Ruhaniat User Accounts

The vast majority of content on Sufi Ruhaniat International web sites is available for the public and you do not need an account or login credentials in order to access it.

In addition, there is some content, in our archives, and various other places, that for specific reasons is not made public.  This content will not appear on menus or in search results unless you are logged in to the site.  To access that content, you will need to use one of the shared login credentials that are available. Please contact your initiator or the web team for these.  Use the "Login" option on the "User" Menu (the person icon on the menu bar) to gain access.  Once you login, you will be back at the home page for the site you were on with expanded access through additional menu items, links, and search results.

Finally, if you are an editor or contributor to one or more SRI web sites, you can use your personal login credentials to access editing capabilities. Those personal credentials also will allow you to access the restricted materials described above.