or opposing) some political move. If Isa was a Muslim, a lot of politicians are not. Every Sura begins with Bismillah Er Rahman Er-Rahim and not with “even.” Therefore, one is most happy that you have concentrated on the meaning of Fateha. There is so much in it.

Illness, despite its costs, by canceling travel, leaves one in a good financial position. Inshallah, I will cooperate to the full your coming to this land at any date. The tasbihs have long come, but not any caps.

This is more of an acknowledgment, than an answer. Please be patient. My rhythms must be slow, but my friends have become warmer and concerned. Sometimes, one can even talk.

With all love and blessing,



Date unknown—Ed


Beloved One of Allah:

Allah wishes to make it clear I have not been in politics. I merely did not take sides during the Kashmir conflict because I saw at least six views, there may be more. Then Allah told me that whoever would win would have the worst famine and it was so. Honors are easy, criticisms are easy, but to help sad and unhappy souls, or peoples, is hard.

This week, inshallah, I hope to take the next step toward Peace in the Near East; not empty words, but actual measures. Love and blessings.

(Allah now wants me to come back from England and open a Khankah, which will be done, inshallah.)

This last was the most important of all the meetings. Pir-o-Murshid went over everything with patience. I have since found several attempts on his part for a constitution. One was based on prowess in Zikr, never completed. Another on advancement in hal and makam. Another on different bases. All of these records were either destroyed, lost in the fire of 1949, or came into the hands of Mrs. Ivy Duce and Meher Baba. But many of the principles are found in Volume X of the “Sufi Message,” now published. For practical purpose this volume includes, basically, everything needed for a Sufi School in any and all parts of the world.

Pir-o-Murshid explained the position of Mursaleen, and last November, when Sidi Abu Saleem Al-Alawi came to San Francisco, he gave exactly the same teachings; and did not establish a Khankah here, saying it was not necessary as one in the audience had all the teachings and Baraka. The audience, then, did not assent, but since that time there has been ever-growing attention to the Teachings, rather than the person.

It is hoped, some day, this person will be given the papers requisite to this place in the spiritual life so he can continue the commentaries as requested by Hazrat Inayat Khan. There is one slight possibility of this; that the present Pir Zade will awaken to the seriousness of the position in which he has been placed.

The Sufi Movement in Europe broke, deliberately or not, the problems of succession by “selecting” a Healer (Shafayat), Ali Khan, a cousin of Hazrat Inayat Khan, as “Pir-o-Murshid” or “Sheikh-Ma-Shaikh.” This was a flagrant violation of his rules or wishes. Even now, a delightful old gentleman, a brother, Musheraff Khan, has assumed the title of Pir and the rumor is that he has selected certain favored relatives as successors. This is in direct violation of all principles of tasawwuf.

However, there are now too many efforts on the part of those who have some prowess in hal and makam to come together, realizing the unity of all knowledge, the passing of the importance of national boundaries, and the coming of movement toward the Brotherhood of Man.

This has been written rather hurriedly in face of a number of dramas and climaxes surrounding the writer and it is hoped, that at some leisure time, or in khilvat, if possible, one can submit a more sober report. At this writing, Pir Zade Vilayat Khan seems to have assented to his father’s wishes about this person being a leader in “Exoteric Sufism.” As several organizations of world importance have already done so, it becomes foolish to deny what is so obvious in the “Mind of God.” This person has been totally unsuccessful in convincing any of the other claimants to spiritual leadership that it in no wise infringes on the appointments given by Hazrat Inayat Khan, nor do they, in turn, determine either the Pir-o-Murshid’s succession or hierarchal status of others.

The writer saw a similar impasse in the Shadhili School in Cairo, and noted how they determined the succession, in love, in harmony and in mutual trust. There are many means by which problems can be solved. The tragedy is a school of Sufis discarding, one after another, the esoteric sciences which could be used to settle problems, and resorting to ego-reasons, or rather, just ego, then justified, instead of to Allah.

The rise of a new generation, not to say culture, that wishes Divine Experience direct, and not personalities and personalisms, means, inshallah, that the Truth (Hikmat) will manifest despite all the arguments, substantiated statements and claims of all persons. This includes those of a writer himself, who is not without faults. But in a law court, an eye-witness is permitted the box, not on his private merits or demerits, but on whether he has been the witness to events causing litigation.

Around 1946, the writer entered in fana-fi-Rassoul. Although this came from Mohammed, the Khatam-ul-Mursaleen, it was followed almost immediately by a similar experience with Jesus (Isa.) And, on this day, it was the appearance of Lord Jesus which has prompted the report at this time.

With all love and blessings to whomsoever reads this and to whomsoever has access thereunto.


Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



June 5, 1967

Miss Saadia Khawar Khan

Bhallah House, Multan Road, Lahore.


As-salaam aleikhum. This letter is being sent in duplicates, the copy going to our beloved Pir-o-Murshid Sufi Barkat Ali.

Whatever the truth of recent illness, there is no question that man’s will, or delight, does not always correspond with the Divine Will or Delight. One had no premonition of anything standing in the way, but their recent illness has led to the purification and renovation of body, mind and emotions, to say the least.

Tasawwur. One has greatly changed one’s pace and walk, it being much slower, more deliberate, but bringing forms of assuredness. This will also make it possible, inshallah, to teach more through the “feet,” to use a Naqshibandi expression. It is certain that the pace of first, Pir-o-Murshid and that of my “spiritual guide,” Mian Mir, were slower and more deliberate. Now one has no choice but to walk this way; and at the same time it would seem that the body, being renovated, it may be possible, inshallah, to live a long time, to pursue those duties and ryazat which are before one.

Islam in America. It has been very hard to convey that your Murshid has always been on very bad terms with the local Islamic community which is, however, somewhat divided. The Urdu and Pushtu speaking people in this State have their own Mosques and while calling for unity and brotherhood are apart from the “Muslims Students Association.” The latter are organized throughout the United States and Canada. Not only has your Murshid joined them, but assured them, despite age, one was still a student, connected with at least two institutions of learning.

And as matters have transpired, one is, today, Alhamdulillah, on very good terms with the larger organization and thus ignores the local group.

American Friends of the Middle East is discontinuing their local office. Your Murshid has taken back two Sufi books, those on Moineddin Chisti and Ghaus-­i-Azam and it will be on the latter one wishes to teach tonight, and perhaps tomorrow night.

The brochure of the Muslim Students Association has printed “God refuses to accept the repentance of one who has spilled Muslim blood.” It is on this point that one did not see eye-to-eye with the late Mohammed Iqbal; and also when at Dargah Mian Mir one received the “repentance” of the Saint for not preventing the wars and bloodshed between the sons of Shah Jehan.

Now Ghaus-i-Azam had a very large family and the tradition is that every one reached the eminence of Murshid. This, to me, is most ideal; that all those wonderful sons of a saintly father should be concerned with the ways of Allah and not wish prestige or power. There is nothing like it. And it has been my fate in this life to have been befriended by Ghilanis wherever I have gone. So, although my last letter to the Students was before the return of this book, I intend to concentrate on “The Prophet said: ‘God refuses to accept the repentance of one who has spilled Muslim blood.’”

There are governments in this world called “Islamic” which not only do not accept this Hadith, but reject others. And it is with regret that one sees so many ignorant people defending any and all those called “Muslims,” regardless of whether they accept Hadith or Saluk teachings.

Your Murshid is somewhat concerned with the affairs in the Near East. His own program was warmly supported by UN officials and, to his surprise, Arabs of all kinds and Israelis alike once accepted it. The Universal Outlook comes out of Fikr and Darood.

When the American Muslims questioned your Murshid’s use of Zikr and Kalama, that they must be “Islamic,” he wrote back that it was Zikr and Kalama which established “Islam”; and not some “Islam” which could be associated or dissociated from Zikr and Kalama. One is glad to report they have accepted his view and later, when health is fully restored, a much longer report will be given.

During the Great War, your Murshid had the special Grace of Allah to have served directly under Ghaus-i-Azam on all planes of the Universe. When one reached Cairo, there was a strange delegation that came to his rooms, (this was mentioned before), led by a scientist named Yusuf Wall and he also told of the great protection given to the world by Ghaus-i-Azam and the Auliya. But every time emotional Muslims wish to call their private quarrels “Jihad” this does not always happen.

There is no question that the Israelis, in going to Palestine, did not follow the pathways of Sulaiman and Zerubabbel, and they did not build the Temple, which was to be a “House of Prayers for all people.” Yet, President Eshkol has joined with Presidents Ayub and Hussain in supporting the “Temple of Understanding” at Washington. President Johnson has not; and this may be understandable to you and is certainly clear to many Asians.

Your Murshid will be continuing research on his Project: The Garden of Allah while he is not permitted to travel. Every time one does anything here, the guidance is clear. And it is also becoming clear to remain here, at least until you come to this land, unless it is clear you are not to come.

The first efforts will be made tonight for a pilgrimage, and one would like, inshallah, to take a delegation to the Urs at Ajmir in 1969. At least Allah has shown approval, by seeing each person invited has received, in some way or other, sufficient funds to make this possible.

One shall need all help with Hadith and Ism-i Azam and Sifat-i-Allah. One will introduce these people to Imams for external instruction, but oneself will instruct in these things which appeal to the inner man. No doubt there has been confusion on one’s own part and one has caused confusion during illness.

The tasbihs have been received and are “magnetized” before being given away. Bayat ceremony is being discontinued until one can move into a larger and more commodious headquarters, which would be a sort of Khankah.

Will it be possible for you to bring saris? Recently, I took my only lady mureed to a special bazaar to purchase a sari-cloth, and there was just one there; very low priced, too. Your Murshid was unable to find any suitable gong. On returning home, found a large gong had been sent by a spiritual sister from elsewhere in the State.

There has been a call for the meeting of “spiritual leaders” from all parts of the world next summer. Your Murshid has sarcastically asked who formed the committee which selected them and who was the one who formed it to deny him (yourself) credentials. This usually happens. But now, with the support of the Islamic students, any more such rejections will be reported both here and abroad. Besides, there is a feeling one will be heard.

Indian representatives are given priority, but one fails to find them anywhere near the states and taigas described by Ghaus-i-Azam. And last week there was a man from New Delhi speaking on tasawwuf, and to your Murshid’s surprise he was given the platform; the first time this ever happened. Since then, that same man has recognized your Murshid’s state and station after his lecture on the Sufi poets. This series has ended, but we have become friends. It is rather curious that all the men present accepted your Murshid and all the women rejected him! That is why one has gone very slow. The only lady mureed is the wife of a man who shows tremendous spiritual acumen and, inshallah, he might become my Khalif here.

One has to work day and night and at the same time Allah is guiding that one does not overwork. Sleep has become more and more restful and magnetism and energy return. But one still has so many small problems including family matters, that one is unable to consider your difficulties or even other pressing matters here. If the physician releases me this week I may be able to extend efforts. One dislikes asking others to be patient; one expects patience from oneself.

Love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



772 Clementina St.

San Francisco 94103 Calif.

June 13, 1967


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. It is with great joy that one has received your letter giving the reports of your visit to Dargah Data Sahib. There is a peculiar link between this person and Lahore and although one does not know exactly what one’s geographical moves will be, one’s heart is there. It may be true that one’s heart is closer to Ajmir and Nizam-ud-din Auliya, but there is no desire to live in those places. If Allah wills, I should go to the Urs in 1969.

The doctor is very satisfied with one’s improvement. Actually, he has helped eliminate poisons in the system and one feels very much better than for a long time. Even when I was working in the greenhouse today, I found it was easy to carry heavy plants. Something has happened, both to the inner and outer bodies, for health, strength, vitality and magnetism.

The American Friends of the Middle East is closing its offices here. So your Murshid took back the booklets on Abdul Kadir-i-Jilani and Khwaja Gharib Nawaz. This proved to be a blessing; and all during the fighting one read the former and also Rumi and this also proved to be a blessing in another direction.

Mills College here is the largest such institution for women, only. They have a wonderful Botany Department. They publish the best books on trees and shrubs. We found the director is Turkish and so first one spoke about Maulana Rumi, which proved to be the best way. Kashf is better than Akl. In a short while, the professor not only accepted plans for a gigantic Desert Reclamation Project, but wants to join in. We are to call on him again in two weeks.

This Desert Reclamation plan is a merging of Kashf, Akl and Divine Guidance. Very few know anything about “Peace.” The word is used loosely. Last night your Murshid took the audience into the Universe of Peace and will try again tonight. Peace is where we begin; and this, also, is a lesson learned from Hazrat Inayat Khan.

The Mevlevi Movement became degraded because the family took over the spiritual leadership. When Hazrat Inayat Khan left this world, this taking over by the family was even faster. As your Murshid had complete union with Hazrat Inayat Khan, even before meeting him, and as it was as disciple that both Khwaja Khidr and all the Mursaleen revealed themselves, it is impossible under spiritual and mystical principles to deny this. And in 1946, I believe, in the woods, came the experience when Hazrat Inayat Khan told your Murshid he was leaving him; and your Murshid lost a tooth and immediately after that, the Messenger of Allah appeared. Years later, one learned the same tooth was missing from the mouth of the Seal of the Messengers.

The details of your visit are so beautiful; one wishes one could show the report to others. Your Murshid is rejected by the local Islamic community. They are separate from the International Islamic community. The President of the latter has accepted your Murshid’s spiritual position; and this letter has been sent to Farooq Malawi, head of the local Arab Information Bureau, and descendent from Maulana Rumi.

Part of your Murshid’s peace program is this: Salt water conversion plant on the Red Sea, near Jeddah. This water is to be used by pilgrims and also to irrigate the Hedjaz. To move the Palestinians there; the Arab world is under-populated, especially as labor is needed in the oil fields and there is deficiency in agricultural labor.

The building of huts, according to the programs of the University of California, which are weather-proof, sanitary and cost little. This would provide suitable homes for the refugees in sacred or semi-sacred territory.

The whole project could be covered by a very small tax on all pilgrims, which could amount to considerable, in, let us say, 200 years. It would do much for peace and friendship. You are at liberty to share this with anybody, but your Murshid requests it be shared with Mr. Engineer.

Everything now is Oratory, the Oratory punctuated by dishonesty and chicanery. The Arabs are wrong in allying themselves with godless people. So are the Pakistanis. The Israelis have repudiated their own religion. If one had their prayer books, this can easily be proved. Few accept Allah in fact. It was a disgrace for Arabs to speak as if Allah was not listening. He is the Seer, the Knower and no man can change that.

Your Murshid is fighting for more Islamic culture in this land. The Local Muslims confuse this with folk-lore. They want Turkish and Arabic music or power or literature. This is not “Islam.” The great spiritual literature is not known. Recently an Indian, speaking on the Sufi poets, turned the floor over to your Murshid. But there is prose, too. Your Murshid does not know Ibnu ‘l-’Arabi, only the comments on him, which are not very valuable. He may send for Muqadimmah, which was left with a spiritual sister elsewhere in this land. He has asked for all the material available on Hadith and on the Sifat-i-Allah. When and if you come to this land, I hope, also, you will bring such books.

 You are so right about money. It has not only been necessary to meet doctor and hospital bills, but in the midst, a heavy income tax payment. This will be met, but then one has to move into large quarters; both for one’s own sake and to help teach the Inner Sciences. Your Murshid has not yet studied Inayat Khan’s explanations on Nimaz, and there, will have to add his own knowledge to this. The world is, today, woefully ignorant of everything holy. Politics is all.

Another difficulty has been about getting help. Those who originally helped moved out of town and only come to lectures. The next group went into a form of Khilvat. So, your Murshid had to resume hard physical work and still has a mountain of writing and correspondence, worsened by solicitation over his health, which requires courtesy.

Then there is a tack of taking your letters both to my druggist and my medical doctor. The sign has come to do this, and, inshallah, that is now on the agenda.

You do understand that Allah is the Light of the Heavens as well as the earth. There were two seers here today who say that the Divine Light is now penetrating the atmosphere. In the real Hebrew tradition, this is known as “The Descent of the Holy Spirit,” and this comes when the world is in sin, want or turmoil.

One shall be very glad to share any news from Dr. Nasr. Letter has already been written to England, delaying financial assistance until one moves. But this period has been filled with endless letters promoting that Peace Program which came by Kashf and vision and to which your Murshid always has to return. All kingdoms and powers pass away. There is no Authority save Allah. The attempt at a jihad was false. A Jihad in which the godless take part. Nowhere in history have Muslims, even at their worst, called in the godless to help in a jihad! Of course, they lost. They were not only depending on Allah, they were depending on the godless, on atheists!

Please convey love and blessing also to your aunt. There will be another letter concerning your own condition as soon as there is any time available.

Love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti


Later: You will be glad to know that there is now an influx of young people seeking Bayat; and the man whom I have seen as fit to be Khalif here is admired by everybody and they look upon him as spiritual leader.



410 Precita Ave.

San Francisco 94110, California

July 10, 1967


Beloved Ones of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. One moved into a house along with a friend (he is coming today) and on the first opening somebody brought a little child, not yet able to speak. He entered the living room and performed Sajda, facing Mecca! It was truly astonishing and a report was made to Sufi Barkat Ali.

People may say that Allah is closer than the neck vein, but we live in a world of sayings, not doings. I took this as a sign to open some of the psychic and esoteric sciences and so we start with walking Fikr, to the end we accomplish Akhlak Allah, so that all people can know, as the Christian Scriptures say “In God we live and move and have our Being.”

There has, of late, been some increase in vision; once in dream, but mostly while awake. There is a Hadith that visions come from Allah and dreams from Iblis; one sees a certain truth in it. The vision concerned with matters of the Near East. This is very complex.

Each group reserves its own “right” to go contrary to its own scriptures. The Israelis do not follow Musa and the Arabs go contrary to Holy Qur’an in making alliance with unbelievers. This is good for politics, no doubt, but being contrary to Revelation, it can only bring woe in the end.

This person has sat down with UN officials, with Zionists and with Arabs, but this very fact makes him unwelcome in the circles of the sayers who say, while they expect others to do. The whole world is that way today.

There is a tremendous backlog of duties. One has a part time secretary and one also feels very well, alhamdu lillah. One hopes to have some housewarming parties, but after locating some people from Pakistan who cater, they have disappeared.

Tomorrow one has an important interview regarding research into the solution of food problems. The news from Pakistan is good, so far as Engineering is concerned, but one has not been able to get many details.

 There is also the possibility of having a good core of students, if not disciples. For the moment, on account of moving, people have lost touch; but the feeling is wonderful. One is also working with Prof. Seyyed Nasr of Tehran through his colleague, F. Clive Ross, in England, and hopes to do more in this direction when one is settled here.

There was just a telephones interruption indicating almost immediate attention to manuscripts in one’s possession. The great problem today is Peace and this comes with Allah, not with “Islam.” The “Islam” of politics is not the “Islam” of Revelation.

There is a man named Begg living in Ajmir who does translation work on the Big Five of Sufism, the first teachers of the Chisti School. He needs financial aid. One wrote that if one has a spiritual undertaking, one should first apply to Allah for His approval, and not go around begging from men; he lives too close to his own name. But one has written to Pir-o-Murshid Hasan Sani Nizami at New Delhi. Everybody wants money from somebody else.

The importance of Love teaching is great in this City, which is going through a psychological revolution. There is so much confusion and when the inner eye is opened a little it causes dismay and opposition, which is the course of this history.

Special attention is being paid now to Walking Fikr. It is not only impressive, it is practical. Before long it may be as Hadith says, “On that day shall the sun rise in the West, and all men seeing, will believe.”

Love and blessing

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti


To Miss Saadia Khawar Khan

9th January, 1968


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. All Praise is due to Allah, Lord of all the Worlds, Who guides and instructs and helps those who love Him on the right path. One has been so busy that letters are started and not even completed. One is crying for help in typing and office work, and now, inshallah, it is coming.

There is an entirely new cycle here and one does not know what part your Murshid is to play. Not only is there a slowly growing attendance at meetings, but there has been a most wonderful response, love and generosity without one having to teach them. Some day Muslims will take seriously that all souls are born pure and are lead astray by parents and teachers. But the new type of people are so different.

Some of them are called “Hippies.” They find themselves in a world so contrary to what is taught in scriptures they are confused. They indulge in drugs and their sex-life is very uncertain, for they are confused and there is nobody to help them. The old game of criticizing and condemning is useless. It only drives them further away.

The response to this person is so totally different from less than a year ago. One finds the realities, not the empty words. Bismillah Er-Rahman Er Rahim is the keynote, and one not only presents it, one finds it. Then each week we take up another of the “Names” of Allah and thus they acquire the attributes.

There has also been a marked increase in Kashf, Shahud and Divine direction. One has to be most careful as both impressions and visions come into objectivity, more rapidly. And it would seem that Allah also wishes to provide funds. The first step will be taken tomorrow. For there are persons who want the real wisdom of the real Orient. They are tired of listening to all sorts of lectures by all sorts of people—California is even “worse” than India in having all sorts of pretenders.

The celebrations toward the end of the year were filled with Love and Baraka. Now, next month your Murshid is given the opportunity to “reveal” his secret. There was nothing secret but a society based on personalism and personalities is concerned not with truth, but with egos. The “secret” of your Murshid’s vitality was the Tawajjeh of Inayat Khan. The people to whom one told it did not believe it and denounced him—this all over the Western world. But the fact is one lived on and Allah has assured him that so long as people, and especially those who pretend to be “Sufis” refuse to accept the hard fact of this Tawajjeh, your Murshid will live on and on and watch the pretenders and Dajjals come and go and repeat the same story. For it is a Grace and nothing but a Grace that one should live on and have both the same or increased vitality and Baraka.

There are now three duties before one: (a) manuscripts of Asian wisdom; (b) presenting the Message of Allah to the young; (c) working as closely as possible for your paper on Khatimal Mursaleen, for it may be, inshallah, that on that rests the peace, security and future of the world.

Therefore one repeats the SHAGAL instructions, if you have not had them.

Sit with posture of virtuous, straight, quiet, calm, clear thoughts from all difficulties, the two arms on both knees. Gaze between space between the eyebrows, eyelids without winking:

Inhale: concentrate on Sufi Barkat Ali

Hold: Mohammed

Exhale: Allah.

Begin 10 breaths and increase later, to 25


2nd. Lie down on floor (or on bed) and slowly;
Inhale El-Alla-Hu

Exhale: El-Illa-Ha


3rd. Fill the stomach with all air, send out by way of mouth, keeping the gaze between eyebrows. Keep the gaze continuous

Practice these Shagals either in the day in sunny rooms; or if it is better at night, having low light in the room. Do it in a quiet, calm room. Never tell its effects and tell Murshid and keep it quiet.

Later on one may send the theory of Shagals. For it is necessary to give all encouragement and now to be in tune with you—this did not take place when you wished to come for intellectual studies. Your present venture is entirely spiritual and in full accord, as your Murshid sees it, with the Will of Allah. It brings us very close together and also gives your Murshid joy and exuberance.

All love and blessings, Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti

Copy to Salarwala



13th January, 1968


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. Your letter of the 5th has arrived and is receiving immediate if not certain attention.

Finances. This is most complicated rather than difficult. Last year the income doubled but the expenses more than doubled. It has been necessary to set forth a lot of money for Income Tax purposes. But as the greater part of the expenses outside of rent and upkeep were for doctor, medicine, zakat, contributions and such items, there will undoubtedly be a big rebate. But to get this rebate it will be necessary to do a good deal of bookkeeping and if one attends to the bookkeeping one is forced to let other things go.

What has happened is that a disciple is now able to come, come some 30 miles to help. For there is another situation, that there has been a vast improvement in the affairs of most mureeds and it is a Grace. And beyond that Grace is a complicated story:

Two women are now in one’s life which were not there some time back. One was clearly marked to become a God-daughter. She was given the choice of that and mureedship but finally took the latter also. The other is clearly marked to become a Sheikha but has not been told. When the two women met they loved each other, and also since then their financial situations have cleared up due to Grace of Allah. They have both signified that their Murshid should not worry, that they will take care of things.

The God-daughter is in New York and the other lady is in the process of moving. It is a very complicated situation and involves both an expansion of activities and the possibility, inshallah, of a totally different financial situation. For there are wealthy God-seekers as well as poor ones and one has been cautioned, and I believe wisely, to be patient and let them go ahead. All signs are that that is correct.

Theoretically one should be able to put aside about $200 a month but that has not been so. Nor is one too sure that one will occupy this house, where the expenses are great—it looked fine at the time but one did not realize there would be many, many changes.

Disciples and Audience. This is entirely due to Divine Grace. The audiences grow and grow, mostly young men. One knew by Kashf what one should do but one could not be sure of what would come. One had hoped to have a dozen men disciples, one has more; also some women. The older disciples (all young men) have all but withdrawn and this puts a time-burden on teachings and meetings. But it is marvelous that there are practically no personality problems.

The next thing is the unusual love between nearly all of them for their Murshid and for each other. This was unexpected. And I tell you, daughter, that exactly one person has been drawn to Allah because of one’s own personal efforts. It is all Grace. It is all wonder. It is like the unfoldment of dreams. Perhaps it is the unfoldment of dreams.

The tie with Shamsuddin is that this original Murshid was a disciple of Hazrat Inayat Khan. One met a few of these men but now one understands they are all gone. They had also met Murshida Martin who was my original teacher and who was made the Khalifa of Hazrat Inayat Khan. But Murshida Martin failed in her mission and this placed this person in a most difficult position for years, whether to obey Hazrat Inayat Khan (which he did) or to do what was expedient. On the one hand the price was terrible, for years this person being “scored and rejected of men.”

The “six Interviews with Hazrat Inayat Khan” was rejected excepting by one mureed of this great Pir-o-Murshid. To justify nufs any stand is taken, based on nothing but ego. But by what might be called “inner law” this person comes into possession of materials which did not originally belong to him, both of the seen and the unseen.

The teachings of the seen world consist of papers and it is obvious in going over these papers if one should publish them one would be accused of having fabricated them. But if you saw them you, Saadia-Khawar would know they are true and in perfect harmony with the age-old teachings known as tasawwuf and with the spiritual and mystical teachings of all times. One has therefore sent one particular practice, and if you were to come to this land you would be given the whole gamut for then it would be your lot to use them as you would be seeing it. But the work connected with them is quantitative, and it has been impossible to communicate this quantativeness. Here even seeing does not bring always believing.

The second is in the Unseen. The major portion of the Unseen has been fully recognized by Sufi Barkat Ali and Madzub Sahib to begin with; by Pir-o-Murshid Hasan Sani Nizami who has been a companion in mystical ventures; and to some extent by various Pirs and Saints in many lands, finally when the Saint Sidi Abusalem Al-Alawi came here.

The refusal of acceptance by eager but ignorant souls wishing to lead rather than to learn places in one’s hands the Mystical Experiences of 1925, upon which the “Six Interviews” are based. Hazrat Inayat Khan asked one to write these; one did three times and they were all thrown away by the presumable “loving” disciples of Hazrat Inayat Khan. They simply refuse to accept that an unknown American could possibly have veils lifted. But this was one’s aeonic destiny, it is written and it remains.

Darshan-Tawajjeh. This will be the subject of a public talk on 10th February, inshallah. The Tawajjeh of Hazrat Inayat Khan is the source of the strength, vitality, energy and all else. It is not due to the accumulation of efforts, it is not from nufs. But it was not accepted, and one told one mureed of Hazrat Inayat Khan after another; they refused (with one or two exceptions) to accept. Americans becoming disciples of either Islam or tasawwuf end up by becoming more self-centered in the name of divine surrender than other people. They lose all capacity for surrender.

The one living eye-witness to the first and lesser Tawajjeh has long since surrendered absolutely. People who were not there take refuge in nufs and say they take refuge in Allah but it is in nufs. And as one must employ patience one has been patient for over forty years. But now Allah wants to make His wisdom-teachings known and says that this person does not have to accept anything—even caution—from others for it is necessary above all to get the teachings know.

When Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan gave the Major Tawajjeh he gave much advice and now he has returned and pointed out whom Sufi Ahmed Murad is to select to work as outward man and this man has been of great help also but it is too early to say much. All of this makes it indeterminate at the moment how one’s financial affairs are.

Your Coming. One keeps on good terms with the Oklahoma State University. Also my God-son, Norman McGhee Junior, has offered all help if you come to this land via New York. He lives many hundred miles away but would be glad to help you.

Dr. Nasr. Your Murshid looks upon this man as the world leader in the intellectualization if not popularization of Sufi teachings. His colleagues are now giving out many teachings and inshallah they will give out more. They are a little heavy on the side of intellect and a little light on the side of Love.

The whole situation is also complicated. There are a number of independent groups calling themselves “Sufi.” Dr. Ala-ed-din Siddiqui has met the members of Hazrat Inayat Khan’s family and they have taken the strange stand that spiritual succession is by family, not by hal and/or makam. This means, sooner or later, they must stand terrific trials to prove their worthiness to wary on any divine mission. One understands that one of them has admitted he is not worthy (Dr. Siddiqui long ago hinted this) but “humility” is not a characteristic of those that use this word. Your Murshid has yet to meet a humble man who used the term “humility.” The humble would not know it.

Universities There has been a marked change within the past two weeks. Truth is truth and Right is Right and no man can stop the onrush of Truth. Doors that were closed for years are now opened and one is now doing what Hazrat Inayat Khan wanted, bringing the Divine Message to the universities.

The climax will probably come, inshallah, in March, when there will be an institute on “Is God Alive?” Your Murshid was exceedingly successful when the subject was “Is God Dead?” The universities are very different from the metaphysical people who talk so much of “love,” brotherhood,” “humanity” and never extend them to others—always their leadership.

World Brotherhood. It is over 40 years since Your Murshid challenged the Baha’is, what would be the difference if we have 70 competing religions or 70 competing “world brotherhoods.” We now have the latter, and they ignore each other and for the most part treat other human beings as inferiors!

Misunderstanding. You are seeing what you see in Pakistan because that is the reflection of what has been going on here. When your Murshid left here in 1956 he had 10 sets of enemies. Allah said, “Let your enemies destroy your enemies.” He returned next year and this is what happened—there were three left. One was a popular speaker, very famous, very skillful but with no depth; he has since apologized. One was one’s brother who lost a fortune trying to keep your Murshid from getting one; he has repented. The other was a Roman who had desires to be a “Murshida” and by lying and conniving became one and then used all the properties for herself and for a lying Dajjal whom she says is head Sufi. Last week she had her associate telephone. She is afraid that Sufi Ahmed Murad might publish the Ryazat and that would expose her as a fraud. But Sufi Ahmed Murad-Chisti has no intention of trying what he cannot quantitatively do. Only it is necessary for mankind to have the teachings and all the different people posing as successors to Hazrat Inayat Khan rely on their secreting papers and teachings, which, for the most part they do not understand anyhow.

The Science of the Elements. One is planning, inshallah, to open this tomorrow. As Imam Al-Ghazzali taught, tasawwuf is based on experiences and not premises.” One has such wonderful young mureeds, so different, so open, so intelligent and so full of love and wonder. From one lesson a week your Murshid now gives four and also one lecture elsewhere on “The Religions of the World.”

Khilvat and Baraka. This is so important one just wonders. Years ago one wrote, “The Bestowal of Blessing.” Since then the studies in anthropology and also one’s development and outer contacts make it possible for this to become an important work some day. A very famous man took the original copy in presence to have it published. It is noteworthy that this famous man and the “Murshida” above outwardly hated each other and showed it, in the Name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful.

World Brotherhood in the Fatherhood of God (Allah). That was your Murshid’s original mission. It has been denied by the various people organically following in Inayat Khan’s footsteps. They are all exclusive. And so most of the so-called “spiritual teachers” who come. They are all mutually exclusive. The only way to complete this is to send some notes on Tasawwuf form Hazrat Inayat Khan’s Ryazat. He does not care who rejects his teaching any more, humanity will have it. The light that shines forth as Love from these young mureeds is almost as overwhelming as that one has been from the Great Ones of Allah.

Love and Blessings,



Nov. 1, 1968

Miss Saadia Khawar Khan

969 East State St.

Ithaca, N. Y. 14850


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. Your letter of 29 October has just arrived. I shall not answer all of it here because in the same mail a letter came from the Muslim students association which will require careful attention. It will be necessary to fill out forms etcetera. I shall send them enough money to cover a membership both for your good self and for the librarian. One of my disciples here attends prayers regularly on the Berkeley campus. He says that most Muslim students are no longer religious—that is they do not accept the formalized religious ceremonies and the kinds of discussions at the prayer meetings.

Your Murshid finds that religious people in general today are not concerned with Allah (God), nor with the basis of their own religious teaching but with private egocentric hypocrisy which masquerades as religion. Your Murshid is not on good terms with local Muslims. The question is whether these Muslims are accepted by Allah. Many Muslims are even more emphatic than followers of other religions in setting themselves up as masters of the Day of Judgment. Therefore on my Thursday night meetings before both mureeds and non-mureeds all stress is on Allah. Allah is demonstrated through Zikr and (and in) Dervish dancing. It has not only been very effective it is becoming even more effective. The disciple to whom this letter is being dictated has been able to receive Murshid’s Baraka. So are others to some extent. This makes people feel the presence of Allah which is through Zikr and nothing but Zikr except Kalama.

This of course is not accepted by orthodox Muslims. They want everything and get nothing.

Your Murshid has taken a long road now and is combining his “Day of the Lord Cometh.” “What Christ What Peace,” and “Saladin.” If Allah wills these will make your Murshid famous someday inshallah. They are certainly bound to cause disturbances among false believers of every religion who make their own egos more important than Allah.

Your Murshid cannot over-emphasize the importance of the sacred phrases given by Sufi Sahab. Your Murshid says laughingly that when he dances with the young, which is often, he becomes young. Otherwise he becomes eternal. There is no again, at least not evident. This positively demonstrates Ya Hayo Ya Quayoum. The practice of the divine presence affects and transmutes the personality.

Your report is not particularly different from the repetitions given to the audiences of disciples and non-disciples. Moral regeneration comes from repeating Ya Allah Ya Rahman Ya Rahim. True Islam comes in surrender to the living God. Love and devotion come naturally. There are times when your Murshid is almost a fanatic about Wazifas.

The sainted Rabia used to say she was so much concerned with Allah she did not notice the sins, or the virtues of anybody. When we realize Ar-Raman and Ar-Rahim we shall find that Allah is infinitely a loving and kind Friend. There is no sternness about him and I do not believe sternness is found in the sacred names. Your Murshid is seeking the light and goodness in everybody without being hypocritical. He has found it is necessary to become more and more tender especially toward young women. He finds without special gratification he is stronger than many young men. This is due only and entirely to Allah, His Grace and His Baraka.

Murshid has already written to Bibijan. The letter may be delayed of course.

If you are not clear about Wazifas please let me know but your wonderful faith is more important than questionable arithmetic.

Murshid will show your letter at least in part to Jayonara. This is certainly a very fair way to getting dollars into your hands. We are becoming quite interested in the clothing especially of Islamic countries. An Indian element is present but this is secondary to that of both wings of Pakistan. Last week Murshid was able to purchase to very expensive and exceedingly beautiful sheepskin coats from Afghanistan for his two chief male disciples. We are going to celebrate the birthdays of Mansur the esoteric secretary and Shirin who also lives in Novato about two weeks hence at the Khyber Pass Restaurant in Oakland. This is our favorite hangout so to speak. Novato is 30 miles north of here and the Khyber Pass Restaurant is in Oakland about 12 miles east of this house.

The handing of money is a very delicate thing for a spiritual teacher. One is waiting for some disciples from Southern California to organize my affairs. It is most difficult to carry on the program of letters, interviews, teachings, spiritual research, creative writing, etc. Even for a young man it would be difficult. One always gets prayers and wishes plenty of them; what is needed is help, down to earth help. Now for the first time Murshid is getting it, alhamdu lillah. Actually there is far more to be thankful for although this is not always evident. So many people expect more from others.

Although my disciples have written from Calcutta they had not met either Pir Vilayat or Dr. Nasr in their last report. No doubt Murshid will hear more from them later.

This is in many ways an incomplete letter. One hopes to have more time soon to go into other matters.

Love and Blessings,


Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



410 Precita Ave.,

San Francisco, Calif.

8th November 1968


Beloved Saadia:

It is with great joy that one has received your very kind birthday greeting. It is wonderful to be regarded as a father today and even be called “daddy-Murshid” by some.

It is very strange. On the one hand the wonderful new home (Khankah) with Jehanara and Hasan, Fatima and Moineddin, Jemila and Mansur—loving and devoted couples and all very close to Murshid.

On the other hand the manifest “magic” of the Wazifas and Daroods so that in time one feels alive and vigorous; and on the other hand one feels almost timeless. One recognizes the opposition one must expect from Muslims who call everything “innovations” and from non-Muslims who will object to “Allah” and Arabic (sacred) phrases. But as one tells the Muslims: do their objections come from Allah or from humanity? Only 5-10% of the Muslims at the Universities here join in common prayer.

We demonstrate and manifest Allah. The lesson last night was both elementary and subtle. It was elementary that we only take up a few sacred phrases. It was subtle because in God all the great qualities manifest as if one: the Strength, the Beauty, the Wisdom, the Compassion, the Light, etc. are all parts of each other and cannot be understood by mind.

The smaller the audiences the better able one is to communicate, and in San Francisco the now small audiences have resulted in better contact. But in Marin Country, to the north, the general feeling is so wonderful, it is electric and magnetic.

Mr. Reps (who was named “Saladin” by Hazrat Inayat Khan) will be here shortly. We shall be doing Dervish dances on Sunday afternoon before visiting him and it would appear now that the “idea” has caught on. And next month one may again address a large audience at San Francisco State College (enrollment 18,000).

The disciples in India may have to change their plans. They may return with Pir Vilayat Khan, the elder son of Hazrat Inayat Khan. This meets with Murshid’s approval. They are finding out as all Americans must find out, that there are different outlooks on life, different attitudes, different behavior patterns, etc.

We are gradually taking up the matter of costumes. Several of the young ladies here are interested in anything you may have to offer. They also would like to know what price in dollars you would like to have.

With all love and blessings,



16th February 1969

Saadia Khawar Khan

215 Fall Creek Drive,

Ithaca, New York 14850


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. We may keep a phrase as a motto or we may weave it into our lives. Religion has failed because sacred words have been turned into mottoes, often in self-defense or other-wise and have not become the measurements of our beings. And after writing this will also write to the Muslim Students Association and send you copy, though more may be said here.

Your Murshid is going to cancel some engagements. He has not had a day off this year and there is no possibility for this unless some engagements are cancelled. Advice is the easiest thing to give, but those who face life face it to its fullness, performing their various duties to Allah, to mankind and to themselves.

If it had not been for the instructions from Pir Sahib Sufi Barkat All, this one could not have possibly held up. And there is no doubt that his instructions enable one to be a Pir, a Wali and an Abdal. These are each tremendous functions, in which one plays a roll far transcendent to ordinary or even extraordinary human roles. The rise in the quantity of mureeds requires one kind of attention: the rise in the quality attested by reports means further instructions in esotericism. In these last two weeks your Murshid has begun very simple instructions in Mushahida and also in Kashf-Al-Mahjub. There are lessons or lectures every day and tremendous amounts of writing.

One has been working assiduously on the commentary on “The Inner Life” of Hazrat Inayat Khan. During this time one ceases at the human level and all the consciousness of Malakut becomes his. But also when one goes to the Khankah one rises to the consciousness of Djabrut and brings out what looks like “revelations,” answers to some of the problems of the day, in particular those of the young.

One’s first talks in “Hippieland” have been most successful. “These young people are crying for love and guidance and getting—philosophies. Everybody has philosophies, advice, rules, codes. The fact that none of them may work does not disturb “leaders.” Between California and India the world is full of “Messiahs”—Dajjals. One has recently passed on, one whose disciples in the “name of God,” of course tried everything at one time to destroy your Murshid, appropriating all his writings and research and attacking his name—easy then for your Murshid had practically no friends. He had to begin life all over at 50. And one of the claims of these people was there had to be a living teacher on earth—now their leaders is gone. Also another man of Indian birth, adulated by multitudes, has withdrawn, causing rise and falls in properly values, as well as upsetting the emotions of his adulators. Social California believes that almost everybody can be “God” but God Himself.

It is among the young, called “Hippies” that most Messiahs appear—and disappear. Now your Murshid is among them trying to present Love, Joy and Peace as actualities. Instead of asking them to repent for sins he is trying to bring out the perfections. This attracts no attention among the important people, the press, etc. But a publication called “Playboy” has written about your Murshid in an article called “Cultsville U.S.A.” There are four universal groups mentioned—Sufi, Vedanta, Zen, and Baha’i. We are placed alongside all kinds of strange movements and persons which arise chiefly here in California.

The article is not particularly scurrilous about your Murshid but the implications on Sufism mean that your Murshid may be going to court. The matter has already been placed in the hands of my attorney at law but no action will be taken without full consultations with colleagues. In the past, without exception, your Murshid has always lost when succumbing to advice and always won when doing the contrary.

Years ago your Murshid went out for a morning walk. When he was nearly home a great wolf-hound appeared in the way and would not let him proceed. There was no stick or stone available and to return the way one had come would mean being an hour later. But Allah, the All-Being and Praiseworthy, suddenly inspired your Murshid. He put his hands behind his back and growled tremendously at the hound- dog which fled. But your Murshid is sure some being or beings were standing by his side. Then he heard from the Heavens: By Peace You Shall Bring War and by War You Shall Bring Peace. Not only has this come from heaven but for years it was never followed; one did what the good people advised and always lost. Murshid was a thorough Gandhian and absolutely uselessly. It never came the way the good people wanted.

Once your Murshid was near the Mall in Lahore, surrounded by communists. They were offering all kinds of allurements and inducements. Murshid stood quiet and repeated endlessly within: “Allah! Allah! Allah! Murshid has won more victories by Allaho Akbar than all other means together and combined.

Years passed and it was necessary to bring one’s brother to court. Murshid did Allaho Akbar. Suddenly his brother changed his plans, the matter was settled satisfactorily out of court and now his brother is fighting for him. And it was and is necessary to stop silly ego-advice and even Gandhi, though he had satyagraha which is Kemalic and non-resistance which is Jemalic, overlooked the Jelalic aspects of creation. So India, without the Jelal is also in turmoil.

Your Murshid has nothing to lose by fighting, excepting turning down the advice of “good” people. So now he has his brother fighting for him on the one hand; and the possibility of success with Playboy on the other. Besides, Sufism is of no account in this country. One has failed in almost every attempt to get in public. Even a paper on “The Religion of India’s President” has been turned down.

Besides, what good is it to talk about Kashf. Putting it into operation is the great thing. It never fails. And these young people also admire strength and self-assurance. Murshid has been fighting against fear and has been very successful, alhamdu lillah.

The next thing is the Dervish dancing. No doubt most of the “Muslims” one meets look down on it. They are stuck with words and rituals. Allah is far away. Islam means surrender to Allah and when one means that one is expected to follow little details about ritual, and neglect the Bismillah one wonders what comes of it. We have a multitude of wars.

Right now too. A group of Jewish Sunday school children came to investigate Murshid who teaches that Allah is a matter of experience, that man can know God. One knew that their teachers would start trouble. All they are concerned with is Palestine and a lot of Muslims are more concerned with Palestine than with Allah. All over the world, wars and Muslims have not only the Pakistan-India trouble, but Palestine, Sudan, Nigeria and other conflicts, besides the internal ones. Everything matters today but Allah.

So we do the dancing and repeat the Zikr. Then we use the Sifat-i-Allah. Then we bring in the psychic science by putting the arms in accord with the attribute involved. And yesterday we introduce the Saluk, the Moral Science by deep meditation on the quality involved so we could become vehicles of the Sifat-i-Allah, each one of us. All of this, of course is very “Unislamic.” But the question is whether Allah wishes it and your Murshid is a fanatic about doing the Will-of-Allah and communicating this to others.

Not only has your Murshid been busy every day but burned his arm and had to go on as if nothing happened.

Now as to Pork. We eat little meat of any kind. My own physician has explained the harm from the kind of protein in it, and it does cause many ills or rather factors in them. While the important people are accusing tobacco and cigarette smoking for Cancer, your Murshid has been asking, “why not investigate pork?” “why not investigate white bread?” “why not investigate coca-cola?” No, the important people have made up their minds and cancer will continue and continue and continue.

No spiritual leader every permitted pork. Even Buddha, whose scriptures are most certainly not studied and least of all by so-called “Buddhists” permitted only certain kinds of meat on certain occasions and also he prohibited pork. But the Chinese eat it and say strange things, too, in the name of Buddha.

Ghufrana. I am very pleased with this name and should be using it. For while a Murshid does not like to point out errors and sins unless they are big and important, you have been more concerned with your possible shortcomings than with the Glories of Allah. My own work, especially with Wazifas and their repetitions in the Danes is on the Glories of Allah, not the short-comings of mankind.

Hazrat Inayat Khan also left the keys to the Psychic Sciences. We use the Glorious Names, their import, their magnetism (Baraka) and also now ingest them into human consciousness so the perfections of Allah can be part of human nature.

You have a degree in Psychology. Your Murshid has none. He has done very little psychological study. He is waiting now to see if a certain psychiatrist will return here. We have sex problems, all kinds, but no solutions. We have psychedelic problems, all kinds, but no solutions. Now many young are listening to your Murshid, decidedly over a hundred individuals each week end every promise of more. More and more invitations and also more and more work here. But at least a few helpers, not many but some.

When one goes deep also all the phases of the life of Malakut and of Djabrut become objectively aware. One sees mush of the whole person. One sees the sins of mankind and the forgiveness of Allah. One has used these in psychic movements with the Allah. One has not yet come to “Ya Ghaffur” for many repetitions of many Sifat take some time. And it is important to feel all this in the blood-stream and heart. On this point the Jews and Muslims are alike—they attribute all honorifics to God but do not make them part of the daily life.

Now as to Rahana. I have a very good friend whose name is Rehana Tyabji. She comes from a celebrated Shia family. She gives out this fragrance. You do, too, but your Murshid has never mentioned this before. Our great Sufi Pir Barkat Ali, is one of the wise men of earth and no doubt one of the top Walis.

Your Murshid has also had to write to the leaders of The Temple of Understanding. They are trying to build in Washington where the people of all religions could worship in one edifice. One of the top officials is Dr. Nasr and I have made a copy of comments for him and will also now mention your name.

In the first meeting before the “Hippies” one was surprised to find a number of Iranians in the group. And one is also planning to do the Dervish Dances for the Iranian Consul-General. Your Murshid knows nothing of Iranian politics and most politics seems merely demonstrations of latent emotions which could be better used in constructive efforts.

Here we are trying to put these constructive efforts into the arts. After innumerable rejections your Murshid has found a small group which listens to his poetry. They become transfixed. It is not surprising because your Murshid was transfixed when he wrote. And he is planning next to have published his Christ and other poetry. All the predictions come true, one is far, far above all the well-known prognosticators and some day, inshallah, when there is objective and impersonal investigations, this work will become famous. It came, so to speak, out of the Heart of the universe.

The Shias have asked whether Sufi Ahmed Murad thought Ali was as great or greater than Mohammed. He said, “Ali was always aware of Allah. Mohammed was aware of Allah and also of mankind always. Thus he was the Perfect Man.” They accepted this explanation.

My friend Hussein has not been successful in the book business. He went into it without consulting Murshid and also he withdrew without consulting Murshid.

The people at the Khankah were all raised as Jews, Christians or without religion. They have all had the Divine Grace. We have no active Muslim group, just a mixture of ethical peoples whose parents were Muslims and they have a social engagement once a month with a few prayers. Also a Sunday school for children where those quite incapable of “teaching” instruct the young, mostly in formal matters—prayers, rituals, etc. They have no Qur’anic study and were originally organized by a Christian who expected them to pay him.

Now in the encouragement of the arts this includes dress-making, etc. We now have a potential dress maker, a young woman who has been in trouble and has come to Murshid for help. But she has gone to Hawaii for a while and is expected back in May. Although Murshid appointed a committee to look into this matter only a single girl has given measurements. These are all details which consume time and do not belong in the duties of a spiritual teacher.

I am glad you have gotten into the spirit of Americans. Now the time has come, as one sage has said, “I have come to destroy religion and bring God.” Actually he only brought his ego, but there is no question that religion is disintegration and all the more because it is a legend that religion has anything do with morality. The purpose of region is to get people to come to a particular ritual. I teach that Allah is closer than the neck-vein and thus try to make people aware of it, actually. Now some have the Divine experience.

Stillwater must be almost 1500 miles from here. If you wish to come to this Coast via Oklahoma it can be easily done by bus and also by train. If by air, it will cost a little more depending on what air-line is involved. But I know you would be most welcome at Stillwater. I suggest your looking at some maps of the United States.

Your Murshid now has a beard. He looks very different. The beard has made him become very popular; like a hierarch or patriarch.

The Murshid now regards the disciples as part of himself. One says in public. “The difference between Sufism and other spiritual movements is that in Sufism Murshid and Mureed are one.” Hazrat Inayat Khan put it also, “it is the mureeds who make the Murshid.” This one has been more fortunate than Hazrat Inayat Khan or Murshida Rabia Martin in having wonderful mureeds.

In May there will be a seminar here on mystical experiences, and for credit. Your Murshid is wondering whether he will be permitted, inshallah, and it is very probable. This will change again the whole status of his position in the community.

We shall, of course, have a place in the Khankah for you, but we are also trying to expend the place although the question of money is a hope and also the question of work is a promise.

One has not written to Sufi Barkat Ali and neither Dr. Durrani nor Mayor Sadiq have answered. So one assumes that one’s work must be in the United States. There is an agreement with one’s brother about the family estate—if we win now, and again presuming one outlives him. Then there would be money for travelling abroad unless help comes from the outside. The only important manuscript sent out was never returned so there is a promise here. But one simply does not have the secretarial help for all the potential projects. Only if certain mureeds are successful in their careers, the help may come.

Now, outside the arm, the health has been excellent. The life is full of ventures every day and every night. There is hardly time for sleep and too much of interest to have even radio and television programs, much less any social and entertainment functions. One did hear a lecture on “Iran” two weeks back and will go to another one: ”Caravan from Calcutta to Marrakesh” this week. We do spiritual talks and when the weather is dry gardening, but it has been a very, very wet winter.

This is only a partial reply. And now one has to write otherwise and send you a copy.

All love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



March 5, 1969                             


My dear Daughter:

In “The Taming of the Shrew,” to tame his wife the hero beats and starves servants. When one mentions “occult law” and “hierarchal law” people shake their heads and say they know them, but they do not.

These laws and principles, being occult, are not usually offered explicitly in literature. In “The Sutra of 42 Sections,” a Mahayana Buddhist scripture, they are offered explicitly. They were brought to this country, and even more specifically to this city, by the great Zen Master, Shaku Soyen. Buddhism, becoming entirely sectarian and narrow, does not teach them. But this does not hinder their operations in the least.

In the teachings of Rumi, the great mystic and poem, it is taught that fire and air and earth and water are man’s servants. Everybody shakes their heads, they understand it! But when asked “how” there may be some confusion.

In the Chinese occultism which is very slightly studied, one learns that man represents one element, is a friend to one, an enemy to one, has one for a friend and another for an enemy. Murshid has found this to be absolutely true.

In this instance Fire has become his friend. He does not like it. Crossed by silly women in the name of Meher Baba, the next thing the woods were on fire. Crossed by Mrs. Duce here, the next thing was that the old Sufi Khankah burned down. And Don McCoy who “loves” Sam and has never said “yes” to him has had his experiences.

According to all traditions and customs the Murshid should be in absolute charge of his center. For the sake of love and harmony and beauty, and also for the sake of “democracy” some teachers have surrendered such privileges. This was behind the withdrawal and death of Hazrat Inayat Khan. Receiving this “democracy” they took Pir-o-Murshid’s organization from him. One need not follow.

Although there is literature covering, “Customs of the Khankah,” it has not been imposed. A sort of democracy and family feeling, even unity prevails. Some time back one of the members of the Khankah took it to scold Murshid for a minor infraction of a now dead “rule.” This is contrary to all hierarchal and Sufic law. The next day the Khankah took fire. The elementals of Fire who have become or made themselves Murshid’s guardians simply could not stand an uncalled for and untoward action. Fire struck. The “occult” cause was simple and clear but never before explained.

Now the “family,” passing some regulations in deliberations in which Murshid did not take part, ignores some of them. Against Murshid one took the onus of scolding Murshid, but when it comes to outsiders apparently nobody wants to hurt stranger’s feelings.

The only way to prevent the physical fire was for Murshid to have the fire come out of his person and he did. It has become a most serious thing to have rules and regulations of an institution to bind the “boss” and to be eased for outsiders. This cannot be. There are these courses only:

a. Murshid has been offered seriously another place which, if accepted, would have to operate as a Khankah and non-residents would be expected by all residents to obey their rules and every resident would have it incumbent upon himself to enforce his own rules and regulations.

b. Or, if a group cannot enforce their own rules; or wishes to bind the teacher, then the prerogatives of the teacher to make rules, or rather impose the traditional rules would be in order.

c. The world is looking for guidance and direction. It the captain is not permitted to steer the ship, what will happen? There is no anger, there is simply the need to instruct in occult law by example and enforcing it, not permitting anybody to override or overrule the teacher without some consideration of him first. The same wisdom that is bringing forth the dances and the Darshan cannot operate if the teacher is not given proper respect.

Love and blessings,



March 6, 1969


My dear Daughter:

Yesterday one had to rush something on paper which was not mailed. Now one writes further and copy of this will go to the Khankah. The amount of burdens thrown on this person have been overwhelming but saying they are overwhelming is not always helpful. Last month one overdrew one’s account and one is so close to it now and yet the very persons who ought to know this have come to Murshid begging. Fortunately the men in this household really realize what one is up against.

One started off with an overwhelming load. To this has been added the personal problems of more and more people, all thrown at Murshid—perhaps rightly. Yesterday, after writing, two of these problems were solved; both of them brought pain and anguish and now solved. These pains, this anguish did not fall on the consciousness of others, each engaged in his or her “thing” and perhaps rightly so. But they do not realize what a Murshid has to undergo.

Tomorrow instead of facing the present problems it is necessary to investigate the possibility of a Town House. It has been thrown at one. And perhaps the negative lessons of the Khankah will be now corrected. Such as:

a. A group making rules cannot enforce them against the Teacher and release them against outsiders.

b. No visitors or outsiders when the Teacher is present excepting relatives, without his permission; and no program involving outsiders, when the Teacher is present without previous consultation.

c. When things are on a bulletin board, or in the minutes, no further projects to be indulged in unless they are put on the bulletin board or programmed.

The teacher is willing to harmonize with programs but not with concepts and under no circumstance with ideas of outsiders, even if they put in time and money. Now needing more secretarial help, the housekeeper is outside on a job, the chief and assistant secretaries are outside on part-time jobs; David here has to change jobs, and the only money is that of collections. Murshid is now earning more money in outside jobs than several disciples earn, but all of this is consumed in office supplies and other necessary expenses, and in the respective households.

There is no room for the spreading of the Message and the very successful Darshan last week is followed by horror because there is no substantial help when Murshid wants or needs it. One has been saying this constantly without much avail. I am hoping to God that the Oracle succeeds. If not we may have to change our whole outlook. Nyogen Senzaki cleaned out his Zendo several times. I cannot clean out the Khankah but with the possibility of another place I am more than nervous.

From my point of view the Wednesday darshan was very successful. And yesterday at the Dancing Class one introduced the Sun-dance, the Moon-dance, and the beginnings of the Wheel-dance. Coming up the Swastika dance, the Dance of the Numbers, and the Shiva-Shakti dances. Also a new principle, or rather the compilation of old principles in Choral settings.

I have the coming here of my closest friend and also my God-daughter Khawar soon. I do not know how I am going to handle it with the Khankah people away, unless I now overrule and override and establish my own staff in their midst who will devote some time and energy to spiritual matters.

All this time I have had legal matters over my head; they are not gone either and necessary because this is how I get the major portion of my income, and others lean on this. I am not sorry over any outbreak. I have to have a Center and if it is not Novato it will be as God directs. God does not stop talking to Samuel and sometimes through him and we have our prayer: “Open our Hearts that we may hear Thy Voice which cometh constantly from within.”

One has to be kind, to be compassionate, even gentle, but Sufism is Divine Wisdom and not being indulgent to every person who comes along.

Love and Blessings,




March 17, 1969

Miss Saadia Khawar Khan

215 Fall Creek Drive, Ithaca, N. Y. 14850


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. One must thank you for your very cordial letter and also for your kind invitation to speak before the Muslim Students Assn. Now it is a very questionable thing and while I may write to Samir A. Hoodbhoy, so far as time is concerned the difficulties are so great as to be insurmountable. Still if Allah wishes me to travel I shall do so.

I have failed to impress many people how great the demands are on a mature person. If it were not for the prayers and disciplines one could hardly stand up. The number of mureeds and classes has increased to the point there is no spare time and the invitations keep on coming. And today one was offered a place in San Francisco for a Khankah and school and one does not know whether to consider it or not.

For also this week comes the question of introducing the Dervish dances into the public. A little while back was the problem, “Is God Dead?” and now one is going around telling about the Living God (Al-Hayy). We are having a special festival this coming week-end—which just happens to be your National Holiday, five birthdays being celebrated and Murshid is planning a huge curry dinner.

The course on “The Effect of the Traditional Religions of Asia on Modern Political Movements” ended with the addresses of one Dr. Williams. He has been connected with the American University at Beirut. So much is the ignorance that one has decided to present a paper on Pakistan, mostly from field-notes and some from correspondence. This all the more because of the strange position Ayub is in.

You know some of our friends and certainly your Murshid’s friends are very close to Ayub. I have witnessed the great improvements made, almost incalculable. Also I have been the guest of the Basic Democracies. Begum Selim Khan of Abbottabad was once stationed here in San Francisco when her husband was Consul-General, and I not only have called upon her in Abbottabad, but saw her and the Basic Democracies in action.

Dr. Nasr did not attend the gathering in Calcutta of the Temple of Understanding but his paper was read. If you go to Harvard and I do not, please contact

Dr. Huston Smiths

Department of Humanities,

Massachusetts Institute of Technology,

Cambridge 02139, Mass.

I shall certainly pray for you. So far as your Murshid is concerned you have fulfilled your obligation to Allah, the Generous, the Merciful.

Your Murshid is under agreement, if not contract to write for several magazines and this is wonderful, but where is the time? The flock of your mureeds, very loving, very kind but each with problems and one is not yet so organized one can carry on properly and two theological seminaries are considering sending for me although they know one is, in a sense a Muslim, and they Christians. But the young are seeking for evidences of the Living God, the young want real religions and one is often much more successful in convincing so-called “non-Muslims” than so-called “Muslims” that Allah is really closed than the neck-vein.

There is a new kind of humanity here. You hear a little about Hippies and campus troubles, but the truth about them does not get into the press or television any more than the truth of the affairs of your country, and many other lands.

Love and blessings,



March 17, 1969

Samir A. Hoodbhoy,

Executive Secretary, PSAA

102 Davis Hall, Kingston, R. I. 02881


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. A letter has just been received from my God-daughter and Khalifa, Miss Saadia Khawar Khan about the possibility of my being invited as guest speaker to your national gathering to be held soon. Also that I have been invited to appear.

I have lived in Pakistan and am most interested in it but for some rather strange reasons, if reason is to be the dominant factor in life. One aspect was the future of Pakistan as an agricultural unity to help supply foods not for its own people alone but for those of surrounding and even distant lands. I am also interested in its potential mineral resources.

From another view I find it very much my spiritual home, especially Lahore where the tombs of (to me) very great saints are situated; and I have drunk, so to speak, the wisdom of these saints. Even today they are being put to practical use, to spread the teachings that Allah, as Al-Hayy is ever Living, and here and now and that all talk, “God is Dead” simply means a different approach to religion and spirituality.

In this regard I have two Murshids in Pakistan: Sufi Barkat Ali of Salarwala, Lyallpur District, of the Chisti-Kadri-Sabri Order; and Pir Dewal Shereef, a much better known and perhaps more controversial figure. But Pir Dewal Shereef is also close to Ayub Khan and they are both associated with Islamabad University, an institution with which I hope to cooperate more in the future, inshallah.

I have also been greatly under the influence of the great Moghuls and have visited Nizam-ed-din Auliya in New Delhi; Ajmir, Agra, etc.

I did not study Islamics either under an Imam or Maulvi, there being none available and have not been very happy with the non-American non-Muslim instructors in this country. But I have also lived in UAR and while at Punjab U. lectured on the Islamic Art of Egypt and brought pictures for that institution.

As I have been a disciple in tasawwuf for over forty years (now being both Murshid and Khalif in various Orders) my approach is that of Al-Ghazzali rather than of Imams and Maulvis. I was present during the time Sheikh Mahdudi called on Pir Dewal Shereef and a firsthand report shows the merits, though in contention, of two worthy men.

The other day I had reason to write to Prof. John Shover, now at the History Department, University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. He used to be connected with the local San Francisco State University (the scene of contemporary melodramas). He held a seminar once on Pakistan and it almost ended in an uproar. He said there was no divine there but when this person took the floor he was able to reconcile the contending parties, all or whom became his friends.

I am today teaching a new form (in a way) of Moral Cultures by having disciples recite the Sifat-i-Allah and Wazifas with suitable movements and it seem to have a marvelous and often transforming effect on their natures. Or as Al-Ghazzali contends, “Tasawwuf is based on experiences and not promises.”

I understand you would pay my expenses if I took such a trip. You realize that an air-ticket (or rail) is not cheap. But on the other hand I cannot afford just to leave this place and my work.

Will you please advise at once if you wish to make any arrangement, so my schedule can be properly adjusted. In any case I wish you every success.

All love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Mural Chisti


San Francisco, Calif.

March 29, 1969


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. One hopes you are not disappointed at this time if your Murshid does not travel now. Even if a free ticket were sent and expenses, there is the danger of moving according to man’s will, not according to Allah’s Will.

A short while back it became evident one would have to write a paper on the influence of religion in Pakistani politics, for the local universities, but hardly had the decision been made when outbreaks occurred, the nature of which is not clear. One thing is certain, your Murshid does not agree with those who believe in what they call “Islam.” Your Murshid believes absolutely and devotedly in Allah and holds that Allah is the Light of the Heavens and Earth and that one gains success in this world and in the word to come by repeating “Allah,” not in repeating “Islam.”

Your Murshid has already had this trouble in India where he said that the word “Shanti” was an obstacle to true peace; that peace was beyond words. He did not convince others and he finds that those who repeat “Shanti” and repeat “Islam” are not on friendly terms with each other. Nor have they had the Divine experience which alone is worthwhile.

Your Murshid would have lectured on the psychic, moral, and spiritual influences of saints in Pakistan. Now he has to go to the non-Muslims for this for the so-called “Muslims” are too interested in politics and war and strife and do not realize the Divine Islam, nor that from the Divine Islam—so different from politics—all peace and power comes. Or as is said in “The Arabian Nights,” there is no power nor might save in Allah.”

Your Murshid has been much more successful than the tablighi people in getting Americans to repeat “Allah.” The young do it willingly. Now your Murshid is doing something like Ajmir Shereef with both dancing and singing. He now has two new dances in praise of Mohammed (on whom be peace) to get Americans to recognize in some way the last Messenger. In school his teachers, who are not regarded as Muslims, also have come out in praise of Mohammed and there has been no opposition or even criticism. It is evident that multitudes are very dissatisfied with traditions. And last night in a different context, his teacher and friend, Mrs. Becker-Colonna came out strongly for both Islam and Mohammed.

One is studying Arab art with her on Tuesday mornings and this also has started very well. There are many open-minded Americans.

This is a very hard period—new disciples, new audiences and one’s local god-daughter and begum-housekeeper both ill. On top of that there is much fervent especially in this region and the possibility that one will be called to work in a much later field.

There are still legal complications. One has been successful by attending to them, not blindly trusting in “Allah” and leaving it to blind faith. And our work-party last Sunday was a huge success. Murshid cooked curries for about a hundred people. One is getting a larger and better following and is now teaching Exaltation as a human experience but this Exaltation comes by repeating “Allah” and also suitable Sifat-i-Allah and they work, and they are effecting the lives of many young people although the methods may seem to be new. We make a reality of Allah, not a blind ghost-concept.

Even at this writing if one were sent a ticket one would go but preferably at some later date. One also has a living brother here who is ill.

Now as for Summer Vacation. We have a special room at the Khankah which is being kept in reserve. One cannot say about San Francisco as there are changes taking place and too many to make determinate statements.

If you remain in the country and return to Cornell or any other Eastern university it will be very necessary and important to visit that part of the country. This is a long story and involves much. There is also a local publication which has fallen entirely into the hands of mureeds, as if it were Allah’s will and much is happening all the time.

One must praise Allah for His gifts of blessing and strength, without which one could not hold up. The sacred phrases manifest in the life, in the character and in the effectiveness of their very nature.

Love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



The Garden of Inayat

910 Railroad Ave.

Novato, Calif. 94947

April 3, 1969


Beloved One of Allah!

As-salaam aleikhum!

Everything is very encouraging here. We have programmed your coming in May and especially want you to meet the disciples who are interested in clothing, fabric and costumes. This letter will not be mailed until tomorrow afternoon and by that time some pictures will be ready and enclosed. One of these has already been sent to Pir Sufi Sahib at Salarwala.

While I have never thought that wearing a beard or dressing in an oriental, and particularly in an Islamic, garment necessarily proves anything, change of appearance has either been a factor in or has come along with larger audiences and far better response.

The local publication The Oracle will be out shortly with some reference to what we are doing in the dance field. Dance methods based on Zikrs and Wazifas have been particularly effective. My own

Ya Mohammed Abdul la

Ya Mohammed Abdul la

Mohammed da Rassoul Lillah

Ya Mohammed Abdul la

has been particularly effective. The format is based on a combination of actual dervish dance movements and European and American patterns woven together. These same patterns without the repetition of sacred phrases do not have necessarily lasting effects. Contemporary dancing, whatever else be true of it, operates something like alcohol—cheerfulness followed by innervation or ennui. The sacred dances or rather, dances using sacred phrases, bring the experience of exhilaration and exaltation even to skeptics.

The repetition of Allah has proven very easy and very successful. Now I find remarkably little criticism at either to chanting “Mohammed” or to accepting his mission. I have already written to a local Professor Williams on the problems of Pakistan and Islamics (copy of this went to W. Cantwell Smith at Harvard and to others and, I think, I sent you a copy).

It is more than a surprise to have one professor after another come out strongly for the mission of Mohammed, and sometimes, uncompromisingly so. This has been particularly true of Professor Becker-Colona. I have been studying classics, art, and archeology for some time with this lady. I am now enrolled in the course on early Arabic art. Our next lesson will be on Mohammed. Murshid shall recite Azan, and may appear in proper garb. But Professor Becker-Colona has already come out so flat-footed for Mohammed and Islam, one is amazed.

This course on Arabic art will continue into June. I have proposed that you be permitted to come to address us both on Arabic garb as much as you know of it and on Hajj. I hope, inshallah, this can be done.

Murshid has also been offered a cooperative apartment house in San Francisco. If the deal goes through, one can offer you a place there as well as here. Actually, there are other deals all going on at the same time—no days off, no spare time, and although many problems also answers to many problems of many other people. I believe this is as Allah wishes.

Love and Blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



April 14, 1969

Miss Saadia Khawar Khan

215 Fall Creek Drive,

Ithaca, New York 14850


Beloved One of Allah:

There have been constant delays in writing. One’s burdens have increased, necessitating a “family” meeting at the Khankah in Novato, to make the disciples realize we are uniting for the sake of Allah and if that comes first all other things will follow. There I have very good help in the khalif-designate Moineddin.

One is assuming that there are two purposes in life—the pursuit of Allah’s purposes and one’s own livelihood and that other things must fall in place. It is not easy. One has also had to face the criticism of not being determinate enough and there is some truth. But how is one going out on a mission and be both over- determinate and attract?

There are some elements in the attraction which may interest or even amuse you. The wearing of a turban or beard or Asian clothing often attracts but has no depth. Some saints wanted this person to wear a beard and now one is caught for the beard both seems to satisfy what the “saints” wanted and also a large sector of the American public, the young of both sexes. It is only objected to by older women, and some older men.

There has been a long delayed program concerned The Oracle which one is told has an article on Dervish Dancing. Murshid has instituted his own “Zikr.”

Ya Mohammed Abdallah

Ya Mohammed Abdallah

Mohammedar Rassoul Lillah

Ya Mohammed Abdallah

It has become easier and easier to get the young to accept “God” and repeat Allah. But as one progresses, it has become easier than thought to present Mohammed, on whom be peace.

Two of my professors have come out strongly for him—you would hardly expect that! And in the course on “Arabic Arts” the teacher not only came out for Mohammed but even for Sufism! She is a lady with whom I have been studying for years. All sorts of subjects. And next week the subject will be the Holy Qur’an!

Last week Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti chanted Azan and the class says one has a beautiful voice. This is not true concerning ordinary singing but if one is in hal one is in hal.

It was even more astonishing during the week. There was an unusually large audience in Marin County and we ended with a choral: “Allah, Allah, Allah… Allah! with interjections of “Ishk Allah, Mahebood Lillah.” It really had an enchanting effect and to find us “kaffir feringhis” finding joy in what good “Muslims” do not do, is something. It may open up new arts and will reawaken forgotten sciences.

You will be most welcome at the class on Arabic art, especially to relate your Hajj experience. We have spent much time discussing that. (You don’t find such discussions at Mosques, most unfortunately!)

In fact the Dervish dancing has gone over so big one may have to divide between an “esoteric” and “exoteric” class. One has also put some disciples on portions of “Kashf-al-Mahjub.” One such group has been assigned to study “Patched Frocks.” But we are gradually going into different types of Asian clothing and what we can learn from each of them. Murshid now has two Dervish robes, one green one, one apricot one, and also a Buddhist robe. Also both a Jallabi and Moorish robe, and others are being encouraged in several directions.

We may also buy up remnants and hold them for further use especially when you come, inshallah.

Lots more is going on.

Love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



Garden of Inayat

910 Railroad Ave.

Novato, Calif. 94947

7th May, 1969


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. One hopes you are well and not too concerned in the campus politics. There is plenty of news but it is not clear. And while there is always news here about race-conflicts it is also extremely confused. One does not believe the newspapers in anything anymore but sometimes there is an honest comment.

We should be informed as to when you will come here. We have occasional guests and would like to know ahead of time. At the moment our young housekeeper in San Francisco is away. She had a strange time (traditionally), the young girl unloved at home, began to take drugs and becomes full of fear and would not eat regularly. New it has been almost like a miracle—she has turned out very beautiful and become a disciple.

She felt she had healing powers. Anyhow a long distance call came that her mother was dying. The mother was dying but Gwen prayed for four hours she told us and a healing took place.

New we are going through rapid changes and what is being accomplished here has few parallels in history. For instance one has been invited to attend a “peace” conference among the Muslims and has frankly told them he would not attend although he has the money, etc. (which they want) because they have refused to accept his history. The trip to Nizam-ed-din Auliya in 1962 was a peace-mission. It failed, in a sense and the local Muslims are not interested in one’s exploits or one’s knowledge, only in cone’s money.

Besides, politics is not my field. Sufi Sahib scolded one for even referring to it indirectly, but the trend of so many Muslims is away from “Allah” and toward “Islam” which nearly always means politics. And as the moral law is universal, and as Allah does not make the distinctions and differences others (including Muslims) do, one sees nothing but turmoils of words, all over.

But one is no long or in the “Cave.” One is not doing anything in the Orthodox fashion. One accepts not even the so-called Five Pillars. One accepts that those who repeat Kalama will not go to Hell and after getting scores to repeat Allah, one is getting even larger numbers to accept Mohammed as both Abdullah and Rassoul-lillah and praise to Allah one has become more and more successful.

The story of Dervish Dancing is out. While “Muslims” pay no attention one new has about a hundred followers and there are signs of further increase. From Dervish Dancing we have gone into other spiritual dancing too. One has become an instrument of “Joy without Drugs” and one is expecting a large crowd tonight. There is in the Bible, “The stone which is rejected is become the corner-stone.” This was one’s history a long, long time and now one is being received and welcomed.

The attitude of professors and so of university students is changing rapidly. The hard thing is lack of help. But the reason now for lack of help is that one’s close associates are now working professionally at least part time. Both Mansur the esoteric secretary and Murshid have been called out of the State. Murshid is delaying this until August for a multitude of reasons.

One very big project we have here is the interest in clothing and fabrics. We are having to institute departments in music and walking, in pottery and ceramics, in clothing and fabrics, and Murshid has been telling disciples you can be a source of much inspiration and practicality. One need not go into details here.

We must know when you are coming, which air-line and when it will arrive. We have two motor cars here; two in San Francisco (both subject to ailments); and one which goes back and forth between the two cities.

The disciples at both homes are “family.” If you reach here by the 20th you will be most welcome to join in a “family party” at the Afghan “Khyber Pass” restaurant in Oakland; if not we shall take you there some time. It is notable that so many people who have lived in West Pakistan and Afghanistan have been meeting one scholastically or socially.

All things are so different today—with a goodly following and much better financial passion, but still with little free time, only lillah, one’s health and vitality remain.

Love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



9th May, 1969


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. I am very happy to find you have won a scholarship to come to California in the summer. You are right about Berkeley as they changed their departments to Davis some time back. Davis is about 90 miles from here, and we can reach it by motor car.

I like the campus at Santa Barbara. It will remind you of Beirut—the mountains, the sea, the temperate weather with plenty of sunshine. However I am not telephoning. Instead I have called Asia Foundation which presumably has all this information in one place and I shall go there early Monday afternoon.

As much as I should like to help I am in an unusual quandary. Working 7 days a week, and now only one partial secretary, a long waiting list to become disciples, larger attendance at all my public meetings and problems of a multitude of persons, sometimes very complex. And along with that two miracle healings effected by two different disciples.

The only School near Novato is Sonoma State. And Jemila is there now registering but for the Fall. But all the catalogs are on file with Asia Foundation. I can look over the catalogs if they are in one place. The American Friends of the Middle East used to have this information but they no longer operate here.

Of course I am happy that you will be in California. I have given notice that I shall not leave this state until August. But even now I have visitors and more are coming in June, inshallah. Santa Barbara is 350 miles away and not easily reached by plane, only by bus or train. Compton is harder to reach and I do not favor it for private reasons.

I am glad you told me your Aunt is coming for if you visit this way we can now prepare for two persons instead of one.

I am happy that you may meet Dr. Nasr. I have written him because his address to The Temple of Understanding was not in accord with some of his writings but I agree thoroughly with the address. It is hard enough getting the people to repeat Kalama. I not have them repeating “La Illaha El Il Allah” and “Mohammedar Rassoul-lillah” and the other night I taught a folk-dance—which is going to shock a lot of “Muslims” and please Allah based on Bismillah. This is a day when it is necessary to interest people in God; most religion today is 90% politics and 10% dogma. There is no room for Love and Compassion, and for Allah as the Reality. But Allah always wins.

More to follow.

Love and Blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



410 Precita Ave.,

San Francisco, Calif.

May 13, 1969


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. This is a very hard letter, to keep the heart alive and for love to be functioning and yet to advise there is a limit to what one can do. And if there is any criticism it is that persons seeking advice or help for themselves say “take it easy” and when they say “take it easy” they do not see that that defeats the one whom they seek for help. For actually it is Allah that does, and it is Allah that suggests, but many very good people think and then they presume Allah will carry out their plans and so there is plenty of confusion. Indeed it is a part of human psychology and they trust and pray that their plans will be carried out but do not realize that Allah may be depending on them to carry out His plans.

One has a large and growing family, and more and more appointments to the point that not only is there not a single free day but not even a single free night! The telephone rings and sometimes it is for an appointment and sometimes a problem and all kinds of things. And last night it was the Grace of Allah that the Dean of Studies at Los Angeles, the University of California shall call on personal matters. And so without doing anything one was able to place your problem.

But the people at Asia Foundation have been ill and they think if you consult your own professors, there should be the list of courses at the different colleges and universities. California is a very big state. Santa Barbara is 350 miles away, UCLS 450 miles away. Davis is 90 miles from San Francisco and 85 from Novato but Murshid has not had a single minute and long distant calls take time. So one will try, inshallah. But with a very, very full program one has not even had time to do much garden work for his own health.

The two chief secretaries have now secured outside jobs which means a certain financial release, but excepting Melvin here one has nobody to fall back on with more mureeds, more applicants and more classes to teach and more mail to answer. One wants to help, one wants to see you, there are many things coming up to mutual advantage and also for you to meet the new type of American. One will try by phone, or even go to Davis if necessary, but one cannot promise.

All love and blessings,




May 16th, 1969

Saadia Khawar Khan

215 Fall Creek Drive, Ithaca, New York, 14850


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. There is no doubt a true karamat and a false one. It must have been the Grace and Mercy of Allah when last week the Dean of Studies of the University of California telephoned on private business and I was able to place your inquiry before him.

Now Murshid was summoned to visit the University of California at Davis and then to go to Sacramento. These places are respectively 80 and 90 miles from here but not so far from Novato. We had business in connection with the publication The Oracle, now on sale.

By grace the very first person met on the Davis campus was an associate of Evelyn Jones. That lady has just been transferred to the campus at Santa Barbara. So if you have written there you also might contact her. Davis has no courses along your line this summer but does have seminars to which you would be eligible but hardly worth your while travelling so far.

Murshid has always felt Santa Barbara would be best. It is so much like Beirut—mountains, sea and similar climates and the campus not too far from the ocean. It is several miles north of the City itself. I have few friends left they being quite old. My chief associate has gone to Mexico.

It takes 9-10 hours from Santa Barbara to San Francisco. Slightly less if one flies to Los Angeles and then takes the plane. But the direct air line is very expensive. We do have cars which make the trip from time to time. Mansur, my private secretary, will be here in a few minutes. He leaves next Wednesday morning for New Mexico and he may be able to stop off but I think you may have had some direct information yourself by that time. He knows about your letter.

We also had a strange experience. The mureeds, Mansur and Phillip went into a store to see if they could sell The Oracle. They were successful and told Murshid, the owner was a lady half Indian, half Arab. This was exciting but when I saw Arabic clothing in the window and she wearing a sort of sari (which resembled still more ancient Persian clothing) we struck up a sort of friendship.

This morning we spent in part with Jehanara (who lives at the Khankah) and Zeinab, my local housekeeper. We purchased some cloths for dresses and “costumes.” We have to make two robes for Khalifs and I wish the Murshid’s robe to be identical, and also a shawl for Murshid of the same cloth. Then some other clothes or costumes for spiritual purposes.

In the store at Sacramento there was a lady’s robe, which Murshid calls “Fatima blue.” He wants some dresses of that kind especially for our begum Fatima. We also bought cloths for dresses and will want other for men’s longees. But you may be visiting us before long, inshallah.

Incidentally this lady regaled us with a very important story from her own life about “inshallah.”

That is all now.

Love and blessings,




410 Precita Ave.

June 13, 1969


Dear Saadia:

I am writing this letter for Murshid who is just now leaving on a trip to Southern California. While he is gone he will visit several universities any may find a program suitable for your needs.

Aside from the question of Universities, speaking for a large and loving family of disciples, I would like to issue the most heart-felt invitation to you to come and visit us. We have heard much about you from Murshid and love you as our very self. We only wish for your presence so that this may manifest still more.

Northern California which includes San Francisco stays slightly chilly even during July and August. One often needs a light sweater and a blanket on a bed. Southern California is quite warm.

One hope that you will be able to see your way clear to visit us and see the blossoming work which our beloved Murshid is doing. Personally, I also am an almost Ph.D. in Philosophy lacking only writing the dissertation, and one would trade all the degree etcetera for one week in the presence of the Joy one finds here.

Please excuse my attempted permission.

All love and blessings,

Wali Ali



Sept. 23, 1969

Saadia Khawar Khan

215 Fall Creek Dr., Ithaca, N.Y.


Beloved one of Allah:

As-Salaam-aleikhum! After ten days we returned home quite refreshed. We have seen some of the most beautiful country in the whole world, in the Northwestern part of this country. Not only that, the body was rested and the mind clarified. So the first thing we took up has been the matter of The Temple Of Understanding. The vision was always clear and direct and inshallah may be the fulfillment of a dream of over 40 years inner and outer effort.

The next thing was a complex of personality problems. Some of the worst of my whole life were placed in these hands; eminent crises. Some of these you are aware of already; worse ones came to my immediate attention requiring immediate action. Add to this that there is no certainty whether my brother will live or die or continue onward indefinitely in a sick state. On top of that there is also the opening of school here: today the class starts on Islamic Art. Later in the week this person has been invited to attend a seminar at another college to present the Sufi point of view, an excellent opportunity which cannot easily be bypassed.

As you have seen the wire from Sufi Barkat Ali one merely encloses a carbon. On this point I have no view whatever. It will be as Allah wills, but to make this clear, I feel it proper to accept absolutely any advise, conclusions, or directives from Babaji. I think you do too, although it does affect your personality much more than my own.

Yes, we are remembering in our repetitions of Ya Shaffee, Ya Kaffee. But I believe Ya Haya Ya Khayyum in one of its several variants is even more valuable. This is partially true from objective points of view; and also today I am compelled to present Irfan both to mureeds and non-mureeds, that by practicing the presence of Allah in practical ways they may find the means to release themselves from pain and also to solve some difficulties.

I believe you may have seen Ayisha’s latest work; she has actually uncovered a divine occultism in the Names of Allah. This is truly astonishing, but I am unable, I mean physically unable, to keep up with all the very successful efforts of disciples. We have had a whole procession of new-born infants and are awaiting that for Fatima, to be followed by others.

I do not know what more to add here. I can understand easily why you may not write often, but you must also understand why Murshid cannot be writing often.

Love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



October 13, 1969


My Beloved God-daughter and Khalifa: As-salaam aleikhum

This is written in Novato before the return of three of us to San Francisco. Wali Ali brought your two latest letters yesterday. There have been so many changes recently, alhamdu lillah, that different weeks are almost like different cycles.

Now as to marriage. One must realize that tradition is tradition and very often tradition stands so much before the Divine Will that whatever Allah wants is not directly accomplished on earth. People say they surrender to Allah; it is just words. Mostly in the end they give in to nufs.

At the same time there is hardly a valid alternative. The “love” of romance is sometimes wonderful, sometimes terrible. The Jemila incidents are both complicated and very foolish. They destroy all bases for anything positive. We had to have the romantic love because this nation was composed originally of all sorts of refugees with plenty of space and opportunity. The whole course has been changed but here also we established “traditions” very different from your traditions.

If we take the whole world into consideration, scientifically, we find that Allah has permitted all kinds of things which various religionists reject. One often wonders what use is Holy Qur’an at all for traditions and customs dominate over it as they dominate over the Bible, the Upanishads and all scriptures. We quote the scriptures when it gives us assurance and by-pass them when they do not.

One has looked very carefully at the young men here. True, most of them are younger and some of them are not too substantial. But I cannot give a finality until another matter is settled of a quite different nature.

It was in 1929 that Allah revealed to this person a certain aspect of his life-work. It is this that Wali Ali is now working on. Many records have been lost, mostly through the fire of 1949; others through the machinations of Mrs. Duce of “Sufism Re-Oriented.” But the stage is now set.

One received six or more retractions in two weeks, praise to Allah, and one group, the Humanists, opened their doors last week, very satisfactory.

But one big thing was the sessions for presumably “holy men” of the Bay Region and this person did not come out worst. I think for the first time in our history we had hundred—and maybe more than hundreds of young Americans chanting “Allah!” Only about 200 could dance because of limited space. And when one finds out the effects of others, one did not come out so bad. And the doors are open for people to chant “Allah.” And we did one dance also with “Mohammedar Rassoul Lillah.”

In general Muslims do not approve of what I am doing—but neither do other religionists, even less—but Allah just might.

Tuesday night Murshid went to get the criticism of his poetry. Instead the teacher came and sat at his feet and said: “I need spiritual help.” This is in marked contrast to the receptions one has had in the past. Later he mentioned the name of a certain predecessor and I said, “Now you know why I speak of myself as ‘rejected.’ For years that man saw to it that none of my poetry was published or even got a hearing.” It is changing much.

All of this is in preparation for the conference at Istanbul. Mr. Dunne is out of the country so details are not available. Anyhow the change of social status may become effective and the programming of Hadith as a basis for world peace and understanding is now in the hands of Allah for the doors of mankind open.

Yes, I feel your marriage is part of life. We can pray for insight from Allah. It has come lately to Murshid in many things and the events follow. But I should prefer to cooperate with Bibijan.

Excepting Moineddin when I first met him, and Mansur, since his trial began, there have not been many visions of mureeds. The visions are all of group-endeavor such as is taking place now.

Thank you for the check. I shall see Zeynab later today—she goes to school. We are ready for two parties: one in San Francisco on the l8th, my birthday, for a free dancing lesson; the other here at Novato about which I have nothing to say at all. But I hope you do not mind—we shall not have cake. Many of us, including Murshid, do not eat cake much. We shall have ice cream and I hope you do not mind.

I am keeping the mind and heart free for next Sunday where there may be surprises. We can feel them. But we also have to await for the birth of Fatima’s child. Fatima played a big role in the last class on Islamic Art. This is coming along marvelously. Everything is coming along excepting time—one does not have but a single free night per week and only by a strange incident a free Saturday. It was as if Allah appeared as a man giving human counsel, at a very human level and He said he wanted Murshid to be free to attend or watch football games—he needed the recreation!

Love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



October 27, 1969


Beloved One of Allah:

As-Salaam aleikhum. There is an interesting side-line that your position and that of Khalif Akbar are remarkably similar in all the aspects and vicissitudes. Perhaps that is part of the test or progress or needs in the spiritual life, or more properly the complete life which takes in all aspects.

The difference between the Sufi and other devotees and mystics is that the teacher takes on, even deliberately takes on, the troubles of disciples. Now the number of disciples and followers increases. The attendance at the birthday parties was fine, and slowly the total attendance at meetings increases. But also the inspirations increase.

On the hard side there are still strong aftermaths of the departure of Jemila Johnson and great uncertainties as to the residences of disciples. Some of these stories are quite pleasant but all consume valuable time.

One does not like to impose lessons but we have to learn that Allah is Rahman and Rahim and if we have doubts about it we are most unfortunate. Allah is a not a giant book-keeper recordings sins. There are supposed to be angels for that but this is a myth, neither true nor untrue. We all have shortcomings but those shortcomings are not overcome by prayer. In prayer we are often too concerned with ourselves, and in contemplation we cannot be concerned with ourselves, but with Allah only. And until we are concerned with Allah only we have not the complete surrender, much less the Salam.

Murshid has promise of help for the offices, and inshallah this may be. Certainly he is earning—and by hard work too—more money, needed both to help others and to concern the visit to Istanbul next year.

We can always do the healing prayers and will continue. This is part of at least five programs a week. This whole last week there has been the uncertainty of the delivery of Fatima’s infant. Fortunately we have Nancy as a sort of guide. But it is still hanging and practically all of Murshid’s free time has been concerned with this presumably blessed event.

Of course Allah is blessing and guiding you. You have given every sign of that. We expect to go forth singing “Subhan Allah! Alhamdu lillah! Allaho Akbar!”

Love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



Nov. 10, 1969


Dear Saadia Beloved One of Allah:


A number of different factors coming together prompt this letter. The class on Arabic Art has made much progress. There is not only growing enthusiasm, but the accumulation of real knowledge. I do not at this time wish to condemn hypocrisy because there are too many things to do. It seems the whole world is concerned with human personality, and that the acceptance and praise of such personality is a safe subterfuge and refuge from the acceptance and praise of Allah.

I believe it is His will that this person carry and quote a number of the Hadiths. For instance, the attitude of the messenger of God is totally different from the attitude of orthodox Muslims in regard to Knowledge. You cannot even quote Prof. Nasr to the bigoted ignorant. But sooner or later things are going to come out in public; the days of subterfuge are at an end. Your Murshid is willing to die for the principle that Allah is Master of the Day of Judgment, and that no person, orthodox or heterodox, devotee of any faith, has any right frown their own teachings or any other teachings to condemn the world. Everybody is doing that and even the worst bigoted Muslim looks like a giant of faith when we read the literature coming from other sources. It would seem that instead of arguing, “My faith is greater than your faith,” the ignorant declare, “Me egotism is greater than your egotism,” and perhaps it is.

In any event, very shortly, inshallah, there will be a joint meeting of students of San Francisco State and the University of California to consider the subject “Arabic civilization and its relation to the city of Mecca.” It is us kaffir feringhis who are enthusiastic about this. We can notify Muslims, but one is skeptical about their interest. Anyhow, the program is in charge of a young man whose immediate ancestors at least lived in Mecca. We shall keep you informed.

In connection with these Arabic studies, Murshid has been reading Affifi on Ibnu ’l-Arabi. One does not know how much theological and philosophical agreement or disagreement there is. But certainly, at the highest mystical revelation of my present understanding, there is marvelous agreement. The first phases of this came in the poem “Saladin”; the later phases are hidden in the incomplete “Rassoul Gita.”

One of the best of many excellent birthday presents was the copy of the rather expensive and voluminous work of the anthropologist Westermarck on Morocco. Murshid is particularly interested in the first three chapters which have to do with Baraka. Already the disciples have shown interest in earlier work on this subject which I consider incomplete, but between my own experiences, the silent and audible transmissions from Hazrat Barkat Ali and other saints met in this actual life, a really good work could be done, inshallah (copy of this letter is being sent to Salarwala).

A number of persons have been inquiring about you. Murshid is entirely too busy to handle these and other inquiries. The total number of meetings has gone up; the total attendance has gone up; the total revenues have increased praise to Allah; the total amount of clerical assistance has gone down. Indeed, murshid came out into the open last Wednesday and openly challenged: why is it that every time murshid calls for help so many disciples find displeasure with their landlords and have to move their residences. In some cases no doubt it is true but in most cases it merely reveals emotional instability—this appeal did not have a bad effect. The next day two volunteers showed up at the Khankah and enabled murshid to catch up in some badly needed garden work. There are also signs that proper assistance both in the office and in our garment projects is coming.

Last week, Nur-un-isa was born to Fatima and Moineddin. Jayonara and Murshid had previously gone to a new fabric shop in San Raphael and picked out a number of cloths for various purposes. The Fatima garment was made immediately and given to Begum on her release from the hospital. Shirin, Moineddin and Murshid have seen many pictures based on early Arabic culture and in particular that of Medina. The Fatima garment was made as close as convenient in color, texture and design as was possible. A Mohammed garment will be made in a corresponding shade of dark green, following also the pictures shown in the class (the face of the Messenger is always veiled of course, or rather brillianted in great light which is correct). We hope to have other garments following the records of the civilization of Medina and also the pictures we have of Dervishes. This is become a great project, almost equal in intensity to our office work.

The growth in hal and makam has been excellent. One has no control over the Grace of Allah, but it is marvelous how it manifests. Shirin, the daughter of Phillip and Salima, is not yet a year old and her first words were “Allah, Allah” and she constantly repeats the divine Name, as if it were perfectly natural. There have been and are such signs among our tiny infants.

Last week when one was saying that the sound G-O-D was not as mellifluous as other names of God, a Christian devotee then said “Why don’t you say Allah?” I think this is marvelous considering the source. When Muslims, so-called, do not go around saying “Allah, Allah” and when we kaffir feringhis go around saying “Allah, Allah” it is possible that Allah Himself will be pleased.

It is a pity that so many Muslims are dishonest. In the last months an ever-growing number of young Americans are repeating “Allah.” Except in a single case with some Jewish people, I have found not only no obstacle to this, but no obstacle to repeating Mohammedar Rassoul Lillah. In that single case Murshid told the Jewish people “All right you are exempt provided that you repeat the same name of God as Moses (Musa) used.” They said they could not do that. I told them all right, either you use the name of God that Moses did or you repeat Allah. So they repeated Allah.

I am willing to take a chance on the Day of Judgment that through endeavors personal and transcendent, hundreds, and inshallah soon thousands, will be repeating “Allah” and many, many, many of them will be saying Mohammedar Rassoul Lillah. True, the Messenger of God said that those who repeated Kalama would not go to hell on the Last Day, but “good” Muslims have added and subtracted so much that the actual words and methods of the Divine Messenger are lost and smothered in folklore, traditions, customs, etc. And I fervently believe in “Say Allah and Allah Thou Shalt Become”.

Therefore Murshid is not disturbed as other people are over the shortcomings of everybody else. Nor do I think that the Merciful One is watching over us to find some picayunish faults for failing to comply with some folklorish dictum which has been exaggerated into becoming not only Divine revelation but even superior to the Divine revelation. I fervently believe, along with the Prophet, but not with the apparent majority of so-called Muslims, that the Merciful One is fully inclined to the side of Mercy.

We are going to celebrate an unusual Christmas coming out wholly for Jesus Christ without Santa Claus. Publically, Murshid is becoming more and more bold on this point. But in the poetry class, Murshid has come out almost as boldly against the strange art forms and figments of the imagination that have supplanted the historical and spiritual Jesus Christ in our culture. Father Blighton and his disciples fully support this campaign. And, as it would seem now, inshallah, that Murshid will go to the next convention of a Parliament of Religions, one feels very sure, inshallah, that sooner or later there will be total success in efforts to supplant folklore, customs, artificial traditions in the name of religions. The Oracle, the local publication, is now dedicated to spiritual revolution. I understand that Phillip Davenport, the editor, is at long last receiving some financial backing. They are asking for more and more articles from this person. In short, everything is progressing, and sooner or later, inshallah, one may be receiving the badly needed clerical assistance.

I realize in all this there is less and less time and energy available to consider individual problems. These persist, which is natural. But more and more of them are in evidence, which means less and less time and energy are available for the individual problems. It is easy enough to quote—anybody can do that—but quotations are not balms.

Murshid has been going through pains in his body for almost the last month. They all reflect the pains and sufferings of disciples near and dear to one. Murshid has not asked Allah to relieve him from such pains. Indeed he has used them as indicators that by looking into his own being he is discovering the trials and tribulations of the daily lives of others. This may not be very comforting, nor is it any solution to a person in pain to be informed that others also are in pain. Equally, it is not particularly beneficial to remind anyone that patience is a great virtue. So instead Murshid is getting these empathetic pains, and is quite willing to bear them. This covers of course your own situation as well as those of others.

So far as Kashf and vision are concerned, they remain. The visions of several years ago have now come into manifestation. It is possible, inshallah, that the visions of the day will also come into manifestation. It is remarkable and peculiar that several disciples have been receiving the same visions, the same insight and foresight, covering a number of subjects. Kashf is of course often denigrated by people without vision. They tend to call such visions, temptations. The Hebrew Bible says, “A people without vision perish.” The last visions this person had came out so exact down to small details that one could hardly adjust. But that is what happens, and this has seemed to have been one’s normal state. When visions come true, and opinions of others do not come true, one is apt to lean strongly on the side of visions. Holy Qur’an definitely teaches that Loving Allah never leaves this world without guidance. I fervently and absolutely believe this to be true, regardless of all opinions from whomsoever. Sometimes I even believe that the acceptance of such visions and guidance is a real acceptance of Allah in the daily lives. Therefore Murshid is full of hope, full of joy, and to a growing number of young Americans an ambassador of Divine Love and Mercy.

The teachings of Rassoul Lillah—there is no compulsion. In the teachings of the day, practically all traditional faiths, there is plenty of compulsion. He said, “The Merciful leans to the side of Mercy.” Murshid totally and absolutely believes this without any qualification whatever. Therefore he is very single minded about your future, in all directions, on all subjects.

With love and blessings,

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti



20th November, 1969


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. When this phrase is uttered it is of itself a prayer. When it becomes a mere empty greeting of courtesy it loses all its Baraka. It is the basis of meditation and devotion and concentration. It is the beginning and of all things and not a just a refuge to fall back on in times of trouble; it is a refuge and more than a refuge.

Murshid is going to the doctor today. He believes that the troubles are psychic and mental, but there is a physical effect. No doubt all of us, breathing in from a disturbed atmosphere, pick up these disturbances and so affected by those disturbances we are disturbed. It is universal and yet it is personal, but it is universal to a far greater extent than it is personal. Sensitive people are affected by these vibrations, by these atmospheres.

The early verses of Holy Qur’an were meant to be protections against such events and eventualities.

Fikr is the special practice of most value—concentrating on La Illaha as we exhale and El Illaha as we inhale. Continue to do this with rhythmical breathing as long as we may, and to do this until it becomes continuous and unconscious, so to speak.

I shall take your letter to town tomorrow and pay Zeynab the money requested.

Mansur is well educated. He graduated from university and for some time functioned as a college professor. He feels that life is sterile. He has many aptitudes, such as carpenter and painter. He was an orphan, of apparently excellent family, either scientists or in government service. His foster-father is a fairly successful business man.

Several people have had the same spiritual vision as Allah has given me. It was not my personal vision or feeling but it must be potentially true for it keeps on coming back. As my own potential picture of this ego was always marvelous one adheres to the same standard with others. Not only with Mansur but with several disciples here it seems to be foreboding: “In that day will the Sun rise in the West and all men, seeing, will believe.”

There is now another grand picture placed before Murshid as well as the call to go to Istanbul next year. But this is producing a crisis for there are now three persons living on Precita, contributing almost nothing to the cause of Allah but giving Murshid not only the problem of their sustenance but also of their personal and personality problems. So instead of doing the work of Allah one must be shackled by man.

At this moment an excellent omen. One of the disciples has just put on a record of Azan, along with other Islamic prayers and I take this as a sign of Divine Approval.

We have just had a joint birthday party for Mansur, Shireen and Martha who is now the household helper here. She is actually a college graduate with high honors, who has had nothing but exploitation and suffering and has never been able to be herself.

But Murshid has to return to San Francisco with extremely difficult problems that disciples instead of helping him, are taking every advantage of his presumably large income, to share it and instead of completing my work attention has been given to household and financial matters. It is not only the cost but the time and energy and especially as one as being prepared for real large missions, inshallah.

At least the Garden of Allah looks wonderful. The weather is excellent. The tomatoes and other vegetables are still coming and now several persons are helping, praise to Allah.

Also the attendance at meetings increases and there is both loyalty and sincerity on a growing number of young Americans. But one cannot pray and meditate when one is compelled, day in day out, to attend to small worldly matters which should not be one’s concern.

In a few weeks there will be a joint “Mecca” meeting and I am hoping to have my Mohammed robe ready at that time.

Love and blessings,


P.S. As I close Qur’anic readings are being broadcasted.



410 Precita Ave.,

San Francisco, Calif.

12th January, 1970


Beloved of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. This is a New Year and a sudden visit by Vilayat Khan brought forth the remark: “You have not only started the New Year right you have started the New Decade right.” We made no effort to advertise his coming yet must have had at least 60 persons at the San Anselmo meeting. He is returning this week. We also have a very fine conference.

There is at least one change in plans. The conference has been moved from Istanbul to Geneva, Switzerland, and I have not been advised of the date. And Vilayat is leaving us (presumably Mansur and myself) the choice of hotel or pension. I am not sure of our financial situation though things have improved. It sometimes takes more effort and will than one wish to exert to get even the simple matters accepted. Items necessary to telephone Washington but like here they are shorthanded. I am so shorthanded that even with growing financial betterment I have not been able to get proper help. Mansur is more concerned with financing his own way and I think this is wonderful.

His life has been complicated by the return of Jemila and there is no question that each has a large role to play in the spiritual life. Murshid is making no endeavor to reconcile them and Jemila is split between a desire to establish a home, a career and spiritual life!

All of this means an incertitude on dates, but it would appear that Allah wishes me to spend some more time in the Eastern part of the country than had been planned. The term ended on better terms with a number of professors but this only means no time at all, and it has been most difficult to get a few hours off. The general attendance grows just one or two each week but the continuance of such growth means more and more demands, more and more rapid typing and more mistakes and we live in the world of time.

It is therefore impossible to fix dates. Our visit to southern California has been changed, the dates not the program.

Vilayat laid down a large program with emphasis on Junaid, Ghaus-i-Azam and Ibnu’l-Arabi. This fitted in fine with my ideas but in the meanwhile new books appeared on the market and so many that one just purchased two, to read and assimilate before going on. And on top of that we are waiting for a Palestinian Arab, a citizen of Israel who is presumed to be a Sufi. If he comes one must drop all else. So there is no repose and perhaps Allah wishes that. Even this morning unexpected errands must be accomplished.

As to dresses from Pakistan. I have nothing but your note. Yes, we would absorb the charges, but I would then leave them to Amina, because it is beyond my capacity and time to be concerned with anything more. Have had a wonderful meeting with the Consul-General of Indonesia and will try to see the Consul-General of Pakistan this week, but time is what Murshid does not have—and my brother is always telling me, and delaying that he is awaiting a capital operation.

Life is like the rain here. It is always coming, and sometimes too much and man must adjust to it.

We took to 6 young men and one young woman yesterday. This is a new type of mureed, quite solid, intellectual and devout. And the house is crowded today.

Love and Blessings,




23rd January, 1970

Miss Saadia Khawar Khan

214 Fall Creek, Ithaca, New York


Beloved One of Allah:

As-salaam aleikhum. This is being written at the Khanka