Beloved Family,

Another whirlwind month of travels began with a fruitful gathering and hosting of the Federation of the Sufi Message at the Abode. Six streams stemming from Hazrat Inayat Khan were present: the Inayati Order, the International Sufi Movement, Sufi Way, Sufi Contact, Fraternity of Light and the Sufi Ruhaniat International. Murshida Mariam and Halima along with Murshid Abraham joined me in representing the Ruhaniat at the Federation. Many friendships were deepened as we continued the work of clearing our hearts from past hurts and developing better ways of supporting each other and sharing resources.

After 10 days back home working in the garden and doing our Sufi administration, it was back to the East Coast for the Sufi Celebration at Omega Institute, joined by Tamam, Maitreya Stevens and Gayan Long. We were able to share the Dances and teachings. Tamam gave a beautiful teaching, especially through poetry, on the wives of Prophet Muhammad and on the Prophet’s daughter Fatima, from her new book “Fatima’s Touch”. For the closing ceremonies many of the musicians got together and we sang and played “Drink with the Beloved”!

June 13th, we will Celebrate and remember my music Guru, Pandit Pran Nath’s 21st URS. For 24 years he guided me through the art and science of Raga as a vocalist, all in the Chishti Sabri Sufi lineage. When we began in 1972 he told me that his guru’s guru’s guru was the same as Hazrat Inayat Khan’s guru’s guru’s guru! As most of you know, Raga singing is a daily companion in my morning practice.

In a week I return once again to our wonderful Russian Sufi family for the 14th Annual Russian Ruhaniat Sufi Camp, about 4 hours drive in the countryside near St Petersburg. 

On my return I hope to see many of you at this years 43rd Annual Mendocino Sufi Camp that I am directing.

Teaching often with a view to current affairs, what I find valuable to emphasize is that the assignment is the same - to Awaken for the benefit of all sentient beings, to bring our passion for the deepest qualities into everything we do while keeping an eye on our Peace, to bring ease into whatever is arising in our field. And as you all know, my favorite mantra: THIS IS HOW IT IS RIGHT NOW! Make friends with Life, with whatever is arising in us and around us, do our best and relax!

I will also have the pleasure of being the featured guest at this year's Northwest Sufi Camp.

Also I would emphasize to register for the Lama Celebration sooner than later if you plan on joining us.

Much love,





Wazifa Practice - Recite 101x YA SAMI' ~ YA BASIR  

26. Ya Sami' (yaa sa-MEE’)

As-Sami' means divine hearing. This is hearing in the sense of hearing everything without limitation, both in detail and as a totality. It includes possible and impossible sounds, manifest and unmanifest sounds. As-Sami' endows you with true hearing so that you might hear the sound of God’s signs and hear all sounds as sacred. The essence of sound itself is discovered in the heart. The heart becomes an ear.

With as-Sami' the true ears may be opened, the mystical ears, and we can hear the sound beyond all sounds, the sound that is not an effect of a secondary cause. From a personal perspective, repetition of Ya Sami' is an antidote for those who, on an emotional and spiritual level, cannot hear what others are saying because they only hear the words but are unaware of the underlying meaning. 

27. Ya Basir (yaa ba-ṢEER)

Al-Basir is seeing in its totality, which means seeing everything all at once as well as every single individual thing in detail-visible, invisible, possible, impossible, manifest, and unmanifest. Al-Basir is the eye of the heart, 'ain-'al-qalb. It is a divine seeing that is complete in understanding and realization. Such is the organ of inner perception through which human beings may perceive the greatest sign of the divine presence.

It is seeing from the inside out and the outside in. This absolute seeing overcomes your sense of separation, loneliness, and alienation, and you are allowed to live in the vision of God. 

To hear the pronunciation:   Ya Sami'Ya Basir



This month we continue reading Murakkabah of Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan with commentary by Murshid Samuel Lewis (Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti). Read Githa Series 1 Numbers 2 - 4, pages 6-17 Click here to download the document.


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